The Battle for Freedom

The Battle for Freedom

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Jessica “JayJay” Burdell

“Hey! JayJay, how’s it hangin’?” The brown bear desk sergeant cooed as we strolled in through the main entrance doors of the Philadelphia PD’s West Calhoun district precinct on the corner of 5th and Monsoon. “What’s all this huh, bring your gang to work day? I thought that wasn’t all until the sixteenth of January.” “Oh, it’s all good, baby. All good.” I said with a sinister grin beginning to form on my muzzle. “Just came here to give you a little personal thank you and parting gift; being it is your last day on the job before retirement and all. “Yes, ma’am!” He quipped in his usual simplistic and equally sardonic way. “Thought you had nearly forgotten; that being I was you and your partner’s CO for nearly all the time you’ve been here and all.” Still a whole lot more of a wisecracking asshole as usual. _]I pondered, mentally. [_Wonder if this is all of how he and his cronies literally reacted and felt when they did a pussy style drive by on the fellow cougar cub up in northwest Ohio about two and a half weeks ago? “For sure.” I responded slowly; with a nod. “Just thought I’d read to you a few lines of a good sermon or two before you turn in resignation.” I prepared myself briefly for the all-time grand finale along with the rest of my three crews before steadily turning back to my superior. “A Philadelphia Police Department officer was killed in the line of duty today,” I stated in almost a damn near perfect impression of a sellout news reporter from everyone’s all-time favorite, “Vixen News Channel”. “Serving a high risk arrest against the members of the newfound homeland ‘terrorist’ organization and movement, ‘Minority Lives Matter’. Gimme the bitch.” I said, motioning to Jenni; referring to her smartphone that had been retrofitted by our little hacking expert, Meeka with a very special app that allowed us to tap silently into Burks’ pacemaker, long before he or anyone else around him noticed a single thing. He began to stare wide eyed at me in a rather dazed and confused state. “Shit gets deeper.” I pressed on. “You get the picture?” I tapped my thumb down on the little fancy button in the app marked “off” and watched in sheer joy and laughter as the racist in sheep’s clothing Ursa painfully clutched his chest in sheer desperation and horror before collapsing shortly after to the marble tiled floor behind his desk before we took that as a near and definite sign to get the fuck up out of their before literally blowing the place to smithereens at the push of another button about a block or so from the place before Leslie, Emma, and Nikki appeared around the corner. “Nice of you to join us, family.” Emma wooed from the passenger’s side window. “Your chariot awaits.”

The Battle for Freedom

  • ISBN: 9781370082377
  • Author: Penny Tawret
  • Published: 2016-07-21 21:20:15
  • Words: 542
The Battle for Freedom The Battle for Freedom