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By Joshua Scribner

Copyright 2016 Joshua Scribner

Shakespir Edition


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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.



Chapter 1


I’d known Billy since I could remember. We grew up on the same block. He was always bigger than me, faster than me, and better at sports. I was always better looking. I almost always got the girl. I don’t think either of us was ever really jealous of the other. I know I wasn’t.

After college, we got a place together. I’d bring girls back a lot. He’d land one occasionally. But usually, when he got one, it was the friend of a chick I’d landed. Billy didn’t complain.

One night at the bar, we were wasted. Billy went to hit on the hottest girl there, probably the hottest girl I’d ever seen in that bar. She was blond and thin, with breasts too big for her frame, and a bubble butt, also too big for her frame. She had a tattoo on her arm, but most of it was covered by a sleeve. What showed looked like a long green tail. She looked far too pretty to have a tattoo like that. I thought I might tell her that, once Billy got shot down and I got my turn. It seemed like a good enough line. I didn’t really need to be too suave, though. Something about my face always got me the girl.

But something unheard of happened. I watched Billy move toward the exit with that girl. Like a big dumb bastard, he shot me a thumbs up on the way out.


Chapter 2


Billy burst into my room the next day.

“Hey, Core Man, wake up.”

I am not, nor have I ever been, a Marine. My name is Corey. Billy had called me Core Man since we were ten.

“What, dude?” I whined, having been half asleep, kept half awake by my pounding head.

He was still wearing the clothes he’d worn to the bar. He had the biggest smile I’d ever seen him make. “I have to tell you about her.”

“Fuck off. I need to go back to sleep.”

“Sorry, man. You’ve got to hear about it. It was like a porno.”

I chuckled, despite my pounding head. “Are you sure it was that good? Or is it you’ve just never had a girl that hot before?”

“Both, asshole. Now get up. I made the coffee already. You’re going to hear about this.”

Billy was a lot bigger and stronger than me. I knew he would never actually beat my ass, but I also knew he was not beyond dragging me out of bed.

I got up. I too was still wearing the clothes from the night before. I vaguely remembered making out with some chick for a while. I thought I might have left her to go barf. I thought someone must have called me a cab.

Anyway, Billy seemed like he was in a lot better shape than me.

I made him wait until the first cup of coffee was down and the second started, before I started to listen.

“Dude. She took me to her apartment. She didn’t even kiss me. She just whipped me out and went to town. I’m talking licking, deep-throating, the works.”

“Cool,” I said, not really that impressed.

“It really was. And we’d not even made it out of her front room. Then she took me to the living room. I swear she licked every inch of my body, even the places you never get licked.”

Now he had me. “Really?”

“Yeah. Really. I wouldn’t lie about it.”

I knew he wouldn’t. Lying wasn’t his style.

“So what happened next?”

“Well, she made her way back to my junk. And I sort of . . .”

“Sure. You finished the race early.”

“Yeah. But we weren’t done.”


“No. She insisted I stay. We cuddled and shit. Then a couple of hours later, she just started licking me again. And she was just as thorough, dude.”

“Holy porno sex, bro.”

“I know. Then she got up on me. And man could she move. I swear, at one point, she just spun around on it.”

“You’re kidding me.”

“It was amazing. She seemed tireless. And the whole time, she just kept leaning down and licking me, like she couldn’t get enough of it.”

“Weird. I wouldn’t think you’d taste very good. I mean, your smell alone is hard to bear.”

“Evidently not. But get this. She turned me over.”

“Oh no. You’re not going to tell me about more licking.”

“No. She actually sunk her teeth into my ass.”

“She bit you.”

“Like a piece of steak. It hurt like hell. I think I bled on her sheets. But I wasn’t about to complain. She turned me back over and finished fucking the hell out of me.”

“Wow. I have to admit, that’s pretty crazy. Then what?”

“Then she brought me here. I went to bed. I didn’t drink that much before I left with her, so I’m not hung over like your sorry ass.”

“Yeah. Wasn’t even worth it.”

He chuckled. “And she said she wanted to see me again. I started to give her my number, and well, my name, but she said she’d stop by.”

I laughed about as hard as I could stand it with my pounding head.


“She fucked you and dumped you, bro. You’ve been used for sex.”

He seemed to think about it. Then he said, “Yeah. I guess so.” He looked kind of proud.


Chapter 3


Having not scored on Friday night, I was ready to try again Saturday. After spending the day nursing a hangover, I was ready to start working on one for Sunday morning. I thought I might take it a little easy tonight, though, focus more on the ladies.

I went into Billy’s room to find him asleep.

“Hey, you big asshole. Time to get up. We got drinking to do.”

He opened his eyes and smiled. “I don’t know, Core Man. I might sit this one out.”

“What? Sit this one out. There’s no sitting this one out. What if your porn girl is there again?”

He gave a slight chuckle. “I’m fucking tired, dude.”

“So what? We all have problems. I still have my hangover. You don’t hear me complaining. Now get up and drink some coffee.”

He snorted. “Nothing like having a stimulant before knocking down some depressants.”

“Why you so tired anyway? You didn’t drink that much last night.”

He grinned. “She wore me out.”

I shook my head. “I see what’s happening. You scored one time with a hot girl, and now you think it’s time to retire. But it’s too early to start falling back on your asscolades.”

“You mean accolades.”

“Hmm? I’m not sure that I do.”

He shook his head. “Dumb bastard. Fine. I’ll get up.”

Chapter 4


A couple of hours later, I was talking to a redheaded nine at the bar. At least, I thought she was hot, but since I’d forgotten that I wanted to go light on the alcohol that night, she might have more toward a six or seven. Either way, she had my drunken attention.

I was making good headway, pretending to care about her cat and stuff like that, when she said, “Isn’t that your friend? He’s not looking so good.”

I turned to see Billy. He was staggering across the bar.

I laughed. “Looks like Billy’s had a little too much.”

I got up and moved over to him.

“You all right, bud?”

He turned his face to me. He actually looked a bit panic stricken. “No.”

I just managed to move out of the way when he barfed. Instead of splattering on me, it splattered all over the floor. People scatter like he’d just thrown down a live grenade.

“Take me home,” he said.

A minute later, we were in the car. “Let me know if you’re going to puke again.”

He didn’t say anything in return. He just leaned his head out the window.

Our place was only a few minutes from the bar. He was asleep by the time we got there.

He looked as pale as I’d ever seen him. And he was still.

“Hey,” I said, pushing on his shoulder. “You’re scaring me. You all right?”

He snapped to. He smiled. “Yeah,” he said with a shaking voice. “I’ll be fine.”

“Shit, bro. How much did you drink?”

He seemed to think. “Two beers, I think.”

Now I laughed. “You think. Maybe that’s the problem. You drank so many you can’t remember.”

He smiled again. “Yeah.” His voice actually seemed better. He got out of the car. He put his face back through the window. “If you bring one home tonight, try to keep it down.” He was grinning.

“Fuck you,” I said.

He flipped me off with a smile on his face. He then turned around and proceeded to stagger across the yard.

As I drove off, I looked back to see him puking again.

I kept driving, though. I hoped the redhead was still there.

Chapter 5


I was happy to find the redhead still there when I made it back to the bar.

She thought it sweet that I’d taken care of my friend. She didn’t bring up the fact that I shouldn’t have been driving. She didn’t seem to mind me driving later either, when I took her back to my place.

We had weird, drunken sex, after which she was quick to fall asleep. I didn’t want her there, but I didn’t want to be too much of an asshole and kick her out either. Women talk to women. And sending one home directly after sex is no way to build your reputation, good looking or not.

I did remember Billy, though. I thought I should go check on him.

I knocked on his bedroom door. “Hey, Bill. You all right?”

I waited for a little while but got no answer. Then I opened the door and peeped in. The lights were out in his room, but I could make out the large mound that was Billy on the bed.

“Hey, bro. You okay?”

He murmured something unintelligible.

I laughed. “Okay.”

I about jumped when my eyes caught sight of the figure in the window. There was someone standing there, staring in.

I think I calmed a little when I saw the figure was small and female. In fact, I thought it might have been the hot blonde he’d been with.

She must have saw me seeing her, because she quickly darted away.

I stood there stunned for a few seconds and then put it together. Sometimes girls got a little crazy after sex. They wanted something more. The weird thing was that this chick wouldn’t have to stalk Billy. I was sure that he’d let her come back anytime. Hell, I thought he’d marry her if she was down with it.

I went and got in bed with the redhead. Seeing her in the light, my buzz having worn down a lot, I thought she was actually really hot. Maybe we could do it again in the morning. Hell, I would probably take her out for breakfast.

Chapter 6


I was disoriented. I thought it was a dream. There was a throbbing, stinging pain and a loud noise making that pain much worse.

Then someone was shaking me.

“There’s someone in the window. Someone’s looking in the window.”

Logic set in a bit. I realized the intense pain was in my head. The loud noise had been the redhead I’d brought home from the bar. She was screaming.

I even thought I knew who’d be looking in the window. But then I opened my eyes.

The outside light at my neighbor’s house was pretty bright and cast a decent glow on my bedroom window. It was enough that I could clearly see two women standing there, looking in. Neither was the same woman as before. One was a bit chubbier. The other was a bit too tall.

They saw me and darted. They seemed to move a little too fast, but I thought that might be the product of my compromised mind.

“Who are they?” the crying redhead whined.

“I’m not sure.”

“Are you going to call the cops?”

“Nah. I don’t want the cops over here.”

“Do you have a gun or something to protect us?”

I doubted it would come to that. I’d slept with a lot of women and gotten rid of a lot of women. Maybe I’d developed some kind of hate club and now they were trying to scare me.

“Yeah. It’s in my car. I’ll go get it.”

“No. Don’t leave me alone.”

“It’s just a bunch of weird women.”

“I want to go with you to your car. And I want you to take me home.”

“Are you sure? It’s like four in the morning.”

“Yes. Take me home now.”

I seriously considered calling her a cab. But if I really had managed to earn myself some kind of female hate club, I didn’t need to worsen my reputation.

“Okay. I’ll drive you home.”

Chapter 7


As it turned out, this chick lived in another town. And we stopped for breakfast. The sun was coming up by the time I made it home.

I pulled into the drive to see the front door was open. I knew I’d left here in pain and probably still a bit buzzed, but it still didn’t seem likely that I’d left the door wide open. I didn’t think Billy would have left it open either.

I thought I was probably just being silly. But I wanted to be careful too. Waking up to a screaming girl could fuck with your head, put you on edge.

I took my gun out from under the seat. I stuffed it in the front of my pants and covered it with my shirt.

I walked in the open doorway, then quietly shut the door behind me. I walked through the foyer and into my living room.

Oh what a sight was waiting there for me.

There were two of them, and I didn’t think they were two I’d seen before. One was a brunette with huge tits but also a little too much in the hip area. One was an older lady, probably in her thirties, but hot anyway.

They stood there naked.

Both women turned to me. They then looked at each other with a smile before looking back at me again. Then they both stuck out their tongues. There was something weird about their tongues, but I couldn’t quite figure out what it was.

Then I heard Billy. He was making a strange sound. It was a low pitched sound, a panicked sound, like a person might make if they’d had their tongue ripped out or their chin broken.

I looked at the two in front of me. They still had their tongues out.

“Well, fuck you anyway,” I said.

I pulled out my gun. I wasn’t going to shoot them. I was just going to scare them and then help my friend.

Then they showed me just what was wrong with their tongues. They flicked them out. Those tongues had been curled into what looked like fat human tongues. Rolled out, I could see that they were actually thin, forked tongues, more like those of a lizard.

Before I could squeeze my trigger, before I could have a rational though, I was hit from the side.

I went to the ground. My gun went flying.

The girl that had tackled me had put her face in mine. I tried to break free, but that wasn’t happening. I was nowhere near as strong as the little hotty holding me down. The little hotty was the same girl who’d taken my buddy home from the bar, had sex with him, and bit his ass.

Her eyes were blue, but then they rolled back. Now they were dark green, with little black slits in the center.

She hissed at me. “Call out, and I’ll bite you. If I bite you, you’ll eventually die.”

I believed her.

She stood up and grabbed me by the foot. She then dragged me effortlessly into my best friend’s room.

There were several more women in there, two of them the girls I’d seen in my window earlier.

“Hold him,” the hot blond said to a tall Spanish looking girl.

The tall girl lifted me up and held me there.

I was looking at my best friend’s horrified face.

He looked like he could barely lift his head. He was squirming and looked like it was hard to do even that. He looked like he was trying to talk. I didn’t think he could do that either. The noise he made was getting quieter.

I looked around at all the naked women. They were flicking their tongues freely now.

I noticed something else. It reminded me of how I’d only seen part of the blonde’s tattoo the other night. I’d only seen the tail. Now I could see it all. And it was on the arm of every woman there. It was a tattoo of a komodo dragon.

The blond spoke to me. “Watch what happens to your friend. If you tell anyone what happened here, it will happen to you next.” She looked away from me and at her friends. “My venom has prepared our feast. We eat now.”

She’d told me not to call out. But what I saw next made me call out anyway. The girl holding me had to put a hand over my mouth.

All the other women were bent over at the waist. And what they did was snap their heads forward, like birds pecking or reptiles biting. And each time they did it they took a chunk of flesh from my friend.

They took turns holding me. Whoever was holding me held my eyes open.

By the time Billy stopped squirming, he had no skin and some of his muscles were gone. They didn’t stop eating. They ate his organs and bones too. Then they licked up his blood and did so thoroughly.

When they were finished, they all left but the blond.

She pressed me up against the wall. I could smell the putrid scent of my friend on her breath.

“Did you know when a komodo dragon bites you you won’t stop bleeding. I did, though. But the venom changed me. And I can make more like me. She motioned to the other women.” She laughed wickedly. “Your friend wouldn’t stop bleeding on the inside. And that makes the meat taste oh so good.”

She licked me. “Mmmmm. You taste good already. But you’re cute. It would be a shame to have to eat you. Tell a soul about this and we’ll be back, though.”

She kissed me right on the lips. Then she left me there.



I told people I didn’t know what happened to Billy. The police eventually came to my house but could find no evidence of foul play. And they searched the place thoroughly. I went as long as I could keeping my mouth shut. That was about two months.

It was eating away at me. I was screwed up by what I had witnessed. I woke up in cold sweats. I was twitchy. I had to tell someone. I did.

They locked me up, and that’s where I am now. I’ve been here a couple of years. They won’t let me out, and I don’t want out. I don’t think the Komodo women will come here.

I refuse to go outside, and I’m always watching the windows. I won’t be alone with any woman unless she shows me her arms first. I hope I never see that damn tattoo again.


About the Author


Joshua Scribner is the author of 18 published novels and five 50-story collections. He currently lives in Michigan.


  • ISBN: 9781370588275
  • Author: Joshua Scribner
  • Published: 2016-09-22 16:05:25
  • Words: 3479
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