The Angels Talk About the Global Shuffle

The Angels Talk About

the Global Shuffle



by Kim Jensen

and the Voices in Her Head


Published by Kim Jensen at Shakespir













Hello dear Angels, I’m sad.

“We know that, us too. Now that we’re at the Global Shuffle.”

Yes we had this vision of a better world after the aliens come. I’m sure it will still be better, just different from what I imagined before.

“Let’s recap. The world is a simulation created by an advanced species. It’s called Wikiplanets because it’s a Wiki site where many aliens collaborate on the different universes.”

And there are paths to become saviors. We thought the saviors would work on earth’s programming and everybody would be happy but now we’re not sure because of the Global Shuffle.

“Yes at judgement day everybody gets reassigned to a different body on earth. It sounds crazy, but if you think about it this is actually the way where true justice is served. You can end up anywhere on earth.”

“Yes you have the knowledge of your new body and pick up right where they left off. Of course this is possible if the world is a simulation created by computer. Your mind and soul are on one database that can interact with a knowledge database connected to your new body.”

“Everybody has a match on earth at any given time. And where your match is at on judgement day is where you end up. The system keeps track of your good deeds and bad ones. Like we always say you don’t have to worry about not praying or having sex. It’s a liberal judgement day but a judgement day nonetheless. And yes you can end up in considerably worse circumstances.”

“Then the world keeps going. We thought the world would be instantly transformed into something much better, but it seems the aliens make us work for it. Technology will advance. We will build more advanced space stations and start interacting with the aliens on a more involved basis.”

“Yes some people still might make it to the point where they are swapped with God aliens on other planets. We think the shuffle happens to a lot of planets at the same time.”

Oh this is so depressing. I really thought people would stay in their lives and just get younger. But it is a hope for people in dire circumstances right now.

“Hopefully age might become less of a factor in the new world. It is possible that people will be blessed and stay younger for longer. And then in another 50 years or whatever the time frame there will be another Global Shuffle.”

So we say you don’t have to pray but maybe it does make sense to. Every little bit counts.

“Well you don’t have to follow a set of words. But yes it can help to be grateful for your life. In North America we complain so much, but really most people have it quite good. They might find out about this the hard way. But yes of course traditional religion prayer and other aspects does also come with its rewards. It depends on which savior path you follow. You earn rewards for prayer and not getting divorced with traditional Jesus and rewards for standing up for LGBT values with bisexual Jesus.”

“It does make sense. I mean there are so many bible verses about judgement day. As you know we take the bible quite literally, but we look for hidden clues, like bisexual Jesus.”

“But judgement day isn’t a code for something else. This is the only way to have a fair and just society.”

Why can’t they just make it great for everybody?

“Well maybe some universes are like that, but that’s not what our Gods outside the simulation chose for us. But it’s possible that as a society, once people know about judgement day everybody becomes a more aware person and evolves into a higher life at the next Global Shuffle.”

“There might also be a shuffle between angels and humans. We have the different types of religion with varying degrees of freedom and people criticize one another for their beliefs, but they don’t understand how the system works and they could end up in that very life after the Global Shuffle.”

But once you have that knowledge couldn’t you stand up for more freedom in countries where they don’t have much if you end up there?

“Of course you can, that’s how you earn points in the liberal Jesus category, standing up for liberal values. Gradually we think the whole world gets liberated but it takes a long time. There may well be oppressors in power in the country you are swapped to.”

It just seems weird to think of not having this body and having a different one.

“Well this planet is young, but since people live for eternity it makes more sense to switch and get to know something else and make the best of that life than to stick with one form.”

“There is some clues in the bible.”

“Like in Revelation 2:17 they give a stone with a new name on it. It says it is” known only to the one who receives it”. Well it could be that people will completely lose contact with the friends from this lifetime, although I’m sure there will be global efforts to find them.”

I just thought I would spend all eternity as myself.

“Well you still are yourself. You are more than your body.”

“People are given tests all the time. Like whether to donate to charity. We suggest making a donation if you can, there’s more at stake than you think. Your future might depend on it.”

“Yes remember you are always going up and down against your cosmic match and where you end up is where you end up. Its not a direct swap, who you end up with can end up somewhere other than you.”

“It makes sense. Right now people die and their reincarnation depends on the life they lived, but at judgement day it’s an instant change for everybody. We know you can have a different body because of reincarnation so why not in an instant.”

“Yes they promise eternal life but you have to keep earning a good life or else the worlds would become these terrible places.”

It’s like it says in Matthew 16:27. “For the Son of Man is going to come in his Father’s glory with his angels, and then he will reward each person according to what they have done.” We have that the Jesus stories are legends and people can become saviors, but it still applies. It’s also possible some Jesuses make it here from other dimensions.

“Of course. Also the saviors of this earth can also be zapped into the bodies of powerful people on earth. They might get technology to interact more with the programming on earth like we hoped for before.”

It’s kind of creepy zapping into a new body.

“We know what you mean. Well it’s just a theory that we believe and we want to relay to the public to be aware of what really might be at stake, keeping in mind it is a liberal judgement day, but it is a judgement day.”

Thanks angels.

“Remember the world is a simulation. It’s all programming. All it takes is the click of a button and everybody is someone new.”

That really is possible.

“Keep faith.”

It’s like Matthew 5:3. “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

“Yes the poor are blessed in spirit. Their spirit will make it to another body where hopefully they could be rich. Being poor might earn you points. Some could even become the richest one percent and everything keeps going with the same rich elite in terms of physical form only this time they all deserve it. It’s not luck.”

Agggghhhhhhhh. It’s kind of scary.

“Well one thing we know about the aliens is they are willing to let some people suffer.”

But we wanted all suffering gone.

“It will be eventually. Like we said this is just a theory. Take it or leave it.”

Thanks angels. But in our other books we had people becoming superheroes like X-men or joining a galactic army like Star Wars. Or becoming wizards like Harry Potter.

“Yes no doubt the world will become more magical like this. People will be in their new body and than that new body can evolve in new directions. Like we said, the world will become more advanced technologically with a galactic army forming. And they might understand that magic can be real to those given the power like the wizards of Harry Potter. Some people could develop new powers in their new bodies like superheroes. The world evolves to a better place, you just want to make sure you’re in the right place to be a part of this evolvement.”


The Angels Talk About the Global Shuffle

If the world is a simulation, does judgement day involve a Global Shuffle where everybody's minds and souls get transferred to a different body on earth? The Angels discuss in a telepathic conversation. It is possible this is the way the aliens bring justice to the world. So many religions warn about judgement day, this might be the way the good are rewarded and the bad end up worse off.

  • ISBN: 9781370257218
  • Author: Kim Jensen
  • Published: 2017-08-30 22:20:26
  • Words: 1496
The Angels Talk About the Global Shuffle The Angels Talk About the Global Shuffle