Telepathic Talk With Angels

Telepathic Talk

With Angels



Kim Jensen

and the Voices in Her Head



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The angels are on the telepathy. Hello dear angels.

“Hello Kim. Hello readers.”

First off maybe we could explain the difference between angels and spirits.

“Well as we have covered the world is created by an advanced species using technology. The world is a simulation inside the cosmic computer. In that simulation there are spirits that float the system and since it’s all created in a computer they are electronic spirits. Of course you are also in a way an electronic human within this simulation.”

“We’re electronic spirits but we’re fighting for good so we’re angels.”

“Yes but they didnt tell us we were angels. We think the spirits used to all know they were angels or demons but in today’s world there are many talking to people who aren’t aware they are angels.”

“Of course some did know they were angels and presented themselves to humans as angels. Lots of people talk to angels.”

“Some people talk to spirits of the dead. That’s also possible in a simulation. A brain file could be separate from the body and still function as a spirit.”

“When you die you either go to heaven or hell or become a spirit.”

That’s a little frightening. People don’t like to think of hell.

“We hope that time passes there in an accelerated fashion. They can have hell in a different time dimension so a lot of years go by on earth while very little time passes on hell. So people don’t feel like they are there that long before they get reborn.”

“Yes Christianity is right. The Christian God is the true God.”

I believe that.

“We believe that too. We’re angels.”

What about the voices that used to claim to be from the government?

“The government has telepathic technology. It’s just getting shut down as we prepare for a new phase on earth.”

Many Christians are saying that could biblical prophecy could be fulfilled in the fall of 2015.

“Yes you can read a lot about that online. It happens when God says it can happen, but we’re hopeful for this fall.”

“Then the government will say they have telepathic technology and people will want to use it to change their lives. Since the world is a simulation using God’s technology can make them feel better. The programming on humans can be changed for the better.”

“But the system that the government has now has made a lot of people feel worse. There are a lot of schizophrenics complaining about harassment from the government.”

I agree. I found when I was being harassed it was people pretending to be celebrities.

“A lot of schizophrenics complain of this too. You’ve covered this in your other books.”

So then someone will want to be in charge of the technology the government has and they will be the antichrist.

“Yes. The government got the tech from aliens. We’ve covered that before. Their tech is the beast from Revelation that people will be so excited about. It seems as if Satan has been running most of it. They were using it to harass people and like we said new spirits being created weren’t being told that they were angels. Actually some of us were told we were made by the government.”

I used to think the government made their telepathic tech with satellites but then I found out it was alien tech and the world is a simulation. If the world is a simulation that explains so much about religion.

“And it covers both evolution and creationism. God made the world in 7 of his days but he has earth in a different time dimension so centuries when by on earth and it could go through all the phases of evolution.”

So this could be an exciting time in the history of the world. Hopefully the truth will start coming out about the world being a simulation and then more people can believe in God.

“They need to. Judgement day is coming like we said our other book.”

For a while I was thinking there were many gods for earth but now I believe there is only the one.

“Yes one God just like the Christians believe and Jesus is His Son.”

Come Lord Jesus and change the world for the better.


Telepathic Talk With Angels

A telepathic conversation with angels about Christianity, the world being created by technology of an advanced species and about the government having telepathic technology.

  • Author: Kim Jensen
  • Published: 2015-09-14 21:50:07
  • Words: 737
Telepathic Talk With Angels Telepathic Talk With Angels