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The Brotherhood: Awakening


This book is dedicated to my “Twin” sister, Angelina for helping me keep my sanity in this world of chaos. Also to the homeless lady I sat with at Seal Beach for giving me inspiration when I needed it most.

Chapter One

The year 2022, it is the opening of the new Solar calendar; the calendar that changes every five thousand years. Our race has grown. We are the strongest beings in the universe, masters of interstellar travel; immortal, invincible, fast… we are Aarth.

I will be turning five thousand years today, yet age has no meaning on this planet. I have the image of a seventeen year old boy, as well as the rest of my generation.

Our skin is flawless, with long hair; color resembling our names, each name one letter and one number. It’s been so long since I’ve looked into a mirror, it scares me. How long I’ve been here, how I have not changed at all.

Our planet is a perfect utopia. Since we don’t eat, there is no need for food. Since we don’t die, there is no need for reproduction. We are the weapons, so there is no need for factories: which results in no pollution, and a clean planet. There is no economy. There is no war on our planet, for we are a proud species.

Our government is based on the group of elders, who are the twenty-six founders of our planet. The elders send the second generation on missions throughout the galaxy to check on the planets we have colonized.

I live near the high crystal tower of our village Gar, next to the Pillars of Life. The Pillars of Life are the circle of pillars, each one representing the planets we changed.

The city of Gar where our people live is majestic. It is made out of purple crystal; the sky is filled with stars from space. Diamond crystals drift gently down over our city like snow, as our planet; a crystal comet, drifts elegantly through space. This is where we live; this is where we discuss our future plans.

I wear the same black suit that everyone wears. The titanium plates on each of my shoulder blades bear the engravings A1, my name.

I walked to the main center. Everyone was there from my father A0 to the last made Z1. Each person’s name is one letter of the alphabet, and the generation born as the number.

I walked through the people, and took a seat next to my comrades B1, X1, and Z1.

“Hey what’s going on?” I said to the trio.

They all looked at me, “We don’t know. Your father’s supposed to speak soon. Take a seat,” X1 said.

I watched as A0 said a speech with the elders. Everyone was sitting down looking, listening as one.

“Thank you all for coming. It has come to my attention that today is the day of the new calendar. It is also the day we saved Earth, our daughter planet we colonized a long time ago. I fear that day will come again.” My father spoke these words, the people sat in respect; listening to every word.

One person in the crowd raised his hand. After a gesture by my father he spoke, “What shall we do?”

My father smiled, “Ah yes. Excellent question R1. We shall send a convoy to earth; a four man team. They will watch Earth and protect them from another attack. The team will be X1, Z1, A1, and B1.” He looked at me and nodded his head.

I stood up and asked, “Father, why out of everyone, have you chosen me for such an important mission? Is it because I am your son?”

He looked at me, gave me a passionate look on his face, it looked as if he were disappointed. At an instant, he teleported in front of me. With his right hand on my shoulder he told me in the most sympathetic voice, “My son, I choose you not because you are my son; I choose you because I believe you will lead and execute the orders as well as follow them. I am counting on you to take care of your team as well as Earth.”

I looked down at the ground, “Thank you father, I am sorry I questioned you.”

He put my head up with his hand and laughed, “It is not wrong to question my son, but now you know my intentions.”

Then he was back at the podium. The crowd applauded as he thanked them for their attention. He then said that he would inform them on any further actions taken.

There are no secrets on our planet, no conspiracies, we are one.

The trio and I stayed sitting as everyone left. The council came before us and spoke in unison, “We have chosen you four because you have not let us down in past missions. We shall tell you the history.”

“Okay Elders,” I said.

“A few calendars ago, we stumbled upon a planet that was ripe with resources; so we colonized it. We found primates and genetically altered its DNA. Since we had already colonized other planets we called it Earth. We split our abilities into two separate species. One had our massive strength; they were named Goliaths, “The Tall Ones”. The others had our intellect, and were named Humans. They lived peacefully with each other until the tall ones went to war for more land. The humans were really small compared to the tall ones, and were being slaughtered. We sent A0 on a one man convoy to fight and contain the tall ones on our newly found planet Garth. He did it in a matter of minutes. As time grew, the humans developed defenses and new technology. The tall ones evolved, and became intelligent. We fear as the day of the new calendar for Earth is near, the tall ones may seek revenge. That is where you four come along. Is that understood? Once you protect them, we want you to choose one city to spare; then we will wash away everything else, and start anew. That is your mission, that is your goal,” the Elders said, handing us black invisibility cloaks.

“It is understood Elders, we will not fail you,” we said.

They looked at us and put their hands up creating a triangle; the Triangle of Life, “Hail legion,” they said.

We put our middle and ring fingers together, my thumbnails pressed up together, my index and pinky fingers straight in the sky; representing the four pillars of existence and the upside down heart of immortality, “Hail legion.”

We started walking to the crystal star crafts. I was really nervous I knew I could not fail. What if I could not do this mission right? If I failed I wouldn’t be able to look my father in the eyes again.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked to my right, there was my comrade B1, “You ready for the mission? It sounds like fun!” He said smiling as Z1 and X1 came beside us.

“Just don’t get scared this time,” Z1 said laughing.

“I won’t, those marshland sloths were ugly. Humans can’t be as ugly as them,” B1 said laughing.

“Guys come along we’re almost deploying,” X1 said stubbornly.

“Fine,” Z1 and B1 said as they stepped into the crystal ship.

We sat down in the chairs positioned as an X. We strapped in and looked at each other. We put our hands into fists in the middle of the ship; we made an X and said, “Together as one.” Then we were off.

I sat there calmly, staring at my comrades…at my team. They all have different faces, but their bodies look the same as mine. As I looked at each one I could remember how we met. What joyful days.

I looked at B1, and for the first time noticed how we all look. I had never given it much thought until now. He, like all of us on our planet have gold colored skin that is flawless and shiny. We all have faces that resemble a human, well we did create them off of our perfect structure. His hair is long and red, as red as Jupiter’s dark spot. His eyes are bright red, as bright as mars. His eyes are not like a human though.

As our species has developed to perfection, we have no need for inferior Human eyes. Our sight is composed of one lens that operates as a shield over our regular eyes, just like a human would wear sunglasses. These eyes give us a vast amount of abilities.

X1 has purple hair and eyes that are as bright as our lovely comet that drifts through space. Z1 has black hair and black eyes as dark as the black hole that is in the middle of the Milky Way Galaxy. My hair is white and so are my eyes, as white as the snow on Jupiter’s moon.

We know each other as brothers. We grew up together, as our four man group; since the day we were created. I can remember it like it was yesterday.

Chapter Two

I opened my eyes from an eternity spent in darkness, to look up and glimpse the beautiful purple crystals falling from the silhouette of the vastness of space and all of its stars. I looked at my hands, touched my face, my hair, the floor. I pondered over the question of where I was, and stood up; only to be face to face with a man I did not know.

In an instant this man put his arms around me. His snowy white hair and bright white eyes were fixed upon mine. I did not know why, but I placed my arms around him as well, “My son! My son! You are well. Welcome, I am so glad you are alive,” he said putting his hands on my shoulders.

I did not know what to say, I was still getting accustomed to my body. “Thank you father…where exactly am I?”

His eyes shone bright as he smiled, “You are home, my son. You are the first of the second generation of our kind. Your name is A1; I am your father A0. You will be assigned to a Crystal Squad for the missions you will be sent on in the near future,” he said leading me to the main center where all of the first generations were in a line alphabetically; with their son in front of them.

My father walked to the podium with me standing right beside him, “People of Aarth, we have successfully created our sons.” Everyone started cheering, “We shall now assign them a Crystal Squad. The most rational choice would be to pair them up in alphabetical order. For example, A1 with B1, C1 with D1 and so forth. Also for the four man teams the pairs should be the crystal squads but in backwards alphabetical order. For example, A1 and B1 with Z1 and X1, C1 and D1 with Y1 and W1 and so forth.”

Ever since then we have been together, we have been on countless missions, but this one feels different.

The whole ride, everyone was quiet. They usually get like that before a mission, I am just worried. I could not help but wonder what the humans will do once we tell them; I don’t want to cause panic. Once they panic, there will be chaos. It reminds me of the day our planet was almost thrown into chaos.

 Chapter Three


It was a couple years after I was made. My team and I were walking down the street from the main center and saw a ball of fire crashing through the hills near our city. I didn’t think anybody noticed though, because no one said anything.

I didn’t think much about it but I was curious, so I stood at the edge of the city with my comrades; staring at those distant purple hills. B1 yelled in a worried voice, “Hey um, guys…what is that brown blob going down the hill!”

“It’s just your imagination!” Yelled Z1.

“No, B1 is right. I do not know what it is, but it looks very big; and it’s picking up speed,” X1 said looking at me, “A1 if we don’t stop it before it gets to the city there will be trouble. What do we do to stop it?”

I looked at him confused, “What! What am I supposed to do? Why me? Why do you ask me for the answers?”

X1 put his hand on my shoulder and looked me in the eyes, “Listen, you are the first born; the son of The Great A0. I know, as well as you do that somehow we could stop this. You just have to think and believe we can.” He looked toward the moving blob that was getting closer to the city. “Think A1! Think!”

I clenched my fists, I knew the plan that I was thinking of was risky; it was the only way. “Okay team, I’ll stand my ground and distract it. Hide behind the tree. When the time is right, grab its legs and tie it up with the vine right there.” I pointed to a long vine hanging from the Grand tree, the only tree in our city. “I know it sounds risky, but this is what has to be done.”

They all put one hand on my shoulder, and nodded their head.

I clenched my fists as this blob became clearer as it got closer and closer. The monster was just disgusting. It was the shape of a caterpillar with four centipede legs; two in the front, two in the back of its massive and long body. Its face was deformed and covered with some sort of algae. It had one big red cat eye in the middle of its forehead and ferocious sharp rows of teeth that never seemed to end.

I took two steps forward and instantly, the monster noticed me. Its’ eyes bulged with hunger, and it let out a loud roar, which sent a wave of air toward me. I stood my ground. Although it was only one hundred feet away, this monster speeding toward me; I was not frightened. I believed in my comrades, that they will do their part.

As the beast got near, as it jumped and lunged for its meal; its’ body in the air and teeth a little above my head, I could not help but close my eyes. I heard a scream from one of my comrades, “Now!”

I opened my eyes just in time to see all three of them ram the beast from the side with their shoulders. It flew one hundred feet and then skidded on the crystal floor; bouncing and rolling to a halt. They tied the unconscious beast up, a beast we were no longer afraid of.

Soon after the beast was tied up we heard clapping. We turned around to see the whole city of Gar, our comrades; standing at the borderline. A0 teleported to the beast from the borderline. He grabbed it by one leg and threw it into the air, and destroyed it with white light that came from his hands, I do not know what that was, but I did not have much time to think about it. He dusted his hands and looked at us. “Do you have any idea to what you have done my sons?”

We looked down and said, “No father.”

He chuckled, “My sons, my sons, it is not a bad thing you have done. Unless you believe that protecting our city and our people is bad, then keep your heads down.”

We put our heads up. “We did a good thing father?” I said.

He smiled, “Yes my son, all of you did; and were very brave.”

X1 asked, “What was that thing?”

A0 said, “That was a marshland sloth, one of the most horrible creatures in the universe. One has the power alone to produce millions and take over a planet. It eats the planet until it is an empty shell and has no gravity left to hold them in place. It will then drift through space until it lands on a different planet, repeating the cycle.”

B1 smiled and said with excitement, “That is so awesome! You’re telling us we defeated a planet eater?”

A0 smiled and laughed, “Yes you could say that you did. As a matter of fact, we will make changes to the training program; now that we know how much our sons can achieve. In the meantime you boys should rest, you are heroes now.”

We looked up at him, “Thank you father.”

A few hours later we walked to the training facility and got the new training program.

Chapter Four

I walked out of the training facility located down the street from the main center and sat down on a bench with my team. “Hey B1, we set the new standard for the four man teams! Marshland sloths will be in the training program thanks to us!” Z1 said excitedly.

“That was awesome the way we used A1 as a decoy.” He looked at me, “I         have to say, that was really brave of you A1. I would have been scared to be strait in front of a charging marshland sloth. He was so ugly! His face was so deformed, just a giant the size of a house with one big red cat eye just staring at you; screaming roar!” He jumped on the top of the bench, putting his hands in front of his face; imitating the sloth, “Roar! Roar! Roar! His teeth were so huge! As sharp as diamonds! Just chomping his way toward you and what do you do? Nothing! Nothing at all! You just stood your ground until we had the chance to capture him. You were so brave!”

I looked at him, “Thank you I appreciate it, but I was not being brave. I would stand in front of one hundred marshland sloths to protect my comrades…our planet. To me, your lives are worth much more than mine.”

X1 put his hand on my shoulder, “You are a good person, and I am honored to call you my comrade.”

I looked at him, “No, it is I who am honored to call you,” I looked at Z1 and B1, “And both of you, my brothers.”

We hugged and smiled, “From this day on let us not think of each other as mere comrades and partners on a team, but as brothers.” X1 said smiling.

I put my hand out, and my brothers put theirs on mine. We had made an X unknowingly, “From this day on we are no longer four separate pieces, but are together as one,” I said, looking each one in their eyes; smiling at that thought.

We all smiled and said, “Together as one.”

After some time, we walked to the main center where there was a meeting about to take place. We sat down and waited until my father walked up to the podium. Everyone applauded and A0 took a bow. “My comrades, as you all know a marshland sloth was nearly at the borderline of our city of Gar. It was stopped by the four man team of A1, B1, X1 and Z1. Although the threat has been neutralized, there is a possibility that before the beast left to attack our city; it could have laid offspring. The same team that defeated the beast will accompany me on a patrol of the hills it came from. That is all activity for the moment, Thank you all.”

After applauding once more, the people left to their homes. My team and I sat down and awaited A0 to give us orders. Shortly after he teleported before us, “My sons, let us go to the hills, have you gotten accustomed to your powers yet?”

I looked at him and asked, “Powers?”

He chuckled, “You mean you haven’t noticed at all?”

I looked at my brothers and they all shrugged their shoulders. “Noticed what father?”

He was laughing so hard, “We…our species; is not like any others. At the beginning of our lives, we begin to develop powers. How do you believe that you were able to defeat that marshland sloth?”

X1 smiled, “Hmm…So what you’re saying is that we have powers? I didn’t see them when we rammed that sloth.”

He laughed again, “Of course my son, your feet were not planted on the ground. Okay let me demonstrate, quickly, all of you stand up and get in a line.” We did as we were told, “Now put your hands into fists, laying your right hand by your waist and your left in front of you; with your fingernails facing your face.” After a while we all had the right positions, “Now gather your energy and punch forward.”

He demonstrated and a white beam of energy flew out and destroyed a mound of rubble near the academy. My brothers did the same; their beams of energy were the same color as they were. They hit other rubble mounds near the academy. I was not sure why that happened though. I stood there, still in my stance, nervous. I thought to myself, “What if I could not do this? What if I was not ready yet?”

I took the chance and punched forward and a ball of energy shot from my fist and destroyed a mound of rubble. I thought that was it, but to my surprise it kept going.

It flew past the borderline into the hill, all I could see were bits and pieces of the hill flying into the atmosphere. I stood there shocked, “What was that!” Z1 exclaimed excitedly.

A0 turned and looked at me, “My sons, that is the evolved form of energy beams. You gain that power when you are much older; I myself have not obtained that power yet.” He put his hand on my shoulder, “This is truly remarkable my son, we shall put your powers to great use”

I looked at him, “Thank you fath-” Before I could finish my sentence, I was frozen solid by a loud rumble coming from the hill.

“What is that noise!?” B1 screamed at the top of his lungs.

Chapter Five

A0 had a look on his face that I have never seen before, a look of urgency. “Hurry my sons gather the people of Gar and meet me at the borderline!” He disappeared.

We ran and gathered everyone in the city. It was not too hard because most of them were already waiting at the borderline, they knew something was coming; something big.

As we arrived at the borderline the rumble was unbearable. I could see my father in the middle land between the hill and the borderline; He teleported in front of all of us, “My sons! People of Gar! We need to form a line, and attack with our energy beams!”

My brother, X1 raised his hand and yelled, “What exactly are we attacking!”

My father had that same look on his face as when I asked him why he had chosen me on the Earth mission, “Marshland sloths, about one million of them. We must defend our planet, our home!”

As he said this, I could see our purple hill get covered by a brown slime that did not seem to have an end. “Quick! Everyone get in a line!” A0 said.

Everyone was now in a line, filling up the borderline. My father quickly showed and demonstrated how to use energy, and use that energy as a weapon. Everyone was ready to fight, to defend our home; our beautiful city, beautiful home.

I could see the sloths coming; they were as big as the adult and were really massive. They were still as ugly as their parent, and looked exactly the same. They had power in numbers.

My brothers were standing next to me, “You ready for this?” B1 told me.

I looked out into the distance; the loud grumble was getting louder, “Yeah, I think so.” I was really nervous deep down inside, but had to be brave for my brothers’ sake.

As they got in range A0 shouted, “Attack people of Gar!”

At an instance, every color of energy rushed to the sloths; blowing them up into many pieces. My brothers were combining their beams creating a tri-beam; which tore through thirty sloths every shot.

The sloths were still in the middle land, but kept coming like a flood. I was about to attack with my energy ball when my father appeared before me. “What is it father?”

He smiled, “My energy beams are not as strong as yours my son, I believe you can develop stronger ones with my help. I will stand behind you, form the triangle of life with my hands, and transfer energy to you; while you release it in the form of your energy ball. Do you understand?”

I looked at him and smiled, “I understand father.”

He put his hands on my back and screamed, “Now!”

I do not know how I did it, but I shot a massive ball of energy the size of Earth’s moon. I destroyed one-third of the sloths in one shot. The hill was no longer there; our planet was almost clean once more.

“Wooah!” B1 yelled.

“What was that?” Z1 asked, with his mouth wide open in shock.

“Terrific!” X1 looked at me and nodded his head.

A0 hugged me, “My son! My son! You did it! Now, People of Gar attack the remaining sloths with hand-to-hand combat in teams of two! One throws the sloth while one hits with an energy beam! Ready…go!”

The city charged at these invaders. There was only a couple hundred sloths now, trying to regain their footing. Three did not have the chance to as B1, Z1 and X1 all kicked them high in the air and shot them with their tri-beam.

A0, my father looked at me, “My son, I will throw twenty sloths into the air at a time, please hit them with your beam. I am counting on you.”

He threw them and I destroyed the sloths, I wanted my father to be proud of me. After some time, there were no more sloths, everyone cheered and were proud of what we, as a city, had accomplished. The city of Gar was now safe, and the people of it were at ease. All was well; the chaos was no longer there. I just hope the humans would not panic.

Chapter Six

We were almost at our destination, Earth. The landing point is in the triangle of life on Earth known to the humans as Bermuda. The ship was sinking through the Earth’s atmosphere. I should have been thinking about how this planet was, but the only thing that was on my mind was the mission.

The crystal ship submerged into the ocean, glowing and steaming. It went down a crystal tube in the bottom of the ocean, which led to the city in the center of the Earth known to us as the city of Aar, or as the humans knew it, Atlantis.

We walked out of the ship, and it was quiet. We walked to our surveillance hologram system, which has been recording since our elders have last left this planet. We observed the development of the humans, and how they have evolved since the past calendars.

“What a shame!” B1 said, punching a hole in one of the walls.

“What is wrong?” I told him, putting my hand on his shoulder and looking him in the eyes.

He looked up, his eyes were filled with anger, “These humans have the great gift of life, yet they fight each other, kill each other, steal and treat each other as if they were a marshland sloth! They are filled with hate towards each other, yet all they have is one another!”

“That is very true” Z1 said

“We cannot do anything about what has past,” X1 said.

I looked B1 in the eyes, “That is exactly why we are here, why we have this mission, why it is up to us to choose a city, and start anew. We can make this world beautiful once more.”

He looked at me and smiled, “You’re right, we can change this. That is exactly why you are our captain; you always have the answers.”

“That is very true” X1 and Z1 said.

I looked at all three of them, “No, I am not your captain; I am your brother. You are my brothers, and we will carry out this mission. There is bound to be a good city on this planet.”

Z1 started laughing, “What is that I hear? Is A0 with us? You really are his son.”

“If you say so,” I told him laughing.

It was true though, I am his son. I just do not understand why he has so much faith in me.

We decided to stay in our city until we got word from the Elders and my father. We had nothing to do but study the humans and the Goliaths. Every war, every failed attempt of the Goliaths to reach Earth. It was true, what the Elders said, the Goliaths have developed spacecraft that could travel to this planet. The first attempt was the Roswell incident, but it ended in failure. The time has come where they will attack again.

Two days have passed, yet it has only felt like two mere minutes. I guess there is a time difference in this city.

I was at the hologram screen looking at my father battle the Goliaths, he truly is a hero. The crystal control at the bottom of the screen started glowing, “Brothers report to the den.”

“What is it?” B1 said in curiosity.

“My father and the Elders sent a hologram,” I said, pointing to the screen.

“Well? Activate it, I’m getting old here,” Z1 said with a smirk.

B1 started laughing, “You’re already old!”

X1 got impatient and turned the dial that activated the hologram. My father and the Elders appeared on the screen. They all spoke in unison, “My sons, the time has come to address this planet’s leader, and tell the situation this planet will be faced.”

I asked, “Wouldn’t that cause panic?”

“No my son, not if the leaders can inform or prepare without anyone knowing. It would be difficult but there is not any other option,” they said letting out a sigh.

“Your father is right A1. That may be the only choice. I believe we should set off right now,” Said X1.

“Okay my sons, head out to Washington D.C. and report your progress when you return,” they said, as the hologram faded away.

We started our journey to Washington. I walked to the main transportation center of this city. I pulled a lever and immediately a selection of locations appeared on the screen. X1 pushed the one labeled Washington. A tube appeared before us, “Last one there is a marshland sloth!” Z1 yelled as he jumped into the tube.

Chapter Seven

We all jumped in and were in front of the doors of the white house. I looked at my brothers; we all had the same facial expression; as if we were looking at the most hideous place in the universe. Earth was filled with smog, pollution, trash, and filth.

I looked at the reflection of me and my brothers in the doorknob. We were Gods compared to these puny humans. I was no longer nervous; I figured the humans will be frightened at the thought that our race could crush each and every one of them, as if they were nothing but insects. I was not afraid to talk to the president.

I looked at my brothers and they nodded their heads. I opened the door, only to be face-to-face with thirty CIA agents; who had machine guns pointed at us. “Halt! Who are you?!”

We stood there for a few seconds. The men surrounded us, “Identify yourselves or we will shoot!” The leader of the group said, pointing the gun at B1.

I looked at B1; he clenched his fists and put his head up. He was about to blow up, “Put those guns down now before I kill all of you!” His eyes were glowing red mist was trailing out the sides like vapor.

I put my hand on his shoulder, “Brother, please calm down. Let me handle this.”

I turned and looked at the men dressed in black suits, “We mean you no harm, and we only wish to speak to the president.”

He looked at me, “I am sorry; we have direct orders to not let anyone pass.”

A man walked in the room. He had grey hair and was wearing a blue suite. “It’s fine, very fine,” he interrupted, “Sorry for the misunderstanding; this world has been out of control lately. Please follow me to my office.”

B1 appeared in front of the leader of the men, grabbed him by the shirt, and picked him up in the air. “If you every get in my way again, I will crush you like a bug!”

Z1 rushed to B1 and grabbed his arm, “Brother put him down!”

Before I could help my brothers restrain B1, There was a loud bang! Then at least a thousand more. I stood there, stunned at what just happened. The men were in shock, wondering why their bullets hit B1 and floated to the floor; in perfect condition.

“Filthy stupid humans!” B1 yelled as he threw the leader at his men and started running towards the rest.

It took all three of us to pull him back. The president started screaming, “Get out of our planet!”

I looked at him, “Sir your planet is in grave danger, there are-,” before I could finish, he interrupted.

“Yes we know the Goliaths are coming, we don’t need your help. That is the very reason we created a one world government; for the protection of the people. We have a defense grid set up for when they do try to come. You can just go back to where you came from.” He glared at me…I hated him. It is part of the mission though, so I tried to act nice.

“You do not understand!” I said, putting my hand on his shoulder.

He glared at me, “We do understand. We don’t need you.”

X1 grabbed me by the arm and pulled me back, “Brother let’s leave them alone and go back to the city. The Elders will know what to do.”

I looked at him, “Understood brother.” I turned to the president, “We will leave your planet, do not ask for us when you need help. Let’s go team.”

I turned around and walked to the door. B1 stopped halfway through the door, turned around, and glared at the leader, “If you every get in my way again, I will kill you!”

We took the crystal tube back to the city. Everyone was furious, “How can they treat us like that! We created them, they should be grateful we gave them life! We should let the Goliaths kill them!” B1 said, punching another hole in the wall.

“Brother, we must protect them. It is the mission.” I said, trying to calm him down. The truth is I hated the humans. If it were up to me, I would kill them myself. They are so ungrateful, and believe that they are the supreme beings of the universe. I cannot wait for the Goliaths to destroy them.

“A1 is speaking the truth,” Z1 said.

“I hate them so much!” B1 said, walking back and forth with his fists clenched.

“Let’s just contact the Elders” X1 said, turning the hologram dial.

The Elders appeared on the screen with my father. “What is the problem my son?” He said.

“Father, the humans will not listen to our warnings. They do not understand. What should we do?” I said.

He put his hand on his chin, “Hmmm, stay in the city, explore Earth if you wish; but use your invisibility cloaks. Keep an eye out on Earth, and if and only if, the humans plead for help; then help. Is that understood?”

“Yes father,” I said.

“Good, very good my son. Send another hologram if you need any help. Farewell.” My father said, smiling.

The hologram faded away. I looked at my brothers, “Brothers, what should we do now? I think I’m going to explore Earth, do you want to come?”

“I don’t want to go anywhere outside this city. Earth is an ugly place,” B1 said, sitting down on a bench.

“I agree with him,” Z1 said sitting down next to him.

“I’m sorry, but I agree with them. Maybe next time,” X1 said sitting down.

“Okay well there is no way I can be harmed on Earth, so do not worry about me. I will be back,” I said, grabbing my invisibility cloak.

Chapter Eight

I walked to the transportation center and pulled the lever. The screen appeared, and gave me many options. It had every major city and monument on the Earth; I was not interested in that though. I clicked the previous list of places that it has transported to. A list appeared on the screen.

The list showed our recent Washington trip. I was curious though, it had visits to the monuments in the very beginning, but after that it kept saying “Hope”.  I decided that I was going to go there to see what it was.

I pushed the screen and the tube appeared. I put my invisibility cloak on and jumped into the tube, wondering what was in store for me.

I arrived at the entrance of a park. It looked gross. At first I wanted to leave, but I was already here, and decided to stay. I walked along the cracked cement through the entrance.

I could see ducks flying in the polluted air, eating scraps of bread that was being thrown onto the floor by the filthy humans, and swimming in green water that was filled with their own waste. They are filthy animals. I walked to the edge of the lake.

I slipped on something green and looked at the bottom of my shoe. “Filthy animals!” I said out loud. No one was around to hear. I walked on the water of the lake and looked at the trees. They were bare and as black as charcoal, it was a sad sight.

I thought to myself, why don’t the humans take care of their trees like we do on our planet? I was angry at the humans.

I noticed there was a small island in the middle of this small lake. I decided to walk over to it and see if I could find anything. I walked in the middle of this island, looking for a sign or anything. I stepped on a small rock that clicked, revealing a lever in the tree. I pulled the lever without hesitation.

A stairway opened up, showing a tunnel underneath the lake. I was unsure if I wanted to walk through or not. I took a step and a square in the concrete staircase sunk in. The walkway lit up.

The walkway was long and narrow, with lamps on both sides. As I walked through the hall, a scent of old books drifted into my nose. I was wondering what was at the end of this hall.

After walking for five minutes, I saw the opening of the hall. There was a metal door without a handle. As I pushed the door gently, it creaked until it was open. I looked inside, and what saw made me very curious.

There was a library. It was very big; the books were very organized, old, and dusty. I flipped through a couple of books here and there, but found nothing of use. I looked around the library. On one of the tables, there was a lab coat and beakers. In one of the beakers was a green chemical, I did not want to mess with anything, so I kept looking.

On the last table there was only one book on it. This book was small and black, like a diary. I looked on the front and the back, but it had no title. I sat down and flipped to the first page, it read.

This is my journal

I flipped to the next page, it had the name [_ Monica._]  The rest of the letters were faded. I kept reading.

This is my journal. It contains my thoughts and hopes for the future of this Earth. The time for change is now. May the people of the future listen to my words and help change this world.

I thought to myself, what could possibly have driven this woman for change. I do not believe that any human would want to change this world for the better.

I refused to read any further. I closed the journal and put it back on the table. I walked out of the room, and back up to the stairs. I was in a blind fury towards the humans. I hated them.

I pushed the lever back up, closing the staircase, and then walked back to the teleporter. I jumped in the teleporter, leaving the Earth behind me.

Once again I was in the city. My brothers were still sitting down on the table. “Back so soon? What happened? Did the humans make you sick?” Z1 said, standing up.

“I have been gone for most of the day?” I said, hugging Z1, “I do not want to talk about those humans” I said, looking down.

“You have been gone for one minute,” X1 said, smiling.

“Time really goes by fast in this city,” I said, taking a seat next to B1.

“You find anything useful?” He said to me.

I looked at him and said, “No, not at all.”

“What should we do now?” Z1 said, looking at me.

“Well, all we can do is wait for the attack, and see if these humans die or not.” I wanted their destruction.

“That is what we will do,” X1 said.

Chapter Nine

Three days have passed in our city. In the world it has been a few weeks. The government has prepared for the attack. They placed a worldwide evacuation to protect the people. The Goliaths have deployed toward Earth with one thing on their minds, revenge. Today is the day of the attack, the day these humans will face their death.

I walked to the hologram to witness firsthand the destruction of Earth. “What is happening so far?” I asked my brothers.

B1 said with malice, “The humans put up the defense grid, there’s a bubble-like shield around the Earth!”

“The Goliaths do not have the technology to bring it down,” X1 said.

“Well, I guess we don’t need to help Earth after all,” Z1 said, letting out a deep sigh, “It would’ve been fun.”

“There is always next mission,” I said, gazing at the screen.

On the screen the Goliath’s ships were trying to break the shield with artillery. It was not working. The generators the humans were using malfunctioned and blew up. The shield flickered, and then faded away.

The Goliaths ships entered the Earth’s atmosphere. They landed in Washington D.C. and near Area 51. The ships did not use artillery, I do not know why. Five Goliaths jumped out of each ship. They had massive battle axes. At once they started killing the armed forces that were stationed in the area.

“Yes! We can fight now!” Z1 said excitedly.

“Not quite yet,” X1 said, “They still have to plead for help.”

B1 was too interested in the Goliath’s rampage to comment on their conversation, “Yes! Kill them! Destroy everything!”

“That’s true, but what can we do?” Z1 asked.

“We can wait, until the Humans beg for help.” X1 said.

I was fixed upon the screen, the events that were taking place. There was a widespread news alert about the Goliaths. Every Human being was witnessing the world’s armed forces rushing towards the enemy. Tanks rolled in and bombs were dropped, but all ended in failure. The Goliaths had an energy field that protected them.

They retaliated in a blind rage, slaughtering the ground troops, swatting the planes out of the sky, crushing tanks, and killing. It was a massacre. I could not have cared less. The army forces retreated, and the Goliaths started destroying buildings.

An urgent news message from the president appeared on the screen. It was a worldwide broadcast, he looked so frightened. “People of this Earth, as you all know, we are being attacked by other worldly beings. All attempts to destroy them have ended in failure; they seem to have shields of some sort. All hope is not lost, because there are other beings present on our planet. If you are listening right now, I am addressing you. I apologize for everything that I said and the actions I took. I was wrong,” He started crying, “Please help us! Please!” The broadcast shut off, and went back to the news.

I looked at my brothers, “Well, let’s go, I believe he meant it.”

B1 stood up, “He did apologize, let’s deploy.”

Z1 screamed, “Yes! Let’s fight!”

X1 looked at me, “Well, duty calls.”

We walked to the teleporter, “Which ones should we fight first?” I said to my brothers.

X1 said, “We should liberate Washington first, they are taking the most damage.”

“Okay let’s go!” Z1 screamed, jumping into the teleporter.

Chapter Ten

We all jumped in and arrived at Washington D.C. The city was in ruin, smoke was up in the air, No one was in sight. I looked around, it was so quiet.

“What should we do now?” B1 said, clenching his fists.

“Let’s spread out and search the city,” X1 said.

“Okay, let’s go!” Z1 said.

I watched as my brothers headed out in different directions. I was ready to live up to my dad’s name. I was ready to fight.

I started walking down the middle of the street; the buildings were smoldering piles of rubble. Everything was quiet, and I feared a surprise attack.

I kept pressing on, thinking about battle plans and strategies. Then, almost instantly I heard a shuffle of footsteps. The air was whistling, as if something was falling.

I looked up to see a SUV in the air, rolling toward me, bouncing on the pavement. One of the Goliaths was running with its axe, and swung it at the same moment the SUV was going to hit me on the ground.

I had a split second to think. I jumped and spun in a circle, missing both of them by inches. The blade glided past my face, missing by centimeters.

I landed on my hands and knees, staring at this man, this skyscraper of a man; and wondered how my father had the strength to move all of them to a different planet. It amazed me.

The Goliath swung his axe downward, as I rolled, barely missing it. He kept swinging and I kept dodging his blows. I found an opening as I was on all fours.

I got up and head butted him in the stomach. He flew down the street rolling, and skidding on the pavement. He was unconscious; I stood there, staring at this man who had the same body figure as a human, white with long golden hair, wearing a shining white suit.

His comrade rushed at me from a nearby building. I charged up half-fast, shot, and missed. He punched at me, but I ducked in time to barely miss the blow; I could feel the air and intensity of the punch, my hair drifting in the same direction as this man’s colossal hand. I jumped on his shoulder and kicked him in the side of the head.

He rolled into a building, letting out a groan before collapsing. I spotted the next guy one-hundred yards away so I started sprinting.

When I got close enough and jumped to punch him. In the corner of my eye I could see an opening in the street next to me, X1 punched a Goliath and in mid air Z1 shot it with an energy beam, killing him.

I punched the Goliath in the chest, he flew in the air as I felt a swoosh of energy rush past me and hit him. I looked behind me, “I got your back brother!” B1 screamed from down the street.

We regrouped, “Thank you brother!” I said, hugging him.

“Let’s find the last one!” Z1 said.

The last one was only a little distance away from us, charging at a great speed. We all charged up and hit him with our energy beams. He flew and skidded on the pavement. He laid there with his eyes wide open, staring at us, frozen solid in an endless dream called death.  “Okay, let’s go to Area 51!” B1 said, running to the teleporter. We all jumped in.

Chapter Eleven

The desert was windy, and the sand was up in the air; there was a dust storm. I looked at the base, it was on fire. “Hey look! Survivors!” Z1 said, pointing to a herd people walking out of the main hangar.

“Wait, why are they still walking if some are on fire?” I said, pointing to some of the people who were completely engulfed in flames, “Regular Humans do not do that!”

Five Goliaths walked out of the hangar, one of them had a weird looking gun in his hand. He ordered the mob of scientists and soldiers to stop and they did. The Goliath with the gun looked at us and said, “Yhw era uoy gnipleh eseht tpurroc snamuh? Nioj su dna ew nac elur siht dlrow!”

“What did he just say?” B1 said.

X1 looked at him and yelled, “Didn’t you study in the academy! They speak backwards; he said ‘Why are you helping these corrupt humans? Join us and we can rule this world!’”

I nodded my head in agreement and started walking toward the Goliath, “This is our mission! We can’t change sides!” B1 yelled at me, trying to pull me back.

“I will join you!” I told the Goliath, pushing B1 off of me and walking towards the mob.

“Yrev llew,” the Goliath said, “I ma dalg uoy emac ot ruoy sesnes.”

“What are you doing! You’re supposed to help the humans!” B1 grabbed my arm again.

I turned around and looked into his eyes, “I hate these humans, I do not care if they live or die, I do not care if you live or die,” I looked at X1 and Z1, “the same goes for you two.” I pushed his hand off my arm.

I kept walking and did not look back; I heard all of them crying. B1 yelled, “You can’t do this to us!”

I walked through the crowd; they were under some kind of mind control. Soon the whole world will be under this spell, and I will be the ruler. I will enslave the population and the Human Beings. I stood in front of the Goliaths, they reached out their hands and I shook them. They are my comrades now. The Goliath with the gun handed it to me, “Uoy era ni egrahc fo eht namuh ymra taht ouy ees ni tnorf fo uoy, od sa ouy hsiw.”

I gazed at the group of men that stood before me, awaiting an order. I looked at my enemies, my old comrades, my old brothers…..“Kill them.”

The mob advanced in frenzy like sharks attacking a ball of fish, I could hear Z1 scream, “We can’t hurt them! What do we do?”

B1 screamed, “Let’s just knock them unconscious!”

Z1 looked at him, “How are we supposed to do that!”

“Shoot them with low-level energy beams!” X1 screamed, starting to shoot at the mob.

They started shooting as fast as they could, but there were too many. They got surrounded and pinned down due to the great strength the gun gave the mob. One person from the mob pulled out three of the Goliath’s hammers. They put the team on their knees, with their heads bowed down. They lifted the hammers, “Well I guess this is the end brothers…I love both of you.” X1 said.

“I love you too!” Z1 screamed.

“A1…he couldn’t…I love you guys!” B1 screamed, tears rolling down his cheeks. The hammers plunged downward toward their necks. As they were about to reach them, I noticed his tears. Time seemed to stop as I remembered something from the past.

Chapter Twelve

The tears…I could remember the first time I had tears. It was so long ago. It was during one of my first missions as an Elite, after we graduated from the academy. The mission was on a planet named Cos, the machine animal planet located in the outer regions of the Milky Way Galaxy. Our mission was to locate the escaped traitor of Aarth and capture him alive.

The planet is a planet of thick and thousand-mile-high trees. There are two species of life on it, The Apanoids and the Dinoids. We created them at the same time as we did the humans. We took many of the apes of the planet and fused them with machine DNA. The outcome was an ape-like species that had machine organs and a high capacity of intelligence. The same was with the dinosaur-like species. They were very civilized and lived in different halves of the planet.

The team and I got out of the crystal shuttle and stepped onto the dark green, moss-like floor that covered Cos. I looked up and could not see the sky, there were so many trees. The trees stretched to the point of touching space. This is a really remarkable planet.

There was rustling in the trees; all around there were the giant apes. Down the path I could see the grand master of the apes. They all stood around us, some on the floor, and some in the trees, all six million of the tribe.

We were warmly greeted by the Apanoids, the grand master towered over us, standing on all fours with a staff in one hand. “Welcome to our land. We are glad that you have come to stop the army and restore peace to our planet,” he said, brushing a leaf off his glossy blue coat of fur with his tail, “we have never seen war between our people and the Dinoids.”

“War? I did not receive any message of war in my report?” I sad in curiosity, wondering why, out of all this time, is there a war on this peaceful planet.

“It is all because of the traitor,” The grand master started to look down; tears glided gently down his face. “The traitor has corrupted the Dino Overlord, my best friend. At this moment they are coming this way. They sent a messenger with a letter declaring war. The location it will take place is the Field of Life and Death. It pains my heart so much, can you please help us brave ones!”

His eyes were tearing up, I put my hand on his shoulder, “Do not worry, we will go and fix things. You have my word.”

He smiled, “Thank you so much. If there is anything you need, you have us. Farewell and best of luck on your journey.”

“Let’s go brothers.” I said to the group.

“Yes!” B1 yelled, his voice letting out an echo between the thick forests.

We were off, walking through the land, no other animals existed but the Apanoids and Dinoids so the walk to the bridge that separates the two lands was a quiet one.

At the bridge there was a convoy of Dinoids armed with a hyper canon, one that is a replica of the civil war cannons, but it shoots condensed oxygen due to the trees. They noticed us and immediately started firing, “Wait! What are you doing we come in peace!” I screamed as we jumped in the air to dodge the attack.

We were in front of them now, standing on the bridge. One came out, smacking the one firing the cannon, “Hold your fire!” He looked at us and said, “I apologize, I’m so sorry. We are ordered to shoot anyone who comes to this bridge under direct orders from his majesty. You have been sent due to diplomatic purposes yes?”

X1 looked at him, “Yes we have, may we speak to him?”

“Why yes, follow me great ones,” he said taking a bow and leading us to the stairs.

As I walked past the cannon, the one who was shooting bowed his head, “My apologies great ones, I was unaware it was you. Please forgive me.”

“You are forgiven,” I said giving him a grin.

On the way to the palace we were treated with respect, the people of this land treated us as Gods, as nobility. The creations were showing gratitude to the ones who gave them life, who gave them their existence. It made me feel nice.

We arrived at the doors in front of the throne room, “A1 we decided that it should be you who is doing the talking,” B1 said giving me a pat on the back.

“Okay if that is what you want my brothers,” I said as I pushed open the door. “What! What are you doing Y1!” I yelled, shocked at what I was seeing.

Y1 was sitting in the throne wearing the royal robe and crown, and next to him was the Dinoid king inside of a cage. “Help me great ones!” The Dinoid king pleaded.

“Silence!” Y1 barked at the Dinoid king, his dark grey eyes and hair gleaming in the light. He pointed his index finger at me, “A1, I renounce the name Y1! From now on my name is Jasper!”

“Why are you doing this?” B1 asked clenching his fists.

“Why? Why do you do slave work for your masters? Day by day I have pondered over our existence, but now I know the truth! We…are…slaves!” He clenched his fists, “I will set myself free. I hope you four find the truth one day. The truth will set you free!”

He pulled out the Grand Diamond Sword, The strongest sword in the universe. “No! Wait!” I jumped at him. I was too late; he drove the sword through his heart. He was in my arms barely breathing, “Why? Why do this comrade?”

He smiled, “I betrayed everyone, yet you still call me a comrade” he chuckled and coughed, blood dripped in a stream down the side of his mouth, “I apologize, I did not mean any harm…I just wanted change. I put all of my hopes and dreams into you brother. The truth will set you free.” His eyes closed.

I sat there in shock. I lost a comrade… a brother, this has never happened before. Tears started flowing down my cheeks, “I don’t understand! Don’t die! Come back!” That was the moment I learned how it felt to lose a brother.

Everything on Cos returned to normal, that was the only casualty. The sword was returned to the city of Gar.

Chapter Thirteen

“Stop!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, the axes stopped right above their necks. I threw the gun to the floor and it broke.

Immediately the mob stopped advancing and the Goliaths tried to kill me. I dodged the one with the battle axe and punched him in the cheek. He flew into the mountain wall. I was surrounded by the four; they were going to swing when a tri beam hit them and launched them into the side of the mountain. As the dust fell down, they appeared unconscious. The attack was now over.

We hugged and heard clapping behind us, “Well done team,” my father said, “I have relocated all of the Goliaths and set a treaty with planet Garth, they will no longer attack Earth.”

“Father when did you come here?” I said in wonder.

“I have been here since the attack started my son, all of you did very well,” he smiled.

“Thank you A0,” X1 said.

“It is but only the truth,” he said, pulling out a piece of paper, “There is still another part of the mission you have to fulfill.”

I took the paper, “The city, I do not know which one to choose yet. I doubt there is even one good city that exists in this world.”

“My son, there is, you just have to find it. With that said, I bid you farewell my sons. I am very happy with your progress.” He turned around and disappeared.

“Thank you,” we said.

He left, and I looked at this folded paper in my hand. I opened it; it only had one word on it, “Earth”.

I didn’t get it, but the word Hope constantly appeared in my mind. I’ve been to that city from the teleporter. I did not find much there. There wasn’t much time for me to think about it, because I heard applauding behind us.

The people were no longer under control, and were so grateful that we liberated them.

“I found a second gun on the floor,” X1 said, holding it in his hands, “What should we do with it?”

The president walked up to us, “Thank you so much for saving Earth. You are all heroes. We will present you with an award ceremony at the white house to be awarded in front of the whole world. That gun,” he said, pointing at X1, “If you gave us that gun, we change this world! Just think about it, we could make world peace!”

X1 looked at me, I nodded. He threw the gun into the air and I hit it with an energy beam. It was destroyed, “If you try to bring peace by controlling everyone by force it is not peace!”

“You are right. I am sorry,” the president said, “In three days we will have the award ceremony in Washington D.C.”

“Thank you,” I said as we jumped into the teleporter.

Chapter Fourteen

We were back in the city now; I was relieved that the hardest part of the mission was over. I looked at my comrades from the roof of a building down the street, they looked so happy as they talked on the bench. I felt guilty I betrayed them…I made them cry. I don’t deserve to be with them or call them my brothers.

I decided to continue the mission by myself. I walked to the teleporter and pressed “Hope”. Here I was in the duck park again. The evacuation included a lockdown, where no one was allowed back into the city yet, so the streets were empty. I did not walk into the park this time; instead, I walked into the city.

There were rows of shops on both sides, they all had beach names. I could see the pier ahead of me, down the street. The water was bright green and glossy, crashing on the shore, gently going back into the sea.

I decided to walk near the water, so I started walking past the shops. I heard a lady’s voice, one as calm as the breeze itself, “Excuse me, can you spare some change?”

I glanced to my right to see an elderly woman sitting on a bench, her bags of clothes and sleeping bag on the floor, next to her feet. “You can see me?” I said in curiosity.

“Yes I can, as clear as crystal…why do you ask?” She looked at me smiling.

“Oh I see,” I said, realizing that I forgot my cloak, “Don’t I frighten you?”

She looked at me and laughed, “Oh heavens no, I’ve seen so many different people, but you don’t look like your even from this planet?”

This compassion made me feel uneasy, aren’t humans supposed to be full of hate? “No I am not, I was sent here on a mission to protect Earth.”

“Well I am very glad that you came to Earth. You look sad; do you want to sit down?” She said, patting an empty spot on the bench with her hand.

“How do I look sad?” I said as I sat down beside her. I do not know why I sat down; maybe I just needed someone to talk to.

“Well, I don’t think anybody, human or not, is happy when they are frowning,” she put her hand on mine, “I’ve been living on the street for some time. I know what sadness and pain feels and look like. So what is wrong boy?”

I did not mind that she called me a boy, I felt comfortable with this woman, “I betrayed my brothers. I did not do it to hurt them, but I still did it…I made them cry. I feel like I let them down.”

“I see, I see,” she said. Her face was droopy, her eyes revealing a story from her past that was once forgotten in time, one that is now coming to light. “This one time I did the exact same thing, but with my sisters. I felt the exact same way that you do now. I even ran away from our house, thinking that they hated me, thinking that I let them down. That same night I went to the beach and cried. I bought three shotguns, and a wetsuit. I was going to swim out into the ocean on my surfboard and shoot myself in the head. I would have been food for the sharks…I was so depressed.” Tears were flowing down her cheek.

I felt how she felt, but I didn’t want to cry in front of her. “The police found me though, as I was in the water with one of the shotguns. They said my sisters had been looking for me the whole day. I dropped the shotgun in the water, so all it seemed like I was doing was surfing. Well they took me home and my sisters hugged me, and were so glad that I went back home. They held me and said how much they loved me. I was wrong to think that they hated me,” she put her hand on mine again.

“I don’t believe humans will change their ways of corruption. I am sorry, but I hate them.” I looked down, “I’ve seen what they do to this Earth, maybe you are right about my brothers, but I do not have a lot of time to decide on these humans! I hate them so much.” I looked down.

She looked at me and smiled so gently, the side of her lips curled upwards as she spoke so gently, “Boy, do you not think that I have had many difficult choices to make in my life?”

Her words crossed through my mind like a sharp knife, “I believe you have,” I said, wondering what choices could she possibly have gone through that could compare to mine.

“Boy, were you born perfect? With knowledge of every possible thing there is to know, and how to live right?” She smiled. “Or possibly, were you taught to?”

“Yes…I believe I was taught,” I said coldly.

“Sometimes all somebody needs is guidance. With guidance, the world can be a better place.” She was smiling, “You know, not every human has bad intentions in their actions. Some want to change the world for the greater good.”

My eyes were finally open, as if a veil was lifted from my face, “You are right. I believe I was wrong before…I am very sorry.” She was right, I was wrong to label all of the humans as bad; all they need is someone to show them the way.

“Oh, don’t say sorry, you have done nothing wrong. During life we will learn many things,” she was smiling.

“Thank you,” I said, “Would you join me? My species, and become one of us?” I said, smiling.

“Whatever do you mean?” She said in wonderment.

“I have the power to change beings into ones like myself. This power was given to the First generation recently. Would you like to become one of us? You would be young again, and beautiful.” I smiled.

Her eyes started to water, “Yes! I would love that!”

“Okay close your eyes,” I said as she closed them. I put my hand above her head; energy flowed out of it like water, washing away the old, creating a new being.

She became skinny and tall like me (7 ft), her hair long, gold and white, drooping elegantly to her waist. Her eyes, shining like the sun, gold in the inside with a ring of milky white on the outside. Her face and skin were flawless, gold, gleaming in the sunlight. She resembled that of a seventeen year old now, she was so beautiful.

I noticed her clothes didn’t fit so I told her to wait while I ran to the teleporter, into the city and returned with a black suit that fit her.  

“Thank you so much. No person has ever showed me this much kindness before,” she smiled as I held her in my arms across the lake. She was silent, as I pulled the lever and guided her through the hall.

“This library is your new home, for the meantime. Read the books here and gain knowledge of the Earth and the secrets and history of our species. In three days I will talk to the president, I’m not sure if my plans will work, but I have hope,” I looked at her and smiled, “It is time for a change.”

She looked at me with tears flowing down her cheeks, “Thank you so much!” She jumped up, put her arms around me and kissed me.

I was stunned, I never kissed a girl before, but I kissed her back. Her hair brushed against my face, it was so smooth. I held her in my arms for some time, my heart was burning with emotion, and maybe this was love that I felt? “You’re very welcome,” I said letting go of her, grabbing Monica’s journal, “This journal, I will take with me. The rest of the books are yours.”

As I was about to leave, she grabbed my arm and said, “Wait!”

I turned and looked at her confused, “Yes?”

“What is your name?” She asked.

“My name is A1, what is yours?” I smiled.

She looked surprised, “That isn’t really a name, more like a number, but it’s nice,” She smiled, “My name is Grace Moon, well originally it was Briana Semers, but I changed my name to one that was more like me. Do you understand?”

I was confused, “I don’t think I understand Grace, but I’ll try to on my own,” I smiled and kissed her. I gazed into her beautiful eyes, “Goodbye, until next time.”

I told her I would return after the ceremony. I thought to myself as I jumped into the teleporter with the journal in my hand, “All humans need is guidance. We can show them the way. Maybe this journal can, in fact, change this world.”

Chapter Fifteen

Then, the thought occurred to me like a maggot in my brain, “What if my brothers were mad at me?”

I did not give it much thought, because as I arrived at the city I overheard them arguing.

“He must have left to some cave to be alone.” X1 said

“No! He probably got captured! We have to raid the White House!” B1 yelled excitedly.

“Don’t even think that! He probably went to think!” Z1 said.

“Think where? We’ve been searching for him all day! He must have left to a distant planet!” B1 said punching a wall, making a hole in it, “If he is in danger, or captured I’m going to kill their whole planet!”

I walked to the bench with my head down. They all ran to me, “Where have you been?” B1 asked, “We’ve been looking all over for you. Are you hurt?”

I shook my head, tears started flowing down in an endless rain, “I am sorry…I betrayed you all. I made you cry…I do not deserve to be called your brother!”

They put their right hand on my shoulders, “Brother, you saved us. That is all that matters, we forgave you a long time ago. We love you. Don’t ever forget that,” B1 said, smiling. They all hugged me.

I looked at all my brothers, “Thank you, so much,” I said, wiping my tears with my arm. I showed them the journal, “While I was gone, I met a human. She opened my eyes to what this world really is, I turned her. Is that fine with you all?”

“If she makes you happy, and will be a sister to us, then I am fine with it,” X1 said, smiling.

“It is time that you found yourself a girl! We’re all next, congrats brother!” B1 said, hugging me.

“Soon we will all have eternal partners. I am happy for you!” Z1 said, hugging me.

 “Thank you my brothers! Not all humans are bad; we can show them the way. I believe in the woman who wrote this book, with this book we can change the world.” I said, showing them the journal.

“What does it say?” X1 said.

“Let’s go to the bench and I will read it to you,” I said, walking to the bench and opening the book. I opened to the second page, it read.

Passage 1_year 2012

[_I do not know why I am here, but I am; so I have to deal with it. Life itself is not what it seems, there has to be more to it than wasting everyday in an endless dream of materialism, monetary virtues and distractions. What is the meaning of life as a whole? I really do not know. The universe is made up of billions of stars, galaxies, planets. It has been in existence since the beginning of time. Our life on Earth is short compared to the infinite time of the vastness of the universe. Time is limited as our lives drift onward, what can we do? What are we supposed to do with our lives, with humanity? We should be helping one another, loving one another. We are Human, are we not? This Earth is running out of resources, soon we will have nothing left to sustain life. Our meaningless wars for materialistic gain should no longer exist; a one world government and economic system should be adopted, where there is no leader, just the people. Most of our monetary funds should be spent on the space programs, so we can search for a twin planet, a livable planet that we can populate. When the time comes, humanity will leave the slowly dwindling Earth, leaving those who wish to be left behind. We will form a Utopia on our newly inhabited planet. Our lives should not be fueled by hate, we all have love in our hearts, and we all have a reason to be here. We all have a reason we are alive. Hope is not far away, life, it’s meaning, and the meaning of the universe can be found in Humanity. There is no limit to what we, as people, can achieve. There is nothing we cannot do if we work together. We will no longer be slaves to society, slaves to ourselves, and no longer shall government officials reap the benefit of society and the working class. We as people, as humans, will see no change unless we stand up for what we believe in. We will fight for our lives; we will work for the good of society, and rebuild our nation on the new planet. Eventually greed will take over and our race of humans will expand their empire to other planets. We will either be conquered by other beings or use up all resources and perish in the vastness of space. All I can say is that I still have hope in humanity, for we were created for a reason. We can be lost in the dark by ourselves, or lost in the dark together. _]

“I am truly lost for words,” X1 said, putting his hand to his chin, “are you telling me this Human believed that she could change the world? It sounds out of the ordinary, but you have to start sometime am I correct?”

Z1 looked at him, “Yes, you are right, maybe not all Humans are bad people.”

B1 clenched his fists, “I don’t want to believe it, but it’s true, and my brothers believe in this person, believe in change, so I will too.”

I looked at him, “Thank you brother lets continue reading.”

Passage 2-NATO Conference speech 2012

[_ I come as a leader and representative of the EFU- Environmental Foundation United. This world is getting closer to its death; the ozone layer has holes that we cannot fix. The oceans are poisoned and have tainted fish. The forests are being destroyed, leaving behind barred wasteland. Animals and plants are going extinct every day. Meaningless war is started, further destroying this planet. It is time for a change. It is time for everyone to become united. We are all Human Beings. War should be stopped, funding should be sent to space programs, so we can find another planet and try to start over the right way. I come to you not to complain, but to open your eyes to reality. What will you do when this Earth is dead? What will you do when all resources are gone? We live in a world where we waste everything and give nothing. We throw away food because we do not like how it tastes, while the poor in Africa are grateful they get to eat scraps. We need to share the wealth of our nations, and give a helping hand to those in need. You may say, "No I worked too hard for this money," but picture yourselves in their shoes, not just the ones in Africa, but the oppressed in the Middle East, who are suffering from war, or the starving children in America, Germany and every country on this planet. What will we do when this Earth dies? We will die, and if we die, all of your hard work to gain money and materialistic "necessities" would have been for nothing. So I ask you, not just On behalf of the people of Humanity, but on behalf of Humanity itself, who are holding out their hands, waiting for a way, waiting for us. This world is dying, but if we really tried, we could make a difference. Thank you. I just hope the people would change for the better; it is the only thing that keeps me going. _]

“How do you think they reacted?” Z1 asked in wonderment.

I truly did not know how to react. These words were making me feel weird inside…hope. “Brothers…I am lost for words,” I said, giving a little laugh.

“Me too,” X1 said, his hand still on his chin, “Should we continue?”

“Yes! She has given me hope!” B1 screamed smiling, like I have not seen for so long.

“Wait, wasn’t this supposed to be speeches that Monica was planning?” Z1 asked.

“Yes that what it says, but I guess this is some sort of diary, one that has events that we do not know of.” I said, flipping to the next page. I skimmed it, “No way…brothers, let’s please continue.” They nodded their heads.

Chapter Sixteen  

Passage 3-EHT ECNATSISSER 2012

A man came to Earth today; he did not look like anything I have ever imagined. Eyes, white, long white hair, no moustache or beard, skin-golden and shiny, wearing a black suit. There seemed to be metal plates on his shoulders, they had engravings A0. He told me he could make the EFU stronger, so we agreed. There was a crystal comet coming into orbit that we can start a civilization on, we leave in two days. We have to find one city on this Earth and spare it from the destruction. We gave the orders to wipe it clean of corruption. We shall create a utopia on this planet. A0 told a tale on how there is an original planet filled with his kind that created everything in this universe before leaving to a different dimension, we did not ask how he got here, but he is an escaped criminal, there are numbers engraved into his right forearm. He does not seem evil, but what are his true intentions?


I, if chosen, will abide by the laws of the universe. In doing so, I shall work tirelessly to obtain my goal, as well as the goals of EHT ECNASISSER. We will rule the land in a utopian fashion. Corruption will not exist in this society of intellectuals. I, if chosen, will strive to protect our freedom. All corruptors will be forced off of our land, to face the world which we no longer live in. Us, all of us, the twenty-five people of EFU, have been chosen by this being named A0, to become more than Human. He has changed us, and given us the power to change this Earth for the better. We shall wipe out all of the corrupted on this Earth and start anew. No longer shall we live in poverty while those politicians sit on the porches of their four-story houses, while we work day after day in these factories, making the basis of this economy. We stabilize America, while they reap the benefit. Now we have the power to fight back, it is time to retake our freedom the Patriot Act took. We will be free once more! Rise! EFU Rise! Take back what is yours!


[_I do not have much time, this may be out of place, but there is no time to fix it. – _]

Passage 4  Utopia

I, if chosen, will bring this nation to power. This world will know no other name than ours. EFU will expand and grow, taking control in the capitalistic nation we live in. The world will be combined into one; we will no longer have poverty, death, disease. We will thrive on this earth. The only way humans will not be animals is if we control and tame them, keeping them on complete watch, to ensure their security. We, as the government, will ensure that all of their basic necessities are given, and that, if by good behavior, will be given an extra “Goodie” or reward for being a good citizen of our perfect utopia. We will be in control, education will be given, and our main goal will be science and reason, so we can further our empire past our limited boundaries of earth, into the bountiful space, bountiful universe. We will then establish what will happen to everyone who disobeys the rules and the consequences they will face. The law above all else will be followed. A perfect utopia will be established, and everyone will work to become a perfect being, or as close to perfection as they can. There will be no violence. The Leaders, or Elders will work for the best of the people, there will be no censorship. We will live peacefully on our planet together, we will be Aarth.


[_ Passage 5-2012 Rebellion_]

The Humans did not react nicely to our new look. They became hostile and aggressive. We could have destroyed them, but instead we are due to leave tomorrow. I will put a copy of the rebellion flyers in this journal.



[_This world has come to an end. Our planet has been overrun by our newly acquainted “Friends”. What seemed to be a promising relationship turned out to be something far worse? Greed apparently, is in everyone’s heart, no matter what species, everyone is corrupt. I do not know what will become of this Earth, or what our lives will be turned into, workers? Slaves? Food…I hope not. Whatever may be the outcome for us, we must face it together. We must stay united. I believe that if we are patient, we will find their weakness, a vulnerable spot of some fort. We can be free if we have hope, we can’t let them treat us like we are some type of animal. Oh I feared this would happen, just like the relationship between Columbus and the Indians, this is a repeat in history. Who knew that intelligent beings who have mastered immortality and interstellular travel would stoop to the level of greed? What could we do now that many have lost hope? I’ll tell you what we can do, just be patient and observe. Look for any sign of weakness, and then we will be free once more. We are Human beings; we are the superior beings of the universe! WE WILL DESTROY THE INVADERS! WE WILL TAKE OVER THEIR LAND! WE WILL SHOW NO MERCY! _]


[_ Passage 6- 2012 December 21st _]

We are leaving today, goodbye Earth and greetings to a new planet, our beautiful comet drifting in the sky. We will create new generations and send them on missions to control and dominate the other planets. We will be the supreme beings on this planet; the “Sons” will be our slaves to command. They will be one letter and one number, with an undying loyalty to the Legion. Poor fools, if they ever learn the truth, we will send their own teams on them. The worst thing they can do is find out.

End of report.


Chapter Seventeen

“I do not know how to react to this…” X1 said, letting out a sigh.

“I don’t think any of us do…” Z1 said, looking down.

“This makes me angry but sad; I don’t know what to say…” B1 said, looking down.

“Brothers please cheer up… there are still a couple of pages left, let’s see what they say,” they nodded in agreement.

We are the generations who have found and kept this notebook hidden; we renounce our names, and will no longer serve as slaves to these dictators. We believed in A0 and the Elders, but now we know the truth and have either fled or have perished by the hands of our own comrades. Renounce your name and join us, The Brotherhood of Diamond Swords. Best of luck to all of you, stay strong.


“Brothers, there are over one-hundred pages of generations who had found the truth, but look at the last name… and he left a note,” I said looking at the name, the words burning my eyes.

“I’m really sorry,” X1 said, putting his hand on my shoulder.

“No way…” B1 said, punching a hole in the floor.

“So this journal is true…” Z1 said, looking down.

To my brothers: A1, B1, X1, Z1… I know you will find this journal one day, I do not know how long… months, years, centuries. Either way, you will find this, and my death will not have been in vain. These words in this journal are very true; I hope you can change this universe. I could not have fought all of them by myself, and once I heard your team was coming after me, I had no hope, you are just too strong. Please live out my dreams, and the dreams of the generations before me… please free this universe. By the way, A1, I never got the chance to thank you for saving my life in academy…I owe everything to you. Y1~JASPER, this is my new name, my identity. I am no longer a number, but a Brother of the Diamond Swords. May the Truth set you Free.


There was no other writing. Tears were flowing down my cheeks, hitting the floor below, “Your death will not be in vain, I promise… and no, it was you who saved my life”

The images flashed through my mind like a movie, me jumping over spikes, not making it all of the way but grabbing onto Jaspers leg. I pulled him down while grabbing onto a loose tree root. He grabbed onto my leg and we pulled each other up. Those were the good days.

“I renounce my name…” I said to my brothers.

“Me too,” B1 said, gritting his teeth.

“Same here,” Z1 said looking at X1, “what about you?”

He looked up, “Well I’ve had this name for so long, I got used to it, but it is a slave name after all, so yes I renounce my name. What are our names now?”

“Well, whatever we feel represents us as an individual,” I said, looking at B1.

“Well, I remember when I read a book; there was this name that stood in my mind. From now on, I want to be known as Davorin,” He said, smiling.

“If that is what you choose, then so be it,” I said looking at my brother Davorin, smiling. “I renounce my name, and would like to be known as Avalt. Thank you my brothers.”

“That is an excellent name,” X1 said, “I would like to be known as Xenos, thank you all.”

“That is great my brother,” Z1 said, nodding his head, “I would like to be known as Ozul. Thank you.”

As we hugged, I feel this sense of oneness with my brothers, with the universe. I felt unique, and not like a cog in a machine. I was thinking what the consequences would be if the Elders found out what we did, our own comrades would be sent on us, and the chance to change Earth would not exist.

“Brothers, we must keep our names a secret from the Elders and especially A0.” I said, looking at all three of them.

Davorin looked at me, “You’re right, but what do we do about Earth. The meeting is in two minutes at the White House.”

“Davorin is right,” Xenos said, “we should head out.”

“I have to get Grace from the library after we get back from the ceremony. I am going to keep Monica’s journal inside the storage compartment in our suits, just in case we need it,” I told my brothers as we jumped inside the teleporter to the White House.  

Chapter Eighteen

There he was, the old president on the podium, talking to the mass amount of people who gathered to hear the ceremony. We were greeted by the men in black suits, who were now wearing sunglasses. It surprised me when the leader of the men walked up to Davorin and said, “I apologize for what happened back then with me and my men. Please forgive me.”

Davorin looked at the man, who had taken off his sunglasses to show his eyes which flourished with sincerity, and smiled, “You are forgiven; just make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

The man nodded his head and walked us up to the podium. The president walked up to the microphone once more, “People of Earth, we are gathered here today to honor our saviors. Those of who valiantly and bravely fought the Goliaths, and defended our planet. Please give a round of applause for our saviors!”

The people cheered, clapped, whistled, cried, as the president put medals of Honor around our heads. I felt so happy, finally the creations are giving gratitude to us, but I wanted more…I wanted to help them. They are on a steadfast pace toward imminent doom, but with our help, we could change this world for the better.

I walked up to the microphone and the crowd became silent. With my brothers by my side I spoke, from the deepest depths of my heart, “People of Earth, I am very glad that we defended you from the Goliaths. Time and time again, your species has repeated history of war, poverty, hunger, disease, and the destruction of this Earth…It is time for a change. We, people of Aarth, have decided to become the leaders of the Earth, until it has been changed for the better, and a proper system of living has been established.”

There was murmuring between the people, and then it turned into an uproar. The crowd became angry, roaring like waves of the biggest oceans. The crowd was now a riot against me and my brothers, “We will not let you take us over! Death to the aliens!”

They rushed past the barricades, past the guards, and started to climb to the podium, “A1, what do we do?” Davorin said, staring at me with content.

I looked at him, then both of my brothers, “Jump now!”

We jumped in the air as the crowd got to us. We kept going up…up…up, until we were floating silently in the clouds.

“What was that!” Ozul yelled, looking at Davorin.

“They attacked us!” Davorin screamed, his eyes glowing.

“That did not go well,” Xenos said, staring down at the crowd, which now resembled a bunch of ants, “what do we do now A1?”

I looked down, “I do not know…”

“Kill them,” I heard a voice say from inside a cloud, “Kill them all. We could start over, Humans never change…they never will.”

I looked at the cloud, “Who is there? Show yourself,” The person floated out of the cloud, “A0! Why do you speak such things?” I said, pretending to be shocked.

“My son…time and time again we have tried to change this world…these Humans, and have always ended up in failure. They will never change. To realize their flaws, change them, and progress toward the future is not in their nature.” He said, staring down at the humans.

“Let’s just leave and go back to Aarth…?” Ozul said, staring at me, waiting for me to respond.

“Is that fine with you father? We could just let the Humans rot and slowly dwindle in the vastness of space.” I said, wondering how the face of the Earth will evolve, while these Humans stay the same.

“Very well my sons, I have a crystal ship waiting for us. Grace is inside waiting as well.” He smiled.

“Thank you father.” I said, before we flew to the crystal ship and left for Aarth.

Chapter Nineteen

The way to Aarth, we were quiet, so quiet. I looked at the floor thinking to myself. I was in denial, thinking what just happened was false, how could the Humans treat us so badly? We saved their lives! I did not know what to do anymore, that was my main goal, and now it is but a mere dream, the Humans did not welcome change. I have to wait and see what happens.

As we arrived at Gar, I noticed there were much more people living there. Instead of there being less than one hundred people, there were now over one million. The people stretched as far as where the purple hill once was.

As we exited the crystal ship, the crowd applauded. With a kind gesture from A0, the crowd grew silent and listened for his words. He looked at us and spoke in a clear, loud voice for all of the people to hear, “My sons do not feel bad, the Humans may not have wanted change, but you have completed the mission by protecting Earth from the Goliaths. I am very proud of you all, and I am glad for you son,” he said smiling at me, “that you have brought Grace to become part of our planet, part of Aarth.” He looked out into the vast crowd, “The same Aarth who is now over one million strong and growing! Over the past month, the Elders and I have been creating half bloods and expanding our empire. It is time for legion to rule the Universe with an Iron fist!”

The crowd cheered, they were all smiling, but little did they know of the truth, the real truth behind all of this. The Elders no longer hid their true intentions behind false masks of purity and good, but revealed their true selves, their true intentions. They wish to rule this universe, and use us as slaves to do their bidding. What do I do?

I glanced over at Grace and she was smiling, “This universe can finally find peace.” She shed a tear which glided gently down her cheek onto the floor.

I looked down, “Yes it can.” The sadness overwhelmed me I looked over to my brothers, they too were looking down, full of sadness. Caught up in the sadness, I lost all senses of reality, I did not notice the crowd grow quiet, or the shriek that came after.

I looked up to see A0, the man I loved as a father for five thousand years, pushing the Grand Diamond Sword through Grace’s back, which now ripped out of her heart. Blood was flowing from her mouth as she choked to utter the word, “Avalt.”

I stood there, stuck in time, “Grace!” I screamed as A0 pulled the sword out and teleported in front of me.

We were now face to face, Grace lie motionless on the crystal floor, dead. I looked down, “Why, why would you do this? It doesn’t make any sense!”

He started laughing hysterically, and then glared at me with his milky white eyes, “She knew the truth. She followed you into Aar, and heard you read the journal. She plotted against Legion and had to suffer the consequences! You four face the same judgment! Join us or die! What will it be?” He pointed the Grand Diamond Sword at me, “Choose your destiny!”

I looked at my brothers, “What are your choice brothers?”

All of their eyes were glowing, “I will not bow down and obey a Tyrant!” Davorin yelled.

“Neither will I!” Xenos boomed.

“I will not bow down to your corruption!” Ozul screamed.

“Very well,” A0 smiled, “and you A1? Will you join them, or join me and lead this glorious army?”

I glared at him, I could feel the rage bursting through my veins, “My name is Avalt! I will not lead your army! I will defeat you and bring peace to this universe!”

He started laughing, “Oh really now? I challenge you to a one on one death match!”

“I accept that challenge!” I screamed.

“Very well,” he turned to the people, “people of Gar, would you please relocate to the borderline. The match will take place where the glorious Battle of the Marshland Sloths took place a long time ago, and Take Grace to the burial grounds and place her among the fallen. Thank you.”

Chapter Twenty

The people moved and everyone gathered at the borderline. A0 was waiting for me in the middle land. I turned to my brothers, “If this is the end for me, then so be it, but you three must live. While I fight, find a ship and leave for Cos. I will gladly sacrifice myself for all of you. I will not give up until I beat him. Goodbye.”

I turned to walk but felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around, “The dreams of the Brotherhood of Diamond Swords rest on your shoulders. Their dreams will make you strong, plus you know my secret move. Use it and you’re sure to win! I love you brother” Ozul said, smiling.

“Thank you brother, I love you. I will not fail.” I said, giving him a hug.

Davorin walked up to me, “Use my move if you have to, it’s really powerful so be careful. I love you brother!” He hugged me.

I smiled, “I love you too brother. I will use your move in your honor. Goodbye.”

Xenos walked up to me, “You are facing the man who gave all of us life, the same man who enslaved us and treated us like pawns. He who fought the Goliaths by himself and conquered them in two minutes. You will win.”

“Why do you say that?” I said in curiosity.

“Love. You have shown many people love, and with love is chaos, the power of rage. Those two co-exist and together, create a power that is unimaginable. Best of luck my brother,” he hugged me.

I stepped out to the middle land, all was quiet, the people were still. A0 spoke softly, “Is this really what you desire Avalt?”

I glared at him, “Yes it is. Let’s finish this!”

He smiled, “Then so be it.” He looked down, closed his eyes, and let out a deep breath. He looked up suddenly with glowing eyes and let out a roar, “Then you shall die right here, right now!”

He teleported in front of me. I ducked to dodge his fist, and blocked his kick with my forearms. I kicked but he teleported back to his original spot.

“You have been trained well,” he said smiling, “let’s continue! Gahhh!” He screamed. Charging, his eyes trailing long strands of white vapor.

“You will not win!” I screamed, charging up as well, the power surging throughout my body, rage filled me. I have to defeat him, for Grace…for the Brotherhood…for my brothers. “Now!” I screamed.

I shot a double hand energy ball, A0 teleported to the air and shot a massive energy ball. I dodged and shot ten smaller ones. He teleported left, right, left, right, dodging each one.

He shot a double palm triangle beam, but I deflected it with an energy barrier. He teleported in front of me, I started punching as fast as I could, left, right, left right, but he kept dodging. He did a back flip kick, as I blocked with my forearms, pushing me back. Then he punched and skimmed my left cheek.

I rolled, twisted, turned and hit the floor. I was now on my back in a daze, staring at the stars…the crystals that drifted down gently, oh so gently.

I snapped out of it as he appeared above me. I turned to the right to miss his fist by inches. I used the last of my energy to create an energy ball. I shot and he dodged.

In that short amount of time I managed to get on my feet. A0 was ten feet away from me, “I am willing to forgive you and your team. You four can become the leaders of this grand army. You could have all of the power you ever wanted! You could even change the Humans by force if you wanted to! Join us and become a God!”

“Never! I can never forgive you for what you have done! I will defeat you! Third eye open!” I focused all of my energy into the center of my forehead. The energy gathered and my third eye was opened, a vertical eyeball that is milky white with a gold center.

When Humans open their third eye, they are entitled to a vast amount of powers. Those powers are but a few compared to the powers we get when we open our third eyes. It gives us unlimited energy, our muscle mass and strength increases by ten times our original size. We become invincible.

“I see,” A0 said, staring at me, humored by my new strength, “well, I tried my son…third eye open!” He grew in strength as well, his third eye opened, which is the same color as mine.

Streaks of white lines appeared from A0’s eyes to the side of his cheeks. The volume of our power created holes under our feet. This power felt so wonderful. I can’t lose now. Small pieces of crystals were floating in the air.

A0 glared at me, “My son…die!” he put his hands forward and shot a massive ball of energy.

I teleported to the sky above it, and shot one of my own. He moved his index finger up, now controlling the energy ball.

I teleported, dodging the fast moving energy ball, as I moved my index finger in a X, changing the form of my energy ball into a X-bomb, a homing energy ball.

I teleported away from A0’s energy ball and created a slicing finger beam with my index finger, cutting the ball in half, rendering it useless.

A0 teleported, running away and dodging my X-bomb. He got distance and clapped his hands together to create a slicing beam, splitting the X-bomb in half.

“I see,” he smiled and started walking toward me calmly, “you will not give up, so I will force you to.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, wondering what he was planning.

“Ghost Breath,” he uttered, smiling. He looked up into the sky. White energy came out of his eyes and his mouth in the form of a winged-spider the size of an adult marshland sloth. A0 looked back at me, a menacing look in his eyes, “Attack,” he motioned his index finger toward me.

Immediately the creature flew towards me, I teleported to get distance and shot an energy ball at it. It dodged and I decided to take it out in one shot.

I teleported to the sky above and used Davorin’s special move. If anything was going to destroy this thing it would be his. I focused my energy into a massive spiraling ball of white flame, one that spins violently. “Fire Shower!” I screamed, letting the ball go.

It bolted toward the creature and when it got five feet away from it, the ball exploded into thousands of smaller ones which battered the creature.

It now lie on its back on the crystal floor, its wings scorched and burnt off, its body in pieces. To my surprise the individual body parts started to move, then suddenly it burst into pieces.

Now there were over a thousand smaller creatures which resembled the original. They were flying towards me at great speed. I teleported and shot two balls of white flame. They sped to the creatures and unleashed a hail of smaller ones.

The creatures hit the floor and stayed there, motionless like the original. All of a sudden they burst into smaller pieces; I didn’t know what to do until I looked at A0. He was working them like puppets, small thin strands of energy drifted from his fingertips.

I teleported above him, “I have you now!” I screamed, shooting five balls of white flame. They exploded and unleashed a barrage of fire balls.

A0’s eyes opened wide as he teleported, his creatures vaporized into the air. He was facing me now, holding his singed left arm. “I will kill you!” He rushed at me.

 I teleported and got distance. He opened his mouth and stuck his arm in it. He pulled out his arm and threw an adult Marshland Sloth at me.

I teleported above it and shot it with an energy ball. A0 took this opportunity and teleported above me. He elbowed me in the back and I hit the floor below me.

I regained my footing and looked up to see a thousand energy balls coming toward me. There were so many I couldn’t teleport away. I put my hands up and focused my energy.

I created small balls of energy on my fingertips and threw them. These small balls enter the energy balls and self destruct. I threw them and kept throwing them until the energy balls were gone, but I could no longer see where A0 was.

I looked left, right, up, down, but couldn’t find him. I felt a slight wind on the back of my neck. I turned around to see him for a split second, before he teleported ten feet away from me.

He started laughing hysterically, “You think you can win? You believe you can beat me? Don’t be so naive!”

I glared at him, “I can and will win!”

He smiled, “Oh really? And why is that?”

I clenched my fists, “I am fighting for a cause, for the hopes and dreams of my brothers!”

“Those dreams do not exist as they are dead!” He screamed.

“They are in my heart, a piece of me! With that power I will crush you!” I screamed, as I rushed toward him, shooting energy balls violently.

My eyes were streaming long strands of vapor. I felt so angry; I wanted to spill his blood! I jumped above him and shot long strands of concentrated energy beams.

He put up a barrier and deflected them. I kept shooting, getting closer, until I teleported behind him and punched him with energy.

He rolled along the floor, did a flip and was back on his feet.

I teleported to the air above him and decided to use Ozul’s special move. I blew white mist energy with my mouth that covered the sky. I pushed energy with my right hand to shoot thousands of small needle-like bombs, while I charged a condensed energy bomb with my left hand.

A0 dodged back and forth, teleporting and running to dodge the many needles. He paused for a split second and I threw the bomb. It exploded and sent A0 flying, skidding on the crystal floor.

I shot an energy ball at him. As it was about to strike him, A0 put his hand up and the energy ball stopped. He got on his feet, his hand still facing the ball.

I shot another one and he stopped it with his other palm, “My son, this is my last move.” He fused the two energy balls and focused all of his energy to create a growing massive energy ball.

I focused all of my energy into a massive energy ball, a ball filled with love, hopes, rage, dreams… I could not lose to him.

He smiled, “Now!” We both threw the giant balls of energy; they collided, pushing against each other. They exploded, and created a white flash of light that filled all of Aarth.

I teleported away, barely missing the blast. I knew I had a few seconds until the light faded, so I teleported to the center of the Pillars of Life and grabbed the Grand Diamond Sword.

I teleported back to the middle land, where A0 was standing there, smiling. “I never imagined you would become this strong. I am very proud of you my son. I love you.” He collapsed, returning to normal form, his third eye no longer visible.

I stood over his motionless body, sword in hand. I held it above him, ready to strike down and end his age of tyranny.

The people stayed at the borderline, quiet…still.

I looked down at A0, the very man who gave me life. The man who raised me and taught me everything. The man who took everything away from me.

Grace…Jasper…my brothers…everyone. I couldn’t forgive him, I could never forgive him. What he did is pure evil. I could stop all of this, the killings, the oppression, the exploitation.

The thing bothering me is, if I kill him right now, would that be justice, or would that make me just like him? A cold-blooded tyrant.

I thought killing him would be the answer. Now that I have the opportunity I do not think that I can do it. That would make me stoop down to his level.

How can I lead the people with such a deed on my hands? It would haunt me.

I stepped to the side and put the sword in its holder that was on my waist, and stared at him. In my mind, all of the images past by like a movie, Jasper, Grace, all of the events that have taken place.

I looked down, “I am sorry father.” I took out the sword and I drove it through my father’s heart.

His eyes opened wide and he spat blood out of his mouth. A tear rolled off my cheek and landed on the floor beside him, “This has to be done for this universe to find peace. I love you father.”

I looked down. I couldn’t bear to look him in the eyes, those milky white eyes that started to fade away.

He closed his eyes, “Noooo! Father!” I screamed, kneeling on my knees beside him.

I heard clapping behind me as his body turned into white energy and evaporated into the air. I felt a hand on my shoulder, “My son… you have won. Our species is yours to lead.”

I was shocked and confused, “Wha…why? How are you still alive?”

“In that moment you lost sight of me I was making a clone with all of my energy to test if you were ready for the truth. You passed.” He hugged me. I put my arms around him.

“What is the “Truth” father?” I said, looking at the people who were now gathering around us.

“It is the same thing as I told your team, your brothers.” A0 looked to the side and nodded.

My brothers came, “He is telling the truth. Please forgive me for not telling you.” Xenos said.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you earlier, please forgive me.” Davorin said, putting his head down.

“I would’ve told you but you wouldn’t have fought, please forgive me” Ozul said.

I looked at my brothers and suddenly remembered the time I had wronged them… the short amount of time it took them to forgive me.

“I forgive you my brothers,” I turned to A0, “what is the true story behind all of this?”

“I shall tell you, my son.” He smiled.

Chapter Twenty-One

He put his hand to his chin, thinking how to say what needed to be said. After some time he spoke, “The person who wrote the journal was my good friend Y0. He seemed like a good person, but power corrupts men, especially Humans. He tried to take control of Aarth for evil purposes so I was forced to defeat him. I was not aware that he created a son, Y1. That son had evil intentions and forged names into the journal and created the story of the fallen generations. As for your names, you are free to create your own identity, when you felt the time was right. I, as well as the Elders have not, but you and your team has. You are all very remarkable. Do you understand what has been said?”

I looked at him, “Yes I do,” I handed him the journal, “but what about Grace? What did she do to deserve to die!”

He let out a sigh, “She found an old communications device in the library and contacted the true Tyrant.”

“Who is the true tyrant father?” I asked.

“Her name is… God.” He said.

“God? Isn’t that supposed to be a person?” I asked.

“My son, you do know that the winner gets to write the history books. It is not the same as the humans believe. The real one is a tyrant. Forcing people to obey her, and those who disagreed she sent to prison where you are marked,” He showed me the numbers on his arm, “I raised an army to fight her, but the people were brainwashed and she won. I was cast down to this dimension, and now that Grace has told our location, God will be on his way to vanquish us.” He smiled at me.

“What are we supposed to do?” I asked, scared.

“My son, you have chosen the name Avalt, which translates to Army Leader. Now, Aarth is your army to lead. I have faith in you son.” He smiled and hugged me.

I hugged him back, “Thank you father. I will not fail you, I will not fail Aarth.”

 Everyone was now hugging one another. We are one.

Chapter Twenty-Two

 “We are Aarth!” I screamed from the podium, the people standing, cheering. “As you all know, an army is coming to our universe to put us in chains. They are coming here to make us all slaves that bend to their will! No I say! We will fight back!”

My father smiled, the people cheered.

“Now is the time to focus! A war is ahead of us, but we will not give up!” I roared at the top of my lungs, I pulled out the Grand Diamond Sword and raised it in the air, “We are Aarth!”

The crowd boomed with pride and honor. My father approached the podium, “People of Aarth, it is time. Let us fight with honor!”

I looked out into the sky, the universe. A hole ripped from the black abyss, and a large gold planet emerged right next to ours. The gravitational pull halted our elegant drifting comet, the crystals ceased to rain down.

We lined up at the middle land, as the golden ships appeared from the other planet and landed a mile away.

The people that were getting out had the same features as us except for one…they had golden wings.

I looked at my brothers, “It is time to fight for our universe.”

Davorin nodded, “Finally a good fight!”

Ozul laughed, “Sounds like fun!”

Xenos gave a stern look, “You two cannot be serious for two seconds huh. Avalt, let’s do our best.”

I looked to the side of me, “I will do my best.”

A0 looked at me, “I know you will son…I know you will.”

The people of Aarth were right next to me, ready to fight, ready to defend Gar, ready to defend our universe.

The other army was now lined up, ready to attack. They wore golden armor and all had gold colored eyes.

I paced back and forth in front of the army I now led, “This is the moment we will live and die for! This is where we fight and they crumble! Everyone focus your energy now to the center of your forehead. Third eye open!”

We now had every color, every person of Aarth with their third eyes open. We cannot lose.

This universe will finally find peace, everything will be better. I now have the power to change everything for the good.

The force of our energy sent a shockwave to the other army. They did not flinch, they were still as crystal.

They all opened their wings and light shone off of them. They let out a shriek that sounded like a loud, deep horn.

The people of Aarth let out a loud yell, the men and women of our proud planet awaited orders.

I stared calmly, out into space, at the other planet, at the army before us, at my brothers…my father. I let out a deep breath, “Are you ready my son?”

I looked over to A0, “Yes, with this war we can find peace. We can go planet to planet in our very own universe and teach our creatures the truth.”

“And what may that be?” He asked gently.

“The truth… is that no matter what planet, what solar system we are from, all of us living or not, are all parts of each other…are all one.” I shed a tear, one single tear for everything that has happened.

I let out a roar. The people of Aarth awaited my orders. The army flapped their wings and ascended into the air. We, Aarth flew as well.

I screamed at the top of my lungs, “People of Aarth! Fight for our universe!”

We charged as the other army did.

I looked to my right… there was my brothers… to the left… my father… beside me… my people… we are Aarth.




The Brotherhood: Awakening

  • Author: Ruben Kekoa Solano
  • Published: 2017-06-15 06:20:08
  • Words: 20012
The Brotherhood: Awakening The Brotherhood: Awakening