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The Pain

The party and the treason

The party continues

And now

You don’t full me

I’m You, Nico

I know You

I won’t give up

If you wanted

Blood is not the only uniting thing.

Only you can see me

It’s Love

Castle of Cards

We Are a Marriage

It can’t be The End




Susana Abellán had a happy day ahead of her.

Today was her birthday.

—Time goes by so fast! —She thought

—40 Years old! Oh God. —She told herself while she smiled and turned the dishwasher on.

Fernando, her thirteen-year-old son, was playing at Juan’s his best friends. Oscar, her husband, was at the office, or at least that’s what he said when he called her to inform her that he will be late. Again.

—How many Christmas had she been with Oscar? —The truth is that if she didn’t stop and think about it, she didn’t truly know exactly how many years they’d been together. All our life, she thought. You could say that her life was what society called “normal” Very…Very… Normal!

She left her childhood hopes and dreams behind. She still felt how her skin got irritated as she imagined herself walking through the halls of a great company, working with a team of professionals that would smile at her and praise her for her work and she nodded and thanked them as she grabbed her bag to go off for her next trip…

The sound of the washing machine woke her up from her old dreams.

That train had left the station many years ago. She had only the illusion of what could’ve been and had so close but that, nonetheless, disappeared like the sun’s heat on an afternoon in January.

—No —she told herself— I’m not going to dream of what could have been and wasn’t. —It’s this birthday’s entire fault —she told herself over and over while she grabbed the recently cleaned clothes, ready to hang.

She had never talked with anybody about these things, but she knew that losing her job over a pregnancy that wasn’t even planned wasn’t fair, at all.

“Susy, we are really sorry but a pregnant lady can’t tackle the business plan that we had projected” Ryan told her, the International Director of the company.

And that’s how she started losing all her responsibilities until one day Ryan told her that she was no longer needed. It had nothing to do with her maternity, or so they said, but she knew from the very beginning that they would work thoroughly to fin an excuse to fire her. And that’s exactly what happened.

Of course, after Fernando’s birth everything was an obstacle run. He was a baby and she had to take care of him and now that the boy was old enough to survive without the constant care of his mother there was a new problem: Susy was out of the professional world.

That what they told her every single time she went to the thousands of interviews she tried over the years

“—We are sorry but we need somebody that is more up to date.”

—No. That ship had sailed —she told herself again— Fernando is everything —She would never regret about that particular change in her life.

She was now a housewife and did small freelance jobs that she found on line. That was the price she had to pay for her maternity.

—But what can I do? I’m not the first or the last one— no parents, no family, alone with Oscar. It was the only thing she could’ve done. And she did.

The Pain

Two Months later.

The room was tenebrous. A tiny light escaped between the spaces of the curtains. The heat of a powerful spring shook the small town with strength and made a presence in the night. The merely opened window let the small amount of fresh air that existed in the mountains come in. Susy loved it.

—Oh my God, baby. What’s going on today? I don’t recognize you —Susy whispered.

— Please, my love, have you gone wild or are you one of those vampires from those teenage movies? —She smiled while she surrounded her husband’s neck with her harms. But Oscar was not getting distracted, she was his prey and he did not stop attacking. Without mercy he’d go down from her neck to her breasts, with no pause, restless. You could say that Oscar was working to get that A+ in the subject “all for pleasure” and he was about to get it.

Susy was in the edge of the abysm. Her sanity had abandoned her and she could only focus on the sensations that her skin was sending her. Heat and cold attacked her at the same time. Tiny drops of sweat ran down her forehead. Her body was doing for release and she could not hold it any longer.

—My love, don’t stop. Please. No… Almost, yes… It’s been a long time since I had this feeling, it seems like a…

I’m walking on sunshine wohhh, I’m walking on sunshine Woohh, I’m walking on sunshine woohh”.

—What was happening? —Her body was on fire and was trying to react and sit on the bed, but her mind… that was something else. Her mind could not come back from Morpheus’ arms.

For weeks she could not rest but, lastly, after many linden teas and many weeks of trying she surrendered to a pleasant dream.

The cellphone kept singing, “I’m walking on sunshine wohh…”

Oh please, damn the time when I chose that melody as a ringer for my alarm.

But that was her favorite song. Or at least it use to be when better times were happening. Who would’ve thought that this would happen, at that time she was feeling loved and respected, but now…

—Oh my God! What now? Why me? —Her tears feel silently down her cheeks, still red from her dream of an unsatisfied desire.

—Why? Why? Were the only words that came out of her throat? It has been a month and she could not stop repeating them.

—Why! —She screamed at the pillow that was covering her face and she held with all her strength, like it was the only thing that would never abandon her.— All my live. I gave you all my life. It was only you. Always you, always you. You were the first and the last of my thoughts each day. You still are! —This time, her nervousness got a hold on her and as she moved the glass of water that was placed on the side table of her bed flew away and crashed on the closed door of the bedroom.

—No, this can’t be true! —That bitch fooled him. Yes, that woman was to blame for all her suffering.

Their marriage was sinking and it was that miserable woman’s entire fault.

Yeah, those bitches always act without thinking; they don’t care if they destroy a marriage or a family. They only think about themselves.

—Bitch, bitch, and a thousand times bitch! If I only knew the first time I saw you —but how a faithful housewife could’ve known that the woman she just got introduced to, was going after her husband? A year! They told her that Oscar was leading a double life for a year.

—Oh God…Could I have been any more stupid? —She asked herself. So many times she ran to the Laundromat before it closed so that he had his suit ready for the next day… How many afternoons she ironed those horrendous cotton shirts that, even though would not stop showing wrinkles, she loved because they had amazing vivid colors, that would stand out his eyes. Those eyes that were capable of illuminating the darkest night. Please, she had ben so stupid, putting himself in front of her, only to find out that her dear husband was enjoying somebody else’s caresses.

—I’m so stupid! No. This situation is not real. I’m going to wake up now. Yes, I’m going to wake up… —Susy will wake up from her nightmare and everything would go back to be like before. Oscar and her would have a happy marriage and a happy love live… Happy and in love? Had she ever been happy and in love? They didn’t act around each other like they use to but what marriage didn’t lose that sparkle from the first years?

Love evolves, changes, it’s impossible that the flame burns like it did in the very beginning of the relationship. That happens to all the couples in the world, doesn’t it? She asked her self the same question over and over. She was trying to lie to herself, creating a theory that she could never prove.

—Time will turn us into friend, road companions, passion changes, it transforms… like everything in this universe. —That’s what her best friend Mia use to repeat her, “Dear Susy, everything in the universe transforms, and nothing gets lost”. Of course Mia wasn’t talking about the passion between a man and a woman, but why should we apply it in that case as well? It fit as well, Oscar and her had turned the passion into something else, but what?

Her brain could not even put one and one together.

A month went by since it all blew up. Almost a month since she spends the night walking around the house, unable to sleep. Almost a month leaving with a foggy, dizzy mind.

As much as she was trying to get through each day and even if her heart was aching with the biggest pain, the truth is that that bitch had attracted her husband with the pretense of a fake passion. She had fooled him with her sexy hips, her painted smile and her always-available erotic mood.

Oscar was a man… And, of course, like most of them, he felt on her net, but she only needed to show her husband that the love that united the marriage was changed but that it still existed hiding in a corner.

—Yes! That’s it! He will come back. I just have to show him. I have to make him see and then he will realize that he loves me and that he wants to come back.

—Yes, he is coming back. But now I need a piece of bread — and she passed out hugging the pillow that Oscar used while reading. The tiredness had beat her but, for the first time in a month she had a plan.

—He will come back, he will come back, she whispered as she passed out surrendered to the fatigue.

The party and the treason

…Two months ago Pandora’s box exploded without any possible stopping…

—You look beautiful —a proud Mia screamed while she made her friend walk around the doors of the villa.

—Thanks to you —a shy Susy responded—, is your dress.

—Nonsense. It looks wonderful on you; it makes your hips stand out. It makes your breasts stand out. By the way, what’s your secret to keep them on their place? You’re definitely keeping this dress. I don’t want it anymore. No, nooo.

—Because the next time I want to wear it people are going to realize that is the same one you were using today and it will make me look really bad. —She smiled as she winked her eye at her friend and grabbed her by the arm.

The truth is that the blue of the dress made Susy’s blue eyes stand out and that the silk adapted perfectly to the parts of the body that should be more projected without resulting vulgar.

Susy was definitely looking really beautiful. It was a petty that not everybody knew how to appreciate the beauty, Mia thought, thinking about dreadful Oscar. But no, she was not going to be the one to bring the storm out tonight. It was such a beautiful night.

Of course, Susy didn’t believe any of the praises that Mia was giving her. They loved each other like sisters. The years they spent together at the boarding school transformed them into inseparable friends. They both grew up helping each other.

Life in a barding school was not easy but they learned to overcome every problem they faced. When they were twelve years old they promise to each other that they will always be there for one another. Nobody will ever harm them, cause they will always be together.

Susy always knew that the feelings that united them were stronger than if they share blood. She was always a really shy girl, with a weak personality. On the other hand, Mia was like a tornado that shook everything up. She was the heroine from the story, always ready and willing to do anything to save the ones she loved.

They knew each other to well and Susy knew that behind Mia’s praises there was a need to bring Susy’s self esteem up, a self steam that has been slowly damaged through the years. But that was precisely what made her love Mia even more. She will always be there for her, no matter what. Like when they were just kids.

She was a beauty, with green eyes and blonde hair and natural highlights that would change depending of how they were touched by the sunlight. Her long and thin legs were the envy of any super model. Susy could not stop smiling, she was overwhelmed by the love she felt for her friend; Mia could call herself ugly just to make her friend feel more beautiful.

—Hi Mia —Said a thick voice with a tone of irony in it— I look beautiful too, don’t I?

—Oh, Hi Oscar —Mia replied, unable to hide her feelings towards her friend’s husband. That man was despicable. He looked harmless, but she knew him well and knew for a fact that he harmed a lot of people. He broke a lot of hearts as a single man… and as a married man…anyway, better not to know about it.

God forbid her to be the one to break the news to her friend. To make her suffer even more than she already was.

Susy had been through a lot and Mia did not want to be the source of information that would cause even more pain.

No, God forbid. She did not want to tell her friend about Oscar’s adventures.

Mia ignored “that man” and grabbed her friend’s arm.

—Come Susy, I am going to introduce you to Rurik’s cousin, she is crazy and really funny.

—When did she land?

—Yesterday afternoon. She flew straight from Stockholm. Rurik says that his cousin will shave her head before missing a party —she said while laughing.

—Her head?

—Come and you will see it for yourself.

They walked to the center of the garden where everything was ready for the toast of Yoli’s and Pablo’s wedding.

Pablo, the groom, was from Stockholm, just like Rurik. They both had been working for a multinational company for over 10 years, whose central offices were located in Sweden but it had offices in Madrid as well.

Pablo had studied in the same school as her cousin Alexia, that’s how him and Rurik became inseparable. They were always together. They were like two restless kids thinking of the next mischief to torment those that surrounded them.

—Mia, my lovely cousin, you are here —a blonde girl with hair as long to cover her ass screamed.

—Alexia, come here. This is Susy —Mia replied, while she pulled the arm of a frighten Susy to see such a northern power. That woman was definitely northern. Tall, very blonde, and with amber eyes that showed slyness.

—So, you are Susy? Hello beautiful, I finally have the pleasure to meet you. Mia always talks about you. —Susy couldn’t respond because in a matter of seconds she found herself surrounded by two strong arms, that pressed her against two gigantic breasts. She felt suffocated but her efforts to escape proved useless. That woman was not only beautiful, but also strong.

—Please to meet you too. —Said Susy, after she managed to fill again her lungs with oxygen.

Mia was trying to hide a loud laughter that was about to leave her mouth.

—Come on girls! —Said Alexia as she was walking at full pace towards one of the corners— They are serving color-based cocktails and they look wonderful. And I am thinking about drinking the full rainbow cause I am in Spain, yeah!

—Alexia, wait for us! —Mia asked her without any success. Alexia had already left as she jumped and danced to the rhythm of the music

—Come on Susy, said Mia with a happy smile on her face as she grabbed her friend’s hand —Otherwise that crazy girl will drink and eat anything.— Mia started laughing as Susy showed a shy smile on her pretty face.

—Where is Oscar? Is he never close? —but the question remained unanswered in the air as Mia was pushing her towards the center of the party.

The wedding was full of people. Family and friends from Pablo, that had arrived from Sweden and Yoli’s loved ones that came from all around Spain, it looked like ant’s nest.

The villa was wide and big. There were typical appetizers from both countries. The environment was light thanks to a live music band and a dj who was the center of attention.

Everything was perfectly organized. You could see the joy and happiness, the only problem is that Oscar was nowhere to found, “where could he be?”.

While she and Mia were dancing the conga, that was lead by uncle Manolo, she managed to spot Oscar having a drink with a Rurik and other work friends. It was a normal thing, knowing that both husbands worked in the same industry and they enjoyed exchanging experiences.

But after she saw them talking, a lot of time had passed, and, again, he was nowhere to be found.

—What’s on your mind? You are miles away from here. Lets go to the dance floor, the band is about to play again and I heard that they have a surprise. —Said Mia as she noticed her friends sad look.

—Yes. Lets go before uncle Manolo finds us and makes us dance bachata…Again! —Susy tried to smile and forget about the nonsense that was appearing in her mind.

She was at a party and was behaving like a damn jealous little girl. Oscar always said so and it seemed as though he was right. “Stop trying to control me, you are a jealous unbearable woman, I’m at the office, grow up and don’t be a little girl…”

—All right, lets go. —Susy whispered. In her voice she could not hide the sadness that kept showing in the most inappropriate moments.

When the orchestra finished their show and they managed to escape from uncle Manolo’s claws, both friends went to get some Coca-Colas. They needed to rest and to re-gain energy.

—There is no way uncle Manolo is 76 —said Mia while both friends laughed.

Susy couldn’t take it anymore. She did not want to appear as a crazy woman and she knew that her husband and Mia did not like each other. She didn’t know the reason but it was plain to see that they did not like to be in each other’s company. Finally, she couldn’t control herself.

—Hey, have you seen Oscar? It’s been a while since I saw him last.

—I haven’t seen him, no. But I’m sure he is partying with the groom or Rurik somewhere in the villa.

That couldn’t be. Rurik never spent more than 10 minutes away from Mia. It didn’t matter with who he was or what was the conversation about; Rurik was always at plain see from his wife. He brought drinks, danced a couple of songs with her or simply winked her the eye, but he was always around. Oscar was not like that, no.

The perfect relationship that Mia and Rurik had, made Susy happy, although she sometimes felt a bit jealous. Why couldn’t she have the same thing? Was it her fault? When did she become a crazy jealous girl like Oscar always said?

He had become more and more distant lately, if that was even possible…

Maybe, she told herself, if she trusted him more, if she didn’t think he had weird intentions, things could be better. After all, the past was behind them, she had forgiven him. It was a brand new start.

Oscar promised never to make “a mistake” again. He promised her that it was only that time. And, of course, she believed him. Susana had to trust him cause she knew that if she didn’t, nor the present or the past had any sense.

Yes, she was going to change and she was going to try not to be afraid of those things again. She had forgiven him and she learned how to forget, even if the wound hurt still.

They didn’t have the relationship that Mia and Rurik had, but they could if they worked hard enough. And it was plain to see that Oscar loved her, why did he apologize to her if he didn’t? He promised her that he would never fall into another woman’s arms again. Yes. Oscar loved her and she would work hard to make this relationship improve so that they could be happy.

—Oh God. No!

A loud scream coming out of Mia’s mouth awoke Susy from her thoughts.

—What’s going on? —Her friend managed to point with her finger to the right.

—What the hell are they doing?! —The two of them got closer to the scene, frightened by what they were seeing.

Rurik was on top of a 5 meters-trunk trying to reach for a jamon with the Spanish flag, and on the other side Yoli’s friend was trying to reach a salmon and a Viking flag.

The guests screamed and cheered them.

—Go Vikings! Go Vikings!

—España, cha, cha, cha, Españaa!

The fight for the conquest of the jamon and the salmon was pretty even.

Rurik, finally, managed to win thanks to his large arms, and he remained victorious with a delicious jamon. He couldn’t stop laughing and screaming at the same time. He was having such fun that he almost fell from the trunk. Mia wanted to kill him, but she had to wait until he climbed down. After that she was going to choke him to death. She was so angry, until he looked at her and winked and she couldn’t avoid feeling proud of her gigantic Viking.

—Don’t touch me —said Mia while she was trying to prove how angry she was although you could see she was amused by the situation. —You smell like “eau de Jamon”

Rurik paid no mind to the complaints of his lover and as he hold the jamon with one hand she hugged her with the other.

—But I conquered Spain —and kissed her without hesitation.

—We’ll have to see that darling.

—We will tonight, darling —and kissed her again, conquering the only territory he was interested in.

—Come on Viking brother! I’ll lend you a spare t-shirt. —Said Pablo.

—Come one —Rurik replied with pride in his voice as he carried the trophy.

They both left towards the brides’ room, feeling proud of the Viking blood that ran in their veins and laughing.

—He is a brut —said Mia

—Yeah, a little bit, but you loved him —replied Susy.

Mia didn’t replied as she saw Oscar far away. Finally he presented himself. He was gone for over an hour.

Mia completely knew that Oscar wasn’t around, but she didn’t want to bring it up. She did not want to enlarge her friends suffering. That asshole. Where was he? And more importantly, with whom was he?

She saw him not too far away talking with someone, but she could not see whom.

“Oh no, my God! It can’t be her” Why was he talking with Alexia and looking at her with desire? Was he going to do it in the party? No. Or yes?

No, it’s not possible. He wouldn’t dare. He wouldn’t dare trying to do something with Rurik’s cousin!

No, of course not.

Mia didn’t introduce them to each other and she didn’t think that Rurik would have. He also hated Oscar and only tolerated him because of the love they felt for Susy.

Unfortunately Susy also spotter her husband, who kept talking with Alexia without trying to hide how happy he was to do so.

Trying to change the subject and take her mind out of the picture Mia told her friend”

—There is Oscar. Lets go before Alexia makes him deaf. Susy turned around and saw the portrait of happiness itself: Oscar was smiling happily to the beauty he had in front of him. A girl with sensuality.

They both walked towards them but they didn’t notice the newly arrived girls. They were too preoccupied in their own conversation.

—Oscar! We finally find you dear. —If eyes were lasers Mia would have disintegrate him easily. She screamed to let Oscar know that they were arriving. She was making sure that he was not doing whatever he was planning to do with her hateful brain. She could cut him into little pieces and through them at the bottom of the river.

Oscar jumped when he heard Mia.

—Eh, oh, hello, yeah… I wasn’t feeling very well… I was in the bathroom for a while.

—But what happened? Why didn’t you call me? —Susy seemed worried and she believed her husband dirty lies. Mia was biting her tongue and trying really hard not to kill him like Jack the Ripper would. She put her fake face on and told Alexia.

—Oh by the way, I see you got introduced to Oscar… Susy’s HUSBAND.

Alexia became white as a ghost. Here eyes were all over the place.

—Susy’s… husband? —She was trying to appear calm but you could see how nervous she was. Mia rapidly noticed what was going on. Alexia didn’t know about Oscar and Susy. She just found out that they he was married. Mia reacted fast and grabbed her political cousin from the arm as she told her with amusement:

—Have you seen your cousins conquer? He climbed up from a trunk and conquered Spain and earned a delicious Jamon. He is a Viking brut, I know, but come with me. I want to find out if he changed his clothes. And so she dragged Alexia out of the danger area.

When they were at an appropriate distance, Alexia managed to say something.

—I did not know. —She was trying to apologize.

—I can imagine. Is typical of Oscar to forget certain things of his life when he meets a good-looking woman. Don’t worry —Mia smiled unwillingly— I saved you from his claws. —She was trying to give a different tone to the moment.

—Well…now that you mention it. —Alexia was looking down

—Please! Alexia! You just met him, you haven’t had the time to… —her eyes were begging for a confirmation that nothing happened but Alexia wasn’t reacting.

—I’m sorry cousin, I didn’t know. This is a party…there is music…I let myself go…what can I say?

—But…how? Where? Is impossible. Mia felt like she was about to pass out. Her husband’s cousin with the husband of her best friend. It couldn’t be.

—I went to the bathroom. He asked me to go with him… and I didn’t think… we are at a party… we liked each other…how could I know? Oh God… – Alexia wanted to go underneath the Earth. She felt so much shame.

—Please, tell me that nobody saw you. —Mia was trying to find a spark of light in this whole situation.

—Well…to tell you the truth…we were in the midst of it when the door opened and then It closed suddenly. We couldn’t see who it was…and…with the heat… we just kept going.

—Alexia…no… —Mia was about to cry, hurt by the treason that her friend just had, so close to her. Poor Susy, she didn’t deserve this.

—Maybe the person that went in didn’t see anything —said Alexia showing her regret.

—Please —Mia was begging— if that person tells Susy she wont be able to stand it. Too much pain and shame —Not again, she thought

—Nobody is going to say anything —a male voice from behind said.


—It was I. —he breathed heavily— I went into the bathroom to change my clothes and it didn’t take much for me to realize who was that body standing on its knees with her head in-between somebody’s legs and whose were those pants half off —he gave a striking look to his cousin.

Mia was trying not to be overwhelmed by all the information she was receiving, but it wasn’t easy.

—I am really sorry, I would have never thought…If I only knew… but he didn’t seem…married —Alexia looked like a ghost, she was trying to recover and continued.— His phone rang, he talked to her, to this Ana… When he hang up he told me that it wasn’t anything serious. I didn’t think…he was married…with Susy…

—Ana? —Mia jumped.— Who the fuck is Anna? —She was about to have a heart attack.

—Ana is the secretary. —Rurik said, worried about his wife’s mental health.


—From my company. —He said showing that he didn’t want to keep talking about this.

—But, how? You knew?

Rurik understood that it was time to talk. He had to tell her everything he knew.

—He met her at last new years eve company party —Oscar had many clients, one of them being Rurik’s company.— They were together during the whole night, but when I tried to warn her about his behavior she said that they only talked about work. —said Rurik showing regret in his voice.

—And you believed her? You are so naïve! —Mia was getting angrier by the minute

—What did you want me to do! —Rurik got annoyed by Mia’s the tone in Mia’s voice. But he knew she didn’t deserve his anger. They shouldn’t fight between each other. After all, he was not the one that cheated on his wife.

—I didn’t ever see them together again. The girls from the company talked and said that Ana was seeing a married man, so I put two and two together. But I didn’t have proof of it. —He said with a calmer tone.

—You should fire her! Right now. —His wife was cutting like a knife. She didn’t admit any discussions.

—Look, baby. —He tried to hug her— You know I can’t do that.

—Yes, you can. You are de CEO. Mia was escaping from his hugs and couldn’t hold the tears coming out of her eyes.

—No, baby. I can’t. That’s between Oscar and Susy —Mia escaped once again from Rurik’s arms and looked at him with fury.

—You knew. Why didn’t you tell me? I could have tried to talk to him, to threaten him, kill him —She was desperate. Didn’t know what to do.— Oh God, Rurik, a whole year. A year that that dog has been cheating on her. A year of Susi thinking that she is to blame for everything. A year living in his lies shadows, incapable of being happy.

—Mia, darling —Rurik didn’t let her escape from his arms this time— I told you I had no prove. And… —he said with hesitance— I don’t think that you should to do anything.

—What are you talking about? Who do you think you are to make that decision for me?

—That’s what I mean. You can’t decide for your friend. She is the one that must choose what kind of life she wants. That’s her choice, not ours.

—I know.

The tears didn’t stop coming out of Mia’s beautiful eyes. Rurik wanted to punch Oscar in the face with all his strength, because he was causing so much pain in his beloved wife. All because he couldn’t keep his zip locked.

He knew how close his wife and Susy were and understood the dilemma that her beautiful blonde was facing.

To tell or not to tell, that was Mia’s big problem.

On one hand she could be faithful to the friendship and the love they had as friends and tell her everything she knew and being more pain to Susy, on the other hand she could close her mouth and let things follow its on course, knowing that he was disloyal to toe person that she had loved and taken care since they were children.

Mia knew what Rurik’s thoughts were “ Every couple should solve their own problems in their own hose without any help”, but how would he react if the cheated person was his sister?

—Come on, baby. Fix your make up. Susy is going to show up any moment and she can’t see you like this.

—Yes, you are right. —She did what he told her without thinking. Why anyone as sweet, loyal and beautiful as Susy had to suffer this way? Was it bad luck? People take advantage or good people, what can we do to avoid that?

The party continues

Nico was observing everything from the distance. He sincerely hated gossiping, and being at a wedding for job reasons was the worst that could happen to him.

—At least Dany is here with me —he thought showing a shy smile. His brother had been trying to get free from the claws of a brides maid so he found himself alone observing the scene right in front of him.

—What made Mia so sad? —He had known that little hurricane called Mia for many years, and she wasn’t one to cry easily. Strength bravery, caprice, and being adamant were part of her personality, but crying WASN’T. That wasn’t her style. Even kicking somebody was more Mia’s style, he told himself smiling, remembering a night when he tried to conquer her, not knowing that she was in fact married to Rurik. Mia stopped him with a kick in his tool that left him breathless. He had it coming for being so self-important, but the truth is that women didn’t use to treat him like that. They use to say that he was an irresistible blonde man so, why not take advantage of the situation?

Nico loved to conquer, but on top of everything he loved being catered to. But that afternoon, he could not stop taking his eyes out of his, now, very good friend Mia, not because she looked extremely beautiful, but because he was intrigued about the woman that she had besides her. That woman had him enchanted. He couldn’t take his eyes off her beautiful body. She wasn’t too tall. Her black hair fell like a waterfall at midnight on her shoulders, and those eyes… they were too much, too powerful, so deep and blue, like the skies in fairy tales that his grandmother use to read to him. He didn’t even got the guts to talk to her, he needed to look at her and find out what was behind that beautiful façade. That woman was showing something mysterious, tempting but, what was it? Sensuality, sweetness, passion, mixed with pain, and something else. Something unknown…

Be that as it may, she wasn’t near her friend anymore and he didn’t know why. Mia had disappeared hiding her tears, saved by her husband’s strong arms. Was she crying because of that mysterious woman? What could have happened?

—I finally managed to escape —a funny voice woke Nico from his thoughts.

—Was it tough, little brother? —he replied touching softly Dany’s shoulder.

Dany’s smile was so alive and genuine that even Nico himself, being his brother, had to surrender to it.

—Yeah, but its ok, nothing I couldn’t solve with a bunch of kisses. —He replied winking his eye.

They both started to laugh and left on their way to get a couple of drinks. There was a time to gossip and find out who was that beautiful friend of Mia, but it wasn’t this. He was sure he’d found out about everything about that woman.

A long time had passed since he went hunting for a woman that actually interested him, but this time he was truly astonished by her, even though he didn’t mention it to anybody.


—Susy, have you seen my blue shirt? I have a meeting and want to wear it.

—It should be in the closet, if its not is because I didn’t iron it — she responded with a cold tone.

—Woman, I gave it to you to wash it last week. —it sounded annoyed.

—Well, I am sorry, husband, but I have been busy. —The coldness turned into a big iceberg.

—You are always at home —said an angry Oscar

—How dare you?! —She left everything that she kept inside of her in the past 10 days out.— You have been in a shity mood for days, and when you talk to me is to complaint about me not fulfilling my so-called errands. Can you tell me what’s going on? You’ve been acting weird since Pablo’s wedding.

Oscar felt like he was drowning in his own bile. Susy was right be he couldn’t tell her that her friend caught him red-handed and that his life had since been like a alarm-bomb

That hateful Mia knew about him slipping in the wedding and even if she’d shut up until now, he didn’t know how much longer she would keep her mouth closed. They were like sisters and he was sure that she’d tell her sister and didn’t know what he could do then. By the way, why didn’t she talk until now? It had been more than a week, and that silly girl had her mouth shut, why?

Nevertheless, he didn’t care why that meddler little friend of his wife’s, wasn’t talking, it was wiser to take advantage of his luck. If truth came to like he couldn’t deny it. That was impossible. Too many people were involve, too many witnesses. He needed to think fast…

Honestly, it wasn’t that serious, he told himself, – they are making a big deal out of it-, he was partying, he drank, the Swedish girl was really hot and she flirted with him, what could’ve he done? What man in his right mind would not have done the same thing? Oscar felt like a man, not a silly teenager, and everyone knows that a real man has certain instincts.

—You are talking nonsense, Su, does the wedding has to do with anything, always doubting. I’m going to take a shower because I’m late —he said trying to avoid the conversation about his mood from that day— and don’t forget to take my suit to the Laundromat, the jacket has a weird stain and I want to use it on Tuesday.

—Yes, yes, I got it. Ironed shirt and washed suit. Something else, Master?

—That’s it, thank you. —He smiled from his wife’s irony and went into the shower, not before kissing her in the forehead. Those were the moments, when she was ironic and sharp like a razor, that reminded him of the times when he desired her with madness.


I’m finally done with all the clothes, Susy told her self-proud after ironing everything. The mountain of clothes that was about to eat her alive wasn’t there anymore and she felt like she deserved an applause.

—That’s it. I deserve a rest, sitting down, drinking a coffee and maybe even turn on the tv and watch an episode of “Her, the queen“, so, here I go!

Looking at the clock and knowing that she never stopped working she told herself:

—I have ten minutes, I have time to heat up the coffee and prepare my self a sweet snack and… The suit! I forgot. Well, I’ll get it ready and I’ll have it ready by tomorrow, so that I can take it to the Laundromat. And while she was watching her show she starting preparing it. She carefully folded the pants and checked the pockets, Oscar was careless and he always forgot left stuff there.

—I knew it —as she found a folded piece of paper, with something written in it.— Always the same, it must be some client’s phone number. But while she was looking at it with detail, she saw that something red stood up from the blue letters made by the pen.

—What is this?

“A week is too long, I’m waiting for you”. Signed A. with a kiss marked with a red lipstick.

—But, what? What…is… this? —Susy couldn’t react, her body was anchored to the couch, in that moment not even a hurricane could be more devastating than that piece of paper. Her mind was trying to find a logical excuse for that message, something that shower her a road that wasn’t the one of treason. But it was impossible, the evidence was more than clear and it was in her hands.

—Think, Su, think, this can’t be like this, there must be an explanation…but, which one?

—It’s not for him, that’s, that’s it… —her body fell in a couch that swallowed her completely. She needed to disappear, disappear from her home, from her country, from the world.

When she managed to put his mind together, she saw it clearer than ever. It was Oscar. It was in his pocket. Nobody keeps a message like that if its not meant for him. It was his.

—What should I do? —Think Susy, if you tell him this could end really bad, you could lose it all, but if you don’t confront him, how much longer can you take?

—Fuck! I must face him but I don’t want to… —she cried putting his face in between her little hands.

—Why do you do this to me? Why me?

And now

Night arrived to early.

It was the time to face reality.

She couldn’t escape, not this time.

She had been running from the problems all her life. This was the moment to face reality.

—Don’t be a coward, you must face him —she told herself you must show how much you are worth.— I can. We will fight but he would listen to reason. He is going to realize his mistake and apologize to me.

—I am hurt but I must forgive him, we have a son, a family, a home, we love each other… Yes…I must forgive him. —It was decided. The rage, the pain, the disappointment, none of that mattered compared to their son and their marriage.

That was her duty as a mother and as a wife.

Family comes first and she had to fight for it. But, why was she feeling so empty?

Indifference was mixing with a feeling of anger that surpassed the infidelity.

In her heart there was much more, but they were buried feelings, so deep down that even she couldn’t understand them.

Time went by…

—Hi. Don’t turn on the lights. —Susy was still on the couch, in the same position she found herself 5 hours ago.

She was sitting in silence and darkness. The only think that kept her company was her broken heart.

She was hoping to listen to something, something like the truth or a miracle, the break up. She wanted the earth to swallow her so that she could disappear without having to have to listen to anybody. Just disappear.

—It’s a little dark —Oscar could smell the seriousness of the situation. Something was up. Did the beloved friend Mia tell her about what happened in the party?

It was unclear so he decided to just wait, analyze the possibilities of disarming the bomb he was facing.

—Well, if that’s what you want. —He sat on the couch. Susy was looking at him, she was quietly clenching. Something was definitely up.

In the darkness he was able to see his wife’s tension. It was dark, but not dark enough not to see his wife. Her eyes were red, had she been crying?

Susy gathered all the courage she had, she felt like her legs couldn’t hold there, she got closer to him and with all the rage in the world she threw the note in his face.

She was hoping for Oscar to prove that she was wrong, for him to tell her that that note wasn’t his, she was looking for a saving way and it had to come from him.

But he wasn’t saying anything.

He wasn’t justifying himself. He wasn’t apologizing.

His looked was dancing between her and the note. His gestures showed fear, confusion… But that couldn’t be possible. Her husband was too much of a “man” to show any feelings of regret for cheating her.

Oscar couldn’t believe he was so careless. “Idiot, idiot and a thousand times idiot… how careless can you be?” Think, think, think…

—You are not going to read it? Oh, you know it by heart, right?

—Susy… I’m…

—Who is she?

—Does it matter? —Oscar started walking around the living room.

—It matters to me. —said a beaten Susy.— Who is she?

—I met her a while ago. —The evidence was too strong. He couldn’t deny it. Maybe if he faced the situation he could…

—How long? —She was trying to put a façade of tranquility but her shivering voice was giving her away.

—It doesn’t matter, I don’t remember. —Of course he remembered, around a year. At Rurik’s company party.

—Susy, I… —He couldn’t continue.

—Do you love her? —Why did she ask such a thing? She didn’t know why, but that conversation wasn’t turning out the way she had planned.

—Why are you asking that? No..no..well..I think that… I’m not sure —was sitting in the couch. He was holding his head with both hands trying to control his head from exploding into a million pieces.

Truth be told, he had been confused over his feelings for a while, but he had never imagined something like what was happening.

His wife was facing him like she’d never done before. Could it be that this was the end of their marriage?

The idea of splitting from his wife had crossed his mind several times, but he had always dismissed it.

His wife was his life, and there was nothing beyond it. They were going through ruff times, but what couple didn’t have to suffer from this?

He didn’t know how but he found himself in his living room’s couch confessing sins that he’d never had the intention of bringing up. He was an unfaithful husband and this wasn’t the first time. But, what man isn’t? A mistake didn’t mean that he was the worst person in the world, and that he had to be juried without a proper trial.

It was the moment to explain him.

—Susy, I… there are times when men make mistakes, but is not a matter of feelings, I mean I have feelings for her but they are not that strong… —he couldn’t finish his amazing speech.

His wife wouldn’t allow it.

Like a lioness she responded.

—What?! —What’s going on? Susy didn’t plan any of this. This couldn’t be real what she was hearing. Oscar should be mad, scream, and then say he was sorry and promise that he would never ever again would cheat on her. That’s what he was waiting for. This couldn’t be. Oscar was in love with another woman and he was confessing? But, how? And now, what should she do? And the worst part is that she was causing that confession with her facing him as a strong woman. He was bringing out the truth from him.

For once she wanted the truth, a truth in a long list of lies told by her husband.

—Susy… I… I don’t know exactly what’s going on. I’m confused, but if you only listened to me.

—Go away! —She screamed without thinking

—We have to talk. Don’t react this way… You have to understand me —Susy had blown up with everything. A strange force, unknown to her was dragging her and she couldn’t stop it.

—Don’t react this way?! —She was furious— How am I supposed to react? Ah! Sorry, my husband tells me that I have been cheated for years and that he is confused and, I just have to sit here and listen to it? Oh, of course, I’m so inconsiderate DAR-LING.

—Don’t be ironic, Susy. I just want to talk, explain myself.

—Well, I don’t want to talk. I CAN’T talk. I’m tired of your mind changing every day. I am tire of waiting for a love that you give to somebody else. I’m always waiting for a look of desire… Always waiting for your hugs and to get lost in you… I only wanted to fulfill our lives with those little moments in which you feel that love is real and not a product of daydreaming poets. —She had to breath for a second to stop the tears.— I am going to confess something, “dear husband”, when I met you I was so afraid… my brain couldn’t stop thinking about you. My feelings were so strong that they scared me, but my heart didn’t stop searching for you. When I was with you it felt like destiny, your mouth and your arms were my home. But today you have turned into my pain and my sentence.

She felt like she was shaking more and more. She couldn’t control her tears and she felt like she couldn’t swallow. Was her husband in fact in love with that woman? This wasn’t like the other times, when he had adventures with other women. Love is something else. How did they reach this situation?

—How —it left her lips without her being able to control it.

—What? —Oscar didn’t understand the question. A cloud was covering him. For the first time he couldn’t find a escape from the situation. He had to face the storm without the umbrella.

—I said how! How did it happen!? —She cleaned he tears with the back of her hands and continued— How, when, were…? Please, Oscar. Why?! —Her legs couldn’t hold her any longer. She fell.

The floor was cold and her knees ached, but she didn’t care.

—Susy! —Her husband screamed trying to hold her.

—Don’t touch me. Don’t get any way near me. I can’t stand to look at you.

—I need to explain myself. Fuck, Susy. Things are not black or white. We have been having problems for ages now. We look more like acquaintances than a couple. When was the last time that you touched me? You don’t even… —He couldn’t finish the sentence, Susy wouldn’t let him do it.

—Don’t you even try saying that this is my fault. I sacrificed everything for you, and all you give me in exchange… is treason.

—All I ever wanted is to have the woman I fell in love with. The full of life woman I knew. I wanted MY wife, not a cleaning lady, a mother, or a woman wearing sweatpants all day. I wanted…that woman I met in…

—Don’t you even there to keep talking. Go away! Go away, please… I don’t want to listen to you. —She breath trying to keep talking.— Go away right now.

—Susy, understand me…I am a man. I need… You know exactly how I am. You know me better than no one. Understand me. I always understood you and supported you with your fears and sufferings and now is your opportunity to…

—Are you kidding me? Are you threaten me? What YOU did! What YOU need? You and only you,. What you want, what you forgive… You are always the first and last. —Susy’s body was trying to form a ball in the floor, like an animal trying to protect itself.— Go away. I can’t take it anymore —She said weakly— Please…

—Ok. I’m going. We will talk in another moment. You know you can’t abandon me. We are one. Only I understand you and you understand me. —He walked towards the bedroom, grabbed a backpack and as fast as he could he left the house. He couldn’t bring himself to look behind. He was too overwhelmed.

Oscar knew that everything that was happening was his fault, but the feeling of sadness caused by Susy’s pain was too strong to deal with.

She had told him her deepest feelings and dreams and he had responded with a threat of her deepest and darkest secret. Why did he do that?

—What am I doing? —His body landed towards the closed door. Behind it was a life that when didn’t believe could be this way. He wasn’t a saint but, was this what he wanted?

Susy was his sons mother, his life, his family, and now… He had to leave?

—Is this something that will go away or is it just over? What is wrong with me? I can’t think, I can’t talk… Should I call Anna and see how I feel? I need to think —He grabbed his back pack with one arm and left.


After an hour, Susy managed to reach her bed and fall like a dead body in the mattress.

Her mind was empty, her heart broken and her lung forgot how to breath.

Oscar’s last words were a threat. But, why? Why hurt her more?

Her head couldn’t stop moving. Thoughts were running without any sense and she couldn’t find answers to anything. A cloud had taken over and she couldn’t think or fell.

A whole life.

Every hopes and dreams had disappeared in less than 15 minutes and she couldn’t stop time.

She believed in eternal love. She believe in a future holding her husbands hand. In simple laughter. And within the blink on an eye her future had shattered like a piece of glass. No future. No fixing.

—And now… what?

After a couple of hours and a couple of teas her mind stopped resisting to tiredness. Her body fell in the bed and her soul flew away, far away, where her heart couldn’t reach her.


After a month, her only activities were moving from the bed to the kitchen it was time to stand and fight.

“ I’m so glad that the kid is in a student- trip in Ireland” She told her self as she started the water in the bath tub.

Fernando had been away for a couple of months now. His school had offered him the possibility to take a class in a small town in that country and the young man was delighted with the experience.

She let the heat of the water hug her and closed her eyes.

It had been a month since she last talked with anybody. The phone was off and the only messages she answered came from her son. Normally via Whatsapp and they were from an excited Fernando, telling her about the new things he was learning in that country. The people, the cliffs. He couldn’t stop talking about a place called Slieve League, that he discovered on a trip organized by his Irish family.

“I’m glad he’s not here to see what a fraud of a mom he has” she thought while she sank her body in the bath tub, trying to disappear like the fairies did.

It was clear that she had to fight for her marriage.

Her son deserved a united marriage. A united family. Oscar’s family, her mother in law, fathers in law… What would they think of the separation?

Pain and rage stayed with her night and day.

A part of her felt as though she’d lost everything. She’d lost her husband, the only man she’d ever loved. A man that was resting in someone else’s arms. A part of her was dying because of the sadness and the lost, but a part of her spirit wanted to live. LIVE. No constrictions. No problems. No fears. Start over again. That was the part of her that felt the need of kicking his husband in his parts and tell him to go to hell.

She needed to fight and fix her marriage, then, why did she feel that it wasn’t ok to get back to him? Did she really wanted to get back with him?

In the deepest part of her soul she wanted to get rid of a marriage full of deceiving and infidelities, but if she did that, what would’ve happened to her son and family and all those years of sacrifice?

“No, this can’t be. I must fight”

—Oh Lord, I’m going crazy. I don’t even know what I want. —Susy laughed by herself in front of the mirror that didn’t respond her.

—I need a coffee —She told herself while she walked towards Yoli’s warehouse.

Thinking about Yoli gave her one of the few happy moments during the day.

She was her friend from her small town, and even if she was Uneducated, her heart and honesty had conquered her.

With her friends she felt alive, joyful and with her own strong opinion.

Her life turned her into two different people: the one that was constantly afraid of losing Oscar so she was shy and tamed around him; and the one that was funny, ironic and that her friends admired. Oscar didn’t like any of those. He said that her friends would put strange ideas in her head, that they changed her.

But Susy felt genuine and free with them.

She had close herself to her friends, that was selfish, but she didn’t know any other way to react towards this situation.

“Poor Yoli, she’s not going to be happy when she sees me after a month of ignoring her and Mia’s messages”

Her friends had heard about all that happened with her husband because Rurik managed to get the information from Oscar, but when they tried to visit her Susy refused to let them. She needed to be alone. And that’s why she became an island.

Her friends had to understand her. She couldn’t face them and listen to that “poor Susy” over and over again. She got used to those words when her mother died back in school: “Poor Susy, poor Susy”

She couldn’t listen to it again.

This time she just couldn’t.

She was going to get back with, conquer him again and nothing could stand in her way. He’d come back home and their son would have a father again. That was the only thing that mattered.

She had to stay strong.

The marriage had and must survive.

She was so absorbed that she didn’t see the car that had to stop not to kill her.

—You idiot! I almost kill you — an angry Nico got off the car, but his face looked happier to see that the girl was ok. That silly woman was about to fall on the floor.

Two more centimeters and his sports car would have completely heat her.

—Are you silly? What were you thinking? I could’ve killed you —and he gave her the hand to help her stand up.

—I might be silly but you… you… you are an asshole! —she didn’t accept his help and quickly stood on her own.

Truth be told, the handsome guy was right, she crossed the street very distracted while she was daydreaming and she didn’t see the car getting closer to her. But she was not going to admit that.

Nico stayed mute, not knowing if it was because of the insult he just received or because… it was her!

It was the girl he thought about when he was working, he thought about her when he was in the kids classes, at home, in his bed… everywhere.

He had those bright, sad amazing blue eyes in front of him. Those eyes where he longed to get lost again.

Since Pablo’s wedding he was looking for an excuse to call Mia and get the information about this girl.

It was her, as tiny as he remembered her. The same curves, but she was now wearing some jeans and a simple sweater. Different clothes, but same woman. The woman that made him so intrigued. There was something in her look, in her body, that made him want to get lose in those arms and be the protective man he never wanted to be with anybody else. There was something about her.

—Whats going on? Did somebody steal your tongue or you don’t know any other insults? You idiot! —Susy was too angry for some reason. That man had irritated her beyond reasoning.

—Idiot? —Nico started laughing. He almost killer her because she was daydreaming, but she was the one being angry, putting her hands on her waist and screaming at him for no reason.

—If this isn’t destiny I don’t know what it is —Nico couldn’t stop but letting his thoughts out.

—What are you talking about? Are you drunk?

—No baby, I don’t drink —He could not stop smiling. Destiny is really something else. He couldn’t believe it. He was happy without any reason. Life was giving him a sign but, which one?

—Listen blonde-man! Can you move your car? You have to let the people keep moving! —said the guy driving an Ibiza, angry because of the time he was wasting. The traffic caused by Nico and Susy was getting gigantic, taking into account that they were in a small town outside of Madrid.

—It looks like you’ve all agreed to call me good names — while he was winking his eye he told Susy— Wait her until I park the car over there. —She was leaving but he screamed from the window car— Don’t you even think about leaving!

She had so many problems and now she had to deal with this guy. “I couldn’t be more unlucky” she thought to herself.

Her body was shaking. She was actually scared. She knew that the “good looking guy didn’t ran over her with his wonderful convertible out of pure luck. Well, a miracle and his reflexes. The car hadn’t even touched her, but for some reason she was completely annoyed at that guy.

“ I don’t even know him and I can’t stand him. Please, who does he think he is?”.

The man had strong arms and was smiling like a crazy person…maybe he thought that she was going to fall in love with him just by seeing his big lips, green penetrating eyes, that blonde hair that reached his shoulders and made him look like a Scottish warrior…please, she didn’t even look at him!

—Well, here I am. I need your name and number, or am I too stupid to know how to write it down? —The brightness in his eyes made her realize that he was joking.

—My name is Susy. Excuse me? Did you way you want my number? What for?

—Just in case. You know, insurance, paperwork and all those things —those were the first excuses he could think of.

—Insurance? But nothing happened. I’m ok.

The lie didn’t work; he needed to make something else up.

—Yeah, but what’s going to happen when you get home and your husband makes up an excuse to sue me? Eh?

—That was the big question. He was so happy that he came up with an excuse to find out if she was single or married. “Please God, make her single, that’s all I ask!”

—I’m… —she thought about it for a second— I don’t have a husband —she finally answered. It was really sad, but she didn’t know in which situation she actually was with Oscar.

“Yes!” Yes. Nico was so happy. He wanted to get to know this Susy and if she had a husband that would have been a problem.

—Good, good. Aham —he cleared his throat— If there is no husband that wants to sue me the situation is a lot better.

Susy couldn’t understand anything that this guy was saying. “He is cute, but super weird”

—You seem to be in a hurry, can I give you a ride?

—No, but thank you. Now, if you please let me go…

—No, I first must… —but he couldn’t finish the sentence cause Susy started crying.

—I only wanted to drink a coffee. What is it that you need now? Oh God! I just wanted a coffee!

Nico fell ashamed, he was being a little bit too overwhelming but he didn’t want to let this opportunity go to waste.

— I’ll buy you a coffee. There is a coffee shop near by. Come on- but as he tried to grab her by the arm she freed herself.

—No, thanks.

—I insist, I almost killed you.

—I insist, can you let me go? —This time she sounded tired but firm— I am grateful that you are worried, but I would like to keep going with my plans. —And, of course, he wasn’t in them —Thank you for not killing me —she gave him a fake smiled and turned around. He didn’t have time to react. She won. She managed to escape.

Nico stayed there looking at her as she left and turned around the corner.

She was so beautiful as she escaped.

“You escape this time, but you wont stand a chance next time. I want to get to know you. I want to know everything about you, I don’t know why, but I will find out.

Yes little baby. Escape now that you can. I wont let you run away a second time”

Nico started walking towards his car. His plan was obvious: he had to see little Susy again. He was a hunter and had to chase the pray.

You don’t full me

—Oh my God! Where were you? We were really worried about you. I shouldn’t even be looking at you, why?

—I hate you.

How dare you kicking us out of your life? Out of your problems? You know how hard it was to know that you were suffering and we couldn’t see you? We are friends, fuck! —Yoli grabbed her phone and stopped talking. Susy completely understood why her friend was so angry at her. She had reasons.

She was showing, in the only way she knew, her frustration and how worried she had been feeling in the past days.

—Hello. Yes…yes…listen. She is here. Come to the store right no —said Yoli that more than talking seem like she was fighting with the pone. Yes, aha…Sounds great, but come now because…because… Oh God!

—Alright, that’s enough, no? —Susy was talking with a funny tone in her vice, trying to lighten up the mood.

Yoli looked at her like she wanted to kill her and kept talking on the phone.

—Ha! It looks like misses “I don’t need anybody” is offended. Mia, run the three blocks and I promise to wait for you so that we can kill her together and cut her into little pieces. Ok. Kisses.

—Ok. I’m sorry. Don’t be mad. I just couldn’t…I had no courage. —She was trying to explain herself while she was drowning in a sea of tears.

—Don’t you even start crying. I hate you… a lot. —But she couldn’t control herself and hugged Susy with all her strength and she let all the pain she felt in the past days let go. She didn’t care, if she felt worried, she could only imagine how her friend had been feeling with her marriage falling apart. She was just feeling impotent not to be able to help her friend in these hard times.

—You can’t even imagine how afraid we have been. We felt like you were so alone. And we love you and we wanted to be there for you but we had to be so far away from you. Knowing that you didn’t want to see us… and you were alone —she hugged her with even more strength, like she was a bear.— Never! Never again! Don’t you ever do something like this again.

—I’m sorry —said Susy, still crying— But please let go of me, I can’t bre-ath…

Both friends smiled in the same moment that a hurricane called Mia walked in the store and hugged Susy like a mother that had just found her little missing puppy.

They all started crying together.

—I hate you, I hate you. I didn’t know what to do to get to you. I thought about walking in your house through the chimney, like Santa Claus, but Rorik stopped me —Mia sounded truly desperate.

—I know. I’m sorry. Please try to understand me… I… I…

—MANOLO!! Manolo! MA-NO-LO! Where are men when you need them?

—Hiding, my dear. Showing shyness and a little bit of joy, Yoli’s husband showed his head through the door of the opened room.

Manolo worked with her wife in the store of the village.

They had a little groceries store, that they opened and maintained with a lot of hard work. Nowadays it was the place to go in the village if you wanted good groceries.

Manolo was a strong man, a little bit brut, he wasn’t good looking, but he was a really good man, he showed goodness and was charming. He was loyal and honor, that was the base of his life and the love she had towards Yoli. He adored her and messed with her at every moment he had a chance to do so.

—You have to take care of the store. We are going to the coffee shop in the square. We need to talk right now —said Yoli while she grabbed her purse.

—Of course, darling —he responded while looking like a little slave.— I work and you talk. That sounds great, my Queen. My light in the darkness. My hope in a bad day…

—Alright, enough with the silliness. Can’t you see that Susy showed up? —At that moment Manolo understood the importance of the moment.

He looked at her and saw that her eyes were swollen from the crying. He knew everything that had happened, his wife told her, and he felt really sorry for her. She was a good woman and didn’t deserve to be treated like that. Her husband was a dick.

—Hi Susy. Well..is ok…you girls go and enjoy your well deserved resting time while the little man stays here working restless to make her consumerist loving wife happy. —and he winked at Susy as she smiled.

—You are a clown! —Yoli responded as the girls were leaving the store.

—Yes, but you love me! —and without asking for any permission he kissed her in the forehead and slapped her in the ass as she was walking out of the door.

—I don’t know how long is going to take, but I imagine that is going to be a long conversation.

—Go. I will figure out a way so that you can pay me back. —and with another kiss, this time in the cheek, he said goodbye.


They were at the coffee shop and Susy told Mia and Yoli everything that had happened. Susy felt a little bit relieved.

She had taken her time, but for the first time she had a little bit of piece of mind. She needed to let all the rage out, all the pain, all the impotence that she had been feeling. And she’d just done that.

—Asshole. Asshole. Asshole and a thousand time asshole!

—We should pay some thugs to hunt him like a dog and cut his penis into little pieces and then give it to the wolves to eat it and then… —Yoli couldn’t control herself. When she had to defend people she loved she became a real hooligan.

Susy was listening to her with her eyes wide opened and a face that showed fear, but Mia was happily smiling. Truth be told, she agreed with her, but she was too polite to be as hones as Yoli.

—Well we don’t have to be that wild, do we? —Said Mia in a funny tone.

—Not so wild! Ok. We cut his penis and stick it up his…

—Alright, enough with the penises and the recipes. —Susy tried to full her friends but they all started laughing.


—So… am I forgiven? Eh? Please…

—No, you are not. You are going to suffer after what you made as go through. Prepare yourself… —Yoli wanted to sound threatening but her eyes were saying the truth and she wanted to be as protective as she could with her friend.

Mia interrupted her to continue joking.

— Cut his penis, cook it? —Mia was letting herself go and be fun- I agree with the cutting into little pieces part and send it to the little bitch he was seeing via UPS. She is going to enjoy that desert!

They all started laughing at the same time.

In that moment, Susy knew that her friends had forgiven her.

—Well, well…and now? What do you plan on doing? —Mia knew her friend very well, many times better than she knew herself.

—Move of, of course. —Yoli saw it clearly.

But Mia wasn’t so sure about. She noticed something in Susys story… she was not clear about her intentions.

—truth be told… well… how can I explain it… I have been thinking about it and we have to talk and fix it. We’ve been together so many year. We have a son. We have to try. I have to get my marriage… back.

—What!? What!? What the fuck. Shit. What do you have inside of your brain? Don’t talk nonsense, Susy. —Yoli was screaming and the whole bar could hear her.

—Yoli, control yourself please. That language… —Mia, always polite, was telling her friend to try to be more quiet.

Yoli felt grateful that her friends wanted to hang out with her even though she didn’t have an education. She was always willing to learn and her friends were the best teacher one could ever ask for.

— Oh, yeah! I’m sorry. What king of poop do you have in that head? Is that better?

Mia nodded. It wasn’t the moment to correct her grammar or showed her new words. That was simply Yoli. She had no education but she had more values and loyalty than the biggest vassal in the world. That was enough to love her without conditions.

—You have to understand me. I have a son. I must…

—I must. I must. What the fuck does the kid has to do with any of this? —Yoli was angry but she could feel Mia not being happy about her language.— Sorry. Hell? —she looked at Mia as she was saying “no” with her head.

—Anyway, what does your kid have to do with this? —said Yoli trying to get to the point.

Susy couldn’t believe the question but she had to explain herself.

—Fernando is a teenager. He needs his parents to be together and I’m his mother… Im the one that have to take care of him… I am…

—The one that had been cheated and is allowing this to go on!

—Yoli —Mia screamed for the first time— Don’t be rough!

—I might be rough, but this one is stupid!

—Leave her alone. She is right. —Mia started looking down— I have been cheated.

—And you are letting that happen, don’t forget about that.

—Yoli, that’s enough! Can you tell me what’s going on? —Mia couldn’t understand how mad Yoli was.

—But, can’t you see what she is doing?

—What? —Mia was totally lost. Susy wasn’t talking.

—She is carrying the weight by herself. She is even feeling guilty. She thinks that she has to forgive everything. She feels guilty for his son, for that asshole of her husband and for everybody else. She sees it as a punishment… for been an idiot. That asshole has been making her feel shitty for years and now she sees herself as an ugly person, with no values, strength of personality.

—Stop! Please! Susy, is that true? Do you feel guilty? You?

Susy was trying to hide her look in the darkness of her coffee.

—Susy, please. Look at me. We are like sisters. Look at me, please.

Susy looked her in the eyes and Mia could see the truth behind them. Susy didn’t feel as though she had to be loved or respected. The past was coming back. Yoli was right. How did she not realize that?

—See what I mean? —this time Mia didn’t stop her— She feels like the hunger in the world is her fault.

—Susy couldn’t take it anymore. Life was too hard to, on top of it, have to take this: her friends being so ruff on her.

—Yes! Fuck! If I was a different woman he wouldn’t be messing around with other women! Yes. What do you want me to do? He is my husband. We have a house, a son…where could I go now? What’s going to be of me? Who is going to support me? Who is going to be by my side? Who is going to grow old with me? Who is going to be happy with me? Who…who…

—Is going to love you? —This time Mia was the one to finish the sentence.— Is that it, right? You are afraid. You lost your mother. You lost your father. You suffered as a child and you are afraid. That’s it, right?

Susy started hysterically crying. She couldn’t control herself. She knew what Mia was talking about. Her friend knew all her secrets.

She cried for the treason, she cried for her lack of courage, she cried for her unrequited love, for how unjust life had been with her, but she mostly cried for the wife that just died and the lost woman that was born.

She put her hands in her face, covering it.

“When does life stop hurting you?”

“When does the clock of pain stop?”

“When is the roulette going to stop at the number I chose?”

“Somebody stop the train I want to get off!”

She couldn’t look at her friends. “Poor Susy”, that’s what they were thinking… “everything wrong happens to poor Susy”. Suddenly her rage took over and she couldn’t control herself

—Say it! Come on, say it! Poor Susy! Poor good old silly Susy!

Her friends looked at her knowing exactly what she meant. But they were her friends and they didn’t want to treat her like a victim.

Yoli and Mia wanted a strong Susy, a happy one. And they knew that she existed behind that façade of the submissive wife that Oscar had created over the years. They wanted to see her fight for her happiness, not for her marriage.

Mia and Yoli, understanding her friends need replied.

—Poor Susy? —said Mia

—Poor Susy? —Repeated Yoli.— We are jealous of you. —Mia agreed with what Yoli had just said.

Susy seemed lost and was looking at them like they’d gone crazy.

—What do you mean jealous?

—Yes, we are. Jealous. You are making us really jealous. —Yoli winked at Mia.

—Do you know how many gorgeous men there are out there? —said Mia with a big smile— and you are free. Free to go out and taste a bit of all of them.

—Try, taste, and try and taste again. Yes mam. A sea full of dicks for my friend. Ah! Sorry, penises. —The three of the laughed.

Susy understood what her friends meant, and she loved them because of that. But she had to continue with her plans, of course, without letting them know about them, or they would kill her.

She knew that they didn’t approve of her decision but, what else could she do?

She wasn’t a little girl anymore. She was forty. Live was not waiting on her to make the decisions and change.

The waiter brought another round of coffees and some pieces of homemade lemon pie. When he was about to leave, after dropping the food and drinks on the table Yoli told him

—Juan, you don’t have a girlfriend, do you?

—No, not that I know of. Why?

—Nothing. —And she looked at her friends and continued— See? A sea full of men.

The three of them started laughing and poor Juan left thinking that nobody could ever understand women.


Mia didn’t make it to the door when her phone started ringing. It was Yoli.

—Hello —Mia was listening carefully.

—Of course I don’t believe a word she says. I’m sure she is going to try to get back with that asshole. But, that’s why we are around, to prevent it. —Mia’s smile looked everything but innocent.

—Exactly, my friend. I see you tomorrow at breakfast so that we can plan everything.

Mia hung up the phone completely aware that that was war and they had to rescue Susy from the arms of the enemy. They were like sisters and if God existed He’d better be by their side, cause they were going to move mountains to free their friend. And it that meant playing dirty sometimes, they would do it. They just wanted Susy to get out of that situation once and for all and be happy again.

And like Scarlett in “Gone with the Wind” said “As God as my witness, I’ll never be sad again”. And she smiled while she thought about the reference.

The Pretty Woman plan was in motion.

I’m You, Nico

—I still don’t know how you convinced me to come here. —Susy couldn’t believe that she was in the private gardens of one of Rurik’s most important clients.

—At least you don’t look like a New Year’s Eve decorated duck, like me. —Yoli felt lost. “I would do everything for a friend”, she thought as she looked at the silver colored clothes that Mia had happily lended to her.

—You look beautiful, don’t be silly. —Susy said.

—Well, it might be right that I look ok. But, darling, you look as-to-ni-shing. Men will fall like flies as you walk through the living room. —said Yoli as she made her turn like a ballerina and repeated— Fantastic!

Mia was in charge of the clothing of the three friends. Susy was wearing a wonderful red dress that fell graciously until her ankle. She was showing one shoulder and had a knot on the other one, that made her look even more sexy. Her hair was shining on top of her shoulders and her eyes were perfectly shining in between the make up she was wearing.

“I’m not up for a party”, she thought. But they begged for her to come. It was impossible to say no. Another month had gone by and Oscar was still missing. All she wanted to do is cry.

She thought that this party would be like a super boring reunion. Rurik was always busy talking business with his bosses and poor Mia felt so lonely, and she begged her to come with her, as her best friend.

Mia was more than happy with how things turned out.

The “Pretty Woman Plan” was in motion. Yes, she had to overreact a little bit about this party being boring and Rurik not paying attention to her, but the important thing is that Susy was there. Oh God, she looked like a Greek Goddess with that red dress.

It was funny that the first action on the plan to rescue Susy came from Rurik himself. He told her that Nicolas Bellpuig, the man himself, had called him to ask about Susy and showed interest to invite her to the event in a discrete way. But, how did they meet? That didn’t matter.

That man was single, did sports, had his own company and was handsome. This worked even better than if she’d had planned it.

It was the perfect opportunity for Susy to feel valued and forget about the asshole of her husband.

—Thank God. —She said looking at the sky.— You exist and I promise to go to church this Sunday and be a better woman, more humble, with a better personality and less stubborn. — She smiled at the sky— well, maybe not all of that, but I promise…

—Why are you looking at the sky and can’t stop laughing?

—Nothing, nothing. I was just admiring it. It’s a beautiful night.

—Are you ok?

—I’m great! Let’s go to the living room, I want everybody to see how beautiful my friend is. —Susy didn’t look convinced. Something was up.

—Come on, Yoli is chasing the waiters carrying the cocktails and you know what that means.

—Yes! Its going to be a catastrophe! —Susy replied amused.

—Exactly! Lets go before she drinks everything and there’s nothing left for us.

After no more than three steps Susy hit a man wearing a suit that had no intentions of moving. As she looked at him to see who he was he recognized him. Nobody could forget that beautiful face, that hair, that body, that everything.

—The idiot!

—I rather when people call me Nico, but being you I could make an exception —He was devouring her with his eyes.

—I said it out loud…

—I’m afraid you did, darling —said the man that was next to Nico.— And seeing how well you know my brother, let me introduce myself. I’m Alberto Bellpuig. —And like a perfect English gentleman he grabbed her hand and kissed her in the most gentile of ways.

—He-llo…I’m Susy. —Her voice was shaking, but that man was so…gallant…so different from his handsome brother.

—So you are Susy.

“This was the woman that my brother was so interested to add to the VIP list of the party, now I understand” thought Alberto.

Nico was mute. It wasn’t typical of him.

He was the seducer, the predator, the gentleman. But he couldn’t say a word. Alberto was about to laugh as hard as he could. It was the first time that he saw his brother falling in Cupids hands. It was about time.

Nico was never speechless when he was facing a woman, but this time he could feel something strange about the way he was acting while he said hello to Susy, could he be jealous?

“My little brother is interested in a lady, I’m going to have a lot of fun” he thought.

Nico was furious. What the hell was that about kissing her hand? He showed that trick to him!

—Well, brother. Now that you have shown us that you studied in Cambridge and you are a perfect English gentleman. —His voice sounded too harsh— This is Mia, Rurik’s wife.

—Thanks, but we already know each other. How are you?

—I can’t complain. What bout you gorgeous?

Alberto had become a widower a little bit over two years ago. The few times that Mia saw him at events she felt that he had a profound sadness inside of him, still missing his gone wife.

—Well here I am, with my friend, looking for something to drink. Although it seems as though we can’t reach the waiter.

—That’s unforgivable. —said Nico while he was raising his hand to call on a waiter to serve them. Then he looked at Susy and smiled— I see you are doing better.

—Yes, thank you. —she looked at her feet. “Why is it that every time I talk with this man I get angry or silly? I’m an idiot.”

—Do you know each other? —Mia asked Nico and Susy.


—Yes. —Nico responded.

—Mia was totally confused. She didn’t know what was going on with these two.

—You see, —Nico replied with a funny voice— I was driving my car when our Su jumped…

—I’m not “Your Su” —Who the hell did this man think he was?

Nico continued without paying attention to her comment.

—When “Our Su” jumped in the middle of the street without looking. I stopped as fast as I could and I gently tried to help her but she wouldn’t let me.

—“Gently”? You called me an idiot!

—You too! —Nico continued he story.— So I gently tried to help her…

—What are you talking about? You were worried that I was going to sue you. You are a liar! —Susy was out of control.

—And then without realizing it, when are looks crossed paths in the middle of the street, I noticed that those were the eyes I was longing to see.

—That’s so romantic —Mia whispered.

—That’s so sweet —said Alberto in an ironic tone.

—It…didn’t…happen that way. —Susy was outraged.

—It happened that way for me.

—What is it that you want? —She was so angry. Alberto and Mia were astonished by the things that Nico was saying to her.— You are embarrassing me. Why are you doing this?

—Promise me that you will seat next to me during dinner and hang out with me tonight and I’ll stop. —he whispered in her ear.

—You are threatening me! No way!

—Then Sue told me I was a unique man…

—Stop! Ok! I will hang out with you tonight, but please… Stop!

—Dear brother, dear Mia, if you allow me I want to show Su our gardens.

And without waiting for an answer from them he grabbed her by the and walked towards the gardens.

—Now, that’s how you kidnap somebody —said a happy Mia

—I’m afraid so, darling. My brother is not being subtle at all.

I just hope he doesn’t hurt her. She is special and she deserves to be happy.

—Oh darling, for what I was able to see right now, if someone is getting hurt, that’s going to be Nico. I have never seen him that interested in anybody.

—Then, friend and brother should work together to assure than nobody ends up with his or her feelings hurt and make sure that Cupid hits the target of their hearts —and she winked at him.

Alberto started laughing and responded.

—You can count on me. Is time for that silly man to settle down.

—Perfect. Now help me walk so that my high heels don’t break in this grass while I tell you about the “Pretty Woman Plan”

—Isn’t that movie about a prostitute?

—No man! You men are so simple minded. The theme of the movie is much deeper, is about how love triumphs and deep feelings.

—Oh, of course! How didn’t I notice that before? —and laughing he waited for Mia to grab his arm so that they both could walk into the living room together.

I know You

—I think you can let go now. I’m not going to run away.

—If you did I wouldn’t stop looking for you. Never. —Nico made that clear, he wasn’t talking only about this party.

—I think we should get in. People are probably looking for you. —This man was making her really, really nervous.

—I don’t think so. Plus, I still haven’t showed you my favorite spot near the fountain.

—Your favorite spot? Is there more to it? This looks like the Botanic Garden of Madrid!

Beautiful pines that rounded up the gardens decorated the meadow. In the central zone there were at least twenty apple trees, and each one of them had different-colored-flowers around it. It looked like the Eden’s garden itself. So beautiful.

Oh God! Even the little couple of squirrels, which were looking around for food, seemed perfectly placed by a creator.

—It’s here. Do you see the fountain? My mother used to sit there and listen to the sound of the waterfall hitting the stones.

—It’s beautiful. —Susy was amazed. It was a really amazing work of art. Magnificent.

It was a big waterfall that fell on the center and danced at the rhythm of the lights. Next to eat there was a smaller one, that competed in beauty with the bigger.

—My mother used to love that sounds. She thought that the water drops that fell produced a sound that was capable of curing any sad soul. But it wasn’t true. —he looked really sad.

—You miss her.

—A lot. Every time I come here I can’t stop seeing them both. My mother always sitting in the big stone, smiling at us while she saw us play, and my father sitting next to her, always looking at her. Admiring her. —He continued— You know, he designed the fountain for her. He said that the big waterfall was her, and he was the small one, because his only aim was to be next to her, being protected by her.

—That’s beautiful.

—She died two years ago. But my father comes here at night and throws her a kiss of good night. He is sure that she is saving them and will give them back to him as soon as they see each other again.

Susy, carefully, dried a lost tear, trying to hide it from Nico.

In her world it was impossible for a couple to stay so pure over the years. What about Nico? Was he like his father? He wasn’t as stupid and arrogant as she thought. It looked like he felt every single word that came out of his mouth. He was even showing her feelings that, clearly, he was embarrassed of having.

She misjudged him.

She thought that being so beautiful and rich, he was going to be cold and emotionless. But that wasn’t the case.

He showed her the house, the gardens, his favorite spots, he told her funny stories with his brother… but on top of all that he opened up his heart for her.

How was that possible?

No man would ever to that, or would they?

No, of course not!

And even less with a stranger.

This man wasn’t normal.

He was handsome, polite, educated, affectionate… and she loved it…

“This must finish right now!”

—Look… Nico… I think that you are a great guy… Nice and handsome but…

—You think I’m handsome? —he said with a funny face

—Hm… well… yes… you now… are you smiling? You are an idiot. I’m leaving. —She was so ashamed.

—No. Wait. I’m not smiling cause I think I’m handsome, I’m just realizing how much I like that you think that. —he looked at her with a look that could melt the biggest iceberg on the earth as she hold her with his strength so that she would not escape.

—Well, yes. —She felt the shivers climbing up her spine and throw-out all her body. This man’s fingers gave her the shivers — as…I was saying…I think you are great… thoughtful… and…


—Yes. Handsome. —this time Susy had to smile.— But… you see… I’m not… I don’t want to create false expectations. You seem really direct and I’m not totally free and…

—Totally? That means you are almost free. That’s enough for me. For now. —Nico knew all about Susy and Oscar thanks to Rurik.

His friend was worried about her and wanted to be honest with Nico. He had the fame of a conqueror, a heart breaker, and Rurik and Mia didn’t want to allow Susy to suffer even more than she already had.

He admired that Susy was able to create that big of a friendship with them.

He didn’t want to play with Susy.

Well, now that he thought of it, he was willing to show her a couple of games, but in his house. In his bedroom. His eyes were filled with carnal desire.

No. You don’t understand. —“Why is he looking at me like that?” She was completely blocked. This man was killing her with his look. “Why are my knees shaking?”

—You were married. —Nico was helping her

—I still am

—But you don’t live with him. —He said worried


Nico felt as though the air filled his lungs again.

—But we separated not long ago and I am… —Nico didn’t let her finish. He didn’t want to listen. He was afraid of what Susy had to say.

—You are afraid, hurt and its normal. You just separated from your husband. —Nico was begging for her to admit to that.

—Yes, it might be. But I am —why was so hard to admit to Nico that she was hoping to get back with her husband again?— I have to… —She couldn’t continue. Intelligence had left her brain.

—You must spend the rest of the night with me. Please. —Nico looked like a wolf. He was capturing her. Again.— Su, by now you must have realized that I am desperately attracted to you and that I’m dying to know you.

—I don’t think is ok. —Her cheeks were going to explode if she kept blushing more. “Did he say desperately? Dying?’

—Please, Su. I’m not asking more than tonight. An opportunity. What could go wrong?

—I don’t understand. You have seen me only a couple of times.

—Actually more than that. But that’s a story for another day.

—Why me? —Her voice was just a whisper.

—Because you’ve been in my mind since the moment I saw you. Because your eyes hide a thousand secrets that I want to know. Because your voice relaxes me. Because your hands are the softness that my soul is searching. Because your body shows me a fidelity that I want for me , and only for me. You have doubts and I understand that. But don’t judge me. Let yourself get to know me. Give us a chance. What do you have to lose?

—My heart —Susy let her soul speak this time.

This was his opportunity. She was showing her feelings and he wasn’t going to let this moment go to waste. He grabbed her by the shoulders and kissed her in the forehead. He didn’t want to over do it. He didn’t want to frighten her.

—I’m not going to hurt you. Never. I promise that I want to get to know you. I’ve been waiting around for somebody like you. Your soul is clean, I see it, I feel it. —His voice was soft and their noses were touching each other.

—We don’t know each other. Is impossible. You are wrong. Confused maybe…

—Darling, I’m too old to be confused or wait for weeks to know what I can or can’t feel for a woman. You know, my father always told us that when he met our mother, he saw her across the room and his heart stopped and he couldn’t breath. It felt like he ran the marathon. I always thought it was romantic nonsense that he said just to cheer my mother, but now I’m sure. That is real. They exist. I know it, because I am feeling it right now when I see you. Su, why would I lie to you? I can’t understand it. But I know that knowing you is different. Please. Give us this night. Come on. I only want to have dinner with you. And for you to forgive me when I step on you while we dance…Su…what do you say?

—My father was the only person that called me Su —she said with a profound sadness.

—And he is not with you anymore?

—No. He died when I was a little girl.

—Then, nobody else calls you that. From today on you will be “My Su”.

Nico was shivering inside. She was flushing like a teenager.

This woman was genuine, transparent. This was too good to be true.

—Lets go to the living room. They are going to serve dinner soon and if I don’t show up my brothers are going to be angry to give the speech by themselves. —while he winked at her and took her by the hand wishing she didn’t let go.

She didn’t let go.

Susy, without realizing it, was giving him a chance and he was not going to let that go to waste.

This woman made him shake.

He wanted to protect her.

He wanted to see her laugh.

He wanted to hug her.

He wanted her in his bed, in his life, everywhere.

They were new feelings, inexplicable feelings and made him feel too much to let them go away.

I won’t give up

—Susy, Maybe you want to try to dance with a man like me?

—No, thank you —Nico had to answer for her, he couldn’t resist.

—I think I asked her, not you. —Alberto was having a lot of fun with this situation.

—Let her go brother. They are waiting for you. Your audience is waiting for you. You are the CEO.

—Not because I want to.

—Be that as it may. Go. I will take care of this lady. She must dance with a Big Band expert, and that’s me.

—I’m sorry —said Nico in a funny way.— But that’s my father’s favorite style and here is full of old people…

—Honestly I don’t even know how to dance that. —Susy sounded worried.

—Maybe you want to come with me to give the boring speech — Nico was able to capture her, circle her and convince her with his words. Again.

—No, little brother. You go alone. Go before Dany kills you, you are making him improvise because of your absence.


—Is our older brother. He is really good in public relations but he only like to use them with girls, preferably beautiful ones, and with a, lets say, libertine personality.

—I understand. Are you always so polite?

—Always. —Alberto made a funny reverence.

—Alright. I’ll let you take care of her. You must protect her with your live, brave knight.

—I shall, brother.

—I’ll be right back. —Winking his eye at her and making her blush he left to fulfill his responsibilities.

—Well, my dear friend, can I know what kind of spell have you given to my dear brother? —Alberto was interrogating her while he grabbed her by the waist and made her turn at the rhythm of the music.

Susy couldn’t stop laughing. Alberto was very different from Nico. With him, she felt calm, relaxed. No shakes or shivers, just mutual understanding and a chilled and entertaining conversation.

—I’m afraid that I don’t know what you are talking about.

—Oh, yes, My dear. You know it right. Nico has never publicly shown this affection and interest towards anybody else the way he is doing it with you.

“Could it be true? Was it so evident what was happening to them?”

—Actually, I can assure you, that this pain I feel in my shoulder is caused by my brother’s look right now. He is penetrating me with his eyes, they he does when he sees something he doesn’t like. His eyes look green like a spinach

—That’s absurd. They don’t look like spinaches.

—Oh no? How do they look?

—Is a profound emerald look. With little blue drops. Like a gemstone that has never been polished. —She sighed, she didn’t plan to but it just happened.

—That’s coming from the mouth of a woman that claims not to be interested in my brother, right?


—My dear, don’t worry. Is hard not to sense the sparkles that appear when you guys are together. But I promise not to tell anybody. I think I’m going to enjoy see Nico suffer to conquer a woman. —then he totally changed the tone on his voice and continued— Susy, I like you, but if you hurt my brother, I’m afraid that you will have two brothers really, really, angry at you.

—I’m not going to hurt him. What am I saying? I’m not going to go out with him. I’m not interested. —“even though he is so handsome and makes me shiver” she thought to herself.

—Yes, of course. Well, you know what I mean. If you hurt him, you’ll hurt us all and you must know that Danny and me practice jiu-jitsu. —his tone was everything except frightening.

—You are very united. —It was a statement more than a question.

—Is not just that. You see, Nico looks like he is a regular day-to-day guy. He shows this facade of sports, enjoyment and happiness, but we all know him and we know how he is.

—And how is he? —Susy couldn’t resist but to Ask and Alberto was happy about the interest she was showing.

—Nico is funny, joyful, he doesn’t tolerate injustice. He loves outdoors sports. He is a man full of principles and values. He doesn’t tolerate lies or deceiving. He is always willing to help. You know? When he almost ran over you he was on his way to the center where he gives lessons to kids of disabilities.

—He told you about it?


—The accident.

—My dear, I’m afraid that between brothers there are not many secrets.

—Tell me, then. If you know him so well and he is almost perfect, why is he single? —She was full of doubts.— He is single right?

—Am I sensing some jealousy?

—Not at all! I’m just curious —her answer didn’t seem very believable.

—Yes, of course. There is no one around that is important. Lets say that he is not dumb and he realizes when a woman gets close to him because she is more interested in his body than what’s inside of it. Many women are not interested beyond his car, his CEO position, his blonde hair or…how was it? His green emerald eyes.

—Oh please! I was just comparing them to something.

—Yes, how could I think something else is going on?

But Alberto smile was showing that he had something else in mind.

—Well I think that…we must leave the gossiping for another day.

—What gossiping? —Nico had to come back and get close to her and enjoy as much as he could the night he had with her.

—Nothing important. You know, dresses, shoes, handsome men with interesting eyes…

—Interesting men… is there something I should be worrying about?

Nico couldn’t avoid but to send the question to Susy.

Alberto started laughing hysterically.

—Of course brother. An example of it is talking to you right now. Everybody knows what when I’m around no woman in the world can resist to my charms.

—Yes, of course.

—Beautiful, I’m afraid that I have to keep using my social skills somewhere else. And I actually see my father looking around for some help. It looks as though Mrs. Fernandez is more than willing to kidnap him.

Both brothers laughed.

He grabbed her hand and barely touched it with his lips, and like that he left leaving Nico with a confused face. Alberto was having a lot of fun seeing his brother feeling jealous even of the air that touched her.

He left with a hope. He knew that at least one of the felt love in their hearts. And that was a relief; because his heart was dead since the moment her wife left this world. He always read that love lasts forever and survives time and space, life and death, dust and dawn. He hoped that pain surrendered and he could remember just the love he felt for his passed wife.

If you wanted

—I’m sorry but he studied so many years abroad in England that is impossible for us to get rid of those mannerisms.

Susy laughed.

—My son is studying abroad as well, in Ireland.

—I know.

—How do you know?


—Yes, of course… And I’m guessing that he told you about all the other things —she was showing embarrassment through her eyes.

—No, just the general information.

—But I don’t understand. We’ve seen each other only once.

—I’m afraid not, more than that.

—What do you mean?

—Don’t look at me like that; I’m not a stalker. Lets say that I found myself in the right time and right place.

—You were shopping with a mutual friend on the street and Mia saw me and said hi, you didn’t even see me —Nico showed sadness, like a hurt puppy.— Another time I was playing tennis at Rurik’s house, but you didn’t see me that time either. The last time was at Pablo’s wedding…oh…No…no… the last time was when we had that accident.

—But I still don’t understand…

—Su, please. Don’t do it.

—Do what?

—Some things have no explanation… You see…the sun shines, that’s the way it is. Kids feel the calm when their mother hugs them. Cats are tender. And I melt when I look at your eyes. There’s no explanation.


—I saw you. Several times. It might be luck or destiny, who knows. You are just special to me. Your simple perfume calls for me. My senses pay attention to you, no matter what I do. Your body languages leaves me breathless… Come on. Don’t be a coward. Lets have a coffee, a lunch, an opportunity. Who knows? Maybe a step forward? Something like…a dinner? —He was looking at her like a kid asking for chocolate to his mother before dinner.

—I’m not used to this…I don’t know… —her cheeks were beyond red, she was not blushing anymore, she looked like a tomato.

—Used to what? You are not used to hear that you have the most beautiful eyes? That I want to get lost in them for the whole night and part of the next morning? You are not used to hearing that your dress would drive Saint Peter crazy? Or that just talking to you is like all the sweetness in the world, that I thought was lost, came to me at once without even asking for it…

—Yes… it might be that.

—Well, you better get used to that. —He grabbed her by the hand— because you are a woman that deserves to receive everything and I am willing to give it.

—Nico… you seem like an honest guy, willing… handsome… —she was trying to be cold, but her eyes were giving her away.

—That’s better. —Nico loved to make her laugh.

—Let me finish. —She couldn’t avoid touching his shoulder— You see… I have been married for many years. My life hasn’t been very easy. I don’t think that I’m able to receive affection, I don’t think I’m ready for that. Please! I don’t even think I’ve received true love, except from my son and friends — she sighted trying to control the tears that were fighting their way out of her beautiful eyes.

—Do you want to keep suffering? Do you want to keep being disrespected? —Nico showed all his cards. Defeat was not option.

—You heard about that too? — “Could she feel more humiliated?”

—Yes, I did. And let me just say that I think that you are too smart to think that it was your fault. Nor you or any human been deserves to be treated like that, to have their feelings treated like shit and thrown in the garbage like a dirty piece of paper. You all have the right to love and be loved. It is our choice. It’s your choice.

—Yes, but…

—Please, Su. What about if I give you a challenge?. You give me thirty days.


—Yes, thirty days. Thirty days in which you will accept the way I see you, the way I treat you. You’ll let me show you how a man feels and acts when he truly wants to be with a woman. A month in which I can show you what I se in you, where I can show you how I fell when you are around. A month in which you will be the protagonist and only receiver of my feelings. Give me a month and you will see a man that dies to share your smiles and to erase any wrinkles caused by sadness afflicted upon you. Let me be that man that makes half of the men jealous when they see me walking next to you.

—Just half of the men? —Her voice was hot and daring. A few minutes with Nico and she was a libertine!

Nico laughed out loud.

—Yes. You see, the other half is already committed so you wouldn’t want to be the reason for those breakups, right? Come on Su, just thirty days. A month. If you get tired of me, if I bore you, if I make you uncomfortable or I don’t interest you, the thirty-first day you wont see me ever again. Just a month. Not all men are the same.

—This can’t be happening to me.

—What? Having a dazed man begging you for a shot? I’m afraid it is happening…

—I’m going to regret this —she said biting her lower lip.

—Is that a yes?

—Yes… but, what are you doing!?

Nico grabbed her by the waist and raised her like if she was a little girl.

—Put me down. They are looking at us —Her body was asking for the opposite of her words.

He put her down slowly. Their bodies were slowly rubbing each other. He was strong, safe and made her shiver.

This didn’t seem right but it felt too good to maker her have any doubts. He was holding her by the waits and it feel great.

Susy’s face was facing strong torso, too hot and was making her burn as well, only like an eager woman would.

—Su. —Nico’s voice was a whisper that seemed to awake her from beautiful dream— Can you look at me, please?

She raised her head and their eyes found each other. They were so close that their breathing mixed. She could feel his heart beat. Their rhythms became one.

—Babe, forgive me.


—For this —He grabbed her by chin and with two fingers he pushed her towards his lips and devoured her.

Blood is not the only uniting thing.

—You finally open the door, we’ve been out there so long that people started thinking that we were two Greeks statues. Like that “Ursula”

—Medusa. Her name was Medusa, not Ursula. And she was a Goddess —Mia always came to rescue her friend.

—Well… Ok… That one… But lets cut to the chase. Tell us about everything that happened last night.

Yoli didn’t like to waste time and she always went straight to the point. She rapidly walked towards the couch in the living room.

—We bring coffee —Mia was showing the three covered cups as she walked in.

—Can I know what are you doing here so early?

—It’s 8am and we have been wondering for hours what the hell happened. We hat to control ourselves not to show up in the middle of the night. So stop the nonsense, take the coffee a piece of pie and start talking.

Susy started stirring the coffee, taking her time. She looked at Mia and started talking.

—Maybe is you girls who have to tell me about some details.

The two of them looked at each other with a surprised look. Susy continued.

—For example, why was I at that party? Better so, why didn’t my dear friends let me know what was awaiting for me?

—Oh come on. Yeah, sure. Tell you that a guy hotter than Clooney wanted to be with you?

Trying to soften Yoli’s words, Mia continued:

—Susy, if we had told you that a polite, sweet, handsome man had been stalking my husband just to meet you, would you have come to the party willingly? Would you have giving him a shot? Would you have given you a shot? I don’t think so.

—You know I wouldn’t have. But you are my friends… you should’ve…

—Come one, stop saying nonsense and tell us what happened. We lost you at the beginning of the party and then we couldn’t find you, we were so worried when we say you in the garden with that handsome man that we exchanged the fear for jealousy. —Sarcasm was dropping out of Yoli’s words.

—Did you see me in the garden?

—Not much —Mia was trying to help her friend.

—No, not much. We just saw those strong arms holding you with such strength that you must have lost 4 pounds.


—Oh please! We are grown up women. That man is so hot that we could just put it in a piece of bread and eat it. She is separated, a free woman and she deserves a man that makes her go crazy.

The three of them started laughing hysterically.

—Well, if you put it like that —Mia responded— start talking, don’t leave anything out.

Susy told them about everything that had happened, including the thirty days proposal.

—And? You told him yes —Mia was so nervous.

—Yes. But now that I think about it… I’m not too sure

—You are not too sure! The most handsome man, the smartest, the most educated man in Madrid and you are NOT TOO SURE! Hold me! I’m going to strangle her! —Mia didn’t trust Yoli’s rage so she held her arm for a second.

—Yoli, understand it. It’s too soon.

—Too soon for what!? Is too late to leave that pig that wash cheating on you with that whore, with Rurik’s cousin and with everything that wore a skirt.

—Yoli! —Mia tried to shut her friend up, but the harm was done. Another truth came to light. Another lie. Another infidelity and more pain for Susy to deal with. It wasn’t fair.

—What did you say? Rurik’s… That’s not true! Mia tell her that that’s not true! —The tears didn’t allow her to continue — Please… Mia… please… ple…—her voice started to get lost in desperation. Mia was crying too.

—I’m sorry.

—Why didn’t you tell me?! Why didn’t you say anything…

—It happened a Pablo’s wedding. I found out, it was a coincidence. I didn’t want to make you any more sad. —Tears didn’t let her continue.

—How could you? I will never forgive you!

Mia felt so bad. She was more of a traitor than Judas. But het intentions weren’t bad. She just didn’t want to afflige more suffering in her poor friend.

Susy felt defeated. The new lies that had come to light had made her feel tiny again. Her hopes and dreams that something better was about to happen were vanishing. She wanted to un away immediately but her legs would not answer to her commands.

Yoli wasn’t very educated but she knew people too much to realize what was about to happen and she wasn’t going to allow it. Her friends were not going to grow apart, and much less because of that pig’s actions. No, never. “Over her dead body”

—Susy —She tried to sound calm— I’m sorry to talk as much as I do. I’m a silly woman and I never know when to shut up, I could talk under water, but please don’t be angry at us. You know we love you. We are the sisters that life didn’t give you. Mia and I would go until the end of the world for you if that would make you happy. There is only one person to blame in this story. And it’s not me or Mia. —She hugged her and softly touched her head —We love you so much that we hate every tear that comes out of those eyes, because he made you suffer. But… the decision to be with him or not be with him is, and will always be, yours. The rest of us are only spectators in a movie that we can’t change, even if we’d like to.

—I know.

Mia was crying alone in a corner of the couch. She was frozen. She couldn’t move. Susy sighed and she reached her hand and held it

—Don’t you ever hide anything from me again? It doesn’t matter how bad it is.

Yoli ran to hug them both. She couldn’t feel more proud of her friends.

—I promise

—Well, not that we’ve gotten that out of the way. —Yoli cleaned her tears— You are going to tell us if everything in his body is as hard as it seems —The three of them laughed historically while they drank coffee.


Yoli and Mia looked at each other without understanding their friend.


—Yes, I’m sure about giving him the thirty days and… yes everything is as hard as a rock.

The three of them went from tears to euphoria in less then a second.

—Then lets have a toast for our man —Yoli raised her cup— and for his hard parts!

—Yes, yes!

—You guys are too much! —Susy seemed to have hope, finally.

The three of them kept talking and laughing until, suddenly, they heard a sound from WhatsApp. It was Susy’s phone.

“Good morning, I just woke up and I’m dying to see you. A coffee?

—Hum… can I know who sent you that text? —Mia didn’t need an answer for that, Susy’s eyes were shining so much that they were an open book.

—What is he saying?

—He wants to grab a coffee.

Yoli grabbed all the coffees from her friends and dropped then in the garbage.

—What are you doing?

—Say yes. We are out of coffee —Then she grabbed Mia by the arm and dragged her to the door— We are leaving.

—Girls! —They both stopped.

—I love you.

—And we love you, darling. —they screamed from outside— but go shower! Enjoy and don’t say “no” to anything because everything he wants to give you is only half of what you deserve. —Mia threw her a kiss.


—Oh Yes!!!

—Yoli! Why are you screaming and jumping like a crazy groupie?

—I’m dying! Run! Oh God! He is on his way. Go shower. Now!

Only you can see me

“How can he be so handsome just wearing some jeans and a t-shirt?”

It was humanly impossible that a simple pair of jeans could make a man look better. Nico wasn’t from this planet. At least he wasn’t from the part of the planet she usually walks around.

She and the rest of the mothers, running around, trying to complete the list of chores they have to do, never came across men like this. She too another discrete look at him from top to bottom only to realize that he definitely wasn’t the kind of men one would encounter on their day-to-day life, for example at the supermarket or at school waiting for the kids to finish.

Nico wasn’t from this particular world, no he wasn’t.

He had a beautiful carefully messy hair. His waist wasn’t large or small, just wonderful.

His legs looked at first skinny, bust as he moved for a little bit he showed muscles that would give envy to any human on earth. His white shirt was making his tanned skin even more noticeable. You could see that he invested hours and hours in practicing sports outdoors. But that wasn’t all. His sleeves were tucked up until the elbows, showing those strong arms, capable of consoling any broken heart.

“Oh God. Susy close your mouth, you look like a retard! Stop drooling and thinking about… that wet hair and… that beautiful blonde rebel lock… that’s falling in his forehead, so warm, so unmanageable, and that scent that comes from it… what could it be? Wood… herbs… leather?”

“May God help me! It’s impossible to be facing him and not want to be hugged by those arms. Stop Susy! Stop now! You are an adult woman. You can handle it you can, repeat, you can…

—Of course you can. But, do you need God to decide between a coffee and a tea? Su, are you ok? —Nico wasn’t understanding anything that was going on.

—Yes —“I’m not only drooling but I’m also a fool that daydreams out loud— I’m great.

—Do you feel like brunch from the menu? It’s a bit late for a breakfast and I’m starving.

—Hm… yes, sure.

—Are you sure you don’t have a fever. —He placed his hand on her forehead— You are warm and you seem… lost —Nico was starting to worry about her mind; she was all over the place.

—I’m divine —“well, if you take into account that my legs are shaking and my heart goes 200 miles an hour and I could jump in your arms, I would…”— I’m perfectly fine.

—Great! Cause I’m so glad to have you form me, you are all mine —He could hide his joy.

“Oh God. Now that. That perfect Hollywood-smile. Where does this man come from? Handsome, thoughtful, joyful and knows how to eat.”

—Are you going to eat all that? —She wanted to talk about unimportant things so that she didn’t have to think about his smile.

—I’m afraid so. Last night I was at a party with a girl from a dream and I was so distracted that I didn’t grab a bite all night. Her eyes made me lose myself and forget about everything —he winked at her.

—Oh… maybe that girl was trying to give you space but you wouldn’t let her? —Susy was quickly learning how to flirt back to Nico’s sentences.

—Or… maybe… maybe… the little lady and I could feel how strong my arms were while they were hugging her and the amazing scent that was coming out of her body when my hands touched her and brought her next to me? —Nico’s body was leaning towards the table and was almost touching Susy’s forehead— Maybe we could only thing about touching each other, not eating?

She couldn’t avoid blushing when she remembered about the kiss they had in the garden, that wonderful, perfect, kiss.

—Plus, a man my size needs to stay strong. You never know when you have to wrap a beautiful girl with your body and protect her while she is alone in a garden only illuminated by the moon. —He was being a little bit of a tease but she loved to see how her cheeks got red as from the embarrassment she felt. Plus, she started biting her lower lip, and that made him go crazy. Her lips were wet and humid and he could only think about biting them until she sighed.

Susy couldn’t talk. She was mute. Literally mute. Nico thought that he should leave flirting for later. Susy wasn’t one of his conquers, she was different and he was going to give her all the time she needed. He was trying to break the ice and make her forget about his last words. It was too soon to jump her and put her on the table and eat her bite by bite and make her cry asking for more and the he would open her shirt and… better to think about other stuff. Right now!

—You know, in a couple of hours I have to teach class to the kids


—Yes. Didn’t you know about it? I teach a group kids in the sports center of the village. Today we have climbing lesson and I guarantee you that I have to be in form to deal with those kids. They are able to wear off any teacher in less than a week. —He had a happy tone in his voice. One could she that that made him happy

—I thought you ran your own company. Do you work as a teacher?

—Not exactly. My legal work is my family’s company but my heart is with sports. I spend my free time as a teacher for kids with disabilities. I try to teach them the values of life through outdoor sports.

—Such as?

—You see, when we climb, every member of the team has to take care of the other. Comradeship is essential in the mountain. Group work and the consequences of not being united shows them how important is to have somebody that supports them, protects them. Our classmate trusts us and we trust our classmate, that’s our motto.

“Handsome, smart, loving… Keep going” Susy thought. “God! You must be having a great time up there. Why are you doing this to me? Nooo! How am I supposed to get out of this without my feelings hurt? I’m already mad about him! He is amazing outside and now it turns out that inside too!”

—Are you sure you’re ok? Is like suddenly you are miles away.

—Yes, I was just thinking about how some one that has everything, like you, gives time to kids that not even their own fathers give.

—That’s why! My parents gave us so much that sometimes I think that life is just luck. Like fate made the game and decided in which place or family you are born. Is like a lottery, sometimes you win it sometimes you don’t.

—That is true. Not all of us won the lottery when we were born… —Susy couldn’t hide how sad she felt when she said that.

—Exactly. That’s why. I just want to give them a little bit of what I was lucky enough to receive. My parents loved each other and loved us unconditionally and that’s what I want to do in my life. And, I love kids and see how they grow up and improve as people, I love those smiles when they see me coming. They don’t even know it, but they give to me a lot more than I give to them.

Suddenly Susy felt as though she wanted to know more about this man. Nico was a lot more than a pretty face. And she wanted to get to know him. She wanted to know all his secrets. She wanted to know everything.

—Do you live with your brothers?

—What? No, thanks. I can’t stand my brothers —he moved his mouth weirdly.

—I don’t agree. Last night I thought that Alberto was a charming and polite man. He is very pleasant and has a great conversation.

—That’s what I mean, unbearable. —His lips moved with a curve— But he is not as handsome as me… is he? —He couldn’t miss a chance to see that shining in Susy’s eyes

—Again with that? Well, now that you mention it. Yes, he is. He is handsome, I’m afraid that he is really handsome. —Her gestures were firm. Nico started laughing. Was she trying to make him jealous? It was plain to see that her comment didn’t cause the effect she wanted. Nico was an expert man on conquers and flirting.

—Yes, my dear. Su, we are a family of handsome man. But let me tell you a secret —and he brought his lips close to her ear— his feet smell ever since he was a kids.

—Nico, please! —she laughed out loud.

—Alright, come on. I want to drop you at home safe and sound before I have to go. Otherwise I could kidnap you and put you in my car and you’ll have to call the police and my only chance would be confessing.

—Confessing what? —She was going along with the game.

—I would tell them that I’m guilty. I can’t be apart from you. I enjoy every moment by your side and if they let me I would kidnap you again as many times as I could

—Nico, are you always like this?

—How? Funny? Sharp? Smart? Attractive? Irresistible?

—Please, enough. —She couldn’t stop laughing— Don’t you take anything seriously?

—You, just you.

Susy had no words to say.

—And now? What are you thinking about? You eyes always tell me everything and say the truth.

—I was thinking that, for some reason… I don’t know. Now that I’m talking with you, is like this Nico has nothing to do with the one that was giving the speech in last night’s party.

Nico was so happy. He was almost jumping. Her. Su. She seemed to have understood him in just a few days.

—You see, you like outdoors sports, you like to help, its plain to see that you care about social causes. And if I sum to that your casual look and flirty tone… It doesn’t feet with a man that runs an international company…

Please… Nico could feel how his fart was beating out of control. He was right all along. This woman was different. The difference he had been looking all along. The difference that made her see him the way he truly was. A man that wanted to love and be loved without limits, without conditions. A love that meant more than a big house, a convertible o a silly company.

A love where a couch, a blanket and their bodies together, giving heat to each other was the only important thing in their lives. Apart from his parents and siblings, no one else had ever been able to see what was inside of him. Except her. Su.

The women he used to hang out with only saw the cars, the expensive dinners and an apparently handsome man. But he felt a lot more than that. He wanted the true love, the one that he saw in his parents while growing up. That was the reason he liked kids so much. They were actually capable of knowing him, seeing him for what he was. And they give him love without asking anything in exchange.

—What I don’t understand is why are you the CEO?

—You see, I wasn’t suppose to be. That role corresponded to my brother Alberto, but when his wife died, he just couldn’t do it anymore. He loved her so much and those weren’t easy moments for any of us. We lost our mother, we lost the love of his live… It was just too hard to deal with it. Lets say that somebody had to be in charge of the situation and I was passing by.

—I understand —Alberto was a very handsome man but talking to him she saw that sadness that afflicted him. That type of sadness that only people that suffered a lot showed. And Susy knew a lot about that.

—At first I thought it was only going to be for a couple of months but then, lets say that times goes fast and I don’t like it but, of course, I don’t want to pressure Alberto. Time will help him heal all that pain and I will always be here for him.

He grabbed her hand and couldn’t avoid to caress her.

—Su, do you have anything to do in the next couple of hours?

—Right now? No, I’m alone. Why are you asking that?

—Then its decided. —he grabbed her by the hand and made her stand up.


—We are going to the sports center. You are going to love it!

—But I’m not ready!

—You look beautiful! Plus you have to show why a beautiful woman kidnapped me and made me be five minutes late. Those kids are really judgmental if I don’t give them an excuse. Su, they might try to kill me! —and he grabbed her by the hand and didn’t let go.

—I guess I can do that for you… —She had the biggest smile in the whole world, she couldn’t say anything else. Also, the longer she was with him the more woman, sensual and attractive she felt.— Then, you don’t want to kidnap me?

—Darling, for now I’m just going to get that beautiful smile, those sweet lips, and put them in a trunk where only I have the key to get it… And then, with time, I will conquer your beats of passion, your shakes of love, your salty skin from desire, your warm body from the touch of my hands… and then yes, I will kidnap you and you will be only mine.

And with no warning he kissed her with the desperation of a man that knows that she, and only she, is the woman he had been waiting all along.

It’s Love

A week later…

A week ago she couldn’t stop crying due to the many treasons she received from an unfaithful husband, who showed no interest in anything and just nagged her. She lived in an endless sea of lies and infidelities.

But, somehow, now she found herself, in a matter of a week, laughing while she listened to Nico’s jokes.

She didn’t know how it happened, but she found herself there, in Nico’s house, in the living room. Waiting for to have dinner, his “amazing and intriguing special recipe”, which he did tell her what it was.

He offered her a glass of wine and left as fast as he could. He didn’t let her get close to the kitchen.

What was he up to? Better not to think about it.

But there it was again in her lips: that massive smile provoked by the mere thought of Nico.

It was proving her that it was true, those tales women talked about happiness and true love.

Was that happening to her?

Was it possible for a woman to feel loved, happy and respected without the shade of fear flying on top of her head, warning her that she is about to get hurt?

Could it be that a man could replace so much pain for joy in the heart? Could a heart like hers be fixed that fast?

Could it be true, what her friends said, about true love and the happiness of feeling love by someone that sees you and only you? Someone who needs you and has eyes for no one else.

Someone that doesn’t ask for anything, he just gives with all his heart.

Could a woman with experience fall in love just by a simple smile, a hug, a caress and dinner?

—Here I am! —Nico showed up like a winner with a big bowl which contained a roasted chicken.

It looked great but it was still a chicken, a simple and common roasted chicken. But he looked so proud with his roasted bird, so Susy just kept smiling while he got closer to her.

—It has a side of mashed pumpkin that I made myself —“Was he really so proud for preparing chicken and mashed pumpkin?”

He immediately served her a plate but he couldn’t take his eyes off her, like a kid looking for his mother’s approval.

—Do you like it? —He looked extremely worried.

—Of course! It is so good!

What else could she say? She was thinking about seafood, vaporized vegetables or something… more exotic?

Nico was so different from what one could see at plain side. He was the son of business men, with money, cars, a massive house… but there he was: barefooted and wearing a simple shirt while proudly serving his roasted chicken.

—Thank you. —Nico felt relieved by her answer. He wanted and needed his girl’s approval.— I also have dessert.

He seemed so eager to show his culinary abilities that Susy just went along with it and decided not to joke about it.

—And, could I know what it is? —She answered with a serious face.

—I’m afraid is just a chocolate ice cream with strawberries. I’m not good with dessert recipes.

He put the face of a young devastated kid. “I’m going to eat him, he is so cute”, Susy thought.

—I love ice cream

—Me too —Susy was so happy.

They both talked and laughed like hours and time didn’t exist. Like they were the center of the universe and everything turned around them. It looked as though everything was meant for them to be together.

Everything was easy with Nico.

It didn’t matter what problem faced him, he always found a positive solution to everything. He never used words as a tool to fill the awkward silences. With Nico, silences were pleasant.

Hours went by without them realizing.

—Lets go


Nico smiled.

—I’m not going to take advantage of you. I just want to show you the terrace.

—Sorry —Susy looked down.


Susy sat back again in the couch and couldn’t do anything else than cover her face with her hands.

—Su? What’s going on? I thought that we were having a lovely evening

—Yes, of course. Is beautiful. Food is amazing, you are amazing… —her tears ran through her fingers and over her face.

—Then, why are you crying?

—Nico… Nico… I… —She needed to be brave.— You are a great man.

—Thanks, but you already said that.

—Please don’t interrupt me. You are a great man. When I’m with you hard things become easy. I haven’t stopped smiling since I met you. I have been unhappy for so many years that today I realized how important it is to feel alive. And that’s, also, thanks to you. But I… I don’t know what to do…

—Then don’t do anything. Just live. Live and smile for me.

Nico got slowly close to her. He was afraid of scaring her but desired her so much that his body was burning. He kept looking at her eyes while he grabbed her chin and kissed her. He wanted to be delicate. She was scared, but his needs didn’t let him think.

His mouth started devouring hers without thinking. His kisses weren’t soft, but they couldn’t be, he had been waiting for that moment too long.

He needed to know that she wanted him and this was the best test he could think of.

Having her, seeing her but not touching her had turned him into a saint, and he wasn’t willing to keep going like this. He wanted her body and her soul.

His hands ran across her body like a thirsty man in an endless spring.

He needed to stop. He needed to know that she completely accepted him. Without fears or emotional resistance.

He took a deep breath.

He separated his lips from hers and looked her directly in the eyes. Their noses were touching each other with the tip.

—Su, smile, live and love for me.

Their hearts were rapidly beating.

His desperation to having her was extreme, but he needed to wait.

He needed to know that she was allowing him to love her.

He needed a look or approval, a word, something…he needed it.

—Su, baby. —His voice went off and he couldn’t finish— I want to love you.

—Shh… Don’t talk. Nico.

—Yes, darling?

—Love me. —And she hugged him and grabbed his head and started kissing him with all her life. With a life that only a warm woman could offer.

—Yes my life… yes… Let me love you. I want to love you.

Susy smiled.

—Oh God, you drive me crazy

He kissed her with passion while he took her to the bedroom. He couldn’t wait any longer. She had to be his. His skin was on fire with the necessity of touching her.

He put her in the bed and took of his chair without taking his eyes off her. She was about to take off her collar when he stopped her.

—Don’t you even think about it! I`ve been dreaming of this for a long time. — Nico started to take off every piece of clothes she had and putting it in the ground until she was completely naked.— You are beautiful. —He kept touching her face and every corner of her beautiful and amazing body. His body pushed her against the bed and it felt great. It was spectacular.

—Nico… —She panted and she realize that she was being too shameless, but it didn’t matter. It was Nico.

Everything was allowed with Nico. Everything was ok.

—Su, my beautiful. Please, look at me. —She obeyed and that was the last moment she managed to keep the sanity.

That night their bodies became one with the pleasure. They didn’t rest until they fell asleep, only to awake in a life of true love. The tiredness left them hugging each other in a dark room where they could only hear their breathing bodies, exhausted from the passion, sleeping and rocked by a happy Cupid.

—Good morning beautiful —Nico couldn’t stop touching her hair.

—Good morning.

—How are you?


—My love, I don’t know if I’m fully recovered but I can try again —and he got on top of her.

She was laughing out loud.

—Nico, stop. I was talking about breakfast!

—Are you sure? Because I think that if you give me a couple of minutes…

—I’m sure. —She didn’t want to admit it but she also felt tired. Last night was really, really tiring.— Can I shower?

—Of course. You will find everything you need in the bathroom. While you shower I’m going to make brunch: pancakes and scrambled eggs. Do you feel like that?

—I think that’s great. —Nico grabbed her hands and pushed her against him before she reached the bathroom.

—My love… I think that that shower is going to have to wait… a little bit longer. —he bit her neck and sighed— I’m hungry of you.

What he said was going to be “a little bit longer” turned out to be a full amazing hour with a lot of movement Susy thought while she was drying her hair.

How long had it been since the last time she had sex? Who knows the exact amount of time. Oscar and her were always tired or fighting, she remembered.

While she was getting dressed she noticed the marks Nico left in her breasts and she smiled. It was definitely a long time since she had sex… or caresses… or kisses… its better not to think about it.

Oscar had been disappeared for months and luckily they were going to be fully and legally separated soon. Time had made her see that having a son or family was not enough to stay in such an unhealthy marriage.

There were only ashes left from that matrimony and now she could see that clearly. With Nico’s help she left the bathroom with a clearer mind.

—I’m wearing this shirt that I found in your room. That’s ok, right?

Bother? Oh please! Her humid hair was falling through her shoulders. The shirt was covering only a small part of her legs, leaving the thighs and calf’s out. It was a glorious image.

—Baby, I think that I’m going to leave that shirt always out so that you can wear it just for me. —And he grabbed her by the hand— I think that is better if you come have breakfast before I jump all over you again. I think we need a break…

—It’s impossible —Susy smiled— You must be half dead.

—Do you want me to prove it to you? —And when he was trying to reach out to her something interrupted him.

—What was that?

—The doorbell.

—Are you waiting for someone?

—Not that I know of

Before he could open the door, a tall guy came in without notice.

—I finally find you. Poor Gloria has been desperately looking for you. She needs the contracts for Instatad ca… Susy?

—Hello Alberto.

—Eh? I thought you were alone.

—Well, you can see I’m not.

Alberto looked at them half surprised half curious.

Nico never brought women to his place. Never. He always found different ways. That was his sanctuary and no one other than family was allowed to go there.

—Well, I’m going to get changed. —She said realizing that she was only wearing that shirt and was half naked.

—There’s no need. Alberto, come with me to the room, I’ll give you the papers and you leave.

His muscles were tense from the anger he was feeling from the interruption so he left the room with his brother following him closely.

—She is here! Here! In your house?

—You are so sharp, brother. You figured it out. Is that intelligence genetic?

—Don’t be an idiot. You know exactly what I mean. You brought her here, to your home? Your sanctuary, your free-of-dates place.

—She is not a simple date.

—What does she think about it?

—About what?

—Your feelings

—We haven’t talked about it.

—Brother, she just got separated from her husband. She’s been through a lot and you should…

—Take your contracts and leave. —Nico didn’t want to listen to that anymore.

—Ok, but be careful.

—I don’t think that she is going to murder me in my sleep. —He was getting angry.

—No. But you are in love and that can hurt a lot if its not corresponded.

—Why are you telling me this? It seems as though this bothers you. —Nico let himself fall on top of the chair in his desk.

Alberto touched his shoulder to show him support in every way.

—Nico, I’m your older brother and I love you. Don’t you ever say that again, that’s silly. The only thing I meant was that everybody can tell that you are crazy in love with her and that she has a past of suffering and you should work as hard as you can in making her fall in love with you. You have to work all the time on this, no pause. You have to show her that respect and true love exists and that you are capable of giving it to her.

Nico looked at him feeling a little bit embarrassed. Alberto continued.

—Susy is not going to be an easy conquest and you have to give everything you have. I trust in you. You know what? I like her. So, little brother, go get her! Conquer her like only you know, because I want her in our family, and seeing the stupid face you make every time you see her, I don’t accept a defeat! You must do it!

Alberto hugged him and gave him a couple of pads in the back, stronger than usual.

—And, by the way, how was it last night? I hope you left our family name in a good place. —Alberto was making fun of him. They had never been angry with each other for more than 10 minutes.

—I’m not going to talk.

—Well, then I’ll ask her. —And he walked towards the living room


—See you later Susy. I hope I see you again soon.

And he left, leaving Nico with clear objective: “Bring that woman into our family, don’t accept a defeat.”

Nico smiled… Susy was wonderful. She reached his deepest parts and was able to see him for the man he was, beyond the materialistic things. Nobody before her managed to accomplish such a thing.

He also wanted Susy in his life and he was willing to use all the weapons he had. He loved her too much to even think about it.

—What are you doing? —Nico was laying her down in the couch, slowly, while taking off her shirt.

—I haven’t had breakfast and I’m starving.

Castle of Cards

A month. They had been together for a month, Susy though while she was touching Nico’s hair.

—I told you that I love when you do that.

—Touch your hair? No. —She responded laughing

—You are a little liar. But I’m going to allow it. I love it when you caress me. I love having you in between my arms, smelling your hair, enjoying the softness of your skin. I love that it rains and I’m happy just watching TV by your side.

—That’s really beautiful

—I love you.

Words came out of nowhere. He didn’t even think about it. He had been saying that to her every time they made love, but only in his mind. Silently. It was a secret. But his heart couldn’t take it anymore. The words just left from his mouth.

She was speechless. It wasn’t the reaction that Nico was hoping for but he tried to be honest. Now it was too late to go back.

—Su, I love you. I always thought that this was never going to happen to me. But here I am admitting that I love you. I want you in my life. I need you. You have given me something that I’ve never had and I can’t lose.

—And that’s…

—I live for you. I want to wake up, go to work and I want to live because I know that you are around, waiting for me to love you.

—Nico I’m afraid of…

—Why, my love? What do you fear?

—I… I…

—Say it… please… Su… —Nico sounded nervous, he was whispering.

—I also fell in love with you.

Nico didn’t hear anything else after that. He jumped on her and gave her hundreds of kisses. She loved him. She had feelings for him. The sky could fall, he didn’t care. She loved him. Just him.

—Say it again. —Nico couldn’t breath

—I love you.

—You are killing me, darling. You are driving me crazy with love. I want you all for me. —He was about to take her to bed when the phone rang.

—Hi baby, how are you?

—Oscar? What do you want.

—You thought I was going to sign those stupid divorce papers your lawyer sent me?

—You have to sign them.

—Baby, I’m your husband and you know that you and I will always be together.

—You were unfaithful. I’m tired of your lies and your manipulations.

—Baby, I’ve changed. We have a son. We need to talk.

—Now? How long has it been since you last called us? How long since we haven’t heard from you!? What happened with that woman that was… confusing you?

—That’s over —he responded in a whisper.

—Well, I’m sorry. I don’t care.

—Babe, we have to talk. You have to give me that. Susy, please, if not for me do it for our son. Lets meet at home, I’m going there right now.

—Noooo! Lets meet at the bar in the square. —she couldn’t face Nico and Oscar meeting each other.

—But, babe…

—In the bar.

—Ok, I’ll see you in the bar. Susy?


—I love you and I’ve missed you.

Susy hang up and threw the phone with rage to the ground. She couldn’t listen to that anymore.

“He missed her. He loved her. What kind of man was he? After disappearing for months now he comes back and says that he loves her. What was going to happen again? He was going to be forgiven again? “

—It was him, right?

Oh God. Nico was there. She had so many things in her head that she had completely forgotten about him.


—You are going to see him

—Nico… understand me… please… I have to talk.


—He wants to see me.

—I can imagine that —Nico was really tense. The vein in his neck was about to explode.— You have a lawyer

—Nico, please. I owe it to him.

—Nooo! You don’t owe him anything. He cheated on you for years. He left. He disappeared with another woman. You don’t owe him anything. What does he want? To say he’s sorry? To tell you that he wants to get back with you like nothing happened? Again…

—Please Nico, we have a son.

—He abandoned him too.

—Nico, please. We are just going to talk. —Susy tried to get near him but he didn’t let her. He grabbed his jacked. He was furious and the jealousy was consuming him.

—Well, you have a date and I don’t want to get in the way. You probably want to get ready. Its better if I leave.

—It’s not like that. Is not a date.

—And how is it, Su?… You are with me, I tell you that I love you, that I’m dying for you, that I want to give you all the love that a man is capable of giving and you leave because you owe something to that shitty person? I better leave before I make you be late.


He didn’t turned around, while he was leaving he just said:

—Do you want me to call you tomorrow?

—Please —Susy was begging.

Nico nodded and left.

Susy sat down in the couch and started crying inconsolably.

Oscar showed up out of nowhere. And he wanted to get back together. Of course he did. That’s what he’s always done. He cheated on her, he apologized, told her he loved her and that was all.

But this time was different. Nico was in her life.

He just told her he loved her and she was going to see his ex without thinking about Nico.

But, what else could she do? Oscar was her son’s father. The least she could do is listen to what he had to say. But why did she feel so bad?

Her heart wanted to run and look for Nico. Hug him, tell him she was sorry and tell him that she loved him too. Confess that she was only happy with him. That when he loved her she could feel the clouds floating around her.

She’d hurt him. She could see it in his eyes. He looked like a hurt wolf. Very hurt. Susy cried harder. She just hurt the person that least deserved it in the world and she was to blame for that.

—Wow. It must be bad

—What are you talking about!

—At dad’s bar, with the lights off. Wet eyes and 3 vodkas?


—What happened? —Alberto sat in the couch that was facing his brother.

—She’s with him.

—What? She’s back with her ex?

—No. They are talking in the coffee spot. He doesn’t want to sign the papers. He wants to see her.

—Oh God. You scared me so much I almost die. Ok, that seems relatively normal.

—Normal? What are you talking about? I just told you she is talking to him about God knows what and you think is normal!

—Well, Nico. Even though your jealousy is blinding you, you have to understand that he is her ex; they have a son together and is normal that they talk about stuff. It makes sense.

—But, about what? What if he asks her to get back together…? —Nico let himself sink in the couch.— You know… she was sitting next to me in the couch. I told her I loved her… we are about to make love and she left me… to see him.

Nico finished the rest of the vodka he had in the glass and he was about to serve another one when Alberto stopped him.

—Brother, stop. Lets go to your room. You are making a bid deal out of this. When couples break up they have to talk about a lot of stuff.

—No! I want another drink!

—You are so drunk you can’t even serve yourself another drink. Come let me help you, I’ll take you to your room.

—No. I’m going home.

—No, you’re not. Dad would love to see you sleep in your old room.



—I told her. That I loved her. That I loved her beyond reason. —His voice was so low that it was difficult to understand him.

—What did she say?

—That she loved me. Alberto! She said she loved me but she left with him

—Nico, she didn’t leave with him. —“I hope”, he thought. Otherwise his brother was going to suffer a lot and he didn’t deserve it.

—Do you think that she wants to get back with her?

—I don’t know, but the important thing is that she doesn’t want to get back with him. And you need too look good to avoid that. Brother, now you have be stronger than ever, do you understand me? Fight for the woman you love. Show her the difference between a guy like you and a cockroach like him. Fight for your true love. Death took away from me the thing I loved the most and I couldn’t fight it. But you can, brother. Rest. Tomorrow she will need you and you must be there for her. Now, lay in bed and rest.

Nico seemed to fall asleep before he reached the mattress. But before Alberto left the room he heard his brother calling him



—Thanks, brother.

—You are welcome. You deserve it.

And he closed the door before Nico could say anything.

We Are a Marriage

—Hi, baby.

—Can you stop calling me that? It disgusts me.

—You used to like it.

—That was before. Tell me what you want and leave. I have things to do.

—You seem to be in a hurry. Is someone waiting for you? Maybe that little cute guy that doesn’t leave you alone?

—You have nothing to say about what I do in my life —“How does he know?”— Just sign the papers and lets get over with this. —Susy was furious.

—Oh, no babe. It’s not going to be that easy.

—What are you talking about?

—We are a marriage. We have a son and you are not going to change that.

—Asshole! You have cheated as many times as you wanted and now you talk to me about marriage and family?

—Babe… I’m sorry… Susy. Sometimes men go from flower to flower, its something that we can’t avoid… But I love you. We have a life together. You can’t throw it all away.

—Me?! You are the one with the infidelities, the lies, the deceiving… You destroyed all the love I once felt for you!

—Susy, we can’t start over again. This time I admit the fault, but you have to understand that you have that melancholic personality, your cheap clothes, always running around for the kid. You are not what I call a “Sex Bomb”. I am a man, Susy.

—Sex Bomb? You know, it’s hard to be a fucking Sex Bomb when you’ve been working for 20 hours, non stop, without even being appreciated by your husband. But, what am I talking about? Now your infidelities are my fault, because I’m not the whore you wanted in your bed!

—I’m not saying that…but you are a bit dull. Although now you have to be shining.

—That’s it. I’m leaving.

—No, babe. You are not. You are my wife and you are going to keep being my wife. So tell that blonde guy to forget about you.


—Susy, please. Do you really think he likes you? He just wants to have fun for a little while. You know… fuck with an older woman.

Susy felt like she was about to faint.

—Why are you doing this to me? Oscar, what do you want?

—I want to come home. I want to raise our son. I want you to be my wife.

—Why? You don’t love me anymore.

—Babe, I love you in my own way. I love you. You’ll see that everything is going to be like it use to.

—No! I don’t want it to be like it used to!

—Is that little dummy blonde guy, right? What’s up, is he that good?

Susy didn’t let him finish, she just slapped him in the face. Oscar reacted grabbing her by the hand and pushing as hard as he could, hurting her.

—Babe, you are my wife. You are “MY WIFE” and you are not going to be with anybody else, you like it or not.

—You can’t force me. I’m leaving.

—Babe, does the name “Fernando” ring any bell?

Susy quickly turned around.

—What does our son has to do with any of this?

—Everything, babe. Everything. Or you come back with me or things can happen to him.

—You are crazy —Her voice was lower than a whisper.

—Think about it. I can take him and you’ll never see him again. I can put him in a school in another country. Who knows maybe he gets sick because his mom is so far away.

—Oscar… please… you wouldn’t…

—Babe… —Oscar got close to her in a loving way and started to hug her— I love you both, you know that. I don’t want to hurt you. I just want a shot. We are a marriage, a family and I know that you feel hurt because of everything that happened but men have needs. That doesn’t change anything, I still love my wife. And you are my wife. —And he kissed her in the top of her head.

—Please Oscar… Fernando is your son…

—You are his mother. Your choice. His well being and a happy marriage or that silly little blonde guy that you don’t even know. Come one babe, there’s not a lot to think here.


—You have 48 hours. In two days I will be at home again and you will be my wife. And no lovers, babe. You don’t want to see me angry, do you? I would advice against it, think about our son.

It can’t be The End

There she was, waiting for Nico.

Her relationship with Oscar had been broken for a long time. Her friends had told her over and over again but she refused to accept it. She didn’t see it until she saw him again, that sketchy look, that “I’m sorry” that he didn’t mean, that’s when she stopped being blind and saw reality. That’s when she saw her husband for what he really was.

Oscar believe that he was superior to Susy, more good looking, with a better education… she was less than him.

But what could she do? He threatened her with their son. The only thing that belonged to her. She couldn’t risk it. She had to talk with Nico and break up with him.

Nico. How could she live without him?

Nico was capable of making her laugh, without making her feel guilty. He was the calm. He was everything.

Nico showed her how it felt to truly love, without conditions, just love. And, oh God, she loved him with all her soul. Everything hurt. Where was she going to find the strength to break up with him?

She didn’t know how to explain it.

He was going to kill Oscar if she found out the truth. If she found out that he threatened to take away her son. But she couldn’t risk his son’s well-being.

She had to stay strong.

Nico deserved to be with somebody that loved him, not with somebody that brought all these problems to his life, like she was doing. But then, why did it hurt so much to picture a life without him?

They will never make love again.

She couldn’t stop thinking about the sound of his kisses. Their bodies becoming one, waiting for sunrise.

Those breakfasts filled with laughter and games.

How was she going to live now?

The doorbell. It’s time.

—Hello. —That’s all Susy could say.

—Hello. —She looked nervous. It was normal. He didn’t behave properly the night before. Alberto was right. He had to apologize.

—Su, my love, I’m so sorry for yesterday. —He hugged her with love and she couldn’t resist— I behaved like a jealous full. I understand that he is your ex and you have a son together —He started to kiss her neck— But I love you so much. I went crazy thinking that you could forget me.

—That will never happen. —She said crying.

—I know, my love. I’m such a fool. Jealousy blinded me, but then, when I got home I thought about it. Baby, last night in bed I couldn’t stop thinking about your scent when we make love, your naked skin asking me to love you, your nails in my back asking for more and your eyes saying that you are min… I am a fool, forgive me… —And he started to take off her dress.

—Nico, please. Wait.

—What’s going on? —Nico took a good look at her and didn’t like what he saw. She couldn’t stop crying, something was wrong.— Why are you crying

—Nico, first of all, let me tell you that everything you said is true. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone. You are the only man that makes me feel like a real woman.

—But… —Nico was shaking.

—Nico. I… Have to…

—Get back with him —he finished her sentence.— Do you love him? Do you forgive him? Everything!

—Nico… I must

—No! No! No! You mustn’t. You do it because you want. You are uncapable of fighting and facing him. Because you are too scared to face that he is the past and we are the future! But, of course, you don’t want to take chance. You don’t want to fight for me, or for our feelings. You rather be in your comfort zone with him. You rather have your old life. Right? That’s the easier thing.

Nico felt like he was about to have a heart attack. His blood was running so fast. This couldn’t be happening. This wasn’t real.

—Nico. —She tried to reach him but he didn’t let her.

—Don’t touch me —“Otherwise I wont be able to let you go”— Why, Sue? Why are you doing this to us? We are going to be so unhappy, you know that, right?

—Please, forgive me. I have to give him another shot. I’m sorry… —She was dying to tell him about their son.

—I’m sorry too. —Nico turned around and started to leave when she fell on the floor.

—Please don’t hate me… —She couldn’t stop crying. But she had to let him leave. He was going to forget her and another woman would come. A woman that deserved him.

—And how can I do that, Su? You break my heart into little pieces, you throw it in the garbage and I still love you. Hate you… How can I? Please, tell me how…

Nico left and closed the door, knowing that behind it he left his heart, his soul and the only love of his life.


—Susy come on. Get ready we are going to go shopping.

—Yoli, thanks but I really don’t feel like going on.

—Please, Susy. It’s been three weeks. You’ve been here by yourself. You need to do something. You need to move on.

—Ok, I’m going to get dress.

—What happened?. I’m going, I’m going.

As soon as Yoli opened the door Mia walked in like a tornado with a scary face.

—What the hell is going on? You almost kill me with the doorbell.

—Where…is…she? —Mia couldn’t talk.

—Did you ran all the way here. Wait, take a deep breath. What happened?

—Susy. Where?. Susy.

—Here am I. Mia, what is going on.

—Turn on the news. The news.

“Nepal has just suffered an earthquake, around 7,9 in the scale. We still don’t know the reach of this catastrophe but we think that the consequences in the Everest are terrible. We have yet to confirm the number of dead people…”

Susy was looking at Mia trying to understand something. Mia took a deep breath and told her.

—When you left him, he needed to clear his mind and he left with his friends on a climb trip.


That’s all she was able to say before she passed out.


End of book one.

Temptations. Under the sun of Madrid Saga.

What happened with Nico? How can a man that lives to find true love die?

Susy can’t abandon her married life. She will never leave Oscar.

Mia and Yoli see her suffer. Would they continue with their “Pretty Woman” plan?

Love, marriage, passion and infidelity in the same plate. Who will win the battle?

True love and infidelity or a mother’s duty?

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Susy lives a normal life inside what most people would refer as a normal marriage, but things are not always like they look. Boredom and coldness can conquer a woman’s heart and make her feel that love is a dream of the past. Nicolas Bellpuig: handsome, millionaire, too attractive to be ignored, is everything a woman could dream of. He can have any woman he desires, except for her. He wants her and he’ll do anything to have her. Will Susy be capable of forgetting her principles in order to experience true love? Temptations is the first book in the Second Chance series. If this is the first time you have read Second Chance story, you can easily read each book as a standalone. Other coming of age romance and contemporary romances books by Diana Scott Second Chance Book 1: Temptations Book 2: Rebirth Book 3: Your Heart’s Bodyguard Book 4: Game of Passions Book 5: Sorry, I love you ( June 2017)

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Temptations Temptations