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Anthony R. Riche

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To my beloved father, Raphael S. Riche and to all the light beings, angels of truth and the noble truth-seeking men and women who came before me.

All, everything that I understand, I understand because of love.”

Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

table of contents



Ch. 1 My Story

p<>{color:#000;}. 2012

p<>{color:#000;}. Going Deeper

p<>{color:#000;}. The Collapse

p<>{color:#000;}. Warping Reality

p<>{color:#000;}. Detaching My Ego

p<>{color:#000;}. From Darkness to Light

Ch. 2 A Brave New Entrance

p<>{color:#000;}. Entering the Matrix

p<>{color:#000;}. The Programmable Mind

p<>{color:#000;}. Information and Programs

p<>{color:#000;}. Embryonic Stages of the Ego

p<>{color:#000;}. Seeding the Ego

p<>{color:#000;}. Birth of the Ego

p<>{color:#000;}. Mental Creation of the Ego

p<>{color:#000;}. Shaping the Ego

p<>{color:#000;}. Animating the Ego

Ch. 3 Rebirth of a Nation

p<>{color:#000;}. Darkness Begins

p<>{color:#000;}. Formatting a Matrix

p<>{color:#000;}. Willing Old Money to New Money

p<>{color:#000;}. The Federal Reserve System

p<>{color:#000;}. A New Matrix is Born

p<>{color:#000;}. The Truth About Money

p<>{color:#000;}. Money’s Hidden Secret

p<>{color:#000;}. Money as Our Master

p<>{color:#000;}. Money as Our Servant

Ch. 4 Benefits and Consequences

p<>{color:#000;}. The Basis of Money

p<>{color:#000;}. Money as a Motivator

p<>{color:#000;}. The Richest Generations on Earth

Ch. 5 Dark Secrets

p<>{color:#000;}. The Absence of Knowledge

p<>{color:#000;}. Rule by Secrecy

p<>{color:#000;}. The Dark Force

p<>{color:#000;}. Black Magic

p<>{color:#000;}. The Darkness

p<>{color:#000;}. Duality

p<>{color:#000;}. Shades of Darkness

p<>{color:#000;}. The Dark Ages

p<>{color:#000;}. Hierarchies

p<>{color:#000;}. Pyramids, Templates & People

Ch. 6 Dirty Word, Biggest Secret

p<>{color:#000;}. Mental Blindness

p<>{color:#000;}. Collective Blindness

p<>{color:#000;}. Types of Blindness

p<>{color:#000;}. Father of Darkness

p<>{color:#000;}. The Son of Darkness

p<>{color:#000;}. Rehashing the Past

p<>{color:#000;}. Slavery and Racism

p<>{color:#000;}. Human Ventriloquy

p<>{color:#000;}. Gray Shadows

p<>{color:#000;}. Psychological Enslavement

p<>{color:#000;}. Wage Slavery

Ch. 7 Coming of Age

p<>{color:#000;}. The Beginning Age

p<>{color:#000;}. The Ages of Man

p<>{color:#000;}. Ages Through Time

p<>{color:#000;}. The Final Cycle

p<>{color:#000;}. The Age Cycle of Light

Ch. 8 The Agenda

p<>{color:#000;}. Orders Throughout Time

p<>{color:#000;}. Old Order Out / New Order In

p<>{color:#000;}. Process and Procedures

p<>{color:#000;}. New Order of the Ages

p<>{color:#000;}. The New Age Movement

p<>{color:#000;}. Our Next Evolution

p<>{color:#000;}. Choosing Number Three

Ch. 9 The Light Cometh

p<>{color:#000;}. The First Wave

p<>{color:#000;}. The Second Wave

p<>{color:#000;}. Riding the Wave

p<>{color:#000;}. The 90’s Decade

p<>{color:#000;}. The Early Millennium

p<>{color:#000;}. Critical Mass

p<>{color:#000;}. Becoming Conscious

p<>{color:#000;}. The Unconscious and the Ego

p<>{color:#000;}. The Real Light Bringers

Ch. 10 Hope

p<>{color:#000;}. The Awakening

p<>{color:#000;}. The Light

p<>{color:#000;}. The Heart

p<>{color:#000;}. Return of the Feminine

p<>{color:#000;}. Rise of the Divine

Ch. 11 The Age of Consciousness

p<>{color:#000;}. Changing of the Guard

p<>{color:#000;}. A Return to Consciousness

p<>{color:#000;}. Twenty First Century Consciousness

p<>{color:#000;}. Unleashing Our Potential

p<>{color:#000;}. Our Marvelous Brains

p<>{color:#000;}. Gamma Brain Waves

p<>{color:#000;}. Deoxyribonucleic acid/DNA

p<>{color:#000;}. Inner Knowing

p<>{color:#000;}. The Revelation

Ch. 12 Dawn of a New Evolution

p<>{color:#000;}. World of Illusions

p<>{color:#000;}. Once in a Lifetime

p<>{color:#000;}. The Dawning of Evolution

p<>{color:#000;}. The Light From Within

p<>{color:#000;}. The Joy of Illumination

p<>{color:#000;}. Nature’s Truth and Man’s False Light

p<>{color:#000;}. The Ego: Our Frankenstein

p<>{color:#000;}. Fall of the Ego

p<>{color:#000;}. System Failure

Ch. 13 Transcending the Darkness

p<>{color:#000;}. Of Monsters and Men

p<>{color:#000;}. The Power of Myth

p<>{color:#000;}. Be Your Own Hero

p<>{color:#000;}. Facing Our Inner Demon

p<>{color:#000;}. Guarding Our Mind

Ch. 14 Achieving Consciousness

p<>{color:#000;}. Alices in the Matrix

p<>{color:#000;}. Calling on Consciousness

p<>{color:#000;}. Steps Towards Consciousness

p<>{color:#000;}. Living Consciously

p<>{color:#000;}. Being Present

p<>{color:#000;}. Observing Thoughts

p<>{color:#000;}. The Gap

p<>{color:#000;}. Happy Neurons

p<>{color:#000;}. ‘Aha’ Moments

p<>{color:#000;}. The Potentiality of Life

Ch. 15 Power of the People

p<>{color:#000;}. Virtue of Humility

p<>{color:#000;}. Virtue of Compassion

p<>{color:#000;}. Virtue of Forgiveness

p<>{color:#000;}. Virtue of Peace

p<>{color:#000;}. Virtue of Love

Ch. 16 Love and Illusions

p<>{color:#000;}. Love, American Style

p<>{color:#000;}. Fear of Love

p<>{color:#000;}. Boundaries

p<>{color:#000;}. The World Illusions Built

p<>{color:#000;}. Life as a River or a Dam

p<>{color:#000;}. Subjective Realities

p<>{color:#000;}. The Point of Life

Ch. 17 Stages of Consciousness

p<>{color:#000;}. The First Stage of Consciousness

p<>{color:#000;}. The Second Stage of Consciousness

p<>{color:#000;}. The Third Stage of Consciousness

p<>{color:#000;}. The Fourth Stage of Consciousness

p<>{color:#000;}. Higher Realms

p<>{color:#000;}. The Truth

p<>{color:#000;}. Intuition

p<>{color:#000;}. Shaking Spells

Ch. 18 The Essence of Conscious Beings

p<>{color:#000;}. Conscious Among the Unconscious

p<>{color:#000;}. Shifting Perspectives

p<>{color:#000;}. Letting Go of Fear

p<>{color:#000;}. Tips for Releasing Fears

Ch. 19 Universal Transformations

p<>{color:#000;}. DNA Mutation

p<>{color:#000;}. Psychic Super Children

p<>{color:#000;}. Psychic Abilities

p<>{color:#000;}. The Fifth Dimension

p<>{color:#000;}. Extraterrestrial Contact

p<>{color:#000;}. Light Being Contact

Ch. 20 Out of the Woods

p<>{color:#000;}. False Flag Attacks

p<>{color:#000;}. Stage Alien Invasion

p<>{color:#000;}. The Arrival of the Antichrist

p<>{color:#000;}. The Final Door

Ch. 21 In My Own Words

p<>{color:#000;}. Teaching and Leading

p<>{color:#000;}. Life

p<>{color:#000;}. Ego

p<>{color:#000;}. Growing Up

p<>{color:#000;}. Wisdom

p<>{color:#000;}. The Future

p<>{color:#000;}. Purpose

p<>{color:#000;}. Death

Ch. 22 2020

p<>{color:#000;}. 2020 Vision

p<>{color:#000;}. Leaping Towards the Future

p<>{color:#000;}. The Number 20






Verily, truth is sight. Therefore if two people should come disputing, saying, “I have heard,’ we should trust the one who says ‘I have seen.”

-Brhadaranyaka Upanishad


WE ARE LIVING in very interesting times. Since the dawn of the Information Age, life appears to be moving at breakneck speed as major events from around the world are unfolding almost daily. There appears to be an overlaying sense of unease among the people I speak with on a regular basis. Some contend that the world might be coming to an end, but the general consensus is that everyone wants to know “what is going on?” At present, the world appears to be on the verge of a multinational war. There are still ice caps melting, weather patterns that are becoming increasingly more intense and inclement, and a government- formed of a Constitution- debating whether guns should be in the hands of law-abiding citizens or reserved only for the police and military establishments. Without fail, every several years there appear to be an outbreak of some contagious disease, while our air continues to be polluted by chemical emissions from jet planes and oil spills. I can certainly sense an underlying uneasiness myself and this is the reason I decided to write this book. I wrote T he Age of Consciousness as a way to shed light onto an increasingly darkening world. I have been blessed with ‘eyes that see’ as well as over 30 years of intensive self-work. I have supplemented the study of myself with the knowledge of the world. This practice has produced remarkable results of which I will share in this book. I hope is through sharing of secrets and sacred knowledge, you might better understand the importance of achieving consciousness today. What we achieve collectively and individually will have far reaching effects on the future of the human race. By mid-century, (and perhaps even sooner than that) will go down as either ‘the best of times’ or the ‘worst of times’ in the history of our human race. Everything hinges upon us, as the energies of light and dark are beginning to balance the scales.


There is a subtle, ongoing movement that may trigger major upcoming events we may have never imagined possible. This well-planned and coordinated event will be like no other known to the modern world- at least in accordance to recorded modern history. So, if you have been feeling as if something big is about to occur- you’re perceptions are correct. The pendulum swings both ways as there are several possible scenarios that can result from both. Preparation is always the key to endurance and standing firm in the face of adversity. By reading books such as this and the many others that speak on modern events, it allows your understanding of the world to expand. Currently, there are two major events running concurrent to one another in a virtual race to the event horizon. Perhaps, it’s no coincidence that humanity is also called the human race (one of many homonyms in the English language). A single major event could mark the rise of humanity or define its final decline. The advancement for the human race is indeed upon us.

In The Age of Consciousness, you will find depictions, examples, theories, secrets, sacred knowledge and guided insight written to highlight the changes that are occurring in our world and elaborate on what causes could be behind them. This information is written for anyone who wants and needs to know the truth.


We all deserve to be educated on the secrets behind our reality. As we stand at the crossroads of our new future, knowledge as power is more relevant than ever before. Everyone alive today plays an important role in what happens tomorrow. There are currently 7 billion people on this planet with enough light, power and energy to brighten up our world. If only a fraction of the population were to unite behind a single cause or event- this could change the trajectory of our human evolution.




“It is necessary that one be a light to oneself in a world that is becoming utterly dark”

-Jiddu Krshnamurti




I’VE BEEN SEARCHING for something for most of my entire life. My search for the truth stretches as far back as I can remember. When I was young, I always enjoyed observing and thinking to myself why people did the things they did. As I moved onto my 20s, my search turned to the meaning of life as I became more focused. I spent many hours reading, studying and learning philosophy, ancient history, occultism, spiritualism, psychology, sociology, world religions, science and cosmology while remaining focused on doing my personal work of self-improvement. The more I learned and grew, the more I felt like something was missing. I spent several years trying to figure it out but the answer eluded me each time. As I moved along with my life I began to grow unhappy. I was fortunate to experience and enjoy several successful careers and have been blessed financially so I couldn’t understand the source of my unhappiness. I pointed to the possibility I hadn’t yet found the right career or discovered my passion in life. The truth is I had tried everything I had wanted already, and I was fresh out of ideas. Before 2012, I spent my prior twelve years working as a therapist and life coach. I enjoyed helping others, and I believed that was my purpose in life, what I didn’t know is that my real journey was just beginning.




The end of 2012 marked a major turning point in my life. I awaited in anticipation the arrival of 2012 much like the rest of the world. All around me were discussions on the Mayan prophecies and the major turning point expected to take place on December 21, 2012. I never quite believed that the world would end the way many prophecies in books and movies predicted but I did believe it would mark the beginning of some sort of major shift on Earth. I just never expected for the shift to be personal. The shift arrived a bit early for me- about a month early to be exact.

In November, 2012, my father passed away after a long struggle with cancer. We spent his final four years speaking once a week every Sunday. The final Sunday before he passed, I felt a very positive and powerful vibration happening between us. The day he called, the weather was beautiful and sunny. I prepared to walk out the door to enjoy the weather at a park across the street when my cell phone rang. It was earlier than we usually speak (around noon) and normally I would just call him later but that day I set my bags aside, grabbed a chair and answered his call. He was in an unusually good mood and there was a sense of peace about him. We spent the most time we ever spent speaking on the phone that day. Our conversations were usually good but short and sometime mundane. That particular day, neither one of us wanted to get off the phone. Two days later, he suffered a fatal stroke. Looking back now, I realize why there was something extra special between us that day. I’m not sure he consciously knew that he was saying goodbye that Sunday, but I believe that on some level a part of him must have been aware. We transcended a boundary that had plagued us most of our lives together.

Around six months later, my long-term relationship of six years came to a sudden halt. I hadn’t expected it at all but it was part of an unraveling which was occurring in my life. By 2013, my once stable life had been tossed upside down. It felt as if the plates had shifted and I was scrambling to find a doorway to stand beneath. I had grown tired of my coaching practice and decided to make it a trifecta by ceasing to take on new clients. I needed some real introspection so I finished off my remaining clients and locked myself inside my apartment for eight months. My plan was to spend at least 12 hours a day reading, writing, and engaging in deep thinking and meditating with hopes of emerging a newly transformed person with a renewed purpose in life. But after eight months of diligent work, I was no closer to finding my purpose then when I’d first started.

In a move of slight desperation and financial concern, I believed a change of scenery might have been helpful so I decided to move to San Diego and become a business coach- while I continued to sort out my life. For a moment, things appeared wonderful again. I had a great position as a real estate investment coach. I worked just a block from the beach and lived in a wonderful apartment a block from the bay. The sun shined nearly every morning, and the stars twinkled at night. I thought things were going pretty good until the cloud that followed me periodically throughout most of my adult life began to move in again. I wasn’t quite sure what life wanted from me because I had tried in earnest to discover it.




I tried not to panic once the fog began moving in. I knew there was something was missing, and I was going to have to find it. I spent a few days self-diagnosing, trying to figure out whether my chronic displeasure with life was chemically induced. After deducing that it wasn’t, I decided I needed to do something drastic. I figured if my purpose wasn’t going to come to me – I was going to have to go to it. During my previous eight months of diligent thinking and studying, I began to think about the human body in an entirely different way. I started to view the human brain and body as a super-biological computer. After reading “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson it ignited a spark within me. I felt the neurons inside my brain jumping with excitement as I made numerous correlations between computing and the human experience. This led me to believe it might be possible for me to hack inside my own brain.

I wasn’t afraid to take calculated risks but hacking into my brain was by far the biggest risk I’ve ever considered. After going over several available options- from taking psychedelics like psilocybin, smart pills and buying my own electroencephalograph machine (EEG) - I decided to go the more intimate route. I devised a plan to use several forms of hypnosis, self-hypnosis, deep-visualization, magnetics, natural brain supplements, crystals, various hertz audio frequencies and binaural beats. Through the use of these techniques I was able to get deep within my psyche. It allowed me to go to a place I had never gone before and that place was pretty dark at times. During that span, I also ran a review of my life. I did a form of timeline therapy which involved recounting all the major events in my life as I connected the dots. This combination of different therapies and treatments began unravelling a closely knitted secret that hid within me for most of my life.




The more I worked on penetrating my mind, the deeper I went. This led to an even deeper understanding of myself. I spent the previous 30 years prior “doing the work” and I thought had a pretty good handle on my life. I never knew there was another level- a much deeper level. It was like a secret chamber hidden deep within my mind. Once I brushed off the cobwebs, I forced open the door and uncovered a hidden world. During that period, I started to feel a constant pressure squarely at the center of my forehead. This pressure was with me day and night regardless of what I did. It wasn’t until one day, while waiting in line for my morning coffee, did I realize this pressure buildup was coming from my pineal gland. My third eye was suddenly becoming activated and was creating pressure inside my forehead until I purchased a crystal to place on top of it as I slept throughout the night.

I wore this crystal on my forehead (which was held in place by a headband) every night until it stopped. Then one day I woke up and noticed the pressure had completely ceased and it never returned. I was relieved that I was making progress which made me want to delve even deeper. Since I was feeling lighter and freer at the time and my intuition was as sharp as a laser, I believed I could forge deeper to see what else I could uncover.

One day, I decided I was done searching in the dark recesses of my mind and I needed to cut through to the other side. As I held my eyes tightly shut, I mentally noticed a small figure standing in front of me. It stood at a distance of about 5 feet directly in the center of my mind’s eye. When I mentally zoomed in, I realized that this tiny figure was me! I was looking at a (very) miniature version of myself, which appeared only inches tall. It took me a few moments to realize what I was actually looking at wasn’t me but the astral version of my ego staring back at me. I was face to face with my ego-self in its astral form.

The term astral can have several meanings. One pertaining to the stars and the other is borrowed from theosophy which describes it a substance pervading all space and forming the substance of a second body belonging to each individual. That night I decided to take drastic measures. I went to sleep while playing four different audio frequencies (hertz) all coming from tiny Apple earbuds which were held in place by my large Bose headphones. I also created an incantation which I repeated to myself as I fell asleep. I also set the intention that if I woke up in the middle of the night, I’d start the incantations all over again.

As I prepared myself for sleep, I repeated; “I want to know my true self… I want to know my true self. I saw you and I know who you are. You aren’t me and I want to know my true self!” This is something I intuitively made up on the spot. I repeated this phrase over and over as various acoustic frequencies lit up my brain through both ear canals. Eventually, I fell asleep and don’t recall ever waking up until the next morning.

When morning arrived, I noticed right away something was different. I experienced the quietest and serene morning I have ever felt. It seemed as if my apartment was in a soundproof environment with no sound being produced. It seemed a bit dull, but I was perfectly fine with that. I showered and made some breakfast before heading out the door and off to work. Once outside, I felt the sun’s warm rays gleaming onto the left side of my face and it felt unusually relaxing and good. The sensation was like the first day of summer after a long and brutal winter. With a wide smile on my face, I got in my car and headed towards work.

As I rounded the corner, I felt something was wrong right away. I suddenly felt as if my mind had slipped. It felt like something had shifted within me mentally and a switch had been shut off inside my brain. I could feel my mind slipping in and out as I started to feel both woozy and nauseous. I rolled down both windows as far as they would go as I tried to remain calm. I told myself not to panic and that everything would be alright. I was only seven minutes from where I worked, so I believed I could make it there safely. It was strange because for that split second, I realized there was clearly a ‘me’ and that I was instructing my brain on what to do. I didn’t have much time to dwell on it because I had more pressing concerns at the time.

I approached the first intersection which was an all-way stop. As I coasted my way towards the intersection, a rush of sudden anxiety took over my body like a drug does once it takes effect. An alarm went off inside my brain and began to feel like it was being shrunk wrapped from the outside. All of this was happening quickly, one event after the other and very prominently. Then suddenly I began feeling extremely hot.

As I neared the corner I tried my hardest to maintain my focus while observing what was happening to me. Time seemed to slow down as my though process took on a weird form. My car was headed towards the four-way stop and I caught myself wondering what I needed to do next- and how. Luckily, the thought of stopping my vehicle occurred to me quickly. My next big dilemma was where exactly should I stop? Part of me was aware of the white line marker at the intersection but I wasn’t sure if my vehicle should rest before or after it. There were no signs or symbols indicating where my car should rest. Since my brain’s data retrieval center wasn’t producing any information, I decided to stop somewhere in the middle. Both my car’s front and back end stuck out of either side of the strip as I assumed I’d cover both possibilities. It was at that time when I realized I might have been in a bit of trouble. I probably should have pulled my car over and walked back to my apartment but I truly believed I could mentally overcome whatever was happening to me.

My car sat idled at the intersection for a while as I diligently tried to figure out what to do next. I looked over to my right and just stared at the middle bareback of the octagonal-shaped sign but I hadn’t a clue how it all worked. For some reason I was perfectly aware I needed to look at the sign but I hadn’t a clue as to why? It held no particular meaning to me other than the fact that I was supposed to look at it. This will probably sound inexplicably strange but I recall waiting and expecting for the sign to turn to me and wave as indication to me that it was my turn to go. When I realized it wasn’t going to move and I couldn’t picture what it symbolized, I felt completely alone. I had only the slightest clue as to what I was doing as all the signs and symbols lost their meanings. I’ve been driving since I was 15, yet at that moment I couldn’t recognize what a stop sign looked like from the back.

I sat idled in a state of complete confusion. The data and information needed to manage traffic just wasn’t readily available to me and it didn’t seem as if it would be coming soon. After almost 4 minutes of waiting at the quiet intersection, I decided it would be a good time for me to go. It’s a really good thing I took the quiet backstreet that day because I never remembered to look to my left to check for any cars. I didn’t realize it until after I was halfway down the block. What this experience told me is that I was going to have to increase my focus. I let go of the missed traffic check without allowing it to frighten me too much because any sudden and slight shift in focus may have become fatal to me. My focused attention suddenly went into overdrive. My mental focus felt like a laser while my physical experience was that of driving a car for the very first time.

Pacific Beach, in San Diego, is a bit different than most places I’ve driven in before due to many 4-way intersections where only one flow of traffic is subject to the stop (north & south or east & west) instead of all four. Because of this, unless you know the streets very well- you always have to do a thorough check for who has the right of way and who’s supposed to stop, otherwise you can be in for a very unfortunate day. That day must also have been my lucky day because there were no such stops until I reached the main intersection of the very busy main street.




I approached the four-lane intersection on Grand Street which seemed like a movie to me. Cars were whizzing by left and right while again, I was clueless to how I was going to perform what I needed to do next. I knew where I wanted to go but I wasn’t sure how to get there without getting rammed into by another vehicle. I also encountered another problem. Seemingly out of nowhere, I needed to remind myself which pedal to use and how much pressure each one required. It was as if the auto-pilot part of my brain had started to malfunction. It appeared to me that everything was going to have to be performed manually. I didn’t know why this was happening but I trusted in myself enough to make it out alive.

As I gave my brain and body step-by-step instruction on how to drive a car, I was trying to figure what my next move would be as I went along. I’ve never had to apply such consciousness to every minute detail while driving. I realized I was taking a huge chance, but I also knew I wasn’t going to put myself- or anyone else in harm’s way- as long as I was standing still. I avoided making a single move until I was 100% sure it was the right move for that moment. What was required was just required a different mental approach by me.

Another interesting observation was the sudden disappearance in my ability to think in multiple ways as I experienced severe tunnel vision. Cars seemed to be moving faster than I was used to and I also had no concept of timing. Each car looked alive to me and drove by me as if they were sharks on wheels. I grew slightly more anxious when the thought of having to move occurred to me. I was ever so grateful there were no cars waiting behind me that day but I knew couldn’t stay stopped at the intersection forever. I looked to my right to make sure the coast was clear before turning to my left to check for ongoing traffic before making my turn. I needed to make a left turn which was challenging even under the best conditions. After looking left for just a few seconds, I’d completely forgotten what I had seen to my right. Each time I focused on one side of traffic, the memory of the other became nonexistent. This continued for some time until it dawned on me that this technique was never going to work and I needed to change my strategy.

I choose to only look straight ahead until I intuitively felt like there were no cars coming from either side. I trusted that I’d sense when cars would no longer be present and that’s when I’d floor the gas pedal- which is exactly what I did. I was a making decision based on pure intuition, supported by rational thinking versus proper driving protocol and procedurals. Fortunately for me, the flow of oncoming traffic slowed significantly when I decided to make a go for it. I was almost in the clear getting to work until I faced another hurdle. My next and final hurdle would be the traffic light.

I was approaching another “new” moment which required another new conscious decision. Up to that point I had rolled the dice and came out ahead each time. Approaching the traffic light meant it was going to reveal something I didn’t know and I would only know what that was once I approached it. I knew the stoplight might require some sort of action by me if it began to change. I had faith that the bottom light meant stop (I couldn’t visualize it at the time). But my challenge was the same as before- where exactly do I stop? Stopping in relationship to a painted line on the ground just wasn’t computing correctly for me.

As I approached the light, there was a car slowly approaching the light in front of me. I had hoped that if the light changed, it would change on him and not me. I was fortunate once again when it changed right before he made it to the intersection which allowed his car to serve as a stop-marker for me. I still had to instruct myself to stop at a safe distance so that I didn’t end up on his rear bumper but stopping this way was much better than stopping at a random space at a busy intersection. I have never before been so relieved someone decided to stop on yellow rather than go.

I became mentally drained, but it had only been about 10-12 minutes of driving. It normally took me just 7 minutes to get to work. I sweated and stumbled my way to work and felt the biggest sigh of relief after I pulled my car into a parking spot. I almost couldn’t believe I made it in one piece. I walked woozily towards my office building-leaving both front windows of my car completely rolled down (I didn’t realize this until the next day when I went to retrieve my car).

Barely an hour after being at work, I was completely slumped over a bathroom toilet watching my breakfast escape the same way it entered. I called on a friend to take me home where I stretch myself facedown across my bed fully clothed with my shoes still affixed to my feet. I didn’t care about anything at that point. All I wanted to do was lay down and hoped that I wouldn’t need to be rushed to a hospital when I woke up.




I slept for six peaceful hours straight that day. When I finally woke up, I had no idea where I was, what day it was or what was going on in the world. It was sort of like coming out of a long hibernation and I needed to become reacquainted to my life again. But for those few moments upon awakening, nothing at all mattered and it felt so freeing. It was wonderful and depressing at the same time because I knew that I needed to log onto my Mac and begin checking emails which would force me back into reality. I had a ton of emails from work and some concerned co-workers which I needed to respond to. I had to remind myself constantly of the day, date and time. None of it meant anything to me but I knew others needed that detail. I needed to reschedule my clients for the day and messed up a few times mistaking AM for PM and Eastern for Western time. I also needed to work hard to remember everything I was reading and processing on my computer screen. It felt as if data was running away from my mind and didn’t want to stick to my memory.

It took me an entire week to recover fully before beginning to feel normal again but the truth is that “normal” never returned for me. I was never quite the same. I felt my body awash with vibrational waves of peace and love. I could actually feel the vibration of my body as my insight on life became deeper and more meaningful. My thinking was clear as my state of mind became peaceful and quiet. Each day from that moment on I experienced new understandings about life and all things happening within the world. I was seeing life from an entirely different perspective as if I had gained a whole new dimension.

A few days after, I walked into my bathroom and felt an oddly cold breeze hanging out by the right corner. I could sense some energy there because I felt cold on that side so I grabbed my iPhone and began taking pictures. As I stopped to view the pictures of what had taken, I noticed a rather large, blackish-dark grayish mist with a bright orange-yellow glow brewing beneath it. The bright colors reminded me of hot lava from an active volcano. After shaking off what I had just witnessed, I stormed right back into my bathroom, shut the lights off and commanded the dark-ish mist to go to the light. I wasn’t afraid at all and it surprised me how I didn’t even think twice about confronting it. I snapped a few more pictures for good measure which I checked immediately after and noticed that all but the first one came out clearly.

Later, I contemplated on what the dark shadow might have been and I realized it was the remnant energy of my ego. It was the energetic embodiment of every negative thought and emotion I had ever experienced. It wasn’t completely dark, but it was very powerful based on the volcanic color that hung beneath it. This was pretty representative of me because I’ve always known I had this power within me that I always kept under wraps. I was grateful for that experience because the darkness of my ego was right there for me to see. After releasing it from its bondage to me and into the light, I understood more clearly how the ego works and how we got ourselves caught up in it to begin with. It is my belief that everyone needs to understand this part of our reality to achieve true spiritual freedom from Earthly cycles and achieve complete consciousness.




Ever since that day, my knowledge and understanding of our third-dimensional reality has increased ten folds, and it continues to expand. There was nothing to hold me back anymore as boundaries within me were dismantled and removed. I’m often surprised how I had gotten as far as I did with “it” hanging around. Everyone has an ego and everyone’s ego is unique to themselves (which I’ll explain later).

It doesn’t matter whether the ego was created for a high-spiritual intention, or by Earth-bound social engineering, it’s created by and through us nonetheless. It’s all done unknowingly and unconsciously and by default. It is a creative reality we’re all born into, which we need to evolve out of- if we wish to ascend to a higher spiritual and mental dimension. One of the greatest gifts to come from my experience was the gift of light. This is the ability to receive, decode and understand information at a higher level that I didn’t have before. I also gained the ability to psychically ‘see’ well beyond the present moment. I’ve always had certain psychic abilities, but never to the level I’m experiencing now. It was as if my sixth sense moved from playing DVDs to Blue Ray, High Definition and digital all at once. After my ‘break down/breakthrough,’ I was able to see much further psychically with my conscious mind. It’s a wonderful experience that provides the ultimate sense of freedom and insight. What I see isn’t always pretty and it requires a higher level of understanding to stomach some of the ‘realities’ I’ve been privy to. At times when I’m not prepared, I feel it physically for several hours. Then, I remind myself that everything has a purpose and this is the glue which holds everything together. I am reminded of the purpose of life. When we learn to develop our mental abilities and achieve consciousness, we can create anything, go anywhere mentally and experience the real grandness of our Universe.

After that experience, I also realized what my purpose in life was. I believe I was supposed to reach this level of understanding as part of my personal growth and spiritual evolution, and then share my findings with humanity. I thought I was giving up my life in fulfilling this mission (sharing of knowledge) but now I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. I’ve gotten so much out of this experience and I hope through reading this book, you might find something that will help you along your mental and spiritual journey. We’re all in this together and I believe that by helping each other we can make this experience a much better one. We have the ability to make this world a better place if we work together and just seek to help each other out.




“The Problem is that the ego can convert anything to its own use, even spirituality.”

Chögyam Trungpa




WE ARE ALL BRAVE little souls who took a long journey to enter this world. We arrived here alone after nine long months in solitude with nothing but the company of our mother’s rhythmic heartbeat. As we exited down the dark tunnel of our mother’s vaginal canal, we found ourselves thrusted under the bright light of the neonatal ward. Since leaving the safe confines of our mother’s womb, we entered a world teaming with very bright lights and all sorts of life. Most of us may have been fortunate to have had other beings called parents and guardians to help guide us through our early stages as best as they could. They attempted to provide us with whatever we needed to survive as we began to learn about the world we just found ourselves in. They knew what to do because they too, took that same journey some time ago. Many of them were still in the process of trying to figure it out too upon your arrival.

From the moment we were born, we entered into a semi-hostile environment. Unfortunately, our very first physical experience is usually one of pain. This is due to being induced into breathing prematurely since the placenta- through which we receive our oxygen and nutrients from our mothers- is cut so quickly after birth. When a vigorous rub of the towel won’t work, we are made to cry by either a slap on the rear, a smack at the bottom of our feet, a flick of the doctor’s fingernail or a breastbone rub of the knuckle. Our first recorded memory of this physical reality is the feeling of pain and the experience of crying. No other mammal on Earth (intelligent or otherwise) is birthed this way.

After the first hour or so, we won’t know it but our bodies will be introduced to bacteria which will outnumber our own cells 10-1. There is new research to suggest that bacteria could also be found in the womb within the placenta, amniotic fluid and the blood within the umbilical cord. Babies can also pick up bacteria as they pass through the birth canal. The good news is that these bugs aren’t known to be harmful and are accepted as part of the human birthing and development process. The true hostile environment is when the mother is infected with a sexually transmitted disease or if the hospital (or birthing area) isn’t properly sterilized.

Overall, provided we are healthy babies, we will be born with everything we need to survive. Our immune system over time will learn how to function effectively to ward off potential invaders and keep us healthy as we grow. Around the age of two and three, we will be introduced to a world of shapes, followed by colors and eventually language. This time period can be considered as the basic coding of the human computer. This moment is the laying of the foundation of our entry into the matrix. It will shape the reality we each experience as our world today.




Our brains, acting as biological computers, will come into their own as neurons and other brain matter are being formed by the millions. This explosion in growth will need stimulation and is why children are so curious about everything. Any and every stimulus sticks to their brains like water does to a sponge.

Our bodies will need some adjusting as we learn to master the art of walking with no expectations of falling. Then once we’ve mastered it, we will enjoy the pleasure of running as fast as we can. Also, our eyes will become adjusted to a physical world of shapes, sounds and colors as we eventually grow our eyesight by learning to focus on single third-dimensional objects. They will train themselves to differentiate between shapes such as squares, circles, stars, rectangles and triangles. These are just some of the shapes that will form the physical and visual building blocks of our physical world.

Next to come will be our ability to distinguish between all the different colors that liven up our world. The more we learn, the more excited we’ll become which brings an end to our frustration of communicating using gurgled sounds and pointed figures.

We will also grow to love the adulation we receive from parents and adults who are impressed with how much we are learning and growing. This will cause us to try to impress them even more by demonstrating new things we discover daily. Our parents will begin rely on verbal communication and less on silent eye-contact which will form a strong social bond but weaken the intimacy we shared while bonding without spoken words. This is a slow and subtle formation of an identity which will be later assumed by our entity upon our full arrival into the matrix. This matrix system is a system built on matter. The term, matrix may remind you of the science fiction epic movie and franchise called The Matrix which starred Keanu Reeves and Lawrence Fishburne.

In 1990, The Wachowski siblings directed the action thriller called, “The Matrix” which has since become a well-known science fiction classic. It depicted a dystopian future in which reality is perceived as a computer simulation. The essence of the movie saga is that reality isn’t what it appears to be but rather a perception based on computer data of 1s and 0s. Oxford American dictionary defines the word matrix as “a mold in which something is cast or shaped.” This could relate to the mind of each living human being. In addition, the etymology of the term matrix means “mother, womb.” This could imply that all those within the womb of the matrix will have become a creation of it. And lastly, it has also been defined as “an environment or material in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure.”

Everything in our world is made of matter and all matter is defined categorically by name, description and other systems to include weights and measurements. This matrix system is one built on the most recent invention known to man as science. As users and benefactors of the system, our responsibility to it is to learn the systems of which we will become integrated so to contribute to its growth. This process of learning and integrating takes time as our minds will need to be programmed to support the systems.






To get a computer to function, it needs to have software to run which must be installed. The main software program is the operating system. To create software, coding (language) and information is necessary so that it can be read and processed by the computer. The programmer creates the language and the computer user will run the software to perform the way it was intended. You can’t get software to do what it wasn’t intended to…unless you hack into it.

Language is made of a bunch of symbols strung together to form a data stream. This is a form of coding in itself as each letter forms a word and each word has value that helps form a picture. Think of language as coding for the human brain and onto the human mind. Our brains have to learn language by first processing it, then forming an association with whatever is being defined. So, instead of reading a data stream of 1s and 0s, we are reading letters and numbers. Anything we learn, we formulate associations which allows our brains to process and recall similar information much faster. Our brains are always looking for the fastest and most efficient way to process and deliver information.

Everything we will ever taste, touch, smell, hear and feel will become registered within our subconscious mind. It will create a holographic “file” which will serve as a sort of filing system through which continual data entry of our life’s events and associations will be stored. Our brain (which also includes our bodies) is adaptive and finds ways to help us keep up with our fast and ever evolving Universe. The brain’s ability to process and store information by far exceeds any type of physical computer we have in existence today. The subconscious mind is like our personal hard drive which goes way beyond the capacity the 16 TB- currently the world’s largest hard drive made by Samsung. It also functions like the cloud where an endless stream of information can be stored and retrieved. There really is no limit to what our subconscious minds can do and achieve. We may never know its fullest capacity or reach its limits.




Everything we take in through our senses becomes decoded information. When information is delivered with intent to sway or influence the mind, it can be considered a program. It represents information intentionally implanted into the mind for a specific purpose or reason. Part of the etymology of the word program (1837) is, “a definite plan or scheme.” It was later used in reference to concerts (1854) as that of “objects or events suggested by music.” In 1963, it adopted a figurative sense which then meant, “to train, to behave in a predetermined away.”

In 1927, television was more or less invented. It served as a visual and auditory way to deliver broadcasted information through a fixed medium. It also meant that whatever was to be aired would have to first be created (much like the software for a computer). This functionality was called television programming. The invention called the television is perhaps the biggest contributor to the creation of the modern matrix and to the enhancement of the holographic visual we all use to experience our world. The advent of television substituted our self-created imaginary images for images already formulated and sent through a small box and onto a screen. This created an effect of watching images which went directly into our minds.

From there, they became stored as part of our holographic memory of images and information. Without getting too technical, the television provided the human mind with kilobytes of information bypassing the critical and conscious mind. Each frame-per-second contained endless amounts of information which the conscious mind was not aware of since it was primarily focused on a single object at a time. There are vast amounts of information stored in your virtual warehouse put there without your conscious approval but by your consent each time you turn on the television.


Scientist who study brainwave activity found that the longer one watches television, the more likely the brain will slip into “alpha” level; a slow, steady brain-wave pattern in which the mind is in its most receptive mode. Information can be placed into the mine directly, without viewer participation.”

-Jerry Mander, Author Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television





Sigmund Freud’s description of the ego was correct. Freud described the ego as “a middleman of the mind.” The ego was created by default as our way of adjusting to an artificial inflated environment. The world we all live in is one of matter but the matrix system is one of self-identifiable physical matter. Everything in our reality is required to have an identity based on complex systems of classifications. These systems are sometimes recycled, reinvented, inverted or created systems of reality brought to life by us through even more complex systems of language and numbers.

Our interaction with this matrix version of reality is an analytical one. It is sometimes called a “left-brained” analytical system of thoughts and beliefs. This point of view translates into a highly organized, materialized and systematic way of living and experiencing an organic life. This process is completely incompatible with nature. We bend and shape nature in accordance to our will, rather than working with it in accordance to serving both needs. Our interaction with nature should be a symbiotic one but we have turned it into a toxic and parasitic relationship through our actions and demands.

In consideration of all living things, anything born and alive is created to follow its own genetic and biological nature according to its own genetics. Nature has supplied its own set of codes which the organism will either follow or alter depending on the circumstances. Man, being the dominant mammalian force on this planet, has domesticated or altered genetically whatever he has chosen according to his whims or needs which isn’t limited to animals. We are very much a byproduct of this methodology. The Darwinian mentality of playing “God” is reminiscent of the Athenian army who before as conquering the Melians stated “the strong do what they can, and the weak suffer what they must.” This was shared by Greek historian Thucydides, as his account of the Athenian Peloponnesian War (416 BC).



The very intricate process of turning a spiritual being into a strictly physical being of matter through indoctrination into the matrix will be done by and through our very selves. It is us who will make the subtle switch from beings of light to a being of ego. We’ll be guided so subtly and covertly by an ego-supported world that we won’t ever realize what came over us. This false image of ourselves will come to life the more we define ourselves by the prefixed labels assigned to us. In time, we will learn to intuit the message the material matrix world wants us all to accept- You aren’t you anymore; you are whatever the system says you are.

Unjustly, there isn’t much that can be done about it. A few brazen souls have tried to fight against it by refusing to be defined by the system, but their resistance is often futile. Fighting the system is like a fish swimming against stream. The stream itself is made up of a massively programmed population conditioned to view these beings as rebels, outlaws and trouble-makers.

We are intelligent beings with much real wisdom of ages hidden untapped within us. We stripped ourselves of our inner knowing as we adjusted and adopted to definitions placed upon us at birth. This is how we all came to be co-creators of the matrix they designed for humanity. Since we lacked any real and true knowledge of who we really are, we fell prey to their spiritual trap. Without the ancient knowledge and wisdom of “seers” who could peek beyond the veiled walls of the matrix to share with us it’s hidden secrets, we committed ourselves to a form of ‘spiritual treason’ against our true nature. This “deal” will cause us to experience dissonance within ourselves that potentially can last the rest of our lives- unless it is resolved by us somewhere along the way.




We’ve come here to experience ourselves as beings of “love and light” and to create from that vantage point. When we first arrived, we observed nature externally, and then discovered ways to interact with her (I will refer to nature in the feminine moving forward). In the meantime, the blueprint of our egos were already created and waiting for us. It lay within a document awaiting a signature to be sprung into existence. At the time of our birth, our mothers were instructed to fill out a document of pre-made boxes and sign at the bottom. Once the boxes that define us within the “system” were all checked off and officially signed, our false-self (the ego) was formed. Our birth actually created “its” birth.

As documents were signed and our birth certificated, the union of spiritual being and artificial ego became official with a stamped seal of approval. In every sense of the word, our official birthing document effectively certifies our “acceptance” and “participation” of this ritualistic creation unbeknownst to our legal guardian (our parent/s or guardian). Therefore, the beautiful soul baby born only minutes ago is now known officially as “Sarah Monica Lee” born April 1st 2016 at 3:33 pm. Other descriptions will be attached to her birth such as, “She weighed in at 7 lbs., 3 ounces…” This will be done by public announcement in the local paper the same way divorces, bankruptcies and sheriff seizures are recorded. This union between soul baby and artificially entity could never work harmoniously because one will eventually have to give way to the other. In the eyes of the matrix, you were created to fulfill the role created for you at birth.




The ego was created by using the most powerful force within children – their own imagination. Children have extremely vivid imaginations which can create just about anything inside their minds. Due to their innocence and lack of power in the world, they will also do whatever they are told. A young child’s fresh and still developing mind is an impressionable one that is highly susceptible to suggestions. If you were to tell a child convincingly that he or she were purple, they will start to believe you since they lack context, logic and any empirical evidence to refute it. When everyone around them agrees and treats the child as if they were purple, the child will become convinced of it and will accept it as fact. This will become their truth which will ‘color’ their experience of life as being a purple child.

This is why the matrix is applied starting at birth and throughout the formative years of childhood. Each one of us is accountable for this in one way or another as we have all been through the doors of this matrix. It doesn’t matter whether we were aware of this are not since we must always carry the responsibility of whatever we create. The fault in our stars was the burial of true knowledge and the lack of understanding of who we really are. We can now use this time to reverse this experience and gain the knowledge we once lacked.




The steps necessary to begin shaping the ego starts with the memorization of our new name. We will begin with our first then eventually add a second one later. If there was ever any confusion as to how many people we are (whether one or two) the addition of our last names should seal it for us. We Not only do we have a first name to go by, but also a last one. Perhaps, this may seem innocuous at the moment but to the subconscious mind (which takes everything literally) two names implies two different people or at least; two different roles for us to assume.

As we mature, we’ll be told more about ourselves such as what color we are or which race we belong to. Our innocence- already quickly fading- will all but be completely gone. We will be recruited onto teams which represent race, religions, cultures, nationalities and sometimes even genders. The human being is thrusted into a game where they are forced to take sides in one form or another which will oftentimes cause us to take sides against each other. This “game” created by the makers of the matrix reality is perhaps fitting since the surname of humanity is also called race. This is a homonym that implies a competition to end up first. When we’re born into a certain “side,” we inherit centuries of baggage that go along with it. We can never again hide behind the neutrality of being a ‘cute little baby’ anymore as we will be expected to start carrying the weight of the world upon our young and yet fully developed shoulders. Boys will be expected to behave in a certain way while girls will have their own set of rules and etiquette to follow.

The system requires that the sorting of humans to begin early and often so we can become subconsciously accustomed to it. We will create a propensity for taking sides as a state of division will feel more comfortable to us than will unity. This is what occurs when the system conditions young minds into different states- they become accustomed to it over time, and then seek to recreate those conditions later in life. Division, separation, competition and conflict of the human being is crucial to the main system’s existence which is built for power and control. By dividing the masses into smaller groups and subgroups ensures that the few maintain control of the many. This is the theory behind “divide and conquer.




In Carlo Collodi’s 1883 book, The Adventures of Pinocchio, a blue fairy transforms Pinocchio from a wooden puppet into a living boy. Our young ego is like our Pinocchio at this stage. It’s our imaginary puppet which we will animate and project out into the world. We animate the ego by giving it a personality as we act through it and interact with the outer world. This animating period is the development of the personality which will become attached to the ego.

In the world of entertainment, Hollywood actors are handed a script which they must learn and memorize. They will then take what’s been written on the script and begin formulating a character. One of the things actors do during this period is give the character certain traits and a personality. They decide how they want to portray the character and how they would like the character to be portrayed by those viewing it.

By developing and practicing the character’s different characteristics, it allows them to animate and become the character. This is what brings a role (character) to life. Our ego co-creation happens much in the same way. Since accepting the role of the ego as ourselves, we will grow to develop a personality for it much like developing a character. The biggest difference is that the actor knows he or she is playing a part while most of us are walking around living as our character.

The etymology of the word person (early 13th c.) comes from the Latin word, persona which meant “person, personage; a part in a drama, an assumed character.” It was associated with meaning “mask or false face” in reference to the wooden or clay masks worn by the actors in Roman theaters. From this point, we can see exactly how our ego came into being and how it took root during our childhood years up to our adolescence. We animated it though our personalities which gave it form. This is one of the reasons why people who are strongly ego-identified often act immaturely. They are being led and sometimes controlled by an ego with the emotional intelligent of an adolescent and the disposition of a petulant child.





Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

-Oscar Wilde


AMERICA GAINED ITS Independence from British occupiers in 1776. Roughly 253 years later, it was secretly signed away. In 1913, United States gave up its natural independence without a single bullet being fired. One desolate night in Congress and a signature stroke of a pen is all it took for the “older version” of America to begin fading away as a “New America” was set to take its place. This secret act occurred and barely a single citizen was aware of it. The land upon which they stood both looked and felt the same, but the financial future and the freedom of the country was forever changed.

The old matrix was beginning to come apart due to the Civil War and the reshaping of the landscape of America. Life back then was filled with moments of struggle and strife as government conducted business with minimal interference. The trouble came from the industrial capitalists who took advantage of the low-paid, hard-driven labor force. Wealthy men formed monopolies and dominated industries. Something needed to be done before another Civil War broke out except this time it wouldn’t due to the enslavement of Africans, but instead an enslaved labor force.

As the society grew, the government also grew. Thomas Jefferson was a big proponent of ‘big government’ and was widely known to have warned against the government getting too large and involved in daily affairs. What he warned against has come to fruition as government has more power today than ever before.




Putting a finger on when the start of this new matrix began was challenging. I would consider the timeframe of America’s older matrix to be from the early 1800’s up to the First World War in 1914. After World War I, a ‘new matrix’ was most certainly already created and slowly taking form. Much of Europe was being carved out and reshaped as America was becoming a new economic (money) and military (power) nation. Matrixes are usually the cause of monumental shifts in law and mentality- unless they are caused through organized protest. Orders, codices, statutes and laws which affect people’s lives are passed and administered to everyone with the full expectancy of adherence. These “orders” are always created by men since laws, rules and regulations don’t happen on their own. These tenants have the power to shape our lives and control our destiny during our time here on earth.

Citizens of the Old America lived within their means because it was virtually impossible not to. Back during those times you could only buy what you could monetarily afford. If you happen to be good with the shopkeeper because he knew you as a regular customer, he might extend you some credit to get what you couldn’t afford to pay with cash. The extension of credit never went too far however before he’d start asking for some type of payment to show good faith.

The new template for the New America slowly edged out the small shopkeeper as banks became the main financier of credit and financial services provider. This is a role they had always played but were severely limited in the amount of loans they could extend. Banking was just another modestly successful business due to the conservative mindset of people at that time and the amount of reserves necessary to issue loans. After 1913, new business loans were issued to enterprising individuals who practiced more progressive (and aggressive) forms of business. Prices changed as competition grew and the little mom and pop owners- slow or incapable of adjusting to the rising changes- were run out business. They were often replaced by larger stores who offered wider varieties due to more capital resources. Other neighborhood stores lost some of their customers to the newcomers while other customers chose to exercise loyalty. Even here we can see how division always seems to be the driving force in our daily existence. This force springs up as the leading force of competition. The game of competition creates sides and division and must always produce a loser to crown a winner. So, instead of having healthy competition which would allow both business entities to exist, the manipulation of the money rate and the lust for profit usually meant that the one with the least resources would eventually have to fold. This is how Darwinian’s theory of competition and natural selection was applied to humans and business. The smaller, more personable shops which once were the glue of communities gave way to the much larger stores. Customers who were once addressed by name became just another face when shopping at the larger stores. Many of these stores would soon be run out of business themselves by the chain and department stores which eventually followed.




The plan for the new matrix was rooted in money. Its implementation would be overlaid on top of the old America while she slept. Laws were passed and supported by the government as people struggled to abide and adjust to the new laws. The overall goal of any matrix is to create a new reality by influencing new ways of thinking and behaving in accordance to the matrix creator’s end goals. This new particular matrix was very different from matrix past. It was created through the use of an old product reinvented to create a brand-new invention. Matrixes are like any new implementations in that one never knows what all the outcomes might be even after the mathematical probabilities have been worked out. There are always many elements which cannot be predetermined. Some effects may be short term while others can be long term. They operate like any other invention since accurate and full-scale tests are oftentimes difficult to run and the creators are usually making educated guess as to the outcome of their creations. The human organism is blessed with free will which means it can be very unpredictable at times. This combination of matrixes interacting on freewill can produce unintended consequences.

The old matrix was a simple, fragmented and tattered holdover from the Civil War of 1861. It also held some fragments of post-Revolutionary War of 1776. As a new century approached and the United States was still mending its wounds from the brutal war from within, she was weakened and vulnerable to nefariously minded individuals. The opportunity to take over a country was apparent as the widening tear in the country’s fabric provided the opening.

The Progressive Era in America (1890-1920) created just that opportunity. This Era was considered a time of great social reform. It was a moment of real social changes which swept through the entire country and affected almost everyone in one way or another. There wasn’t an arm of government that didn’t affect its citizen during that time (the exception being the post-civil war African Americans). When you know what to look for, you can see the blueprints of a matrix in the making. The cornerstone of the new matrix was laid in Theodore Roosevelt’s ‘Square Deal’ creation.

After President Roosevelt took office in 1901- following the assassination of then President William McKinley, he unveiled sweeping changes that reformed the political and social landscape of the nation. He believed that the government should be the “steward of the public welfare” and set out to contain the industrial capitalism that was ruining the country. Industries, the precursor to corporations, were abusing and exploiting an unregulated labor force. Monopolies threatened to grow larger in power than the federal government which appeared to spring Roosevelt into action. The lines of cause and effect were drawn clearly along the wet cement.

Roosevelt’s social and governmental reforms may have been necessary at the time and appeared to hold promise and good intent, but its effect is that it grew the government. It gave it power that was never seen before since it was created 125 years prior. His head-to-toe reform called for Americans to turn in their true wealth in the form of gold and permitted the government to assume the role of parental caretaker. Whether these effects were the unintended consequences of Roosevelt’s reforms or not is left up to interpretation. Ironically, his “Square Deal” was built on three basic ideas which were famously referred to as the ‘three C’s’: conservation of natural resources, control of corporations, and consumer protection. In the end, his three C’s principles formed a triangle which they called a Square Deal. To many, it is a common play on words with square meaning ‘fair.’ To the initiated, these two ‘shapes’ held a completely different meaning.




America’s monetary system- pre-Federal Reserve- was based on a gold standard. This meant the U.S. currency was backed by gold reserves held at Fort Knox, the U.S. mint at Denver and West Point, NY. Gold is considered real money because it is a commodity and it is the only real currency which has no liabilities attached to it. This is in stark contrast to paper money which can lose its value seemingly overnight and fiat currency which is a form of debt currency. Even today, gold is considered an excellent hedge against deflation and inflation. This “precious metal” has withstood the test of time as the truest form of currency and wealth. After the Federal Reserve was instituted, the U.S. economy slowly transitioned away from gold and silver backed certificates into a fiat currency which is still in effect today.

This money exchange symbolizes the transition from the old matrix (which we can safely consider the final remnants of the Old World) to the new matrix. This exchange however, would require every US citizen to turn in their gold under Executive Order 6102 signed by then President Franklin D Roosevelt. American citizens exchanged their gold for the newly created Federal Reserve notes. Anyone caught holding onto gold was classified as “hoarding of money” and subject to a $10,000 fine and/or up to 5-10 years in prison. This is the price that the once great nation built on liberty paid in exchange of the “benefits” provided from the Square Deal. Franklin Roosevelt’s turn of the century government is the earliest template of the government we see today in Washington D.C.




The etymology of the word fiat (n.) stems from Latin meaning “let it be done.” It also means “to be done, come into existence.” And lastly, in English the word was sometimes used in reference to fiat lux, “let there be light.” The Federal Reserve fiat dollar bill is really a promissory note which replaced the gold and silver certificates of the old economy. Within a blink of an eye, American citizens were suddenly using a form of debt as currency in place of real money without ever fully being aware of it.

The Federal Reserve banking system was enacted by Congress and declared by President Woodrow Wilson in 1913. Back in 1910, a carefully selected group of government and business leaders got together to survey events from the past century while discussing issues concerning the future. This secret “meeting of the minds” was said to have taken place on Jekyll Island and initiated by J.P. Morgan. Morgan at that time was considered one of the wealthiest men in the world and had, on more than one occasion, used his private money to help bail a cash-strapped United States government.

It’s been ‘reported’ that many government officials, along with key members of banking, were all present for what was explained to members of the press as a “gentlemen’s duck hunting trip.” This explanation came after the fact since no press or media was invited. Senator Nelson Aldrich led the group of prominent men as they spent 10 days holed up on the island as a plan to centralize banking was hatched out- in secret. Aldrich’s first proposal to formulate a centralized banking system was rejected by Congress along with several other subsequent revisions, but the group continued trying to enact their plan. They found their perfect candidate in Woodrow Wilson.

President Wilson, once considered a long shot to win his first term as president, called Congress to session on an emergency meeting on December 23, 1913. Many members were unable to attend since most were away on vacation, leaving few members in attendance. That evening, with a few strokes of President Wilson’s pen, Federal Reserve Act was declared with their bills considered legal tender. This act was derived in secrecy and implemented through clever cunningness.




This new matrix is perhaps the single greatest demonstration of power of the human mind. It demonstrates the power of our imagination which is used to bringing value to the dollar as the dollar has no intrinsic value. It garners its value from the people who agree to use it as a form of trade. This means that the money everyone clamors for is all based on perception rather than true value. This goes for anything in this third-dimensional reality but never is this more apparent than with money. Money cannot survive without us as we are the ones who “create it.” Bankers do not actually create money-they simply lend it out. If banks were incapable of providing loans they could not stay in business very long. Their product is not in making money but lending it out at interest. So we are forced to question, “Where does our money come from?”

The Federal Reserve is a private institution that lends the U. S. government its printed money. The United States government produces only coined currency from its treasury but produces no paper currency on its own. This is what made the Federal Reserve Act monumental in its institution. It gave the Federal Reserve central banking system the power to print money independent of government oversight. In following the paper trail, we can surmise that the Federal Reserve are the ones who create money. But that would be incorrect as well. They merely print ink onto fibrous cotton and linen paper, then add various security markers before cutting the bills for distribution.




This might sound confusing since we’ve been given the false impression that our money comes from the federal government. The misrepresentation is that the Federal Reserve is part of the U.S. government when it is neither federal nor a part of the judicial branch of government. This is all part of the grand illusion. The Federal Reserve prints money, local branches lend money and the government borrows money. This brings us to our role in the money creation.

You and I are the ones who actually bring the value to the money that gets circulated through our economy. We are the ones who hold the power over money. Now that the Universe is revealing its secrets, you no longer have to find yourself ensnarled in the sticky mess spun by the matrix. Many truths and secrets are now being revealed at higher levels of understanding which possess a threat to the matrix as we learn to avoid its tangled web of entrapment. We have been uncovering the secret behind money and the mind for quite some time now. Walter Atkinson spoke about thought vibrations in 1906 and Rhonda Byrnes best-selling book The Secret, revealed some of the hidden mysteries behind thought and money but neither exposed the entire picture- only a small part or one side of it. In order to become a master of money, or anything else in life, we must first understand all aspects of it. There are always two sides to everything and failure to understand both aspects can lead to blindness in the form of ignorance. The rich person will be focused on his wealth which can create blindness to the plight of those who are less fortunate than he, while those who desire to become rich will be ignorant to the entrapment that wealth creates.

Money at its core is just a piece of paper- nothing more or less than that. We have been conditioned to attach different emotions to money while also creating emotional attachments of our own. This is how money came to playing a role in the human beings’ existence. This didn’t happen overnight, and it wasn’t by accident but knowing some of these facts can serve as your Golden Key to spiritual freedom. The US dollar bill has become the largest traded currency in the world. There is no other currency quite like it. This is what gives it staying power.

A great majority of the world view Americans as very fortunate. The United States is one of the wealthiest places per capita in the world (Qatar is the wealthiest). People in other countries see us as fortunate by material means only. It is very clear to them that this is where our good fortune ends- for the most of us. They see what this “good fortune” has done to us because what they have- we lack (and visa-versa). Many people who live in the poorest regions of the world are also some of the happiest people on Earth. They have close to nothing in terms of material possessions, yet are extremely happy and live life with a zeal that is known to us only in fleeting moments. We could never imagine living like them and they can never imagine living like us. What is clear here is a lack of balance and understanding. We can learn to live like them-living happily and freely by having less material items which we never use.

We were led to believe that material goods and the pursuit of the American dream would bring us happiness, but it didn’t quite work out that way. We are spiritual and physical at the same time and both aspects of ourselves must become a part of each experience. When we are in dogged pursuit of material things, we are focused on the physical aspect of ourselves to the detriment of our spiritual side. The world is the way we see it today due to a lack of knowledge and understanding between our things and ourselves. We must open our eyes to both- our inner and outer world- to gain a deeper and richer understanding around the things we relate with every day.


“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

-William Shakespeare, Hamlet


The famous English playwright and poet, William Shakespeare perhaps summed it best when he wrote his tragedy, Hamlet over 400 years ago. The famous line in that play is that nothing is good or bad, it’s our own thoughts that create those conditions. Money is still needed and used in our world and we can learn to do a lot of good with money until a better invention comes along. The one thing we cannot blame is money for all of our ills. This can never work consciously. We cannot talk negatively about something in one breath while wishing for it with the next. This kind of cognitive dissonance is what creates dark energy within us. It is also helpful to refrain from cursing those we perceive as having more money. This act of judgment only demonstrates our inability to create what we want for ourselves. The world is what it is right now and we can learn to do our part to be and create the world we want to see.




Money reminds me of the children’s storybook, The Little Engine That Could (Watty Piper). Money is the “little engine that could.” We have to marvel in wonder how a little piece of 2.61×6.14 paper can literally dominate the world. Men and women have “sold their soul” for it. People have committed unspeakable and atrocious acts in pursuit of it. This demonstrates a society that has lost its way and is completely unaware of who holds the power. We are tearing up the planet and each other in search of keys that are right in our pockets. As difficult as this may be to understand, money, wars and the bankers are holding up enormous mirrors to our own unconscious selves. We are now living in the age of information which is our final frontier. If we fail to understand the truth and become conscious through the use of one the greatest gift known to mankind, then there really could be no hope for us ever achieving consciousness in our current embodiment. What I am about to share with you is very important. Take some time in reading it. Stop to contemplate on it. Highlight some of the sentences if you feel the need to but try to understand the idea behind it.

When operating from the laws of polarity, dualism, magnetism, electrical energy and the understanding that everything is made of atomic matter, you’ll discover a common theme. That theme is the polarity of negative and positive energies. When experiencing life, we get to choose which perspective we want to take. We can decide to focus on the negative aspects of our reality or the positive aspects of our reality – but we cannot do both at the same time. When becoming conscious and awake, you’ll begin to see both aspects of things very clearly which will lend themselves to you as great insight. When applying this principle to money, you can view money as a tool to enlightenment or a tool to enslavement. Whatever you lend great energy to will either serve you or become your master. So far the experience of money and the human experience has been one of enslavement.




Those who’ve mastered money have always held the secrets to its creation. Money is just another form of creation. It is also the one most disproportionately distributed. Since so many people focus on money, it plays many roles in our experience. Money and consciousness are relative to each other because when all the layers of money are stripped away, what we are left with is consciousness, or lack thereof and it can be no other way.

We live in an attraction-based universe which means that we attract to us different experiences which model our inner core beliefs. Since we have made money the driving force of this physical world, it has been empowered with all of our energy. Our modern use of money was not used properly or distributed fairly; therefor it has a lot of dark energy attached to it. This could be why most people have a love/hate relationship with it while others spend most of their lives while a third group have no trouble with it at all. Money has often been used as a tool of slavery both directly and indirectly and it still holds that power today. That power applied today is used indirectly through mental conditioning and the programming of our minds. Once we learn and understand both polarities as it applies to money, we can make a conscious and educated decision regarding the role we choose to play with money when it comes to our lives.



When you become the master of all things physical than money becomes your servant. It will come to you when you need it and it will do whatever you ask of it. I’m not describing a “genie in a bottle” type scenario but rather a form of spiritual alignment with thought creation. Since we live in a dimension governed by space and time, we can’t expect to twinkle our noses or click our heels to create what we want to create. Creation on this plane requires total and complete alignment between the spirit and the mind as well as strong focus and clear vision. Once this is achieved, we move about knowing and believing we already have what we’ve created and from then on it’s only a matter of space-time. Some people have trouble with this philosophy because it seems all too easy and others classify it as New Age hocus-pocus. This could be because they have not been able to achieve their desires in this way. We have all been taught to work hard and we will be rewarded which is an illusion. I have known and seen plenty of people who have worked extremely hard for most of their lives without receiving their ‘just desserts.’ There is much virtue to be found in what we call “hard work” but that by itself rarely creates the results we desire. Physically hard labor only focuses on the physical while leaving out the mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Through consciousness, we can gain the understanding of our relationship to our environment and the responsibility for creating it. This process will release powers within us that can move mountains. Once this experience is achieved, never again will you become enslaved to any material object on the face of this planet. Things will gravitate towards you with very little effort as the universe responds to your level of consciousness.

In the case of money, you’ll be able to attract to you what your soul really needs rather than what your ego desires. Then this money gained by your soul can be used to help expand your conscious which in turn, can help you raise the consciousness of others. For example, one could use money to practice yoga, attend self-improvement seminars, or travel to a remote region of the planet where in doing so will raise their consciousness and that of the surrounding others. Money can always be put to good use once our intentions line up with our hearts. We become masters of life by first mastering ourselves and then everything else in our environment.













People want everything to change and, at the same time, want it all to remain the same.”

-Paulo Coelho


THERE ARE ALWAYS at least two different ways of looking at things regardless of what they are. Following the principles of dualism, there is usually a positive and a negative to every event that we experience. How we perceive our experiences depends on our state of mind and understanding. When analyzing the money matrix system they devised, you can see positive and negative effects. Only after understanding the true nature of an object can we determine if its base energy is positive or negative. If its base is negative, it will seek to destroy and of its positives, it will seek to create. Money has long been considered, “the root of all evil.” The original version quoted, “the love of money is a root of all evil.” In either statement, we can see how the words money, root and evil form a base. We can deduce this meaning as “the root (meaning the base) of money is evil.”

In the mid to late 20th century, our understanding of energy merged with a new system of thought called the New Age movement. The New Age school of thought preached that money is neither negative nor positive but a mere form of energy. It all depended on how it is being used. There is truth in both ideologies but they misunderstand the true essence of money. Money is one of man’s truly conflicting experiences on this third-dimensional reality. It yields such power as to determine whether a person eats or not and lives or dies. It is the one true “God” of the material world.




Money serves as the foundation for the order on this planet. Whether we like it or not, we all need money to a certain extent. This is the world that humanity has created for itself and we must find our place in it. Regardless of your experience with money, it will always be just that- your experience. To truly master money, there are certain things we must understand about it. We must also be aware to never allow money to rule our lives. This is extremely challenging for some especially those born (or who find themselves in) less than ideal financial situations.

In the mid to late 20th century, there was a popular saying about money; “money is what makes the world go around.” This put money at the forefront of the world and in the veins through which the blood of our planet passes. That phrase was really in relation to the world of commerce and the buying and trading of goods and services. Within the span of a century, paper money would replace commodity as the value system in society.







Some of the benefit this version of paper money (fiat) created was an easement in commerce. It brought uniformity and order to business which reduced the amount of conflict in dealings and facilitated transactions. For the common person, money became more readily available. In the early old world, gold coins were often carried on the person- which was cumbersome at times and was prone to theft. Then eventually coins were minted but still needed to be carried around. With paper money, currency could now be carried in a wallet or in a brassiere. Cash and carry also made shopping a breeze. This easement of commerce, along with the success of the advertising machine created huge demands. Since commerce is a supply and demand industry, it began to grow larger as the economy swelled.




The consequence of this money system is now being seen. Aside from the physical consequences which I’ll discuss later, there are spiritual consequences that have been created from the formation of money. Money has become the biggest tempter and corrupter of mankind. Untold horrors have been inflicted upon other human beings and animals- all due to the desire for money. Wars are fought because of it; people are killed for it and others “sell their soul” in order to get it. The fabric of the human being which was once the soul has been replaced by the ego’s pursuit of money and desire. Each day, there are people all over the world who are doing things against their spiritual principles because of money. This can range from simply working a job that they absolutely dislike to misfortunes such as prostitution and pornography. Money is the key driver for them all but if there were little to no money to be made, demand would go down drastically. It’s important that we look at both sides of money to see what’s been done to win against humanity. It is only when we are willing to face the dark side of money without any prejudices can we authentically understand the real meaning of money and the role it’s played in our existence.





Money became popular because it held (and still holds) promise. Money in the mid-20th century held the promise of a better life for those who possessed it. Coming out of the Great Depression of the 1930s and 40s hope and promise was the Golden ticket to the future. Money was ‘the savior’ for the disillusioned and downtrodden souls. It became a real tool of motivation for people seeking a better life and a way of escaping the bread lines and soup kitchens of the Great Depression. Once America decided to become economically driven, the country decided to roll up its collective sleeves and went to work. Men and women were encouraged to strive for a better life and children started to believe they could reach for the stars. A new outlook was born in the late 40s and early 50s, as men found work which helped them to provide for their families. Children went to school to gain a better education, and young boys grew into men and were expected to do better than their fathers. Gradually overtime, women eventually started to enter the workplace.

During the 1940s, 50s and 60s, men were the primary breadwinners and the entire family lived off of his earnings. Some women contributed financially, but in very limited ways (usually making and selling goods or providing services). Their incomes were meager and often viewed as pocket money as their efforts were usually considered hobbies. As the 1970s approached, women began joining the workforce in droves. This was partly due to “The Woman’s Movement,” which followed the lead created by the Civil Rights movement half a decade earlier. Many households began to benefit from having two incomes instead of one.




One clear “benefit” that resulted from this change in society was the pioneering of the largest shift in economy in modern history. For those fortunate enough to find decent paying work for both heads of household- hunger and poverty now seemed a thing of the past. Children looked forward to Christmas and birthdays as parents perused through magazine ads and the aisles of Sears and Roebuck’s. The American dream was being fulfilled exactly as it was depicted. Another benefit was the woman’s ability to earn her own income relative to her husband’s. It created a sense of empowerment and freedom. Though only a start, it was the first step towards closing the gender gap.




A huge consequence to having this economy-driven society is a breakdown of the family unit. This breakdown caused many families to move away from family values that were once precious to all households. At the turn of the 20th century, society was more family-focused. A mischievously acting child could be scolded by an adult who wasn’t their parent. Each child was considered everyone’s child and children were taught to respect their elders. Since the emergence of the new economy and the pursuit of financial success, family values were still important but harder to maintain. Men worked longer hours and often further away from their families which reduced the amount of time spent at home. Once women entered the workplace, kids were left home alone or sometimes with a babysitter or guardian who could not replace a parent’s role in disciplining the child.

The emergence of the dual income household sparked a new generation of latchkey kids (children left home alone after school). Economic progress created a catch-22 situation. Men were relieved of the burden of being the sole provider while women gained empowerment and inched towards equality. The toll was paid by the children who were left to grow up after school on their own, under the watchful eye of an older sibling, babysitter or in front of the television. Dinners, which were once home cooked, were replaced by the Swanson brothers version of dinner- the “TV dinner” which began selling in 1952. By 1957, 13 million dinners were being sold annually.

Some of these changes are inevitable but attitudes are not. Children have always been prone to misbehave in public at times but today, adults turn a blind eye because they are not their own children. Some kids find it acceptable to scream and disrespect their parent which was something rarely seen six decades prior. We cannot (nor should we) lay blame for some of these changes squarely on money and the entry of women in the workforce. Generations are bound to change over time but these events certainly facilitated some of these changes.




The formation of this money matrix system has produced the richest generations in modern history. This form of living is completely new to history and the formation of this money system is – for all intents and purposes – a new invention. From the mid-20th century up to today, each generation is growing up with a sense of wealth that never existed before. Back in the 9th and 11th century the kingdom of Ghana was blessed with wealth because it literally sat on a gold mine. The people lived well and traded for many goods throughout Africa and Europe. The Inca Empire of the 15th and 16th century in South America displayed advancements in building and land planning. Their advanced civilization was also rich in textile, gold, cocoa and other forms of vegetation. The entire civilization was considered rich but functioned without a money system or marketplace. Our civilization might one day be looked upon as the Eighth Wonder of the World. The Federal Reserve banking system combined with the technological age has produced more average wealth per person than at any other time in modern history. The problem with this is that there is no other known time when wealth was tracked by numbers. There was no such thing as a millionaire prior to the 1800s. The first American millionaire was said to be John Jacob Astor (1763-1848) so this type of wealth is completely new to the world.

The end of World War II ignited human creativity which led to technological innovations. This growth in the technological sector expanded the economy which led to a population growth both foreign and domestic. Now that we are many generations into this new money matrix, we can look back and see how well it’s worked. Statistics say that the Baby boomer generation (those born between 1945 and 1964) collectively earned $3.7 trillion. The generation that preceded it, affectionately known as the Silent Generation (1928 to 1945) came in a close second at $1.6 trillion. Numbers like these did not even exist prior to the turn of the century. A money system built on a gold standard could never reach these heights since it is restricted by the amount of real collateral on hand. To put things further in perspective, John D. Rockefeller was a first person in the world to reach billionaire status, which he achieved in 1916. Today, the US currently has 536 billionaires amongst its citizens. Wealth numbers are reaching staggering proportions as the national debt continues to reach the stratosphere.




The benefit to come from all this abundance would have to be what we believe to be a better way of life. This perspective is a challenging one depending on your state of consciousness. Those living within the United States are fortunate because there are many people around the globe who have little to nothing to eat whereas in the States for a dollar or two you can eat a meal at a fast-food chain.

Also, there are always ways to generate income if needed because there is no lack of abundance. We have experienced a life of abundance and material success which can be considered a bonus. This free and open market has created many entrepreneurs which have led to many innovations. When measured by dollars, the United States gross domestic product (GDP) is worth 17,914,000,000,000 ($17.914 trillion) and accounts for 17% of global GDP. Our future potential earnings could double that. America is a prosperous nation.




A trillion has become the new billion. Our sense of money and value is becoming desensitized as we continue to grow larger and more prosperous. There was a time when becoming a millionaire meant financial success and security. According to a recent study done by the market research and consulting firm, Spectrem Group; they found there were 10.1 million households in the US with at least $1 million or more in investable assets. This excluded the value of their primary residence. This set a record since Spectrem began tracking the data in 1997. Becoming a millionaire isn’t so special anymore and does not necessarily guarantee financial security like it once used to.

We may be confusing innovation for cultural advancement. Our idea of wealth is living like a mini king or queen in gigantic homes with excessive square footage in multi-car garages filled with various automobiles. Our wealth is defined by things and digits- which we may never see except for on a computer screen or printed onto a statement. This type of wealth has never existed before and no one knows if will exist a hundred years from now. It was a deviation from history and we are seeing the results of this deviation today. There can be arguments made on both sides as to whether it was a success or massive failure. Again, this lies in the eye of the beholder and one’s view on life and prosperity.


Chapter 5







Fear is the path of the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

-George Lucas



THERE IS A CONDITION that has plagued humanity for quite some time. This condition, if allowed to persist, will destroy all of humanity over time. This condition is called ignorance. Humanity has lived in this state for quite some time and it has caused us to develop spiritual and mental psychosis such as denial, apathy, complacency, aversion to or oblivious of the truth, unconsciousness, hatred, self-hatred, hatred of others and lastly the state of silence.

There was a time when reading and writing were reserved for priests and the elite. What was once a little over 300 years ago a privilege is practically commonplace today. This is just one of the things we fail to recognize as a passageway to knowledge and freedom from the state of ignorance. The definition of the word ignorance (Merriam-Webster) is “a lack of knowledge, understanding, education or awareness. It has been associated with common phrases such as blissful ignorance and ignorance is bliss.

Whoever associated the term ignorance with bliss is a perfect example of the ignorance of man and the silent mental force we face today. The definition of the word bliss is “perfect happiness; great joy,” and when used informally it means “reaching a state of perfect happiness typically through being oblivious of everything else.” Ignorance is not bliss, and bliss isn’t a state of ignorance. Combining ignorance with bliss gets you apathy.




The term ‘Scientia potential est’ is said to be the Latin phrase meaning, “knowledge is power.” This phrase dates all the way back to the 10th century and attributed to Imam Ali. Throughout the centuries it has appeared in the works of many writers. Knowledge is a two-pronged experience. One deals with facts, information, skills and education while the other deals with awareness, perception, cognition and the utilization in consciousness. It has been my experience that knowledge is most useful when it is balanced equally from both sides.

Furthermore, the lack of knowledge leaves us susceptible to the acceptance of false beliefs, half-truths, suggestions and the truth itself. There is a lot of power in knowledge and this is why true knowledge has been kept hidden from us throughout millennia. If you want a simple way to gain control over someone else, control the information and knowledge that gets to them.




A major distinction between those who know and have the knowledge and information and those who don’t is the act of secrecy. The definition of secrecy is “the state or condition of being secret or hidden; concealment as in work done in secrecy and the practice or habit of keeping secrets. Secrecy is extremely destructive to the human spirit because it is divisive and destroys trust. When secrecy is practiced in marriage, it will destroy the union between the two halves faster than thermite melts steel. Lawyer, author and consumer advocate Ralph Nader once said “secrecy destroys accountability.” The United States of America has had a long history with secrecy which continues to this very day. The term “classified” has become synonymous with the United States government and practically runs the highest level of military as the policy is widely known as “the need to know basis.” We have allowed our government officials to practice secrecy-even when called to testify under oath-which has reflected back to ourselves that secrecy is a normal part of life. The danger that secrecy has inflicted upon our psyche is our inability to face the darkness as well as confront the truth. It is easier to remain tightlipped and ignorant about topics we’d rather not discuss which allow them to remain in the shadows of darkness.

Men have suffered because of this condition but women have suffered the most. Sexual and sometimes physical abuse is treated with such discomfort and unease that many victims prefer to remain silent then to endure the experience of coming forward. Recently we are seeing men come forward and bravely claim their truth of having been abused. Our comfort with states of ignorance is what allows the darkness to spread.

When we seek the truth in lending voice to our truth, we are bringing light on a dark matter. When we fail to speak out, our silence implies consent. This isn’t specific to abuses that we suffer personally but also injustices that we see around us. We can never become fully conscious until we build up the courage to face the darkness that permeates the Earth. When we see an injustice happening to another and we fail to take any sort of action, we are lending our consent to it.


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

-Martin Luther King, Jr




Tracking the plague that haunts humanity leads us back to one thing- darkness. Darkness is the absence of light. It is in darkness we fail to see and understand how it creates the product of ignorance. The term “being left in the dark” is derived from secrecy which moves like a silent mist on a damp night. Those who use this science use the dark force to create their outcomes.

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are engaged in a battle between forces of light and darkness- not the forces of good and evil. The dichotomy of good versus evil may have been used as a simplistic way of understanding the tug of war between the light of humanity and the darkness of opposing forces. Going a bit deeper will allow you to see that we a dealing with both sides of the same force. On one side is the positive, life-affirming and cohesive nature of the force and on the other end is the negative, life-rejecting destructive nature of the force. If we call it good or bad, we are really talking about both because they are along the same line.

For example, let’s imagine the force as a long wooden stick and at one end is the light and the opposite end is the darkness. If we were to call the darkness “bad,” then we would be speaking also about the light since they make up the same wooden stick. Since this stick cannot be broken and must remain whole, we have to rise to a better understanding so that we don’t negate the power of one by reducing the power of the other. We can do this by understanding the principles of energy rather than judge based on morality- thought it may seem obvious- it is still considered subjective. To label something or someone as good puts the ego into play through separation which allows it to pass judgement. This is the ultimate trap when knowledge of all things is not involved. For us to recognize something as “bad” an element of that which we judge must also reside in us, otherwise it would not have been judged by us. We see only what we recognize and maybe our behavior may not be as bad as the one we are casting judgement on, it is all the same. Darkness cares not which form it takes just as long as it takes form. This is what was meant when the ancient proverb wrote, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” If we don’t understand the nature of what we are dealing with, we will see ourselves enduring this battle forever when it could be reduced to the size of a pebble.



I won’t go too deeply into this subject matter other than to say there are certain individuals (and groups of people) who intentionally practice the use the dark force through the practice of black magic. The intention is always the same- to achieve a certain end or outcome especially when it is meant to be extracted from the light. Human beings (and all living things) have the light within them as part of their being. We are born with the purity of the light within our bodies and its sparkle within our eyes. When you peer into the eyes of a baby and hold their bodies near your chest, you will feel the light vibration of pure love and tenderness.

Those who practice the art of black magic do so for their own selfish needs and purposes. It is the practice of service to self. They want to possess the light within the human being so that they can control the being themselves. This form of magic has been practiced for thousands of years and was more widespread and common amongst the people in antiquity. The practiced is hidden behind closed doors, which is rather fitting since it is a dark art. The ultimate goal is to rule through power and power through the command of magic knows no limit or end. Power in the material sense is control and domination above all forms of matter. Since humans are forms of matter, they use the force of dark power to control others. We are all spiritual beings which the darkness can never overtake regardless of how hard it tries. We must bear in mind that they are made of the same essence, only the perspective differs. The light never seeks to consume the darkness, but the darkness is the void that seeks the light. If darkness were to consume the light, it would eventually consume itself.

Darkness and black magic are real things that occur on this planet. Those who practice magic use the principles and forces of darkness along with many other techniques to achieve their aims. Many of their techniques affect humanity on the mental, psychological and emotional plane. Their power greatly affects those who are unaware or have fallen victim to their control or influence. By being aware of the silent forces that lurk in the shadows gives us the eyes to see them when they really desire to remain hidden. Darkness gains its power through the illusion of being powerful when it is not- it is only the polar opposite of the light. We are the ones who empower it by being afraid, When humanity decides to stop being afraid of the dark and begins confronting its own darkness within, this is when the dark force will stop having power over us.



The term darkness doesn’t necessarily mean evil. What has given the term darkness its modern-day meaning is mankind’s use and interpretation of it. How you personally choose to define the term is up to you but in actuality, it means, “to hide, conceal and the absence of light.” The use of the word “dark” can also be applied to ignorance such as, “being left in the dark.” Generally speaking, in scientific and spiritual terms, darkness usually represents “the opposite or lack of light.”

We live in a world ruled by polarity. It’s a world governed primarily on dualism which states that if one thing exists, the opposite exists as well. This is why we have light and the absence of it is considered darkness. The English language favors the use of the term dark to describe things in negative terms and understandably so. In our Western culture, we use terms like dark cloud, dark matter, being ‘left in the dark’, dark secret and dark soul. Most of these descriptions make you want to stay away from anything labeled “dark”- unless you’re attracted to it.

When the term dark is used in relation to energy, it tends to act like a black hole. Black holes are known to suck towards it anything near its vicinity. The term dark matter, makes up five-sixths of the Universe and doesn’t emit any light. When applying it down to the human level, we can say, for simplicity’s sake, that light brings with it life- while the darkness conceals it. Light creates the world we see, and the darkness removes it from our view. These two forces differ yet are supported by the same space. Just as we experience day and night all within the same space. They all happen in the same location- only at varying times. It is through darkness that we understand the contrast of the light. It’s a strange dichotomy; the tango of the yin and yang forces which make up our reality. The fundamental principles of life are rooted in the binary thinking that plagues most of humanity. To rise above it, we must rise above both aspects to see the entire picture. And once that is done, we can understand both aspects of life. Our spirit and soul are constantly trying to get to a state of oneness under consciousness. This is the state of wholeness and completion whether we are consciously aware of it or not. This can never be achieved through dualistic thinking of “right or wrong”, “good or bad” and “black or white”. These are all binary terms which mean we are picking one over the other which will always translates into two halves. In order for something to be right, something else must be wrong. When we can escape the limiting ways of thinking in terms of 1’s and 0’s, we will come to realize that everything is all one and the same. Everything varies only areas of degrees. We aren’t used to thinking beyond what’s good and bad just yet which has led us to see things as separate- and at times at war with each other. This aerial view of humanity looks the same as a dog chasing his own tail.




One of the main illusions humanity is currently stuck in is the dualistic principle. It isn’t anywhere in nature but is certainly part of our man-created society. Our external bodies are mostly composed of things in pairs: arms, legs, hands and feet, ears and eyes, etc. The two main exceptions are our head and external reproductive organ. We are constantly in a state of maintaining balance and harmony between our two sides. Our bodies handle this process relatively well because our brains and bodies are always seeking homeostasis to function as one whole unit. The left and right sides of our bodies are not part of a dualistic system but rather a perfectly symmetrical structure of balance that facilitates movement. The areas we seem to experience the most trouble is with the single organs that reside above and below.

The brain is like our central command station. It runs never-ending computations to ensure that our bodies perform every task we need it to perform. This function never stops, and it never ends until it’s our time to leave (the body). The real wonders of the world are the human body, brain and the true human being. What we have done and have allowed to be done to us is to reduce the marvelous creation that we are and convert it into a barely recognizable and distorted one. We have also taken oceans of possibility and traded them for a dualistic system designed to restrain our vast creative abilities and reduce our freedoms. We have agreed to become confined by the laws of matter as applicable to materialism.

Our productive system has been a challenge for many who seek to define and understand its true meaning. In its most primitive form, it is used to create life through the union of the male sperm and the female egg within the ovary. All other means of use have been left up to our own interpretations. Moral codes and standards- meant to define and give meaning to the act of sexual bonding, has created much confusion for the human being and experience of sexuality. Nature has its own set of rules and purposes, while man creates his rules to curtail it- whether they are just or unjust, correct or incorrect. This is where things stand at the moment and a state of consciousness is needed to change it. Where sexuality is concerned, health and balance must be achieved otherwise it can turn into a destructive force.

We have become so reliant on moral codes, laws and dogmas that we are afraid to confront the powerful energies that reside within us. Sexual energy in combination with mental and spiritual energy can exert very powerful forces within the human body. Both lead to creations of all sorts but must be handled with thorough knowledge, respect and a healthy understanding. When they are misapplied, these forces can lead to extreme consequences and produce destructive elements to the human soul. We have not yet matured enough to speak about sexuality freely as if it were something that didn’t exist. This form of secrecy has hurt our evolution and has led to all sorts of sexual perversion. We continue to believe that denial and ignorance will make things go away when in reality, they only make things worse.

When thinking of duality, it’s interesting, to note that the term didn’t even exist until the late 14th century- possibly from the old French word, dualite. It wasn’t converted into the adjective it is today until the 16th century. This would indicate that the idea of dualism is a relatively new term and way of thinking. Furthermore, the root word dual is defined as “consisting of two parts, elements or aspects.” It sounds suspiciously similar to the word, duel which means “combat between two individuals.” Keep this in mind during the proceeding chapters. With both words being homonyms and sounding so phonetically similar, it is easy for us to get the essence of the words mixed together. Most linguists will tell you the importance of meaning and language. The magic behind dualism could be how it puts us in a ‘duel’ with life itself.




Getting an accurate historical account as to exactly how and when darkness fell over humanity is challenging. It’s very possible that it may have always been there- but never explored. Another possibility could be that it was introduced into our third dimensional reality. Ancient texts, stories, parables and mythologies all speak of a protagonist entity differing from humanity. These stories and teaching are present in almost every culture that has ever existed and who have left some sort of text through writing, pictures or symbols. All the ancients were aware of some foreign entity and they tried to speak to us through their forms of written communication. Our modern world has been mainly dominated by the antagonist known as the Dragon, Snake, Devil, Satan, Lucifer or Jinn. How this definition differs from our ancient ancestors is in context only. Most of the above descriptions are from religious beliefs and texts. This is not to say that these characters do not exist but they may not exist exactly in the way they’ve been portrayed. These stories may have been created as a way to help teach the people about the dark nature of reality.

We may not all agree when it comes to religion but one thing none of us can deny is a presence of darkness within the human psyche and experience. We really don’t need written text to tell us what we see, feel and struggle with every day. Humanity is in the grips of a dark, antagonistic force that refuses to let go of us. We may not be able to pinpoint how this darkness got here, but we might be able to use history as an early example. Historically, we could use the fall of ancient Rome as an example for the spread of darkness.

In 1476, the Roman Empire fell. Many historians point to this period as the trigger point of what was known as the “Dark Ages.” Social and cultural advancements were said to have come to a standstill while Barbarism roamed the Earth. The established order of that time (Rome) had come to an end as the “Light of Rome-” once distinguished as the Greatest Empire the world had ever known- was no more. History tends to shine a spotlight on the Roman era- and the Greek era that preceded it- as the cradle of modern civilization. This is done in spite of the mounted evidence that advanced human civilization can be traced back as far as 9000 B.C.E. but their existence are rarely mentioned, neither are their accomplishments.

In school we are taught all about the Greeks and their Titan gods, along with the Romans and their many Emperors. As young, wide-eyed children, we are given the impression that the civilized world begun with the Greeks and Romans. What we aren’t taught is that many civilizations came prior to them such as those in upper Egypt, Mesopotamia, Syria, Iran, Anatolia, Crete and others located in the Indus Valley region. They were rich in culture, art, values and writing. There is no mention (or very little emphasis) of these civilizations in basic history teachings. Every civilization builds upon prior ones as no one begins entirely from scratch. Furthermore, the Romans borrowed much of their knowledge from the ancient Greeks and many times- from other conquered civilizations. The classical Greeks were said to have borrowed many of their teaching from their Mediterrean neighbors such as the Egyptians and the great Persian culture. Ancient civilizations did not live in vacuum or in total isolation. There were many other civilizations that thrived alongside the Greeks and Romans- especially in the Mediterranean and the ancient Near East. Often myths, legends and information were borrowed, names were changed, and the knowledge was claimed as their own.

The ancient Romans were the standing order of their day- not necessarily because they were enlightened or advanced civilization, but due to the size of their army and the vast reaches of their empire.

The Romans were known for their military prowess because of their size, strength, and organization. So formidable were they in might that nothing of its kind would be seen for another thousand years. But the Romans believed themselves to be descendants of Mars; which translates to “the sons of the war God.” They were a proud bunch who excelled at the art of warfare. War is destructive and therefore carries the element of darkness in the form of destruction. War destroys civilizations, people’s lives and robs them of their sovereignty. Roman society was geared to support their military above all else. They never spoke of ending a war in anything other than victory. It was surprising how mechanically efficient their armies were. They excelled at planning and logistics, equipment manufacturing and by being disciplined in the battlefield. Warfare seemed innate to them, and perhaps it was. They also promoted a slave society as many slaves were among their population.

The ancient Roman army fought many wars and eventually began to weaken after groups such as the Visigoths, Vandals, Angles, Saxons, Celtics and others ransacked Rome at various different times. Eventually, Rome became too weak and fell in the hands of so-called barbarians. In the end, they were said to have ‘lived by the sword and died by the sword.’ Due to Rome’s size, it is difficult to tell exactly at which point they fell. But by the 5th century, Rome had had its last Emperor of the Western Empire and this is the period that some historians mark as the start of the Dark Ages.




The Dark Ages are described as a time when very little history and written text were available and human innovation was said to have stalled. Different civilizations sprang up and were often depicted as illiterate and functioning without moral or ethical codes. I still remember images from school depicting that period as gloomy and plagued by death. They were often detailed with images of barbarians roaming about wildly as the imagined air filled with the stench of killings, slaughters and rotting diseased corpses. The irony exist in how a bunch of wild invading groups of people known as barbarians waged terror onto other groups when in theory, the Romans armies were said to have done the very same thing- only with much more precision and sophistication. But an invasion by highly organized legionaries or armies of unintelligible foreign warriors are no less an invasion. There are no style points when it comes to the brutal termination of souls.

New facts are being uncovered claiming that the Dark Ages weren’t as dark as once depicted. It’s been recently reported how the barbarians may have actually been well-developed and had set up a culture with their own set of laws. It was discovered they had code of ethics and enjoyed different forms of art. What they lacked was written language- which is what set them apart from the Roman period. The use of the term “dark” when describing the Dark Ages may now be skewed at best when trying to determine which period actually was the darkest. The term dark when used to describe the Dark Ages has always meant “sinister and wicked.” This would seem to define the mindset of the people during that period. The contrast of a dark period would have to mean a period of light. Rome may have been looked upon in the material sense, due to their modern progress and innovation which might have been interpreted as a “period of light.” But the Romans calling themselves the “sons of war” and practicing slavery openly can easily be considered as darkness rather than light.

Mostly what ancient Roman contributed to civilization was the left-brained, systematic way of order based on rigid systems and strict laws. Their contributions to order and society can be seen many places today- especially in the form of high level governance. Their fingerprints can also be seen in the formation of our modern civilization- especially within the United States. Other positive contributions would be their advancements in engineering, water and sanitation systems, the advent of newspapers, bounding of books and the creation of roads and highways. But their negative contributions to humanity are their warlike mentality and the brutality of their military. Their battlefield strategies had been copied for years by many war-mongering generals and leaders of military who structured their battlefield attacks and armed forces in the same manner the Romans did. Our own U.S. military bears a very similar resemblance to the way the Romans structured theirs. The Romans brought their order to the ancient world, along with their pagan deities, by means of dominance and conquests. The negative dark force eventually got too big and collapsed onto itself. What Rome did to others eventually came back to haunt them. The law of karma affects nations too, which cannot escape “what goes around will eventually come back around.”



Hierarchies began in ancient Greece when high priests held sacred rites (rituals). It was used to define a system called “The Order of the Angels” created by Dionysius the Areopagite. Thought they were associated with ancient priests and rituals, it is still in effect today. We borrowed our modern version of hierarchical structure from the pyramidal structures that exist all over our continent as monoliths.

The template of a hierarchical structure in operation today is a copy of the great ancient monoliths. The grandest and most famous one is the Great Pyramid of Giza located in Cairo, Egypt. The geometrical shape of a pyramid holds a certain power which is why the builders of this great “Wonder of the Ancient World” chose that design. When this pyramid structure is applied onto people, it forms a top-down structure of power.

A template of this structure was created as a way to organize large groups of people under a single ‘point of authority.’ That templated structure was meant to be an efficient, organized and well-coordinated way to exert power from the top all the way down to the bottom within a system. Hierarchical systems can take several different forms, but the structure always remains the same. In business, they can take on the structure of a flow chart where the chain of command starts at a single location and spreads out into several different directions the further down it goes. But when viewed from a distance, it still forms an outline of a pyramid. A balanced structure will always be needed to ensure that the flow of power gets to where it is desired. When power isn’t properly balanced, it can cause an uneven distribution which is usually detrimental to the structure itself.




The hierarchical model of the pyramid is basic at its fundamental core. The power is a central point at the top. This could be a person or a group of people who share equal power. Regardless of the arraignment the one with the most power always forms the point (or the head of the pyramid). As power is passed down, the base gets incrementally wider to accommodate those who are under the concentrated power at the top. They hold power as well but never as much as the ones above lest they take over the point. Eventually, the power will make its way to the base of the pyramid which makes up the largest part and supports the weight of the entire structure. This “power structure” does not fit our human nature nor does it lend itself to equality through equal distribution. The bottom will always do the most work because it supports all the weight. It also is the most important part of the structure. Without a base, the structure could not exist.

The application of this structure when applied to people means that the kinetic power forms the base while those at the top control the entire structure. The control can be done through money or social and political power. As long as the base continues to support the structure, the power at the top can continue to exist. This power structure is akin to slavery since the bottom will always do all the work while the ones at the top reap all the rewards generated from the bottom.

Chapter 6








LIFE IN THE THIRD DIMENSION is built on our senses and there is no sense that we rely on more than our sense of sight. Our understanding of life and what we see is based on our level of consciousness. There is a conversion point where consciousness and eyesight meet which is experienced as a blind spot. We call it a blind spot, but it is really a split moment of temporary darkness (blindness). As virtue of being a vertebrate, blind spots are already hardwired in us. All vertebrates are said to have them.

This phenomenon was first discovered by Edme Mariette. In the 1660’s, Mariette observed a point where the optic nerve approached eye receptors from the rear rather than the front- as previously believed. He called the location where this process happens, a scotoma (blind spot) and defined it as an obstruction of the visual field. The lack of light-detecting photoreceptor cells on the optic disc is what causes visual blindness. We are hardly aware of this because our brains fill in the missing details based on our surroundings and information gathered from our opposite eye. But this is where it gets tricky.




Blindness is our inability to see what’s already there. Since we are relying on information to determine what we’re looking at, we are at the mercy of information already stored within us. By being unconscious, we have conditioned ourselves to form assumptions rather than to take in fresh and real-time data. Simply, what this means is that we tend to see what we expect to see, rather than what is actually there.

There are other types of blindness such as psychological blindness, emotional blindness and subjective biases. These are formed and supported by the conditions we create through denial, false interpretations, social conditioning and sometimes our outright refusal to see what’s right in front of us. We are using our eyes and minds in less than optimal ways while trying to manipulate our experiences. It’s similar to going to see a scary movie and closing our eyes just before a bloody scene. We also practice this in our daily lives whenever we pretend ‘not to see’ something or someone. Our brain processes the information while we keep it from entering our consciousness. This data gets stored as a blind spot. Perfect examples of this are hoarders. They don’t see what is obvious to everyone else because they have blinded themselves to their own situation.




Everything we experience becomes part of our collective conscious experience whether it is happening to us or not. What happens to any one person becomes the potential part of the collective human experience. It gets registered as a part of our collective mind, which then becomes data that can be accessed and much more easily re-created once someone else imagines it. We cannot separate ourselves from the collective mind as it connects all of our minds together with one another. When humans as a whole create a collective blind spot, it is psychological by nature. This is something we do it all the time. People who live in a country and accept a certain behavior that goes against true nature create a collective, psychological blind spot for those who are part of that culture. Blind spots can also spread to other areas as well. For centuries, women were reduced to second-class citizens by means of a mental blind that was created by a certain mentality and then spread worldwide. There was a time when women were viewed as little more than just child-bearers, laborers at home or out in the fields, sex-workers and objects. This goes against human nature but because it was once widely accepted, it became ‘normal’ to view women in this manner. The same went for other groups who have been marginalized by society makers. This type of mentality is hostile towards nature. If it weren’t for the woman’s ability to bring life into this world, the world as we know it would cease to exist. When behaviors are committed against our true nature as human beings of light and spirit, it is usually done so through the exploitation of the blind spot already hardwired in our brains. Whenever we are sold and accept an idea or principle that goes against our spirit, it resides as a blind spot within our psyche.




There are many blind spots created and maintained by humans. The aforementioned suppression of women’s rights is one of them. Other similar blind spots are children who die of starvation in our world. Their death isn’t due to a lack of food to go around since according to the Food and Agriculture Organization, 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted each year. This planet doesn’t lack food, yet children (and adults) go hungry here and abroad. Homelessness, crimes committed in broad daylight, abuses which aren’t reported and many other human experiences that occur but we turn a ‘blind eye’ to a few other examples of human blindness. Our conditioned blindness is what allows the darkness to successfully continue on our dimension. It lives and thrives in our blind spot which is created of darkness (not in the negative sense).



War can be considered the ‘Father of All Darkness.’ We have become so accustomed to war that we tend to put it in a different category of life altogether- unless you are on the receiving end. War is the lowest form of the human experience because it is subsidized murder. We have created all types of reasons to justify it; from nationalism to treats of state sovereignty, and we believe this gives us the right to kill. We live in the fog of war and we are all responsible for it. Ignorance to the realities of war is no excuse. We may not have the individual power to stop or prevent wars but we do have the power to educate ourselves on matters concerning it and decide whether or not to support it. When we lend our support in favor of war, we are in effect endorsing it. We become part of the angry mob yelling for the guillotine.

War is the dark force’s playground. Darkness spreads its calamitous wings out onto the battlefield much like a dog enthusiastically gallops upon being released at a dog park. At war, darkness knows no limits and enjoys few restraints. Darkness has free reign over the war industry- which is 100% subsidized by humans. If darkness could speak, it would probably say, I can’t believe this is real! I get to live out my darkest dreams and humans are okay with this! But not all humans are okay with this. There are many who disapprove of war and can see through the smoke screens employed by the dark force who manufacture and sell it to the sleeping and misinformed public. However, these people seem to be the minority and not the majority. The days of ‘Vietnam war-type protests’ are long gone; substituted by a lack of interest (or care) regarding what happens during acts of war in other countries. As citizens, we represent the country we live in and the acts committed by it. The United States is comprised of 50 states with Washington, D.C. forming the head. When U.S. bombs are dropped by our military, it isn’t the president doing it- it’s the citizens who’ve signed up to fly the planes. These are our brothers, sisters or family members. We will never achieve consciousness if we fail to see the darkness of war and the role we all play in it.




In treating darkness as a single entity, we can better track its progress over humanity. If war is the Father of darkness personified, then slavery is its first born-son. Slavery is humanities illegitimate child- the one we all refuse to lay claim over. I liken slavery to a dirty word. It’s a word very few feel comfortable uttering, and even fewer feel comfortable speaking about. Yet, as it goes unapproached, it lies in the blind spot of humanity, toiling away as it has for millennia.

Of all human conditions, only pure darkness of the human mind can conceive of the practice of slavery. Owning another human being indicates a complete lack of consciousness and humanity over those who practice it. Slavery is humanities dirty word and darkest secret. Slavery was born out of pure ignorance and greed and survived by the blind darkness of man’s psyche for eons. It was once the biggest institution in United States and has helped build countries. Slavery has always been an uncomfortable topic of conversation in America. It’s remained buried beneath the black & white checkerboard covered in dirt and planted with trees. This has allowed us to go about our daily lives. But slavery must be unearthed by us if we are ever going to move beyond its silent hold of the human psyche. What we fail to confront and learn from, we are bound to repeat and the fingerprints of slavery can be secretly found everywhere.




Seemingly, at one time there were a lot of debates over the internet regarding the topic of slavery which took place over 300 years ago in America. Some, mostly African Americans, wanted to have conversations regarding it or at least the recognition of it, while many chose silence or the suggestions to move past it. While conducting extensive research history, humanity and the dark element, I can see why the topic of slavery still rages on and stirs hidden emotions. It is a major part of American history and has played an even bigger but downplayed role in the history of humanity. By our refusal to acknowledge and face it head on, it has been allowed to continue through various parts of the world and has taken on many forms.


“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

-George Santayana, Spanish philosopher


By turning a blind eye and remaining tight-lipped about slavery, this might never allow America to fully heal. All those directly involved in slavery from both sides are long gone, yet it is still a very uncomfortable topic to approach. This displays the area where we, as humans, need healing. But before we can take on such a topic, a commitment to consciousness must be present- along with certain important and pertinent facts. Perhaps, if we had all the facts and viewed them spiritually, we might be able to stare the darkness of slavery down and commit ourselves never to become enslaved again in any way.




Similar to receiving instructions to buckle up before boarding a ride at a Six Flags amusement park, there are a few things we need to understand about slavery. The main thing we need to know about slavery is that it is not about race. The belief that it was driven by race is something that has caused most to veer off topic and run in different directions behind the safety of chosen sides. By viewing it through the bifocals of race, we will never see the truth in slavery and will always find ourselves at war with the other side. This plays right into the hands of the darkness that doesn’t want its secrets revealed.

Slavery is about exploitation, power, dominance and profit. These were the driving forces behind slavery- it wasn’t about race. Race was created to support and enable slavery. It was invented based on the matrix of materialism, objectivism and socioeconomics. I believe it’s important to consider this and perhaps we can all get over this divisive sticking point. Furthermore, race is an illusion. It doesn’t exist anywhere in nature. Babies aren’t manufactured with their race stamped across their feet. In general, all human bodies are the same- two arms, two legs, one head, same skeletal structure etc., yet the outer beauty is as diverse as the eyes we are born with.

The word race wasn’t around in the English language until the late 1500s and it previously meant “birth, offspring and clan” (Arabic). It was never used in a hierarchical structure to imply superiority and inferiority the way it has become within the New World. Around the Age of Enlightenment, efforts were made to classify race according to biological differences which is how they came up with the different racial stereotypes. People are abstract beings who differ greatly even within their own so-called race. But a huge effort was made to turn human beings into further mental and psychological constructs which led to the creation and invention of race division. It also provided the justification for slavery which people at the time were beginning to tire of and question its humanity. The English had been practicing slavery openly during the 18th century and even proposed the possibility of enslaving the poor and lower class. The British at one time had employed a slightly improved version of slavery called serfdom where people were bought and sold onto estates. There they worked and lived for a fixed number of days- all without pay.

The first slaves of the modern world were not Africans, but Irish and Native Indians. They were enslaved by the British around the 13th century on the islands of Jamaica and Barbados to work the plantations. In his book, They Were White and They Were Slaves, author Michael Hoffman wrote that the term, redneck was in reference to the white Irish slaves who worked out in the fields all day as the back of their necks burned red. He also mentions how the term hillbilly originally was in reference to a freed or escaped slave who sought refuge in the backwoods such as the Appalachian Mountains. The more we are finding out about the secrets regarding the enslavement of human beings- not just the Africans- the more we are learning about the dark force who is controlling humanity regardless of race. The last thing the agents of darkness want is for humanity to begin waking up to realize that we are actually in a battle against them and the darkness they serve instead of a battle against each other.

There was even a time in history when indentured servants- both “black” and “white”- joined forces together to forge a frontier rebellion known as Bacon’s Rebellion (1676). This was the first known time when poor blacks and whites united together- catching the ruling class of Virginia by surprise. They (the English ruling elite) remedied this by hardening the racial divide, which many historians point to as the acceleration towards slavery in America. As we unearth more truths about our buried historical past, we may discover the missing void we’re all silently longing for- the understanding that we are more alike than we are consciously aware and that we have all suffered at the hands of darkness.




One thing that must be considered about slavery is the smoke screen created to hide it. Race is like the smoke bomb that blinds everyone while the agents of darkness work their game magic on the population. Race created the perfect blanket over humanity which continues to exist today. By pointing fingers and trying to avoid blame, people tend to stand on either side of the checkerboard- the same cubed board game they used throughout the entire 20th century. ‘So-called’ blacks have been made to stand on their designated cubes, while so-called white stood on theirs. But there were always a third group of enlightened beings who stood in defiance in protest of the game. These are the blacks and whites who stood on opposite cube of their assigned race and refused to play by the rules. These are beings such as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Juliet Hampton Morgan, Viola Liuzzo and Reverend James Reeb. These brave souls refused to conform to the injustice of the race game. We can still see this game being played out by a few who are checker pieces in the game engineered by the matrix makers. The matrix makers position themselves as ventriloquist- moving human pieces simply by pulling on strings. By creating an emotional environment and infusing it with hostility, they can command a majority of the population seemingly at will. For those who aren’t consciously aware of such manipulation, they are like puppets on a string.

Breaking free of mental and psychological racism requires the use of wider lenses. By expanding your knowledge, raising your consciousness and filling your heart with love rather than hate, you can escape the race to self-annihilation and trap of spiritual regression set up by the clever game creators. There is hope that one day humans might cash in their chips by deciding not to play their game anymore. But until then, the human ventriloquists will continue to take their money all the way to the bank as they continue to manipulate humanity into mentally, physically and emotionally beat up on each other.




Generalizing anything mentally is like living in a gray shadow. It isn’t quite dark but it’s still hazy. Whenever we generalize, we are making an inaccurate assumption. This goes for anything. This is a feat that is not always easy to accomplish. African American’s have endured the bitter end of generalizations through labels, stereotypes and false archetypes (I will eschew the direct use of labeling people black or white. It will use it only for purposes of reference). I believe that the centuries of being generalized have become part of the human condition, and have turned to the lens through which we see and interpret people of different races. Of course, this doesn’t go for everyone since that would be a generalization in itself, but the majority of people struggle with this blind spot in our psyche.

When slavery came to the New World, it was primarily told as a story of African slaves and ‘white’ slave-owners. The greed for profit was often left out of the picture. This has led many to believe that almost all Africans in America during that time were slaves and that almost all ‘white’ people were slave owners. But according to the U.S. census data from 1860, ¾ of white Americans did not own slaves. Slavery, back then, divided America essentially into two halves. There were the poor whites who were mostly farmers, then there were the wealthier ones who exploited slavery and profited handsomely due to the relatively cheap labor force. Slavery was an industry fueled by darkness and the promise of huge profits. It was supported by inverted moral values and propagated by the hierarchical template that already existed. Some of the poor ‘whites’ were not in favor of slavery and even tried to help many slaves escape their oppressors. They sometimes traded goods and supplied the slaves with basic items which they weren’t getting from their masters. In his book, Poor Whites of the Antebellum South, author Charles C. Bolton writes about how the poor ‘whites’ were marginalized just as much as the slaves and a former slave of Moore County, North Carolina was quoted, “We looked upon the poor white folks as our equals. They mixed with us and helped us to envy our masters. They looked upon our masters as we did.”

When we open ourselves up to hearing all sides of a story, we will learn that we aren’t that much different from one another which is what the controllers want us to believe. In the end, we are just people who want to do what’s fair and to be free to enjoy life. The matrix system in America was built by black and white pieces which were put to war with each other based on a system both sides were (and are) a part of. We are all part of the same stick fighting from either ends. The stick belongs to us all and there is plenty of room for everyone. We must stop and recognize this fact instead of trying to squeeze each other onto the edge. No one owns the stick which is a metaphor for this planet. We are all here together and we must learn to all get along both physically and spiritually because we are all the same within. Hopefully, by dealing more with facts and less on emotions, we can piece together a more accurate picture of one another and get off the checkerboard.




Our subconscious mind thinks in terms of images and knowing this simple fact can make a world of difference. For tens of thousands of years, humans used pictures and symbols as a form of written communication. Language uses the same format because each letter is actually a form of symbol. This science of pictures and symbols can also be exploited to form and shape other’s opinions. When most people think of slavery, they think of Africans in chains. This, at least within the United States of America, appears to be the universal image of slavery most people have stored within their minds. This generalized image and interpretation of slavery creates a blind spot in and of itself. The subconscious mind thinks very simply and provides an entire picture without context. Context is what the conscious mind provides which is done through critical thinking. The act of thinking can only be accomplished when one spends time analyzing something. However, when we accept an image without much critical thinking, it causes a blind spot if there is any incongruences between what we believe is true and what is actually true.

Let’s suppose that slavery is a puzzle. Some of the many pieces would be money, wealth, accumulation, profit, contracts, bidding, bondage, ownership, labor, sunrise to sunset, advantage and exploitation just to name a few. When you analyze this closely, you might begin see many similarities between then and now. Today, people still work for owners of corporations between 9 am (mid-sunrise) to 5 pm (beyond sunset in the winter Northern states). Many people are still being exploited while businesses are all about profits. Those who own the corporations are very wealthy individuals who have accumulated much wealth from a labor force that is sometimes paid meager wages and certainly not nearly what they are worth.




A signed application and acceptance letter is a contract that can be terminated by either sides and everything centers around one thing- money. No one goes to work for fun alone. We are all under the same trace elements which filled the air over a century and a half ago and everyone’s included. We have harbored images of slavery based on what’s been ingrained in us but we don’t see ourselves as slaves because the images are nothing alike. Perhaps there are no heavy neck chains or claims of being an African which tends to create a distance between ourselves and what we believe slavery looks like. Meanwhile, most of us are living our lives in very similar ways except that the bondage is no longer physical but mental and the act of being owned and sold to the highest bidder has been replaced by opting-in. We are living under false illusions that we aren’t slaves of some kind because of our freedom to “quit” at any time. But is this really freedom or just a ‘get out of jail’ card? All over the world there are people who are asked to do things they would prefer not to but submit because they need their jobs and can’t afford to lose it. People compromise their morals and values for the sake of a wage. You don’t have to be an African or outright owned to be considered a slave. Humans are slaves to a system and don’t even realize it. We have settled for less in exchange for money and the absence of chains. This may sound like a harsh analogy but only because we fail to confront our own reality. Once you face the darkness of the past and present, you can claim your freedom over it. If we fail to accomplish this, the darkness of being owned by someone or something will always be a part of the human experience brought upon by those who know how to exploit it.










The seven ages of man: spills, drills, thrills, bills, ills, pills and wills.”

-Richard J Needham


THIS THIRD DIMENSION is one based on matter. In the world of matter and time, everything ages and these changes occur over time. From the moment we enter this world, we begin undergoing changes which our society defines as “aging.” Since we are part of a larger living organism called Gaia (Mother earth), we also age as she ages. She undergoes change in much of the same fashion as we do except with much more flair. She has a flair for the dramatic and they can oftentimes be explosive. She is unpredictable and unstoppable but never vengeful. Her time has come which also means our time has come. We cannot remain tucked underneath her bosom for all of eternity. Changes are in order and growing pains are par for the course.

There are many people who don’t like change but it is a natural part of life. If nothing ever changes, life as we know it would be virtually impossible. Change is woven in the fabric of our reality as everything around us is changing all the time. The reason we don’t observe these changes is due to our perceptions. The effect of our unremitting mass hypnosis has created a perception of reality as fixed and inert when in fact it is anything but. Everything is in constant and perpetual states of motion which is imperceptible to the naked eye. We lend to this notion by perceiving our reality as static and therefore it also lends itself to that illusion. Everything moves and everything changes. The truth of our reality is that nothing ever stays the same.

Mankind invented the parameters of our time perception as a tracking and measuring tool and as a way to track our span of existence here on Earth. Everything revolves around the advent of time the same way celestial bodies are said to revolve around our skies. Mankind’s invention of time is linear. It moves in a perpetual straight line tracked by a series of numbers and sequences. The most commonly used fraction of time measurement reset itself every 60 seconds. This is individualized micro-level time tracking.

The macro-level of time tracking is defined by a much wider scale. It is done over centuries- even millennia. It is encapsulated by the overall mentality shared by the civilization of that time. Tracking humanities changes and defining them according to different time periods is challenging since ancient cultures were so spread out and seemed to appear and disappeared at various time. Every day we still discovering and learning about “new” civilizations as the inner earth begins to unearth its secrets.

Another challenge when defining different periods and ages of civilization lies in our depiction of them. Since we are not dealing with firsthand accounts, we are left to perceive their existence through modern equipment and what we knew from previous or similar civilizations. What we are dealing with inference at best. It’s incredibly challenging to give an accurate depiction of what a time period was like tens of thousands of years ago without any true firsthand accounts. We have been fortunate enough to have found written accounts of history but for the most part we are left to interpret exactly how they lived. Interpretation is subjective which is unavoidable. One thing for certain is that humanity changes. We have seen small changes- from horse-drawn wagons to gas automobiles. We have also seen quantum changes- from precision-cut 100 ton blocks of stones to our modern sky-scrapers which can extend hundreds of feet into the air.

One thing is indelibly clear: We are far removed from the days of rubbing sticks and flint but there are distinct ages we can see through evolution but no one knows for certain when and how this miraculous turnover occurs. “Ages” derived through “quality of life” changes are brought about through inventions and discoveries such as the cotton gin, the printing press and the discoveries of oil and electricity. These changes are easily defined which also made them easier to manage and control.




In 1953, Austrian–British philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein worked on his manuscript titled, “Philosophical Investigations,” This body of work was a brilliant and valiant effort to delve deeper into the meaning of our reality by closely examining language and the true meaning of words. Wittgenstein was once quoted as saying, “I don’t know why we are here, but I’m pretty sure that it is not in order to enjoy ourselves. Victor Frankl, Austrian physicist and Holocaust survivor wrote his masterpiece, “Man’s Search for Meaning” about the atrocities he witnessed during his confinement in a Nazi concentration camp. He also shared the wonderful insight that came from his experiences. Ever since modern man became aware of his own intelligence, he has never stopped seeking the meaning of life which brings him meaning and purpose.


The Greek philosopher, Pythagoras and his teachings have influenced our modern world greatly. He is credited for his contributions to philosophy, religion and to some degree math. He was considered the first man to call himself a philosopher because of his love of wisdom. His teachings began in ancient Greece and his legend was etched as being the first of the “great teachers.”

Born in 580 B.C., the philosopher and mathematician went to impart his knowledge and great influence onto the likes of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle- all of whom expanded on his teachings and theories. What makes Pythagoras’ legend more bizarre is that most of what we know about him was written centuries after he died.

The second of the triad of the great Greek philosophers was Plato. He is perhaps the best known of the Greek philosophers. He was said to be born at the end of Pericles (Athens) Golden Age. A student of Socrates and the teacher to Aristotle, he was also a mathematician and philosopher. His philosophies are well-known to our modern world as he is most-often quoted. He was the first to found an Academy for higher learning which was located in ancient Athens. At this center for education, he imparted many of the lessons learned from his teacher Socrates.

Plato spoke often about constructing a Golden Age for man. He described it as a greater age for man differed from the one told to him by Socrates. His popular work, “The Republic,” laid out much of this blueprint. It detailed the ideals for the creation of a governing “utopian age.” Plato’s teachings were carried on by the Academy for nearly three centuries following his death. It was finally shut down and destroyed when Athens fell to the Romans led by General Sulla in 86 B.C. When the Age of the Greek philosophers had passed, their teachings and principles helped create the “Ages of Man.”




There are patterns everywhere in nature. When you study history and nature closely, you will discover patterns you never knew existed. This is because we are interconnected and that nature is an intelligent design. The movement of life itself moves us out of a pattern and into a cycle. Life itself is cyclical. The word cycle denotes “a wheel”, “to move around in a circular fashion.” If we break down our time systems, you will see many circular movements of cycles. The movements of the sun and moon are a familiar one. A few more examples would be the cycles of seasons (unless you live in the desert) and our calendar year. These periods come, go and come back again around the same time. And this pattern never ceases until something drastically changes in the cycle or to the observer of the cycle.

Earth and man are trussed together like fish are to the ocean. She brings life to us and we animate her surface. Since we are also made of matter, we are bound by time and thus subject to aging. Aging is both a pattern and a cycle. When we are born, we are dependent on others for our survival and well-being which is also the case when we become aged. This marks a full-cycle of life as the elderly are dependent on upon others for their survival and well-being. So aging is really the sum total of our time on Earth. It is perhaps the most basic of patterns. We are born and someday we will die- it’s what happens in between that defines our experience on Earth. For most, the experience ends tragically all the same. William Shakespeare wrote about this in his poem “The Seven Ages of Man.” In it he wrote about the infant “mewling and puking in nurse’s arms” that will eventually grow into the old person in his second infancy “sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.” The cycle of our lives begins with a thrust outward and eventually ends up back where it all began- in the hands of nature.

Mother Earth, as a living system, follows her own physical life cycles. These range from the natural formation of cycles such as the creation of rocks, carbon, water and nitrogen to celestial cycles as in astrology and elliptical orbits. As she ages, she sheds her old “skin” and new skin is created. We are her cells, creating from materials she provides.

The Seven Ages of Man could have been a way to explain man’s place in nature in accordance to Greek and Roman mythology. Prior to Shakespeare, Greek poet Hesiod wrote his didactic poem, “Works and Days” in which he combined the Ages of Man with the earthly cycles. The first of his “Ages” he called the Iron Age. The Iron Age was depicted as a period of human misery and toil. According to Hesiod, men told tell lies which people thought to be good (true). Evil and lawlessness reigned over that period.

The second age he called the Heroic Age. This is an Age where the inhabitants ascended towards a place called the Elysium in the afterlife. This afterlife is described as somewhat of a heavenly type place where people live blessed and happy lives. The third age cycle he labeled the Bronze Age. The Bronze Age was a time when men fought with armor made of bronze and became undone by their violent nature.

The fourth age cycle he called the Silver Age. This was a time period when men lived for 100 years under their mother’s dominion. The God who reigned over that period was their god, Zeus. He was known to have responded with anger towards all those who refused to worship him and the other gods.

The last and final stage he called the Golden Age. Hesiod depicted this age as the only one where humans lived among the gods. The Golden Age also had the distinction as being the only age ruled under the god, Cronus (Chronos, Kronos). Cronos was known to personify the “god of time.” In Latin, he is known as Saturn. Ancient allegory tells the story of how Cronos ate his children for fear of one day being overtaken. Legend has it that the only child to have survived is his son- Zeus. This mythology could imply how “Father Time” eats away at our youth, our vitality and our constructive time on Earth.

These stories and writings were man’s early attempts to understand and give meaning to events both past and present while attempting to forecast the future. Understanding how to interpret stories of ancient times has been an important tool for enlightenment. These allegorical accounts must be approached with a wide open mind and a wider understanding of life to gain their deeper meanings.

Ages are created by both man and nature. Man governs affairs while nature governs life. We are all connected to Earth’s cycles and directly affected by what happens above and below. This coming new Age will be a departure from the works and teachings of ancient past as Mother Nature-Gaia is reclaiming her rightful throne and establishing her own Order. This upcoming age will be defined by nature through us (all human beings) acting as our true selves rather than through men (our ego-selves) and his ideals. This age will be built upon systems of nature and higher levels of consciousness. We will reclaim the copyrights over our own stories and become the authors of our own lives. Our authority to rule over ourselves will be restored as we come to know and love ourselves. Our guide and teacher will once again become Mother Nature and we will build a new society in accordance to her divinity. Anyone who appreciates their mother understands this and any mother who has birthed a child through love may resonate with this message. Our earthly experiences make it easier for us to relate with nature- though the message is often clouded by emotions. We are Earth’s children and caretakers. Nature nourishes us and we would not be here if it weren’t for Nature and all she provides. She feeds us and the sun provides us warmth. Everything comes from Nature in one way or another. Unfortunately we have been biting the hand that feeds us therefore this (our current way of life) must come to an end before we consume the Earth itself.

A consumed Earth is a barren wasteland that can no longer sustain life. We are on the express track towards that achievement unless something causes the train to stop or veer its course. This could come by way of laying new tracks which will divert the train from impeding disaster, a derailment causing the train to stop, or destroying the train before it reaches its destination. These are ways of stopping a bullet train carrying explosive devices. But there is yet another way to stop a train without causing catastrophic damage and putting lives at risk. You will need to cut off its power supply. What moves requires power and by cutting off the source, movement will eventually come to a halt.

As the light of the sun begins to rise, the dawn of man is reaching its end. When the sun reaches its apex above the horizon, we will become fully awakened to our natural state of consciousness- the age of consciousness. This metaphorical age is simply a realization that humanity can and must create a world that is not exclusive to a certain type of “man” but inclusive to all men, women and children of all races, preferences, and physical abilities. This Age will come about whether we are in favor of it or not. An awakening is something that happens within you just as thought occurs inside your mind and breathing enters your lungs. When your mind shifts, so too does your thinking. We have to reach a level of humility and understanding that we are not the “ masters of the universe.” There are much greater powers beyond us. Once the dust settles and the adjustments are complete, we will begin to build a new reality from the dirt of the land rather than from the ashes of the old Phoenix.




Ages don’t change very often. Though we rest on the junction of humanity’s new age timeline right now, human evolution has been through many prior shifts. What once began with the assumption of hunting tools forged of stone has brought us to a world powered by microchips and superior core processors. It is safe to assume we are currently in what is known as the Age of Information (1975 – present). The time span between ages once varied from tens of thousands of years (millenniums) to centuries. What has been happening recently are that changes are occurring much faster as the time gaps of transitional periods between shits has narrowed. Since the discovery of oil began in 1901, there have been many changes within a single century. This many shifts within a century is unmatched by any other time known to man.

After the First World War, mankind transgressed through World War II, the Cold War, the Atomic age, the Space age and into our current Information age. With the discovery of Moore’s law in 1965, we can expect to transition out of our current Information and Technological age into a new abyss or epoch very near future.

In 1965, Gordon Moore then cofounder of Intel Corporation noticed the number of transistors per square inch on an integrated circuit system had doubled every year since they were invented. He predicted this trend would continue well into our foreseeable future. Currently we’ve experienced this doubling nearly every two years (18 months). This event was named Moore’s law. Since perpetual and exponential growth is unrealistically sustainable in the long run without drastic changes to accommodate it, the question remains; where will we go from here?

Age is defined as a length of time something has existed. It can also be defined as a certain period or stage in one’s life such as adolescence or middle age. Lastly, it can mean a particular time period in history which is distinguishable from all others. Since humanity is always growing and evolving, the term ‘Age of Man’ or ‘Ages of Man’ could just as easily define a mentality or awareness as well as seen in the Age of Enlightenment. This is a departure from basing the age of mankind against physical or archaeological achievements, and environmental factors.

By defining ourselves based on our achievements, it has created separation and an aura of superiority between our ancient ancestors and us. The term “living in the Stone Ages” is a putdown when those early predecessors led us to where we are today. We didn’t crawl from the birthing table with schematics on electricity. The discovery of fire is what allowed our early ancestors to survive by creating fire to brighten the darkened nights and provide warmth for their cold bodies. All human inventions and discoveries lend themselves to future ones. So we can thank our Stone aged ancestors the next time we sit down and eat a cooked meal.





The transitional period mentioned in biblical texts known as the Revelation period is also referred to as the apocalyptic period. The Apocalypse doesn’t necessarily mean a period of fire and brimstone which will reign down upon the Earth, although natural disasters could very well be a part of the courses of change. The true meaning of the word, Apocalypse (late 14c) means “revelation, disclosure.” The Latin Church used it as ‘apocalypsis’ meaning, “revelation.” This stemmed from the Greek word apokalyptein, “to uncover, disclose, reveal.” In general, it meant “insight and vision and the triumph of good over evil.

Today, the term is used to imply a cataclysmic event which was first described in the book of John from biblical texts. It took on a meaning of Armageddon from that point on- a final battle.

Whichever version of the apocalypse you choose to subscribe to is up to you. By now it is clear that humans have almost always been in a battle for survival with the dark force. Whether a final battle overseen by God will take place is yet unknown, and a matter of belief. However, what is known is that a revelation is surely occurring. It has been slowly occurring but the doors appear to have been blown wide open over the past several years. Anyone seeking real knowledge outside of what has been outlined as a course studies can obtain it now, and he doesn’t have to go far. You can Google any term you can think of, and tens of millions of pages might pop up. In fact, the term revelation rendered 88,500,000 pages. This is the amount of data and knowledge that’s available to us today and all at a speed of 0.37 seconds which is how long it took for Google to conduct the search on revelation.

If and when those who haven’t been reached by the revelation will have their veils lifted, it will Mark a new beginning and way of life. Illusions will slowly dissolve and fall away as the light begins to shine. Greater truths will be reveled marking the end of the old Age (The final ‘Age of Man’ and all that he has built out of illusion) and the beginnings of a new Age- the Age of Humanity or the Age of Consciousness. These titles are only descriptions as to what will take hold over humanity therefore it doesn’t really matter what you call it, Nature doesn’t care about semantics. We can all be a part of this now and how well all of this goes is partly up to each of us. This period may also be marred by earthly changes both directly and indirectly attributed to man. We must brace ourselves mentally and spiritually for whatever changes may come. We are already experiencing an increase in inclement weather due to changes in our climate condition, and we may begin to feel and experience strange occurrences underground and see anomalies in our skies.

There are many speculations as to what may come. Some range from the biblical “End of Days” accounts of the Four Horsemen, to a visitation from extraterrestrial motherships. Others believe in the arrival of a mysterious planet said to be caught in the farthest regions of our solar systems known as Planet X or Niburu. These are just some of the many theories floating around, but the truth always remains- no one really knows for sure what will happen and when. This makes it a time of both excitement and angst for some. There are many possibilities of what may occur, and many are viable in their own right. But if and when we reach consciousness and strengthen our focus on alignment, there is little need for worry. Consciousness will give you a sense of assurance that is beyond imagination. It’s the feeling that one can handle whatever event may come. We all need to get to that level if we are to ride out the storm. Whichever scenario plays itself out, it will be important for humanity to be collectively centered without overreacting. Calm heads, and even calmer spirits must prevail.

Our weather conditions and the temperature of the planet where like an early test run. The warming and cooling of our Earth caused us to become conscious of our actions and to make certain adjustments in our way of life. We created or accelerated our condition- not nature. We are the ones who created the markets. Without great demands, there would be no supply. Our markets have contributed to the spattering of CO2 emissions, nuclear explosions and waste, oil refinement, airborne chemicals from above and below into our environment. The explosions of non-conventional bombs, mining, and fracking which are just few of the ways we are affecting the planet down below. This consistent bombardment forms pockets of energy which must be released in order to restore the Earth’s inner balance.




As darkness gives way to the light, we can consider this period the “cycle of light.” Even the darkness cannot escape life’s earthly cycles which run circularly. Darkness has come and it too must leave as light begins to circle back around. This cycle marks the Awakening. This time period is when we will metaphorically grow out of our incubators and begin to walk on our own into adolescence. We will be skipping many growing stages since we are well behind in our evolutionary process of self-awareness. Our gestation period has long been expired as we move from Altricial mammals (birds that live in the nest totally reliant upon their mothers for everything) to Ungulates such as horse who are ready to walk almost immediately after birth. We have everything we need to take care of ourselves and evolve on our own; we just haven’t used them to our fullest capacity.

This awakening period runs in conjunction to the revelation (truth) period. As our eyes awaken to the truth, the veil that blinds us is removed. This process allows for the light of truth and wisdom to enter our being and enlighten us from the inside of our brains. Focusing on the truth will allow what was once hidden will come to light. You will begin to see things as they are instead of how they appear to be. Your vision will not come from perceptions you’ve been taught but from perceptions of a deeper knowing and understanding.

Our experience of time may begin to feel strange because our perception of it will begin to alter. It may give the appearance of moving faster when in reality it’s our minds that are moving at a much faster rate. Eventually, a new invention for tracking time might be needed, or the need for micro-time tracking and management may become a thing of the past. How we decide to track time will depend on us as well. Time helps our minds become (and stay) focused and organized, but once we began requesting that nearly every minute be accounted for- time started to take over our minds and slowly dominate our lives.

Transitional periods aren’t always smooth if the ‘exiting party’ decides to resist. The dark side may decide on not leaving without a fight by damaging everything they can. Similar to evicted tenants who punch holes in every wall and pour concrete down the toilet, they may look to damage our Earth is given the chance. We have to be aware and conscious of this tactic without over-reacting. The urge to use physical force should be limited to situations when life-saving force is required to protect oneself and/or the planet. Knowing that our power comes from our voice and support, we must leverage our greatest gifts instead of reducing our actions to theirs. Darkness only begets more darkness when done without consciousness.







All conditioning aims at that: making people like their inescapable social destiny.”

-Aldous Huxley



IN THE WORLD OF international politics, nothing happens without careful and strategic planning. Each and every agenda is thoroughly discussed and carefully analyzed. Every move and countermove is carefully plotted and planned ahead of time. If you’ve worked in politics or even at a high level of business, you’ll understand this procedure very well. At the lower level of politics, you might discover a pattern that looks like a game. This “game” can take on many looks depending on who controls what goes on within the jurisdiction. At the highest level of politics, you will discover a pattern as well which when closely scrutinized appears as a game. The exception being that this game is a very clever one. It is full of twists and turns and it wears its disguises well.

When plotting and planning is involved, this negates the possibility of randomness. Major events are sprung into creation as a result of planned efforts. International politics is the highest level of the chess match with the participants trying to predict everyone’s next move. Alliances are formed to create leverage and to ensure that no country is an island out on its own. This is what international politics looked like 35 years ago. Today, it looks like an intricate network of connections that are interconnected one way or another.

Governance and leadership isn’t a bad idea when it’s benevolent. Groups of people benefit greatly from leadership as most people prefer to follow than lead. Our current form of society needs leaders and leadership to move everyone forward otherwise we will stagnate. In our current state, we aren’t quite ready to lead and govern ourselves but the time has come for us to take baby steps towards that becoming a reality. We are all born free and sovereign beings and we must learn to live our lives this way. The Ages of overt and covert slavery must come to an end in order for humanity to evolve. As long as the many different forms of slavery still exist, the human soul will never be free. Freedom is the ultimate goal of the spiritual being. The form of covert slavery that is being practiced today is mental and psychological in nature however, consciousness is our golden key to freedom.

Throughout recorded history, mankind has been led in one way or another. This has been accomplished in many different ways. There have been kings, popes, pharaohs and emperors. Religions varied in the thousands from the pagans and polytheistic religions to our current count of 4,200 (as of 2016). This all began at some point, perhaps when man became self-aware and saw the Sun as the god of all creation. It has evolved over time as looking “up” to a central figure took on many dimensions.






Since the days of antiquity, there have been many world orders throughout the ages. From the days of ancient Greece to the crusade movements that plagued much of Europe. More recently, orders have swayed back and forth like a pendulum between science and religion. We are now at the epoch of a New Age. There is a plan for a newly established order. This “new order” will be different from all others due to our highly modernized and sophisticated way of life. The approach of The Establishment is different too. Previously orders were usually established either by force or conquest.

We all live on a planet sometimes referred to as Mother Earth or Gaia. She received that moniker because the planet is a living breathing being which provides life. It might be hard for some of us to fathom that our Earth might actually be alive, but she is. Spend some quiet time away in nature and you’ll see how. We are a part of nature therefore we are part of the Earth. Our human bodies are made of substances found on the Earth and when our bodies die, it returns to the Earth in the form of dust. Just as we passed time here on earth which we marked as our ages, the planet goes through her changes in ages as well. The big difference is that those changes occur over a very, very long period of time.

Since the early days of Sumer (2500 BC est.,) which is now modern day Iraq, humanity has undergone many changes. Humanity has lived through the Neolithic era, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, the medieval period, the rise and fall of empires and civilizations with several other major events marked as turning points. Now it seems that Mother Earth/Gaia is awakening and is prepared to shake off the ineptitude that she has endured for so long. She is preparing major changes for her surface and all of its citizens but the “leaders that be” (the elite and international bankers et al) have one more plan in store before that happens- the execution and complete institution of their carefully planned and patiently instituted New World Order- The Final Capstone.




Once a secret, the plan for a New World Order is a secret no more. This plan has been in effect for perhaps over 100 years- more than a full century . Prominent writer, H.G. Wells spoke about it in 1928, when he wrote “The Open Conspiracy: Blueprints for World Revolution. American writer, Eustace Mullins also was very outspoken about the global conspiracy and wrote several books about it in the early 1950s. Many argue who is behind all of it. Some of the usual suspects are the elite- which are comprised mostly of bankers and commonly referred to as the Illuminati, and the Freemasons. Irrespective of who’s behind it, or who is or isn’t involved, we pretty well know for certain that such a plan for humanity exists. If you haven’t read or heard about it, it’s a good idea to check on the Internet, search for books (new and old) online, archive old videos and there you’ll find plenty of information available.

Throughout the 20th century, and perhaps even before, the New World Order has been mentioned at various times. It was first mentioned by opponents of it, and then recently by politicians, the electronic, digital and print media, online articles and websites, television programs and lastly, in movies. Since it’s been a century in the making, this would indicate it’s been secretly passed down from one generational group of men (and women) to another. Anything done in secrecy uses the dark arts of dark energy. By being secret and tightlipped towards the general public, it’s been able to go virtually undetected. Keeping the population thoroughly distracted and entertained has enabled them to make good progress with their agenda with little to no resistance. They have been working diligently behind the scenes to get this plan finalized before the great shift occurs.




This secret cabal I will refer to as “The Establishment” from here on in (which should be easier to relate to). This plan isn’t for the ordinary man. Those privy to this plan are people in prominent positions or are of prominent bloodlines. This agenda is so ambitious and far-reaching that it requires a lot of manpower, brainpower and special powers. As I mentioned before, anything done in the darkness contains dark energy. This group has been known to have perfected the secrets of the dark arts. To keep such a plan hidden; secrecy, lies and deceit must be part of the procedure. When operating within this realm, nothing is off limits. The uses of lying, cheating, manipulation, blackmail, deception are all used as a means to an end. The use of these dark human elements is all dark energy intent to hide the truth and gain power over others. Some members are said to be involved with black magic which is an even darker realm.

Had they openly come up with a rosy plan that involved democratic votes, perhaps the world might be excited by this prospect since it affects the vast (if not all) majority of the Earth’s population, Instead, they’ve opted for the darkness by keeping their plan hidden and out of the public eye until it couldn’t be held in secrecy anymore. There has never been an official mention of a New World Order although it’s been mentioned by many world leaders and politicians over the years. If this is a plan which involves the entire world, shouldn’t the entire world be officially aware of it? Why isn’t this plan laid out and expressed in detail similar to the State of The Union Address held once a year? Anything done in secrecy can never be good-especially to the human spirit. Dealing in any form of dark arts can be a dangerous thing. It may help you get what you want but there is always a price to pay. You may gain power and prestige but in the long run it will take over you.

Let’s go back to lying for a moment. Lying is quite common. Some may tell a little lie and others may tell bigger lies. They’re both dark by nature but what distinguishes one from the other is intent. The question is whether the lie is being told to try to manipulate someone else’s mind or is it hiding something much darker that doesn’t want to come out? This is the difference in how much “charge” and damage the dark energy will do. We shouldn’t be telling anything other than the truth but this is the world that we currently live in. But intent is everything and is very powerful- especially by those who know how to harness this power.

Some lies can be rather painful if ever exposed. An exposed lie can do twice the damage rather than simply telling the truth, regardless of how painful it may seem at the moment. When a lie is revealed, the person being lied to won’t be sure what hurts more; whether the fact of being lied to or the actual lie itself. This is why lying can be pretty hurtful to both the human psyche and spirit. Some people lie so often that they can’t tell the difference between their truths and their lies. While others perfect the art of lying over time and become so good at it that they become cunning. This is not an evolved way of living or being but it displays a rather deep psychological issue. These people tell lies then have to tell other lies to cover the previous ones and it keeps going and going until one day the lies surface and they must face the consequences of their creation. They say that everything done in darkness will eventually come to light. This is true.


“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It does become vitally important for the state to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for a truth is a mortal enemy of the lie and thus by extension the truth is the greatest enemy of the state”

-Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister




This plan for all of humans is said to be the Order of the Ages- the crème de la crème for humanity. It is being billed as ‘man’s arrival to the light.’ All wars are expected to end for 1000 years as mankind is ushered into a “Golden Age of Humanity.” There has also been mention of uniting all currencies under a single currency for the entire world’s population. This will be supported by the dissolving of borders as a symbol of unity and the facilitation of trade. According to popular belief, there will also be a One World Religion inclusive of all other major religions and denominations. This is what’s in store for humanity under the New World Order. As we are nearing the completion of the first quarter century, this plan is said to be in full effect. In theory, this ‘Order of the Ages’ might sound very utopian. But, anyone who has studied history and has followed military action both past and present will know that this type of absolute centralized power can never be good for humanity.

This is an artificially induced evolutionary process created of dark energy and will be implemented by the manipulation of humanity (light energy). Once again, humanity is being led by a left-brain mentality that doesn’t understand inclusion and cohesiveness, but rather superiority and authority. Everyone should keep in mind that this plan was hatched by the same individuals in power for the past 80 years or so (directly and indirectly in one way or another). Since a leopard never changes its spots, the new ruling body would likely resume their practice of secrecy- thereby insuring the continuity of being ruled by darkness. I have not heard how the voting process would be handled or even if there will be one. Seeing how humanity has never really had a vote in the past, it’s unlikely the charade will continue. In conclusion, Ages aren’t something we choose or vote on, but rather something that becomes of us. The New World Order is a methodical plan of insisting man’s will over nature as a way of bringing order over free-will. This type of plans doesn’t require human kind’s vote.




Mother Nature and all other forces of natural creation have done a pretty good job evolving the planet organically. There was a time when the earth was lush with vegetation, the ocean waters were blue, and many different animal species roamed the land. Try and resist the urge to think of man as smarter than Mother Nature. During the 1800s, this analytical brained, self-defined superiority mentality inflicted humanity. This mentality was based on supposed intellect, yet was supremely insecure in many ways, so it set out to rewrite history- literally. The motto was primary intellectual conquest above all things. Mother Nature existed to serve him and not the other way around. ‘He’ became the Supreme Being, and all others inferior to him were there to serve him.

It doesn’t matter how many inventions man has come up with, there is no substitute for Mother Nature and her eternal wisdom. We can never and will never be smarter than Nature itself. Natural evolution will happen with or without the elitist’s involvement, and this time they will not be the engineers of this change. The most recent case for Nature’s involvement in our evolution can be seen in our neocortex.

Our neocortex sits on top of our brain, and is a relatively new creation that didn’t exist in man more than 200,000 years ago. This region of our brain is underdeveloped and almost completely underutilized due to stagnation, lack of real stimulation, misuse and the “dumbing down” process created by the various systems (such as the educational one) formed to support the matrix. Our neocortical capabilities are still fully unknown. Neuroscientists are just now beginning to tap into its awesome potentials.

Men with access to secret knowledge created a matrix so that they can play God over humanity. This is the reason behind their air of superiority because such a role would require the belief in superiority over others. Leadership of the human species is important but it must be done fairly, transparently, inclusive of all. But most importantly it must be done in line with nature. Failure to do so puts us at odd with nature, and this is akin to committing slow suicide. Humanity needed was a more civilized society built on unity and cooperation rather than division and bureaucracy. Man has missed his opportunity to evolve beyond his violent ways after thousands of years. A final olive branch is being extended by those who contributed to our planet’s blight. If the world falls into their hands, then nature will surely take matter into her own hands. These dark forces are anti-life and will seek to remove (or control) anything that lives– including and not limited to the human being. We’re facing a real dilemma which is a total control of humanity and a forced evolution of the human species.




These evolutionist believe that man’s next big leap in evolution is the merging of technology with the human biological organism. This has been described as trans-humanism or the singularity. There is plenty of evidence that points towards this being the next step in our “engineered” evolution. They have been trying to prepare us by creating an environment that is becoming less humane and apathetic. Some workplaces are already creating robotic-type environments complete with performance tracking and constant scanning. Every move is being tracked and we are becoming living robots with numbers to meet. Basically we are becoming automatons at work. This slow desensitization of merging human brains and bodies with artificial technology might not seem like such a bad idea until you consider that in 15-20 years from now, we may live to regret it. If you thought dealing with the ego was difficult enough, try overcoming a microchip inside your brain. This will make the mighty ego look like a Shih Tzu.

The era of post-humanism is being forced upon us and will someday require humanity to make a decision:


1). Submit and allow the dark forces to continue governing as the central power on Earth and lead humanities evolution.

2). Revolt and up rise, causing untold tens to hundreds of millions of deaths while the planet plunges deeper into the pits of darkness.

3). Awaken to the truth through consciousness and allow the light within you to shine. Once you realize the power that lies within you, you can help others to do the same. This power will form a unity and spread across the world. This is the kind of power that can change the world without lifting a single weapon.




We are the collective. Humanity outnumbers the dark forces by millions to one. We are the ones who empower them simply by not knowing who we really are and failing to recognize the power we all wield. Since this entire agenda was built on money, we unwittingly became the suppliers of it. We must take our share of responsibility for creating the world that we live in so that we can reclaim the power to change it. With this process we can turn things around. We are all one so we all share in that responsibility together but we can also create the wind and guide the sails to right the ship. The final chapter of our destiny has yet to be written.

There is still time for us to right our wrongs and correct our mistakes so that our children and their children’s children may be spared the expense of having to fight for their God-given freedoms and birthrights because we failed to preserve them. We don’t want to be known as the final generation who stood idly by allowing the world to fall into the hands of darkness.





“No man is condemned for anything he has done: He is condemned for continuing to do wrong. He is condemned for not coming out of the darkness. For not coming to the light.”

-George MacDonald



ALL OF EARTH’S CITIZENS are beginning to experience a shift. This shift is a shift in consciousness. This event has been a long but progressive one which is reaching its apex as we conclude the first quarter of the new century. This shift may appear differently to everyone depending on their level of consciousness. Some people may reach a level of enlightenment while others may experience a rise in consciousness or a deeper gravitational pull toward spirituality. A third group will just be starting to awaken and may discover they are becoming very inquisitive about matters they never before considered. And a fourth but much smaller group may show no effects at all. This could be because they will be clinging very strongly to the ego and the old way of thinking or be actively engaged in the dark arts themselves.

Our global awakening to consciousness began in the mid to late 1800s. Spiritualism and clairvoyance started becoming very popular and people began to claim an ability to communicate with spirits in the spiritual realm which at that time was highly controversial. In 1885, Marcellus Ayer, a former wholesale grocer, erected The First Spiritual Temple. The church became an instant success with over 1000 members. But by 1920, spiritualism began to fade and was soon replaced by esotericism. Organizations like the Theosophical Society began incorporating concepts of Hinduism and Buddhism into their teachings. Other doctrines were made available to the public which detailed principles and teachings such as Gnosticism, Rosicrucian philosophy and the Kabbalah. These principles had been around for thousands of years but were never widely available to the general masses of the population.

This era marked the beginning of the New Age movement. Ideas and definitions like inner traditions and a universal spiritual dimension of reality diametrically opposed the dogmatic systems of prior established faith. What practitioners recognized was the existence of a universal dimension of reality that existed within which could be accessed. Going within opposed the old doctrines and traditions of placing one’s attention outward. Soon, others began to develop unique gifts of psychic abilities such as Edgar Cayce, known as “the sleeping prophet.” Cayce (1877-1945) performed a total of 14,246 psychic readings for individuals and assisted in finding cures and performed healings for many different maladies.




The 1960s may forever be defined as the decade of change and social consciousness. It was an era of public protests and civil disorder that included the Civil Rights movement and calls to end the war in Vietnam. Female activists began to demand more rights for women as music started to shape and define the culture. Bands and musicians sang about issues that mattered and gave a voice to that time. It was also known as the decade of drugs and sexual freedom. The movement was commonly referred to as the “Hippie movement.”

The hippie lifestyle led to an exploration of altered states of consciousness and liberation. Later in San Francisco (1967), the “Summer of Love” concerts kicked off which was followed by Woodstock in 1969. The decade of the ‘60s is a great example of what mass consciousness can accomplish when it reaches a tipping point. It brought awareness and sparked social change under the umbrella of peace movements and nonviolent protest. The effects of that decade can still be experienced today- especially in places like California. Health consciousness, organic food and yoga were all popularized during the ‘60s.

But as expected, the dark force was not going to allow the decade to fall completely in the hands of the light. The decade ended with the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King – two leaders who called for and promoted social and political change.




I’m left wondering if a second wave of mass consciousness similar to 1960s is possible in today’s world. The ‘60s movement might have had its flaws, but it left us a manifesto on how to create social changes in a peaceful and unified manner. Social changes can occur in one of two ways; they can be forced by a mass population who decide to stand together under and for a certain cause(s). Or, they can be socially engineered by those who engineer everything else that make up our reality. Ultimately, the changes will always have to pass through us. As consciousness rises, the difference will be in whose version will end up creating?

The recent Occupy Wall Street movement (2011) was an exercise for both sides- the light and dark forces. It demonstrated that unity was still possible under a single cause and can spread outwards. But the moment was flawed because of government infiltration and others seeded within the dark forces. In the end, it seemed rather pointless because the protest held no promises and offered no solutions. It was highly unlikely the 1% were going to change their ways because of some public outcry, but it was refreshing to see Americans (and parts of Europe) stand up for something outside of nonprofit and focused, organized causes.

People have more power than they know. Our entire world could change within days to weeks if people only knew how to grasp the concept of unity, selflessness and collective consciousness. People have always held the power to affect personal and social change. Instead, the golden dangled carrot has distracted ourselves away from virtues that matter by pacifying us through our attitudes and have made us apathetic. Perhaps the dark forces learned more from the 60’s than we did.

Technology is practically paving the way for mass movements and peaceful revolutions to become possible. Ideas can spread quickly if people are committed to them. In the 1960s, word got out through word-of-mouth, handed-out flyers, posters plastered to walls and hand-held signs. Today, we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and group text messaging, to name just a few. Almost everyone on Facebook has at least 100 Facebook friends. A mass movement could literally begin from right behind a keyboard. Everything appears to be in place for a massive, unified shift in consciousness to occur. We (humanity) are the last and missing piece of the puzzle. Life appears to be waiting on us to do something one way or another.




In this moment, you are benefitting from one of these changes as you read this book. Currently, there are waves of cosmic energies flooding our planet. This positive wave of energy is beneficial to every one of us as they affect our cells on a subconscious level. These waves are being provided partly by our sun and the electrical currents that hit the earth on a regular basis. These forces create changes which we define as planetary shifts.

Planetary shifts are known as changes that seem to occur at once which affect the consciousness of our planet. These changes appear to occur in sweeping wave patterns because we will see major changes happening around the world but what is actually happening are moment of awakening when the brain has finally shifted. This is what gives it the appearance of having a switch suddenly turned on. The brain is a delicate organ in any changes in electrical or chemical input can create drastic measures.

The term planetary shift is in the term officially recognized by the scientific community but has been around for ages (literally). Ancient spoke of celestial bodies along with solar and lunar eclipse. The science of cosmology brought to our experience planets and how they affect our zodiac cycles. These are all events that can influence and affect planetary beings.

The first known planetary shifts due to cosmic energies was said to have occurred in or around 1981- which happens to be when children of psychic abilities called indigo children, were starting to be born. The 1980s were full of political turmoil with major events practically happening daily. By the end of that decade, the old Soviet Union was dissolved and the Cold War ended. It was also the decade that saw a single brave soul stand in front of a People’s liberation Army tank as a symbol of defiance. The Chinese government had used violence in response to students protests. When the courageous student stood in front of an army tank, the moment was shot by photographers and shown all over the world. This single act of defiance reinvigorated the protesting students who gained moral support from the photograph (and Beethoven’s ninth Symphony). These protests were known as the Tiananmen Square protest (1989). Unfortunately, the heavy mite of tanks and bullets bore down on students armed with classical music and the heart to stand up for the future.

That same year, the Berlin Wall came tumbling down in Germany to the delight of American actor David Hasselhoff, and the German people. The entire world watched as huge chunks of cement came cascading down uniting the East and Western half of the country. Friends and relatives were once again reunited in a sign of unity for the country.




The next such cosmic event was said to have occurred in or around 1993. As we moved closer to the millennium, pinpointing major moments of actual shifts became more challenging. Time appeared to be moving faster and changes occurred more rapidly. This was aided by the fact that there was less conflict than in previous decades as humanity began to shift from relative darkness into predominately more light. A mentionable bright spots from 1993 was the Peace Agreement signed between Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestinian Prime Minister Yasser Arafat. This marked the first end of violent fighting between Palestinian and Israeli Armed Forces. Another bright spot was the birth of the Digital Age which continues to expand up to this day.

The decade closed on a dark note however, with the death of Princess Diana (1997) and John F. Kennedy Jr. (1999). An old trend had reared its ugly head once again. Are we due for another decade or so of change or are we in the throes of something greater? The first decade and a half of the new millennium has been a relative see-saw of changes.




In 2001, we were presented with the World Trade Center bombings and the Iraqi and Afghanistan wars that followed soon after. The housing bubble burst in 2007, affecting nearly everyone globally and in 2009 Barack Obama was inaugurated as president of the United States.

The housing crisis of 2007-2008 was unique in many ways. The government sprang into action unlike financial crisis of the past but it failed to recognize how it was responsible in creating it. The government had repealed acts which served as safeguards, thus making subprime lending possible. The government flexed its decisive muscle by making unprecedented decisions in deciding which businesses would survive and which weren’t worth saving during the “Too Big to Fail” theory. Bernie Madoff was made the face of greed to the tune of $65 billion as the financial crisis swept throughout most of Europe with Spain and Greece affected the greatest. In the end, the people paid the biggest price in lost or diminished home equity while new potential home-buyers are required to jump through hoops for approved for a home mortgage.

In international affairs, Libya was toppled in 2011 as parts of Africa and the Middle East struggle for stability. Genetically modified organisms (GMO) became a hot topic of conversation making Monsanto a household name. And finally in 2015, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in favor of Gay Marriages. It has been a rather turbulent start to the first part of the decade of the new millennium and that didn’t include tsunamis, earthquakes and tornados that affected tens of millions of people worldwide.

Things may appear to be getting worse as we move further into the new millennium but this could be a case of things getting worse before they get better. The question still remains however, “who are the changes going to benefit the most?” There appears to be a silent and invisible tug-of-war between man and the nature of unseen forces. Nature is makes her changes and man instigates his. This could be why those sensitive to change and others who are aware may feel like we are living on a virtual see-saw with changes occurring so rapidly on both sides. Our world is like a giant glob of silly putty right now being shaped and molded in various forms with each imprint of the thumb creating a different shape. This is mainly why it’s so crucial to awaken right now and become conscious because who knows where we’ll end up and how things will go if we don’t put our conscious collective imprint on the mold that is being created.



Critical mass is the minimum amount of people needed to create an effect from a direct consciousness shift. This term is normally applied to nuclear fission but has recently been used to depict the consciousness shifts due to collective thought. Simply becoming conscious and aware is the first phase. The second phase is directing that conscious energy in a constructive and creative way otherwise it remains energy with no intent or purposeful use only to yourself. I used to think it was enough for me to achieve consciousness alone but when the light hit me, I realized I was only really serving myself. Although I was still helping clients better themselves and their lives but it was still really serving me. I had a bigger cause to serve which I am doing now. The world needs our consciousness in as many ways possible. You don’t have to shout it from the rooftops, you merely need to raise your consciousness and hold that space throughout everything that you do. This is the minimum that you can do. Then when we allow our kids to observe us this way teaches them how to be conscious and maintain that space for themselves as well. That shouldn’t be very difficult to achieve if practiced in their younger years and haven’t become too affected by society’s mind farming.

Some people put the magic number for achieving critical mass at 144,000 (people) – all connected at the same time. I don’t know what that exact number is but the obvious impression would be that the more people who raise their consciousness, the better off we’ll all be for it. There’s always power in numbers regardless of what form it takes. I am certain if we all raise our consciousness as much is possible, Gaia with take care of the rest.




Each of us is on different planes of our evolutionary process. Some of us are well advanced due to having put enormous amounts of time and energy into becoming conscious and aware while others may still be wondering what consciousness is. It is important for us to help one another along our spiritual evolution. Those who were advanced in consciousness can help those who are just beginning to see the light. This act alone will demonstrate the level of your own conscious understanding. To borrow the catchphrase, we must “Each One, Teach One.”

We’re all in this together as we all float on top the same boat. No one is more superior to another just because they’ve reached a certain level of spiritual understand. Spiritual enlightenment doesn’t mean perfection or having all the answers to life’s questions but it does represent having reached a certain level of enlightenment. We all have something to teach and we all have things to learn. After all, we’re all still flesh and blood having a human experience. Some of us have been placed here to assist others but we should avoid creating guru-like scenarios. Consciousness isn’t a religion; it’s a realization and a birthright. It’s also an awakening to your truest nature. We don’t need to look up to anyone but look in; as in inside. There is an inner guru within each of us if we only choose to connect with that wise part of ourselves.

The very first step to becoming conscious is becoming keenly aware that you haven’t been living consciously. There may have been moments of awakening where something wasn’t quite right with your life (or life in general). Moments like these provide us with the opportunity to break the pattern of unconscious programming. We can use examples of light and darkness when referring to programs. Programs are like patterns we store in the darkness of our minds. The contextual use of the word dark here is to mean “no light.” It’s been said that our brain is surrounded in darkness and lights up when brain activity occurs. When we become mentally active, our brain comes alive with electrical activity. The mind is just a dark place, absent of light. When we recall a memory, we are pulling from the darkness into the light that which we choose to see or recall. We then see a mental image in the form of a holographic picture. This entire process is done holographically.

By bringing the image to our forefront in order for us to “see” it, this allows our pineal gland to release light though mental projection which we can clearly see with our minds eye. This requires a few moments of focused mental attention onto the mental image for the light to shine brightly onto it. This process creates a moment of enlightened analysis where we are seeing an image as clearly with our minds as we would with our eyes. By analyzing a thought or image without physically or emotionally responding to it allows us to see things clearly for what they really are. We aren’t tainting the image with our biases. We are simply seeing the picture for what it is and allowing it to tell us whatever we need to know within the moment. This is part of the process of being consciousness. It’s achieving certain stillness in the moment without trying to influence it mentally in any way. As a result, we aren’t necessarily dealing with memory (old stored data) but allowing an opportunity to experience fresh new data. This is really a lot of fun but can be mind-boggling.

Living in this space is exactly how we can bring about conscious awareness as a normal and natural state. We like to make things happen in life so we take less time observing and more time plotting. An overactive mind causes us to live too far and too much into the future while missing all the finer details of the present.

Being conscious in the moment also means that we aren’t being triggered by past memories. It allows us to experience freedom from the mind. When we lend ourselves to the moment without wondering what we’re going to have for lunch, shifts occur within our minds. We can learn a lot through active listening which helps to sharpen our own focus and strengthen our attention properties.




The moment you awaken to the fact that you’ve been living unconsciously is similar to sitting at your bed’s edge after having a bad dream. The ‘bad dream’ would be realizing a greater part of your life had been lived in a sort of dream state. It might take you a few moments to shake off the realization that you’ve been dreaming and are now beginning to awaken fully to your physical environment. This shift from dream to awakened state really creates a shift in focus.

You might sit up at the edge the bed trying to analyze the meaning of the dream- which is good. This can be very helpful in gaining insight that you didn’t have before. Any type of thought processes applied to our thoughts and behaviors allow for more light to be shed on our physical experiences. Whenever we are living life unconsciously, it’s as if we are living in a dream state that appears completely real to us with one main exception. The exception is that we are not in control- the same way we aren’t when we achieve the REM (rapid eye movement) state of sleep. We’re fooled by this because we believe we are thinking and acting when we are really running hundreds of different programs accumulated since birth. These programs can be powerful if and when they carry an emotional charge which override any primary brain function that the time. This process is how we allow information from our past to define our present moment. Functioning this way may feel normal due to the relative ease in which we’re able to perform this task so we often mistaken it as living.

Our subconscious mind is capable of processing an estimated 5 million bits of information per second in contrast to 40 bits of information we can consciously take. What we have done is allowed our subconscious mind and its storehouse of memories and programs to make our daily conscious decisions for us. A lot of our memories are stored with emotions attached to them. The stronger the emotion, the stronger the memory recall. This is why certain people have such a tough time controlling their emotions so they act on them to relieve the pressure which usually yields disastrous results. Our memories are supposed to provide us with information that we can apply as knowledge to make better decisions, not as a substitute for the present moment which is what most of us have been doing. This only serves to reinforce our faulty data. What we look for we will find. Our subconscious mind is always looking for ways to relate data from our past to the present to create connections.

Think of the subconscious mind as the hard drive of a super quantum computer-a vast storage space of data. This data was meant to be retrieved by us and analyzed before being used. We have been conditioned only to retrieve data without cognitively processing it for proper analysis. This all began with how we were conditioned to think and behave in childhood. At a certain age, usually around the grade school age, we weren’t expected to question the rational or validity of what we are being taught. This was taken as a sign of challenging authority and the behavior was labeled disruptive. It was reason enough to have a teacher ask a child to leave the classroom for the sake of the other uncontaminated and receptively primed minds. Truly inquisitive minds are not encouraged in our primary school system.




The children born today along with those in the future are the torch-bearers of the light. These children will break the mold we were too frightened to destroy. They are being birthed with completely different mindsets that just won’t work with the antiquated system. Even children born with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are wonderful teachers to all of us. They are the classic example of the ‘square peg and round hole’ analogy. Whether at birth or acquired afterwards, they still offer us an opportunity to observe life introspectively. These children are not meant to serve the system as another cog in the wheel which forces us to consider their role in life. They are intelligent beings- just not in the way we judge intelligence.

Humans have become such a slave to the system that we do not understand what to do with other living beings who cannot contribute to our man-made system in any way. Their presence causes us to go deep within our psyche for the answer and that is a place few of us are willing to go. Many mothers have ventured to that place to find the answers and have become more enlightened because of it, but they still have to battle the stares and misconceptions of a completely brainwashed society.

Much research has been conducted in the area of consciousness during infancy. Research has not only shown that babies are indeed conscious at birth, but has also indicated that consciousness within a developing fetus may occur as early as in utero. According to The Secret Life of the Unborn Child by Thomas Verny, M.D., and John Kelly (Dell Publishing), babies are showing signs of awareness in as early as six months post-conception. Their emotional bodies are formed through the mother’s emotional status as hormones are delivered into the unborn baby.

As parents are becoming more conscious, their babies will benefit from the conscious energies being formulated in and around them in utero. Today, there are many parents who are switching to an all-organic and conscious lifestyle. These parents are conscious and aware by having done the work on some level and are passing their knowledge along to their unborn children in the forms of nutrition, natural child-birthing and pre-natal communication (music, reading, singing and verbal speech). These practices contribute to the babies overall pre-birth learning, consciousness, and the reduction in stress levels for both. By reducing prenatal stress level, they also help reduce the likelihood for postpartum depression by the mother and hyperactivity in the child. Cortisol hormones are replaced by “happy hormones” such as endorphins and serotonin.

By the time these children (and others) reach adolescence, they will begin to forge strong alliances with one another as they begin to reverse the conditions created by the unconscious parts of ourselves. This process may occur in full-bloom during the 20th years of the 21st century. This time should culminate with the passing of the “old-guard” to the new “beacons of hope.” We are the baton passers- you and I. It is our responsibility not to drop the baton during the handoff. By achieving even a sliver of consciousness can greatly reduce the risk of a sloppy handoff.

The human race has been behind for most of life’s track run but a second burst of energy is available for all those interested in finishing strong. This energy is the consciousness of the human spirit acting through the human body. Tomorrow’s children are awaiting our handoff of the baton as the “fresh legs” of their soul’s consciousness finishes the race we spent lifetimes lagging behind.








“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”

-Desmond Tutu

THE DEFINITION OF HOPE has several meanings. The most common uses for the word is to have confidence in the future and expectations of something desired. It also means wishful thinking. The context through which I use the word hope is that all is not lost. Although we (humanity) have been suppressed for hundreds- if not thousands- of years, we are beginning to experience a movement towards freedom from suppression and tyranny. We can still have confidence in the future by setting our expectations correctly. Freedom comes by way of the truth. A single moment of truth can lead to a windfall of knowledge. Sometimes all it takes is the right trigger for a “wall” to be knocked down within the mind. Without this type of knowledge and insight into our behaviors, our transition to the truth becomes more challenging. A good understanding of ourselves is important but a deeper understanding of how our actions have led us to where we today is even more important. This process is what helps bring about complete consciousness.

The world is where it is today because of our beliefs. We have been misled in many ways and told many stories we accepted as truth. I will spare you the rabbit’s journey down this path but I allow me to use recent modern history as an example. History (or his-story) was meant to be a factual account of events but this is proving to be incorrect. Important facts have been suppressed, distorted or at times completely omitted. The old phrase that “history is written by the victors” is apparently true. As our web of reality begins to deteriorate, we will require a different understanding of our past. The established creators of our historical texts intended to create a world according to their image and likeness. You can find a good example for the re-establishment of order while researching the Council of Nicaea and the many “reformations” that took place after that. Establishments are formed of men and by men of certain statutes to create the order of that Age. But as skewed as some of our past information has been, we can still extract truth and expose lies from stories these stories when you know where to look and how to decipher.

The idea of learning from our past is to prevent us from repeating it. Sadly, it appears we have learned very little from the mistakes of our past. Sometimes this is difficult to comprehend. When the Nazi blitzkriegs stormed through Europe, it touched off the Second World War. By the time the allied forces secured Germany’s surrender, over 60 million people had been killed. That total was estimated to be about 3% of the entire world population (est. 2.3 billion) back in the 1940s. World War II ended in 1945 which was only roughly 70 years ago. We should never forget how Hitler sold the war to his own people through lies and deceit (dark energy). If all we take from the atrocities of World War II is a genocidal war waged by a Nazi dictator and his followers against the Jews and people of other descents, we are missing the larger picture. The fact that this event unfolded near the mid-20th century should be closely scrutinized by all of humanity.

There is something to be said about our ever expanding world population. We have been tipping the scale of what the planet can provide without our ingenuity since the earlier part of the 1900s. Our present number of 7 billion is currently unsustainable, but it got this way for many reasons (which are another book onto itself). But using war as a form of population control (which has been a popular and long-held belief) is textbook dark art. There is nothing more exemplary of the dark force at play than the act of war.

Our experience on earth can be viewed as a puzzle. We are trying to find our way to freedom and enlightenment after many stumbles and falls over many lifetimes. We are all trying to get back to experiencing humanity as it was intended without the interference of the ego and dark magic. As beings of light consciousness within a physical human body, we all represent the same thing, only in different outer shells. Where did we get the impression that we should all look the same other than from beings who want control over all of humanity? Why aren’t animals conducting such battles over physical appearances and genetic differences? They experience their own versions of reality according to their levels of consciousness but based on our behaviors, we behave with less consciousness than they do.

This divisive belief system was created and taught because it isn’t innate in nature. We didn’t all come off an assembly line nor did nature make a mistake. Humans are as varied as the flowers in a botanical garden. Why would one form or variety of nature be revered and the other one despised? This form of psychosis is a large part of what is plaguing the human mind.

This primitive, non-terrestrial and hierarchical template has been imprinted in our minds and it permits certain people to believe in the actuality of perceived superiority to others. Humanity has been brainwashed and programmed into partaking and supporting ideas that erode the rational human mind and contaminate the human consciousness. We have silenced our inner knowing by creating an inner judge and critic. This has caused us to move far away from our true selves. The world as we know it today- with all its intricate systems of various forms- does not support the light within the human being. It simply performs what it has been intended- to dim the light within the human body over time until it is extinguished in its life form.


Since the 1960s, humanity has swung back and forth between conscious and unconsciousness. The 2012 Mayan prophecies appeared to have touched those who might not have previously considered consciousness before. Due to the effects of mind-controlled programming, consciousness is no longer something that happens to us naturally but rather it is something that needs to be sought out. Recent authors and spiritual teachers such as Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and Marianne Williamson- are amongst the many others that helped lead the consciousness revolution. They were not the originators of it but their contributions led to a mass movement that formed a wave. Talk show host, Oprah Winfrey helped push the consciousness movement to the forefront of the unfamiliar general public by creating a platform for most of the aforementioned spiritual leaders. Every well-known speaker appeared to have their moment in the spotlight. These speakers connected to a wider audience who might have otherwise never heard of their work. Oprah single-handedly helped expose their message of consciousness, love and awareness to millions around the world. This effect, combined with others that happened before and around that time, helped bring about an awakening to people who were still fast asleep. A simple act of awakening projects light onto this world. We all have the light within us- waiting for us to awaken to it. Once we begin to achieve consciousness, it will help to ignite the flame that provides the light. We will become ‘lighter and brighter’ in our thinking and being as more light begins to shine from within. It is this light that chases away the darkness.




The ‘light’ contains information which carries wisdom, knowledge and understanding that reside within each one of us. Our soul contains part of the light itself. This may be a complicated topic and challenging for some to accept depending on their beliefs but it isn’t necessary for you to believe to gain the wisdom stored within. Your own truth will be revealed to you once you seek the knowledge from within. Teachings and shared knowledge are meant to serve as a trigger or food for thought. You are always free to do with it what you choose. But the more you quiet your mind and open your heart; your own truth will be shown to you in a way that you cannot deny it. You won’t need me, or anyone else, to tell you who you already know yourself to be. All that is needed to clear the space is love, belief and faith that the truth shall set you free.

Spiritual wisdom, true knowledge (untainted by false-truth) and understanding have nothing to do with our ‘left-brained’ analytical systems of the material world. When I refer to the meaning of intelligence, I am not talking about Western academia or intellectualism but rather the ancient wisdom of ages. This intelligence through knowledge of oneself (called gnosis) and the understanding that the earth and every living organism within are all interconnected symbiotically. We must spend more time developing our spiritual practice of doing the work by going internally within ourselves. Doing work on ourselves allows us intimate access to our innermost parts which carry pertinent information which can be used as knowledge. Once we process and deal with what we receive, we can take that knowledge then apply it to our lives.


The more information that is arisen, the more advanced our knowledge and understanding becomes. This process repeats itself for as long as you can withstand it without retreating. When we stop this process, we stand the risk of reverting back to our old ways or quitting the process altogether. But if endured and continued, we can begin to unlock powerful hidden secrets that lay dormant for (perhaps) centuries. Life will begin to take on an entirely new meaning as your “eyes” will become open. You will experience the sensation of being able to look through or beyond things to uncover the truth. While everyone is told to look up, you’ll be the one looking down to see what is being hidden. This experience is truly a remarkable one and not one to be taken lightly. Great understanding and insight must be handled responsibly in relationship to others experiences of life and levels of understanding.

But once the light is achieved, the journey doesn’t stop there. It continues until the ultimate condition is achieved- the light body of the highest frequency. This means the complete experience of Oneness throughout all parts of the body. In my opinion, this should not be something one aspires to but rather as a condition of accumulated consciousness in a single lifetime. Once our vessel is filled with this condition and can sustain itself for periods of time (cells within our bodies vibrating at their highest possible levels), the body will become primed for a proper dismissal. This is brought upon in achieving our predetermined mission here on Earth. When the union between the higher and lower aspects of us cross, meet and converge; this is a moment of true bliss - the experience of being in complete oneness with all our multidimensional selves. The higher intelligence within (the same one that keeps our heart beating) decides when it has completed its earthly mission and returns the body back to the earth above ground- not below it. The template for the body is destroyed as their will no longer be a need to reincarnate in the physical.



Each organ within our body has its own electromagnetic field. The heart has an electromagnetic field about 60 times greater in amplitude than the field generated by our brains. According to the Heart Math Institute, the electromagnetic field, as measured by an electrocardiogram (ECG) machine, can be detected between two people when sitting within 3 feet of each other or when holding hands. They also noted that compassion, love and other positive emotions pass through not only our own electromagnetic field, but can also transfer externally to others as well (within close proximity). Is it possible that this could be done over long distance as well? I believe that it can.

Since there is an electromagnetic grid that makes up part of our Earth’s invisible ionospheric surface, I believe that sending love in the form of a thought could reach its intended recipient regardless of where they are. This would work similarly to sending an email to a friend over a broadband like Wi-Fi. Armed with this higher level of understanding, we can direct our conscious intentions and send love to people and places in need of those messages. This can be done through meditation, psychic and mental projection or prayer because they are really all the same, they differ only in process. We can have an impact in this world without the need to lift a single fist or gun.

The praying Buddhist monks in Thailand and Tibet have known of this power for centuries and have used their prayers as a way of bringing about world peace and harmony to the planet. It is completely possible through organized conscious movements high vibrational thought projections to bring about peace and love rather than warfare. We can create an awakening within those who are trapped between their own darkness and the light within them.



Many ancient esoteric teachings talk about the Divine Feminine. The Divine Feminine was described by many names. Some called them Divine Energies, Goddesses and Deities. Some even consider the light half of the Yin and Yang symbol to represent this energy. Many ancient traditions depicted a time when women were revered and placed as Goddesses who sometimes yielded more power than the Gods since she was the true giver of life. Based on historical evidence, we are aware that women once ruled kingdoms.

Well before Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603) occupied her throne as the Queen of England, there was Hatshepsut the Queen of Egypt.

Hatshepsut was said to have ruled over all of Egypt in 15th century B.C. Her rule was described as a peaceful one and promoted arts and trade. Egypt was later ruled by Nefertiti; the powerful wife of Akhenaton in 14th century B.C. These are just a few examples of a time period when women rulers were the norm rather than the question. According to historical texts, women rulers proved to be more than capable of leadership. What’s more important is that the feminine energy is one of divinity. Everyone possesses both male and female energies due to our mothers and fathers. These energies are required to be in balance and harmony with one another otherwise one half will begin to dominate the other.

The ego is a masculine-fueled entity driven by acquisition, possession, will, power, submission, domination and conquest. It seeks to conquer every horizon before creating others to conquer. It also seeks to serve itself only and the means often justify the ends. The ego is not the male energy that resides within us. This is a very important point to understand. Instead, the ego uses the male energy within us to accomplish its pre-programed ends. The ego is oftentimes confused with male energy which implies that the male part of us is at fault, thus creating more division, separation and self-hatred. By falling for this spin-cycle of negativity towards self, we continue to dig ourselves deeper down the pits of darkness. We don’t have the faintest clue of what a real male is. All we really have to go on are images we’ve been sold.

The purity of the male energy within all of us can be described as the nurturer, caretaker, protector, provider, and source of strength and courage when needed. Both women and men are capable of demonstrating these traits. The obvious difference is that one can more easily perform these traits which are innate to them. This is a brilliant creation because it lends itself to form a cohesive unit. It’s the perfect fitting of the Yin and Yang halves which creates a single circle or sphere. If both sexes were equal in task, we have redundancy which is counterintuitive and can create combative energies instead of supportive ones. It would be similar to having two superstars on the same team as in the case of basketball for example. Both superstars would want the ball in their hands at all times when there is only one ball to go around. This type of chemistry does not work very well in sports or in nature. Skills cannot be identical and must balance themselves out in some way to achieve harmony. By having a specific gender especially good at certain things while the other contributes the skills in other ways, life works in harmony.

This symbiotic relationship is the ultimate, genetically coded blueprint for teamwork. One could hunt and gather food while the other tended to the young and prepared what was brought back. If the male were to injure himself, the female could go out and gather what was needed by leaning on her traits. This ensured they wouldn’t starve to death if the male were to become injured to the point where he would be ineffective in obtaining food for the day.

Over centuries, the ego spirit began to rise within males which caused them to begin dominating the feminine energy. Though the roles never changed, the manner in which they were conducted did. Women were no longer appreciated our revered, but were looked upon as inferior beings to the superior ego. The symbiotic relationship between man and woman turned into a master-servant type of role. Women weren’t asked to do things but were expected to do things as the dark force of the ego spread across mankind. As the ego began to grow in stature, it came into conflict with the strong but subtle feminine energy which served as a reminder of its weaknesses. This was dealt with by suppressing the feminine energy through the removal of her rights causing a complete imbalance within humanity. By inordinately stacking the scales on the side of the male, the life of the female was barely above that of a farm animal. This caused darkness within women who suffered untold abuses and mistreatment at the hands of the male ego. If not for the powerful, nurturing spirit of the female, darkness may have consumed both sexes which would have doomed future generations to come. The feminine energy, not the male, has kept the darkness from consuming the world. By nature, women aren’t killers while it takes little for a man to take up arms and kill an enemy.




As we begin to move away from the male-dominated ego, we are experiencing a return to the feminine archetype. Male chauvinism and machismo is as out-of-date as the VCR is today. Men are beginning to turn towards their feminine side by expressing more love, compassion and life-affirming attitudes in and towards nature. They aren’t afraid to go against the old paradigm of overcompensation for male inferiority. They also understand that being in touch with their feminine side doesn’t mean they are feminine. Intuitively, they understand that rejecting a part of themselves means rejecting the whole of themselves. We are seeing a slightly more evolved male species that are very different from centuries ago.

Men will continue to play an important role in society but this will be done through the truth of their nature in place of the illusions of their egos. The psychosis of female hatred and indifference within the male psyche should dissolve as our consciousness bids riddance to it. Men, as well as women, will learn to love and appreciate all women for their contribution to the continuity of life. This love will be expressed through gratitude, appreciation and recognition of the beauty in life itself. A new society will be formed as we move beyond knowing we are one and into the understanding it takes cooperation and teamwork to nurture and protect the longevity of the human species. This will replace the slow and steady deterioration and destruction we are still seeing present today.







AS THE EARTH AWAKENS and completes her new cycle, a new age is upon us. Humanity stands at the gateway of a new age- The Age of Consciousness. For those who have been pursuing their spiritual work in this lifetime, it will feel like a Golden Era of sorts. A dream that most thought would never become possible is now within reach. For those only beginning to wake up, it will be their greatest opportunity to leap beyond their current state at breakneck speeds. Time is giving the appearance of accelerating at a faster rate when the reality is that our brains are awakening and processing quicker.

Technology has caused us to keep up with it and as a result, our perception of time has accelerated as well. This is causing a chain reaction that is beginning to take effect. As we scramble to keep pace with an ever changing environment, our brain activity has begun to increase. This internal change, combined with a mutation that is occurring beyond our control is creating a perfect storm for an enormous awakening for all. We still get to choose which way we want to focus our attention. Not everyone will become a part of this movement but enough humans will- which should cause a tipping point for a consciousness revolution and change on this planet.

It might appear we are regressing at times due to push back from the dark force. But as the light begins to shine within us, those still under service to the dark force will try to find ways to regain some of the control being lost. We may see more deforestations and fracking going on. There may be more man-made disasters due to various forms of toxic leaks and spillages into our oceans. GMOs may continue to spread and branch out into other products as well beyond just grains. Animal mistreatment and brutality may increase in the coming years. This will occur because the dark force does not like to lose nor does it want to go out quietly but we still hold the key to how things will end. If we begin to take a proactive stance, we can preempt many of these tactics before they unleash more darkness on their way out. The dark force of the ego is like a bully- all it takes is for someone to stand up to it and it melts like a block of ice. The reason it has been able to garner so much force is because we have failed to stand up to it and say, “no more!” We have allowed it to become what it is today.




The Age of Consciousness is a moniker for what I see is happening on the spiritual plane. It’s the way I see the future for humanity as we begin to rise in consciousness. Additionally, I can also see what is happening with the other side. There isn’t a scripted for what’s coming in our future unless The New World Order becomes our undesired reality. But we can fend and create for ourselves once we learn to work together. This would be their worst nightmare come to fruition and the reason we’ve been kept separated for so long. We cannot continue to rely on the government to take care of us especially once mass consciousness is achieved.

The event of September 11th 2001 was a test run in consciousness of which I was a part of. Terrorist attracts aside, what the world didn’t get to see, or catch a glimpse of, is what a rough and tumble city like New York was able to accomplish once people united under a single cause. When the towers crashed, everyone looked to help, and it didn’t matter what race or religion they were. The city had never felt safer as people were kind to each other as a sign of solidarity. Blood donations rose by 2.5 times greater than normal amounts. Violent crime statistics dropped dramatically the day of the attacks and remained low months after. There was little need to encourage people to do the right thing because it was understood. I witnessed this firsthand standing in the thick of it a few blocks from the towers. I felt the love and consciousness of the people which took over after their state of shock had worn off.

According to the Global Consciousness Project (GCP/EGG), their data showed an anomalous spike hours before the first plane hit the towers. They have been monitoring and collecting data for 16 years using generators they call “eggs” which are placed at random location throughout the world. The events that preceded 911, and the data collected by the Global Consciousness Projects indicates that there is a conscious connection between us all and when major crisis events occurs, we have the capacity to put aside our petty differences and unite to help one another. This should serve as an example to all of humanity; we can handle affairs on our own if ever forced to.






Man in the western world has been trying to “figure out” how consciousness works since he first became aware that such a thing existed. The first pioneers of the modern world to study consciousness were René Descartes and John Locke.

René Descartes is best known for the philosophical statement “Je pense, donc je suis” (French); I think, therefore I am which he declared in his Discourse on the Method (1637; French) and later included it in the Latin version Cogito ergo sum, as part of his Principles of Philosophy (1644; Latin). This type of inquiry into existence went directly against the pope and church rule. But, credit must be given to Descartes as he laid the groundwork for consciousness in the mid-17th century.

Later in 1690, British philosopher John Locke, wrote and published John Locke’s Essay Concerning Human Understanding. Locke defined consciousness as “the perception of what passes in a man’s own mind.” His definition went beyond Descartes’s view of consciousness as being mechanical, and his essay was so well received that it influenced 18th-century view on consciousness. His description of consciousness was later included in the Dictionary in 1755.

The earliest use of the words, conscious and consciousness in Western tradition dates back to the 1500’s. We derive the use of the word conscious from the Latin word, conscious, which means “together” and “to know.” This particular meaning could imply how consciousness is known when two or more people are present. Or it could be implied to mean when two parts (or halves) of ourselves are together- such as the two hemispheres of our brains. They didn’t have a description for the experience of consciousness at that time. What we understand about consciousness today is when the two halves of our brains work together in complete alignment, knowledge is derived. When searching further for Latin phrases associated with consciousness, we find the word conscius sibi, which translates more closely to “knowing with oneself.” These Latin phrases and descriptions are how we understand and experience consciousness. The fact that both definitions are accurate is astounding. It speaks of working together - which achieves harmony through unity and derives knowledge- which can only be achieved once we (truly) know ourselves. When consciousness is experienced between numerous people, it is considered collective consciousness.

The term collective consciousness was first coined in 1893 by French sociologist, Émile Durkheim. Carl Jung was able to separate consciousness into two thereby nothing that there is a personal consciousness and a collective that everyone shared. This form of consciousness explains how we are all connected on the mental and psychic plane through the sharing of one universal mind.

Early Western philosopher’s struggles were due to their attempts to understand consciousness by picking apart similar to what a horlogerie (watch-maker) does by peering at the insides of a mechanical watch. Meanwhile in India, they had been practicing consciousness since 1500 BC through their Hindu culture. More surprisingly, it’s been believed that consciousness might have been practiced 1000 years prior to that by the inhabitants of the Indus River Valley, who left hardly any sign of their existence. Very little is known of this mysterious civilization other than the strange written language they left behind. Their written text has yet to be translated.

The Hindu culture of India explored consciousness and expressed it through their Sanskrit language. Words like dharma, akasha, karma, mantras, mandala, prana and yoga all came from the Hindu tradition. Consciousness was a normal way of life in ancient India (pre-colonization). It was a passageway for all those seeking enlightenment. They followed the philosophy of yoga called Sutras (Yoga sutras of Patanjali 400 CE is perhaps the most popular), which included a four-stage system to higher levels of development. Some of the disciplines range from celibacy to vegetarianism with the final stage called Samadhi. Samadhi is the ultimate experience of oneness- the ultimate cosmic state of consciousness. This tradition is still practiced today and experienced resurgence thanks to a comeback in the 20th century.

You can point to the arrival of yoga from Eastern Indian traditions to the West as being a big contributing factor towards the consciousness movement in America. Yoga was considered the “supreme contemplative path to self-realization” by Swami Vivekananda. It really took hold of the west in the 1960’s when Maharishi Mahesh Yogi became associated with the Beatles rock band, along with the popularity of the best-seller “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda (1946). The yoga being practiced in the West today has lost much of its tradition and connection to the original Hindu principles. What was originally created to serve as preparation to higher states of meditation had become commercialized and repackaged as a bodily fitness and trend modality. But it’s beginning to regain some of its conscious origins however, as instructors are becoming more conscious themselves. Almost a century later, yoga’s impact is still being felt within American culture.




The 21st century may be bringing lots of changes on the horizon but a more accurate truth is that a change in consciousness isn’t one of them. Consciousness does not change- we do. There will be no upgrades to consciousness. Consciousness isn’t a technology like some with scientific minds suspect it to be. It is a state of being which few adult humans have ever experienced in its truest form. Previously, achieving a state of pure consciousness may have taken an entire lifetime of dedication before becoming fully realized. It was a way of life for many dedicated devotees as they practiced achieving the arousal of their kundalini energy. This was said to be located in their root chakra and traveled upward through their spine until it reaches their crown chakra and achieves illumination. The prospect that total consciousness could be achieved without the use of ancient texts and traditions is intriguing but given the fact that we are all born this way- it is certainly a possibility.

Now that we understand more about the ego and the challenges it creates in our lives, we can focus on clearing that aspect of ourselves and removing the blocks to allow the state of consciousness to be experienced. Furthermore, in removing the emotional blocks from our minds and bodies, the peaceful, loving energy of oneness can flow up our bodies and up to our brains. Some modern scientist and supporters of technological singularity (biological artificial intelligent AI) struggle with consciousness. They believe that consciousness can be located and then downloaded onto an integrated circuit such as a microchip. The egoist approach to consciousness will never end but I believe there is nothing to worry about. There are limits placed upon us by a higher intelligence that will always save us from ourselves.




Our marvelous brains will also not be receiving an upgrade as there is nothing wrong with our hardware. The problem has always been with us. We have acted like children with a new toy and allowed our parents to take it away from us when they recognized its powers. We have placed our own limits on the most remarkable piece of hardware known to mankind. Through the lack of use and/or misuse of our brain apparatus, we have sometimes made things worse for ourselves. According to Michael Chorost, author of World Wide Mind, our neocortical region is believed to have as many neurons as the galaxy has stars (100 billion). Noted cosmologist, Carl Sagan once wrote that “Civilization is the product of the neocortex.”

The human species hasn’t always been the way it is today. There is evidence of advanced civilizations dating as far back as 75,000 years ago in Africa. According to the website, The Daily Galaxy (dailygalaxy.com) and published findings via the University of Bergen, archaeologists discovered evidence of symbolism and language in Africa. Humans were also producing perforated shell ornament, polished bones and geometric designs incised into lumps of red ochre nearly 75,000 years ago. There was something going on with our ancestors that we are struggling to achieve today. What we are now uncovering is that they were not as primitive as we have been led to believe but could have been much more conscious and developed mentally than we are today.




A real problem with our brains could be the congestion of useless inapplicable data and implanted images that are clogging up our brain’s ability to function at its peak. Just as a drainage pipe will not function well until the culprit blocking the flow of water is removed, so to must we remove our blockages so that our brains will be free of neuronal-impeding debris. This removal process will take time because of its mental makeup and matrix created and supported outer world. We have been slowed to a mere trickle of brain activity by becoming mostly unconscious. The old common belief of the human brain was that we only use less than 10% of its capability. We now know this to be a myth as the truth is there are often several regions of the brain involved at once when completing a particular task and the amount ranges from person to person.

Recent brain scans have shown activity coursing through the entire region of the brain- even at rest. With all this brain activity going on why aren’t we smarter? The reason I believe rests not in the brain itself, but in how we use it. When we live unconsciously, we aren’t using our brain to its fullest capacity, but rather relying on the same information time and again. Instead of engaging neurons in the process of thinking, we are asking them to take the same route every day. In doing so, we end up recreating our old experiences and responses because they are based on old, stored information. We aren’t using much of our brain effectively during our waking hours.




Recent discoveries in neuroscience has shown that neocortical gamma waves (our highest functioning brain waves) were continuously present during low-voltage, fast neocortical activity. These waves were observed during both waking and active sleep. Gamma waves move extremely fast with small amplitude. What neuroscientists discovered during experiments on rats is that gamma activity was present even during anesthesia (during which case it was greater than in the normal waking states). All babies are born with gamma brainwaves as part of their natural state. Gamma waves are whole brain frequencies and a baby’s brain works as a whole since they have not yet begun to segregate it into different parts. All babies are born into a state of oneness; a whole being.

Gamma brain waves usually measure between 25 and 100 Hz- with 40 Hz being typical in all humans. Interestingly, they were essentially unknown before the development of digital EEG (electroencephalography) recorders, since analog electroencephalography couldn’t measure brain waves that high. Gamma brainwaves light up the entire neocortex when activated. This particular brainwave integrates the entire system and helps it function as a whole unit. When this occurs, it creates a blissful feeling, a sensation of oneness. Athletes experience this sensation which we call “being in the zone.”

These waves have been associated with peak performance and high-level cognitive functioning. Additionally, neuroscientists believe that gamma waves are able to link information from all parts of the brain. This is accomplished when the wave which originates in the thalamus, moves from the rear to the front of the brain and back again 40 times per second. These are truly remarkable abilities we are now beginning to wake up to.




Another indicator of rapid changes occurring as part of our new consciousness comes to us in the form of gamma rays (not gamma waves). Naturally this is still being debated by traditional scientist. Our sun has been actively omitting intense solar flares which create explosions of electricity and energy in the form of protons and electrons. I believe this magnetic energy is helping to elevating our consciousness by raising the vibrational frequency of the planet. As our Earth is being hit with massive coronal mass ejections (CME), it is having an effect on all living things on the planet.

One major benefit could be how these light frequencies are affecting our DNA. Our DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is able to absorb and emit light (bio-photons) which can spiral along the double helix and create personal wormholes in the time-space fabric of our Universe (right now this is only a hypothesis, as this has yet to proven). But for those who believe in this hypothesis, it would mean that we can literally ‘travel’ beyond our earthly boundaries to transmit and receive information which can then be passed along through our consciousness. And this may only be the beginning. But what we are now fully becoming aware of is the great potential we possess- one that may have been hidden from us for hundreds- and perhaps thousands of years.

Currently, it is estimated that 90% of our DNA is inactive causing scientists to incorrectly consider it as “junk DNA.” They considered DNA junk simply because they hadn’t been able to figure out what exactly it was for or how to unlock it. But recent research is showing that our unused (undefined) DNA is anything but ‘junk.’ Research has shown that DNA can be changed when it was previously thought to be unchangeable. It has been shown to react physically to one thing only – light.

One of the most recent discoveries surrounding DNA is its ability to emit bio-photons. These ultra-weak photon emissions give off electromagnetic waves that are beyond our ability to see with the naked eye but can be seen with specialized equipment. These were first discovered in 1923 by Russian medical scientist Professor Alexander G. Gurvich, who first named them mitogenetic rays (radiation) . Then in 1974, German biophysicist Fritz Albert Popp confirmed their existence by discovering their laser-like nature. This discovery aligns itself with what holistic practitioners have known all along- the body is an intelligent system of energy.

The human DNA is in the process of mutating and no one is quite sure what the effects of this will be. Russian scientist Dr. Peter Gariaev, likened our DNA to a holographic computer. He suggested that the human DNA might be capable of superhuman abilities such as telepathy, remote-sensing, hyper communication and other unknown psychic abilities. I read elsewhere that it might be possible for us to move objects across the room or topple cars using only our minds. These feats are seen only in movies. I’m not entirely certain of what our capabilities will be but some of them seem plausible. If we can create matter with our minds why couldn’t we move it as well? Mother Nature could be preparing us for a DNA upgrade or decoding which could literally evolve us by leaps and bounds within 20 years or less.

“A living cell requires energy not only for all its functions, but also for the maintenance of its structure. Without energy, life would be extinguished instantaneously and the cellular fabric would collapse. The source of this energy is the sun’s radiation.”

-Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Noble Prize 1937


These new discoveries combined with proposed celestial changes all point towards a revolutionary period in modern human existence. We are very fortunate to be alive today to witness and be a part of these changes but we cannot rest on our laurels and wait for things to happen for us. We must also do our part to facilitate these changes.






These coming events may almost seem like magic to you. You will begin to know things that you didn’t know before and this knowing will be coming from within you. How much this occurs and how clearly it’s interpreted by you will all depend on the level of work and clearance you’ve been able to accomplish. As you become more connected with the inner you, you’ll begin to experience a sense of heightened intuition. You may also begin to receive visions, messages or vivid dreams which will show you the truth about yourself or the world we live in. Your psychic abilities may become enhanced, allowing you to experience many forms of mental abilities. Some of these abilities might include astral traveling, remote viewing, extra-sensory perception (ESP) and/or telepathy. Many people are currently able to do one or several of these right now. Our mental capacities are truly endless monthly free our minds of bondage.

Our outer knowing will come through revelations. Many truths will be revealed little by little which will add clarity and balance to our inner minds. Most of us are currently off-balance because our ability to detect a lie, or when something is amiss, has been over-ridden often when we were children. This occurred when we learned to accept whatever we were told as fact. The result of this off-balance has caused us cognitive dissonance. As the truths make their way to your consciousness (and if you can handle it), will lead you back to wholeness. The fractal brain will begin to reunite and vibrate at its intended frequency of gamma functioning during waking states. This will not occur at once but gradually over time depending on your level and state of consciousness.





Some of the revelations spoken throughout this book are already all around us. They have been here for quite some time- hidden in plain sight as well as coded within the things we see. As more knowledge is derived and shared amongst each other, we are now beginning to make sense of what’s been around us all this time. Right now, one of the best resources for the truth can be found online or through published books. Other areas of revelations may come from the media, television and movies- some of the same mediums which helped spread the lies to begin with. Articles and news stories may appear as corrections to what was once reported while others may be breaking news. This period may become quite confusing as information may appear to come from all different directions. It will be important to remain focus on your growth and evolution so that you do not get caught in the drama. You can learn what is needed, apply it to your own knowledge base, then move on so you do not get caught falling down a particular rabbit hole. Time is of the essence for clearing our souls and we must make good use of this time period.








The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.”

-Leonardo Da Vinci




EVERYONE HAS A PURPOSE in life, a reason for being here. This may look different for everyone but each soul comes here to have this experience for a reason. As more people are becoming awakened, many of them may begin questioning the purpose of their existence. After seemingly having it all, material experiences can become mundane. Humans have a need for purpose. We need to feel that our lives holds meaning otherwise we will look for things outside of ourselves. Or we may look inside. The current global awakening is causing people to rethink their ideas about life and ponder some of the truths concerning their reality. The external condition of our world is also assisting with this consciousness shift by getting our attention through the dysfunction that’s happening all over the planet. Any sane person could not deny that there is something indefinitely wrong with the current state of humanity.

Over the past several years, we have been seemingly bombarded with daily images of dark and devastating news events. These tend to take place on a much larger stage with a few reaching far enough to have a global impact.

The world stage event which had many scratching their heads was the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 that went missing in March, 2014. This event was unlike any other missing airliner because it happened in broad daylight. Almost everyone heard about it yet no one could explain it. A plane disappeared from radar and has not been found since (no wreckage has been “officially” determined).

What we know for certain is that a commercial Boeing 777 aircraft carrying 239 passengers and flight crew on board vanished without a trace. In the age of technology and hyper-surveillance, no one can explain how an airliner could disappear completely from midair. Despite conducting one of the largest and most extensive searches the history of flight aviation, no real explanation regarding its whereabouts has been given.




Humanity has bought into and helped create the false illusion that we are all separate from one another. By objectifying ourselves, we began to see everyone else as separate individuals as well. Eventually we were told and influenced both directly and indirectly whom we should like or dislike. These were seeds of programs that took root at an early age and grew over time. Most of the ego-enhancing occurred during our childhood which was like fertile ground, and then we became whatever we are told.

The Universal principle is “You become and experience what you believe.” All of these illusions somehow became real to all of us. We bought into the notion that not only did we originate from separate biological origins but that these differences were diametrically opposed to each other.

As children we were told which races got along and which others did not. Later we applied the same principle to religion, politics, social and economic classes, educational backgrounds and the list goes on. We learned to choose sides like fans of football teams. Whether you were a democrat or a republican defined the type of person you were, and whether it would be possible the get along on other principles and ideals. We lost our sense of real self in a world of illusions.


“The soul is the same in all living creatures although the body of each is different”



We have now reached a point where illusions are beginning to be understood and secrets revealed. Through recent advancements in quantum physics, we have learned how the simple act of observation changed how a light particle behaved. The world we think is “out there” is nothing more than a re-creation of what’s inside our minds. The process of our imagination re-creates the images we receive through our eyes which allow us to “see.” Everything we observe is merely our perception of how things appear to be. Our entire reality comes from our point of view. We also perceive things as solid when in fact, they aren’t solid at all. We have known for a long time that all things are made up of atoms and atoms consist mainly of empty space. The only ‘solid’ part of the atom is in the nucleus and this nucleus is relatively small.

In addition, atoms are energy and we know that energy vibrates and remain in perpetual states of vibration (motion). Things only appear solid because objects are made of atoms that vibrate at an extremely slow pace. This demonstrates exactly how our world is a mere illusion in the way we think about it. Knowledge of these facts is not meant to confuse you in any way but rather help to expand your mind. We have all been living under false pretenses of reality and by understanding these discoveries, we can begin to lift the veil of illusions that blind us from the truth of our world. In doing this, we can stop chasing material things which we spend our life energies in pursuit of. We can expand our consciousness in knowing that nothing is static and that we are here to experience ourselves as our true selves rather than experience ourselves through material objects which are but mere illusions of solid physical matter.



Everyone alive today is experiencing a part of something historic. We are at the crossing of humanities evolutionary period. This is a special period that doesn’t happen very often throughout human history. The issues we will be facing are either going to cause us to rise or falter. No one ever said growing up was going to be easy. This is a time when the wars will cease and humanity will rise but the change is still up to us. We will be given the opportunity to rise above our sleepy state and evolve but we will have to be the ones who make that choice. There is much to speculate regarding to what’s to come.

We still don’t know what happened to the Olmec Civilization (around 1500 BCE), the Gobekli Tepe (10,000 BCE) or the Mayans (2000 BC-900 AD). These once-great and thriving civilizations disappeared without a trace. All of them were very advanced with the Mayans perhaps being most similar to ours. The Mayans were great architects who built magnificent structures. They were also advanced in mathematics, astronomy, agriculture and writing. Their hieroglyphic writings were complete and very detailed which they kept on codices. Their civilization was estimated at around 19 million people and they all appear to have vanished without a trace. Mineral samples conducted at laboratories showed that their area may have suffered terrible droughts throughout the Yucatan Peninsula.

Is it possible that the Mayan civilization and others like it evolved to another place and time; as in another dimensional realm? Or could something else have taken place to remove them from the face of the Earth (similar to what occurred with Flight 370)? No one knows the answers to these questions for certain. The only thing we are left with is that these people once existed and then vanished without leaving traces as to their whereabouts. Any definitive answer is only speculation but we must be open to the possibility that there are forces out there that are beyond our level of comprehension as seen with the vanished Malaysian flight to Paris.

As we are headed for change, our planet is enduring its own change cycle. Ice-caps are continuing to melt while Rivers and lakes that once held large bodies of water are now becoming dry. The fourth largest freshwater lake on Earth- the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan- is now 90% dry. Only 10% remains of what once boasted a thriving fishing economy.

If you believe it’s too late to save the planet, then maybe it isn’t too late to save us from ourselves. We all deserve to experience a quality of life absent of mental and spiritual domination. No one has the answer as to how much longer our planet can and will survive, but in the meantime- why not enjoy the beauty of being alive? We failed to make quality of life our top priority and we are now seeing the results of this. By putting profits first it has left us rich in paper dollars but poor in consciousness. We are now paying the price as we cannot “buy ourselves” out of what we’ve created. Our paper money is useless in and for anything but the matrix.



The definition of the word evolve (1640’s) is to “unfold, open out, expand” which derived from the Latin word, evolvre. It adopted its present meaning, “to develop by natural processes to a higher state” around 1832. We have already within us all that is needed to evolve into a higher state of consciousness. Our biological code is locked within our being and DNA- waiting to be rolled out. We have a powerful essence trapped inside a cage waiting to be released. Evolution isn’t some magical event that just happens to us over millions of years as we’ve been led to believe . It’s an arrival back to our truest selves without the lies, manipulations and control exerted upon the human mind and spirit. When we are living as our truest selves, we are evolved.

The power to evolve is locked inside us. The system teaches us to look everywhere but there. We are given idols and far-out concepts to hold in our mental place so that we don’t look inwards to find the answers. We attract dark events into our lives through the formation of the ego which makes us afraid of looking inside. Only those brave souls willing to face the darkness of their past will have a glimpse of what their potential future holds. If we can all learn to save ourselves, the effects of it will affect our external world. From that point, the rest will take care of itself. Whatever needs to happen will happen just as long as we are ready and have done what was needed to prepare. Everything else will turnout just as it should for our highest good.




By removing the darkness from our space, life will spring forth and display its real beauty. We will all know what it’s like to be alive, rather than the quasi-waking state we’ve had to fight through and endure.

Preparation begins by accepting and understanding different points of view which we once were formerly opposed to. Challenge your thinking by exploring different possibilities and listen to what your intuition tells you. You can do this by getting away from trying to figure everything out beforehand. You don’t have to have all the answers to accept something your gut is telling you is correct. There are several points of intelligence within the human body- the heart and brain being the most prominent ones. The solar plexus (gut) is one that we all know about but we often dismiss as being independently intelligent. Practice listening to it and notice the amount of times it is giving you accurate information.




The terms illumination and illuminated has become distorted over the past century or so. These phrases have become associated with the Illuminati at times. The Illuminati is a secret organization said to have been founded in 1776 in Bavaria, Germany. Their existence has come to light over the past 35 years due to access of information compounded by the internet. The amount of information on the Illuminati and can easily be found online and through books and appears to be growing daily. The order was created by Adam Weishaupt and was established as a political society.

The etymology of the word, illuminate (c.1500) means “to light up, shine on.” It is a back-formation of illumination. Etymology online describes illuminati (1590s) as meaning “enlightened” (figurative sense) used generally to describe a group of free-thinkers professing intellectual enlightenment (1816). Other related words are Illuminatism and illuminatist.

Paradoxically, as humans are filled with the essence of pure light, we become illuminated. Our spirit meets our consciousness in oneness which creates a light that shines brightly within. Have you ever known or met anyone filled with so much light that their energy appears ‘angel-like?’ These beings have made that connection. Some are born this way while others find their way to the light. Regardless of which journey is taken to obtain the light, being illuminated has nothing to do with intellectualism in the traditional sense, but rather the innermost expression of joy and love of life which crosses with the essence of pure consciousness thus producing the light of intellect.

The etymology of the word intellect (n.) is “the sum of the cognitive facilities, the capacity for reasoning truth,” (late 14c.). It is derived from the Latin intellectus, which means “discernment, a perception, and understanding.” Discernment is the biggest ingredient to intellect and something innate in all human beings. It’s the product of an attuned mind, aligned spirit and a sharped intuition. We must all learn how to discern for ourselves again by doing our homework and researching whatever we seek to know. Over time we will be able to discern using our intuition, which will work in conjunction with our mental capacity to provide us with the knowledge of truth.




The Indiana Jones movie franchise was popular for many years because it took the audience on a journey backed with a very compelling story. The Steven Spielberg directed adventure series starring Harrison Ford featured an archaeologist in search of ancient relics. The plot of the franchise called for Indiana Jones (Ford) to find relics believed to hold hidden powers which could be used by those in possession of it. This action-adventure is reminiscent of humans who seek to have power over human consciousness by possessing it externally.

Without the ability and wisdom to discern for ourselves what truth is and is not, the dark force will encourage people to come to the light as they prepare buffets of food and wine. They may enact new laws restoring basic rights back onto the population which were ours to begin with. We must be weary of such “do-good” from the same structure that once looked to exterminate your rights. This process is all part of an awakening. Just as we are awakening from a deep sleep back into a “waking state,” those who tried to render you asleep will not change upon your awakening but will find different ways to succeed. But once the veil is lifted for good, we will no longer be fooled or conned by life’s ‘con-men.’

In case you are wondering how all of this is possible, it might help to consider natural law and how it works. Natural law is the natural order of all things. It’s the governing body under which all living and non-living things must follow. When trying to use man’s “self-created and appointed” law to comprehend natural law, you will never get there. Man’s law was created to conceal much of the very truths you are trying to uncover. There may be times when understanding man’s law can be of assistance, but this will require a rich understanding of judicial and contractual law- along with their inner workings. When using these as tools for understanding, keep in mind these laws only serve to govern life as lived on land and not nature’s law which governs it all.

Our spiritual world is governed by Universal law- no one or nothing can escape it. It can be manipulated; however this condition is never permanent because whatever is manipulated will one day return to its natural state. Often, we are not aware of this natural state because it is beyond the form which we focus on. But this is a principle we must keep in mind. Nature will always reveal herself though it may take hundreds or thousands of years. This is her law- the law of our true existence. She tells her own story of history which we must learn to piece together to understand ourselves. No textbooks are needed, just an ability to become attuned to ourselves and to listen to what nature is telling us. She is speaking to us all the time.

When talking about nature, time is completely irrelevant. When lies are told to cover the truth, nature has a way of exposing it because passing a lie as truth is completely against nature. Eventually, the truth will come out. When things are concealed, they are done so because whoever created the concealment wants what is presented to be hidden. But nothing can seal things forever because there is no bond strong enough to override nature’s force. Time may outlast man but it will never outlast nature. Let us take the tomb of Egypt’s Queen Nefertiti as an example.

Egyptologist recently discovered the secret resting place of Queen Nefertiti- which was concealed within the tomb of Tutankhamun. This discovery might put to rest a 3000-year-old mystery, which dates back to the 14 th century BC. The secret rooms were found hidden behind King Tut’s (Tutankhamun) burial chamber. It may have taken 3000 years to be discovered but eventually someone discovered it. It was concealed as the materials used to hide Nefertiti’s remains were made of organic and metallic remains with access carefully plastered over it. It was then carefully decorated over to hide it. No one really knows who or why her tomb was concealed, but that fact of the matter is that one of history’s greatest mysteries is being put to rest. Perhaps there is some hidden irony that Queen Nefertiti’s means “The beautiful one has come.” How this revelation plays into our world remains to be seen.


“There are no secret that time does not reveal.”

-Jean Racine




In Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”, the creature in the end was a reflection of how he was treated. He was created by a young man named Victor who happened to be a scientist. When Victor saw that Frankenstein was hideous, the creature ran away into the forest to hide from prying eyes. Victor and the townspeople called him distasteful names which caused him to hide from the public. He never saw himself as a monster- it was only the outer world that did. When he happened to catch a glance of his reflection in the mirror, it was then that he saw how hideous he was. The point of the story is that Frankenstein didn’t see himself as hideous until after everyone treated him that way. When he looked at his reflection in the mirror, his identity came from everyone’s opinion of him- including his creator. Their experience of him became his experience of his self. The world had defined Frankenstein, and that’s exactly what he became.

The ego is the ‘monster’ we created. We projected it into existence and the rest of our worldly systems contributed in defining and supporting it (through various names, labels and descriptions). It’s nearly impossible to live in our modern world without any fraction of an ego. We accepted it by being part of the naming rights system created by the matrix. Our numerical I.D. is our 9-digit social security number which was entered into their computer tracking system which represents your ego-self inside the system and not you.

Our Frankenstein lives inside the system as well as our psyche. We must claim what we have created and remove our energy from it so that it may return to the state in which it once was.




The once mighty ego is preparing and now primed to fall. The ego-self we created by default is coming to an end as the systems built to support it are beginning to crumble. The matrix system established for control of the ego through deception, manipulation, mind-control and other various influential means has become outdated and the human creation is undergoing a cerebral tune up and spiritual awakening.

The ego has grown to be our Frankenstein. The monster we created while in our child-like dream state of growing up must now become reconciled by putting it to rest. But this should be done in a conscious and spiritual manner. Vilifying it, without assuming personal and creative responsibility is putting our blame on it. In doing so, we are putting the blame back onto ourselves which enables the loop of darkness to continue. There is no one to blame since we collectively lacked the spiritual insight to avoid such a creation. We have been giving away our collective power for millennia and it’s now time to put an end to this. We must rise above the cycle of blame by taking responsibility and remembering we were the ones who created it. Placing the blame onto things outside of and including ourselves creates a circle of victimhood and darkness which we must escape from. This is a destructive cycle of creation which functions as a spiritual trap. As powerful but unknowing spiritual beings, there are no victims in life. The bottom line of our ego’s creation is that it belongs to us because we had a hand in creating it. Therefore, we must now use both hands to change it.




There are several reasons why systems fail. The main one is due to incorrect assumptions. Perhaps it’s possible that the creators and keepers of this Matrix incorrectly assumed that humanity would never rise out of its waking sleep state. But even Rip Van Winkle woke up after 20 years of deep sleep.

Another reason systems fail is due to poor design. As we are becoming more modernized, the system has to reinvent itself while maintaining its edge over our egos (and ourselves) so that we can take back control over it. Since things are happening so rapidly and the changes are occurring so quickly, the system of control doesn’t have the luxury it once enjoyed- time. This creates the potential for unintended results.

The direct result of raising our vibration is creating an interface problem with our ego and its support systems. Things meant to lure us through false illusions are beginning to lose their appeal. We will begin to question our desires to purchase certain item or to perform certain tasks. We will loosen our grip on the illusionary matrix world as it releases its grip on us. We should welcome the poor user interface created by becoming more spiritual and less ego-based. This breakdown of the matrix will happen as the erroneous data through which we’ve been living our lives will become exposed.

The final sign of a system crash is due to faulty hardware. In this case, the “faulty hardware” certainly in the eyes of The Establishment that is causing trouble is our neocortex which we are beginning to activate and has been waiting to serve us in the correct manner. The vibrational shift from within will occur inside our brains while slightly affecting our bodies. The neocortex is already beginning to produce high gamma waves (approximately 30-80 Hz).

Andrew Newberg, M.D. and author of “Why God Won’t Go Away,” studied Tibetan Buddhist monks in meditation by using brain scans. He discovered that the monk’s brains were functioning in a completely different manner than those of ordinary people. What he observed was that when the Monks were in deep meditation, their brain dominance shifted from rear to front. When the frontal area was activated, it supplied large amounts of brain energy which leads to a higher state of consciousness. This is what we can expect to occur in our very near future as we continue our awakening to consciousness.








“We cannot fight darkness with darkness. We have to find compassion, and embrace the darkness inside of us in order to understand it and, ultimately, to transcend it.

-Debbie Ford


FREEDOM FROM THE EGO means we will have to transcend the darkness from within. We all must face our own dark world both individually and collectively. We’ve made our share of mistakes due to our egos, false beliefs and misperceptions which must be faced by us to get to completion and wholeness. Darkness looks different for everyone. Some people carry more darkness than others. There could be some terrible things witnessed or involvement with dark things such as drugs, physical or sexual abuse and other negative acts which created more darkness within. Whatever the case, we all have to walk that journey to freedom. We must traverse the forest of darkness to reach the comfort of the light.

The meaning of the word transcends (mid-14c), means “to escape, inclusion in; lie beyond the scope of.” The word transcend derives from the Latin word, transcendere; “climb over or beyond, surmount, overstep.” Furthermore, it is also associated with another Latin word scandere, meaning to “excel; surmount, move beyond.”

When we process each definition of the word, we can understand transcending as meaning; to overcome, rise above and to move beyond our current experience or existence. We all have the capacity to transcend anything were faced with in life. We can most certainly transcend the individual and collective darkness we’ve created to achieve the light of consciousness.




Our greatest fears lie not in the images we see but the images that we imagine. Fear resides within us- deep within our psyche. It cannot be in what we observe although it may seem that way. When we are very young, we begin to see things that frighten us. We often observe children being afraid of the dark which actually begins in infancy. There are many things children see which adults cannot. Their field of vision is different since their veiled reality has yet to take hold.

There may actually lurk ‘scary monsters’ within their interdimensional vision but as they grow older, they’ll be told of their imagination which is where those creatures will be placed. In time, bedtime stories read to them of heroic characters will edge out the “monsters” from the child’s conscious mind. Ironically, children’s cartoons also contain images of scary monsters and violence disguised as cartoon humor. These imprinted images may look harmless when in fact they sometimes contain hidden subliminal images and perform acts which the subconscious mind processes as real. These images are then stored deep within the child’s mind and can induced fear if and when they are ever triggered. Since television frequencies induce a hypnotic trance in children, they will appear unresponsive as they view these images.

As adults, we fail to recognize the significance of these mental images because we dismiss them as harmless cartoons when the child’s subconscious mind treats them as if they were real. To the subconscious mind, everything is considered real.

The things we fear is always comprised of our worst nightmare of what could happen to us rather than what is actually taking place at the moment. Fear is an emotional response which we haven’t conditioned ourselves out of yet. Instead, we often foster our fears by subsidizing it through movies and television programs. Fear is also reinforced by conditions created by our friends and siblings who get a kick out of watching us scream by startling or terrorizing us.

When we grow into adults, we tend to gravitate towards the darkness of fear because of the subliminal or direct conditioning established during our childhood years. Our “adult monsters” shapeshift into people or events we experience in our daily lives. Our “monsters” could be people of different races, nationalities, gender types or religions. Our fearful scene takes the form of experiences and events we don’t wish to occur or experience. But it all takes place only in our imagination. The darkened, shadowy actors of our imagination take the form of our deepest, darkened fears as our mind creates the set. They patiently wait their turns until called upon by you so they can experience themselves through you. All fears work this way. They are formulated by and through the human mind and body. It attracts externally to our experiences the darkness which already exists within us. Knowing that we are doing this to ourselves is the reason love is the main ingredient to our spiritual and freedom.

Due to being externally focused, we believe that our fears are “out there.” We create our own fear factors to play out which already exists in our minds. Our imaginations hold all our fears and these fears usually dictate what our emotional responses to certain events and experiences will be. They dictate how we think, feel and treat other people we never met before. They can influence the way we vote and shape our opinions on life. They possess such raw power that they can shape our world without us ever becoming aware of it. Our fears are little monsters of our youth-the same ones that lurked in the closets and under our beds. They are the monsters we may never get to confront because they lurk within the deepest, darkest recess of our minds and control our actions.


“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

-Franklin D. Roosevelt (1933)




The order of the ancient world was built by the power of myths. These myths powered their imaginations and created or influenced their world. A myth is a fictitious story usually about divine beings which were passed along as true and sometimes sacred. They were endorsed by the priests or rulers and commonly associated with the main religion of that time. Myths were used as a way to entertain, teach, shape and subtly influence the people’s minds. Their firsthand accounts or retellings stories are today’s version of an epic Hollywood blockbuster movie or franchise.

Author and mythologist, Joseph Campbell’s shot a documentary called The Power of Myth, with Bill Moyers. In it he talked about all the different world religions, customs and beliefs he had studied and was the world-renounced authority on modern mythology. His documentary aired as a PBS special and was later released in print in 1988. In the book he wrote:

Myth basically serves four functions. The first is the mystical function,… realizing what a wonder the universe is, and what a wonder you are, and experiencing awe before this mystery….The second is a cosmological dimension, the dimension with which science is concerned – showing you what shape the universe is, but showing it in such a way that the mystery again comes through…. The third function is the sociological one – supporting and validating a certain social order…. It is the sociological function of myth that has taken over in our world – and it is out of date…. But there is a fourth function of myth, and this is the one that I think everyone must try today to relate to – and that is the pedagogical function, of how to live a human lifetime under any circumstances.”


Myths didn’t just disappear along with the ancient world- they reinvented themselves and adjusted with the times. The primary medium used to spread myths was no longer mouth-to-ears or through word of mouth as they were replaced by bounded written texts. As the world evolved and humanity grew more connected, myths began to lose some of their power and appeal. Now anyone can create a myth and other things known as urban legends. One day we may come to realize how much our lives have been powered by myths all along.





The first known heroes in the classical sense were the Greek and Roman gods of ancient mythology. These “gods” were men of superhuman strength and courage and were also known as demigods- half man, half god. Even today, some people still maintain these gods as heroes or as the demigods they once were. As civilizations grew and attitudes changed, new examples of gods and brazen heroes were needed. Our modern definition of the word hero ranges from “defender, protector; chief male character in a play and story, etc.” to a type of…sandwich (New York City 1955)?

Humans have always been encouraged to search for heroes outside of themselves and society has suffered no shortages of them. By the early 20th Century, a new market was created out of comic strips called the comic book. The first comic book was published in 1938 by D.C. Comics. It featured the first action hero on its cover called Superman. Superman was a regular man by day and a Super- man when called upon. He grew so quickly in popularity that he became the quintessential image of what a modern-day superhero should look and be like. He literally launched the modern day genre of comic book heroes and continues to serve as that model through today. What once was read by 7 to 10-year-old boys and cost a dime to purchase is now a $900 million industry- which doesn’t include movie rights. Marvel Cinematic Universe (Marvel Comics movie division owned by Disney) is currently worth $7 billion (2016). Yes, we love our mystical superheroes and this doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Paradoxically, as humanity feasts on the à la carte of modern heroes, the one true hero is rarely honored or recognized- you. We overlook the hero in ourselves because we can’t destroy things with lasers shooting from our eyes or possess superhuman abilities to heal any wound in seconds. Some look to their parents as their true heroes which is empowering but we don’t give ourselves credit for enduring in this third dimensional space. We take ourselves for granted because we fail to recognize the little things that our bodies do for us everyday day. In this time-space reality, “You are the real superhero.”

Each human being has taken the long journey to become a part of this dimension of finite matter. We entered this world alone and waited patiently in solitude for nine months until the time was right for our bodies to enter the world. Deep within us is this knowing of magnificence. We may recognize heroes outside of ourselves whom we can appreciate but the ultimate hero is the one we face each time we look into the mirror. Everything we seek is and has always been in front of us- we’ve just been looking in all the wrong places. If we can acknowledge our own brevity and courage, we might not need the ego to fill that void. We can begin to embrace the magnificence in ourselves and everyone else.


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”


– Marianne Williamson, A Return To Love


We are all heroes and perhaps by recognizing this, we can begin to act in that manner. We can be noble men and women who treat others with the same respect we treat ourselves. We can meet each day with courage instead of fear. We can defeat the forces of darkness that wants to rob us of our birthrights from within our being. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple acknowledgement or a different way of looking at things to begin making big changes.

We were told to look for heroes everywhere but within. Now that we know where to look and what to look for, we can begin to act upon that. We are more powerful than we can ever imagine. As powerful as Superman may be, he has nothing on us. Clark Kent/Superman will never achieve consciousness from the pages of the comics or the images being projected onto the screen- but we can.




Preparing to face our own inner demons is never an easy task, but it’s one we must each partake in. Some demons are but mere shadows, causing havoc at random intervals in people’s lives. Others are like behemoths- looking to destroy the host and anyone who gets in its way. The demons of our world are our own shadows. They are our ego-created projections and the darkness we’ve allowed into our minds.

The etymology of the word demon is from the Latin daemon, meaning “spirit.” It is defined as an evil spirit, passion or influence. If we look at the definition of the word evil, it is from Old English yfel (Kentish evel) meaning “bad, vicious, ill, wicked, cruel, unskillful, harm, crime, misfortune, or disease”. All these behaviors and experiences fell under the definition of evil by the early Anglo-Saxons. Since none of us are ‘angels’ in the purely physical sense, then we are prone to misunderstandings and performing some of these actions that are outside of our true selves. The demon or daemon is the darkness of our own ego. I’m using this example strictly on the basis of linguistics, etymology and the value system of definitions and words. I am not referring to the word demon in any religious sense or context.

Our psyche has been shown images of demons in books, magazines, television and movies but few have actually faced anything similar in person. We have, however, encountered people who have been cruel, wicked, bad, vicious, and harmful- sometimes even including ourselves. It’s time we stopped being afraid of our own shadows and begin facing up to them. You might surprise yourself of being stronger than you once believed.



Our mind is our temple, and we have done a poor job in guarding it. We lend our attention to anything that catches our eyes. We allow into our psyche glossy gossip magazines, value-less entertainment, CGI (computer graphic imaging) movies containing million bits of digitized data and violent images and explosions. If we turn out attention online, we are peppered with constant pop-up ads or adverts that follow you from site to site. We are tempted by articles with catchy titles and videos with catchy headings. Everywhere we go, there are several bits of data all screaming for our attention.

Music was once a powerful force in this world. Now, it has lost most of its value for influencing positive change. The ones that receive the most recognition are the ones chosen to do so. There may be a few that slip, but not often. To find music that deposit nuggets of gold, you must go in search of them. Some artists are more known for their personal lives than they are their music. The entertainment value of our lives has gone up while the actual value of life itself has all but diminished. What was once considered entertainment has been replaced by what now tries to pass as a form of it. The line between what is real and what’s an illusion has become blurred. The system has led the sheep to the edge and wants to convince the sheep that the edge isn’t really there.

During the medieval period, gargoyles were found outside of churches and other medieval structures. They were believed to stand guard to ward off terrible evil spirits. The medieval period was known as the period ruled by superstitions and other dark forces but the idea of guarding a sacred space or temple is a useful and valuable one. Who is guarding your mind? We have allowed our minds to run amok by allowing just about anything into it. We were never taught how the mind works or the value in guarding it, so we have countless thoughts, stories and images stored within it. The erroneous truth we believe about ourselves is we can sit through a violent movie or watch a violent scene take place on TV, then walk away unharmed because it was “just a movie or show.” To the all-knowing mind- there is no such thing.

If you want to help de-clutter your mind, limit the amount of television you want in a week. Ultimately, you will want to get rid of television altogether. But in the meantime, try to avoid watching negative programming of any kind, skip the commercials and vet every program you expose yourself to.

The same should be done with music and the people you surround yourself with on a regular basis. If you are looking to make positive changes in your life, you’ll want to surround yourself with positive people. Taking these simple actions can reap huge rewards. You will begin to feel confident that you are taking a proactive stance in your life as you start turning your mind from an abandoned piece of valuable property into a magical kingdom filled with gold.





“You cannot transcend what you do not know. To go beyond yourself you must know yourself.”

– Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

CONSIDERING US HUMANS require the use of books, webpages, CDs, webcasts and videos to help us achieve consciousness is proof of how far we’ve fallen. A state we experience in utero up to our very first breath has long left us for a simulated model of existence. From the moment we take our first breath in this world, our true essence slowly gets stripped away as we make our progressive movement towards unconsciousness. Many people will spend their entire lives living vicariously through their false avatar- never finding their way back to themselves.

Life creates many opportunities for us to change in an attempt to get us back onto our journeys but some will never heed the call. They will be too busy blaming others for their fall from grace. And when all else fails, they will begin blaming life itself. Change is the only way back to reclaiming the state which was once ours. For those who fear change, they will tend to cling tighter to their false avatars and the life they’ve created through it. The fear of change and the truth may be so great that they don’t think they handle it. Those who are beyond this point can be of great service to these people who have difficulty coping with the other side of reality.

The real problem was never the world that surrounds us. The problem was always what we created. When it comes to the world as we see it today, everyone is culpable. This includes us and well as those who created the matrix.




The creators of this matrix took advantage of the mental amnesia we all experience at birth and induced us into experiencing a world similar to one Alice did in Wonderland. Our unconsciously driven lives turned into our very own ‘caucus race.’ But fairytale usually all have happy endings. Even Alice woke up from her dream state by fending for herself using knowledge and reason- some of the very points I’ve discussed in this book.

Some may be familiar with Alice in Wonderland, a child’s fairy tale written by author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under his pen name; Lewis Carroll. Originally known as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland , a tale depicting the strange adventure of a young girl named Alice who notices a white rabbit while spending time on a riverbank with her older sister. She follows the white rabbit down a rabbit hole, which leads her to a hall full of locked doors and this is where the wild adventure begins. The rest of the story can be viewed as Alice’s attempt to get back home. The story is full of metaphors- all cleverly disguised which can be translated into situations and experiences we’ll encounter in our lives.

We are like Alice, having fallen down a rabbit hole. We will spend our lives in a virtual wonderland until we are ready to find our way back home. We have friends all around us- some of which we may not see. There are beings known and unknown to us who are always trying protect and guide us out of our maze of hidden doorways. Some may call them angels, guardian angels, loved ones, higher beings, like beings, and/or the Holy Spirit. Children often report having imaginary friends or fairies that they see and interact with. As we grow from childhood into adulthood, we are discouraged from living in our imaginary realm and are condemned for day-dreaming when we do. This shuts down our sixth sense and connection to our outer realm by causing us to ground ourselves into the physical world. In time, we will learn to turn away from our non-physical realm completely.

Alice was helped greatly by the animals around her who acted as her guides. Throughout her adventure the white rabbit lead her for most of the way along with her notably companion, the Cheshire cat. This simple fairytale, published in 1865 and beloved by children and adults alike, strongly demonstrates how we may feel as if we’re experiencing this journey alone, when in fact we have friends to call we can call on for help. We are by no means alone in our journey towards total spiritual freedom. Some of us may already be perceiving the help that surrounds them while others may be completely oblivious to it. But someday soon we will know how much we are being helped- out of this wonderland and back into the world where we belong.




The first true step to becoming conscious and aware occurs through recognition and awareness. It is important to recognize when we are acting and behaving unconsciously and when we are being completely conscious. When we are aware of the differences between the two, we will notice it in how we feel, behave and experience life. Our interactions will have a different tone to them. We should also begin to notice the sensation of being more grounded wherever we go as if everything centers around us- not in an egoic way but rather a sense of connectedness with everything. Our conversations will begin to feel more genuine as we send out and receive positive energy from others.

As we experience this newfound state of consciousness, life will begin to take on a different vantage point as what you focus on shifts. You will begin to see things you never noticed before but were always there. You will hear things which you might have missed before. This could be while having a conversation with someone or hearing an indirect comment made by someone else nearby. These may stand out as things you may have been thinking at the time or had discussed a short while ago. This is called synchronicity.

Synchronicity is a concept first described by Carl Jung. He described it as an event (or events) that appear as coincidences but hold meaning to those experiencing it. His book titled, Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle spoke of a force that resides outside of our normal range of perception and how these forces interacted with us in what appear to be randomly occurring events. Jung delved deeply into the realms of parapsychology, premonitions and previsions as he tried to explain paranormal occurrences. His work with the subconscious opened him up to a new field where most other notable psychologists refused to go. Through his brilliant work into other realms, he helped bring to humanity added insight into our dimensional reality by explaining it in modern terms. By combining his understanding of the scientific mind with paranormal and supernatural occurrences, we’ve been able to look closer into the other hidden world of our minds. And thanks to his work on synchronicity, we’ve been able to gain a better understanding as to what might be behind randomly strange coincidences that occur to us periodically.




There are times when living life unconsciously may seem like a simpler and easier way to live. When we are living life unconsciously, there are smorgasbords of entertainment to choose from. We never have to move ourselves outside of being unconscious because we can simply coast through life being entertained without having to think- which could induce consciousness. Living life in this fashion doesn’t require any spiritual work, inner self-exploration or real cognitive effort. The attitude is of only needing to show up as a requirement- the rest is already taken care of. Of course, this way of living is pay-to-play. Nothing is “free” in the unconscious world of the matrix. You will be paying one way or another.

Today, we are seeing entertainment reach heights never seen before. There are so many flashy, shiny and bouncy things to distract us from our true nature. Living the ‘outer life’ can appear to be so much more appealing than going deep within. Deep mental and spiritual work feels foreign to those living on the outside and isn’t nearly as fun as grabbing the remote. Eventually, the unconscious will run out of time and chances. Life wills beckon for them to change which will occur one way or another.

There may be moments when the inspiration to change gets through to those living the unconscious life and some may even make serious attempts to change. They may take incremental steps towards change or they may experience stages of falling in and out. This process isn’t an easy one for those seeking to change their lives because the temptations of the old way of life are always whispering to them. It may disguise itself as the path of least resistance which is where they stumble and fall. They will always point this out as a moment of weakness. This usually happens when the change is approached from the outside rather than the inside.

Then there are those who go inside then focus their attention outward to affect change in their lives. These are people who seek to do volunteer work or help out with a cause in some way. This may bring about change because they are doing something of service to others which helps bring them closer to themselves. It also opens up their hearts which can provide them with the opportunity to connect with their true self. This isn’t a solution for transformation, but serves only as a bridge. The internal work must be done on a spiritual level by centering our focus on the light within and inducing consciousness. Volunteering at a soup kitchen is a very noble thing to do, but it doesn’t make you conscious as there are many who are not.




Seeking to become a conscious being is something that should never be approached with force or aggression. In fact, consciousness shouldn’t be approached in any manner other than the truth. The truth is the way and the destination. It isn’t the only way as there are many, but the journey toward consciousness starts with the truth. This means we’ll have to travel through the darkness to find the truth because the truth is in the light. When we find the light, then we can ‘see.’ The light will show you what you have been unable to see by dissolving the veil that covers your eyes.

Some people may claim to be conscious when they are actually being fooled by their ego into “thinking” they are conscious. There is a difference between thinking you are conscious and knowing you are conscious. When you know you are a conscious being, you don’t describe yourself as being conscious. When you reach the state of true consciousness, it becomes you. This would be like describing yourself as a living human being. The state of being able to describe yourself quantifies you as being alive. I am including this for those who believe they have achieved consciousness, yet still struggle day-to-day with various issues. Consciousness isn’t the destination, it is also the journey. I see many people misunderstand this path to consciousness, which often leaves them feeling misled, frustrated and confused. Doing yoga, being a vegetarian, journaling daily and reading every New York Times best-seller on spirituality in achieving consciousness isn’t going to make you a consciousness person. All of those are only tools and quite frankly, aren’t all that necessary to achieving a state that’s already locked inside you. But any form of assistance in our over-stimulated world can be helpful. Still, the work needs to be done internally by removing the ego from your essence, then connecting to your higher mental self, spirit and soul in combining to produce consciousness. Sustaining that state will then require being in the present moment and living each moment in total awareness. Your mental capacity should be one of peace and clarity as you move through life. This is consciousness as best as could be described using words.

If frustration, anger, fear, worry, bouts of depression, emptiness, a lack of total peace are part of your experience more often than not, there is ego hiding somewhere. If love, peace, compassion, empathy for yourself and others isn’t felt fully, then there is more work to be done. Consciousness is the journey that never ends. We are either walking along the path or headed the wrong way. But we cannot escape this journey because the journey is life and life is the journey.




Our mental awareness helps us recognize when we aren’t being conscious. We can’t think our way to consciousness as the process of thinking is the facilitator. It helps to activate our brains much like a switch turns on a light. The switch isn’t the light itself, but initiates the process. When we aren’t thinking (i.e., using an active brain) and we haven’t reached full consciousness, then we are unconscious. We move about through programs stored within our subconscious which are a collection of memories dictated by our egos.

When we choose to live this way, we are no different than the walking dead- living beings not fully alive but not dead either. This is a state where the soul is virtually absent within a being and the ego recognizes itself as the master of the human experience. We are servants to the ego’s whims. The television series, The Walking Dead based on the comic book series, depicts human survivors walking amongst zombies in a post-apocalyptic world. Zombies are usually depicted as mindless, soulless beings. This is how they are depicted in pop culture. The term zombie is also used in different ways such as when banks are insolvent and dependent on government assistant to continue operations, they are known as zombie banks. This term was used often after the housing crash of 2007-2008. Computers that have been compromised and controlled by a hacker are called zombie computers. Will there be a time when the term is applied to people who have been hacked and controlled by their own egos or has Hollywood been trying to send us a hidden message all along?

If life happens in the moment, what happens when we are not in the moment when life happens? There are people who check out mentally” or run from a moment when it appears too challenging. Some also use checking out as a coping mechanism to avoid trauma (or further trauma). This is one of the abilities our brain performs to protect us, but it shouldn’t be used outside of life or death situations. Going there too creates another state similar to adult daydreaming. It becomes a form of escapism from life and drastically stagnates growth. The purpose of this mechanism should be to survive a situation, then seek out help to heal from it soon after.

Being present in the moment may seem frightening at first because we are so accustomed to using various tricks and techniques to hide ourselves from it. Being in the moment requires us to release all attention off of ourselves and place it onto whatever is happening in the space that surrounds us. When done consciously, all judgement, opinions, preconceived notions and ideas and any other form of mental chatter ceases. We allow ourselves and our senses to be connected to the moment as we interact with it. When we do this, we become one much like blended colors in a single piece of abstract art. We are creators creating life at every moment much like an artist creates art.




According to the National Science Foundation (NSF) we have about 50,000 thoughts per day. Some experts believe that number to be as high as 80,000 thoughts- which would amount to about 3,000 per hour. This can be broken down further into 50 thoughts per minute (I’m using these figures sparingly because time spent sleeping isn’t factored). We should ask ourselves how many of these 80,000 thoughts are original and new to us. With this many thoughts per person, we would have found a cure or solution to every problem on Earth, but this isn’t the case. Far too many of our thoughts are repetitive and occur on a daily basis.

Another factor concerning our thoughts is that many of them aren’t even our own. By spending time watching television, listening to the radio, or hanging out in noisy environments, we pick up a lot of background noises which tend to play in our heads. They all vie for attention along with the other thoughts we have daily. Other thoughts we sometimes hear are those of our parents. They tend to show up in our heads based on the things we heard repeated over and again. These could be lessons that they preached or criticisms that left an impact on us.

Some of these thoughts may not make it to us consciously, but many often do. By working overtime, our brains are constantly filtering out noises so that we can have clear thoughts to act upon. We make decisions based on our thoughts and when we are unconscious, this decision-making process is overrun by whichever thought is the loudest or most powerful. We may also feel strongly pulled towards something which we give into without giving it much thought. Cerebral overload, along with attention-seeking vibrational thoughts- make it more challenging to be and maintain states of consciousness. Too much brain stimulation can rob us of our mental capabilities- especially when they aren’t contributing to our expansion. The less external stimulation we expose our brains to, the better off we are. Focus is important for centeredness and we shouldn’t make our brains work harder than they have to when filtering out noise pollution. Our environment is already filled with noises barely audible to the human ear but interact with our brains. We can do ourselves a favor by not making things unnecessarily more difficult.

Author Eckhart Tolle, (The Power of Now, A New Earth) talks about listening to the voice inside your head as often as you can. In his books and videos, he talks about mental liberation from the “constant stream of thoughts” that plague us daily. He stated that by “watching the thinker,” it helps us become more aware and present. In an online interview on the Power of Now with Dr. Tan Kheng Khoo (kktanhp.com), Tolle mentioned how listening to the voice “impartially, without judgement” will lead to the realization that there is you- the sense of consciousness - who is listening to the entity of yourself- the incessant ego who is speaking to you. This is an important step towards self-awareness.

You are the presence- The I Am, listening to thoughts being broadcast to you in a continuous loop. When you become aware of these thoughts, they tend to recede and become less prominent. This process is the awakened separation from the true you and the ego-self. You will begin to realize when you are doing the thinking yourself and when you are being spoken to.

When we are unconscious, we tend to mistaken mental chatter for our own thoughts; which they are not. They are the chatterbox of the ego. The more thoughtfulness and awareness you bring forth while doing things, the more present you’ll become. This rise in consciousness allows your present being to rise past the ego-self; causing it to take a back seat to the moment. The ego can never be in the moment because it is not real (in the context of having a physical form). It exists as our imaginary thought-form which must be conjured up by us. It exists in our past or projected into our future but can never exist in the present moment which is absent of both. It sits there waiting to remind us of who we were, who we hope to be or who we pretend to be- but never who we really are.

We must be reminded that the ego isn’t the villain so we shouldn’t make it out to be that way. It is described that way because it impedes our spiritual progress, but we are the ones who created it to become this way. It doesn’t matter whether it was done with or without our conscious consent because nature doesn’t judge in that manner. What does matter most is what we do with whatever we’ve discovered. Nature lives in the present, which is why what happens in the past has little bearing. Our job is to correct whatever we are doing and to help others do the same.

The ego is of a dark essence because it was created and shaped by those with darkened roots. It takes on our darkness which allows it to grow. Therefore, you can say that it feeds off of our negativity. There may even be times when it appears to be helpful like when we use anger to escape a sticky, unpleasant or threatening situation. But this is an illusion. The truth is, if we didn’t have the ego, we might not have found ourselves in that situation in the first place. Our egos are what we’ve made it out to be and we must deal with what we’ve created so that we can evolve beyond it.

Thinking of the ego in this way reminds me of the 1987 action movie Predator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. In a scene towards the end of the movie, Schwarzenegger puzzlingly stares at the strange alien being he’s been sent to kill. Before completing his task, Arnold stares into the injured predator’s face and asks, “What are you?” The creature takes a few breaths and slowly utters in its alien voice over labored tones; “I am what you are,” before bellowing a sinister laugh and self-destructing by blowing itself up.

We all have within us a creation which has turned predatory. It seeks to consume our light by ruling our lives. How vicious it is or how much mercy it shows depends on how much darkness we feed it. We have a relationship to it which must be recognized, analyzed and internalized to be free from its dominion over us.


“…the past gives you an identity and the future holds the promise of salvation, of fulfillment in whatever form. Both are illusions.”

Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now



When we pause before physically reacting or responding to something, we create a mental gap. This gap is important because it allows for thinking to take place rather than responding without thought. Once we learn to choose our thoughts rather than act on the ones given to us by our past programs, we are reducing a fuel source of the ego. This cuts off a possible food source for it. There are some who believe that they can chase away the ego by starving it out. This is partly true but again, it is the process and not the destination. If consciousness is not achieved, all it takes is a moment of being in the ego for it to begin feasting again and it will seek to feast with more vengeance.

Everything must be approached with mindfulness. You cannot “kill” or “starve out” the ego because it is made of energy and exists as a thought form inside our minds. Our aim should be to reclaim our truth and our truth is being conscious humans- not ego-led beings. To accomplish this, we must take over matters we have left up to the ego.




Creating a gap in our responses creates space between the cause and effect of life. By placing a gap in our mental responses to people and things, we create space between our experiences and our responses. We can describe our experience as the cause, and our response as the effect . In creating a gap, it can make a huge difference in how we respond to things when shifting from living unconsciously. By learning to live comfortably within a gap, you give yourself choices.. These choices represent freedom- freedom from your past and temporary freedom from the ego. This is one of the many ways you can reclaim your power from the ego, whose sole purpose of existence is being invited into your present space and experiencing itself through you. This fuels it by becoming a part of your energy. It thrives by experiencing itself through you.

We all have choices to make at every moment in life. We can choose completely different choices or no choice at all. It’s all up to us. Whatever decision we make, a gap allows the light of information to enter the present moment. The more we practice this, the wider the gap becomes and fills in with more light. As you operate with this state of mind, you will begin to process information very rapidly within the gap. The physical model of our brains demonstrates this very behavior for us.

Our brains consist of neurons that passes information onto other neurons through a synaptic vesicle called an axon. The transfer of information between neurons occurs at a junction point called the synaptic gap. The ancient Greek’s definition of a synapse meant; “to clasp, join together, to be connected with.” By pausing and allowing a gap to form wider, we allow for the access of information from the estimated 100 billion neurons (nerve cells) within our brain to connect with our cerebral and prefrontal cortex. Since we aren’t really used to thinking, we must allow time for our cells to become accustomed to processing and delivering real information, rather than acting too quickly on the first bits of information we receive. By allowing our neurons the time to process new information and formulate new possibilities, they begin to light our brains up like a Christmas tree. By creating more light within our brains, it creates the environment for more information to be accessed.




Light itself is information and operating our brain in this manner is the secret to accessing more of that information within a given moment. Some of this information might have been stored away years ago by your subconscious mind without any conscious awareness. Our brains pick up every detail we’ve ever been exposed to, then stores them perfectly within our mind. The subconscious mind has perfect memory and recall- it never forgets and doesn’t delete. There is a lot of information available to us, but we often lack the proper ability to access them. Memories also serve as a form of information which can be difficult to recall exactly when needed while other memories may have blocks placed upon them.

Lastly, the gap allows us to make better, smarter thoughtful decisions by giving our neurons and billions of nerve cells new tasks to carry out. This makes them come alive again. This is the purpose of mental stimulation. When the light goes off (on) inside our minds, we start attracting new ideas. Old comic book cartoons would usually depict a lightbulb above a character’s head whenever they had an idea. When Oprah Winfrey had her syndicated show on network television, Oprah, she popularized the saying, “having an ‘aha’ moment” whenever she experienced a flash of a new thought or perspective on a subject. Having an “aha moment” is actually an older phrase from the late 1930s, which meant; “having a moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition or comprehension.” Creating and gaining mental clarity is really similar to having a light bulb go off inside your head.




When we have a moment of insight, this allows us to distinguish between an old bit of false knowledge, misinformation and behavior and new knowledge and potentiality. The potentiality represents a new possibility due to this mental shift. Endless possibilities exists within each moment and we have unlimited amounts of choices to choose from if we only give ourselves the space. This awareness of choices is like the light that shines when peering through a skeleton keyhole. It represents freedom from old patterns that control our choices, behaviors and ultimately- our outcomes.

New thoughts lead to new outcomes and it all begins simply by becoming self-aware and watching your own thoughts. With this type of power and understanding, we can all free ourselves from the tyranny of the ego and become the powerful, limitless and loving beings we were designed to be.
















“It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.”

-Eleanor Roosevelt


WHEN I BEGAN DOING the work at the tender young age of 15, I had no idea I was “doing the work.” I only wanted to improve myself as a person which I started by reading a book called “The Magic of Thinking Big,” by David Schwartz (Fireside; 1987). This simple, yet enlightening book helped open my mind and enabled me to expand my horizon. Since then, I’ve never looked back. Roughly 10 years ago, I began delved into studying ancient civilizations, esoteric and agnostic knowledge, quantum physics, occult teachings, mentalism and sacred geometry. One thing most had in common is the focus and ability to harness power. And much of that power stemmed from the knowledge.

Many of the earlier civilization harnessed power in harmony with nature and their surroundings. They cultivated the Earth without abusing it. The Western world misinterprets power as dominion (control) over the environment and everything that’s a part of it. We are at war with the things we want to change and we look to conquer our environment to suit our needs. This type of attitude is a misuse of power. If you consider power as the undoubtable ability to do or accomplish something, then we are all already imbued with this power.


We have many resources of power, but our current use them are mainly destructive. We are so destructive that we stand at the brink of slowly annihilating ourselves with it. This has caused our evolution to be a slow and very difficult one. With each step forward, we set ourselves three steps backwards. When we treat one ailment, we contribute to the creation of three others. We must eventually cease listening to those who are assuming leadership roles because they do not have our best interest at heart. We are all on a great big ship being steered towards an iceberg. We must begin listening to our own intuition by challenging our programmed beliefs.

It is utterly important to recognize that no one has power over you unless it is given to them by permission or consent. We “opt-in” to their policies and procedures by voting in favor, waiving our rights or refusing to have our voices heard for enacting change. We are the bottom-dwellers (in) the pyramid of power- uneducated in the wisdom and knowledge of the ages and sacred sciences. We are all simply unaware and ignorant of the fact that this ‘pyramid’ structure we’re under gains its power from our base and if we chose to end it, we could simply just walk away- which would render the vulnerable and weak. And by virtue, it will have changed its form.

One of the greatest benefits of being alive today is the limitless access of information. This revolution is allowing us to level the playing field on many levels. If we are to understand the world we are creating today, we must understand the secrets on how we created it. Knowledge really is power which can lead us to freedom if we desire it. Knowledge is the golden key that unlocks the secret treasures of humanity. We have at the tips of our fingers the ability to access the secrets of the Universe. But first we must become seekers of this knowledge before we can become the keepers of this knowledge.

We can become beacons of knowledge through many different channels as we begin to raise our antennas and allow for the knowledge to flow through us. But we must also act swiftly and powerfully because this window of opportunity may not last forever. The dark force is relentless and will never cease trying to limit us. It may try to limit our access to free information by influencing what flows to and from the internet. It’s already been proven that the same search engine (Google) will render different results based on our “tastes.” This isn’t what I would consider “free” flow of information.

The dark force’s biggest fear is our enlightenment. An educated and enlightened society is a powerful one. The effects of living upside-down has the people whose salaries we pay (being civil servants) are the same ones who seek to control us to the point of extermination. Again, they are supported by us just as the base supports the point of the pyramid. But we can rise above the darkness by transforming ourselves on different dimensions. We can learn to stand tall and erect leaving no room for the darkness to hide. With no right angles to fill, we can chase away the darkness and step into the light. Then we will know our own power and seek to spread it until it lights up the world. Change yourself and you change the world. Help others to change and you change the planet.


There is perhaps no greater antithesis to the ego-self than the essence of humility. Humility can instantly help strip the ego of its power and hold it has over you. When we practice the art of humility, there is nothing to fight against and nothing to defend. The ego-self is always ready to fight or defend itself against something. We’ve become accustomed to using our ego power to defend ourselves from perceived physical, mental, emotional or ideological harm. In time, the ego will assume the role of guardian and protector of our beliefs and ideologies. It provides the identity required by the material world, and then plants its flag in the ground. It camps out within our mind and physical body based on our invitation of it. It has been designed to lay claim over our bodies, then show itself to others ego’s. There is no such thing as a passive ego.

Our western culture tends to depict humility as weak or emasculating. This idea was planted and sold to everyone- men and women alike. Young boys and men were plastered with images of war movies during 40s, 50s and 60s, while John Wayne became every young man’s hero. Little boys wanted a pearl handled toy gun or a G.I. Joe for Christmas. The idea of a “real man” was one who defends his honor and lives his life with bravado. Women were conditioned to love a man in a uniform which encouraged impressionable men to join the service so they could wear one. This wasn’t the only selling point for being a serviceman, but it certainly made for the perfect fringe. Part of getting young men to go to war in the mid-20th century required romanticizing it. Most might remember “The Kiss.”


“The Kiss” as it’s been most commonly referred to, involved an iconic V-J Day (Victory in Europe Day) celebratory kiss between a random sailor and a fully clad ‘nurse’ (she was actually a dental student) in her white uniform. This kiss highlighted the celebrations in New York’s Times Square at the end of the Second World War in 1945. A photographer happened to catch the impromptu kiss between two complete strangers and published it a week later in Life magazine. It has since gone on to become one of the world’s most recognized photographs.

Our modernized world still holds onto the masculine image and mentality that to be a real man means the ability to handle oneself physically. But the focus has shifted from military to sports and athletics. Young men (and sometimes women) are told to “man up” as sports began to involve a lot more physical contact. Viewership and attendance rose as crushing blows enjoyed their place on the Sports Center ‘Top 10 Plays.’ We have resorted back to the days of the old Colosseum when the Romans lusted for blood. We are now beginning to see the price this has cost us. The National Football League is currently dealing with a serious health crisis which has former players as young as 32 years old being diagnosed with CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). Other former players are being diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Legends who were once adored by millions of cheering fans cannot remember where they live when returning home from an errand. Our idea of being masculine was all about toughness of the ego. It has little to do with using your brain because if it did, we would recognize that destroying each other only leads to annihilation. We weren’t built for brutality. It’s all fun until your brain stops functioning on you. A return to true selves in a way from the physicality and assertiveness of the ego is the pathway of humility. We can still engage in contact sports, but more as true athletes and less like Roman gladiators.



Compassion is the shoulder upon which all good things stand. It helps us to understand what true love really is by serving as its catalyst. It also assists us when we want to escape the negative essence of passing judgement on ourselves and others. Compassion is all-encompassing. It is the sphere that contains sympathy, empathy, care, concern, sensitivity, tenderness, mercy, tolerance, kindness, leniency, humanity and above all- love. We don’t have to suffer to know compassion nor do we have to have compassion for only those who suffer. Compassion is the recognition and understanding that the humanity which exists in you is the same humanity which exists in everyone else. When we know ourselves to be spiritual living beings, we understand the plight that we all endure. We are neither superior nor inferior to anyone. We are all enduring the same struggle towards freedom of the spirit from the claws of the ego and the trappings of the ego-matrix world. Some are so cinched by the ego’s grip they aren’t even aware that such struggle exists. Their fate is sealed only for as long as they choose. We never know what someone’s full karmic blueprint is- which is why we should never judge their experience. We can seek to remedy our feelings in the moment by offering a positive thought, a word of encouragement or a positive action towards them. But whichever decision is made, what their soul needs most is our compassion.

The ego-self, wanting to feel superior or disguise itself as nobility will look onto others through pity or with sympathy thoughts such as “poor soul.” This is done with complete unawareness of life’s karmic cycle. Karma does not mean we should look to that soul as “getting what it deserves” or that they are completely helpless in their situation. It is a lesson for us to become conscious of our own karma while extending compassion for those with more challenging karma.

Suffering is an illusion created by the sufferer or the one perceiving the suffering. What we can do when we see suffering is to acknowledge the sufferer, not the suffering. When you look within their eyes, you are looking to see their spirit and try to connect with that. Look to acknowledge the being that still resides beneath the darkness of the situation. When you can look lovingly into the being of another, you are saying “I see you.” Sometimes that’s all it takes to reinvigorate the soul to keep working to achieve consciousness which can lead to freedom from the situation.


Forgiveness is surgery for the soul. When there is a need for spiritual healing, forgiveness is the remedy. It sounds rather simple and easy, yet many struggle with this aspect of life. We cannot evolve as spiritual beings having a human experience on Earth if we harbor hatred and animosity towards all those who have hurt us. We cannot evolve maintaining an “eye-for-an-eye” mentality. This type of mentality keeps us in a victim mode and strips us of our power. Mohandas K. Gandhi said it best when she said, “An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.” We justify the need for the ego each time we rehash what’s been done to us. Since we are here to awaken to our true nature as spiritual conscious beings, we must learn to extract lessons from every experience, then release all perceived perpetrators from it. We do this through forgiveness. If we hold onto any type of animosity, we are holding onto darkness we created through the cause associated with the person or the situation. We taint the lessons which provided the light by pouring ink-stains of darkness onto it. In negating the experience, we keep ourselves from evolving.

The etymology of the word forgive teaches us its meaning; “give, grant, allow; to remit (a debt) and to pardon (an offense).” This intentionally chosen response to a situation which may have occurred long ago brings light with it which assists in our evolution. We regain our power of feeling helpless and begin to transform our disposition from ‘helpless victim’ to the ‘grantor of pardons.’ When we refuse or deem ourselves incapable of forgiving, we carry the burden of darkness within us which only festers and grows as it consumes us little by little each day.

Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa and political prisoner, spent 27 years in jail for standing up to apartheid in his homeland. When he was finally released, Mandela performed acts which most people at the time judged as unthinkable. First, he invited his former prison guard to his inauguration ceremony- not to rub it in, but rather to demonstrate how he took what could have been a negative situation, and turned it into a positive one. His prison warden, Paul Gregory had developed a bond with Mandela during his captivity and Mandela wanted to share the moment with him. Mandela also had lunch with the man who once wanted him sentenced to death. State Prosecutor, Percy Yutar had pushed for the death penalty for Mandela during his 1963 Rivonia treason trial (Mandela was sentenced to hard labor for life). Mandela then capped his ‘campaign of forgiveness’ by inviting another one of his prison guards, Christo Brand to the 20th anniversary milestone of his release from prison. Mandela said of his relationship with Christo, “it reinforced my belief in the essential humanity of even those who had kept me behind bars.” Nelson Mandela left us the entire blueprint for forgiveness. Few can imagine what it must be like to be imprisoned physically for 27 years but we can all relate to the mental bondage the lack of forgiveness creates within each of us.

“Remember, when you forgive you heal. When you let go, you grow.”

-Nelson Mandela



The absence of war is the presence of peace. Peace is an experience virtually unknown amongst the tenants of this planet. According to a New York Times report by Chris Hedges, in the past 3,400 years, humanity has been at peace for only 268 of them. This accounts for only 8% of recorded history when there hasn’t been some sort of battle going on somewhere between warring sides. We have known war a lot more than we have peace. America, the world’s “peacekeeper” has been at war for 214 out of 235 years since its Independence in 1776. This accounts for 93% of the time versus 7% of peacetime. Lessons learned from our past has helped little when it comes to war. We still believe that peace can come from war when the principle of violence is that it begets more violence.

The desire for peace isn’t relegated to the battlefield. We face our own internal battle for peace every day. Wherever there is conflict, there can be no peace. We must find peace within ourselves so we may bring it into the world. Peace begins with us- each one of us. We are the microcosm of a macrocosmic world; therefore we must win our own individual struggle for peace within ourselves first. By seeking peace, we will find it. By choosing resolutions instead of war when we encounter conflict with others, we will start to learn what peace is about. We are packaged and sold fear by the media and our society. We’re told that everyone and everything is out to get us and that we must engage in war against our enemy- be they real or perceived. We are encouraged to get them before they get us. This kind of thinking and belief system is what creates “violence as a solution” type of mentality. Problem solving this way means coming up with new and creative ways to destroy the enemy.

The United States is a country founded by war and the blood still runs through its veins. The Native Americans were fought off the land, and then the red-coats (British) were sent back up the English Channel; and we haven’t stopped fighting. We’ll fight anything we come up against. We wage wars against terrorism, cancer, poverty, drugs, crime, gangs and even violence itself. Why haven’t we ever waged a war on wars the way we have everything else? The idea behind this is our view on life as things- objects. When something is wrong we try to fix it. When it cannot be fixed, we destroy it and build something new in its place. This way of operating is very binary, inflexible and very one-sided. It reminds me of George W Bush’s speech when he addressed the United Nations in 2001, after the 911 attacks. He stood before the U.N world leaders and declared “You’re either with us or against us.” It is in no way democratic and leaves little room for neutrality.” This type of binary ‘either-for-or-against’ mentality leaves no room for reason and it extremely polarizing.

Peace cannot be achieved through war. American writer and philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding.” We cannot look to our current leaders on the outside to bring us peace on the inside. If we can achieve peace through consciousness, there will be no more need for war. This time will surely come but it may be decades away. But the best time to start is now. Consciousness can provide the answers because consciousness understands that war, fighting and violence only help to spread the darkness “in the name of peace.” This fallacy cannot sustain peace. Traces of darkness will always rise against the supposed peace created to suppress it. This is how we create endless cycle of wars, coups, violent revolutions and uprising for the sake of peace. Only the light of consciousness and the understanding of an enlightened mind comprehends that peace is something that needs no enforcement. Most people want peace in their hearts and for the future of their children. There is a lot less darkness in humanity as a whole than the keepers of the system want us to believe. These wars are created by the dark force- not the light that resides in most human beings. We must do our part our own part and humanity at large will benefit from it. By being the change we want to see in our lives and the world, we make this world a better place. We must always remember that we cannot want externally what we don’t already possess internally. We can’t want for the world what we haven’t mastered first within ourselves.

“There is no path to peace. Peace is the path.”

-Mahatma Gandhi


Our path to peace begins with the acceptance of our real selves. When we divorce ourselves from the ego-self and learn to develop a relationship with our truest nature, we create the space to accept and practice all the virtues of self-love. We begin by learning to love ourselves- our real selves,. Then we practice loving others. Through this arraignment, we create peace. The ego doesn’t know the true love of the spirit-self. This is threatening to its reign and existence over you. We achieve peace once we understand and recognize this simple fact- that the enemy is really within and it is just an illusion. It was created by imagination long ago when we separated our self (mental mind & body) from our spirit. The ego holds as much power as we allow it to. By refusing to feed it, it will start to weaken. It eats our negative emotions which causes it to expand. Whenever we act out of anger, we have just grown it in size. Any negative emotions serve as its fuel source. When you stop feeding the so-called beast within, it will loosen its hold. Once it is weakened and faded, the light of the spirit can now shine provided you’ve done the work to allow it through. This feeling is the reunion between all three parts of you- The spirit, soul and self all combine to ignite the spark of consciousness.

We’re all born with peace as part of our nature. There has never been, nor will there ever be, such a thing as a violent newborn. Violence is a behavior that we learn. Children may have traits and propensities in their genes but they must be triggered and doesn’t occur right away. We were taught why and how to fight. Instead, now we must reclaim that sense of peace within us. When we can return to that state of mind and essence of being, we will experience wholeness again. Once we become one within ourselves and the greater majority of the world begins to see itself as one and the same as well, then there will be no wars. When the illusion of self is removed and can no longer stick, then our focus will be on peace and trauma healing from the massive brainwashing we’ve all endured. The illusions of lack and separation will dissolve- which is what causes most humans to fight in the first place. Thankfully, we won’t have to tackle this head on. We just have to do our part and our Universal governing force will do the rest. By carrying our own buckets of water, the oceans form themselves. We can also train ourselves to look for real solutions rather than those that create more problems. This isn’t about creating a utopia; we are acting from the enlightenment of consciousness gifted to us at birth.

This is the way we were intended to be- conscious and awakened human beings. Ultimately, we are the ones who will choose the world we want to create. We always have and we always will. The difference this time is that creation will be done through enlightened minds, free spirits and awakened beings. This form of creation will create powerful results that can and will affect the rest of the world. The human being must become a conscious being by awakening from its robotic zombie-like state. There are many out there that have already begun to awaken. The weights of the scale are beginning to tilt, but we cannot stop midway.

The path to consciousness is a one-way street which cannot be fully achieved until it is followed through to the very end. I believe there are many levels to consciousness. We must stick to the ones that matter the most- the one associated with this dimension, so that we can help create the shift needed for the planet to evolve. We may not all get to experience the world that consciousness will have created once it has been realized, but we should be glad to have been able to lay the foundation for it to be possible. Each civilization benefits from the one previous to it. We owe it to our ancestors of ancient past and the future beings yet to be born. We are the tipping point of the human evolution as the balance of freedom rests in our hands. The whole world now rests in our hands.





I’ve saved the best for last. As I mentioned before, love is the most powerful force in our Universe. It’s the essence of pure loving light and the ether through which our consciousness moves. As young beings of light we have a lot to know, but we will never know anything if we don’t know love. Nothing can ever be known if it isn’t understood through love. This may sound like a popular cliché because it may sound too simple and idyllic in theory, but when we stand deep in the heart of consciousness, it all makes sense. Love is the essence of our entire existence. Love is the implicit and explicit understanding that you and I are one - the same with everyone and everything else. Even the people we may dislike- they’re all a part of it too. They are just experiencing life from varying degrees of the opposite end of the love spectrum. If we fail to know love this way, then we will have failed to know ourselves.

We must make it a habit to live our lives based on love and practice being more loving towards ourselves and others. Our world cannot exist without love and the absence of it will surely seal the gradual extinction of the human race. We could completely destroy ourselves along with everything else within our path. It is love (along with all the other virtues) that will change the course of our world through the light of consciousness.

Love is the energy we must all practice allowing as part of our being. This energy radiates from our heart and we must exchange it with the world for the energy we receive in sustaining ourselves. We should all think about giving for all that we’ve taken and received. The air, water, sun and the food we consume are all provided by the Earth upon which we exist. It also provides for the constant beating of our hearts and the oxygen that fills our lungs and brains. All are loving energy provided by nature. All nature asks in return is to give back some of that energy in the form of love. This could be love for each other and other living beings. Plants, trees and the ocean are also all alive and should be treated as such. Everyone and everything deserves to live its own existence unless it poses a real danger to all.

We are failing to see life in this manner. We live and see our lives selfishly because we’ve been conditioned to do so. We’ve adopted the mindset that “It’s all about me” and the attitude that life is here to serve our purpose and needs. What would happen if all 7 billion people on the planet thought this way? The Earth could deplete itself of all natural resources within 10-15 years (guesstimate). Loving energy is not a one-way street. At some point the taking will have to cease because there won’t be anything left to take.

When we endlessly consume, we are reaping and taking unconsciously. Our daily mental way of life is to consume more than we need and give little back in return. We also provide corporations our hard-earned dollars for the products they create- which they in turn take from the Earth without replenishing in some way. We must ask ourselves if there really is a need for a new mobile or cell phone every year.

Manufacturing products requires many different minerals to be extracted from the Earth. When multinational corporations create their products, they do so through mining of various minerals. Some of these operations conduct almost around the clock mining operations throughout different parts of the world. The endless demand for products causes corporations to find solutions- which usually require more digging and mining. When an area runs dry of minerals, they simply move further out to untapped areas or regions and begin mining all over again. These corporations are responding to our needs since business is a supply and demand principle, therefore we are the ones who are creating the demand. When consciousness and enlightenment strikes, we will learn to love and appreciate the land on which we live and breathe because one day it could cease to exist the way we require it to. If we keep extracting from it without replenishment, we will tap her out completely; then battles for basic resources will ensue. Everything physical is finite and we need to begin seeing our Earth through this same understanding.

When we practice self-love, everything else settles into place. We can easily love others and everything else because we see our reflection in them. Nothing poses a threat because our false-selves have been removed from our way of life. Loving our self goes far beyond the reflection, we see every day in the mirror, it’s the positive vibration we feel from within. When we love who we really are, the reflection we see is the light from within. When there is no longer a battle being fought with the ego, illusions disappear and peace settles in and when we are at peace, we are in love. All the virtues and philosophies support one another the same way the four elements support life. We cannot have one without the other. Love just encompasses them all.

We are all connected internally and externally and we cannot escape this reality. This is the dichotomy that we must all understand implicitly and explicitly. We are the microcosm and macrocosm of life- the Alpha and the Omega that flows through us all the time. If we continue to think that someone or something is going to take care of our affairs for us, we will never grow up and learn to take care of our own affairs. We’ll keep waiting until the walls cave in and then wonder why no one came to rescue us. We are the creators of our present condition individually and collectively and we must be the ones who will reverse this trend in the same manner. We can start today by making key changes in our own lives and doing our part to contribute to the consciousness on this planet rather than its darkness.







Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!”

Walter Scott, Marmion


LOVE IS ALL THAT is real, and everything else is but an illusion.” This saying has been around for quite some time. It took me more than twenty years to grasp the true meaning of the phrase. Love can often sound like a cliché; a soundbite. It seemed to represent a hypothetical solution to all our problems. The meaning of the word itself is fleeting and ambiguous at best. We hear it all the time in our western culture, yet few know the true essence of the word. Our society has obscured its true meaning by watering it down through the use of language.

Love acts as a noun, sometimes a verb and can also be used as an adjective. We have love seats and love lives . Love can also be something we make or fall in and out of. Our use of the word has been completely turned upside down as well. We tell our friends we love them, but rarely tell it to our parents. We can love our clothes, cars, favorite foods and products, yet we can’t love our neighbors or more sadly- ourselves.

Love has become so frequently used and misused, that it has lost its true meaning. We’ve taken the meaning of the most powerful force in our Universe and turned it upside down. Our spiritual compass has become demagnetized by a materialistic society that loves things a lot more than it does people. The more we use the word ‘love’ to describe things, the less we know about true love.

When taking a step back to analyze our society and observe our behaviors, you might notice how we are living as a backwards society. Things appear to be the reverse of what they were meant to be. There are scores of people who “love” their favorite celebrity or entertainer, and would run to hug them if they were they ever to meet. This sensation of love for someone they’ve never met feels completely normal to them, yet they could never bring themselves to love or hug a complete stranger because…they’ve never met them before. We are living in a reality based on a set of illusions and sometimes it appears we prefer the illusions over facing our reality.




We’ve all been sold an image of love that is individualistic and anchored mainly in romance. When people are asked to describe love, most turn to their interpretation of romantic or relationship love. Some describe their own ideals on what they believe love is while others recall their own feelings of ‘being in love.’ For most, that is their primary model of love- a romantic one-on-one relationship with someone else. This type of love is obviously good and healthy, but it presents only a single piece of the love puzzle. Most romantic and relationship-type love is subjective and conditional. When one or both people stop loving each other, the relationship ends and they move onto finding love elsewhere.

Our Western culture doesn’t value or encourage true love either. Images of people displaying real love for one another- which occur every day in simple ways- aren’t broadcasted everywhere because they money generators. Instead, love is promoted materialistically. Young girls are sold the idea that an elaborate wedding means love or a nice-sized diamond ring is symbolic of how much they’re loved. Advertisers and television programmers symbolize love as a pink and red image of a drawn heart. The symbol and context of love are always about romance. Our national symbol of love is the same one that adorns the boxes of Valentine’s Day chocolates. Love is certainly in the air, but it’s reserved for whoever we’re in a relationship with.

Our version of love is consistent with the material vision of our matrix. Our use of the adjective, ‘my’ as defined by the matrix, is used as a possessive determiner. When it is attached to someone we love, it takes on an entirely different meaning. When we are in a loving relationship with someone, we call that person; my girlfriend, my boyfriend or my husband and my wife. By attaching the adjective, ‘my’ to the one we love, it forms a sense of ownership which is sometimes comes out in subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) ways. This explains why jealously and possessiveness tends to be a part of many relationships when either (or both) parties aren’t evolved or secure enough in themselves. They feel threatened whenever they perceive someone to be intruding on the one who belongs to them.

Children contribute a lot to our society because they allow us to take our focus off of our romantic interests (and ourselves), and place it onto someone who really needs it. We are reminded what love really is when a baby is in the process of being born. Whenever we hold onto a baby or interact with a young, vibrant child- we are reminded of our true essence which has been long forgotten. We aren’t thinking of what we can get from them or how they are making us feel at the moment. We are only concerned with what we provide to them or connecting with their joy which causes our hearts to open and experience a connection of true love.




We have been conditioned to be weary or fearful of strangers. As children, we are taught the simple phrase of “stranger, danger” and these words never leave the back of our minds. Most of us live in constant states of fear. We fear certain people for certain reasons other than themselves. Other reasons why we fear loving others is due to feeling vulnerable and our own lack of self-love. When we feel vulnerable, we believe we’re leaving ourselves open to attack. This prevents us from approaching someone with open arms. Showing love for another human being could be as simple as conducting an act of kindness or looking a complete stranger in the eyes and engaging in a pleasant conversation. It also means caring for one another and showing compassion to each other. Fear has become our excuse for not reaching out to others with love. Through the act of fear, we can never know true love.

Another hurdle that prevents us from showing love to others is the fear of rejection. Sometimes, we believe if we extend our love to someone else and they reject it, it might bring up old feeling or memories of once being rejected. The potential for rejection is often greater than the reward of connecting with love- so we become paralyzed by our own fear. It’s much easier to keep our mouths shut and eyes averted so that we can feel safe in our cocoons. I believe that connecting and loving one another is innate in all of us. Babies and young children interact and play with each other free of the concept of boundaries and self-consciousness. As they become rooted in their false-selves, boundaries are formed and self-consciousness grows which will eventually lead to self-preservation. They will eventually develop different forms of self-protection to keep themselves from emotionally feeling bad at the hands of others.




When we split something into two, boundaries in the shape of form is created. They are formed by the outlined edges of an object. They also create the edge of an object. In sports, lines are painted on a playing field which creates the boundaries of the game taking place. Football and basketball even make use of the terminology, “out of bounds” often during their play of action. Boundaries are worked out in our minds to create shapes in a space and to form limits to ourselves as we occupy a given space.

Since everything in our reality is related on a physical level, the illusion of separation forms the boundary. The etymology of the word boundary, (as used in the context of objects) means “Limit, to form a boundary of.” Boundaries limit us in many ways. Mentally formed energetic boundaries limit us from each other. When we mentally and psychically set a personal boundary, it indicates to ourselves and others what our physical comfort levels are. When that limit has been breached, we feel a sense of discomfort. We even extend similar boundaries to our things whenever someone touches them. As with many cases- when boundaries are crossed, they tend to be relatively harmless and without threat. But some people take boundaries so seriously that when they are crossed; act as if their lives are being threatened. This is how the ego behaves. Crossing a boundary is taken as an act of war. Boundaries serve a healthy purpose in our unpredictable world. They are necessary in most cases because of the darkness that exists within the egos of the world. The trouble occurs when boundaries are too rigid and inflexible. This causes them to up all the time. Because of fear and insecurity, some people become so afraid to venture outside their boundaries, causing them to act as mini fortresses.

Babies don’t have boundaries because they lack the mental capacity to create them. Their brain’s internal wisdom understands there is no separation. Instead, their world is a beautiful mosaic of moving shapes and colors. Its art come to life for the yet initiated little beings. They may lack the ability to make out boundaries that define shapes but they can recognize the shape and importance of eyes. Babies have little trouble making out and maintaining (for a short while) eye contact.

Growing up in the matrix will induce everyone to create individualized forms of everything- including ourselves. We are born as a sphere until we split ourselves in two by forming the ego. We may never be aware of this splitting of the sphere until we begin the long journey back to true ourselves.




It’s been hypothesized that we live in a virtual reality- a dream world. It’s been described as a world of illusions passed off as real to our senses. This may upset some of those who derive their sense of reality from interacting with the physical world. But there has been a lot of evidence lately that point to this being closer in definition to our physical reality. The version of the world you believe to be real may have been made up and created over several hundred years ago.

The question being asked today regarding what or how our reality is formulated is quite intriguing. There are several theories surrounding this out there but the most popular one appears to be that our reality is like a complicated simulation and a hologram. Technology and video games are changing the way we think about the space we live in by providing us with the language and relatable models we can use as examples. The rise of quantum physics is providing the evidence of a quantum world which may one day render everything we know about Newtonian science old and obsolete. The word quantum comes from the Latin word quantus, meaning “how much.” In physics, it can be summarized as the study of the smallest discrete quantity of electromagnetic radiation in a single molecule.

As we continue the search for what’s behind our perceptions of reality, we must deal with the illusions we’ve created because of them. These illusions created the world we see and for us to change our entire reality, we must face our own illusions. One such example would be the illusion of human differentially which creates division and hate amongst humans.

Studies and research into the human genome has shown that all human DNA are 99.9% similar (some say 99.5%). In this case, we have to challenge our reasoning for discriminating against others who look different from ourselves. Since we accepted their notion of superficial racial prejudices, we have created biases out of thin air. This was supported through the use of ceaseless social programming. The matrix-makers have been able to take a .001% difference in all of us to create racial disharmony amongst many humans. This shows how easily we can be manipulated into focusing on whatever they decide. They created race and influenced religious indifferences then sold it to the people. Racist are often known as ignorant due to the fact that we are more alike than we are different. It would require ignorance to place attention on the .001% difference instead of the 99.9% similarity. This is another reason this man-made system called race is a fallacy. You cannot build superiority and inferiority based on such an infinitesimally small number unless very tall-tales are told (sold).

Once our clouded lenses are removed, we will begin to see exactly how the world of our illusions was built. The truth will cause it to crumble into piles of useless debris. Once our brains know and accept the truth, our minds expand. When we are told and believe a lie, we restrict the flow of any future data that contradicts it. The mind cannot retain two conflicting beliefs so we reject information which could be insightful to us. Now humanity is undergoing a re-educating period to remove false beliefs that we once held as the truth.




The more we seem to discover about life, the more there is to know. There isn’t a single answer to life but rather a series of theories and hypothesis, which can be very exciting depending on your outlook or perception of things. But we tend to get caught up in solving all of life’s mysteries instead of focusing on ourselves. We lag behind in our capacity as conscious beings of light due to our focus beings on solving things other than ourselves- which is where our focus should reside. We can spend an entire lifetime searching for the single answer to the Universe without ever doing any type of spiritual work towards our evolution.

The world of quantum physics has brought more truth to our reality than the old mathematical concept of physics. The quantum world is spent observing our reality rather than creating or inventing it. Today, we can see how photons and electrons behave in our environment which can then be applied to conscious understanding of life. We are learning how we are connected to and influence our environment in ways that could not be conveyed through textbooks.

Life can seem like a river or a dam depending on how we view it. When life is viewed through consciousness, it feel like a river-flowing smoothly throughout. We form a dance with everything that surrounds us. We are in flow which doesn’t create any blockages. We feel supported by life and life is supported by us. This is conscious-based living.

Contrarily, when life is viewed and experienced without consciousness, it acts more like a dam than a river or a stream. We block its flow by creating barriers between ourselves and life as we try to capture as much of it as possible. This is seen through our accumulation of things. Life itself becomes a thing that we try to convert into energy instead of recognizing that life is energy. We simply need to inhale deep breaths and take in that energy. A simple walk in the park or time spent walking along the beach all provide revitalizing energy that we can use. Spending our life force defining life’s energy through the accumulation of objects diminishes- instead of replenishing- us. How we choose to spend our life energy is defined by what we put our energies towards. If we are spending our lifetime accumulating items and tangible objects, then we have created a dam to capture how our “lives” are being spent. But when we share our life’s energy giving to others (as well as ourselves) in non-tangible but soul-fulfilling ways, we have created a river. We have a constant stream of moving water that runs through our entire life. We don’t need to formulate barriers of dams trying to contain what we’ve accomplished in life. We can simply let it flow once we understand that life is to be lived-not captured. Our memories and experiences are what we live for and sharing those experiences with others is how we create our own river of life.




Our perception of life changes drastically once we consider the possibility that most of it is subjective. Our understanding that life is subjective is one variant, but a more complicated one is exactly how subjective is it? Real, everyday examples are needed to capture the meaning of our abstract reality. Let’s use color as an example. Most people aren’t aware that color doesn’t exist out there- as in the outside world the way we perceive it. Color actually exists inside of our brains. When we see color, what we are actually seeing are wavelengths of light converted by our eyes into the colors we observe.

Color falls under the electromagnetic spectrum of light which is a conversion of different wavelengths. With the help of rods and cones inside our eyes, we are able to create color within our minds. Since our experience of colors happens within us, no one else can experience it quite like we can If we were to look at a bright red dress, we would never know whether each of our version of red were exactly alike. Your red might be brighter based on the rods in your eyes, while mine might take on a richer red hue. The difference could be as slight as a shade brighter or darker.

We understand this better with people who experience color-blindness. Their inability to make out certain colors is absorbed into their world. They may not do very well when matching certain colors but they will never really know it. They have become aware of it based on our diagramed spectrum of colors and through the repetition of being told that their “gray is really the color blue. But if not for these color elements, they would never have been aware that their interpretation of color or shading was different than the rest.

In truth, we are all “color-biased” based on our experience of color alone. Since color is formulated by our eyes and interpreted by our brains- we hold true the colors which we see. No matter how much someone describes to you the bluish-green tint that they see, if your eyes are incapable of seeing it, you won’t see it. The same could be said for our feelings and emotions. We can reasonably extend this philosophy to all other senses as well. We can imagine our lives a defined by our senses inside a vacuum and forming a single point. This point is the moment of our subjective reality.

If we accept the notion that life is subjectively experienced by us and through us, then what does that say about everyone else’s experience of life? And what does it mean about life in general? We could even spiral further into questioning the point of such an existence? Before answering the last question, let’s take a shot at the first two.

Though life is experienced subjectively, it is congealed matter which serves as our focal point. This brings a sense of order to life, making it possible for us to experience it. Whatever we focus on, springs forth into our reality. Though we may all focus on the same thing at the same time which unifies us for that moment, our interpretation of it branches off in accordance to our own perceptions. This is what is known as qualia. Qualia are our subjective experience of everything. We are all experiencing qualia all the time within the same space-time reality of our third-dimensional world. By constantly creating the experience of life, which creates other experiences which then form a sort of endless loop or a series of picture frames all endlessly stacked on top of one another. The life we take for granted has mind-blowing potential and realities once we dare to take a peek at what’s behind our own curtain.




Man has always searched for the meaning of life. We can go all the way back to Heraclitus (ca. 540-480 B.C.) who referred to Anicca (the impermanence of life) and Socrates (470-399 B.C.E.) who famously said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” The point of our human existence is perhaps one of life’s greatest mysteries. Some look to religion to provide the answer while others seek to question their own existence. Life is abstract, invariable, and observable and as such cannot be defined. Albert Einstein once said that “Life is an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

Whatever answer man comes up with is neither right nor wrong. We are the ones who ultimately determine our own meaning of life. This is the responsibility that comes with free-will. But I believe if we could live our lives free of any external controlling forces such as dogmas and man’s predefined moral code, we may be closer to living our own truth which would provide the answer to our existence. When we become conscious and live our lives in accordance to our hearts, there is no need to find the answer to the meaning of life because we become the answer. This is why we are called human beings. We are here to become whatever we were meant to. Our lives have already been pre-planned by us on many levels and our mission here on Earth is to uncover that plan and bring it to fruition through being ourselves. We didn’t come here to become like anyone else, nor did we arrive with different abilities to conform ourselves into a box. When the ego-minded beings took over our reality, they created the concept that we must always be moving towards something or building something (in accordance to their outlook on life), otherwise there was no use for our existence. This created the subconscious urge within us to earn our place in life by being productive in some manner. The lure and need of money forced many to pursue it in lieu of their real gifts and talents- which could have enlivened their souls and touch other lives. This matrix created a ‘carrot-on-a-stick’ way of life for a majority of us. It also contains within it many fatal flaws. The matrix’s philosophy determines what is valuable and what is not according to its system’s creators. As long as what is being produced by humans is of benefit to the system and its creators in any way, then it is deemed valuable. Creations deemed of little value or threat to the system are depicted as having little value, ignored, vilified or condemned. This is one of the many ways the system limits the creative nature of beings whose creative gifts don’t fit in the checkbox of the matrix. Conformity to the system is (and was) against their true nature- causing these beings to struggle mightily in a world that’s been told what to and what not to value.

Many talented people such as singers, artists, writers, poets, musicians, film makers and some inventors fall into this category. For those who have been able to break past the barrier placed before them by having their work recognized, loved and appreciated have left us early before their real work could be done. These beautiful souls are too many to mention accurately, but some of the more recent ones are; Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Marley, Bruce Lee, Jean-Michel Basquiat and John Lennon. There have also been others beings who have used their voice and political power to defy the system by lending their voice to the people. These beings stood for truth, justice, freedom and equality. Some of the many notables are; Princess Diana, John and Bobby Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Medgar Evens, Harvey Milk, Yitzhak Rabin and Anwar Sadat, Mother Theresa and Martin Luther King. There have been many others who might not have been widely known but their presence left an impact on those they touched. The tide is slowly shifting as we are all being summonsed in our own way to change the world. It is no longer on the shoulders of individuals but on the collective shoulders of humanity.

As the tide slowly shifts, so too will our mental conditioning. Soon, gone will be the days of living under fairy tales as they will be replaced by our conscious imaginations of what we can become. By being shown what our conscious future might be like can assist us into maturing into our true nature. The domino-effect of such an awakening could lead to the removal of those whom we have grown dependent on to lead us. By knowing the collective power of humanity is more powerful than the collective force of “non-human acting entities” that control our political world, we can learn to form our own world without their influence. We can ask to take with them their mental manipulative techniques and all other dark energies with them as they leave. This will liberate our planet from their dark tyranny.

We would need to spend our creative energies restoring the planet back to its original purity by undoing the damage we’ve created. The mess we’ve help create has embroiled us as part of the collective karma and created our debt to life. We all share in this and must all contribute to healing it. No one can escape this karmic law as it is tied to our soul. As conscious beings, we are either contributing to this healing or prolonging it. Either way, it must happen for each soul to evolve beyond this third-dimension reality. If our spiritual contribution has not occurred in this lifetime, there is a good possibility that a return is eminent for the healing to occur. If you believe in reincarnation, you may understand this as a return to work out your karmic debt to your soul and the soul of this planet. This is not a burden, but an honor that comes with consciousness. This should not be considered if you have yet to achieve a state of full consciousness yourself. Your time will come and you will be summonsed, but only after you’ve dealt with your own personal karma. Only then will you be ready to expand into the collective karma of healing the world.





“Ego is an immature stage of development for humans, and that’s what it will be recognized as when the consciousness changes on this planet…”

-Eckhart Tolle



BEING CONSCIOUS IS THE ultimate state of being. It’s the total and complete self-awareness experiencing a moment. It is simple yet it encompasses everything. Being conscious in the moment is the complete experience of total freedom from mental constraints and illusions. This is a very powerful experience because of the sense of being in command of your life from a higher perspective. It’s also the sensation of experiencing life as it responds to you. Knowing and understanding this great power comes with greater responsibility. When you fall out of consciousness, you will know it right away. It’s like taking your eye off the road for a moment; you might find yourself driving off the road in no time at all.

Consciousness isn’t something that can be imagined within the mind to know it as this is only an idea. True conscious knowing is an experience that must be revealed after you have awakened. Then after raising your consciousness, you also raise your level of understanding and vice a versa.

I’ve chunked down consciousness into 4 states for better understanding. This is done for clarity purposes only since there is no structure for consciousness. Achieving consciousness isn’t a system, but it helps to put it in conceptual terms. Once we understand the concept of consciousness, this can lead us on the path to exploring it. It helps to seek it rather than having it seek us. When it seeks us, it usually comes in the form of pain and suffering. When we seek it, it opens its doors to us. You may already be experiencing a state of consciousness and may not know it. As human beings, we can always go deeper as consciousness is an expansive state. We still don’t know how deep our states of consciousness can go. This guide may show you how far you can take your state of consciousness if you desire to go deeper into self-exploration.




Once you’ve become aware of how you’ve been operating in the past and realize that there can be a pause before responding to an event, it provides you an opportunity for power and control over your responses. The power and control resides in your choices. This power is your ability to make a conscious decision based on conscious thought. You will no longer be responding to events in knee-jerk ways, but rather through awareness and understanding in the moment. By making different choices, your life will begin to shift. You will begin to attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. You will begin regaining a sense of control over your life, which will continue as you master this over time.

You will also enjoy living in the present moment because you never know what can happen. Consciousness becomes your new state and others begin to see this shift in you as well. Many will enjoy your company, a few will not. Changes will need to be made with the people you surround yourself with. Over time, you will settle into your new state and attract new, like-minded people along the way.




The next level of consciousness is the awareness of self-illusion. As you begin to seek more internal and external knowledge about yourself, you will understand precisely how you have been living an illusion for most of your life. You will begin to see your true self as you begin removing some of these illusions. You will learn to recognize the ego within you much more easily and discover how it operates within you. You will also gain a better understanding of the “why” behind some of your behaviors. You will begin to appreciate the value of truth though at times it may be hard to hear and digest. You will recognize that it is only the ego speaking and acting out during these times.

More shifts will occur as you move deeper into consciousness. You may find yourself happier more regularly as you’ve regained control over your life. But you may also have moments when the ego returns. It may seem to return more intensely since you have been enjoying your new state. But it is important to remain calm. The ego is not returning to lay claim over you again- unless you allow it. It is only showing itself to you as to where it still resides. Make a note of it and work on it at your earliest convenience. Understand that you are on a journey which often lasts a lifetime, but don’t allow that to discourage you. It gets much easier the more you practice. Incidentally, you will have many moments to practice- this is what we call l ife.




At the third state, you are already living as a conscious human being more often than not. You may have already read many books on consciousness and spirituality. You may frequent websites and Facebook pages of people who promote consciousness. Your life shifts even more and it shows. Your home begins to reflect your inner state as you surround yourself with mostly conscious things. Perhaps you downsize and remove things that no longer represent who you are. You adopt several practices associated with spiritual development and consciousness as you become focused on raising your vibration. You also become more active in affairs relating to consciousness.

You seek to make changes in your diet and exercise routines. You become less bodily focused and more spiritually connected. People you know come to you for advice which you dispense freely and without judgement. You are well into doing the work on yourself to evolve your soul and consciousness. You smile more as a sense of peace fills your being. You are calm and self-aware as wisdom and knowledge begin to flow through you. You attend retreats and gatherings to gain more knowledge and to help expand your consciousness.







At the fourth state of consciousness, you are only truly concerned with expanding your consciousness. This becomes your prime objective over money or any other worldly goods. You have a wealth of knowledge and experience which you share openly with the world. At this point, you become a leader or healer as others come to you for healing and wisdom. Consciousness and you are one. You live from your heart as you become heart-centered. Once, you used to read about consciousness, now you write about it. Perhaps you lead talks, seminars or retreats to assist others. Your attention and consciousness flows inward-out as you become fully aware of what the world needs. Your words of wisdom helps heal the world and brings light into the lives of others. You may do this on larger or smaller scales depending on where consciousness leads you. You understand the true meaning behind the phrase “We Are All One” and treat everyone this way regardless of who they are or how they look.

Your lifestyle is consistent and in total alignment with your heightened state of consciousness- there is no deviation. You live a vegan lifestyle and you refrain from any type of toxic behaviors. You are grounded. You make time each day to expand your conscious awareness. All events in your life are consistent with who you are. You are accountable for what you create and are proactive in your conscious contribution to the good of humanity. Your life is now in service to the betterment of all mankind.




Obviously I could go on. Beyond the fourth stage you will find gurus and similar people who have completely detached themselves from the physical way of life in total devotion to conscious living. Buddhist and Tibetan monks are a prime example of this state. These are beings who maintain consistently high states of consciousness every waking moment. Gurus enjoy imparting their knowledge while monks focus mainly on helping to raise the vibration of the planet out of darkness.

There are other states of consciousness and one of them involves extraterrestrial contact as well. There is a lot of light coming to this planet right now and that amount is only going to increase over time. This is a really good time to make a shift in your life if you’ve ever been seeking to make one.




Living your truth is important when becoming conscious. The ego-self lives within the lies we believe about ourselves and about life. The lies provide the false light which serves as the ego’s essence. When doing conscious work, always seek the truth regardless of the outcome. Today, in the world we live in, “truth” is variable and can mean a lot of different things to a lot of people. We live in a closed society and the true definition of the word truth tends to vary (and that’s the truth).

The etymology of the word truth means “faith, faithfulness, loyalty; quality of being true; pledge and covenant.” It is ironic however, that the word true as a verb means “make true in position, form, or adjustment (1841).” Language has failed to come up with a clear definition of the word which also includes the word, true as in meaning; “something that can come into being through agreement (adj).”

Danish philosopher, Soren Kierkegaard once wrote that truth is clearly subjective. He argued that how we believe something to be true mattered more than what we believe to be true. I believe in the end, everyone has the right to choose what they believe and this belief should come from their highest truth. As discussed before, life is subjective and perceived through our senses which cause our experiences to vary from one another- even in the slightest bit. But I believe that with each state of being (i.e., conscious or unconscious) contains its own meaning of truth.

Freewill constitutes the basis of each individual which means it is up to us to choose what we feel or believe to be true or not. When we are told what to believe, this eliminates our right to choose and silences the voice of our own intuition. Enhancing our consciousness will require you to reanalyze what you believed to be true about your past. This could be personal, worldly, global and historical beliefs. You don’t have to be a historian or expert on current or past affairs. What I am proposing is a revisiting of stories that stick out in your mind and offering them your consciousness as they are brought to your attention.

By seeking the truth and reeducating ourselves, we are creating separation from the ego-supported matrix and removing the lies told to support it. Some will find this period a bit painful if they have been holding onto “life” closely or have heavily invested in it. There’s a very old saying that goes, “A lie, is a lie, is a lie.” There really aren’t two ways about it. It could be a false truth, half-truth or a downright lie. They are all the same- just varying degrees. Any information born of a lie but passed along as the truth contains elements of darkness. The intention is always what governs it and if it was intended to deceive, it contains darkness. When we accept that information as truth and let it into our reality, it creates a subtle imbalance within us. Many are too subtle to notice but when the lie is big and our lives are built upon (or around) it, that’s creates a rift. We all have within us our own personal ‘lie-detectors.’ This lie detector is our intuition and it is always correct- even when our eyes deceive us. Whenever we override our intuition (or is dormant from years of disuse), it becomes harder to hear and interpret. After a while, we may begin to believe anything we hear or are being told is true.

Plato once said, “The things we know are things that are true, that we believe, and we have justification for believing. Those things could be rational or irrational.” Plato was the epitome of a rationalist and gave us the term epistemology; the study of knowledge in several forms. Knowledge can be messy because it can come in many forms, but I believe it is also the source of our freedom from our mental prison box. Without going too deeply into this, but I will share that knowledge is the match that catches the flame to freedom. The study and practice of epistemology and understand priori can assist in helping to achieve a higher state of understanding, which can assist with enlightenment.



“When you grow up you tend to get told that the world is the way it is and your life is just to live your life inside the world. Try not to bash into the walls too much. Try to have a nice family life, have fun, save a little money. That’s a very limited life. Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you. And you can change it, you can influence it… Once you learn that, you’ll never be the same again.”

-Steve Jobs






The 15th century gave us the word intuition, which stemmed from the Latin word, intuicioun, which meant “insight, direct or immediate cognition, spiritual perception,” This is further derived from Late Latin intuitionem, which means “a looking at, consideration.” We could deduce intuition to defining a certain way of looking at or giving consideration to something through spiritual perception and insight. Insight means gaining an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of something or someone. Its vision comes from the inside and is done with the seeing eye of the mind. Intuitive sight also refers to our third eye. You can think of our third eye as our internal sight apparatus from within. Many also agree this to mean the pineal gland inside our brains.

The Pineal gland, also called the epipysis cerebri and epipysis or the “third eye,” is a small endocrine gland located in the vertebrate part of the brain. This tiny gland, about the size of a pea, produces the serotonin derivative melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that affects the modulation of our wake/sleep cycles along with our seasonal functions. The pineal gland is shaped like a pine cone the size of a grain of rice and sits right in the center of our brain between the two hemispheres. Everyone has a pineal gland as do most animals.

This precious gland also serves as the gateway to our higher realm. It’s said to be directly linked to our psychic intuition and sixth sense. When this gland becomes activated, we can more easily connect to our spiritual self, the spiritual world and higher frequencies. It will also allow you to see beyond the third dimensional illusions and see the world as it really is. Truths will become exposed to you one way or another. It may come in the form of a vision, thought, intuition or strong sense.




American culture has maintained a long and strange fascination with stories depicting characters under wicked spells. In 1939, MGM studios released the Wizard of Oz. It was based on childhood novels published in 1900 by L. Frank Baum. His stories focused on young girl named Dorothy Gale and her faithful dog Toto, as they searched for the Wizard of the Emerald City. Along the way, Dorothy runs through a cursed poppy field which puts her and the rest of her companions to sleep. According to Baum’s version, all the characters came under the spell except the Scarecrow and Tin Man; who remained unaffected because they weren’t made of flesh and bone. Dorothy and the rest of her trusted crew eventually shook the spell off with the help of a good witch named Glinda, who did it by reversing the spell.

Years later, Disney released Sleeping Beauty which depicts a princess named Aurora who was put to sleep by a jealous and envious witch named Maleficent. The only thing that could reverse the spell would be “a true love first kiss.” Aurora will eventually be “rescued” by a young prince named Phillip, who yielded a ‘Sword of Truth’ and a ‘Shield of Virtue’ as his weapons. He engages in a battle with Maleficent, who tries to stop him by launching many attacks against him- all of which fail. Her final attempt to thwart the prince causes her to shape-shift into a gigantic dragon to do physical battle.

During the battle, Phillip loses his shield (of virtue), but still maintains his sword (of truth). He finally defeats Maleficent by throwing his sword directly into Maleficent’s heart, causing her to fall to her death. The “Sword of Truth” was what defeated the witch and helped Aurora reverse her spell.

There is no bigger challenge that plagues humanity today, then the battle for consciousness. We struggle to escape unconsciousness which is akin to sleep-walking. We are all walking around in a state of hypnosis without realizing it. This version of the matrix is far more advanced due to the tactics and tools employed. We have all ingested “poppy seeds” and don’t even know it because everything seems normal. Besides, it feels good. Being high on poppy seeds means we don’t have to work really hard to awaken our sleeping mind. We can let our neocortex sleep as much as it wants while we coast through life. This is the attitude subconsciously most of us have. Deep within all of us there’s a voice begging us to awaken from our lifelong slumber. If life does indeed imitate art, we will all awaken by the “sword of truth” and the ‘shielded virtue of love’ for our true-selves and of every other living being on the planet.









It helps to remember that everyone is doing their best from their level of consciousness.”

-Deepak Chopra


THE GREATEST BENEFITS TO becoming fully conscious is a shift in mental state. You’ll become less prone to wild mood swings and inconsistencies in your emotions. You’ll also be living a much more stable life. You might begin to notice that negative people will tend to stay away from you as you draw more positive people toward to. You’ll also feel yourself rising above the insanity of the world. The higher in consciousness you go (which really means going deeper), the more you will notice how there are really at least two different worlds. There’s a world where conscious spiritual beings live their lives on a daily basis and the other world where the unconscious roam. You will still be sharing the same space but your experiences will be completely different.





A common challenge faced by newly conscious individuals is in how to function in a world where the majority of the people are still unconscious. I’ve been asked this question many times. I remind them that they were once on the other side. We’ve all behaved unconsciously at time and at varying degrees. The important thing to remember is how we once where they are and to avoid judging. Their unconscious behavior allows us to practice staying in our space without losing focus or placing judgment because that would make us just as unconscious. They aren’t doing it intentionally; they just haven’t found the light of consciousness. Be grateful that you aren’t there anymore (or to that degree) and focus on what you want to create in the moment rather than be distracted by any perceived nuisance being unconscious creates. There are ways to stay conscious without losing focus and stepping out of your vibration. It takes a lot of practice and mindfulness but the more you do it, the easier it becomes.




The first step to living consciously in an unconscious world is the acceptance that a majority of people are still stuck living unconsciously. It doesn’t serve you to fight against this or judge it but accept it for what it is. These people must be treated with compassion and understanding because they are prisoners of their own creation. To think or look at them in any other way invites the creation of a ‘story’ which will pull you from the moment and into their state of unconsciousness. This isn’t always easy to do but practice learning from each moment. You can also practice thinking of them as a spirit who is on their long journey. Doing this ensures that you are projecting consciousness into the moment rather than more darkness. Our thoughts go wherever we focus them and can have positive and powerful effects on people.

By shifting our perspective, we shift our entire life. We see life the way we desire to see it, instead of the way we’ve been conditioned and program to. We aren’t making up something that isn’t there because we are inviting life to show us what we desire. If consciousness and the truth is what you seek- that’s what you’ll find. There are always two different perspectives to everything because of duality, so if we look closely and long enough, we’ll see both sides.

A very interesting phenomenon worth mentioning is when we remain conscious and in a state of non-judgement, people tend to behave in a certain way. This is true whether we are conscious or not, but by remaining still, you can get someone who is acting up to calm down without having to say or do anything. Your calming energy will have an effect on them that can literally snap them out of their behavior. I have experienced this many times and it works like magic. Since we are all connected and consciousness is much more powerful than unconsciousness, part of their being connects with our consciousness- similar to how a charged car battery can bring life to another needing a boost. Light will always chase away the darkness.




This is another topic I get asked about a lot, “How do you let go of fear?” Fear is another complex subject and there isn’t really a short answer. The good news is that fear does have a basis because it is built on illusions. Perhaps you’ve heard the old saying that “Fear is just an illusion,” or “It’s all in your head.” Although true, these phrases are of little use when in the clutches of fear. You may have noticed my use the word, “letting go” rather than “conquering.” You can never conquer fear because fear doesn’t exist. Fear is a primal basic instinct which we’ve dusted off and set into overdrive. It is a highly alerted response to something that could happen – rather than what is happening. The feeling of fear is always our mentally projected response to a thought or observation about the future. There’s a popular acronym of fear which; False Evidence Appearing Real. We have rehearsed fear so much that we are convinced of its existence. A more practical uses of fear is as a way to warn of impending danger.

In the world we’ve created for ourselves fear has played a big part. In fact, one could argue that fear more than love has shaped our world. Most of us go to work not because we love our job but because we fear losing it. We obtain the things that we desire and then live in fear of it being taken away. Wars are built on fear and terrorism can be described in one word- fear.

What causes fear to take over the conscious rational mind is the takeover our sympathetic nervous system. The fear region of our brain was once believed to be only located in the amygdala region of the brain. Recently, author Joseph E. LeDoux, Ph.D., of The Emotional Brain , wrote that fear actually involves a few sections of our brain- not just one. He also stated that the amygdala was not directly responsible for the production of fear, but a contributor of it. He argued that the amygdala is wired for fear but wasn’t the actual cause of it. The other part of our brain involved in the processing of fear happened to be the neocortex. He later concluded that the brain’s various chemicals; norepinephrine, acetylcholine, dopamine and serotonin all combine with the body’s chemical hormones; adrenaline and cortisol, to alert our being of the presence of danger. What he describes is like a chemical festival that occurs whenever we experience the perception of fear. Once the brain receives the signal of “danger, danger,” then it’s up to the neocortex to assess where the danger is coming from and decide which way we should respond to it. This process is aided by our memory which delivers the ‘fear schema’ it has stored. The rest is up to us (via our neocortex) on how we choose to proceed. This is a fascinating discovery.

We can dispose the outdated model of the amygdala as being the center and root of fear, and retain our brains to formulate new responses or find different ways to manage our fear. This puts the control right back into our hands. There is one caveat however- Dr. LeDoux added that this could only occur once we experienced autonoetic consciousness.

Autonoetic consciousness is described as our human ability to assess a situation consciously, and then analyze the thought by accessing the past, present or future. It is based on episodic memory that deals with self-awareness and self-reflection. Breakthroughs like these are really helping us understand our own brains. We are no longer chasing shadows but dealing with real theories and achieving real conclusions.

I get the sense we are just getting started in these areas and fields of studies which include neuroscience, quantum physics, technology and the new age of conscious thinkers will revolutionize the way we think about ourselves and live our lives for the future. We still have to be sure we aren’t moving too fast or too far into the future without first understanding every aspect of our consciousness. Moving too fast and far into the future with no sense of consciousness could have us getting rid of one monster while creating another.







It is possible to be free of fear by resolving it completely and let it go in a series of steps. The first step would be to analyze the fear and write down the thought behind it. Capturing the thought is cathartic because it gives us a small sense of conscious control over it. This won’t eradicate it, but being consciously aware of our fears helps remove it from its perch and brings it to our forefront.

The next step would be to locate the original source of the fear. A lot of times you’ll notice memories popping up which are merely triggers of a past traumatic event or a strongly held belief that is highly emotionally charged. This would mean that there is a lot of energy behind it and perhaps even some trauma (which often tends to be the case).

If you ever feel your emotions becoming too overwhelming, it’s best to seek out professional help to assist you in managing them. I would never advise to take on a traumatic memory or experience on your own because you aren’t equipped to handle it. In fact, when dealing with any type of constantly recurring, overwhelming or paralyzing fears, you’re better off working with a trained therapist. Hypnotherapists are really good at dealing with phobias and certain fears because hypnosis has proven to be a very effective treatment with minimal turnaround time. For deeper emotional and psychological traumas, make sure and seek help from someone who is experienced in dealing specifically with those particular issues. Their training, experience and expertise will prove invaluable as they help you navigate the minefields of past dark memories.





An immediate and valuable asset used when dealing with fear is the development of a positive coping mechanism beforehand. Find something that will work for you which you can remember to do. It’s good to practice and rehearse with it to ensure that it works in that it’s easy to apply. One such method that’s been known to work are pressure points and energetic tapping. Some say the area between the thumb and forefinger tends to work pretty well- just make sure you don’t overuse it otherwise you run the risk of desensitization. Another technique involves visualization. You can do this and the safety of your own home by visualizing your fear and mentally creating a more positive response. By rehearsing on a regular basis, the power of repetition helps to recondition the brain. But one of the simplest and most effective tools happens to be one that’s readily available everywhere and in abundance to us all- our breath. Whenever people encounter a fearful situation, their breathing tends to change, which affects the amount of oxygen sent to their brain. Some people begin to hyperventilate while others may “forget” to breathe. By taking deep, controlled inhaled and exhaled breaths, you can reclaim control over your breathing before it takes off on its own. I’ll have more resources available towards the end of this book.




Visualization is perhaps one of the safest and most effective tools to overcoming fear. Since our subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between something that’s real or imagined, we can really effect change this way. Ironically, this happens to be the way our fear got started in the first place, but that’s beside the point right now. Once you are aware of what your fear looks like, you can begin to visualize yourself seeing it from a third party perspective. You can imagine as if you’re seeing it on a movie screen all the way from the rear of a theater right beneath the projector. This provides a level of detachment which should help you cope without being affected too much. Remind yourself that you can stop the movie at any time- just don’t yell at the projectionist. This technique will give you control over your image and it’s all being recorded by your subconscious. You can adjust the shading, speed of the picture, change the voices and create a new outcome. You become the new director of your own “fear” picture.

This sense of control can be healing in itself. You may decide to do something visually that you are once too fearful of trying without suffering any severe repercussions. The more you practice this, the less fearful you’ll become. It may not always eradicate your fear completely, but may render it more manageable. Don’t get discouraged as it takes time to recondition the brain completely. Sometimes, it may take several exposures to what frightens us before the brain can reposition itself entirely. If you find that your fear is still there after putting in the effort, this could mean there is a deeper underlying issue that hasn’t risen to your conscious surface and may still buried deep within. Hypnosis is something I would highly recommend in situations like these. I’ve had nothing but success when combining hypnosis with my therapy. By accessing the subconscious through hypnosis, you can almost always uncover what’s buried deep within.







One of the best decisions I ever made was when I decided to get rid of my television. I had wanted to do that for years but never was completely ready. A few years ago, I decided to take the leap and I haven’t looked back. I used to think the decision would be more difficult than it was, but I don’t feel as if I’ve missed a thing. As a matter of fact, my quality of life increased tremendously as my cable bill disappeared. My main attraction used to be sports and the History Channel, but once I made the decision to go deep into my home mind and join with my consciousness, I realized that television would have to go. You may not have noticed, but television can be terribly distracting and it actually affects the vibration and frequency of your environment. It doesn’t matter if you’re watching Game of Thrones or HGTV, it broadcasts a frequency that is hypnotic both visually and auditory which can affect the way you think and feel.

If you can’t get rid of your television completely, then you might want to limit its use to just a few hours a day. It might even be a good idea to go a day or two completely unplugged . This means grabbing the cord from the outlet and pulling it out all the way. Doing this should serve as a detriment in case you get tempted to grab the remote to try to sneak in 5 minutes of viewing. After going a full day without watching TV, take notice of how you feel. Don’t judge the feeling; just observe it to see what it tells you. We’re so used to having the television on that sometimes we become annoyed when we have to go a day without it. What this says is that we’re addicted to it in some way- and being addicted to television isn’t a good thing.

There is a lot of talk about television these days between those who are aware of the ills that it causes and those who still like watching certain programs. As I’ve maintained throughout- the choice is always yours. Television in and of itself isn’t negative and not every program is trance-inducing but I will point out a few hidden dangers.

The first one would be the commercials, which may appear harmless until you consider that everything gets recorded by your subconscious mind. Even if you can resist the urge to run out and buy a burger, you are still cluttering your mind with ads which lower your vibration. You are also unaware of the embedded subliminal messages which could be encoded in the commercials as well. The art of creating commercials has turned into a science.

The next hidden danger is the amount of sex and violence on TV. Subjecting ourselves to viewing similar images projected onto a screen highlights this aspect in our own daily lives. Sex is seen practically everywhere and is viewed as harmless until we consider that men, on average, think about sex 19-34 times a day. Young college-aged women are not too far behind. In her book “The Female Brain,” Dr. Louann Brizendine wrote that men thought about sex “every 52 seconds. These numbers are just baseline measurements as the thought of sex varies between different age groups. But the idea is that sex and sexual thoughts didn’t just show up in our minds by our 16th birthday. Our brains had to be exposed to it before it became consumed by it. Violence is such a part of our society that here is little distinction between gratuitous violence and normalcy. All violent images should be gratuitous by nature. By consuming violent images on television throughout our lifetime, we have become desensitized to it. According to the Media Education Foundation (mediaed.org), by the time we’re 18, our brains would have become exposed to 200,000 acts of violence and 16,000 murders on television. Television isn’t the only contributor to our violent nature. Of the top-selling video games, 89% of them contain violent contents which almost half are of a violent nature. We are the ones who are contributing to our own violent nature. We cannot point the figure at nature for the amount of violence we create.




Regaining conscious control over our thoughts and behaviors will put our evolutionary future back into our hands. We have the right to evolve the way nature and our conscious selves see fit. We don’t need the controlled and engineered evolution we are being ushered towards. We can move beyond the nameless and faceless entity that has been telling us what we can and cannot do with our selves. This type of control over our experience of life must come to an end one day. It defies reason and supports lunacy. But to win such an argument (within our own being), we must first regain control over ourselves before we can begin to evolve ourselves.

We all have series of emotions, reactions and behaviors we tend to exhibit on a daily basis. These are our patterned behaviors running themselves. Pay close attention to the ones which don’t make you feel good, make you uncomfortable or put you into a state of a lack of control over yourself and make a note of them. Write them down on the notes section of your smartphone or email them to yourself. Years ago, when I started was doing this, I used to carry a mini notepad in my back pocket and fill it with notes. Smartphones hadn’t been invented yet, which was fine by me because there was less temptation for distraction

Once you’ve written them down, set aside quiet time each day to analyze them and your behavior. If you sensed that the way you behaved isn’t normally how you would, write down how you would like to be present the next time you’re in a similar situation. Your brain will record the new behavior and you will have something else to choose from the next time. Also, look to commit yourself to being a different and more positive person as you sort yourself out. This process of becoming oneself is a long journey but as I stated in earlier chapters, we are being assisted from the outside through the environment. Focus only on doing the work that’s needed to be done and allow nature to take care of the rest and you’ll be just fine.





What is necessary at this stage in our evolution is not a ‘return’ to the psychic powers of our ancestors, but an expansion of our own potential powers, based upon the certain knowledge that such powers exist.

-Colin Wilson


AS WE ARE BEING propelled forward towards the arrival of an upcoming Age, we will undergo a lot of changes. These changes may be swift yet powerful while others may be barely noticeable. No one knows for certain when these changes are set to take place or how exactly they’ll occur. We are only left to speculate and marvel at the newest discoveries that are springing up regularly. The popular and long-held belief is that we may be able to realize some of our true and latent mental powers. Some of these abilities are already being realized or have taken place while others have been speculated for years outside of mainstream media. What makes this time different than any other is the possibility that we may all be able to share in these special gifts. I mention these abilities as being special only because we have yet to recognize the greatness of the human brain. We possess one of the most powerful tools on the planet, yet we use only a small percentage of it. Once this tool and all its amazing capabilities are understood, we will become what we were meant to be. Each individual will have specific skills and abilities that they can choose to develop if they wish.

The shift that is occurring is on several levels- the main one being our brains and the inner working of our minds. We have limited ourselves mentally in many ways and some of these limits are being removed. As children, we aren’t told what we believe is possible because adults don’t believe ourselves. But depending how deep your consciousness runs, the Universal law that governs all matter including our brains states that whatever you truly believe can be achieved and experienced by you. We are told to remove fantasies of ourselves from our minds so that we can become grounded in reality. The irony is that our reality is like a fantasy and what we believe; we end up becoming. This demonstrates the contradiction under which we all live.

We are told that the third-dimensional reality is one based on physics and less on the daydreams of possibilities. Angles and measured straight lines tell us what’s physically possible and what is not. Newtonian gravitational law and our teacher’s approval for coloring within the lines shape our world and dictate our thoughts and beliefs.   

Now, our brains will dictate what is possible based on what we’re able to accomplish irregardless of what was previously believed possible. As we break free of our self-imposed limits, we might return to our early days of wild imaginations and limitless possibilities. This would allow us to reclaim our confidence in the fact that anything is possible and that we can have whatever we are capable of creating as long as it is in alignment with who we really are. The hardware to accomplish these amazing feats is already within us, resting comfortably between our ears.  Some of these expected changes may sound like something out of X-Men, but we must remember how we aren’t living anywhere close to our human potential. What will or won’t occur within our lifetime remains to be seen.

The unlocking of human potential could occur over a gradual span of decades if not centuries. But with the constant evolution of technology and the rapid awakening of our neocortex, we might see these changes sooner than later. What could take 20 years today to occur, might only require 12 years by this time next year. Our sense of time will surely warp as it is already beginning to.  Technology and our human evolution are running concurrent to one another causing major parts of our brains to keep up. This is the brilliance of technology which some call “The gift from the Gods.” But whichever way you look at it, it is still bound by the laws that govern everything on this planet. One of these laws falls into our hands in the form of free-will. Technology can be used for unbelievable goodness and unthinkable evils. We are the ultimate deciders of our own fate.




Scientists have recently discovered that our DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is mysteriously changing. Most of us have one double helix of DNA within our bodies. What some researchers have begun to discover is that the body is now creating a third strand of DNA all on its own. So far, this has only been seen a few times, but it refutes what scientist and researchers have been telling us about DNA-that it cannot be changed. There are researchers currently working with children who have three-strand DNA. These children are exhibiting super-mental powers such as the ability to move a coffee cup across the table using only their minds. Their findings have not been made public yet (only through internet searches), but one of the researchers, Dr. Berrenda Fox, hopes to publish her findings soon.

It’s been rumored that the human DNA is beginning to change from its current carbon-based, two strand DNA model into a crystalline-based model with three-strand DNA. I can’t confirm nor deny this as there isn’t much evidence to support this- so as of now it’s only speculation. I am including these potential changes as possibilities based on the extensive research I’ve conducted combined with my knowledge on holistic body and mind principles.

There has been evidence that our DNA is capable of changing using our thoughts. This controversial theory has been accomplished by many who practice holistic healing. Holistic practitioners have reported that by eating a clean, animal and animal-byproduct free diet, drinking lots of (distilled or R.O.) water, getting plenty of exercise, practicing some form of body mind and spirit/soul meditation and maintaining a very high vibration in thought and attitude have all shown to have positive effects on DNA. You can combine these with “the work” on a regular basis to achieve a lighter body, an open heart and radiant energy on a consistent basis. This could lead to your own experience of changes within your internal molecular structure over time.




The Chinese government had been conducting their own experiments on children they believed to have psychic abilities. These children were known as China’s Super Psychics. It’s been reported that the Chinese government closely monitored the abilities of gifted children from 1974 until the 1990‘s. The government was also reported to have spent millions of dollars researching a phenomenon called Extra Human Function (EHF). In over 25 years of extensive study and research, their government recognized 100,000 children with EHF and the numbers are growing rapidly. These children exhibited amazing powers such as the ability to write on a note using only their minds. This phenomenon is known as psychic writing. Another child was reportedly given a rosebud and after silently waving her hand over it- a thousand rosebuds slowly began to open into fully blossomed roses. You can read about this in author’s Paul Dong and Thomas Raffill’s book titled, “China’s Super Psychics” (Marlowe & Company).

These children are breaking down the old paradigm of what’s humanly possible. They could be creating a “Roger Bannister” type effect for humanity along with a 100th Monkey Matrix for tomorrow’s children.  Roger Bannister was the first runner to break the once-believed impossible four-minute mile. A couple months after his record-breaking feat, he did it again along with another runner. Today, running a four minute mile is pretty standard thanks to Roger Bannister.



One of the abilities almost certain to occur is the enhancement of our psychic abilities. Many people are already enjoying enhanced abilities of their mental and psychic capacities while others have had it almost since birth. We are all born with psychic abilities at varying levels. This ability- the ability to sense things beyond our five senses- is called our “sixth sense.” This capable allows us to communicate mentally in ways other than verbally. Depending on your belief system, you may find yourself waking up to unexplained knowing while also experiencing telepathic or clairvoyant abilities.  

Telepathy means the ability to send or receive information through the mind rather than the usual sensory channels. Clairvoyant means the ability to sense things beyond our normal range of perceptions. It is also the ability to forecast events prophetically. You might discover an ability to perform any or all of these mental processes. Or you may experience hidden abilities unique to only yourself. This sounds very much like comic book superheroes such as the Fantastic Four and The X-Men. But these comic book characters may be metaphors of us. Each human alive already possess amazing abilities which we could learn to enhance and create a world where everyone is recognized for what they contribute. But since our mentality is one of individuality and competition, we rather walk alone than as a team of empowered beings. Perhaps a rise in consciousness will correct our blindness to the hording of gold for oneself will guarantee a golden casket and nothing else.  




The fifth-dimensional theory is a very popular one amongst the clairvoyant and others who study quantum physics extensively. Popular theory is that the earth might move to a fifth dimensional reality or that humans may begin to experience life on a fifth dimensional reality. The possibility for humanity to ascend has been spreading consistently through online text and YouTube videos.

This is certainly possible as we will be experiencing a breakdown of the third-dimensional vector and the principle belief of relating to time and space. Entering into a fifth dimensional reality may sound a bit far-reaching but I never rule anything out which may seem even slightly plausible (to me). If this fifth dimensional reality switch were to occur, there isn’t much that can be done by anyone. This would really revolutionize life as we know it. I would assume a complete relearning of how to experience life would be in order but if and when such a change were to take place, we would have been more than prepared for it mentally, physically and spiritually by having done the work to achieve it.

As of now, our ability to see and experience different dimensions resides in our mind’s ability and eyesight’s inability. We are actually living in a two-part reality of second and third dimensions. We take both for granted that we never really feel the difference between the two until something stops us in our tracks. We respond to images on a flat, two-dimensional surface as if they were a part of our third-dimensional reality. Lately, a few talented artists have begun painting images onto the ground which really challenge our eyes and depth perceptions. Their images are so well done, it takes some careful analysis to determine that what we are looking at is really a 2-D image, and not a 3-D image.

There are several different dimensions sharing our space right now. They are experiences that lie beyond our third dimensional plane of existence. We can’t see or perceive them because we aren’t attuned to their vibration but they’re there. We aren’t a vibrational match or fully calibrated enough yet to perceive and begin interacting with them. Some people have opened and enhanced psychic channels where they can perceive and see things outside of the normal human perception but only to a certain degree. They may see random flashes of light, spirits, ghosts or orbs while others can sense things without seeing them. Orbs (also known as spirit orbs) are round balls of ‘light’ that are self-illuminated. They are believed to be electrical or plasma in matter and are said to be spirits, angels or perhaps deceased relatives.

So far, the multi-dimensional reality is just a hypothesis- albeit a very good one. I often relate it to the electromagnetic spectrum when explaining this possibility. At present, we are surrounded by waves of light, radio waves, electromagnetic fields, noises and other possible frequencies that exist in our atmosphere on a regular basis. Yet, we can only see or hear within a small fractional range to perceive them. Our current range of visible wavelengths is about 400 to 700 nm (nanometers). We are visually and consciously unaware of wavelengths ranging from radio waves all the way to gamma rays. Some animals can see slightly above and below our human ranges. I’m not quite sure what will happen with our bodies should this occur. Perhaps our molecular structure will change along with everything else.

I wouldn’t spend too much time concerned about the possibility of ascension into a fifth dimension. If you focus on doing the work to become a light and conscious being, everything else will be taken care of. It’ll be like getting a makeover- all you’ll need to do is bring your true self and leave the rest to the Universe to figure out.




The ability to communicate with beings beyond our realm of existence has been ongoing for quite some time. This has been mentioned for decades and will probably increase as the changes occur. This reality may pose a challenge for some whose belief system contradicts these experiences. Whether you believe in extraterrestrial life or not is strictly a personal choice, but more people are awakening to the fact that we are definitely not alone in this Universe.

Many people are claiming to have been contacted by beings that are not of this “world.” My use of the term world is used generically to represent our third-dimensional reality and the planet upon which we live. Once our psychic abilities become enhanced, contact will become possible for all those who seek contact extra terrestrially.  This would involve using extrasensory perception (ESP) and/or telepathy depending on the form of contact. I believe the criteria for this to take place would have to be vibrationally. We would have to be a vibrational match to the communicator on some level which may be dictated by them- not us. So far I suspect that our hearts would have to be in alignment for some sort of contact to occur. And I don’t think that contact will occur for everyone so there is no need to worry about being contacted by aliens if you choose not to. They aren’t like telemarketers trying to get your business.




We are all beings of light. We have taken that light and entered this world into a physical body. There are other beings of light that have chosen not to embody physically but are still around us. There are many humans who are in contact with these beings right now. This form of contact may have occurred for centuries but since the 1970’s, many people have come forward to share their stories of contact with the ’other side.’  Many authors such as Jane Roberts published books about their encounter. Roberts’s books was called “The Seth Materials” with the first being Seth Speaks.” Author and channeler, J.Z. Knight followed soon after when she began channeling an ascended being called Ramtha. He was said to have been from Lemuria (before Atlantis) from around 30,000 BC. Contact with otherworldly beings is still debated by many, which is consistent with human nature. And as to whether Lemuria and Atlantis really existed depends on who you ask. There are many books, videos and materials on the topic for you to choose from and decide.

Their amazing abilities gave rise to a new genre called “channeling” and automatic writing. Channeling is when someone acts as a vessel or a channel to receiving communication from otherworldly beings. Channeling was around as far back as the mid to early 1800’s. Today, people are claiming to having made contact with beings from other dimensions, star systems and/or galaxies and are sharing their experiences, as well as the information given to them. You can make of this what you will in accordance to your comfort level, interest, understanding and religious beliefs.

When dealing with any form of communication from the other realm- especially when dealing with disembodied beings- discernment should always be your first protocol. It is absolutely possible to connect with “other-worldly” beings, but we must be aware of whom we are communicating with and vet heavily what is being received. The other world is wide open just as in this world and depending on where your astral communication is coming from will determine who you are contacting. For those who believe we are not alone in the Universe, there are many beings who want to make contact with us to try to help us. But, conversely the same is true of beings who may be trying to deceive you. Don’t allow this to frighten you. The more conscious and spiritually aware you become, you can become a real pro at this. Just do your homework when engaging in the ‘outer realm’ of our reality and always use discernment. This shows maturity, growth and knowledge which are important to the quality of beings you may attract. Perhaps this might not have been the case many years ago, but it certainly is today with the amount of signals being broadcasted from our spiritual plane.






Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.


OUR BATTLE IS NOT WON just because we’ve arrived to consciousness. It will cease once we’ve all recovered from the darkness. We cannot view our arrival to consciousness individually as a victory. It is only the beginning. The next step would be maintaining that space regularly. After that, the focus should be to spread consciousness to others. We accomplish this by being present with each interaction and conversation. Darkness cannot hide in the presence of light. We don’t have to track it down and corner it. We simply have to be. Stand in the light and refuse to fall for the charm of the darkness and as your light expands it will flee. Darkness does not like the light. Light serves no purpose to it as it cannot co-exist peacefully.

We may never eradicate the dark force from Earth completely. This isn’t something that’s up to us. But we can eliminate it from ourselves. Those who use the dark force will not go silently. Power isn’t something that men with dark souls like to relinquish fairly or peacefully, so it would serve us well to become aware and prepared for what the future could hold. Awareness is an important part of enlightenment and knowing where the farthest part of consciousness resides is helpful, but it’s crucial not to find yourself getting too caught up in it. Keep in mind that whatever you focus on regularly, you will create more of. Grasp the idea of what’s going on in the world on the dark side, understand the big picture and what it means for humanity and keep moving towards your light. The agents of the dark force views life as a game to be won and will stop at nothing until they are surely defeated (by which they will retreat). Their greatest weapon is the art of deception. Since this is considered a game for them, remind yourself of the famous line uttered by former New York Yankee legend, Yogi Berra who once eloquently said, “It ain’t over, till it’s over.” As conscious beings, we should never rest on our laurels until our outer world is the one of pure light. The dark side has many rumored techniques they might employ. Being one step ahead may foil their plots.


False flag attacks are used often by the dark force. A false flag attack is described as a covert operation designed to deceive the public into believing that a certain operation is being carried out by groups, entities or nations other than themselves. Today, it’s being used to describe covert operations carried out by the government against its citizens. They are usually done as a pretext for war but can also be used to shape and form political opinions. False flag operations are really nothing new and have been a part of government operations for decades. We are just now becoming aware of them.

The first known false flag operation was said to have taken place way back in 1788 by the Swedes against the Russians. They were also carried out by Hitler against the German people when he set the Reichstag fires. Understanding false flag attacks are a helpful tool for discernment from what you are seeing and what you are being told you are seeing. News media has proven itself to be an unreliable source for “real and unbiased” news. If you are seeking the truth, search elsewhere. But if you want to be entertained, continue watching your local and cable news media.


Another proposed dark force tactic mentioned by those who write and research on the dark force is a fake alien attack happening on Earth. This attack will be made possible through the use of holographic technology. It is purported that through a government sponsored project called, Project Blue Beam, the United States government has the ability to project into the sky what could look like an alien invasion. This would be the highest level of theatrics should they enact this plan-although it wouldn’t be the first time an “alien invasion trick” was pulled on the public.

On October 30, 1938, radio personality Orson Welles performed a broadcast of HG Wells’ science fiction novel, “The War of the Worlds.” This broadcast was transmitted over the radio depicting an invasion by Martian aliens. Welles convincingly reported how the space aliens from Mars were shooting deadly heat-rays which were pulverizing everything in sight. So convincing was Welles broadcast that it was said to have terrorized listeners throughout the country. For decades the official story was that Welles’ Martians from Mars invasion story of the New York area that it caused thousands of New Yorkers to flee their home in panic while scores more suffered nervous breakdowns.

Over the next few days, newspapers printed screaming headlines of the fake alien invasion while detailing the terror that ensued. The New York Daily News headline ran, “Fake Radio ‘WAR’ Stirs Terror through U.S.” while the Boston Daily Globe announced, “Radio Play Terrifies Nation.”

To their credit, CBS Radio (the parent radio station) made Welles issue warnings stating that the show was fictional during the start of the show and at two other times in between the broadcast. The official story of Welles broadcast of an alien invasion which caused mass hysteria lasted for decades. It wasn’t until recent that the truth about the War of the Worlds broadcast came to light. Welles’ broadcast itself was not only considered a hoax (which was revealed soon after the broadcast) but so too were the exaggerated stories and newspaper headlines- who sold thousands of copies. People familiar with the broadcast say it was a “test run” to see how the public would respond to aliens, or perhaps it was done to invoke the fear of aliens into the public. We may never know the true intent behind the broadcast but what we can take away is the truth. The truth is that there weren’t masses of people who took to the streets in a mass panic. Nor were people jumping off of buildings to escape “being captured by the Martian invaders,” as reported by the print media. In fact, only 2% of regular listeners were said to have tuned into the actual broadcast that evening.

Even then CBS president, Frank Stanton admitted “most people didn’t hear the show.” This is further proof that you can’t always believe what you read in the newspapers, watch on television, and hear on the radio when the media is involved. If a holographic beam is projected into our skies, we might have to add that everything we see high above may not always be an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO). Many, but not all, are said to be government machines made to look differently than what we are visually familiar with.

I personally believe that extraterrestrial life exists somewhere, but I always use discernment regardless of what my beliefs are. If your fear is of being invaded by alien motherships, they almost certainly would have done that a long time ago if they desired to. They would be traveling in light years when our first transcontinental flight ever didn’t happen until 1923. I wouldn’t worry about aliens invading us too much. We have much larger worries here on Earth.



This prophecy is perhaps the most intriguing one and has been around for millennia. It’s been written about in many religious texts and mentioned by many prophets and mystics. Well-known prophets Nostradamus (1503-1566) and Edgar Cayce both mention this event in their prophesies. The Antichrist is said to be an opponent of Christ (Jesus) and would appear right before the end of the world. This event is depicted in all Christian doctrine as a foretelling sign of the end of our world and the start to Armageddon. This prophetic event centers mostly around the religious event of the return of Christ though many non-Christian religions speak of a similar event. It doesn’t matter which doctrine you read, they all tell the same tale. They all speak of a being (or beings) that will appear as Christ, but is really sent to deceive the followers of Christ.

Many theorists who follow the dark forces speak of a proposed staged event similar to the alien invasion where holographic blue-beam technology might be used. The event would depict images of major religious leaders and deities of all worldly religious will appear in the sky. This is supposed to be a symbol of peace and unity. They will all show their followers a symbolic gesture and deliver a message of coming together as one. Images of Christ, Buddha, Muhammad and others will show unity as one. This event might serve as a soft preparation for the proposed One World religion to satisfy the needs of all those who require such systems- all under one system.

The term Antichrist can be defined as a “false Messiah” or “false prophet.” Whether you are religious or not, the arrival of an Antichrist could affect everyone. The arrival of such a figure (or group) will make promises of a utopian reality which could be brought to us under false pretenses. He (or she) may come at a time when the world is near the brink of collapse and is looking for someone to step in as savior. This person is said to represent the false light and will help usher the world into eventual darkness.

Until we learn to lead ourselves and discern between different types of leaders, we will always be susceptible to following a certain type. This will continue to leave us vulnerable to all forms of malevolent or psychopathic power-seekers. Humanity must beware of those who promise the light while leading the darkness deeper into the abyss. This type of leadership could come in any form from religion, politics, or any organized systems of thought and philosophy. If we’re expecting someone to take us to the light, we’ll be like lambs waiting to be lead to the slaughter. Anyone promising to “build” a society “on love” is making a false claim. You can’t “build” a society on love- you can only become a society of love. These little subtleties make a world of difference in the world of words, thoughts and intentions. Just be aware that the game never ceases until it’s completely over.

“One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived.”

-Niccolo Machiavelli



Order and the human condition aren’t mutually exclusive but is rarely achieved when power is centralized away from the people it was created to serve. Power and people requires a delicate balancing of the scales to create a just and fair society- one that represents the totality of everyone. An evolved society is a just society- not just as in justice, but as in fairness, honesty and transparency, and equality. The rights of all living creatures should be acknowledged, appreciated and respected, and then through mutual agreement and understanding, we can create harmony and balance in nature. ‘Do harm to no one’ should be the foundation upon which any new order should develop. Equality should be its bonding agent. We may or may never get there, but our attempt to reverse the mess that we’ve created is a powerful intent. We could be facing our final opportunity to right our ship.

To accomplish this, we would need to do away with all the silly illusions we believe about ourselves. We should all pull the curtains, take a bow and tell everyone who we really are- human beings belonging to a single planet. We aren’t Muslim, or Christian, Asian or African. These labels don’t matter outside of the body. Imagine what the world would be like if there were no illusions to maintain? What would life be like if we all looked and behaved like human beings with no other labels attached. There would be unity and a world where children could live in peace. They wouldn’t have to carry on the baggage that we created.


“You cannot fix a problem with the same thinking that caused it.”

-Albert Einstein

We are all prisoners who stand at the open gates of our prison walls. We can choose freedom and faith in ourselves that we can stand and deliver a changed society on our own, or we can choose to return to the known and familiar confines of our three square meals a day. The Earth’s wardens masquerading as officials may make changes to make our stay more comfortable but regardless of the changes, we will still be living in a prison.

Beings who currently live for their egos alone find little wrong with the world today. As long as they are living on “the winning side,” life is considered good. These beings enjoy the physicality of life and get excited playing “the game.” They live life on the edge and want to get their piece of the action. These beings are not evolved beings and have no clue who they are or what they should be doing with their lives. They could be young souls who have been lost for quite some time. Being imprisoned may not seem like such a bad place For highly evolved beings, freedom is the only way and the truth. These beings have been here many times and cannot be fooled by the fresh faces of darkness. The game of darkness is old to them but new to all those who cannot see through it. These are the old souls who have come to know themselves in this lifetime. Then there are those who are beginning to awaken. They sense that something is wrong. They know that something is amiss in this world but they are not sure what. They have the general idea but lack the true knowledge to stand tall in their convictions. This is where the majority of the world’s population is right now. This is the middle ground of our existence. The darkness wants to keep them in the darkness while the light shines the way. Our future is the final doorway to our rebirth as free and conscious human beings or our final destination for the destruction of free-will as we know it. Which door will you choose?






“There is great meaning in life for those who are willing to take the journey.”

-Jim England


THIS CHAPTER WAS WRITTEN for all brave souls seeking truth, wisdom and knowledge. I am imparting in this chapter what has been shown to me as an unfiltered summary of my thoughts. We each bring to our lives a philosophy which adds meaning to life and a deeper understanding of our existence. I wanted to share some of my own personal philosophies on life and what I believe to be the meaning of my existence.

When it comes down to it, the only things we really have are our experiences. When we leave this planet we take nothing with us and leave everything behind. The questions we must all ask ourselves is, “Why am I here” and “What am I leaving behind?” Are you going to leave behind a lot of useless stuff that will eventually perish over time? Or will you leave behind an imprint that can last a lifetime? It doesn’t have to be something that will revolutionize the world or how people live their lives but could be a positive impact that you have on your community, families, friends and most importantly- your children. Will you teach them only lessons on how to become successful in business and life? Or will you also teach them wisdom and true knowledge which will help them to evolve as conscious beings? Each child alive today has the potential to become tomorrow’s leader. The children are the ones who hold their future in their hands- not us. We only have the ability to rob them of it by the choices we refuse to make. Humans are creative by nature and don’t need to be taught how to be creative and creativity is akin to freedom. When they are dictated on what they can and cannot create, then their sense of self is stifled. Since our lives have been about sacrifice since the beginning, what are we willing to sacrifice of ourselves for the future of tomorrow?




I never imagined myself in the position of where I am today. I’ve always known I was different but never to the extent that I would go to bat for humanity. I recall coming across an old report card a few years back and in the comments sections, all of my teachers wrote, “Shows leadership abilities.” I remember thinking while I was reading it, “Me?” It wasn’t that I couldn’t become a leader, or that I didn’t want to, I just couldn’t recall ever acting like one back then since I sort of stuck to myself. Now when I reflect back to different stages in my life, I can see how I ended up here; talking to people and trying to leave this planet a little better than when I arrived.

It is my destiny in life- to teach others and help them to grow and evolve the way I have been able to. Each soul is a child waiting to mature and my journey was to mature my own soul, then help other so-called children at this part of the Universe mature their own souls. I have gone through many stages and have worn many hats to arrive to this point. I have begun to see the fruits of my labor derived from my ceaseless desire to learn and to know the truth. I am grateful for all the information that has come before me and for the opportunity to pass along what I know. My learning process never ceases and continues to this day. I will always be the student of life as life will always be my teacher.




Life is a difficult thing to explain. I cannot tell you nor can you tell me what life is. Life is just something that cannot be defined. We live our lives thinking that we are really living it but we’re not. I am not speaking of everyone however since there are many places where people actually get to experience and enjoy life. These places can be found farthest away from the cities and tend to be less modern because they maintain old traditions but even they may not be living “life.”

Since having seen many things within my mind’s eye, I now view the true essence of life as freedom- plain and simple. It’s the freedom to be ourselves devoid of any type of mental manipulation and external control. We have become so accustomed to having someone create guidelines for us that we no longer trust ourselves. We get our images of what life is from the movies we watch on a large screen or the images broadcasted into our living rooms. We have lost all abilities to think for ourselves so we are given the images. The media love to run images of chaos and riots when people defy authority; which is completely incorrect and misleading. These images are manipulated to look worse than they ever are so that we will form opinions to favor whatever they want to manipulate us into believing. I am not in favor of rioting and destroying property that does not belong to you, but I am also not in favor of biased reporting done to manipulate my sensibilities and the innocent sensibilities of others. Rarely are peaceful gatherings or silent protests given the same amount of coverage or airplay. Lately, there have been a lot of videos on police brutality going viral. These videos receive almost no media coverage. Nothing is being done to address what’s happening with those hired to protect civilians. Someday they may need a second police force to protect civilians from the first. What’s even more unfortunate is that there are many, many good people who serve in law enforcement. The few ruin it for the many. It may appear that all police officers are really criminals with badges but I have never seen this to be the case.

With the amount of brutality being displayed by people in power, our society appears to be held together by many broken and deteriorating pieces. It looks as if we are declining into a slow and controlled barbarism disguised as authority. As the ego is being pressured to dematerializing, this can result in a release of anger if not approached with consciousness by the individual. This could be a big reason why we are seeing a rise in police brutality and military aggression. We can and should never lose sight that these also are human beings who are struggling with their own insecure and overactive egos. They should be met and treated with consciousness to assist in their own healing as they are sometimes (not always) placed in difficult situations which tend to bring out the worse in them. Sooner or later this issue will have to be addressed in a resolute manner.

But in the end, everything comes down to control and the opposite of control is freedom. We should all have the freedom to experience life according to our heart and soul. We should have the right to freely express ourselves outward as we choose. Freedom isn’t a dirty word unless you have adopted one of the systems many belief structures on how you should live your life. If complete freedom works for babies, I’m pretty sure it can work for adults but only if we can wake up to our true selves and shake off the mind-control and the world of illusions we have created for ourselves.







It took me close to my entire life to break free of my ego. After nearly two decades of chipping away at myself to become a better version of me, I never knew how to divorce myself of it. I wasn’t even aware that this was necessary. I had gained control over myself long before I separated from the ego but the essence of it still clouded my heart. It wasn’t until my near-breakdown did I experience a releasing of the darkness and the opening of my heart. A few days after, I felt my heart vibrate like never before and it was doing this on its own. It felt as if my heart was shaking off the dust particles left by the ego. I was never afraid throughout the entire process because I knew something supernatural was occurring. Though it seemed rather strange, it also felt really good.

When that experience was over and my “breakthrough” from the ego was completed, I almost couldn’t believe the difference between how I had been living life and how life felt afterwards. I felt what it meant to be truly alive for the first time in my life. The ego is an extremely deceptive creation and can come in many forms and can take on many shapes, sizes and colors. I had done my best to evolve over the years never really knowing how deeply I need to go. I will not say this is the way to gain freedom from the ego because it is rather extreme and I wouldn’t want to repeat it again unless I absolutely had to but I believe the purpose of experience is to share with others and to come up with ways on how to improve upon them and this is part of why I wrote this book. After facing my own darkness and coming through it on the other side, I can show others the route and alternative on how to get there.

I don’t believe we can ever fully rid ourselves of the ego because it is energy animated by us and energy never ceases to exist, it only changes form and that’s what I have done. I have reduced my ego to its tiniest fraction by reducing its nutritional intake of my rightful energy but to say I have no ego would be feeding it. It is a part of us until the human condition changes and it is perished from our Earth.




The journey we often call life can seem like a long one until we realize how long our planet has been in existence. We are but a mere blip on the index of life. We are both significant and insignificant at the same time and sometimes these realizations lead to more questions which lead to more realizations and the journey continues until we reach our final destination which takes us right back to where we began. We are the journey and the journey is within us. If you believe in reincarnation, we inch closer to finding our true selves with each embodiment, while trying not to succumb to the same “trick” of the mind through the creation our old antagonist- the alter-ego. To those who do not believe in reincarnation, the experience is the same. You walk the same path along the same journey called life until you reach the end. Whether you believe in a returned journey is irrelevant. What’s important is your journey. Did you live the life you wanted or did you encounter any personal struggles?

I believe we can all relate on some level irrespective of our beliefs. Beliefs take place in our minds; life takes place in our souls. And freedom is expressed through our bodies. Our physical bodies are the material summation of all that we are. We can then judge our experiences based on what we go through physically. This is what makes us all alike. No one can escape the physical body without going through life first so what we choose to do during that lifetime is what matters most.

Whether we are spiritual or not, our human behavior is still stuck in its infancy state of evolution. When children step out of their strollers and first learn to walk, they must learn to gain control over their motor skills to achieve this monumental feat. From that point on, they never want to crawl again. Humanity is still struggling to get control over its own motor self. We live split lives which cause us to walk and crawl depending on the day. We say things we don’t really mean and do things we promise ourselves (and others) we wouldn’t. We set goals we don’t achieve and want things without setting goals. We are in complete disharmony with ourselves with no clue how to keep from falling down. I believe this is due to how we see ourselves. If we believe ourselves to be something we are not, how can we ever change?

We have to begin with the truth. We aren’t who we think we are and we aren’t as mature as we believe ourselves to be. If we are still living our lives through the eyes of an entity we created during childhood, what gives us the validity to consider ourselves grown up? When our lives are dictated by a series of programs, we are anything but grown in the spiritual sense. We are only repeating what’s been taught to us. When we can face ourselves in the mirror and admit that we have a lot of spiritual growing up to do, then we can affect change in our lives. The immaturity of the ego doesn’t want to hear that it needs to grow up because this will mean its calendar days are numbered. As you grow into your true essence and allow that to mature as part of your daily experience, the ego starts to fade. But we can only get to that point by admitting the truth to ourselves- which is we aren’t as spiritually mature as we believe ourselves to be- not when we still have the ego feeding us grapes in the form of lies.


Wisdom is something that is not unique to certain individuals, but inherent in all of us. We each have the wisdom of all the ages locked within our DNA. When you gain wisdom, you gain the world- the world as it is and as it could be. It becomes revealed to you in full panoramic view. When this occurs, you get to choose which version of the world you want to live in. This type of wisdom was once reserved for sages, philosophers, mystics, seers and gurus. Now, it’s available to anyone who seeks it. I’ve found it to be true when Matthew said, “ask, and it will be given to you, seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you.” In my case, I think I knocked hard enough and long enough where wisdom finally grew tired and let me in. The doorway to the Universe lies within us. We merely have to walk through it and once we do, all its secrets will be bestowed onto you.

Everything we could ever want is at our fingertips if we’d only reach out (actually in ) and grab onto it to claim it. Everything we can ever imagine is included in this package from our birthright. But we must learn to standup for it. We must claim it by standing tall and standing strong in our conviction that this world and the reality we experience belongs to us- humanity, rather than the psychopathic and parasitic entities that seems to running our world. We must be willing to trudge through the mud and stand in the heat for it. Perhaps sometime long ago the condition of consciousness ruled over our planet but now it’s been buried deep where we’ll have to dig for it. Lucky for us, we don’t have to dig too far or too deep- but it’s still up to us to begin the excavation process.

I’ve been very blessed to have stood on the shoulders of giants who came before me and I can only hope I’ve been able to give back even a small fraction of all I’ve received. I hope whatever you gain from this book you will one day use and pass along to others. This could be in the form of information, knowledge, or personal insight gained through higher understanding. Paying these types of gifts forward is our greatest gift to all of humanity.




The old saying “the future is what you make of it” is absolutely true. We are creating our future at every moment. We can live no other way. Our future is based upon the decisions we make in the moment so the key to life is to make the best decisions possible and consciousness helps you achieve that. When they are made unconsciously, they tend to come back to bite us in the rear. Our collective future is the world we live in. Our collective decisions achieved directly or indirectly (actively or passively) affect the entire world on some level in the present and/or future. This may seem a bit difficult to wrap your head around but that is really how our reality works. We really are the center of the Universe and each movement, action and thought creates a butterfly effect through the ripples of the time/space fabric. We humans carry more “weight” than we can ever comprehend.

We have been conditioned to think selfishly only of ourselves. Our old financial system- capitalism was built on such a system of thought. Capitalism in theory and capitalism in practice are completely different. Any financial and economic system built on the accumulation of wealth cannot be beneficial to the whole of its society. In principle, it discourages the equal redistribution of wealth and accomplished the very thing the government had discouraged its citizens under threat from doing nearly a century early- hoarding.

Our principles towards life- not our ambitions- have created the world we see today. Money has become the ruler of the land as we have all blindly followed in pursuit of it. This has caused us to lose some of our humanity for life. We have all lent a hand in creating a hostile dog-eat-dog environment where profit has becomes the chief motivation and the early 20 th century business practices of “doing what’s right” was replaced with “doing what’s right for the company.”

This is not shared as a guilt trip for change and progress but rather for the purpose of understanding that we are playing with house money and the house always wins. There is no other way possible that 1% of the world’s population can own as much wealth as the other 99%. Even if this figure was off by 10% we would still be doing a remarkably poor job in displaying our evolution as a society. I can only image when a future civilization 500 years from now unearths our records, they would have to stretch their imagination beyond its limits to phantom how a fractionally small group of individuals went on to control and affect the welfare of an entire planet using only printed paper. I am embarrassed by this thought and this is why I’ve done my part become to awaken as to not contribute my energy in supporting this creation.

Money is important right now to a certain extent and as I mentioned before, it is not the cause of our condition on Earth. We shouldn’t quit our jobs nor should we stop using money altogether. But it’s critically important that we understand the implications of our actions. You must understand something fundamentally so that you can direct intent otherwise you’re only understanding one side of things. Becoming the master of your domain means being aware of the dark side of life or whatever you are surrounded by as part of your existence then choosing the light side. This way the darkness can never fool you into allowing it to have control over you. Consciousness over all dark matters makes you the snake charmer who is fully aware of the snake’s venom but is more focused on the power he holds over the snake.

Ultimately, we all get to choose how we want to live our lives. But I can tell you with certainty that our souls could care less about how much money we’re worth or how many houses we own. The soul only seeks to know freedom to be itself within the body it inhabits while affecting the lives of other souls whenever possible. Those who have escaped to freedom from any kind of challenge can help others by sharing their stories of hope and courage. You never know when your story could serve as inspiration to someone else who may have been caught in the same trap or situation. It could also be any sort of event you’ve had to overcome. The stories we share amongst ourselves has a healing quality to it. And it certainly better to hear a true story of hope and triumph than to watch one made up for TV complete with bad acting.

We are all trapped in the material world and the results of that affect us in different ways. What we lack the most is cohesiveness because we’ve been sub-divided for so long under the “divide and conquer” format of the early 18th and 19th century. I strongly believe deep down inside of every human being we all want the same things regardless of gender, nationality or race. We all want to be happy, live a long and peaceful life surrounded by family and friends, and to provide a safe and happy future for our children. This can all be accomplished through us one day but we must first learn to be happy and live in peace amongst our self, then we can teach our children how they can find peace and happiness. Everything beyond that is the proverbial cherry on top as they say. This is how we can create a better tomorrow for ourselves and others.


“Live your life from your heart. Share from your heart. And your story will touch and heal people’s soul.”

-Melody Beattie



Finding my purpose in life was the most difficult part of my journey. I believe that we all have a purpose in life. This is not to be confused with our “passion in life.” Passion and purpose differ though they are often confused with one another. Passion is choosing or deciding to do something you love for the sake of pure joy. On the other hand is purpose which isn’t something you’d love to do but something you feel you must do. The approach and principle of the two are very different in this way. Purpose requires no business plan to draw up prior or marketing schemes on how to get people to sign up. There is nothing wrong with these business practices but if you’re concerned about these things before jumping in, you have not found your purpose. Purpose can be a scary thing because it requires one thing the most amongst many- it requires complete faith. This faith must come from your heart, not what you learned at business school.

I spent most of my life pursuing my passions. I enjoyed what I did and experienced various levels of success but I never felt satisfied deep down inside. What I learned from those experiences was that our purpose resides within our souls- deep within our souls. How elusive the purpose depends on how willing we are to let go of our pursuit of passion. Pursuing our passion is the prize behind door number one. It’s a lot better than the offer we been offered for just spinning the wheel but not quite the grand prize. Working on our passion is a much better than toiling away at a job we hate and it brings joy to our lives. We might enjoy financial success while even employing others as your passion grows. But if you ever feel a dull ache in your heart that just won’t go away, it pays to listen. It could be your purpose talking. I am a firm believer that our purpose in life won’t reveal itself until we are ready and the reason for this is because once you are aware of what it is, there’s no turning back. It’s the spiritual point of no return so we’re allowed to kick cans around for a while until we can mature into our role.

The soul within each of us carries the encoded blueprint of our lives. It carries it when we first enter into this world with the hope that you can mature enough to carry it out. The trick to accomplishing this in life is navigating all the booby traps and reversed signage created to take us off our path. Factor in our own creation of a big, bad imaginary clone of ourselves who will eventually grow powerful enough to drown out the silent whispers of our soul. There are many challenges on this third dimension for beings of good hearts and souls who want to find their purpose in life. Moving through this treacherous terrain can be challenging but the important thing is to never lose faith. Believe in yourself and do the work and things will be revealed to you.

When I begin speaking about purpose, I’m often reminded of the phrase by author and inspirational speaker, Dr. Wayne Dyer who once said, “Don’t die with your music still in you.” It took me most of my life to discover how right he was. Not everyone will be fortunate enough to discover their soul’s purpose, but it’s never too late to start listening. This is the book I never intended to write and words I never intended to share but something inside of me demanded it. You purpose might look different. It may not include a book or standing in front of thousands. Perhaps it’s starting an organization at your child’s school or creating a blog about something you feel strongly about. We should never compare your purpose to anyone else’s because it’s unique to you and only you just as the pattern of your eyes are. You will know because your heart will tell you.


“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

-Winston Churchill




How can we ever know death the way we imagine it? Death and dying is a onetime event from which there is no return. Many view death as their final destination, the end of a long road trip they call life. I see death a little differently. My view of death is our transitional point from the physical back to the nonphysical. It the junction point where we get to leave it all behind and return to where we once were. We each have our own theories on this so I won’t spoil it for you but the truth is that no one really knows where we go when we die. Some people swear of a heaven and hell while others believe they will reincarnate. Another common theory is that they close the final curtain, shut the lights and the show ends. Death is and always will be the ultimate mystery and that is perhaps because we aren’t meant to know. We have a hard time focusing on what we need to do today to worry about what will happen once our soul leaves the body. What I do believe is that where ever the place we go to will be good for our soul.






Chapter 22



“The future depends on what you do today.” -Mahatma Gandhi

THE EYE IS PERHAPS the second most ultimate creation we possess. I would put it second only to our brains (with our hearts being a given). Our first connection with newborns happens when we look into directly into their eyes. Our eyes are the window to the soul and our main connection to the outer world. Without the gift of sight, our image of the world would have to come from our primary resource- our imagination.  The etymology of the word imagination means “faculty of the mind which forms and manipulates images.” All blind people rely on this for “sight” which occurs inside their minds only. The advantage for those without sight is 100% ownership over the images they formulate within their minds. Red, green or yellow can be any color they want. When we describe the color of an apple to someone blind, we would assume that they don’t have a clue what red really looks like because they’ve never seen it before (provided they were blind since birth or soon after). But how can we be so sure that we have seen the color red?   



20/20 VISION


When we look at an apple, the red color we see isn’t in the apple itself. The color is derived from the rods and cones within our eyes and interpreted by our brains. When the wavelength of light emanates from the apple and hits the back of our retina, it then produces the color red. But my color red could be bright and vibrant while yours may be a bit a bit darker and not as sharp.  We cannot debate the ranges and shades of colors because each person’s experience of color is unique to themselves. You might recall the online viral phenomenon #TheDress, which took the internet by storm. People weighed in to debate a Tumblr post by BuzzFeed; asking whether a striped dress was ‘blue and black’ or ‘white and gold.’ Some may have thought this question to be self-evident since the two choices in color ranged greatly, but many found it quite surprising that a fair number of people (including myself) saw the dress as black and blue. The reason for this is due to human perception and how our eyes interact with light. Another reason for this is because color isn’t out there in the world; it’s actually inside our brains.

Helen Keller (1880-1968) was an author, speaker, college graduate, political and social advocate. She was also at one time one of the world’s most famous people. She met every President from Grover Cleveland to Lyndon Johnson and rubbed elbows with Mark Twain and Charlie Chaplin- at the time the most famous movie in the world) She wrote 12 published books and her life has been depicted in several movies and television shows. She accomplished it all while being deaf and blind since she was 19 months old. She never let her disabilities prevent her from accomplishing a life she believed in and she got to “see” the world through her eyes- the inner workings of her mind’s eyes. She never let the lack of her sight or sound affect her, and this permitted her to see the world from a different point of view- not as a victim, but as one who could create opportunities for herself and others. If Helen Keller could accomplish all that she had with many obstacles to overcome, what prevents the human race from doing the same?  Have we blinded ourselves with the very apparatuses meant to help us see?


20/20 vision is a term used to express normal visual acuity. Visual acuity is the clarity and sharpness of vision.’


We can all learn valuable lessons from Helen Keller and #TheDress. If we can’t see life from a different perspective other than our own, perhaps we can learn to step into someone else’s shoes for a moment and see life from their perspective. This will allow us to gain some insight that we didn’t have before. Helen Keller had no choice and had little choice in her role by virtue of “sinking or swimming.” With the help of a very caring teacher named Anne Sullivan, Keller rose to prominence. She learned to see the world by placing her inner mind on what was happening and she saw that it was dark. The lesson we can all take from the dress phenomenon is that we all have different perspectives in life and we) sometimes see things very differently but if we stay focused and never lose sight of the big picture, then things should begin working in our favor. Whether the dress was black & blue for me or gold & white for you should matter much less than the fact that we agree we are both staring at the same dress. As humans, we tend to fight over matters that don’t really matter and pay little matter to issues we really should consider fight for. Now with the veil being slowly lifted, this could be the first thing that noticeably changes- a shift in focus towards uniting instead of looking for differences to fight over.




When we look at the etymology of the word leap (1200 c.) it means to “spring, bound, a leap, a thing to leap from. The term leap also happens to be associated with the word bound, as in “leaps and bounds.” This common phrase is contradictory since the meaning of the word bound means, “limit, boundary, and boundary stone.” There is a push and pull dichotomy with this terminology. There are people who are frightened by the word ‘leap’ because it invokes fear into their minds. They may have lived their entire life in fear and have resigned their potential for the confines of safety. How many have you known who were afraid to take a leap towards something they really wanted? The fear of leaping towards their hopes and dreams has become the biggest deterrent to realized potential.

The fear of failure and the lack of self-confidence are two of the main reasons people fail to take action towards their dreams. The law governing creation will sometimes require us to take a leap towards the things that we want or desire.. This ‘act of faith’ may be necessary- not for Universal creation- but for our own purposes. It may help to fortify our beliefs through our willingness to risk it all in the face of potential failure. The good things in life don’t always come easy- especially when we have conflicting energies which invite themselves to stand in our way. Our faith in us and the Universe is all that is needed to combat the opposing forces meant to slow us down.

When the year 2020 arrives, it will be a good time for those who have yet to fulfill their dreams, to begin dreaming big again. Through consciousness, faith and trust in the powers that be, you can create anything you choose. Just as long as you are aligned with your higher self, you will always attract towards you what’s best for the whole of your being.  

The arrival of 2020 is also a leap year. Leap years often hold little significance in the U.S. other than what they signify- an adjustment to our Gregorian calendar to keep pace with the solar year. It took the early American Colonies 20 years to ratify the Gregorian calendar after it was adopted in 1752.

The year 2020 will also mark the 20th Anniversary of the new millennium. Back in the year 2000, Hillary Clinton was elected to the Senate; representing state of New York while George W. Bush lost the popular vote to runner-up Al Gore but was placed into office by Supreme Court ruling. He was also the first Presidential Republican ever to hold office without gaining a single electoral vote from the State of California. The year 2020 will be an election year and if it is anything similar to what took place in 2000, then we could be in for some interesting times. There is a reason why consciousness is needed now more than ever.




I was never much into numbers or numerology. But as I delved deeper into my research, I must confess the appearance of numerical patterns which seemed to stand out. These patterns were too hard to ignore- even for a lay-person such as myself. This has caused me to consider them as part of my expansion of knowledge and enlightenment. My psychological makeup isn’t one of superstition, but out of a healthy respect for internal and external forces that exist beyond our current understanding, I’ve included just a small sampling of what I’ve discovered while researching the ‘power of the number 20.’ Treat this information as you would anything else and discern for yourself what you will.  

According to Affinity Numerology (affinitynumerology.com) the Number 20 is the number of diplomacy. It resonates; teamwork and service to others. It also represents a comprehensive point of view. Other composition traits according to the website are; idealism, family, health, harmony, compassion, a loyal, cooperative, and effective team member. The number 20 vowel number resonates with the heart’s desire. Numerology is usually applied to people and individuals but can also be used in accordance to a certain numbers vibration. So what does this all mean and why is it important?

It is important for a few reasons. The first one is in the numbers themselves. If the number 20 resonates all that’s mentioned above, then this energy will be doubled since we will be in a year that contains two ‘20s.’ This should be very good news for us. The website goes into further details on the number which can be viewed online. But to summarize; the breakdown of the number 20 is a holistic understanding of relationships and representative of “wholeness, inclusiveness, and infinite potential.” As Gaia is awakening and starting to awaken us all, 2020 seems like it might be her coming of age. Our planet is a living body and when we align ourselves to her, we align ourselves to her energy. The time appears to have come where we are no longer her children but her grown up representatives. 2020 may be like her coming out birthday. We might be able to celebrate in ways we could’ve only imagined.

Another website hosted by numerologist Joanne Walmsley (thenumbesandtheirmeanings.com), stated that “the Number 20 stands for souls who have the knowledge of both good and evil and must consciously make choices to attain balance in all situations.” She went on to write, “The soul-self knows the danger of unbalanced decisions and realizes that they must learn to work carefully and bide their time to make wise choices. They can direct their powers along positive channels and greatly benefit from their positive gifts simply by being aware of their inner-selves.”  Since numerology is usually associated to birthdates, is it possible that we can apply this year as our ‘birthday’ also? I believe so. We are really nature’s children. Our mothers served as a vessel for us to be here but our substance is the same substance of nature. The year 2020 could be humanity's collective birth of consciousness much like the time our planet celebrated the millennium. The year 2000 celebrations where wonderful, hopeful and joyous; they were experienced by many worldwide. Everyone appeared to celebrate at a high level. Now that another milestone is upon us, it might go unrecognized by the masses that are unaware of the power and potential it holds. But for those in the know- if you can set your intentions correctly, you might be able to create some real magic.

One final footnote on the number 20 is its association as “A Set of Twenty Things.” The term “Four-score” meant 4 × 20. Abraham Lincoln highlighted and focused on the number 20 by using it to open his in his Gettysburg Address with “four-score and seven years ago…” And Martin Luther King Jr. used it in his iconic “I Have a Dream” speech. Both men of great stature spoke of freedom from slavery and suppression.

As time continues to move forward, our future has yet to be decided. No one knows for certain what the future holds and everything still remains to be seen. I have shared with you what I have seen and understood from the highest point of view. Humans are unpredictable and it’s a possibility that what we experience might be somewhere in the middle- unless we embrace all that is available to us spiritually. Then, we would make a quantum leap as far as our evolution. We are the only ones who are holding us back. There is no one else. Perhaps, one day a decade from today, we might look back on 2020 in hindsight of what we knew was coming and what we’ve become. Change is one of the constants in life and the only thing that I can guarantee will be in store for us in a major way and this you can take to the bank. [*  *]




-David Bowie


I still don’t know what I was waiting for

And my time was running wild

A million dead-end streets

And every time I thought I’d got it made

It seemed the taste was not so sweet

So I turned myself to face me

But I’ve never caught a glimpse

Of how the others must see the faker

I’m much too fast to take that test



(Turn and face the strange)


Don’t want to be a richer man


(Turn and face the strange)


Just gonna have to be a different man

Time may change me

But I can’t trace time


I watch the ripples change their size

But never leave the stream

Of warm impermanence and

So the days float through my eyes

But still the days seem the same

And these children that you spit on

As they try to change their worlds

Are immune to your consultations

They’re quite aware of what they’re going through



(Turn and face the strange)


Don’t tell them to grow up and out of it


(Turn and face the strange)


Where’s your shame

You’ve left us up to our necks in it

Time may change me

But you can’t trace time


Strange fascination, fascinating me

Changes are taking the pace

I’m going through



(Turn and face the strange)


Oh, look out you rock ‘n rollers


(Turn and face the strange)


Pretty soon now you’re gonna get older

Time may change me

But I can’t trace time

I said that time may change me

But I can’t trace time.


“Humans are tool builders, and we build tools that can dramatically amplify our innate human abilities. I believe that the computer will rank near, if not at the top, as history unfolds—it is the most awesome tool that we have ever invented.”

-Steve Jobs

THERE ARE MANY RESOURCES available today to assist us in raising our vibrations and it would be foolish not to take advantage of all that’s available. We are creative beings and we must use our creativity as well as the creativity of other like-minded beings to help us reverse the curse placed upon us. While prayer and positive thinking is useful, we still have to consider the physical and mental aspect of ourselves which need to be raised up as well. We are like antennas to the source of consciousness.

I’ll be sharing with you some resources I’ve used and know to be helpful. I’ll also include some modalities that I haven’t used, but I’ve known them to be helpful to others. We have to use all that we can and share as much knowledge about healing as possible as I don’t believe in sticking to just any one modality. Decide what’s best for you and expand on it every day. If you are doing something and it isn’t bringing any positive effects (or just the opposite) you should cease doing it immediately and try something else. Health and wellness takes priority above all else. You don’t have to do everything nor do you have to do anything- everything is strictly up to you. You can pick and choose what vibrates the most with you and experiment to find the right fit. I’ll start with the basics before moving to the more evolved resources that I’m familiar with.




Your body is the building block of health. It’s the foundation upon which everything else is possible in this physical world and if your body is unhealthy, that can make raising your vibration challenging. It’s imperative for you to cease doing anything you know to be damaging to your body. This would include, but not limited to, certain type of drugs, smoking, alcohol abuse or any type of physically abusive activities.

Get the inside your body and see how it feels. If you don’t like how you feel after doing a certain activity, it’s a clear indication that you should cease. Our bodies are incredibly resilient and it’s amazing the type of abuse it endures as it struggles to keeps us alive. Exposing or putting our bodies through any type of abuse is counterintuitive to consciousness. As we raise our consciousness, we begin to appreciate our bodies for all that it does for us. This means assume full responsibility for maintaining our own health.




After weaning yourself off of any or all destructive behaviors, the next step in your maintenance program should be getting enough sleep. This might sound pretty basic but a lot of people often neglect the importance of sleep. Our bodies need the rest in order to recuperate and keep us in peak physical, mental and emotional condition.. If you have trouble falling asleep or you’re waking up tired, you may want to check with a doctor first and look into your nutrition as well for deficiencies. You can supplement your efforts by investing in a sleep tracker (or monitor) or download an app. There are plenty of trackers and apps available on the market today. Some trackers like Misfit Shine (misfitwearables.com) and Jawbone UP3 (jawbone.com) allow you to wear them on your wrist while others are placed down on a nightstand while it tracks your movements. Sense (hello.is/sense.com) is his one of the cooler sleeping devise out on the market today. Other options are downloadable sleep tracking apps for smart phones. This market is expanding all the time. Some well-known apps are Beddit Smart 2.0 (beddit.com) and SleepRate (sleeprate.com). This is just a small sampling of what’s available on the market in stores and online.



Exercise is something that doesn’t really require a lot of time or fancy equipment. The biggest challenge when trying to begin and maintain an exercise schedule isn’t money, access to a gym or time. The biggest challenge is mindset. If you don’t shift your mindset about exercising you’ll find yourself riding an emotional roller coaster of starting and stopping. If you shift your thinking towards health and away from losing weight, it becomes more sustainable. Exercise can be done at home using nothing but your own body weight. You can also purchase bands and loose dumbbells if you want to up the ante.

If you’re working out at home and need direction, one of the simplest and most cost-effective resources available is right on your computer- YouTube. You can find plenty of various and often challenging exercises you can do at home. If you’re the type of person who needs that extra motivation, then getting a personal trainer would be wiser instead of trying to work out on your own or at the gym. You’ll just be wasting your time, effort and energy. You can always hire one for a while then branch off on your own once you feel confident enough to do so. When it comes down to it, there really are no excuses for failing to maintain our physical health. This is all a part of our spiritual growing up phase. We must prove ourselves capable enough to take care of the body that houses our soul.



Nutrition is an area that’s always debatable. One of the more recent debates involves eating meat. I will go on the record and say that I am a vegan but I believe that eating meat is a personal choice. But studies have shown that switching to a vegetarian diet is better for the human body. I was a vegetarian for over eight years before switching to a vegan diet and what I can share with you is that I feel the best that I’ve ever felt physically and I would never go back to eating meat.

If you’re looking to become more conscious and health-conscious and find yourself on the fence about giving up meat, then it would be wise to do some research on animal meat and how it affects the human body. There are also plenty of good documentaries on Netflix such as Food Inc., Forks over Knives and Cowspiracy to name just a few. If you’re not ready to give up meat or any animal byproducts just yet, I would suggest switching to eating only organic meats. You might think it costs more (and sometimes it does), but as the industry has continued to grow, prices have begun to drop.

Health benefits aside, another reason to switch to a meat-free diet is the fact that you won’t be adding to the animal suffrage that’s a big part of the meat industry. These animals are often mistreated as they are viewed only as an object to be consumed.



The other part of nutrition and body maintenance is proper hydration. Water plays a central role in maintaining the health of our bodies. There are many people who haven’t done enough research around water and believe they are doing the right thing by choosing any type of water over soda or other sugary drinks but although water is a much better option, they aren’t aware of the fact that most water contains fluoride which calcifies the pineal gland. Fluoride is also known as a toxin, and there is plenty of material on the internet for those who are interested in gaining more specifics.

When drinking bottled water, you will want to choose distilled or purified water over regular spring water whenever possible. Don’t worry too much if spring water is all that’s available but try and make it a habit of drinking distilled (or purified) water whenever possible. There are also home filtration systems that remove fluoride from the water and prices vary from pretty inexpensive to very expensive. Most active carbon filters such as Britta or Pur do not remove fluoride. Depending on your budget, you should invest in a Bone Char Carbon Filter such as Brimac Filters or a distiller. Perhaps the best form of water filtration system is a reverse osmosis filter which can remove up to 95% of fluoride from your tap water. If you’re not ready to invest in a filter or you rent instead of own, the simplest way to shift would be to buy distilled or purified water. That may cost you run about a dollar or so per gallon. If you’re concerned about using plastic, you can look for in nearby water shop where you can bring your own empty 5 gallon, BPA-free water container and have it refilled.



One of the best ways to quiet your mind is through meditation. Meditation allows you to get in touch with your inner self. This part has been around for thousands of years when the Hindus began practicing Vedantism (1500 BCE) in ancient India. Since then, it has spread throughout the world. It’s been known to help people quit smoking and end addictions to drugs and alcohol. In the Western world, it’s been used to help deal with stressful lives by bringing balance back to the body. Aside from stress reduction, meditation has been proven effective in improving certain medical conditions.

Universities such as Yale and UCLA have done extensive research and have all come to the same conclusions – that meditation done on a regular basis (20 minutes minimum) can improve the quality of our health. Silicon Valley in Northern California jumped on the meditation bandwagon not too long ago when internet companies such as Google and Facebook started offering meditation for their employees. It isn’t necessary to join an ashram or be a Buddhist monk to begin meditating. Those new to meditation might find themselves questioning whether they’re doing it right but there really isn’t a ‘right way.’ There also isn’t a ‘wrong way.’ The idea behind meditation is to simply close your eyes and allow yourself to be still for an extended period of time. You don’t have to do anything because there isn’t anything to do which is the key behind it. You can simply watch your thoughts go by as you pay attention to your breathing.

There are plenty places that offer some sort of meditation class. Places like the local YMCA/YWCA tend to offer beginner-type classes and you can always check online for a local Meetup (meetup.com) group focusing on meditation. And of course, you can also do it at home by yourself. Simply find yourself a nice corner or area in your home that’s free from any distractions. What you’ll want to do is create a special place for yourself while letting your mind know it’s quiet time in that area. There are several ways to meditate which range from closing your eyes and being still in a comfortable position to audible sounds and guided meditations. You can find some excellent resources on YouTube or through apps found in iTunes and Google play.



The practice of yoga is another of the great ancient Indian tradition which benefits both physical and mental aspects. Yoga produces the same effects on the brain that meditation does except that it requires physical effort. Yoga was said to have begun over 5000 years ago in Northern India. Some researchers claim that yoga might even have been in practice over 10,000 years ago. Some of the oldest texts in India are known as the Rig Veda which includes original songs, mantras and rituals used by the Brahmans. The most famous Yogi Scripture is the Bhagavad-Gita, composed around 5000 BCE. Yoga, like meditation, has several different variations. When getting started, you can certainly do it at home but you might be better off starting with an instructor to ensure your poses are correct and that you’re getting the most out of your sessions.



Everything in life must first be visualized. The power of our imagination is extremely powerful and can move mountains once we learn how to harness it rather than give it away. Anything you want to create and experience in life can be visualized within your mind’s eye first. I used to have clients come to me and tell me that they can’t visualize. My response to them was always the same – it would be impossible for them to see if they weren’t able to visualize. Everything taken in with our eyes is seen with our minds. The images we see all around us are re-creations done by us. They are the reformulated images created using electrical signals within our brains. This process of re-creating images is done using imagination. The etymology of imagine (mid-14c.) is “to form an image of.”

You can practice getting better at visualizing by practicing for 10 to 15 minutes a day closing your eyes and visualizing what it is you want to manifest in your life. By doing this daily, you’ll find life becoming more favorable to you. It becomes even more powerful if you practice manifesting things which enhance your internal spiritual growth versus strictly material objects. This visualization time should be reserved for your communication with your spirit and inner mental body.

If you want a technique to attract physical items (which we still require in life), then create a vision board. Vision boards are extremely powerful tools that work on the subconscious level. They serve as symbolic reminders to our subconscious mind of what we want to attract into our lives. An old classic that can help you unleash your creative powers is by Shakti Gawain titled, Creative Visualization. Another is the all-time best seller The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne.

Creating a vision board should be a fun project but keep in mind the purpose of it and where you want to go in life. It shouldn’t be cluttered with lots of material things but should include things that nourish your soul and support you on all three levels; mentally physically and spiritually. There are lots of great sources for images such as magazines, pictures off the internet or Pinterest (pinterest.com). Use your creativity when creating your own board as there are no rules. If you want a quick reference, you may go online and check YouTube for some great ideas. For a quick reference guide you can go to: wikihow.com/Make-a-Vision-Board.



The simplest yet most powerful tool available to all of us is journaling. I’ve been journaling for as long as I can remember and I continued to journal every day. It has contributed to my growth in so many ways and I have heard others share the same sentiment. Anyone seeking to grow their consciousness should get themselves a journal and started journaling right away. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, although those are available if you prefer. You can just get yourself a simple notebook, take out a pen and begin writing. You can start by writing whatever comes to mind or however you’re feeling that day. Again, there are no rules or structure to follow. Let your instincts and intuitions become your guide. If you don’t know what to write, simply start by writing a sentence, then closing the book. If you do that every day you’ll notice yourself writing for longer and longer periods of time. You can bring up a lot of issues and solve a lot of problems through journaling.

Another good journal to keep is a gratitude journal. I remember when Oprah Winfrey spoke about keeping a gratitude journal as one of the most important things she’s done in her life. You can always learn more about journal writing online or by reading At a Journal Workshop by Ira Progoff. This book can serve as your guide for learning different techniques which can assist with going deeper within. You can also draw pictures and doodle in your journal as this is an excellent way to bring out your creativity and to get in touch with your inner child.



A pendulum is a pretty simple tool that you can use to get in touch with your intuitive nature. You can use it to speak to your higher self and ask questions of things you’d like to know. The pendulum can be made of practically anything that is waited on the end. You can make one yourself but just make sure that the weighted pendulum itself weighs less than half an ounce. But the best route is to buy one- preferably one using a crystal as its weight.

When working with a pendulum, you’ll want to free your mind and relax your body before asking it questions. You should always ask your pendulum which way it would like to swing for yes and which way for no. Whenever responses you receive, those will be your markers. I have known people who have gotten addicted to their pendulums and will start asking it what they should have for lunch. This isn’t what a pendulum was intended for and should be used as a tool to help you enhance your own intuition. Use it wisely but make sure that it doesn’t replace your intuitive voice and feelings.




I’ve used hypnosis throughout the majority of my life. I’ve experienced many personal changes through hypnosis and I’ve helped countless others do the same. Hypnosis is a really good way to reprogram your subconscious mind and aid in spiritual healing and evolution. The subconscious mind is where our memories rests and programming takes place. What hypnosis does is allow you direct access to the subconscious mind where you can dramatically regain control- sometimes after just one session. If you choose to do hypnosis as a form of therapy just ensure that the therapist is certified or very experienced and that you feel comfortable with them.

For more manageable problems such as habits or certain phobias, you can listen to hypnotic audio sessions right before going to sleep. YouTube is an excellent source for hypnotic recordings along with iTunes (itunes.com) and certain online websites featuring therapists who sell recordings. You can begin by listening to pre-recorded messages, then eventually began making personalized recordings on your own if you’re up to it. A good source to use when recording your own hypnotic audio is Audacity (audacity.com). Audacity is a basic and free audio editing software. If working on an Apple computer, you can also use Garage band which is fun and can get the job done nicely.

If hypnosis had a cousin, that would have to be subliminal recordings. I cannot vouch for these firsthand as I have not experienced noticeable changes when I’ve used them but I have known several people who swear by them and this is why I’ve chosen to include them to the list.

Subliminal recordings are supposed to carry embedded messages hidden in the music or audio. An added benefit to working with subliminal recordings is that they can be listened to while you’re wide-awake unlike hypnotic recordings which require you to lie down and be still. Subliminals can be found online at Brain Sync (brainsync.com) and Omharmonics (omharmonics.com). They can also be found on YouTube.



Binaural beats (or tones) influence the brain in a subtle way through brainwave entrainment. They produce different tones in each ear which run an interference pattern between the two frequencies, creating the perception of a beat. This effect was first discovered in 1939 by German scientist, Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. He noticed that the brain produces a phenomenon of low-frequency pulses which could be entrained. By listening to audio beats over stereo headphones (or earbuds), you can begin entraining your own brain to achieve a desired brainwave. I made heavy use of these when I first began going deep within.

There are binaural beats for just about anything you can think of. YouTube is definitely your go-to source for these. If you feel creative and are not too technically challenged, you can also make your own beats using an open-source program called, Gnaural (gnaural.sourceforge.net/). I haven’t created my own binaural beats because they are so readily available on YouTube. You can find beats lasting anywhere from 10 minutes to 9 hours.





Solfeggio frequencies were first discovered by Dr. Joseph Puleo, a leading herbalist who, while studying the Bible, found that there was a pattern of six repeating codes around a series of sacred numbers, 3, 6 and 9. When he deciphered these numbers using the ancient Pythagorean method of reducing verse numbers into single digit integers, the codes revealed a series of six electromagnetic sound frequencies that corresponded to the six missing tones of the ancient Solfeggio scale. These ancient 6-tone musical scales were used in sacred music with the most famous being the Gregorian Chants.

Gregorian chants were believed to impart spiritual blessings when sung in harmony. Each tone is believed to be attuned to a certain frequency which is needed to balance energy. Balanced energy leads to mental, physical and spiritual harmony. There are several levels of hertz recordings which contain solfeggio frequencies that can help you transmute different types of problems. Below is a list of some of the hertz available, along with the issue that might benefit from those frequencies:


396 Hz: Helps with guilt and fear

417 Hz: Helps facilitates change

639 Hz: In tuned with establishing deep connections and relationships

741 Hz: Expression and solutions to life’s problems

852 Hz: Our deep spiritual realm


I cannot make claims for or against the use of Solfeggio frequencies other than to say that if you try them and they feel right to you, then you have hit on something that works for you. This goes with anything else in life. Somethings may work for some, while they do nothing for others. We can never discount the power of belief when it comes to remedies as well. The power of belief is perhaps the greatest tool of them all.



I believe it’s important to know the defendant brain waves were able to induce. The brain has its own set of frequencies which depend on whichever state we’re in. There are mainly five frequency states we experience: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. Below you’ll find the list of the brain waves along with the brain function they are associated with:

Gamma Waves: Higher mental activities which include perception, problem solving and consciousness. The waves oscillate under 40 Hz.


Beta Waves: This is our active brainwave function. When we are wide-awake and running around, we are in beta wave frequency. Waves in beta oscillate between 13-39 Hz.


Alpha Waves: Our awake but relaxed state. This is the state we enter whenever we’re about hop into bed after brushing our teeth. REM sleep is also said to produce these brainwaves. Alpha waves range between 8-12 Hz.


Theta Waves: This is the brainwave we experience whenever we are in deep meditation and also NREM (non-rapid eye movement) sleep. Theta waves oscillate between 4-7 Hz.

Delta Waves: Delta waves are responsible for our deep sleep state. We have no conscious awareness whenever we’re in this state. We also experience NREM sleep. Delta waves oscillate between 0-4 Hz.





There are certain issues in life that require the help of a professional or train individual. If you’re dealing with very traumatic experiences or anything psychological in nature, then it’s highly recommended to seek the help of a licensed psychologist or trained mental and/or spiritual professional. Do your research and ask for references when beginning any type of psychological work. There are many good trained professionals out there who can help you through any type of issue. When working with a therapist, keep in mind that you can end the relationship at any time. The moment you begin to feel there is no real progress being made, you can always consider finding a more suitable match.

Life coaching differs from therapy in many ways. One of the main ways is that a life coach isn’t equipped to deal with deep psychological issues nor should they attempt to. They can find themselves in real trouble very quickly and could end up making things worse. A life coach’s job is to get you tangible results. They are there to coach you from where you are to where you want to be and sessions are usually centered on your goals and removing obstacles.



We must all learn to become better guardian of our minds. We take for granted what we watch and listen to without the understanding and awareness that our mind records everything that we see and hear. When we’re watching violence or abuse- whether it’s on television or in the movies- we are flashing these images onto the screen of our minds. Because we are re-creating every image through the use of electrical impulse, those images now belong to us. The subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between something that is real or imagined even if it isn’t acted out through us. Our conscious minds sort out images which align with us but the rest still gets stored in our mental storehouse. If you’ve ever watched a scary movie and been afraid to turn off the lights at night, then you know exactly what I mean. Our brain begins forming associations with our environment.

What is needed is to begin performing a negativity detox . You can start by filter out negative images from your minds while filling that space with positive images. Avoid watching negative images for an extended period of time or do like children do- close your eyes before a scene takes place. I know it’s hard because even movies or shows that look innocuous contain some type of violence. But this could be done. The more you raise your vibration, the less you’ll want to watch even these types of shows.

Music is a bit easier to filter out. Start choosing positive songs with positive lyrics. Pay attention to what is being said in a song as they can contain very power messages. After the song is over, see how you feel. Notice the emotions that are triggered by the song. If the song has a negative angle or message, no matter how catchy the tune, you are better off avoiding it. You might not know it right away but if you practice this for a few months, you will notice a dramatic difference in your mood and in the amount of chatter that goes on inside your brain.



If you want to shorten your learning curve, work with a spiritual healer. They are knowledgeable and know what you’re going through. They can help lead the way and assist in your healing. Spiritual healings make good teachers who can explain some of the more abstract concepts you may be dealing with that are confusing you. Healers come in many forms and offer distinct services so you’ll need to know what you’d like to work on, and then find a modality that best suits you and your needs.




Acupressure is very similar to acupuncture (below), but uses finger pressure rather than fine needles on specific body points. It is very helpful when treating ailments such as stress, tension, aches and pains, menstrual cramps and arthritis.


Acupuncture includes the use of fine needles which are inserted at specific meridian points within the body. They help to stimulate, disperse, and regulate the vital energy flow (chi) within the body which restores healthy and balance. It can also help with pain relief as well as improve well-being. And lastly, it’s been known to treat acute, chronic, and degenerative conditions in both children and adults.



Essential oils distilled from plants as therapy is called aromatherapy. These aromatic oils have been known to treat emotional disorders such as stress, anxiety and a wide array of other ailments. Oils can be massaged into the skin in diluted form, inhaled, or simply placed in bath water. Aromatherapy is often used in conjunction with other holistic treatments such as massage therapy, acupuncture, reflexology, herbology and chiropractic treatments.


Some astrologists are very adept at using charts to read your birth cycles. They can use charts to see what kind of health conditions exists and through perception, they can make predictions on the future. There are many we use this type of guidance.


Atlas Orthogonal

Atlas Orthogonal is a chiropractic program used to evaluate and correct subluxation based on scientific and biomechanical procedures. It incorporates the latest advancements in scientific technology which allows chiropractors to calculate in precise detail the vectors specific to one’s own subluxation patterns. Their instruments can also be program with specific corrective vectors to deliver adjustment without the need to conduct any bodily manipulations at all.




Ayurveda Medicine

Practiced in India for over 5,000 years, Ayurvedic tradition believes that illness is a state of imbalance within the body’s systems which can be detected through such diagnostic procedures such as reading one’s pulse and observing their tongue for illnesses. Nutritional counseling, massages, natural medications and other remedies are usually used to address the broad spectrum of ailments.

Auricular Therapy

This is an ancient Egyptian healing modality found in writings stating that pain could be relieved through the stimulation of certain points on the ear. This was very common in the 1800s and was said to aid with certain disorders.

Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is a method which aims to change body movements that have become habits over time. It’s a rather simple method for improving body ease and freedom of movement, balance, coordination and support. This technique teaches the use of appropriate effort for a particular activity, which frees up energy for more activities and bodily functions. It’s a complete reeducation of the mind and body to become more efficient and energy sustainable.

Autogenic Training

Autogenic training is a century-old European method for achieving relaxation based on passive concentration and bodily awareness of specific sensations. It’s been effective in relieving many stress-related disorders including anxiety, tension and insomnia. It was also known to help calm examination stress. People dealing with chronic medical conditions ranging from migraine, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, high blood pressure, to thyroid disease and many other conditions have reported benefits through the use of this ancient practice.

Anthroposophical Medicine

Austrian physician Rudolph Steiner was the one who developed Anthroposophical Medicine. Steiner believed that anthroposophy involved the scientific investigation of the spirit world which brings to light the weaknesses and truths of both science and mysticism. It’s a method which requires developing psychic powers before attempting to investigate the spiritual world.

Auto-Urine Therapy

This practice stems from the Yoga tradition of using one’s own urine as food, medicine, restorative, transforming agent and immune system booster. Urine is known to have many beneficial effects in the human body and is widely accepted as a form of medicine in other cultures.

Holotropic Breath work

This is a simple yet powerful technique for healing and self-exploration based on combining insights from research into modern consciousness, psychology and perennial spiritual practices. This method activates non-ordinary states of consciousness which then activates the spontaneous healing potential of the human psyche. Sustained effective breathing, evocative music, focused energy work and mandala drawings are all components of this modality. The word holotropic literally means ‘moving towards wholeness’.


This is the method of monitoring minute metabolic changes in one’s own body with the aid of sensitive machines and equipment. This technique is used especially for stress-related conditions such as asthma, migraines, insomnia, and high-blood pressure. Clients learn to make subtle adjustments which assist in experiencing a more balanced internal state by consciously breathing, visualizing, or imagining relaxing while observing light, sound, or a metered feedback.

Bach Flower Remedies

This system involves the use of herbal remedies. Devised by Edward Bach, these floral remedies are said to be capable of altering disharmonies in personalizes and emotional state which trouble us on occasion. These remedies are mostly aimed at treating emotional states rather than physical ones.

Cellular Therapy

Cellular therapy also called live cell therapy, cellular suspensions, glandular therapy, fresh cell therapy, sickle cell therapy, embryonic cell therapy, and organotherapy -- refers to various procedures in which processed tissue from animal embryos, fetuses or organs, is taken orally or injected. Products are obtained from specific animal organs or tissues said to correspond with the patient’s unhealthy organs or tissues. Proponents of this practice claim that the recipient's body automatically transports the injected cells to the target organs, where they supposedly strengthen them and regenerate their structure. The organs and glands used in cell treatment include brain, pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, thymus, liver, kidney, pancreas, spleen, heart, ovary, testis, and parotid. Several different types of cell or cell extractions can be given simultaneously while some practitioners routinely give up to 20 or more at once.

Chromotherapy or Color Therapy

This therapy involves the use of color usually in the form of light to produce healing and positive effects.


Colon Therapy

The therapeutic goal of colon therapy is to balance the body’s own chemistry, eliminate harmful waste, and restore proper tissue and organ function. Colon therapy releases toxins as it cleans the blood, stimulates the immune system, and aids in restoring the body’s pH balance. Colon Therapy, which is also referred to as colonics, is believed to relieve a wide range of symptoms related to colon dysfunction.

Chelation Therapy

Chelation therapy is a series of intravenous injections of the synthetic amino acid EDTA. It is designed to aid in detoxify the body. It is also often used to treat arteriosclerosis. Chelation therapy is usually administered in an osteopathic or medical doctor’s office.

Chinese (Oriental) Medicine

Oriental medical practitioners are trained in the use of a variety of modern and ancient therapeutic methods which include acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage, heat therapy, and nutritional counseling. They offer a more holistic approach to healing acute and chronic illnesses.


The spine is the backbone of human health and any misalignments of the vertebrae caused by poor posture or bodily trauma can cause pressure on the spinal nerve roots and can leading to diminished function and even illness. By manipulating or adjusting the spine, a chiropractor can correct or treat these misalignments.


A colonic is considered colon irrigation where the irrigation of the large intestine is sanitized with filtered water under gentle pressure to wash out or detoxify it of any stagnated fecal material. It is also called a full intestinal enema.


This broad category covers a range of practitioners- some of which I mentioned above. They can range from career counselors to psychotherapies. These individuals can treat issues such as depression, anger, addiction, and other emotional issues. Formats can vary from individual counseling to group therapy sessions.


Cupping is a traditional Chinese medical technique which involves the use of suction to diseased parts of the body using ceramic glasses or bamboo cups. This is said to increase the area’s circulation and thereby promote healing. In very ancient times the horns of animals were said to have been used for this purpose.

Craniosacral Therapy

This is a manual therapeutic procedure for remedying distortions in the structure and function of the craniosacral mechanism – the brain and spinal cord, the bones of the skull, the sacrum, and interconnected membranes. It is used to treat chronic pain, migraine headaches, and a range of other conditions.

Dance/Movement Therapies

Dance and/or body movement therapy uses expressive movement as a therapeutic tool for both personal expression and psychological and/or emotional healing. Practitioners work with clients with physical disabilities, addition issues, sexual abuse histories, eating disorders, and other concerns to aid in healing the body and restore health and balance.

Dentistry (Holistic)

Holistic dentists are licensed dentists who bring an interdisciplinary approach to their practice. They may incorporate such methods as homeopathy, hypnosis, acupuncture and even nutrition into their treatment plans. Most holistic dentists emphasize wellness and preventive care while avoiding silver-mercury fillings.


Dowsing is the ancient art of searching for hidden things (water, precious metals, etc.) by using their mental and psychic sense of perception


Ear Candling

Primarily used for wax buildup and related hearing problems, ear candling can also be used for ear infections and sinus infections. Treatment involves placing the narrow end of a specially designed hollow candle at the entry of the ear canal, while the opposite end is lit. Some people practice this at home but I would advise using caution and care when engaging in this practice.

Electrohomoeopathy (Electropathy)

Electrohomoeopathy is a specialized system of therapeutics which involves the use of various forms of electrical currents for medicinal purposes.

Fasting Therapy

Therapeutic fasting or fasting for health is a purifying and rejuvenating process by which toxic waste matters are slowly eliminated and bodily regeneration is restored



Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the Ancient Chinese practice of arranging the home or work environment to promote health, happiness, and prosperity. Consultants may recommend changes in the surroundings – from color selection to furniture placement – in order to promote a health flow of vital energy or chi.

Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais Method is a systematic approach to neuromuscular relearning. This method is suited to healthy individuals who want to increase their flexibility. This treatment is beneficial to anyone who is involved in the sports, art or simply want to take their bodily experience to the next level because it helps with neurological and movement disorders.


Flower Essences

(See Bach treatment above)


Gem Therapy

This is a relatively recent discovery in the field of alternative medicines. It involves the use of specific gems (crystals) to treat specific ailments. This form of treatment has been growing since many are now turning to crystals for health, protection and healing. The results vary from individual to individual but keeping crystals around have been known to increase the energy field in the environment.





An ancient form of healing still widely used in much of the world, herbalism uses natural plants or plant-based substances to treat a range of illnesses and to enhance the functioning of the body’s systems. Though herbalism is not a licensed professional modality in the United States, herbs are “prescribed” by a range of practitioners.


Heliotherapy is the science conducted on the positive effects of the sun and is an effective tool in boosting the body’s immune system.

Holistic Medicine

This is a term used for whole body healing. It aims to heal the person, not just the disease. The philosophy is to threat the cause, not just the symptom. Practitioners usually take into account their client’s history, emotional states, spiritual connection, nutritional intake, environmental condition and lifestyle. Many holistic medical practitioners combine conventional forms of treatment with other natural or alternative treatments.


Homoeopathy is a medical system that uses infinitesimal doses of natural substances called remedies to stimulate a person’s defense and immune system. Common conditions treated using homeopathy is addressing infant and childhood diseases, infections, fatigue, allergies, and chronic illnesses such as arthritis.


Hypnotherapy as mentioned earlier bypasses the conscious mind and accessing the subconscious where suppressed memories, repressed emotions, and forgotten events are recorded and stored. Hypnosis helps to facilitate behavioral, emotional, or attitudinal changes such as weight loss, smoking cessation, immobile of fears and phobias and stress management. It is also known to help treat illnesses.


This is defined as the scientific application of water for therapeutic purposes. Water may be used as a form of treatment at various temperatures and in different modes.


Iridology is a diagnostic system based on the premise that every organ has a corresponding location within the iris of the eye, which can serve as an indicator of the individual organ health or the identification of disease. Iridology is used by naturopaths and other practitioners. The success rate of this practice is not well known.



Kinesiology is the study of the human body during movement. There are many disciplines within kinesiology which include anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology, motor control, motor learning, neuromuscular physiology, sports psychology, and philosophy. Kinesiology graduates enter a variety of careers upon graduating while others enter graduate programs related to understanding how the body functions such a medical school, occupational and physical therapy, athletic training, and other related fields.


Lymph Drainage Therapy

This therapy involves the draining of the lymphatic system to assist the lymphatic vessels. This system is made up of tubes which carry nutrients to different parts of the body.

Massage (therapeutic)

Practiced for generations in both Eastern and Western cultures, therapeutic massage involves the practice of manipulating a person’s muscles and other soft tissue with the intent of improving health and/or well-being. This may include effleurage, deep tissue, percussion, vibration, and joint movement.


Magneto-therapy is the art of healing through the use and application of magnets to diseased or affected parts of the human body. This practice is widely known and used as a form of healing as products are developed and sold online for home use. Magnetic therapy has been said to render very good results. Do your own research before buying a specific magnetic product. Some home use magnets can be too weak or too small to be effective.


Midwifery/Childbirth Support

Midwives provide educational support during pregnancy and assist expectant mothers during labor and delivery process. They also provide follow-up care. Practitioners include childbirth educators, assistants, and doulas (women labor coaches who also provide postpartum home care).

Native American Herbology

Native American healers and spiritual shamans are difficult to find since they do not advertise or leave their environment. However, some of the knowledge and treatments can be found through the native people and through books, articles and websites. Most of the information available has been used by the natives and has been handed down from generation to generation. .

Natural Products

A natural product is anything grown organically or composed of organic products. These products contain no chemicals and can be found in all sorts of products. They also use plants that have not come in contact with any pesticides or chemicals of any kind.


Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathic physicians work to restore and support the body’s own healing abilities through the use of a variety of modalities including nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathic medicine, and orient medicine. They can be a primary health-care practitioner or systems which emphasizes the curative power of nature by treating both acute and chronic illnesses in all age groups.


Ohashiatsu is a system of physical techniques, exercises and meditations which help to relieve tension and fatigue. It can also induce a state of peace and harmony. The practitioner assesses the client’s state by feeling the hara- the area below the navel. Then, by using continuous and flowing movements, the practitioner presses and stretches the body’s energy channels all the while working in unison with the person’s breathing.

Oriental Diagnosis

This is a diagnostic procedure by which the patient’s pulse is examined to detect for any diseases in accordance to traditional Chinese medicine.

Osteopathic Medicine

Osteopathic physicians provide comprehensive medical care which includes preventive medicine, diagnosis, surgery, prescription medications, and at times- hospital referrals. During diagnosis and treatment, they pay particular attention to the joints, bones, muscles, and nerves and are specially trained in osteopathic manipulative treatment which uses their hands to diagnose, treat, and prevent illness.





Physiotherapy is another manipulative technique by which the deformities of an individual are modified. This is all done in accordance with the principles of naturopathy.

Pyramid Healing

Pyramid Healing is another healing method which uses pyramidal structures of various kinds. This is a very intriguing form of therapy that is said to have very powerful healing properties.


Radiesthesia uses dowsing or divining to diagnose disease and select remedies. It can be used to diagnose any condition according practitioners who use their ability to sense energy forces or radiation, especially in the human body. They use the body as a diagnostic instrument.


Radionics is a therapy that uses radiesthesia together with simple instruments to help diagnose and treat diseases in plants, animals, and humans. This can be done all at a distance without the presence of the patient.

Reconstructive Therapy/Prolotherapy (PRP)

Reconstructive therapy uses injections of natural substances such as dextrose, glycerin, and phenol to stimulate the growth of connective tissue and strengthen weaken or damaged joints, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. This therapy is often used to treat degenerative arthritis, lower back pain, torn ligaments and cartilage, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other conditions.


This modality is based on the idea that specific points on the feet and hands all correspond with organs and tissues throughout the body. Using only fingers and thumbs, the practitioner applies pressure to these points to treat a wide range of stress-related illnesses.


Practitioners of this ancient Tibetan healing system use light hand placements to channel healing energies to the recipient. While practitioners may vary widely in technique and philosophy, Reiki is commonly used to treat mental and emotional distress as well as any acute or chronic physical problems. Reiki practitioners also assist their clients in achieving spiritual focus, clarity and understanding.


Rolfing is a massage technique which uses the deep manipulation of the fascia (connective tissue) to restore the body’s natural alignment which may have become rigid through injury, emotional trauma, and/or inefficient and habitual movements. This process involves ten sessions with each dictated to focusing on a different part of the body.



This is perhaps the most widely known form of acupressure. Shiatsu has been used in Japan for more than 1,000 years to treat pain and illnesses, as well as for overall general health maintenance. Through the use of a series of techniques, practitioners apply rhythmic finger pressure at specific points on the body to stimulate chi, or the vital energy.

Sound Therapy

This is the use of sound waves to induce healing (not to be confused with the use of binaural beats or self-applied hertz frequencies).

Tibetan Medicine

This is an evolved synthesis of Tibetan, Chinese and Persian medicine. These remedies include the use of indigenous fruits, herbs, flowers, metallic powders and minerals given in tablet forms. It has been known to treat rheumatism, asthma, gastritis, diabetes and many other neurological disorders.


Unani involves the use of plants and herbs. This remedy, known and practiced in ancient Greece, is known to treat such ailments as sinusitis, leukoderma, rheumatism, jaundice and elephantiasis.




Vision Therapies

Vision therapy incorporates the use of exercise and relaxation techniques to aid in vision improvement. This can be the perfect treatment to the use of glasses. Therapies are typically done by licensed optometrists and ophthalmologists.

Vitamin Therapy

Vitamin therapy is a complementary therapy of vitamin usage combined with other treatments. It addresses a range of illnesses and enhances the function of the body’s own systems. Vitamin therapy is said to aid the immune system in combating diseases such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and HIV/AIDS.

Wellness Restoration

This is a comprehensive program designed to increase muscle mass by using adequate nutrition, supplementation, anabolic steroid therapy and resistance weight training to prevent or reverse wasting experienced with those who have contracted HIV.

Yoga Therapy

This is the use of yoga therapy to address mental and physical problems while integrating the body and mind.







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I AM SO DEEPLY honored that I barely know where to begin. I had no idea that this book would turn out this way. I fought extremely hard through many challenges to complete this book and I am eternally grateful for all the help I received from both sides. I have to begin by thanking my father who passed away before I could complete this book. But I dedicate this book partly to him because he served as my catalyst for change. They say that we pick our parents and know I know why I chose him. My mother someone else I am grateful for. She taught me the gift of discipline, hard work, determination, forgiveness, compassion and positive thinking. I didn’t know it then while growing up, but I recognize all the virtues I gained from her. They might have been trying times growing up but I am very grateful for all she has given me. I am also humbled having had my grandmother share my life with me early on. I gained many lessons through her presence and I am grateful to have shared my life with her. She served as my model for compassion and she provided my soul the guidance it needed as I grew into myself.

I could not have written this book without the guidance from above. I am humbled to have been chosen to deliver this message. I have been shown many things and have been taught many lessons of which I would have never have known. To all the beings who showed up to share their wisdom and insight, I salute you. To all the light beings who once tried to make a difference, I thank you. We are all messengers of light trying to assists our brothers and sisters. To my little guardians, thanks for always being around and for keeping me company through trying times. To Kristin, who helped me when I needed it the most, I thank you. Without you, I might have lost myself. I appreciate you.

To all my Facebook friends who shared beautiful, positive words of encouragement, I thank you. We live in a different world and times have changed. Technology has linked us like never before and now more than ever we are all connected as humans- simply humans. It doesn’t matter whether we have met before or not. Nor does it matter that we have a history that extends prior. We are really all one and what matters is that we are all on the same vibration- the vibration of love.

And lastly, I want to thank YOU! Yes, you. You have made it to the end and I applaud you for buying this book and increasing your knowledge and understanding in the world we live in. Let us continue to seek knowledge and to share what we have gained. Someday this world will become our again. It will bask in the light of the sun and the vibration of love having endured the long battle with darkness. We will all see that day whether from above or below, we all will see that day.
















Anthony Riche is a spiritual teacher, healer and leader for the modern being. He isn’t aligned with any religion in particular but respects all practices based on love and acceptance. He made the switch from business entrepreneur to spiritual and consciousness leader after experiencing a series of life-altering events. He is currently conducting interviews and plans to tour throughout the United States and Europe to spread his message of consciousness and unity in the face of unstable global changes.



“Verily, truth is sight. Therefore if two people should come disputing, saying, “I have heard,’ we should trust the one who says ‘I have seen.” -Brhadaranyaka Upanishad WE ARE LIVING in very interesting times. Since the dawn of the Information Age, life appears to be moving at break-neck speed as major events from around the world are unfolding almost daily. There appears to be an overlaying sense of unease among the people I speak with on a regular basis. Some contend that the world might be coming to an end, but the general consensus is that everyone wants to know “what is going on?” At present, the world appears to be on the verge of a multinational war. There are still ice caps melting, weather patterns that are becoming increasingly more in-tense and inclement, and a government- formed of a Constitution- debating whether guns should be in the hands of law-abiding citizens or reserved only for the police and military establishments. I wrote The Age of Consciousness as a way to shed light onto an increasingly darkening world. I have been blessed with ‘eyes that see’ as well as over 30 years of intensive self-work. I have supplemented the study of myself with the knowledge of the world. This prac-tice has produced remarkable results of which I will share in this book. I hope is through sharing of secrets and sacred knowledge, you might better un-derstand the importance of achieving consciousness today. What we achieve collectively and individually will have far reaching effects on the future of the human race. By mid-century, (and perhaps even sooner than that) will go down as either ‘the best of times’ or the ‘worst of times’ in the history of our human race. Everything hinges upon us, as the energies of light and dark are beginning to balance the scales.

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