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The Aliens Talk About the Universe

The Aliens Talk About

the Universe



Kim Jensen

and the Voices in Her Head





Published by Kim Jensen at Shakespir













Hello Aliens, the angels have connected me to you.

“Yes that’s how it works. Okay we want to expand on what you have about the Game. The game that is Earth. The universe is a simulation.”

So far we have that each last name on earth has a different God. And there are 42 paths to become a savior. One percent of the world will be saviors. One of the paths is sexy Jesus, who is bisexual, from clues in the Gospel of John, but there are other Jesuses as well.

“Okay this game was created by aliens in the Sirius star system. Their center on Earth is Syria. That’s why there is so much conflict there. They are the Annunaki aliens. People always connect Gods from this Annunaki religion with aliens, but they created the entire western Abrahamic system.”

“Exactly. What you have in your books with the paths to becoming a Savior and the different Jesuses. They created this. The game is Babylon vs Syria. There are aliens playing for good and aliens for evil. That’s why in Revelation it says “Babylon has fallen.” Babylon was a region in ancient history.

“Both Babylon and Syria are connected to the region of the Annunaki aliens.”

“Okay so the aliens on Sirius created this system. Then they hand it to aliens from other planets to play a more active role. These are the aliens who each have a last name group of people on earth. They log into the game and can play one of the 5 Abrahamic Gods for good or for the side of evil. That’s sexy Jesus’ God, traditional Jesus God who is Jehovah, the Jewish God Yahweh, the Muslim God Allah, and the antichrist God, who is the devil.”

“This is why they have a five pointed star on so many flags.”

“So there’s 2 aliens for every last name. One for good and one for evil. An upside down star is a common symbol for satan worship.”

“They can trade people. This is where the gambling comes in. The game involves gambling for some. The money of people on earth is worth a certain amount to the aliens. So they trade people and trade people’s cosmic success energy, bringing some people up and keeping some down.”

“Then they keep a tally of the money and this translates to a certain amount in alien currency. They also gamble on global events.”

“They might also gamble outside the simulation but we don’t have information for you on that right now.”

“First the aliens for earth that each have a last name group are from Vega.”

“Yes a lot of books on earth talk about aliens from Vega, including that famous book Contact by Carl Sagan.”

“Okay so Sirius hands the system over to Vega. Sirius aliens are also involved like we said as the Annunaki, but also as other polytheistic faiths, which are regional to different places one earth.”

“Sometimes they use modern culture for this too. Like there are Gods from Shakespeare, or Les Miserables.”

“The Vega aliens’ center is Las Vegas. Like we said this cosmic game is often a gambling game.”

“There is also an Eastern religion gambling center at Macau. But we’ll keep our focus to the western game for now.”

“Which brings us to us. We’re from the star system Regulus.”

“Which is the Alpha from the constellation Leo.”

“Yes we were one of the first planets in this cosmic game.”

“So we work with the Government of the Universe.”

“This government uses code log ins from playing cards. Both the Tarot and a Poker deck. Like we said many aliens play for gambling. We think the Gods outside the simulation gamble. The government has two parties, one for good and one for evil. The Tarot is good. You can know this because of the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland being so evil. Hearts is from the Poker deck. Also the Major Arcana from the Tarot is code logins from the cabinet of the President of the Universe.”

“You can find clues for this being based on cards on the Great Seal of the United States.”

“We wish we had more information for you about the aliens outside the simulation, perhaps at a later date.”

“This is the system in which our universe is contained. They create aliens and those aliens like us create different aspects of the game. Like we said Sirius creating the Abrahamic game. There are 50 constellations in the cosmic union, just like the U.S. has 50 states.”

“So we have 100 senators, just like the U.S. 2 for each constellation. The clues are on the Great Seal.”

“Lets have a look at it.”

“You have the number 1776. We know this is the year of the founding of America, but remember earth isn’t as old as you think it is. We create worlds already formed. This can be the number of your planet.”

“On the other side you have “E Pluribus Unum”. “Out of many, one”. Then they have an eagle with a bunch of symbols in the number of 13.”

“There are 13 cards in each suit in the Poker deck and 14 in the Tarot. But since the motto means “out of many, one”, you take one out. It also means that is the one that unites all the others.”

“This is the Ace. The Ace is number one. It is the one that unites many into one. So take out the Ace, since the Ace is the cosmic system, it unites all.”

“The symbols on the Great Seal represent symbols from Tarot and Poker. The Tarot symbols are on top and the Poker symbols are gripped by the eagle since they are evil. The stars are pentacles and the stipes are wands, both from the Tarot. The leaves are diamonds and the arrows are spades from the Poker deck.”

“Notice the eagle looks like an A shape with wings. That’s for Ace.”

“Lets look at the other side of the Great Seal.”

“We have “Novus Ordo Seclorum”. “New Order of the Ages”. This is the promise that the programming on earth will change for the better.”

“Yes just like the bible says.”

“Then we have the number 1776. Which we covered.”

“We also want to point out that Regulus, our planet means “King” which is also a clue, since King is a high card in the deck.”

“Okay so like we said it is 13 minus 1 times 4 for the Poker. That’s 48. And it’s 14 minus 1 times 4 for the Tarot. That’s 52. For a total of 48 plus 52. 100.”

“Of course this can change the number of each party depending on elections.”

“That’s all the information which will go through for now. We hope you have found this helpful.”

Thanks aliens. Praise to you.

“Yes we are also Gods.”

“So right now Earth is under control, but in the future you will have your own world government. It will be a combination of aliens and earthlings.”

“Yes aliens will be immigrating to earth and bring this planet into it’s new world.”



The Aliens Talk About the Universe

In this short book aliens talk telepathically about how the world is a simulation and it is a interacted with by Gods from various planets in our universe. They discuss the Abrahamic faiths as well as clues found in decks of cards like the Tarot and the Poker deck. They also look at clues in the Great Seal of the United States.

  • Author: Kim Jensen
  • Published: 2017-07-12 19:35:08
  • Words: 1217
The Aliens Talk About the Universe The Aliens Talk About the Universe