The Balloon Man














The Balloon Man


Michael Moon








A Theatrical Visionary

tour de force—

inside the sacred temple grounds

of Tamil Nadu State

South East India

























The Balloon Man

by Michael Moon


Copyright 2016

Michael Moon


Publishing Studios


Shakespir Edition




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“Dedicated to the Universal Spirit

Flowering on this Earth

Making the Impossible Normal”





























i The Cow was in the Shop Last Night

ii You are in the Circus Now

iii Arunachala

iv Gingee

v Room with a Sea View

vi Samadhi at the Tomb

vii On the Bangalore Express

viii Salem

ix Yercaud

x The Glass House

xi On Tour with Two Black Priests

xii The Wild Card

xiii In-between the Lines

xiv Rag Poor

xv Homage to the Balloon Man

xvi 100 Foot Candle in Thin Air




xvii Eight Lanterns





















The Balloon Man – Tamil Nadu – An Astounding Sojourn

17 Indian Poems August 2-22 2015 – Michael Moon


Australian Dreamtime Poet Michael Moon dons his red sunglasses

and red cap, equipped with his green and purple pens.

He accompanies his wife Jennifer and son Zearben to embark

on a bizarre tour-de-force pilgrimage into the Shiva Temple towns,

Ashrams and hill station rests of

Tamil Nadu State – South East India.

The final days culminate in the celebration of attendance

at the gathering of the 12th World Down Syndrome Congress

at the Grand Chola Hotel in Chennai.





Perth – Kuala Lumpur – Chennai -

Mamallapuram – Kanchipuram – Tiruvannamalai -

Arunachala – Gingee – Pondicherry -

Auroville – Salem – Yercaud -

Salem – Chennai – Perth


























The Cow Was In The Shop Last Night


Old India ever present

crow fishing boat coconut garden

shore temple beach scape

pineapple banana watermelon

breakfast chai masala

sugar cane juice

cardamon paradise in

the tropic sandalwood salon


Indian Crow Morning

after Kashmir Javeed

night heart conversation

Persian miniature in exile

a suitcase of treasure

Kaalai Vanakkam

Sun Welcome


(Seaside Gardens Mamallapuram)























You Are In The Circus Now


You travel inland on magic carpet

sit down relax

the view is astounding

you are on the front row

the stalls

the back row

even the lounge

you own nothing


yet the entire theatre

is your performance

the stage stretches to all horizens

all eras and epochs are part of your show


you are given a balloon on a string

by someone with no face

as you enter the wings

someone drapes a costume over your bones

you find yourself centre stage


there is no choice

you are one of the clowns NOW

the stage is littered with temples

the din is smashing your tiny drums

you beg for outer peace

yet another Player – Beggar – Seller

reaches for your belly, tongue, purse and compass

you smile yet your freedom – light is public property


Black White the performance has no end

another clown

you see the stage curtain

yet you notice the cords are broken

you must juggle again

5 balls now

with Kali breathing fire into your temple


Your sweat is rainbowing new paintings

every bump of popcorn possible

you walk blindly across the road

who cares if it’s your last crossing



You know you are not allowed out

there is no back stage

there are no amateurs

every one

every thing

every aspect

is part of the plot


NOW it’s the balloon man

the silk merchant

the fakir nonchalant

with knife in tongue

the beagle of motor horns

even the conductor

joins in her performance

buys another ticket

jumps off stage

into the illusion of audience






























Closing the clanging metal gate to the cloister 4am

silence returns into the Tamil black shadow

a mere puppet in a 25 year destiny

held by the invisible thread

‘we run, we run into the fire to burn our wings to fly’


crossing the cartless road

the wayfarer squints into the distance

navigates the empty morning

monkeys around the side lane temple

flickering candle laughing noir elephant Kali

mounds of flesh and dogs littering the cobbles


skirts Paul Brunton’s* derelict cottage

the friendly bark

the pond following the stone Sri Ramana Ashram perimeter wall

pauses at the exit gate

foots the first step

breathes in the prayer of assent …


the rooster call

the mysterious dark shadowy passage

pilgrim posed in Kali mudra arm position

the resting sickle of moonlight


the pull of mountain is irresistible

the wolves of doubt and uncertainties are thrown into the pit

as the heart pounds in striding effort


hundreds of steps

the only way out is up

you need to be a goat

you left your youth at the circus

no balloon to sail you up

no colour to seduce your peering squint


you are alone

Arunachala your self

your quarter century dreaming to climb

your time is now

the quiet before the dawn

the cool before the furnace


you’re on the stage again

no audience

your witness is breath

your choice is no choice


you pass the small stone monastery

first light has broken

peering down into the speckle of Tiruvannamalai

far far below


the cacophony erupts

pulsing from one gopuram of the Great Temple grounds

the gods bellowing out of the speakers

a vast distance from you disturbing your quiet

25 acres of massive temples

66 metres high

4 thirteen story gopurams

temple elephants

countless thousands of devotees


yes you understand you are an ant

you are a guest for a moment

yet perched high above the holy city

you are alone on this sacred mountain


your feet reach into rock

the dawn returns the Colour

its rock to rock now

its hard climb

your water is lowering

the ember of sun

breaks your cover


you are half way up

and the morning sizzle

enters you


you retreat to a cave

(Sri Ramana* squatted here a life time and 50 years before)

entering silence

a message

your name is spoken




you leave contemplating this mantra

the eye of day stings your touch

you must make haste

the summit is far above

forty plus tropic sun

tests you

it’s your hardest climb


rock to rock

broken shoe here and there


you turn along a crevice

a Spanish aspirant is descending

he informs my solitude


a young swami will make you a chai at the apex

the granite fragrance teases your sweat

your leg reluctant servant

carries your years

your will your salvation


stepping the dazzling stones

in sharp rise

a gang of false guides suddenly appear

they smell of the world

her trappings his temptations


they offer me a stone charm

I decline and am free of them


the crest is tangible

the clock of Kali/sun is loud

every clamber is fragile

the moments are intensifying

one mis step is your enemy


out of the crisp blue

a wailing conch

Siva Joti

walks you to the summit






you offer this mountain a stone

he shows you the blacken rock

on a full moon a 100 foot wick is fired

in a ton of ghee with 100,000 aspirants in witness


the swami says he has meet my himalayan yogi

from my wanderings three decades prior

maybe or in name only

he shows me the sacred Shiva lingam

chants and initiated my third eye


today we are alone with the secrets

I kiss the noir sacred

the man of orange cloth

leads me along a pass to his small hidden cave


we sit in lotus silence

a candle incense is dedicated to Shiva and his cow

I carry three bananas which we relish one offered to the cow


he leaves me to inner mouna samadhi silence


its been two and a half decades

in the non-planning these peaceful moments

called from ‘In days of great peace’ *



the way of mammon

the way of the cloth

the way of the temple

the way of the shaman

the way of the winds

into the way of freedom


it’s baking hot now

Siva Joti gifts me his small old clay drinking urn


the return is treacherous

the sun licks your sweat

you are no camel

your canister is empty





the ashram is far far below

you snail downwards

ever downwards

jarring your shuddering limbs

roasting in the tropic sauna


you glance across to your mantra cave

finding yourself in the courtyard of the small rock monastery

you guzzle the precious water

return to your naked feet

enter the temple

offer your empty self

to their gods


sitting inside the cave atrium

turning to witness the beloved son Zearben* enter the sanctum

his graced mother Jennifer entering the outer chamber


you smile at the timing

another meeting of the Impossible



Notes *** (see also Glossary)


The great sacred mountain of Arunachala, an ancient

volcano, claims to purify and protect aspirants within a 30 mile

radius of her centre.


Paul Brunton lived in this hermitage cottage 80 years ago – 1930s and wrote

‘The Secret Path’ – MM located this cottage and found some of his abandoned

belongings, including a framed sketch of PB on his devotional wall.


Mouni Sadhu wrote ‘In Days of Great Peace’ in 1950 about Sri Ramana, his ashram and

Arunachala. MM read this book in 1990 which haunted him with its quality of peace.


Zearben is the story custodian and new Australian dreamtime hero in

‘The Plateau Of Remembrance’.











In a clutter of awesome temples

toping the sublime apex kingdom

in a circular heaven

a concentric Shangri-La

of multiple mountain horizens


in paramount quietude and unearthly solitude

lies the cathedral fort of a lost world

faded frescos

lavish court boudoir

a portrait in stone


the seven story temple of the weddings

the golden nights of paradise

the steps of the enchantress

the gate of no tomorrow

the labyrinth of no exit

the temple of eternal honey moon


the devil knows no greater tempting
























Room With A Sea View


Auroville coconut palm beach

Bay of Bengal

Zen Shiva Garden

Puducherry Paris

Power Room 18

Park Guest House


Gandhi lime twist salon

red dot third eye paradise

Degas ballet dancing out of your walls


as you close your eyes

crossing the lesser road

the balloon man appears again


after the deafening Kali fire Aztecesq courtyards

in the Tamil Nadu chaos

temple paint overture

packed canvas conching you


inner silence is your only refuge


(Auroville Pondicherry)





















Samadhi At The Tomb


At the tomb of the Nobel saints

the world shattering deep quietude

opens your doorless inner

chamber of endless peace and silence


the universe of lotus patchouli jasmine

costumes the weary expired flesh

as the incense pyre of 1001 stars

flames a galaxy of sandal

a forest of embers

a bath of cloud smoking


the blessed devotees

in their communal living spirit

of dead past ever vibrant fresh

fragrant tropic Tamil rapture


(The Mother and Aurobindo – Samadhi Tomb Pondicherry)


























On The Bangalore Express


Called by the moslem prayer

dawn sea wash


you’re on the night train to Salem

Pondicherry has sweated you clean

you packed your bags with parfum

shopped like an alcoholic

kissed the Bunyan tree

felt the jewel of Matrimandir


you’re bustling with India on the Blue Train

found the joker card on the dirty Rue

you’re in luck in the ever Now

tasted Samadhi at the Tomb


you gambled your self

as Rumi suggests

smashed your door down

cleaned out the whole casino


the entrance to the Temples and Churches are mostly closed

yet you snuck inside through your heart gate


you swim across the pink lotus pond

you’re blind to the darkness

Laughing at ‘The Everything’


surrounded by children

charcoal black


the bell clangs six times

the train leaves your station


(Pondicherry to Salem)












So your in the Jam

you’ve eaten All the fruits

you’re squeezed into pulp

it’s 104 dripping tropic

the din of the street melts you

you froth in the river of flesh

120 million plus three


you look for the balloon man

you find him at the departure station


he changed costume

wakes you with his bell

this time he’s juggling pink fairy floss


your eyes meet He Knows You

it’s his stage and you are his guest


twenty hairpin bends await you

you clutter out cooling up the mountain pass

black beauty everywhere

Sunitra frangipani in her plaited hair

asks you for a prayer


seeing two nuns of the brown cloth

you search for the House of Peace

its cobweb dark yet you meet the Big Man

his servant guides you to the gate


















You left your shoes in Salem

you are a bird white

1000 meters up soaring

above the mountain


Benedict House of Peace Convent

Gandhi Independence Day after

a night of silent deep outer peace




































The Glass House


You are on the balcony now

eating the apple and the fig of Eve

playing Krishna’s flute in the parlour

feasting on the altar table

with a Black Christ


burning all religions

all your options

until you are the firefly

basking in the Nirvana

Courtyard Garden

levitating over the lotus fountain

1001 mirrors in your peacock eye


you reach out into the violet dawn

remembering you are

everyone and everything

yet your incarnations are finished

while your years remain thin

























On Tour With Two Black Priests


Its Gandhi’s Independence Day

modern India is wearing jeans

the monkey has stolen your milk

the temple elephants

trample your ego to dust


the whole town wants you now

you are escorted to the holy sites

you bow down to the endless cave

where the rishis and holy men pilgrimise

in the caverns where the underground rivers meet


you must supper with the Big Man

you carry their cloth

delicious plantation coffee

a massive heavy bronze bell


the charismatic priest Joshua

blesses you as a saint

gifts you a candle

a rosary from another Eden


the son of the big man

inspired by your long hair

is pacing to take you to the bus stand


you speed out of the holy village

Pink Floyd pulsing on his car stereo


its dank dark and you must exit

you reach the stop

and push your bags of treasure

into the last bus out

clamber aboard amidst your camel of luggage

every muscle tearing you up the steps

yet the driver roars off without your family

into the foreboding dark Indian street







later jetting down the mountain pass

dazzled from your separation

your new aloneness pounding your imagination

you peer out at the galaxy of lights proclaiming Salem

an orbit below your mountain paradise lost


the bus stops on an isolated hair pin bend

out of the black mirage Jennifer and Zearben

step up joining your world on the back seat

the petals of flower

resurrected from wilt


for tonight you will paint

like no other night

in deep blue ink


the child dangles between

the cemetery and the lovers kiss

calling the balloon man into flight

as high as the albatross above Tamil Nadu


























The Wild Card


You are part of the deck now

looking at the filthy street

the Joker card is laughing at you

you pull out of the station

on the blue train the Bangalore Express

Pondicherry to Salem night squash


the din and bedlam is unbearable yet

you’re sweated clean in the

104 degree tropic drip


you started writing your poem

yet you are public property here

everyone wants to be in your lines

you pack up your pen

and wait to be shuffled

120 million cards plus 3

yes a full house


its the balloon man now

he rings the bell

and changes costume

juggling you as bags of pink fairy floss

Black Moon smiling high

on the jasmine peacock Tamil stage


(House of Peace Yercaud – 4am Night Reflection)

















In-between The Lines


You know its hot on the track

everyone looks at you like a Rock Star

shakes your hand

asks your origin

your destination

you’ll be on the Blue Train again soon

the night sleeper Salem to Madras

you sneak a wink

in the night room hotel

in-between the lines

bang in the middle of the tracks


surrounded by barefoot red white yellow bindies

third eyes that know you as brother sister lover friend

eyes that have seen the storm

240 million eyes plus 6


its 3 am and the Bay of Bengal

is calling you in

to a Kali sunrise


right now you are full up on black

levitating above the track


(Salem – The Second Sojourn)



















Rag Poor


He was rich the poor man

siestaing in dhoti

on a camp stretcher

on the north verandah

in the sweating blister

in the garden

at the foot of the holy mountain

of Arunachala

his wife left this station

years before now

his legs templed stockings

his smile crosses all shores

his kindness shone with

the midnight moon






























Homage To The Balloon Man


You saw him for the last time

it was his final performance


he was everywhere

he took your ticket

he played bugle at the crossroad

led the elephant to the temple

poured your chai at the station

painted your third eye with ocher


you looked him in his eye

he looks right through you

you witness two eagles near the stratosphere

you gaze back to where he waited

yet he is nowhere to be seen

vanquished like a burst balloon


(A Meeting of the Impossible – Salem to Chennai)


























100 Foot Candle In Thin Air


On a full moon

in a ton vat of ghee

high above the Aztecesq citadel

in the living Olympus


10,000 Kalikas gather

on the summit of holy Arunachala

witness vigil manifest

the light of heaven on our earth

the beacon of the 100 foot candle


the night sun of all luminations

you are singed scorched charcoaled

burnt in the eternal night

flamed in the ever calling of India
































Eight Lanterns


It was the last night

the final performance


Shiva’s eye was omnipresent



waiting for The Friend


the tears of missing

droplets of pearl shell

slid down her bosom cheek


already pining

saying goodbye and farewell to 120 million Tamils

as a carrier pigeon

beholden with their ancient stories

written in blood ink


one extra narrative in offering

a mere scrap of hemp

to appendix the Mahabharata


was that tease of glimpse

a rainbow flower

a string

a balloon

the faceless man

or a mirage in a labyrinth of endless mirrors


the master player, magi, conjurer of the invisible



the quadrant with no corners

the spring without a source

the gate to a lost kingdom…






he must walk the bridge across the Noh Stage

enter the great temple

beguile the hour glass

return Pandora to her box

kneel before the saffron robe

unlock the koan


the piano lay quiet

the black and white keys are calling for ten fingers

the foyer is floating with Gandhi’s flowers

terraced in ponds of reefs and flickering candles

the entire castle is on fire

with hundreds of out of this world Down Angels


everyone knows you now

you opened the window in the chained tower

mended the broken cords


the Yercard brass bell and coconut barfi are packed in your suitcase

you are costumed as a Brahmin

walking down the grand staircase

you are dancing on the inside

with Kali’s arms and a Mona Lisa smile


your rickshaw is by the porch

the aeroplane is waiting on the runway


as you leave the Grand Chola

in the soft shadows of a new Madras

the moon flower of lotus

illuminates the splinter of moment


You Are Now Albatross

hovering high above the Indian Ocean














One’s animal or bird guide



Ashram town village eco model micro centre, dedicated to stewardship the potential

utopian ideals of a possible humanity



The design, shape and utility of these temples numbering tens of thousands throughout

Tamil Nadu State are similar in style to the ancient Aztec and Mayan tombs of Central

and South America along with the architecture of Angkor Wat



The delightful sweet confectionary rich in ghee



Christian order following the principals of faith, work and prayer



A Lord of the district



The sacred coloured eye of intuition located in the eyebrow centre



The sacred bodhi tree recognised as the tree Budda attained enlightenment under in




The French impressionist artist famous for painting ballet dancers. Some of his prints

decorate the walls of the Auroville Seaside Garden Guesthouse in Pondicherry



Loose pants worn by male Hindus and Hippies made of a wrap of fabric tied by hand

around the waist










(Trisimomy 21) A person born with one extra chromosome to regular people.

This tends to manifest unique qualities of being and expression that may show a third

way to experience a situations, possibly from a non egocentric vantage point.

Downs is found in all cultures and classes in around one in seven hundred births.

In antiquity some cultures revered this aspect of humanity as embodiments of angels

and Christ.There are celebrated in religious paintings in the middle ages in France and

in Flemish styles. The Tolteca culture of Mexico reveals a terra-cotta figurine dated

500 AD, while pottery from the Tumaco-La Tolita civilisation of Columbia and

Ecuador of 600 BC-300 AD may testify ancient reverence,

to compliment our diverse humanity



The Friend refers to the mysterious encounter with The Shining Stranger, holy person

or a numinous being



The Mahatma or Great Soul who restored independence for India from British rule

His method shines exemplifying a highly evolved spirituality, anchored in voluntary

simplicity, non violence civil disobedience and noble ethics



The colloquial name for The House of Peace Convent in Yercard



The colossal and highly ornate temple gate to a shrine. Multiple gopurams often

surround these extensive temple grounds providing the entrance



The perspective or station where no horizons exist



A Christian Charismatic priest from Yercard manifesting rare qualities of prayer, faith,

spirit and grace



Good Morning in Tamil



One of the foremost worshipped Hindu Goddesses. The name Kali is associated with

time and black. As Shiva’s consort Kali is perceived as the shakti or energy to act as

destroyer of sin, decay and ignorance. By annihilating time, Kali transforms into a dark

emptiness akin to the notion of a black hole in astronomy. Out of destruction of her

eternal night, all creation becomes possible



The Goddess Kali, a devotee, a beautiful sensual woman



A remarkable kind antique trader who gave the author an expensive beautiful Kashmir

miniature painting, of a moonlit courtyard bird scene, after a life changing night




An impossible question set by a Zen master, for a specific novice, to stumble the mind

into a satori or enlightened state of being



India’s Christ, symbolised by a beautiful androgynous face and body often portrayed in

blue, playing flute



The phallus of the male, the yoni being the feminine opposite as revered and celebrated

in the sacred tantras of Hinduism



(Chennai) The Tamil name for the capital of Tamil Nadu State



The wise priest magician and sorcerer with occult knowledge and powers



This worlds largest epic poem, with over 100,000 couplets divided into 18 books with

1.8 million words. ‘The Bhagavad Gita’ the Hindu holy text is just one section, chapters

25-42 of the 6th volume of this Great Tome



‘The Temple of The Mother’ is a large dome sphere, the omnicentre of Auroville 10

kilometres outside of Pondicherry, initiated by The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram.

It is the focal point of 12 petals with sun reflecting on numerious golden discs. The

entire structure is carried on 4 pillars, aligned to the cardinal compass points, along side

a Bodhi Tree. It is located in an extensive park named Peace, taking 37 years to construct

opened in 2008. Access is restricted to devotees after time honoured servitude. A visitor

may observe the geodesic dome from a distant viewing platform. The inner sanctum for

initiates, in the interior meditation hall, houses ‘the jewel’ the largest optically pure glass

globe in this world






This small immaculate painting by Leonardo Da Vinchi during 1503-1506 is housed at

the Louvre in Paris – famous for her beautiful enigmatic smile



(1897-1971) (M.D. Sudowski) A remarkable man of Polish descent pseudonymed the

‘silent monk’, widely travelled, well versed in esoteric systems. He attained Selfhood

under the grace of Sri Ramana at his ashram as outlined in his quintessential book

‘In Days of Great Peace’. He eventually settled in Australia bequeathing his literary estate

to the Australian Society of Authors



The elevated freedom state, of being beyond karma, rebirth, desire and suffering. The

ego or small self is transcended with a Moksha or an expansion of consciousness into

a non identified unity awareness of the interconnected Self indeed non self



The Japanese theatrical platform of Zen (Buddhism) If one is ready and the actor is at

sufficient consciousness Satori or enlightenment may occur at the magic moment in this

traditional Zen Theatre, for the aspirant in the audience. The set itself is symbolised

with a bridge leaving the everyday life to the nirvana of the real authentic world



Home of the twelve Gods of Greek Mythology, recognised in later times as Mount

Olympus in North Western Greece



Milton although blind, scribed this epic poem, in a first edition book published in1667

The author realised later that he described leaving Yercard as departing from a “paradise

lost”, so MM clarifies the unintentional connection to this utopia



The revered English pilgrim and writer who lived and travelled widely throughout the

eastern sacred source spots introducing Yoga to the West during the early decades

of the 20th century



Electronic Space Rock British Band. Innovative works of iconic stadium atmospheric

music and thematic soundscapes. ‘Wish You Were Here’ 1975 was one of their sublime








A ‘game of life’ at the main beach front guest houses in Pondicherry

where the room numbers are inscribed with a positive attribute



(Pondicherry) Once a French colony and seaside town, on the Coromandel Coast, with

overtones of a small apartment style Paris even to this day. The city is scattered with

branches of Aurobinda’s and The Mother’s enterprises and gateway to the eco-spiritual

village of Auroville



The great holy sages and enlightened supermen of Hindu yoga



the worlds greatest spiritual love poet, founder of the whirling dervishes

with a massive poetic outpouring to his legacy of outstanding perception and quality



The ultimate state of bliss where saints reside traversing the worlds of this life and the




One of the principle godheads of Hinduism.the pure and auspicious and possibly red

relating to the ‘fire of sun’. His consort is Parvati and his ambiguity entertains 10,000

names. He is the source of paradox, father of Ganesha the elephant and the destroyer

of karma symbolised by the third eye, serpent around his neck and the symbol of the

crescent moon



The young yogi or swami tending the welfare of the mountain and aspirants of




(1879-1950) One of India’s most revered holy men. His path of Self Inquiry leads to

liberation. As with many enlightened souls, silence was a key vehicle of spiritual




The high atmosphere where eagles occasionally soar, near the equator this region starts

above the troposphere, around 59,000 feet in altitude



A typical beautiful Tamil teenager embodying the archetype of the quality of the

immaculate pride of eastern woman



Shakespeare described the entire world as a stage, in his famous play

‘As You Like It’, with the concept of people and orators playing their parts or roles.

After writing ‘The Balloon Man’, the author noticed and experientially understood

Shakespeare’s concept, delightfully and effortlessly etching into the landscape the Tamil

people and this pilgrimage



Latin, old French and Greek origins for ‘the house of God’ providing the platform to

see, experience and be transformed in the sacred mysteries



A new name for planet earth, meaning ‘The One Who Overcomes’.

Zearben was born with Down Syndrome. He is story custodian and the central character

of ‘The Plateau Of Remembrance’ – his Australian story of climbing the ultimate dreamtime

mountain and indeed his Self. He was initiated at birth with his albatross ally
































I hope you may be enriched and inspired by this writing. Although it embodies a quality

of the personal, the intent is to capture the universal symbology of our collective

consciousness. My work has never been written for a large audience. I enjoy the freedom

to write without consideration of popular culture or time restrains, in favour of the

luxury to explore an open genre and style that crosses boarders.The ebb and flow of this

suite is intended to captivate your attention and hopefully wake you into a new fresh and

heightened perception. This short work is almost entirely factual, entwining an imagistic

theatrical element into the sacred. The wise sage or jester launches himself across the

stages of lives to elucidate the freedom that is within our grasp -

closer than the air we breath …


‘The Great Candle To Light All Our Destinations’.


MM Spring 2016


































‘The Lost Ego With Five Outback Myths’

Moon Books, Perth 1992


‘The Plateau Of Remembrance’

Balboa Press U.S.A. 2014

Kirkus Review link


Balboa link



‘The Balloon Man’

Shakespir U.S.A. 2016



Recent Performance


‘Eight Lanterns’ – Michael Moon plays tropical ambient piano -

Tranquebar, Grand Chola, Chennai India) 21 Aug 2015

Youtube link



‘Eclipse of Michael Moon’ (Ladder Sequence)-

St Andrews Greenhills Western Australia 2014

Youtube link



‘The Rose Noir Series’ – Midland Junction Arts Centre

Australia 2011


‘Shakespir Interview’ 2016 -




‘Michael Moon – Dreamtime Poet’

Youtube Channel link








Trained in Australia and London in the esoteric arts,

experimental theatre, movement, music, mime, sculpture,

art, writing, film and obscure culture – Michael Moon created

Quarraluna, an outdoor solar-luna and stella dreamtime stage,

to synthesise work with nature, illusion, enigma and paradox to

‘make the impossible normal’ …


Michael lives with his cocreator wife Jennifer and son Zearben. They

live in the centre of a maze, on an evolving sandalwood and

vanilla mulla mulla grass, woodland perfume oasis,

in dryland Western Australia.


He contemplates the source of lightening, the arrival of the

rainbow and the meaning of mirages – with deep listening, the

land-starscapes, life forms, messenger birds, sun sets and moon

rises fusing you, inside the universal Dreamrealms.


























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The Balloon Man

The Balloon Man may walk you across the bridge. The intent is to ignite the universal symbolism of our collective consciousness. Australian Dreamtime Poet - Michael Moon delivers an open genre and style that crosses boarders. The ebb and flow of this suite is intended to wake you into a new fresh and heightened perception. This short work is almost entirely factual, entwining an imagistic theatrical element into the sacred. The wise sage and jester launches himself across the stages of lives to elucidate the freedom that is within our grasp - closer than the air we breath ... ‘The Great Candle To Light All Our Destinations’

  • ISBN: 9781370660513
  • Author: Michael Moon
  • Published: 2016-09-16 07:05:11
  • Words: 5173
The Balloon Man The Balloon Man