The Angels Talk About Cao Dai

The Angels Talk About

Cao Dai



Kim Jensen

and the Voices in Her Head



Published by Kim Jensen at Shakespir


© 2016

The aliens are coming.

“Yes Kimmy. It’s an alien invasion soon.”

Hello dear angels.

“Okay. We’ve got our religion.”

We’ve studied the clues.

“Yes the world is a simulation. We thought there was one high God and one Devil outside the simulation playing the game of earth, but now we think there are 2 higher Gods and one Devil.”

“Yes. There are 42 total main deities, we covered that in our last book.”

“Okay so the grid looks like this:”

“We’ve made several changes. For one, we had Jesus Christ before in the center as the main leader, but now we’ve changed that to the Jewish Savior. Most of these deities are aliens in another dimension in the same simulation system. So they can make it to earth.”

“Yes the religions on our grid seem to go in order of freedom to more strictness. The original Jewish faith was quite strict. “

“Yes more strict than Christianity.”

“This order puts their savior at the center.”

“And we’ve changed the God’s at the top. The highest God we have as Olorun. He’s a Yoruba God.”

“Yes we think the Yoruba Gods Olorun, Olofi and Obatala are connected to the line on the graph which is for more freedom. Also Chango and Oshun. Like we’ve said before you can be under a savior and not realize it.”

“Then we have Cao Dai.”

“First we want to point out that the 42 are based on legends handed from world to world in the simulation system. Then there is a game on earth for people that will become these saviors for the next world.”

“But it’s not just these 42. There are many other legends. Each of those is connected to one of these main 42. For example Buddha is actually an avatar of Vishnu, so he is connected to him.”

“And Muhammad is under Islam Jesus.”

“So there are thousands of possible roles that will be filled by the aliens.”

“Yes the aliens are genius. Rather than us learning thousands of names and background stories, they align themselves to one of the roles and we already know something about them.”

“It will be the same when people from earth go to the next world.”

“Which brings us to Cao Dai. We were very excited when our research discovered him.”

Yes the readers can find more information about him at Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caodaism

“Caodaism actually believes there are many worlds.”

Yes so much of this religion supports our theory.

“Let’s just cover the basics.”

“It’s a Vietnamese religion.”

“They believe in Angels.”

“They believe in the value of all religions.”

“Yes this is perfect because we think Cao Dai is a God in charge of the middle three rows on our grid.”

“One strong clue is the Cao Dai symbol is an eye in a triangle that looks just like the eye on the great seal of the United States.”

“And we think the government has a connection to aliens, so it makes perfect sense.”

“Yes it’s the same part of the seal that says in latin ‘new order of the ages’.”

Caodaism talks about the ‘Great Way of the Third Time of Redemption’.

“Yes and this is a time when all religions come together. Which makes perfect sense with our grid.”

“Okay so the aliens come, and everyone is aligned with one of the deities on the grid.”

“Caodaism supports this. They say there are 36 heavenly planes and 10 planes for hell.”

“This is comparable to our 42 although it’s 46, like we said some like Buddha are aligned with others.”

“So Caodaism says there are 72 planets. And 3,000 worlds.”

“So that might mean there are 72 different types of planets. Ours is an Earth, there are thousands of worlds each one of these planets.”

“It makes sense. Outside the simulation there are many Gods playing their games. Our Gods play the game of Earth. All the earths have these countries and these religions, and these legends.”

“We love Cao Dai. He’s such a cool God.”

“But Olorun is higher.”

“Yes we have Olorun as higher, because that’s what the angels on top are telling us.”

“This is a beautiful grid. And right now we might be in an exciting time.”

“Yes we should point out that in our book on the apocalypse we said that Jesus works with both God and Satan, but now we have the antichrist as a separate deity under Satan.”

“He uses the Christian gospel to oppress. Many people focus on using Christ to oppress instead of as a figure of love and generosity. We think this is them aligning with the antichrist.”

“Yes Christ isn’t as easy going as Bisexual Jesus from the Gospel of John, but we don’t find He oppress in the other Gospels the way people use him to oppress and following his true path does gain you points.”

“Yes prayer and charity do gain points.”

“But like we always say fighting for liberal values gains you points under Bisexual Jesus.”

“Okay so it seems with the Republicans, some of them are working with the antichrist because they want to oppress.”

“But at the same time we have a movement to help out Israel. This is perfect because it is setting up for the Jewish Savior to lead from Jerusalem.”

“Yes it’s possible that they will start building the third temple.”

“Okay so this grid has something for everybody.”

“Yes everybody should be happy when the aliens come.”

“Unless after judgement day you end up with one of the Devil’s 7.”

“True. We’re not sure how your life would be then.”

Okay so I think my savior is Aurora from X-men. She was raised in Canada as a Christian like I was and fights government mind control and I thought the government was harassing my brain.

“Yes this is a perfect one for you. Although we think it’s possible to have a savior with a background that doesn’t reflect yours.”

Yes for a while I practiced Yoruba.

“You’ve been all over the map. Mary Magdalene, bisexual Jesus, Aurora.”

“Okay as Aurora you would have as your God Jehovah, under Shiva, under Cao Dai, under Olorun.”

“Because Aurora is a Christian in the comics. “

“Skywalker would be directly under Shiva, under Cao Dai.”

“Even though he doesn’t worship. You don’t have to in some of the paths, but the Gods are there.”

“We’re not sure about the order of all of them. This is just the best we have based on our current research.”

“Yes we still have the 7 rows based on chakra energies and the colors of the Rainbow.”

“So the Book of Revelation has double meanings from savior Storm and pertains to her God. Revelation is actually a liberal book.”

“We believe so. We cover that in our other book.”

“That’s all we have for now.”

Thanks Angels.


The Angels Talk About Cao Dai

Caodaism is a Vietnamese religion that might reveal clues if the world is a simulation created by an advanced species. This book is a telepathic conversation with angels about this topic. Many aspects of Caodaism support other theories covered in the other books in this series.

  • ISBN: 9781370797325
  • Author: Kim Jensen
  • Published: 2016-12-26 19:20:26
  • Words: 1171
The Angels Talk About Cao Dai The Angels Talk About Cao Dai