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The Blackberry Pauper

The Blackberry Pauper

By SoniaRai

©2016 SoniaRai

Shakespir Edition


The Blackberry Pauper

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there lived a beautiful princess. She wasn’t really a princess, but she felt like one because of all the love her mother had given her as a child.

This lovely lady loved a man. She desperately wanted for him to be her prince forever, but something wasn’t quite right. He looked like a prince and sometimes he even acted like a prince, but on the inside he lacked what was needed to truly love the beautiful princess.

It took some time for the princess to figure out that she couldn’t love this counterfeit prince enough to fill the void left inside of him due to the loss of his mother. So while she was still trying to make this young man into her prince, she spent a lot of time working with her friends in the royal garden.

She noticed a young pauper who came to the garden daily to gather blackberries for his master. The princess noticed that he took a lot more than he could possibly need, not realizing he was only there to gaze on her beauty. This beautiful princess was intrigued by this young man so she began to call him “The Blackberry Boy.”

There came a day when the princess decided to marry her prince and would no longer meet with her friends in the garden. During this final day a stranger came to speak with her. The stranger told the princess about a young man who was in love with her. The princess was surprised to find out it was her Blackberry Boy! She kindly showed the stranger the ring on her finger symbolizing the everlasting commitment she was about to covenant with her prince. She wished the Blackberry Boy the best and went about making plans for her future.

Even though the princess had been through many things including the death of her father and then her wonderful mother, she was still full of love and lived a happy life. Or so it seemed….the closer it came to her royal wedding the unhappier she became. The unhappiness of her prince was stealing the joy her mother had prayed so often for God to give her.

She was a brave princess and full of wisdom because she spoke to the God of her mother daily. She knew if she was to ever have children she wanted their father to carry the same kind of love, joy and peace that had been placed inside of her so many years before, through the prayers of her mother. Because she was so brave, she gave the covenant ring back to the prince she had so hooped to call her own someday.

Even though our princess hurt inside for what she longed for, she held her head up high and went to live with her close girlfriends. One day, her girlfriend introduced the princess to a young man. Lo and behold, and to the surprise of the princess and the young man, she was properly introduced to the Blackberry Boy!

The princess instantly felt the same kind of love inside of this young man as her mother had placed in her. She didn’t care that he was a pauper, a mere errand boy for his master. She knew he loved her and love is what matters most. All the dreams she had tried to make happen with the other prince were coming true in the arms of the Blackberry Pauper.

The Blackberry Boy loved the princess. He wanted the best for her. One day, as they walked in the king’s garden holding hands, he told her how he didn’t have the money to treat her how a princess should be treated. Oh, but the princess wouldn’t hear anything of it. She reminded him that she was only a princess because of what was inside of her and he was her prince because of the love inside of him. She assured him that his love for her was all she ever needed.

The pauper could hardly breathe; his chest was swelled up with pride because he had gazed on this princess for so long, wanting for her to love him as he loved her. He finally knew that this beautiful creature was to be his, forever, no matter what!

Then and only then did he remove his pauper clothing, revealing garments fit for royalty! He was a real prince. He held the highest position in all the land, second to only the king!

This princess cries when she tells this story. She is so thankful to God for giving her wisdom to distinguish between the counterfeit prince and the real one. She is grateful to the King of all kings. Her God, the God of her mother, is Love and He never fails.

This story parallels with the greatest love story ever told. The true story of a prince who left his throne and wore the clothes of a mere servant boy just to win the heart of the one he loves. Sometimes he even competes with evil masquerading as the real thing.

This man is Jesus and the princess is you! You were created as a gift for God’s one and only son.

When you first meet Jesus you may only see the clothes of a servant, but you feel the love, you’ve always longed for. As you meet with this man in the secret garden, a quiet, still, spiritual place just between you and him, Jesus begins to reveal to you the riches of His glory. Then and only then, you know you are standing in the presence of YOUR King, the prince of peace, the one and only true lover of your soul.


A Note From SoniaRai

This was the first story I ever wrote. It was by accident that I discovered the books that roam inside my soul. A friend of mine called me and told me a story about her life and I just couldn’t go to sleep without writing this fable. That’s when I discovered my life’s dream of being a published author. I hope you enjoyed this story. Please visit my website www.SoniaRai.com to see the books materialize from mere thoughts to publications.

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With lots of love to all my readers,



The Blackberry Pauper

  • Author: SoniaRai
  • Published: 2016-11-23 14:05:08
  • Words: 1095
The Blackberry Pauper The Blackberry Pauper