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The Cat Game

The Cat Game


by Daniel Hargrove

Published by Daniel Hargrove at Shakespir


Copyright 2017 Daniel Hargrove


Cover art copyright 2017 Daniel Hargrove


Shakespir Edition, License Notes


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Table of Contents


01) The Cat Game


02) Because You Care


03) Grime, No Rhyme


04) My Best Try


05) Acclension’s Sisyphus


06) Tongue Tied


The Cat Game


I put an “X” in the center

as one should

if you hope to win the game

she put an “O” in the corner

I was nonplussed

and put an “X”

in the adjacent corner

she blocked me with an “O”

and I knew it was over

she was too sharp


Because You Care


Sold down the river, clocks all peppermint

I chumped out a long time ago

the truth is too bitter to imagine

five lines for you, darling and sir

crabbing with bacon on a string


No way in and no way out

they will break you, I promise you that

But is she too good for you, or you too good for her?

And can you ever really fall in love?

They gaze at you from their peace loving perch


Mercy me, I shouldn’t have carries on like this

but when you know you’re right, you keep on going

I don’t break my promises, nor my vow of poverty

for there is no value in material things

yet, very real, the problems of the world


I had the best of intentions, theoretical nonsense

but nonsense I thought made sense, lucky me

It’s your thing, do what you wanna do

my eye is the eye of the traitor

I’d offer you hope but I am hopeless


Grime, No Rhyme


A few sharp words for the highfalutin

dictionary definition of the hard scrabble

I must climb a broken ladder, clouds

to creature comforts, mess on Trump

swaddled in blue, I am an easy rider

no good to you, or any sad fight

and arrowing for a cultured skirt

there are times I wish I had caught the blimp


How can my words ever toss a coin

to land on heads a thousand times?

Bound for glory, you readers of my crud

Who would forego an easy chair by the T.V.

for the ache of delusion, a sentence later

no good, a downhill slide, like it or not

find a pussycat, or a crowing cock

for flames are crisp and crackling oil


My Best Try


Find the spirit in common people

for there lies your dream, embodied

and did you know a hundred years

of wondering where is the catch?


Sash on a robe, untied and tied

beehive, golden, all for the flower

and walking down a silver road

a penny for your rots, diced apples


A family later, over the bridge

you’ve found the treasures that I missed

a still tongue will make a wise head

pass that test and read that volume


Over the optimal weight, of the wrong color

my material cuss, I gather you’re tricked

by playboys, hustlers and genies

wishing for a bribe of moon’s dilemma


Acclension’s Sisyphus


Involution and adaptation, what’s the score?

The search for truth, no longer concrete

It’s the best I can do for you, I’ve misled you

and people think that substance is boring


Commercial crap, involving and fumes

looking for facts, industry and government

the truth is not easy, as you should know

I may be a cynic, but at least I’m a bum


Music high, up above the doghouses

and story low, underneath the apple

the snake has two heads, only one with fangs

a centerpiece for a lonely tomorrow


Circuit ends here, too many years to count

wrapped in riddles, get the picture

and down the line, you’ll be shut out

unless you seek a place in someone’s arms


My life has been easy, up till now

and it just gets harder, down the road

I’d tell you the truth, the whole truth

but it would just harm you, puppet friend


Tongue Tied


Secondhand, third hand news

rattling around the old gourd

too much talk, wrong about him

his core values, his heart of hearts

Typified, it’s one thing

behind it all, we know better

The gossip, the blah blah blah

tells us nothing about dust


This book is dedicated to the few readers who have stuck by me and read all my books, I think there area few. Still looking for comments, please write;


[email protected]

The Cat Game

  • ISBN: 9781370090464
  • Author: Daniel Hargrove
  • Published: 2017-08-21 22:32:15
  • Words: 786
The Cat Game The Cat Game