The Angels Talk About John the Baptist

The Angels Talk About

John the Baptist



Kim Jensen

and the Voices in Her Head



Published by Kim Jensen at Shakespir


Copyright 2016







Hello dear Angels.

“Hello. We’re talking now about John the Baptist. He has an important role to play.”

Okay to review what we’ve done so far. We’ve established that the world is a simulation created in the cosmic computer. Jesus came direct as an adult from Heaven which is also a simulation. Jesus was resurrected as an intersex, part male and female. He was also bisexual. And we think Prince was Jesus and other rock stars have biblical parts to play as we have found many clues in their songs.

“That sums it up. Now we have to address the issue of 666.”

“Yes the antichrist.”

“Well remember the Book of Revelation was written with a traditional Christian view which we think comes from Satan, so who they think is the antichrist is someone who believes in freedom, who stands for things they don’t believe in.”

“There are clues that John the Baptist is 666.”

“One strong one is that both San Juan, Peurto Rico and St. John, New Brunswick, Canada are located at longitude 66.6.”

“That is a strong clue. Both these cities are named after John the Baptist.”

“Okay so John the Baptist is 666 as mentioned in Revelation.”

“Yes and although Prince is dead and we have to wait for him to return. John the Baptist will be alive at the time of the revelation.”

“Didn’t we think it was Ryan Seacrest?”

“That did come up.”

Yes. I turned schizophrenic when I met a producer that knew Ryan Seacrest.

“That might also be a clue.”

“Anyway, since John the Baptist will be alive, there will be people who want to put him in charge of the New World Order instead of waiting for Prince to return to earth.”

“Whoever is in charge of saying to go with the antichrist will be the second beast.”

“Probably a President.”

“Hopefully whoever is John the Baptist will say to wait for Prince.”

“It’s very important to keep the faith. The Gospel of John is very clear about this and this is the gospel we trust. They are very clear that it is by believing in Jesus we are saved. We have freedom to be ourselves. It’s not strict. But it’s important to believe.”

“Put some of those quotes.”

Yes at the start it clearly says about John the Baptist.


He was not the light, but was sent that he might testify about the light. – John 1:8


He declared, and didn’t deny, but he declared, “I am not the Christ.” – John 1:20


“It is very clear that he is not the Messiah. He is going to extra effort to point it out.”

“But we believe he will speak strongly for freedom.”


He said, “I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, ‘Make straight the way of the Lord,’as Isaiah the prophet said.”John 1:23

“Jesus is bisexual and transgender. Something which is now considered not straight. But in the new world it will be much more popular of a choice. Why wouldn’t people choose bisexuality? It’s freedom. It will probably be the norm.”

“Yes remember in the new world, people will be able to have greater control over their emotions, including love. It’s easy to have worry free sex in the new world. You can control your attachment level and who you’re attracted to and how good the sex is.”

“All this is possible because the world is a simulation, so they can change the programming on earth for easy loving stress free.”

“Of course the traditional Christians will probably argue that not only should we not have this freedom now, we shouldn’t even have it in the new world.”

“That’s the game. You have to believe in Jesus. And it’s important to believe in this Jesus who loves freedom.”

“Okay so John the Baptist will be the antichrist for people that don’t believe in freedom and also could be the antichrist for people that do believe in freedom but don’t wait for Jesus.”

“Exactly. He’s 666.”

“Okay. You can publish this.”

Thanks angels.











The Angels Talk About John the Baptist

If the world is a simulation and end times are coming who is the antichrist? This book is a telepathic conversation with angels that explores the possibility that it is John the Baptist.

  • ISBN: 9781310399374
  • Author: Kim Jensen
  • Published: 2016-06-30 22:20:06
  • Words: 702
The Angels Talk About John the Baptist The Angels Talk About John the Baptist