The Angels Talk About the "Rainbow Connection"

The Angels Talk About

the “Rainbow Connection”



Kim Jensen

and the Voices in Her Head



Published by Kim Jensen at Shakespir


Copyright 2016

Hello dear angels.

“Hello. We have info about the “Rainbow Connection”. Yes the song from The Muppet Movie. Written by Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher.”

We’ve been discussing it lately in the telepathy and I think we’ve come up with something interesting.

“We have. First let’s sum up where we’re at. The world is a simulation created in the cosmic computer. Clues in the Book of Revelation leave us to believe there are 7 saviors. Satan also has 7 saviors and after the new world when the aliens come from their simulated dimension people will end up with one of these 14. The world will be a better place for many as promised in religion.”

“All the Gods and Goddesses are coming. Some are regional.”

“Yes. We are adding that we think the repressive Gods of many religions aren’t with the good, all powerful God. He is a loving God. However if you are with a repressive God now you can jump to the non repressive God after judgement day.”

“Or the other way around.”

“We also think there are clues in popular culture that give us an idea about the saviors. Like we mentioned Luke Skywalker as a possiblility. We now think there could even be intergalactic battles in the new world, but probably after a long time of peace.”

“The aliens will bring technology as well as new programming on earth.”

“The aliens come from another simulated dimension. They have the same religions and we are all under a wonderful God, well hopefully most will be.”

“Okay so this brings us to the rainbow connection. They mention a rainbow in Revelation. (Revelation 4:3)”

“Also in the Old Testament God sends a rainbow as a promise after the flood.”

“Right. But what is also interesting is that rainbow colors correspond with the chakra colors. The energy centers of the body. There are 7.”

“Yes people do chakra healing a lot. It has it’s origin in Hinduism we believe.”

“Each of these energy centers represents a personality trait.”

“And we’re fairly certain that each of these personality traits is also reflected in the 7 different saviors.”

“Yes that’s the rainbow connection. God is going to send 7 saviors to change the programming on earth.”

“That answers the first question in the song. ‘Why are there so many songs about rainbows?’

“So let’s go over the 7 saviors as we see it. Remember some saviors may only have emerged recently in popular culture.”

“Let’s look at the first chakra. The root Chakra. Red. We feel this savior is connected to childhood. We think there’s a savior for people who are children at the time of the new world.”

“This is best represented by Aslan from the Narnia book by C.S. Lewis. It is even possible there is someone who is part man part lion who will be a children’s savior.”

“In a world with magical programming anything is possible. Like they say in the song ‘we know that it’s probably magic’

“Next the second chakra. Orange. This chakra is connected to sexuality. We feel this savior is the bisexual intersex Jesus we found in the Gospel of John.”

“Yes this savior is for people who want sexual freedom.”

“Next the third chakra. Yellow. We feel this one is New Age savior. Possibly represented by the character Hafid in The Greatest Salesman in the World.”

“Yes this savior is great for people that want to succeed in life. This brings up an interesting point in the song. Although traditional Christianity might speak against New Age or against a sexy bisexual Jesus, in the song we have the line ‘Some day we’ll find it. The rainbow connection. The lovers, the dreamers, and me.’

“See the lovers and dreamers have a savior. It’s not all repressive as the church wants us to believe.”

“This brings us to the fourth chakra. Green. The heart chakra. This one we think is for a Jesus that is married. The popular book the Da Vinci Code gave us clues for this.”

“Even Revelation mentions a wedding at the end.”

“But we still think this Jesus is liberal. I mean it helps to give to charity and be loving but you probably don’t have to wake up early on Sunday to attend church.”

“Yes God is loving. He lets us have freedom. But we have to earn it by going through these other phases over our lifetimes.”

“Next is the 5th chakra. Blue. This chakra is communication. We aren’t sure but we think this is the Skywalker chakra.”

“It seems where he best fits in, because the 6th chakra, indigo, the third eye, seems to belong to Krishna.”

“Yes Krishna is another savior and they are always referencing the third eye in Hinduism. Hinduism promises a ‘Golden Age’ where people achieve a connection to the source. This might make them all knowing and quite powerful.”

“Finally we have the 7th chakra, the crown chakra. Violet. Like we have said in other books there is a game on earth and people can become gods for the next earth.”

“We think this savior is for them. We also like to think a possibility is that people will have superpowers.”

“Yes the gods probably have superpowers. We like to think of them as like the X-men and the savior is like Professor X.”

“It is interesting that X-men fight Apocalypse. That might be the phase the world is in now.”

“Okay so that’s the rainbow connection. Let’s take a further look at the song.”

“It talks about wishing on the morning star. Interestingly enough the name Lucifer is connected to the morning star.”

“And people might have been worshipping a repressive Lucifer even though they think it’s a repressive good God. Like the song says, ‘look what it’s done so far’ meaning the world isn’t in great shape.”

“Thankfully the promise seems to be by doing this you make it to the loving God.”

“Which makes sense.”

“Then the song mentions ‘have you heard voices?’. Also makes sense.”

“The ‘young sailors’ might be the apostles of Jesus. They were fishermen.”


“And the line “something I’m supposed to be’, this is like what we were saying. People can become like gods for the next earth. Not the main God of course because he’s outside the simulation but lesser gods. Or superheros.”

“So we think this is the “rainbow connection”. Only time will tell if we are right.”

Thanks angels.

“Like we said, we think people are already assigned with a savior although this could change after judgement day.”

“Yes it’s very important to be a good loving person. You don’t have to be repressed, but i wouldn’t want to risk being nasty.”

“We agree.”

“If the world is a simulation the rainbow connection could be real.”

“And it’s certainly possible the world is a simulation.”

The Angels Talk About the "Rainbow Connection"

Does the song "Rainbow Connection" contain clues about religion? This short book is a telepathic conversation with angels that explores what might be the connection between rainbows, aliens and the promised world of the future. The song might be an important clue given by alien inspiration.

  • ISBN: 9781370539345
  • Author: Kim Jensen
  • Published: 2016-09-22 21:05:08
  • Words: 1167
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