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The city smells like death

The city smells like death


Adriano Fernandes da Silva

Copyrighted work by Adriano Silva

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This book contain many hidden references to the Resident Evil series, but I don’t own anything related to Resident Evil and I’m not related to its owners in any way, I’m merely a fan.

This tale is not a fanfic.

The “easter eggs” are subtle and doesn’t steal content from any other work.

Author’s words, please read them:


This is the first issue of a series that tends to grow in pages and quality, but I need your help as a reader.

Please, show me if you liked it, share this text with your friends, share it in any way you want, but let me know what you think.

Your participation, positive or negative, has a good impact on me and helps me fight depression.

Don’t be afraid of criticising my work or sharing kind words.

Thanks a lot!

The city smells like death.


That was the first day of February, a normal day in people’s routines and, but a morning when a number of people, throughout the city, received mysterious packages in their mails.


Surprised, they found a bottled drink and a letter within the box, explaining what it was and thanking for their attention.


Apparently, the drinks would be a way to spread a new brand of soft drinks on the market, and the best way to prove the quality and flavor would be making random people experience and give their opinions on the company’s official website, to be published in the day of the official release.


It had no name on the bottles, only a very well done label in metallic letters that said “Come participate in this experience”.


They who received made sure to check the website, confirming that it really existed and was awaiting the opinion of those who participated in the experiment.


Some kept the liquid to drink during the day, others consumed it right away, admiring the soft drink flavor with very little gas, almost like a sweet juice down their throats.


They who drank, continued their routines normally, feeling more energetic to perform tasks, believing it could have been for some mild dosage of caffeine in the drink.


At lunchtime, after a period of work or study, people were hungry enough to devour all they have brought with them and still feel empty.


A person in his employment, taking advantage of the rest of the lunch hour, began to listen to music and relax, preparing for the full day that laid ahead.


In his hands, a nail was broken and, in the absence of scissors, he thought: “I will use my teeth and fix it”.


The individual began to bite the nail casually, and feeling the rhythm of the music, like a deep relaxation, almost like a sleep.


For a second, he thought he had something under his nails, like a piece of what he had for lunch.


Then he continued chewing until realized there was a liquid dripping down from his hand.


Opening his eyes, the individual had eaten the tip of his finger and already saw the white spot of the hidden bone between the openings of bites.


It was the starting point…


A young woman in a diner, ended eating a hamburger and part of her index finger, without realizing it, and continued to eat until someone helped her.


A girl in front of a mirror felt a strange instinct and ended up biting her own lip with enough strenght to be hospitalized.


A rescuer was arrested for saving an injured person and, after rescuing the victim, trying to bite his knee, already injured.


The news began to appear like popcorn in a pan, one by one, counting the same phenomenon in different people.


A girl was smart enough to connect the cases to the mysterious drink, and she was beginning to feel the infinite void in the bowels, the endless hunger.


Checking the drink website, she saw that, after the news began to emerge, there was nothing else on the page. All disappeared.


From the first night for the second day of the “surge”, the victims were hospitalized and immobilized in hospital, feeling an absurd hunger, unable to feed because more food would be detrimental to their health.


People wanted to eat more than any body could withstand, and even then, the food offered was not enough, unable to fill the emptiness and stop the pain in the stomach.


In the afternoon, the vast majority was already doped, kept calm through increasingly stronger drugs.


Sleep seemed to have abandoned patients and no one had an answer for what was inside the ingested liquid.


The police were already searching for answers, but things were equally mysterious during the investigations.


On the evening of the third day, it was impossible to maintain stable patients and their rationality was already shaken, becoming increasingly unable to recognize even family members and dialogue.


The body moved involuntarily, struggling to get loose and being hurt by the bonds, forcing more than skin could bear.


At the beginning of the next day it was necessary to medicate patients, but the erratic movements prevented the entry of needles.


Nurses and doctors gathered around the sick, containing the bumps, until the worst couldn’t be avoided.


Patients in bursts, moved the bones of their arms to raise the body and reach the employees who applied medication.


A doctor had his face bitten and saw the small piece of his flesh stuck between the patient’s teeth, who devoured the small volume with the hunger of an animal.


Immediately, people who saw the scene, scattered, leaving the sick prisoners tied and worrying about the doctors.


The signs were very clear, very macabre to be a coincidence.


The doctor and the other injured employees, now sinked in distress, fearing for their future.


A male nurse was wounded in the hand, but in a fast action, so that his colleagues were unaware of the damage in the middle of the action, trying to medicate agitated bodies.


Only he knew what had happened, and in despair, thought it was best to keep the horror for himself.


The fear was irrational, he now felt involved in it, united to patients in the same disgrace, but he despised his idea of fate.


Desperate, he robbed anesthetic and a scalpel to make a cut and remove the part around the wound, to pretend the wound was a work accident.


In the afternoon, the pulse of the first patients it was impossible to find, even for eletric devices, but body movements continued.


And in those hours, the bitten already had high fever and involuntary movement, itching their skins.


In the early evening, the sick already had no pulse, and the injured employees too, with the body showing dark spots on the skin and an uncontrollable itching, and loss of mental capacity.


At dawn, the wounded nurse and a few others who managed to hide their condition, were no longer the same people.


These were not restricted, the body was scratched beyond their own health and flesh pieces started to become detached.


Blood didn’t drip anymore, it fell like sticky pieces, and the hunger was such that they devoured these remains, and the only cared not to destroy themselves with their own gluttony.


But after the body was already deformed and only a new instinct dominated the dead minds, the only food option were the next:


Relatives, neighbors and anyone they could find.


They attacked and fed on who could be found, but it was impossible they could eat it all at once, so the dead began to carry the disease and reanimate, multiplying the number of beasts.


The virus in the bodies was a masterpiece and could adapt with speed, having survived the bottles and mixed drinks, and now it began to understand the human body and its functions, finding the simplest and quickest ways to infect.


Now the time for someone to become a beast ranged from an hour or just thirty minutes.


Dead walking among the dead, they preferred to hunt the living, and even if they did not have sufficient coordination, their numbers increased after every attack.


When the sun appeared on the horizon, the whole city was dominated by chaos and people trying to escape, despite being prevented from leaving by the authorities that blocked all exits.


The outside world had been warned of the horrors and needed to prevent the pest from spreading.


The whole city of Procyon had blocked their escape routes, so the government could try a way to solve the problem without having to blow it up and condemn the whole place.


With the help of a team of soldiers, an infected flesh sample was collected and taken to be analyzed, but it was still necessary to protect the survivors.


With speakers, helicopters flew over the houses and buildings with the clearest order possible:


“… Lock yourfelf in your home and move away from any person or body that has been bitten. The dead can not open doors”.


It was the only defense, keep the living at home, locked. And those who did not have the luck of being at home, ran to the nearest point where they could stay behind doors.


Being narrow, the doors could keep the beasts on the other side, but the ones who hid in an establishment with large glass windows and doors, despaired to see the glass moving with the movement of the creatures.


Inside buildings there was a simple measure to block the stairs and turn lifts off, so it was possible to preserve the lives of residents.


The dead couldn’t follow smells like a dog, and their intelligence was almost null, living by instinct, and easy to deceive.


The people would need to rationalize food, but for a few days, as the promise broadcast on television and radio.


The best laboratories in the world began working against the epidemic.


It was strange that the measures against the virus had been taken so quickly, as if authorities waited for something like that.


The planes would be in charge of bringing food to the survivors, but it would be impossible to land and remove the living out of town.


The asphalt smelled like death by that afternoon and houses drowned in grief for those who were gone, but there was something beyond, an abnormal feeling, astonishing.


Pilots who flew over the buildings, watching the abandoned cars and destroyed properties, had a strange chill, as if the ground below was a contact with another world, a macabre land.


In homes, people only wanted the end of everything that had barely begun, endig with the arrival of someone to help them and take away all that nonsense.


Inwardly, they called for help and didn’t even asked for a large army, just a team of stars that could brighten this dark hour and bring a relief and sufficient encouragement to the people.


“Bravo!” The saved would celebrate.


Among the helicopters of the news and the authorities, came an aircraft that flew over all others, going straight to the city center.


It was private and nobody knew where it came nor the permission to circulate around the disaster, but it passed right through and left many unanswered pilots, releasing silhouettes down in the air.


They were paratroopers, one team, coming down fast and far enough for a safe maneuver.


Already close to the buildings, the parachute opened, made of a transparent material resembling plastic, not to draw more attention.


There was a team of mysterious figures descending in the center of chaos and no one had any information about their identities or goals.






Next release:


A mysterious team lands in the contaminated area, what are their intentions?

The city smells like death

A promotional giveaway hides a terrorist attack that spreads a new experimental virus among people of a city. People begin to eat themselves before they die due to uncontrollable hunger, but the bodies are revived to follow the hunger instinct. This isn't a common apocalyptic story, the city is only being used to bring something far more macabre to reality, beyond the creatures born from the virus. This is the first episode of a series that will be released from time to time telling the horrors of something in the roots of a world threat. This book has many references and homages to Resident Evil, can you find them all?

  • ISBN: 9781311195241
  • Author: Adriano Silva
  • Published: 2016-07-13 04:50:07
  • Words: 1988
The city smells like death The city smells like death