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The ABC's of MMM's (The Guide to Grunts)



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The ABC's of MMM's (The Guide to Grunts)

Many people have experienced the frustration of being in a conversation and in response to their lengthy, eloquently-spoken prose, they are rewarded with a single, short grunt, or perhaps a long, uncomfortable groaning sound, causing them to become absolutely bewildered about the meaning of such a response. "What does it mean?" they wonder, "Does that mean they think I should order Chinese takeout or pizza?" With this book covering the meanings behind grunts and groans from the "mmmmmm" to the "mmmmmm," they would never have to be confused ever again! If you or a loved one have faced this tribulation, get this book to vanquish the frustration of this situation.

  • ISBN: 9781311677310
  • Author: Eunice Chan
  • Published: 2016-06-21 03:35:08
  • Words: 0
The ABC's of MMM's (The Guide to Grunts) The ABC's of MMM's (The Guide to Grunts)