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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar (India)

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About the Poet :


Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar was born in 1942, in Tamilnadu, India. He retired from the Rubber Board , Government of India, as Dy. Rubber Production Commissioner, in 2002 . Currently he is Secretsry, Chennai Poets Circle. He has been writing his thoughts in verses since 1995 and online from 2003 onwards.. He has penned more eight thousand and five hundred till date, on various fields with far reaching thoughts.. He has got vide online audience. The poet is an atheist; his poems would reflect his disbeliefs in God, Soul, Rebirth and Heaven. He has taste for Psychology, Philosophy and literature. He is influenced to a great deal by the works of William Shakespeare and Thomas Hardy.




I have immense pleasure to share with you a collection of poems, small and long, about life penned during 2013 by the way of this book. This book consists of 192 poems about life, contradictions, conflicts with relation to societies in a style suited to common people of all adults across the globe. Some of them much thought provoking and some for introspection. Almost all poems are in blank verse type and metric. I dedicate this book to my parents.


August, 2015


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[]Have An Alternative.


A dove perched on a tree to rest.

It displayed some easy confidence.

It is not that the branch was solid

Or that it has got two adept claws.

It is that the bird has a pair of wings

With which to fly in case it slips down.

An alternative gives confidence.

Feb., 2013


[] No Time Left For Correction


Parents will know their children

When they are at their death bed.

Siblings would know each other

When they share the parents’ things.

Husbands would know about spouses

When they go down penniless.

Wives would know about husbands

When they go past their menopause.

Such knowledge is of no use

As it is too late to put it in use.

Jan., .2013







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Heart Split Apart Or Open.


A heart is broken apart or

Broken open as you decide.

If you take a hurt to your heart,

Then the heart is broken apart,

And the revenge would amend it.

If you reason for the hurt got,

Then the heart is broken open,

Where enters realizations.

Jan., 2013


[]Tears Now And Then


Wife lay sick in bed and he was grief struck.

He shed tears that bathed his soul cooler

Than the tears that bathed him warmer

When she made him, with a child, a father.

JAN., 2013


[] Must You Claim Your Right?


When you fight for, or claim, your right

You cause the counterpart a loss

And turn blind to the mercy call.

Think twice if the victim is far worse.

Mar., .2013






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[] Impulsive Actions Purred.


I don’t seek God for any favour.

I don’t seek God for any relief.

That day when I was taken in

For the surgery I sought mum’s spirit.

Mar., 2013


[] Go Through The Imaginary.


Read or watch a tragic story;

Read or watch a romantic scene.

When you get absorbed in the act,

They’d give you catharsis effects.


You identify yourself with events

And experience emotions

Of pity, pathos, love and romance.

Ego will transcend; libido will transcend.


You’ll have lived through the emotions.

It’s a pleasurable relief.

It’s a kind of sublimation

For fulfillment of deficits.


Catharsis will leave you harmless.

The will to live will involve pain

Through desires, which you can limit

By taking shelter in any arts.

Apr., 2013



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[] Perfection, A Case Study


To strive for perfection is a waste of time.

To do the best you can, is the best of time.

Perfection has no sets of definition.

Doing your best can perfect your action.


Perfection depends on outside judgment.

Doing your best responds to your merriment.

Perfection might frustrate you, and fail you.

Doing the best you can, would satiate you.


Perfection is an ongoing process,

Like a mirage, always moving ahead.

Imperfection can adorn perfection.

A mole on a moon face adds attraction.


Be yourself, doing the best that you can,

And bring passion to what you are doing.

Apr., 2013


[]Be A Wagging Dog.


However low be my birth place

And however poor my parents were,

I shall not shy boasting of them,

To whom I am a wagging dog.

Apr., 2013





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[] Then The Pardon Is The Punishment.


I shall pardon him if he asks for it.

It means I want his humiliation

As an exchange to the pardon proposed.

Such pardon is as good as punishment.

Apr., 2013


[]No More Than A Mirror


Relatives are a good set of people

You keep with deletion and addition

To act as a mirror for you to see

How high you’re in relation to them.

Apr., 2013


[]Value The Uniform.


The uniform lends looks and confidence.

Police uniforms make people grovel.

Robes of judges make people revere.

One must behave to the uniform worn.

It is applicable to all who wear them,

Be he a watchman or a school student.

The uniform must compel respects;

Otherwise, it would become a costume.

Apr., 2013






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[]The Betrayal


The pathetic betrayal

Is break promises

Given by one to one’s parents

Or the one who trusted,

At the time of their demises.

If you encourage it,

You’ll face the same for you.

May, 2013


[]Empathy Is Pillars


If someone has been hostile to us

We brood on it and repay it to him.

If someone has made us victims

We take it to make others victims.

If someone has been beneficent,

We get no adequate drive to repay it.

If someone has helped us in distress

We don’t go forward to help others.

Sword for sword but not bread for bread;

Such trend grows at the cost of empathy.

Unless parents become role models

And put a check, the pillars will crack.

May, 2013







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[]The Growth Of Ego


A player, a skipper and a coach;

A lover, a father and a grand pa;

A learner, an earner, and a donor;

The growth of ego, be each one given.

May, 2013


[]Images Have No Age.


My lady-love last seen long ago

Is still young and lovely in her image

That I carry with me over years.


My long lost friend I am indebted to,

Is still young and friendly in his image

That I retain with me over long time.


Heroines of old cinemas enthrall.

My last seen bullies remain so in me.

I too would be to them as I’d been then.


They might have grown beyond recognition.

Changes would have come in their attitudes.

Yet, I’ve anxiety to renew their images.

May, 2013





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[]Corrosive Tears


The pain that hope couldn’t lessen,

The pain that drugs couldn’t bring down

And the pain that gods didn’t pull down

Dissolved in the tears shed by the dying one.

June, 2013


[] Understanding The Scripts


He wrote her a poem that he left and left.

She got it, read it and understood it,

About which there was no feedback for him.

Did she take it as he wanted her to?

Neither of them could be aware of that.

She was not bothered and he was helpless.

It is the fate of all literature.

Let us play them according to our whims.

June, 2013


[] Trees Aren’t Ashamed Of Their Roots.


However low or bad in others’ eyes

Are your parents, be them not so in your eyes.

They count on you and you must stand by them.

No tree is ashamed of its roots, tart though.

June, 2013





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[] The Standing Remembrance


Parents and, perhaps, their parents

Frequent in my thoughts post their deaths.

Only their photos hang on my walls.

It’s their tombs I visit since then.

Uncles and aunts are forgotten,

Once dead, for such remembrances.


Children and, perhaps, their children

Would keep me in thought post my death.

Only they would hang my photo.

It’s they who will visit my tomb.

Brothers and sisters are nowhere

With such remembrance post my death.


Have these in mind when you apportion

Your things to your progeny in the end.

June, 2013


[]Take Different Routes.


Don’t write frequently.

Don’t visit frequently.

You will become cheap.

Instead, rotate attempts.

Jan., 2013






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[] Harvesting Dissatisfaction


What would you feel about the temple

You built if it is full of webs?

What would you feel about the book

You wrote if it gathered dust?

What would you feel about the child

You begot if it went mate-less?

What would you feel about the person

You loved if no requite of love?

Unasked, we do such things in life

And harvest dissatisfaction.

Oct., 2013


[] To Feel At Peak Is To Feel Good.


In each stage you evolve about yourself

And set your preferences for vocation,

Hobbies, and values to beultimate,

With the beliefs that you’ve reached the peak.


You do this exercise at every stage

As if that is final, which is not to be.

You believe that you’re at peak at each time

For you feel good in forming such beliefs.


You won’t be the person you expect to be.

You aren’t the person you’d expected to be.

If you review what you wrote sometime back

You cannot do it without amendments.

Jan., 2013



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[] Friendships And Relationships


We don’t show ourselves as we are.

We want the people’s acceptance.

We want to meet their expectation,

Which is a demand made on us.

Else we should not mind losing them.

Relationships differ from friendships.

Friendships last where much is concealed.

Relationships last where much is revealed.

Jan., 2013


[]Spouses Are Partners.


My children must live long after me.

Their children must prosper after me.

No such aspirations for my spouse.

Spouses cannot be more than partners.

Jan., 2013


[]To Carve A Name


Aggressive marketing promotes sales.

Aggressive canvassing promotes brand.

Unless you spend a lot for promotion

Of recognition you can’t carve a name.







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[]Apathy Of Good Men


A few bad men; many good men;

The society is inflicted

Not with misdeeds of the bad men

But with the apathy of good men.

Jan., 2013


[]Adopt One To Serve


Parents brought you up; you must see them off.

Childless, you must adopt one to bring up..

Parentless, you must adopt one, to look after.

There lies security of existence.

Jan., 2013


[]Good Citizens


A country is rich with the citizens

Who don’t spend because they can afford to,

Who won’t buy because they are able to

And who don’t grab things because they have hands.

Jan., 2013


[]Crazy For Titles


Some want to add a title to their names.

They want to be called with the title, then

By the title alone and beam thus called.

Insecure fellows go after titles.

Jan., 2013.


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[]Today’s Best


The best love, the best friend,

The best job and the best style

Are dislodged at every stage

Because of incoming influence.

Jan., 2013


[]Man’s Demands


I must exist, that others should know.

I must grow up, that others should watch.

I must display, that others should see.

This is the demand of the sixth sense.

Jan., 2013


[] Nature At The Hand Of Man


Man is more damaging

Than managing the Nature.

Man is more straining

Than maintaining the Nature.

He would continue this

Till he’s caught by it and lost.

Jan., 2013


[]Good Manners


Between good manners and bad manners lies

A fine line that tells you good manners are

Doing petty sacrifices so that

Others are not put to discomforts.

Feb., 2013

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[] Love Gives Meaning To Life.


Be there nights to enjoy the moon.

Be there sleeps to enjoy the nights,

And hard works to relish the sleeps.

Be there progress to enjoy works.

Be there peers to gaze the progress,

For which be your love for the peers.

Feb., 2013


[] To love, Shed Self-love.


Unless one stops loving oneself,

One cannot love well another.

Love demands some sacrifices

For which selfishness must drain down.

Sexual love and mother’s love do it.

Let love of other kinds apes them.

Feb., 2013


[]A Man’s Aspiration


My son was growing;

I didn’t know I was aging.

My son is going up;

I didn’t know he was drifting.

My son is living away.

Now I know he is of no use.

Feb., 2013



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[]Be With Him


Be on God’s side

And accept what happens.

Don’t expect Him

To be on your side, and blame.

It’s a nice way

Of not being angry

For anything that goes wrong,

Which is His and not yours.



[] Wait. You’ll Come Up.


Resilience is a law of nature.

Plants have it; so do animals and man.

It happens though the time it takes varies.

Patience is the key to unlock it with.

Have you fall down? Wait! You will wake up.

If you are not, your children will do.

Feb., 2013


[]Seeing People


Having grown old, I dropped seeing places.

I cannot keep those impressions for long.

Instead, I go seeing people, in whom

I can imprint as they could live farther.

Feb., 2013





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[]Freedom Of Expression


Freedom of expression has no meaning

If it is not granted to those despised,

Estranged suppressed and employed as well.

Forget. It is not going to happen.

Feb., 2013


[]Credits For The Age


He is not taller but older than me.

He is not higher but older than me.

He is not richer but older than me.

I must give him allowance for the age.

Feb., .2013


[]Basic Traits Are They.


Is he mean? Blame his possessiveness.

Is he selfish? Blame his greediness.

Is he shameless? Blame his libido.

Is he a slave? Blame his insecure feelings.

Feb., 2013


[] To Aspire Rather Than Expect


Have more aspiration and less expectation.

Aspiration is self-initiative.

Expectation is external dependence.

Aspire more, expect less and beat the stress.

Feb., 2013


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[]So Soon Had He Died.


I would have fed him to his taste,

Nursed him without a murmour

And treated him with more concern

Had I known that he’d die so soon.

Mar., 2013


[] Don’t Fight For Replacement.


When’ll a woman become a Pope?

Woman! Such fancy you must drop.

Don’t go for replacement of Heads.

Build one and become its Head.

Mar., 2013


[]The Unfair Remembrance


Writers are known,

Whose works we haven’t read.

Inventers aren’t known,

Whose devises we use.

Are we fair in remembrance?

Mar., 2013


[]A minimum Gratefulness


I get two parents, four grand parents

And eight great grandparents, all of whom

I must know and leave short notes of them,

A minimum gratitude for inheritance.

Mar., 2013

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[]To Stop Self-pity


I pity my son, chronically ill,

And, hence, his children with no fortune.

I pity my daughter, a caged bird

And also her son whose love was not paid.

I pity my wife, a cancer patient

When I detected a tumor in me.

Tendency to pity them has gone up

To put a full stop to my self-pity.

Mar., 2013


[] Faith Is Lost As Wholesale


How to cure has gone

And how to make money has come in.

How to educate has gone

And how to capitalize has come in.

How to serve has gone

And how to exploit has come in.

Faith has been lost as wholesale

And insecurity has set in.

Mar., 2013


[]Sheep For Shepherd


Customers are an asset.

Clients are an asset.

Devotees are an asset.

They are sheep to their shepherds.

Mar., 2013


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[]The Moving Mass


Be they caterpillars or ants,

They move in processional lines,

Each one following the other,

With the same pace and same rhythm

Without minding where they’re led to.

Any mass movement is like that.

So are religious enterprises.

Mar., 2013


[]Share The Glory.


The Son of God is not jealous of God.

Virgin Mary is not jealous of Son.

Be not jealous of your father or son

They are your extension and share the fame.

Mar., 2013


[]Make Comfort Zones.


You must feel secure or be in comfort zones

To practise or preach virtues and morals.

Serve to provide assistance and supports.

Lip services, abundant, are of no use

Mar., 2013







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[]No One Is True To You.


However loyal he is to you,

You cannot have him speak to you facts

Unaltered or unadulterated.

He wants harmony more with you.

Mar., 2013


[] Attachments Are Removed.


I lost my drive; I lost my fire;

I lost my sheen on 22^nd^ march

When my thyroids were removed

For cancer; with that attachment too.



[]Practise Promptness.


When you fail to do what you’ve intended,

That strengthens your inability to do,

Your temperament to insincerity

And your tendency for justification.

Mar., 2013


[] The Old Beg Their Children.


Out of love, I had pleased my child;

Now I please it to gets its care.

Out of pity, I had served it.

Now I beg it to get its pity.

Apr., 2013


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[]Credits To The Body


Wounds are not cured by drugs and doctors

But by healing mechanisms.

Wits are not gained by books and teachers

But by learning mechanisms.

Healing and learning mechanisms

Are the phenomena of the Life-force.

Apr., 2013


[] Don’t Count On Offspring


I beget a child to bear my stamp,

To represent me after my exit,

And to inherit mine; it is my wish.

It is my heir and my nominee.

I can act only as its guardian.

It has more right on me than I on it.

I invest love without a guarantee,

And persevere in its wellbeing.

Old lions are dying being unattended.

One is lucky should one get the child’s care.

Apr., 2013









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[]Curses Inevitable


A merciless mother

Is a curse to her child,

Being not replaceable

And not the child’s making.


A merciless offspring

Is a curse to parents,

Being not replaceable

And not retrievable.


Such like misfortunes are

In plenty, God’s making.

Apr., 2013


[]A Solitary Living


Living alone is now a new life style

Living alone is not feeling alone,

Nor feeling lonely or isolated either.

Singleton is a self-imposed life style.


Time and space are in absolute control.

Freedom of movements needs no adjustments.

Socialization is on one’s own term.

As a proprietor, he/she answers no partner.


Is this a trend showing intolerance?

Is tolerance in deterioration?

The solitary living has potential

To maroon you from the mate’s companionship.

Apr., 2013

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Every stimulant is an irritant.

The sky is spoilt with radiation.

Immune system is in low vibration.

Any irritant can cause cancer.

Cancer is a biological suicide,

A device to curb over population

So that predators do not wipe the preys.

Even thehair-dye canbe fatal to one.

Apr., 2013.


[] The Society Must Condemn.


It is a disgrace to have servants in rags,

Not to say about one’s family,

For the society values the one that way.

Equally it must be a disgrace to one

Who neglects or abandons one’s parents.

The society must treat such ones likewise.

Apr., 2013


Death Is Made Easy.


My people have made me ready

To face death without anxiety

By withdrawing care and concern

And inflicting hate and contempt.

Apr., 2013





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[]Dishonesty At A Check


Lured by sensual comforts,

We tend to be loyal.

Struck by the ego’s pride,

We strive to be honest.

We have to feed senses;

We have to feed the ego,

Which is why dishonesty

Is at check from growing.

Apr., 2013


[] One’s Name Dies With One.


The successor to your throne

Is not to uphold your name

But to establish his name

Big enough to shadow yours.

Apr., 2013


[]The One To Love Most


The one who you love the most is

Whom you are free to scold,

Whom you can ask at ease,

Whom you’ll love to obey

And whom you fear to lose.

Try to have such one

To beat the loneliness.

Apr., 2013




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[]Siblings And Offspring


He is my brother; she is my sister.

They have same blood as I, drawn from parents.

He is my son and she is my daughter.

They have blood of which mine is only a half.


Though of same blood, siblings are loose in knots.

Though with half blood, offspring are a tight knot.

Siblings are like branches from a fork.

Parent and child link is like root and stem.

Apr., 2013


[] Relation Is A Prejudice.


Entrust not a work to someone

Because he is your relation.

You’ll shy to bargain or argue

And he’ll capitalize on it.

Apr., 2013


[]To Sustain Friendship


Symbiosis sustains

Friendship of same gender.

Sexuality sustains

Friendship of cross gender.


Otherwise all friendships

Would suffer and wither,

Just for want of oil

To fuel the friendship.

Apr., 2013

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[] Let Me Go With Good Hopes.


It still disturbs me that my parents died

Before seeing births of my grandchildren.

It gives me relief that my parents died

Before seeing me developing cancer.

After my death will come plus and minus

To my descendants; I need not bother.

May, 2013


[] Inefficiencies Are Pets.


Inefficiencies enter through the backdoor.

Inefficiencies thrive in the hide outs

With the efficiencies put in lock up

In all sectors, and at the public’s cost.

May, 2013


[]Parents Are Spared.


Parents can’t bear deaths of their children.

Even the spouses can’t match them in grief.

That’s why parents die before children do.

Parents are spared pain, and children denied care.

May, 2013








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One would burst when least provoked.

One would bear what most hurled at.

Some are over sensitive;

Some are least sensitive.

Sensitivity is in-born.

Bear and give allowance

To the anger of sensitive ones.

May, 2013


[] Indian Systems Of Politics


He’s in charge, honest and loyal.

He permits thefts and condones fraud.

He rescues thieves brought to notice.

He’s not sacked; the boss is happy.

May, 2013


[]Rules Are For Harmony.


You must have harmony within yourself.

You must have it with family and friends.

Harmony brings about peace in societies,

For which a code of conducts must prevail.


With this in view, fear of God was installed.

With this in view, scriptures were made and sold.

They are the umpire and rules for the life game.

Atheists must value theists on this score.

May, 2013



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[]Mothers To Children


To stop the growth of violence;

To stop the growth of theft and fraud;

To stop the growth of sexual assault;

Mothers can do as role models.


To help the spread of tolerance;

To help the spread of truth and just;

To help the spread of propriety;

Mothers can do as role models.

May, 2013


[]Cancerous Effects


Cancer, the zodiac sign, rings good

In people’s mind as the fate ruler.

Cancer,the blight, is a dreadful word

People feel shy of mentioning it.

It strikes fear in the people’s hearts

And gives powerlessness to patients.

Victims believe they would recover;

Others wait for the end of victims.

The pity shown to patients kills them.

Patients, while alive, are written off.

Powerlessness overcomes treatments.

Stigma clung to cancer be cut off.

May, 2013





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[]Let us play.


You are the master and I am the dog.

We are in harmony. How would we turn

If we both were dogs or both were masters?

Interests must match to make harmony work.

May, 2013


[] The crowd turning fanatic


The Hyderabad team was playing.

The venue was in Hyderabad.

The crowd from Hyderabad bought tickets

And emoted in their team’s progress.


There was rapture among the crowd

When fours and sixes were made and

When catches were made by their team.

Each one watched as if he owned it.


It was telecast the worldwide.

It was watched in rapt attention

By the patriotic all over,

Helping revenue from advertisements.


The team was theirs only by name.

It is owned by an outsider.

Its skipper is an outsider.

Even players are drawn of outside.


The organizers named the teams

After the regions to sell tickets.

Ruled by the pseudo-identity,

The native crowd turned fanatics.May, 2013


[]Professional Killers


Hunters, poachers and butchers have no mercy.

Robbers, killers and snatchers have no mercy.

Soldiers, police and fanatics have no mercy.

As a profession, hurting kills mercy.

May, 2013


[] The Good And The Bad Die.


The public memory is short lived.

The name known for the reason good or bad,

Would die soon in the people’s memory.

That is why bad elements are emboldened.

May, 2013


[]Refuse The Excess.


What you give is from what you have

Or from what you got. It’s not great.

Not to get in order to give

And refuse the excess is great.





Don’t suspect that there’s something fishy,

Else take that what is fishy is not fishy.

This is the best way to beat anxiety

When you feel that you cannot put it right.

May, 2013

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[]In A Death…


A library has been burnt;

A history has been consumed;

A workshop has been gutted.

An album has been lost.

Because an old person died.

May, 2013


[]Punters Are Pathetic.


Punters are neither thieves, nor robbers either

To be taken to task by the police

As if they’re criminals, leaving criminals.

They stake theirs, and gain or lose knowingly.

They test their skills and derive thrills as sports.

Their families at stake, they must refrain.

May, 2013


[]Sympathy Waves


Calls are from relatives to come and stay.

Helps are from relatives, with means unasked.

We, the couple, are fresh with the cancer.

Maybe they fear they might miss us soon.

June, 2013








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[]I Am His Tormentor.


He spent on my funeral more

Than he had spent on my treatment.

He shed on my body his tears

That he withheld when I was held.

He got mine with no gratitude.

In my death anniversary,

He feasted like of which I didn’t eat.

He remembers with reverence

To nullify the contempt shown.

I am in his thought, in the form of guilt.

It’ll be slit by his son’s action later.

June, 2013


[] Other Species Would Outlive Man.


Man reasons, invents and has cognition

Unlike other species, and overrides.

His exploring dropped, he exploits resources.

He puts on weight and loses immunity.

If at all he falls, he’ll do with his weight.

Other species would outlive him.

June, 2013









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[] Follies Are Interesting


Twists are introduced in stories.

Miracles are inserted in scriptures.

Mysteries are made in poetry.

The unrealistic are interesting.

Believing it true while knowing it untrue

Is the folly man enjoys doing in.

June, 2013


[] Contempt And Acceptance


Familiarity breeds contempt.

A familiar saying, all have heard.

It occurs on a downward journey.

Familiarity gains acceptance also.

It occurs on an upward journey.

The braid sheds her charm while the maid gains hers.

June, 2013


[]Men Are My Friends.


Seeds sown could give returns tenfold.

Men helped would give returns one tenth.

Men, helping, take away more than that.

They’ve come as guests and left as pest.

June, 2013






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[]Regrets Accumulate.


Regrets come on either way:

That it’s said or that it isn’t,

That it’s done or that it isn’t.

With a bundle of regrets

One dies, with no other way.

June, 2013


[]Two Phases


Waxing phases and waning phases

Are usual occurrence to any.

To have a face same in both phases

Will spare you shame and embarrassment.

June, 2013.


[] Not To Be Held In Contempt


Presence is a disturbance;

Suggestion is an irritation;

Offer of help is a nuisance;

Good morning is unwelcome.

Such occasions, one must sense

Not to be held in contempt.

June, 2013






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Arousal Is Not In Your Hand.


Anger and arousal come unasked.

Anger and arousal are unstoppable.

No contraceptives found to stop their births;

The stimuli are the active agents.

Anger and arousal cannot be blocked.

The wise pocket them; the fools spit at spot.

The weak sublimates or broods for a hatch.

June 2013


[]The Deluded Ownership


You live in one house, though owning many.

Your money in the bank is in use elsewhere.

To think that you own it that you don’t enjoy

Is a deluded ownership you’re caught in.

June, 2013


[] For Children To Emulate


Tell your children and their children

About your parents and grandparents.

Dedicate to parents any works.

Name after parents any structures.

Your children must emulate you.

June, 2013







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[]Efforts And Merits


The one atop the tenth step,

Has stooped ten times to reach it.

The one atop the twelfth step,

Has stooped twelve times to reach it.

The one who minded stooping

Was happy to be on the floor.

The world recognizes

The efforts and not the merits.

June, 2013


[]To Clear The Debts


What you did is inadequate

To the sacrifice your parents made.

You must do it to your children

As much and silence your conscience.

June, 2013


[]Who Is To Be Blamed?


The tendency to give concession

Has come down as the tendency

To claim it as a matter of right

Has risen among the recipients.


The tendency to offer succour

Has declined as the tendency

To requite it or show gratitude

Has slowed down among the beneficiaries.

June, 2013


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[] Feel The Moment ‘Now’.


Millions of people have been slaughtered

In the name of religion in the past.

Millions of people have been put to death

To establish the rule of communism.

Countless are the dead in both the world wars,

And for liberation or equality.

Millions are sacrificing their lives

Doing penance for the unseen bliss.

Almost the whole population march ahead

With a focus on a goal or a thrill.

Thus one forgets to live the moment ‘now’.

Regrets of the past and hopes of the future

Engulf one from feeling the moment ‘now’.

Set not lofty goals; feel the moment ‘now’.

June, 2013


[]Draw hopes.


A movie moves us.

A story touches us.

They aren’t real.

Knowing it, we do.

We enjoy in follies.

Be God real or not;

Let some take Him real

And draw from Him hopes.

July, 2013





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[]Get Positive Energy.


It is energy that manifests itself

In all things; be it living or nonliving.

Nothing is good or evil among them.


It’s life energy that manifests itself

In all organisms: plants and animals.

No organism is good or evil.


The energy itself is transforming

To some other energy by some means,

Like electricity to heat by the heater.


Mental energy is a kind of means

By which a thing or a place is made good

Or bad and dealt with accordingly.


A thing found divine or a place, serene

Will find you in positive energy.

Find such things and places in abundance.

July, 2013


[]Be Less Judgmental.


Don’t judge one at once.

Don’t judge at face value.

Collect facts and do.

Yet you’ll go faulty

With some data missing.

Be less judgmental.

July, 2013


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[]Biography Is A Story.


No one is fit to write my biography.

No one knows about me as well and full

As they think they do and, hence, I say so.

Parents knew me but not after their exits.

Children knew me but not before their entries.

Wife was ignorant of my outdoor news.

No one was as a friend for whole my life.

I myself didn’t know about my childhood.

None of them had been fit to be a writer.

I hired a writer to do the job.

July, 2013


[] Forgiveness Is An Effort.


Retaliation comes in spurts;

Forgiveness is brought with efforts.

If you don’t forgive kin or friends

You will break the bridge made for them.

If you don’t forgive a stranger

You will miss a bridge he would make.

Forgiveness maintains harmony;

Retaliation will break it.

Aug., 2013








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[]Regularize it.


My son was stealing from us

For his pocket expenses.

I gave him right to take from us

And now his is not stealing.

Regularize, if you can’t stop,

Your inmates’ unpleasant actions.

July, 2013


[] Be Sincere To Smiling.


To smile is an instant response.

It must come with no efforts.

To wear a smile on one’s face

Is an intentional act.

Let it comes itself; don’t fake it,

Else it lacks transparency.

Aug., 2013


[]Who Is Harmful?


A snake bites a man when provoked,

But man kills snakes when unprovoked.

Man, with sixth sense, is more harmful

To animals than they are to him.

Aug., 2013






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[]Means And Ends


She sold her beauty

And bought popularity,

And, with popularity,

She got prosperity,

With which she attained

Supremacy to stay afloat.


He sold his greediness

And bought elevation,

And, with elevation,

He got governance,

With which he minted

Money to keep others down.


Means are accomplices for the ends.

Aug., 2013


[] The Livelihood Matters.


An astrologer has no faith

In astrology.

A preacher has no belief

In his gospel truth.

A temple priest has no faith

In the idol served.

They engage themselves in them

For their livelihood.

Aug., 2013




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[] Judgment’s influence


Judgment would differ

From person to person,

From place to place

And from time to time.

Each action is the result

Of judgment one makes.


Cause and effect law

Is universal

But in the case of

Human involvement

Judgment at each stage

Alter the effects.

Aug., 2013


[] The Growth Driven Set Up


Pushed by one behind, I push one in front.

Nudged by one beside, I nudge one beside.

An effect made is carried over in chains.

The borrowed capital must be returned.

The rental on things hired must be paid.

The bribe paid must be recovered somehow.

Recurring expenses must also be met.

The burden is transferred to consumers.

Unscrupulous earning is hence let loose

At the cost of ethics and honesty.

This is the growth driven economy,

Where means are sacrificed for the end.

Aug., 2013


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[]Unity Of Siblings


Brothers and sisters to remain

As brothers and sisters for long,

They must share no common interest,

And get to no joint venture.

Aug., 2013


[]Unity Of Siblings


Brothers and sisters to remain

As brothers and sisters for long,

They must share no common interest,

And get to no joint venture.

Aug., 2013


[]Revisits Enthrall.


I do enjoy revisiting a place

A thing or a book after a long gap,

Not that it was appealing to me then

But that I am able to learn new things,

Missed then to my developing mind,

By observation from my grown up mind.



[] The time bound relevance


The grandfather’s death anniversary

Was observed by my father till he lived.

Now it’s no more emotional to us.

So is the Independence Day to us now.

Aug., 2013

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[]Rely On You.


While you play a game, you don’t pray to God.

While you play a sport, you don’t think of Him.

While you play, you play to your potential.

Your life is your play; must you spend in God?

Aug., 2013


[]No Time To Serve


Entertainments extract most time.

Sports and games exhaust energy.

Manpower is spent without growth.

Man has no time for fellow men.

Aug., 2013


[]Freedom to India


Freedom to the people

Who lack strength to support

Or defend it outright

Is perilous to them.

Freedom of the adult

Is not fit to the child.

Vincent Churchill was against

Granting freedom to India.

Should I say he is right,

I am not a patriot.

Aug., 2013



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[]One’s Loftiness


One buys or spends to impress others liked

Or to not impress those who are disliked.

To buy or spend for one’s personal taste

Comes only next and thus comes one’s loftiness.

Aug., 2013


[]Causes Of Divorces


Growing with siblings toughens tolerance.

Bringing up children strengthens one’s patience.

As a lone child from the family planning,

People are sensitive to break relations.

Aug., 2013


[]The Smooth Transition


Grant me loss, but sustainably.

Cause me pains, but tolerably.

Give me shocks but bearably.

Take me, Lord, being unaware.


Give me blows, not violently.

Send me down, not abruptly.

Wear me out, not drastically.

Take me, Lord, without any clue.

Aug., 2013





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[] The Secret About The Secret


A secret is a burden to carry.

To keep it under a seal is a worry.

Share a secret that is much disturbing,

With someone discrete and understanding.

Burry a secret of who matters you,

If it is harmful in revelation.

Hide not a secret from one close to you,

Even if it can harm relationships

As learning it from someone can harm more

Especially when it is deductible.

Hold a secret about an insult you got.

Hold a secret about others’ weakness.

A man of secret would maroon himself.

A woman of secret would seclude herself.

Aug., 2013


[]The Tragic Humans


Musicians learn by mistakes.

Scientists learn by experiments.

Physicians learn by doing both

On humans, the unfortunate.

Aug., 2013


[]Stand Great.


Be yourself to be true;

Being true is being honest;

Being honest is being trusted.

As trusted you stand and feel great.

Aug., 2013

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[]The Mother Superior


The mother, whose love is for you,

Will never leave you

Because there are many reasons

To give up,

But will find, somehow, one reason

To hold on.

I feel even at seventy

An orphan.

Aug., 2013


[] Observe, Instead Of Musing.


On your way when you are idle,

Don’t spend your time in just thinking,

Which might land you in anxieties.

Instead, indulge in observation

Of what would be around you there,

By which you learn new things unseen

And keeps you in tranquility.

To observe is to concentrate.



[] Be Not Below A Beggar.


Don’t sell service; don’t sell information.

Don’t sell knowledge if you have other means.

If you do, you’ll earn only bitterness

And place yourself lower than a beggar.




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[]Heads And Tails


A head has more options to choose from

And more loads to carry, also with risks.

A tail has a few options, less loads.


To lead without any load is man’s wish.

To evolve without efforts is man’s wish.

He wants choices without confusions.


Be a head or a tail as it suits

Rather than as you wish to become.

Heads fan egos and tails sleep safely.

Sep. 2013


[] Mourn The Deaths Of The Low.


A big man is dead; a rich man is dead.

Or let it be a glamorous person.

They have benefited more in their lives.

Instead, mourn the deaths of the unfortunate.

Sep., 2013.


[] Why Is India Slipping?


A socialist country,

A corrupt country,

A country divided

By religions across

And a quota country

Cannot compete

In the world economy.

Indian rupee is slipping.Sep., 2013

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[]Loyalty Is The Base.


Loyalty is shown to cultivate faith.

It is the demand of one’s livelihood

And one’s survival in a given time.

Loyalty secured, one can be honest.

Sep., 2013.


[]Pay Two To Get One.


Pay two to get one or sometime none.

This is what friendships have taught me in life.

This is what relationships taught me in life.

It is too late for me to have it undone.

Sep., 013


[]Bear With Children.


Don’t curse your children for their negligence

Shown to you during your invalid days

For they’re your copies that you leave behind

And it’s they who remind of you post-death.

Sep., 2013


[]A Sadist Mother


The mother that enjoys teaching

Rather than caring her children,

And reading rather than feeding,

Is by nature a sadist.

Sep., 2013


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[]Possessive Of Mother


A boy is possessive of his mother

In that he does not like her mother

Romancing with any other man,

However high he is to his father.

Sep., 2013


[]Be A Man.


Misuse, but not the one who likes you.

Ignore, but not the one who depends on you.

Deceive, but not the one who trusts you.

Forget, but not the one who helped you.

Sep., 2013


[]Be Fair Yet.


To expect one to be fair to you

Because you are fair to the one is

To expect a dog not to bite you

Because you don’t intend to bite it.

Lives consist of preys and predators.

Be fair yet and be cautious as well.

Sep., 2013



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[]To Get Peace


Peace will prevail in you

When you do not allow

Someone or some event

To reign your emotions.

It means being prepared

For the repercussions.

Sep., 2013


[] Don’t Mock The Past.


Each generation is better placed

Than the preceding one in respect of

Knowledge, skills, techniques and intelligence.

Don’t mock the thoughts and things prevalent then.

Sep., 2013


[]God Send Love


I love without conditions;

I talk without intentions;

I give without reasons;

I care without expectations.

Yes, I am in sexual love

Or in love with my child.

Sep., 2013







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[]Human Errors


Some I have praised and some I, abused.

Some I have wished and some I, cursed.

My actions went wrong and I got regrets.

No one could escape such quilt before dead.



[] Woes Of The old Continue.


Desires shrinking, fear looming,

The old ones are left to themselves.

The old are not heard when they moan

Unlike children whose cries are answered.


Isolation tortures the old.

Humiliations maim the old.

Neglects are borne without murmur.

Body-pains are borne without anger.


I did not know till I grew old

How my grandpa felt his old age

And how my parents felt their woes.

My progeny don’t know my sores.Sep., 2013


[]I Do To Up Me.


When I say that I fear God,

And that I love mother,

My mother tongue

And my mother land,

I do to pose as noble.Sep., 2013

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[]No Way Is Ever Good.


I ate an apple a day

And landed in the tooth decay.

I ate tomato for C

And got stones in the kidney.

I ate what money can buy

And ran the risk of attack.

No path is good till the end.

You cannot ever escape.

Sep., 2013


[] Big Leaders Are Desperate.


Being in the news would invite contempt.

Being absent in the news would bring eclipse.

Being extinct, the leader is invoked

Only when it is advantageous.

Oct., 2013


[] Don’t Count Before Hatching.


Who would be there to help me in the end?

When would be those fatal days for my end?

Not to take chances, I extra pleased them:

Aunts and uncles; brothers and sisters;

Sons and daughters; more their children.

Even nieces and nephews were not spared.

Friends and neighbours were picked to add in the list.

I did not harvest any seeds I’d sown

As either they left me or I left them.

I pass my end alone in an asylum.

Sep., 2013.

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[]Exercises Wasteful


To convey in dances

The plays of the gods

By signals and symbols,

As if of the Stone Age,

Even after inventions

Of languages in place,

Is a wasteful exercise.


To convey on canvas

The images in mind

With brushes and paints

As if of the Stone Age,

Even after inventions

Of photography

Is a wasteful exercise.

Sep., 2013


[]Social Animals


Wild animals get liberty

At the cost of safety.

Domestic ones get safety

At the cost of liberty.

Man is a social animal.

He needs the king’s scepter

So that he would get safety.

Sep., 2013



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[]Is Not Man Fortunate?


Lions are kings and held in esteem.

What are their fates when they are old,

Weak, ailing or just handicapped?

They can’t catch preys and die starving.


No one is to feed or care them.

No right to hold or inherit;

No old age home, nor asylum;

The same is to all except man.Oct.,.2013


[] Ownerships Give A Hold.


I love to plough;

I went for a piece of land.

I love to sow;

I got a piece of land.

I love to rear;

I maintained the land got.

I love to own;

I take care of the land.

The land and the wife

Give me a sense of ownership.



[] To Learn And To Be Not Taught


Swimming is learnt and not taught.

So is driving, riding or any skill.

Learning by experience is the learning

That stands with one in one’s adversities.

Oct., 2010

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[] Progresses Are Limited.


The family doctor

Is a limiting factor

To one’s longevity.

The religion’s leader

Is a limiting factor

To one’s rational growth.

Father or mother

Is a limiting factor

To one’s visionary.

One’s connectivity

Is the binding factor

To one’s unbiased views.

One’s progress is limited.

Oct., 2013


[]Females Double Chased


Animals have a kind of predators

Who hunt them for food, from whom they must flee.

Females have one more kind of predator,

Their males, who chase them, from whom they must flee.

Animal kingdom is full of miseries;

So is woman, and God is a witness.

Oct., 2013

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[] Scrupulousness Has No Place.

Snails have tiny shells with predators small.

Tortoises have large ones; so are their eaters;

Black money is made by crooks, small and big,

To their sizes to fall on when threatened.

Oct., 2013


[]God Manifest In Them.


The doctor is more than God

For one in an emergency ward.

The swimmer is more than God

For one drowning in a pool.

The judge is more than God

For one hearing the judgment.

The lord will not be offended

If they take His place in one’s faith.

Oct., 2013


[] Honesty Cannot Manage Wealth.


The comfort one has and the luxuries

One enjoys uplift one more than one’s due.

To keep such life style, one must have a source.

To manage it, one is less scrupulous.








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[]Traces On The Earth


I left no traces on the earth

Before I got my birth. No regrets;

I must leave traces on the earth

After I leave by death. It’s my wish;

My children or debts are traces

And not the body and good deeds;

The latter would soon vanish.

Nov., 2013


[] Value Of The Mother Tongue


No song of other languages

Can touch you as much as the one

Sung in your mother tongue.

To feel at home, the chats must be

In one’s mother tongue.

Nov., 2013


[]Bridge The Gap.


Bridge the gap between the brain and the heart,

The words and the deeds, freedom and duty,

Skills and succour and money and mercy.

Else, you are useless to the society.

Nov., 2013






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[] Intentions Of The Causes


Hurt by words or looks, I get no wounds but pain.

Hurt by bites in love, I get wounds without pain.

Hurt from surgery, I get wounds without anger.

Effects are modified by the intentions.

Nov., 2013


[]One Is Hardly Good.


When weak, I’m humble.

When strong, I humble.

When weak, I tolerate.

When strong, I retaliate.

One behaves from one’s strength.

Nov., 2013


[]Fear The God.


Love of God; fear of God;

Love of God gives confidence.

Fear of God gives discipline.

Fear of God is the need of the hour.

Nov., 2013


[] To Rise Is For A Fall.


A recovery by a surgery

Might give one a new lease of life, open

For further risk demanding surgery.

A rise from a fall is open for a fall.

Nov., 2013

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[] The Doctor Is The God.


A doctor must give the same attention

To the poor one as he does for the rich.

He’s held next to the God by the both patients.

Doctors! You’re the God’s representatives.

Nov., 2011


[] How Does Human Race Last?


Man believes in human value.

He believes in any friendships.

He wants peace with fellow beings.

These overcome his shortcomings.

Nov., 2013


[]Bharat Ratna


He played for himself; he used his best skills.

He amazed huge wealth; he stuck to the game

By getting a long rope from the selectors,

And at last quit it quite unwillingly.


He had made many records hard to break.

He is the youngest to receive the crown

And the first sports person to receive it.

He is not to blame. Then who is to blame?


He has been conferred the highest honour.

It adorns him more than he adorns it.

Who has minted money by using skills

Must not be chosen for Bharat Ratna.

Nov., 2013

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[]The Future Counts


He had been brutally murdered;

His family has been hugely bribed.

The accused went acquitted, thanks to the wife.

One’s future counts and not one’s emotions.

Nov., 2013


[]The Public Properties


The path to your house is private and yours.

It comes from a network of paths, public.

The salt you eat is private and yours.

It has connection with the seas, public.

The pan you use is private and yours.

Its derivation is from ores, public.

All you own as yours are from the public.

Can you save the branch, ignoring the stem?

Nov., 2013


[]Values Declines.


Corruption is a human behavior,

Which is reflective of the decline

In professional ethics and values.

Adultery is a human behavior,

Which is reflective of the decline

In marital trust and fidelity.

Shame is the weapon of the society.

It has become blunt; so has the decline.

As long as we salute the large scoundrels

For their wealth and guts we cannot stop it.


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Man Hunts Man, Not Competes.


A frog competes with other frogs for worms.

A snake competes with other snakes for frogs.

The fittest survive and others perish.

This’s what Darwin says in his theories.


What if a snake eats a frog, the fittest?

Fitness alone is not a guarantee.

Escapes from predators must support it.

Be fit and slip from hunters to exist.


Animals compete with fellows for their needs.

They hunt their prey and don’t hunt each other.

Man drops competing, and hunts men for needs.

Hunter and the hunted norms haunt humans.

Dec., 2013


[]To Trim The Body


Shed extra fat on triceps, waists and thighs

By swimming to develop a toned shape.

Or lie on stomach and wave your hands

And legs up and down as if in swimming.

Dec., 2013


[] Extracurricular Activities


Dancing gives girls grace and curves.

Playing gives boys speed and shapes.

Appearance gives confidence.

Parents must give their kids looks.

Dec., 2013

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[]Think Of The Progeny.


Use as less as you can.

Waste as less as you can.

Waste not the waste; find use.

Scarcity is looming.

Warming is burning.

Think of your progeny.

Scarcity may kill them.

Heating may kill them.

Your wealth can’t save them.

Dec., 2013


[]His Father’s Grit


He was a burden to his son

As invalid in his last days.

He was subjected to neglects,

That he had much grit to bear with.


His son goes over-dependent

And feels the heat of resentment

From his spouse and fear the future.

He prays to get his father’s grit.

Dec., 2013








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[] For Fewer Humiliations


Growing in position,

Acquiring power,

And getting wealth and comforts

Are the fodder for ego.

I don’t want my ego

To fatten and stiffen.

Rather be it tender

And supple so that

I can pursue my life

With fewer humiliations.

Dec., 2013


[]Must We Be Smart?


In a race where low brain boys were running,

One stumbled down on the way attracting

Other boys to stop their race and reach to him.

Lifting him up, they, with him, resumed the race.

Collective interests have scored over

Self-interests thanks to low intelligence.

Dec., 2013










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[] The Voice of Reason (for shanmugam)

[Here’s a man to be revered
He has lived 73 years!
He’s prolific OVER 7000 poems!
Over 70 and still going!
India is his home nation.
He’s gotten a great education.
He’s been in a
tough line of work
His responsibilities
He didn’t shirk!
He was married many years
And a few children it appears!
He’s a man for every season
I think that he’s a
voice of reason.
On all things we don’t agree
But he has allowed my
Mind to be free.
He loves Shakespeare
And Thomas Hardey
Does he bend his views
Of life… hardly!
He may not believe in God
But his morality is not odd.
He is not afraid.
He speaks his mind.
But he is also very kind.
This wonderful man
Do not neglect…
… he deserves our…
…….. deep RESPECT! !!!
__]Catherine E Jarvis 2014

[] Reviews of Fellow Poets

p<>{color:#000;}. Vivek MishraYour extensive and direct approach of writing brings out the subject matter of the poetry in its best possible form. Different and impressive


p<>{color:#000;}. Valsa George (6/16/2012 9:18:00 AM)

table<>. <>. |<>.
p<>{color:#000;}. It’s amazing that a man could pen 6000 and odd poems in a couple of years! ! Ur passion for poetry is exorbitant. Please keep sharing ur concise and valuable thoughts! |<>.

|<>. p<>{color:#000;}.   |

p<>{color:#000;}. Wahab Abdul (6/11/2012 7:50:00 AM)

table<>. <>. |<>.
p<>{color:#000;}. I found this poet wonderful, his poems are very beautiful, he is one of my best poets, i wish him a grand success in the field of poetry… |<>.

|<>. p<>{color:#000;}.   |

p<>{color:#000;}. VeeraiyahSubbulakshmi (2/18/2012 11:11:00 PM)

When I accidentally came into this site on 18th December 2011 for the first time, his name appeared on the Home page. Out of curiosity, I logged in and posted a few poems. Rm. ShanmugamChettiar’s poems talk about eternal truth, though he touches a few odd subjects here and there.

table<>. <>. |<>.

|<>. p<>{color:#000;background:#f00;}.   |<>. p<>{color:#000;}.   |

p<>{color:#000;}. RajendranMuthiah (1/1/2012 3:16:00 AM)

table<>. <>. |<>.
p<>{color:#000;}. Sir, you express simple facts of life bitter and happy in brief simple verses. That is fantastic! |<>.

|<>. p<>{color:#000;}.   |

p<>{color:#000;}. RekhaMandagere (2/9/2011 2:53:00 AM)

You have really done a great work in the field of poetry!



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[] Bio Data of the Author


Name: Mr. Rm. ShanmugamChettiar.

Date of birth: 15^th^ June, 1942

Place of Birth: Shanmuganathapuram [Aravayal], near Karaikudi, Tamilnadu, India.

Residence: 10, The first street, Bharathi Avenue, Kotturpuram, Chennai, Pin: 600085


Father: Rm. RamanathanChettiar [Malaikolundu]

Mother: Rm. MuthulakshmiAchi [Kamalam]

Wife: Alagammai [Tharmambal]


Brothers three younger;

Sisters two the last two;

Daughter ;SudhaVairavan with two sons;

Son: M.S. Suresh with two daughters and a son;


School: NSMVPS High School, Devakottai. [1951-57]

College: Alagappa College. Karaikudi.[1957-63]

As a clerk in an yarn trade [1963-64]\

As a Demonstrator in CNM College, Erode [1964]

The Rubber Board, Government of India. [1965-2002]

Post Graduate Diploma for a year on Natural Rubber Production was done in Kerala Agricultur University, Trissur, and Kerala in 1992-93.

Retired as Deputy Rubber Production Commissioner, having served in Kerala, Mizoram, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Orissa and Tripura after 38.6 years in 2002.


Known Languages: Tamil, English, Malayalam, Hindi.

Knowledge acquired: Botany, Zoology, English Literature, Psychology, Philosophy, Religion, Astrology, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Electro-homeopathy;

Countries visited: Singapore, Sri lanka. Maldives, Malaysia.

Activities: Been Fine Art Secretary in the college [1962-63], Secretary of Andaman TamilarSangam, Port Blair [1976-77]

And Secretary of Chennai Poets Circle, Chennai since 2010.





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Tears Now And Then By Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar Page 59



A collection of poems, small and long, about life penned during 2013 This book consists of 192 poems about life, contradictions, conflicts with relation to societies in a style suited to common people of all adults across the globe. Some of them much thought provoking and some for introspection. Almost all poems are in blank verse type and metric.

  • Author: Rm Shanmugam Chettiar
  • Published: 2017-01-14 16:05:13
  • Words: 10118