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The Advent Of Sensational Recording

The Advent Of

Sensational Recording


Mario V. Farina

Copyright 2016 Mario V. Farina

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1The Advent Of Sensational Recording

The Advent Of Sensational Recording


Early in the twenty-first century, advances in technology were being made with such rapidity that only the strong of mind could keep up with them. Smart phones, as an example, were acquiring such amazing capabilities that only a relative few within the population had the intelligence with which to cope with them.


However, in 2018, a new technology company, Yippee Techno-Products suddenly arrived in the technological world with a revolutionary new, easy-to-use, search engine named Finder Friend. (The two words in the name consist of the same letters.) Finder Friend got to know the searchers so well, it was able to search the Internet with an uncanny efficiency.


As a follow-up, in 2019 it introduced a new app allowing the recording of emotions. It was an advanced form of virtual reality. When a video was made of an individual, that person could relive the occasion of the event including the actual sensations that had been experienced. As an example, if the person were receiving a medal for bravery in battle, not only would the actions be recorded, but also, the feeling of happiness in the individual’s psyche. And that was not all. The others attending the event would also receive their feelings. This accompanying benefit was optionally available to them. In order to partake of it, individuals would need to purchase a copy of the recording at a moderate cost.


This kind of recording became known as sensational recording. This term was appropriate because owners of the recordings could play them many times and, each time, receive the same sensations they had had the first time.


To obtain the full enjoyment available with sensational recordings, a Sensational Enjoyment Booth needed to be purchased from Yippee. Playing a recording without this booth was possible but would provide only the visual contents of the recordings. The sensations came from the booth. Interestingly, the booth would accommodate a maximum of only two persons at a time.


There was a demand for this product that was unprecedented in electronic marketing history. Examples of users who would lust for this benefit is virtually unlimited. A few examples are: lovers reliving their first intimacy, students receiving diplomas and parents attending the ceremonies, athletes posting new records, politicians winning elections, and winners of lotteries. Many more could easily be cited. Each replay of the events would give users the exact, undiluted, emotions they had received the first time they had experienced them! Virtually anyone, everywhere, would, at some times in their lives, experience pleasures they would want to relive over and over.


At first, the range of the area affected by the app was small, no greater than the area that would be available in a medium-sized living room. However, within a year of its introduction, recordings were being made at points the sizes of auditoriums. Sensational recording was an immediate success. Those attending weddings, graduations, popular plays, and other important events could relive the sensations received during those events many times.


Individuals who did not want to be recorded sensationally could avoid this in the same way that they could avoid being recorded with conventional equipment. Hence, there was no issue with invasion of privacy.


Sensational recording did not find success everywhere. Some States of the nation tried to save money by offering multi-million dollar lotteries then attempting to pay only a fraction of the winnings and “pay” the rest with copies of sensational recordings. The States argued that the winners would be getting the same amount of joy-of-winning. Yes, that was true the courts agreed; they were getting the same amount of joy but not of the winnings!


Some shysters offered bootlegged sensational recordings of other persons’ joy claiming they would work for the purchasers as well. They were shut down.


Others sold ordinary pornographic recordings claiming they were sensational ones. These fakers were also put out of business.


It’s ironic that sensational recordings could record unpleasant experiences as well as joyful ones.


A legal battle ensued when some law enforcement agencies suggested sensational recordings be available for the courts to serve as sentences for crimes. The case went to the Supreme Court in 2022. The court decided it was constitutional to punish with sensational recordings. For example, if a person was found guilty of having committed a moderately serious crime, the punishment could be five jolts of an electrical force of Magnitude 3 spread over a period of five days. (Electrical jolts were euphoniously termed Sensational Punitive Blows.) In practice, the prisoner would be seated in a special Sensational Punitive Booth and given a single sensational blow. This event would be sensationally recorded the first time, then replayed four more times. Punishment would be delivered in ordinary Sensational Enjoyment Booths.

Punitive Sensational Blows would range in magnitude from 1 to 10. In their sentences, Judges were not limited to the number of blows to apply nor their magnitudes. However, it was required that judges understand the extent of the punishments convicts could endure. If a victim died while receiving punishment, the court could be censured and charged with subjecting the individual to cruel and unusual punishment. During the early days of assessing sensational punishments, some States had needed to pay fines for delivering unwarrantedly severe punishments.


Some judges who could not legally give the death sentence were sentencing with an outrageously high number of high-magnitude Sensational Punitive Blows for inordinately long periods of time.

In 2024, the Supreme Court reversed its earlier decision and determined that sensational punishment was indeed cruel and unusual.


Over the years that this story encompasses, Yippee Techno-Products has been coming out with additional innovations too numerous to mention in this story. However, as this book goes to press, Yippee has announced that it may soon be offering all-expenses-paid exploratory excursions to Heaven and Hell. In this way, Yippee says, people will be better able to judge whether striving to reside in one place or the other after death is worth the effort. Many churches have already gone on record with condemnations of this offer.




The Advent Of Sensational Recording

  • ISBN: 9781311044396
  • Author: Mario V. Farina
  • Published: 2016-07-18 07:20:06
  • Words: 1091
The Advent Of Sensational Recording The Advent Of Sensational Recording