The AHA! Moment: The Path to Successful Business

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Eureka! – I have found it! – Archimedes

At some point in one’s life, when everything seems to be problematic and there seems to be no hope or solution/answer in sight. Then all of a sudden out of the thin air; when our subconscious is not as worried about the problem as it used to be, we find a solution; a sudden bright light appeared in your brain, and then you know the way to go from where you are.

The Aha moment or eureka moment was coined from the story of Archimedes around 2200 years ago when he has long been looking for a solution to a certain problem just for him to get it one day as he stepped into his bath. On doing this, he screamed “Eureka!” meaning “I found it.” And since that time, the Eureka moment has been a defining moment where solutions are given to a standing problem.

Behind every successful entrepreneur there lies an idea, behind every idea lies the ‘aha’ moment. It is quite impossible to meet a successful person especially in the business world that has not encountered this moment at least once.

This moment comes at any time or from any action performed within or outside the person. Take for example the inventor of the bra; Caresse Crosby could not fit her burst into a corset, this gave her the Eureka moment, now show me a lady that doesn’t purchase the outcome of her Eureka moment.

Another example is that of Jan Koum, the founder of WhatsApp, one of the leading instant messenger. He got his own ‘aha’ moment when he realized he couldn’t afford to call his father in Ukraine.

Although the aha moment goes by many name, while some calls it epiphany, so chose to call it insight but the bottom line is that it occurs at the moment when you go from being stuck on a problem to having the ability to reinterpret a stimulus, situation or event to produce a nonobvious, not- dominant interpretation."

We can divide the process of successful business plan and actualization into three, we have the Pre- Eureka moment, the Eureka moment and the Post- Eureka moment. These are the essential and mandatory phases that must be undergone before the actual fulfillment as an entrepreneur or mogul. The successful Colonel Sanders; the founder of one of the largest restaurant in the world went through all this stage until he finally succeeds.

Before we go on to discuss at length what these stages entail, one must also be let in on the fact that no idea is small and not step is little. A bucket of water every day will soon become an ocean, despising the young or little beginning is like not wanting to be successful or waiting for you to wake up one day and realize that you are successful. Life isn’t a fairytale and business is neither a bed of roses nor a throne of thorn, you just need to understand the road to which you must take in order for you to get from where you are to becoming that successful business person you have always wanted to be.



Your best ideas, those eureka moments that turn the world upside down, seldom come when you’re juggling emails, rushing to meet the 5 P.M. deadline or straining to make your voice heard in a high-stress meeting. They come when you’re walking the dog, soaking in the bath or swinging in a hammock

. -Carl Honore

The ninth of September 1890 was the day Harland David Sanders was given to the world, he started his life like every other kid of his time playing around, having fun and expecting his parents to cater for him but his life began to take a wrong turn when his father died at the age of five. Due to issues bordering mainly on money and his own negligence, he had to drop out of school by the time he clocked sixteen. He began doing series of the menial job since he did not have a degree of qualification to get a white collar job but unfortunately too, with the period of a year that he dropped out of school, he had already been fired from over four different blue collar jobs.

Not minding his unsuccessful way of living his life Sanders got married at the age of eighteen years after he successfully secured a job at the railroad as a conductor. Although the pay wasn't as good as expected but the job allowed him to put food on the table as a husband. He became a father to a little girl a year after his marriage but Sanders' could not find fulfillment or way to which he can reach self- actualization. To add salt to this injury, his wife one day decided that he was no longer good enough for her and their one-year-old daughter, so she took her away from his house. This brought him down for some time, it made him quit his job not very long to join the army after which he applied for so many things most especially the law school but was rejected time and time again. He settled for the only job offer he saw at the moment; an insurance salesman where he did a considerable awful job at before he was fired.

He decided to get himself to the food world by becoming a cook and dishwasher in a café. He discovered he has the passion for his job and he struggled to keep it no matter what because he was already tired of moving from one job to another. It was in this job that he stayed till he retired at the age of 65. He knew without being told that the way he lived his life was nothing short of demeaning to what he had always wanted but he could not see a way out of his mediocre life.

As a retired man, he was entitled to one hundred and five dollars in a month, on the first day he was presented with the 105 dollars, he began to wonder how he would survive also considering the fact that he was too old to take another job. He weighed his options, also seeing suicide as one of his options. It was when he was writing his suicide letter that another idea struck him, he decided that instead of ending it all in the gallows, he should start writing instead of all the things he failed to accomplished and how he could accomplish them if given a chance to come back to life the second time.

It was in this thought that he discovered that he had not achieved much in his life and the only thing he could do better than anybody he had seen was cooking. So he stood up from under the tree making a decision to cook the best chicken everyone has ever eaten. He went straight to borrow eighty – seven dollars so as to buyer the things he would need to fry alongside the ingredient for his recipe. Within a short period of time, he began to sell his fried chicken door to door from one neighborhood in Kentucky to another pending the time he will get licensed in restaurants. Like his previous failures, his proposal for licensed was rejected one thousand and nine-times from different restaurants it was the one thousand and tenth restaurant that later gave in to his proposal and later licensed him. It was then that Kentucky Fried Chicken was actualized.

It was this that he continued to do, at the age of eighty- eight, he had already become a multi- billionaire and also making KFC the second biggest food empire having over 20,000 restaurants in one hundred and twenty-three countries.

We can see in Colonel Sanders story; was he popularly called how he used the time in when he was yet to get the aha moments, he was moving from one job to another meeting the same outcome and doing the same thing all over again. Before one gets to the point of the bright bulb, there are different things that you must consider.

The first thing is knowing you. This goes a long way to becoming a successful entrepreneur because it is in the process of knowing yourself that you discover your strength and weakness giving your mind and brain the chance to narrow the kind of business you can do down a little bit. By doing this, if you discover that you are an introvert and you are not very good in persuading, then, becoming a salesperson or a marketer might not be the best for you. Mind you, we are not saying it can’t be learned but it pays a lot and gives much excellence to one’s career when you go for what you are naturally strong at. In the case of Colonel Sanders, he did not take the time to discover himself, instead, he began to do all sort of jobs only minding the immediate gain and it all didn’t go well for him or his career. Knowing yourself first will not only make you have a narrower path to follow but it will be easier than the trial and error method.

Similar to this is knowing your passion and talent. There is not a man born to this world without a burning desire to do or achieve something, most time these passions are subject to the talent that we have. Talents are the innate inclination that we have towards something, this will be the source or drive that gives us an edge in something over others. In the case of Colonel Sanders, it was cooking. He had the special talent of making every ingredient he touches become delicious food, it was this passion that made him love cooking, and In fact, it made him had his longest stay in the last job he retired from. So before the Eureka moment, you must know what your talent or talents is or areas the case may be. If Oprah Winfrey had tried making fried chicken as Sanders did, she might not be as successful as she is and the same goes for Sanders, if he had turned his attention to reality TV show, he would have to remain ordinary and his name washed off by the wind. Knowing your passion goes a long way in starting a business if will keep your mind in focus making you have unlimited power in what you are striving at because you will consider it play instead of a job. To a very large extent, the successful business men and women that we see don’t consider themselves doing any tedious or tiring job, they see it as fun.



People think of these eureka moments and my feeling is that they tend to be little things, a little realization and then a little realization built on that. – Roger Penrose

As oppose to how people see the Ahaa or Eureka moment like a sudden realization, they are caused by situations that we find ourselves or others in. when we encounter such situation, we feel an urge to do something about it and while at it, you become successful and fulfilled at the same time. These are few conditions that warrant the Aha moment.

  • Painful Loss: one of the conditions that bring about the Eureka moment is when we lost something or someone that is dear to us. In that moment of soberness, we begin to see things in a more different light, this will prompt us to either want to change few things or make them better. There are quite a number of great people in history that an example is Michael Jordan who got benched from his ninth- grade basketball team but it was at that moment of loss that he rose. Also Samuel Morse years ago received a letter too late of his wife illness this made the family bury her before he could even get the letter, it was then that he decided that he must change the way people communicate not wanting them to suffer a similar fate. He invented the telegraph when he got out of his grief.
  • Limitations: Another situation that can cause the Eureka moment is the barriers and limitations we encounter in our day to day life. It is these limitations that later turn to the reason why we seek solutions to the problems at hand. As earlier said in the introduction Caresse Crosby unlike the majority of the ladies of her age could not fit her burst into a corset, it was this that made her invent bra, also, Nick Woodman, one day went surfing but was limited to surfing alone even when he wanted so hard to take pictures of himself while at it, this made him found his company GoPro.
  • [* Inconvenience:*] Humans crave luxury a lot and we are willing to go to any length to do have our ease so anytime we are faced with inconvenient situations become emotionally disturbed, although some may quit because of this while some will see to make it luxurious. They begin to find a way to feed their burning desire to overcome the issue they are facing. A very good example of someone that got his Ahaa moment through inconvenience is Momofuku Ando who invented instant noodles. He was going somewhere one day when his attention was drawn to a long queue of people lining up for hot soup on a cold day. Although he didn’t find the answer immediately, but he knew something must be done to reduce what he saw that day.
  • Despair: As odd as it may seem when we are at our lowest when we are down and out, it was in that moment that we begin to think outside the box. Looking at Sanders life it was when he resolved into committing suicide that he found the way forward. The reason for this can be because during the time we are finding our way, we are always forcing ourselves to think about a thing in particular. This only stop you from thinking in a diverse way but when we have tried all that we have and failed miserably, then we stop finding a way out, it is then that you allow you mind and brain to work in one accord proffering a lasting solution to the standing problem of what business to do or how to go about your business







There’s nothing like the eureka moment of knocking off a song that didn’t exist before – I won’t compare it to sex, but it lasts longer. – Paul McCartney

As we have established earlier, the Eureka moment is something that just comes all of a sudden it is a result of adequate brainstorming and open-mindedness. Thus, it is not advisable to just sit around and wait for that insight or divine intervention to hit you will napping your life out.

Starting a business is can be very hard and funny in nature, this can be because you don’t know what lies ahead or which one can make you a success. Before the moment comes, you must prepare a place or ways in which it can surface for it. Not doing so is like wanting to plant something and you expect it to grow by you just thinking it in the head. Here is some really helpful way to prepare yourself for the Eureka moment.

  • Take Note: Yes! The first thing to do when you are preparing or think of how to go about starting a business is taking down notes on all the business going on around you, how it is done or carried out. By so doing you are accustoming yourself with the business world already. You can get the newspaper majorly on business, write down all the necessary things they talk about when it comes to becoming an entrepreneur. Do not be partial in your jottings, put down the good, bad and the ugly side of all the business you are researching about. While at it remember what we said earlier about doing the business that is most suitable for your nature and passion.
  • Listen: A wise man once said that when you talk you give out what you know, but when you listen you gain knowledge. Do well to listen to people that know about the business world. They have much to teach through experience than just reading it in the papers. You can go to business conventions or seminars of all sort. All you need is to fill your mind with the variety of things that you want pertaining to business. Don’t lose any detail and ask questions when you hit the wall in their talk.
  • Be Mindful Of Your Mind: Getting the Eureka moment needs a lot more than just gaining knowledge, it also deal expressly with your mind. The mind can easily sway from its original course especially when you are at the idea level. Keep your mind in check, let it form oneness with your body, brain and the business that you are so willing to do. What you see is what you think, what you think of is what you do, what you do will someday become a habit. So whenever your mind is giving the sign of relenting, push the thought far off, the more you think of diverse things, the more you mind becomes.

Another thing is that you should not stress your mind too much on starting something new unless you are a genius. But it doesn’t take the mind of a genius to become a successful business person. All you have to do is look at the business on the ground, see how you can improve it, then you make can move on.

To be honest, we hardly see new business ideas, all there is in the world that we are in is people building on the foundations laid down since the beginning of the world. The difference between the telegraph and the instant messenger we have now is the speed and the mode of transmission but the bottom line is that they were invented to serve the same purpose. So why work your brains out when you can achieve the same success by adding innovative ideas to what is already on the ground. So don’t ask yourself “What can I invent that will be different from what people have seen? Instead ask yourself, “How do I improve on this and how can I present this is a more suitable way?”

With this on going on, you are heading to creating the biggest Eureka moment that will bring you to where you have always wanted to be; in the league of the successful mogul.


















Albert Einstein when he was at the age of twenty- eight, he was working in a patent office in Bern, Switzerland when he had his own Eureka moment. He was at work that day when his mind went away, he started thinking something different from his job, he made a speculation that if a man were to be free falling, he would not feel his weight. He acted on this thought and it was this that made him propound the theory of relativity. Although it took him over eight years to get the mathematical details, yet he became one of the successful heroes of the universe even long after his death.

This is the stage where everything that you have prepared yourself with comes to fruition. This is the conclusion that you brain made in solving the long-standing question of “What business can I do to become a success” or “What business can I improve on to become outstanding?” getting the Eureka moment is more of a creation of what you have already premeditated, it is the deepest insight of solution the one created not by you own direct intention for a consensus reached by your thinking brain and subconscious mind.

Also, this moment deals more of the subconscious than the conscious, the subconscious being the strongest makes deductions that later pave way for a way forward. But with this, you need the conscious to be ready to accept what the inner man has to say, which is why we will talk about the steps of ushering this moment in.






Many claims have it that this moment sometimes comes when we least expected like it did to Archimedes 2200 years ago when he stepped into the bathtub. Most people claim that this moment comes when we least expect it to, maybe when we are sleeping or doing something that is totally out of what you were thinking. This is because the moment does not just come at any place the body need to be prepared for it to come, with this, the Eureka moment is not as random as you might also be thinking. Here are some ways to get the moment.

Serenity: When the subconscious mind wants to communicate with the conscious mind, the conscious mind must be at peace, where no outside noise or inner voice is pestering you. It is in the moment of peace that we find the connection, the insight to the business we want to do. Take for example, when you want to start a business, you have taken notes and accessed your strength and weaknesses, cross- reference them with your past experience, you might still find out that you have quite a number of options left.

You are then faced with the problem of choosing which one to go for, you might not get the insight until you give yourself a peace of mind and clearing your thought of everything. When this is done, it is then that your subconscious mind gives you the perfect solution you have been waiting for.

To get peace, you can create a time for yourself in a day, meditate, you can do the professional meditation or you can just sitting down and clear your thought. Another way to find peace is to be in a peaceful environment, a place where you have no noise or activity that will cloud your mind. Looking at the sunset or the ocean is also a good way. Sometimes, taking a walk can spur your insight because your mind is calm and detached even from your immediate environment.

Look Inward : In this step, you have done a lot of looking around gathering information and making analysis and speculations on the businesses you can do but all these you keep to yourself and the book where you do your writings. Once you have found yourself a calm place, you look inward, you focus only on your inner thoughts, do not let your mind deviate from what you are thinking, that is, the business in which is the most suitable for you. Remember Sanders sat under a tree, a very calm spot where there is no activity or whatsoever going on before he looked inward. Jung-Beeman once stated that for someone to have the Eureka moment, he/ she must have a certain brain- wave in the alpha range around the visual cortex of the brain. It is this alpha waves according to his research that shows that external information is lessened. The Ahaa moment comes when the brain is less pressured when it's almost idle. An example of someone that did this was Thomas Edison, he would allow his mind to wander off with the aim of it getting the innovative thought in the long run. As they keep coming to him, he will put them down on papers. This brings about creativity in whatever business you finally decided to do. People like Zuckerberg and even Robert Kiyosaki have been said to always find ways to look inward no matter how busy they seem. This is also one of the reasons why Apple Company keeps building impressive ideas on the already invented gadgets.

Clear Your Schedule: When you want this moment to come, you might need to clear your schedule or reduce them. This is because when you already have a clumsy day, your brain will find it hard to be at rest till you are done, and when you are done guess what? You become tired and the only thing you can think about is laying your head on the pillow and taking a long nap. You can create a period every day to do this. Take for example, if you have a list of things to do from seven in the morning till four in the evening, cut it in such a way that you finish all of it before four so that you can rest you head and when this is done, you come back refreshed and ready to talk to your subconscious mind. A research was made on how true this technique is, a group of people was given a task to brainstorm on a project then, and they were given ten minutes to do that. They were divided into two groups, while some were given tedious jobs to do during the break period, some were given undemanding task. The group that was given demanding task failed to come up with something great while the second group passed the test. The same goes for you if you really want the Eureka moment.

Notice Choices: When we are faced with the problem of choosing a way to go in the business world, there should be a time that we step back. This does not connote giving up but the thing is this, when you are quite close to a problem, you might find it hard to see the bigger picture of think outside the box thereby pushing the Eureka moment far off. All you have to do is take a couple of steps backward. You can do this by also talking to someone who is well experienced in business and is impartial about your business idea this will give you clarity that will also enhance your insights. Generally speaking, speaking to professionals brings more light to whatever thing you want to set your hands on doing, this is one of the main reasons why people are told that talking to therapy is a very good way of having the eureka moment.

By doing all these, you are set to have your Eureka moment, the time you have long being preparing for. A Chinese quote goes thus, two days are the most important in a man’s life, the day you were born and the day you discovered why. It is the why of your business life that this Eureka can do for you. In the stage of having this moment, you must be sure not to confuse your inner thoughts as the aha moment. It can neither be rushed nor manipulated to don’t push yourself too hard in getting it and don’t beat yourself up if it is coming late. It doesn’t respect time or age, when all is prepared, that is when it comes, Sanders had his when other people might have considered their life over. Aristotle said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” If it is not an aha insight, then it might not be good for you.




















It is a good thing to have this moment, it is a pointer that you have reached a point where your life is about to change. Whether for better or the worse, it is now left to you to either act on this with the right tactics, neglect it or approach it in the wrong manner. Having this realization is not enough, you have to be ready to make the right move.

When you already have a business way forward through insight, you must be ready to set to work on it. Failure to do so might leave you sad, broke and unfulfilled but doing it will the biggest achievement you could ever muster in a lifetime. These are some tips to go about achieving what your subconscious man told you.

1. DON’T BE FEARFUL BUT DEFINE YOUR BUSINESS: The number one enemy of man is fear, it will stop you from doing anything and even in your inactiveness, and it will still haunt you. The kind of fear one has when it comes to starting your business is the feeling of not making the profit or not getting the actual result you want. You begin to ask yourself, “What if they don’t buy my idea.” “What if end up becoming bankrupt.” These are some of the questions that might become a turn off for you even after the solution has been given. But the truth of the matter is all business has its own ups and downs failure are just meant for you to become better. It is quite impossible to get the shining gold without the test by fire. Put in mind that the house of success has failure as its asphalt.

Instead of living in fear of this, begin to ask constructive questions on how to start the business, define how it will be, how the customers will buy your product or seek your service, why they would do that, how they will do that and ask yourself if they will be willing to pay the price for the product and services. By doing this, you have given no room for fear.

You can still go ahead and search how you can beat the competition, seek any emerging business opportunities and if the economic trends are favorable. It is either you change the situation of things or you change the location to a more favorable place. But do not entertain fear. “Never be afraid to do something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark; professionals built the titanic.” – Anonymous

2. EMBRACE FAILURE, THE RESTRUCTURING TACTICS: A great man once said if you are not making mistakes, it means you are not trying something new. Even with the aha moment you have, this doesn’t automatically mean that you will become successful or everything will start working out from day one. But anytime you are faced with failure, endure and learn from it, this way you improve your services and product. Create an avenue for yourself to analyze mistakes that you have made and think of countermeasures to them. Tae for example, you fail to make a profit in your business, all you have to do is to analyze the size of the market, the demography of where your business is based (Imagine selling ice cream in Antarctica) and determine the demand for your product and services. By so doing you get better and better every time you encounter failure.

Also, failure is the state of the mind, Mayo Angelou stated that “What lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” So it is for you not to see it as a failure but a way of learning. Instead of calling it failure you can say what Thomas Edison use to say, “I found ten thousand ways that won’t work.”

DO, DON’T JUST THINK: There is time for everything, before the Eureka moment, you are meant to think, let your mind and action do the solving but when the solution is reached, it is time to let your body do much of the work. The beauty of decision making is for you to follow it through till the very end. Problems change with time so in order not to have pending challenges, be proactive in making your thought count. Work so that you can increase your strength by gaining knowledge in the business you are starting up, also work so that your knowledge will match your strength.

You should be ready at all time to work either as a team or as an individual by so doing you will get to where you want faster than you think. If all Steve Jobs did was complain about the computer interface he would not have become the founder of Apple one of the leading company in the world.

Another time you will need to act is at the time of capital for the business, you should make be ready to get funding for the business of your choice. Money is the foundation for any successful business. So you need to get as much as you want to make your business grow.

Start Small: You dream may be big, there is no problem with that, your Ahaa moment might give you something that looks greater than the present you; there is no cause for alarm but the best thing is to always start small. This will give you the chance to gain experience, forge better strategies, know in details your competitors and how they run their own business, get familiar with the essential people you need to make it work. This can be done in so many ways, first, you don’t have to look at it as something small. Put in mind that it is just a means to an end, your dream is big but you are starting small as a process. So you have to take it a step at a time.

Another reason for starting small is to minimize the risk, sometimes when we hear big moguls lose millions of dollars on the news, we exclaim and wonder how they still manage to go on with their life happy and still willing to continue with their business but little do we know that they didn’t start from there. But it is as a result of gradual dealings in the business world.

Seek Inspiration: Sometimes, we feel low even when we have the greatest idea of business, this is the reason why you need to be around those that will inspire you. As odd as it may sound, when you are around people of like minds or even competitors, you will feel fired up to go on with your plan. Also, you can have a business mentor or role model to this effect, he/ she will be in charge of reminding you and keeping you on your toes in becoming successful. All the successful business person we have in the world today has one or two people that they look up to, they serve as the light that guides them through the path of success.

Do Not Procrastinate: The joy that comes when and after the Eureka moment sometimes can be so big that we forget to act, you keep on putting off the necessary actions till the next day and till next day. This is very common when starting up especially when you are going to be running it alone for the time being. What can be done to tackle this is by drawing a to-do list that must be followed strictly. Also, you must draw a very clear margin between time wasted and time well- spent. Putting off what you should do when it comes to business sometimes will make the fire go away then you find yourself deeper in the hole than before.

The basic ways to conquer procrastination are not that mindboggling, the first thing you need to do is to prioritize, write down the things that needed to be done concerning your business, starting from idea gathering and how to achieve them. There is nothing like small steps in business, so don’t wade off any steps you want to take, put them in your priority book. Also, when doing this you should try to make realistic plans that are achievable, this way you will be able to get them done with excuses of it being cumbersome. In this you should also be watchful of self- sabotage this will create expectations that you do not plan for. Similar to this is keeping fantasy away from your business, failure to this will make start build castle in the air which at the end of the day will kill you motivation and even make you give up halfway so instead of indulging in this devise practical steps to take in actualizing the result of your insight. Procrastination has been said to be cause by so many things and one of them is obstacles. They divert our attention from the task at hand and make us follow the path of the least resistant which is very bad to objectifying your goals in business. Obstacles are anything that delays or obstruct us from doing the essential, Henry Ford said something about this, he said, “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.” The way to attack you obstacle is by first identifying them then doing away with them especially when you work. Yours might be the TV or even gadget some even friends, whatever it might be you need to do away with them. They are ‘anti- Eurekas’ to you.

Seek Help: You are not alone in this world, making sure that your business becomes successful might warrant you to ask for help sometimes. There is no harm cause in getting a few hands in making your dream come true and even if you meet yourself in a mess, you can do well to seek advice from people. Learn from other, seek their advice and I no time your business will grow to be flawless. Asking for help will also reduce the stress you undergo, likewise the mistake you make

Network: You are not the only one in this world, neither are you the only one with business ideas, so create a network of people that are having similar mind when it comes to business. In this, you will grow wider and wider day by day.

Don’t Get Involved With Confirmation Bias: This is when you are making series of wrong decisions in a bid to prove your previous decisions to be correct. What this is saying, in essence, is that you must be willing and able to admit the mistakes that you have made. Instead of dragging your feet on the ground, you should take effective countermeasure.

Competitors: When you have the moment, you should also consider the place of competition, putting this into consideration will give you an edge in your dealings when it comes to business. You can do this by determining your top competitors, knowing how they operate and how they get things done. When you have done that it is then you can improve on what is on ground technology- wise or manner of approaching things, this will make your ideas and ways of doing things second to none.

After knowing your competitors and by competition, we meant to say all the company that is in similar business with yours and knowing their Unique Selling Point (USP), that won’t be enough, you will to know the customers too, how they think and feel when it comes to your product or services. With that you will know when and how to give them certain special deals on your product. Another way to stay on top of the competition is to always keep your image updated, truth be told, consumers get bored easily so you have to keep giving them something new to chew within a considerable period of them but don’t rush things with them as much as consumers get bored, they don’t like companies or businesses that is too fluidic in nature, they see it as speeding things up which may later lead to crash.

Have you heard of this popular saying in the business world that it is easier to keep an existing customers than to get a new one? Eureka moments might get you a successful business but you need to have customers who consume your products, that is where the profit. A way to do this is a good customer service relationship and instead of selling your product from your throne, make it look friendly to them and as your product or service was made specifically for them; the individuals. The best way to keep existing customers and even have new ones is to make your brand know, let your name be written in their hearts. This can be done by sponsoring offline and online programs, and also making a very good use of the social media, you are the only one that had the aha moment, your conviction comes from this insight but others might not understand so let the social media be your greatest tool of publicity with this properly done and optimize, your business will get to the top in little or no time. And also, the social media is easy to handle, has wider coverage, can accommodate almost endless information of anytime and it all for free or sometime a token compare to the result it will generate

Still on making your Eureka business stay on top of the competition, you should not stay in a place, when you have a stronghold somewhere, don’t just stay in that place, it is time to take it far and wide. There are no limitations to Eurekas so don’t cage it but instead let it flow. And finally to stay on top of the competition you have to make outstanding offers as you keep expanding your business.

[*Be Different: *]This is one of the essential things that you need to do when you are starting up, doing the same thing over and over again but expecting to get a different result is the beginning of the madness. So if you are doing the same thing like others, you should be ready to settle for less, lesser than what you think you will get immediately after your Eureka. So the key is always natural, you don’t need to follow the crowd in doing what you want to do and the silent rule in the business world is the survival of the fittest. To stay long in business, you have to do things differently. But if you have been trying so hard to do things differently and it’s not yielding the same result you want, all you have to do is to review and restructure your actions while doing this, you should consider the way you respond to it.

Furthermore, make research on the good and bad that people or companies that are in line with your business make when it comes to their customers, consumers or even clients. By doing this, you are creating an edge over your other company that offers the same product or render the same services. You can make your company different by asking yourself what your clients will really appreciate when it comes to your product and services and it is also advisable to make reviews at a short but regular interval, this way you present yourself like a flourishing bio- company in the way you grow and do things differently without losing or watering down the quality that you produce, the review can be by asking yourself what the worst and nicest things your consumers have said about your company and what you produce, it is in this that you make exceptional plans on how to be better than what is already on ground. This tactics is very common with the Apple Company, they are not only company in the gadget business but you could imagine the distinctive way they do things. When they present things, the whole world will be so much ready to hear and see them and that is what is called making a difference. In presenting your ideas, be very creative with it. When others are creating other offers that are so obvious is meant for their profit making, give them offers that will be almost impossible to ignore. You should make your business in such a way that it is based on core values. Let your business be transparent enough so what people can be at peace and willing to do business.

Marketing: The Eureka moment has come and you now have your big solution on the business you can do or improve on to become successful, you have done all that needs to be done but the time has come to make all that you have planned and executed known to everybody. Marketing is a key to success for any business be it a small business or large scale, new or old. What good is a business when people don’t know it? Marketing comes in two phases, you will first market your name, that is, the name of your company followed by your product or service. You can do this through many means but the most effective of all the diverse ways are through the internet and social media. You create website that is well optimized in SEO either in infographics, articles and even videos. When it comes to social media, you can use the ones that have lots of users, examples are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even YouTube, you will have to make your account be friendly and customers based, providing them with detailed description of your business and what they stand to gain by being your clients.



You can have more than Eureka in life depending on the sphere of life you are having it. Just hold tight what we have talked about. Do not relent on it or back down, good things don’t come easy and also failing is not a criterion for being a failure, giving up is. The pre Eureka moment is to show you how to prepare for the moment, then the moment that you have long being awaiting then the post Eureka is about how well you can maximize your main eureka about the business. It is the action that precedes the aha moment.

All these stages are vital and none of them should be circumvented if you are willing to get the most out of it. Also, the Eureka moment is not the same as solving problem as we have established working on your Eureka is. So whatever thing you have insights on why not plan on doing it now. If not now, then when? You are the one the world has been waiting for, the world has long awaited your business idea to come to realization.



The AHA! Moment: The Path to Successful Business

At some point in one’s life, everything seems to be problematic and there seems to be no hope or solution/answer in sight. Then all of a sudden out of the thin air; when our subconscious is not as worried about the problem as it used to be, we find a solution; a sudden bright light appeared in your brain, and then you know the way to go from where you are. In the “AHA” Moment: The Path to Successful Business, you will discover how the brain has 'Aha' Moments. Create your own Eureka moment and become successful and financially secure. Want to start your own business but have no idea what field or what type of business it would be? Dreaming of Entrepreneurship but can't figure out what to pursue? In this book you will learn how to brainstorm the best business idea possible. The goal is to provide crucial information that is necessary for your success.

  • Author: Andrei Mozgov
  • Published: 2017-09-16 18:35:20
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The AHA! Moment: The Path to Successful Business The AHA! Moment: The Path to Successful Business