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The Christmas Chimney

The Christmas Chimney


Jimmy and his BFF Rick were walking home from the last day of school before Christmas vacation. In a few days it would be Christmas Eve and then onto Christmas day; it was tear off the wrapping paper to see what was in the present time. Like most kids, Jimmy has already torn a small hole to peek inside to see what treasure was in the gift. The sad thing was his parents had caught on to his peeking trick and last year they removed the contents of the present and put it in a different marked box. Not fair, is what he told Rick.

Rick said, “I’ve an idea Jimmie. We’re both small and skinny so why don’t you do like Santa does and slide down the chimney to see what Santa put out for Christmas morning. After that you can go back to bed and sleep like a log. I can’t sleep on Christmas Eve. I want to open my presents so badly.”

“I know bout that, but how to get onto the roof? My dad has a ladder, but it’s too heavy for me to lift.”

“I don’t know about your dad, but mine leaves the ladder up to take down the Christmas roof lights after Christmas.”

“Hey, you’re right. Mine too. Some of the older boys say Santa Claus is not real. What do you think about it?”

“Of course he’s real. When I wake up on Christmas morning, the coffee cup is empty and all the cookies are gone. Presents are stuffed under the tree and it smells so good, don’t you think?”

Jimmie said, “Yes, the evergreen tree does smell good. Also the kitchen smells good from my mother and grandmother cooking yummy food. I really like fudge.”

Totally unknown and unseen to both kids walking on the sidewalk passing under a tree lined street, a fairy was flying or hovering over the two boys. She was one of countless spies that Santa sends out all over the world during Christmas season.

Few people know this about Santa Claus. He wants to make sure no children are hurt by doing something foolish during this time of year. Everyone knows that during the Christmas holidays, children like to play and play hard. What this fairy heard was the idea of a young child climbing onto a roof and then sliding down the chimney like Santa does. What the children do not know that a chimney is really narrow and full of black soot. If you get stuck in a chimney, it’s not easy to get out.

Fairy decided she needed to send a message to Santa right away before something terrible happen. She hoped her message would be in time. First she had to contact the regional fairy and the regional fairy had to contact the hemisphere fairy. From that point the hemisphere fairy told the head Elf in Santa’s compound that at this particular address, 1313 Walnut St. and the town, Wilkersen, needed Santa’s attention right away. This was a level five alert. Level five was the possibility of a very serious accident; even death.

As this alert was located in North America, which is not far from Santa’s home at the North Pole, the message arrived early Christmas Eve day. Santa listen to his chief elf, Barney. Santa said, “Barney, we’ve a situation in North America on the east coast of the USA. I want you to handle this alert personally. Some kids are planning to slide down a chimney, you say?”

“Yes, Mr. Claus. I’ll take Donner and he can fly me down there in a jiffy. I’ll put an iron screen over the chimney so the child can’t enter the chimney.”

“Sounds good and thank the ferry who reported for doing a good job,” said Santa turning away to return to the workshop and see how the loading of his sleigh was coming along. With the addition of so many people, Santa had to add a trailer to his sleigh. He also had to two new reindeer to his team. Their names were Binder and Timer.

Barney, meanwhile, went to the workshop and cut a piece of wire grating to attach to the chimney to prevent the child from entering the dangerous chimney. After that he went to the barn and saddled up Donner for the supersonic ride down to the East Coast of America.

Dressed in a flight suit and helmet, Barney made the trip down to Kentucky in very short period of time. He checked the address again and landed on the roof of the house designated. In a few minutes he had the grille attached and he flew off back to the North Pole. However, sadly, the address written was not the correct one. The numbers had been transposed: The written one was 1313 Walnut St. The real address was 1331 Walnut St. This was, indeed, a very serious mistake.

Meanwhile, the regional ferry left to other parts of the region and Barney reported back to Santa that all was taken care of. Santa said, “Well done and we can do our job better knowing we’ve averted a possible serious accident from happening.”

Back at Jimmy’s house, he and Rick were looking over the job site. The ladder was in place, but the roof looked a little steep for climbing on. It would be especially slippery if it snowed or the temperature dropped below freezing. Jimmy said, “I don’t know about this idea, Rick. Maybe we should just forget it and let it be like the ones we remember.”

“You mean you’re afraid of climbing onto the roof?. Come on, get with the real idea of doing something nobody else has ever done.”

“Yea, well, if you’re so keen on the idea, why don’t you do it too,” challenged Jimmy.

“I plan on it. Let’s do my place first and then we’ll do your house. Does that sound good to you?”

“Yes, I’ll be at your house at midnight. Let’s dress in black so nobody can see us,” said Jimmy.

“Okay, got to go, dude. See you tonight at midnight,” said Rick going home to his house on the same street.

At Jimmy’s house his parents and relatives were having a poker party on Christmas Eve. Jimmy was sent to bed at ten pm. He went happily to his room to prepare for the nights adventure. He was so excited and busting with the idea of sliding down a chimney to check out the presents.

Meanwhile, Santa was, by his watch being six pm, prepared to fly out. All of the reindeer were prancing and dancing anxious to show their stuff, which only happened once a year. Rudolf spent extra time polishing his red nose. He done such a good job it made it hard for him to see where he was going. He corrected that problem by lowering his head just a little to see the trail. In the last couple years Santa had taught Rudy how to use the GPS so as never to get lost.

Santa gave the go signal and off they went leaving a streak of red behind them. Santa adjusted his goggles and sat back to enjoy the scenery to the east coast of America with stops in Canada.

Jimmy laid on his bed fully dressed in dark jeans and a blue shirt. He did not have a black coat, but he did have a blue windbreaker that would have to do. A thousand thoughts were running through his young brain. What if his parents caught him? What would they do to punish him or would they laugh and enjoy the adventure? These and other things, like, what the kids at school would think of such a great thing to do. He looked at his bedside clock for the hundredth time and saw if was about time to sneak out of the house.

He was a clever boy. He made a roll up person out of clothes to show his mother he was fast asleep. Next he opened his sliding window and in no time he was beating feet to Rick’s house that was not far away. He glanced back once and saw his house in full darkness. That put a smile on his face as the cold wind of winter seeped through his clothes.

At Rick’s house Jimmy slowed to a slow walk and glanced around the neighborhood. Ricks’ house was dark and this event would rock the socks of his school friends if they knew what they were up to.

Rick was waiting and said, “You’re right on time. Let’s climb up and make sure we don’t make any noise.” Jimmy followed Rick up the ladder one step at a time. What Jimmy did not realize was he was breathing hard and beginning to feel like this was something they really should not be doing. Also, a brisk wind was beginning to make him very cold. Rick, stepped upon the roof and waited for Jimmy to join him.

“Hey Rick, do you really think this is a good idea,” Jimmy said with his teeth beginning to chatter from the cold and from being scared.

“Sure, why not. We’re the first kids to every do this and we’ll be in the record books. Also, the kids at school will think we’re super heroes. Come on and be brave.”

They slowly made their way to the chimney. Jimmy asked, “Does your parents ever have a fire in the fireplace?”

‘‘Na, not very often. After the presents are opened, dad lights the paper off.”

“Look at this Rick,’‘ as Jimmy pointed at the opening, “There’s a metal screen over the top. How are you going to go down if it has a screen over it?”

‘‘Hum, I don’t know. It wasn’t here a day or so ago as I was helping my father put up the lights. That’s when I go the idea of sliding down the chimney.”

Jimmy felt much better now. Now they would call this event off. Jimmy said, “Let’s go back to bed, Rick.”

“Hey, not so fast. We can go to your house and you can slide down the chimney. That is, unless your chimney had a screen over it too. Let’s go check it out,” said Rick walking down the roof to the ladder.

For poor Jimmy, the cold returned running up and down his backbone. However, he could not say no to his best bud.

They quickly walked to Jimmy’s house and to the ladder that led to a place Jimmy really did not want to visit. He prayed that there was a screen over his chimney.

Up the chimney they went with Rick leading the way. With reluctance, Jimmy was holding his breath anxiously staring at the chimney in the dark and windy night.

Santa had felt the same chill as Jimmy did as his sleigh bore down on the neighborhood of where Jimmy and Rick lived. He felt something was not quite right with the well being of where he was destined to drop off his gifts.

Jimmy’s heart sank as his saw there was not any screen over his chimney. Rick said, “Hey dude, we’re in luck. No screen. Make ready and I’ll help you if need be.”

“I – I’m not so sure about this idea. I’m a little scared of how dark it is down there. Look, it’s pitch black and how am I going to see where I’m going,” said a truly scared eight year old boy.

“We’ve come this far, so be brave and go for it. I’m right here to help if need be,” said Rick giving Jimmy a pat on the back.

Santa was looking through his night vision goggles and he saw two kids on a roof near the chimney. “No way,” he said outloud. “Those kids are asking for trouble, but the fairy said she had put an iron grille or screen across the top of the chimney”

Santa sent a telepathic signal to Rudy to land on that roof where the two kids were standing next to the chimney. Rudy took a dive down to the said roof. Santa saw one kid putting his leg up getting ready to go down the chimney.

Santa took a laser light and shinned it right on the kid who had looked up as if to pray that God would take care of him. The laser hit his eyes and he blinked hard raising his hand to ward off the piercing light. Rick saw it too. Rick turned and almost fell off the roof as a red sleigh with a herd of reindeer landed next to him.

Jimmy climbed down and stood there beside Rick with his mouth wide open. Both kids were spell bound with a fear that was indescribable. They saw the white bearded man with the Santa outfit exit the sleigh. Indeed he was a portly fella, but had a friendly look about him. However, right now he was going to teach these boys a lesson.

Santa said, “I see you two boys thought you’d play Santa by sliding down the chimney huh?”

Both kids nodded, unable to speak. “Well, this is not a good idea as you would get stuck in the narrow opening. You might even suffer a serious thing if you got stuck. I know you think I come down the chimney, but that was just a story that begins hundreds of years ago. I walk through the door and give what presents are scheduled for the house these days. Now I hope you’ve learned your lesson.”

Both boys nodded their heads. Santa said, “As you can I’m real and so are my reindeer. I have to go now. I’m sorry you’ll not remember meeting me as I am still a secret and must remain in every person’s imagination. By the way, is this address: 1313 Walnut St.?”

Rick found his voice and said, “No, that is my house. This house is 1331. We always have mail delivered to the wrong address.” Jimmy shook his head in agreement.

“I see,” said Santa. “I’m going to spray some good smelling gas your way before I go. It’s harmless so don’t worry. You’ll go home and wake up tomorrow without remembering you every saw me. Merry Christmas and good night to you two fine boys.

For both Jimmy and Rick, Christmas morning was like the previous year. They loved what they received and afterwards gave thanks to Santa Claus.

Both boys never remembered meeting Santa, but that really did not matter. Santa was always with them in spirit, as he was with many kids all over the world.



The Christmas Chimney

  • ISBN: 9781370866250
  • Author: Robert C. Waggoner
  • Published: 2017-09-16 20:35:13
  • Words: 2457
The Christmas Chimney The Christmas Chimney