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The Circle’s Folktale

The Circle’s Folktale

Copyright 2017

Rikudou En Sof

Published by Rikudou En Sof at Shakespir

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Bod walked over to Nadia and the other kids. They formed a semi-circle around the cronies, as they waited patiently for the old ones to notice their presence.

The three women looked around at the children, while the spoke in a hushed tone with each other. Bod tried to listen in on what they were saying, but it proved to be fruitless, hence making Bod look back the way he came.

The coming of age competition is over, but by no means is the festival over.The new adults have received their “Kanji”. The season has many people who can battle. It was expected as they did bond well and grew in more raids than those of the former season.

The coming of age festival is held every year, a day before the equinox. It is a celebration that marks the beginning of the adulthood of those who made it to twelve circles. They are few people who are twelve circles (years) every year. They are usually in the range of eight to twelve. In the festival, there is a competition that is held. This competition is held not to create a ranking system as all paths are rated equally. The reason for this ranking is to find those with potential, and knowing who to summon to aid solve a particular issue or otherwise.

Last year, Cod’s uncle, Aldrich, excelled in multiple events. It was a sight to be seen and hence made everyone to look up this season’s competition. Everyone was ready to witness another super show in the present season, but alas it was not the case. In any case, coming to age festival is a celebration, and that is what they will do.

Cod did not come to this uncle’s coming of age ceremony, nor did he come for the present one. Being Cod’s only close friend, it was his duty to feel him in on the events procedures. He looked over to the edge of the outer circle, and along the perimeter stood Kyat’s husband, and his father chatting while keeping eyes for threats.

“So are you lot going to listen or what?” one of the women asked the kids in invitation “the night is not young, what will we tell today?” One of the conies asked the children.

It was a tradition that after the competition, the celebration began. The celebration starts with a feast, then the aftermath. Some go drinking, hunting, dancing and the like. Some, however, went about onto other pleasures. The aftermaths for the kids is a whole night of stories told by the cronies of their time. The three eldest women in the event have decided on who will be telling the story.

“Tell us the tale of the night fair maiden” Nadia chimed hopefully.

“No, I disagree, there is no way we will hear that again this year too,” Rad said, disapproving Nadia’s choice.

“But there are new people here, not everyone was here last time,” Nadia said, as he tried to convince the others.

The cronies observed them while chuckling. They watched sagely, not making an attempt to influence the children decision, at least not anytime yet.

“That does not change anything,” Rad began, as he stood up and faced the other children in the place “we get to be told three stories, this time every circle. The night fair maiden has been told to us in all the past three seasons. I rather we listened to the story of the trickster god Abdel”

“No, it is too dangerous. I have nightmares whenever I hear that story. But it was told last two years to us,” Nadia, as she refused to admit defeat.

“You had a nightmare because you were way younger then, you cannot still be weak at your present age. Or are you?” Rad asked teasingly.

Nadia blushed, anger clearly apparent. “You only want to listen to such a story because your character fits his perfectly” she shot back.

“You might want to stop battling amongst yourself, it will simply spoil the fun. The grownups are over there having fun” Cod said as he points to where their parents were. “We cannot continue to go in circles like every season before now if we start with the story right away, we might be able to listen to four stories, your two stories included.”

Cod turns to the cronies “Please, tell us good stories that will appeal to everyone” he asked, then he turned to other kids “all in favour?”

When he got satisfactory answers from the others, a nod from Rad and mumble of acceptance from Nadia, he left everything to the cronies.

The crone who was to tell the night story smiled down at the kids, while another laughed openly.

“Your action just proves that you lot are united in greediness. For this, I will only tell only one story tonight” she announced, ignoring the exclamation of pleas from the children. “But since you left the story telling to me, I will be telling you a story that you have not heard before.” She concluded.

Before the kids could say anything, she spreads her palm and an orb hovers in the space between the kids and the cronies. The orb emitted green light, and in moments the consciousness of all the children and cronies disappeared into the ball.

The walking maniken

Seven thousand years ago, men lived differently, far apart from each other. They did not value the company of others, as resources were hard to find.

The daughter of a man Darid, who was a hunter, danced down to the lake. She was so fair a maiden, that wild and dangerous creature was humbled. She is the lady most of you know as the night fair maiden. This is relatively two seasons after her lover’s death.

She danced as she usually did, but her steps carried with it sorrow and sadness. In as much the other creatures could be seen from time to time. They tried to make her smile truly, but they all brought nothing still.

Darid, however, did learn from his mistakes and hoped to give his daughter happiness. He hunted games, prayed to the gods, and any humanly possible thing, yet she remained.

One day, Darid watched his daughter dance down the stream, and like he did some times, he broke down in tears. Abdel watched this happen and smiled mischievously, and approached Darid where he sat.

“If I gave you the opportunity, what would you ask of me?” Abdel asked Darid.

Darid looked up at Abdel, he did not know who stood in front of him, but he was sure that the energy from him was heavy. The gods were not named, and hence no one knew which god it was that did what. Seeing the powerful being was there in his presence, he rejoiced that his wish will finally be granted.

“I want the troubles of my daughter to end” Darid asked.

“Is that all?” Abdel asked with a smile on his face.

“Yes, it is” Darid answered.

“Then so moth it be,” Abdel concluded, sealing the contract and with the wind, he vanished.


Deep in the forest where the vegetation is so green, the flowers always blooming. The birds sang in chaotic yet beautiful rhythm. The waterfall graceful, and the water so clear you did not see the water, as unicorns ran its length. The colourful yet harmless fish flew in the waters. She danced on the waters, on the air, on the leaves and the petals, so graceful, pure and beautiful.

Abdel flew in with the wind and disturbed the blissful harmony.

“Abdel, what ill wind brings you here?” Newi, the goddess of beauty asked.

“I bring you information, though you might say it is not necessarily enjoyable to you” replied Abdel

“Like you could come here with any other thing, get on with it, for the sooner you are done that you may leave” Newi demanded.

With a smile, Abdel began “A mortal maiden, has sworn herself the fairest of all, and declared herself the highest of beauty. Now she has said that beauty is valueless”

“what do you say?” Newi asked, clearly displeased. “tell me who says such, she needs to be thought the values of gifts given freely” she demanded of Abdel.

“The night fair maiden” Abdel reported, “She walks down the road, dancing sorrowfully to show how displeased she is the gift that was given freely.”

With a burst of flowers, Newi vanished, leaving Abdel behind.

Newi appeared many distances away. He saw as the creatures tried to pacify her, but she did not agree. She continued on her path with her sorrowful dance. Newi grew angry and cursed her.

“Since you do not value that which has been given freely, you will no longer be so fair” and left in a burst of flowers.

In moments, the night fair maiden’s scream was heard in the woods.

Those who knew the night fair maiden went to Darid’s home to understand what was happening. Darid has felt that his daughter has left him for the other side.

“Why did this happen?” Darid said as he cried the more, only for a laughing Abdel to appear with the wind.

“You said that you will help me end her suffering, but not to end her!” Darid spat angrily.

“I did what was necessary. She was never going to be truly happy even until she is united with her love. Since I promised him that I won’t harm her, so I could not let her rest peacefully.” Abdel explained.

“But I did not say you should kill her!” Darid shouted back at him.

“Then you should have said exactly what you meant, there are many ways to get things done. You could have inquired more about me before you made the contract” Abdel said chuckling to himself.

Knowing that the contract was about to end, “My name is Darid, I am a hunter. By the laws of the contract disclose your identity”

Abdel smiled and answered “I am Abdel, the god of mischief” with that he vanished with the wind, the contract ended.

Darid learned from the others gathered that they have received one damage or another from Abdel, and in the end, they decided to keep in touch with each other. If not anything, they would share information.

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The Circle’s Folktale

  • ISBN: 9781370978205
  • Author: RIkudou En Sof
  • Published: 2017-08-30 04:20:09
  • Words: 1930
The Circle’s Folktale The Circle’s Folktale