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The Amazing Predictions of Claudidamus

The Amazing Predictions of



Mario V. Farina

Copyright 2016 Mario V. Farina

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Nostradamus is credited with predicting the future. Yes, but this wasn’t always true. How his reputation came about is this: As a young man, Nostradamus was interested in animal and bird intelligence. In his quest for knowledge, he left his home in Provence, France and traveled to Ethiopia. There, he established a relationship with a colorful parrot. He and the parrot spent countless hours with each other inventing a language with which to communicate. Nostradamus named the bird Claudidamus, an appellation that the bird treasured. Upon his return to France, Nostradamus brought Claudidamus, back with him. The details of how this was accomplished have never been fully explained. It is reported, however, that Nostradamus was often seen carrying a large leather satchel that was never out of his sight.


In Ethiopia, Nostradamus had discovered that Claudidamus, had strange powers of prediction. She would convey these to her master with a series of chirps, tweets, and crisp vowel sounds. The young man passed these predictions on to his friends by word of mouth and soon established a following of those who wanted to know what the future held. Nostradamus never let on that it was really Claudidamus, who was making these veracious predictions.


Constructed in the form of quatrains, the predictions were simply stated and easy to understand. However, once in a while a prediction would be created that was destined not to be proved until hundreds of years had elapsed. One example is Quatrain X167 which reads as follows:


In the year of 1900 and 69, in the heat of that year,

the three-day quest to stand on the smiling surface of the nighttime orb,

came to pass with the strong arm guidance of a man,

born of the new world, who took one small step and then descended speaking wisely.


Though not immediately understood, it is now easy to see that this quatrain refers to the 1969, landing on the moon and Neil Armstrong’s famous statement, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”


Alas, the climate in France did not agree with Claudidamus and she flew back to her homeland soon after she had helped make Nostradamus famous. However, Nostradamus needed to come up with new predictions since people had come to expect them and relied on them for knowledge of the future. The sad part of this story is that Nostradamus had no talent for making the kinds of accurate predictions that Claudidamus had had. However, he tried to do this and even published a book entitled the Amazing Predictions of Michel de Nostradamus. These predictions were not at all clear, but readers of his book accepted them because they were vague and could be made to mean anything they wanted them to mean.



In August, 2003, word came that a group of apartment builders in Provence, France had uncovered several scrolls buried in an earthen pot. On the scrolls, written in the Ethiopian language were some two hundred early quatrains that Claudidamus had created but Nostradamus had never published. These new quatrains were intermingled with all other quatrains with poor records being kept as to which were the already existing ones and which were new. Consequently one cannot nowadays rely on the predictions of Nostradamus since there is no indication which are the accurate ones by Claudidamus and which are the specious ones.


In December, 2013, another pot was unearthed near the place of the first discovery. These contained 25 quatrains which were proved to be those produced by Claudidamus. Most of these have been released for the general public but some have not been revealed since it is feared their contents would cause great alarm with world populations.


Today, not a great deal of accuracy is exercised by publishers of the predictions of Nostradamus. All the available predictions, except the few that have been withheld, are lumped together. The consequences of this is that readers have no idea which are the ones created by Claudidamus and which are the clumsy imitations by Nostradamus.


The author of this E-book has done extensive research in the origins of all the known quatrains and believes he has discovered one of those that has not heretofore been released. The author believes it is one of the few last discovered. It’s meaning is clear. It reads as follows:


In the eleventh month, before the birds are led to slaughter,

there is crossing of swords between the dono and the rodo

with undaunted fury, despised both, with result unknown

as to which, at the end, will rule victorious.








The Amazing Predictions of Claudidamus

  • ISBN: 9781310316920
  • Author: Mario V. Farina
  • Published: 2016-06-30 11:05:34
  • Words: 836
The Amazing Predictions of Claudidamus The Amazing Predictions of Claudidamus