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I Talk Better Than I Write!

Psalm 9 – 1: I will give thanks to you Lord, with all my heart. I will tell of “all” your wonderful deeds.

I am admittedly, a better “talker” than I am a “writer”. It has been said that I missed my true calling and should have been a preacher. For that to be so I would have to know how to stop talking after a certain amount of time. As of yet, I haven’t developed that needed skill, so for now Ebooks and individual face to face chats it is!

If I transparently personalized an accurately itemized commentary on “all” I have to be thankful for it would fill a library, so any attempt on my part to use the written word to accommodate its delivery system, is already acknowledged by me as an impossible task. But as impossible as that might seem, I would like bang away at my keyboard in an effort to spotlight a few that come to mind of the many that greatly deserve being mentioned in “Thank You Lord”. Unacknowledged blessings defeat the point of being blessed! I have learned: A thankful heart is a healthy heart!

New Mercies Every Morning

Each and every day my Lord’s additions to this amazing life He has given me only lengthens the history of His graciously imparted blessings that He has lavished on the author of this book.

In short: I’m not actually blessed, I’m spoiled rotten and I know it! To “know it”, is a good thing. If you knew me, you would also know as I do, “graciously imparted” as a used term, aligns itself perfectly with “spoiled rotten”. Both correctly serve to emphasis my “undeserving” status in all that I have been gifted with.

I’m “rich”, but not in the world’s currency but rather in heaven’s. Not to be concerned though, my needs are and always have been well taken care of by my Lord as was promised by Jesus in His word. I’ve never lacked food in my stomach, a roof over my head, or sufficient funds to pay my bills. After that, what else is there that truly matters, is my life’s attitude.

Contentment has much value! Have you ever noticed that when embarking on the foolishness of comparing our lives to others, we tend to measure our lot in life against those with “more”, but seldom if ever, “less”. That is backwards. Reversing that humanistic tendency has a way of leading to more thanking and smiling, and less grumbling and complaining, I have discovered: He said shamefully. “Shamefully”, because that truth seemed to take far too long to grasp!

I’ve done the math and bring you good news! Those who have less far outnumber those who have more. Therefore your source of appreciativeness for what you have will never exhaust itself! Changing the direction of our focus can be the antidote for a lot of our ailments!

Heaven’s Currency?

So, what does “heaven’s currency” look like if not “dollar” related? Well, to discover that, you will have to find your way to the closest mirror and observe its reflection. That’s what heaven’s currency looks like! Much more beautiful than this ( $ ) don’t you think? I don’t think it, I know it, therefore I’m “rich”! With my sincere appreciation, God, again graciously, always graciously, adds to “your numbers” daily, so my “heavenly bank account” is bulging at the seams, thanks to you good folks!

Seeing as you are the readers, I thought it might be interesting to share with you a little insight as to some of the things you might wonder about in regards to the Ebooks. First and foremost, a huge “thank you” is most certainly in order for “Shakespir”. Without their amazing site and staff, who are helpful beyond helpful, none of this would be possible. I interact with them often with my “rookie” questions and am always responded to “graciously”. There’s that word again!

Why “free”? Simply stated: I’ve received from my Lord “freely”, therefore I “freely” give, as was and remains as such, the directive from Jesus. He is available to “all”, so “free” allows the books to be likewise.

Why mini-books? I wanted to appeal to “all” with my writings. I’m aware that some folks don’t have the luxury of leisure time at their disposal to invest in a “novel” format. I equally took into consideration the reality that some people aren’t avid readers so a min-book might better suit them, with their forty minute maximum commitment of needed time to ingest. Something that would speak to specific subject matter and could be read on a lunch break or possibly in transit to and from the work place. In Canada our trains have Wi-Fi accessibility.

How long to write an Ebook? Including the cover design and re-writes, which are far too often for me ( “a rookie reality” ), approximately fifteen hours each. I try to publish two or three per week, so it’s safe to say, thirty to forty five hours is my average weekly commitment. Now how loved do you feel!

Why Ebooks as opposed to the traditional style? This one is easy to answer. After I’m gone, and hanging out in heaven with Jesus for eternity, Ebooks will remain intact and available on-line to those who aren’t even born yet. I enjoy that idea a lot! The thought that perhaps a young man who is playing with fire might read “Misguided Loyalties” and save himself from getting burned by embracing its experienced by me “first hand” cautionary advice.

How about the thought of a married couple with little children who are getting ready to call in the lawyers but are led by God to read, “Willing Hearts No Limits” or “The Rose And The Thorn” thus causing them to re-direct their energies to saving, rather than destroying, the amazing gift of relationship that God has given them. How can that not be a good thing and a desire worthy of pursuit! If that were to happen just once, God would call that “great value”!

Numbers? Which leads me to my point and full discloser on just how “spoiled” I am: I published my first book, “Reflections Of A Sheep”, on November 24th 2016. This book is number 64, which includes the variation of “Reflections” to a mini-book series format! The grand total amount of downloads at present from Shakespir is a whopping 3,600! That’s not bragging nor boasting folks. That’s profusely thanking!

Thus, my first stop on the road of expressing my thankfulness to God is for “YOU”, who take the time to read my meager attempts to share my heart for God, with the prayerful desire that they in some way bless your heart in the process. That is their point and is much more to me than an exercise in passing time or a hobby to keep me occupied. I’m aware of how much you matter to God, therefore you matter to me likewise. I think that’s the way it’s supposed to work if I truly believe what I say I believe.

Next Stop – The Cross

Interestingly, the next stop is at the beginning. Not as chronologically out of order as one might think. I turn seventy in a few days so I wanted to make sure you guys got mentioned first just in case God calls me home before I finish this book! I think that’s called “dark humor”, but keeping in mind the Apostle Paul described that scenario as “far better”, I don’t see why “dark” needs to be included in the description, so with the encouragement of Paul I will omit it.

We all have a beginning and everything between myself and my Lord over the years, has always been intimately personal and to be honest, emotionally charged. Therefore, these two words have never been able to co-exist in my heart : “Cross and Casual”!

As the “now in heaven” song writer Andrea Crouch so beautifully and appropriately penned: “I shall forever lift my eyes to Calvary, to view the cross where Jesus died for me”. At the ripe old age of twenty seven, that visual was branded on my consciousness. In spite of all the many ups and downs since, it has never lost its clarity or impact.

My view of the unimaginable cost that was paid for me, equaled by the grace that was freely imparted on my behalf, is as clear as it was forty three years ago. Even more so I would think! Sincerely spent time in the reflective company of that fateful day should intensify its reality to my soul. Imagine: He who knew “no sin” became “my sin”, voluntarily. It’s very personal to the extreme! How does one make that event casual?

We talk about grace and salvation as “free” and that is true, but my goodness, it was anything but free to Jesus. I’m so thankful for what He did “for me”, and yet simultaneously I hate that He had to because of me. Strange reaction don’t you think? It so reminds me of the day of my court appearance which led to imprisonment. I was very thankful my parents were there, while hating the fact they had to be there because of me. Not the same but similar enough to draw a parallel of consideration in my heart.

How easy it is in my busyness, accompanied by two thousand years of history to let “that day” fade in my consciousness. That should never happen! “In Remembrance Of Me” ought not to be relegated as a once per month church dynamic in my life. Every breath I take should have “that day” intertwined within its contextual content. It’s worthy of that attention and so much more.

So today I look into my Lord’s beautiful eyes and simply but sincerely proclaim this truth. There are no words that appropriately reflect my thankfulness, which is frustrating, because I so want to do so adequately. Perhaps living my life as though I’m thankful: Translated: Dying to myself: Is the only requested by Him approach to blessing His heart.

Perhaps in denying myself, I tangibly acknowledge my true understanding of His immeasurable worth to Him, and interestingly to me. To be clear: Jesus already knows His worth. It’s me that needs to grasp it with my every breath seeing as He gives me my every breath.

My Faithful Shepherd

If He weren’t I wouldn’t be writing this book. If He weren’t all that proceeded this final chapter would be non-existent. If it weren’t for Jesus, everything that is, simply isn’t. Everything! Not a single sliver of my life would remotely resemble what it looks like now! In short: I “literally” owe Him everything! We all say that hypothetically, but my life confirms its truth, realistically.

So in closing: I’m so very thankful, my Shepherd didn’t say ninety nine out of a hundred is fine. That I was missing was never fine to Him nor did He take my absence casually therefore I won’t take his presence casually. He came looking for me and didn’t stop until He found me! “I won’t go back without him”, He would have said. Once found, on His shoulders I was placed with the greatest of care as to not make me feel worse than I already did! His faithfulness trumped my unfaithfulness. He never used Me, as an excuse to quit on Me! Grace: Unmerited favor indeed!

How does one say “Thank You” for that? I guess you write a book entitled: “Thank You Lord” and hope you have exposed your heart sufficiently true, to bless His! I’d like that to be so!

When we think of God, we should think of resurrections not burials and for that we should all be thankful! We touched on a crucifixion earlier so I think it’s fitting to end by noting that there was a resurrection and because Jesus lives, we shall and do, live also! “Thank You Lord”!

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Thank You Lord

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Thank You Lord Thank You Lord