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Preface – What Is the Lifestyle University?


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Chapter 1: Introducing Testosterone

-Part I: What is Testosterone

-Part II: Why Does Every Male Needs High Testosterone levels?

-Part III: The 10 Benefits of Having High Testosterone Levels

Chapter 2: The 16 Most Common Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency

Chapter 3: Testosterone Boosting – 40 Natural Ways to Boost Your Testosterone Levels

Chapter 4: Testosterone Boosting Part II – 20 Testosterone Killers You Should Avoid

Chapter 5: Common Myths About Testosterone Debunked

Chapter 6: The Practical Guide – How to implement Testosterone Into Your Life In 7 Simple Steps

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Chapter 8: BONUS #2 – An Awesome YouTube Channel


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[] Preface – What Is the Lifestyle University?

I decided to create a series of books and publish them on the web in order to help people. As you may already know, I came from a difficult background where I had to struggle very hard in order to succeed with the things I really wanted. It was very difficult and frustrating. I had a really hard work ethic, but I still never managed to succeed at the things that really I wanted.

At first I tried to lose weight, and it went very well. I managed to lose around 50 pounds within a year. I was very happy and felt amazing. Until something bad happened… I gained most of the lost weight back! I was devastated, I didn’t know how it happened and why it happened. I turned to books, information on the web and even to the best so-called ‘mentors’ and ‘gurus’, but they kept repeating the same thing: “You need to work hard in order to achieve what you want. If you aren’t achieving, you just don’t want it bad enough…” And this confused me even more, because I was obsessed with losing weight and getting myself out of the rut. So why were they telling me this?

Eventually I stumbled upon someone who was very successful. He was wealthy, was very healthy, had great relationships and was someone who was constantly helping the less fortunate. I was amazed that I could meet someone like him. He was kind enough (kind is an understatement) to teach me the things that I really needed to know in order to succeed at the things I wanted. He understood what I was going through and he told me: “Walter, many people won’t tell you what you need to know in order to succeed. I don’t know why, but they just give you some basic information and will tell you that you can do it by trying and wanting it really hard. But I, I realized that this was not true. I was someone who tried so hard and wanted to succeed so hard at certain things, but I just wasn’t able to do it. Walter, it was when I found mentors who were willing to show me the truth, when I managed to succeed. They provided me with all the information which I needed in order to succeed, and not just the half of it.

It was amazing to hear this from him, because I was someone who wanted to succeed really badly, but I didn’t know how. So after a couple of years I achieved the things I wanted, all due to my mentor. And after that I promised myself one thing: “If people ever ask me for help, I will be fully honest and transparent in how I did it. I will show them exactly what they need to know. This, because I know how it is to be kept away from the full truth. And I will serve as a mentor to those who need my help!”

So that has lead me into writing books and creating the Lifestyle University. I decided to share my knowledge and experiences with people by writing these books. My goal is to publish several books every month and my mission is to help people to achieve their goals by being fully transparent and by showing them everything they need to know in order to succeed. So if you see any of my Lifestyle University books out there, I can assure you that I have put a lot of work and effort into it. And that I did my best to create a book that is totally honest, BS-free and shows you everything you need to know in order to succeed.

Thank you…


[] Introduction

Firstly, thank you for downloading Testosterone: Everything You Need to Know to Skyrocket Your Testosterone Levels. This book is an excellent guide for people who want to know everything there is to know about increasing their Testosterone levels. People who aren’t familiar with the effects of Testosterone, but also people who know a lot about Testosterone, will get massive value from this book.

When I started with my weight loss and muscle building journey, I would hear a lot of contradicting things about Testosterone. The one ‘expert’ would tell me that managing your Testosterone levels isn’t necessary for building muscle and the other ‘expert’ would tell me that you should go all out with boosting your Testosterone.

This really confused me and it lead into me making a lot of mistakes, sabotaging my weight loss and muscle building journey and it slowed down my progress. Eventually, after many trial and error phases, I managed to discover the secrets to skyrocket and maintain my Testosterone levels. The pain and frustration this gave me was sometimes difficult to bear with. So I decided to write a book so that others wouldn’t need to go thought the same frustrations as I did.

I began monitoring, enhancing and managing my Testosterone levels 2 years ago and it helped me to feel more motivated and alive as ever. And because I never had a clear Testosterone guide, I constantly had to tweak it in order to perfect it. And now I want to share the knowledge and insights that I have accumulated with you.

I will explain what Testosterone is, why it is important for us, show you the benefits, shows you how you can recognize if you suffer from Testosterone deficiency, I will show you over 35 ways to boost your Testosterone levels, discuss which foods or actions are subtle killing your Testosterone, I will debunk the common myths about Testosterone and at last I will show you how to implement Testosterone in your life.

Again, thank you for downloading this book! I will provide bonus content at the end, so make sure to read the whole book! Enjoy, and good luck with skyrocketing your Testosterone levels!


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[] Chapter 1: Introducing Testosterone

Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value” ~ Albert Einstein

[].:Part I: What is Testosterone

Testosterone is considered as the most important male hormone by the National Institutes of Health. It is a hormone which is primarily produced in the testicles. And it is essential for the development of growth and masculine characteristics in males. The production of it peaks during early adulthood, but will slightly decline each year after that.

It plays a big role in the development of the secondary sex characteristics in puberty (such as increased penis and testes size, voice deepening, growth of facial and body hair etc.). And it plays a key role in the creation of strong bones and muscle mass, it is responsible for the sex drive, and regulates the production of red blood cells.

[].:Part II: Why Does Every Male Needs High Testosterone levels?

Male vs Female Roles in Society

One reason that is really emotionally compelling to me why we need Testosterone, is that it creates a better contrast between men and women. Nowadays it is harder to understand the distinction between men and women as the roles of men and women are getting more similar. We see women adopt to masculine roles in society and we see men adopt to feminine roles in society. So we are living in a time where there are more females with masculine roles than ever and that there are a lot of men who lost their ‘masculine mojo’.

And by any means, at the one hand I think that it is great that women are able to handle masculine roles, it gives them the opportunity to share their ideas and to inspire others. Giving them the ability to show the world a different perspective on certain things. But, on the other hand, I see too many men just settle for the mediocre, not striving to succeed at the things they really want. They deprive the world from their talents by accepting the easy and relax way out.

This will eventually lead them into having low Testosterone levels, thus even becoming more passive. And I know, that if they would just increase their Testosterone levels, that they would be able to go for what they really want. And to contribute to the world with their personal talents and gifts.

Going back to what I said earlier about female leaders, the reason why more and more females are getting into the more dominant roles in society, is because they are fed up of all the passive males in our society. I think that deep down, every woman want to be ‘conquered’ and ‘dominated’ by the strong alpha male. They want someone to show them the world and show them what they can achieve. But, if there is no real man available anymore, the only option is to adopt to the masculine role yourself. And that is one wonderful gift that every woman has, she can take on whatever role that it is needed. Take the most shy and introverted woman, force her to adopt a dominant leader role, and she will do it. But also, take a very dominant and secure woman and put her next to a highly dominant man and watch her adopt to the role of a little sweet girl.

So in short, the roles of society are getting more and more reversed and in my opinion this is due to the fact that men nowadays are becoming softer than ever. I strive for a world where the role of the man and woman is clearly polarized. Where the strong men lead the women to both achieve their full attention.

Note: Of course, not to sound anti-feminist. I do believe that men and women have equal rights. They are both entitled to the same thoughts, opinions and results. So if a woman do want to take on a leadership role, by no means, let her be. I think that there are enough women who just want to be in the driver’s seat and who can manage certain things very well (one of those women is my mother, someone who had to do a lot of things on her own).

But, what I really want to get at, is that I believe that there are a lot of women who are currently adopting the masculine roles of society just because there aren’t enough men who are brave enough to take these roles. I do it for these women, the women who deep down inside want to adopt to the role she can take the best, the feminine role. So again, if there are females who want to take on the masculine role, be my guest. But having said that, in my opinion every man needs to take the responsibility of accepting the masculine role.

[].:Part III: The 10 Benefits of Having High Testosterone Levels

With part III of this chapter I want to show you the 10 benefits of having high Testosterone levels. I always knew that Testosterone was good for you, but I never bothered to know why it exactly is good for you. If you are someone who still is skeptical about increasing your Testosterone levels, this part of chapter 1 will (hopefully) convince you to increase your Testosterone levels!

Benefit #1: Improves Your Mood Drastically

The number one reason why I decided to start increasing my Testosterone levels, is because it improves your mood drastically. As you may (or may not) already know, I grew up in a tough environment and this lead to all sorts of mood disorders. I was constantly trying to achieve happiness, I always was wondering why I had low self-esteem and why I wasn’t been able to give myself permission in order to feel good consistently. At some point I even thought that it had to do with my personality and genes, that I would be unable to improve my mood. I gave up my pursuit for happiness and accepted that ‘feeling good, wasn’t just for me’.

It was when I found a mentor that I was able to understand that my issues could be easily fixed. He explained to me that he was in the same situation when he was younger and that the only thing he did to improve his mood was by increasing his Testosterone levels. I couldn’t believe it at first, but after my ’30 day Testosterone challenge’, I felt amazing! I was able to increase my mood drastically and that in turn gave me more self-esteem to achieve other things in my life I couldn’t do earlier. So if you are wondering why you are feeling a bit depressed most of the time, increasing your Testosterone levels may be the solution.

Benefit #2: Increases Your Libido

The second reason why increasing my Testosterone levels was so important for me, was because I never was in the mood for sexual intercourse. It was strange, I saw people my age having amazing sex lives and being in the mood for sex all the time. I really started to doubt my sexual orientation. This really affected my self-esteem and the relationship between me and my girlfriend was affected by it. I searched the web and saw that I may be was suffering from Testosterone deficiency. And what do you know, I actually was! I measured my Testosterone levels and discovered that my Testosterone levels were around 300 nanograms per deciliter (I will explain the Testosterone levels later on in this book, but 300 nanograms per deciliter is actually very low). So there was one simple solution for this problem: start increasing your T levels. This in turn led me to skyrocketing my libido and every problem that I had due to me having a low sex drive was solved automatically.

Benefit #3: Lowers Fat & Increases Your Muscles

If you are someone who is trying to increase muscle, but fails to do so despite the fact that you are trying very hard, chances are that you are having low Testosterone levels. I set myself up for failure when I started to work out, because my Testosterone levels were so little that I wasn’t able to pack on muscle. In fact, it felt like I was actually losing muscle and began to become fatter and fatter (while working very hard). How come? Because I was very naive. I thought that if I just went to the gym that I would add muscle. But I failed to understand that in order to become big and lean, that you needed to change all your habits accordingly to achieve your health goals. So what was the mistake that I was constantly making? I was going to the gym every day, working very hard. But I sabotaged this by lowering my Testosterone levels by binge drinking in the weekend, eating processed foods and by doing a lot more things which decreases your Testosterone levels. But when I discovered that these habits were sabotaging my health goals, I dropped them immediately. The result of that? Increasing muscles and lowering fat very fast.

Benefit #4: Energy Boost

One thing I was really happy with, was that by increasing my Testosterone levels, my energy levels increased as well. When I suffered from low Testosterone levels, people would always revere to me as ‘grandpa’ as I always was feeling tired. I skipped parties, gatherings with friends and meetings, I would note myself sick in my job and I never had the motivation to pursuit things. I eventually even became a real couch potato and sat on the sofa for tons of hours a day. The pinnacle was when I sat on the couch for over 9 hours! It was then when I realized that I needed to change something. When I was able to increase my Testosterone levels this all changed and I became a very active individual. I was unable to sit still and had to do some physical exercises every day or else I would be very agitated throughout the day.

Benefit #5: Healthy Bones

Testosterone helps you to maintain strong bone density and it increases bone mineral density. Why is this important? Well, I can assure you that you will be more likely to break bones if your Testosterone levels are low. Especially if you are into weight training or other sports, it is necessary to have healthy and strong bones. Nothing is more frustrating than breaking a leg or arm when you are a highly active person. I became highly annoyed when I had to rest for around 6-7 weeks when I broke my leg. I was unable to go to the gym and do other activities. Also, as we get older our bones become gradually weaker which in turn makes you weaker overall. Having high Testosterone levels will help you to maintain the strength of your bones.

Benefit #6: Improves Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin is a hormone in the body that allows you to use glucose (sugar) you receive from foods for energy or to store it for future use. People with low insulin sensitivity (insulin resistance), need higher amounts of insulin to keep the blood sugar levels stable. This will eventually lead to many health problems such as: cancer, obesity, heart diseases, obesity, damages blood vessels and a lot more. Being insulin resistance will also lead you into overeating, as you need more food to feel ‘full’. Having higher Testosterone levels however improves your insulin sensitivity. I found that my insulin sensitivity increased by how quickly I was able to feel ‘full’ by the food I ate. Before, I had to eat a lot in order to feel satisfied. But now I eat half of what I ate and I already feel bloated.

Benefit #7: Increases Overall Motivation

One of the most messed up things to have, is having low motivation. I see a lot of people (old friends, family and colleagues included) who are suffering from low motivation. They are unable to get up and go for what they want, as they don’t have any motivation to do so. And how much I try to move them by my results and words, they just won’t do it. And to be honest, I can’t blame them. I also went through a time where I didn’t had any motivation to improve my life. As stated earlier, I was a couch potato, not having any reason to change it. But even when I wanted to change things, it was very hard to stay motivated. I would start improving my life, but I would always slide back after a couple of weeks. If you are having the same problem, maybe it is time to increase your Testosterone levels!

Benefit #8: Improves Sleep Patterns & Feeling More Rested

When you have trouble sleeping, or you don’t feel well rested after an 8-10 hour sleep, I can almost guarantee you that you are suffering from Testosterone deficiency. I remember the time when I had low Testosterone levels that I would wasn’t able to feel energized, even after an 8-10 hour sleep! This was so frustrating as it demanded a big chunk of my concentration throughout the day. I was also achieving less and less things within the same hours. It even got to the point where I was lying in bed all day after just doing some little tasks.

But now I am able to feel more rested and my sleep patterns improved drastically. I get tired around the same hour every day, am able to sleep during this hour and consistently get up on the same time every day. So before consuming sleeping pills, try increasing your Testosterone levels. 

Benefit #9: Being Able To Concentrating Better

People around me would always think that I was someone who was suffering from ADD. And to be honest, who knows if I was suffering from ADD, I never tested myself. But, by increasing my Testosterone levels, people would tell me that I became more grounded. And they were right, I was more grounded and was able to concentrate better. Before, I would always be in my head (aka: not truly listening) when I would socialize and I wasn’t able to read a book for more than 10 minutes! This took a toll on my confidence, I was really doubting if there was something wrong with me. When my mentor told me that it wasn’t a big deal and that it was easily solved, I began to have hope again. I am now able to fully be present when talking to someone, can memorize things a lot better and I am able to stay concentrated for a longer period of time.

Benefit #10: Improves Confidence

The last (but certainly not the least) benefit of increasing your Testosterone levels, is that you will see a big boost in your overall confidence. Having higher Testosterone levels drastically increases your confidence. Studies after studies have reported that higher Testosterone levels is linked to having more confidence, and that having lower Testosterone levels is linked to increased anxiety. This is a big one for me, as I grew up as a very insecure kid. I was overwhelmed with anxiety when I talked to people, even with the people I knew very well! When I started boosting my Testosterone levels, I saw a big boost in my confidence. I would get more attention from women and people would be more comfortable to talk with me, in fact they constantly were telling me that they really enjoyed talking with me.

[] Chapter 2: The 16 Most Common Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency

All diseases run into one, old age” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

In this chapter I will show you the 16 most common symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency. If you are having one or more of these symptoms, it may be that you have low Testosterone levels. If so, I highly recommend you to see a doctor and measure your Testosterone levels. A healthy range of Testosterone is 300 ng/dL to 1000 ng/dL. A lot of people report to me that they thought that these symptoms were caused by certain deceases, but most of them are just a sign of Testosterone Deficiency.

Symptom #1: A Low Sex Drive

Testosterone plays a big role in libido (sex drive) in men and women. When a man gets older he may experience a drop in his sex drive. But, if someone has low Testosterone, he might experience a significant drop in the desire to have sex. By having low Testosterone, a man is less likely to become interested in sex.

Symptom #2: Increase in Body Fat

Another sign someone might be having low testosterone, is the increase in body fat. Especially when someone develops “gynecomastia” (enlarged breasts, also called ‘moobs’), it is a big sign of someone having low Testosterone. Also by having excess fat around the middle might be indicating that someone has low Testosterone. It isn’t entirely clear why these phenomenons happen when someone has low Testosterone, but research suggests that Testosterone plays a role in the way our bodies store fat.

Symptom #3: Low Energy

Many men have reported that they suffer from a significant decrease in their energy levels and that they experience extreme fatigue. Chances are that you have low Testosterone if you are tired all the time, despite getting more than enough sleep. Also, if you find it harder than before to motivate yourself to do certain things, you are most likely experiencing a decrease in your Testosterone levels.

A lot of clients of mine have told me that they are unable to get themselves up from the couch, all they want is lay on the sofa or bed the whole day. They don’t feel the ‘get up and get it’ drive anymore.

Symptom #5: Muscle Loss

When you find yourself losing a lot of muscle, it might be indicating that you have low Testosterone. Even the ones who try to reverse this with weight training, may find it difficult to rebuild muscle. Testosterone plays a big role in building and maintaining muscle mass, so if your Testosterone levels drop, it will affect your muscles.

Symptom #6: Changes in Mood

Testosterone influences our mental capacity and mood. Study shows that men with low Testosterone are more likely to experience irritability and depression. I remember the time when I used to suffer from low Testosterone that I continuously would feel irritated and unfocused. At some point, I even ended up with a mild depression. I would feel less optimistic (while I am a naturally optimistic person) and I would drain the energy of the people who were around me.

Symptom #7: Low Semen

One of the symptoms which shows if you have low Testosterone, is the volume of semen that you have. The more Testosterone you have, the more semen you produce. Men with low Testosterone will see a significant decrease in the volume of sperm they produce during ejaculation.

Symptom #8: Problems Achieving an Erection

Testosterone aids with achieving an erection and it also stimulates one’s sex drive. It’s not that Testosterone itself causes an erection, but it stimulates certain receptors which helps to trigger an erection. When someone has low Testosterone he may be having difficulty achieving an erection. Back in the day when I had trouble achieving an erection, it really made me upset. But it was when I discovered that it was due to my low Testosterone levels, when I realized that I needed to increase my Testosterone levels.

Also, another sign which shows that a male has low testosterone, is that the so called ‘morning wood’ isn’t present.

Symptom #9: The Decrease in Bone Mass

Men with low Testosterone may experience decrease in bone mass, this due the fact that Testosterone aids in the strengthening and production of bones. Men with low Testosterone, especially men who are older, have more chance to receive bone fractures.

Symptom #10: Loss of Facial and Body Hair

When someone loses a lot facial and/ or body hair, this may be a sign of low Testosterone levels. Testosterone helps to maintain facial and body hair, and will affect the production of it negatively when there are insufficient Testosterone levels. This is one of the reasons why older men will lose a lot of their body hair.

Symptom #11: Depression

Besides mood swings, depression can be a vital sign of Testosterone deficiency. Many people tend to think that depression is due to a mental disorder, but this isn’t always the case. As I said earlier, mood swings stems from having insufficient Testosterone levels. If you are feeling depressed for a long period of time, try to increase your Testosterone levels before you choose to take antidepressants or other drugs. It helped me tremendously when I felt depressed.

Symptom #12: Irregular Periods in Women

Not only men, but also women need to have sufficient Testosterone levels. A sudden drop in Testosterone levels may affect a woman negatively. In most cases the changes manifest through irregular menstrual cycles and periods which are lighter than normal. Some women even miss periods altogether when they have decreased Testosterone levels. From their late 20s on, menstrual irregularities are a sign of Testosterone inefficiency.

Symptom #13: Anxiety

Study after study have linked Testosterone deficiency with Anxiety. When someone has low Testosterone levels, the person may be experiencing anxiety during the most normal situations. If you feel anxiety when you are around people, or feeling anxious for a long amount of time, is a big sign of Testosterone deficiency.

I remember when I had days where people would try to connect with me on a social level, that I freaked out for no apparent reason. I was terrified to hold conversations, even with the people I knew extremely well. I constantly thought that there was something wrong with me, but it just turned out that I had low levels of Testosterone.

Symptom #14: Excessive Sweating

Many clients I work with who suddenly see a drop in their Testosterone levels, report to me that they are sweating excessively during the day and during their nights rests. To be honest, I first took it with a grain of salt. But gradually over time I saw more and more reports of it. I asked consultants and colleagues if they experienced the same problem with their clients, and they confirmed that many of their clients went through the same problems as well. One sign to especially look out for, is the sign of sweating excessively for a long period of time while there is no reason to do so.

Symptom #15: Poor Concentration and Memory Loss

Studies have found a connection between memory improvement, cognitive function, concentration and Testosterone. People report that they have trouble concentrating on tasks which they were able to easily focus on previously and that a lot of people tell them that they become forgetful.

[] Chapter 3: Testosterone Boosting – 40 Natural Ways to Boost Your Testosterone Levels

To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear” ~ Buddha

Introduction: How To Read/ Use The Following 2 Chapters…

In chapter 3 & 4 (the Testosterone Boosting chapters), I will show you the most common ways to boost your Testosterone levels naturally and I will also show you which foods or activities kills your Testosterone levels instantly. The goal for now is to read these chapters, without taking action just yet. Get to know more about boosting Testosterone and in chapter 5 I will show you how to effectively implement these boosters or remove the Testosterone killers from your life.

Testosterone Booster #1: Coffee

Coffee has caused a lot of controversy. Some think that it is very healthy and others think that it doesn’t provide any health benefits. In fact most of the people think that coffee is unhealthy. However, if it comes to boosting your Testosterone levels, coffee is an excellent way to do it. Taking one cup of coffee every day, can drastically improve your Testosterone levels.

Of course, coffee can increase cortisol levels (a stress hormone which lowers Testosterone), but the cortisol boost you will experience is of a very short duration. Also, coffee is loaded with antioxidants, so you can perfectly drink one cup a day, in fact, I recommend you to drink one cup every day.

Testosterone Booster #2: Garlic

Instead of using sugary sauces to flavor your food, decide to go natural by using garlic. Garlic is one of the best foods to naturally boost your Testosterone levels. Besides that, it is very tasty and it has tons of health benefits. It has very few calories, contains several vitamins and fibers, combats sickness, lowers the risk of heart disease, helps you to live longer, and it helps you with your athletic performance.

Testosterone Booster #3: Vitamin C

It is no secret that Vitamin C is critical for maintaining and achieving a healthy body. Vitamin C helps treating common cold symptoms, cures skin problems, helps to lower your cholesterol, lowers the risk of heart diseases, regulates sugar levels in diabetics, helps treating cancer, and most important (for this book) it boosts your Testosterone levels. You can implement Vitamin C very easily by taking Vitamin C pills every day or by eating an Orange daily.

Testosterone Booster #4: Berries

Berries are one of the better fruits to consume, they contain far less sugar than other fruits. And they also contain important antioxidants which help to protect the body from certain diseases.

Testosterone Booster #5: Broccoli

One of my favorite foods to consume, is broccoli. I have been consuming it consistently since the beginning of my weight loss journey and it has provided me with a lot of health benefits. It has reduced my cholesterol, it has helped me to lose weight and it has helped me with my mild depression. But, when I discovered that it is a Testosterone Booster, I started to eat it more frequently.

If you don’t like the taste of broccoli, you can implement it easily by cutting it in very tiny parts and try to mix it with your favorite food. Normally I don’t even encourage eating foods you don’t like, but broccoli is one of those foods you need to implement in your diet. It simply has too many health benefits which you can’t ignore.

Testosterone Booster #6: Meditation

Meditation is becoming more known in the western world. A lot of successful people meditate regularly, and that is because they have many reasons to do so. Meditation is a great way to increase confidence and to become more emotionally stable. It also lowers blood pressure and it reduces stress, which in turn boosts your Testosterone levels. You will see a significant increase in your Testosterone levels by just meditating for 5-10 minutes a day.

Testosterone Booster #7: Dark Chocolate

It may sound weird to some people, but it is smart to consume a little block of dark chocolate every day. It contains biochemical compounds and antioxidants which boost your Testosterone. But make sure that the chocolate you eat contains a high percentage of cocoa. 85% is perfectly fine, but higher is always better.

Note: While dark chocolate is healthy for you, it also contains a lot of calories. So watch out with how much you consume, it is very easy to go overboard with your calories while eating dark chocolate.

Testosterone Booster #8: Brazil Nuts

Brazilian nuts have good fat ratios, and fat is good to boost your Testosterone. But it isn’t the fat that makes Brazil nuts a good Testosterone booster. It is the tremendous amounts of selenium that Brazil nuts contain which makes it a very good Testosterone booster. Make sure to cover your daily selenium needs with just a hand of Brazil nuts.

Testosterone Booster #9: Eggs

Another food which provokes a lot of controversy. People tend to think that eggs are bad for you because they contain a lot of cholesterol, but this is not true. While eggs do contain a lot of cholesterol, it doesn’t affect the cholesterol that circulates in your blood stream. Our body makes its own cholesterol so it doesn’t needs much of the cholesterol of the food you eat.

So having said that, eggs are very healthy for you. Besides the fact that they boost your Testosterone, they also are a rich source of nutrients. Try implementing 2 eggs a day.

Testosterone Booster #10: Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits decrease your estrogen levels which in turn increases your Testosterone levels. They are great for boosting your metabolism and it prevents weight gain. As a self-proclaimed gym addict, I consume a lot of water throughout the day. But sometimes I don’t feel like drinking too much plain water. So what I then will do is mixing regular water with citrus juice. I have also found that since I was consuming more citrus fruits, that it reduced stress.

Testosterone Booster #11: Vitamin E

Vitamin-E increases your Testosterone levels and it also improves the volume and quality of sperm. Low vitamin-E levels are associated with high estrogen, so it is smart to consume enough vitamin-E daily. Vitamin-E also is an excellent antioxidant, it helps to slow down processes that damages your cells. More important, vitamin-E prevents diseases such as heart stroke, chest pain, cancer, and several brain diseases. So there is no legitimate reason to cut out vitamin-E from your diet.

Testosterone Booster #12: Macadamia Nuts

One of the best foods to boost your Testosterone. Macadamia nuts are filled with dietary fats. This makes it the perfect food to boost your Testosterone with. Macadamia nuts also help prevent heart disease, are filled with antioxidants, are perfect for weight loss (considering the fact that you don’t overconsume them), are filled with protein, and is good for your bones.

Testosterone Booster #13: Shrimps

It is well known that shrimps provide us of many health benefits. Consuming them is a great way to boost your vitamin D levels, thus enhancing your Testosterone levels. But why I love to consume shrimps is because they are very low in calories, are rich in protein (thus helping me to gain and maintain muscle mass) and they help me lose weight. If you can afford it, try to consume shrimps on a daily basis. While I may understand that not everyone can do this, eating it just for 1-2 times a week is perfectly fine.

Testosterone Booster #14: Ashwagandha

One of the most powerful medicinal plants known to date. Ashwagandha balances the nervous systems, promotes sleep, reduces stress, promotes feelings of well-being, protects the liver and has much more health benefits. The herb is an excellent Testosterone booster and can be bought for a very cheap price in the form of capsules.

Testosterone Booster #15: Raisins

Raisins are anti-inflammatory and contain antioxidants which increase your Testosterone levels. They also contain boron, a mineral that increases your Testosterone levels. Raisins also helps with the digestion, prevents cancer, is good for your eyes and hair, and prevents the skin from damaging. I consume a handful of raisins every day by mixing it with macadamia nuts and Brazil nuts, the perfect Testosterone Boosting trail mix.

Testosterone Booster #16: Get 8-10 Hours of Sleep

Many people underestimate the importance of sleep. They think that the only reason to get enough sleep, is to stay energized throughout the day. While this is the main reason to get enough sleep, it is also important for countless other things. Sleep improves our memory, helps you to live longer, helps us to become more creative, and it has countless other benefits. Studies have shown that a lack of sleep is linked with low Testosterone levels. Just by depriving yourself of one to two hours of sleep can drop your Testosterone levels with 10%.

Testosterone Booster #17: Lose Excess Fat

Our fat cells are filled with estrogen, the hormone which kills our Testosterone levels. Many studies have shown that the higher your body fat percentage is, the higher your estrogens levels are. So if you manage to lose excess body fat, you will minimize your estrogen levels, thus enhancing your Testosterone levels.

Testosterone Booster #18: Intermittent Fasting

A new and popular way of planning your meals, which has many health benefits. I started implementing Intermittent Fasting a couple of years ago and it helped me to lose fat very fast and to skyrocket my Testosterone levels. The reason why Intermittent Fasting is so effective, is because you will minimize the amount of times your insulin and cortisol levels will spike up. Which in turn helps to increase your Testosterone levels.

Intermittent Fasting is quite new, so I decided to share the knowledge that I have accumulated by writing a book about it. You can download the book at the end of this book. It will help you to get to know everything you need to know to implement Intermittent Fasting effectively and it will show you all the benefits of Intermittent Fasting.

Testosterone Booster #19: Compound Exercises

Compound lifts provide for many benefits. They skyrockets your Testosterone levels and they help you to gain muscle very fast. If you just are starting out with weight training, I highly recommend you to ditch isolation exercises and implement compound exercises into your weight training program. Compound exercises also help you to burn fat extremely fast and it increases your strength. The 6 main compound exercises are:

1) Squats

2) Bench-press

3) Deadlifts

4) Bent over Rows

5) Dips

6) Military Press

Testosterone Booster #20: Olive Oil

I love olive oil. It allows me to make food juicy and it is very tasty. Olive oil prevents cancer, lowers the blood pressure, fights diabetes, reduces obesity, and lowers the LDL and triglycerides levels. While olive oil is healthy and an excellent Testosterone booster, make sure to not overconsume it as it very high in calories.

Testosterone Booster #21: Sex

One of the most effective ways to boost Testosterone, is by having sex. A study conducted in 1992 examined 4 couples. Their Testosterone levels where measured on the days they did and didn’t had sexual activity. The research had found that the Testosterone levels increased on the nights they had sexual activity, and it even remained on those levels on the nights they didn’t had sex.

Testosterone Booster #22: Cold Showers

Something as simple as taking cold showers, can improve your Testosterone levels drastically. Many athletes implement this to enhance their performances. Cold showers also helps to build strong willpower, reduces stress, stimulates weight loss, boosts fertility, relieves depression, speeds up muscle recovery, and improves your emotional resilience. Try taking a cold shower in the morning every day for 5-10 minutes. This will help you to kick start your day and become more productive.

Testosterone Booster #23: Fish Oil Pills

Fish oil increases the production of the luteinizing hormone, a hormone which triggers testosterone production in the testicles. Fish oil has tons of other benefits, but the most important are: helps fighting depression, is good against ADD, prevents eye disease, and has tremendous amounts of other health benefits. 

Testosterone Booster #24: Ginger

Researchers have seen an increase of around 20% in the Testosterone levels of people who have been consuming ginger for a while. Ginger also helps with muscle soreness, has anti-inflammatory effects, helps with the digestive system, prevents cancer and improves brain function. I have always loved the taste of ginger, but when I discovered all the health benefits of it, I was more than happy to implement it in my daily diet. You can use ginger in multiple ways, and one of my favorite ways is by making ginger tea. It is very simple to make, has tons of health benefits and it tastes delicious.

Testosterone Booster #25: HIIT Cardio

High Intensity Interval Training is an excellent and highly effective way to skyrocket your Testosterone levels. HIIT is a new, improved and more effective way to do cardio exercises. It’s a training technique where you give all-out through quick, short and intense bursts of exercise. What I also like about HITT, is that it keeps me from running on the treadmill for hours after hours. I have found that 15 minutes of HIIT training can be as effective as 30 minutes of regular cardio. So it saves me time and it improves my Testosterone levels far more than if I would do regular cardio! In fact, study after study have even shown that regular cardio decreases your Testosterone levels.

Other benefits of HIIT Training are: it increases your metabolism, you don’t need any equipment, it burns more fat than regular cardio, prevents muscle loss, it is challenging which in turn increases your Testosterone more and it increases your willpower.

Testosterone Booster #26: Low Reps, High Intensity Weight Training

Something I have integrated in my weight training workouts from the beginning on, is I lifting heavy weights while doing less reps. This is not only very efficient, as I am not spending my whole day at the gym, but also boosts my Testosterone. It also is the best way to build muscle, as muscle workouts with higher reps and lower intensity isn’t quite effective. They will improve your endurance, but they aren’t as effective for building muscle. And building muscle is something you want if you want higher levels of Testosterone.

Testosterone Booster #27: Win More

This can sound vague, but make sure to win more. Study have shown that winning is associated with high Testosterone levels. Also, study have shown that if you are a fan of someone or a team, that your Testosterone levels will increase if the person or team wins.

As you don’t always can control if other people win, you can definitely control if you win or not. I have found a nice trick to always control whether I win or not, and that is by implementing the so called ‘win-habits’. These are habits which I have chosen to implement in my life (which moves me towards my goals) that I do every day. I make sure that these habits are small, but challenging enough to do every day. Every habit is tracked in a spreadsheet and at the end of the day I check if I have done them all. It has helped me drastically to get things done, improve my self-reliance, confidence and also my Testosterone levels.

So choose some habits which you really want to implement into your life, make them small but challenging enough for you, and start doing and tracking them daily. I will ensure you, if you do this for at least a year, you will see some amazing results. But, you need to be patient and have fate in the process. Only then you will achieve results.

Testosterone Booster #28: Red Meat

Red meat contains saturated fat, cholesterol and other compounds which helps your body to produce Testosterone. Red meat is also incredibly nutritious as it contains large amounts of zinc, selenium, iron and vitamins. Grass-fed meat is even better as it contains 5 times more Omega-3 than regular meat! And as stated before, omega-3 (fish oil) is critical to skyrocket your Testosterone levels. Red meat also contains high quality protein, which is critical for building muscle and for your bones. But, don’t go overboard with red meat, very high intake of red meat is linked with heart diseases, cancer and diabetes. A perfect amount to consume every day is around 90 gram of red meat (in the form of lamb, pork or beef).

Testosterone Booster #29: Masculine Body Language

Portraying masculine body language is another way to boost your Testosterone levels. Study have shown that when portray masculine body language, that your serum Testosterone levels will increase. The most important masculine body language signs are: looking people in the eyes, taking up space walking and speaking slowly, and standing up straight. Your Testosterone levels will increase by 20% already if you just use proper body language for less than 2 minutes.

One thing what I also really like about portraying proper body language, is that it allows me to interact and connect with people deeper. When you show proper body language, people are drawn to you more easily and it allows them to understand you better. It also makes you a lot more confident.

Testosterone Booster #30: Fight Sports

I never quite understood why fighters were more often more masculine than non-fighters. With time I have been understanding that fight sports drastically increases your Testosterone levels. Other benefits of fight sports are that it makes you more confident, you are able to defend yourself, raises discipline, and (ironically enough) you are getting into fights less often as you are able to show people that you are willing to fight if it really comes to it. I box 2 times a week for a year now and it provides of a lot of benefits. Note: While doing fight sports has a lot of benefits, it also has its downsides. I have seen many people become more aggressive, start looking down on others or even receive some serious injuries. So I recommend you to at least practice a fight sport once a week, but don’t overdo it!

Testosterone Booster #31: Vitamine K2

Vitamin K2 is an essential nutrient for the production of Testosterone, but it is difficult to consume enough of it. It is one of the most overlooked vitamins, while it has many health benefits. Vitamin K2 prevents blood clothing, and it keeps your arteries clear and your bones strong. You are at a greater risk of vitamin K2 deficiency if you are malnourished, are a binge drinker or have Chrohn’s or Celiac disease. You can increase your vitamin K2 levels by consuming 15 grams of natto daily.

Testosterone Booster #32: Onions

Onions are great Testosterone boosters. Researchers have found that the Testosterone levels tripled when rats consumed onion juice. What I particularly like about onions is that it is relatively cheap and it adds a great taste to my food. Onions also cures insomnia and other sleeping disorders, treats diabetes, improves memory, treats acne, improves the digestive system, has anti-aging and skin benefits, and it has a lot more health benefits. Consuming an onion a day will boost your Testosterone levels drastically!

Testosterone Booster #33: Pomegranate

Pomegranate contains compounds which increases your Testosterone levels. Study have shown a boost over 20% in Testosterone levels of people who consume pomegranate frequently. They are also filled with healthy nutrients, fights prostate cancer, lowers blood pressure, treats erectile dysfunction, and have impressive anti-inflammatory effects. If you like the taste of pomegranate, I encourage you to implement it into your daily diet.

Testosterone Booster #34: Dietary Fat

Consuming sufficient dietary fat is key to boost your Testosterone levels. In fact, if you want to become healthy, you’ll need to consume dietary fat daily. Consuming fat will help to maintain a healthy brain, leads to a stronger immune system, improves the liver health, and helps to keep your lungs working properly.

Testosterone Booster #35: Nuts

Earlier I have shown that eating Brazil nuts and Macadamia nuts is one of the best ways to boost your Testosterone levels. But to be honest, eating any kind of nuts is good for boosting your Testosterone levels. Nuts are filled with essential fats which help the Testosterone production. They also help to control your weight (if you don’t overconsume them), as they give you a feeling of being full quickly compared to other foods. Other benefits of eating nuts are: they prevent diabetes, they improve brain health, and they fight cancer.

Testosterone Booster #36: Zinc

Having low zinc levels is linked with low Testosterone levels. Men who avoid zinc for around 5 months may expect to experience a drop in Testosterone levels of approximately 50%. Also, low zinc leads to an increase in estrogen. And as stated before, an increase in estrogen levels is linked to a decrease in Testosterone levels. You can increase zinc easily by consuming seafood, beef, spinach, beans, or by taking zinc boosting supplements.

Testosterone Booster #37: L-Taurine

A study conducted in rats showed that L-Taurine increased their Testosterone levels by 200%. L-Taurine is also good for the heart function, lowers the cholesterol, reduces stress, burns fat, and it helps you to perform better and helps you to recover faster.

Testosterone Booster #38: Organic Foods

Organic foods contain no chemicals, pesticides, or other unnatural ingredients. While eating organic can be a bit pricier than non-organic foods, it is worth the investment. Most of the ‘normal’ foods which you can buy in the grocery stores, are loaded with chemicals which mimic the effects of estrogens. Also, the non-organic meats contain a lot of hormones which in turn lowers your Testosterone levels.

Testosterone Booster #39: Exposure to Sun

Sun exposure is a good way to increase your Testosterone levels. Sun rays will help your body to naturally create Vitamin-D in the skin and this in turn raises your Testosterone levels. While exposure to the sun is healthy for you, don’t overdo it. Too much exposure to the sun is bad for your skin and can cause skin cancer.

Testosterone Booster #40: Chopping Down Trees

It may sound weird, but chopping down trees will improve your Testosterone levels drastically. A study, which was conducted on several men, have shown that after one session of chopping trees, the Testosterone levels of those men increased by 40%.

[] Chapter 4: Testosterone Boosting Part II – 20 Testosterone Killers You Should Avoid

Investing in health will produce enormous benefits” ~ Gro Harlem Brundtland

Testosterone Killer #1: Processed Sugar

Nowadays it is well-known that sugar will do us more harm than good. One of the reasons why we should avoid processed sugars, is the fact that it drops our Testosterone levels significantly. I can’t stress it enough, but sugar is, point blank, one of the worst foods to put into your body. Each time you eat or drink something that is loaded with sugar, you can expect a significant drop in you Testosterone levels.

Besides that, sugar is considered to be more addictive than cocaine! Some other reasons to stay away from processed sugar is that it causes insulin resistance, overloads the liver, causes diabetes, can give you cancer, causes depression, and it causes obesity.

While it may be hard to totally stay away from sugar, I recommend you to cut out all foods which contain high amounts of sugars. Foods such as pastries, alcohol, chocolate, and sodas should be avoided as much as possible.

I decided to go on a ‘no processed sugar diet’ (also known as a sugar detox) and it provided me with a lot of health benefits. I was able to lose weight rapidly, feel a lot better about myself and I am feeling less hungry throughout the day. The first couple of weeks were very hard, it felt like I was detoxing from drugs, but at some point you reach a threshold where you feel disgusted of the thought of eating processed sugar and your body gets used to not having sugar.

Testosterone Killer #2: Cigarettes

Cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals that affects your health in a negative way. In fact, cigarettes contain over 7500 chemicals which are toxic to the body. I am not here to explain why smoking is bad, because I think that we all get bombarded with the health risks of smoking every day, which is good. But one of the reasons I personally quit smoking (besides of the health issues it brings in the long term), is that smoking instantly kills your Testosterone levels. I have to admit, this was one of those pesky habits which was very hard to get rid of. But, if you are a hard-core smoker, it may be helpful for you to follow the following steps:

1) First Find All The Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking

It is very unlikely that you will quit smoking just because I (or someone else) says so. You already know that you should quit. But the first thing in quitting is to find a minimum of 15 reasons why you should quit. Why? Because all these reasons combined will outweigh the reasons why you should smoke. Make sure that these reasons are emotionally compelling. So, if one of the reasons is: I want to be healthy, but that reason doesn’t moves you emotionally, then it isn’t a good reason. Come up with a minimum of 15 reasons which moves you emotionally. One of the reasons why I personally quit smoking was that I hated the fact how I felt after every cigarette. I knew that I was lying to myself, and a personal boundary of mine is to be transparent, to myself and others.

2) Go Cold Turkey

In my opinion, all those tricks to help you quit smoking, are garbage. Of course, some will help you to decrease smoking, but eventually you will go back in doing things the old way. I find that cold turkey is the best way to stop smoking, as it sets boundaries for yourself. If you find it hard to stick with it, don’t worry, it is supposed to be hard. I can already tell you that you will fail tremendously, but if you keep trying (legitimately trying, not coming up with excuses), you will eventually succeed. It took me around 2 years to fully quit smoking. But it was (and still is) one the best decisions I made in my life!

3) Replace It With Something Else

You need to observe your smoking habit. Ask yourself questions like: “When do I smoke”, “What triggers the smoking”, “How do I feel when I grab a cigarette”, etc. When you know the answer to these questions, you need to replace it with things which give you the same satisfaction. If it is boredom, do something that entertains you, if it is stress, try to replace it by doing something which relaxes you, etc.

Testosterone Killer #3: Depression

Depression has been linked to lowered levels of Testosterone and increased cortisol levels. Depression also leads to poor health, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, irritability, and much more serious problems. It can even lead to death, as a lot of depressed people commit suicide. You can lower or overcome your depression naturally by exercising, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, challenging your negative thoughts, setting and achieving goals, and by doing visualization. I have also written a book about overcoming your depression which you can download at the end of this book.

Testosterone Killer #4: Crash Diets

Going on crash diets is one way to kill your Testosterone levels. One of the most common mistakes people make when starting their weight loss journey (me included) is that they cut out too much of their calories. They think that the more calories they cut, the better. But that is not the case with losing weight. In order to lose weight in a healthy way, you need to cut out a maximum of 20% of your calories to gain all the benefits. Also, going on crash diets will deprive you from your energy, will demotivate you and you are more likely to develop a binge eating disorder. So don’t fall for the ‘lose 100 pounds in x days’-scams, they are all developed to rob you from your money. As these diets will never work in the long term.

Testosterone Killer #5: Too Much Fiber

While fiber is very important for your digestive system, too much fiber will kill your Testosterone levels. A study which measured several people who went on a high fiber diet, showed that these people had a decrease of 12% in their Testosterone levels. It’s good to eat fiber, but don’t overdo it. One trick you can implement is eating oats. These contain fiber and steroidal saponins which increases your Testosterone levels and simultaneously help you with your digestive system.

Testosterone Killer #6: Rice

Rice contains a lot of healthy carbohydrates, but it is a Testosterone killer. While rice itself won’t directly lower your Testosterone levels, it is an enzyme blocker which blocks the conversion of Testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. Also, rice raises your insulin sensitivity. This will lead you to be more likely to overconsume calories and gain weight. Thus lowering your Testosterone even more.

Testosterone Killer #7: Binge Drinking

One of the most overlooked ways to kill your Testosterone levels is by binge drinking alcohol. I have a lot of clients who have difficulty to get rid of their binge drinking habits, as they love to party in the weekends. As much as I understand that it is fun to get hammered with your friends in the weekends, I can’t stress it enough that it really will take its toll. Not does binge drinking only kill your Testosterone level, it also has a lot of more risks.

Binge drinking can cause: diabetes, alcoholism, weight gain, unpleasant behavior, serious brain damage, cancer, dementia, depression, high blood pressure, and nerve damage. So enough reasons to quit this habit.

Of course, I don’t mean to say that you can never drink a single glass. In fact, I drink occasionally. But make sure that you don’t overdo it when you drink and that you don’t drink too often.

Testosterone Killer #8: Porn/ Masturbating

As hard as it is to admit it (I am quite ashamed of the habit that I had), I saw an incredible boost in my Testosterone levels when I quit watching and masturbating on porn. I never knew that watching porn was a big problem until I read a book which shows why porn is bad for you. Other downsides of watching and masturbating on porn are: it can cause depression, it lowers your libido, you will develop an ‘immunity’ to certain porn genres as it will make you searching for more and more taboo genres, it lowers your interest in socializing with other people, it makes you unproductive, gives you mood swings, and much more.

Testosterone Killer #9: Eating Multiple Meals a Day

Contrary to popular belief, eating multiple meals a day is not healthy for you. We are encouraged to eat 3-5 times a day but this has some downsides. Firstly, it continuously spikes your insulin levels, so it prevents you from losing weight and secondly, it is a real Testosterone killer. This is why I started Intermittent Fasting a couple of years ago and why I encourage everyone to Intermittent Fast. So if you want to maintain or improve your Testosterone levels, make sure to eat just a couple of meals a day, you will see some great results in the long run.

Testosterone Killer #10: Margarine

Margarine is detrimental to your Testosterone levels and it has many other downsides. Margarine was created as a cheap substitute to butter and is far from a natural product. Health risks caused by margarine are: decreased fertility, decreased immune response, increased insulin levels and risk of diabetes, and it increased LDL levels. In my opinion, there is no legitimate reason to implement margarine into your diet. Some healthy substitutes are: avocado, ricotta, hummus and olive oil.

Testosterone Killer #11: Soy Products

Soy products contain strong phyto-estrogen which increases the estrogen levels immediately, thus decreasing your Testosterone levels. While soy products are promoted as healthy foods, they certainly are not. They also inhibit the body’s ability to absorb important minerals, contains protease inhibitors which blocks the enzymes that are necessary for the digestion of certain proteins, and it increases the body’s need for Vitamin B-12, Vitamin D, magnesium and calcium. So try eliminating soy products from your diet.

Testosterone Killer #12: Too Low On Carbs

While the low carbs diets are becoming more and more popular nowadays, most nutritionists are failing to communicate the dangers of going to low on carbs. Low carbs diets may be good for some people, as they won’t cause their insulin levels to spike, which in turn helps to lose weight. But going too low on carbs will kill your Testosterone production and levels. Also, very low carb diets are very hard to stick to, raises the risk of heart disease, may lead to deficiencies in important nutrients and may lead you to binge eat eventually.

When I didn’t know much of dieting yet, I made the same mistake of going on a too low carb diet. While I saw results very fast, it sabotaged my weight loss goals in the long term. I eventually created a binge eating disorder and I felt demotivated all the time. It was when I started to implement more carbs into my diet that I got rid of these problems. So again, don’t fall into the ‘going all out’ trap. Too much of a good thing is actually a bad thing…

Testosterone Killer #13: Stress

Stress will kill your Testosterone levels, so you need to avoid stress at all times. But, this is easier said than done. Almost every one of us has a very demanding, thus stressful life. One way I have found to drastically reduce my stress, is ironically, to admit that I am responsible for everything that happens in my life. When bad things happen and I am able to admit that I am responsible, it helps me to realize that I am in control of everything, thus able to solve all the problems in my life.

For example, is my boss being rude to me? That is my own fault, I gave him reasons to be hard on me or I failed to work hard to get a better job (or my own business). Or has a friend betrayed me? That is my own fault, I failed to listen to my gut feeling when I suspected something, or I failed by trusting the friend too quickly.

When you adopt this mindset, it will put you in the driver’s seat of your life. It is hard, because you will need to constantly come up with solutions, but you won’t get stuck in the victim mindset where you get nothing done.

Another way to reduce stress is by meditating daily and by having your alone time every now and then.

Testosterone Killer #14: Milk

Milk is (opposed to what commonly is believed) not very healthy for you. Besides the fact that it kills your Testosterone levels, it contains a lot of processed sugars, raises the risks of certain diseases and it raises insulin resistance.

Testosterone Killer #15: A Sedentary Lifestyle

Sitting around too much will kill your Testosterone levels drastically. The body has a hard time producing Testosterone when it is inactive. So it is crucial to be active often if you have a desk-job or a sedentary lifestyle. A way to get you from your chair when you have a desk-job, is by purchasing a stand up desk. Standup desks provide you from many health benefits. They reduce the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and the desk increases your productivity.

Testosterone Killer #16: Trans Fats

While fats are healthy, trans fats are certainly not. These are the fats you’ll find in processed, deep fried and frozen foods. You should avoid these fats at all costs. Trans fats takes a toll to your Testosterone levels and they increase the risks of several health issues. They increase the risk to heart disease, insulin sensitivity and type 2 diabetes, and they also increase the risk of cancer and they damage the inner lining of the blood vessels. One way to easily recognize if something has trans fats, is by checking for the ingredient: ‘partially hydrogenated vegetable oil’.

Testosterone Killer #17: Beer

I have already covered that binge drinking kills your Testosterone, but I decided to put beer in its own category as a Testosterone killer due to the fact that it kills your Testosterone levels tremendously. Beer is filled with estrogen hops, which stimulates the estrogen production in the male body, thus increasing your Testosterone levels. I am certainly not saying that you never can drink a beer anymore, I drink a beer occasionally. But what I highly encourage, is to cut out the consumption of beer if you do it too often. To be honest, one beer a day is already a bit too much. One beer every two or three days is perfectly fine.

Testosterone Killer #18: Pasta

I personally don’t like pasta. It is loaded with calories, it doesn’t really fill me, it isn’t filled with nutrients, and it contains a lot of carbohydrates. But when I discovered that pasta is a real Testosterone killer, I knew for sure that I had to remove it from my diet.

Testosterone Killer #19: Training To Failure

Training to failure is when you repeat an exercise so often until you can’t repeat it anymore. While going complete failure is a good way to push through your limits and gain muscles in the short term, it also kills your Testosterone levels and depletes you from all your energy. You also increase the risk of overtraining and injuries when you train to failure. If you want to train to failure, do this once or twice a week in your last sets. But don’t train to failure in every set.

Testosterone Killer #20: Junk Food/ Fast Food

As I got into my ‘Testosterone Boosting’-journey, I got more and more reasons to ditch certain foods which are bad for my health. It is well-known that junk food/ fast food is bad for you, but when I discovered that it killed my Testosterone levels, it was enough for me to realize that I needed to remove it from my diet. The reason why junk food/ fast food kills your Testosterone levels, is because it contains a lot of chemicals and low grade meat.

[] Chapter 5: Common Myths About Testosterone Debunked

Humans live through their myths and only endure their reality” ~ Robert Anton Wilson

In this chapter I want to debunk the most common myths about having high Testosterone levels. I have to admit, at first I thought that many of these myths were true, but after doing research I discovered that most of the myths regarding Testosterone are not true.

Myth #1: Testosterone Causes Violent Behavior

While it is commonly believed that men with high Testosterone are aggressive, this is not true. Studies didn’t have find any link between violence, unpredictable behavior and aggression in men with high Testosterone levels. In fact, it’s the people with low Testosterone levels who tend to have a short fuse and are more irritable.

Myth #2: Testosterone Will Make You Fat

A ridiculous myth. As discussed earlier, the exact opposite is true. Having higher levels of Testosterone will help you to lose weight and gain/ maintain muscle. This is because having higher levels of Testosterone will improve your metabolism. If you see yourself gaining fat while having high Testosterone levels, it simply means that you are eating too much.

Myth #3: Low Testosterone Is a Normal Part of Aging

While it is true that Testosterone levels will decrease when you get older, this doesn’t mean that you need to have low levels of Testosterone when you are older. There is a wide range of Testosterone levels which is normal to have, but when you experience things such as erectile dysfunction, loss in sex drive, fatigue and/ or changes in mood – then your Testosterone levels are simply too low.

Myth #4: When Someone Has Low Testosterone Levels, It Will Only Affect Him

Some people think that if you have low levels of Testosterone, that you are the only one who will suffer from it. But the truth is, your whole family will suffer from it. Men with low Testosterone levels tend to have less motivation to socialize and bond with their families. Also, having low Testosterone levels can take a toll on relationships, as men are less likely to want to have sex with their partner.

Myth #5: Mid Life Crises Have Nothing To Do With Having Low Testosterone Levels

I think that people become bored with their day to day life, when they are suffering from Testosterone deficiency. Most clients of mine who started to improve their Testosterone levels report that they are more excited with their careers and relationships. They often report that they ‘wake up with a purpose’ and that people tend to respect them more.

Myth #6: Being Fat Will Do Nothing To Your Testosterone Levels

Fact: Excessive fat will reduce your Testosterone levels significantly. Fat acts like a sponge, draining your Testosterone, sex drive, and energy. This is especially true when the fat is carried around the belly. That is why having excessive fat is one of the most powerful ways to kill your Testosterone. Losing your excessive fat will increase your Testosterone levels.

Myth #7: Low Levels Of Testosterone Will Cause Depression

There is a link between Depression and having low Testosterone, but having low Testosterone levels by itself will not make you depressed. Being depressed will cause your Testosterone levels to drop, and they can be increase when you treat your depression. But the opposite is also true, you can treat your depression by increasing your Testosterone levels.

Myth #8: The Only Way To Boost Testosterone Is By Medication

This whole book has debunked this myth by itself. There are tons of ways to boost your Testosterone naturally. In fact, I highly encourage you to boost your Testosterone levels the natural way, this is a lot healthier and prevents the side effects of medication.

[] Chapter 6: The Practical Guide – How to implement Testosterone Into Your Life In 7 Simple Steps

Our character is basically a composite of our habits. Because they are consistent, often unconscious patterns, they constantly, daily, express our character” ~ Stephen Covey

Now that you know everything you need to know about Testosterone, it is time to get practical. Increasing your Testosterone levels is fairly simple, but the executing of it can be somewhat difficult. With this chapter I want to show you step by step how to effectively increase your Testosterone levels.

Step #1: Determine Why You Want To Increase Your Testosterone Levels

If you know your why, your how will follow…”

It may sound weird, but you need to know exactly why you want to increase your Testosterone. Why does it sound weird? Because you may think: “Walter, what are you talking about. Increasing my Testosterone Levels provides for many benefits, you said it yourself!” And yes, increasing your Testosterone levels provides you with a lot of health benefits. But, you need to exactly know why increasing your Testosterone levels is important for you… I can tell you all the benefits of increasing your Testosterone levels and I can tell you hundred reasons why you should increase your Testosterone levels, but if all these reasons don’t emotionally compel you, you simply won’t do it.

You need to come up with reasons which emotionally compel you. So with this first step I want you to come up with at least 15 reasons which emotionally compel you to increase your Testosterone levels. This is the most important step, and I can guarantee you that you will fail to consistently increase/ maintain your Testosterone levels if you skip this step.

Come up with 3 sort of reasons: Short term reasons, Mid-term reasons and Long term reasons. Make sure that all these reasons emotionally move you.

Short Term Reasons

(What benefit will I get from increasing my Testosterone Levels right now?):

Reason #1:________________

Reason #2:________________

Reason #3:________________

Reason #4:________________

Reason #5:________________

Mid Term Reasons

(What benefit will I get from increasing my Testosterone Levels a week to a month from now?):

Reason #6:________________

Reason #7:________________

Reason #8:________________

Reason #9:________________

Reason #10:________________

Long Term Reasons

(What benefit will I get from increasing my Testosterone Levels in the long term?):

Reason #11:________________

Reason #12:________________

Reason #13:________________

Reason #14:________________

Reason #15:________________

Step #2: Measure Your Testosterone levels

If you have done step #1, it is time to measure your Testosterone levels. And the only effective way (in my opinion) to measure it, is by seeing a doctor. The range of normal Testosterone levels is 270-1070 ng/dl, everything below or higher than that is unhealthy. We are going to focus on 600 ng/dl, so if your Testosterone levels are below that, it is time to go to step #3. But if your Testosterone levels is between 600-1070 ng/dl, your levels are perfectly fine. If this is the case, you may proceed to the conclusion of this book and keep doing what you are doing to maintain these levels!

Note: If your Testosterone levels is above 1070 ng/dl, make sure to ask your doctor how you can lower these levels.

Step #3: Identify the Testosterone Killers in Your Life

If your Testosterone levels are sufficient and you are happy them, you don’t need to undergo the process of this chapter. Just realize that you are on the right track and that you need to do what you are always been doing.

But if your levels are insufficient, we need to alter them. Before you decide to implement the Testosterone Boosters, I highly recommend you to identify all the things you do/ eat that kills your Testosterone levels. How do you do this? Simple, write down all the Testosterone Killers from chapter 4 out in an excel sheet or paper and check throughout your day to day life if you do/ eat them. Do this for at least a week and also write down how much you do them in a day. When you have done this properly for the first week, you can go to step 4.

Note: I highly recommend you to not skip this step. I know that it is tempting to just start implementing Testosterone Boosters into your life, but this is not efficient in my opinion. Why? Because if you implement Testosterone Boosters into your life, while you still need to remove some Testosterone Killers, you are wasting your energy. So please don’t skip this step.

Step #4: Remove These Killers

Having identified all the Testosterone Killers in your life, I now want you to remove them. But because removing bad habits can be very hard, I have divided this step into 4 more steps:

Step A: I want you to label all the Testosterone Killers by 1-10. ‘1’ for the Testosterone Killers you do/ eat the least and ‘10’ for the Testosterone Killers you do/ eat the most.

Step B: Decide which two to four Testosterone Killers with numbers 1-5 are the easiest/ most important for you to remove.

Step C: Remove or replace these Testosterone Killers and do this for at least 10 days.

Step D: (If step C is done successfully) Rinse and repeat Step B and C until you have eliminated all the Testosterone Killers with numbers 1-5.

Step #5: Measure Your Levels for the Second Time

It is that time again, you need to measure your Testosterone levels again. After measuring your Testosterone levels, there are three routes you can take:

Route #1: If you are below 600 ng/dl, proceed to the next step.

Route #2: If your levels are between 600-1070 ng/dl, proceed to the next chapter and keep doing what you are doing!

Route #3: If your levels are higher than 1070 ng/dl, ask your doctor how you can lower your Testosterone levels.

Step #6: Choose Which Testosterone Booster You Want To Implement

To boost your Testosterone levels, you don’t need to implement all the Testosterone Booster from chapter 3. Most people just need to implement 5-10 of these boosters to see a significant improvement in their Testosterone levels.

With this step I want you to choose which boosters you are interested in implementing and to write these down. Choose at least 5 boosters.

Step #7: Implement These Boosters

Now that you know which boosters you want to implement, it is time for you to implement them into your daily life. Like step 3, I first want you to label these boosters with numbers 1-10. ‘1’ for the Testosterone Booster which is the easiest to implement for you and ‘10’ for the booster which is the hardest for you to do. If you don’t know how to label them (because you don’t know how hard or easy it is for you), try to label them by the time it takes you to do them.

For example, Booster #17: Losing excessive fat would take a lot more time than Booster#1: Coffee. So I would label booster #1 as an ‘1’ and booster #17 as a ‘10’.

After you have labeled these boosters, it is time to implement 1-5 boosters. I have also divided this step into 3 steps:

Step A: Decide which two to four Testosterone Boosters with number 1-5 are the easiest/ most important for you to remove.

Step B: Implement these Testosterone Boosters and do this for at least 10 days.

Step C: (If step C is done successfully) Rinse and repeat Step A and B until you have implemented all the Testosterone Boosters with the numbers 1-5.

Step #8: Measure Your Levels For The Third Time

Now that you have implemented several Testosterone Boosters and you have removed some Testosterone Killers, it is time to measure your Testosterone levels again. Remember, if your Testosterone levels are below 600, you need to go to the next step, are they between 600-1070, then you need to maintain these levels by keep doing what you were doing. And again, if they are above 1070, ask your doctor how you can lower these levels.

Note: Even if your levels are sufficient, I still recommend you to proceed to step #9 and remove the rest of the Testosterone Killers. I think that most Testosterone Killers are unhealthy, so it might be good to remove them.

Step #9: Remove the 6-10 Testosterone Killers

In step 4 you have labeled the Testosterone Killers and you have removed the Testosterone Killers with numbers 1-5. And now it is time to remove the Testosterone Killers with numbers 6-10. I have to admit, this step is a bit difficult, as these are the more difficult Testosterone Killers you need to remove. However, good habits are hard to form and bad habits are hard to live with.

In order to remove these Testosterone Killers, you need to come up with 10-15 reasons why you need to remove them. Again, you might think that because it is a Testosterone Killer, that it is enough motivation for you to remove them, but that is not true. Again, the more reasons you have which emotionally compel you, the more likely you are to actually remove the habit.

Replacing or eliminating habits takes around 30 to 60 days. Bad habits are very hard to get out of your system, so that is why you need to focus for such a long time on every habit. I want you to choose 2 Testosterone Killers and remove/ replace them for at least 30 days. When the 30 days are over, choose 2 new Testosterone Killers and remove them. Repeat this until you have removed all the Testosterone Killers with numbers 5-10.

Step #10: Implement the Testosterone Boosters With Numbers 5-10

This is the last step, and is optional if your Testosterone levels are already sufficient. Like the previous step, come up with 10-15 reasons for every Booster. Also, implement 2 of them at a time and focus at them for at least 30 days. After the 30 days, choose 2 other 6-10 boosters and implement them. Repeat this cycle until you have implemented all the boosters in your life like daily habits.

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[] Conclusion

Congratulations, you’ve reached the end of Testosterone: Everything You Need To Know To Skyrocket Your Testosterone Levels. Now that you know that having high Testosterone levels will improve your sex drive and mood mood, help you lose weight, increase your energy, help you maintain and gain muscle, and has tremendous amounts of other benefits, I hope that I have convinced you to increase your Testosterone levels.

Personally, increasing my Testosterone levels helped me a lot. I was able to become more motivated to achieve my goals, and it improved my mood and my confidence. I also was able to make better friends, as I am more motivated to socialize with others.

Again, thank you very much for downloading Testosterone. If you liked this book, then I want to ask you for one little favor: would you be thoughtful enough to leave a short but honest review? This will help me to improve all my (future) products.


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