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The Angels Talk About Rock Stars

The Angels Talk About

Rock Stars



Kim Jensen

and the Voices in Her Head



Published by Kim Jensen at Shakespir


Copyright 2016






This is different from our other books.

“Yes it certainly is. For the first time we are going to explore who the people from the bible could be reincarnated as on earth.”

“We covered that reincarnation is possible since the world is a simulation. It is created in the cosmic computer. Scientists call this simulation theory. In fact recently Neil deGrasse Tyson moderated a debate on whether this was true and the world was in fact created using technology. Put that link.”

Okay you can find it at…

[+ http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/are-we-living-in-a-computer-simulation/+]

Or there’s another article with the video at…

[+ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3526237/Are-living-computer-game-Neil-deGrasse-Tyson-weighs-debate-universe-real-simply-simulation.html+]

“Perfect. Also, we established in our last book that Jesus was actually for freedom. He was sexually active, dating both men and women and was resurrected as an intersex, part male and part female. He was an intersex previously in Heaven and came to earth directly as an adult. So did John the Baptist come as an adult and we think John the apostle. This is possible if Heaven is also a simulation on the same system. Heaven is a technologically evolved dimension.”

“We cover these things in more detail in the book The Gospel of John with Angel Commentary.”

“God and Jesus are fighting for freedom. They love sex. They aren’t like what the church would have us believe.”

“Not at all. They don’t even ask to be worshipped or prayed to. Now we are going to explore if it is possible that they came to earth in current times as rock stars.”

I’ve often wondered if they were reincarnated but it wasn’t until Prince died that I noticed there were clues.

“He did leave clues. We think the Jesus of the Gospel of John could easily be the type of person to come back as a rock star.”

“Yes and Prince’s symbol is identical to a symbol you would use for an intersex Jesus. There are clues in the gospel that Jesus was intersex.”

“Put that symbol here.”


“It certainly is the exact symbol you would use for intersex Jesus. The male and female symbols combined and the horn makes the symbol of the cross.”

But I didn’t think that was enough until we found that song. “I would die for you.”

[I’m not a woman
I’m not a man
I am something that you’ll never understand]

And later on in the song he sings…

[No need 2 worry
No need 2 cry
I’m your messiah and you’re the reason why]

“And of course Jesus does die for humans.”

“We just don’t think the higher powers would let someone have this symbol unless they actually were Jesus.”

“And he is the only person with a symbol.”

It’s possible. It’s possible that Prince is Jesus reincarnated.

“There’s more. Go to that part we found on Wikipedia.”


“Prince joined the Jehovah’s Witnesses in 2001, following a two-year debate with friend and fellow Jehovah’s Witness musician Larry Graham. Prince said that he did not consider it a conversion, but a “realization”. “It’s like Morpheus and Neo in The Matrix”, he explained.” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_%28musician%29[_)_]

“See he knows about simulation theory. That’s like The Matrix.”

But why would he become a Jehovah’s Witness if Jesus is for freedom?

“Because when you are reincarnated it’s not like you come with a complete memory. He was obsessed with Jesus. You were the same way thinking Jesus was traditional Jesus. You were quite conservative for a while.”

That’s true I was. You really have to study the Gospel of John.

“Yes it took us a long time.”

“There’s also the name. Prince. As in Prince of Peace like they call Jesus.”

Then is Madonna St. Mary?

“She really might be.”

“Yes. Consider her song. Like a prayer.”

When you call my name it’s like a little prayer

Millions of people pray to St. Mary, also known as the Madonna.

“There’s also ‘Like a Virgin’”

“Yes the image the church has of St. Mary is virginal, but according to the Gospel of John it’s possible she came direct from Heaven with Jesus.”

“It’s possible that in Heaven’s dimension they pay for a world where they will be reincarnated as a celebrity.”

“David Bowie gives us an indication of this.”

[You’re face to face
With the Man who Sold the World]

Did David Bowie sell the world?

“It’s possible. Maybe he’s God and God temporarily sold it to Allah or something.”

“Yes God is for sexual freedom. It is possible that He is intersex as well. Who fights for sexual freedom? Rock Stars. This is the game of Earth. It is Satan who wants to repress everybody.”

David Bowie was obsessed with space.

“Yes of course. If Heaven is also a simulation in a different dimension it is like they are on a different planet and they are aliens.”

“And lots of people think the government knows more than they say about aliens.”

Don’t be afraid of the man in the moon, because it’s only me

“David Bowie knew he was from another dimension.”

So then who’s Michael Jackson?

“We think he might be Judas. He sings about being “bad” and there was a rivalry between him and prince.”

[I’m giving you
On count of three
To show your stuff
Or let it be…]

Yes the lyrics to Bad sound exactly like what Jesus would say to Judas.

[The word is out
You’re doin’ wrong
Gonna lock you up
Before too long,]

[Your talk is cheap
You’re not a man]

[We can change the world tomorrow
This could be a better place]

It sounds exactly like Judas would say.

“Judas also could have come direct from Heaven’s dimension. It’s like an adventure. You go to a new world and then become icons of religion.”

Also Lady Gaga sings

I’m in love with Judas

She bought all that Michael Jackson memorabilia.

“Elton John could be the apostle John.”

“Yes we think John was Jesus’ boyfriend. There are clues of this in the Gospel.”

“We know that John could be reincarnated because in his Gospel he gives an indication that he is going to die.”

This saying therefore went out among the brothers,that this disciple wouldn’t die. Yet Jesus didn’t say to him that he wouldn’t die, but, “If I desire that he stay until I come, what is that to you?” John 21:23

“It can be interpreted that John stays with Him in Heaven until Jesus dies and comes to earth again. John also dies and comes to earth. He specifically says he dies. He specifically says he is staying with Jesus. So he must die in Heaven.”

“Maybe Ryan Seacrest is John the Baptist introducing the new good news in the form of rock music.”

“His middle name is John and Seacrest does sound baptism like.”

“Well we don’t know all the details of who’s who. It’s probably in the book of secrets that the government has.. We just know to look for clues. And we know that the people of the Gospel of John are sexy. It’s certainly possible they would pick to come to earth as rock stars.”

Maybe the Gospel of Matthew is leaving a little clue when it says…

“I also tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my assembly, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it.” Matthew 16:18

“It’s possible. The system that controls the Earth is perfectly capable of leaving clues in other Gospels.”

There’s lots of mention of God being a rock in the bible. Even in the Psalms.

“They remembered that God was their rock, the Most High God, their redeemer.” – Psalm 78:35

“It’s not a coincidence that years later they would call this type of music ‘rock’”

So maybe one day the truth will be somehow revealed.

“Yes it’s like Prince sings.”

“Can’t run from revelation”

“That’s why it’s called Revelation. There has to be a big reveal. Of course traditional Christians might say a rock star is the antichrist. But we will say that their Jesus is the antichrist with his oppression. The Jesus in the book of Revelation comes with a sword and speaks against freedom and wants to be worshipped 24 hours a day. We just don’t believe that’s the real Jesus. That’s not the Jesus of the Gospel of John.”

No it’s not. It’s really not.

“There’s even that film Jesus Christ Superstar.”

“Yes that title was a clue in the early 70s. Perfect timing. Prince was just growing up.”

“The Jesus of the Gospel of John is a Rock Star.”

He really might be.

Let’s shout aloud to the rock of our salvation! – Psalm 95:1

“It certainly sounds more like a concert than like a church.”

The Angels Talk About Rock Stars

Are rock stars actually reincarnated from the bible? It's possible. If the world is a simulation then reincarnation is possible and scientists say the world might be a simulation. The Gospel of John is full of clues for sexual freedom. Maybe religion isn't quite what it seems. In this book angels talk about this theory in a telepathic conversation.

  • Author: Kim Jensen
  • Published: 2016-05-18 20:35:07
  • Words: 1462
The Angels Talk About Rock Stars The Angels Talk About Rock Stars