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The adventure of Dyna

The adventure of Dyna the cat

By Sarah Elizabeth

Shakespir Edition

Copyright 2016

In a town called Haven there was a tabby kitten named Dyna who lived with the Stevenson’s family. The Stevenson’s decided to name him Dyna as he was a very energetic kitten. His best friend in the family was the young boy named Joshua. The two slept in the same room, ate at the same times, played games in the garden together and watched TV together.

Today was a very exciting day as it was Joshua’s 8th birthday and he and his friend, Sam, had big plans to go to the new theme park by the lake. Sam arrived at 11pm with his card and present for josh who was playing outside with his new giant bricks while Dyna sat on the highest brick. Joshua heard the door shut and he and his furry friend hurried inside.

“HI, josh, happy birthday.”Sam smiled offering him his present and card. “Thanks.” josh replied as he ripped open the present and shown of his matric gun and costumes. “Wow, thanks.”

Midday soon arrived. Joshua’s mother shouted the boys from the garden and they quickly stopped knowing it was time to go to the theme park. Joshua hugged Dyna, “time to go. I will see you later.’ He gave the cat one last stroke and followed Sam into the kitchen.

Dyna heard the car rumble out of the drive way. Feeling lazy, he jumped down from the giant bricks and laid on a bed of flowers. Now he had no one to play with. Joshua and Sam had left for their exciting day out and the garden was still and quiet with no cat friends in sight. The kittens eyes slowly shut then suddenly something touched his nose.

“Go away.” he hissed rubbing his nose with his paw. A few minutes had passed and again it landed on his tail. Dyna flipped his tail and whatever it was flew away. He lay in the sun slowly falling asleep until he was disturbed again by a tickle on his ear. He tilted his head and the creature flew off.

‘”Leave me alone!” Dyna warned. He opened his eyes half way and looked around the garden. Unexpectedly a colourful butterfly landed on a flower by his face.

Any minute now I will jump up and catch this annoying big-winged creature!” Dyna thought to himself. Swiftly leaping to his feet, the kitten tried to catch the butterfly but failed and watched the butterfly glide to the flower tree. Feeling all lively again he dived across the garden and climbed the tree and found the butterfly flying along the wall. Dyna the kitten followed the butterfly, balancing along the wall quickly moving or leaping up to catch or bite the butterfly. The butterfly then swooped down into a small squared garden and settled on a big bright red flower. Dyna sat and hid behind a plastic lion statue on the ground ready to pounce to his butterfly chase. The kitten jumped and was so close to catching it but it weaved higher into the next garden. Luckily, the running kitten found a tiny hole in the fence and he saw the butterfly as it flew up and down along the wall. Dyna felt more anger to get the colourful wings and ran so fast up onto the wall and to the very last house on the street. The butterfly flapped its wings faster and faster and Dyna continued to chase it. The butterfly lands in a vase on the back of a truck and Dyna crashes into it smashing it. The truck rolled forwards and continued to drive down a long road. The kitten could not see the colourful butterfly and curled waiting for the truck to stop. The truck stops by a row of houses and fields so Dyna quickly dives of the truck and is met by the butterfly. The mad cat chases it across a huge field but the butterfly swooped up high to the sky and disappeared. The cat looked around and saw trees surrounding him. He saw flower beds in distance in a shape of a star and in the middle of the white flowered trees was a small pond.A new butterfly flew above his head, this butterfly was not the same butterfly that he chased before; it was a nice bright blue and black butterfly.

“Im lost!’ meowed Dyna. The butterfly landed in front of the kitten on a leaf.

“Why are you lost?” it asks in a whisper.

“Because I chased a butterfly and got stuck on a truck. And I don’t know my way home.”

“I can try to help you find your way home.” The butterfly whispered.

“Really? How?’ the cat asked excitedly.

“I can help if you remember which way you came.”

“But I don’t know, I was looking at the butterfly running, not what was around me!”

“Try!” the blue wings whispered and fluttered up into the sky then circled the flowers and returned within a few quick minutes “have you been thinking about the chase?”

“Yes, I ran up on the wall, through a fence and in some gardens then jumped on a truck and it stopped here.”

The two start to find the way home. They follow the road where the cat remembered the streets but the roads look the same and they now are really lost. The cat walks down long road and houses with the butterfly on its head resting. A cat sat on a bin looking very sad.

“Look blue butterfly…that cat looks very sad. I wonder why it is so sad…”

“Well, go and ask the cat yourself, Dyna, and u will soon find out.”

Dyna tiptoes to the cat “Hello?”

The cat looks up “hello!” he says excitedly. “My name is…. I don’t have a name…what’s yours?”

“What…?” Dyna said in his mind. “my name is Dyna….why don’t you have a name?”

“Wow, interesting name…. I don’t have an owner or a house to stay…so I don’t have a name.” the cat said sadly.

Butterfly flew over and landed on a weed by the bin. “Well, I am sorry you do not have an owner or a name.”

“Its ok, I guess, I’m used to it…” he sadly says. Then lively says “I’m happy that you both are talking to me.”

“Yeah, me too!” Dyna shouted excitedly “maybe we can find an exciting name for you too. Why don’t you come with us on our adventure?”

“Adventure?” the cat repeated. “What adventure are you on?”

“Well I chased a colourful butterfly and now I am lost. Blue butterfly is helping me find my way home…you can come with us too, will you come?”

“Of course, I’ve not been on an adventure for a long time, where do we start?” the homeless cat replied.

Dyna wobbled his head “I don’t know.”

The blue butterfly swooped into the air. “I think we should go back to the field, we must have taken the wrong direction.”

“Ok, let’s turn back.”

“Toooo the field we goooo.” sang the lonely cat and he rushed ahead. Both cats follow the butterfly back to the field.

During the journey the lonely cat told stories of when it was chased by a dog and the time it found a bowl of cat biscuits and water by the side of a house, and the time when it was bonfire night and another time when it was Christmas and the roads were full of white cold stuff and he found a shed to sleep in with straw and blankets.

After some time they arrive at the field. Dyna and the lonely cat ran through the bed of flowers,

“Wooow!!” exclaimed the lonely cat. “What a big, big, big field. Trees everywhere!” he said spinning around in circles. He then spotted the tiny pond and ran towards it and began to drink from it.

“Mmmmmm so thirsty.” He says.”Mmmmmm, so nice and cold!”

Dyna suddenly arrived by his side with the butterfly on his head.

“We must be going now. It’s time to start our adventure.” she slowly lifted up into the air and flew to another direction. The cats followed.

The two cats and butterfly travel down a nice street with tall skinny trees and low walls. The Lonely cat jumped up onto the walls “on an adventure, we are on an adventure…lalalala…” he sang “meow meow…”

Dyna snickered “I have the perfect name for you!” and he watched the cat jump of the wall and run up and down on cars then back on to the wall. “Madda…coz you are madder than any other I know!”

“Madda…Madda…Madda the unbelievable…” Madda the new named cat said to himself.

“Madda… yes I agree. Good name.” the butterfly spoken.


The team followed the wrong path to a school where children were playing sports games. The three travelers hid in the bushes until the school quieted down. They then sneaked back to the field where they started their quest and smelt the food being cooked from the houses which made them feel hungry.

“I must go and rest now. You two should too. I cannot fly when it is cool out.” The butterfly spoke.

The two cats notice lights turning off in different houses and walk around the field until they found a sports bag that had been forgotten. The cats settled down on the bag and curled up together.

“Aren’t u sleeping?” the cats asked the butterfly

“I am sleeping in this bush or tree.” she answered and flew away to rest after saying goodnight.


The sky was clear and dark showing the moon and the odd stars clearly. It was not windy or warm.

Suddenly the raspberry bushes began to shuffle. Small Green eyes appeared in the shadow of the bush…the cats watch with curiosity. The light of the moon shown a small black mouse as it shuffled out shaking, also scared and nervous.

“Don’t be afraid…everyone always runs away from me….are you hungry? I know the best place to get good yummy food.” The shaky mouse’s voice spoke.

“Okay….” said Dyna “what food do you have?”

The mouse scurries around and stands up tall looking at the bush “the raspberries aren’t ripe…hmmm…wait, wait, I’ll go and find the yummiest food ever.” And it scurried away and returned within five minutes. It was dragging a yellow back of crisps

“Mmm, quavers mmmm. Very yummy.” Madda said and ran to the bag and began to eat. ‘’munch, much, munch it all away!” he sang.

Dyna then moved to the crisps. After the crisps were gone Dyna asked, “what’s your name…?”

“Uh, I don’t know, people call me rodent.”

“Rodent?” Dyna repeated. “What name do you like?”

“Well, I do have a name I would love to have….slick.”

“Slick…” both cats copied. “Yes, I like that name for you. And im Dyna, and this is Madda. Our friend blue butterfly is resting in the trees somewhere.”

“You can join our quest, no, adventure. Our adventure to find Dyna’s lost home.”

“Great. Let’s sleep so we can be ready and bright for tomorrow.”


Shouting of children startled the animals to awake. They moved towards the circle area and watched the butterfly fly past the flowers. Two children walked through the park towards the purple and blue flowers to their school.

The team decided to try the 4th path and it lead them to the school where the children were outside playing. Some children notice the cats and shouted to them. Slick hid within the bushes and the blue Butterfly glided high above. The cats continued to walk by the fence ignoring the children with their tails brushing the fence as they passed. They stopped before a road deciding if to cross it.

“We should go this way.” the butterfly’s’ voice was hear from above. The cats looked up and followed the butterfly around the streets corner and to the main road to the shopping Centre. They walked through a door

sneaking into a pet shop and find a few sticks snacks that Slick the rat ferried out. Madda sang again “munch, munch, I can munch all dayyy.” He eats the last bit of the stick. “We all can eat – but we still haven’t found Dyna’s house.”

“ok, so what way do you think we should go.?”

“we need to go back to the park and go another way.” Madda suggests.

The Butterfly flies up high into the sky. ‘I can see it, it’s this way,’ she pointed and flies towards it.


The team are now back at the field.

“you all are silly” madda stated ashis paws hit leaves on the grass.

“what?” Dyna responds angrily.

“Excuse me? What was tha?” the butterfly also spoke

“You must have came through that path because we went thru the 2nd, 3rd and 4th path and it don’t take us to your house.” Madda laughed. “so it’s this one” and he charged towards it like a superhero. ‘And you got here by running thru the entries.”

The blue butterfly flew high higher than she ever did before, “there are a lot of houses and gardens I can see. Madda is right. Lets go to the entries in front of us.”

The animals silently followed one another to the entries.

“Hey look’ Dyna exclaimed. ‘The flowers….they are blue and white…”

“yeh…so..” Madda responds with a little attitude.

“I remember running into them when I was chasing the butterfly.” he walked over to the flower tree. And jumps up to the wall. Suddenly the colourful butterfly landed on the branch of the tree.

“Hey! there’s the colourful butterfly that made me get lost.” Dyna accused.

“huh- hmm.” The colourful butterfly made a funny noise.

“what does huh-hmmmmm. Mean?” Dyna growled.

The colourful butterfly flew to a flower “I did not get you lost…stripy cat. You wouldn’t leave your garden…you would only play in the house or the garden. You would expect your friends to come out of their house to yours but you will not go to them.” the strange voice paused. The blue butterfly landed next to the colourful butterfly and the two cats and the mouse was sat on the wall listening. “Do you not remember me… when you first came to this house and first played in this garden I saw you ripping all the flowers up…and you used to chase me a little. But you never chased me out of the garden.” The voice paused then continued. “so that is why we planned for you to get lost…”

“Well that’s not very nice!” shouted Madda.

“isn’t it?” the blue butterfly questioned.

“No…if Dyna did not get lost he would have not found you or helped you.”

“Why didn’t’t you tell us?” Dyna sadly said to the blue butterfly.

“Because we were watching over you, we knew the whole time where your house was. We just didn’t want to tell you because we wanted you to go out and explore.”

“Oh…” said Dyna “so what should I do next?”

“go and travel by boat! Dadadaaaa.” madda sang and interrupted.

“While you have been exploring, there’s a little boy who has been missing you…”

“So they want you to go home and show them you are alive, Dyna.” madda said

The butterflies floated up. “yes.” the voices said. And they flew away leaving the cats and the mouse to sit and think.

“they wanted me to make new friends. They have been watching this neighborhood for a long time” Dyna sighed “they have obviously been watching me..”

“Yeah, and that is why they have shown you the way home, because you completed their game.” madda laughed.

The two cats walk across the wall, jump down into a garden, squeeze through the hole in the fence and arrive back to the garden.

Joshua was sat on the step with his head inhis hand kicking his ball against the wall.

“I’ll go first Dyna said.” And he ran out of the tree and grass meowing to josh.

“Wow, Dyna where have u been? I thought u was dead!” he picked up Dyna and hugged him. The cat then jumped down and walked back to the bush, and let out a little cry. Madda then came out.

“Oh, you brought a friend with you…” josh says stroking madda. Dyna meows again and Slick the black mouse sneaks out slowly. ‘A mouse!’ josh shouted. ‘You should be eating mice, not playing nicely with them.” he giggled.

Josh’s mother steps into the garden after hearing all the noise

“mum, look, Dyna is back and hes brought friends with him, please can we keep them?” her son begged.

She looks down to the two tabby cats so they look up with their big eyes trying to persuade her. “oh, ok, the other cat has no collar so I guess he doesn’t have an owner.”

“Yayy!!” josh shouts stroking the two cats then looks to the mouse “but what about the mouse?”

“im sure the mouse would rather be free out in the garden than trapped in a small cage inside.”

“oh, but mum-” josh moaned

“No, that’s my final answer.” She firmly states “but we can make a little house outside for the mouse.”

“you mean, me and josh when you say we, right?” josh’s dad speaks as he descends the garden steps.


The family follow into the house to feed the two cats and the mouse. Josh’s Dad buys a mouse home which he fills with bedding and food for the mouse has a safe place to go back to at night or day.

Dyna and Madda curled up on a pillow feeling tired after the adventure

“Hey, What do you say to the boat trip adventure?” Madda suddenly pops his head up with a huge grin.

“huh?” Dyna wakes from being half asleep “cats aren’t meant to go near water.”

“but we aren’t most cats, plus, think of all the fish.” Madda tried to encourage the idea.

Dyna was still in thought. “Yeah! Sounds like a great second adventure!”











Path one is the main entrance.

Path 2 is near the pink flowers leads to….shops

Path 3 is the near the red flowers ….football, basket ball park

Path 4 is near the blue and purple flowers …leads to theskool.

The adventure of Dyna

  • Author: Sarah Elizabeth Garvey
  • Published: 2016-08-12 15:35:44
  • Words: 3061
The adventure of Dyna The adventure of Dyna