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The Attack Of Herobrine

The Attack Of Herobrine

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The Attack of Herobrine
p=. By: William Strong

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Chapter 1

Mine_in_Guy sprinted across the plain Got to get to the village, got to get to the village Repeated in his mind. Night was falling and he didn’t want to get ambushed by any monsters. As the sun started to kiss the horizon he could finally see the village in the distance. Mine_in_Guy sighed, It’s so far away! He thought. He drew his sword and shield and

prepared for battle. He looked to the left and then to the right. There were zombies everywhere! “I got to get out of here!” Mine_in_Guy said aloud to no one. He slashed at a zombie to his left and blocked a zombie to his right. Pain erupted in his back as a skeleton shot him. He turned around and charged at the skeleton and slashed at it until it was just a pile of bones.

He then turned around and sprinted toward the village. Dodging projectiles and blocking zombie claws. He lost much health during this time but finally he made it to the village. “Open the gates!” He shouted. Nothing, He yelled again “Open the gates!” Still nothing. I got to get into that village somehow. “hmm, Oh, I know!” He pulled out his shovel and started digging, though the number one rule of Minecraft was to never dig straight down, but he knew four blocks wouldn’t hurt so he did it anyway. He made a tunnel under the wall then dug up. In Minecraft, you couldn’t make 2 block jumps, Mine_in_Guy knew that so he did the gravel elevator trick. Jump, place gravel, jump, place gravel. When he was in the village he could see no guards on duty. “Weird” He said aloud to no one. Mine_in_Guy was so tiered he pulled a bed out of his inventory and went to bed

Chapter 2

Where is everyone? Mine_in_Guy thought. Just then Mine_in_Guy heard someone pounding on the village gates. He turned and sprinted toward the but then they exploded, He felt a blast of heat from the blast. “Who are you?” Mine_in_Guy yelled “I am Herobrine and I am here to ask for help.” “If you needed help you just could have yelled instead of blowing up the gate.” Mine_in_Guy replied “What’s the fun in that?” Herobrine said. “You know what, whatever what do you want” Mine_in_Guy said.>

<“I need help, I am trapped inside of Minecraft placed here by Entity 303 and I need help getting out.” Herobrine said. “Why should I help you… YOU BLEW UP THE GATES!” “Well it’s not entirely my fault there is a big mob of monsters coming” Herobrine said “WHAT!” Mine_in_Guy replied. They glanced over the wall and could see thousands of monsters running toward them. “Oh, great you blew up the gates so there is no protection!” Mine_in_Guy said “Then let’s rebuild” Herobrine said, a sneaky smile on his face. Something tells me he brought those monsters with him. Mine_in_Guy thought to himself. He then pulled out a stack of cobblestone and started rebuilding the gates. “This is a surprisingly big gate.” Herobrine said. “No kidding.” Mine_in_Guy replied. Mine_in_Guy looked up in the sky. The sun was reaching the horizon, it was almost night, Monster time. “We got to build quickly come on BUILD!” Mine_in_Guy said.>

<They started building even faster as if their life depended on it, it did. The gate got bigger and bigger until it was finally done. Mine_in_Guy pulled out some pistons and started repairing the Redstone. “Soon we will have a fully functioning gate” Mine_in_Guy said He turned around. “What are you doing?” He asked Herobrine “Um, I’m not doing anything.” “Right…” Mine_in_Guy said a scowl on his face. He turned back around and looked at his creation. A fully functioning gate, but suddenly, he could her Enderman teleport “Uh Oh” Mine_in_Guy said. He drew his sword and readied himself for a battle. “This isn’t going to end well” Mine_in_Guy said to himself. “C’mon Herobrine I need help!” “Oh, um yes.” Herobrine said as he drew his sword. “Let’s do this” Mine_in_Guy said

Chapter 3

Enderman teleported in with zombies because obviously, they couldn’t get over stone. Mine_in_Guy ran up to one and slashed at his arms then kicked it to the ground and stabbed it till it was just a pile of rotten flesh. He then made his way to the next one slashing furiously to it was dead. He felt pain erupt in his arm has zombie claws reached some soft flesh he turned and hit it so hard it died in one hit. Obviously, these zombies were soft and they were just hitting everywhere they think they can hit, that strategy didn’t work in minutes the zombies were dead but the Endermen teleported in skeletons, they were in trouble now. Mine_in_Guy pulled out his shield so the chances of getting hit were lower but not enough. He slashed at one blocked another. This process continued for an hour despite how careful you had to be. “Is that all you got!” Mine_in_Guy yelled. Nothing. “Well that’s that.” Mine_in_Guy said

Chapter 4

Herobrine let out a malicious laugh “What’s so funny?” Mine_in_Guy asked “That was just a test!” Herobrine said. He then snapped his fingers and TNT that was placed under houses exploded. It caused great damage. “Now you have to face me!” Herobrine said. He pulled out a diamond sword and charged at Mine_in_Guy. Mine_in_Guy brought up his sword and blocked the attack but Herobrine teleported behind him and scored a hit. Mine_in_Guy ran to the wall and put his back against it. He knew Herobrine couldn’t teleport behind him if a wall was blocking the space he waited for Herobrine attacked again he blocked it and then slashed at him. Herobrine flashed red signifying that Mine_in_Guy landed a hit. He smiled but that quickly turned to a frown as pain erupted at his side. He flashed red taking damage and then he scowled at Herobrine. “I don’t like your attitude” Herobrine he said. “How would you feel if someone betrayed you Herobrine.” Mine_in_Guy hitting and blocking attacks. “Is that all you got Herobrine?” Mine_in_Guy asked. “I don’t think you can beat me?” “Oh, I will.” Herobrine replied. “We’ll see about that.” Mine_in_Guy said. He laid multiple hits on Herobrine blow after blow after blow until finally Herobrine disappeared. That was close! His HP was very low and he had to find something to eat, FAST! He opened the gate and went hunting for pigs and cows. In the distance, he could see a group of cows he sprinted toward them and slashed at them after he killed all of them he went back to the village and cooked his food he then ate it and let his health replenish

Chapter 5

Mine_in_Guy pulled out a stack of wood and started to rebuild the houses, Herobrine did a lot of damage to them. That reminded him. Where are the villagers? Mine_in_Guy thought. I need to find them. But where? He thought to himself. If he didn’t find them this village was done for. Thoughts ran through his head about what would happen if he didn’t find them. They must have known about Herobrine and they hid away from him so they wouldn’t get hurt. He then finished building the house and then went to the next one and the next. Still thinking of what would happen if he didn’t find them. When he was done fixing everything he built a house and went in to finish writing his book, this book.

The End!

Note from the Author

Hello I am the author of this book I hope you enjoyed this short story

It didn’t take long apparently, I have written stories before but not ones this long so I hope this book was a good book to you and see you with the next book The Mystery of the missing villagers

Ps I am Mine_in_Guy on minecraft >

The Attack Of Herobrine

Mine_in_Guy has discovered an a weird entity in the game that claims he is not the bad guy. Mine_in_Guy struggles to believe what he says. He starts an investigation and finds out who he really is. Can Mine_in_Guy fight villain? Find out in this action packed adventure

  • Author: wstrongvi
  • Published: 2017-08-25 00:20:09
  • Words: 1458
The Attack Of Herobrine The Attack Of Herobrine