The Astonishing Secrets Most Men Will Never Learn about Women


Dear Reader,

Congratulations on taking a positive step toward mastering your dating life. What you’re about to learn are the secrets that most men NEVER learn about women: how they think, what attracts them, how to demonstrate to them that you are a great catch, the top five places to take her on a date, instant icebreakers and much more.

Now, you might be wondering how these secrets can be found in a simple e-book if most men never learn them. Most people assume that they know things simply because they’ve been doing them their entire lives. This is true in relation to the way people manage money, take care of their bodies and most of all, the way that they manage their relationships.

As you know, it’s not common practice for someone to search for more knowledge if they believe what they already know to be sufficient for getting the results that they want. But what happens when you stop getting the results you want, or you realize that your approach isn’t working? Well, you have two choices: You can keep doing what you’re doing and expect different results (bad idea), or you can look for new information to guide your future choices.

The first choice is how most men keep getting results they don’t want…sometimes for their entire lives. These are the men who never read books like this thinking: “What kind of a loser needs a book on dating?” Ironically, this is the very reason why most men NEVER learn the simple and VERY effective strategies you’re about to discover.

That’s good. More opportunity for you to snatch women right out from under their noses (more on this later).

You’re reading this e-book because you’ve made the decision to set aside your ego and accept that you might not know as much as you thought about relating with women. Maybe you just went through a divorce or broke up with your girlfriend; perhaps you just want to enjoy more high-quality relationships with women. Whatever the reason, that itching feeling that there’s more to this dating game than what you’ve learned through life experience has led you to this point.

As you’ll soon see, this simple decision is about to open up a whole new world of options for your dating life.


Chapter 1: Inside a Woman’s Mind

Have you ever been itching to get inside a woman’s mind and know exactly what she’s thinking? Well, mind-reading isn’t something you’re going to learn in this e-book (sorry if you were expecting that). But as you’re about to discover, most women are driven by the same basic motives. Once you know what they are, you’ll be able to connect with just about any woman.

Now, in case you haven’t noticed, women are different than us. Sometimes it’s like they’re from an entire other planet, and they speak a different language. But understanding women isn’t really that difficult; it’s just different. It basically requires you to understand the two basic ways in which women think differently than us.

1. How Women Get Their Way

Women don’t influence others the same way men do. They can’t. They’re weaker than we are physically, and for this reason, many men (and some women) assume this means that they can easily overpower a woman through intimidation. This means that if a woman wants to get her way, she has to resort to other methods. The most common of these is through the manipulation of people’s emotions (i.e., drama).

For example, when a woman gets mad at you when you don’t do what she wants, claiming that you “made her mad,” did you really make her mad? No. She’s a grown woman, and she’s in control of your emotions. But men are real suckers for drama because they believe that they are responsible for a woman’s emotional states. They do things (or don’t do them) to avoid “making” a woman feel sad, upset, jealous, angry, pouty, insecure, stupid or some other dramatic emotional state.

It’s really kind of funny when you think about it. A woman can literally overpower a man using drama, and who can blame them? It’s been their only option for a very long time. They’re not only physically weaker, but for thousands of years, they’ve been deprived of the positions of authority and forced to resort to more unconventional ways of asserting power over men. And as I’m sure you’ve noticed, they’ve gotten this down to a science.

Now let’s clear something up before we continue: There’s really nothing wrong with manipulating people or with using drama to do it. We ALL use manipulation to get what we want. Some people call it inspiration or influence. But in any case, we’re never forcing the person to respond to us.

In fact, men are more likely to use intimidation to get what they want, which is much more forceful than drama. So there’s no point in hating women for using drama to get what they want. Instead, we’re going to use this knowledge to increase your options for getting better results in your interactions with women.

And that begins with understanding this: You’re never going to find a woman who is “drama-free”; there’s no such thing. Women are addicted to drama because it’s a means of getting what they want. What you have to do as a man is learn how to deal with drama and keep women from using it to overpower you. Believe it or not, that’s exactly what women really want from a man.

2. How Women Process Attraction

If that last statement puzzled you, understanding how women process attraction will clear up the confusion. This begins with understanding the one thing about women that most men have completely backwards: what women really want in a man.

First, if you’ve been asking women for advice on dating, that’s got to stop right now because you’re just going to drive yourself crazy. You might have already figured this one out.

Here’s the bottom line:

Have you ever wondered why it doesn’t seem that women know what they want from a relationship with a man? They tell you they want a nice man with good manners who knows how to treat a lady and who loves his mother. A man who’s sensitive and responsible and who opens the door for them, tells them how beautiful they are and is a great friend.

But then…

They fall madly in love with men who are unrefined, obnoxious, cocky, a bit childish and who you just look at and wonder:

What the hell does that guy have going for him?”

Meanwhile, here you are being the nice man with good manners who knows how to treat a lady and who loves his mother. A man who’s sensitive and responsible and who opens the door for her, tells her how beautiful she is and is a great friend.

And where does that get you? A place in her life as either a “great friend,” or worse, she slowly writes you out of her life.

What in the world is that all about? You did everything according to the book. You were just the man that she said she wanted. How come you ended up in the friends zone, while watching her fall head-over-heels for that “other jerk”?

It’s because what women want isn’t what they say they want. The sooner you accept this, the sooner you can stop getting stuck in the “friends zone.” Now this shouldn’t really surprise you. After all, doesn’t almost everyone say they want things that are totally contrary to what their behaviors reflect?

How many people (men and women) do you know who want to be healthy but who eat foods that are full of sugars, unhealthy fats, sodium and preservatives? How many people do you know who want to be rich but who spend their money carelessly and who can’t wait to get off work so they can go home to sit and watch TV for the rest of the day? This is because in spite of how much people want to be rich and healthy, they’re driven by deeper subconscious motives, which most people don’t take the time to understand.

I don’t say this to judge people. Most people are pretty clueless about the true motives behind their behaviors because they really believe themselves when they tell you what they want. But if you want to know the real story, look at their behaviors.

So if you want to know what women find attractive, don’t listen to what she says  look at her behaviors. Believe it or not, there is something that “jerk” has that most women are drawn to like a moth to a flame:

They make women feel safe, and they excite them.

This is an irresistible combination because security and excitement are two of the primary emotional needs people seek out in romantic relationships. When a man meets these two emotional needs for a woman, he ignites a powerful subconscious attraction trigger, which overrides a woman’s reasoning mind.

Sound hard to believe? Just think about how men you’ve known who have abandoned their reasoning because of physical attraction to a woman. Think about how many people abandon their reasoning and eat foods that they know are bad for them because they taste good. Think of how many people you know who spend their money on things they really don’t need and end up broke, and then go buy lottery tickets because they “want to be rich.”

These are all examples of how our emotional drives beat our reasoning minds into submission, and this is why “jerks” (we’ll call them Bad Boys) ignite subconscious attraction triggers, which seem to contradict a woman’s spoken desires.

How is this?

First of all, these “Bad Boys” are immune to being controlled by drama, and this makes them unpredictable, which is exciting for women.

Think about it: How exciting is it for a woman when a man responds to her by doing whatever she wants because he’s afraid of “making” her feel sad, upset, jealous, angry, pouty, insecure, stupid or some other dramatic emotional state?

As you can imagine, this is pretty boring. And the more attractive a woman is, the more accustomed she is to men bowing to her whenever she uses drama to control them. And frankly, she’s OK with most men doing this because it gives her more power, but she just doesn’t date these men.

She dates the men who know how to take charge and who aren’t intimidated by drama, and that’s where the need for security and safety come in.

Think about this: How secure does a woman feel to have a partner who she can bring into submission? Does this suggest that he’s weak, insecure and submissive or powerful and confident? Of course, most women would love to have a nice man with good manners who knows how to treat a lady and who loves his mother  a man who’s sensitive and responsible, who opens the door for her, tells her how beautiful she is and who is a great friend.

But most men are either one or the other: the nice guy that women say they want or the unrefined Bad Boy. VERY few men can be both, and because the Bad Boy meets her need for safety and for excitement, she chooses him over the nice predictable man.

In case you missed the secret formula hidden in the last two paragraphs, let me make this as clear as possible:

Develop the Bad Boy’s immunity to drama, and balance that with the manners, the sensitivity and the chivalry of the Nice Guy, and you’ll truly become God’s gift to women.

There are not statistics to support this, but based on my general observations and life experience, I’d guess that kind of man is about one in a thousand at best.

We’ll get into this more in chapter four, “How to Challenge Her Without Losing Her.” For now, let’s talk about where to take her on a date…

Chapter 2: Top Five Places to Take Her on a Date

Now that we’ve laid the foundation, we can get into some of the simpler details of dating. The first of these is where to take a woman on a date. We’re going to cover five great ideas in this chapter, but first, let’s talk about the significance of the last chapter when it comes to choosing dating locations and activities:

The better understanding you have of how a woman thinks, how she processes attraction and how she determines a man’s value, the less important the dating location and activities become.

Don’t get me wrong; this doesn’t mean you can take a woman to some hole-in-the-wall bar or cheesy fast food joint just because you’re a man of high value. But it does mean that the company will become more important than the surroundings. Just think about this: Haven’t you ever known someone who you always had fun with no matter what you were doing?

That’s the kind of connection you want with a woman. Too many men rack their brains trying to come up with extravagant date activities because they lack confidence in their ability to create attraction with a woman. Women can smell this coming a mile away, and that’s why so many men overdo it by taking women out to nice places and spending a TON of money only to find out that she’s not that impressed with him.

And why would she be?

He went out of the way to create attraction using exterior things, when what she was really looking for was a connection with a man who fulfilled her needs for excitement and security.

So don’t sweat it if these date ideas don’t sound like earth-shattering innovations at first. Instead, understand that the point of a great date is to set the stage for you to make a great connection with her and to demonstrate that you are a man of high value.

Date #1: Group Dancing Lessons

This is not to be confused with taking her to a loud club where you can’t hear each other and shaking your booties for an hour or two. Find a place that offers group dance lessons for beginners for partner dancing, such as ballroom, salsa etc., and take her there.

The activity of dancing will bring you into contact with each other without you having to ask yourself, “Should I put my arm around her now?” Physical contact is a great way to build attraction and to get you comfortable with each other. Also, you’ll have something to talk about and perhaps even to laugh at each other about, during and after the date.

But there are two other benefits of this kind of date that you might not have thought of: first of all, you’ll probably be dancing with other people as well as each other, and that’s a good thing. The fact that you’re willing to see your date dance with other men will demonstrate that you’re confident, secure and not prone to jealousy. Remember, insecurity is a sign of low value, and insecurity is at the root of jealousy.

Most women will even test you to see if you’re prone to jealousy, so you can demonstrate yourself as a man of high value right away by taking her to a group dance class. Not to mention that you’ll get an idea of how secure she is with seeing her date dance with other women.

But the other benefit is that dance lessons might turn out to be something you do together long-term, which will be very good for the relationship. Many married couples have reignited the spark in their marriage by taking dance lessons. It gives the relationship a purpose beyond the mundane and helps to strengthen the bond.

TIP: If the dancing goes well, take her out for a drink or a cup of coffee afterwards. You may not get a lot of talking done during the dance lessons, but it will be a great icebreaker and will help you both relax. It will also give you something to talk about. So take advantage of this by taking her somewhere that you can talk. You can even sneak some physical contact by “rehearsing” the hand positions you learned during class.


Date #2: Piano Bar

Again, this can be a lot of fun because it gives you something to focus on other than trying to keep the conversation going. Of course, it also gives you the space to have some good conversation. Most piano bars are quiet enough that you don’t have to shout, and they set a pretty romantic mood.

Now, what makes this kind of date fun is getting involved in setting the mood. How do you do this? Put in some requests for the pianist, and encourage your date to do the same. Most piano bars take requests, and this will give you something to talk about: each other’s taste in music.

You can often tell a lot about someone by the music they like and most importantly why they like the songs they do. In fact, asking a woman what she likes about a song might get her to tell you something about herself that she‘d never tell you if you just asked her directly. Not to mention that some music can have an almost hypnotic effect on people and help them open up to people they don’t know.

TIP: If you’re making requests to the pianist, make sure you’re not requesting too much of the same kind of music. Go for variety and show that you have diverse interests. For best results, get into the habit of attending the place and getting to know the staff and the regulars. Then, when you go there with your date, it will almost be like inviting her into your home.

Date #3: Wine Tasting

This will either be an opportunity for you to look very sophisticated or to connect with each other out of being mutually ignorant about the subject. Either one can be attractive to a woman if you do it the right way. It depends on the kind of woman you want to attract and also on your personality.

Knowing about wines can come off as very classy, cultured and sophisticated, and a wine tasting is a place where you can talk to her and have a great experience tasting the wines, learning about them and teaching her what you know.

Just make sure you don’t come off as being “snobbish” or trying to impress her too much with your intellect. Let this be an opportunity to show her a bit of your personality. On the other hand, if you know nothing about wine and neither does she, it might be an interesting experience and provide for some good conversation.

TIP: You can drink the wine at a wine tasting, but it’s probably better to spit the samples out and actually make the tasting the feature of the date instead of drinking. Getting “tipsy” on a first date isn’t exactly the best way to connect with a woman. Not to mention that most men are far less charming when they’re drinking than they think they are.


Date #4: Mini Golf

This is perfect if the woman who you’re taking out is a bit competitive (in a fun way of course). Mini golf doesn’t take a lot of skill to learn, and a little playful competition can be a great opportunity to build sexual tension. There’s an interesting connection between sexuality and competitiveness between a man and a woman, and an innocent game of mini golf is a great way to bring out a woman’s competitive side.

Of course, if she’s never played mini golf, she might be open to you showing her how to use the club, which is an opportunity for some physical contact. Much like the dancing date, this will also give you something to talk about, and you might even get to laugh at each other a little. Also, it gives you a good idea of how playful your date can be. There’s almost nothing worse than dating a woman who can’t have a good time.

TIP: Just as after the dancing date, take her out for a drink or a cup of coffee afterwards (that is of course if the date goes well). Again, this is an opportunity for you to talk and get to know each other after you’ve broken the ice and had some fun together.


Date #5: Amusement Parks

It doesn’t have to be an amusement park if you have the option of a state fair or something similar. The point of this kind of date is that it can be a lot of fun and will make a very memorable first date if you stay with her. Many amusement parks offer year passes, and you can purchase one and take your dates there without having to keep paying to get in.

Lots of amusement parks and similar places have a variety of things that you can do together, and you’ll still have plenty of time to talk. Not to mention that it will also give you an opportunity to see her fun and playful side and to show her yours.

In the next chapter, we’ll look at some ways to break the initial awkwardness of your date.

TIP: It might be a good idea to plan to go Dutch on this kind of date or save it until you’ve gone out with her a few times. Spending too much money early on might make you and your date uncomfortable, and amusement parks can be expensive just to get into the park. If the city you live in doesn’t have this kind of thing, you can always save it for a later date and take a trip to a city that does.

Chapter 3: Instant Amazing Icebreakers

Now, in addition to these date ideas, you’re going to need some strategies for breaking the ice with your date. There’s almost nothing more awkward on a first date than clunky conversations where each person is struggling to find something to talk about. While at times this can simply mean that there’s no connection, there are other times when awkwardness comes simply from not having a good icebreaker to get things going.

The following are five ideas that you can use to start conversations that will keep both of you talking, but that aren’t too personal or intrusive…

h2<>{color:#000;}. Ask her about where she grew up

“Where are you from?” is usually considered to be a cliché question, which most people ask just to ask it. But it actually can provide a good segue into a conversation, which will tell you a lot about her background: how she grew up, her family and her interests as a child.

You begin with asking her where she’s from, but then you can ask her if she grew up there, what it was like living growing up in a place like that, what she liked about it and what she didn’t like about it.

Again, all very simple questions, but if you actually listen to her instead of trying to think of what to say next or waiting for your turn to talk, you can learn a lot about her. If the place where she grew up is different than where you meet her, you can also ask her what brought her to ____, which will provide a good segue into other conversations.

h2<>{color:#000;}. Ask her about what she was like in high school

This can get really fun, especially if high school was a while ago. Most people change their identity quite a bit when they graduate high school and start working or go to college. So finding out what she was like in high school gets you a chance to learn some interesting things about her. You can start this kind of question out like:

So, what were you like in high school? Were you like the prom queen, the nerd or the girl who wore black everyday and didn’t talk to anyone?”

h2<>{color:#000;}. Ask her about where she has traveled (other countries, etc.)

You can start this icebreaker out with a question like, [_ “So, how far out of ___ have you traveled? ]” or “[_Have you been to any other countries?”]

Most people you meet don’t have the means (time, freedom or money) to travel a lot, so when they get the chance to travel, it’s normally to somewhere that’s pretty important to them. So you can ask your date the same things about the places she has traveled to as the place where she grew up.

h2<>{color:#000;}. Ask her about places she wants to travel to (other countries, etc.)

This is a good follow-up question to the previous icebreaker and can tell you a lot about her interests and her dreams. Again, you follow up with questions about why she’s interested in that place and what she likes about it. You can also ask her about places that she’d like to live and why she’d like to live there.

These questions tell you a lot about what her plans might be for the future: if she wants a quiet life or a fast-paced big city life.

And finally…

h2<>{color:#000;}. Ask her about her hobbies, dreams or interests

Again, these might seem cliché, but they show her that you’re actually interested in knowing something about her. They give her the opportunity to talk about something that she’s comfortable talking about. Just make sure that you’re asking them with the tone of interest and making it sound casual instead of like an interview.

Don’t just ask her, “What do you do for fun?” or “What do you do for a living?” and move on to the next question. You can normally tell a lot more about someone from digging deeper into one subject than trying to cover a lot of subjects.

If she has a dream or a hobby or something that she’s interested in, ask her why it’s important to her and what she likes about it. Ask her how long she’s been interested in it and when the moment was that she realized that she wanted to____. Showing this kind of interest will demonstrate that you‘re interested in digging deeper into her character rather than “screening her as a potential mate.”

This will also give you an idea of what her plans are for the future and help you determine if the relationship has any potential to grow.

These icebreakers and date ideas ought to be enough to set the stage for your interaction. Now, let’s look at the most important dynamic of building genuine attraction…

TIP: Notice that all of these icebreakers are questions. The best icebreaker is being a good listener. The better listener you are, the more likely your date will be to want to listen to you. She’ll probably start asking you about yourself or trying to get you to talk so that she can return the favor of listening to you.

Too many men (and people for that matter) aren’t good listeners. They wait for their turn to talk and think about all kinds of other things while the other person is talking. Because of this, the other person is also less likely to listen to them. This is death to the momentum in a conversation.

Chapter 4: How to Challenge Her Without Losing Her

When talking about how women process attraction, we touched briefly on the reasons why Bad Boys are considered to be of high social value to women, but what’s the best way to demonstrate this value to your date?

By learning to challenge her and to thus show that you’re not needy, you demonstrate that you’re a man with emotional fortitude who can keep her safe. Contrary to what many men think, this kind of challenging won’t cause you to lose her; it will make her crazy about you. She’ll begin to realize that you’re a man of value.

The way in which a woman determines a man’s value is a subject that would take the remainder of this e-book, but the most important thing to understand is how a woman “tests” a man to determine his value.

First, you might wonder why a woman would want a man she can’t control and then try to control him anyway. That’s a fair question.

The answer is she’s testing him to see if he’s a good catch or not  to see if he’s a man of high value. The better catch she is, the more intense her tests will be. In other words, women of high value know that a LOT of men want to date them, so they have a lot of options. Because they can’t date all the men who want to date them, they’ve developed a way to sort through them by testing them.

Can you blame them? Most reasonable people do this when they have an abundance of options to choose from, and the more options they have, the better they are at sorting through them. Why would a high-value woman settle for anything less than a high-value man?

Would you settle if you had more options to choose from than you could possibly give your full attention to?

Translation: If you want to date the super hot, super intelligent high-value women, you MUST learn how to respond when a woman tests you and demonstrate that you are a man of value. If not, the man who knows how to pass her tests will end up with her, and you’ll be left to settle for less than what you want. I’m guessing you’ve done this at least once in your life. I’m guessing you want to stop doing that. right?

So how do women test men? You guessed it: drama. Haven’t you ever noticed that the most attractive women are the most skilled at manipulating a man’s emotions with drama? They have to be.

Too many men want to be with a woman of high value, but they never bother to learn how to become a man of high value by building this emotional fortitude. They just expect a super attractive, super intelligent high-value woman to walk into their life in spite of the fact that there are plenty of men out there for them to choose.

So if you want to demonstrate to her that you’re a great catch, you need to develop confidence and prove yourself man enough to stay the course when she tests you. The better you get at this, the better you’ll get at proving yourself as a man of value.

In case you’re wondering how long she’ll test you like this, she will as long as you’re the man in her life. Think about it: Most people put their best foot forward until they get into a secure relationship; then they start to slip. But the better catch a woman is, the less likely she’ll be to risk settling for a man who isn’t genuinely confident. She’ll keep checking in to make sure that she can count on you to be the man she fell for in the first place.

Understanding this principle will help you deal with one of the most paralyzing fears that men face in their dating life…

TIP: Immunity to drama doesn’t mean being combative or obnoxious when a woman tests you. It means playing it cool and even teasing her about her drama. Have fun with it, and treat her with respect. The best way to do this is with playful humor.

It’s also important to pay attention to her needs and make sure that you’re still doing nice things for her and treating her like a lady. The difference is that you do it on your own terms, take charge of the relationship and show her that you’re responsible enough to be the man in her life.

Chapter 5: Demolish Your Fear of Rejection

First, let’s clear up something about fear that will make it much less intimidating: Fear is completely natural and normal. Human beings experience fear for the same reasons that any other animal does: as a defense mechanism. Trying to “get rid” of something you fear is a sure way to make it seem like a bigger problem than it really is.

So if this is true, why bother with a chapter on how to “demolish” fear?

Because overcoming fear is possible but not by getting rid of it. The secret to demolishing fear of any kind is to find another fear that’s greater than the unwanted fear, and that is a greater reward to be achieved.

Think about the last time that you did something you were really afraid of. What was it that made you go ahead with it? Chances are it was and understanding that there was some reward, which was greater than the fear. Maybe you had to go to a job interview, and you were nervous. But you went anyway, didn’t you?

Of course.

Especially if you were out of work, and you really needed the money. You risked rejection because you believed that you had no other choice. But when you think about it, you always have a choice to give in to fear. You could have stayed home from the job interview and simply come up with some crafty rationalization why it was OK for you not to go.

But what kept you from doing this? Was it courage?

No. Actually, it was fear that forced you to confront fear along with the belief that something else was more important. It was the fear that if you didn’t have a job, you wouldn’t have the money to buy the things that you need to survive. In other words, something else was more important than possibly being rejected by a prospective employer. There was something greater than that fear, so fear forced you to act courageously.

Interesting, when you think about it that there are many times in which people confront fear because of some other fear that is greater. People confront fear every time that they get in their car and drive. This fear is almost paralyzing the first time you sit behind the wheel of a car, but the fear of never being independent and having to walk everywhere for the rest of your life is greater.

On top of this, there’s the reward of independence and being able to go places without having to depend on something else. As you learn to drive and as you practice, the original fear diminishes, and you don’t even realize it’s there anymore. Enough practice and accumulated experience make fear seem nonexistent.

On the other hand, if you had simply sat in the car with the key in your hand thinking about how scary learning to drive was, you might have never made the decision to start the engine and begin learning.

After a while, the fear would become completely normal, and you’d simply accept the fact that you were never going to learn to drive. You’d also never get the chance to experience the reward, and after a while, you might not even care so much.

It’s the same with fear of rejection and approaching or meeting women. If you’re afraid to get started, that’s simply because you lack experience meeting women. This is the message that you need to understand when you feel afraid about approaching women. As simple as this sounds, thinking of approaching women in this way will make it a lot easier for you to get out there and just start practicing, getting experience and ridding yourself of fear.

Of course, you can try hypnosis, affirmations, positive thinking, creative visualization and every other “mind over matter” strategy for defeating fear. But the problem with all of these is that fear is not a matter of your state of mind. Fear is a very real and physical condition of your body, and it can only be conquered through physical means: action. Action builds experience, and enough experience doing the things that you’re afraid of doing will make them less intimidating.

Yes, you’ll still feel that physical rush every time that you approach a woman, or ask a woman on a date or for her phone number. But even this physical response will become less and less intense with experience and action.

On the other hand, the longer you delay in taking action and the more you try to “mind over matter” your fear or talk yourself out of being afraid, the more intense it’s likely to become…until it paralyzes your initiative and forces you to settle for less than what you really want.

In case you’re wondering what the first step is in confronting fear; let’s look at some simple strategies for learning to do something you MUST do: getting her phone number.

TIP: Remember that the key is finding a bigger reason than your fear. Sit down and write out exactly what will come of your dating life if nothing ever changes from this day until the end of your life. If this scares you, good! Better to find some terrifying reason to get off your butt and start confronting the fear of rejection than to keep allowing it to master you. Then write down all of the wonderful opportunities that will open up for you when you start taking charge of your dating life.

Most likely, the fear of what will happen if you never change will be greater than the excitement about the rewards. Either way, the end goal is to start taking action and driving out fear by repetition and experience in confronting that fear.

Chapter 6: Simple Strategies for Getting Her Number

Getting her phone number isn’t all that there is to it when it comes to dating. In fact, you’ve probably had at least a few experiences where you got a woman’s phone number, and nothing ever came of it. Maybe you never even called her. On the other hand, if you meet a great woman and you want to have any chance of seeing her again, you have to have a means of contacting her again, and a phone call is still the best way to do that.

Now, there are HUNDREDS of ways to do this, but let’s keep this simple and look at three approaches that you can use to collect a woman’s number:

h2<>{color:#000;}. Give Her Your Number First

This is really effective because it shows her that you’re willing to give something to her as well. Yes, it might not be something she was asking for, but the impression is that you’re having a mutual exchange instead of you just asking for something from her.

The best way to do this is to make it a part of tying up the conversation: “Hey, I’m sorry I have to go right now, but I’m interested in talking again.”

Take out a piece of paper and a pen as you’re doing this, and write your phone number on one half of the paper. Then tear the paper in half and hand her both pieces of paper and the pen. This all takes place as you’re saying the above line. When you hand it to her, she’ll know what to do with it.

Of course, giving away a phone number might be something she’s a little uneasy about. Here are a few things you can say if she seems hesitant:

p<>{color:#000;}. “Don’t worry: I’m not a stalker, and you can always block me if change your mind.”

p<>{color:#000;}. “Come on; I’m giving you mine free of charge.”

p<>{color:#000;}. ”I’m not much for talking on the phone, but I’d like to get in touch sometime.”

(It’s important to smile as you’re saying these.)

h2<>{color:#000;}. The Text Approach

Asking a woman if you can text her is less intimidating for both of you, and it’s a great way to get her phone number. Now this approach is most effective if you have a reason to send the text. In other words, don’t just say:

How about I text you sometime?”

This just sounds weak, needy and indecisive. After all, when is “sometime” going to be?

Instead, include the request as a part of ending the conversation: “You know, it’s been really nice meeting you, but I’m meeting a friend for____. Do you text?

Take out your phone as you’re saying this, she’ll know just what you mean by it. Most women are more likely to accept a “text offer” than a request to call them. Text is easier to ignore and less awkward if you don’t know what to say at the time when you get it.

Even if she doesn’t text, she’ll say, “yes” if she’s interested. If she says that she doesn’t text and offers no other option, then being persistent at this point might just come off as desperate and lower your social value.

h2<>{color:#000;}. Set Up a Date; Then Get the Number

This is actually the most practical option. Think about it: if you want to talk to her again so you can get to know her, why not meet again? Getting to know someone over the phone can make meetings in person VERY awkward and even create an illusion of chemistry, which is absent in person.

Besides, think about it this way: If you’re going to risk her saying “no” anyway by asking for her number, why not just ask for the date? You might be surprised at how many more dates you’ll get this way.

Getting the phone number and then asking for the date on the call back is just adding an extra step and giving her a chance to lose interest. Not to mention that if she’s a woman of high value and she’s single, she’s getting a lot of other offers.

Besides, think about the impression that this creates in her mind: She has a “date” with some guy that she met. She’s more likely to tell people whom she knows about this, and every time that she does, she’s thinking about you…anticipating when she’ll see you again. This is MUCH different than giving you her number and then getting on with her day with no expectation of when you’ll call or even if you’ll call.

The best way to do this is to again make it part of closing the interaction: “Hey, I’m sorry I have to go right now, but I’m interested in talking again. How about we meet up later this week, like on____?”

Then you simply ask for her number, which is perfectly normal to have when you’re agreeing to meet someone.

It’s important here that you ask for a specific day and if you have a place in mind to tell her where as well. Don’t make this one of your date spots that we talked about; those might be a bit much for a first meeting. In fact, it’s always better to meet up for something simple like a cup of coffee or a drink so that you can get to know her better.

If this goes well, you can always follow up with a nice date.

HUGE TIP: Always be the first to end the interaction. This will prove to her that you’re not needy and will also usually leave her feeling like something is unresolved. You probably know at least a dozen people in your life whom you always have to end the conversation with….or else they’ll just keep going. How desperate and needy does this seem? Not only that, it’s taxing to feel that you need to cadence every conversation. By ending the interaction, you show her that you aren’t going to be high maintenance and that you’re a man of value who has a life to get on with.

Bonus Chapter: Five Things Women Hate About Single Men

Just for fun, I’ve decided to include this chapter on five things that women hate about single men. What good does it do for you to know these things? Well, as you read these, you’ll realize that all of them are habits that don’t work out so well in relationships. So if you want to have success in your dating life and start building meaningful connections with women, it’s best if you know what these are and start correcting them right away:

h2<>{color:#000;}. Sloppiness

Bad hygiene, stained or torn clothes, a messy apartment or house  all of these are things that turn off women. They’re also very easy habits to fall into when you don’t have a woman in your life. Go through your apartment or house, get rid of the clutter and start getting things organized.

Buy some air fresheners, and get some things that add character to the place, such as pictures or decorations. Look for things that complement your personality. Most importantly, clean up and organize the bathroom. If you haven’t noticed, this is the first place a woman usually goes when she visits a man’s house.

This isn’t because she “has to go so bad” either. She’s trying to find out how well you take care of your place and how neat you are, and the quickest way to do this is by seeing the way you keep your bathroom.

h2<>{color:#000;}. Childish Friends

Most single men have at least one single friend who is irresponsible and a bad influence. This is the friend that you’ll end up fighting with your girl about just as soon as things start to get serious. Why is this? Because she hates the influence that he has on you and wants to get him out of your life so that you can become a responsible man.

Friends are great, and I’d never suggest that you give up one of your friends for the sake of a woman. But if you have someone in your life whom you know is just bringing you down or keeping you from becoming more of a responsible man, it might be good to start creating some distance.

Most of the time, this kind of friend will even get a little jealous of your relationship with your woman, and you might realize that he wasn’t as much of a friend that you thought he was.

h2<>{color:#000;}. Boyishness

Many men are single because they haven’t found the right woman, but there are also many who just haven’t grown up yet. Women are not attracted to irresponsible men, and if you still have some “boyishness,” which is keeping you from growing up, the best time to start making some changes is BEFORE you meet the woman you’re crazy about.

Some common forms of boyishness are: letting your decisions be controlled by your friends or your parents, inability to earn steady income, excessive partying, impulsive spending or immature attitudes toward women, dating and relationships. Most of these are pretty easy to control once you make up your mind, and the best time to start is now.

h2<>{color:#000;}. Bad Manners

We’ve talked about being a Bad Boy, but you still need to know how to treat a lady who you’re dating and to treat other people with respect. Many single men are single because they never had the opportunity to learn good manners or never bothered to make them habits.

These are simple things, such as treating the waiter/waitress at a restaurant like a person instead of an animal, being a courteous driver, opening the door for a woman, not interrupting people when you talk, having good table manners and knowing how to treat people who are guests in your house.

While most of these are common knowledge, you might still want to do some searching online and find out if there are any “blind spots,” which could end up hurting your dating life.

h2<>{color:#000;}. Gawking

This is a tough habit to break, and a LOT of men don’t even realize that they’re doing it. Looking at women who are attractive is OK; staring isn’t. It’s rude to the woman you’re staring at, it makes you look needy (and sometimes creepy), and it’s rude to the woman you’re dating, if you’re on one that is.

This is a good habit to break for two reasons: First of all, it will help you to make the woman who you’re with more comfortable (when she comes along that is), and it will increase your chances of meeting a new woman.

Staring at women will never attract them, and the more you do it, the more intimidated you’re likely to get by the way that a woman looks. If you think a woman is hot, go ahead and approach her. If she’s with another man, find something else to look at until the temptation passes.

Get to work on each of these five areas, and you’ll increase your chances of attracting women of value into your life.

Good luck.

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