Take me to your Leader: Science Fiction Stories for Kids




Published by Dan Mazur at Shakespir

Copyright 2016 Dan Mazur


For weeks aliens have been landing on Earth in their spaceships. I think that they are trying to escape from their planet. Once they arrive, they are quickly sent back home. We don’t trust them. They look different and that makes people afraid I guess.

They always look so scared and sad when they are sent back. It’s on the news all the time. I ask my parents about them all the time but they don’t answer. What are we so afraid of? Sure they don’t look or talk like us but what if they are in real danger?

On a quiet September evening, a spaceship crashed just a few blocks from where I lived. Curious, I snuck out of the house, got on my bike and went to go look for the ship. I’d never seen an alien or a spaceship before and wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

When I arrived at the scene I saw the alien but no spaceship. He was a big blue blob with four eyes. He wasn’t the scary monster that everybody made him out to be. “Glub, Glub, Glub” he said as I got closer to him. “Hi Mr. Alien. My name is Scotty.” “Glub, Glub, Glub” he replied. “Uh, yeah. Glub, Glub, Glub to you as well.”

He then closed his eyes as lasers began to shoot out towards me. I ducked thinking he was trying to hurt me but he wasn’t. He was actually trying to show me something. He wanted to tell me about his planet and what had happened. I could hear a voice in my head and started seeing pictures of his planet.

“Planet X was a wonderful, peaceful place where aliens from around the galaxy lived and worked together. Even though we all looked and sounded different, everybody got along. We never had war, everybody was taken care of, and nobody went to bed with an empty tummy. For millions of years, life was beautiful on Planet X.”

“Planet X was blessed with many natural resources including fresh water and fields full of crops. The air was so sweet and clean. The people of Planet X were generous and kind to everyone whether they were local or just visiting.”

“Sadly, our gentle, trusting nature would lead to serious trouble. A group of aliens known as The Moops came from a planet that they didn’t take care of. Jealous of everything we had on Planet X, The Moops wanted the land and everything else all for themselves. They didn’t want to share like the rest of us.”

“The Moops declared war on the people of Planet X we didn’t believe in fighting. We couldn’t fight back as we had no army. We didn’t want or need one. All of our problems were settled peacefully. Soon Planet X belonged to The Moops. Thousands of families had to run away from the planet that had been their home for millions of years.”

“Some planets welcomed the people of Planet X while others wouldn’t let them in at all. The lucky ones had family or friends to stay with on Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, or Venus. Surprisingly Earth was not very welcoming to the aliens from of Planet X. It was disappointing as we had heard such great things about humans.”

“Those who ended up back om Planet X didn’t recognize their former home. Gone was the beautiful scenery and friendly neighbours that made it such a lovely place to live. Our planet was cold and ugly now. And very dangerous.”

“That is so sad” Scotty said. “Glub, Glub, Glub” (My name is AL). “Hey, wait a minute. I can understand you now! Nice to meet you AL. C’mon, let’s get that spaceship of yours and find you a place to hide.” Soon the new friends climbed into the spaceship and blasted off into the night sky.

“You’ll have to hide out at my house until I can come up with a plan. I just hope I can sneak you past my parents.” “Glub, Glub, Glub.” “You’re welcome. I wish there was more I could do, that we could do for the aliens on your planet” Scotty told his new friend.

I was able to sneak through an open window and began heading up to my room when my Mom called out, “Scotty, is that you? Where have you been?” “Uh, I just went out to get to some Jell-O for dessert. Going upstairs now.” “Hold on a minute!” his Dad said. “Oh no! Busted!”

That sure is a lot of Jell-O. Are you going to eat that whole thing yourself?” my Dad joked. “He, he, yeah. I’ll try” I nervously replied. “Just let me go upstairs” I thought to myself. “Just don’t sneak out like that again. Another one of those scary aliens landed in our area tonight” Mom said. “I won’t. Well goodnight!” “Glub, Glub, Glub!” AL mumbled. “Oh oh!” I’m in trouble now.

“Scotty! Is that one of those awful aliens? Why did you bring it home?” “His name is AL. He’s my friend. He’s just scared and has nowhere to go.” “Well it can’t stay here!” Dad said. “I’m sorry, but we’re going to have to call the police. Your “friend” could be dangerous. He probably wants something from us.” Loud sirens and the sound of helicopters suddenly filled the air. Something was going on outside.

“We know you have one of them in there. We have your house surrounded. Turn him over to us and we’ll be on our way.” “Please Mom and Dad, don’t make me do it!” I begged my parents. “I’m sorry son. It’s either him or us and we need to look after ourselves first.”

“Not all aliens are the same Mom. There are good ones and bad ones. It’s not fair to AL to make him leave. He’s safe here. He did nothing wrong!” “Scotty, that is very noble but we need to do the right thing and turn him over to the police” “NO!” I responded. “Watch your tone son!” Dad yelled.

“Please Dad! You have to listen to me!” “Glub, Glub, Glub?” “Are you sure AL?” “Come take a ride with us. If you don’t, I’ll run away.” “A ride? Where? In the car?” “No, this is a lot more fun than any car ride.” “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Dad screamed as the spaceship headed towards the stars. “We’re so high up in the sky Scotty.”

“What is this place Scotty?” “This used to be Planet X. It was a magical place, so beautiful and filled with aliens from around the galaxy. They were all so different yet none of that mattered. They were happy and they made it work.” “Quite the concept” Scotty’s Dad uttered.

“Yikes! What are those things Scotty?” “Those ‘things’ are AL’s friends. Some of them were able to find homes on new planets. These poor guys are trapped here. They don’t want anything from us. They never did. They’re just looking for a safe place to call home and to feel welcome.”

“Now the planet is a dark, dangerous place. The Moops are very mean to the aliens who live here. It’s not safe for anyone. Other planets have tried to get involved but the Moops have ruined the planet. The aliens want things to go back to how they used to be. But that might never happen” Scotty told his Dad.

“All of the other planets in the solar system have taken in lots of aliens. Well, except for Earth. But even the other planets aren’t really happy about all of the homeless aliens/ “Glub, Glub, Glub.” “Don’t cry AL” my Dad said. “We’ll think of something to help the aliens of Planet X. Hey! I just understood him. I get it now and I feel so selfish.”

When the trio arrived back on Earth, they were greeted by an angry group of people. They were scared and angry and didn’t even really know why. But they wanted AL and all of the other aliens to leave immediately. AL stepped out of the spaceship to address the crowd. “AL, no!” I shouted, worried about his safety.

AL was able to share the same story about Planet X that I had heard. Soon the angry mob went from being upset to feeling sorry for AL and his people. Some of them started to cry and wanted to know how they could help the aliens of Planet X. AL needed a miracle to keep his alien friends and family safe. His next stop would be The United Nations

Leaders from around the world gathered to hear AL speak. By the time he was done, every nation had agreed that Earth needed to do more to help the aliens of Planet X. AL received a standing ovation as all of the world leaders hugged, kissed, and shook each other’s hands.

Soon every country on Earth began to welcome the aliens from Planet X. They were very grateful to the people of Earth and wanted to return their kindness by trying to make the Earth a better place for all forms of life. Some of the aliens would call Earth their new home. While others hoped that one day they would get to call Planet X home again. It was just a dream but what a beautiful dream it was.



It was supposed to be a routine mission to the moon for four astronauts. They were to be there for two weeks to collect some samples to be taken back to Earth. We’ve been to the moon before and nothing really exciting happened…. until now.

The crew was made up of Jean, Paul, Peter, and another Paul but everybody just called him “Ace”. Ace was the youngest member of the team and a bit of a thrill-seeker. This was his first mission but what he really wanted to do was explore the universe.

While the other three astronauts worked collecting samples from the moon, Ace was flying around in a rocket. His rocket was darting around wildly nearly crashing a few times. He found digging on the moon boring and wanted some adventure. The others were growing frustrated with Ace’s shenanigans.

Ace got a little careless trying to show off and ended up crashing his rocket into a crater on the moon. The rocket burst into flames as Ace was sent flying. He kept rolling and rolling until he finally stopped. He was okay but was knocked unconscious by the impact.

The other astronauts rushed to the crash site. The rocket had burst into flames and Ace was nowhere in sight. “Ace! Ace!” they all called out. But they couldn’t see or hear him. “What do we do Peter?” Jean asked. “We split up and look for Ace. Just remember to keep in constant contact. Uh oh!”

“What’s wrong Peter?” asked a worried Paul. “We’re running low on oxygen. We don’t have enough to go looking for Ace.” “But we can’t leave him here!” Jean shouted. “Honestly, I don’t think he made it after that crash. We need to get back to the shuttle right now!” “But…..” “That’s an order!”

The crew was silent as they boarded the shuttle and made their way back to Earth. Peter put his hand on Jean’s shoulder and said, “There was nothing more we could do. He was too immature for this mission. Part of this is for my fault for including him. We had no choice but to leave.” Jean just sat there and didn’t say a word.

Ace woke up with a pounding headache. He was miles away from where his rocket had crashed. All he could see for miles was the cold wasteland of the moon and the stars in the sky.  He thought he was all alone yet he felt like he was being watched at the same time. But there was no life on the moon, was there?

“Welcome Comrade. My name is 3CP1. I have been on the moon since 1957 when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik. I’ve been here doing research ever since. Ace began to breathe heavily. He was getting low on oxygen and started to panic. He felt weak in the knees and everything went dark.

He had blacked out from a lack of oxygen and from the shock of the accident. 3CP1 had taken him to a space station that had been set up on the moon. For something that had been built in 1957, it was pretty impressive inside. “Ah, I see you are awake. Feel free to take off your helmet and relax.”

3CP1 had done a lot of work inside to keep the station modern with computers, lasers, and rockets. “What are you working on?” “I’ve been turning ice into water. Many people on Earth don’t have access to clean water. I think I can help them with this melted ice. I just need a test subject.” “Oh no!” Ace scoffed.

“Stop being so selfish Comrade. You’ve been so lucky and had many opportunities that others haven’t. Now it’s time that you gave back to the world. If you drink this water, I promise to help you get back to Earth. And then you’ll become the hero that you already think you are.” Ace hesitated for a few minutes before drinking the glass of moon water.

Ace waited for something bad to happen after he drank the water but it never did. “Hey, this water is good! It’s very refreshing!” “I’ll load up some barrels for you and attach them to the rocket” “Rocket?” 3CP1 had taken some of the parts from Ace’s crashed ship and some of his own to build a brand new rocket. “This should get you back home.”

“Good luck Comrade. I hope this water improves the lives of many people.” “Thanks for everything 3CP1. Are you sure you don’t want to join me?” “No. My work never ends.” The rocket worked fine at first but started fall apart as Ace got closer to Earth. He promised himself that if he survived he would become a better person.

The rocket crashed into the ocean but not before Ace was able to escape. He pulled the barrels of water with him to shore. He survived and now it was time for him to live up to the promises that he made. Exhausted from his journey, Ace collapsed on the beach.

After being checked out by NASA, Ace was visited by his crew. “We’re so sorry for having left you on the moon” Peter said.   “If anything you all did me a favor.” Ace received a medal for his bravery. The water was able to help grow crops and provide clean water around the world. “I’d like to thank the committee, my family, and the crew. And most of all, 3CP1!”









Roger was a shy, quiet kid who loved to read, write, and draw. He was really interested in science fiction and wanted to be an astronaut when he grew up. He was a little clumsy and didn’t like to play sports with the other boys. He’d rather read in the library or draw pictures. He felt out of place at school.

He was a pretty lonely kid. He didn’t have many friends and kept to himself. His parents had also recently divorced and so he spent the week with his Mom and the weekend at his Dad’s house.

One Friday night, while he was reading a story about robots, Roger had an idea. Why not build a robot to be his best friend? He had some tools and other supplies and so he went to work. Roger was making a lot of noise as he built his robot. “What are you doing up there?” his Mom asked. “Just working on my spelling homework!” Almost there, almost there and………….done! He did it!

Roger turned on the switch and waited. Nothing happened at first but then “he” spoke. “Hello Human” the robot said. “It’s alive!” Roger joyfully shouted. “Robbie the Robot!” He was so proud of himself.

As the weeks passed by, Roger and Robbie became really good friends. Roger started to enjoy sports and he had made a couple of new buddies at school. He was also starting to develop some confidence.

One afternoon at school, Roger noticed a poster in the classroom. There was going to be a Science Fair on Thursday. Finally he would get to show everyone his incredible invention…..Robbie the Robot!

The night before the Science Fair, there was a terrible storm. The house shook from all of the loud thunder. The electricity didn’t come back on until late in the morning. “Okay Robbie, time to go!” “Robbie….are you alright?” The storm must have shut off his power. He flicked the switch on and off but it didn’t work. The fair was starting in two hours. What was he going to do?

Using everything he learned in science class and from all of his reading, Roger finished his project just in time. Before he left, he looked over at Robbie and felt a little sad that he wouldn’t be able to attend the fair with him. And wouldn’t you know it, Roger won first prize! He had built his very own rocket ship and it actually worked. He was so proud of himself. He rushed home to tell Robbie the good news.

But when he got home, he found his robot lying on the floor. He tried to fix him but Robbie was broken. Roger almost felt like crying but then he realized how much Robbie had done for him. He also came to see how much he had learned about himself.

Roger not only built a robot but he built up his self-esteem as well. Before he had Robbie in his life, Roger was a quiet and lonely kid. Now he had friends and lots of self-confidence. And all it took was a few tools, some hard work, and a little imagination.





Take me to your Leader: Science Fiction Stories for Kids

This book is a collection of 3 short stories about outer space, aliens, astronauts, and robots. Each story using science fiction to teach a valuable life lesson. The protagonists include children, a hotshot astronaut, a weird looking alien, and a homemade robot.

  • Author: Dan Mazur
  • Published: 2016-04-25 20:05:07
  • Words: 3020
Take me to your Leader: Science Fiction Stories for Kids Take me to your Leader: Science Fiction Stories for Kids