The Adventures of Ta and Boddington: Book 1 - Into the Unknown




The Adventures of Ta and Boddington

Book 1: Into the Unknown

By James Zwerneman

Published by Wiggins Press LLC at Shakespir

Copyright © James Zwerneman 2016









Once upon a time

there was a caveman named Ta.

He lived in a hole under a hill

in the great green forest.







A long time ago

he had chased out the bears

living in the cave.







Now the cave was home.

It was safe and warm and dry.

Ta set it up just how he liked it.







The forest was wonderful.

There were trees for climbing,

rivers for fishing and swimming in,

and turkeys for hunting.







Most of all,

there were blueberries for eating.

Ta liked to drizzle honey on his blueberries.







Ta had everything he needed to survive,

but he was lonely.

He often wondered if there were others

living in the Unknown.







One day he decided to see.

He gathered all the supplies he would need.

One drum. One bag of water.

One pouch of blueberries drizzled in honey

to share with his new friend.







Then he gathered his courage and set out.







He searched high.

He searched low.







But he couldn’t find a friend anywhere.

He began to wonder if he should have stayed at home.







One night it got so cold

Ta could hardly move his frozen hands to drum.

Still, he kept at it.

He was about to fall asleep, when…







It was a caveman!







“Hello, I’m Boddington,” said the caveman.

“Pleased to meet you.”


Was this a friend at last?







Boddington was very hungry.

He ate the rest of the blueberries.







The began home at once.

Ta was excited to show his new friend

all the neat things in the Great Green Forest.







Suddenly they heard something coming.


“It’s them!” said Boddington.







They ran and ran.

But the noise came closer.







It was a cavewoman!


“Hi, I’m Sally,” she said.

“You forgot your drum.”







Sally was an inventor.

She had invented skis!

If you ever go skiing someday,

remember to thank Sally.


She made two new pairs.

One for Boddington.

One for Ta.







Ta was delighted with his new skis,

but he was even happier to have made another friend.

Two friends in one morning:

this was the best day of his life!







Sally and Boddington loved the Great Green Forest,

especially the blueberries drizzled in honey.







They loved the cave, too.

“You’re very talented, Ta,” said Sally.

Ta was pleased.

Boddington liked the drums.







But they were not alone.


“It’s them!” said Boddington.







Before, there had been too much space.

Now, there was not enough!


“This is nice,” said the cave people.

“Hooray for Ta!”







Luckily, Sally was an inventor.

She had an idea.







Little caves – for everyone!

Sally named them “houses.”

This is why we live in houses today.


“Thank you, Sally,” said Ta.







With Sally’s help,

Ta even built a place for the bears to stay.







Everyone was very happy

and Ta did not feel lonely any more.


The End






James Zwerneman is an award-winning writer living in Florida. He studied creative writing at Johns Hopkins and earned his MFA in Fiction from UC Irvine. Upon graduation, he won the Henfield Award, a cash prize given to just five of the top MFA students in the nation. He also published his first story in [+ OneStory+], one of America’s top literary journals.




The Adventures of Ta and Boddington

Book 1: Into the Unknown

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The Adventures of Ta and Boddington: Book 1 - Into the Unknown

Ta is a gentle caveman living in the Great Green Forest. He loves playing his drum and eating blueberries drizzled in honey. But there is something he lacks - a friend. So one day he marches out into the dangerous Unknown to look for one. He will end up finding much more than he bargained for... THE ADVENTURES OF TA AND BODDINGTON is a series of whimsical children’s books set a long, long time ago, when cavemen were inventing society from scratch. Readers of all ages will delight in Ta, the kind-hearted caveman, and Boddington, his unpredictable best friend, as they form a tribe, experiment with inventions, and negotiate a world of mammoths, saber-tooth tigers, and rambunctious neighbors - all captured in gorgeous original watercolor.

  • ISBN: 9781310819643
  • Author: James Zwerneman
  • Published: 2016-01-15 15:20:23
  • Words: 609
The Adventures of Ta and Boddington: Book 1 - Into the Unknown The Adventures of Ta and Boddington: Book 1 - Into the Unknown