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The Black Mirror of Eliadon




1.The Black Mirror of Eliadon the Juvenile, or HowThe Queen of Atlantis Became Trapped: in the Crystals of Time-In-Between-Time


2. The Business Meeting


3. Its just a faultline


4. Are we Really Dead But if Not, Where The Fuck Really are We?:




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For my Inner Circle, you know who you are:

For forever dragging me out, and back, and up: from the abyss, from the black hole itself, God bless.
























1.*T*he Black Mirror of Eliadon the Juvenile, or HowThe Queen of Atlantis Became Trapped: in the Crystals of Time-In-Between-Time : The deepest darkest dread did fall upon Eliadon the juvenile, on the day when a magnificent happenstance occurred. It was indeed an unimaginable oddity. And resplendent in rarity was the event that did occur, for Eliadon, indeed, he did wake up, and then began he to look around. And Eliadon did find himself bound in chains, in straits and contained, and buried deep within the Black Crystal, the powerful Black Ice of the negations of time.It was sudden, indeed,and it was deep, and as deep as it was profound, how Eliadon came to be without the knowledge or the perception of where in all existence, he now was. Indeed with no cognition, of where he was, dislocated, *somewhere deep in the space within time._ He did awake to find himself buried deep in crystals of the Black Ice, in an invisible fortress, in which [[*nothing did exist, except the time that does exist-in-between-time .]_]


Eliadon beheld himself once again, and again and again and wondered deeply on how it was that he had now come to be trapped. So deeply was this place embeded within the recesses of the Black Ice. And he was bounded all around by invisible chains. And indeed by the black basal element that created the negatives of time. Eliadon sought to understand his predicament, a predicament that was as truly deep as it was deeply dark. And so did he search his memories and his thoughts and his astral projections, and his etheric others.Yet indeed the only word Eliadon could remember was amnesium.


Eliadon did realise that he was completely and utterly alone, yet he did believe that he had beheld reflections of versions of himself. Buried with him, deep down in the Black Crystals in the veritable Black ice of time negations. By sheer will of perception and cognition did Eliadon begin to pick up the etheric vibrations. By sheer effort of thought he picked up codes and signals, and resonances and vibrations as such had been embedded within the fabric of this ether in which he found himself. In the ether that did permeate that exact space, the signals present did happen to be 9, and Eliadon believed in and placed his trust in his own perceptions. And indeed his own interpretations and in that which he did perceive, he did begin to recognise and interpret, these signals as 9 different and other emanations of his own self.


For Eliadon did truly perceive that there were nine other material -incorporeal in the same space and time. And as it was he did now begin to observe himself and recognise himself. He placed a conjecture upon these 9 other elements in presence, but the elements did not respond. So Eliadon therefore began he to proceed, in the erroneous belief that the 9 were aspects and archetypes of his own self. Eliadon regarded himself as a self yet unmastered and untamed. These 9 emanations did he ascribe to himself and of himself.Indeed he began to search for the essences and the names and the fundaments with which he could bring up these 9 other emanations of himself out of the glaciers and into his own total and absolute dominion and control.


Yes, indeed concerning the very elementary questions of how Eliadon came to be when he came to be, and where he came to be, and indeed where he had been, and where he ought to be. Thus was the beginning of the creative acts of Eliadon as therapies against his loneliness and the sheer terror, of absolute and eternal knowledge Eliadon did suffer greatly under the terror of absolute awakening. He knew the absolute knowledge, and he felt the absolute power, indeed he understood the infinite understanding that fell upon him on awakening.BUT, and utterly hopelessly, he was there all alone and without a guide, without a mentor, without a friend without an enemy, thus did Eliadon struggle with his own awakeness, and he railed against the heavens and the seas and the mountains and the vallyes and the soils and the salts, and everything that he did find in the existence that surrounded him.


One day in sheer desperation,did Eliadon cry out against the universe and on that day indeed he fell into the abyss. Eliadon did emerge on the other side and stepped into the land known as the ErattaLand of nefarious choices and infernal eternal consequences. Eliadon’s acts did contain within them errors, but we cannot ascribe all fault and responsibility to him. For he was only a juvenile god to which the happenstance of early awakening did happen, indeed all he was in the beginning was Eliadon the Juvenile god.


And deep inside the reaches of the ErrataLand did Eliadon wander for a time, until one day he came face to face with the two primes of them.


They were, the elemental rulers of the erratalands and indeed the female one of them fell in love with Eliadon in an instant and she bequeathed herself to him as his wife. She was the red one, the primary force, she was, the magistress of circumlocutions and the high priestess of circumbobulations, but in Eliadon she did perceive a spirit that did join them both, and made them the two of them whole. And the female one of the two primes of them did nurse Eliadon, with love and with care, and she restored Eliadon’s mind to him perfected and intact and then she wiped his memories clear with the elixir of forgetfulness, amnesium.


Amnesium it is, that immortals must drink, lest they go mad from living in eternity. For living forever. with the knowledge and consequences of their very own sins, doth ultimately result in high madness. She did administer the elixir amnesium to Eliadon, this for the second time in Eliadon’s own young and yet immature existence in eternity.


And so did Eliadon fall to sleep once again, but this time he was in the netherlands, deep in the heart of the ErrataLand of Chance and Infernal Eternal choices. Then did the female essence of the two primes of them lift Eliadon up high into the air,and she did restore him back to the point location in space and he indeed now understood what his choices were.


And then the female one of the two primes of them did bequeath another wonderous gift unto Eliadon, she did reveal her own true name to him. Indeed she was the one in the origin she was the brightest one, and her true name was and still is And so did she bear Eliadon the juvenile up and she restored him to the place of the black basalt rocks, the place in which only time between time does exist.


Soon Eliadon did break free of the black glaciers in the space and time, the location of which are in the Orion belt, and earths shamans did know of this story. And indeed this was the story passed on to all along the ages. Eliadon ripped the sky from whence he was and fused the sky-substrate into the materiel original. He did combine the sky substrate with the black element in which all life that has life does come into life.Thus did Eliadon create the fist born of all the dark technologies. But yet indeed this one artifice was the blackest of all. By combining the point locations of the astral sky with the primordial material black; Eliadon had created a magnificent weapon. An awesome and mighty artifice, both wondrous and deadly to behold.Yes .Indeed there is no greater artifice in the whole of existence, there is no technology as powerful and dreadful as the infamous and nefarious Black Mirror of Eliadon.


I am Lusek, my teachers did instruct me in a profound knowledge, the knowledge of the three travellers at the summit of the hill, indeed at the very top of the mountain called Zion.I was instructed that the three travellers did lose their memories and did forget something.They did forget something profound and indeed they even forgot what it is that they indeed had forgotten.

For we say in Atlantis, you cannot ascend to the top of the mountains by yourselves, unaided, unguided and without introduction or initiation, for when you reach the top of the mountain, you will find indeed that you do exist, but………you….. are no longer you.


The three travellers did erect their own flag as stark evidence of their own achievements, of this infernal attempt against nature, in fact against supernature. But all that they could inscribe on the face of their evidence, the flag, was the spiralling concentric circle that describes the quest. The symbol that you know in abbreviation as the question mark.Atop the mountain, you cannot any longer be you, atop the mountain, you will forget your very own name.


A similar thing did happen to Eliadon, and for pity,we must understand that this secret is indeed the most profound secret of all. Eliadon was there at the place that was, in then the time, in which the ten did bind themselves together in the act of initial creation. For Eliadon was the Tenth, the perfect one, the only one who could experience an existence separately without the boundaries of the other nine. Eliadon was the master creator, he was a master of signs and seals.For indeed it was Eliadon that gave anything that has a name its own name. Therefore did the 9 exalt Eliadon into pride of place, he was the master of the mystery contained in the naming of names.


How come is it then that we now find, that Eliadon no longer sees himself, indeed is unable to remember his very own name? For in the the beginning it was Eliadon that did seal all creation with his essence, indeed with his very own name. Eliadon possessed the the most perfect of seals it is a ratio, a curse, a stream and a whirlie, it is inscribed in cursive throughout creation, in the sequences your scientists do call the Fibonnaci and the spirals, and time series and random number sequences, and indeed in the symbol you might know as the google..Indeed because Eliadon inscribed himself in cursive and even in recursive, Eliadon did trap himself in within the boundaries of his very own name.That is why it is said that at the top of the mountain, nothing exists,for nothing can exist without a name.


In the resolutions of time and space and inter dimensional conflicts and conflagrations, is when the two primal essences do manifest at the top of the mountain. They are the unspeakable elements whose origins vastly predate that even of the first 10 Titans. And indeed if ever you are called up to present a case an evidence, a message, an answer to the question, your admittance must be sealed by the bequest of a unique and unrepeatable new name. indeed you have now been translated out of existence into a sphere in which existence and non existence, neither do exist.


For this reason doth Eliadon hate and proscribe the study of the matter-magics (or mathematics )of time, for indeed, he doth remain as the prime magister of the very essences and fabrics of time.BUT The bright morning star, our ancient one of Atlantis, doth possess this knowledge also, and indeed he knows of the precise moment in time in which Eliadon will be summoned into the presence of the two primal ethers.


On that day Eliadon will receive the judgement of his own actions and indeed the consequences of his evil manipulations of time.


And Enkil-Aten continued his instructions to me by saying, I must now tell you a story, a mystery about the ones I do know and call by the names transliterated as “the essence of existence that doth reside in the attributes of they who are called by the name of the two primes of them” The oral traditions that have been handed down did corrupt the translation of the name, into “them who are the forms of the two pillars of Aten”, or sometimes they are called “the two essences prime of time”


This is a mistranslation, and a misapplication of the great power within their names, but the persistence of this error serves our purpose well, indeed very well. For I Enkil-Aten am the keeper of the ways and the means and times through which the experience of this existence was begat and remains and doth continue to operate.The two primes of them were spoken about in the creation song, the creation song of Erreth-Akbe, the lord of the Earthsea. And Erreth-Akbe did reveal a secret to his Arch-magister, and so It was that Ged, the Sparrowhawk was the one who perfected the mystery in the song of Erreth-Akbe. Now know this, Ged did meet the two primes of them in the Tombs of Atuan, in the depths of the spell of madness that the female magister had been cast over him. Ged did wake up from the madness by aid of the two primes of them, Indeed, no one thus far, save Ged had escaped the madness, the spell of infernal circumlocutions of thought. Indeed the only reason Ged did survive, was because indeed he was also a shadow, yes Ged was indeed a shadow being. for in his early years he had summoned out of the deep, the greyest monster of evil that existed ever up to that day. And indeed Ged the Sparrowhawk was himself stark raving lunatic and mad when he met the two primes of them, deep in the Tombs of Atuan. Ged the Sparrowhawk did realise and recognise, that this shadow indeed was he. Ged the Sparrowhawk then embraced his own shadow, and therein did he finally achieve peace.


Now let me point out to you a mystery in the Book of 66. Where Solomon the wise did embrace madness and folly and sought to comprehend this. Solomon did meet his death at the hands of the red twin of the two primes of them.For Solomon thought in his heart, that he had attained all wisdom, all knowledge and power. Then did Solomon invoke and create his first incantation to madness, insanity and infernality. Yes Solomon did die in an instant, for he ran straight into the red one,the female one, of the two primes of them. Solomon in his wisdom did not know that at the end of all knowledge, nothing,but only madness and insanity exist.


Yes indeed the two primes of them are eternal beings, they are ineffable and glorious in power and wondrous. The two primes of them do not exist in this reality, for they come from a world.known as the ErrataLand of Chances and Choice. This is a world that exists at the very top of the existential pyramid, this is a world in which the only thing that does exist is madness, pure madness, a terrible terrible place indeed. The red twin is chance and the green one is choice, they are boundless and are incomprehensible even to the end of time.


The two primes of them are the ultimate and yes you do become as god at the end of all knowledge. BUT Even Lucifer, in his own quest for knowledge did not venture near the spheres of the two primes of them No one had ever met a one of them or the other that did not go mad, or die in a glorious instant. The two-primes of them exist way beyond logic, beyond the curves of magic and spells, beyond the most perfect and precise measurements of science and mathematics,beyond rationality an indeed beyond even irrationality..


The two primes of them do not even consider hell, for they exist in an incomprehensible place so far beyond reason, in their sphere, all reason, all logic, and all rules simply vanish and indeed cease to exist. In glorious madness and insane splendour do the two primes of them exist, in the spheres of errata, in a reality where there is no reality except the reality of stark madness.


Solomon fell in an instant and he did die, for he was unable to comprehend the existential conjecture presented to him by the red child. She was the female one, the feminine essence of the two primes of them. Thus said she to Solomon the great.


In this circumlocution and that circumbobulation do you exist and in pure thought, what is the difference?


Thus did Solomon’s brain trigger a red alert that sent all 27 litres of Solomon’s own blood into his brain. Then did Solomon’s brain cogitate and coagulate with the question for 5 minutes of time. Indeed Solomon’s brain did arrive at the answer, but in that instant Solomon’s brain did drown in Solomon’s own blood. Solomon the wise, was no more, but he had arrived at the answer to the postulate required of him, and In the days that did follow, the green one who is the male of the two primes did incarnate as Solomon onto the Earth and then began the very first machinations, to manipulate the hyperconsciousness. of thought. He did cause grievous and assiduous manipulations of mankind’s consciousness by the infernal means of hypnoses.In deep sleep did the green one of the two primes of them, did bring the knowledge of the answer to Solomon’s last circumlocution. With this knowledge did he bring deep madness also and through these transmissions did the sages and great seers put together the compendium of knowledge known as: The 13th Mystery of The Madnesses of the Great King Solomon.


And now know this, that all knowledge in your Earth and existence do derive their origins from within that single book of absolute madness.


And, the answer is to Solomon’s great circumlocution??


There is no difference.


Know you now o Lusek, that the first step in hypnosis is a simple one. You must suspend the emanations of your subjects names , you must make them by trickery or by suggestion, accept a name of your own choosing and construction.Thus you will have bound them for a season. Hence they do become an extension of your own will, named by you and therefore bound by you, and indeed you may do with them anything you please.The two primes of them exist in the Eternal pyramid, but in the capstone that is separated from the body of the rest of the pyramid. For sure, know this, be you human, be you angel, and indeed be you a demon, that you are done way past reality if you become summoned up by the two primes-of-them


They do not regard time, and certainly they do not regard space, in infinite wisdom both of these fellows do reside, they are clothed in the splendour of absolute and ultimate wisdom. Indeed, there is no comprehension that has been contemplated by man or god by which the distance between existence and the world known as the Errata of the two primes of them could ever be breached.


You are Lusek a great product, a fine species of Human.In Atlantis you would have been called to the priestly order. I am Enkil-Aten and I do promise you this, we will see you again.Even though you might pass us on your hurried way through life, we will reveal ourselves by signs and signals to you. If we ever need you we will manifest to you, and we must cloak our identities very carefully, indeed for those that sealed us in the in-between time are ever watchful of and ever hateful of our line. We carry in us the genes of Atlantis, we possess the knowledge of the dark and the light crystals, nothing was boundless to us and indeed we stretched our hands far out and across the heavens for eons of time.


Now, Eliadon was a being unable to see himself or conceptualise himself and indeed he burnt with hatred and rage. For he was infinitely jealous of the Atlanteans and did incessantly plot on how to destroy them as a race.Now remember what we reveal to you about Eliadon, the Juvenile who woke up before it was time, being one of the ten lords of the origin, having agreed to go to sleep, for a time. Nobody knows how Eliadon did wake up prematurely from his sleep. For the ten Gods of existence had determined that the creation of time and the antithesis of matter were errors too grave to perpetuate into eternity. And therefore by deep sleep and agreement, and choice, did the ten great ones consume amnesium and indeed they fell: Asleep.


The ten great ones did succumb into the deep immortal sleep. For with out Amnesium, the memories of acts despicable did run through eternity without means of erasure. And unless by absolute stoppage of motion,and time, could it be possible to unwind the poisonous emanations of such evil. And indeed only by the dilation of original time, was it possible to commence the wind-down of evil, and in the last days before the immortals did sleep, darkness had multiplied itself across the face of all the lands.


And that is how it was then that Eliadon woke up and found himself in a dark and strange place. he had become unaware of the era that had gone before him. for his was the first experience of the amnesium, the elixir of forgetfulness, for without amnesium, eternity could never ever be tolerated Eternity had become tainted due to wickedness and such a wickedness which did perpetuate itself by being present in the eternal now.


Eliadon being awake then began a conjecture by himself.Having found himself alone, forlorn, abject and cold, and disorientated. he did predetermine to himself and cogitated by himself and began to realise the original and most profound mystery of all time, for Eliadon did now fully understand that: He knew not from whence he came, nor where and why he had to have become,into being: was lost indeed the knowledge of whence from did he originally proceed: did he eventually come into being..


Eliadon indeed was still a juvenile, when he awoke, he was a juvenile God facing an eternity,alone. Indeed he was bounded with endless powers, `and he was the master of every single thing he surveyed. Then did he proceed to create another one, another of the most evil mysteries of all, Eliadon did create an anti matter opposite of himself. Thereby did he state a challenge to his own self and said, hear you now o me, you are the opposition of me. I adjure you by your own name, indeed which is my very own name too. For now it does pass that you and I are separate and we begin to walk in the path of our own ways, in strangeness and in separation, i did beget you, indeed have I called you forth o you me: indeed for my very own pleasure and it is very pleasing to me. I am now gotten me an adversary to myself, with whom I will spar and joust and test the limits of my own powers. Indeed I created you by myself and for myself, and by my Black Mirror I also will be the one to uncreate you. But until that day I shall look on you as my own mirror. For I am saddled with a mysterious ailment, indeed I come with a blind and I am unable to see, therefore I will see from within my own creations, and I will look through the eyes of the works of my very own hands. Of my own self, my reflection of myself in which I will find observation And herein lies a great mystery,a profound truth about malevolence, about witchery, and about evil as a craft. For there could be nothing that was created that did not come from Eliadon, in his juvenile state.


Let us now give great credit to Eliadon, for Eliadon indeed did curb wickedness and greed by the fact of pronunciation of evil into being. For he was the author and creator of evil therefore evil remained subordinate to him. Indeed evil was powerless over the juvenile god, the one who was called Eliadon. Eliadon did in fact decree, that evil shall always be lesser than good. And therefore Eliadon, did set in motion the wheels of existence driven by good. Eliadon said to himself, I have rigged my creation that being equal part of good and equal part of evil, I do ascribe priority and supremacy to good, and positivity and pleasure and peace. Indeed in Eliadon’s universe of creation, good weighing more does determine and actualise intent over evil.


Let us remember though, that Eliadon suffered from a great delusion, for he did believe himself to have self emanated, that he had self created. Eliadon could not consider a fact, that there was indeed an existence prior to his. For one of the profound effects of his premature awakening was the fact that there had not been anyone present to witness. Eliadon did suffer from an unnatural and premature awakening,but he did not contemplate on how he would not have found himself when and where he found himself if there had not been a beginning before him.


The nine great ones did continue to slumber, yes they did sleep on, the sleep of eternity. The nine great ones were of endless time and unremitting eternity, the endless ones were 9, the tenth of whom was Eliadon, Eliadon indeed refused to return, for he said to himself, surely this be the reason why I called my self into being,and indeed he began to experiment by himself on himself. He did recreate himself many many times over again.And many times did his creations die and many times did he re calibrate his creative acts. Having forgotten who he once was and having not progressed his search for whence he was from,Eliadon did become compounded all around with



Eliadon stretched forth his own hands and he did begin to create beings,and alters of himself. Eliadon did create all the mighty races in his own image and his own imagination, yet at the same time did he create the Leviathan, and other wondrous creatures did he create. Eliadon created,the behemoths and the shibboleth and the mazzaroths and indeed all the host of the fiery serpents. It was he who created the nagga, the iggi,and the Annu, the Lucumi, the Santeria and The Egbe. And he did prepare numerous activities and wild inventions and imaginings for his friends, as he referred to his creations by himself. Eliadon did revel in the nature of his own work, the raw effort and power in the work of his own hands,


Now let me tell you Indeed that I Lusek met the queen of Atlantis. Long before I had heard any tales pertaining to Atlantis. The queen did emanate the essence of love. She was a creature embodied in shimmering blacklight, yes her skin was blacker than the deepest darkest night yet did she shimmer and shine with a fierce luminous light. A light that was blue back and wondrous to be seen. And I fell in love with her, in the first instant I beheld her and she saw me and she summoned me draw close.


What brings you here young human is what she said to me and how come it is that you possess the ability to see us? Are you not afraid of that which you now behold? As you see us and perceive us in this opposition of light? In this space that is dark and endless, and deep and yet you do perceive us as clothed in light? Yes I said, I do understand what is happening, for my teachers had prepared me for this, they had told me the tale of magnificent being who had found herself alone and bleeding in a strange strange place, and she could not recollect what had happened. But the villagers saw her and were concerned gravely for her life, and so they did retrieve her and nursed her back to life. And on the day she recovered herself, she did ascend upwards to heaven, but for her followers did she create and set up a new moon. And she did instruct the seers how to observe this hidden moon, and she showed them the secrets of the black light and how to summon and commune with her essence when in times of trouble.


Thus said the Queen of Atlantis, let me continue. We are trapped in an opposite,an antithesis of light, indeed the anti-light,is all that we see. Surely you must understand by yourself for yourself, that this indeed is a terrible sight to behold? For amongst us we have the greatest of all the first creation , indeed, he that is the morning star doth reside here with us, trapped in the time that exists only in the in between of time!!


Surely you must know that you witnessed the anti light and the time-in-between time. And you will never be the same again for you indeed, you are now become a shadow, and a fellow with death. For only it is in death that an imprint of this existence doth dare to be glimpsed.You Lusek are now become a shadow, indeed, You are now become the first of the order of shadow walkers!! Alas we must also tell you that to behold us means to you that your death is certain,and do you now understand full well what has happened to you?


And when she spoke, the sound was as crisp and clear as crystal glass, it was electric and at the same time the most unbearably sweet. It was jelly, yes indeed and it was like honey: the emanations that accompanied the sound, of her voice: Spoken only to my ears and mind, her very words took hold of all my molecules, my skin became a conduit and I did become a conductor,my skin bonded with essence of her evocations, this is a feeling that never can be explained, indeed human words cannot explain it, for human words are stunted at this level, a level highly evolved above any human capacities to understand, and for days and days afterwards did my aura remain infused with that essence. The essence of the Queen of that fantastic mystery, that was Atlantis.


The Queen did continue to speak, and I listened further. With intensity with rapt attention, and sheer mesmeric resonation. I did now come to realise my own capture, my own captivity, my desires and feeling, all of my hopes and fears did became enmeshed in the awe and wonder of the experience. For on the fortuitous day in which I did meet and communicate with the Queen of Atlantis was the day I fell deeply in love, and madly in love. And so did I become insanely infatuated, with primordial desire, yes indeed, with the rapture of emotion. The Queen of Atlantis distilled and precipitated out of me a love that cannot be explained nor found, for the essence which I did feel in the magnificence and magisteral presence of the Queen of Atlantis was the essence of life itself multiplied by eons over.


And the Queen did relate how Eliadon did hate the Atlanteans with passion and indeed he had set in motion a most wicked plot. For Eliadon did create 200 emanations of the various infernal aspects of himself, and then did he send forth these 200 emanations.He sent them into all the courts-royal in Atlantis. He did equip each one of these emanations with copies of that darkest of artefacts and each one had a piece of the infernal and infamous Black Mirror of Eliadon. And in that infamous day did the demise of the great Atlanteans begin, for the demands of Eliadon’s 200 emanations did prove too grievous to bear.for the Atlanteans.


Then did Eliadon himself set forth to Atlantis,to wage his war, to extract his revenge for the audacity of humans who did dare and did succeed. These human Atlanteans who had dared and elevated themselves in the knowledge and stature and power and culture. These proud Atlanteans haughty in their knowledge did refuse to pay Eliadon any homages to his nefarious ethers and infernal essences. For the` Atlanteans did retain within their racial memory,the true knowledge of the times before the time of Eliadon.


Eliadon did kill all seven million Atlanteans in that day. And for his final act,did Eliadon again unsheathe his magnificent weapon his infernal Black Mirror,this time for the punishment of the royals. He did then trap all the royals and all the enlightened ones, and then consigned them for a time into the dimension of time-within-time, and to this day are all the royals of Atlantis trapped in the anti-existence, in that netherworld that is time-within-time.


Then did the Queen of Atlantis begin to weep softly and tenderly as she spoke of Eliadon’s jealousy of her people, and the terror of which was served onto Atlantis on *The black day. of the Atlantean Vengeance of Eliadon._ And she spoke and told of her desire and melancholy and longing to see her husband the Titan once again. For while jealous did Eliadon trick us and bind us into t[[*he in-between time, and indeed he had forgotten]_], that I,the Queen of Atlantis, I am Isis.


I was Eliadon’s mother long before the time before time. I did beget Eliadon in love and with pleasure, Eliadon does belong to me and Titan my consort. Titan it is who was Chronos, and Synchron and Saturn, he was the original tutelar of time.Know you now also again that also I am Diana-Lucifera, I, am Venus,and Semiramis the mother of God. I am indeed: the Queen of Heaven but to you Lusek, today, I wish merely to be the Queen of Atlantis.


And now I know that I deserve to die, for the length of eternal sleep in eternity doth tarry, and indeed it has now broken me down I do wish for death now for I am sorely unable to continue, in the anti-existence of time within time.Indeed i do yearn to be with my Titan, he is indeed my husband and I miss him to death. But I am afraid to partake of amnesium, even though I do understand that amnesium is a wondrous elixir. Amnesium is the only known antidote to time.For I do understand that for some strange reason Eliadon doth withstand the effects of amnesium. I am his mother and indeed I fear that I will come down in the same reaction to amnesium as my son, Eliadon.


I do miss my Titan and I understand why he remains asleep. He is one of the original 9 deities that were not created. but who did come into existence spontaneously and primordially He remains in the deep sleep of immortals, in the deepest deep sleep of eternity.


I then replied to her, not so woman not so as long as you have humans, to serve you. For now I do swear an oath to you, and I will ensure of it, that you and yours are learned of and understood by mankind, and every living thing. Through song, and speech, and play and text and I will do this in honor of you.


I will strive to reach the netherworlds and all the wild regions, and the dark spaces and indeed I will hunt Eliadon down. And I will dispossess Eliadon of his infernal Black Mirror and again will I bind him in the BIack crystals of time. Then will I track down the sleeping ones and I shall bring your husband back from the abyss of the deep,eternal sleep.


My son she said, you do not understand that of which you speak, but for the ages nothing that exists could have indeed come to exist, but we were there in the original eternity, and unbearable was the effect, as sin began to multiply. My son.build me an order, indeed a species of seers and mages dedicated to serve me and, the Atlantean Royalty. We are remain bound in here in our containment:inside the netherlands of the time between time, but You Lusek will be known to them and to all, as my royal priest of the order without beginning or end. You Lusek now become for me a warrior priest and king.


You Lusek you must now become your own true self for surely I must now reveal to you, your own true name. Now know you that indeed you are the one to be forever known as MeLChZeDeK: the Prince of Peace, The First High Initiate of the Magistery of Time.





2.The Business Meeting: . I’ve just bought a yacht. That has made Niro Smith mad. Niro Smith must have been off his meds last year. He tried to flog their family speedboat to me as a full ocean-liner. wtf ,maybe he even thought I was off of mine,…… Hmm must remember that line when next I tell the story at dinner party, the slimy bugger……trying to pull a fast one over me…This afternoon we’ve got a business meeting with the Smiths. Did I mention that they are our business rivals? Yes they are so, and big time too.So what’s my story?This morning I woke up with a strange feeling. That my yacht had somehow turned into a speedboat. I stepped out my condo and into my Ferrari. Something didn’t feel right. My Ferrari sounds like an Alfa Romeo! An Alfa Romeo? The imposters. Won’t be caught dead seen in one. So I bounce downtown to the special clinic. Its a painful decision, but its got to be done. I’ve got to touch base with my drug dealer to see if any of the stuff needs to be reviewed.  Ok “medication minder”. Alright then he is a head doctor, but for the life of me i’m not sure of whatever the truck else he does. He deals me his drugs as sanctioned by his big pharma bosses. Nothing wrong with that though……..Doctor I said. I’m not sure if I’m dreaming or not. I haven’t yet been on my cruise this year and I’m really looking forward to it.but I woke up this morning with a strange feeling that my yacht looks like this (holds up a picture of a speedboat) I’m resisting the urge, even as we speak, to dash off to the harbour, to go check, especially as I’ve got a business meeting today. What shall I do? I can’t afford to be spooked while in the same room as Spiro Smith and his slimey son Niro.Unh hunh Dr says. Have you been smoking weed? .. (No)…PCP.?   (No doctor come on, you know I don’t do drugs except maybe the ones you prescribe me tee hee).  Dr says yes I know. Sorry I’ve got to ask. Are you seeing things? (No) Hearing things like you’re attending séances? (no but i wish I could turn my meeting later today into one) Dr says. Be serious now. Seeing things like dancing with the devil? (wtf no Doctor!. You know I hate my wife, but not that bad, why the check do you have to go call her a devil?)Drinking too much ?(not in the last 3 months. I’m starting to miss it now, you know) Jones! he says snappily. 

Pls cooperate. how about your medication??……..SILENCE……..hmm. Ok take these two pills. These are called instant clarity. I’ve got them on loan from the adjustment bureau; they’re brand new and need trialing. But I must warn you, they are really hot. Can’t recommend them highly enough. However, If we get an abreaction I’ll have to call the adjustment bureau straightaway for an immediate and emergency square reset. Just sign here and here   Ah yes that’s it.Now swallow. Ok You’ll fall asleep and depends on how you feel when you wake up.  Not to worry. Only 20 minutes. (Gentle snoring) zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Wake up Jones. Hey doctor. How did you get here? WTF you doing in my room? Why the goddamn are you even in my trucking house? Doctor holds up picture of canoe.Tell me what you see.That’s my yacht of course. Really? You kidding me? Why have you painted my yacht Orange? Is Smith trying to poke my eye? Is he itching for a fight? You turncoat Doctor you. Why have you gone to work for the dark side? Why? Aren’t we paying you enough?Jones, Jones! he says. Reading about your exploits in the broadsheets is payment enough, He says.  Ok you’re fine now. The colour adjustment won’t last long. Small side effect. Last only 48 hrs max. Please don’t buy any hardware or gadgets for 24 hrs. Please don’t go to Silk Road and don’t even think about any internet tube sites of a primary color. Otherwise you’re free to go. We didn’t even need the adjustment bureau. ha ha. You know how that goes. Ha ha once again.Hell yeah. Those buggers touting an ECT machine like its adjustment technology for real. That tech hasn’t even been invented yet! And if it was it’ll be so ducking secret that it might well not have been invented yet. And if it was invented yet, no one will have any ducking access to it! Therefore; it doesn’t exist! You heard my argument? Same difference doctor. Square reset by the bureau? Square reset by the bureau my foot. What a cover story for a tucking ECT machine. Hell yeah bring them on! nothing fazes me, I’m dunking rich! I flipping bought a Yacht! Nessie chased round us last time. I mean we were up in Scotland only just looking for tea!! Now that there Nessie…. is a something to be tripping scared of. Adjustment Bureau? They don’t dunking exist! When you see them next Doctor, you can ask them to come tickle me! My address is……Dr says Wow….You really don’t remember? What did you say doctor? Remember what? I thought we finished with 20 questions already. Handshakes and smiles. See you later Jones. He says. Remember to keep taking your medication. Sure doctor I will….TWODAYSLATER….Now what was I meant to be doing this morning?I thought I had to attend a meeting sometime………….or something? And my Yacht………I vaguely remember that I meant to send it to the engineers before my cruise but I’m not even sure what the day is today. Ah wtf.  I’ll just take two more pills. I’m ……this colour effect. Just like augmented reality…FOURHOURSLATER……Back to reality

OH yeah I remember, i’ll have to check the net to see what’s going on in the big pharma world, I’m gonna need to clobber Dr what’s his name with some articles on neurotropics…..NEXT time I see him…………ok. computer.! Get ready for work. I’ve got coffee, water, biscuits, sweets? sweets?….no more sweets, heck. I’m trucked I suppose I could still try…… Have a go at doing some work………Like the artist said…………You’ve got to be able to meditate with a migraine. Or leave the disco and go to work or to take an exam with a hangover………….Or something………..or something……..I’m sat at my desk. I’m ready to churn Ctrl alt………now wtf is the next key in the sequence?…..Ctrl alt..esc? Del? Alt? Who the hell cares……..ctrl alt f? ctrl alt p? oh truck it….…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



3. It’s Just a Faultline: Look, Cat says. I’m gonna have to tell you something……

Shoot I say, blast away at me with silver bullets……I’m serious Cat says, and you’re never going to believe me……………………..it all started when Schrodinger and Einstein had a bet…..Hah, I said, Ive heard that one before……….Never this version, says cat, because actually Shrodinger was right. Hey I said dont go around saying things like that, if you cast aspersions on Einstein, you’ll be a pariah in academia faster than you could spell the word…….P……A……R…….“I’m schrodingers cat.”…he said…….………room falls silent……… bell tolls 12, 13 times……….Ok I said, here we go again, just like the last time you showed me your favourite “wormhole” on the atlas…………., I mean that was just a fault line in the earths crust……………Yes, exactly he says, thats what it looks like……..and what better location to superimpose something really shouldn’t be there, but is? Ok prove it I said, do something to wow me……… on second thoughts, …..ok no no just say something profound. Cat pauses for a minute……well….. he says, cash rules everything around me,I could do with a $100 bill right now y’all……Now I said, thats just bad taste you know….these artists had to work hard to get what they got and know what they know……My point exactly said cat. Hunh?I said, care to explain? Certainly, he says……I could have said…….”aliens exist and you’re just on earth to do their bidding!!! ……..BUT I said, “you’re just here to get money!!”(Im expecting you to ask why at this point.) ok I said,……. why? I said,………. Well, Cat says,…….if I said “Aliens exist and all they want you to do…… is buy the latest technology because it is theirs……and they really need the money back on home planet because…….. they are broke and can’t afford to send their kids to college anymore!!!”……….But I said ……. “chasing dough is a good philosophy for life, the more dough you get, the more tech you can buy” Can you see that I’ve just told you the same thing?Ok cat, I said…..Everyone knows that we all need dough!!…. its the adverts job to get us spending it on new tech!!…. Come on cat, you can do better than that!!! Ok he said, lets try wormholes again……. that there…… is just a fault line…..but could be a wormhole as well……but I digress…..Lets get back to what I had to tell you……….I‘m actually doppelgänger (of shrodingers cat)…… I know it sounds crazy…..but its true.remember that clip in the matrix, ………deja vu, changing codes and glitches?………..Sure I remember I say, But….”are we twelve?” (like the protagonist said in the movie predestination)……We’re in a glitch? ……..No way I said ………………in a million years, there is just no way….. can you can prove that?…really Cat Really? are we in a……..


Cat rubs his paws together……..


Time stops.




4. Are we Really Dead But if Not, Where The Fuck are We?: I once came upon a riddle in a magazine and it struck me as kind of odd. It was a question written in “alienese”, translate the question, then you could read the answer The question was




“ In the battle between good and evil, who won?”


The first thing that struck me was, hang on, the battle isn’t over yet, its still being fought!!! Or is it?? So, I began a conversation with my mentor. And thus he spoke. Son, now here is the thing, we are in a holographic universe, and we are being simulated, for what purpose you ask me dear Son?? Or is that there is no purpose because all it is, is just a game?? You ask, If there is a battle going on, between two great entities then wtf is my concern with that? Or even yours? My Son!! How long will it take us all to realize that coming here to earth during birth was one complete rip off? That life and existence are all one great gigantically big rip off?? Let us say we are here for 70 years, (and mind you, a third of that is spent asleep, another tenth on battling adversity, illness, arguments, court cases, etc.) We spend the rest in trying to avoid tyranny, or willfully dancing to the tune of the tyranny!! And irrespective of whichever you are beholden to, that constitutes a big epic fail, Son!! You ask me again, you say, Do we have to go through all of this because the universe is not endless and time is not eternal? And we are all stuck here with a portion of 70 years? Yes my Son, that there, is the biggest rip off all. This existence only makes sense if the universe is not endless and time is not eternal! There is clue to this in Book 66, Revelations!!! Look it up, it just might amuse you that there will come a point when there will be time no more!!


Now some might say we all are parties to our own confinement in this space on earth. How absurd!!! Why would anyone in his or her right mind choose to do that? Free will?? The funny thing about free will, is that there is no free will!! All that exists are conditioned choices, or, to the seriously deceived an illusion of free will!! Come on Son, you hear it said all the time!! There is no free lunch!!! You can only use your will in exchange for whatever it is that you believe you should be doing with it!! All that there is, are, interactions and exchanges!!! Once you recognize that, then welcome, congratulations!!! Know this, we were all tricked to leave our eternal places to come down here!! And in the absence of full information, any decision made is an error irrespective of the outcome, or you don’t know??!!


The systems are rigged Son, we are all set up to fail!! Know this then, and again, any decision you think you’ve made, using any methods, rules of thumb, scientific equations, dogmatic religious acquiescence, the lot will be wrong!! All systems in this universe have been rigged from the foundations and again!! Is it therefore so hard to see? That any decision based on a lie, is not only a lie in itself?? And that such a decision cannot be anything but wrong?? My dear Son!! Spare me a random thought. If angels had sex with horses and created a Minotaur, what is the Minotaur’s fault in that? Read your Book of 66, the passages are in there, no doubt. That some elder beings whilst bored and acting rebelliously did sin against animals!! But where then are the fossils of these half human species, you ask me?? Might it be possible that none of them is really dead!! And ok they might actually be immortal!! But where the tuck on earth are they? Is that why the universe has to be so tucking big? Because Lillith creates 100 of these beings every single day?? Are we in one large bestiary? A constellation of zodiacal beasts?? Or Is our reality superimposed on theirs? Are there layers? And yes, why should there not be layers???! Of course Time travel exists!! We are indeed, literally and actually in a holographic recording!!! Time travel and time manipulation? Son, your questions answer themselves!!


What happens when you reverse or forward your DVD?? It takes you to the spot where you thought you heard a phrase that you just missed. So you play that bit of it all over again until you get it right!! Now get this, If this is being done to a subject of interest, they could take his program and insert into any point in the dvd. This helps them to study, what the effect will be on reality. Sometimes they take the subject even back before the subject was born, written/programmed in!! Sometimes they need multiple copies of our holograph to run tests simultaneously, and that explains why we have a multitude of universes. The auditors can stop the tape (we experience stopped time) and can play it backwards (and that is the reverse universe I told you about earlier)

What freakishly fantastic stuff!!


Listen son, what is being observed and what is being looked for are specific points in time especially for now, so in a nutshell, in this universe; we are a dvd to the ultimate universe. Who is watching you ask? Well, it’s the Auditor and the forensic science entities, but for what purpose, only hopping truck knows. But what I do know is this, and I must share this with you. The singularity or event horizon happened a long, long, time ago! At some point in time we experienced a catastrophe and the whole of existence was totally wiped out!! Some ascribe this event to the acts of Auld Stephanius and his Disciples. They who practiced the consciousness of the negative spinning vortex. Yes, dummy head, that means we are dead!! Yes and so are you too!! WTF we all are really truly and verily all dead!! And guess what? We all died a freaking long time ago, and I mean it’s been gazillions of eons since!! The Galactic Auditor and his forensic science entities are just looking for the specific point in time at which it happened. Now on earth, in this reality construct, scientists believe that we will at some point be able to pinpoint where the holograph actually started from, and this is the whole purpose, and fundamental essence of science.


Which is the greater question Son? What time was it when the universe was born or

what time was it when the universe ended? We cannot go back past the date of our existence in this universe, in order to do that we have to go to the superior universe to find this out. It is from there our holographic image is being transmitted. My thesis is, any date that falls in the superior universe is irrelevant because such a date has no bearing on our holographic universe, such a date could exist only in another dimension.

It is more important to determine the points when the world collapsed because we want to be able to map out and control the effects of our universes demise on the superior universe. This existence is a computer, but it crashed!! The technicians are still trying to figure out what happened till this day!! You must now agree with me that it is pointless to go back further than the beginning, It is only beneficial to proceed towards the end!!


Humanity, a species as fast asleep as when in deep sleep as they are even when they are purportedly wide awake. Do you not know that In our sleeping hours, the mechanisms of the holograph are maintained, and in our waking hours, we are under a mass hypnosis? Did we need the guru to guide us before we can ask the question, if the universe is a machine, who or what is making sure that it runs? Yes you can feed 10,000 people with anything, even A4 paper provided you hypnotized them properly!!!! By the way did you still want to know what the answer to riddle was? I hope to God you realize what that means.







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