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by Rajkumar Andrew

Copyright 2016 Rajkumar Andrew

Shakespir Edition

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CASE 1 – The stolen corpse

14th September 2035,

Chennai – Tamil Nadu.

Man accused of stealing corpses from graves and morgues of various infirmaries was arrested by CCPF (Chennai City Police Force) in his hideout located near KMC keelpauk. This unidentified man was caught in the surveillance camera fixed by CCPF in the morgue and upon investigation was spotted near KMC. Last night, a team of 6 cops surrounded the hideout and the man was arrested. CCPF is yet to release the identity of accused. According to sources, various witnesses had reported a man stealing corpses and as the reporting increased day by day, CCPF was alerted and led to the capture of fugitive. This sensational issue may be a rare case of cannibalism, which is not common in a well developed country like India. For live updates, visit our official website.

The whole population of Tamilnadu was stirred by this news. A little unpleasant sense was spread in the air. People did not want a cannibal among them. However, they were curious to learn more about the case even though it was unpleasant.

This case was handed over to Andrew Sullivan I.P.S. who was very famous for his clever deeds in solving many mysterious cases. Cases which were declared unsolvable were solved after he took charge. He was a hero among the people as his deeds were as seen in thriller movies.

The fugitive was placed in grade A surveillance cell. He was brought for investigation. The investigation cell was fully monitored and secured by armed sentries. He was a man in his forties, at least 6 feet tall, well built and he had long dark brown hair. He looked well educated and of course so cool. He dint seem a bit frightened. He was seated in a chair with a table in front of him. Andrew entered the investigation cell. He sat on the chair opposite to the fugitive and took the record from the table. It read Michael Steven, age 44, born in a village near Tirunelveli Tamilnadu, completed M.B.B.S in the year 2013. A medical fugitive, Andrew thought.

“Mr. Michael, I am Andrew Sullivan. I am here to investigate you regarding the accusations placed on you.”

“I know you very well, of course the whole nation knows who you are. I was very much impressed by the way you solved the “twin sisters massacre”. I feel proud to meet you, sir.”

Andrew was a little surprised by such comments from the fugitive.

“Well Mr. Michael, you are accused of stealing corpses from various places. Do you agree?” Andrew asked straight to the point.

“I did not steal any corpse.”

“But there is video evidence of you stealing a corpse.” He showed the video in his smart phone.

Michael dressed in white uniform, carefully lifted a corpse wrapped in white cloth, placed it on a stretcher and walked casually out. The morgue guard was sedated by some sort of anesthesia. When cops showed Michael’s photo to the guard, he was unable to recognize him. It was a mystery how he managed to sedate the guard.

Michael watched the video without any reaction.

“What do you say for that Mr. Michael?”

“I there any complaints filed against me regarding missing corpses by any of the relatives?”

“So far, No”

Michael stretched his hands like Jesus Christ in a gesture like as if the case is solved.

“I did not steal that corpse Mr. Andrew”

“Whatever. What did you do with the corpse.”

Michael remained silent.

“Don’t make it hard for me Michael. You’ll regret it.”


“You must me selling the organs. Being a doctor, you know the value of organs aren’t you?”


“Or, as idealized by media and people, you are a cannibal. But you don’t look like you are interested in tasting human flesh. If so, i am curious to know how it tastes.”


“Your silence will not help you. Unless the corpses are found, you are finished Michael.”

Michael smiled and said “Soon you will find sir”

Media was swarming in front of Michael’s house. The house was owned by him and the neighbors acknowledged him as a decent man. He was married and his wife was dead, had no children. Since his wife’s death, he lived alone. His house was fully barricaded and forensics specialists were recording the evidences.

As Andrew entered the scene, the local area inspector reported to him.

“The house looks very normal sir, no clues were found so far. No traces of any corpse sir.”

“Isn’t it weird that no one had reported yet for missing corpse and we have only reports of witnessing the stealing? Did you identify the missing corpse? Any relatives had communicated so far?”

“The corpse is of a woman named Megha. She died in an accident. Her father is industrialist Mr.Amir. enquiry is going on with him, sir.”

Listening, Andrew walked into the house.

There was utterly no clue left in the house. Everything was normal. But there was one thing which caught his mind. There was an extraordinary aroma on the air. It was so pleasant and his olfactory organ had never sensed such a beautiful scent so far in his life. When he tried to find the source of the aroma, he couldn’t trace it which made him feel that something was wrong about the scent. He was startled by the call of a sentry from behind.

“Sir…Could you please come here?”

Andrew turned and walked towards where the voice came from. A sentry in his khaki uniform was standing. He pointed a wooden door on the floor, half unveiled by the carpet above. A cord was tied to the door to serve as handle. It was shut tightly as when he pulled the cord, it did not open.

After few minutes, a carpenter was brought by the cops to open the door. The floor was concrete except the door engraved in it. There was no keyhole on the door. After about an hour’s labor, the carpenter said that the door can be opened now and admitted that he was afraid to open as he smelled a strange aroma and left the place immediately without even claiming the money. It was around 9 P.M.

The team who arrested Michael was still in the house and they all stood around the wooden door. Each of them had a bit of hesitation as they were not aware of what lies beneath the mysterious door.

Andrew knelt down and pulled the cord and now the door opened easily without much effort. A sudden concentrated aroma rushed in the nostrils of the men. It was very highly concentrated that they could not breathe. The heavy scent was mesmerizing but intolerable. The men masked their nostrils with their kerchiefs. It was so dark beneath. The light from the room filled only to an extent which illuminated the top of a ladder placed against the wall below. He couldn’t guess how much deep it goes.

Andrew took a torch and started climbing down the ladder. In his descend he saw candles placed in slits made on wall. All the candles were red and the girth was around 2 inch dia. He called out to the man about to descend next and said him to light the candles as he descends.

He felt like entering an ancient tomb. After around 10 minutes, his feet touched the floor. He looked above and the candles were illuminating the whole passage. Two other men climbed behind him.

There was a room with a heavy automatic door and was dark too. It was written “The end begins here” on the door. He signaled the two men to wait oust side and went in. The door automatically shut behind him and his heart started beating a little bit faster. He searched for candles with his torch, but couldn’t find any. He found a switch instead and he pressed it. He waited for some light to illuminate the room. The aroma pierced through his kerchief and tickled his inner organs. After a minute, a slight flicker of a tube light was noticed at a distance. And it was followed by many other tube lights. The room was enormous in size. The lights were made dimmer by engraving it behind frost glass fixed on the roof. It took around 3 minutes for all the lights to illuminate. There were around 50 lights in the room. Breathing was difficult inside as there was utterly no air inside the room. It was extremely dry. And the next sight he saw stunned him and made his hair wanted to pluck out from the skin. Fear overwhelmed his courage and he started shivering. He ran out the door and fainted near the ladder due to lack of sufficient oxygen.

“This must be confidential. Be sure that the press does not know about this until the place is fully taken over by forensics people. You guys understand what I said?” Andrew asked the team.

“Yes sir”

Meanwhile a sentry came in and informed that the exhaust fans had arrived. Security was tightened around the house. The exhaust fans were lowered through the door and air circulation was enabled in the underground. The automatic door was held ajar by means of a rope. And then the investigation crew entered the room.

There was an altar like place in the far end of the room and some strange apparatus were placed around the altar. The altar was in the size to make a man lie on it, and over it was laying the stolen corpse. There were many cylinders segregated and placed near the right side wall and each read a name. There were also supplies of groceries such as lime, cinnamon and many other things, all of them aromatic. The wall beside the altar was screened with a beautiful red cloth. There were many quotes written on the left and right side walls. The crew was now totally filled with fear.

And then, Andrew went and lifted the red screen using the worm gear mechanism. Two of them fainted seeing what lay beneath. Behind the screen, there were glass benches on either side with a passage in the middle. Over the benches laid corpses covered with transparent white cloth. And at the end of the passage, there was a bigger glass box inside which laid a beautiful woman, of course a corpse of a beautiful woman. Andrew silently walked and removed the sheets covering the corpses one by one. The corpses were fresh and seemed like dead a moment before. The crew was shocked at the sight. There were 16 corpses, 6 men and 10 women, excluding the one lying in the altar.

Then he walked to the woman’s corpse at the end of passage. She looked around 30 years old she seemed like sleeping and not dead. She was wearing a pink gown embroidered with roses. Her wedlock had a cross dollar. She was so fair and her flesh was pink. Michaels’s name was tattooed in her right hand. Her hair was dark and long till her waist. Something was carved in a stone and etched in the concrete slab over which the box was laid.

It read “Here lays my wife, the moon of my world, the boon of my life and the pain of my heart. Though her soul had flown, her casket of life shall remain pure with me forever. My eyes shall look unto her till it closes for the last. She had made me crazy enough to embalm her after her death so that I shall at least look at her till I die. The love shall not fade till the world fades away.

My sweet wife, you will always be remembered.

– Michael

Name – Rebecca Michael

Deceased – May 2024

Reading that, Andrew stood silent for a moment. Eleven years had passed since she was dead. And yet she looked so fresh. He was simply astonished. No surprise for becoming crazy for a woman this much beautiful, he thought. Then he examined the other corpses. They dated 1 to 10 years and all looked so fresh.

After all they do not have a cannibal among them, but a mastermind who mastered the skills of mummification far equaling those of the ancient Egyptians.

The corpses were removed and sent to the national archeological institute and investigations started for finding out the relatives of the dead. He pleaded not to remove the woman’s corpse alone and so it was done.

The next day, Andrew met Michael in the same investigation room.

“Hello Mr. Andrew. Satisfied with your findings?”


“Well…Way to go for the punishments then.”

“See…I can save you from being punished…Just give me the details of the other corpses…Wait…did you kill them all?”

Michael laughed “Do I look like a serial killer?”

“I need answers.”

“Hell…No…I don’t kill…I save lives…I don’t destroy…I preserve…”

“Then whose are those corpses.”

Michael looked into his eyes for a moment and started talking.

“Well…I don’t have anything to do with my life anymore. I know that you would have cremated my wife’s body…I am not afraid of being punished…I will tell everything…” He paused for a moment and started again. ”This mummification process, I was so interested in it so that I did a lot of research in it but never thought of experimenting it. And when my wife died, my grief was overwhelming that I could not live…I attempted suicide but escaped…I bribed the graveyard guard and took her corpse back home after a week. The body had already started decaying. Then I used all the results of my research which led to my surprise, that she looked fresh even after 6 months. Then I made more arrangements so that she will remain the same forever. I made the environment dry, free of air and moisture. I kept it a secret. And then one day, a friend of mine, I do not want to disclose his name, his mother passed away and he couldn’t bear it. He was so close to me that I told him about this mummification. He begged me to mummify his mother and I did so. But after a year he felt that her spirit was crying and swirling around the body and so he burned it. But that was not the end. My secret was spread in the air. Many approached me for this. I accepted only the confidential ones. And I have mummified over 100 corpses in my life. I do not want to disclose them. And these 16 corpses, their relatives were so afraid to have them in their home. Fear overwhelmed love. And they paid me and said to burn. I was not willing to burn my works and so I kept with me. End of story.”

Andrew turned off his recording device and stood up after a minute of silence.

“I do not understand much about this mummification process Mr. Michael. But one thing I understand.”

Michael raised his eyebrows in a questioning posture.

Andrew continued “You are a mastermind.” Saying that he walked out and stood near the door, looked back at Michael. “Your wife remains there untouched Mr. Michael. But she will be shifted to the city museum once you come out. I don’t think anyone else knows how to shift her uncontaminated, unless the bloody Egyptians rise back from hell.” Andrew closed the door and walked out.


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Rajkumar Andrew




Andrew Sullivan is an Indian Police officer, who is famous for his strange investigation experiences. This book says about one of his bizarre cases "The stolen corpse". Much more cases will be investigated further.

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  • Published: 2016-04-25 20:50:07
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