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The ABC of Writing: The Simplest Method to Write Books

The ABC of Writing: The Simplest Method to Write Books


Copyright © 2017 Godspower Oparaugo

Published at Shakespir.


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The ABC of Writing: The Simplest Method to Write Books


First edition, 9th September, 2017.

Copyright © 2017 Godspower Oparaugo

Published at Shakespir.

ISBN: 9781370415373


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This art work is dedicated to book lovers, writers, start-up writers, and upcoming authors worldwide, who aspire to make a lasting difference in the literary industry.



Most writers, especially the upcoming authors, find it so difficult to generate ideas on the title or topic to write on-they struggle to write even a chapter. If you find yourself in such a challenge, worry less; this book is for you.


“The ABC of Writing: The Simplest Method to Write Books ” is a book that teaches the start-up writers how to write their own books without much stress, and already published authors how to create more ideas. I’ve documented the steps and strategies that worked for me- that's the simplest method I used in writing my first, second, third, fourth, and so on.



Part 1: Learning the Secrets of Writing

1.0 – Preamble

Chapter 1 – Learn to Appreciate

Chapter 2 – Writers create ideas!

Chapter 3 – Writers Stand Alone at the Beginning


Part 2: Be Proactive

2.0 – Preamble

Chapter 4 – Define Your Area of Interest

Chapter 5 – Test-run Your Interest

Chapter 6 – Choose Your Niche

Chapter 7 – Write a Book

Chapter 8 – Make Mistakes!


Part 3: Make Use of Helpful Resources

3.0 – Preamble

Chapter 9 – Referencing and Quoting

Chapter 10 – Script Editing

Chapter 11 – Proofreading

Chapter 12 – Fore-wording

Chapter 13 – Avoid Plagiarism

Chapter 14 – Attend Writing Summits

Chapter 15 – Join a Book Club



About the Author

Connect with the Author

Other Books by Godspower Oparaugo

Part 1: Learning the Secrets of Writing

This part contains the under listed chapters:


-Learn to Appreciate

-Writers Create Ideas!

-Writers Stand Alone at the Beginning



This part explains the importance of reading, and most importantly, reading the works of other writers- that’s what helps start-up writers to inculcate the spirit of writing and the hunger to author their own books. It further advises start-up writers to embrace the art of creating lasting ideas that would sustain them in their adventures of writing their own books. Start-up writers should also have it at the back of their minds that challenges would come as they aspire to become authors- nobody would support them at the prelude, but the later would be embracing!

Chapter One




Learn to Appreciate

As at 2007, I have started nurturing the habits of reading at least one BOOK per week. I hardly go to the market to buy wears, but whenever I see bookshops or booksellers passing on the streets, I must make sure that at least, I purchase one book for myself. Most people thought I was mad. I continued doing this until 2010 when my responsibilities increased. And I never knew that by reading those books, the SPIRIT of writing was awakening in me.


I learnt from my childhood, how to show gratitude to the hard labour of others. The bible teaches us how to appreciate good things not just because they are good, but because they would help us to start doing good things. It takes you nothing to love the hard labour of other people which have kept them awake over the nights. If you must become a writer- an influential one, learn how to appreciate the hard labour of other writers. Start reading books- read without ceasing.


Listen, writing is contagious. The more you appreciate the good works of others; the more you would find a place in your heart to imitate them. If you must be a writer, learn to appreciate the work of other writers. It’s through reading the works of others that we inculcate the spirit of excellence. Today, my appreciation has accorded me the privilege to become an author.


Most of us find it so difficult to ask people to mentor or coach them. Mentorship provides you the opportunity to learn from your mentor, and to practice what you’ve learnt. While coaching provides you the instructions you must follow to get your desired goal. You may not necessarily have a physical mentor or gain coaching- you can get it by reading books. You can also utilize so many other means mentorship or coaching can be gained which are available for those who are interested to learn. When you read other writers work, you are indirectly gaining coaching.

Chapter Two




Writers Create Ideas!

Whenever I handle my smartphone to chat, my ideas would be quenched. One thing that kills idea is pleasure-excessive pleasure. Any day that I’ve chosen to write a chapter or few chapters of a new book, I hardly handle my phone, and if I probably take it up, I would be certain to switch off my data, silent it and sometimes, switch it off entirely. Do you know why? It distracts. You should avoid anything that would distract you when you’re creating ideas.


What do you think authors are doing? Do you think they are playing gulf or football? Writers are next to history-they research to keep the world going. Prior to creating ideas, carefulness and concentration are needed. We create ideas by positioning our minds on the creativity of our brains. This is what writers do: in the silent of their minds, they create ideas, draft them on paper, waste ink over and over, edit and re-edit, give others to edit and proofread, then after the ideas are worth publishing and offering to the world as a TREASURE, they spend their monies for publication. Did you get that? That’s what you should be doing as well. Do not let the cost of publishing that traditional publishers charging scare you.


Authors like Bill Newman, Napoleon Hill, Brain Tracy, Brain Sher, have personal library where they spend their time creating ideas- saleable ideas. I often refer it as their Silent Chambers- the mountain of ideas. Every great writer should have where he spends his time, especially the start-up writers. It would help you to create saleable ideas. Although, ideas can flow at any moment, time or place you find yourself, but the concentration of your mind at that moment determines how useful the ideas would be for you. What do I mean? Avoid any form of distraction if you must write great books.


In this 21 century, we have a great way of publishing known as Self-publishing. Writers should be very grateful to those who have provided us with these online publishing sites where authors can publish their books for free. One of the most popular self-publishing and book distributing site is Shakespir founded by Mark Coker. It has many spicy resources that help authors to publish and market their books. Writers publish at no cost. Do not allow the cost of traditional publishing hinder you from pursuing your dream, you can utilize self-publishing platforms. And later, you can make your books available on hardcopies whenever you get the capital to sponsor it via traditional publishing. I started with self-publishing, and to be frank, it has awarded some credits and online exposure. Take a look at my author page, [+ Godspower Oparaugo+] at Shakespir.

Chapter Three




Writers Stand Alone at the Beginning

I started like a madman who had no relatives. Both friends and family members were pissing me off. They couldn’t support me because they do not believe in me. I stood alone. You may or must stand alone if you must write and write well. When a vision is revealed to a man, people around him would regard him as a lunatic when he works to achieve it. I refused to be discouraged by the challenges I encountered as a start-up writer. I started writing in the year 2010 and published my first and awesome book, The Power of Decision: Your Destiny Lies in Your Decisions in 2017, due to some challenges that came my way that nearly made me to give up on my dream. Still on the same year and month, I published my second book, Wake Up. I was able to achieve my dream because I refused to give up even as I was pressured to do so.


Hello Start-up Writers, listen, if you wait until your friends and family members start hailing and supporting you, you would lose your vision, miss your mission, fail yourself, and fail your generation. At the beginning, you need no support other than your pen and paper to write down the ideas that your brain is ready to supply you at any given time.


If you want to achieve greatness in life, you must know that you have some vital roles to play towards actualizing your dreams. You must take quality time to discover who you are and what you can do with your talent and be in pursuit of it. You must equally know that the great God has made you great right from the day you were conceived and also made you a possessor of his image, his nature and his likeness. He made you powerful enough so that you will achieve greatness in limitless measures.” – Godspower Oparaugo


I quoted the above from my first book. Play the role laid before you- it’s not necessarily that people must support you before you can succeed in life.

Part 2: Be Proactive

This part contains the following chapters:


-Define Area of Your Interest

-Test-run Your Interest

-Choose Your Niche

-Write a Book!

-Make Mistakes!



There is a need for one to know what interests most him when choosing a career. This part teaches you how to make wise choice, write your own books fearlessly, and stand before fear of unprofessional- and drastically win the battle! Before you venture into writing, check if you have the gift- that’s what compels people to achieve greatness in their adventure. When writing, choose your path- whether fiction or nonfiction. It’s stress less to maintain a particular genre, but if you can combine the both, you’re free. Your choice of genre determines your niche. And when writing, avoid the fear that your book would not sale.

Chapter Four




Define Area of Your Interest

I’m a nonfiction writer, because I treasures giving my attention to reality. It doesn't interest me to tell stories that do not exist, and even if they do exist, most times, they would not support in human capacity building. So, I realized it earlier that nonfiction books can expose me to my world. I have a strong reason that defines my interest for nonfiction works. I have fiction books- novels. I read novels a lot, and I even have some that I'm working on, but where my interest lies is in nonfiction- inspirational writing. Most people refer nonfiction works as motivational books.


As a start-up writer, there is need for you to define your area of interest. You should know what inspires you to becoming a writer. Choose what interests you most and make it your pathway to achieving your dream, then work on it. Both fiction and nonfiction writers have everything in common- they are writers, authors, and the both achieve greatness and influence when they write prolifically.


Any write-up that inspires or motivates people, gives me great pleasure than those that encourage young people to live waywardly by introducing erotic stories. That's what most novels teach. I'm not a critic! Identifying what interests you most, will help you to remain focused and gives you the feeling that you're in the right path. I advise you to read most, those books that fall in the same path you’re journeying to- if your goal is to become a fiction writer, you should develop interest for reading novels, but if you dreams to become a nonfiction writer, you should read inspirational books most.


Having interest is not enough. What is your purpose for becoming a writer- did you choose to write for money, entertain your readers by keeping them busy, or to contribute your own quota for the sustenance of humanity? You might consider this question as useless, but I assure you that the very moment you discover your purpose for becoming an author, is the moment your success starts. You don’t need to centre your mind on making money at the first stance of your writing career, rather focus on making a difference. Aspire to write influentially to an extent that both you and your books will be valued and respected before your readers or the public. The money is in the value. Authors like late Professor Chinue Achebe, Brain Tracy, and Robert Kiyosaki are valued, and their value drives money and respect to them. Why you should not focus on making money at your starting point is to avoid the misinterpretation of your ideas. No writer remains poor when he makes use of his brain well. So, be wise.

Chapter Five




Test-run Your Interest

Few months ago, I was happy to discover some title of the books I wrote some years back. The manuscripts were both fiction and nonfiction, which I wrote when I was test-running my interest to becoming a writer. I was writing and writing without knowing which one to choose, until the time I realized that my interest fell in nonfiction writing. It was very surprising that only one out of the five manuscripts (that contained five distinct titles) became my first book- “The Power of Decision: Your Destiny Lies in Your Decisions.” That was one of the reputable efforts I made some years ago before I enrolled into higher institution, because I had been dreaming to become an author. And finally, my dream was achieved.


You can do the same. Pick up your pen and paper, and start writing down the ideas that your brain would supply you on your contemplative moments. The ability to become thoughtful concerning your dream is the opportunity to become successful, but most people don’t know it. Write down every iota that drops in your mind in form of ideas. You can give the ideas a title if you like, but make sure you identify when you’re telling a story and when you’re developing concepts. Write down every idea that flows from your brain even when it seems meaningless! Soon enough, you would discover how powerful they are. By doing this, you would know if you’re telling a story or developing a concept. If it falls under storytelling, you’re a fiction writer, but if it falls under concept developing or theory analysing, you’re a nonfiction writer.


In fact, I believe that before you decide to become a writer, you must have known the area that suits your interest- you must have chosen your genre.

Chapter Six




Choose Your Niche

Writing has departments; I call it “writing descriptions ". Who do you write for? Who is your niche? If you have read any of my books, you would have seen for yourself that I have a niche- my target readers- my market- my followers. I write mostly for young people, and not literally for old people.


I help young people to identify their talents, nurture them, and use them to achieve their destinies- to fulfil the purpose of their existence. Old people have already identified their own talents, nurtured them, and have achieved their destinies. What they should need now is medical related books; maybe doctors have this to offer. I write for the young people- I teach them how to become successful in their adventures. The aged people can purchase my books for their own consumption, or offer them as gifts to their children or relatives, yes of course. Moreover, most of them treasure me as a proactive youth and writer.


Who are you writing for? Some authors write children books, while most write love stories, economics and business books, erotic books, social and leadership books, emotional and psychological books, and human capacity building and talents discovery books. Which one would you choose as your niche? Remember, your niche is your target market, and that’s where the 99 percents of your followers would come from.

Chapter Seven




Write a Book!

When I started my writing career, I was nobody, and even the quality of my grammar was too poor. Did that stop me from achieving my dream? Not at all! I did not allow that to hinder me from writing, because where I was coming from does not matter, what matters is where I’m heading to.


You can start now to write your first book irrespective of your status. If you have the dream to write books, you have moulded your own artificial human that’s higher than the robots, but it has no life yet. Any day you make a decision to pick up your pen and paper to start writing on your dream, you are breathing life into it, and when you complete writing it, you have created an artificial human that lives forever, longer enough than human beings.


Your books- the work of your brain would live as generations come and go, even after the bones of the writer have decayed in the grave. Today, I still read some of the artistic works of Aristotle, but where is Aristotle? He has died long time ago- over centuries ago, but his brain lives till date. The work of his brain would live until the return of Christ. Did you get the picture of the power of writing? Writers are genius because they are next to history. They make thorough research to write meaningful and value adding books that can keep the world going- writers add to the sustainability of humanity. They are next to history.


In most cases, people who start with nothing end up achieving everything. Writing is like planting a seed. It germinates as days pass, provided it’s been watered accordingly. Most authors would tell you that their first book is out-dated because they wrote it when they’re newbies, and that’s why most books have first, second, third editions, and so forth. If they eventually discover something that was supposed to be added in their books, they would go and revised it, and categorize it in editions. It might be that they wrote their books even when their knowledge was limited to certain information.


I urge you to start your writing adventure, and don’t allow your imperfection to stop you. If you’re limited in knowledge today, it would not be so tomorrow. But you’ve to start first- write before you can gain more knowledge.

Chapter Eight




Make Mistakes!

Are you afraid to make mistakes? If yes, then you don’t want to grow. So many successful people on earth were able to scale their ways to success through making mistakes and learning from their mistakes. Mistakes bring new skills, knowledge, ideas and energy to make things right.


Thomas Alva Edison failed 999 times when he was working on his brain to invent electricity bulb. He did not give up from his first failure (the first mistake) to the nine hundred and ninety nine failures (nine hundred and ninety nine mistakes). He kept on trying because he wanted to perfect his failures-his mistakes. Then what happened at the 1, 000 times? Electricity bulb was invented. Today, so many companies in the world are able manufacture electricity bulbs just because of the mistakes of a single man which later turned to success. He never considered his failures as a hindrance to achieving his dream- his mistakes led to his greatness.


As a start-up writer, it’s normal if you make mistakes while writing your book- your first book. But if you’re brave enough, whenever you make mistakes, quickly look for a way to correct them. Don’t give up. That’s what I do, and I’m telling you to the same. It’s not easy to write a book. The ability to summon your ideas into tangible brands is a gift that only God can give. Therefore, you're a lucky person to have received the gift of writing.


Gary Vaynerchuk said “You must not be a millionaire to write a book on how to make millions; simply document other people’s (millionaires) experiences and your personal experiences on your journey to success.”


Now listen, you must not be a professional before you write a book. Remember, that it’s through the act of making mistakes that we become professionals.

Part 3: Make Use of Helpful Resources

This part contains the following chapters:


[_ -Referencing _]

-Script Editing

[_ -Proofreading _]

-Avoid Plagiarism

-Attend Writing Summits

-Join a Book Club




In this part, you would learn how useful writing resources are to writers, especially start-up writers. You must know that for your books to be outstanding and appealing, you must careful attention would be given to it, such as editing, proofreading, and fore-wording, and I’ve covered the topics in this part. You would also learn the importance of attending writing summits or such like, and joining a book club too.

Chapter Nine




Referencing and Quoting

Referencing help writers to back up their beliefs, ideas, strategies, creativity, and concepts. We do this by quoting the words of published authors, academia, reputable personalities, and other people’s words in a specified occasion. There are many sources you can reference or quote when writing a book, and they include: the Holy Bible, Journals, Newspapers, Editorials, Authored Books, Text Books, Elderly Ones, Clergymen, Events, Public Figures, and so many others at your disposal.


You can reference or quote from a living source or a dead source (you can reference from a book whose author is dead, wise words of a dead hero, influential persons or even from the words of your ancestors), provided it can back up your belief on a particular topic. When we reference or quote well, it clears unprofessional status and brings about professionalism- referencing or quoting gives us more stand, information, and the boldness to defend our works, that’s how we assume authority. For instance, if I'm teaching or writing on the importance of mentorship, I might quote from the words of Isaac Newton where he said, " if I can see further than others, it is because I stood on the shoulders of giants ." You can see that the quote portrays the importance of mentorship- it makes you a success!


Some writers got confused about referencing and quoting- they believe that the both are the same. They are not. In referencing, the source (the author, book, internet, newspaper, etc.) where you got your information are listed at the last page of the last chapter of the book. The example is this: Godspower Oparaugo (2017), Wake Up: 100 Powerful Truths to Inspire and Motivate You for Success; Shakespir Inc. Publishing and Distributing Platform, USA. We often see this at the last page of our academic textbooks, journals or magazines.


Then, quoting goes this way: “when we educate our children, they will educate the world. Educate your child at the tender age.” – Godspower Oparaugo. In quoting, we hardly include the year, publisher’s name and country like we do when referencing. Most nonfiction authors prefer quoting to referencing, and when they reference, they call it footnote s instead of references. While fiction authors don’t quote at all- it’s not necessary to quote in fiction books.

Chapter Ten




Script Editing

This is one of the most helps a writer can receive from his fellow writers or academia who finds pleasure in writing. One of the reasons a start-up writer should not be afraid of making mistakes is, he can submit his manuscripts to those who are more experienced than him to edit for him. This does not cause charges at all, but in most cases, the editors always charge for the service.


I’ve edited so many books for some start-up writers for free in uncountable times. I do it for pleasure, and regard it as a means of contributing my own quota to their success, and moreover, I might be acknowledged in the acknowledgements, thereby create more chances for people to know me more. In this very aspect, the editor makes sure he rebrand the manuscript by replacing the undeserved tenses, acronyms, sentences, references and spellings from the script with standard ones. This would add more value to the book and make it outstanding if published.


It’s better to give your editor some time to work on it to avoid doing your work in hurry. Some editors may tell you that your script would be ready in two weeks, but due to their commitments to other things, they may not meet up the time they asked you to come and pick your work. So, it is better you give your script out for editing ahead of your publishing time to avoid rush and premature editing.


When you retrieve your book from your editor, make sure you go through it to ensure there’s no error- nobody is above mistakes.

Chapter Eleven




  • Proofreading*

Proofreading is similar to editing but differs in recommendation. When a book is proofread, it would be recommended to the public by the proof-reader. We can see this mostly at the back or front cover of any book, where the proof-reader wrote some hints about the book after reading it, and recommend it as a most read- telling the readers and book lovers to purchase it. We call it recommendation or remark, and at times, it might be called review, but review comes when a book has already been published and the readers are prompted to write their reviews about the book. The proof-reader may suggest that you remove some certain sentences or words that can faulty your work.


It’s mostly recommended to have your books proofread by renowned authors, high-profiled individuals, government officials, public figures or clergymen. It draws a special attention from the public, and generates fast sales. Hey, am I communicating? With this kind of resource, you’re already on your way to success.


Well, I’ve seen some cases where a proof-reader failed to write a recommendation after proofreading a book. This does not mean that the book is not interesting or meaningful. Some proof-readers prefer telling you to go ahead and publish your book after proofreading it than writing a recommendation- it’s not necessary to write a recommendation on your book before your it can be loved by your readers. You can get someone to write a recommendation for your book other than asking your proof-reader to do it.


The major reason for proofreading is to ensure that no error is found in your book. Your editor might even make some mistakes unaware that you would not identify easily, unless other people read your book. It’s always good to allow some people to read your book prior to publication date- it helps to avoid different errors, because writing requires much carefulness. And besides, writing is not an easy thing, so you should try and avoid all forms of error to prevent stains on your creative work.

Chapter Twelve




[* Fore-wording*]

Fore-wording it importance for start-up writers, but it’s not mandatory. Notwithstanding, I recommend you get someone, a reputable person to foreword your book, especially your first book. It provides you the opportunity to become a successful author, because it generates fast sales, especially the foreword was written by a reputable person. It could be an author, clergyman, and politician, CEO of a company, traditional ruler, footballer or a music artist. I believe that when one of these persons foreword your book, you’re likely to excel- sale a good number of your book, because their followers or fans would make sure they patronize you just because their star or role model have affixed his or her signature on it.


Take for instance, a situation where somebody like Nnamdi Kanu forewords your book, knowing quite well he’s valued in Nigeria, especially among the Igbos due to his proactive agitation for the actualization of Biafra. If you’re lucky to have such a reputable figure foreword your book, you would become a millionaire in no distance time, because you would have high volume of sales every week, especially from his followers- the Igbos and Biafra agitators both national and diaspora, hence your book has hit the market. I’m not saying that your book must be fore-worded by Nnamdi Kanu- it might be impossible, but if you have access to him or such like type of reputable person, that would lead to the prelude of your success! Anybody can foreword your book, but focus on having it fore-worded by a reputable person- this would expose you faster as an author.


In most occasions, start-up writers chose clergymen or fellow authors to foreword their books. Having your book fore-worded by a priest or pastor is a very good place to start that can facilitate fast sales of your book via launching and other programmes. He would allow you to launch your book in the church where he can urge each of his parishioners to support and encourage you by purchasing a copy or more. I recommend this as well.

Chapter Thirteen




Avoid Plagiarism

This is a deliberate act of copying the ideas, text or other creative works of other persons, and presenting them as your own, especially without permission. When you copy from my book and make the copied topics, words or concepts your own, you’re plagiarizing and it’s punishable by law. If you misquote a source or an author, you’re wrong. It’s also part of plagiarism. You can learn more about plagiarism on Plagiarism.org and endeavor to stay far from committing the offense.


The reason why I added plagiarism here is because, most start-up writers are fond of falling prey to plagiarism. They would go and copy from other writers work, and claim to be the original author. Please avoid it. When you copy from people, kindly award them the regards as the original authors by including their names, their words or by mentioning them before or after you quote.


For instance, if you quote me this way: “you must not be a professional before you write a book. Remember, it’s through the act of making mistakes that we become professionals. "- Godspower Oparaugo. That shows you’ve rightly quoted me, and you're not plagiarizing. Like I’d said in chapter nine, most authors don't like putting references at the end of their books, but quote the source inside their books, except in some cases.


Knowing beforehand the danger of plagiarism can save you many blows in the future. Immediately your buyers identify any form of plagiarism in your work, they would stop buying your books, and that won’t help you. This is the major reason we have Copyright Commission as a law enforcement agency that prevents plagiarism by providing the use of International Serial Book Number (ISBN) for books. In Nigeria, Copyright Commission play a very big role to ensure lawfulness in protecting the work of authors, and work hand in hand with National Library that has offices in each state of the country, and have its headquarters in Abuja. ISBN serves as security to your work, and gives you the copyright as the author. Whatever you do with your right concerns you!

Chapter Fourteen




Attend Writing Summits

I enjoy attending writing summits a lot. It helps start-up writers to learn more about writing, books, sales, and perform better than their initial projected performance. Most of the writing events can be paid for, because the free materials and entrainments that would be given in the summits would cost the organizer. So to cover some of the costs, he might set a ticket fee for the attendees to purchase or subscribe.


Writing summits helps you to exchange ideas and creativity with other writers, especially the experienced ones. If you’ve the opportunity to attend any writing summits, do not relent, go and learn more. I bet you that one day, other people would pay you to learn from you. Everything is contagious. It would not necessarily be a writing summit or event, but any event that supports creativity and human capacity building is worth attending- don’t fail to attend if you’re opportune.


The only place a write would learn faster is by attending events that would expose him or her to the greats- the experienced fellows. This is not a joke- it’s helpful to learn from those who have already found themselves in the path that you're following. Well, sure to say, that attending summits is a way of gaining informal mentorship or coaching as the case may be. I do it a lot, so I’ve so many credits for informal mentorship and coaching!


You should not be part of those who do not like spending a dime to hone their skills, therefore they chose to avoid attending summits because they wouldn’t want to pay, if the summit eventually attracts a price. Do not embrace such attitude, it won’t help you. Work out your salvation- pay the price to get what you want, if truly you want it.

Chapter Fifteen




Join a Book Club

Joining a book club can help you a lot. It’s a place of meeting for writers and lovers of books, and it could be online or offline. There are so many book club out there you can join to learn more from your fellow authors, and to share different ideas together. It creates more opportunity for perfection and provides an avenue that exposes authors. Most book clubs have influential individuals who sponsor and support them.


You can create account on Goodreads and join [+ Oprah’s Book Club+]. Membership is free. There are many benefits of joining a book club. It might help you a lot during your book launch, free editing services, proofreading and recommendation, more knowledgeable and skilful in the field of writing, and so many others, especially promoting or marketing your book online or offline. Real world or offline book clubs can offer you the above mentioned services for free or a token, while most online book clubs charge for the services, except few of them. Some book clubs award bestselling author of the year, and other honorary awards of excellence in the literary industry.


I created a book club known as Writers Connect Club , to connect writers worldwide. Although, we have not gone viral- we host conversions and events on Facebook, but in most occasions, we host physical meetings. My purpose of creating it is to bring writers together, especially the start-ups, in order to accord them with every necessary help they may need to aid their writing adventures. When writers come together in one accord, they would be able to learn a lot from each other- it’s a very good thing to support your fellow author, and that’s what a book club stands for.




  • Appreciation*

Thank you for taking your time to read my book. If you enjoyed the book, kindly write a review and tell me your thoughts about the book.


About the Author

Godspower Oparaugo is a multi-talented young man, dynamic, passionate and inspirational writer. He believes that through writing, he would spread a good message of unity, success and appreciation to God Almighty, for his gifts to mankind. Godspower hails from Okolochi in Owerri West, Imo State-Nigeria.

He holds a National Diploma in Purchasing and Supply from Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, and a Higher National Diploma in Marketing from Abia State Polytechnic, Aba, Nigeria. He also holds a Chartered Graduate Diploma in Marketing under from National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN).


Despite his profession as a Certified Marketer, he had never looked down on his writing potentials and talents. He his intention for writing is to help people become what they desire to be in life, especially helping the young people to make proper use of their talents, skills and potentials.


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Chapter 7


Majority of people who failed to achieve their desired goals was as a result of being easily influenced by the opinions of others -*Godspower Oparaugo*



Personal Opinion Matters


You are wonderfully and fearfully made by God. Opinions are strong feelings from the mind. They are very powerful and capable of numbering the footprints of your actions. Many would come and decide for you on a particular issue, they would persuade you in order to suppress your own opinions and for you to heed their own opinions. Your mind has to be well positioned for it to be strong enough to avoid being poisoned by the waves of diverse opinions of other people. “As a man thinks, so is he and as a man chooses, so is he also” -Proverbs 23:7. Majority of people who failed to achieve their desired goals in life was as a result of being easily influenced by other people’s opinion.


I am not saying you should not take the ideas of others but, filter their ideas very well before you apply them. The necessity still remains that you must have to follow the opinions of your mind, before you could achieve your goals in life. The mind is the pivot where all man’s activities revolve. “Do not pay attention to every word people say…” -Ecclesiastes 7:21. “If you are influenced by the opinions of others, you will have no desire of your own” -Napoleon Hill.


In making decisions, personal opinion matters a lot. It shows your real mindset in that very decision you’re about to make. Just keep the secrets and strategies you have in pursuing a set-up goal hidden from other people. Only make them visible when you must have achieved them. Then, you will build a good status and reputation before the people. To be more specific, if you disclose your purpose of making decision to anyone, even to your close relatives then, be ready to encounter bias from different angles. The fact is, your family and relatives would want you to take the easy road to success and that is the reason why they may discourage you through their opinions. Anything got so easy, can’t last even wealth. Therefore, avoid the easy roads to success.


The wealth they want you to accumulate, the power they want you to possess and the impact they also want you to make on your generation, can only be achieved by taking the tough road to success and not the easy one. They don’t know these at all! People who always and easily run to seek the opinions of others before making decisions usually blame themselves at last. That’s why you need to look for like-minded types who bear in them what you bear. Both of you can always flow in thoughts and actions.


One of the reasons God created in each and every one of us an independent heart and mind is, to enable us make independent decisions and achieve independent goals. Use your brain and your mind well in regards to making decisions. Apart from God, never rely on any other source to reach your decisions. When you need facts or information to back up your decisions, be careful not to disclose your purpose to the source. People who you disclosed the purpose you have for seeking their opinions may work on it and betray the trust you have in them. They can work on your purpose, achieve it and leave you empty.


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-Wake Up




100 Powerful Truths


Inspire and Motivate You for Success


• The destiny of man lies in his decisions. Therefore, man can always become what he had decided to be in life. Your success starts in you; from your mindset. Be inspired, be transformed, develop your potentials and become successful.


• No man is too old to bear children even at the age of 100 years and above, if only he see a young woman who can accept his proposal. Likewise manner, no man is too weak to succeed in life when he sees the opportunity. Man is supreme over other creatures.


• To succeed in life, you must first obey some rules and principles of life. If fate had instructed that you must pass through the ocean before you can achieve your destiny then, there is no need for you to pass through the river because, the both are not the same.


• Never allow your case to be judged by fools. If you do, then you are not better than the least of fools. It means you will forever remain a fool.


• It is only when you’re in a state of needs that you can discover your true friends. And this is the peak time to make a new list of friendship.


• A lion does not kill what is does not eat. Likewise manner, man should not initiate what he cannot finish, simple.


• I am only a human but, I can do amazingly great in anything I lay my hands. Just believe in yourself and fear nothing, and success will locate you.


• I see campus as a link to greatness and failure. Your success in school depends on how you live your life in the campus.


• Man is capable of everything. Man can do everything. But man is not permitted to do everything because, not everything is worthy of doing.


• Nowadays, most people prefer spending quality time making decisions on irrelevant things and give less concern and little time to relevant ones. And this is one of the reasons we suffer so much before we succeed, even when we don’t need to suffer.


• When we educate our children, they will educate the world. Educate your child at the tender age.


• In everything you do, put God first and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success”–Proverbs 3:6. Have you been doing things without God’s knowledge? Don’t do it again. Recognize God and success will recognize you.


• The problem most people are facing today is not that God has refused to bless them. It’s because of their inability to make appropriate and accurate decisions in line with their God-given talents and opportunities.


• It could be dangerous to have a wrong motive towards any decision you are making. You must be careful and also bear in mind that, there are disastrous effects of any wrong decision made. Avoid making negative decisions if you want to succeed.


• The greatest gift and benefit a child can receive from his parents is education. When you are educated, everything will start falling at your fingertips, even the world.


• Every moment in life is a blessing, even if it brings tears or laughter. As a child of God, you should always keep Ecclesiastes 3:1 to mind.


• When a man failed to discover what is wrong with his wife, he may be busy blaming his children. Before you blame other people for your failure or mistake, first blame yourself because, nobody can determine your fate.


• A man whose legs have two different sizes, also need two different sizes of shoe. It’s better to identify your problems before seeking for solutions.


• It doesn’t really mean you are subjected to temptations, hardships, rejections and wretchedness or being separated from your creator, whenever you face challenges. Rather, when challenges come, try your best to learn whatever lesson they have to teach you. What make you a winner are the lessons you’ve learnt from your failure because, challenges make a man.


• I believe that only two things can guarantee us success to you. First, the favour of God and second, the application of knowledge. When God is determined to bless you, he will give you the knowledge or idea but, how you applied it determines your success.


• True leaders are not selfish rather, they are compassionate dealers. They do not bargain their positions for anything and they hold on to their visions no matter the cost.


• Life is a game. It’s a very simple one for that matter. We know of football game. It’s very sweet and entertaining but, the teams involved in the game determine the outcome of each match. If team A plays more skillful than team B, they will achieve success while, team B will lose. This is just a simple analysis of the game of life.


• Nature’s rewards are based on merit while God’s blessings are based on grace. God can bless a man without counting on his commitments to anything but nature will favour you based on how committed you are in life. While you wait for the favour of God, don’t fail to be committed to something good.


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The ABC of Writing: The Simplest Method to Write Books The ABC of Writing: The Simplest Method to Write Books