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The Book of Fate, Book One (Book of Fate Mini Trilogy)











Mohammad Khamil Khalid also known as M.D Khamil was born on the 3rd of May 1990, in Brunei Darussalam a small country in Borneo island situated in between two of east Malaysia’s states Sabah and Sarawak. He is the youngest child among three children of Khalid and Norhemiemah’s marriage and never had any experience in writing before. 

First schooled in one of the most busiest district in Brunei, where the capital city is located at Brunei Muara district in 1996. Khamil finished high school in 2008, where he repeated a year from failing his ‘O’ Level exam. A year later after that, Khamil went to continue his studies in computing in the year 2012. He graduated in 2014 and scored 4 distinctions out of 5 subjects. 

Now Khamil is planning to make writing as his fulltime career, because he said “There is nothing in this world is impossible, not until you try it and see the result. Never lose hope, believe in yourself.” Z-Virus was his first novel.

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[*This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is completely coincidental.  *]




Copyright © 2016 by M.D Khamil


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1.7 RUN!

1.1 The Glowing Book


“Jack! Come here look what I found!” yelled Luna.

“What is it?” asked Jack.

“It’s a book. An old leatherbound book. I can’t seem to figure out how to open it. It’s locked!”

“Lock? Give it to me.” Luna passed the book to Jack. Jack examined the book thoroughly from the front to back cover and the spine. “I saw it.” said Jack.

“What did you saw? You’re scaring me.” Replied Luna.

“There’s something inside the book spine. Something is hidden inside. Let me try and shake the book.” Jack was shaking the book as hard as he could then suddenly something flew from the book spine. There, lying on the ground was a gold key and a golden quill. “A key? A quill?” whispered Jack.

“Let’s try opening it.” Said Luna. Jack took the golden key and insert it into the keypad lock. As soon as the book was opened the book produced a buzzing sound and a bright golden light came out from the book. The light was blinding them both for a moment. Once their eyes adjusted to the light, Luna grabbed Jack’s arm harshly.

“We gotta go back home now Jack, I don’t think I like the book. Just leave it there and it’s almost dark. This forest is starting to get really creepy.” Luna insisted Jack to come with her.

“No. Wait. I really wanna know what’s this all about. I think the book looks so magical.” 

“Jack please be careful!”

“Don’t worry everything’s gonna be alright.” Jack took the book and the quill. He looked for the spot where he could put the book properly and he found a big flat top rock just near to his right. He put the book down.

“Don’t flip the pages!” Luna shouted.

“Luna chill! It’s going to be just fine.” At first, the pages were empty only the lights were out of the book. Just when Jack was about to give up with the book an instruction suddenly appeared on the pages. The instruction said, “The holder of this book shall follow the rules of the contents. There are four divisions inside this book. The Past. The Present. The Future. The Fate. The holder shall play each division to the end. No escape, no hiding and no turning back. You shall enter the world of the past to change its history. Then you shall enter the world of the present to fix what is right. Afterward you shall enter the world of the future to make it true and finally you shall enter the world of the fate to decide the The Past’s, The Present’s and The Future’s, destiny.” As soon as the instruction finished, Jack’s hand holding the quill suddenly moved to the next page. The big title on the header was written in dark ink stating The Past. Then appeared sub titles of the past colored in blue glowing beautifully listing down the page. There were ten titles to choose from and every end of the title there was a check box. The titles were:-

1. King Arthur & His Knights

2. World War II

3. Cinderella

4. Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of the Four

5. Journey to the Center of the Earth

6. Pinnochio

7. Aladdin

8. Titanic

9. The Time Machine

10. Pearl Harbor

Luna and Jack got stared with each other. “Which one should we choose Jack?”

“I’m not sure but our teachers at school always tell us to choose the easiest question first. I think we should choose . . . Cinderella.”

“I agree. We’re very familiar with her story. So I guess it’s a yes.” Jack ticked on the check box at the end of the sub title Cinderella. Instantly, the other sub titles vanished and left the word Cinderella. Only now the word was getting bigger and bigger. A bright blue sparked light was formed and both Luna and Jack were sucked into the book!

1.2 Cinderella

“Where are we?” said Luna.

“I don’t know, we’re still in the forest. I think.” answered Jack.

“No. I think we’re in a different kind of forest. Look around you. Where’s the rock? Or worse, where’s the book?” Luna’s face was showing an expression that she’s actually freaking out.

“Did you hear that?” said Jack.

“Yes. Sounds like someone was shouting madly. Obviously.” Jack and Luna went to find the source from where the sound came. There was a river, they came to a stop and saw a small cottage with little chimney across the river. There were four women outside the cottage; one of the women was kneeling holding a wooden bucket filled with water. The other three women were shouting and cursing to the unfortunate young woman on the ground.

“You filthy, lazy, unworthy slut! What took you so long to bring in the water for me?! I have a function to attend to and you’re wasting my time doing one job slowly!” Said the woman in a yellow dress. She looked a little bit older, the lines on her face and her graying hair showed that she’s probably in her late forty’s.

“I’m sorry Lady Mitzell, I was doing three works at the same time.” answered the poor young lady. Her face was dirty from the black ashes and she looked really tired, maybe from doing a lot of house chores.

“No excuses! You’re just lazy! And you haven’t iron my red dress yet! How am I going to see the royals, with me using the same dress as yesterday?!” The girl in the green dress hitting the poor lady on the head several times with her right hand.

“Enough Gazelle! Just use this dress, we don’t have much time left.” said Lady Mitzell.

“Mother! She hasn’t done the breakfast yet! I am really hungry!” said the girl in a purple dress.

“We will eat later there at the royals Dazelle sweetheart. Am sure the food there is so much better than her cooking. And for you Cinder, I want everything is done by the time I come home, understood?” said Lady Mitzell.

“Yes, Lady Mitzell.” replied the girl.

“Oh, also as punishment. Do not eat your lunch. I will know if you did.” The poor young lady was only nodding and stayed in the same position until the three women left by the carriage they rode on. The unfortunate girl then broke up and sobbing sadly.

“Oh father, why did you have to go too? I missed you.” From across the river, Jack and Luna was hiding, watching from behind a big tree and were very irritated to see the poor lady was bullied.

“Seriously Jack, if you didn’t hold me back I would have run over there and defend her!”

“Seriously Luna, you need think before you act. You’d have make things worse.” Luna was only rolling her eyes out from Jack’s glare and folded her arms on her chest. Not far from where they were, there was a little bridge built to cross the river. They decided to go there and to meet the poor lady.

“Hello there.” said Luna. The poor lady was startled and stopped crying.

“Who are you? What do you want?”

“I’m Luna and this is my brother Jack. We saw what they did to you and we come here to help.” Jack pulled Luna’s arm and she was taking a step back.

“What do you mean by ‘help’?” said Jack.

“Well obviously we need to help her to do all the work before those witches comeback. Come on Jack, this is probably what we need to do. We need to help her.” After thinking for a moment Jack agreed.

“Thank you for your generous offer. I am really grateful someone would come to my rescue.”

“No problem. We will do it immediately together!” answered Luna.

“Wonderful!” replied the poor lady.

“By the way, may I know your name?” asked Luna.

“Oh I’m Cinder, Cinderella.” Jack and Luna was frozen still, jaw dropped mouth opened, amazed by the surprise they saw in front of their faces.

[* 1.3 Let’s Get The Job Done*]

“Where do you two come from?” Cinder asked.

“We came from the boo…Ouch!” Jack pinched Luna on the back of her left bicep.

“Luna, are you insane? Don’t tell her that!” whispered Jack closed to her ear.

“Pardon me?” said Cinder.

“We came from another town, far from here. Emm . . . from Boofin town!” answered Jack.

“Boofin town? I’ve never heard of it. Maybe very far from here.” wondered Cinder.

“Yes . . . Very faaar.” added Luna with her eyebrow lifted up glaring at Jack.

“You two looks funny. What are you two wearing? We don’t have that kind of clothes here.” It was obvious that Luna and Jack were wearing modern days clothing. Both of them wearing T shirts, jeans and pair of converse shoes.

“It’s part of our culture. We call it, casual clothing.” explained Jack. Luna was giggling.

“Interesting.” Replied Cinder. “Anyways, we’re here. This is my home. I used to live in a bigger house when my father was still alive. He died of heart attacked.” Cinder went moody again.

“Why do you live here? Why not back at your father’s home?” asked Luna.

“After my father died, there was nothing left to spare. We need to pay for the house; my stepmother had her jewellery traded for gold coins, to feed us all. My stepmother was a once a good person. She changed a lot since my father died.”

“We’re sorry for your loss Cinder.” Said Luna.

“Where’s your real mother?” Jack’s turned to ask the question.

“She died when she gave birth to me. I’ve never get the chance to see her. But my father gave me something to hold dear that belongs to her.”

“I’m sorry.” Jack apologized.

“It’s okay. What past is past. Life must go on.” Cinder seemed cheery again. “We’ve got a lot to do now.”

“Looks like we do.” Said Jack. The cottage was a complete mess. Dishes were unwashed, clothes lying on the floor everywhere, wet clothes were not yet hung under the sun, food on the table were left uneaten. Drinks were spilled and little pests were everywhere.

“How can this happen?” Luna was shocked.

“My stepsisters always do this when they’re in hurry. They always unprepared the night before even though they know important day is coming the day after. Left all the work to me. I only have two hands if you get me.” Said cinder.

“Why don’t you call your friends to help you? You know what I mean right? Those talking animals?”

“What animals? You’re very funny Luna.” Then Jack pulled Luna’s hand to the back.

“Gosh Luna what did I tell you?”

“Told me what?”

“You see, there must be a reason why we’re here. The Cinderella in our world might not be the same as it is in here. Do you remember what the instruction in the book says? It says ‘Enter the world of the past to change its history’. Cinderella might be a real event happened in the past in our world. Not a fairy tale! So please be careful!” Luna only nodded and suddenly gets scared with the situation. They spent the day cleaning the cottage, divided the work until everything was settled. It was very tiring, they haven’t eaten anything yet and Jack stomach was already making funny sounds. That late afternoon Cinder had prepared some lovely muffins and cupcakes for them to enjoy. Soon after a carriage was heard stopping by the road in front of the cottage. Cinder took a peek from the window and it was her stepmother and stepsisters had arrived home from the royals.

“Quick! Two of you hide!”

1.4 Back From The Royals

“Oh, you’re back mother!” Cinder greeted her stepmother with a broad smile.

“Don’t call me mother! I hate it when you call me that!” Replied her stepmother.

“I’m sorry Lady Mitzell, I didn’t mean to . . .”

“Stop. Not a word. You’re going to make it worse!” Lady Mitzell looked at the entire area in the house, examined it one by one, she even ran her fore finger on top of the cupboard in the kitchen to make sure there was no dust. Inside the cupboard were Jack and Luna hiding, sitting quietly to keep themselves hidden. They both peeked through a small hole from the cupboard to see what’s happening in front of them. Lady Mitzell was talking to Cinder and both of her stepsisters were already went inside their bedroom.

“Impressive, very clean . . . but I think there is something isn’t right here.” Cinder rolled her eyes to the left, then to the right. She then bit her lip.

“What are you hiding Cinder? Do you have friends with you?” asked Lady Mitzell.

“No! I did it all on my own! Trust me Lady Mitzell, I work hard to get it all done and I even baked some muffins and cupcakes for you and my sisters.” Cinder pleaded to prove that she hasn’t done anything wrong, just to gain her trust.

“You lie!”

“Lady Mitzell, I don’t have any friends. Who would want to be my friend? I’m dirty and smell of charcoal. Everyone avoided me for I’m the only one that brings bad luck to people, my life is cursed, cursed that caused my parents to be . . .”

“Killed! Yes! You murdered your mother and killed your father! My beloved husband! I hated you, I cursed you till my last breath! I can’t stand looking at your face. Go back to the kitchen! Light up some woods and cook supper. Now!”

“Lady Mitzell, please! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Cinder walked to the kitchen with a broken heart. Jack and Luna were so affected by what had just happened.

“I AM SO SO SO ANGRY!” Luna can’t help but to speak it out almost wanting to shout.

“Shhh! Luna silence! Know where we are! You’re gonna ruined everything!” said Jack.

“How the hell am I going to ruin everything? We need to do something!”

“We’re doing something right now! By hiding inside this cupboard! Luna, you need to think about Cinder, if you burst out like crazy, you’re gonna make Cinder in trouble! A lot more problems!” replied Jack while calming her sister’s raging emotion. Luna stayed calm and thought about what her brother had just said. What Jack has said was right, she needed to be patient and waited for the right moment to take action. It was almost five hours they hid inside the cupboard, when Cinder opened the cupboard’s door to tell them it was saved to go out.

“It was hot inside the cupboard, I’m sweating like heavy rain!” said Jack.

“And I’m hungry and my back is hurting for there is limited space to move about inside that small box!” added Luna.

“I’m sorry children, now let’s come with me inside the kitchen have your supper and let me assist you where to sleep tonight.”

“Where are we going to stay overnight?” asked Jack.

“Inside the barn behind the cottage.”


[*1.5 Precious Treasure *]


That fine morning, the sun shone beautifully bright. Jack was sleeping peacefully, on a block of hay, while Luna had trouble sleeping all night.

“How can you sleep so well?! Wake up now!” Luna was hitting Jack on his chest to wake him up.

“Luna what the hell?”

“I can’t sleep, there’s too much mosquitoes in here!”

“I didn’t get bitten at all. You must have a sweet blood.” 

“It’s not funny! Let’s go out now and see if there’s any chance we could meet Cinder.” Just when they were about to get out from the barn, someone opened the barn’s door.

“Luna! Hide!” Whispered jack. They quickly hid themselves among the hays. Waiting for that someone to come in was really disturbing. Both Jack and Luna peeping carefully to see who was it entering the barn.

“Jack! Luna! Come on out. I bring breakfast for you two!” They were so glad it was Cinder. She brought two glasses of milk and two bread layered with butter.

“Cinder! You’re scaring us! I thought you were your mother!” Luna sighed in relieved.

“Oh no dear, she would never come inside here. Not anymore, since my father died.”

“What happened?” Asked Luna. Jack was only lifting his eyebrow looking at Luna because he knew her sister loved to pry into someone else’s business. But in a good way.

“Well my father was a rich and honored man. He was good at making things, building furnitures and tools, made from wood. All his products were sold so well in this land and neighboring kingdoms. He recruited more wood worker to expand his business. My father used to trained them inside this barn, and my step mother always brought him milk.”

“This milk is so yummy. The bread is good too!” Jack was trying to be cheery, to avoid the awkwardness in the barn.

“There is something I want to tell to the two of you.” Said Cinder hesitantly. Jack and Luna eagerly waiting for her to speak, but she seemed like not wanting to tell them.

“I heard from my family, that tonight there’ll be an event in the castle. It only happens once a year, to celebrate the kingdom’s glory and prosperity.”

“Okay . . . What event is that?” Said Jack.

“The King is inviting his subjects to attend the function, and there is this one function I really want to attend but never got the chance to.” Luna was smiling she knew what she wanted to say.

“There is a ball tonight in the castle.” Cinder was smiling then looking sadly to the ground.

“Cinder we’re your friend we can help you to get there.” Said Jack.

“Really?” replied Cinder.

“Yes. We will.” Added Jack.

“Jack we’re gonna see a real fairy god mother!” whispered Luna to Jack.

“Don’t be silly Luna. I don’t think there is fairy god mother at all.”

“Why would you say that?” asked Luna.

“Because we’re here. And do you know what’s that mean?”


“We are doing our tasks here, and that means we are the fairy god mother.” Luna was taken aback with Jack’s explanation.

“There is one last thing.” Cinder started talking in such a lovely tone. “I have something belong to my late mother hidden here in the barn.”

“Come with me.” Cinder brought Jack and Luna to the back right corner of the barn. She took a shovel and started digging the ground. There inside the ground was big old trunk. Jack and Luna helped Cinder to take it out from the ground and removed the remaining soil on the trunk.

“What do you have in here Cinder?” asked Luna.

“You’ll see.” She opened the trunk and whats hidden inside was very surprising.

“This white gown belongs to my late mother, along with the jewelleries and a pair of white shoes. My father gave it to me before he died. He said I would need to wear it someday and that this is the most precious treasure he ever gave to me.”

“Your mother and father would be so proud to see you in this beautiful gown. It is very beautiful Cinder, nothing like I’ve ever seen before!” said Luna.

“Thank you Luna. I think I must go now, they would suspect something if I’m gone too long. Enjoy your breakfast, I’ll come to visit you two again later.” Cinder left them and hurried to go back to the cottage to do other house chores.



1.6 Truth Hurts

“Jack, do you have any idea why would Cinder hide her late mother’s gown?”

“She’s hiding it from her stepmother. It’s the only belonging from her late mother she had left.”

“I see. I just don’t understand why would her stepmother turned against her.”

“There’s a reason for something that happened, but I believe her stepmother isn’t evil at all.” Jack was smiling when he said this. Luna was curious and couldn’t help but to ask.

“What makes you think like that?”

“If her stepmother was evil, Cinder wouldn’t have been here with us right now.” Luna nodded and smiled, she understood what Jack meant. They spent the whole day in the barn, with Cinder at times came to visit them, bringing extra food, drinks and clothes. When Lady Mitzell and her two daughters went to the town, Jack and Luna took the chance to bathe in the river. They enjoyed the cool water so much, it was very refreshing. The birds among the trees seemed to be singing and gentle breeze sometimes blew past them delicately. Jack started to think that they really are in a fairy tale world, which they really were, but not the same as what Cinderella fairy tale in our world told us. It was almost sunset when Lady Mitzell and her two daughters came back home. Cinder had done with her work and prepared some meal for early supper. As usual her step sisters, Gazelle and Dazelle whining and rebelling, telling how tired and pathetic their lives were.

“Mother! Do we have to do this every day? I hate selling flowers in the town! We don’t get much money! I want to buy a new dress!” Gazelle threw the flower baskets she carried to Cinder.

“And I’m tired of yelling and screaming to attract people’s attention to buy our flowers!” Dazelle added.

“My dear children, we have to do this to support our family. If we don’t do this we won’t have anything to eat.” Lady Mitzell tried to calm her two daughters. “But don’t worry, tonight I want the two of you to attract the Prince’s attention at the ball. I don’t care if the Prince chose between the two you, as long as we get some of the riches, when one of you got to marry him. Now be prepared, get dressed and be pretty.” Gazelle and Dazelle became so inspired and rushed to their bedrooms to be prepared for the later event. Then, Lady Mitzell turned to look at Cinder. “And you . . . . . You’ll be staying here, like you always do. I can’t stand looking at you. It hurts. Really hurts.” Lady Mitzell gave Cinder a death stare, but she continued, “Go to the kitchen. Now. Get dirty.” Lady Mitzell went to her bedroom and shut the door harshly. Cinder noticed that when her stepmother faced away from her, she had tears in her eyes. She was crying.

The time almost hit nine o’clock in the evening. The King invited his subjects to attend the castle from nine to ten o’clock, and her step sisters and step mother was getting ready to go to the castle as the carriage outside pulled by the horses already been waiting for few minutes now.

“Come on now we don’t want to be late.” Said Lady Mitzell to her two daughters. They happily went outside and entered the carriage. Cinder was sweeping the floor in the kitchen with her face all dirty with dark charcoal messed on her face. When Lady Mitzell was about to go out and shut the door, Cinder shouted to stop her from the kitchen. “Lady Mitzell!” Her stepmother stopped and turned to look at her. 

“Are you crazy shouting like that to me?” she said. Cinder came to her. She has something like she wanted to ask.

“Lady Mitzell, why do you hate me so much?” Cinder asked hoping for an answer.

“Do you want to know why I hate you? Alright I’ll tell you now and listen carefully. I hate you because you look so much like your father. You have his eyes and ears. Everytime I look at you, you reminds me to him. And it hurts. It broke my heart into thousand pieces as if I’m seeing his ghost here trapped in a young woman’s body. You took him away from me and I’ll never forgive you. Now you know why I always want you to be dirty. So that I can’t see that face!” Lady Mitzell then walked away and shut the front door leaving Cinder in tears. But deep in her heart she understood her stepmother and prayed that one day she would accept her as her own daughter. When Cinder was sure they have gone, Cinder quickly took her bath, get cleaned and hurried to meet Jack and Luna in the barn.

1.7 Run!

“You’re here!” said Luna excitedly when she saw Cinder came to the barn.

“I’m sorry am a bit late, I had to make sure that my family has already gone to the castle.” Replied Cinder.

“It’s okay, we’re understand.” Said Jack. “Now here’s the plan for tonight, Cinder, you must listen to this and follow exactly what we said. No need to be afraid, we will guide you, and we will not be seen. As we know already, the function started from nine o’clock in the evening and will end at two o’clock in the morning. That’s a five hours event. The ball will start at eleven and ended at half-past twelve in the midnight. You will enter the castle at half past eleven. And leave the event at twelve midnight.” Explained Jack.

“But that’s just thirty minutes of my time! How can I be noticed or make friends?” Cinder was kind of disagreed with the plan. She was just anxious.

“Cinder. Trust us on this. We know. This will change your life forever.” Jack reassured that Cinder was back on his track. She nodded and continued listening.

“During the event, do not tell your real name. Just create any names you like that you think sounds good on you. Do not tell anyone where you live, who’s your family or anything related to you. We will be hiding outside, waiting for you.”

“I understand.” Replied Cinder.

“Now Luna here will help you to put on your make ups, she’s very good at it. Now go to the back and see what magic lies ahead.”

The time almost hit eleven o’clock in the evening and Cinder and Luna hasn’t done with the make over yet.

“You two done yet?” yelled Jack.

“One moment please!” answered Luna.

“We have thirty minutes left before Cinder must enter the castle. Hurry up. I’ll wait outside and stop a transport if I could find one.” 

“Okay Jack! Now Cinder one last touch, done! Come on and see how you look like.” Luna brought Cinder to a half cut barrel filled with water. 

“Look at yourself from the water reflection.”

“Oh my, I look so different . . . I look so . . . Beautiful.” Cinder was tearing up, and thanked Luna for her help. Cinder wore her late mother’s gown, along with the jewels and shoes. She looked like a princess, a goddess beauty from heaven.

They went outside and saw Jack had caught a carriage. Jack was startled to look at Cinder. He was almost melting by her beauty, no words to describe, speechless.

“Jack what’s wrong? Looks like as if you’re seeing a ghost in front of us!” 

“Nothing, Cinder looks really stunning!”

“Thank you Jack. Without Luna I won’t be this beautiful.”

“Shall we go now?” Jack smiled.

“Yes we shall.” 

They arrived at the castle when the clock was five minutes left to hit half past eleven. They planned and hoped for the best and wished everything went smoothly. 

“Cinder, remember what I said? Stick to the plan.”

“I remember Jack, don’t worry.” Cinder went upstairs to the entrance of the castle leaving Jack and Luna hiding outside. There were two guards keeping watch at the entrance door. They spotted Cinder and went upstair and the right guard greeted her, “Good evening ma’am, it seems that a bit late but the event is still on, do you have anyone come with you?” The right guard asked.

“Oh no, I’m just alone. No one’s with me. I had to do something important earlier and yes I’m very lucky to be able to attend the event tonight.” Replied Cinder. The left guard turned to talk to Cinder, “You look very beautiful ma’am, I’m pretty sure you’ll catch some attention inside.”

“Oh, thank you, you’re flattering me.” Cinder walked straight while the other guard opened the door to the castle. Cinder was now inside the castle, a massive sparkling crystal chandelier was seen hung beautifully bright on the ceiling decorated with gold flowery engraving. Nothing like what cinder have ever seen before. In front of Cinder there was another gigantic single stairs leading down floor to the ball room area. When Cinder went down through the stairs, every eyes in the room watched her every moves. She didn’t feel right about it. She’s nervous. Her heart beats faster. She tried looking for her stepmother and stepsisters from the stairs but couldn’t catch a glimpse of their sights. Far behind the room a prince was taken away with Cinder’s beauty. Her smiles, her hair, her lips, her eyes melted him away. He has never seen such beauty in his whole life. He slowly got up from his chair and walked toward Cinder.

“May I know who’s the beautiful lady in front of me right now?” The Prince was holding Cinder’s left hand and kissed on her diamond ring on her fore finger. Cinder remembered what Jack has told her to not let anyone knew her real name, including the prince himself.

“Alcott. Louisa May Alcott.”

“That’s a beautiful name. It sounds so soft and pure.” Cinder only smiled and the prince invited her to the dance floor. Time passed by so fast that Cinder almost forgotten that she must leave the castle at twelve midnight. She saw the big clock on the wall almost hit twelve and immediately released the prince’s embrace in their dancing.

“I’m sorry your highness I must go now.” Said cinder.

“Go? Where? It’s still too early and you just got here.”

“I have to go. There is something I must do. Goodbye now.” Cinder left the dance floor and hurriedly went upstairs to the entrance door. She could still hear the prince calling her name to stop.

“Louisa! Wait! Louisa!” The prince was obviously chasing her. Cinder was now running down the stairs of the castle’s entrance. She looked for Jack and Luna but she couldn’t find them and decided to run back home. Then Jack yelled, “Cinder what are you doing stop!” Cinder turned back and saw Jack and Luna was hiding next to the staircase.

“Cinder leave your shoe on the stairs!” shouted Luna.

“Why would I do that this is my mother’s shoes!” replied Cinder.

“Just do what she said!” Added Jack.

“Just one shoe or both pair?”

“JUST THROW THEM AWAY ON THE STAIRS!” Both Jack and Luna shouted. Cinder then threw her shoes though she didn’t want to do it. Then Cinder saw both Jack and Luna were glowing.

“Jack, Luna you’re both glowing!” Jack looked at his both hands. Yes he and his sister were glowing. Luna seemed to be freaked out.

“Jack! Why are we glowing?” She asked.

“I think it’s time.” Jack replied.

“Cinder, run! Go back home and change your clothes! Trust us! We’re going back home. To our world. Don’t worry you’ll be fine!” Cinder was in shocked but she thanked both Jack and Luna for helping her. Cinder saw both of them slowly disappearing dissolved in golden light and she ran back home in tears, tears of joy.


The Book of Fate, Book One (Book of Fate Mini Trilogy)

Jack and Luna were two ordinary sibling teenagers when they accidentally found an old leatherbound book at the forest not far from the backyard of their home. Curious about the mysterious appearance of the book, Jack has opened the path to a world no one has ever dreamed of to live in. A sudden blinding light and animated words written on its own on empty pages of the book, both Jack and Luna unlocked the passage to a secret world and binded to the rules. No escape, no turning back, they need to decide the fate of the world they visited together.

  • ISBN: 9781370577156
  • Author: M.D Khamil
  • Published: 2016-09-10 10:20:12
  • Words: 5547
The Book of Fate, Book One (Book of Fate Mini Trilogy) The Book of Fate, Book One (Book of Fate Mini Trilogy)