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The Clock That Wanted To Be A Rooster

The Clock That Wanted

To Be A Rooster


Mario V. Farina

Copyright 2016 Mario V. Farina

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Ever since he had been a tiny ticker, Ben Clock, a plain wind-up alarm clock

with a large bell on top had wanted to be a rooster!


Everyone called him Big Ben because he was so little. If one were to ask

him why he wanted to be a rooster, he’d respond, “A rooster is an activator.

He is up at the beginning of a new day with a merry song in his heart, and a desire

To serve in his message. I want to be like that. I want to be an inspiration to all

creatures in God’s world. Surely, there is no more exemplary manner by which

to serve the creatures of Earth, This has been the dream of my being since

I was fashioned many years ago by the Westclox plant in Scotland.”


Year after year, Big Ben ‘s dream found no responding ears. Fortunately, Ben

had been well made and never tired of dreaming while he ticked and tocked. With

the passage of time he grew to a venerable age, never becoming older, merely

growing bolder with his vision of urging others to greatness. One day in the vague

fog of history, a gentle and beautiful fairy queen who lived near Edinburgh,

heard Big Ben’s plea and visited him.


Big Ben, my name is Queen Regina from the Land of Fairy Queens in

Scotland, she said. “Tell me more about your wish, which I have heard though

my land is greatly distant from yours.”


“Your Majesty, my wish is to become a rooster so that I can awaken the world

each morning.”


“Why do you wish to do this? Are you able to crow?”


“No, fair queen, I do not crow, but I can learn. Grant my wish and I will

crow a crow the likes of which has never been heard before. I wish to urge

people to perform great and memorable deeds.”


“Yours is a noble ambition, Big Ben,” the queen said. “Your wish is granted.

Tomorrow morning at five, you will become a rooster though you will still have the

appearance of a clock.” With a blinding flash, the queen disappeared from view.


The next morning, as Benjamin struck five, he suddenly felt different. He

knew he was no longer a clock though he was still made of metal and glass.

Inside, he was the spirit of a rooster with the urge to crow. But all that Big Ben

could muster was a feeble doodle-doo, not at all like the powerful cock-a-

doodle-doo’s that had been heard in farm yards all over America. Undaunted,

he knew that in order to get the right doodle-doo, he had to practice, and

practice he did, hour after hour, day after day, week after week.


One morning, several weeks later, Big Ben felt a surge from deep within.

He instinctively knew that his moment had arrived. At last, he had the

necessary doodle-doo within him; a doodle-doo that would stir the world.


He drew himself up to the fullest height he could attain, took in the largest breath

he could muster, and began the first of his magnificent crows. The area for miles

around suddenly became aware of a new sound in the country, a sound that was

going to dominate the surrounding areas for years to come. At first, the sound was

weak but, as he continued, the strength from inside him became stronger and stronger.

The one moment for which Big Ben had been created had arrived. Here is the message he crowed:








The Clock That Wanted To Be A Rooster

  • ISBN: 9781310298882
  • Author: Mario V. Farina
  • Published: 2016-06-02 19:05:06
  • Words: 697
The Clock That Wanted To Be A Rooster The Clock That Wanted To Be A Rooster