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The Badass: What side you will choose?


“Time to wake up. You’re Michael Baye, a reserve commander

of the four-way asterisk. You are on board the ship for a

long-term mission and you have been in a cryogenic state.

Your services in boarding are needed and you need to recruit

immediately. Time to wake up. You’re Michael – “

“Shut up damned,I understand it!” said Michael rubbing his

forehead. He felt numb everywhere and had a heavy head, as if

he were awake from drunkenness. The robotic voice changed


“Hello, Governor-Michael. Your voice was recognized. I’m

Orridge, the artificial intelligence system of the ship. You can

contact me at any time with the chat kit that’s tailored to the

collar of your outfit. I will guide you through a brief adaptation

phase specifically designed to fully restore your physical and

mental abilities. “

The capsule door opened to reveal a small white room with

strange but familiar training devices for physiotherapy and

cognitive therapy. Michael spent the next three days practicing

without neglecting to roam the robotic voice mercilessly in

every exercise you gave him, until he was unexpected …

“The exercises ended successfully. Thank you for the

cooperation of Governor Michael. “

“What do you mean, artificial foolishness? I still do not

remember who I am! “

The voice made a short pause.

“My name is Orgin. You were addressing the – artificial

nonsense. You are the governor-Michael Baev. “

“I do not care that they baptized you. You are an artificial

nonsense and I will call you Tau-alpha. “

“Refresh parameters. I’m Taur-alfa. “Michael smiled wickedly.

I really must be the governor …

As for me, I’m not a title, I’m a person. I must have once had

friends, family, life. I do not remember any of this. Why;”

“Renewal is accompanied by temporary loss of memory.

Gradually everything will come back. What is important is to

take up tasks. “

After a decompression sound, the white room door opened.

“At last,” Michael said, approaching the exit, taking a look at the

space. He found he remembered perfectly the ship’s

geography. He knew where to go to reach his dormitory, the

control center or the restaurant. He remembered that the type

of amnesia he is experiencing does not affect his functional

abilities and that he was part of the education to ignore his

temporary amnesia and to concentrate on the mission. Still, he

had been amused by the conversation with Tau-alfa. He would

try to listen to the boat and the world before getting his cynical

reference. He highlighted the disconnect button to

communicate with him.

“I think we need a little break to redefine our relationship,

Taur-alpha. You do not blame me but me. “

“The rehearse action list is not over, I still have to give you a full

report on the depres- sion items."

As he walked in the corridors of the boat, he managed to eat

with a handful of canned beans in shameful conditions. On

Earth you would call him homeless, but he was not sure if this

characterization was right in an astral. He looked at him

sympathetically to receive a phobic body language, as if he

tried to get his food.

“Long live and prosper in the Sparksborn generation of the

skyscrapers,” he moaned sarcastically the quote from an

advertising spot he’d heard hundreds of times when he was on

Earth. Below, the restaurant was empty, with many tables

overturned. It looked deserted.

Where is everybody;

Passing out of the crèche, he glanced up at the incubator room.

It was empty – there was only a nurse who tried in vain to calm

the baby she was holding in her arms. Her gaze was

desperate. Behind it, a screen that was closed at that time,

opened up abruptly, showing a downward graph of the

population in recent decades. It was obvious that Tau-alpha

was trying to give him details.

Persistent tin …

His attention was drawn to the chronology in the horizontal axis

of the graph. If it was true, it was in the freezer for about 230

years. He knew of course that he was at some point in the

future but did not believe that the ship would stand so hard.

However, it did not seem to be the tenes that broke first but the

content. After studying the graph a little bit, he activated the

communication system again.

“Okay, Tau-alpha won. What the hell happened in 2331 and

began to make the population plummet? “

“There has been a surge of unexplained deaths from

non-natural causes. I do not know much more because then all

the surveillance cameras were destroyed. “

The baby boy left the baby in an incubator and approached


“The artificial intelligence system has never understood what

happened. Who you are;”

“Michael Baev, the new governor.” She shook her head with


“Somehow it slowed down. Civil on board, this happened in ’31.

When we learned of the Earth. “

“What did you learn about the Earth?” Michael asked as he was

cold sweating. The woman seemed to hesitate to answer.

“Earth is now a planet without intelligent life. I’m sorry, Michael.

I hope you have not lost a lot of people, “he finally told him.

A memorial struck Michael as a lightning and stumbled. A

childlike look embraced by a woman’s arms.

“What happened?” He found the power to spill.

“Nuclear? Out of resources? Overpopulation; All this together?

We have never learned but little importance, do not you think?

The point is that the Earth is now a planetary cemetery. At least

this report sent us the Search Five that, because his world was

tired, came back. “

Of course, they had not left alone. There were six other Search

Astralos. And when they left, the problems of extinction seemed

distant. But then why did they leave?

But why could they, idiots … When the technology for the

generation shipwreck matured, a bunch of people like you

would be there to try it.

Another lightning. This time he saw himself standing over a

small grave. It made sense now. He was there because he felt

he did not have anything more valuable to lose. But he would

not deliver the guns yet.

“Tau-alpha, give me the last count.”

“Ship Population: Six.”

Michael brought near the mouth the microphone that protruded

from the collar, nervous.

“Six;; Do you expect to be lost all before waking me up? Devil,

you are supposed to wake the emergency commander

immediately if you can not solve a major problem! “

“I did it, ruler. You are not the first to restore. I also mentioned

Andy Wright in 2340 that failed to cope with the crisis. Since

you were the last backup I kept you in a cryogenic state for the

crisis of the definitive loss of the primary goal. “In Michael’s

mind, he sounded a warm human voice from the past that

explained to him the priorities of the mission.

Primary goal: Human migration

Secondary Goal: The Transmission of Life

The primary goal. Of course, that’s how Tau-alpha was

designed. In his own mathematical way of thinking that leaving

no one alive on board is nothing more than the permanent loss

of the primary and irreversible transition to the secondary goal:

The release of biomass on a suitable planet that over time will

lead to more complex forms of life .

Suddenly, he heard a rushing pace behind him. Instinctively he

turned and tried to see a form dressed in white to attack with a

ballpoint stick. The first hit was possible but it was on the arm. It

hurt a lot, but it seemed manageable. He pretended to see his

opponent, a man in the forties with brownish hair and an

unassuming beard. His blue, pursed eyes emitted a creepy

fury. Yes, this guy had come to pour blood, not just to

intimidate. Try a second hit. Michael, in order to avoid it,

stumbled back and stumbled on the terrace door of the nursery,

falling inward. The man stood on top of him and lifted the cane

for a final blow. Before he managed to do so, he began to squat

and slammed on the floor. Behind him someone else appeared:

He was the one who had earlier passed homeless. His hands

held something that looked like an improvised electric gun. He

let it down, picked up the cane from the unconscious man in

front of him, and began to strike him without a trace of

emotional charging; that he felt he was killing an insect. As tired

he wiped his bloody hand on his trousers and suggested it to

the dejected Michael to help him get up.

“He was one of the two who wants you dead. Let’s go before

we come and the second one. “ Michael reluctantly followed the

stranger to his lair where he gave him a canned bean and a

spirituous drink he could not recognize. Two or three glasses

after he was introduced as Reina and caught him talking.

“I’m sorry for before, I said a little. It’s that I get nervous when

machines are indifferent to the rules. We have years agreed

that the nursery is a sacred place. It is intended to perpetuate

the species. There are no attacks allowed and the workers

were always the only neutral ones. “


“Yes, so we say to those who agree with Orridge. Listen, you

reheated a very unhealthy period for rulers. You’re the only one

superior to Orgin. The only one who can change rotation in this

ruin. And the machines would kill to prevent this happening. “

“Where are we going now?”

“Toward Ledger-292d, a planet where we deserve to drain

biomass, according to Orgin. Do you see what’s going on here?

“We have forgiven the house that the Most High has made for

us. We believed that the universe belongs to us and we have

given the wheel to a human creation with autonomous thinking.

Now, do we want to sow life on another planet? We play gods.

And we punished for this: Our house was burned. The same six

other Search. There is no doubt that we too will soon be lost.

But if you want to save your soul, you will order Orjing to stop

this absurdity. “

Michael remembered that the mistress spoke of a civilian on

the ship and understood that the conflicting sides had unfolded

before him since he took over: One side was in favor of the

transmission of life while the other was not. He also realized

how easily his face would end up on the tip of the electrodes or

the baseball club of his otherwise friendly interlocutor if he did

not meet his demands. He kept his temper to figure out

something he did not stick to.

“The other six Search? Were all lost? What happened;”

“Mass depression that led to suicide and dramatically reduced

the rate of reproduction.”

“And at six? It’s not possible!”

“Imagine you being locked in a box that just puts you up, which

is open at the top. From the opening you can watch a large

stone that falls centered on the box. It will crush you and you

can not do anything about it. Some manage to forget the stone

and try to live the time it takes, that is, as long as it falls. But

most can not ignore it, they lose it. This is life on a ship without

a way out my friend. “

“Then why did not it happen to ours?”

“We are the only ship that has found a viable planet in a

realistic radius, and that gave hope that replaced war with

depression: For some, the hope was the spread of life, and for

others the rescue of the soul. It is time to choose who you are. “

Michael’s mind filled images of himself writing “Alexander” on

the label of a biomass capsule. He wanted his lost child to

become a material life, not to die ashes of death. That’s why he

gave his body to the biomasser. He had already chosen a side

two hundred and thirty years ago.

“Taurus, except me and Reina, there is another man on board.

Where is he? “He said aloud to the conversation system.

“At the control center,” Taur-alfa replied after a short pause.

“Reasonably, set it to the only place where you can change

course on the boat. Do not worry, I know how to fix it, “Reina

said, shaking the electric shooter. “Are we going?” He


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The Badass: What side you will choose?

  • ISBN: 9781370860852
  • Author: Stathis Kaperonis
  • Published: 2017-07-10 12:35:08
  • Words: 4160
The Badass: What side you will choose? The Badass: What side you will choose?