Tales of the Land Pirates, Book 1: Lost without Clues


Tales of the Land Pirates, Book 1: Lost without Clues



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Author’s Note

This short story is for your reading pleasure. The characters in this “Minecraft Adventure Series” such as Steve, Endermen or Herobrine…etc are based on the Minecraft Game coming from Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2013 Mojang / Notch







Table of Contents



Chapter 1 – What Timmy Thinks?

Chapter 2 – Pirates Don’t Really Exist, Do They?!

Chapter 3 – Well, Pirates Exist… But What Are Land Pirates?!

Chapter 4 – A Deal To Never Forget!

Chapter 5 – A Captain Out Of This World!

Chapter 6 – Enemy Pirates!

Chapter 7 – The Never-ending Search!

Chapter 8 –Sailing Shallow Lands!

Chapter 9 – A Final Decision!

Chapter 10 – Lake Almora, A Dangerous Place!

Chapter 11 – New Ship, New Troubles!

Chapter 12 – Escaping A Ship Isn’t That Easy!

Chapter 13 –How Safe Is This Ship?

Chapter 14 – The Hidden Treasures At The School!

Chapter 15 – The Cursed Chests!

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Chapter 1 – What Timmy Thinks?

Timothy’s always had a very creative mind. Ever since he was very young, his parents would have trouble trying to teach the most basic things to him. Unlike the other children, who grew spoiled with the new technologies and would rather spend their days playing games on smartphones and tablets, Timmy’s head was wrapped over the small, simple things. His dad liked to call him a “kid from another generation.”

But with this extra creativity, came the problems. Timmy would often get in trouble, be at school or when playing outside, like the time he tried to create a train with cardboard boxes and wheels made out of thrash can lids. For the wheel’s traction, Timmy grabbed an old rod and taped the lids to both ends, placing them carefully into the cardboard. He painted the train using some water ink that his father had given him for his birthday.

Creating the train wasn’t the problem, but putting it to work was: Timmy decided to test his invention by taking it to the top of a hill in a street not far from his home. He went downhill atop the train at full speed, and needless to say, the train only stopped after hitting a tree. A few knee and forearm bruises later, Timmy had already recovered from his ‘train wreck’, although his parents wouldn’t let him ride any other toys or inventions like that one.

Another time, Timmy was at school and decided to come up with a new game during PE class. Instead of the classic Basketball, he wanted to play a variation of the game with his friends. This was called “Basket Soccer” and, as the name implied, it’s played with a basketball… but can’t use any hands.

One of his colleagues twisted his ankle after kicking the heavy basketball, and another one had a small bruise after getting hit on the face by the ball. Timmy was sent to the principal’s office, but he was let go shortly after because, despite his crazy ideas and willingness to “think outside the box”, Timmy had always been a nice student with good grades.

His parents really cherished him for being so creative. Carl Hanson, Timmy’s father, bought him a full painting kit because Timmy always seemed to love that. His mother Clara would often take Timmy to new activities such as Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, etc. She tried to fit him into a sport that he could enjoy, but despite all his energy, it was hard to keep Timmy entertained for more than a couple of days with the same activity.

Regardless of his imagination and creativity, Timmy preferred to be alone with his thoughts. Now at the age of 12, he would rather play with his toys and create amazing stories and plots, than invite other kids to play with him. Timmy had friends at school, but he never really spent much time with them.

- “They don’t like the same things I do.” Timmy would say often.

- “What’s the matter, son?” His dad asked. “Are the other kids being mean to you?”

- “You can always tell us everything, honey.” His mother said. “You can trust us for anything, okay?”

- “No, mom and dad. I’m fine! The kids at school are not being mean to me.” He said. “It’s just that I prefer to play with my own stuff and create my games.”

- “Alright, but why don’t you invite someone over? Your friends from school… There’s John, and Brad. They’re nice kids.” Dad said.

- “I know, but… it’s just that they don’t care much about playing anymore. They just wanna hang out at the mall and use their smartphones and… it’s boring.” Timmy said.

- “I understand you, son. Go have fun!” Mom said.

Timmy left his parents and returned to the backyard, where his cardboard spaceship was waiting for him.

- “Are you sure it’s okay?” Dad asked his wife, concerned about his son.

- “Sure, honey. He is alright.” Mom said. “There’s nothing wrong about a kid wanting to play and have fun.”

- “Most kids his age just want to watch YouTube videos and play video games.” Dad said.

- “He doesn’t have to be like most kids, hon.” Mom said. “Plus, those are not healthy habits. Our son is always exercising, and he is constantly practicing with his imagination. I am sure he will turn out to be a fantastic writer or even a movie director, or an actor! Who knows, maybe even an inventor!”

- “Well, I suppose we do have a very imaginative son. Let’s see where he wants to go.” Dad said.

But what both Mom and Dad didn’t know was that Timmy’s future had much more than just a promising career waiting for him. Timmy would be the chosen one for a journey of a lifetime… A journey dreamed by many, but accomplished by none.

Up until now.


Chapter 2 – Pirates Don’t Really Exist, Do They?!

The next day, Timmy was playing with his cardboard spaceship once more. It was Saturday, so he had all day free. Timmy would always help his parents at home during the weekends: he was in charge of the dishes after all meals, and he would also clean up his own bedroom. But in the afternoon, he could do whatever he wanted.

And as usual, Timmy wanted to go outside and play. The Hansons had a big backyard, with plenty of room for Timmy to exercise his creativity and imagination at his own enjoyment. The cardboard spaceship was a 4-foot tall ship made out of 3 different cardboard boxes, painted with black ink for the wings and with an open screen up front for the pilot’s view. Timmy also made a fully functional keyboard using an old toy keyboard he had since he was a small child.

- “Tim to Earth, please respond!” Timmy said. “Arriving at the third space station next to the rings of Saturn. Please, I need confirmation of my ship’s status!”

Timmy would always make up the plot right on the spot. He was an expert at creating good stories for his plays. His friends didn’t like playing like that, as they would rather ‘go inside and watch some Netflix’ instead. But for Timmy, everything was possible – from navigating the depths of the Pacific Ocean, to exploring the dark space around Pluto.

This time, Timmy was hovering around Saturn and trying to stop by the planet’s rings to fuel up at one of the space stations before continuing his trip through space. His final destination was another dimension, located outside our galaxy.

But Timmy’s trip would get somewhere else, without his approval or even command.

As he was about to lay off new commands to his spaceship, Timmy heard a loud impact right behind him, coming from the backyard’s wooden fence. As if someone had thrown a huge boulder from a 30-story building straight to the ground.

- “What was that?!” Timmy said out loud. He got out of the cardboard spaceship and looked back. Timmy couldn’t tell if he was daydreaming or if it was real: there was a huge pirate ship docked behind his backyard. A real ship, on the grass!

The ship was gigantic, occupying all of the space from the street and creating a huge hole on the asphalt. And the ship’s front hull was stationed right on Timmy’s backyard. He didn’t know if any of that was actually real. “Am I dreaming? Is this part of my imagination?” Timmy thought to himself.

- “Ahoy, sailor!” He heard a pirate screaming from the deck. “You d’wn there, boy!”

- “M-Me?” Timmy stuttered.

- “Aye! I’m talkin’ to ye, boy!” the man said. “Don’t make me repeat me self; I ain’t got time for games! Now come ov’ere and climb those ladders!”

The pirates who were with him threw down a rope ladder and Timmy stared at it.

- “I-I shouldn’t go there… My parents will be worried if I leave without saying anything…” Timmy said.

- “Parents?” The pirate screamed. “Don’t ye worry about parents now, sailor! The world has been frozen in place!”

- “What…? Frozen?!” Timmy said.

- “Aye! Go check for yer self if ya don’t believe me!” The pirate said.

Timmy ran into his house and was speechless when he saw both his parents completely frozen in place, almost like made of stone. He tried touching them, but they didn’t react at all.

- “Mom! Dad! What happened?!” Timmy asked.

They didn’t answer, or move. In fact, everything else was also petrified. Timmy went outside to take a look at the street, and even the moving cars and the birds flying in the sky were stuck in place.

Timmy returned to the backyard as fast as he could, and still regaining his breath, he asked:

- “What… What in the world… Is going on?!”

- “The world has been frozen in place, time doesn’t work anymore. That’s what happened, boy!” The pirate said. “Now get over here before I lose my patience. We gotta fix this, or the world will be stuck forever!”

- “Forever?!” Timmy couldn’t believe it. What was going on after all? Apparently, those weird pirates with a ship in the middle of his backyard were the only ones who knew the answer. Timmy climbed the ladder, hoping that they could answer all of his questions.

But it seemed that the pirates had more questions than answers.


Chapter 3 – Well, Pirates Exist… But What Are Land Pirates?!

After boarding the ship, the pirate immediately told the others:

- “Weigh anchor! Haul the wind! We’re picking off, boys!” He screamed.

- “Aye, captain!” The other pirates answered.

In less than a couple minutes, the ship was out of the backyard and now sailing once more… on the concrete, crossing the streets of Timmy’s city and leaving a gaping hole on its path!

- “H-How is this even possible… Why is this ship sailing on the ground?!” Timmy asked.

- “It’s simple, sailor. We are land pirates, and this is a land ship.” The pirate said. “Allow me to introduce me self, boy. I am Jenne, the captain of this ship!”

- “N-Nice to meet you Jenne. I am Timmy…”

- “We already know that! We know er’thing about ye, boy!” Jenne said.

- “You… do?” Timmy was confused. He had so many questions unanswered, but he was even more curious to know why the pirates came after him.

- “Yes! You are a creative boy, with a great imagination, aren’t ye?” Jenne asked him.

- “Y-Yes… I suppose. My parents always told me that I have a creative mind for creating stories and stuff… What does that have to do with anything?”

- “Arr! That’s EXACTLY why we need ye, sailor!” Jenne screamed.

- “Gee, you don’t have to scream. I am right next to you…” Timmy said.

- “Get used to it, boy! That’s how we pirates talk!” Jenne said. “Anyway, we need ye for an important quest. We’re out on this sea of concrete, conquering the seven continents and taking over all land to find an amazing treasure!”

- “A treasure?” Timmy asked.

- “Aye! But not just any treasure… This is said to be the most valuable treasure of all times. A historic chest filled with all goods and commodities, hidden somewhere in this sea of dirt called Earth by one of our land pirate ancestors, over two hundred years ago!”

- “Two hundred years ago? Wow…” Timmy said. “Wait, what about time being stuck? Why is everyone frozen in time? I want my parents to return to normal!” Timmy said.

- “Calm down, sailor! One thing at a time. We don’t control that, but we certainly know who does. But we arr gonna need yer help in er quest! So it’s a deal, sailor. Ye help us with the chest and we gon restore time for ye.” Jenne said. “Deal?”

- “Oh well… I have no idea how I am supposed to help you find that treasure, but… I don’t have any other choice, do I?” Timmy said. “Anyway… okay, deal.” He raised his hand to the pirate.

- “Avast!” Jenne screamed.

- “What?!” Timmy was confused.

- “Hold it right there, pirate! That’s not how pirates make an agreement.” Jenne said.

- “What? I just wanted to shake hands…” Timmy said.

- “It’s okay, ye just missed one important thing when sealing a deal, sailor!” Jenne said.

- “What?”

Jenne spit on his own hand and raised it to Timmy.

- “Yer turn, sailor! Spit in yer hand and let’s seal the deal!”

- “Eww, that’s so disgusting! I am not gonna do that…” Timmy said in disgust.

- “DO IT, SAILOR! Come on everyone, let’s sing the infamous chant of the land sea for Timmy, so that he can buckle up and make the deal once and for all!” Jenne said.

All pirates started singing in a horrible tone the song of the land sea.

- “Gee, this song is terrible! Alright, whatever! I will make the deal…” Timmy spit on his hand and shook hands with Jenne.

- “Done. We have a deal, sailor!” Jenne said. “Even among pirates, we have a code of conduct. Now, ye can’t break your part of the deal and we can’t break ours!”

- “Okay…” Timmy said, still confused with everything.

He had made a deal with pirates, or more notably, land pirates. And they were the only ones who knew how to make everything go back to normal.


Chapter 4 – A Deal To Never Forget!

Now that Timmy had made a deal with the land pirates, he could not back down. His only choice was to go forward with the plan, and help them find the chest which they have been searching for.

- “Alright pirates, I will help you out…” Timmy said. “But Jenne, what exactly do I have to do?”

- “First things first, pirate!” Jenne said. “Now that yer one of us, you ain’t gonna call me by my name! I am your captain, and don’t forget it!” Jenne said.

- “Uh… Alright. So captain, what is my job here?” Timmy asked once again.

- “You are important for our mission, boy! With your help, we will find the hidden chest and get rich!” Jenne said.

- “Okay… You already said that. But what I am asking is, how can I find this chest?”

- “Just think, Timmy. Where is the perfect place to hide a chest?” Jenne asked him.

- “Uh, I don’t know? Maybe… most likely in a hole?” Timmy said.

- “You gotta be more precise, Timmy! Think, pirate. There must be a place somewhere around here where a chest could be hidden!” Jenne said.

- “Uh okay… Well… There’s a car wash with some dumpsters not far from here, maybe we could find something under the dumpsters?”

- “Ahoy pirates, change the course to the wind! Sailing to the car wash!” Jenne screamed.

The pirates moved the ship towards the car wash for a brief stop. Upon arriving, they searched everywhere but didn’t find any chests.

- “Notin’, captain.” One of the pirates said.

- “Then come aboard and let’s sail away!” Jenne said. “Hurry up, because we don’t have time to waste.”

- “Uh… Captain Jenne?” Timmy tapped his shoulder.

- “Yes, pirate?” Jenne asked him.

- “Uh, why did you ask me to come here? I mean, it was just a flunk. I honestly have no idea where a hidden chest could be…” Timmy said. “So if you ask me for directions, I will not have any good leads for you…”

- “Timmy, I will explain everything to you later on. But for now, we need your cooperation!” Jenne said. “So grab ahold the pillars because we’re sailing at full speed! Careful to not fall over the ship, boy!”

And they continued sailing across the city, looking for the mysterious chest hidden somewhere.


Chapter 5 – A Captain Out Of This World!

Jenne didn’t tell much about their adventure to Timmy, but he knew he could count on the boy for their quest.

- “Timmy, come over her’ and I’ll explain ever’thing to you.” Jenne said.

- “Okay.” Timmy said.

They went to the captain’s quarter and Jenne closed the door.

- “Finally. Now I can speak normally, for once.” Jenne said.

- “Wait… Captain, you’re… not a real pirate?” Timmy asked.

- “Not really, Timmy.” Jenne said. “I am a normal person like you, but I have been put in charge of this ship a long time ago. I won’t go into the details right now, but everyone here thinks I was born a pirate. And as their leader, I must represent the captain they need. Don’t tell them anything about this, Timmy.”

- “I won’t, captain.” Timmy said.

- “And you don’t have to call me captain in private, so don’t worry.” Jenne said.

- “Ah… Alright.”

- “Anyway. You must be really confused, huh? Out of nowhere, a ship comes into your yard, time has stopped, land pirates… Quite the ride!” Jenne said.

- “Yes, I am very confused with all this.” Timmy said.

- “No wonder. Timmy, we went for you because you’re the most suitable child for this mission. You see, the treasure we are seeking… it’s beyond imagination. It’s something so wonderful and unique, that the only person who has ever seen its content is…”

- “Is what?” Timmy asked him.

- “Well, let’s just say that we can’t ask him directly. Anyway, you are a child with a great imagination. Very fertile mind, creative.” Jenne said.

- “And what does that have to do with finding a chest?” Timmy said.

- “You see Timmy, we are land pirates. We only exist in the imagination of children. Adults can’t see us, and that’s why time has stopped.” Jenne said.

- “Wait… You are an adult and the other pirates are, too!” Timmy said.

- “Well Timmy, the other pirates are just like the ship: a product of imagination. I am the only real person here, and I am one of the rare cases of an adult whose mind hasn’t gone corrupt with age.” Jenne said.

- “So… This is just a dream? Nothing here is real?” Timmy asked.

- “Well, let me put it this way: this COULD be a dream, yes. Maybe everything will go away once we fulfill our quest. But this could also be happening for real, and everything we do now MIGHT have a consequence in the real world later on.” Jenne said.

- “That’s… strange.” Timmy said.

- “Yes. In other words, once we are done with the mission, you’ll be back to your home and everything else in this world will be back to normal. But… Whatever we retrieve from this chest, might be kept by us in the real world.” Jenne said.

- “Really? So… I might get rich?” Timmy said.

- “Who knows, Timmy. Like I said before, we don’t know the contents of the chest. But according to the legends, it is the rarest treasure of all times.” Jenne said.

- “Okay, then let’s go get it! And how can I be of service?” Timmy asked.

- “Since everything here is made of our own imagination, all you have to do is believe. If you believe everything is real, then we can work this out. The more you believe in this world and all of its possibilities, the closer we’ll get to the chest. That’s why I need your creative mind for the job.” Jenne said.

- “I understand. Then I will do my best to help, sir!” Timmy said.

- “Excellent, Timmy! Now let’s go back to the ship, before my pirates go crazy and start drinking and eating too much.” Jenne said.

- “Okay, sir.”

They returned to the ship’s deck and Jenne was back to his captain role.

- “Aye, pirates! I see a lot of time being wasted here. C’mon, I want you all to go back to your positions!” Jenne said.

- “Aye, captain!” The pirates answered.


Chapter 6 – Enemy Pirates!

The pirates went to sleep that night and Timmy was given his own bunk bed amongst the other pirates.

- “Oh well, I suppose this is my life now.” Timmy thought, thinking of his comfy bed at home. “But I also want to find that treasure now… If it’s just as awesome as Jenne said, then…” And Timmy fell asleep.

On the next day, he woke up with the pirates screaming.

- “C’mon! Show a leg, pirate!” Someone screamed.

- “What is happening? What’s wrong?!” Timmy said.

- “Notin’, newcomer! It’s just how we wake up e’ry morning!” The other pirate said.

- “Gee… Why do pirates have to be so loud about everything?!” Timmy said.

He went to the main deck, where the pirates had breakfast every morning. Afterwards, one of the pirates noticed something in the distance.

- “Heave ship!” He screamed. “Enemy pirates on the line!”

- “Wait. Enemy pirates?” Timmy asked.

- “Ahoy, pirate! Something I didn’t mention before to ye, but we do have enemy pirates roaming these lands. They are also after the treasure, and most likely after you!” Jenne said.

- “After me?!” Timmy asked.

- “Yes! You’re the best kid in this region when it comes to finding chests. I think they have also noticed that…” Jenne said.

- “Wait… but, how did everyone notice me here?” Timmy asked.

- “They just feel it, kid! A true captain can tell a good kid apart from the others from a great distance! Now pirates, weigh anchor! They’re after our precious kid!” Jenne said.

The pirates quickly moved the ship to the opposite direction. Now, the other ship was coming after them, chasing the pirate ship in the middle of the city.

- “Our only chance to escape is to hide in the woods. Pirates, take this ship away from the city!” Jenne said.

- “Aye, captain!”

They took the ship to the nearby woods and hid it behind the trees. Now, the ship chasing them down lost them from their sight, and went away.

- “Good job, pirates! We have successfully fled the battle.” Jenne said. “And right on time, because our canons were not ready to be fired.”

- “Canons?” Timmy asked.

- “Yes, pirate! We have a set of canons inside our gun deck, but they required some maintenance after the last battle. That’s why we couldn’t face that other ship!”

- “I see… Well, I am actually glad that we didn’t have to resort to a battle.” Timmy said.

- “Oh boy, you better get yerself ready for it. Sooner or later, we’ll engage in a pirate battle fo’ sure!” Jenne said.

- “I hope later…” Timmy said.

Chapter 7 – The Never-ending Search!

Now that they had the enemy pirates behind them, Captain Jenne’s crew was ready to search for the amazing treasure hidden somewhere in the land.

- “Al’ght pirates! This is our chance. We have a good wind, no enemies in sight, and the boy is with us. Let’s sail away and search for the chest once more!” Jenne said.

- “Ahoy!” The pirates screamed.

- “Now Timmy, will you tell us a good place to look for a treasure?” Jenne asked him.

- “Let me think… Uh… Maybe in the park downtown, there’s a water fountain there and I always found it very exquisite and…”

- “Off we go!” Jenne screamed, and the pirates steered the ship on the park’s direction. As soon as they got there, one of the pirates jumped out of the ship and searched the fountain. Inside the water, he found a bottle with a note inside.

- “Look what I got, Captain!” The pirate said.

- “Good job! See what happens when you believe it, Timmy? We actually find things!” Jenne said.

- “Wow… I am actually impressed! I mean, I do believe in everything now, but I wasn’t expecting to actually give you a good place to search.” Timmy said.

- “Yes, boy. And this might lead us on to the chest’s location!” Jenne said.

Jenne opened the bottle and read the letter.

- “To whom it may concern, the chest is not yet to be found; keep your friends close, for an increase in your bonds.”

- “That’s it?” Timmy said.

- “Ye. Notin’ here… The letter doesn’t tell us where the chest is.” Jenne said. “However, it gives us an important tip to find more clues regarding the chest.”

- “What does that mean, then?” Timmy asked.

- “I don’t know pirate, but probably we need to stay together and work harder! Maybe we’ll get to find more about it soon!” Jenne said.

- “I see… Uh… Let me see if I can think of another good place to find the chest or a clue…” Timmy said.

- “Don’t overwork yourself, kid!” Jenne said. “We need your imagination for this mission, but you can’t use it all the time. Now, you’ll have to wait a few hours before you can give us another good advice.”

- “I didn’t know my imagination had a limit…” Timmy said.

- “It doesn’t! But the power of finding real clues does. You may come up with great places for us to visit right now, but even if we do visit them all, none of them will have something for us.” Jenne said.

- “I see. Then I’ll try to think of new places so we can search for them later!” Timmy said.

- “That’s the spirit, kid.” Jenne said. “Now move along pirates, we need to find some food for this crew!”

Chapter 8 –Sailing Shallow Lands!

In the next morning, Timmy was ready to use his power once more: the power to locate clues to find the mysterious chest!

- “Here we go, boy. Thought of any good places for us to search?” Jenne asked him.

- “Yes I did!” Timmy said. “There is a big building downtown, and every time I passed by that building with my dad, I would tell him how it looked like an inverted airplane without wings. My dad used to tell me that I was too creative to look at it that way…”

- “And here we go!” Jenne said, interrupting Timmy.

- “Hey! I almost fell on my feet! Timmy said.

- “No time to slowdown, boy! We are on a tight schedule her’.” Jenne said.

They reached the building and the pirates went to search for clues. This time, Jenne and Timmy also went with them.

- “Wow… This is my first time stepping out of the ship since I got aboard.” Timmy said. “And just looking at the world like this, everything frozen in time… People, cars, birds… It’s so unreal!”

- “I feel ya, Timmy. I know how weird this can be at first.” Jenne said. “But don’t worry, it will all go back to normal once we are done with the chest.”

As the pirates searched everywhere, Timmy was worried with something.

- “But Jenne…” He said.

- “What is it, pirate?” The Captain asked.

- “What if… We never find the chest?” Timmy asked, worried with the answer.

Before Captain Jenne could reply, one of the pirates yelled.

- “Yah! I found sometin’!” He said.

- “Aye, pirate! Bring it to me!” Jenne said.

The pirate brought a small map drawn on a piece of paper.

- “Found it inside a trash can.” The pirate said.

- “Good one, my friend!” Captain Jenne said. “Now, let’s go back! Weigh anchor and sail away!” Jenne said.


Chapter 9 – A Final Decision!

Timmy was still worried about the future. What would he do, if they never found the chest? What were his options? Sensing the boy’s insecurities, Captain Jenne invited him once again for a private chat in his quarter.

- “So, Timmy. I feel you’re insecure about your role here in the ship.” Jenne said.

- “Well… I just don’t know what is going to happen if we don’t find the chest.” Timmy said.

- “I understand, so let me explain to you. In terms of choice, you can go home whenever you want, Timmy.” Jenne said.

- “Really?”

- “Yes. At anytime, anywhere, you just have to say the words: I want to go home. It’s that simple. We will have no choice but to take you back, and everything will be normal once again. Your parents will no longer be frozen in time, like everyone else.” Jenne said.

- “I see.” Timmy said.

- “The only thing is, once you go back home… You may never be a part of our ship again.” Jenne said. “When you entered this ship, you made an oath. That oath is mandatory for every person who joins the crew. Upon accepting the oath, you must go forward with it until the end. If you give up before finishing your mission, then you will no longer be able to participate.” Jenne said.

- “So, if I give up, I won’t be able to join the ship again in the future?” Timmy asked.

- “Yes. So no more treasure, either.” Jenne said. “So, you got nothing to lose Timmy! If we don’t find the chest after our search, you can go home and it will be alright. But if you do quit, you will never have the chance to find the chest again. Do you understand?”

- “Yes, I do. In that case, I want to continue searching for it!” Timmy said.

- “Great! Because the map we found yesterday has a good lead for us.” Jenne said.

- “What does it say?”

- “I can’t really tell what this map is for, but it seems to be leading us to a cave… or maybe a mountain. It’s badly drawn, hard to see anything.” Jenne said. “Here, take a look.”

- “Oh. This looks like it was drawn by a 5 year old.” Timmy said. “This seems to be a lake… and there’s something hidden under a tree near the lake. Well, the only lake I can think of is Lake Almora, it’s 4 miles from here.”

- “Excellent deduction, Timmy! As always!” Jenne said.

- “Oh, it was nothing… I could be wrong, though.” Timmy said.

- “No, this is perfect! It’s your imagination coming out once more.” Jenne said.

- “It is?” Timmy said.

- “Yes! Remember? Your imagination has this unique power of making things come true. If you say this is a map of a lake, and there’s a hidden clue under a tree near the lake… Then everything is true!” Jenne said. “You can only use this power once every few hours.”

- “Well, that’s great!” Timmy said. “But wouldn’t it be easier if I just imagined that the mysterious and rare chest was right in front of us?”

- “No, it doesn’t work like that Timmy.” Jenne said. “It has to be a natural thought, something pure coming out of a kid’s imagination. You can’t choose what we are going to find on purpose: you can only dream and imagine. Almost like you’re playing with your toys and pretending to create a fake pirate story, understand?”

- “Ah, okay. I will keep that in mind!” Timmy said.

- “Great! Now let’s take this ol’ ship to Lake Almora!” Captain Jenne said.


Chapter 10 – Lake Almora, A Dangerous Place!

The group was now heading to Lake Almora, where they had a potential new lead for the chest’s location.

- “According to this map, we should go over the lake’s border and search for a pine tree. I suppose there are hundreds of them, but we can only try.” Timmy said.

- “Aye pirate! We will search every nook and cranny of that ol’ lake until we find what we are looking for, mate!” Jenne said.

- “Aye, Captain! Let us search fo’ it!” The pirates said.

- “Of co’se! You bunch of loose cannons are the best to search for stuff.” Jenne said.

When they arrived at the Lake, Captain Jenne ordered the pirates to anchor the ship away from the water.

- “Stop right here, heave ho!” Jenne screamed. “Now get down there and go search for the pine tree near the lake! There ought to be something interesting under the tree.”

- “Aye aye!” The pirates answered.

They all went after the hidden piece under the tree, while Captain Jenne and Timmy remained aboard.

- “Ah… The fresh wind from the trees… Sailing in a forest is always a pleasure.” Jenne said.

- “For how long have you been sailing, Captain Jenne?” Timmy asked him.

- “Over 20 years, kid.” Captain Jenne said. “20 long years looking for this treasure. I have had help from many people in the past, none of them could find it.”

- “Wow… 20 years looking for this single chest? That’s a lot of time! What if it doesn’t have any money or gold in it?” Timmy asked him.

- “Well, then it will be a time to search for another hidden treasure! That’s the life of a man of the land.” Captain Jenne said.

- “And can’t you just… go back to the normal world?” Timmy asked him.

- “I don’t want to, Timmy. If I return to my previous normal life, then everything will go back to normal. I will be 20 years younger, and so on… But no treasure.” Jenne said.

- “I see. Well, then let’s find your treasure so that you may return home rich!” Timmy said.

- “That’s the spirit, boy! Thanks for the help.” Captain Jenne said. “Wait a minute… is that?!”

Jenne spotted something far away. It was an enemy vessel approaching them from behind

- “By Blackbeard’s wooden leg! That’s an enemy ship, trying to pin us down!” Jenne said. “Aye, pirates! Board the ship right now, we must leave!”

The pirates ran towards the ship. The enemy vessel was getting closer.

- “We need to get out of here!” Timmy said. “Let’s cross over the lake and…”

- “Are you mad?!” One of the pirates nearby yelled at Timmy. “Ye can’t throw this wooden basket at the water!”

- “He is right, Timmy.” Jenne said. “This is a land ship, which means it doesn’t sail on water. It’s the same as throwing a water ship on the land – it won’t move at all.”

- “Oh… I guess that makes sense?” Timmy said. “Anyway, we need to leave!”

- “Agreed. Weigh anchor, sail away! Take this ship out of her’, boys!” Captain Jenne screamed.

- “Too late, capt’in!” A pirate said.

And it was too late, indeed. The enemy vessel was now a few feet away from the ship, aiming its cannons towards them. A pirate came over the deck to talk with the crew.

- “Greetings, my friends!” He said. “I am Captain Sahir, from the Granada Islands. We noticed you are carrying a… precious cargo in yer humble ship, heh?”

- “Captain Jenne here. You ain’t taking anything from us, ye hear me?!”

- “Well Captain Jenne, it seems I am the one with the advantage here.” Sahir said. “I got my cannons ready to fire, and we’ll bring this ship down at any moment if you don’t cooperate with me.”

- “I don’t care! I have been sailing these lands for a long time, I won’t back down now and…”

- “Sailing for so long, but this is the first time you are actually carrying something valuable in this rotten ship, Captain!” Sahir said. “I don’t have any interest in old ships with no treasure, but what you have here… Is more valuable than any treasure! It’s the key to all other treasures.”

- “Get lost, poor soul! Ye don’t belong he’e!” Jenne said.

- “Hand over the boy, Jenne.” Captain Sahir said. “I want him to find the treasure for me.”

- “Never!” Captain Jenne said.

- “Take down the front deck.” Captain Sahir said.

The pirates from his ship ignited the cannons in the front deck and blasted a hole in Jenne’s ship.

- “Your ship is still operable despite the heavy damage. I am not bluffing here, Captain. Hand over the boy or we ar gonna do worst!” Captain Sahir said.

- “I will never do that!” Jenne said.

- “Al’ight boys. Light them up.” Sahir said.

- “No, wait!” Timmy said. “I… I will go with you. Just please, don’t destroy their ship!”

- “Ah, the boy has made his choice!” Sahir said. “Hold off the cannons. We’re taking our special guest in.”

- “You… You will pay for this, Sahir!” Captain Jenne said.

- “We’ll see, Jenne. After we are done with the chest, then you can have the boy again.” Sahir said. “Good bye!”

And they sailed away from Lake Almora.


Chapter 11 – New Ship, New Troubles!

Timmy was now with Captain Sahir’s crew. He had no idea how to proceed, as he just wanted to prevent Sahir from completely destroying Jenne’s ship.

- “So, boy. Welcome aboard our beloved ship.” Sahir said.

- “T-Thanks.” Timmy said.

- “You know why you are here, right?” Sahir said. “We need you to find the hidden chest for us. Do that, and we’ll take you back home safe and sound. It’s very easy.”

- “I… I don’t want to work with you!” Timmy said.

- “No problem kid, you aren’t. You are working FOR me!” Captain Sahir said, and the pirates laughed out loud.

- “No… I want to go home right now! Take me there, you can’t refuse it! Captain Jenne told me about it.” Timmy said. “He said I could go home whenever I wanted, so I am requesting that right now!”

- “Hahahaha.” Captain Sahir laughed. “So that’s what he told you? So sweet. I am sorry to inform you kid, but it doesn’t work like that. It’s not some sort of spell or anything. The Captain made a deal with you, promising to take you home whenever you wanted. But here, things are different. I won’t take you back until you’ve done your job.”

- “What?!”

- “Exactly. So get used to this ship, boy! You ain’t leaving anytime soon!” Sahir said.

- “Oh… That’s terrible…” Timmy said.

- “So boy, what you got? We need directions for our next clue.” Sahir said. “Think of a place and tell me.”

- “Uh… Maybe in the gas station in the highway near the lake?” Timmy said.

- “I feel a lot of uncertainty in your voice, kid.” Sahir said. “You better think this through and give us a good place to go, or you’ll be working in the cleaning crew of the ship until you come up with the best locations for the treasure!”

- “O-Okay… That’s the best I can think of right now.” Timmy said.

The pirates went after the gas station and they found a small note written on a piece of old paper in one of the bathrooms.

- “The pirates found this. It says, ‘the path to the treasure is hidden away; true friends never part ways.’ What is the meaning of this?!” Sahir said.

- “I… honestly have no idea.” Timmy said.

- “Of course you don’t! You just led us to a dead end, a silly clue. Now get to work because your little brain isn’t working properly! We need better clues, boy. And you better come up with those!” Sahir said.

The pirates gave Timmy a broom to sweep the floor. Now, he had to work for the ship crew until they found the chest.

- “Ah… I really miss being with Pirate Jenne and the others! They had the best crew…” Timmy thought. He knew he had to find a way to escape Sahir’s ship, but he wasn’t sure how.

Chapter 12 – Escaping A Ship Isn’t That Easy!

Timmy wanted to leave that ship, but he didn’t know how. He was all by himself in this ship, so his only choice was to think of a plan.

- “Think, Timmy. You need to leave this pirate ship in the middle of nowhere… How to proceed?” He thought.

Jumping out of the ship wasn’t an option, because the land ships sailed really fast and Timmy could get hurt. Maybe when the ship stopped somewhere? That could be his chance to get out and run.

- “No… They will catch me. The ship is much faster.” Timmy thought. “How can a land ship be so fast, sailing on earth?!”

In the afternoon, Captain Sahir stopped by and asked Timmy for new directions.

- “Let’s give it another try, shall we boy? Give me a new place to look for the chest now.” Captain Sahir said.

- “You do know that I don’t choose what we are going to find, right?” Timmy said.

- “Sort of. It’s your sub consciousness who does. You may not choose exactly what you want, but your mind does for you. So you better have some good thoughts this time around, boy.” Captain Sahir said.

- “Oh, really? So I can’t control what I want, to some extent…” Timmy said.

- “Yes, now give me something!” Captain Sahir said.

- “Wait. Give me a full minute, please.” Timmy thought really hard. He wished to meet Captain Jenne once more, but he didn’t want to decide how to do that. He let his mind do the rest.

- “Okay, I believe we might find what we are looking for by the entrance to my city. Probably behind the small bridge next to Route 45.” Timmy said.

- “Wow, that was very specific. Good job, kid! Now pirates, head west! We need to find this next clue as quickly as we can.” Captain Sahir said.

Timmy had no idea what they might find, but he really wished to be reunited with Captain Jenne and his crew once more. The pirates reached the bridge in no time, and they jumped out of the ship to inspect the place.

- “Here, Captain! I found a bottle with a note inside!” A pirate said.

- “Read it out loud, pirate.” Captain Sahir said.

- “But… I can’t read, sir!” The pirate said.

- “Oh gosh… Can someone PLEASE take that note up here?!” Captain Sahir said, impatiently. He grabbed the note and read: “’Be careful where you stop; ships can’t sail everywhere.’ That’s all?! I thought you were gonna give us a good place to search, boy!”

- “B-But sir, that’s the best I could get…” Timmy said.

Suddenly, the ship moved abruptly to the side, almost throwing everyone out of the deck.

- “W-What is going on?!” Captain Sahir screamed.

- “Sir, the ship!” A pirate answered.

The ship had stopped over a trap made of quicksand, which was engulfing it.

- “Quicksand?! Weigh anchor! Take the ship out of here!” Captain Sahir ordered.

- “W-We can’t Captain, it’s too late! The ship is stuck now!” The pirate said.

Soon afterwards, they saw Captain Jenne’s ship coming out of the woods and pointing its cannons at them.

- “Timmy, jump out of that ship and come to us!” Jenne said. “And Captain Sahir, this is your lesson to never steal another pirate’s helper.”

Timmy quickly jumped out and the pirates helped him get aboard Jenne’s ship.

- “You… You will pay for this!” Captain Sahir said. “Once we get out of here, I will chase you down! This land isn’t endless, Jenne!”

- “I know how to get around, Sahir. And this time, we won’t be fooled by you and your crew.” Captain Jenne said. “Now, off we go pirates! Leave those pesky pirates behind. We have a treasure to find!”

And they fled the area, leaving Captain Sahir’s ship stuck in the quicksand.

- “Amazing, Captain Jenne! How did you know where to find me?” Timmy asked him.

- “Now, what are you talking about boy? I never knew where to find you! In fact, you are the one who found us!” Jenne said.

- “Uh, care to explain please?”

- “It’s simple, boy. I knew you would figure out sooner or later how to control your power. You don’t have full control over it yet, but ye certainly know how to give it a little bump towards the right direction!” Jenne said.

- “Okay, I see now.” Timmy said.

- “You wanted to find us somehow, and that’s where your imagination led you. In the meantime, we were setting up this trap and just waiting for you to come.” Jenne said. “Nicely done! It is a good sign also, knowing that your power is on the right track.”

- “Actually, Captain Sahir is the one who told me about how I can control my imagination more.” Timmy said.

- “Well, well. Isn’t that ironic!” Captain Jenne said. “He helped you discover more about your power, and you used that against himself. Good job, mate! You are becoming a real pirate, after all.”

- “Hehe, thanks I guess.” Timmy said.

- “Now I am sure you must be tired after all this mess. Go’n pirate, take some rest and save your power for later!” Captain Jenne said.

- “Okay Captain, I will. And it’s really good to be back!” Timmy said.

- “Ahoy, pirates! Sail off to the wind!” Captain Jenne yelled.


Chapter 13 –How Safe Is This Ship?

Timmy was really glad to be reunited again with Captain Jenne and his crew. Now, they could pursue their dream of finding the treasure without worrying about the other pirates…

- “Captain Jenne, I was thinking about what Captain Sahir said the day he captured me…” Timmy said.

- “What about that nonsense pirate?” Jenne asked.

- “Well, is it true that Captains can sense my power from a distance?” Timmy wanted to know.

- “Yes, boy.” Jenne said. “Let’s just say that your power is really strong, quite unique.”

- “Am I not putting your ship and your crew in danger just by being here?” Timmy was concerned with the ship’s safety. “I mean, I don’t want that to happen all over again… You guys were attacked and most of the damage still must be repaired, and…”

- “Oh don’t worry about us, boy.” Captain Jenne said. “We’re used to this pirate life. It’s all part of our daily lives and we don’t mind it a bit. Guess what? This is not the first time this has happened!”

- “No?” Timmy asked.

- “O’course not, boy! What do you think of us, that we are a bunch of amateurs?! Mwhahahahaha!” Captain Jenne laughed, and the rest of the crew followed him.

- “Haha. Of course not, Jenne. I mean, you’ve got a lot of experience on the lands!” Timmy said.

- “That’s right, boy. During my years as Captain of this old wooden basket, I’ve seen it all. We have been attacked by enemy ships, we have made some partnerships with others, and we’ve made deals and oaths… You name it!” Jenne said.

- “Yeah… It must have been quite the ride, huh.” Timmy said. “You should write a book about it one day!”

- “Haha. I am not good with words, boy.” Captain Jenne said. “Perhaps you could do that favor in our name! Once we’ve found the treasure and you go back to life, write about us. Whatcha’ say?”

- “Sounds good, I mean… I am no expert writer because I am only 12 years old, but I think I could try…” Timmy said.

- “That’s the spirit, boy. You are always surprising me!” Captain Jenne tapped his shoulder. “Now, have ye got any leads for us on this sunny day?”

- “In fact I do, Captain.” Timmy said. “We are now back in the city, and there is a special place where we might find something: my school!”

- “Yer school? What’s so special about it?” Captain Jenne asked.

- “Well, it’s where I have learned everything, and where I will also learn much more in the future.” Timmy said.

- “You know Timmy, most pirates hate school because they dropped out and never went back. They preferred to work on the land as pirates instead of studying. I suppose these ol’ geese won’t enjoy a visit to the school, but that could be a nice place to hide something. Off we go, then!” Jenne said.

- “Alright, I hope we can find something nice.” Timmy said.


Chapter 14 – The Hidden Treasures At The School!

The pirates were sailing once more to find new clues about the hidden treasure. This time, they were going to visit Timmy’s school.

- “A wretched building, filled with a poisonous air… Those who have entered, have never returned in one piece. And you know what they say, right?” A pirate was telling a story to the others. “A dead man tells no tales!”

- “Oh my gosh! Schools are cursed!” Another pirate screamed in fear.

- “Knock it off, yer loosen screws!” Captain Jenne yelled. “Schools aren’t cursed or anything. Stop making up excuses to be afraid of that place, just because y’all didn’t want to study when you were younger!”

- “B-But Captain… The tales never lie!” A pirate said.

- “By Dave Jones’ Locker, that they don’t lie!” Jenne said. “Tales are nothing more than that, they are just tales. There’s no such thing as a cursed school. Now drop it off because we need everyone working!”

- “Okay Captain…” The pirate replied.

- “They really dislike schools, huh.” Timmy said.

- “Like I said, they all dropped out before completing their education so they are just afraid of studying.” Jenne said. “There’s no such a thing as cursed in this world – it’s all part of fairy tales!”

- “We’re arriving, by the way.” Timmy said.

- “Really? Get on your positions, pirates! Heave!” Captain Jenne said.

The pirates docked next to the school’s entrance. They were still afraid of entering the building.

- “T-The wretched school…” One of them said.

- “Aye, aye, pirates! I can’t believe you’re still at it.” Captain Jenne said.

- “B-But Captain…”

- “No ifs and buts! I will go on with Timmy to search for the hidden clue. I expect to see you all inside in the next 5 minutes, or everyone will be cleaning this ship for the rest of the week!” Captain Jenne said.

Jenne and Timmy dropped off the ship and walked to the school.

- “So here we are, boy.” Jenne said. “Having some good memories of your time here?”

- “Yes, mostly.” Timmy said. “Not that I don’t like to study, but staying here for so many hours a day is boring. And you can’t use your imagination in school…”

- “I understand, kid. Schools are important in a person’s life. They will teach you most of the things you need to know about the world, before going to college. Unfortunately they don’t have any free space for creative minds, though.” Captain Jenne said. “And your generation is in the worst era, with the smartphones and Internet. Kids with a creative mind are slowly disappearing. That’s why you are so valuable.”

- “I see. Yeah, my fellow schoolmates don’t like to play the same games that I do. That is why I prefer to play by myself rather than to invite others to join… They just want to do boring stuff.” Timmy said.

- “Exactly, Timmy. But no matter what, never give up! Your creative mind is a gift, and you should cherish it forever. Even after growing older, I am sure it will be of use for you.” Jenne said. “Just like mine has been of good use for me. Now, let’s go find this hidden clue while the pirates create the courage needed to enter this school, shall we?”

- “Haha, definitely sir!” Timmy said.

- “Any idea where we should look first?” Jenne asked.

- “Well, I think the most obvious place is my own classroom.” Timmy said.

- “Lead the way!” Jenne said.

Timmy took Jenne to his classroom, down the hall in the third door. They both entered the classroom, which was dark because the curtains were closed.

- “Open the curtains and let the sunlight in, so we can see better.” Jenne said.

Timmy opened the curtains and when the classroom was visible again, he was astonished with what he saw. The floor was covered in sand, and instead of chairs and desks, the classroom had chests and palm trees everywhere!

- “What is the meaning of this?!” Timmy said. “This is not the classroom where I study! This looks like a small fake beach, like a movie scenario!”

- “Your mind made it this way, Timmy.” Jenne said. “Remember what you just said about not being able to use your imagination in school? Well, this is what your mind wanted to create. A pirate themed set in your school, where we could find the next clue regarding the hidden chest.”

- “I see. So it’s my sub consciousness working again!” Timmy said.

- “Exactly. Now, we have five chests to open. One or more of them might contain clues to our next stop. Let’s open them all and return to the ship, I guess the pirates are not coming.” Jenne said.

- “Okay. I will open this one first.” Timmy grabbed one of the chests, but when he opened it, a dark mist came out and spoke in a creepy voice:

- “Beware, strangers. You do not belong here. Take back all you’ve taken, before your souls stay locked here forever!”

- “Uh… What is this?!” Jenne said.

Timmy quickly closed the chest and ran out of the classroom.

- “W-What was that?” Timmy said.

- “No idea, Timmy. Looked like a ghost…” Jenne said.

- “But, didn’t you just tell the pirates that cursed things don’t exist?” Timmy said.

- “Oh… I think I know what’s going on. Oh gosh… We are in deep trouble, Timmy. Come with me, we need to go back to the ship quickly!”

Timmy and Jenne returned to the ship. On their way, they found the other pirates trying to enter the school, but were told to go back.

- “Go back to the ship, right now!” Captain Jenne told the pirates.

- “Why, Captain? We ain’t cowards. We’r gonna enter that place like you told us to!” The pirate said.

- “I don’t care, go back now. We are in danger here!” Jenne said.

- “I-I knew it! The school is cursed! Go back, you fools!” The pirate told the others.

Once again in the ship, Captain Jenne talked in private with Timmy.

- “Do you know what’s going on, Timmy?” He asked.

- “I honestly don’t, Captain. Can you tell me why you are so scared, and what was that ghostly thing back there?” Timmy said.

- “Sheesh! Don’t say it out loud, or you’ll scare the pirates! Anyway, that thing… Is also a product of your imagination.” Jenne said.

- “Wait, what?!” Timmy said. “How come?”

- “Well, it is actually my crew’s fault. Their silly stories of ghosts and cursed buildings made you subconsciously create the monsters inside those chests!” Jenne said.

- “Monsters? But we only saw one ghastly creature. Oh… Are you saying that…”

- “Yes, Timmy. I believe most of those chests have something creepy inside them. Only one of the chests is actually what we are looking for. The others are… cursed!” Jenne whispered, trying to keep it down.

- “Oh gosh. I can’t believe I did that!” Timmy said. “How do we proceed now, Captain?”

- “It’s not the time to worry, Timmy. Remember, everything you see, hear or do, has an impact in your imagination. Now, we need to think of a way to fight those monsters and retrieve the right chest.” Captain Jenne said.

- “Okay, Captain. How can we do that?” Timmy asked.

- “I will think of a plan… and you’ll help me with that.” Jenne said.


Chapter 15 – The Cursed Chests!

Back at the ship, Captain Jenne told the pirates to stay at bay. He didn’t want to alarm them about anything, and decided to have a private meeting with Timmy to decide how to proceed next.

- “Okay, the pirates are calmer now. We can’t let any word out about the cursed chests, otherwise there will be total chaos.” Jenne said.

- “You are right… And how do we find the right chest now?” Timmy asked.

- “Well, there’s really one way to do it… We must open all chests and see what we can find.” Jenne said.

- “But what about the monsters? The first chest gave us a warning… What if the others are not as kind?!” Timmy was concerned.

- “Calm down Timmy, we need to be brave for this mission!” Jenne said. “Let’s go in there once more. We already know that the first chest to the left is cursed. Now we only have four more chests to open. There’s a 25% chance of finding the right one in our first try… So let’s choose carefully and see what we can get. If by any chance we find another cursed chest, then we run out of there and back to the ship!”

- “Okay, Captain. That sounds like a solid plan.” Timmy said.

- “Good. Let me tell the pirates to stay on board and prepare the ship for an emergency maneuver, in case we have to leave in a hurry.” Jenne said.

- “Good idea.” Timmy said.

They both went out and when they stepped on the main deck, all of the other pirates were waiting for them, scared and afraid.

- “Captain, can we please leave these shallow lands? This place is…” The pirate didn’t finish his phrase.

- “What is it, pirate? Say it!” Jenne said.

- “Cursed!” The other pirate whispered. “This place is no good, Captain! We can feel an eerie presence here. Let’s turn around and take this ship out’ere before anyone gets hurt!”

- “Quiet down now, ye bunch of cowards!” Captain Jenne yelled. “I ain’t gonna accept a bunch of chickens in my ship. This is a place for tough men! Now buckle up because we won’t leave. Timmy and I are going in once more, and I want you all to prepare this ship for a quick flee. In case… enemy pirates come by.”

- “O-Okay Captain!” The pirate replied.

- “Let’s go now, Timmy.” Jenne said.

They both jumped out of the ship once again and entered the building. This time around, the school was much darker and colder than before.

- “Weird… This place looks different from before.” Timmy said.

- “I agree. It’s really eerie in here, like the pirates said.” Jenne said. “Despite those tales, we need to go forward with our plan. After all, we won’t be able to search for any new clues if we don’t take the previous ones.”

- “Really?” Timmy said.

- “Yes. Once you’ve decided where to find for a clue, we need to search the place until we get it. If we fail to do so, we will never find new ones.” Jenne said.

- “Gosh… I wish I had chosen a better place to find it, then.” Timmy said.

- “Not your fault, Timmy. Remember, everything you have in your mind might be of an influence for your imagination, but you can’t choose exactly what we are going to find in our missions.” Jenne said.

They were back at Timmy’s classroom and, this time, the five chests were in a different order.

- “Wait… Wasn’t that chest over there?” Jenne said.

- “No, I think the first one we opened was that one…” Timmy pointed to the one in the middle.

- “Are you sure? Wait… The chests have rearranged themselves?!” Jenne said. “Now we are going to have to open all five!”

The door behind them closed. Timmy tried opening it, but it was to no avail.

- “We are locked inside! How do we get out?!” Timmy screamed.

- “Calm down, Timmy. I think the only way out… is to face the cursed chests.” Jenne said. “It’s our personal challenge, and the only way to get rid of this.”

Now Timmy and Captain Jenne had to face the toughest challenge so far in their pirate adventure: they had to find the clue inside one of the five cursed chests, but how are they going to fight the horrendous creatures who might be inside them?!







About the Author

Mark Mulle is a passionate Minecraft gamer who writes game guides, short stories, and novels about the Minecraft universe. He has been exploring, building, and fighting in the game ever since its launch, and he often uses in-game experiences for inspiration on creating the best fiction for fellow fans of the game. He works as a professional writer and splits his time between gaming, reading, and storytelling, three hobbies and lifelong passions that he attributes to a love of roleplaying, a pursuit of challenging new perspectives, and a visceral enjoyment the vast worlds that imagination has to offer. His favorite thing to do, after a long day of creating worlds both on and off the online gaming community, is to relax with his dog, Herobrine, and to unwind with a good book. His favorite authors include Stephen King, Richard A. Knaak, George R. R. Martin, and R. A. Salvatore, whose fantasy works he grew up reading or is currently reading. Just like in Minecraft, Mark always strives to level up, so to speak, so that he can improve his skills and continue to surprise his audience. He prefers to play massive multiplayer online games but often spends time in those games fighting monsters one on one and going solo against the toughest mobs and bosses he can manage to topple. In every game, his signature character build is a male who focuses mostly on crafting weapons and enchanting, and in every battle, he always brings a one hander sword and a shield with as much magical attributes as he can pour into them. Because he always plays alone, he likes to use his game guides to share all the secrets and knowledge he gains, and who know—he may have snuck some information into his fiction as well. Keep an eye out for his next book!



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Book Three: The Captain of Overwatch


Diary of a Mob – Rowley the Rabbit,

Book One: The Runaway Rabbit


Books in the Diary of an Adventurous Creeper Series

Book One: Creeper Chronicles

Book Two: Journey to the End

Book Three: Dragon Savior


Books in the Adventures Through the Over World Trilogy

Book One: Creeping Transformation

Book Two: Steven and the Island of Bones

Book Three: The Zoo in Jericho City


The Quest: The Untold Story of Steve Trilogy

Book One: The Tale of a Hero

Book Two: The Unfinished Game

Book Three: The Endings and Beginnings of a Legend


The Obsidian Chronicles Trilogy

The Obsidian Chronicles, Book One: Ender Rain

The Obsidian Chronicles, Book Two: Hell and Back

The Obsidian Chronicles, Book Three: Of Dragons and Demons


The Doppelganger Trilogy

The Doppelganger, Book One: Steve’s Chance

The Doppelganger, Book Two: Steve vs. Herobrine

The Doppelganger, Book Three: The Ender Dragon Reborn


The Cult Trilogy

The Cult, Part One

The Cult, Part Two

The Cult, Part Three


The Legend: The Mystery of Herobrine Trilogy

Book One: The Start of the Quest

Book Two: The Truth about the Myth

Book Three: Herobrine versus the World


The Dragon’s Mountain Trilogy

Book One: Attacked by the Griefers

Book Two: The Hidden Village

Book Three: The White Mobs


The Temple of Destruction Trilogy

Book One: The Lost Treasures

Book Two: The Curse

Book Three: Notch versus Herobrine


Books in The Enemy’s Revenge Trilogy

Book One: Ghost Sightings

Book Two: Kidnapped

Book Three: To The End World


Attack of the Overworld Trilogy

Book One: Finding Herobrine

Book Two: Finding Steve

Book Three: The Final Mine


Tales of the Land Pirates, Book 1: Lost without Clues

Timmy is a creative 12-year old child. With his outstanding imagination, Timothy would always create new stories and games, despite most children of his age preferring to play with computers and smartphones. One day, Timmy receives the unexpected visit of a group of sailors known as the Land Pirates. Led by Captain Jenne, the pirates need Timmy’s help to find a mysterious chest hidden somewhere in the world, said to contain the most precious treasure of all times. Timmy joins the crew in order to find the treasure, but to also save his own world: time has stopped for everyone else, and Timmy wants things to go back to normal. How they will do that, is still a mystery. Join Timmy in his adventures through the world of piracy in the Tales of the Land Pirates – Book 1.

  • ISBN: 9781370408771
  • Author: Mark Mulle
  • Published: 2017-09-30 08:35:35
  • Words: 11304
Tales of the Land Pirates, Book 1: Lost without Clues Tales of the Land Pirates, Book 1: Lost without Clues