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The Berber





Edward Warrior

1st edition

Volume 1 – The Berber

Rio de Janeiro – RJ

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Foreword 6

Chapter I 9

Ahl Souss 9

Alf Lailah Oua Lailah 19

Chapter II 32

Samir Ziaul-Haq of Khourigba 32

Chapter III 46

The Masters of Black Stone 46

The Lost City 51

Chapter IV 61

Ikrimah Alzahara, The Radiant 61

The Revolt of Rife 69

Chapter V 78

Karl Haushofer 78

The Great Atlas 86

Chapter VI 94

Igoudr n-bertkiz 94

The Box 104

The Husam al Din War 113

Chapter VII 121

The Voyage Tadla-Azilal 121

Oualili – Volubilis Colónia 130

Chapter VIII 141

The Secret of Bled Takurart 141

The Human Hunt 154

Chapter IX 158

Al-Magrib 1915 158





To all the ancestors of the Atlantis-Mediterranean people who for centuries struggled to reconcile the differences and cultural riches that are now plural each in its region, but without forgetting the sagas of their origins.


Samir thought it would have a life like any Berber Al-Magrib, but what was in store for him or the greatest prophets could predict. A life of frustration and compliance that it was the will of Allah, but it would be possible to conduct their own destiny? The silence of the desert says a lot more than one can say a Berber, can be your best friend or worst enemy. Will depend on the journey the direction the wind will blow and it will erase the sands of time all that has been written to rewrite a new story.

The Black Stone which has been a myth explored by various cultures throughout the ages, may have a reason to be proven and changed the course of human history as it does to the present day. Was she able to show for the “chosen” what was to come? The young Berber had no idea that it would be a piece so important in human history when he met Husam al Din – The Faith of the Sword his great friend and companion of many adventures.

The son of the Emir would be his great guardian forever until the target proved otherwise. Layanah was the greatest forbidden love of his life, but could not understand the reasons that led Ikrimah Alzahara – The Radiant and father of her best friend to interfere at your destination only to remove him from whom he loved.

I wish the destination we all converge to the same event because of the Al-Magrib of political instability and the ambition of the Western members of the Society of the Black Stone Masters would change their lives forever.

It would be a fight that would still take decades for it to be completed, perhaps even centuries in the future, there was no way of knowing … The fact is that for thousands of years the Arabs have worshiped the Sacred Rock, but what if it is more than just an object of worship? And if it is part of something bigger that is not complete and just the missing piece and we all want to own is what will make the mechanism function as in the times of Moses and terrorize the world again with the plagues of Egypt?

That was sure Karl Haushofer had when he created the Society now chasing all those who might have contact with the mystical artifact. No one, however knew for sure the origin of such an object, many speculated that it might be a stone that fell from the sky in very ancient times, others credited magical powers to cabalistic ritual of Druid cultures, finally would be a manufacturing artifact an ancient culture that had succumbed in an apocalyptic cataclysm.

The truth was that whoever possessed would have the power to subdue their enemies and all armies of the world, it was the doomsday weapon that both described the religious books and would be disputed for millennia. Samir Berber, was just one of those involved in the search for restless crooked ways and protect it would be the ultimate goal, even if it meant to give up your dreams. Life needed and deserved to be lived, but the price was also required would be very high, but was not giving up on your way.

“The only certainty we can have when we are born is a new world of colors and possibilities opens before our eyes, but if there is a God, surely play dice with our lives if we do it for fun will be up to each of us discover!”

[] Chapter I

[]Ahl Souss

Dawned with a light warm breath of the Sahara through the air through the small opening in the tent door, lying on the soft cotton mat Samir’s face still asleep was touched by the light breeze like an angel gently runs his hand gently to wake him gradually feel the awareness that it’s time to get up and prepare for another day of walking.

The still sluggish body insisted on staying in the position it was in knowing the need of having to start the day. He opened his eyes and walked carefully to the high ceiling of the tent supported by a gleaming red mast finely decorated with images of golden masks, indeed handcrafted, interspersed in emerald and bright red green, galloping horses figures followed spiral to stuck base in fine desert sand.

Small rays of light down the opening of the support mast to illuminate the floor, occasionally touching the trappings and making these shine in all directions allowing the insides would clear enough to be able to distinguish the others present notches. It was wonderful to admire such beautiful representations of human ability only to his delight.

- I need a bowl of water to wash your face or will not leave this lethargic state so soon! – Muttered Samir still sleepy and yawning. He looked around at all was not a commonplace, by contrast, used to spend the night under the starlight like all his ancestors did before him, but this case was different, had arrived at the camp Emir Ikrimah Alzahara, the Shining, sir of all the land between the towns of Fquih Ben Salah and Beni Mellal.

Not by chance was there, the invitation was made by none other than Husam al Din, the Sword of the Faith son of the Emir. They were friends since childhood when caravans had been more abundant in the desert crossing, and the incursions by unknown locations of the cities where they were born were for them still a great mystery to be unraveled and as such, make new friends was part of that ritual discoveries.

Husam al Din was the same age that Samir with little difference a few months in favor of the latter which made him older, nevertheless it had never been an impediment for introduce a long and lasting friendship. Occasionally got rid of some confusion when solved subtract fruits that were exposed over the baskets lined up at the Souk, traditional street market towns, was not so much hunger that made him, because not had, but the simple fact it was possible to do it and they knew it! That was the only reason to live dangerously!

I had to wake up and there she was, the basin on a small table with a pitcher of clear and transparent water on the side. Like everything else in this camp Emir also had a very peculiar refining that drew attention to who was accustomed to the constant wealth and abundance, which was not the case. The basin was shallow enamel and decorated with flowers invite to its use. The water was not much, but like everything in the desert, nothing could be wasted and the precious liquid of life was among them, but it would be enough for him to wake up.

Contrary to what most think, the Sahara possess huge aquifers underground, the difficulty is to drill them for the great depth at which they are, but the taste of the desert water is incomparable to any other existing, at least those that Samir I had already proven and in this oasis called Ahl Souss between the two cities, the water was fairly abundant.

As she poured water from the pitcher also decorated that made craft together with the bowl, looked in the mirror the marks of years in the now own face with some more visible, not so deep for his 35 years, but the scar on the right cheek reminded him the crooked paths so uncertain places. The brownish skin tone also it showed the thousands of kilometers of desert traversed over the years, and the countless nights spent sleeping in place that both admired and had come all this way to never leave it.

Berber blood was in her love life in the desert Amerruk as the Berbers called their country. If you knew how much had walked and ridden all his life, both on the back of a camel, horse or on foot, sometimes just to save his companion of so many trips, as well as to be able to feel the sand giving way under his feet, might be able to know how many laps around the earth had given to each step toward your destination.

Samir was born in 1870 in North Africa in the city of Khourigba, Sultanate of Morocco, formerly called Amerruk in the central part that connects the Greater Casablanca the city of Marrakesh, a year of very hot and many changes the second you said years later.

He was the son of a traditional Berber family like so many others who made up that tribe the Imazighen, meaning “free men”, still lived in tribes even in cities. There are customs that do not change even with the passage of time, and some should be kept, or at least try at all costs so that the reason for the existence of the ancestors is not lost in the sands of time.

By the will of Allah was the third of five children, his parents that in his opinion lived long enough to have seen the changes that progress brought to their way of life, and that once came down just live one day at a time, not as if they were the last, but the first had left long ago. I thought he had taken leave of this life more by reason of disgust and new times than effectively by old age.

This was his opinion and had no intention of ending his days in the same way, I wanted to live whatever enough.

His parents soon married and should always be done, not long before or long after they are ready, but in the very moment when two people meet and simple exchange of glances feel the inner pulse that as a “popping” deafening only to each other tells them:

- Hello, I’m the other half and I’m waiting a long time!
Arranged marriages were traditional, but if there was the refusal by one of the couple before the delivery of the dowry, new choices could be made and so was the meeting between his parents in the best way that a love story could be told and which lasted as long as was necessary.

- This never happened to me … – Samir said quietly while diving hands cupped in the basin and washed her face again and again. Of course there were Layanah, but from what he remembered had not been that way with a “snap” that thought was some kind of silent flashing inside the head or body, that as a biological alarm warns that we are at risk of change our instead our life, or it will forever change with or without our consent.

- Simply scary! – Wondered aloud. Layanah had been a long feeling and time-consuming that had invaded and his thoughts for many years, getting this just when he could no longer see it in the period when he had to study in Paris Henri de la Martinière invitation, archaeologist French.

- A complete emptiness inside was the absence of Layanah in your life … – as far away thoughts that even now, after almost twenty years looked like it had been yesterday that ran between the houses with wind speed, barefoot, feeling heat and rewarding sweat running down her body as she leaned on the main square fountain to drink delicious water that sowed life wherever he went. And so, without any warning he saw the love of her life for the first time Husam al Din Company, who would become his great friend and companion.

A voice interrupted his thoughts sharply. – Samir! How long dear friend! – Entered the tent opening of the Sword of the Faith, his friend Husam al Din. – Salamu Aleikum! “Peace be upon you” – complemented with open arms.

- Wa Salam Aleikumu, Husam! “And upon you peace” – he returned Samir extending his arms to show his appreciation and admiration for the old friend of many adventures, albeit unwillingly no longer saw much as you like and as before. – Hold me my friend, who delighted to see him again! – He said with obvious emotion and joy in his voice.

I thought that when they did the things they enjoyed had the impression that the time would never be enough and that the whole world watches them silently, as happened between them. – Samir, Samir! You have not changed since I last saw – Husam said visibly excited about seeing longtime friend.

- A long time ago my friend, I thought find it already with many children running around! – Samir smiled profusely. – But from what I still see one that is about to appear win your heart! – He smiled again. Husam and Samir firmly looked at with an exchange of looks very revealing that the invitation to the camp was not just to missing and socializing.

- I would love that the circumstances in which we are finding were better, but we’ll sit in my father’s old company, the Emir and you will explain why I called my friend – Husam replied with some apprehension.

Samir hurried to finish what he was doing and it was not more than enough to follow Husam awaiting him thoughtfully looking at the desert by the opening of the tent, now generous and showing most of the camp, I had not realized how much it was big.

The night before arrived late and outside the scheduled time, a servant of the Emir led to the tent that held more than necessary for your home, but knowing the hospitality of his old friends could not expect less than that.

Once entered inside where sleep could see that fresh fruit awaited arranged in the round, low table on the carpet near the pillows which greatly pleased him and the hunger that was because he had ridden for hours in an attempt to reach the as soon as possible, we made use of some while they savored the delicious olives.

It did not linger and finished for mint tea – thé à la menthe – as is the ancient custom. Logo had fallen asleep like a Sultan in his palace and deep sleep came without the tease.

Watched the face of Layanah, but did not understand what he was saying as he did not understand that other woman who radiated so much light with his eyes. I did not realize that Husam was already out of the tent while lost in thought. Hastened to walk together excitedly towards the main tent where the Emir waited patiently as always the Berber people. They say that nothing can move faster than the desert sand during the storm, so unless a storm was coming life would follow its normal course in their own time.

Ikrimah Alzahara rose and shook Samir’s hand and then taking his own hand to the heart of respect and friendship as he said the traditional greeting of Darija Arabs. – Salamu Aleikum, Samir! – Congratulated the Emir.

The old Alzahara was not as strong and vigorous as he remembered it, even though he and Husam were seen with some frequency, the same did not apply to the rest of his family. He thought, remembering Layanah.

- Wa Salam Aleikumu! Ikrimah Alzahara – told him with a smile sincere as he took his hand also to the heart.

At the same time small and low round tables were arranged to center on the beautiful carpet well placed and lined up on the ground, as well as the blankets folded in finely embroidered tent walls with tribal motifs of the Emir.

They sat around the main table and one of the largest destined to host and his guests and thus has them served Msemmen – a type of fine crepe batter accompanying fresh cheese with butter and jam, sometimes dates other times of apricots – in this case there were two.

Jointly had the Beghrir – a mass a little thicker than before – nothing could be missing, not even the precious spicy olives and Batbout – the bread every day – for drinking, very strong and bitter coffee and dates of juices and grapefruits This acidic and sour last with an underlying sweetness.

- You are welcome to my camp, Samir! – Said the Emir in very calm tone. – I asked my son Husam to call him because I know that out of all that he holds dear you are his favorite – he looked at me intently while drinking a sip of coffee still steaming.

- I came as soon as I could Emir, but I’m not sure beyond delighted to see you, what other subject could be so important to be called before him? – Paused. – However, as is our custom, I am here to hear what you have to say me and as always, at your service, Ikrimah Alzahara – paused for a moment remembering that the Emir did not approve of his interest in Layanah her daughter and looked Husam al Din to arrest.

- We are in 1905 Samir, nothing is as before, times have changed, I think until the winds of the desert no longer blow the same way or to the same side – paused for a moment to see if Samir understood his words and continued. – I’m old and the West’s progress in reaching the Black Gold in demand and increasingly pushes us into the desert – sighed deeply Alzahara.

He understood perfectly what he was talking about, had seen many foreign piercing the vast desert off the major cities with their large, noisy machines that ran up and down endlessly. Cities in turn they became permanent settlement to places other groups that gradually ceased to be nomads for the amenities that major centers offered them, nor noticed they were giving up to his freedom in exchange for a few dirhams and a wealth than ever could belong to them.

- So Samir, what I will tell you has been a secret for generations in our family, not the would betray if not deeply needed someone with his knowledge could help us – the Emir looked at him straight in the eye as if to read his deepest thoughts, but had nothing to hide, it was like an open book and easy to read between friends.

- Thousands of years ago there was a people who ruled these lands and the other across the ocean that bathes our shores and we now call Europe, the ocean was lower and fairly easy crossing – paused. – These people reigned sovereign for over 50,000 years and finally one day and one night all gone, just gone. Were swept in the world without leave traces that passed through here – Samir had heard that story hundreds if not thousands of times.

Not surprised at all and listened intently as it was common in night camps around the campfires at night tales about the old and his deeds, the great gleaming boats and golden temples. Some believed that still remained some cities buried in the Sahara desert, but nothing had been found so far. Moreover, by having studied in France knew the myths of submerged cities around the world. He turned his attention back to Husam and his father.

- As I said, it is our knowledge that there is a place that holds all knowledge of this civilization after being accidentally discovered some writings in a remote place here. It is believed that there are papyri, manuscripts, tools and objects that location … – Alzahara stood rubbing both hands as he walked slowly from one side to the other.

- Unfortunately the last one knew its exact location and it was kept secret, he has been dead for some time – paused the Emir.

- What we know is quite possible that with all this movement centered around oil the people of the West is very close to discovering this place, advancing by leaps and bounds and I fear that all we are not prepared for what’s in store always there, but Also we can not prevent it from being discovered, unless we do something to continue away from human eyes and hands until we can understand what it all means! – Stopped abruptly as if seeking inspiration to continue his narrative.

- It is necessary to anticipate us to find that place again, and this is the reason for his coming – concluded Alzahara.

At that time that Husam had also rising put his hand on my shoulder and slowly settled. – What my father is telling you Samir is that all those stories we heard are true and we are descendants of a people who have mastered all known land and by the will of Allah ceased to exist for us restart and restock with our seeds. But not before leaving saved all knowledge so that future generations could make use – Samir watched attentive to every word heard.

He looked at the two men without betraying everything what they said seemed deeper madness except for the fact that he himself was knowing that those people standing there do not make the effort to bring you this far to just you tell a fire wheel of history to the flavor of the night. Something else was hidden in that speech and intended to establish the facts as soon as possible.

Rose from a single impulse, he looked at both and decided it was time to enter the conversation. – My friends, although not see reason why this story is not true, I do not see how I can help them?
Husam and his father looked at each other and approaching the old Emir Samir took the floor and said with calm voice:

- Samir In time, in time! – This way moved away toward the exit of the tent and a right arm gesture opened the slot and left. A breath of fresh air came across the room and hugged him Husam fraternal way and before taking the same father of the way with a brief review confirmed who would be supper.

Samir remained there for a few minutes enjoying the beautiful decor, each tribe had its own character as if it were a brand, just as the Scots do today. In yet a pulse took a few more inviting olives and out putting them in the mouth in that walking to his horse. Needed to check on the mount, it was his best traveling companion and dependent he was fed and rested onward as soon as possible. Life in the desert did not admit mistakes and had lost many friends they have not bothered to take care of those who most needed the crossings, their own animals.

[]Alf Lailah Oua Lailah

It was customary to dinner early evening, not too late, but the right moment to socialize and it was time. Had spent the rest of the day taking care of my traveling companion, I had long had changed the languid walk camel for a thoroughbred horse of the Berber race spread across North Africa and the Middle East.

I had given him the name of al-qaum in honor of the god who protects wanderers and caravans, chose the color black because it is easier to identify on desert and harder to be noticed at night when the caravan thieves are more audacious.

All the talk I had heard in the morning, so it was surprising, at least the people who uttered, seemed a delusion, but it was unlikely that two people in such extreme positions and aged as opposed should suffer this evil collective madness! On the other hand it was still fascinating to imagine will be able to trace Arab history until Kush-Meroe at the time of the pharaohs, when the entire Maghreb was still a vast desolate wilderness, but no less important.

I knew long ago that people of Al-Maġrib or Amerruk how they wanted to call, known in the west as Morocco was part of a single people that extended from both sides of the Pillars of Hercules, Al-Andalus and Al-Gharb in South Spain and Portugal respectively neighbors directly front of his country.

As the only Atlantoaxial medierrâneos people being always known this common feature in the vast ocean outfall Atlantic with the great sea in the Mediterranean. For a moment he thought the narratives of Plato without giving it much thought, but found interesting literary proposal.

But to what extent it could be proved that there was a significantly advanced civilization and that there could still be traces of it after so many millennia? And what difference could make following the life that still, after all the time they were made new archaeological discoveries and nothing changed the course of humanity!

Now the second known by the few news out, Howard Carter whom he knew well because of their professional and academic activities, was about to achieve the dream sponsorship craved since the academic time to do excavations in Egypt in the tomb of demand Pharaoh Tutankhamun boy.

The all appearances in the last letter he had received from Carter, after recently sent you the board of La Martinière stone with hieroglyphic inscriptions, Lord Carnarvon an English patron who held a taste for adventure would be his sponsor. Samir wish the best of luck for the friend of the university days, he and Carter crossed several times during the period of study and seminars in Paris and London.

For a moment she wanted to be able to speak of archeology with old friend and know if he had obtained some progress in deciphering the Roman artifact with unknown inscriptions. The last time they met was just so Samir talk a bit more about their culture and Berber myths, Carter had a need to understand the Arab world as a whole and not limited by the existing borders.

He turned back to the latest thoughts. I had no idea how these answers as to what Ikrimah Alzahara had said even with the death of the only person who supposedly knew the location of these records could be achieved, on the other hand, if there were records that could prove these facts would great importance to the archaeological world and all humanity, greater perhaps than find the mummy of Tutankhamen or the ruins of Machu Piccu if it could rely on Charles Wiener information, the French explorer who claimed to have discovered the city mythical discovery in 1880 and still to be confirmed.

Samir was a Berber origin, had spent his entire childhood by Khourigba the streets of a town in central Morocco, like any child ran through every possible place and time or another left in a caravan with his father and uncles for upcoming trips, never some it was too time consuming, there was always the risk of a child becoming ill and delay the caravan or being kidnapped by robbers to be sold into slavery elsewhere, even primitive and abominable practice that continent.

In 1887 under the Sultanate of Muley Hassan was certain prosperity, because the Sultan had great sympathy for the West and tried to modernize the country he considered too late and lacked everything. In his view they had become so backward in relation to the West that could be considered “very primitive” by the way they lived and in that sense the Sultan made every effort to embrace this new order that would set.

It was then that Samir met Henri de La Martinière French archaeologist who until recently had sought to learn more about Walila-Volubilis Roman city in the third century BC near the holy city of Moulay Idriss and which had already been explored superficially since 1830 during the French conquest of Algeria, but only about 50 years after the actual excavation would start the hands of the archaeologist and Samir.

La Martinière prospectava sorry for all the cities that passed, but Khourigba decided to stay longer, there was very strong evidence that the “old” as the elders were called, could reveal what signified a stone tablet found near one of the forts the Roman building, with inscriptions who was unaware and which would be in fact. I had ever seen anything like it in books or other archaeological site that has news.

Meanwhile La Martinière needed a camel to go to the desert to talk to Hudhafah the old man who lived in the city’s outskirts about five miles and you might know some unknown history of the Berber people and it fell to me Samir, by order of his father guide you there. Along the way talked about the ancient city of Walila and how it was fantastic for the period it was made even today there were no parallels the exuberance of detail.

Walila was a city dug in the soil itself dating back to hundreds of years in the past, had been important both to the Carthaginians as to the Romans at different times, and as he listened to the French talk about the city and its particularities that advantage to insert an unexpected question I called soon caught the attention of small Berber.

- Tell me young Samir, which hopes to find life beyond the desert of loneliness? – Gave La Martinière.

Samir was surprised that this cultured man wanted to know more about it, it was not considered important and therefore was a bit astonished because I had never thought of it or had reason to believe, was happy in my way, but was bothered by not having a ready answer, even pleased.

- Never thought of it Monsieur Martinière. I think we will follow the footsteps of my father in caravans making the crossings and taking the trade between the towns – answered him.

Moreover, there was not much more than that to make, almost all men worked as guides or porters, women were in charge of the housework and the children apart from leather tanning to dye and sell.

- Maybe you can travel to ad-Dhar-al-Bayda that Monsieur known as Casablanca which is a big city where you can see the sea or Fès-Boulemane to work, perhaps to study the sciences of the world – complemented Samir unpretentiously, I knew his options were limited there.

The camels walked slowly and the sun was scorching, but allow ourselves a little stop to close the conversation.

- Well small Samir, I need a helper and get the information that I wish I can do it my assistant – pondered French. – I need someone to trust and have the opportunity to learn the art of excavation and revelation of what has been lost and must be found! It may be a new way to rewrite history! What do you think?

You can think of it at least? – He asked as the camels returned to walk slowly toward you Hudhafah house that you could already see on the horizon. Samir did not respond promptly, but nodded affirmatively with his head because soon after, arrived at their destination and Hudhafah the Elder, was sitting in his chair in front of the rustic and the White House under a balcony that interspersed some lined wooden sticks that alternated the sunlight and shade.

- Salamu aleikum, Hudhafah – Samir greeted the old that made just a nod without leaving the chair where he sat. Hudhafah had been an important soldier in the fight against the Spanish occupation thirty-five years before, but after the annexation lived as batter and desert guide, should tell now about some 85 years, most of them walking all over North Africa.

- Monsieur Martinière accompanying me and not speak our language are looking for someone who can read ancient writings and my dad thinks there is no one who knows better Al-Maġrib you Hudhafah. If you let him get off the camel your help will be rewarded – he finished Samir waiting for the old answer.

Again Old nodded his head affirmatively, it was noticed that he was a man of few words and as such remained so until Martinière settled into a chair that was ready at his side. Old known whether he spoke French, was known not shown signs that understand the questions that made him was when Samir decided to intervene in Berber language Darija or spend the rest of the day there without getting the answers they wanted.

- Monsieur Martinière I wonder if in their wanderings by Al-Magrib faced at some point with a type writing that he is showing or experiencing a construction may partially buried in the sand who owned large columns and arches belonging to the former. Any feedback is welcome – as Samir spoke La Martinière pulled a plank of stone with mysterious inscriptions – think you can help us? – We waited about two minutes for the answer while Hudhafah looked intently entries, and when found not to have this looked closely at La Martinière and said in French dragged:

- Oualili, you look Oualili … – looked Hudhafah now with a narrow look and mistrust. – Look Bled Takurart, there is your answer, but beware if you are not the one! – Ended the old and nothing was even said that asked.

Henri de la Martinière opened his eyes and stood up as fast as it was possible to do so, Samir impulse that followed his gesture with much distress saw his hand being squeezed repeatedly while the euphoric archaeologist said:

- He knows! He knows! Ask him if he’s been there, and the exact place? – Repeated thrilled.

Samir knew nothing at that time, because it seemed you were looking for one thing and this would be another, but it was not the case later when we were heading to Oualili knew it was one of the many names that Volubilis had besides Walila for passing the occupation so many people over time.

- We can not do anything it Martinière monsieur, I believe that we should withdraw, it would be very impolite if we stayed in place without being more welcome – we concluded Samir doing a greeting reverence for the old Hudhafah.

The two hours that followed were to return to Khourigba. The old soldier Berber information could be trusted, but did not know if they were looking for was in the lost city. Bled Takurart was one of the five fortresses of Volubilis and La Martinière knew the city also already called Oualili.

They did not know, but the reasons why the old man to go those ways as a young man and fought for the freedom of his people, now after so many years no longer made a difference, but his memory was still sharp and in a remarkable way to remember many details of life, was not the first time I spoke with Samir Hudhafah. From that moment after the events would see it with different eyes, no longer Hudhafah Old but Hudhafah the Berber warrior.

On the way back La Martinière hurried to spend more information to young Samir on Oualili, it was the same place where he had found the stone tablet with inscriptions and that was to the north, near Merknès in Moulay Idriss near Fès-Boulemane and discoursed as the conversation became more and more excited by what he heard, seemed coins jingling in his ears as my father would say. The French strategy to instill curiosity in the young Berber seemed to be working.

They returned to Khourigba already at dusk, as payments to Hudhafah Old left a thick blanket folded on the chair and some tea leaves of different flavors, was local custom gift the host when visiting someone far away and for which were not anticipated.

Back to reality, Samir found himself coming back into the tent of the Emir, had lost track of time with your thoughts, Husam waiting to sit down with them and initiate dinner.

Arranged on the table were various bowls with green, black and other more spicy olives along with Balbout on the other end was what foreigners termed – “assortiment of salades marrocaines” salads with a variety of vegetables ranging from zucchini, eggplant , tomatoes, beets, peppers, carrots and cucumber, all very healthy.

The essential Tajine – cooked lamb and vegetables accompanied by couscous – would be served as a main course and to finish, oranges with sugar and cinnamon, some almonds moistened with orange water complemented the delicious sweet and sour dessert. Throughout dinner the soft music of Bendir – a kind of tambourine with strings stretched over the surface to produce a unique and distinctive sound of Berber people – that in a corner of the tent soften the environment and the aridity of the desert, played by young women dressed of embroidered tulle and shiny satin.

We had spoken about everyday topics until time of thé à la menthe steaming finely decorated metal kettle was poured in glass cups rising to a considerable height so that the precious liquid spilled from the top to cool a little in the process the conversation took another turn.

The Emir spoke of Arab tales about the Djinn and the antics of these evil genies, flying carpets and the dispute between Ahura Mazda and Ahriman two gods fighting that appear in stories in material form and the spiritual. Showed material fight, Ahriman wanted to break into the sky, but was repulsed to hell; in spirit, Ahriman was the beginning of the dark, of disorder, of evil which in turn would be repelled by Ormuzd that uses lightning, god of light, order and good.

In spiritual form used as weapons, piety prayer, personified under the name Vohu Mano. Then we had the great Alf Lailah Oua Lailah, or the Thousand and One Nights and other similar stories as they are known in the West these Arab legends.

Ikrimah Alzahara began to approach the matter still open and that had been discussed in the morning. – You were the only one we know who had the opportunity to study in Western schools, moreover, it was the second most important person in the excavation of the Roman city Oualili along with that famous French archaeologist! – Concluded the Emir as he pulled a small folded parchment that was beside her on the floor under the table where We had dinner profusely.

- If you agree to help us Samir, here on this parchment will be the information to the secret that we have kept for thousands of years and will be yours to continue to preserve it away from the eyes and hands of those who will misuse this knowledge – The Emir pointed to a wooden box inlaid at his side. – What do you say Samir? – Complemented Alzahara.

Husam al Din silent and apprehensive Samir looked at with a grain of salt, but confident that the friend would accept and would not be disappointed for sure. The training as an archaeologist from the University of Paris began in 1890, at twenty under the auspices of his mentor Henri de la Martinière, that taking advantage of the great political instability that plunged into civil war, saw fit that his protege had a better fate than turn into another of the new government insurgent.

The result now obtained spoke louder than reason itself.

It was then that Samir stopped seeing his Layanah love, sister of Husam and interference destination’d lost forever. It was a price to pay for going out of their land towards the West. Curiosity about what was on the parchment seduced him as the most beautiful of the odalisques of the stories of Scheherazade. And with brief Samir words he hastened to accept.

- Emir Yes, it is my duty to preserve our culture and our secrets so that nothing may be lost in the future. Count me and my services now and always! – She sat with her head affirmatively.

The Emir handed him the parchment well folded, decorated with motifs of Arab culture on the outside, some looked older than he had ever seen, but he recognized them. Had some barely noticeable difficulty remove the parchment from the hands of the Emir strongly pressed in his two hands, I would say until unconsciously.

It showed that those who had fashioned hard work and care and that their content was certainly very valuable. Husam resumed word and a wide, warm smile greeted his friend with a Berber – All hamdu Lillah! – “Thank God”.

At that moment came the opening of the tent the youngest daughter of the Emir, Layanah, sister of Husam and latent desire to Samir, with a bowl of water in his hands and a piece of soap to the center so we could continue the ritual of washing hands as we had done at the beginning of the meal.

Not seen since the last visit to Husam will nearly two years and briefly, but it was inevitable not exchange complicity glances even though she was promised, it did, to the son of another Emir therefore beyond the reach of simple Samir. Had made choices and would have to live with them, be out of Khourigba to study had its price.

The Emir looking guess his thoughts interrupted him with the words: – Open the parchment when Samir alone, and the truth will be revealed to you! – And he withdrew followed by Layanah she looked with her black eyes quietly back over his shoulder as if he wished him a good night …

- Could not forget it is not Samir? – He turned quickly looking away from the princess while Husam spoke – I would love things to be different, you know, I consider it more than a friend, are above all brothers and nothing would give me more satisfaction than divide them family ties and blood, but by the will of Allah Almighty things are not well – pondered the son of the Emir.

- Maybe in a possible future life you can still reserve some pleasant surprise – concluded Husam looking him firmly in an attempt to comfort him.

I knew the feelings of the friend by his sister since meeting at source years ago, and his party also had never hidden her it would be almost impossible that union. I would not be honest or honorable friend as feeding him false hope.

- How about this whole Husam? Is there a real thing? The subject is so important that you need this mystery all wrapped and away from the eyes of the world? – Samir asked with the intention of evaluating the sense peculiar to him.

- Let us make the following my friend, bring the scroll with you and when you just open it and see what’s inside. If you think it’s not worth just leave it on the table I’ll take care of even return it to my father, otherwise we will go out in the morning at dawn – finished embracing him fraternally.

- We will leave? – Asked the surprised young traveler.

- I did not think would come out on the adventure of a life alone is not Samir? – He laughed as he left the tent door which was now empty. So did Samir and retreated toward his quarters. The sky was starry, celestial mantle covered the whole desert and unlike the big cities the absence of light allowed to see the grandeur of that sky.
A gentle breeze was cold but clear.

Further up there was the moon of the Arabs with that little shiny and tenuous thread that looked like the faint smile Alice Cat, one of the first books he, Berber, had the opportunity to read when he discovered the wonders closed the shelves of libraries.

The knowledge could become entrapped on the shelves of a library with the Sainte-Geneviève in the Paris between the iron columns created by Labrouste, or the British Library with the millions of items that are available to the most curious minds.

Nothing could be more exciting than traveling in the pages of a book as he had done so many times before, unless your work considered even gratifying that now and then like to venture out on other distant and unknown places…

A little farther on the edge of a dune was Layanah silhouette being caressed by azure shadows, looking at the same sky it. He walked slowly toward her, Layanah remained back still as Samir approached quietly weaving her arms around her body.

- Samir Oh, my love! Not bear to know that I was here and I could not feel the warmth of his arms – Layanah was panting and trembling.

- I traveled for you my beloved Layanah, nothing would make me cross the desert sands as far away from home … – Samir turned it over and kissed her passionately.

Layanah consented to his entire body and cuddled up as much as you can in the arms of your beloved. Ali, now lying in the sand time seemed to have stopped, the silence of the desert whispered kind words to the two lovers as they searched not get noticed.

Downstairs, after the dunes the campfires crackled making a play of shadows as odalisques in a primitive dance, peace reigned everywhere where they could look up to the sky was accomplice of this relationship that was doomed to not be fulfilled and moon with her sly smile still watching them closely.

The two entwined lovers wanted to be more than the actual eternity of life itself, and without haste began to rediscover the secrets of their bodies. If there was a way of time would need to be stopped now! Either before or after…

[]Chapter II

[] Samir Ziaul-Haq of Khourigba

Last night with Layanah was the reason that led him to the Emir of the camp, but could put his friendship with Husam a risk not to mention the wrath to cause the father of the princess, but no regrets, the daughter of Emir corresponded to him in your feelings and at the time was only what mattered.

Samir already lost once when with the consent of his father accompanied Henri de la Martinière to Oualili to try to find what was left of Bled Takurart fortress, the initial excitement of following the French had turned into obsession with archeology and more later would take him to Paris under the Martinière care that would become her guardian abroad.

It was long enough and needed to sent back up for Layanah with an innocent kiss that love between them was sealed for life, and so it would be if there were no intervention Ikrimah Alzahara, the Emir of all the countries where I rode. It hurt him deeply that Alzahara will not consider height of his daughter, and there he was serving his request without question, on the other hand did not want to extend his displeasure to childhood friend Husam al Din.

The tanned and smooth camel leather pants that covered Samir skin was very comfortable gift from his sister and used it not only because it was great to ride, but also because it brought back the memory of people who loved and did not see them as many times as you like.

After the encounter of love with Layanah both had retired to his quarters, the previous night’s sleep was deep and restless, by the way, had taken much to wake up not knowing for sure why it happened, was a light sleeper and usually when he slept in the desert during the camps in recent trips between ad-Dhar-al-Bayda and Khourigba was aware of the robbers.

It was not very common to see lions or leopards in the region, but also would be nothing new if they appeared, therefore the attention was always redoubled. He had opened the old parchment that the Emir had given him, did not even know of their content, tiredness had spoken louder and after the sumptuous dinner so friendly company and the memory of his beloved saw no reason to delay a good night’s sleep that expected to enjoy, to not raise suspicions of his affair on the outskirts of the camp.

Perhaps dreaming of Layanah and her long, straight hair and black eyes as pearls has distracted her sleep. Layanah was part of her dreams since she was younger, and whenever I could enjoyed his company at times when he could return to Khourigba, although the studies to oblige constantly to be absent because of Martinière’s efforts to make it a West of man, as a very “civilized” Berber as he liked to point out. – There were 15 years of many ups and downs! – I thought …

But he had a deep respect for one French man without the had instructed the Western sciences ace their expense without asking something in return that was not dedicated to studies and the sharp mind to all possibilities.

The caravan of Ikrimah Alzahara follow towards Marrakesh, a short stop in Ahl Souss had the sole purpose to welcome you to the previous night’s conversation. Much had been said about the tribes of Al-Magrib, but little had also been said about what Samir really thought. The whole story was told very mysterious and despite the curiosity about the parchment content had better find preserve a bit of expectation for the day was beginning.

Just do not understand why the name Christine echoed in his mind since he had opened his eyes and sprawled on the skin soft and warm sheep on the tent floor. Not remember having met anyone with that name, but for some unknown reason he remembered he had felt during sleep the sweet odor of Zingara, the scent of love and desert.

On the other hand it was not worth wasting much time rambling about something that did not fully understand at the time, and the blame would probably be the eventful night with so many images that most did not even remember, but next trip we did like to visit British Museum, was within its range of places to meet, not least because, as an archaeologist was part of “curriculum” transit through places that concentrated inside relics and artifacts collected from all over the world and that somehow rewrote the history of man in the last 10,000 years.

Husam was already in place and to look at his face, with some impatience ranted and shaking hands two men who apparently accompany us anywhere that hitherto had no idea what would be. Let alone the way to go.

- Salamu Aleikum, Husam! I see you woke up and you’re ready for the walk – told him presenting me with the disposition of those who start the trip as soon as possible.

- Wa Salam Aleikumu, Samir! – Greeted me with both arms extended and hands firmly supported on my shoulders – need to hurry my friend, time is short and I fear that our trip is longer and time-consuming than it would – became Husam as he turned to look at knights who accompany.

I noticed then that the camp had been broken and that little was left in place, apparently the Emir had left much earlier than supposed, but it was not for him to speculate on Husam’s father’s decisions, even though they are friends and the respect with which he had ever been received in his dominions, had no relationship, moreover, because the intentions as the Layanah were visible even to a blind man, if I may say so, and somehow displeased Ikrimah Alzahara.

Samir could not know that Layanah had defied his father that morning onward with his brother and his friend, but was conducted with an iron fist for riding under the close view of the Emir who appointed two guards to escort her.

To Layanah distraught over his father’s attitude only left him in tears, resign themselves to their future promised to a man she did not love. But the sweet taste of almonds with cinnamon and a touch of orange that had been on his lips when she kissed passionately Samir the night before, would accompany her throughout the journey.

- And where exactly we, Husam? – He asked Samir pretension.

- By Allah Almighty! If you do not know Samir, no one on Earth will know the face! – Husam replied with an astonished air as if trying to figure out just mocked him or spoke the truth.

Samir watched him intently for a moment and returned to the subject: – I have no idea what you’re talking about, Husam. I thought there was a place, a map or anything to take us to the place that his father mentioned in the conversation we had! – He waited while riding the horse.

Husam shook his head from side to side and continued negative: – We may not have expressed in the best way for their understanding of the causes and effects of what follows – paused – You did not open the parchment is not it? – He asked with some disappointment.

- No, not open. I did not consider it to be essential for us to make the trip open it ready … – Told him the Berber directly.

- Let the following Samir! – Resumed Husam al Din – we need to go through Beni Mellal in order to get more provisions and prepare for the great hiking in the meantime I will try to explain you everything I know about the parchment and where you and only you fit in this situation – and a come back walked over to the two men who already were waiting in the holding mounts his horse.

One was Rasil Samima of his own tribe and devoted knight, the other was Thorya descendant of the ancient Arab tribes of the Assassin and also great rider. Samir did the same and without delay went to the city of Beni Mellal in the Arabic language.

Baniy Milāl is a city not far from where they had camped the night before, situated at the foot of the mountain Tassemit in Beni Amir plain between the mountains of the Middle Atlas and the Tadla plain. Arrive at dusk and certainly could stay overnight somewhere as well as serve as a good hot meal, but this time without the captivating presence and black Layanah eyes.

The city where she has been more than once by the proximity of Khourigba should not have more than 20,000 residents, remembered the summers are very hot and very cold winters because of its location, but it was still a place very nice and was one of the most thriving in the country.

Suddenly his thoughts turned to the mysterious name of Christine while Husam also matched his horse Berber as was the custom, but dapple, was neither black nor white, but spotted. Briefly bothered him other than the name of your loved one that was in his thoughts, but turned back to the horses.

They were proud of the horses, as dating back to prehistoric times and many had been played in cave paintings. The Romans more than 2,000 years have called them horses from Barbary, they were robust and strong as the people who inhabited these lands. Really magnificent animals and loved riding them was their sense of freedom. He thought about it very quickly while trying to pay attention to the words of Husam.

- It was no coincidence that the call Samir, was more out of necessity and because no one else in 250 years that the parchment is in the power of the big Emirs, has tried the open – looked at me intently as he spoke.

- We try often Samir, knowing what it meant all this time, all you tried! But no one could know what it really meant until we find ourselves in the fountain when we were kids and I introduced him to my father – he said as he ran his hand through the horse’s mane as to caress him.

- But it’s just a scroll, I do not see what the difficulty in translating it unless it is in a language we do not have knowledge in scientific circles. Only I did yesterday because of the tiredness! – Samir told him as she sighed without tells you the truth hidden in the words. The son of the Emir laughed as long not seen, laughed like a child.

- Not old friend, you are mistaken! Noes and is “just a scroll”, it is your fate, perhaps all of us and that can open the knowledge of what has been and what is yet to come! – I spoke with much enthusiasm.

- Let me tell you what I know and understand me, and I will only tell you exactly what I saw and what it told me – Husam al Din paused to breathe a little deeper and continued.

- In 1775 as you are aware there was an earthquake that hit not only our country but also across Europe. Among the cities that suffered the most was the one that had the Volubilis fortress we know as Walila hitherto almost intact from the way the conquerors had built for nearly 1600 years to prevent the Berbers of the expel – continued Husam.

- When the great tower of Bled Takurart collapsed by the violence of the tremors and after everything calmed down this cataclysm people have looked to look for survivors and for that reason began to dig everywhere, even below this Roman tower called Tocolósida – Husam He spoke and gestured vehemently as if he had actively participated in the whole process of excavation.

- It was that time of excavations that found the great stone lid that had plowed all her inscriptions that still does not know the meaning, except those that might be associated with the people of Egypt and to my knowledge, there were few …

- Samir hurried to stop, knew Bled Takurart, had been there, after all Egyptian tombs in Morocco was at least one child mistake, even for those who were not versed in the art of archeology.

- I understand that they have uncovered a grave at random and unfortunate account of an earthquake under the rubble of Takurart, Husam, but in no way could be Egyptian, because if they would have been one of the most significant archaeological finds in history and without previous! I understand my friend? – She looked at him intently.

- They were never found any evidence of Egyptian culture in a location other than the location from which they originate own, so, dear friend, think it’s a mistake I comment on his account! – Stressed with a light reproachfully. It put to the test my knowledge and archaeological training and in no way would be challenged!

Husam apparently amused with the conversation, it was almost impossible not to notice that slight introspective smile peculiar to him. – I knew you’d say that Samir, but that’s where the question comes up that people have always inhabited the lands where he still lives, or originates from elsewhere which completely unknown? – He looked at me curiously and continued…

- We made many efforts after she came to the conclusion that no one had succumbed in the ruins of Bled Takurart, but it was necessary to know what was this building that had surely been denied to you look humanity purposely, because those who built the wall knew she exist and there would be forever! And during this process found the parchment… – ended with a vehement break and clenched fist in the air.

The story obviously had a veracity fund, Husam was not to invent truths which could not corroborate them with tangible evidence, had been through this many years ago when they made the first long distance race horses and even though none of them has won, it was assigned the courage to be confronted and killed Namira leopard devouring the sheep and goats of the shepherds.

For years the wild beast decimated flocks, to the anger of creators and for horse racing beast rushed over Husam out of a crack in the rugged rocks of the mountains that were the route of the Wind Rush. Husam was fortunate the animal has brought down his horse and not himself, but had the misfortune to have fallen at the same time or so left to face the leopard killer hog sheep could and wanted to devour men also apparently, and when it is lowered close to the ground almost dragging his belly in the desert sand, head down, tail a very smooth lateral movement as one waits for the right time, jumped on the young Husam who was still lying on the floor.

Luck was present and the flight meticulously calculated by leopard ended in a sharp and painful roar at the tip of the dagger, a gift from his father days before, and was now on his right hand under the body has already fainted the beast that weight pressed the sharp edge cord from her leg from which flowed hot blood mixed with that of her attacker.

Husam had managed to ride again after the animal had recovered from the shock and attack that felled, and with some difficulty reached the finish line long after the race was over. His concerned father and seeing the sorry state in which the child was in injuries attributed to robbers who very quickly put his head to such award, which left Husam in utter dismay the lack of credibility in their actions.

That night and with his horse, went back to where he lay still property Namira the devourer leopard men, so it seemed to him as a moment would have been your main meal, if the luck and skill had not intervened, and with the calm of one who writes a letter removed all the skin of the animal and not satisfied anointed his body with the blood of the beast.

Dawn was breaking when he arrived at camp Ikrimah Alzahara and began to listen to the increasingly loud voices in that Husam entered through the camp, on the horse there he was red with blood of the ferocious beast with skin on his shoulders.

It was an unforgettable scene and why many conversations in the following years on wheels campfires with friends, it was the things that Samir missed most in the long years who had been away from home to complete his studies in Paris. Subsequent months that he served in Cairo, where he met Carter did not do it a specialist in Egyptology, but he knew enough so that it could assess that Husam information could not be correct.

- Phoenician perhaps not Egyptian! – High thought so that Husam was startled.

- As well Phoenician? – Shouted Husam pulling strongly the reins of his horse to stop next to Samir almost preventing its passage – I’m telling you that this tomb, or whatever it is are the people of Kemet “Black Land” as was said previously and now call Egypt. And not only has symbols of other places as well that are not from this part of the world, but that which is West of our continent … – Husam nodded as he turned the horse’s head with the help of the reins and put in motion again side by side, relatively quiet, at least it seemed.

- Look Samir, fate would have it the parchment fall into our hands and that it be delivered and yet you have the unopened know that inside is written that belongs to Samir Ziaul-Haq (Light of Faith) of Khourigba.

- Do not know about you, but I know of no one with that name, either before and probably no later … – finished Husam.

A light went on in Samir mind. – Who was the guardian of parchment who died recently while the map to where we should be heading? – Asked Husam.

- Hudhafah, Old! That we visited sometimes to listen to his Desert soldier stories – nodded Husam. Samir remembered very well Hudhafah and visit with Henri de la Martinière and the impression it had been the old Berber warrior. I knew now for what reason he and his mentor had been forbidden to excavate these ruins in 1889, almost 15 years ago.

- Tell me Husam, because the Old reason had to hand over parchment to me? – Asked Samir visibly curious.

Husam amused with his friend’s questions. – You have not understood is not Samir? He did not ask to deliver to you, your name is written on parchment, with more than 250 years … – concluded Husam al Din.

The Berber took to assimilate that information, because between one thing and another had distracted me to again feel the scent of Zingara. But it was crossing an arid region that not undergrowth had therefore nothing there could have a smell so pervasive and so similar that aroma that can be justified. I had to again take control of what was happening before thought it was going crazy, or rather were trying to drive him mad! They had arrived at their destination that day Beni Mellal.

- Look Husam! – Slowly he said as he stopped the horse and dismounted in front of the stable where they would be under the Blacksmith care that night – I do not see how anyone could have left a message for a person who just born 250 years later, so I think it was someone Contemporary time of the device and that most likely would be responsible for taking care of this object! I see no other answer to this, just coincidence and coincidence are there to match right? – Nodded slightly annoyed.

Husam came a little more where Samir was and with the serenity of a monk put his hand on her shoulder heading for the exit of the stall and as they walked said:

- What if I told you that that construction can have more time construction than the actual pyramids of Egypt? – Exchanged silent glances briefly.

- May not be possible, it would not be possible! – Argued – must see this scroll, we have to go Walila before anything. If there are answers certainly we will find them there! – He paused, looked at Husam and asked him one last question.

- Husam, his father had something to do with the ban on excavations at Bled Takurart and French when I went there 15 years ago? – Samir was seriously considering the failure and disappointment of Henri de la Martinière, her protector in such decode the stone tablet found in Volubilis and kept until his death had been frustrated for failing to do the digging. Husam al Din thought it best to postpone this conversation.

- Samir In time, in time! – Already finished somewhat tired not only the trip as the subject that somehow became inappropriate. Samir was smarter than he looked, always knew. And thus he moved away from together with his two riders.

The rest of the evening spoke as always had been, did not address the issue until more because of the two riders who accompanied them since early morning and had been appointed by the Emir for the escort safely solves the paths that follow.

The fact that they are only two was just not to raise any suspicions about the destination, many knew that the parchment existed and was holder may map a great treasure and it seemed the importance of their lives was relative, since no one could predict where they could see the fatal blows, but was expected to have problems while traveling.

On the other hand if they had not followed the earlier, there was no reason for them to do so now. After the sleep dinner arrived as soon as they both lay on the bed of straw on wooden sleepers gradually I felt the Zingara perfume ever closer, was intoxicating…

Outside two figures in black clothes under turbans hiding in the shadows looking at the room where Samir Berber was installed. The half-light view from the window was soon erased and also plunged into darkness, one of the men in the shadows climbed on a horse that was hidden in the back and galloped while the other rode a vigil with the intention of not losing sight young travelers.

Karl Haushofer would not forgive any of his supporters if their orders were not followed to the letter and the watchful shadow was not about to disappoint him, the “Brothers of Light”, the secret society very soon would meet with the order of “Masters the Black Stone. “ This would be the first step to establish the new order and it would need to find out what the Berber knew about the parchment.

[]Chapter III

[] The Masters of Black Stone

Samir woke up early the next day and rushed to open the scroll, needed at least disprove the hypotheses raised by friend Husam. Disposed on the bed was that piece of aged leather, much older sure what his friend had told him, perhaps 2000 years at least. Not average more than two feet on each side, was symmetrically square and cut with knife, you could see the marks even at the edges.

The center positioned themselves three points had already seen them in other places and there was comparatively it was the constellation of Orion. I used to see such symbolisms that were often attributed to various gods especially Sumerians. I had no idea why it was there, on the left one Egyptian God Ra figure nicely painted albeit worn, occupied almost half of that side, down some type of writing unknown.

At the bottom written in archaic Portuguese was “Ba Lost City of Hallou, Draa Valley, Ziz Valley, close to the Gorges of Mharech in northern Ramlia. Follow the stars to Assaka “. Who had written what he had done in 1572. Right next door there was a list of several names some were unfamiliar, but interspersed among them recognized some personalities from the history books, that strange: – Pomponius Mela, Tingentera, Theodotus Vero, Volubilis, Waraqa bin Nawfal, Hira – read for you same, the list was huge and the second last name was Rui de Sousa Carvalho, Magazão, knew who the history of his country, the Hero Magazão, in the century XVI.

Just below was the name of Samir Ziaul-Haq, Khourigba. – At least strange! – She exclaimed.

The letters and dialects were different in each name, although alternately alongside each also had several dates, possibly matching the time of each of them, the penultimate corresponded to 1570 next to the Tangier captain’s name and Magazão as was called Rui de Carvalho de Souza during the Portuguese possession of Amerruk. Only one who looked like his name was outstanding, would Hudhafah Old purposely inscribed his name on that list? If so, for what purpose? Samir thought.

There were more names on parchment but some had been overwritten by newer, yet if some of the names who were there were the characters imagined, that scroll was part of human history and had passed through many illustrious hands, some lit maybe.

But of all what only seemed the Portuguese conqueror had written something on parchment footer, the more they all boiled down to three points at the center and several broken lines with different colors piercing the center of each and that at some point crossed each other . Whether it was the constellation of Orion did not know, but the layout was the same as known in archaeological books and paintings.

He closed the scroll and hurried to find Husam who should be waiting for you. Down a small wooden staircase quietly, sat down at a table and waited tapping his fingers on the table, the waiter came over and poured her hot black coffee, some breads were served together, but Samir not He ate them. Within moments Husam al Din sat at his smiling face.

- Good morning Samir! How are we today? I hope you slept well? – Scooped smiling.

- By Allah Husam, three questions early in the morning? – Samir smiled – I’m fine, a night of well-deserved sleep – the corner of the room where the meal were two tall men appearing Germanic descent remained silent without if they were noticed.

- Read the scroll, Samir? – Husam asked curiously.

- We cannot waste time is not my friend? Yes opened this morning and I confess that I was both surprised and confused! – Samir nodded while his friend eagerly ate and sipped hot coffee.

Husam was more portly and it was natural that needed more energy, thought.

- see my friend, this is a very ancient parchment, I need some names on that long list going back at least to 2000 years ago, but I think that can be very Oldest the printed Egyptian symbol on it – paused as he savored the coffee, one of the Germans hastened to stretch his back in his chair holding a newspaper as one that absorbed the news, but what interested him even was a conversation between the two Berbers.

- Other names had never seen and even overlap the oldest, the second last name of that list is the Captain of Tangier, as you know was important figure in the siege of Al-Djadīda, as we know it in 1562 facing the Muley Mohammed troops and the Sultan his father Abdallah el-Ghalib, was a bloody war that the Arab side were about 150,000 warriors and the others were little more than 500 men – paused as he took a sip of coffee and looked around.

- The result is that two months later and 25,000 Arab soldiers killed and 117 Portuguese on the other hand, broke camp and then came his name as Magazão Hero or Al-Djadīda in our language. – Samir stopped briefly – to what is known of the history Captain would have been badly burned and perhaps mutilated because of this war, but would only die in 1573 in other conflicts, so if we start from the principle that are the same person is very remarkable and this scroll was in his possession for some time, but could not tell you for how long – finished making room for Husam speak.

- Samir Yes, I know the history, we have heroes on our side too! – He hastened to say that he was proud of his Arab lineage.

But Samir paused with his hand. – If we talk about historical differences brother, will be better than now, heed the facts and I placed the artifact at a time, just that – Samir imposed his will to take the conversation only to what in fact should interest.

- Yes, yes Samir sorry, I got carried away! – Husam smiled, it was impossible not catch him – but what else found out about the rest? – He nodded.

- Well, for some unknown reason the Captain of Tanger was also the one who wrote on parchment other things than the name itself is that it was he himself who wrote the example of mine who did not write it, but it’s there! – He sighed briefly.

- I know how to get to the “Lost City” of Ba Hallou, which is not too lost, was made some excavations in that area, is a walled town and abandoned, accessible by paths Zagora bind Taouz for Tafraoute Sidi Ali, Ramlia and Ouzina – waited for nothing Husam said. One of the mysterious men at another table quietly made some notes protected by his companion who was pretending to read the newspaper.

- Otherwise there is not much more to talk about except for the three points which seem to center the constellation of Orion, at least in the mood they are in, but it’s just supposition. From everything I saw just did not understand the symbol of Ra and where it might fit – Samir thought for a while as he looked at Husam – what the parchment has to do with the story you told me about Bled Takurart, the Tocolósida tower? – Thoughtfully waited his friend’s response.

- I’m not sure, but people who have seen it think it is related to the large tomb, has the same symbols and the parchment was found there among some stone blocks that collapsed during the earthquake – concluded with a shrug.

- In any case it’s time to leave, it will take at least ten days to reach the “Lost City”! will we! – She said Samir rising toward the bedroom to pack up and down as fast as possible. Meanwhile Husam paid to stay and meals, but not before noting that the Germans had left hurriedly toward the door, apparently were not guests and could very well be some of those who left shot in the horse the night before.

His room was next to the Samir and was in the habit always to go without turning on the lights, desert people custom, no point where is the darkness! But noticed they were not alone, knew that his two riders were downstairs on guard and not worth bothering Samir, after all it needed a good night’s sleep and hoped that his father, the Emir, had not realized the escape of the two lovers last night.

The next two weeks were a lot of horseback riding and milder conversations between the two Berber, occasionally stretched the conversation for riders who accompanied them, but when they reviewed the plans to reach Ba Hallou preferred to do it alone. Two days before arriving at the destination during the preparations to become one of the riders camp realized they were followed by six other horses about two miles away.

Husam thought he should warn his friend.

- See Samir, since we left Baniy Milāl as he liked to speak in Berber, I suspected that we were being followed and just confirm that there are six riders two miles from here to follow us at least five days, but do not approach. I thought I should know! – Samir looked at him with a certain wit.

- Yes Husam, since we left the inn that morning being followed, I think those two gentlemen who were in the same room that we should be in that caravan – Samir that brushed the horse stopped and looked into his friend’s eyes – We are Berbers do not let ourselves easily catch! – They laughed in unison with plenty of taste – I trying to protect him all this time! Now I remember why I like you so much Samir! – Said Husam al Din laughing louder this time.

[]The Lost City

Hasi Ba Hallo arrived at the fortress that was built on the plateau where they form some mountains and its position was strategic in the past, also protected the Mharech Oasis and its Well Lost in the Plateaux Nou Haouar.

Today a shadow of the greatness that had once been. Samir had been there about seven years ago in search of artifacts that could date to the period of the Saracen wars, there were made the control passage of the caravans which was almost mandatory and could be seen from a distance the enemy raids, the site was known since prehistoric times because of its easy access as fortification, but as almost impregnable fortress.

But at this point of the trip, did not even know where to start, the sun threatened to disappear on the horizon at any time and would much rather do any kind of operation the next morning.

One thing was certain! They have a privileged view of his followers and it was enough time for him. Settled comfortably in one of the ridges between the rocks and made camp, insisted in a fire that could be seen in the distance, it would attract the attention of those who wanted to know where they were, the better, had the advantage of being a high for any misfortune it could happen.

The caravan with the six men had stopped closer to the Lost City, but one of the flanks where the visibility was poor view angle where was the fire they saw in the distance and belonging to the Berber who followed two weeks ago, the fatigue of the Germanic It was visible.

Husam Samir and spied a few hundred meters, the fire of artifice had worked well. Husam told Rasil the knight who accompanied him, to stand guard on that side and let you know if anything changed that scenario, Thorya the Assassin was in charge of feeding the fire at the other end of the fortress.

Both Berbers waited several hours for all the lower camp were more relaxed and with the silence of the desert sands It dragged the closest they could and waited to hear what was said, could be that they could “hunt” something in air. – Herr Haushofer had news today about the arrival of the Kaiser already in Morocco and will try to overturn the Anglo-French alliance in this country.

The Russians are also not well with the revolution, it may encourage the Society! – Speaking in German in a very serious tone the man who seemed to command the group.

- Then the Kaiser Wilhelm II will be with the Sultan in Tanger in the coming days, it will be a good sign if we can expel the French and English this territory and expand the areas of the Black Stone Masters – commented the second in command. It was easy to see that there was a hierarchy in that group that undoubtedly was military, but what could they want with two Berbers in the desert? Samir thought.

- I’m tired of so much sand just want to go back to Berlin! – Said another while doing a greeting with a mug in his hand and was joined by everyone else – if not then we find that damn box the desert will eventually kill us, as he did with Fritz and Luther. I did not like having to bury them here. We should have killed the Berbers a week ago! – Concluded the German leading to mouth mug will let excessive drinking to flow into his chest by the two corners of the mouth. Samir saw fit them to leave, his German was not good, but he had heard enough addition could be discovered.

They returned to camp, but the sentry remained looked the Germans, at least now knew where they came from not only knew what they wanted, after all it was such a society? Samir thought. And what would be the Masters of the Black Stone? I never heard of any of them, but also been able had little contact with the outside world, by choice of course, but now saw that it was a mistake.

It was outdated in many things, especially when it came to changing boundaries between countries and their was tired of being the backyard of others, just needed to be dominated by the Germans in the future!

In accordance with Husam camp I did not understand anything because I did not understand another language other than the French or the Berber language Darija anticipated asking for Samir.

- So Samir, what they said those creatures of the night? – She waited with curious look.

- Well Husam, the little understood are looking for a box to give to someone who will be with the Sultan in Tanger in the coming days, I think belonging to a type of society called Masters of the Black Stone, I have no idea what that is, but are unhappy with the passing of things, it seems that two of them died because of the desert heat in recent days – paused to look Husam who nodded everything Samir told him – oh yeah! They plan to kill us also when they reach the goal! – Samir smirked.

- Allah be praised! I thought the whole trip would be boring! – Husam did not hold back and the two friends laughed quietly, but intimately knew they were in danger of death – let sleeping friend, tomorrow we will have a long day ahead in exchange overnight, we know that for now we are hunting, but the From tomorrow we will be hunters!

Samir turned to the side and fell into a deep sleep, dreaming expected with Christine as the previous nights, needed to know more about it. First saw Christine’s face in your dreams, clear skin and soft very different from yours and Layanah his beloved, well-defined and outlined lips, but needed to know more of the woman who haunted his dreams for weeks! His blue eyes were like topaz, topaz and knew those eyes were mesmerizing, but she spoke to him.

- I am Samir Ziaul-Haq because dream of you every night? – Tried to speak to him in the dream, it was the first time he had thought of that. Christine just smiled at him with a light that was itself. His sleep was interrupted by the traveling companion who stood guard, was the time to stand sentinel, the night was cold. In the morning everyone was willing, but barely slept that could influence the group’s spirits so the faster they thought what they were looking faster could leave this place that was like possessed by evil spirits, was so harsh that almost everyone avoided him.

- Good morning Husam! I think we should try to decipher why we are here as soon as possible, just do not know what to look for! – I said a little annoyed.

- Good morning Samir! What a night! – Muttered Husam al Din.

- Well, if you do not know what or what to look much less I know, but we can see the parchment again and try to find out together! – Sat close to Samir with a hot cup of coffee in hand.

The scroll was being opened on the ground when Husam put his hand over Samir and prevented him from continuing, Samir looked at him with surprise. – I need to know who is Christine, Samir. Do not hold me, please, I’m your friend and I need to know for the sake of Layanah.

Samir took the hand of the parchment and laid on the stone behind him. – Do not know who is Husam, but would like to know too! – He said looking at his friend carefully and baffled trying to figure out how he could know Christine and like nothing was revealed to him decided to ask – how did you know Husam? – He waited.

- During the night you call for her Samir, the first time I thought it was nothing, but it happens every night – Husam did not feel safe with what he said, he thought his friend was not being sincere.

- You know I love your Husam sister, and for the world to trade, do not have eyes for anyone else, though he promised to another, but something is happening, when I sleep I dream of Christine during the day feel your scent without there is something nearby, sometimes I think I’ll go mad. – Samir did not know the truth Husam’s father would not allow him to tell and for now would be best.

Already had the answer he wanted other issues were more urgent, another time they would talk more about it, but not now. – Well my friend, I believe you, let’s get down to business! Open this map and see what we have! – Said Husam.

- I do not know if it’s a Husam map! – And they both laughed heartily.

- Well here we have written what I told you in the page footer, which showed us come to this place the Lost City of Ba Hallou on this side here we have the figure of Ra the Egyptian god with the written entirely unaware – Samir pointed to the finger to the left side of the leather parchment now fully stretched on the ground – this other side we have the names and the dates, I suppose the hands of all by which this scroll has passed, but I could be even wrong that my name is on the list and I in him, so it is a very plausible hypothesis.

And finally we have the three points that we look more closely we see that already had the star shape and now seem only points on aging skin, but my gut tells me that is the constellation of Orion! – Samir Husam waited for a ruling.

- And where it falls to that box that we do not know what it is, but our unfriendly fellow travelers who are chasing us think we’ll find? – Asked Husam.

Samir had forgotten that detail, the box! – I do not know, hitherto not seen anything in this scroll that pointed me any artifacts! – Concluded while both looked at the map. Samir stepped forward:

- Split into two groups and look for clues that might lead us to any other track, or we will have to give up. And thus divided into two groups, with one of the knights Husam Samir and with each other, they would meet to the end of the day, or earlier if they found out something relevant.

It took days of searching for something that could be considered hint of why would be there, however, nothing was found. The walls before robust and insurmountable were a shadow of yesteryear, only ruins. Everywhere there were skeletons of housing construction, ceramics matches were played everywhere, in others only the desert sand covered everything that was possible.

The Germans had remained at a comfortable distance and not compromise; they tried to give the impression that they were an independent exploration, but at no time approached the Berber camp. On the evening of the fifth day and already exhausted, the Berbers explorers decided to decouple the highest peak of the fortress.

In some aspects Samir imagined that in other times like a Gothic building lost in the desert, a ghost fortress. “What stories could tell that place in case the walls could talk?” I thought only for you.

The two friends were sitting and leaning against the only wall still standing strong on the top and to the extent that the sun was setting realized that the horizon was becoming increasingly tenuous. Husam was the first to break the silence.

- Well, there’s nothing here worth our time, if there is so well hidden that neither Allah himself would find! – Shook hands with the dust that were left in camel leather hunting.

- You have this Husam there? Samir pointed with his chin to the skyline.

- At where? In the great Atlas? – Looked on with some difficulty the silhouette of the mountain range that now was almost in the shadows of twilight – no, never! I’ll always more to the other side, my father’s business are not here – nodded.

- There are the Middle Atlas, High Atlas and Anti-Atlas, some say Rife and the Tell Atlas where is the Lalla Kadidja lot is also part of the range, but do not know if it’s true – said Samir as he pointed to the peaks almost faded on the horizon.

- Are of the highest summits of Africa and those three form … – Samir stopped briefly taking the pocket quickly scroll and extending it to its front.

- That’s it! They are the stars of Orion! – Spoke with excitement – are the mountains of the Atlas! Here Toubkal the highest peak, here the al-Atlas as-Saghir and at this point the Middle Atlas, if we follow the lines that cross past the peaks to the Rife and then back by Lalla Kadidja – pointed with his fingers the points covering the lines that interconnected on parchment – it puts us right where starts this line! – Samir hit both hands against one another.

- Then we have nothing to look for here? – Asked Husam astonished at what his friend had said – if you’re right we do now? – Samir again folded the parchment containing the map and put in a safe place.

- We leave today to dusk without our friends see us, we will leave enough wood to burn all night that will keep them entertained – Samir and Husam down the wall in ruins as they spoke – but you must send one of the riders to warn his father that we for Atlas also will be better if we get some reinforcements, most likely “our friends” down there will not like being deceived! – Scooped as they reached the camp.

Night had already fallen when the Berbers was set in motion slowly so as not to arouse suspicion in the German camp, the fire crackled with enough firewood to burn for most of the night as planned, it would be the advantage to have after that was having an luck if they could hide their tracks.

The Rasil Samima who had accompanied Samir in the search for the inner fortress was sent to bring news to the Emir, but not before taking a letter from Samir was hidden for delivery to Layanah, only to it. Samir just knew I needed to get to Atlas, but not to look for or even where and that was a problem. A box it seemed was what everyone wanted and leave this principle, but did not know whether it was large or small, if there was any indication where to start.

The only clue was the parchment and later would study again, possibly something had been lost of his gaze. His thoughts were hampered by a more pleasant reminder of what to look artifacts in ruins and mountains, Layanah his beloved, as soft as the desert wind in late night and as warm as the dawn, could not think of her future without her .. .

[] Chapter IV

[] Ikrimah Alzahara, The Radiant

Rasil Samima, the rider had taken four days to reach the camp of the Emir Ikrimah Alzahara in Sidi Jaber near Beni Mellal. Ikrimah received without delay was eager for news about her son and his friend and the journey that had them in charge, was nearly a month he had no news of any kind and knew how much this walk would be dangerous.

Expected to have calculated any unforeseen during the years he learned parchment existence, Samir was the best opportunity they can find the Black Stone and close it definitively in the tomb in Walila if it was not already there, but had to wait long thirty years until I could hand you that piece of skin as old as time and for any unknown reason had the name of the young Berber Khourigba.

The friendship with his son Husam had not only been profitable for the rapprochement between them as well so that he could observe him more closely and follow its evolution as a man, just do not expect the young Samir enchant so quickly by his daughter favorite Layanah .

But what was enjoying Maktub, it was written!
And there would be no stopping them, but could try to delay as much as possible so that her daughter did not run any danger, many people wanted to unravel the parchment secret, but everyone also knew that only those who are chosen and their names appear in the relationship within it you can do it, all the others are just carriers and temporary guardians of that secret.

Was consensus among all who have ever had guarded Ra’s Scroll, as turned out to be named over time, which inevitably that artifact come at the hands of its rightful protector, so it had been with all previous to the last which had news Captain of Tangier in 1570.

Shortly before his death hid the parchment in Walila it is assumed that the metal box with the Black Stone would be together, but it seems nothing has been found and we only have knowledge of where the parchment was because of the great earthquake of 1755 that swept North Africa and the western part of Europe, would otherwise be lost forever.

- Salamu Aleikum! Ikrimah Alzahara! – Ruled Rasil Samima making a reference before the Emir.

- Wa Salam Aleikumu, Rasil of Tamejijt! Who bring good news about my son and Husam Samir? – Stressed the Emir returning reverence.

Rasil focused on reporting all the details by which had passed and that Husam al Din insisted that his father knew, including the persecution of suffering away from foreign.

He added that Husam and Samir were heading now for the Great Atlas following the map directions they had and that the stay in Hasi Ba Hallou had been only to show the next place where they should go, but that nothing had been found on site.

Alzahara thoughtful dismissed the knight and told him to go see his family, but to come back in four days, there would be new orders for it. Via very dangerous that foreign people who approached the secret of all time, it could not!

Needed to protect them at all costs especially Samir, the chosen, without it could not keep the balance of things, it was necessary for most men were with them. The news that arrived from Tangier were worrying, the German Kaiser Wilhelm II tried to overthrow the agreement between English and French on African possession, was explained in a way that the persecutors of his son would be doing there.

If they found the Black Stone overwhelm much of the Arab world for its belief that the stone possessed divine powers and it was undeniable that to him the Emir of Fquih Ben Salah and Beni Mellal also believed that.

The Kaiser’s speech would have consequences and could lead to political instability among the tribes very soon, all emirs knew Amerruk could be free by the time they wanted, but when the situation was favorable to be under the tutelage of two great powers up to prevent invasion by other foreign or even forces the country to split into pieces.

Husam Samir and would take at least two months to get to the Great Atlas, would have to go through longer paths that were not followed by the Germans or others who were interested in his expedition. In truth none of them knew what they were looking for and why it was so important to so many people it seemed!

- Husam! – Samir said crouched near the small well CHAID Ait El Qued, were walking was already two weeks and far from the High Atlas, the provisions would end soon and would have to go to the village. I imagined that the Germans were on his trail, so he had heard could not fail or would be rewarded with death, so what choice have?

- That question I asked you some time ago, you did not answer me! – He paused looking Husam who was crouched on the other side of the well.

- Sorry Samir, my degree of mediumship is a bit weak for that reason I cannot “guess” the question that you refer! – Husam laughed heartily and mockingly to see his friend’s astonished face, had long not relax, were always attentive to worse and it made tense.

Samir smiled along with his friend, but soon returned to the issue. – About the excavation in Walila, it was his father who prevented us from proceeding? – That question had been in his mind for many years, understood that the Emir did not want him as part of the family, but would not understand if he had tried to harm and also the La Martinière just wanting to discover the past of Amerruk and submit it to world. – So what do you say? – Reinforced.

- Look Samir, my father is a tough man and everyone has a problem with it, but it is also he who keeps the balance of the Berber tribes throughout the central part of Al-Magrib – paused to sip a drink of water at the same time took advantage to better think of what to say or how to say – but for all I know, he along with other emirs made a formal request to the government to nothing there was excavated and used as an excuse that it was a sacred place to the Berber tribes – Husam waited to see his friend’s reaction.

- It was not enough he take me Layanah, also needed to destroy the dreams of the French who taught me everything I know. What kind of man do what he did to someone who would never be a threat to their power? – Samir was beaten, was transparent in his face.

Husam walked away for a moment, did not like to see a man like that I knew so well prostrate as if he had been stabbed in the back by the hands of his best friend. Pondered a bit and thought it would be better to tell some things he knew were already riding for at most a month and it also had the troubled since he took his father’s decision of knowledge, it happened for at least 15 years …

- Come Samir – Husam standing reached for the friend who was sitting cross-legged, his shoulders slumped over the body of desolate way – let’s sit down in that shadow, is about to fall the night and I think there are things you need to know and understand, as your friend always did the best I could, defended him at every opportunity I had! – Said that the friend pulled strongly by the hand and both were lean back next ace stones and old wall which hung a tree with little shadow, but it was late the day’s heat no longer the hinder.

Samir looked at the landscape ahead of him without even seeing her, her thoughts were clouded and confused, barely knew the thoughts would be much more shuffled after revelations that the friend would do him then.

- Remember when we were little and you came to my camp for the first time? – He asked Husam without waiting for an answer – my father was very impressed when I presented him Samir Ziaul-Haq Khourigba looked like he’d seen a ghost and did not stay long in the tent. – continued…

- At that time I did not understand the way why he was rude which is not usual for our people, but figured it was a problem that had nothing to do with us, after all it was just two children, we should have ten years perhaps – Husam made paused to look at his friend.

- I confess I do not remember that Husam episode, but you seem so and well – completed Samir – no need to tell me that there was never appreciation for myself by your father, my friend, over it a long time and have lived well without his approval – Samir stopped, not wanting to offend his friend in any way at all were talking of his father who was none other than Ikrimah Alzahara.

- Yes, but let me continue Samir – the story that I will tell you only knew when he was twenty-five, so there is only ten years ago to make it clear, then nothing I say to you now change what already I was done, so I never told you, I always thought that would not add anything in our lives that we no longer! – Husam went with some trepidation how his friend would receive what he had to say.

- My father never interfered in our relationship of friendship, he had welcomed us to become friends, of course his approach to Layanah bothered him since the beginning and now knowing the parchment can understand it better, but not approve. But he could not interfere in your life in any way and there was an abyss of tribal conditions between us I the son of an Emir and you in a caravan driver. See Samir, nothing against the profession of his father, but were even of different tribes – Husam tried to keep the friendly tone of the conversation.

Samir listened attentive, but did not know where his friend was getting up because I had never seen that such a gulf between them, they were just friends and go! Nothing more … Husam continued.

- When was the story of Namira the leopard attacked me and only learned that much later, you were the one who defended me even without having seen the beast to attack me, years later my father said that if the leopard had appeared to have fled with Samir fear of their words, until he was amazed how such a small creature could utter a defense speech so great! – Husam laughed heartily remembering the history of the leopard.

- I knew you’d come back Husam and even coming after the trial was over knew he had a good reason, was the best rider I knew after me of course! – Both casually laughed like children.

- There was no reason to doubt his courage and Husam happened, and not admit that his own father challenged. That night he told me that my destiny was traced and it was no longer welcome at their camp. After that it became more difficult to see and coincided with the caravans when I accompanied my father, after Paris! – Samir concluded.

- That part I did not know Samir, I apologize for my father – Husam was visibly upset – but let me continue, remember that sometime later came the French archaeologist? – Samir nodded while he spoke:

- How can I forget? He gave me everything I have, knowledge, awareness of who we are and today I am a Berber who heads caravan’s why I made a choice, but not because it is required under the environment in which they live. This freedom owe him – finished, Henri was it an estimated one and had been his mentor for nearly ten years, from 1890 to the turn of the century. XX.

- The story was not that Samir, Henri de la Martinière was prospecting archaeological sites here in Al-Magrib at the request of the emirs to discover more about the scroll, and he never saw, but fate would have it the two of you come together to go in the Old Hudhafah house – Husam now spoke with more courage and Samir was curious how his friend could know and remember so many things about his life.

- My father knowing this incursion sent the French and made him a proposal for the archaeologist offer him work in the excavations. – Samir interrupted sharply.

- Yes it was the way he pushed us away and prevented to continue seeing Layanah. I was not suitable for the daughter of the Emir, just for fun your children! – Samir was resentful now wondering where the conversation would come to the revelations of Husam.

- No Samir … My father told Henri de la Martinière that if you accept it, and see, depend on your entire will, he would sponsor her studies in France for as long as was necessary, and did so throughout the years you got out – Samir was dumbfounded, this could not be possible!

Henri had been his tutor, he had never doubted that even as a full professor did not win much, but always thought that was enough to pay for their studies. This revelation could not be true. Samir had time only to say – … Husam – While trying to coordinate his ideas, everything was confused!

- Ikrimah Alzahara is a hard man, but not unfair, you saw someone who wanted and needed protection, but did not want to interfere yet it was inevitable! The Emir always wanted you to come closer, of course, had their interests, we note that now but we would not be here, their knowledge are key to this trip as we can see, but he always defended as best they could only do not want know – Husam felt tense vibe in the air, but had to end the conversation once and for all.

Samir was astonished. – You cannot Husam! This cannot be possible! – The non-conformity Samir was visible, had just discovered that a part of his life was a lie! But could he revolt why? How not believe Husam? The Emir had motive, opportunity and resources, by Allah, his world was collapsing.

He got up without a word, walked as he could until exhausted and fall on the desert sand. The night was cold as had never felt; felt the ground under his feet was gone. If this was not the end it would then be very close …

Prostrate in the desert sand Samir was carried away by the abandonment of Layanah realize that he had been taken by the selfishness of a cruel man, who was his father, the Emir! The desert silence was deafening at that time, wished he could sleep for a hundred years…


[]The Revolt of Rife

Layanah was sitting in his tent writing a letter when Rasil Samima asked permission to approach the princess knew that one of the knights who had accompanied her brother had arrived a few hours before.

- Salamu Aleikum, Your Highness! – Hastened to say Rasil while doing traditional greeting and withdrew a letter from inside the leather vest – bring a letter from Samir, but his father does not know of her existence! Can lose it so princess – concluded the rider with some apprehension, deceive the Emir was not fair much less healthy, others had already suffered the wrath Alzahara for a lot less than that.

The Princess was beside himself with joy for having news of their loved, dreamed of power back to see him as soon as possible. I knew he was promised, but his father was not even given the right to know who would be elected, but one thing she knew, her heart belonged to another, his beloved Samir had known the source of transparent and clear water in the Souk.

They were young, he must have been about ten years and she bit less than he, but the sight of almost savage Berber boy watering his head under the water source that fell and wiped his sweat had been a vision of what he thought would be heaven in the land. Each trickle of water lapping on his face turned into bright stars shining with the sunshine.

 - You are beautiful! - Were the first words he had spoken to him and Layanah did not even know the name of that cheeky boy who had the courage to direct the word to a princess in public! She had loved him at that moment and it would be for life.

Opened the letter quickly, but not before looking around to see if she was not being watched, recognized Samir letter, was not the only letter he received, but one of many that arrive in your hands unexpectedly. Only then they could maintain the relationship they had, would be “far but never far”, that’s what made them inseparable. He began to read:

“My beloved Princess, here where I am now on top of the lost city of Ba Hallou the silence of the desert passes the tranquility of times, but nothing makes sense without you by my side. The night we spent together in the desert is imprinted in my mind as if it were marked with a hot iron, I run with my horse to arrive quickly at my destination and can get back into his arms and again feel the taste of your lips.

The journey will be long, we’re not sure what to look for, but that Allah is with us will show us the way and soon it will be over. The Husam company is what encourages me to move forward, stranger things have happened that you speak thus we meet, but I want you to know that my life without you is meaningless.

Layanah dear, I do not care more for those who are promised, will come out of Al-Magrib somewhere where no one would look not even know who we are. Live a life of simplicity with the happiness in our hearts as children, wait for me, will soon be on the way to his heart. It’s always Samir.”

That’s all you want to hear here in distant. Make plans to elope with her lover, was tired of being on the protection of the father who insisted on making your choices, but not this time! Take the reins of your life and go after happiness that was stolen from you!

On the fourth day after his arrival Rasil Samima was again before Ikrimah Alzahara to receive his orders. A short break to see family had renewed the spirits of the Berber horsemen, but he was annoyed not to be next to Husam Samir and to be able to protect them.

Admittedly Thorya the other knight who accompanied and had been close to the group, was competent at his job, better than that, it was also a warrior of a line of Ḥashshāshīn, the clan of assassins of Persia or Syria who fought in wars from the century XI.

Most remained mercenaries, but not Thorya, therefore had no surname, but it was reliable, knew his friends were in good hands. The Emir gave him a letter that should be given to Husam his son along with him would four horsemen. There was a concern not to raise suspicions, other dissident groups thought they could take over the Black Stone and trying to control his power, but Ikrimah Alzahara knew that was impossible, because it was as far as he knew, a divine stone.

Riders under the guidance of Rasil hastened to gallop towards the High Atlas where his companions were certainly on the way. Although the trip was long and delayed a few months to get to the main point, it was urgent that the whole group to join due to the enemies pursuing them and could by now be closer than desired.

Alzahara watched them wishing it was at least about 30 years younger, that gallop was all he wanted for many years, but responsibilities as Emir could not be set aside or whole region he had managed quite successfully so far could become a “sea” of contention.

He thought briefly of his life as a free Berber diplomatic tribulations that was subject today were different times and nothing would be easier in the future. If he only knew what you know now, I would certainly have made other much better choices, more to the heart and less to reason, did not regret anything he did in the past or the decisions taken, but it could be quite different.

Perhaps for that reason so many wanted the divine Black Stone, over hundreds of years had been the most disputed object of all known land, men and women lived and died for her, but none managed to master it and those who stone chosen They turned out to be the great spiritual leaders of mankind through the ages, at least it was once believed that his power was manifested.

He remembered now the first war of Rife, or as it is known Margallo War which began officially in 1893, but the conflict was already deteriorating long before that date. The treaties of 1859, 1960 and 1961 between Spain and Morocco seemed that would be of mutual cooperation, but tensions between the patrols and the Berber tribes who did not submit or ace orders from Spain, let alone Amerruk, eventually start a conflict unprecedented in the region.

In 1890 the Rife pirates captured a merchant ship Spanish and sold his crew as slaves, this caused a great revolt by the Spaniards, who increased their power in the whole territory, but on 3 October 1893 6,000 warriors from various tribes Rife down the mountains, all armed with rifles and tried to storm the Spanish barracks of Melilla, that made him change the name of the conflict to First Melilla campaign.

Juan García Margallo y, the governor of Melilla and commander of the Spanish forces, issued an ultimatum ineffective when the Sultan sent a contingent of regular troops led by Baja-el Arbi to restore the situation, without success.

In the days that followed the battles were fierce between both parties, but in the confrontation on the 28th October Margallo eventually died in combat which resulted in a sending more Spanish troops, four infantry battalions and three regiments of cavalry under the command of General Ortega sweeping riffian people of the trenches in ruins.

In early November large rifenhas troops occupied the beaches preventing the Spanish occupation forces landed with supplies and logistics of war, that the Spanish conflict had lost about 12 officers and 100 soldiers for a month, while riffian people had lost 500 men.

With the arrival of armored cruisers Alfonso XII and Isla de Luzon, Spain has implemented its naval power to full effect, promoting relentless bombings on the coast. On November 27, General Martinez Campos brought 7000 reinforcement in men. In April 1894, Martinez Campos was appointed ambassador to Morocco and was able to negotiate the conditions of peace directly with the sultan.

Had been difficult times resembled the Emir and this was a time when Samir decided that needed to be protected at any cost, because his name was on the old parchment Hudhafah had shown him long before the birth of the Berber. The entry of Henri de la Martinière the French archaeologist had been providential.

- Really the destination track very strange ways! – Emir spoke as he gestured and walked toward the big tent, who saw him talking to himself would think it was crazy, but no, I was just thinking out loud.

Henri had been invited by the Emir to try to decipher what it was that parchment, was an authority on the subject, perhaps the best of his time, but wanted to know more about the origin of the artifact and this could not be revealed. As if that were not enough, also had a stone artifact like a board on which were written the same ace scroll down the Ra figure.

Curiosity eventually join Samir Berber with Henri de la Martinière, nothing could have been more providential than one union in order to put the young Berber safely out of Al-Magrib, but that would have a huge cost to both.

Samir wanted Layanah became his wife in the future, but for the Emir meant putting your most precious daughter at risk, hunters the Black Stone come from everywhere looking for you, could not take any chances in this regard.

Layanah, yet never forget the young Berber and even did not know that in order of her beloved father would go that far, had never smiled as before, only when he knew of Samir coming his face lit up again. Many things had happened and even now almost 15 years later everything was still very new.

Hudhafah the Elder who for years had fought the soldiers of the Foreign Legion next to the Emir, knew of the existence of the ruins of Bled Takurart in Oualili and saw the union of the young Berber with French archaeologist conducting a prophecy where they could get their hands a mystery that had lasted at least two and a half centuries.

Therefore gave them the information they needed without much delay, and did not notice the rising tide of anger among the Berber tribes of Rife that were not under control of the Sultan of Al-Magrib.

With that Ikrimah Alzahara had forbidden excavations throughout Walila, ancient Volubilis Cologne Romans which deeply angered the French who tried by all diplomatic means to carry out its purpose, turn the Emir had to dissuade him threatening to withdraw pulpy offer he had made for it to become the young tutor Samir in Europe and transform that almost savage Berber a man of science cult and had not failed in this case, by contrast, was quite proud of his protégé, the point of having gone the graduation at the University of Paris, but in disguised form did not advertise and thus went unnoticed as a guest any.

Soon would come the middle of the year and the instability was present again, the influence of the Germans on the Sultan was evident and hoped that things could take a turn better than in the earlier conflict.

But coincidence or not, something discovery proximity contained in the parchment seemed to attract temporal conflicts, it was too coincidental these two events are not related, the first conflict of Rife in mid-1890 and now in 1905 Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm II sowing discord among the Berbers of Al-Magrib.

It was evident that something needed to be done to protect Samir Berber, and it would be necessary to make a long journey to the great Atlas. Ikrimah Alzahara thought I was too old for that kind of incursion, but this time it seemed inevitable that it was the rescue of his son and friend, preparations needed to be made and soon decamping for crossing the desert.

It would be the journey of a lifetime!
It would take 20 of your best warriors and enough supplies to make as few stops along the way, his foray into the desert awaken the interest of other tribes, some sympathetic to him others less so. That would be another issue to look after, so travel by night would be the best option, but also more difficult.

The orientation of the stars, and the main concern of the desert robbers, not knowing who owns the caravan would measure no efforts to assault them in search of gold and jewels. A caravan well protected by warriors traveling in the desert at night can only mean hidden wealth.

Everything would be ready, but not within less than at least ten days, need to be in the Sultan’s presence to advise you before the big trip, the German pressure to destabilize the region needed to be contained, on the other hand would be more or less time enough to Rasil Samima and the two riders reach his son Husam al Din and his friend Berber.

[] Chapter V

[]Karl Haushofer

The sound of horses’ hooves was everywhere and Samir had slept face down in the sand did not understand where it came from so much noise. Husam certainly tried to wake him in the worst way possible in revenge for not facing the camp.

He turned slowly and saw that the sun was high in the sky, should be almost half the morning was certainly late to continue the journey. – I know Husam, I should not be away so much. I am very sorry for it! Satisfied? – I said Samir trying to sit as he put his hand to shield his eyes from the burning rays of the sun.

- Schnell, schnell! – Shouted the burly man on the horse around Samir – arrest him before he can escape! – Sharply became German.

Several men got off the horse and soon immobilized the Berber did not understand what was going on, still drowsy from sleepless night. With their feet and hands tied was put curved face down by two of her tormentors on the saddle of a horse and not much more he could hear, left galloped away from becoming the camp where Husam awaited the arrival of his friend.

A night to Husam had been the longest I’ve ever had remembered, was still in doubt would have done the right thing revealing to his childhood friend what he himself only learned late that his father was the real protector Samir, but It had become evident also that was the main reason for the gap between him and his sister Layanah.

He understood that his friend needed to get away for a few hours to be able to digest all this information, but there were stale and no Samir appear. REQUIRED Thorya would send after him to bring him and remembered that they had a mission to accomplish, they needed to hurry if they wanted to reach the High Atlas before the harsh winter.

The delay Rasil to return to camp with news also bothered him, knew the round trip would be long, but the wait was becoming an uncertainty of what was to come.

- Thorya, must look Samir and bring to the camp! – Said Husam for Assassin that was already in place very early, sometimes doubted he would sleep whenever the they sought there he was ready! Thorya nodded that he would track down the Berber and bring them back, and so rose mounted and headed to the desert where Husam had seen his friend for the last time.

An hour until the Assassin thought clues leading to believe that Samir was passed had been in that place, but several traces of horses with horseshoes in circle showed that he was not alone and that it was not a friendly approach, could only know where to follow.

Thorya walked for more than two hours still following the trail left by the footprints of horses, and about two miles might catch sight of a camp that had at least a dozen horses and other so many men, who were all in uniform of black color but well aligned. Among them was one that stands out more than others and walked slowly in tight circles around what would be a prisoner sitting on the floor cross-legged and hands tied.

There was no way to approach the camp without being seen at that time of day, had to leave the night fall and missing a few hours, also could not return to warn Husam, could miss the ideal time to try to save the Berber that would make the Great Journey, so , I could only wait, at least until the evening so he could approaching cautiously and make a better assessment of the situation.

With that moved away over two miles that was not uncovered not by chance and in the meantime I could rest. Something was not right thought Husam Samir had not returned and his mount still awaited, Thorya also had not news, but going after them was not an option because it would end lose, nothing else left to him than wait patiently. It might have been a mistake all that was spoken in previous day, not sure …

Thorya left to mount a safe place where he could not be seen by even the best batsmen and stealthily approached the foreigners’ camp, there was no time for mistakes, it would depend on the lives of everyone.

On the undulations of the desert sands could see the Berber lying on the floor bleeding profusely from the mouth and nose, for sure had much spacing in an attempt to obtain some information, but there was nothing Thorya could have done in that direction or both would be dead also was not his usual thinking about what I should have done but on what do next.

Crawling near the camp where a small rise of concealed rocks either side could hear the one who supposed to be the gang’s boss ominously tried to start some important information, but did not understand the language of foreigners in order to know better what it was.

Karl Haushofer who was in Al-Magrib due to the official visit of the Kaiser had found time to see their own interests and obtaining the Ra parchment was of paramount importance to achieve find the Black Stone that would give them the power to see the future and rule the world.

- You’re tougher than I thought Berber! – Said Haushofer looking for Samir body contorted on the floor. He was quick to apply it another powerful kick in the stomach that caused this coughed spewing blood. – Tell me where is the Ra parchment and leave to live wild! – German enjoys a stone statue with hands behind standing next to Samir body writhing in pain.

Samir, with a deep cut in the eyebrow looked at him and told him: – If I did not give him, would rather die than reveal the secret, even not knowing how important that is – Samir coughed – and if I gave you kill me without hesitation! – He stopped and leaned her head on the floor, was exhausted of both catch and extremely disappointed with himself for having left catch like a rat in a trap.

- You have wild right! I would kill him without blinking that’s right, you do not have value to me or to the Society of the Black Stone! – Karl Haushofer was impassive aware that had control of the situation – the most interesting is to realize that you are defending with your life something that does not even know what it is! That’s really admirable! – The German mused.

- Could use a man with his knowledge and devotion to our society, it would be very helpful! I’ll let you think about it and come back in an hour to find your answer, otherwise of no use me and I’ll kill him! – Said it walked away without haste and without looking back, but not before leaving two guards guarding the Berber which in his view was not going anywhere.

It was expected that Thorya waiting time, did not understand anything of what they talked, but realized that the moment was timely and could be no hesitation, a few minutes before the guards relax and attack to its best as usual was. Across the stone hillside fire going and lively conversation showed they did not expect to be surprised and certainly would not happen, even for an Assassin face a dozen well-trained men and looked sure to end badly, very badly!

Sneaking out the still hot desert sand despite it being night, you could see the two guards each sitting on a rock that made them comfortable supporting the feet and arms in hand, the difficulty was to immobilize the two simultaneously.

The weapons that foreigners were carrying was not his knowledge, he had seen few and the only one where Thorya trusted blindly was his Remington Rolling Block 4, 1890. Samir was still prostrate on the ground noticeably weakened, a single horse to take both would be little, but did not have time to steal another, it would have to happen the way it was.

The ability of their ancestors would be present in the following minutes that for which he had been trained all his life and liked to exercise would be the last thing the two guards would see.

Of sneaky way approached the first guard who was sitting back on the rock, confident that no one would approach without being seen by being one facing the other, Thorya crawled by desert sand as snakes and jumped covered her mouth Man in front causing them to unbalance back, but not before throwing a flat knife and Long who planted the jugular of the guard who was facing causing it to take a hand to her neck and withdraw what was your big mistake because the blood that flowed through his fingers could no longer be contained.

While he walked to grab his Mauser that had fallen on the ground staggered and collapsed inert, meanwhile the other guard who had fallen back on the body of Thorya tried in every way to take the hand of the mouth to be able to help, but their fate was no different from the other and a dagger in moonlight half format cut his throat causing the blood would ooze over his body Assassin was still under that mountain of muscle who now began to lose strength has gone up almost a minute until the body already inert German guard was thrown aside in that same time Thorya made the most of silence to try to find out if they would be discovered, it seemed no one had realized what happened, but to stand there would not help anything.

Swiftly approached Samir and placed it stretched ahead to see if there were no serious injuries, apparently caught much but survived, was one of those Berber fighter, thought Thorya, but even more difficult was to come with a strong tug his arms put the Berber even fainted on his shoulders, and walked quickly until the mount that was at least a mile away.

When he reached the horse patiently waiting in the same place where I had left, threw Samir body above the saddle, was noticeably tired by walking and weight had carried, but could not in any way expect, the next step was the camp Husam that at this point should be very concerned.

Decided it best to both mount the same horse and distance themselves as much as possible the period that were not discovered, then not to overdrive the mount would follow the foot while Samir still in the saddle.

It had been little more than an hour when Karl Haushofer went to see if his prey had changed his mind, otherwise you would not serve for anything and would track down the other Berber should be the artifact possession.

But would not leave Morocco without the parchment!
He was not amazed at the scene saw the men stretched on the ground in pools of blood, certainly had been the work of a professional.

- Verdammt! “Damn!” – It was the only thing that came out of his mouth, was visibly angry to have underestimated his enemies, but did not let even for a moment that his revenge would be much greater than those savages had imposed.

For those who noticed the contraction of the square jaw and hard with clenched fist that was the only message they needed the big hunt had begun, no one would have peace until they found and killed the Berbers!
Without much ado broke camp and went back on the trail where they had found the Berber that morning, it would be a cavalcade of at least two hours, but not lose sight of.

Thorya knew he did not have much time and realizing the fatigue of riding decided to go down and run horse beside estimated they were about two miles from Husam camp, would be a walk of at least half an hour but could not stop and rest , by now they had discovered the corpses of the guards and would soon come I heels. He smiled quietly visualizing the scene that the German leader would find. Samir was avenged!
Soon did see a rider coming towards bringing a horse trailer, was Husam al Din who was out there looking for both.

- Thorya, I thought they were dead! Where walked? – asked Husam with visible apprehension in his voice as he dismounted to approach the two men – Samir! By Allah who did this to him? – Waited one Thorya response, but remembered that this did not speak, just gestured alluding to tall men and of Western origin.

It was enough to understand that the Germans were closer than they thought they had trapped and Samir. The Assassin was quick to point to the horizon darkened by night. – Yes, will soon arrive! Will be better hurry, help me to put Samir on his horse – became Husam expeditiously.

- Husam! – Samir said under his breath – the parchment is close to the rocks where we talked where night, we’ll need it – blood still dripped from his mouth – did not tell them anything! I did not give! – Fainted soon after.

The three riders left in shot toward the site of the scroll that was just a mile from where they were and without much delay Husam groped through the cracks of the stones that made up the wall and was not slow to find it. Samir was a smart man, never let the scroll with him when he made a stop, so do not find anything with him, had been captured before he could pick it up again. And without delay continued gallop.

Karl Haushofer not galloped as fast as I would like, but did not know would meet an ambush ahead and therefore decided it would be prudent for the journey was slower. He finds his prisoner without fail, if not the next day certainly in the other, but this time there would have mercy. No one would dare challenge the Society once again, it would undoubtedly there.

[]The Great Atlas

Ikrimah Alzahara had come just a day of Tangier where you turn the sultan and had encouraged him to stay with the agreements between England and France, via the German expansionism as harmful, not that others were not, but his experience as leader told him would rather fight a known enemy to wage a new battle with an unknown enemy, by the way was too old for that too.

The Kaiser had caused much damage to the internal policy of Al-Magrib, but that an hour might expect, his goal was to track down his son Husam so he could rescue him safely along with Samir, had been more people in the entourage William II than just diplomats and something told him they were not there with peaceful intentions. He gave orders for the top 20 riders did preparations to leave the next day at dawn with him, the Black Stone of time to be in safe hands was running out.

The dozens of miles to the east, Samir is reestablished, under a palm tree, it took at least ten days since he had been imprisoned, had to make some detours that were not found and now just waiting for nightfall to continue their journey toward the Great Atlas. The Samir conditions had prevented from following faster but would smell there may be in another week or two if nothing will get in the way.

- Sorry for all Husam work, they did not think it would be so bold to the point of imprison me – began Samir who had not spoken to his friend from what he considered the great revelation of his life – these men are willing to do anything to find such box that do not even know if it exists, but I had a proof of his intentions and did not seem to me good! – She smiled through gritted teeth even with the scars on his lips made by German boots.

- Not your fault Samir, I ended up talking too much and do not even know if it was my right to say what she said!

- Husam swore to himself – I’m sorry for what my father did and you have caused, I think I just wanted to protect Layanah this was the best way I found it! – Concluded looking at the friend who put the saddle on the horse calmly.

- I think so and I consider myself lucky! In other times would have been left to rot in the desert just looking at her! – They both smiled – no hard feelings, the past few days have shown me that the world is cruel by nature, as on that side, his father was an “angel” in my life and say westerners. He paused, looking at the horizon, something had aroused his suspicion – let someone is fast approaching, see the distance! – Said after pointing to the dunes.

There would be time to flee or shelter by the way, at least from what Samir knew the place so had to hang around in hopes that rivaled and perhaps a little luck could inflict some significant casualties on the Germans who gave them more time to escape.

Husam and Samir were on one side of the passage through which thought that the riders would be forced to pass on the other side Thorya to do crossfire as protecting the sand dunes just in the desert, or almost nothing, but had the advantages of the element of surprise and high points.

The Knights fell walking and approached cautiously ambush point, one dismounted and walked with rifle in hand. Husam recognized the man and then rushed shouting: – Salamu Aleikum, Rasil! – The Berber tribe loyal to the Emir made a sign lifting the rifle with one hand while the other dismounted the horse, Samir down the high dune for next traveler as Thorya still remained watchful.

- Wa Salam Aleikumu, Husam! We were worried that we could not find them or they were already dead! – Rasil said without much rodeo which surprised that Samir was watching the conversation.

- How many are you Rasil? How many warriors my father sent to help us? – Husam hoped that those who were there were only an advanced detachment of scouts as usual.

- Only Husam al Din! Her father arranged the four horsemen who accompanied me, but we were ambushed about 30 miles from here by a group of heavily armed foreign and suffered two low three days ago, so are me alone and these two riders – Rasil complemented delivering a letter to Samir in Emir name.

The Berber was quick to open it and pass it on to his friend’s son Emir:

“Al-Magrib danger in the hands of foreigners who now inflate our people against the West we have the agreements and among the Berber tribes, I fear that an Arab uprising is to come and thus the Sultan asks my presence which cannot do without the position that I occupy and will one day be my son Husam al Din.

So I ask you to ensure by their safety and his, people who want to get their hands on the coveted Black Stone will use to impose an authority that does not have it to the Arabs from all regions, in time will know how much she It is powerful.

As soon as I can will ride with my warriors to help protect them in the place that Rasil said the find which I do not write this message, it may be intercepted on the way. May Allah be with you! “Ikrimah Alzahara the Shining One, Lord of all the land between the towns of Fquih Ben Salah and Beni Mellal.”

- Let Husam, we have no time to waste this will be all the help terms yet! – Said Samir turning to Rasil – how many foreigners had estimated that the ambush? – Awaited the answer.

- We have at least 20, all on horseback and with very heavy weapons, we heard some machine guns, was what struck us – Rasil concluded.

- Husam received reinforcements, so still no’s caught us are playing cat and mouse. Will wait we have brought them to the barns Aoujgal of Cliff, in the High Atlas which is the next step where we’re going and where you probably will find a mysterious box – Samir hastened to get on the horse.

- We will be close to Assaka in Awnila or Ounila Valley as you like, between Ait Benhaddou and Telouet, or as Aoujgal in the region between Azilal and Imilchil. If not there, we have to proceed to the Anti-Atlas – Samir went on horseback towards the mountain range, it bothered him that they were being persecuted in such an orderly fashion, knew that it was unscrupulous people, but do not catch him so easily.

Rasil hastened to deliver a second letter to Husam, he was surprised at not being in his father Emir, but of Layanah his sister, but would not have time to read it now, would leave later and in his view nothing It was so important it could not wait until nightfall.

Karl Haushofer was a year older than Samir, but very obstinate, was born in 1869 in Munich belonged to a family of artists and scholars, in 1887, he incorporated the first field artillery regiment “Prinzregent Luitpold” and completed the Bavarian military school , the Academy of artillery and the Bavarian Academy of war.

Haushofer continued his career as a professional soldier, serving in the army of Imperial Germany.

Giving up was not in their vocabulary and very soon would have the blood of their Berber enemies, one of his men confirmed that they had been there a few hours only and were now six instead of three, which did not surprise the German leave the Berbers who had found the way to escape was a strategy to find the others. Now I knew where they were going and would soon find them and subjugate them to his will and the Black Stone Society!

In the morning the next day the Emir gave orders that all the warriors chosen to mount their horses and followed, made a prayer before and without delay addressed to the path leading to the Great Atlas, to ride day and night with small stops shorten the trip in a long time, but need to be careful folded with the robbers, not very sympathetic to the way he mediated conflicts between the tribes.

Knowing that everywhere had probably spies his head would be at a premium, so it avoided taking long trips through the desert they were not strictly necessary and this would be one of them. Everything from now would be a race against time and everyone involved knew that there was no time to lose.

Husam took the opportunity to open the letter that his sister had sent him inside had another to be delivered to Samir, but Husam thought his friend had already suffered enough and decided it was not the time, at least now, to receive news of Layanah. In the letter to Husam read:

“Dear brother Samir delivered this letter to his dear friend, life and death decisions can be contained inside, everything will depend on what he decides. His sister always grateful Layanah al Din. “

Husam held back for a moment, but it would be so important that it could be decided between life and death? I thought while deciding what to do with the letter, but then decided he needed to become aware of its contents and without delay opened and began to read:

“Dear and beloved Samir …”

- Everything else read it with deep wonder and finally a deep sadness came over him, dishonor had fallen upon his family planned to flee against the will of the Emir his father, but it was not enough a big storm was coming by the message of the rest and his sister was betrothed to another, that not even he knew who it was, but it had always been like this since before she met Samir!

Quietly they rose in mounts and always rode ahead, the friendship between the two had become a shadow of what it had been. If this was not one approves of survival did not know what it was, thought Husam. For its part Samir remembered the scar on his face, was not deep but visible young inheritance when his friend Husam had been surrounded by young people from other tribes and wanted to give him a lesson by being the son of who it was.

That would never happen while he lived, friends defend themselves without expecting retribution and right now do not know if I was being a good friend or not, not sure how it would rediscover the Emir knowing what he knew now about it…

- His father is Husam way, will come with their riders, there will need to hold the position! – Samir hastened in informing the friend, Husam just nodded affirmatively with his head. The tension between them was visible.

It took two weeks until they reached the Atlas and from there began to climb the mountain range. They must discover the barns, the Caves in Oualidia would be a good start, there are hundreds, even thousands of excavated caves on the slopes of the Atlas mountain range, a larger smaller ones, but generally constituted refuge over time for all people by passersby, some fortified barns were called Agadires by the Portuguese.

If it were not for there would have to go further south, the oldest fortified barns are called igoudr n-iroumines (agadires the Romans) or igoudr n-bertkiz (agadires Portuguese), as the Berbers of the Atlas believe that they originate Roman or Portuguese, as an archaeologist would bet on the first option, but Ra parchment with’ve come to call it after the German quote him in this way, has both Portuguese names like Roman over time, there is a logical choice to do, just follow the explorer’s instinct.

They decided that encamped near Assaka and in the coming days would ride to Assaka Wizguer and finally Ikis. Two men were charged to collect firewood while two others stood guard, the fire would have to be protected from the night of darkness or could be seen in the distance. In the desert night it was warmer, even when lowered temperatures, but in the case of Atlas was intense cold and could not afford to have ridden both succumb ace forces of nature.


[]Chapter VI

[] Igoudr n-bertkiz

The Agadir has a defensive purpose. A Agadir involves some common parts such as water tank, mosques, the gatehouse, the space inflass (representatives of the families), walls, kitchen, toilets, among other private parts, consisting of the storage compartments. There is still a reserved space to house livestock.

Usually built on collective land, the property of the ruling tribe or uncultivated land on the hill. The materials used are always those who abound in place, lime, mud or clay, loose stones and bricks. The doors are made of wood and decorated with motifs denouncing strong amazighes and sub-Saharan influences.

The stairs are built with limestone slabs with a half embedded in the walls. For agadires of Aoujgal of Cliff are also of difficult access and its importance to the survival of these populations became quite evident during the invasions by foreign forces to the Great Atlas, but they found a resistance unprecedented being forced most of the time to retreat and keep only the fields in the desert plains.

After Ikis output the group headed for the higher parts in search of agadires some clue that could point to elucidate some hint of parchment, or vice versa. That night would be protected within any of agadires or at worst a well-hidden place to spend the night, it would be a great opportunity to review the parchment and review something that has been overlooked.

Samir stopped Husam comment with the views he had with Christine, at all times you became prisoner the anguish he felt was only appeased by blackouts due to the successive beating. But it was the way of finding out about the mysterious woman who haunted his dreams since more time than assumed, recalled that on other occasions when I was younger and when I was studying in Paris, sometimes I felt a The presence not I could discern who it was, but at that time did not bother him.

He knew she was Christine and lived in a distant country by their features the way saw in his dreams, but unknown that place would be this, and did not understand what she told him about the case, how could you know about the box? Many questions needed answers, but the difficulties it was facing not allowed to crash better communication, because it was evident that both have a connection that transcends the natural world, the same explanation for this had unless he was getting completely crazy, which It could also be a possibility.

The events of recent months certainly had messed with your sanity at times doubted yourself in the making right now not sure if it was on track in the pursuit of so mysterious box and at times wished not even find it.

Despite all that had happened Samir did not know or had no idea what was still to come, it would be as creepy and expected storm that would befall all? No one would come out unscathed even wished? It would be a journey between heaven and hell and not all would be saved?
All these questions the bothered, when he thought until recently was just another Berber caravan in Amerruk.

The Berber slept soundly, knowing that he was near discover your destination, and that night for the first time Christine told her voice calm and soft, faded in the shadows and mists, but he recognized that voice the figure as this in recent months your dreams, like a deity who accompanied him wherever he went.

- I am Christine, Samir Ziaul-Haq Khourigba Al-Magrib! I need to know where is the Ancient Library … – The voice repeated more than once in the same sentence and Samir was not sure what to do, because it did not have any knowledge of this kind, at least not yet, so there would be no response.

- Cash, Samir, cannot fall into the hands of the Society! If this happens also lose Arminandar! – The voice that invaded his dreams was more apprehensive, almost pleading and Samir needed to know more about the stranger who accompanied him on his journey during sleep.

- I am Samir Ziaul-Haq Khourigba, Berber, because reason haunts my dreams? – Asked Samir in her dream.

The answer was quick and blue eyes on light skin with golden resplendent became more experienced in Samir’s mind.

- I’m Christine Arminandar! I have lived their dreams and their affiliations! I am in my time the guardian of the box … – The voice Christine was soft and warm, long ago that Samir did not feel as safe and protected in his life, his youth memories in his father’s company and brothers, voices who smiled in his thoughts did lose connection with Christine for a while.

He struggled to learn more and tried to select your thoughts in the search for more information, and brought him perhaps to the box that I had no idea where he might hidden. So far, so it was only prospects based on the little information that provided him the parchment. I needed some way to re-establish that contact, had to warn that did not have the box and maybe not could find.

Husam al Din leaning against a rock in freight will fire watched his friend struggle in his sleep, Samir’s arms were lifted up in the air and tried to grab something that was not present. It was a pain to see what was going on with the companion of so many trips and adventures in recent months since she’d found in the tent in Ahl oasis of Souss where they talked and laughed during most of stay, was now a shadow of what their friendship had been.

The decision to rely aspects Samir’s life that he was unaware were a big blow between them, but had been a long time he wanted to reveal the truth to the friend who always saw the Emir as a declared enemy, even if the respected at all times. Something had to be done and would not abandon his friend in any situation to be.

- Christine Arminandar! Christine … – were the last words I heard from the mouth of Husam friend in his sleep before he even fall asleep, was exhausted, felt the weight of the world on his shoulders. He smiled covertly with what he had to think “The weight of the world on my shoulders, just at the Atlas mountain range! Nothing could be more appropriate … “

Samir was crouched in front of the fire picking up the coffee pot to put in a glass, was a cool morning could be said that the temperature was mild and still sleepy Husam opened his eyes and saw his friend – Time to wake Sultan! – Samir smiled as he watched his friend trying to lift the lazy body.

- I see you woke up in a good mood Samir. I cannot say the same, I had a hell of a night! – Husam said visibly upset and making an effort to sit – and you dreamed about anyone in particular? – Finished with a slight touch of sarcasm at the same time I wanted to know more about the dreams of Samir and why he struggled so much sleeping.

- I feel a disapproving tone in his Husam words, anything I should know? – Samir looked at him curiously.

- Yes, you struggled most of the night, at least in the period when I was awake, soon after fell asleep – Husam spoke haltingly but without facing the friend did not want to let on that he knew more than he said, wanted to hear the Samir very mouth of the dream he had had with the goddess bright-eyed, at least so he understood.

Samir was confused, just remember having dreamed the night before, but that friend very revealing more things had happened to him, knew Husam well enough to know when hiding something.

- Come Husam put out what he is going through throat like a dagger! What do you want to know? – Samir waited for his friend to settle comfortably as she poured herself a hot cup of coffee.

Husam looking right in his eyes told him:

- It sounded like you talked to this woman that has haunted you night. I cannot remember the name, but I was careful to note not to forget, in the only place that I found – said it pulled the thing that was at hand the night before and Samir saw the friend you deliver the old parchment that had been with Husam from who had been rescued from the Germans.

A tremor seized Samir’s body to pick up the parchment for a time had even forgotten him during the trip, but now and without much ceremony opened on the floor. To his amazement he saw the name of Christine Arminandar below their – By Allah! – Said Samir taking startled by what he saw, it was not something you write not even playing and sounded almost heresy in the desecration of such an ancient artifact! – In the past we could have been sentenced to death only to have hinted such a thing Husam – concluded Samir leaving the body fall back and sit back in Agadir stone wall where they were.

- I did not understand! – Said Husam through open mouth.

Samir was still looking down the name of his, remembered perfectly Christine in her dreams, but not complement – of Arminandar … – muttered, but enough that the friend heard.

- Christine of Arminandar! This was even the name I heard and wrote on parchment to not forget. You know what it means? Perhaps the homeland of the mysterious woman! – Husam friend tried to extract more information.

- Yes maybe, but never heard of such a place, Arminandar. When we get back to civilization find out more about it – said Samir looking for the son of the Emir – just do not remember that part in dreams, thank you for having written down, but still do not know if it was a good idea to do it in parchment… – paused with a thoughtful air – may have been that way my name ended up there, and if so, we suffer from the same problem!

Dreams that communicate! – Samir raised his eyebrows to see well Husam expression.

- Samir Well, if I ever thought you were strange, now I have proof! After a while you will find that will be the new prophet! – Husam Samir and looked at each other with these last words – Samir Sorry, I should not have said that, but it seems that his story is following in the footsteps of the prophet. It’s scary! – He concluded Husam standing up and shaking the dust of camel leather pants.

Samir meditated. “Yes, nothing stranger than to find your name on a papyrus over 2,000 years where other names he knew well and there were even Waraqa bin Nawfal Christian cousin Khadija bint Khuwaylid wife Mohand” – shook his head and took to up also needed fresh air!

Rasil approached the two Berber leaving the interior of Agadir – see Husam, several men equal to those who attacked us are climbing the mountain – pointed to the mountain foothills below – are divided into several groups of five and soon find us! – Concluded Rasil.

Husam Samir and looked at each other, they understood that they needed an urgent plan would not be possible to continue looking for such cash and hiding at the same time. I had no idea nor the Emir was near or far, as far as they knew they were alone and on their own.

Husam at that time had an impulse to approach the friend in their letter Layanah had sent in his name to it, but decided not to exalt more the mood between them. In time would make a reckoning, the honor of his tribe was at stake and even Samir and his best friend there things that could not allow in any way.

- We need to split up Husam and has to be now! I get Thorya and two knights and Rasil with you and the other rider! – Samir was busier than usual, urged time and could be the last chance to find the place where the mysterious box would be hidden – see the parchment again Husam, we have the three peaks of the Atlas, the lines that intersect the places where we spent and the place where we started in the Lost City – Samir looked Husam who paid careful attention to everything he heard.

- Here we have the High Atlas where we are now, to the left in the coastal region is Al-Djadīda or Magazão as it was known, on the right side we have the Lost City of Ba Hallou and across no less than Walila or Volubilis Cologne! – Husam listened attentively his friend’s words as he looked the points that this explained.

- If we cross the points we have a convergence in Tadla-Azilal, which would lead us to the point where we started near Beni Mellal, and it does not make sense to have come all this way to have to go back! – Stressed extending open hands on the parchment. – Need to know what we have not seen!

Had four or five hours until the foreigners reached, therefore, the decision of what to do, it would be now – Um, Beni Mellal! – Husam laughed, followed by others very high that could be heard no distance – So we went out of my father’s land just for you to be tortured and almost killed and I do part of his bodyguards? – Continued laughing now accompanied by Samir.

Both laughed with gusto, because they feel unusual that needed to travel as far to get back to the place of origin.

-No! It cannot be that – said Samir trying to compose himself while Husam cried with laughter – come on, what we saw, help me Husam! – Samir begged trying to keep from laughing.

- The most important place is Beni Mellal which means “Day” where it is Kasba Ras el Ain was built by Moulay Ismail in 1688, he was the Alawite dynasty. The purpose of having built this fort was to preserve the source of Ain Asserdoun so far nothing much – Husam who knew the history of his tribe still – it can be something that our ancestors worshiped! – Concluded.

As Carter was missing this time, Samir knew he was the best known in Egyptology, but Cairo where he was according to the latest information he had was too far away and there would be time to enlist the help of this other academic friend.

- “What would he do this time?” – Thought Samir – see Husam, Ra was the sun god creator of all creatures that walked the earth, and here the left has its representation – Samir pointed with his finger.

- Was later created a new name and symbol of what became known as Amun-Ra which means “the hiding of the Sun”. It may be that you want to tell Black Stone, or Black Sun Stone therefore hidden! – Samir paused, was excited by the logic that came you trying to unravel the map where possibly the groove box.

To tell the truth when he remembered Howard Carter remembered also the endless hours that were making enigmatic games between them to see who came out best in the logic of deciphering.

Samir could not be as good as Carter in hieroglyphic writing, and Carter was not as much he in discovering archaeological sites – this means that this scroll is prior to welding of the two symbols and I’m sure we need the lines drawn on the map to find the Ankh or as they called it. It’s a cross as a Christian only the upper rod has the oval shape. It can only be that! – Summed Samir hoping Husam al Din say something about it.

- All right, let’s imagine you’re right, because the Captain Magazão it knew where the box did a Christian cross? – Asked Husam somewhat skeptical of Samir theory.

Samir walked around a bit without speaking and finally said: – Think about it, we are an Islamic country by nature, there is an intolerance to Christianity, so any object that could fall into the wrong hands would be destroyed without delay. On the other hand, the AMON symbol that may have been in our past most of the deities is common both in our culture as the Egyptian and would not do us a lot of species to see him carved or inscribed anywhere. It is also known as the Nile where the key is the gift of life – paused.

- But we can still see the map of interconnected lines Atlas, Magazão, Oualili, known as Walila and the Lost City of Ba Hallou where to begin. If we take the initial will AMON, this because the Lost City also once called Neter, the cosmic principle – reached down to again double the parchment, had lost a lot of time trying to decipher what was supposed to be an elaborate code to ward off the curious.

- And that Ansada Cruz that we know how it is, but what is the meaning? – Husam asked curiously.

- It is the symbol of life, the truth of life after death. It may be the great power that has the hidden stone and that everyone wants, it may be why I have dreamed of the mysterious woman. It can be in the world of the dead or anywhere else you wish to protect the stone or use it for another purpose – paused.

- But I think we’ll find out soon, I realized that the more we approach the site where it may be the case, most recurrent dreams are, just do not remember everything that happens without you would never know that she is Christine Arminandar – sighed Samir visibly disappointed – may need you at night friend – he concluded.

- No problem, we’ll see that later. For now we will focus on finding the symbol of such Ansada Cruz, let’s draw for Rasil and Thorya to have more chances in less time.

Those foreigners will soon come in and certainly want our heads! – Husam ended the conversation and after a few moments divided into two groups by agadires of Aoujgal cliffs in the High Atlas. There was what they were looking, hidden for over 250 years at least.

The Germans under the command of Karl Haushofer rose swiftly the mountain range as a human chain with soldiers spaced by about ten meters. They made a targeted and organized scan which showed leadership by their commander in chief and it became too dangerous.

Samir knew he was dealing with a specialized strength and would not hesitate to devastate everything ahead to achieve your goal, although he did not know what they wanted with the box and the Black Stone, but in the hands of those men would be for a single purpose; total domination of the known world.

Samir briefly froze and turned pale, knew what it was the Black Stone, indeed the Black Sun Stone! I’d rather take that secret to the grave than reveal it to anyone…

[]The Box

The Emir of Fquih Ben Salah and Beni Mellal rode swiftly with its Berber warriors towards the High Atlas that was visible in the distance. It was urgent to arrive as soon as possible to the foot of the mountain, on the trace route had found two of the knights who accompanied Rasil Samima and in his opinion death was tragic and painful, so the future is his son and best friend would be this way bound to have a similar fate. Also the Black Stone could not fall into the hands of foreign enemies, without that power was already dangerous to the extreme! He thought.

With a little luck and the desert help the trip would not be so long until the early evening would already be close enough so they could see a hint of Berber camp, including those who had ordered the souls of two dead knights for Paradise. The expected end for so many decades was finally close or be extended for so many years for the alleged mysterious box was finally discovered and put on safety? I thought the Emir.

Many had perished only because they parchment knowledge that could be as old as man, and he fell to the Shining she found the predestined and send on the Great Journey, hopelessly in his son’s company. The appreciation he had for Samir was not the same as compared to Husam al Din, but he understood that in his absence, the Berber had everything to succeed him in the future, so Layanah needed to be guarded…

Karl Haushofer standing on a large rock raged in all directions because he was not finding evidence of those who persecuted, it was becoming a sidewalk ghosts and had to end as soon as possible. The Berbers took the advantage of knowing the territory! In a week would have to be far away next to the company and if possible with the Black Stone on the altar of which has a place in the secret hiding place in Berlin.

- Verdammt Berber! “Cursed Berber” – Wrathful German jumped the stone at once, playing with both feet on the floor and letting one knee service support with one hand. It seemed that hunted a rabid animal.

Still crouching and looking around, he called one of his guards to close to you. – There! – He pointed with his index finger on the mountain an immense horizontal fault that for those who were unprepared pass unnoticed as just a fault, but the sharp eyes of Haushofer nothing could escape him. He was the hunter and not hunting!

- Hans, hurry men! We will follow such a long path are ready! – Cried the German to his right arm Hans Zimmermann, a man stout and stocky though tall and second in command.

Muscle mass indicated that should weigh more than 110 kilos as well as his chin square did not leave any doubt that this was a bulldog of the best strain and as such nodded promptly with his head to his head while asked swiftly to the other troop components Germanic.

It was clear that the final confrontation it seemed was to approach with this could come home and everyday life, all Germans hated that arid and dry desert!
Thorya raised an arm with his rifle, inseparable companion, upward so that the others could see where he was, had found something that might be what they sought. It did not take long for everyone to join within a Agadir in Cliffs of Aoujgal, in the High Atlas, the slope was quite steep with a free a fall over 400m high and the tortuous and narrow path not facilitated at all the incursion by those routes.

The horses had been hidden below a ledge of the cliff once used as a stable for animals. Such a size had spent a great night under that place and in a way that had not been discovered so far by his pursuers, but this could not be done forever and they knew it, so as soon leave that place the better.

Apart from that there were only two ways out of that place, one underneath and one on top, and it seemed the first option was ruled out because they could see the Germans beginning to rise in access to entrance of agadires of Aoujgal.

The place indicated by Thorya was a igoudr n-bertkiz, barn type assigned to the Portuguese, was not Roman, Samir could see it having already excavated similar in the Anti-Atlas, inside could be seen only utensils debris and some parties clay jars scattered on the floor giving the impression that the place had gone through terrible days.

From time to time were completely empty, usually when there were internal disputes Al-Magrib, but during times of conflict were his greatest defenses!

Thorya away a little of shards scattered on the floor with one foot, he crouched supporting one knee on the floor and wiped his hand as much land as he could, put his mouth to the surface and blew two or three times. A groove began to do this, it was a point of intersection of several lines two of them upward curves.

They rushed in trying to clean up the rest and almost immediately appeared to Ankh with the main stem facing the wall while the oval part was toward the door. The only difference that cross for the traditional is that this had an arrowhead on its end pointing forward.

They rushed to grope the wall that looked pretty solid, the Agadir where they met had no more than 20m² with a single input and a fairly wide window, where once there was a kind of blind made with wooden slats held together by strings and a approximate height of 3m. Nothing seemed out of place or liable to move in any direction.

- What we have here Samir? – Husam asked visibly anxious for an answer to elucidate the enigma.

- I cannot find anything that would indicate that there is a passage or that hides something inside … – Samir was still speaking thoughtfully – but then, if things in our culture are as Alf Lailah Oua Lailah, the Arabian Nights must be a way to know what there is back here, just because we cannot move it does not mean it is not there. – Continued groping around the entire wall until she felt a smaller stone and fitted at the end was moving with difficulty, but inside.

It took both hands so he could move the stone and with a serious ranger fell to the dark interior emitting a dull and heavy sound. The main wall block slowly moved laterally, its thickness should be approximately 50cm and a height of two meters. Samir was puzzled how such a heavy thing was being moved so easily. Once the opening gave way entirely sought to enter the maximum and care, even if I did not think there would traps inside every care was little.

The room was dark and Husam hastened to join a few remaining dry sticks of the blind it seemed and taking advantage of the cotton strings that involved did a pretty appropriate torch, once ignited illuminated the whole environment ahead. There appeared to be very deep, but entered through at least one ten meters straight, which the light from the entrance I could not see its end.

Samir cared to know right from the beginning as the mechanism had worked to open the heavy door and was surprised to see that there was a pendulum system where a huge stone hung on the wall where they had pushed the smaller stone and below this had a kind of dish that was now close to the ground with the weight of the smallest stone.

He deduced that the stone pushed had enough additional weight to the counterweight compel the engine to move, but also noted that the opening through which stone was pushed was narrower from the outside than from the inside, but at that time did not understand why.

- This is also necessary when we leave here for sure! – I said aloud, without waiting to be heard.

Full inside the darkness of the cave which remained closed for hundreds of years now was visible, but he was not empty. At the end of the wall, leaning, one could see two bodies on either side, two lay outstretched on the floor, only the bones were present in clothes, one of them on the left she Roman, perhaps our era century, one on the right hand was on his chest Iberian had the shield of Al-Djadīda weapons probably one of the subordinates of Captain Magazão.

The center leaning against the wall background an Arab Hashemite probably judging by the clothes. And lying on the ground with a knife still stuck in the back, a Hindu, Hindu decidedly very exquisite costumes still visible even confined in that unhealthy place and closed from time immemorial. No idea why those men were deposited there, but judging by the diversity of ethnic groups there would certainly be a purpose.

- For treasure hunters that here would be a Husam disappointment! – Samir stopping suddenly said the sepulchral silence that had settled on the spot.

 - But for an archaeologist this is a find! See, we have several people here from different eras, it is like taking a trip back in time in just one place. - Continued informing Husam and Rasil, the ones who had entered while Thorya and others stood guard outside of Agadir.

- You’re still with their weapons in the hands or sheathed! There seems to be gold or jewelry that could be of interest to many, but it’s time artifacts and most will not know for what they are until we open, but do not know if we have that time! – He concluded moving away toward an old box like a chest used in the XVII century…

Lifted the lid to the extent that the bolts creaked and slowly the contents proved to be visible inside several scrolls, papyrus and dusty books were contained in it, all neatly arranged and stacked. Archaeologist anticipated to open one of the scrolls that were on the middle, he could see without astonishment that it was part of a religious book dating back to Christianity, others apparently about Islam and Hinduism.

A wooden ark much older than all these were accommodated leaning against another wall.

One of Husam knights standing guard hurried through the room – They’re Coming! Already climbed the mountain and not be slow to arrive – came out again quickly.

Husam Samir and looked at each other and not with disappointment because they knew they must leave it there so maybe later could go back and review all that collection and maybe even study it. “That would be the study content of a lifetime or more!” Samir thought as he looked more closely around in order to see something to inform him about the mysterious box or pointed the next step.

There was rather a small box on the floor near the Iberian soldier, was not concealed, however, quite visible. The impression is that had fallen from the man’s hand cannot hold it in no time.

Samir approached without haste to get it blowing dust around, was made of metal rather aged matte silver hexagonal shape, but not oxidized, and realized that on the surface it looked like a lid was low reliefs in turquoise forming concentric semicircles interspersed who became more alive to the extent that approached his hand around the box even in low relief also bright red, written as Ra’s Scroll surrounded the entire edge. It was evident that they had the same origin.

That language was still strange and indecipherable as far as his knowledge showed him, but there was no doubt that it was a beautiful and refined work of art. Extremely light, it felt when raised with force hoping it was heavier, which was not.

As it was not deep knowledge of metallurgy I had no idea what the material of which it was made, but it was an impressive artwork. Anyway, if that was what they were looking for would be best to come out of there as soon as possible, otherwise all that is there could fall into the wrong hands.

- This is the case! Let’s close this tomb and leave so that never meets, hopefully back here another time! – Said Samir out for all to follow.

The torch was almost exhausted, but there was a problem the pendulum stone that had been pushed even stood on the plate of balance, if would remove the door certainly would close them inside as most would return to the stationary normal position.

- We have a problem we need to catch the stone door so we can remove the smaller stone of balance and puts it in place – at times tried to enter other larger stones beneath the gigantic, heavy door, but I was not close to the no ground if allowed to catch and could not remove the balance stone without getting trapped inside.

Samir now understand why the men were there! They all had sacrificed so that the secret was not discovered it also meant that one of them would need to stay.

- Husam, we cannot close the door from the outside, only from the inside, when the stone is removed and put in place all this gear will close the door at a speed that we have no way out! – Samir was terrified at the idea that he or any of his had to stay behind and die languishing of the horrible way that were there since many centuries.

- Nobody gets back Samir, you’re in the box and we will fortify us here and meet aliens! If one of us fall in combat and you can, this will take care to seal the tomb again … – Husam spoke with the firmness of a real Emir, his experience in combat strategies was evident and obvious, it was not question him.

It would be done, you know Samir and all those who accompanied them and thus were positioned to defend the place.

The Berber did not fail to complement – Husam, let’s move on to another place than this, will be behind the case and assume that we already have, which is true, therefore, we must removes them from this site. If we fall the last will be in charge of closing the tomb, but what’s inside cannot fall into the hands of foreigners, we’re not sure what it is, but if what I’m thinking, all religions of the world can just disappear! – And so they started down the narrow path toward the Germans.

They could not go back and go up the path, or his enemies find the tomb, on the other hand, did not want to let anyone locked up for no reason, no one would survive confined there for long. It was fight or struggle; there was no other way out.

[]The Husam al Din War

German Society of Black Stone climbed walk in single file leaning to the great wall of the cliff that led to agadires, Moroccans barns that once again serve as protection for the natural Al-Magrib.

Karl Haushofer was more resolute than ever, knew that there was somewhere that was looking for and the future of the object of what could become the new German Empire. “An empire that could even last a thousand years!” – Thought as that followed Hans looked like a wall ahead of him.

A rifle shot hissed through the valley below and hit the wall next to the German giant who was driving the soldiers of the Company, basaltic stone splinters tore his face causing the right side of the face bleed. It was not a serious injury, I had had worse days than this, with the sleeve Hans canvas coat thick passed it over his face and wiped the excess blood, while that Haushofer adhered to the wall as if he were part.

- Damn Berbers! Lean against the wall all of you! – Cried the leader enraged, the clenched hands showed that revenge at any cost the insolence of those savages who dare shoot him and his men!
- Prepare your weapons! Tell to protect the horses and come down to stay out of range of the rifles! This is far from over! – Smirked Haushofer.

Husam let out an angry Hurro to have wrong a target considered easy and it finally ended up revealing the position they were in, but most of it was never ready for confrontation, had good men to his side and that he did not know which would be the purpose of it all, Samir was his friend and brother, briefly came to his mind the letter from the sister, but soon put it aside, it would be a useless distraction that thought it could cost them their lives.

Thorya crept across the floor to reach the agadires the front that could provide a better refuge for him and the others who followed him, Samir and Rasil rose a little more to stay almost at the crack curve as rear and protect those who were ahead as last instance. Behind them approximately 30m was the Agadir with the door open tomb just waiting for another victim…

Hans Zimmermann was an experienced soldier as well as those who accompanied him, had been chosen all the finger by your qualifications and a guerrilla situation like this not it was at all strange, was so confident that neither bothered to leave the position in which He was. Looking back motioned to the fourth man in line who was lying on the floor of the narrow passage so that to go forward, which was promptly answered.

Along with the soldier who did not differ at all from the others, they seemed all fruits of the same formula, came a caliber machine gun floor 30 ‘that was positioned in front of Hans. Contentment in the face of German was evident, the Berbers knew that surprise and exterminate without difficulties, were trapped like rats in the desert and were doomed to die at the hands of their persecutors!

While Samir looked to drive along the narrow passage a hail of bullets went through the entire side of agadires up and down the lines that limited them. Beside him Rasil was injured at the time of the right shoulder and was bleeding in abundance, they would not stand a chance against that heavy weapons.

 - Husam! We will not have a chance against these soldiers, we need to protect ourselves and draw back, we return to the tomb soon as we can! - Samir shouted to the friend who made only a nod that agreed, just did not know how to get there without being hit.

Husam was preparing to return to the tomb when he realized shots again and looked at the enemies that are now protected on the cliffs of entrance and fired into the valley. Machine guns were heard towards the cliff with an intensity never seen by him, but who or what was shooting? – He thought quickly trying to look a little further down the cliff.

Meanwhile Thorya and Samir took the opportunity to give timely shots in the direction of Hans and Haushofer.

- Samir! Can you see anything there? Who are shooting? – He asked Husam al Din to the friend who was in a better position and at the same time realized that the German leader shouted to retreat towards the valley.

It showed that they were trapped between this cliff and briefly shuddered to think what would be happening, but the response we feared was not long in coming – is Ikrimah Alzahara the Emir his father! – Samir shouted from where she was.

- The aliens are coming down and opening fire at them, we must warn you that have heavy weaponry! – Samir said without much conviction how to do it.

- By Allah! It will be a massacre are in the open and cannot protect the firepower of these people, here we could still hold them for a few moments in the valley will have no chance! – Husam was in despair.

- Samir! Thorya! We need to open fire on them from up and force them to get in the way! If they can have an easy target down in the valley, we will not stop them! – Shouted to his friends as he left the Agadir and positioned crouched as he fired.

The others followed making a relay so that the Germans did not have the opportunity to fight back. “It was necessary that they could arrest them along the way, but for that the Emir his father would already have entered the passage or all would be lost!” – The Husam thoughts traveled an uncontrollable speed at the same time shooting and reloading his rifle.

Some distance behind Samir watched the war machine in which his friend had become, did not remember anything like that since I knew him.

Karl Haushofer arrived at the entrance of the passage remained free even under a rain of missiles that came from the Berber horsemen approaching to within walking distance. I could see at least 20 heavily armed men all dressed in black as the Berber who had fired at Hans, led by a rider who clashed with the others, probably the leader.

Haushofer was a military trained and know what to do, his years in the Bavarian military school, the academy artillery had taught him what to put into practice now.

He was a professional soldier, serving in the army of Imperial Germany and in 1903 began teaching at the Bavarian Academy of war who was very proud and it was still holder.

- Hans! Place two guns on each flank and use tripods on the ground, put five men on each side to support and bring me long-range rifle – Haushofer who was in a safe affixing regarding smiled enemy snipers as he pulled a pocket cigarette lapel and lit quietly.

The guns were positioned and flanking were waiting, would use an older strategy than war itself. – To my shooting open fire at will! – Haushofer took the last drag on his cigarette and threw down beat it with the toe of his boot. Wrapped the sniper rifle’s leather strap twice on the forearm to give you firmly gun, took the butt to his shoulder and breathed slowly while watched Berber knight who stood out from the rest. It would be a surefire shot and remember for the rest of your life.

Husam down the steep and narrow path swiftly, but Hans who was between him and the gateway to the valley below prevented him from continuing. There was no way to go through that place without someone was hit fatally.

Below only the Berbers firing at the entrance of the cliff until a single boom unlike any other was heard and a deep silence fell in the valley for a few seconds, then machine guns spit hellfire on the Berbers who now seeking shelter where they could.

The German Black Stone Society leader was satisfied with the outcome, knew hitting all leading the pack would lose the reference and to run until another took its place and it would be long enough to come out of the situation they were in between two fires. Making a circular sign with his arm ordered everyone to mount their horses and set off in the opposite direction will the newcomers Berbers.

Husam, seeing the withdrawal of foreign troops ran into the valley below the cliff of entry while the soldiers of his father still firing at the fleeing enemies. Seeing the father’s body lying on the ground his body shuddered, the worst had happened and there was nothing he could do. The German shot was fatal – Father! My Emir! – Husam knelt near the father holding her hand.

- Husam my dear son! I arrived in good time, you are saved! – Ikrimah Alzahara coughed blood on the white robe he wore, his son shook his hand insistently, he knew he would lose. At that moment Samir knelt across the Emir and was shocked to feel how much he admired the man.

Alzahara held out his free hand and held his hand – Samir You are the guardian of parchment! My life is not important, fulfill your destiny! – I said coughing again.

- Yes my Emir, my protector! I accomplish my fate that is reserved for Allah in all his wisdom! – Samir felt his eyes flooded with tears, discovered belatedly that loved this man as his father without knowing all that he had done for him for so many years.

- Husam you the Emir after I am gone, but do not let me die here, in this quiet and desolate valley … – Alzahara dying as he looked pleadingly at his son Husam al Din.

- Do not blame yourself for my choices my son, I lived my life as Allah allowed and dignity. Honor the name of his father and of our tribe! – The time for the Emir was ending; he was fading through the fingers of both Berber that lined.

- My Emir! – Samir said in a solemn tone – need one last favor before you go follow the path of eternity… – looked Husam then that even without knowing what would follow readily understood where his friend was getting at and immediately asked the four horsemen who did a stretcher to drive the Emir of Agadir until the tomb of the Portuguese.

Ikrimah Alzahara was placed near the center of the tomb of the soldier who was lying on the floor with the dagger in the back.

- Here my Emir, are written and artifacts of the holiest that ever existed in the history of mankind, some may be older than all the prophets we know and we can fall into the wrong hands – Samir paused, knew not I had the right to terminate the father’s best friend in that gloomy tomb, but in his view there was no other choice.

- This tomb terminating inside as much knowledge also probably has the most daring warriors who ever lived and who sacrificed their lives to keep the secret of this place. I see no more deserving company for the long trip than this – Samir strongly shook hands with the Emir – Know that you have my gratitude for all eternity! – He concluded.

- Shamir Non! I who am grateful. You made my life a purpose to be achieved and tried to protect him and Layanah the best I could! – The Emir panted as he spoke. Husam briefly felt a deep hatred of the dishonor that Samir knew existed but did not impose his father on his deathbed.

- Husam! – Begged the Emir reaching out energetically – Layanah is promised! I kept it so that after all this was over was given to Samir! It belongs to you by right, just as he always belonged to her, but could not let her suffer … Protect them! – The end was approaching and nothing more could be said.

The hopelessness of Husam was visible, all who were there had deep admiration for the man who now fainted before his eyes, it would be an end of an era, the Ikrimah Alzahara…

Ikrimah Alzahara The Radiant was taken to close the stone and remained there leaning against the wall while all leave the tomb that had victimized so many heroes. Husam said goodbye to the father as a Berber had to do with honor and respect. I knew that nothing could be done and that there would be able to bring his father’s body to his native Beni Mellal. What was done was done by the will of whoever the Lord of all things…

Samir was taken aback, had tried and betrayed the trust of the only man who always protected him for a moment felt like cursing the world and Allah. I thought – “If there is a God has a sense of very doubtful mood…” – he lowered his head and left not only the tomb as the barn, did not want to be there to see the sad end what was to come and not the would not by Husam.

With great difficulty the Emir leaning against the stone removed the stone over the course of the pendulum stone and the door closed almost immediately leaving only the hole through which the withdrawal and quadrangular stone would be put back so that never the tomb was opened again and without further delay, albeit with difficulty, pushed to lock it at the end, so that could not be removed from the inside. The room was now sealed.

To the surprise of all Emir inside lit by the absence of light and saw wonders written and drawn on the walls. Things had never dreamed there and languages that did not even know, but among many who acknowledged via the holy prophet’s writing and as the light approached and invited him to follow her, felt the peace that both searched for so long. Ikrimah Alzahara The Radiant had fulfilled its mission.

[] Chapter VII

[] The Voyage Tadla-Azilal

Husam down the narrow passage of the cliff as if his body had been crushed, was a haunting than ever had been. Just bury his father without the honors which he was entitled and little else was up to him now than honor his name.

He looked around and saw Samir, did not want to see him now too, was not the time, many things had been said and others were yet to say. I had to meet the Berber warriors and states that the Emir was dead, now there was another Emir Husam al Din lord of all the lands between Fquih Ben Salah and Beni Mellal, by will and Allah.

- I am Husam al Din Emir of Fquih Ben Salah and Beni Mellal, by will and Allah. Ikrimah Alzahara The Radiant is dead! – I said to all the Berbers ahead of him. They looked at each other, positioned weapons and fired while they were doing the shout of greeting and respect typical of the Berbers guttural. I was done and consolidated.

- Today we camp here and will pay homage to our dead, tomorrow we will continue trip! – Concluded Husam.

All eight Berbers had died and five were wounded need medical care among them Rasil Samima.

Everything would have to be resolved the next day including his promise to his father to protect Samir and Layanah, but not that night, that night would be only Husam to rethink what ways were the ones who were being placed ahead of him so that even trilhasse against your will.

Far away were camped German soldiers, there were four heavily armed sentries divided into four strategic points while the others began to prepare meals for nightfall.

- Miserable desert! – Said Hans Zimmermann – still take with me one that left me scarred face today! – Snapped under his breath remembering shot that Berber had struck and had hit the wall next to where he was.

- Do not worry Hans! – Interrupted Karl Haushofer – we find them sooner or later and will have his revenge, today I had my! – She said laughing lautamente.

- Today the civilized world has less Berbers on earth! – Walked away laughing out loud and without remorse, he was a young man, cold and calculating. I had long-term goals and intended to realize them at all costs!
Samir was lost, this time there would Wander the desert as previously done eventually be caught, but was kneeling with hands clasped between his legs and his head down.

She was small and had never felt before, not sure if the same could be Samir again. It appeared that you should run away, being away, had the impression it was the cause of all evil and that these evils extended to the people he loved, even by the Emir who had recently discovered a great affection.

Now has the perception of events happened and that he had never understood the attitudes of those involved, today knew how much had been protected and somehow loved by a man he thought was his biggest enemy.

Looking at the moon, I wish I could go back in time if that were possible and ask for forgiveness, but the life that he could not give him a second chance…

The fact that he discovered who had always been the promised Layanah, did not help matters by remorse that he had everything he had thought in relation to the Emir. Took what was just and removed the box that had cost the lives of so many and laid it down as she ran her hand over the colors were brighter, but to pull away his hand simply erased as if it never existed.

He decided it was as good a time as any to open it if the Black Stone were there know what it meant and what was its purpose and would not let anyone found to carry out the end of the world. This was without doubt the doomsday weapon.

Far away Layanah which also looked at the moon, was concerned about hiding the belly that swelled over time, pretty soon everyone would know and needed to get away before that.

Discovered that would give you a son Samir result of last night of love under the moonlight of the desert before he left, and was not sure what effect this would have on their father and brother, all suffer, but was not willing to deliver to a man she did not love, only Samir could be part of your life and receive all the love she had kept since he was born. Belonged to him body and soul, and nothing in terrestrial or celestial world come between both again.

Confident that Rasil had delivered the letter to Husam Samir addressed to and trusted enough that it already knew it would be father and responsibility it would bring for both.

It would certainly be banished from the tribe, but by his father, probably by his brother even though it was the best friend of Samir, certain things would not be forgiven, but was willing to risk.

All his life he had heard stories of women who were forced to submit to husbands who loved not only to strengthen alliances, rather cease to be princess to live a life of slavery of any kind and above all without love.

Layanah fell asleep watching the moon and dreaming of better days, hoping that a miracle would put an end to all the anguish that had been submitted since fallen in love with the young Berber. Deserved to be happy next to the beloved and it needs freedom.

Little did the miracle that so desired could be on the way, but not in the way dreamed. One had to be very careful about what he wanted, he could be answered by a Djinn at your request…

The Day dawned bright as if nothing had happened the day before, all the Berber camp were ready to follow trip just did not know where and if so needed the guidance of Samir Ziaul-Haq who was joining the group at that time.

- Good morning Husam, may Allah be with you! – Said Samir solemnly and with a grain of salt for not knowing exactly how his friend was.

- You too Samir. A lot has happened in recent months and now I am the Emir need things between us are a little more formal… – Husam hesitated waiting for a friend of adverse reaction, but did not get it, Samir just nodded without any kind of reaction

- already have any idea where we go from here? – He asked Husam al Din.

- Yes, I know exactly where we have to go, it seems not all roads lead to Rome, but elsewhere it has always been in our way. – Samir spoke while arreava the horse.

- Let’s go home, what we seek is on the way and we have men who need medical care and the journey will be long. In addition, we still have foreigners after us for sure and this time do not intend to run away or be caught off guard! – Concluded Samir Berber.

Husam narrowing his eyes and clenching his fists added:

- If it’s a war they want, it is a war that will! – Would take nearly a month at least to reach Beni Mellal and hoped to spend the night and take care of the wounded along the way so rumaria to Marrakech. He spurred his horse and sped off down the mountains toward the plains followed by the rest of the Berbers.

With a bit of luck and tiredness would be able to arrive without problems, but would require two patrols to ensure that security and so one would in front away for two miles and one behind with the same distance.

After just over two weeks of horseback riding finally arrived in Marrakesh, it was a different city from the other desert, was more cosmopolitan, very westernized and the Berber people avoided her whenever possible. Most of the times that passed by on the periphery to be minimally noticeable and this time was no different, on the other hand, if the Germans from the Black Stone Society wanted a place to rebuild their strategies there would be the best place and Husam I had it.

Knew many spies in town who sold information to the emirs of the entire Al-Magrib, he had resorted to these services only if your late father. A momentary grief touched his heart, but sought him out as she realized she could not give the opportunity to let their guard down in no time. The enemy lurked around every corner.

They camped outside the city along with other Berber who made the crossing in caravans, Marrakesh was almost an obligatory stop on that route. Before long Husam has escaped from the camp and headed to a place where it had previously been, the streets were narrow and dark, snuck up on the evening twilight with his face covered by the hood going through the homes and their terraces , large terraces. Thorya accompanied him as his shadow.

Moving between the houses came to a building that was in front of the Souk that worked every morning there. Knocked three times on the door and waited a few moments, in a few moments the door-parted and a short, stocky man with a gray abarba asked him: – Who dares wake Talut at this time of night? – Man’s voice was unpleasant and sleepy.

- He who has no name, but many coins to give you for your information, Talut! – Husam replied dryly.

The door opened to the Berber get that nodded to his companion remained outside watching. Soon after the door closed, but not the man look around suspicious if the stranger who was now in her house had been followed. Thorya was invisible in the shadow of the house…

- What would you traveler? How can I help you spend your precious Money? – Inquired the man rubbing his hands as they Sat at the table lit by oil lamp.

- Foreigners who travel in groups as soldiers and using western black uniforms, where they are now and how many? – Husam waited for a response from the host did not come, but rather a statement that was better informed than the Berber could predict. It was this which made Talut a good spy.

- You Husam al Din Emir of Beni Mellal, I will give you the information but do not want your money! – Talut looked Husam in the eye while he played the hood that covered his face back.

- Ikrimah Alzahara was a good man and his death will not be forgotten – continued Talut – the men of the Black Stone Society said they had killed a large Berber warrior Atlas, went to two days, at least 30 men on horseback, I think towards Tadla-Azilal – he paused.

- His tribe is advised, we send a messenger and should be prepared for what might happen, but you are now the Emir, should be leading his people! – He concluded.

Husam got up and headed for the door, the man who received remained seated. – Do not forget this for Talut of Marrakesh; you have my word and gratitude! – And likewise disappeared into the shadows that came into the camp accompanied by Thorya, it was urgent that went to Beni Mellal.

The camp was not far away and soon arrived, called Rasil who had already restored during the trip and told him:

- Prepare men, foreigners are starting went to the desert, toward Fquih Ben Salah. We have no time to lose – Husam Samir sought that had decided to camp away from the men since leaving the Atlas.

The Berber was lying on the desert sand with his head resting on the horse’s saddle, who looked accurately realize that his thoughts were as far as the stars in the firmament.

- Get up Samir, we need to go, Layanah is in danger! – Husam Samir did not beat around the bush and put his feet right away; wanting to know more than you fought that information.

- Why do you think that Husam? What do you know? – He said in an altered tone. All that was related to his beloved afflicted him directly, she had been so far all the motivation behind everything He did in life. His reason for living.

- Foreign headed for our desert I intended to make an offensive to surprise on arrival – added Husam – The Berbers are advised apparently not think it will be confrontation, but I fear the worst, we have seen the power of fire They have. Do not delay, we’re leaving in an hour – Husam went away without looking at his friend for some reason considered him guilty of everything that was going on, even not knowing why.

They rode for several days during the ride they came across the body of a man who had been killed with a shot from distance was right to assume that the messenger Talut had not reached its destination, so the Berbers would not know the imminent attack!

They rode faster until they can catch sight in the distance the Az-Zawiya towers of the religious centers of Beni Mellal. I had problems all the way, it was as if they had extended a carpet so they prosseguissem free from all misfortunes.

Those members of the Society were new enemies, not like the previous conquerors and not even like the French who were still there. Husam learned to have a mixture of respect and caution with these men in black uniforms, were indoctrinated, efficient and devoted to his cause and that was what he considered more dangerous extremism.

Scouts were sent to the Berber camp that belonged to Ikrimah Alzahara, now his son and successor Husam al Din. They had ridden for days and knew that the Germans had the advantage of two days at least, but did not think about being careless.

For guidance Husam just Rasil and Thorya were ahead, Samir who insisted on accompanying them was forbidden to leave the Berber camp that had settled now and we expect the return of the scouts. Thoughts of the new Emir were all strategy, emotions needed to be set aside no matter how much it hurt him deeply.

- We need to sleep, to mount guard around the camp and make the relay – Husam had only 16 men, the others had died by injuries while walking to Marrakech. Just need to gather the tribe and protect them from enemies, if it were just that …

[] Oualili – Volubilis Colónia

The scouts arrived after the sun had dawned on Husam al Din camp was the moment of expectation. Rasil went to the Emir and asked to speak to you alone.

- My Emir camp suffered no invasion or low, there was no fighting of any kind – it is the batter stuck to the facts – the princess disappeared for two nights ago and nobody knows their whereabouts! – Rasil expected new orders as Husam was thoughtful.

There could be two alternatives, or Layanah had fled for the reason explained in the letter he had received and had not been delivered to Samir or kidnapped by the Black Stone Company. With the luck that had been having in recent months betting on Monday…

- Go rest Rasil Samima, light Thorya with you and ask Samir to come see me – said in authoritative tone that it was inherent from the death of his father had been educated to assume this position since he had come out of his mother’s womb and the time had come sooner than he wanted and very tragically.

Samir who was watching with a grain of salt the friend since his father’s death presented itself as requested. – Here I am Emir, how can I serve you? – Said in a courteous tone and without disdain, with the highest regard he had for Husam and knowing that both now occupied distinct and different positions, even if the later would marry the princess. Very difficult things between them would return to be like before…

- Layanah is not in the camp, he disappeared. Have any idea what might have happened? – Husam Samir looked impassive.

- I have no idea Husam, unless you have been kidnapped what I consider a possibility there would be no reason for that was not safe with the tribe! – Samir nodded lamely.

Husam pulled a letter he carried will greatly saved time and came to the Samir – This letter arrived by Rasil after we left the Lost City and found near the Atlas. It was addressed to you, but I could not help but notice that it was something that could influence our lives and therefore the open – paused as Samir opened the letter and began to read.

- I had an urge to kill him for a while Samir, given the gravity of the news and dishonor to my family is subjected by their cause and fate decreed that I did not, because otherwise today would be sorry knowing now that around the time you were the promised Layanah – he kept walking a bit around that Samir reread the letter again.

- I’ve never done objections between you and my sister as you know, but expected to respect the hospitality of my father. Clearly, I was wrong, so again I ask you, what do you think happened to Layanah, Samir? – Stopped in front of the Berber and looked like he had never done before, so to decide about life and death with a single word.

- Husam, I did not know … – Samir was speechless – we love each other forever, since the first time we met, was stronger than everything and try to keep a safe distance but unable – sighed before continuing everything was very new.

Samir had just discovered that expecting a child of his beloved and at the same time that this information was in the hands of Husam long time ago and that this will not penalize. I had a bigger heart than even he himself who did not show.

- But Layanah not run away, not without me, even in this condition it is in. There is only one option The Company took us want to do an exchange for cash – Samir looked at his friend trying to find out if Husam he knew was still there somewhere.

- And never meant to dishonor your father, you or your home, everything I am I owe you … – he lamented.

- I believe you, Samir Ziaul-Haq, the Light of Faith and what is done is done! By the will of anyone – pondered a resigned manner – what should we do now? If you are right in your assumption you have the box and Layanah’s life in your hands! What will you do? – He sat staring Samir.

Samir went to the bag which was in the horse saddle and unwrapped one sheepskin protecting the metal box that flashed blue and red colors – Take Husam and see what happens! – Extended the box to the Emir who took it.

- Should happen something extraordinary Samir? – Husam responded in disbelief tone.

- Yes happened and you did not even notice right? – Samir was upset with the lack of attention Husam obviously did not see the importance of that artifact had – see what happens when I approach my hand… – the box just answered brightening gradually in blue and red tones as where Samir took the box – she noticed that “talk with me”? – Husam paid more attention this time picking up again at the artifact and noting that the light is dimmed in your hands until it was completely opaque in metal color.

- Try to open it! – He challenged Husam Samir while looking for some slot for pulling power or insert your dagger.

- Do not open, is there anything that prevents it from being opened if it is possible to open it as I see grooving!

- He said Husam returning the box to his friend and seeing returning to acquire the vivid colors.

- Note that when caught formed a line around all of it and I can open it easily… – Samir began to slowly lift the lid – there is no black stone here, but there’s something else, a kind of key combining with the writings of the parchment below the Ra figure – Samir showed what he considered to be a key in hex format which occupied the entire bottom of the box and had the same format as the same.

- Look! When I caught her lights and if you take it off. I do not know why this happens, but obviously I have something that you and others do not have, so my name is on parchment – he said Samir looking Husam curiously.

- That’s what the Germans want in exchange for his sister. I do not know the power that it has not even what to do with it, but one thing is certain, we go to Bled Takurart was where they found the parchment and it seems where it all began, will certainly be there we’ll find the answers we seek – watched Husam to the expectation of an answer.

- And how will we know if the members of the Society are to Layanah? – Asked Husam.

- Do not worry, they’ll find us! – He concluded Samir as he mounted the horse followed by the Emir. Soon after all rode toward Oualili or as it was known in the West Cologne Volubilis in Moulay Idriss Zerhoun!

Samir thought in my dream last night, Christine’s picture Arminandar was more esvanecida but still very present in their thoughts. Every day was evident that they were interconnected in some way at different times; maybe she was the guardian of Ra parchment like him, that somehow explained his name after the Captain Magazão, and now had written it for Husam.

On the other hand did not understand how the Captain had obtained his name to put on parchment, not seen in his dreams or visions of any kind! In recent months concentrated on trying to explain everything that came occurring since being called by Emir Ikrimah Alzahara to their camp, briefly remembered happier times with friend now changed and almost impassible.

If fate had been an executioner with himself, left no room for your dearest friends and his beloved Layanah be spared. The journey towards Oualili was tiring and while crossing the desert Berbers were able to realize that they were being followed in the distance by two riders dressed in black uniforms and rifles in the back.

Husam thought it best to keep your caravan divided into three columns spaced by a mile between them, it was not far to regroup in case of attack and also were not vulnerable to an onslaught of aliens. The earthquake of 1755 had devastated much of the Mediterranean entrance of countries and Volubilis Cologne, once the jewel of the Roman Empire in North Africa and which had lasted since the second century AD as a monument to human persistence was noise in all its glory that cataclysmic event.

The great work of Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus the last of the five great emperors was now a mixture of rocks and debris, but it was still possible to see the Arc de Triomphe or what was left of it. Further north some buildings still bore the columns and arches of the grandeur of the empire that dominated the world for over a thousand years. Stairs roamed around the perimeter of the city that once had been surrounded by several miles of walls and towers to contain the Berber invasions.

Samir remembered ever having been there in Henri de la Martinière company to proceed ace digs, but had been prevented by order of the local rulers at that time did not understand why the excavations stopped, but recent revelations of Husam already had clarified this obscure part, his father would not let something be done at that location until his protégé was able to understand the ancient parchment and despite every effort to protect you and your loved Layanah he himself had been the victim of enemies and her daughter was held hostage somewhere.

It was quite possible that the Emir knew much more than he had shown, but now it would be forever a guess, thought Samir.

At dusk entered into camp on the outskirts of Volubilis Cologne, it was impossible not to get exhausted with human effort that had been employed in that locality. The architecture was phenomenal, it was clear that many financial and human resources had been used to build this tribute to the greatness of humanity and the Roman Empire.

The men were capable of truly amazing things, on the other hand also were also able to make larger atrocities had news. The sun had not yet set when a rider came into the camp languidly riding like someone who walks in the desert without haste. It took in approaching the main tent and stopped in front of the opening, by now escorted by several Berber warriors who pointed their rifles at him.

On top of the sleek beast a man dressed in black clothes and a cap of the same color, which protrudes a golden symbol to the center appearing to be a sort of lightning stopped without getting off the horse, carefully looked around as if to assess the power of fire enemy and smiled.

Husam Samir and came out of the tent inside almost at the same instant in which the rider had stopped in front of the tent. Samir recognized it as her captor and had him inflicting heavy torture to be saved by the hands of Thorya who was now behind the man with a threaded hand inside your Djellaba, – the typical costume of the Assassin, made of wool, covering her whole body with wide sleeves and the hood that partially concealed her face. Surely a dagger in his hand ready to be nailed to the jugular of Karl Haushofer.

- Guten Abend Marrokanern Berber! “Good Night Berber Moroccan!” – Started the German still mounted on the horse.

It would not be allowed down at the ground all of Al-Magrib considered sacred by having been the subject of many disputes in the past. An infidel was not welcome, especially one who stood before them.

- I have something you want and you have something I want, I suggest you do an exchange and all live! – Said Haushofer very safety of his words as he looked at Samir, not caring about the presence of Husam and his Berber warriors, knew what was in his power was invaluable to that tribe, was the daughter of Emir princess and capture it had been so easy to kill her father!

Husam came forward to Samir in response: – I am the Husam al Din Emir of Fquih Ben Salah and Beni Mellal, what’s so important for us to make the change you want if they have what you want? – I wanted to make sure that the German would not be bluffing.

- In Go? – Karl Haushofer laughed that echoed throughout the camp was quiet.

 - I thought I killed the Emir like a wild animal that was in the valley of the Great Atlas! Generally do not mistake the aim! - He said in defiance of the Berber in front.
He knew the game he was doing was dangerous even more surrounded by Berbers wild, he was once considered them, and to all those who lived outside the borders of his country, but impose fear and authority was one of the premises to subdue the enemy.

Destroy morality even before the great battle begins, I knew that even if I did what he wanted, none of those Berbers would be alive to tell.

Husam had early to go along on the German soldier almost like Namira the leopard who had harassed years earlier, felt in his mouth of blood beast when instinctively bit his lip. Samir grabbed his arm and stepped forward so that nothing escape the control of the time, this could be the difference between Layanah live or die.

His blood was boiling inside, felt the boil and the desire of millions of years of primitivism telling him to kill the man like an animal, a predator that needed to be extinct, but with the calm that the desert had entrusted to him slowly pulled box that gleamed in two colors in front of the man on the horse – Is this what you want? – He asked rhetorically, knew what the answer only to look at the face of Karl Haushofer.

The German could not hide the anxiety to get their hands on ancient artifact that had sought for years, and others before him also had done. The existence of the box was no secret to those who tried to establish a thousand-year empire!

He thought for a moment how many had the opportunity and let her pass simply because they did not understand its power. That was the key to open the safe where he deposited the other part of the great Sun Stone Negro and would allow access to knowledge never seen by human eyes at the time, he doubted until the Berber that had known their true meaning.

- It’s a beautiful artifact Berber! – The German made sure to finish the sentence in your language – I do not think you know how helpful it is! So I think we can make a fair exchange, after the princess also has no value to me! – He said smiling and looking at the two men in front of him, I’d love to play with death and felt the body stiffen in anticipation of what was to follow, but one thing was certain, fear was not in their vocabulary!

Husam powerless, saw before him the man who had murdered his father and did not show any remorse for his actions, his face still young but hardened and showed the enemy was, however could not lose Layanah Also, the cost of this adventure was already quite high, do not run unnecessary risks.

- I know what you want and how much cash is valuable to you Fremd! “Foreigner” – Samir was keen to accentuate the little he knew in German to put the conversation on an equal footing which surprised the soldier on the horse, was obviously being challenged at their own game – I give him the box with its Asrar (secrets) to give me sound princess and save! This means unbelievable!

Samir was concerned about the safety of the princess, but also by the recent fact he had learned that his beloved would give the light to his child soon, just was not sure if the German leader was aware of this fact which could increase the bargaining power on your part and did not want that to happen.

Haushofer stretched the horse’s saddle, properly profiled lifted her chin, had accepted the challenge, took his right hand will waist to command respect in his personality, was a clear demonstration of vanity – In three days Berber! Make sure not to lose the box or never see the princess again! Slave will be somewhere in the German Africa! – Do not wait for an answer, pulled the horse’s reins turning it in the opposite direction he had come, galloped off without even looking back.

I was sure of the respect that had those wild tax, but needed time for the arrival of reinforcements, and that would be at least two days. No Berber would come out of there alive that was for sure!
Husam Samir and watched the horse to man fade away in silence until one of them said:

 - We have three days Husam to discover the secret of this case and bringing Layanah back! - Samir rested his hand on the shoulder visibly upset friend.

- He knows that the box is here, because it attacks us right now and get the box and Layanah? – The Husam Samir asked to merely shrug.

- Reinforcements! He hopes reinforcements in order to attack us! – Husam walked toward Rasil it was his first soldier on the front lines.

- Rasil! Go with Thorya carry a message to the emirs of the entire area of Merknès, there will be a great battle for Oualili in less than three days! Tell them that the secret of the ancestors is to be discovered and that the Emir of Fquih Ben Salah and Beni Mellal needs your help!

- Men wasted no time and went on their mounts.

Husam returned to close to Samir and asked him:

- After all how important this such a small box that is costing the lives of all of us? – The first time the Emir to know if all the sacrifices Valeira worth or if it was just a dispute between men of power.

- If my theory is correct Husam, the world as we know it will cease to exist! – Samir nodded – we came back here because this has always been the place! Henri de la Martinière the French archaeologist who took up Hudhafah Old, found such a stone tablet with inscriptions equal ace box and parchment in the same place and under the Bled Takurart fortress, apparently after that there was the earthquake that artifacts became visible – Samir paused.

- The board was not very old, probably Roman, but with a copy of written seen somewhere, which I suppose are below those ruins there – pointed to the remains of the imposing fortress.

 - I need you to get me some men to dig that place and see exactly what all this means. And Husam, our time is running out! - Concluded awaiting approval Husam al Din.

- You will have your men! I will ask them to follow his orders, but I want to be informed of all the progress we achieve, no more surprises! – Husam headed for some Berbers who were sitting around a campfire, start the morning.

[] Chapter VIII

[] The Secret of Bled Takurart

Kidnapping the princess had been a hard blow to the Berbers, and Karl Haushofer knew it, had treated with the deserved respect, after all it was not a wild and pleased his female companion, even more of a woman so beautiful. Not for the racial difference that had would be a great mother and breeding for their children. But today was just a bargaining chip for his future as leader of the new order that would impose upon the world.

“It would be as great as Moses, Jesus, Buddha or Mohammed! The Black Sun Stone would give you this power! “Thought the leader of the Company as admired Layanah leaning against some pillows on the tent floor. It was a vision of paradise, perhaps not be allowed to stay with the two trophies…

In the morning at daybreak the Berbers were already removing some large fallen size stones on the floor of Bled Takurart fortress, but the biggest slab that covered almost the entire floor had to be pulled by a lot of horses and away from the excavation site.

Samir went up on a hill so he could see better from above and feet and watched intently. The large block of granite that looked like a giant tombstone was made by the emperor of Volubilis Cologne in Century II, the name of Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus was clearly visible on top of the stone that read in Latin:

“Digs inside you. That’s where the source of good, and this may well continually, if you dig ever.”

“Death is the rest of the sensory impact, the titerear of impulses, intellect ramblings and services to the meat.”

“Well most severe are the effects produced in us by the anger and pain, with which we react to things, than those produced by the things themselves, by which irritate in and suffer.”

“Nothing in disgust or discouragement; if thou hast fail, again.”

“Living well is a right, learning to die is a privilege.”

Nothing seemed more appropriate at the time of those words written for so long, were timeless! Still a corner in tiny letters was the name of Theodotus Vero, one of the names contained in Ra Scroll certainly were all related to the artifact. All around the old and indecipherable inscriptions skirted the large block of granite.

Gradually a clearing of approximately 50m² opened and sand removal work began slowly and thus lasted for a few hours. Shortly after the mid-afternoon to about six meters deep shovel hit something solid and Samir asked everyone to stop. Something had been found, perhaps the answer.

Sand continued to be removed by hand under the guidance of Samir who had sent Husam al Din. Gradually the outline of a tip of stone was appearing on the excavated area and the extent to advancing the base grew toward the bottom. Husam came and positioned itself next to Samir who looked at the work of excavators from the top edge of the huge square hole ten by ten meters.

- See Husam, you know what that is? – Samir pointing to the center where the men were still removing the sand.

- What do you think is Samir? – Husam looked curiously.

- It is the top of a pyramid! A pyramid much older than Oualili and perhaps more ancient than those of Egypt! – Samir said with some excitement – if it had been discovered to fifteen years would have been the greatest archaeological revelation of the century! La Martinière would have been a very famous man! – Samir concluded with slight resignation in his voice remembering the difficulties that had been imposed on the excavations in 1890.

- Never heard of this type of construction in these locations, those who think that built? – Asked Husam.

 - I do not know, but if this part is the apex of the pyramid is very likely that the base is tens of meters below the desert sand ... If we imagine how long it took the sand covering, assuming that everything here was a plain, may have almost twenty thousand years - Samir was surprised by the result of the account he had done, but it was what his logic showed.

Husam looked at him in amazement – I’m not as good archaeologist as you so I’m sure, but it contradicts all known history, there must be another explanation – the first time after the death of his father seemed a little more relaxed, certainly it It interested him.

- It is my expert opinion as an archaeologist not like Berber! – Samir was thwarted at the same time it was called by one of the diggers to descend to one side of the pyramid was now well defined.

The excavated area already covered at least eight square meters when the inscriptions appeared in one of their faces again that indecipherable writing as it was on the edge of the box.

Samir can play for the first time the pyramid was not down before because I wanted to see all of the vantage point of service where he was and so that anything that possibly was found by the Berbers were subtracted. Beside him was also crouched Husam I saw amazed that structure that emerged from the desert sand and the time ends.

- See Husam! We can not touch her! – Samir was astonished – when I put my hand looks like the play, but has some very fine thing that prevents us like a glass that does not exist – pressed her hand harder to see if I could actually exceed that almost imperceptible barrier that prevented him from touching the metal of which was made known structure.

Contrary to what happened to the box, but every time I pressed her palm with more intensity, more resistant and repulsive became his hand away in reverse. Decidedly there was something around the building that prevented this could be touched, how to get it then because the answers to all the questions asked so far certainly would be there? – Samir thought while showing tin magnetic field, so it was assumed, that the more force was more his hand away from the side surface of the pyramid.

- If we consider the top of the diameter of the pyramid to dig so far, you may have hundreds of meters high, I have no idea who could have built with this technology, even in that time! This is fantastic! – Berber was amazed that such a discovery has never been made public, it was the dream of every adventurer, put your name in history and cover it for “Gold and Glory”!

The night already fell in the camp and at the request of Samir that Husam had stopped the excavations ordered his men to stay on guard, did not want surprises for the next day and as he said Samir, “Time was running out”!

Not far away about an hour’s drive one Hans Zimmermann dismounted his horse and reported to Karl Haushofer – They spent all day doing an excavation in a part of the ruins, I could not approach me, but by moving the camp found something! – The German leader a smile. – At least! Nor will I need to look! – Laughing to him as he dispensed Hans Zimmermann.

Samir could not sleep, was elated with the discovery while her heart was apprehensive for the kidnapping of Layanah; two emotions so different about two things come to love. He looked at the mast of the tent and again as the first day of Great Journey realized the adornments, was the same that had spent the night on the night he was called by the Emir. He realized what seemed an eternity…

He got up to look at the moon in the sky and realized that he could not see her, perhaps despontasse later decided to walk towards the excavation, wanted to look at her again. The guards were away enough that anyone near, even they and Samir after they exceeded the Berber barrier entered the ruins of the ancient fortress.

To his surprise the pyramid was illuminated with a very slight green cast all around, it was not glowing as the box when he touched her, but a bright green not cleared.

He descended the rope ladder up to the base excavation and approached the large building that was buried again positioned the hand and tried to touch her, but could not and every time we printed more strength, the greater the brightness and clearance around from his hand. The box had a meaning and what was in it too, could be the key that would give access to its interior, then it would be necessary that there was an entry. He prayed that was not the base of the building that would be a huge disaster!

I was seized with the case, never leave her for that at some point there could be a chance to be stolen in such delicate circumstances, he had been guarded by hundreds of years in Agadir’s tomb and he would not lose her sight. For a moment he thought the German was not as smart as he thought, had managed to keep the Atlas tomb in secret and now was the resting place of Ikrimah Alzahara her protector.

The box is illuminated and Samir opened, with the necessary care took the object I was inside and it looked like a thin hexagonal medallion, this also lit up at his touch. Approached the one of pyramid faces that contained the writings he had ever seen on parchment, one of the symbols caught her attention by presenting the same shape and size as that shiny medallion in his hand possessed.

Next a thin slot of the same thickness as the key was positioned and visible. Enter it without difficulty until you got half out some of Pyramid scriptures flickered and lit with the three colors she knew, but this time very much alive that illuminated the entire sand base excavated.

He realized that that way I could go through the layer before prevented him from playing the pyramid and with some caution was sliding until he could put his hand on the surface – a key! This is a key! – He told himself that no one could hear.

There was no noise or mysterious lights, but a totally dark door opened in front of you as though always there invisibly. He felt an urge to go, but hesitated, no matter what there was there would have opportunity to see some other time, could not allow something went wrong and could not have Layanah in his arms again. No one would steal her happiness this time.

Removed the key in the same way that had been inserted sliding down the pyramid edge of the slope and put it in the box, walked over to his tent and went to sleep, do not tell anything to Husam for now, was not sure I would find inside that strange building that does not look anything like something known in human history, at least not in this story, it could be any other previous … he fell asleep while Christine invaded his thoughts.

- Thank Samir Berber! I will protect your secret! – I told her Christine Arminandar as he kissed her face as if this were the last time he would speak after so many nights we wanted to find her. In other circumstances would be the adventure of a lifetime as he said Husam al Din. He slept the sleep of the just hoping that the new day was better than the previous one, was exhausted at the end of the Great Journey and the events of recent months.

German reinforcements from the Black Stone Society had arrived during the night, nothing could be more suitable than the events of the last day, I would not have to wait any longer than necessary to get what he wanted.

- Hans! – Cried vigorously Haushofer.

The German ran toward the sole leader making a military greeting as he cracked heels.

- It dawned, prepare men today is a day of struggle! We will march on the Berbers, nothing will be left unturned! Schnell, schnell! – Firmly concluded the German leader.

Preparations were being made and before noon were at the gates of Volubilis Cologne with an army of fifty men armed and ready to claim his trophy! Nothing could stop them. Haushofer entered the tent where he was Layanah princess and held her tightly by the arm.

- Prepare beautiful princess, we’ll make an exchange today and know that is costing me a lot to have to return it, you may change your mind at the time, but for now just get ready! – She said dropping her away.

Layanah was disconsolate since learned of his father’s death by the man who was now her captor, was repulsed approaching him alone, but more terrified even to be his prisoner, even more now that housed within himself a child of her lover Samir.

His life did not mind, but his beloved and desired child was all he wanted safe and had no idea that exchange was that that would be submitted nor why she was abducted from her father’s camp security, only might have happened to be dead or no one will ever dare such insolence, only those foreigners had that audacity and who wished at some point the Berbers paid in kind.

She threw herself on outstretched cushions on the floor and sobbed uncontrollably in silence with his face in his hands. What fate had been his over there and with the death of her father, her betrothed would take her life and take her away from Samir…

Bled Takurart, Samir after night of sleep in which he remembered in detail Christine party, made the decision together with Husam to cover the pyramid again, was a strenuous work and this could weaken men when the Germans came the next day, but I could not help in any way he lost his key, which at this point thought it was such a library of Elders Christine whispered to him at other times while giving them access to the interior of the pyramid, to be used in order improper.

Now that I knew what it was and what it was for the key became imperative to cover the place with large granite slab made by Antony Antonino. If it was hidden for so long it was because it should not be found! This was his opinion.

The sun was already high when a Berber sentry who was on an outpost arrived at the camp to speak to the Emir – Husam al Din my Emir, foreign and approach are many, calculating that approximately fifty, all on horseback and armed! – The scout said.

- Gather the men! Today is a good day to die as any other! – Husam said the Rasil that was near, then turned walking towards Samir – The time has come my friend! – For the first time in a long time Husam put his two hands on Samir’s shoulders and hugged him – that your journey be long in this life and that of our enemies is short! – He said smiling broadly as he was surrounded by the Berber warriors.

- Warriors Berber Beni Mellal! – Called them to join them – my father served with dignity, today we will fight again for our lands and our families! These foreigners think they can enslave us, but it will not happen today or never! Grab your guns! – The vibe in the camp was contagious and everyone has positioned the horse and among the fallen walls of Oualili that would stage once again a war among men.

Karl Haushofer and Hans Zimmermann rode rhythmically with the princess on horse middle between both toward Volubilis. The soldiers had been about five hundred meters from the fortress, were arrested less than one hundred meters hoping Husam and Samir were to meet what was not long.

 - It seems surprised Berber! – Spoke Haushofer – he is not too happy to see his princess? – He asked smiling along with Hans enjoying of his opponents.

 - I thought it would be good conduct anticipate our meeting! - Awaited the reaction of the Berbers. Layanah could not understand why his brother and Samir were there to save her in exchange for something unknown, but the mere sight of seeing the beloved already reassured, although noticing the apprehension in his eyes.

- Yeah, sure we will wage better relations in the future! – Anticipated-Husam – I see you brought more company than the last time we came! – The new Emir could make out in the distance a large detachment of knights ready for battle – you are well Layanah? They did you any harm? – She waited for her sister answered.

- Do not Husam my brother! Nothing made me just want to go home and forget all this, whatever it is! – Layanah said through a sob and others.

- How do we make the exchange as it is in charge? – Husam concluded knowing that would not like the answer.

- Hans! Take our guest forward and make sure that it is comfortable until I end up negotiating with these “gentlemen”! – The stocky, burly German holding the horse’s reins princess turned away about twenty meters.

- The Berber box! Schnell! – Karl Haushofer was getting visibly annoyed by the situation, did not like the movement he saw and wanted to just get it and send them to hell where they would best use the hand of the devil.

 - What guarantees we'll have it will be safe? asked Samir.

With a flick of Haushofer, Hans drew his Mauser C96 and pointed at the head of Layanah as the horse moved slowly to the Berber camp – there has its Berber guarantee! Now the box! – He said the German leader reaching out to Samir.

With some resistance Samir handed him the box shining in your hand even in the dim afternoon sunshine in the desert. I knew that once made it the possibility of being killed by the end of the night was almost certain.

 - Here's the box, this is your prize ... - Samir was not surprised to see that the device did not shine in his hand, as if it were calculated could never open it, moreover, the key was not there!

They began to retreat forcing the horses back without leave to stand in front of Karl Haushofer, when he reached out again – the parchment Berber! And do not argue or she dies! – Made a new nod to Hans had just trigger the gun.

- That was not in agreement, German pig! – Husam wanted to move on man and kill him, had inflicted too much pain to your friends and family. – This ends here and now! – Samir stopped him.

- Here is the parchment, but let her go safely and will be yours otherwise never see! – Samir was determined to save Layanah and his son from the hands of that ruffian, remembered well the torture suffered in their hands, and would never forget.

- Hans! – The German sole went back to the leader and pointed the gun at Samir while Layanah rode to the safety of the camp where he was awaited by a special trim Berber Assassin that would take away from that place as soon as possible, before the Walila desert turned hell on earth!

Samir handed him the parchment and retreated while the Germans distanced themselves to their barracks. Did not count on having to deliver the Ra’s Scroll, there was important information that could jeopardize the future of all, but was now in the hands of Allah.

Arriving at the camp Layanah searched for but did not find her and headed toward the Husam tent. Failed to enter, he was prevented from seeing the Emir, at least at that time. It was fair! Husam and sister not seen since they started the journey to the Great Atlas and a lot has happened since then.

He waited for nearly an hour until it was called to the presence of Husam al Din.

- Come Samir Khourigba, my friend, my brother despite the diversity of our lives and we now receive as their promised by the will of Ikrimah Alzahara The Radiant Layanah the princess al Din! – Husam spoke with who took a huge weight off his back, wanted to formalize something that has long been poorly explained and wrapped in mystery, on the other hand as it were faster made the announcement between them, less embarrassing was the situation of the princess, and they knew it.

- Nothing more need be said! Nothing more will be said about Samir and Layanah than for the happiness of both!

- Husam entegou her hand princess who lacrimejava as the coveted miracle had happened and everything would be as it should have always been, except that his father was not there to bless them.

- Oh my beloved! Husam told me of the great crossing that made the desert and everything that happened – the princess gasped while in Samir arms that had hoped for a lifetime that time – do not blame my father Samir, he did what he thought best for us two, was a man of his time – stopped to look at him for a moment – and now our son will have to create it as a small Berber desert as the father! – Smiled with pleasure, as if they were children again around the fountain.

Samir did not have to say anything just to ardently kissed embarrassment of his brother who was still inside the tent and tried to get out as soon as he realized he was the most in the room.

After a few minutes of Emir output when was heard in the distance some cracks of rifles, Samir knew who they were, they would be able to say to which art model Mauser 1894! Members of the Black Stone Society wasted no time.

- My beloved princess, light of my way, I need to get out now and take it with you! Store it with your life until we meet again! – Samir was apprehensive and led Layanah for a group of four riders Assassin who were waiting outside the tent by Husam al Din orders.

He kissed her again as if he needed again that the time to stop, but it did not and could hear the shots increasingly closer to the camp.

 - Take the princess to Beni Mellal and not let alone protect the camp! - Riders wasted no time and began to ride as Layanah tried to look back expecting to see Samir, who was no longer there anymore.

[] The Human Hunt

The Berbers of Husam al Din were entrenched in the walls of Volubilis while German Society began the onslaught by the two sides, a little far away the machine guns with tripods firmly nailed on the sand spit bursts of bullets that were the ancient stones shatter in all directions.

Samir was alongside Husam at the front – their weapons are superior Husam, we only have 1890 Remington rifles will not give their account or the determos long!
Husam looked around the battle scene as best they could without being hit and saw that the German troops were advancing rapidly – yes Samir, we need to get out of here, but we have to give advantage to Layanah and we need to protect the pyramid, though not know his existence! – Husam shouted orders to the men who were in what was left of Oualili walls.
Karl Haushofer was angry with the fact of not being able to open the damn box! I did not know what technology prevented him from opening it, but wanted to hold this knowledge at any cost. The Berber pay dearly for this insolence and would still be with the woman only for her pleasure. – Move forward, do not leave any stone unturned! – Haushofer shouted to his men that passed over everything they saw in front like a tidal wave compressor.
Berber warriors began to retreat while some already lay fallen dead on the remains of the walls or on the sand, most do not know why he was fighting, but followed the order of the Emir without question, had been since ancient times, not because there was change, they were a tribe and would remain one until the end.  - Get back! Stand back! - Husam was beginning to move away from Oualili leaving behind the place of ruins, Samir trying to follow him staggered and fell flat on the floor. He had been shot in the back by a German missile.
Husam ran to try to succor him, but was prevented by the two machine guns that flew over his head, got desperate to see the Germans approaching Samir. In front came with Karl Haushofer in his Mauser pointed fist forward.

- So Berber! He thought he could fool me? – I told Samir lying on the floor motionless and bleeding in abundance – Show me how to open and let you live! – Haushofer had played a hexagonal metal box over Samir breast that struggled to catch her, had no intention of letting that Berber who had caused him so much trouble one more day with life!

- You … You can not open it! Coughed the Berber with blood coming out of his mouth – only the elect have that power! – I told him putting his hand over the artifact and causing it to shine in two bright colors and light – this is a gift from Allah … Not for infidels … – hung his head now weighed him much.

Shots away from coming to the attention of Karl Haushofer, the Berbers were returning, but in much greater quantity, reinforcements had managed somehow. After all were not as unprepared as he had imagined, do not underestimate again.

- Hans! Let’s go! There will be another day and another victory! – Said the German bending down to pick up the box that held Samir when a straight shot hit his hand and had to retreat hastily leaving behind the gun that pointed to Samir lying in the sand.

Husam was the first to come close to Samir, was quick to put the head of his friend on his knees to make it more comfortable. Rasil and Thorya who had managed to bring reinforcements to Oualili descended from horses and knelt also by the Berber, who was looking for companions in recent times and Husam friend forever.

- Take care of my son and loved Layanah and … Husam! – Samir screamed in pain – will not live to see it grow, but I know it will be in good hands … – Samir tried to breathe more and more difficult.

- Not my brother Samir! Your journey is not over yet! You are the guardian of the Black Stone, can not die! – Husam shouted to his friend holding tightly one of her hands as her tears began to trickle down his face.

Rasil could not stop the sob that choked to see people who respected and loved suffering once again. Only Thorya the Assassin remained undaunted letting your inner anger was contained, did not want her to leave at that point even if the desired lot.

- Thorya! – Samir shouted discharging a gush of blood from the mouth, under her desert sand turned red, the wound was too deep.

The Assassin extended his hand. Samir with some difficulty gave him the shiny box that went off when changed hands – delivered to Layanah … Tell him I’ll love you forever! – He groaned looking for Husam and turning again to Thorya.

 - Protect it with your life! - His head lolled on Husam's lap and his lips were speechless, Samir body now lay lifeless, his faithful friend of adventures was dead.

The cry of pain that Husam al Din issued at that time could be heard even by Karl Haushofer who was long-distance and out of reach of Berber weapons, rushed to esporar the horse and go into a run to Tanger. Morocco no longer interested for the time you had the parchment and wanted to study it in the coming months. The Berbers could wait!

In time to claim back what he considered rightfully his, would one day return to that ruined fortress to know what the wild Berbers had dug beneath the Tocolósida fortress!

The Berbers of Husam al Din decided on the persecution of German invaders, with a little luck the cavalry newcomer not lose sight and would pay for their mistakes and insolence! In the distance the dust of the Germans showed that they would not get far. Karl Haushofer knew that all together could not escape and in a last attempt to escape awakened and ordered his men to stay back and to mount a resistance front lying on the floor or behind the stones that existed at the site and could make a natural protection.

- Hans! Stay and prevent them from passing! - Said the German leader vehemently -'ll meet me Tanger so end up as these damn Berbers! - He turned his horse and sped off as his faithful servant Hans Zimmermann was an official greeting and began to position men.

The Germans had military superiority and inflicted heavy casualties on the Berbers of Amerruk, but they had the dexterity of the desert people and knowledge of the terrain. Within hours of bloody battle field was covered with corpses on both sides, while Hans Zimmermann went galloping behind Karl Haushofer.

Nothing remained of foreign military convoy in the future that German intervention would be considered just a disagreement between two groups.

[]Chapter IX

[]Al-Magrib 1915

Husam al Din Emir of Fquih Ben Salah and Beni Mellal looked a little Dunyana Fatiha, his name meant “Our world in the early dawn,” the daughter of his best friend and brother Samir Ziaul-Haq fallen in Oualili battlefield in 1905 during what became known as the Great Day of the Guardian and its sister Layanah princess al Din who had died a few years after what he believed to have been a deep disgust have delivered to an impossible love and have lost their loved without I never truly own it.

It had been ten years and remembered like it was today the Samir pleasant company and good laughs we got together. I liked to believe it had been a good friend although in the last days of your life you have not shown the way you would like, however Samir had ceased to be just a Berber educated in major cities of the West to become a legend of all the people Arabic Al-Magrib.

His story today was counted as many others that he and his friend heard the wheels of fires during desert crossings and were wondering if any of them would be true, I know now that all of them they were, but had to live one of these stories to understand the weight they have in their culture.

He remembered his father Ikrimah Alzahara and the tomb where he was closed for all eternity until someone, some day, dared to make the Great Journey again. Almost certainly it would be the mysterious Christine Arminandar of Samir dreams, his name was written on parchment by his own hand.

Friend’s image dying in his arms never came out of the head and in time there would still be a reckoning with his killer. Also lamented the untimely death of his sister Layanah so full of life and with such a tragic fate, love might be the most powerful force existing on Earth, moving mountains and also destroyed.

In the years that had passed the Maghreb had changed in every way his father had warned him about the speed with which the West would invade his domain. In 1906 shortly after the death of Samir and the arrival of the Germans with the Kaiser, civil war forced the Al-Magrib became independent through the Algeciras Treaty, under the sovereign power of the Sultan Muley Abd-el-Aziz who was eventually deposed in 1908 by his brother Moulay Abd al-Hafid who in 1912 ceded sovereignty to France, becoming a protectorate of the country when he signed the Treaty of Fez, which ended up dividing the country into two giving rise also to Taneẓroft Tutrimt or Western Sahara.

This kept the Germans away from those lands and Oualili that remained viagiada by desert tribes against foreign invaders, while live Husam was willing to keep the secret of the great metal pyramid, because that place had served as the last home for the friend and your sister.

Nothing could be more adeqaudo than bury them in a place that could not be desecrated.

Dunyana Fatiha was a radiant child, had her mother’s features with his father’s wit, a perfect and marvelous creature. Not had the opportunity to meet the great Berber warrior who was the father, and did not remember the few years he had lived with his mother, but issued its own light wherever he went. Thorya the Assassin was still her guardian and would be for life honoring the promise he had made to Samir, passing from mother to daughter.

But things were not going well for the Berber tribes by influences of the Western world and walked into a new world conflict, it was clear the German expansionism in Africa and it certainly would extend to Al-Magrib.

Husam was sure Society Black Stone had not forgotten their interests in hexagonal metal box that now belonged to Dunyana who seemed to have inherited his father’s way of making it work.

Layanah had received the box from the hands of Thorya still Samir blood around her and kept it until he was no longer with us, in turn Dunyana liked to play with her because red and blue bright lights always lit up when she touched and inside was the key that Samir had given to the beloved during the escape Oualili.

It was time to send it along with the little princess to safety and this needed to be resolved as soon as possible, but it would be a great sacfificio to Husam al Din, open only tie the hand that bound him to the past he loved and respected, but could not take risks with your sobinha and Princess Fquih Ben Salah and Beni Mellal.

The Emir had no family built the little princess was his successor by right and at the time needed, which in some discreetly, she was educated with things from the West, like his father before her by order of the Emir.

Husam smiled bitterly at being in the role of father years before trying to protect someone he thought it would be very important in his life and his and had not been mistaken. What had started as child’s play around a source of clear and transparent water, it had become the greatest event of recent times!

A strategic plan to send her to the West it was necessary and urgent, Thorya would accompany and continue as her guardian. And under no circumstances could fall into the hands of his enemies who expected only a chance to reach the Black Stone of the Sun or the Tomb of the Atlas where his father was buried.

Karl Haushofer who owned the parchment had become a major patent of the German army and not waste time breaking into Oualili so he had a chance and the coming war would be your reason.

Husam made preparations for Dunyana went to France, not would miss him financial and personal protective features, but it would be a child like any other, so do not raise suspicion and for this purpose organized a trip to take her to Tangier.

It was a three-week trip through the desert, mountains and plains and despite the rush he had to put it safely intended that the trip was the longest possible Dunyana loved the company and the memories it brought back.

The night before arrival to the city of Tanger camped for the last time and there again told tales of the Thousand and One Nights that one day include the history of the Great Day of the Guardian, Samir. Dunyana had slept when Husam called Thorya:

- Move closer to my friend and protector Assassin! Your adventure ends here beside me today, then tomorrow you will a new adventure with my beloved niece Dunyana which should protect it with your life! – Husam looked into Arabic of an ancient caste and had served you and your father with distinction.

- Therefore I delivered her vow of silence to come back to the living again. Consider your mission at the service of the Emir, my father completed! – And it made him a greeting that was matched by Assassin Thorya.

- I am grateful to you for freeing me of silence Emir! – Thorya was impressed by the sound of his own voice not heard in over twenty years and did not even know for sure if Husam al Din already heard some time throughout their life.

- I will protect the Samir daughter of the Great Journey with my own life, the word of the Clan of the Assassin! – He bowed and went out into the desert that night I would pray to Allah for the grace of his release and the long silence.

Tanger was a city marked by time and achievements of people from all over the known world, yet had survived as a starting point for new horizons, and on the way towards the harbor leading to the open sea’s heart Husam seemed that would make me pieces when he arrived at the destination, but the reason had to overlap to your personal needs and heart. Once again pay a heavy price, had lost all he loved throughout life, this was their journey.

Tickets to two passengers were negotiated and luggage would be delivered to the care of the crew of the merchant ship that would make the connection between the two continents. Paris would be received by an emissary of Talut the Marrakesh spy who Husam had to become great friend and use their services paid with great frequency and this was one of them.

- Come my little Dunyana Fatiha, my “Our world in the early dawn” Daughter of Samir and Layanah, your journey starts now with Thorya that will follow you wherever you go.

- Husam tried to disguise his voice visibly choked. – Whenever you need me I’ll be by your side, but now you need to discover the world and follow in his father’s footsteps! – Husam hugged her and held her against his chest tenderly and eagerly unwilling to release it, understand now what Samir spoke to him about the need of the time to stop.

- The little princess embraced him warmly without realizing what was really going on, so it would be just another trip in the company of his Thorya protector.

He pulled up and motioned for Thorya approach.

- Use your name in Assassin crossing and extend it will princess. The less people, myself included, know who she is less risk run and may have a happy life. I know the news by courier when you need! – Husam looked at his beloved Dunyana Fatiha and submitted: – May Allah protect them today and forever!

Husam al Din turned away lest their presence was not perceived more than necessary, and walked to the narrow streets of the city he had come and headed Tadla-Azilal with a void so great in your heart as the desert so well. If there was a sense of living needed to be rediscovered.

Thorya and small Dunyana, I looked over his shoulder the Emir get away, went up the ramp leading to the deck of the merchant vessel Al Salamah name that would take them to the lands of the West and into exile. A uniformed sailor came up and asked what were the Assassin passenger names to point in the book of board records. The Arab replied without hesitation, would use his family name with honor:

– Thorya and Warithah of Arminandar!

In this book action-adventure, real characters mingle with other fictional in situations and places that were of relevance to human history over several centuries hypothesizing that everyone could be linked to the same reasons although separated by centuries.

The Berbere is part of ILIASH series where the characters move between the books, but independently, so telling the same story.

Edward Warrior is a writer, researcher and theorist of the mysteries that haunt humanity through the ages. As a researcher takes very seriously the sources of information and always looking for “Drinking at the fountain of knowledge!” The theories raised in his books point to assumptions that many may have thought, but few had the courage to put into words, challenging concepts and faiths in the search for answers.

As a writer, beyond this book he published Deep Sea which raises social and existential questions of the human race through the ages and is preparing to launch Arminandar following this book.

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The Berber

Foreword Samir thought it would have a life like any Berber Al-Magrib, but what was in store for him or the greatest prophets could predict. A life of frustration and compliance that it was the will of Allah, but it would be possible to conduct their own destiny? The silence of the desert says a lot more than one can say a Berber, can be your best friend or worst enemy. Will depend on the journey the direction the wind will blow and it will erase the sands of time all that has been written to rewrite a new story. The Black Stone which has been a myth explored by various cultures throughout the ages, may have a reason to be proven and changed the course of human history as it does to the present day. Was she able to show for the "chosen" what was to come? The young Berber had no idea that it would be a piece so important in human history when he met Husam al Din - The Faith of the Sword his great friend and companion of many adventures. The son of the Emir would be his great guardian forever until the target proved otherwise. Layanah was the greatest forbidden love of his life, but could not understand the reasons that led Ikrimah Alzahara - The Radiant and father of her best friend to interfere at your destination only to remove him from whom he loved. I wish the destination we all converge to the same event because of the Al-Magrib of political instability and the ambition of the Western members of the Society of the Black Stone Masters would change their lives forever. It would be a fight that would still take decades for it to be completed, perhaps even centuries in the future, there was no way of knowing ... The fact is that for thousands of years the Arabs have worshiped the Sacred Rock, but what if it is more than just an object of worship? And if it is part of something bigger that is not complete and just the missing piece and we all want to own is what will make the mechanism function as in the times of Moses and terrorize the world again with the plagues of Egypt? That was sure Karl Haushofer had when he created the Society now chasing all those who might have contact with the mystical artifact. No one, however knew for sure the origin of such an object, many speculated that it might be a stone that fell from the sky in very ancient times, others credited magical powers to cabalistic ritual of Druid cultures, finally would be a manufacturing artifact an ancient culture that had succumbed in an apocalyptic cataclysm. The truth was that whoever possessed would have the power to subdue their enemies and all armies of the world, it was the doomsday weapon that both described the religious books and would be disputed for millennia. Samir Berber, was just one of those involved in the search for restless crooked ways and protect it would be the ultimate goal, even if it meant to give up your dreams. Life needed and deserved to be lived, but the price was also required would be very high, but was not giving up on your way.

  • Author: Edward Warrior, Sr
  • Published: 2015-10-29 23:05:11
  • Words: 46218
The Berber The Berber