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K.L.O Johnson

Part One

© Copyright 2016 by K.L.O Johnson

This is a work of fiction.

The names, characters, places and incidents are products of the writer’s imagination or have been used fictitiously and are not to be constructed as real. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, actual events, locales or organisations is entirely and purely coincidental.

All rights are reserved.

No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without prior written permission from the author. Stunts and scenes and any replication of scenes will result in severe injury or death.

Without limiting the rights under copyright reserved above, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise) without the prior written permission of both the copyright owner and the author. Hence, reproducing ideas, characters, storyline or works itself is prohibited.

Table of Contents

Title Page

Copyright Page




Nindo Manor, Sydney, NSW

As I lounge on the white firm couch.

The cinematographic image of the news displays across the living room ceiling to floor glass window that gives an ideal view of the deep blue ocean below and it’s crashing waves against the stony sharp rocks at the bottom of the high cliff that sits my home.

Hearing the sound of familiar footfalls, I mute the news—presenting the recent bills passed by the new Prime Minister and the Premier of New South Wales. This in turn brings my mind back to the city mayor of New Sydney. With the harsh sun of our home, I’m surprised he was able to stand out long enough without going red as a tomato.

The automatic glass living room door slides open and I hear the sound of a familiar frustrated voice. “Kal!” Keeping my eyes glued to the television screen I cross my legs and stretch out an arm along the back of the couch. Giving my freshly cleaned skin, the nice cool feeling contours, of the soft smooth sofa.

“Yes, sister dear.” I muse with a small smile.

“Where’s my hair dryer?” she demands, stomping before me and stopping abruptly before my homework. Her black eyes like mine deathly glaze at me and I relax against the couch, knowing that her gaze would scare anyone other than me.

“I don’t know.” I state, “I don’t touch your stuff.”

“I don’t believe you!” she growls and I sigh.

“Why do you need a hair dryer anyways our hair is thick and curly in our idol form? Something that doesn’t work well with hair dryers. It only makes it frizzy you know that.” I say as I pull out my module pad. Turning off the TV I stand and saunter towards the kitchen. I hear Galataia follow after me.

“It’s not for me but Bianca!” she growls and that stops me. I peer over my shoulder at her, in mid step, to eye the serious expression plastering her identical beige high cheek boned features. Her pink lips mush together, making the natural brown outline more prominent contrasting nicely her black long lashed almond eyes that narrow down at me.

“Bianca’s here?” I ask, the only thing in my mind at the moment.

Shifting her weight, she crosses her arms and I manage to plant both feet on the ground before facing her with a hand evenly upon my hip. “Yes, remember we’re going to that soiree in Manly hosted by the Hitachi family.” I roll my eyes. Of course, another upper class gathering. I think, with dread before abruptly turning around to continue my journey towards the kitchen. “You’re coming too.”

I stop before the fridge.

“No. I’m not.” I call over my shoulder as I pull open the steel door searching for the jug of orange juice Damian had freshly squeezed this morning. It’s nice to know that within this large modern designed mansion, there’s someone dependable. With a glass and the jug in hand I walk over to the counter. “You want some?” I ask, briefly eyeing her before I pour the liquidated citrus fruit into a long cylindrical glass.

“Yes, please.” she declares as she pulls out a stool from under the marble benchtop. “Come on. Why can’t you accept the fact that we aren’t like them?” she asks, as I hand her, her cup and pull out another from a nearby cupboard for myself.

“I know we’re not like them. But it’s not easy to get used to this lifestyle.” I confess and return with my glass to pour myself some juice before tucking it back into the fridge. My sister and I are silent as we take a small sip of our sweet cool drink.

“Hmm,” she purrs, “I wish Damian mixed mango into this. It would be to die for perfect,” she ruminates with a smile before placing her glass back down. “I understand but I’m also concerned. The others don’t like it very well if you don’t mingle. I mean they want us there, not the other way around. So why not try and make the connections like father did.”

I sigh.

The sound of my glass tapping the marble is the only sound in the room, as I know my sister awaits my predicted decision. She always knows how to make me do things. “Fine.” I say and she jumps with excitement.

“Really!” she asks, her eyes radiating happiness. This in turn makes me feel happy myself. To see her smile and wilfully admire me is something I aim to always ensure she does even if it means keeping her like that when I’m not either in the mood or don’t want to do what she demands. “You mean it!”

I place my glass in the sink after I had rinsed it before turning my heel towards the other automatic glass sliding door that leads to the western part of the manor. “I said I would go didn’t I?” I state as I glance at her with a small smile of my own before quitting the room. I’m sure that if my sister can find a hair dryer she would most likely go to the shopping centre down our road which I’m sure is the case and for once in a long time I’ll be home alone. This will be the perfect time to get some work done. I think as I wander towards my study.


Hitachi Manor, Sydney, NSW

“Honestly, why does that man insist on fighting with me?” Bianca muses.

At the corner of my eye, I note my sister shaking her head, unsure how to answer. I grudgingly keep my mouth shut, aiming to not repeat the words jumping through my mind. Maybe he’s bored. I think as I glue my eyes to the car window eyeing the passing forests and suburban houses. I’m sure I would be if I were him. “I mean seriously? Doesn’t he understand I’ll always win?” she continues.

So chances my sister as she adds, “Totally.”

I fight the urge to smash my head against the car window, knowing that it won’t do much to stop their blabbering. I mean last time, I heard Bianca talk about her fiancé drove me to smash a window a few years back at another gathering. The shattering silence caused everyone in the room to sit up and stare at me not with shock but angered gazes as they didn’t appear to enjoy being interrupted. Stuck up rich people! I muse but only than realise, I’ve thrown myself into that category. I sigh and pray that the ride ends soon so I can disappear out of sight.

As if my faith has been answered, we finally arrive at the large black sleek iron gates of the Hitachi Manor. Many cars slowly hover in the circular driveway dropping their riders off one at a time. As I know we’re not the last ones to enter, this causes Bianca to sit up and exclaim about the Johnsons behind us. I close my eyes and take a deep breath knowing I’m only two seconds away from punching her. Something I’m fully aware will not give our family a good name and because of this—I keep my grudging impulses on a tight leash.

The low idle purr of our hovercar soothes me enough to focus my gaze upon the pearly golden sturdy brick buildings lined in classical columns and pilasters. Slowly as I begin to trance into my own world I find myself jerking in sudden surprise only to meet the concern gaze of my sister and Bianca’s annoyed expression. “Talk about rude. Don’t you know it’s improper to leave a handsome gentleman such as him unaccompanied?” she demands gesturing to the man before me and I glance up at the tall lean attractive man who bends over to help me out of the car.

However, the face that I’ve come to meet stops me from reaching out my hand. “You!” I hiss.

“Nice to see you too my lady.” he muses a bit happy or perhaps amused at my reaction.

The silence surrounding us soon stops at the sound of Bianca’s voice, “You two know each other.” I glance over at the red head whose green eyes are genuinely confused as her eyes dart between the man and me and back again. Galataia suddenly catching onto the dangers of this situation acts quickly.

“Hey Bianca, why don’t we head inside I’m sure the others don’t like to be kept waiting.” states my sister as she links her arms through Bianca’s who light pink silky boucle dress that complements nicely my sisters black silky one that falls down to the ground leaving her right leg like mine exposed, leading her into the safety of the manor. “Not just that I’m sure Michael will be there.”

Their voices soon drown out and the only thing I can hear from Bianca is, “That man better be here! There is no way I’ll be without a dance partner.”

“Wow, I feel sorry who chose to marry that fiery red head.” he comments.

I force my way out of the car careful to not tear my black silky and diamond embroiled dress. I have no idea why Damian had to lay this one out there are plenty of other dresses in my wardrobe that won’t draw too much attention something that everyone in my household knows I don’t like randomly. Swatting away that man’s hand I stand and feel the car door close behind me before it hovers away. Though no matter how long or quick my strides are that man still seems to follow me. “Bianca isn’t that bad.” I state suddenly confused as to why I’ve defended Bianca.

“Oh really? She seemed like a handful to me.”

“But isn’t that what you men prefer. That way you won’t grow bored and tiresome with your mates now would you.” I muse with a small smile of my own as I gaze into those pale eyes I’ve known all too well for some time now.

“That’s true to a degree. I’m sure there’s a, such thing, as too much to handle.” he remarks, that stops me in mid-step with another remark of my own.

“Yes but when we’re too much to handle isn’t that why we seek another because we’re aware you’ve given up. Best to find another with more energy and playfulness to keep up with us.” I say as I turn my heel and I wander inside—knowing I’ve won this fight—for now.

I’m soon greeted by the light sound of a violin playing throughout the room. This classical vibration is soothing and beneath the harmonious melody of the soft conversations throughout the room carried by many men and women as glasses clink, here and there enjoying the evening and what it has to offer.

Maids and butlers move in and out weaving through the crowd with grace and pride to serve one such as us I remember hearing Tiffany say another friend of my sisters, is a privilege. “You don’t honestly believe that?” continues Altair as he wanders after me. I glance at him over my shoulder and push my way to a butler who slightly bows in my presence and lowers the tray for me to swipe a glass of champagne.

“I’ve been told I must.” I remark as I wander down a hall.

“Just because Madame Rougé has filled your head with nonsense—” I snap my head his way which causes my fellow Nefaliem in his Idol Form to stop his sentence.

“Just because Monsieur Mattinkae has told you things about us differently, doesn’t make what we were taught nonsense.” I snap refusing to allow a man to disgrace her ladyship.

“Alright I’m sorry.” he declares. I turn my head from him and wander further down the hall where several other butlers wait for our approach, they open the doors and we enter inside. The sound of a cello plays throughout this large room where balcony upon balconies sit the rich and powerful as they laugh, chat and clink glasses as a form of celebration or greeting. I don’t say anything as he remains quiet. He knows he’s not forgiven, not yet. I won’t have him thinking he can get away with anything.

And that’s how the night ends, with me going over business negotiations and diplomatic inquiries. The political matters luckily are put off for another day.


City centre, Sydney, NSW

When demons, monsters, angels and hybrids.

Live in a world blinded by the mortal man. They seek one thing and one thing alone. . . Power to secure their insecurity, from the hands of humans who no doubt has control in this world. Their infrastructure, culture, customs and technology is proof of that. Oh, how foolish were those humans to dare lift their rifles aimed upon me.

I curse them for their betrayal for their stupidity and as such the main reason why they have become blinded to the supernatural and mythical as well as those of intergalactic descent.

I don’t blame them those monsters will, hunt us down and skin us alive, for a simple gain of the dollar. They no doubt fear what they don’t understand and use by any means to control the hybrids they feared. Us, Nefaliem, their guardians, their protectors. . . Above all, they fear me.

I find myself wandering the cold, damp, concrete-pavement streets of Sydney as I move through the shadows, since the street lights gave out several days ago and no one appears to be bothered about replacing it.

There was a time once when humans weren’t so fond of electricity, when they weren’t so depended on the ever moving atomic particles. It never bothered me. I loved the darkness then and now I love the feel of the cold night air all around me. Some, however, fear the dark, I never understood why. To me it was and still is my haven—my sanctuary. Maybe it was because I’m not like them.

Maybe it was because I was never really—human.

The day I found out what I was I thought I was crazy; I even signed myself into a psychiatric ward. Until Damian decided it would be in his and my best interest to pull me out before rumours began spreading around, Point Piper. The last thing he wanted was for the Federal Communications Minister, Martin O’Brian to look down on me and my name. That was years ago, now, it’s Luther McGuire who is the Federal Communications Minister.

My parents at that time were not in Australia and my beloved sister Galatia was in Brisbane enjoying Surfer’s Paradise. At that time, I envied to join her but knew I had things to do as head of the family with the absence of my father. All duties fall to me.

Along with my friends within that suburb of Point Piper, those people I continue to keep in contact with until this day. The suburb of Point Piper resides beside the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Not too far from the well-known Sydney Harbour Bridge. Those people, my human friends, those where the ones who I’ve known ever since, the prestigious private school, Ascham.

They’ve known me since pre-school, which was when the school age started. It really annoyed me at how soon I had followers. Even when I was in nappies as Damian said, “Than, they still followed.” I had absolutely no idea why they followed me but when I finally graduated in year 12. I made sure to burn that horrible, brown blazer, skirt and sweater. I guess the best part was that it wasn’t affiliated with any religion that seemed to plague this world for years.

I wander down the stone pavement, passing the old Town Hall. I had no idea that the historical buildings of the first colonisation of this country suggested by Governor Lachlan Macquarie in 1813 were still in use. However, that didn’t all start until, the passing of the Sydney Incorporation Act in 1842. And now three centuries later . . . they still stand and are continuously attended to. Even Hyde Park is considered to be a historical land mark because it has been trimmed and cleaned for a whole century.

I stop and take in the Town Halls’ old honey coloured yellow block sandstone. It has an almost French feel to the place. It’s striking even until this day. The strangest thing about humans is how they are more than willing to preserve that which will stand longer than them but kill of those that share their span of life.

I turn from the building leaving behind an old cloak tower that read ten to one in the morning. As I move from the old town hall, I make a mental note ensuring I returned. As I need to head back and harvest some sleep otherwise I will suffer tomorrow at the hands of the current Prime Minister and his infuriating attempt at insults.

The next day,

I sit behind a large oak desk that positions itself at the back of the room. Samuel O’Connor, the representative for Liberal, the Prime Minister of Australia. This man before me seems to make us richer and the poor poorer. I have my disgust towards him but I hold my tongue as I listen to him gawk plans for PASA Industries to make more profit by reducing the tax they have on such a large corporation. It really doesn’t bother me as long as he doesn’t cut everyone’s income I’m good. After all, people need jobs to put food on the table in this expensive and sophisticated time.

I watch him as I pretend to pay attention when my mind has its frustrating way of drifting off. I hear, Damian clear his throat, softly enough for only me to pick up. He always seems to know when I’m listening. He stands at the left of my desk while my body-guard, Dante, stands to the right.

Being who I’m my parents and grandmother thought it would best to have a body—guard in my human form. The two appear quite young regardless of their old age, so to the humans, I often would tell them that they took good care of themselves to avoid any investigation into the matter.

“And further more . . .” begins Samuel but Damian gaits forward. His white glove covered complements his well-tailored black satin suit similar to Dante’s whose appears to be more of a Special Agent minus the cliché black shades, covers his chest elegantly as he speaks.

“Thank you for your time, Prime Minister.” says Damian smoothly. “But my lady appears to be rather exhausted. You see she’s had a long day with the banking investments and board meetings as you know . . .” articulates Damian, just like that Samuel’s hooked and he nods his head attentively. He knows his status.

He knows he’s well below me.

“Yes . . . I do apologise, forgive me. Lady Kalverya,” he says as he looks at me. “I’ll be heading off now but please don’t hesitate to point queries my way I would be more than willing to answer them—” he states but Damian cuts him short.

“Thank you for your concern but my lady will inform you if necessary,” declares Damian with a hinting tone that told Samuel not to press any further otherwise he would have to be escorted out by Dante. Being escorted out by an intimidating man like Dante would have any man or woman sit up straight. Damian is awesome like that he always watches out for me.

The thought of that occurring threatens my lips to smile but I fight against it. Samuel shakes Damian’s hand on my behalf and nods towards me before turning towards the glass automatic doors then lastly making his way out of my room better yet no doubt out of my building. “Well played Damian,” remarks Dante as he leans against my desk.

“Like you could do any better,” retorts Damian. Dante ignores him, from what I see.

“So the minute he’s gone it’s okay for you to dirty my desk.” I say eyeing Dante. As a small smirk formed on the side of his tanned masculine features and I smile. He always has his way of making me feel better.

“Well of course.” he says and I sigh before I hear Damian gently laugh. I stand from my desk and move towards the glass that lined the back of my large office. “What is it?” asks Dante as I watch Samuel’s form soon hop into a black Volkswagen before pulling off into the narrow streets of Sydney as if he were a story blow instead of one-hundred and twenty.

“That man. . .” I say not sure how to place what the unbecoming sensation is that radiates from that man. “He’s rather peculiar,” I accuse thinking that it’s the only but best way to describe that strange man.

I ponder through the thoughts of my past; through university and high school. I would have to travel between worlds. The perception of going wherever you please and not mattering when you would come back because time on earth barely went by. Well it did by the time I did return, anyway.

“Well he is human after all,” says Damian who was soon by my side. “They are an odd race,” he says and I raise a brow at him keeping my face straight. “That’s not what I meant, I meant the fact that they aren’t . . . easy to get along with let alone understand.” he speaks deep in thought and I nod. Understanding the meaning behind the words he won’t voice in respect of my presence. Humans are known to be the most devious creatures in the universe, regardless of what they lack in strength and speed, they make up for wits alone.

Still to this day, the thought of their wits reminds me of when that American Special Forces agent, Jack McGuire, shot me down with a MK47. He left me to die, I would have if I were human but on that day, I did die, metaphorically anyway. It was the trust that I held for those people that vanished, I harbour no hatred nor would I insist on hunting them down and killing them all off one by one. I’m far more civil than that and I know that not all are evil nor have evil intentions.

The memory still burns in me like a wild bushfire but it is not as fierce as Antonia’s betrayal that really did the mark. It took me a good five years to emotionally allow people in again. I had a feeling at times the other Knights knew that I was holding back but didn’t say anything until Dante one day turned around and said, “They respect you more as a person than the Queen you are to be.”

Three hours later, after my work was compiled and signed. I find myself moving to the automatic doors before venturing down the hall towards the elevator, with Damian and Dante following soon after. The elevator itself isn’t like the old ones in 2007 that’s for sure. They’re circular, as there are no four walls and no ceiling. The glamorous white lights provide a magnetic field of electricity that took the human race about fifty years to discover the true ability of magnetism.

I don’t really work as much, not that I need to but I still like to keep an eye on things in case of some funny business were to occur behind my back. Damian, Dante and I stand in the elevator in silence as we no doubt were all wonder about the crazy possibilities behind my current employees. Either way I let it slide as I walk along the large golden glossy floor. “Good Night, Miss Alvey.” says the Sectary who also says goodnight and goodbye to Dante and Damian.

“Good night Malinda,” I return as I made my way out of the glass doors and towards my large white hover Jeep. Damian moves towards the back of the vehicle as he opens a door for me. I position myself in the back, while Dante and Damian both take the front. I have never complained about sitting in the back. I really don’t mind since my mind likes to wonder. I figure it would be safer if they drove. Not that I couldn’t drive or anything.


Nindo Manor, Sydney, NSW

Soon we manage to make our way back to my large crème colour mansion.

As it sits far from the city at the edge of a high cliff as it’s the base crashes against the sharp rocks. My mansion is five stories tall and about 150,000 square foot. We had over a thousand rooms and servants, since Damian, Dante and myself couldn’t really keep the whole place clean every day. Though with my sister there it doesn’t seem to bother the others at how much trouble her and Bianca can get into as long as they keep in on the grounds.

A while ago, I was told it was near the size of a palace, I smile as I reflect back on my palace—my home—back in Nephelia.

We pull up into the circular layout of driveway. As expected a shofar moves to the vehicle as I step out. Dante hands him the keys and I move towards the door. I left my mother and father’s mansion some years ago after I decided to create my own firm, for those Nefaliem, mythical and supernatural to reside, with several branches throughout the world. There are members of the Cartel those who are the enemy to the United Worlds and regardless of the planet none is safe. Without us aiming to keep the Humans safe and minimising the general skirmishes we have to survive.

And to do that, is to blend in plain sight.

Mary stands at the top of the pearling white steps as she walks behind the group of people who move to greet me. A butler soon opens the door for us as we walk into the large well-lit foyer. “Hungry my lady?” asks Damian as Dante ushers off the butler, Johnathan, as he closes the door. He often does that so he can keep an eye on unusual activity.

“Starving.” I say.

“Very well, I’ll find you something to eat,” he says and with that he disappears around a corner.

“My lady.” Mary welcomes from beside me she was a middle aged woman with sparkling blue eyes and a supple ivory coloured face. I turn to her and smile.

“Good afternoon, what’s the problem?” I ask.

“The neighbour Heath Heatherway. Is causing more havoc again down our streets,” she says annoyed as she places her hands on her hips. The small form she was in is no doubt fuming with anger, I can see it.

“Have you informed the Police?” I ask as we walk down the centre of the foyer that branches off into a small hallway lined with old paintings I brought from auctions in France. She stops and crosses her arms.

“I have my lady, countless times and so have the Rivers across the street but they act as though they don’t care.” The Rivers are the merchandise company that started over a century ago and surprisingly it has lasted as long as Holden and Ford. She fumes again and I motion for her to calm down as we enter the large lavishly designed guest room. The guest room is filled with red velvet couches and brown Fig coffee tables, upon red, gold carpets which protected the mahogany floor boards from the scraping and lining caused by the furniture.

“How about I give them a call and if that doesn’t work I’ll talk to the Heath myself,” I say with a smile. Mary beams up at me as I can see her about to break out into tears of joy. Being the head maid around here is tough along with Johnathan my head butler. Soon, Damian returns with a silver tray, followed by a bowl of steaming Raman my favourite, buttered pork buns and three ham cheese croissants. As he places the tray down on the Fig coffee table, I move over to pick up a bun before forcing the fermented dough in my mouth, gulping it down as I tasted the warm Italian butter.

“My lady, you can’t be serious,” voices Damian as he eyes me carefully. I finish the last of my bun before addressing him as he places my jasmine tea onto the glass coffee table.

“Of course I am, that man causes trouble for you and everyone while I’m not here,” I say before adding, “besides—” Dante, enters and cuts me off.

“He’s probably scared of our little Princess.” he adds the words before I was going to say them. They were there at the tip of my tongue where my sweet buds were. He winks at me as a smile forms on his lips and I can’t help but smile myself.

“Must you cut in like that and talk down on me like I’m a child?” I tease and he shrugs. Everyone here is like family to me in this household as we are all Nefaliem.

It’s nice being around your kin when the world threatens to kill you at the very sight. Explaining why my silver hair, blue eyes and blood red lips were now replaced with my dark curly hair, black eyes and small brown lined pink lips. We had to blend in and because of that so far we have survived.

“Must I not?” he teases and I roll my eyes placing a hand on my hip, shifting my weight. I give him a side look. Knowing that rolling my eyes is very unladylike but at this point it don’t think it matters. Soon a ding occurs throughout the room.

The sound of someone hitting the doorbell. Johnathan makes his way towards the door and opens it. I move to peer around the corner. Only to see Johnathan talking to a man in a business outfit. I stand wondering who he is. With no idea of who he works for or if he is even a part of my branch or my partners’.

“My lady, it’s rude to stare,” Mary chides softly and I pull my eyes away. I mouth sorry as Damian clears his throat again.

“It’s not ladylike to stare,” he says, “you’re an aristocrat.” he states.

“I’m a Princess.” I add proudly, not with conceit and he smiles as he knew the meaning behind the words that left my lips.

“To us yes to the humans you’re an aristocrat, descended from a close royal blood—line of France. They don’t know we exist and to keep our race alive, we must hide the truth from them otherwise they’ll hunt us down and use us as lab rats if they get the chance. Or so we’ve been told.” he speaks the words as if it were the truth. Part of me believes they will hunt us down. I mean growing up in the foster care system didn’t do me any good especially when I was going to a prestigious academy no one knew existed.

The man disappears from my sight as Johnathan moves to stand before me as he bows with his right hand over his heart. “Was he a part of our branch?” I ask the obvious question everyone no doubt wonders.

“No my lady, he’s selling medicine.”

“Medicine?” asks Mary and Dante as they look at each other with confusion. I regard Johnathan before smiling.

“Is he still here?” I ask.

“Yes, I believe so, I told him to wait in the foyer as he appeared to not be a con—man.”

“Excellent job. Johnathan,” beams Mary.

“Well show us the way.” I offer as I place my unfinished croissant onto my plate before snatching a handkerchief Damian offered I wipe my hands thoroughly. Soon I met up with the man who is supposed to be selling medicines. He’s a middle—aged man but not youthful. He’s human as he doesn’t radiate any hybrid energy signatures.

“Are you the lady of this manor?” he asks. His brown eyes full of happiness as his light brown hair was brush back giving him a professional look over his light grey suit.

“Who would I be if I weren’t the one you seek?” I ask and his eyes register to who I am, immediately, moving to shake my hand. I accept. “Please follow me this way. We’ll discuss some more in my office,” I say as I turn and lead the way to my office. The man follows me up the blue, silver golden lied stairs above the mahogany floorboards. He admires the place; from what I saw from over my shoulder a felt my lips pull themselves into a small smile before they forcefully pull themselves into a frown.

I wonder through the ever turning and winding corridors of my mansion. “Lady Kalverya,” says a housemaid who stood beside a male house keeper. The two bow with their right hand over their hearts in respect as I walk, I nod to them and they were dismissed. It was late at night and the man who appeared to sell extensive medicines had left, he was a great counter-part to have upon my branch. Except, when I asked who his employer was he didn’t answer, it gave me an odd sensation but I left it at that. There was no real reason for me to question his position in life if I had no benefit from it.

“My lady.” says Damian as he stood before me with a hard face.

“What’s wrong?” I ask.

“Lord Von has arrived,” he says and I smile. I knew that he likes Von, as a friend, but didn’t like how he ran everything around here when it was supposed to be my home. As well as Damian’s and Johnathan’s job.

“Oh . . . so I see,” I say. “Very well, I’ll go greet him, is he at the private airport?” I ask as I move past him. He nods and I smile again before adding, “I won’t let him run the place I promise.” I say as I felt Damian stiffen beside me before he nods.

“Of course my lady.” Even though he says it with such a monotone, I had a feeling he didn’t quite have faith in me. Heck, I don’t even now I can keep that promise but because I promised, I knew I would have to try. The moment, Dante and I mount the white jeep we left my large mansion immediately, on our way towards the private airport. It was a quiet drive; the atmosphere was filled with a comfortable silence by the time it was broken. We arrive at the airport.

The white jet, stood out against the darkness of the surrounding forest, in the distance. That sat below the distant Blue Mountains and the ivory full moon. No stars were seen and I felt a little let down by the universe but I accept it.

“Okay were here, my lady.” says Dante with an uneasy distance in his tone and I wonder at that moment if he too wasn’t looking towards Von’s visit. I glare and force my way out of the car ignoring Dante’s cries. I storm down the gravel path and smile as the silver staircase slowly pull its way down to the stable earth upon which I stand.

I walk down a pale corridor.

It’s empty and quiet; the bright lights in the ceiling made the place white, incredibly white, made it looks ridiculously clean. A door is present beside me, as I walk towards it, in a matter of seconds it slid open, revealing a dark room, with light blue glowing lights, in the distance.

I enter the room and allow the darkness to engulf me. Soon after my eyes adjust, moving closer to the lights, I notice that they weren’t lights but tubes, empty and filled with water, as the bubbles that sizzle its way along the glass. Moving down the black metal stairs, I place my hand on a tube as I tried to search further inside. The tube had wires in it, all connected to a source that continuously blinks in different colours of green, yellow and red.

Searching the darkness, I see more tubes, lined up behind the one I touched. How I manage to stumble upon this place amazes me. It’s something that I couldn’t completely comprehend; still I walked down the centre of the tubes, where none laid. Instead a clear path created by the black steel bridge between the layers and layers of doused men and women.

Continuously, passing the tubes I arrive at a smaller room at the far back. It appears to be an office of some sort. I enter the room and look around; it’s this room that is the only place well lit, well sort of. Even though, the central light blinks every now and again. I notice one computer monitor and a smart screen. Moving over to the desk, documents were piled all over the place, horribly sorted as some documents even stuck out from the drawer.

I move to pick up one as I search the document for some interest. With nothing of any interest, I place the document where I found it and scan the next. Only to find nothing of any use. All these documents speak of results from some project called Gabriel. Picking up another document appears far more important as I search through the pages than finally came across three important words: aliens, hybrid and experiment.

Those words, causes a form of fear to run through my body.

Everything’s still as I take in what I just read. NASA isn’t just working on Mars, they were experimenting on hybrids, on Nefaliem, on us. The American Government is in on it as well they were the benefactors of his whole project. I begin to feel sick, only humans would harvest other beings. Dropping the clipboard and make my way towards the door.

With all this going on there’s one thing present in my mind: I have to get out of here or who knows what they would do to me. My head spins as I try to comprehend the danger I’m in. They are able to cut through our suits, our armour, they were able to restrain us. But how? I think, the only thing that fumbling through my head as I make my way out of the room, everything seems so foreign to me. Everything seems too incomprehensible. I can’t even remember which way I had come. Instead I pace straight ahead—as quickly as I can.

There were tubes lining this area and another before I came to a door. Moving towards it, it opened. I made my way through before I stopped and stared in fear. Silver haired, beings, of different skin tone. All within the blue watered tubes, their faces were all unconscious as I stared in shock. In moments, I moved from the stairs and made my way towards them. I began tapping on the glass of the first closest tube near me, gently as I tried to call out to them. How did this happen?

Moving to the next one followed by the next one, I continue to find no response. With no reaction. I begin to worry. They shouldn’t be so weak! They shouldn’t be like this! I turn around as I see my people stung to machines like puppets. Before I stop when one of the beings looked familiar. I run towards the tube, I don’t care if I need to be silent.

He needs me.

“Dante!” I screech in pain and fear as I watch his silver hair dance around his well-sculptured tanned features. I hit the glass hard and it cracks. Water pulls its way from its container. I feel my eyes fill with tears as my heart rate speeds up. I was scared, I was scared for him. “Dante!” I cry again as the glass shatters. His body began to fall, as the cords behind his back were pulled from his body. A horrible popping sound could be heard as air is released. The cool water pulls its way towards my boots and I catch him before he fell onto the hard wet cold ground. Not caring if I’m sitting in glass or not—I know won’t hurt me. Or I like to believe.

I wake to the darkness of my room, it’s a full moon tonight and I know that both the vampires and werewolves would be out and about hopefully to play and not tear out each other’s throats. I pull my way out of my large silk bed and move to my window. I could see the lights of the city below, as the leafless branches created an eerie scene.

I move towards my couch that was in the middle of the small layout, of my room. My bedroom was a larger room, which was an extension of my bedroom. Moving down the small flight of stairs restrained in a white carpet that hid the mahogany stairs beneath. I make my way to my small kitchen, pulling out an orange juice and a meal clothed in plastic, the glad-wrap stopped it from going off.

Damian ensures that I had meals in my fridge including Johnathan, those two including Dante and Mary always look out for me. Moving towards my microwave, I place the now hole marked glad-wrapped meal of lasagne buttered potatoes, carrots, beans and steamed crumbed fish in the microwave as I set it on two minute, thirty. I place my fork back on the bench as I grasp a glass cup from within one of the cupboards and filled it with the refreshing liquid, I could still feel the sweat running down my face. That nightmare felt so real and I could remember every bit of it. Finishing my glass, I grab the container and poured myself another as I feel the cool burn slide my throat.

Today is going to be a long day, I know as I look at my cloak on my counter. I have one to keep track of time and in my study which is in a separate room. It read two thirty in the morning. The microwave beeps as I move to grab my meal. I carry my cup in one hand while my plate of food which is now steaming hot, in my human form I need to use a cloth to protect my hands. I would transform just so I can get this all done but I brush it off; I really don’t want to deal with the demons at my doorstep especially when I just woke up. Placing my plate of food and my cup of juice on my glass coffee table which rounded itself in a circle.

I move towards my Air-DVD collection, back in the earlier century as I remember they had DVDs to put movies on but now they are little blue crystal sticks. Systematically choosing one I plug it into the base of my holoscreen, it was like a large plasma screen that just projects itself before me.

Moving back to my sofa, I unwrap my food. As the movie was about to start. I stop realising I forgot my utensils. “So even the mornings can affect us.” I say referring to my alien nature. The humans would kill me if they found out but like Damian says most of the time, “we must keep our identity a secret if we are to survive.” I move from my couch and search my draws, finding a fork and knife I move back to my sofa only to see a blue-scaled tail under my sofa moving towards my food. I move towards the small beast and pull him out from under my sofa holding him up by his tail. He fusses for a bit before I growl low, like a dragon does when it warns strays or potential attackers to not proceed. The small dragon stops. “Chrono what are you doing here?” I ask my dragon. He’s small, with a blue scaly body, several silver scale stripes are seen on either side under his lovely silver wings. His large blue eyes watched me innocently. His eyes soon moved to my plate and back to me. “I see now you’re hungry aren’t you?” I ask as I release him.

He lands happily on his feet and follows me to my kitchen where I have frozen meat stashed away. I pick up three large lamb legs and carry them across my living room and into the balcony. Once outside I focus on the glass sliding door. It moves at the motion of my will, Chrono looks at the door before turning back to me again before he decides to sit down on his hid like a dog as his spiky blue tale moves with excitement.

I throw one leg in the air, he blows his fire before jumping up and catching it, devouring it bone and all. Followed by the next two he does the same before following me back inside where I place my knife and fork down that I tucked in my loose black sweat pants. As I walk along my pale fluffy carpet he follows me to the sofa. Pulling out my pad, and hit play, Chrono moves to snuggle beside me as I place my foot on the table while holding my steamy meal. I ate each piece as if it were heaven itself. Several hours later, “Morning my lady, how was your night?” asks Damian as he moves behind me to tuck my chair in as he ushers me to sit.

“Okay. I didn’t sleep much though.” I say.

“Was it another nightmare?” he asks as he places my food down on the table. I nod and pick up my silver cutlery. Today is bacon, eggs and chocolate chip pancakes followed by an omelette than a honey banana porridge. My black coffee steams beside my plate as I begin to slice the eggs followed by the toast than the chocolate chip pancakes. “You seem to be having those a lot lately.”

“I know and all of them I remember, all are different but have the same context,” I say sullenly after I finished my mouthful of eggs and buttered toast.

“As in?”

“As in . . . the context is what we all fear the most but different . . . as in . . . there are different scenes of everyone,” I say, looking at Damian as he slowly places the brew coffee filled jug on the table before watching me with sadness. “Last night was Dante.” I say and his eyes became dark. He moves from the table and heads towards the door. “Damian?” I ask in confusion as I observe his sudden change in mood.

“I believe I forgot your pancakes I’ll be back, my lady.” he says as he leaves the dining room. I look down at my plate, there were already chocolate chip pancakes on my plate I never had another plate because I had other things to eat. The now cut pancake looks at me with concern, if it could do that. I devour my food and moved from the table, wiping my face with the napkin, I leave the table.

I sat in my study, hours later, not the office on the lower level but my study that is which attaches itself to my large quarters. It seems at this moment, quiet far too quiet for my liking. I couldn’t help but feel more and more uncomfortable at each passing hour, I knew than something was up. I stood from my seat and left my room, passing through my living room, I walk to my door. Opening it I venture down the dark hallway only to suddenly stop at the sudden presence. “How did you get here?” I question no interest in the answer.

“Must you ask, Princess?” she says no doubt with a smile as her voice danced through the dark void.

“I presume through the upper terrace.” I say knowing that is how the vampires would enter, quick and easy. “You should know that you are in breach of the forty-fourth commandment.” I say not turning around. By the tone of her voice, I knew who it was Luna, lady of the night and the Princess of Vampires.

“And you are in breach of the seventy-seventh commandment, allowing those hooligans to run around. My people entrust your people to protect us from those barbarians,” she says referring to the Spartans; they were barbaric especially with their way of killing.

“Are the Spartans on Earth?” I ask as I turn over my shoulder, her blood red lips frown as her dark eyes bore into my own. She nods, “Very well, where and I’ll leave immediately.” I say as I turned completely to face her with a hand upon my right hip.

“The Bridge.” she says and I knew what she meant, the Sydney Harbour Bridge. “FYI they aren’t the only ones,” she says and I watch her silently allowing her to finish. “The Persians and Babylonians are there too.”

“Really?” I ask and she nods. Several moments later I found myself soaring high above the city, as its lights glistened below me, Chrono flew beside me as he transformed, he was no longer that small dragon in my quarters but a large fierce and dangerous one. His long blue silver lined head, was the whole length of my armoured body, my blue uniform was the same colour as his blue scales along by my cloak. I could hear the clashing of metal and war cries in the distance. I knew then I had flown upon a battle between the three races . . .

I land on the iron bar with ease as Chrono lands behind me, his wings create a strong gush of wind around me causing the fighting to cease, all men and women dressed in the uniform of their planetary colour look at me. Gold and blue for the Persians, red and gold for the Spartans and green and silver for the Babylonians. “Why do you fight here?” I demand keeping the eyes of those below me. I could see the fear and annoyance in their eyes due to my presence but I didn’t care they had no right to be here, Earth was supposed to be a sanctuary for those in fear of those before me.

“The Emerald. Princess.” says a Spartan, his golden armour covered in smears of blood as he looks at me from under his brown hair.

“What Emerald? You must be more specific.” I say.

“The Emerald of Three Worlds,” says a Persian who moved beside the Spartan, glaring at him with distaste and pure anger.

“Are you saying that it’s here?” I ask.

“Why else would we be on this polluted world.” states the Babylonian woman.


Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney, NSW

She appears to be a General like the two men who addressed me before her, previously.

Her dark hair complements her dark fierce features, nicely. “Just being here makes me sick,” she says as she crosses her arms with a fierce silver blade lined in gold in her hand.

“Then leave.” states a familiar voice, no doubt Johnathan’s, I turn over my shoulder to see Dante, Johnathan and Damian land on the brim of metal behind me as the red lights dance behind them, followed by splashes of green, white and yellow that blotches the darkness that cloaks the large city. Johnathan had addressed them with emotionless eyes as his blue eyes locked on to the intruders below. “You’re lucky the Australian government better yet NASA doesn’t find out you’re here. Your presence is putting all of us at risk.” he says his words were deadly and I’m shocked at the way he spoke to them.

“Why would you seek here of all worlds in the fourteenth quadrant. Why not Mars or the next Galaxy over.” says Dante as he jerks his thumb over his shoulder crossing his arms. His silver hair dances behind him like Johnathan’s and Damian’s, their hair was also long falling down to the brim of their waist but short in comparison to mine.

“Because we checked there, three light-years ago,” says the Persian.

“So after all this time effort you figured that it would be here.” Damian puts in. His deep blue eyes locks onto the warriors before us. I turn back over my shoulder and regard the group below me. They stood on the bridge under the iron bars that gave the bridge its name.

“Why else would Gabriel come here? I bet these humans called upon him several centuries ago,” says the Babylonian woman her green eyes were filled with annoyance and bitterness. “Or maybe it was you, Nefaliem.” she declares with distaste as she points an accusing finger at me.

“Don’t point the finger at us! You were the one that hunted him down!” I bark with annoyance at her accusation, my kind had very little to do Gabriel and the angels because we didn’t want to play games with the Gods and Goddesses. “His premature demise was because of your kind and their need for power. So don’t put the blame on us when we have all the power we need.” I snap as I feel, Damian, Dante and Johnathan move to stand beside me. We were getting nowhere with these quarrels and I was growing tired, no doubt they won’t leave on their own accords unless given a specific reason or forced to vacate this world by us, which is something I’m strongly considering. “Leave, now. The eleventh commandment demands it.” I order in a deep voice. Hoping they understand the act they are in breach of.

“Your kind and your commandments tell me do the Cyclopes listen to your commandments or are they trying to get by without you guys knowing?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean . . . why the sudden disappearances in humans huh? Can’t be a coincidence especially when some Cyclopes had teleported here.”

The air was silent as I listen to her words that now cease. I couldn’t find any words to add to that but she was right it couldn’t be a coincidence but still they couldn’t stay. “Regardless of what had happened in the past, you’re presence here cannot be over looked.” I say with as much distance and authority as possible.

They all go silent, I knew I had my influence on them but not on the rebels or the rouge warriors. “What will you do Princess?” asks the Persian man as his cat-like eyes as he watches me with amusement.

“Judgement.” I say and a few step back as they knew what I meant, “Take them out.” I order the group beside me, followed by other Nefaliem from behind me that insist on joining the party, they follow that very order instantly, as they ran past me jumping down from the beams and onto the Spartan and Persian’s. Several other Nefaliem appear from portals which I figure Dante was likely to conjure. I turn from them and search behind me. There I saw a Spartan Hunter on the run, followed by the Babylonian Skyrunner, heading towards the streets that maze through the even larger and taller city of Sydney. I knew that woman, was buying time but for who was my question before now. I run along the beams as Chrono watches me, “join Dante and the others. Follow me when you’re done.” I order and Chrono’s confident roar as I jump from the beam before my body becomes afloat. Like that I’m airborne as I follow those who had slipped by me.

Moments later, I land on the stone earth and watch the darken scene of Hyde Park. The trees don’t move and the air was unusually quiet. A[_ crack_] of a twig was heard in the distance as I stop and lock my eyes to the left of me and nothing. A few seconds passes when something hit me from the right sending me into the bench that tips over from the force my body was sent under the pale light. I groan. “Great.” I say knowing that I might have to pay for damages.

“Well . . . well look who we have here.” says a voice as the ground began to shake under each heavy step I could hear ringing through my sensitive ears. I rose from where I was to see a large Ogre. “The Princess has come to grant me audience.” he says with amusement and I scowl.

“Not in the slightest,” I say ignoring him. “Where is the Skyrunner?” I demand.

“Turn around.” he mocks.

My eyes regarded the large masculine Ogre before I turn over my shoulder to see a green masks Skyrunner. Its green hair was thick and down to its waist as its Babylonian uniform shows some skin of his biceps, chest and green and silver material was thin but extravagant. He carried two swords with him as he watches me as if I were a meal. His silver boots shone under the lights as his silver armour did. Within moments, I’m sent across the park as I felt my body fly. Opening my eyes, I saw the Skyrunner inches from my face, with a kick he sent me again into a building.

The pain radiates through my body as I knew that I would be suffering later. The bricks weigh me down as I heard an alarm go off. Pushing the bricks aside than the cream curtain. I stood realising that I was sent into the Diamond House, my favourite jewellery store. “Perfect.” I say as I look at the CCTV. Clicking my thumb and middle finger, the camera sparked before falling from its place in the corner of the room. Following the next and the others. It was one thing to have footage of me but another of beings they thought never exist.

“Aww . . . well aren’t you sweet. I didn’t expect the Nefaliem Princess to stick out her neck for us like that.” purrs the Ogre as he forced his way through the adjacent wall. The Skyrunner blocks my exit from the building.

“It wasn’t just for you.” I say as I move to my feet. My heels, only add to my height as I watch the Ogre who appears very pissed at this point. However, I didn’t care, he needs that fuel for his rage. It would make it easier for me to focus on the Skyrunner. “And you.” I say as I pointed to the Sky-runner who didn’t appear to be amused as he tilted his mask faced to the side. “Don’t think you won’t pay for that. I like this store.” I say as I point an accusing finger at the Babylonian. I felt my strength build around my feet with that I launched myself at the sky-runner. My body flew, two metres from the ground.

I lift the Babylonian from the plane as he brought down both of his blades which slice through my scales that covers my shoulders. No doubt those blades were coated with Lynex. I cry out in pain as I flung him into the ground, there he ceases to move as a creator forms under him. Blood pours its way from him and like that he was dead. Hearing pacing heavy thumps I turn around to see the same Ogre charging at me. Without a second thought he locks his fists together as he hit me three times across the face before picking me up, with my legs in the air as he smashes my armour forehead into the ground, with that everything went black.

As I feel my body go limp, I can taste the blood in my mouth as my head spun with a splash of colours. “Don’t think I’m done with you Princess.” he snarls pulling me by the roots of my silver hair. I gasp. “I’ll make you sorry you ever crossed me.” He smiles and I feel a bubble of laughter build within me. I open my eyes and watch the confusion on his dark grey hairy features.

“Is this all you got?” I mock. With that I feel my form fall towards the earth as my head made impact, not once but four times did he slam my head into the tilted ground. The earth pulls me down as I lay there not moving. I heard him happily grunt. I relax and play my plan out in my head. Hearing his heavy footsteps disappear from me. I snap my eyes open as I smile. My body began to ascend, forcing its way from the earth before it faces the Ogre. The Ogre stops, he slowly turns over his shoulder. “I should have taken care of you first.” I say as my feet lands on the undamaged pavement.

Reaching over my back I pull out my sword that summons on by back followed by my other artillery. A crossbow, two daggers, set of throwing knives, two handheld guns followed by my forearm blades that protrude from the external base of my wrist. The Ogre turns around as he saw a blue light shimmer from my amour revealing my weapons that assembles following my three layered armour. That is engraved in an ancient language for protection along with my broadsword. Two green emeralds appears upon the external surface of my forearm armour, followed by my silver utility belt. Lastly, set upon my cleavage was the most powerful and dangerous gem. “Is that . . .?” the Ogre begins.

“The Emerald of Three Worlds.” I confirm with a deadly smile. I won’t let them have it, I’d rather die than hand over such a deadly creation. I spun my blade in hand as I ran at the Ogre as shock covers his face. In one move, his head was gone as his body fell to the ground. I flick my wrist allowing my blade to splatter most of its blood on the ground. My blade soon began to glow as it was cleansed. Once the light retraced the blade was clean and I was in search of the Spartan Hunter.

The air was deathly silent as I walk with my weapons in return to my central core. The place that Nefaliem holds items that cannot be easily accessed. That would explain why several races had difficulty trying to pickpocket us because we had nothing on. The weapons returned to their assigned location embodied in our than our utility belts and our uniform which was practically apart of us, it was ten-times stronger than steel but our armour was beyond that measurement alone. So that dream, caused me to question. How? How is that possible? How could they?

My mind was searching for answers. Menacing laughter was heard all around me and I stop. I don’t need to look, I knew who or rather what it was that had the gall to mock me. The idea of their stupidity burned in the front of my mind as I felt my facile muscles harden. “What’s the matter Princess, you scared?” asks a voice, it was high and no doubt had a soft Scottish accent and I don’t answer.

“I think, she is.” says another voice, this time the voice was male with an Italian accent and I still don’t say anything.

“She should be.” says a smooth male voice, it sounded more of an upper-class English, without the hardness the citizens of Nottingham had. Better yet I knew that voice and my heart stopped. I turn to the voice in the shadows as I held my breath. I gasp as I took in the sight before me. Altair, stood few feet from me, his long jet black hair and piercing blue eyes watches me under the tresses of hair that covers his tanned features. “Altair.” I manage barely as I felt my heart stop. I had no idea what it was but whatever it was it shouldn’t affect me like this. No now not after everything he has done. I fell to my knees as I watch him, I lost my words. Soon he approached.

“Is this the same Master Swordswoman before me? Surely not.” He drops down on one knee before me as I felt my muscles not respond. My mind was here but my body wasn’t reacting. Why? “No doubt you’ve slain many with ease and precision but the sight of you now is . . . pathetic.” he says and I clench my teeth. He says the word pathetic as if it was a game and he was amused by this all, amused by me.

“You . . . traitor.” I manage as I felt the muscles in my jaw ache in pain before I groaned in agony. Without a moment’s notice, he grasps my chin and pulled my face to meet his.

“I’m no traitor.” he argues dangerously as he releases me and stood, before moving back to the Shadow Fae. He was in league with those creatures, he was in league with our enemies. How many have we lost because of him?

The faces of those I knew, may their souls rest in peace, pull their way through my mind as I clamp together my teeth that no doubt felt as though they would pull through the opposite gums. A gas of fog expels its way from the Fae that watched me like I was a meal. I didn’t care, I would devour them in an instant but I tamed my dragon within and so have the other Nefaliem otherwise we would be as bad as those Cyclopes and Tyrants.

“Why don’t you ask your mother who’s the real traitor?” he prompts with a smile and I glare at him. No doubt my eyes glow a deadly red as I desire to rip out his throat. The fog had something in it but by the time I could figure it out it was already too late. Darkness engulfs me as I felt the earth rise to meet me. “Mûki alinde meka.” he says in Nerudan tongue. We will meet again. With that I was lost to the darkness.

I soon woke to the sound of raucous voices. “My lady!” cries familiar voice and I knew who it was…Damian, he sounded scared as I felt something pick me off the ground that spun around me. The arms I was in, well . . . I think I was in were strong as iron as I feel my head spin.

“My lady!” cries another voice.

“Kalverya!” cries the one above me, so hoarse that it was so distant, Dante. With that I was gone. My mind slowly pulled its way back to the land of the living as I felt something soft and cool under my skin.


The Nindo Manor, Sydney, NSW

I roll over and cry in pain.

As I felt my stiff muscles become inflamed as the pain bore through me. “My lady you mustn’t move!” say a familiar voice. I forced my eyes open to the bright room as I saw a redhead followed by a brunette and a blond beside my bed. They were the lady’s maids or in this case my maids. It was Cassandra who spoke, her green glassy eyes watched me with concern as Lila the blond with blue eyes mimics the concern that of Cassandra. Talia didn’t say much as she watched me from under her straight brown fringe as they hovered above me in their black-white maid uniforms.

“You still have to allow Messiah to complete his healing,” says Talia gently, she had a quiet voice and gentle nature. I looked down to see a man at the other side of my bed, his light brown hair and eyes watch me with concern as I realise what that sensation was upon my thigh. Looking down I saw his hand.

At that moment Damian, walks in and glares at Messiah before placing his tray down upon my small table before my bed and running over to us. “Remove your hand from my lady at once!” he demands and I watch Messiah as he looks at his hand than me than his hand again, wondering what he was doing. Once it clicks, his face turns a shade of crimson and Damian looks ready to kill him. Messiah removes his hand. Damian seizes Messiah’s collar before he shook him back and forth, cursing and complaining.

“Damian leave him alone!” growls Cassandra as she placed her hands on her hips. Lila moved to the two, trying to calm Damian down as he shook Messiah back and forth, furiously.

“You must never! Ever! Ever! Lay your hand upon my lady again. Without prior permission from me!” he barks and I sat up straight.

“Damian that’s not fair.” I say but he doesn’t notice. He always gets like this. I think with a small comforting smile.

“As her Keeper it’s my responsibility to protect milady!” he snaps and fear rushes through me. Soon out of nowhere, Mary came along and hit him across the head with a rolled up newspaper no doubt today’s paper for me. We had virtual, manuscripts like on Nephelia but I do prefer the newspaper, it brings back the time I was born in, 1995.

“Will you leave that poor man alone!” she barks as I felt Cassandra and Talia hide behind me as if I could protect them from Mary. She scares me more than my own mother. “There’s no need to assault the poor man.” she snaps and I pull up my blanket in hopes it would protect me from the scary head maid. “He was only doing what we ask him to do. Now shut up and leave the two of you, my lady needs to bathe.” With that the men were removed from the room and Mary smiles over at me. “How are you feeling my lady?” she asks like an angel; I stare at her blankly.

Surely this couldn’t be the same woman from moments before.

I move from my chair that sat before my dressing table as my hair was finally in place, in the reflection of the mirror I saw my soft brown-beige features as my high cheekbones were emphasised by my black loose curls on either side of my face. My maids had placed it into an intricate bun, as my black hair laced its way around and throughout, with bits of left out curls here and there. I need to leave and find Von. I thought. Maybe spending some time with someone who isn’t always here might quell my mind. I move to the door and Cassandra addresses me, “My lady, where are you going?” she asks.

“To look for Von why?” I ask. The three maids looked at each other before returning their gaze to me with sad eyes. “What? What’s wrong?” I ask.

“Lord Von, you see…my lady…,”began Talia.

“He’s…,”says Lila softly before Cassandra steps forward and clasps my hands together.

“Is not here.” she says sadly and I was confused.

“What do you mean he’s not here where could he have gone?” I wonder with a small smile on my face as I try to remove the gnawing feeling at the pit of my stomach.

“We . . . I mean he’s been taken.” she says and I lost all my senses. I slip my hands from hers as I cover my mouth in utter shock.

“No.” I say as I run to my door and rush through the large mansion.

“My lady!” I hear my maids cry out to me as I stammer down the stairs no doubt as my leather boots made no sound. At this rate I’m certain, I’m going to fall and break something but I don’t care. I need to find out for myself. Immediately, I make my way down to the fourth floor. Running down the hall, I turn a corner and come to a room. It’s his. I relax and compose myself before knocking on the door. Nothing. I open the door, slowly. “Von?” I ask the darkness. No response.

I move my hand to the switch, I knew I was intruding but I had a valid reason, right? I had to make sure he was safe, I had to make sure that he as here. I searched the room, the bathroom, the balcony, the study and nothing. Then I began to worry but I forced myself to calm down. I need to find him with a clear head and heart. I ran out of the room and down the hall, a male servant dressed in white was in my way but I knew who it was. I side-step with ease, just like in Basketball a few years back and continued running. “My lady?” he asks.

“Don’t worry about me Seelie.” I say over my shoulder and ran down the next flight of stairs followed by the other until I was on the ground level. I ran towards my living room and stop at the large painting of my mother, bordered in gold like my father’s. Her deep blue eyes watched me playfully as I took in her blue marks on each side of her face followed by her seven-point star on her forehead.

She too sits down in a chair but by a window that looked out to the valleys in the distance of Nephelia as the light delicately lined her golden-brown beige features. Her blood red lips smiled at me as I wondered who painted it. Her long straight sliver hair lined her white gown as she held a white rose. These portraits I figured should be removed but not taken down completely just maybe placed in the living room. I don’t know now I’ll talk about it with Johnathan later. I think.

I turn from the memory of my mother and ran down the wooden lined corridor passing several paintings of Silver Knights that had received the greatest titles. Each Nefaliem was painted if they received the title of a Silver Knight. An honourable title just like my parents and soon I too will have that title, then I’ll be able to be a Queen to my people.

I make my way to my living room.

The living room itself was lined in red sofas, couches and oak bookshelves. Red, blue and gold carpets lined the mahogany floorboards as the white opal walls complemented the area nicely. There I found Damian reading a black hard cover book, noticing my presence he closed the book and I saw the title, Pride and Prejudice. He looks at me with delightful eyes as I was panting. “Are you alright my lady?” he asks and I shook my head, he sits up straight. “You’re not sick are you?” he asks as he stood to take my temperature, his hand was cool on my forehead and I pushed his hand away.

“Have you seen Von?” I demand. I also knew that it was a question I needed answers to. I knew that I couldn’t just ignore it. Every part of me was anxious, I had a duty to do and I let him slip through my fingers. His eyes were sad and he turned away from me. I moved between him and the coffee table. Making sure he looked me in the eyes. I won’t have it. I wouldn’t be lied to. Was I being lied to? Surely not. “You know something. Don’t you?” I say as I felt my voice emanate more cracks than it should. Naturally my voice was smooth and quiet. He closed his eyes as he placed his hands on my shoulders.

I stood surprised as I felt his hands, gently upon my skin. He pulls me into a hug as I felt his grip tighten. “I do apologise for not telling you,” he says, “but I . . . I mean we didn’t know how to.” And I closed my eyes fighting back the tears that threatened to surface.

“You’re . . . lying.” I declare attempting to keep myself calm.

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