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The 99 Names of Allah (Glorified and Exalted is He) in verse


In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful




“And to Allah belong the best names, so invoke Him by them….”

Holy Quran 7:180

Dear Readers


The Holy Quran states:


And to Allah belong the best names, so invoke Him by them….”

Holy Quran 7:180

My humble effort has been to write a poem on each of these 99 names in order to help increase our gratitude and encourage us all to strive to get closer to Him.


And that there is not for man except that [good] for which he strives”

Holy Quran 53:39

Please share this book with as many other people as you can. This book can be read by people of all faiths with the hope that it acts as a reminder that if we are not brothers and sisters in faith we are still brothers and sisters in humanity. Furthermore, I trust that the messages in this work encourage us to respect and show kindness to each other regardless of differences in race or religion.


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Saqib Hussain





Allah (SWT)


Say, “If the sea were ink for [writing] the words of my Lord, the sea would be exhausted before the words of my Lord were exhausted, even if We brought the like of it as a supplement.”

The Holy Quran 18:109 https://quran.com/18/109

Some worship multiple Gods

Some bow before their own desires

Some worship the elements

Like earth, water or fire


Whatever we worship one thing is clear

It is in human nature to worship something

The ultimate truth is to worship only You

The One, The Manifest, the True King.


Ar-Rahman The Most Compassionate


The earth, spread out beneath us

The canopy of the sky

Hearing, smell, taste and touch

And vision from the eyes


Love and understanding

The strength, willpower to try

Experiencing so much of your compassion

None of your favours can be denied*.


*Reference to the repeated verse “So which of the favours of your Lord would you deny?” in the Quran, Chapter 55 https://quran.com/55


Ar-Rahim The Most Merciful


Life-giving rain – one of your mercies

And your mercies – themselves like the rain

One who truly reflects will be grateful

And won’t remain the same


Places that were once desolate

Now inhabited and full

Dead hearts – refreshed, revived

You are the Most Merciful.


Al-Malik The Sovereign/The True King


Kings, rulers all set their laws

But none of these ever stay

But the laws You set last forever

There is no change in Your way*


The reward for good is good

Before anything that we do

We should check that we stay

Within the bounds that please You


All laws you have set

By these laws we are all bound

You are the real King

No king like you can be found.


*Reference to Quran 33:62 https://quran.com/33/62

Reference to Quran 55:60 https://quran.com/55/60


Al-Quddus The Most Pure


Our deeds have caused ourselves trouble

Bodies and hearts are in pain

O All Pure One! Your pure mercy

Washes away our stains.


As-Salam The Giver of Peace


Hurried movements, confused minds

From agitation we crave release

For all needs you created solutions

Remembrance of You brings peace*


*Reference to Quran 13:28 https://quran.com/13/28


Al Mumin The Grantor of Security/Peace


Obeying You brings peace

And avoids your displeasure

Such peace you then grant to us

In abundance without measure


And the peace You grant in heaven

Such peace nowhere else can be found

The greeting therein will be “Peace” *

Peace within, and all around.


*Reference to Quran 10:10 https://quran.com/10/10


Al-Muhaymin The Giver of Protection


Iron heated, a great wall built

The oppressors were kept out

You provided much needed help

Through Zulqarnayn – devout*


In all situations where we are saved

Between all of them – a connection

Being saved is only possible

Because of Your Protection.


*First 4 lines are in reference to the story of Zulqarnayn, Quran: 18: 93 -98 https://quran.com/18/93-98


Al-Aziz The Almighty


Isa brought the dead to life

And he cured the sick*

But these were no illusions

Nor any kind of trick


Just as the wind holds up

All the flying kites

We can be raised, or revived

But only with Your Might.


*Isa is the Arabic name for Prophet Jesus, son of Mary, peace be upon them both.

The first 2 lines in reference to the Quran 3:49. https://quran.com/3/49


Al-Jabbar The Over-Powering Lord


The thunder and the lightning

The crashing of the waves

All the natural laws

All your obedient slaves


All of Maths and Science

To the finest of precision

All operate within your decree

Your overpowering decision.


Al-Mutakabir The Self-Glorious


Everything we can and can’t see

Everything near and far

All is a sign and a proof

Of how glorious You are


Whether or not we accept this

Your glory is still complete and true

Before we could speak the sun still shone

And jewelled the morning dew.


Al-Khaliq The Creator


So many different people

Yet you created us as brothers

Our diversity is beautiful

Like a rainbows colours


You are the real Creator

And You create constantly

Each planet a drop

In an ever-expansive sea. *

*Reference to the expansion of the universe, Quran 51:47 https://quran.com/51/47


Al-Bari One who gives life


During formation in the wombs

With flesh you cover the bones*

Every day, all over the world

Miracles are born


You created the whole system

You created man and wife

From these you create children

You are the Giver of Life.


*Reference to Quran 23:14 https://quran.com/23/14



Al Musawwir The Fashioner of forms


So many humans, animals, plants

A countless variety of forms

You fashion all our shapes

With your permission, we are born.


Al-Ghaffar The Ever-Forgiving


We are all sinners

But no-one forgives like You

Your forgiveness refreshes us

Like fresh morning’s dew.


Al-Qahhar The One who has Control over all things


The changing of the seasons

The darkness of winter nights

The warmth of summer days

And the brightness of their light


Truly, without a doubt

Everything is under Your command

One who reflects with an open heart

Will surely understand.


Al-Wahhab The Giver of All


You give us food, water, shelter

Talents and abilities

To count your blessings is impossible

The number is infinity


From our hair to our feet

And all the organs inside

Every breath, every blink

To Your Will are tied.


Ar-Razzaq The Sustainer and Provider


To Sulayman You granted great honour

He was a great king

You taught him the language of birds

And gave him from all things*


He used your gifts in the best way

Towards You his soul was driven

But, just like us, everything he had

All from You was given.


*Sulayman is the Arabic name for Prophet Solomon, son of Prophet David, peace be upon them both. Line’s 3 and 4 are in reference to Quran 27:16 https://quran.com/27/16


Al-Fattah The Remover of Difficulties


Sometimes we feel trapped

It seems there is no way out

More aware of our reliance on You

The soul stirs and shouts


In these times we feel more strongly

That there is a higher power

Who can remove all these difficulties

And change these chains to flowers.


Al-Alim The All-Knowing


To think we know everything

In such an absurd notion

Human knowledge – a single drop

In the widest, deepest ocean


Yes, to acquire knowledge

Many humans have striven

But even the ability to strive

Is a blessing that has been given.


Al-Qabid The Restrainer


Sometimes wealth is in our hands

And then it is with another

Sometimes the healthy become sick

And those who are sick recover


Life situations are always changing

More important is the soul inside

Successful is the one who purifies it*

And accepts that You decide.


*Reference to Quran 91:9 https://quran.com/91/9


Al-Basit The Extender of provision


You gave us everything

You are the source of provision

It is only our greed that causes

Any inequality in its division


Al-Khafid The one who humbles and lowers


Our arrogance makes us think

That we are better than others

We see ourselves as superior

Rather than as brothers


Hardship breaks the ego

We see things more clearly instead

You show us the one we thought was behind

May, in essence, be far ahead.


Ar-Rafi The Exalter


Thrown into the bottom of a well

But you raise whom You will in rank

Yusuf was raised to such a high position

And to You alone was his thanks*.


*Reference to the story of Prophet Joseph in the Quran, Chapter 12 https://quran.com/12




Al-Muizz The Giver of Honour


You granted great honour to Muhammad (pbuh)

In the heavens and earth is his mention

And what an honourable night was the

Holy night of Ascension*


You love Muhammad so much!

He is the best of creation

No other person can ever reach

The loftiness of his station.


*Reference to Me’raj i.e. Night of Ascension , Quran 17:1 https://quran.com/17/1


Al-Mudhill The Giver of Dishonour

You have set the wisest boundaries

To benefit every person and place

Neglecting these brings harm

And leads to disgrace.


As-Sami The All-Hearing


Multitudes of voices

Calling to You constantly

But You hear every single one

Complete and clearly


Innermost thoughts to the loudest sounds

Everything is within your range

But we still utter so many hurtful words

To please You we must change.


Al-Basir The All-Seeing


Your vision is all-encompassing

Unaffected by sleep or slumber*

Seeing all the galaxies, and all within

Regardless of the number


Whatever we say, whatever we do

Wherever we may be

Every moment, day and night

Everything You see.


*Reference to Quran 2:255 https://quran.com/2/255


Al-Hakam The Judge


Nothing moves without your will

Your command no-one can override

In all matters you are absolute

In all things – you decide.


[* Al- Adl The Just *]


Many people are wronged in this world

Diseased hearts inflict so much pain

They disbelieve that all of us

Will surely be raised again


But we see in nature everything balances

Your laws and justice no-one can contest

And on the Day of Judgement

You will decide who has passed the test.


Al-Latif The Most Affectionate/Knower of innermost secrets


No matter what worries we have

No matter what the aches and pains

You know all – You are so close to us

Closer to us than our jugular vein. *


*In reference to Quran 50:16 https://quran.com/50/16


Al-Khabir The All-Knowing/All-Aware


Any grain within the earth -

You will know it is there

Not a leaf falls without your knowledge*

You are All-Aware


*first 3 lines in reference to Quran 6:59 https://quran.com/6/59


Al-Halim The Clement


A mother speaks to her child

In such gentle tones

In her loving heart

Is this child’s home


Where did all this gentleness come from?

Everything we have is given, of course

You are the Most Clement*

You are the source.


  • “Clement” means mild/merciful


Al-Azim The Great


Childhood, youth, old age and death

All of us are always in a changing state

Only You are constant and above all

Only You are the Great


Al-Ghafur The Forgiving


Disobedience to you dulls us

Yet you still forgive

And this forgiveness allows us

To move on and truly live.


Ash-Shakur The Appreciative


Prayer and charity – commanded in the Quran*

Helps remove ego’s chains, helps us be freed

You are the Appreciative of all good

And reward us for good deeds.


*Reference to Quran 35:29 https://quran.com/35/29

Last two lines are in reference to Quran 35:30 https://quran.com/35/30


Al-Ali The Most High


Even those who disbelieve

When caught in the storm of life

Plead to You desperately*

To remove them from strife


We have only You to plead to

On You alone do we rely

All grandeur belongs to You

You are the Most High


*Reference to Quran 10:22 https://quran.com/10/22


Al-Kabir The Most Great or Infinite


The movement in the markets

All the different sounds

People and places come and go

Nowhere to be found


If all creation was an enormous book

Bound in the covers of space and time

Our brief existence would only be

The smallest letter on a line.


Al-Hafiz The Protector


Fears try to make their way

Into the mind and heart

Wanting to move things forward

But too scared to start


Relieve our fears, anxieties

With your gentleness and affection

Oh! What a blessing it is!

To be in the shade of your protection


Al-Muqit The Giver of Sustenance and Strength


The oppressors taunted and mocked Muhammad (pbuh)

But You urged him not to grieve*

Soon You granted him and his followers

Success no-one could have conceived


Attempts were made on his life

Hate filled souls went to such lengths

But Muhammad continued the struggle

You give believers sustenance and strength.


*Reference to Quran 36:76 https://quran.com/36/76

Reference to Quran 8:30 https://quran.com/8/30


Al-Hasib The Reckoner of Judgement


You know everything we do

Nothing from You can be hid

You will hold us to account

For everything we did. *


*Reference to Quran 6:60 https://quran.com/6/160


Al-Jalil The Glorious


Your Prophets, their words and deeds

So beautiful, like pearls

Glory be to You who sent Muhammad (pbuh)

As a mercy to the worlds. *


*Reference to Quran 21:107 https://quran.com/21/107


Al-Karim The Generous


You order justice and good conduct

Giving to relatives, avoiding immorality*

Life on earth can be so wonderful

Obeying You is the key


Thank-you for Your kindness

In gifting us the holy Quran

Remembering and obeying You

Brings us peace and calm.


*First 2 lines in reference to Quran 16:90 https://quran.com/16/90

Reference to Quran 13:28 https://quran.com/13/28


Ar-Raqib The Caretaker


When almost everyone is against them

And the believers are oppressed

From all the ones to give care

Your care is the best


Noah and those with him were saved

All the others were drowned*

Such care as you provide

Nowhere can be found.


*Lines 5 and 6 are in reference to Quran 26:119-120 https://quran.com/26/119-120


Al-Mujib The One Who Responds


You hear all our pleas

You answered Ibrahim’s prayer*

Desperate souls cry out to You

And You answer because You care


*Reference to Abraham’s prayer 2:128 https://quran.com/2/128


Al-Wasi The Lenient


Reflecting on your gentleness

The heart your praises sings

Truly You are the Most Lenient

Your mercy embraces all things*


*Reference to Quran 7:156 https://quran.com/7/156


Al-Hakim The Wise


The hole in the ship

The building of the wall

The replacement of the boy

For one with a better soul*


We may not understand

Be shocked and surprised

But You alone know what is best

You are the Most Wise.


*the first 4 lines are in reference to the story of Khizr and Prophet Moses, Quran 18: 65-82 https://quran.com/18/65-82


Al-Wudud The Most Loving


You love us so much

Even more than our mothers

Your true servants love You

And love each other like brothers


Whoever has lost you, has lost everything

There is no replacement for Your love

Whoever You love has found everything

Mercies shower them from above.


Al Majeed The Most Glorified


Devotees constantly circle the Ka’aba *

Planets, even galaxies are in rotation

You are the Most Glorified

All is moved to adoration


*Ka’aba – a holy building in Mecca, originally built by Abraham (pbuh) and the direction which Muslims face each day for the 5 daily prayers.


Al-Baith The Restorer of Life


Your promise is the truest promise

And in your holy book you have said

Everyone alive will surely die*

And then you will raise the dead


*Reference to Quran 3:185 https://quran.com/3/185

Reference to Quran 6:128 https://quran.com/6/128


Ash-Shahid The Omnipresent


All of us are limited forms

We can only be either here or there

But You, O Lord, are limitless

You are everywhere.


Al-Haqq The Truth


When truth is dashed against falsehood

It is falsehood that is destroyed *

Truth is full and productive

Falsehood – an empty void


Our natural state is to love truth

And like water is for a fish

If we turn away from You

Our hearts will surely perish.


*Reference to Quran 21:18 https://quran.com/21/18


Al-Wakil The One in Charge


Many of us have worries

A thousand different cares

But sufficient for us are You

The best disposer of affairs*


*Reference to Quran 3:173 https://quran.com/3/173


Al-Qawi The Strong


Constantly the Earth rotates

And the cycles rotate too

Photosynthesis, respiration

Are all dependent on You


You hold all planets afloat

They orbit under your gaze

People, reflect. Reflect on this.

Reflect and be amazed.


Al-Matin The Invincible


It is so plain to see

There is no point in denying

After strength we go to weakness*

Everyone alive is dying


But You are the strongest

What you decide – unavoidable

You are the only one

Who is totally Invincible


*Reference to Quran 30:54 https://quran.com/30/54


Al-Waliyy The Protector


Us, flimsy ships battered by winds

In a ferocious, tumultuous sea

With your help, we can’t be overcome*

If not, all that is left is debris.


*Reference to Quran 3:160 https://quran.com/3/160


Al-Hamid The All-Praiseworthy


Whatever we can possibly say

Whatever has been said

We will never be able to give due praise

For all the mercies You have spread.


*Reference to Quran 1:2 https://quran.com/1/2


Al-Muhsi The Keeper of Counts


How many grains of sand are there?

How many drops in the sea?

How many insects, birds and plants?

How many leaves on trees?


You are the best keeper of count

You know the number of thoughts

Of a never-ending melody

We barely catch a note


Al-Mubdi The Originator of All


Something cannot come out of nothing

All created life here has an origin

You are that source, the originator

Signs are all around, and within. *


*Reference to Quran 41:53 https://quran.com/41/53


Al-Muid The Restorer


You are the creator of everything

When it dies, you restore*

Everything you create has wisdom

And beauty at its core


Colours, stars and flowers

Such beautiful adornments

You didn’t just create once

You create every moment.


*Reference to Quran 10:34 https://quran.com/10/34


Al-Muhyi The Giver of Life


Birds in the sky, fish in the sea

So many animals on the ground

Even in the harshest climates

Life, activity, can be found


You gave us life

Before that, we didn’t exist

And even these lives are ending

Like a disappearing mist.


Al-Mumit The Giver of Death


You have decreed that everyone alive

Must also taste of death*

Your laws are fixed, outside of which

No-one can take a step


We are so busy in increasing

Rushing for more things to own

Towards the end one always wishes

They’d prepared more for the final home.

*Reference to Quran 3:185 https://quran.com/3/185

Reference to Quran 102:1 https://quran.com/102/1


Al-Hayy The Everlasting


Being engrossed in this life

Is the enjoyment of delusion *

Whoever thinks this is everything

Is embracing an illusion


You alone are ever-lasting

We are subject to age and decay

We were created for the hereafter

None of us in this world will stay.


*Reference to Quran 57:20 https://quran.com/57/20


Al-Qayyum The Sustainer of Life


Food needs the suns light to grow

And water from the rains

You provide all these to us

You are the One who Sustains.


Al-Wajid The All-Perfect


Everything we need for life is here

And on a precise axis this planet turns

If the sun was too far we would freeze

If it was too close then we would burn


For all things You have set the measure*

And no matter how much we inspect

Our vision returns to us, fatigued

Indeed, You are All-Perfect.


*Reference to Quran 65:3 https://quran.com/65/3

Lines 6 and 7 in reference to Quran 67: 3-4 https://quran.com/67/3-4


Al-Majid The Glorified


The gravitational pull of the moon

Helps create the tides

Hearts that witness Your majesty

They, too, are moved and rise.


Al-Wahid The One


Hot and cold

Dark and light

Sun and moon

Day and night


You created everything in pairs*

But You, O Lord, are One

You have no children, nor were you born

Like You there is none.


*Reference to Quran 51:49 https://quran.com/51/49

Last 3 lines are in reference to the Quran – chapter 112 https://quran.com/112


As-Samad The Self Sufficient


You are the creator of the heavens and earth

You are not fed but you feed*

We rely on you for everything

Even the air that we breathe.


*first 2 lines in reference to Quran 6:14 https://quran.com/6/14


Al-Qadir He who has Authority and is Most Able


The earth trembles and shakes

Tall buildings reduced to dust

Volcanoes erupt as magma

Bursts through the earth’s crust


Truly, without a doubt

You have all power

Witnessing these signs

All on earth cower.


Al-Muqtadir The All-Powerful


Mohammad (pbuh) strived to spread Your message

He faced so much hostility

But falsehood is a spider’s web

A home of utter fragility*


The strength of truth is so great

It revives souls that are dull

Your message beautified the earth

You are All-Powerful.


*Reference to Quran 29:41 https://quran.com/29/41


Al Muqaddim He who causes advancement image city/school


So much progress, so much success

Such a positive momentum

For those who make the decision

To turn to your direction



Al Muakhir The Delayer


The evil of their deeds seems attractive*

They are so lost, so astray

But You decide when the punishment comes

You are the one who delays.


*Reference to Quran 16:63 https://quran.com/16/63


Al-Awwal The First


A living body is the pre-requisite of hunger

Just as it is to experience thirst

And all creation needs a creator

You are that Creator, you are the First.


Al-Aakhir The Last


At the end:

The hustle and bustle of the world

All a thing of the past

Only You remain – just as you are the First

You are also Last.


Az-Zahir The Manifest


If we put aside the thoughts

And look at anyone, anything

We know it didn’t just appear

It must have come from something


Every part of our body and mind is a sign

Everything we look at is a sign too*

Wherever we look, wherever we go

In reality there is only You.


*Reference to Quran 41:53 https://quran.com/41/53


Al-Batin The Hidden


Finite beings can’t behold the infinite

This is clear to see

Yet all creation is only created

When you say “Be” *


You decree what is obligatory upon us

And what is allowed and forbidden

Your rule is over all the worlds

But from physical eyes, You are hidden.


*Reference to Quran 36:82 https://quran.com/36/82


Al-Wali The Governor


All of our physical lives

Are intertwined with breath

And none of us can return the soul

When it reaches the throat at death*


All happens within Your laws

You alone govern and protect

This is clear to any of us who

With an open heart, reflect.

*Reference to Quran 56: 83-87 https://quran.com/56/83-87


Al-Muta’ali The One who is Above all Attributes


Even though we use attributes

You are far above all of these

We can never understand you

Only aim to praise, and please.


Al-Barr The Source of all Goodness


Millions of birds suddenly spring up

And fly to another destination

How do they know when to do this?

It is only Your inspiration


You inspired the bee to build and eat

From their bellies comes honey which heals*

All around, and in ourselves are signs

Nature – another book that reveals.


*Lines 5 and 6 in reference to Quran 16: 68-69 https://quran.com/16/68-69

Reference to Quran 41:53 https://quran.com/41/53


At-Tawwab The Oft-Returning


You forgive all sins

We should not despair*

Whenever we repent

We find You are there.


*Reference to Quran 39:53 https://quran.com/39/53


Al-Muntaqim The Avenger


Calm skies quickly gather clouds

Loud thunder and lightening

A scene which had seemed so calm

Now becomes so frightening


Those who commit sins relentlessly

May think everything is the same

But when retribution comes

They convulse with fear and shame.


Al-Afuww The Pardoner/Forgiver


Our sins make us miserable

Our souls feel so heavy

Life seems to close in

We become unsteady


You urge us to seek forgiveness and repent*

We begin to see a light

Life opens up, doubts removed

You take us out of night.


*Reference to Quran 11:3 https://quran.com/11/3


Ar-Rauf The Most Kind


Long ago a group of youths

With hearts true and brave

Pleaded to you for mercy

And retreated to the cave


Your kindness enveloped them

They slept for centuries

Then awoke, each of them a sign *

Like beads in Tasbih.


*This poem is in reference to the Story of the Cave, Quran 18: 9-26 https://quran.com/18/9-26

“Tasbih” refers to a form of worship where Allah (SWT) is glorified through uttering short sentences, typically using a string of beads.


Malik-ul-Mulk The Owner of all Sovereignty


Kingdoms, empires, which seemed so solid

We have seen them all come and go

Just like fleeting children’s games

Not even a ray of Your thrones glow.


Dhul-Jalal Wal Ikram The Lord of Majesty and Generosity


The sun and moon You raised high

They move by precise calculation

The stars and trees obey Your laws

They too are in prostration*


You own Majesty and Honour

Everything on earth will perish***

Your generous gifts of guidance,

And love and peace we cherish.


*First 4 lines are in reference to Quran 55: 5-6 https://quran.com/55/5-6

Reference to Quran 55:27 https://quran.com/55/27

***Reference to Quran 55:26 https://quran.com/55/26


Al-Muqsit The Just


You have put love of justice into our nature

In every land there are legal courts

But human weakness sometimes attempts

To bend the facts, to mislead, distort


Any perceived gains through this is only loss

We may run a mile then forever trudge

But nothing is outside Your knowledge

And You are the Best Judge.


Al-Jame The Gatherer


All the people who have ever lived

Each person – a tiny grain of sand

Scattered by the winds of time

Over many different lands


Hardly any trace of them we can see

And even after what feels like forever

We will all be intact and You

Will assemble us all together*


*Reference to gathering on Day of Judgement – Quran 6:12 https://quran.com/6/12


Al-Ghani The Independent


You are free from need, and we are needy

Yet you give to us constantly

Every second the creation is dependant

On your abundant generosity


Al-Mughni The Supplier of Needs


“And ease for me my task

And unite the knot from my tongue

That they may understand my speech

And appoint for me a minister from my family

Aaron – my brother

Increase through him my strength…” *


This prayer of Musa you fully met

You fulfilled all his needs

Just like Moses and his people

You help us to be free.


*Reference to the prayer of Prophet Moses (peace be upon him), Quran 20: 26-35 https://quran.com/20/26-35

Reference to Quran 20:36 https://quran.com/20/36


Al-Mani The Hinderer


If we stand in one place, we can’t stand in another

All physical forms, bound in limitations

Only if it is in Your will, we succeed

If we don’t accept this, there is frustration.


Ad-Darr One who can cause loss


The body and mind get stronger, sharper

When put through exertion, strain

Just as metal tools are made stronger

When prepared with red hot flames


Sometimes we suffer loss*

You decide to test our soul

As long as we keep faith in You

We remain at peace and whole.


*Reference to Quran 2:155 https://quran.com/2/155


An-Nafi One who confers benefits


You put the fragrance in fruit

And made it so sweet

You made so many crops

Grow at our feet


When we share your blessings with others

You multiply our benefits again

One seed of good becomes seven spikes*

In each spike is a hundred grains.


*Reference to Quran 2:261 https://quran.com/2/261


An-Nur The Light


You are the light of the heavens and the earth*

Our souls are in darkness, but you are light upon light

Only by turning to you we can see

Only by turning to you, souls become bright


*Reference to Quran 24:35 https://quran.com/24/35

”Light upon light” also in reference to Quran 24:35 https://quran.com/24/35


Al-Hadi The Guide


Millions of people’s lives – wrecked

By alcohol, drugs and adultery

The wisdom of Islam forbids these

And encourages a better society


Yes – life can be very difficult

But the believers are overjoyed

Your guidance makes life easier

Truly – without it we’d be destroyed


Al-Badi The Deviser


Those of us who have lived a number of years

Always come to learn

Although we plan which way we want to go

Our route often turns


Although it may seem unclear at first

Over time, we understand

Then, amazed, we also realise

You are the best to plan. *


*Reference to Quran 8:30 https://quran.com/8/30


Al-Baqi The Eternal


All of us that are alive

Will very soon meet death

We’re scattered on earth like leaves

And are as fleeting as a breath

But You, O Lord, are eternal

Only you are forever

The ever-present King

Believers hearts – your treasure


Al-Warith The Supporter/The Inheritor of All


“To whom belongs all sovereignty this day?”*

The answer will be clear

The time for judgement will arrive

No-one will be left here.


*Reference to Quran 40:16 https://quran.com/40/16

“Sovereignty” means supreme power and authority.


Ar-Rashid The Teacher/Guide to the right path


The path of virtue is clear and straight

But there are countless paths of destruction

Many ways to be misled

Deadening the soul with corruption


For this journey we need provision

And the best provision for society

Is that dress so beloved to You

The blessed dress of piety*


“Reference to Quran 7:26 https://quran.com/7/26

“Piety” means “God-consciousness”/ “God fearing” i.e. someone who is aware that Allah (SWT) is always aware that God is watching them and lives life in a way to please Allah (SWT).


As-Sabur The Most Patient


We sin so much, and repeatedly

But You are so loving and caring

Truly, Your patience has no parallel

You are the Most Forbearing.





The 99 Names of Allah (Glorified and Exalted is He) in verse

Dear Readers The Holy Quran states: “And to Allah belong the best names, so invoke Him by them….” Holy Quran 7:180 My humble effort has been to write a poem on each of these 99 names in order to help increase our gratitude and encourage us all to strive to get closer to Him. “And that there is not for man except that [good] for which he strives” Holy Quran 53:39 Please share this book with as many other people as you can. This book can be read by people of all faiths with the hope that it acts as a reminder that if we are not brothers and sisters in faith we are still brothers and sisters in humanity. Furthermore, I trust that the messages in this work encourage us to respect and show kindness to each other regardless of differences in race or religion. Other work can be downloaded for free from https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/SaqibHussain Saqib Hussain 17/09/2017

  • ISBN: 9781370443963
  • Author: Saqib Hussain
  • Published: 2017-09-17 22:35:10
  • Words: 4952
The 99 Names of Allah (Glorified and Exalted is He) in verse The 99 Names of Allah (Glorified and Exalted is He) in verse