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[] Foreword

The events transcribed in this book are factual, not fictional. Despite their incredible nature (and the blog’s narrative element), these things really happened. Of course, I have no objective evidence to this end, nor can I provide so much as a corroborating witness to most of these incidents. All I can give you is my word that these are actual events, described to the best of my ability, for whatever that’s worth.

On that note, I should add an anecdote: what is true, is true, and what really happened, happened, regardless of evidence or eyewitness testimony. If awareness of truth and reality are limited to a minority of one, that knowledge remains valid, the same way that a tree falling in empty woods will still make a sound.

  • * *

What sort of “things” am I talking about, here? Synchronicities.

Of course, "synchronicity" is not easily defined. Of the many definitions thrown around these days, most are quite personal and subjective. But, essentially, they all boil down to this: synchronicities are events which are so hugely unlikely, they shouldn't happen -- yet they do happen. Furthermore, they tend to happen in a patternistic fashion, demonstrating a consistent, underlying phenomenon that can be studied to some extent.

Here, however, I will stop, letting that basic definition stand. To fully explore just the basics of what exactly synchronicities are (much less what such an event entails) would require a book in itself. In fact, I’ve already written such a book, entitled Synchronicity: One Man’s Experience, which could be considered the predecessor to this one. The thrust of One Man’s Experience is to plumb the phenomenon and its many ramifications, centering on a quasi-scientific study that I conducted for several years. So, instead of reinventing the wheel by encapsulating that book here, I will instead refer the reader to it as a primer to this one, for it lays the contextual foundation from which I’m presently writing from. Thus, this text assumes a basic understanding of the logic, experiences, and speculations contained in One Man’s Experience.

Or, don’t read the original book beforehand, and instead just jump right into this collection of weird and fascinating events, free of any preconception. Sometimes things are better that way, anyhow.

  • * *

A quick word about this book’s format, which is split into two parts.

The first is, simply, a snapshot of my blog, Synchroshock.blogspot.com, as of December, 2015. There, I’ve posted a years-long, narrative series of synchronicity reports, and these are copied here verbatim, without further comment. Why duplicate my blog in eBook format? Simple: as a convenience, for those who would prefer to read the chapter-like postings as a unified text (or who want to read it offline).

Next, the book’s second part is composed of a separate, much bigger log, this one a crude, personal, and extensive journal, which contains the original entries from which the blog posts sprang (plus a comprehensive collection of “everyday” incidents). As it were, these log-only events are not necessarily less noteworthy, but less describable; language only goes so far. The difference between the two often comes down to a matter of conveyance, with the blog-posted incidents being more coherent and narrative-friendly, and the others being of an obscure or longwinded nature, requiring too much explanation to get their point across within the attention span of a blog post. Omitted entirely are a great many additional incidents, those which are just too personal, subjective, or subtle to be meaningful to anyone but myself. (Or, as has been the case in latter years, I’ve omitted incidents that are just too routine!)

  • * *

So, now that you know how to read this odd collection of odd events, let’s begin, shall we?

Part I: The Synchroshock Blog

[][] 2008


“Paul Newman”

I am not a fan of Hollywood, as anyone who knows me is well aware. I severed my relationship with the film industry, along with TV and most established media, several years ago, and haven’t looked back. That’s another post, though. The point is, when I heard that Paul Newman had died back on September 28th of ’08, it was entirely by chance.

And before you fire me an angry comment correcting the date of his death, yes, I know he died on the 26th, I just didn’t hear about it until the 28th. But hearing about it at all was a feat, given my sequestered status. If I hear any news at all, it’s typically in a roundabout way, so it’s rare I’d receive word regarding something as trivial as an actor’s death (not that anyone’s demise is trivial, but you catch my drift). To be honest, I really don’t remember the precise means by which I came across the news, but that’s not really relevant, anyway. What is is that I got it at all, and what happened two days later.

First, let it be said that I know very little about Mr. Newman. I recall seeing him in several scattered films during my plugged-in childhood, but that's all -- which is to say, the man was by no means a fixture in my psychology, and when he passed in September of '08, I retained little more of him than a name and a vague face to go with it. In fact, when I received the news, I had to trawl my waters some to come up with even that, as I couldn't remember the last time I'd encountered anything relating to Paul Newman. So when I came across his name on September 30th, the second time in forty-eight hours, I smelled a hit. At the time of Mr. Newman's passing, I had just taken up writing, and was therefore brushing up on my grammar, which was never my strong point to begin with. And what better way to sharpen my inner tongue than to partake in the myriad online grammar quizzes floating around the web? So I settled on one -- at random, of course, a fill-in-the-blanks-type thing spit out by Google -- and the subject of the screed was none other than one of Paul Newman's films. I haven't encountered Paul Newman since.


“I’d Like You To Meet Somebody”

I work out, at a local gym. No, I'm not bragging. It's just something I do, exercise, a necessary pill of life on earth. My favorite part is leaving the gym. That's always a good time of day for me, and on the October afternoon in question, I was in particularly good spirits. The weather was nice, I'd had a good workout, God was in His heaven. However, my exit from the gym was delayed a minute or so. There had been a man applying a vinyl graphic over the door, and he'd been accosted in conversation and didn't notice my needing to leave. Him and his friend chatted a moment -- probably not even a minute, more like thirty seconds, whatever -- and then Friend came inside, thereby allowing me through. The sign man apologized as I left, and I told him no problem, because it wasn't.


I went on my way, merrily going about my errands and enjoying my hard-won endorphin buzz. First stop after the gym was the local UPS drop, to ship off a guitar (another pontifical favor for my un-eBayed friend). As it turned out, though, the shipping fee was more than I expected, hence I had to leave it and go foraging for cash. I returned to the drop a half-hour later, and when I arrived, guess who happened to be there, pasting a vinyl decal over the door? I’ll give you a hint: it wasn’t Santa Claus.

[] 2009

Sometime in ’09

“Big Tits”

The library is a magical place, for me at least. I rarely have any idea what I’m looking for when I go in, so I more often than not end up with a couple random books. And this undefined day in 2009 was no different: I walked in, and arbitrarily roulette-wheeled myself two books, Coldheart Canyon by Clive Barker, and China Bride by Henry Luk. Well, that’s not entirely true: China Bride was random, a result of it incidentally occupying the very end of a row, but the Clive Barker was a tad less so. I’d visited the C’s in pursuit of another author whose name escapes me, and, disappointed, I happened upon the teeny collection of Barkers the library held, thus inspiring my selection.


I left with the two books, and started into them that afternoon, beginning with China Bride . The moderately short novel was the saga of a wealthy Hongkonger who imports his busty American wife to the region. The Hongkonger -- or Konger, if you will, I like the word, has a plosive feel to it -- becomes kidnapped, and adventure ensues. Long story short, his bride, from which the book's namesake is derived, winds up miraculously tagging along with the tactical unit sent to derail the Bad Guys, and the thrilling climax involves her exposing her massive chest to save Hubby's life, an uninspired though not unoriginal ending. (And I'm sorry to spoil the gripping denouement to any potential readers of the fantabulously unknown book, but it's central to my tale.) I finished the book in two days, and though unimpressed with the writing (English is not Mr. Luk's first language, so I have to cut him some slack), I enjoyed its naked portrayal of Hong Kong, a place I will most likely never set foot upon in my mortal life.


Next came Coldheart Canyon . I won't go into the premise of the book, as, being Clive Barker, it's more convoluted than is germane to the story at hand, but here's its relevant nugget: there is a female character in the book, with a prodigious chest, and the climax of the story involves -- drum roll -- her exposing her outsize mammaries to save the day.

Now, I don’t know, exactly, how many books inhabit the adult fiction section of the Watauga County Public Library, but I have no doubt it’s in the thousands. And though I’m miserable at math, it doesn’t take an Einstein to grok the chances of choosing, at random, the two whose climaxes involve the utilitarian exposure of well-endowed women.

Make of it what you will.


“eBay Priest”

Everyone loves eBay. Even people who don’t use the internet or have an eBay account. Everyone with a feedback rating of over a hundred has a friend who fits this criteria, it’s impossible not to, a Rule of the Universe, and said friend has no doubt recruited you to sell a thing or two for them over the years. Last year, my eBay-illiterate friend asked me to peddle a guitar for him, and I agreed, happy to. Besides his incentive of a commission, it bolstered my ego, made me feel like a priest playing go-between with him and God. Or something.


I sold the guitar, being the twelve-year eBay veteran that I am, and on the July morning in question, it came time for me to meet with my one-man flock so that we may engage in communion, aka me exchanging a check, less expenses and my cut, for the sold guitar. We were set to meet at 11:30 in the morning, but as I scrambled out of the house, only narrowly on time, I realized I hadn’t double-checked the figures, so I begrudgingly stomped back inside and booted my computer. I feverishly totted the figures, and when I was done, Windows Calculator proclaimed the outstanding balance at $1,124.00, which was somehow disparate to my earlier figure by a good fifty bucks. Good thing I’d checked.


I shuffled back to my truck, made-out check in hand, and when I key the ignition, what does the clock on the dashboard read? 11:24. I’d been inside, calculating the correct sum, for four minutes.


“The Ayatollah”

The simile is invaluable, to me, at least. I use it liberally in my fiction; sure, there are plenty other effective means of conveyance, but I’ve found the simile to achieve that Holy Grail of Perfect Recognition in a way rarely matched by other mechanisms, and using the fewest words possible. It’s a beautiful thing, a tight, well-executed simile, and I think most authors would agree. I think I’ll name my first child “Like”.

Last August, I finished up a novel set in the early ’80s, and like most of my narratives, it was heavily conducive to simile. One such simile in the text involved Ayatollah Khomeini, neither the first nor the last in the history of literature, I’m sure. However, when I had the little brain-orgasm that gave birth to the prose, all I could think of was “the Ayatollah,” his surname escaping me (the guy’s not much of a news item these days). So I jumped on the good old interweb, a writer’s vade mecum if there ever was one, and in ten seconds I had his name and anything else I’d want to know about the demonized icon.

Now, skip forward twenty-four hours. Within that time, a concatenation of chance events I won’t bore you with saw me receive, for free, a non-working Maxtor hard drive. Having been a tech geek in another life, I decided to look up the drive’s warranty, on the off chance that I may be able to get a new, eBayable drive for the cost of shipping. I went to Maxtor’s website, and when I entered the drive’s serial number, to perform the warranty check, I was met with one of those lovely security-word prompts that have become fashionable in the last few years. I had trouble reading the hallucinogenic globs, but I eventually discerned two words: “keeping khomeini”.

Now, I don’t know, exactly, how many words such a security script has to work with, but something tells me the odds were against encountering that one in particular, and within a day of the inception of my simile. It was like butter, as Mike Myers once said.


“The Library, Part Deux”

I’ve mentioned previously the magical nature of my local library, as well as my habit to raid the fiction section and grab books at random. This incident was a repeat of that, loosely. Let me explain.

First, let it be known that I enjoy Stephen King. There. I said it. I like Stephen King. Very much. But please don’t pen me as a fanboy, as in, someone who likes Stephen King because he’s Stephen King, much in the way Bantam likes Dean Koontz. Sure, King is a good storyteller, with strong characterization and a nice, no-nonsense narrative that lets the story do its thing; but what draws me to him again and again is the humor laced throughout his writing. There’s a charm to it, and that’s something both unteachable and inimitable, and a barometer of true-to-the-heart writing, in my opinion.


I have eclectic reading tastes, but every few months or so, I'll get a hankering for some King, no different than a craving for salty foods. So, I've been working through the man's massive catalog that way, devouring a novel or two here and there in between exploring new authors. And near the end of August, I got one such hankering, so I hit up the library (it's not so much that I'm a cheap bastard -- which I am, admittedly -- but that Mr. King probably has enough folding-green to wipe the asses of a small nation). I browsed through their little contingency of King's work, and bemusedly chose Dolores Claiborne, its cover dominated by the cheery image of a morose woman staring down a well, presumably at you, mwahahaha. And though I knew I wanted some King, I chose this novel entirely at random, from about twenty possibles.

Here’s a synopsis (and, again, my apologies for spoilers): The book is one big confessional from Ms. Claiborne, an underprivileged Mainer who justifiably murdered her husband during a solar eclipse. And now the part material to my incident: Tucked in the nitty, gritty, slang-ridden narrative, there’s an incongruous scene in which Ms. Claiborne hears a woman’s discarnate voice saying something or other, which is not explained in the novel.


I read the book, which was satisfying, what I’d come to expect when opening a King novel; and then returned it a couple days later. Upon doing so, however, I found my appetite was not yet satisfied (it was King-sized, you could say, and, yes, I really just said that), so I checked out a second selection, Gerald’s Game, this one, too, pulled at random from a pool of twenty or so King novels I haven’t read. I’ll skip right to the point, here: In Gerald’s Game, you find out the source of the bizarre voice Dolores Claiborne hears in her only-loosely connected novel.

And I happened to get the two of them, back to back, without any foreknowledge of King’s little Easter Egg. Now, the odds weren’t quite as high as the hit I outlined in my “Big Tits” post, but I think the “coincidence” at least bears mentioning.

[] 2010



You've gotta love those days when you go through your busy routine, doing your thing all over town, only to discover, afterward, you've had an eyebooger playing stowaway, or that a zit the size of Asia had materialized over your forehead. Especially nice are when such occasions include a significant other, or, worse, a potential. Oddly, these days have a habit of supplanting those that are supposed to be the exact opposite -- birthdays, graduations, vacations.

My contretemps occupied the last category: vacation day. It was the same vacation, in fact, in which the Almighty decided to enlighten me on the intricacies of patchouli. The morning of the twenty-eighth, as I readied myself for my impromptu and aimless beach getaway, a phrase popped into my head, as phrases have a way of doing, in my case: “Is just spit I wipe off my chin.” It’s a song lyric, actually, Skid Row, “Riot Act”. Classic album, if you’re into early-nineties metal.


The phrase looped through my cranium all morning as I slaved to my grind, and I thought both nothing and everything of it, a kind of listless zen. At one point -- an early point -- I remember blowing my nose, a nonevent. I went places, I saw people, I had face-to-face social contact; and then, my obligations done, I went home, intent on loading up my truck and hieing off on my halfcocked trip. I bee-lined for the bathroom beforehand, however, and after doing my necessaries, I stole a glance in the mirror. And what did I find clinging for dear life from the forest of stubble over my chin? Not spit, no, better: a little arachnid glob of snot, an apparent misfire when I'd blown into the Kleenex hours earlier.

It wasn’t a direct hit, but it was uncannily close. And who’s to say Sebastian Bach’s said spit wasn’t, in fact, mucus? The two can look remarkably similar …



I write, therefore I keep a ledger of new words, which I populate throughout the day and then look up at night. One such word was patchouli, which came from some short story I read last fall. It’s a plant, for those who don’t know, as I didn’t when I wrote it down, and it’s used for a perfume. What does that tell you, though? I mean, if someone asks you what patchouli is, you can now look down your nose and tell them it's a plant that yields a fragrant perfume -- but how, exactly, does that perfume smell? Ah, we now meet the limitations of language. Sure, I could throw out a laundry list of adjectives describing the fragrance, but, ultimately, you’d never really know until you smelled it yourself. The nose knows, and more than we can cram into the clown-car vehicle of language, as it were.

This lacuna occurred to me a couple months after I made the maiden entry, in the ugly depths of February. I was studying my ledger, eating (I maximize), and as I happened across patchouli, I asked myself the same unanswerable question I just raised: But what does it smell like? The question arose idly amidst my study, like weeds in a garden, but the more I thought about it, the more it bothered me, enough to stick with me the rest of the day. It didn’t, however, hound me enough to go foraging for a sniff of the perfume, and eventually the question drifted into the cluttered mental locker into which all such minutiae must go.

Fast forward to later that week, around the 20th, I want to say -- the last leg of the month, in any case. I woke up one morning, and was instantly struck by a realization: I had to go to Myrtle Beach, SC, the first of the month, to my parents' vacation trailer. Illogical as it was, the thought came with the lightning-strike peremptory of all the other little God-bombs that pop into my head, and I knew resistance was futile. So I made the plans.

Luckily, this venture wouldn’t cost much, thanks to my parents’ pro bono policy regarding use of their trailer. I still had to dip into my savings, of course, but the trip wouldn’t do them much harm. That said, though, the whole premise was awkward: I had no one to go with, no real reason to go, and nothing to do once I got there. All I had was the inscrutable and subjective inkling that I Go, which isn’t too easy to explain. It seemed much ado about nothing, like I was dressing black-tie for a trip to McDonald’s. However, I had submitted my first novel manuscript that week, just meeting the contest deadline, and I was celebrating that job done, inconsequential as such a contest entry was; so I used that as my excuse to take off to the beach for a week. It was still awkward, of course, but it was better than, “Cuz God said so. See yas.”

Fast forward again, to March 2nd, my arrival at my parents’ North Myrtle Beach vacation trailer. My trip from North Carolina to the coast had been uneventful, and though I still had no idea why the hell I was there at all, I was enjoying the outing, lonely as it was. I spent the day in the trailer, doing what acclimating there was to be done, and when night fell, bringing a chill (I may have been at the beach, but it was still winter, and a pugnacious one at that), it came time to find the controls for the trailer’s heater.

I had been to the trailer before, a couple years ago when my parents had first made the much-toiled-for purchase, and I remembered the controls, a little coppery box sporting an -ometer of some flavor, being along a wall partitioning the two halves of the doublewide -- or so I thought. It wasn't there, so I ended up having to hunt for the thing. I covered every wall of the place, and no box, which led me to begin tearing through cupboards and cabinets and closets and every other potential hiding place, however unlikely. After exploring every square inch of the kitchen and master bathroom, I wound up in desperation opening the shutter of a shoebox-sized cubby I'd never noticed before, set into the wall a couple feet from where I thought the box should be (the box was behind a propped door, for what it's worth). The cubby had a collection of various this-and-thats, some batteries, some aspirin, an alien-looking plumbing doodad whose purpose escaped me -- along with two bottles, teeny caramel-colored glass bottles with white labels.

I took one out and read the label: Camphor , it said, and I discerned it as a thing for smelling, as used in aromatherapy. Bemusedly, I halted The Great Heater-Control Pursuit, unscrewed the childproof top, and took a whiff. It smelled good, so I replaced it in the cubby and removed its kindred bottle -- Oil of Patchouli, according to its label.

I laughed, loudly, and then opened the bottle. It, too, smelled good.



It was a sunny spring day, and I was in my truck, preparing to cut a beckoning plot of grass, when I settled on the song. Having just struggled into my lawnmower-man fatigues, I was shuffling through my battered MP3 player, trying to decide on the album I was least tired of, and that’s when I noticed Muse’s Black Holes and Revelations, a little nugget I hadn’t listened to for nearly a year. However, for some reason that I would only later understand, I selected the song immediately preceding the Muse album, "Super Sex," by Morphine. I didn't feel like listening to it -- it's a good song, sure, a choice cut from the expired band -- but I felt that familiar old tickle in the back of my head, the one that says Do this and don’t ask why. So, I did it.

I hit play, then at last got out and began unloading my mower, the legato instrumental intro to “Super Sex” in both ears. Cars zipped indifferently past over the two-lane road at my back, pelting me with ephemeral cushions of air as I gassed up and Mark Sandman readied his soupy monotone. There was a faint sense of prescience as I stood along the road, like watching a basketball player agonize over a foul shot; I knew I’d chosen the Morphine song for a reason, but I couldn’t say why. It didn’t take long for it to become apparent, however: The first word of the song is “taxi,” spoken twice, and the very instant the first repetition boiled over my headphones, a van stormed into the driveway at my right, the no-frills magnetic sign on its driver’s-side door advertising Boone Taxi.

My skin prickled.


“The Necessary Lies”

April fifteenth was an interesting day. First I had the taxi slap me like a pissed old lady, and then I got the phrase stuck in my head: “The necessary lies,” over and over again. I had gone about cutting the lawn I’d set out for, basking in the warm afterglow of the preceding Experience, and that’s when the words jumped in my head, dancing like the good folks of Soul Train. I didn’t know what they meant, but I tolerated them, in the way I’ve learned to humor the oblique things that invade my headspace.


I cut my grass, I went home, I took a shower. Nothing monumental there. And still the phrase is weaving through my thoughts, cryptic as ever. Then I lay down to read, ritual for me when the workday is done. I opened the novel I was entertaining at the time, Mortals by Normal Rush, and not three lines down did I come across the very three words that had infested my gray matter, terminating a sentence. I was dumbstruck.

Now, Logical Me was quick to point out that I could have subconsciously skimmed over the words earlier that day, when I took my postprandial reading-break. It's a phenomenon I'm well acquainted with, actually. I often run across it while editing my fiction: I'll often substitute a word, praising myself for my divine editor's eye, and then discover the very same word a paragraph or two down. Happens all the time. I've concluded we read into things much more than we consciously realize (which extends far beyond literal reading -- we know more than we know).


I began siding with good old Logical Me, that necessary bastard … but then stopped: I distinctly remembered reading the novel-page containing “the necessary lies” for an extremely brief amount of time. Already into my third five-minute grace-period for finding a good stopping place, I’d been in a hurry to finish up the preceding page and get out of the house, and I’d read no further than the end of the connecting sentence. Which was only two words, right at the top of the page, which I’d quickly devoured before slamming the book shut, having it open no more than a second. Superman couldn’t have read the paragraph that fast, consciously or otherwise.


“David Lynch”

Did I say I’m not a fan of Hollywood? Well, I’m not, and though I typically avoid film and TV like the plague, every now and then I get the inkling to swallow some moving images, much as some people get the urge to severe a limb, or drink shoe polish. I get the itch irregularly, maybe every few months. Earlier this week, though, I got it two days in a row.

It's always magic when it happens, my movie itch, despite the unpleasantry that usually precede it. It goes like this, most of the time: I'll be going along, doing my starving-writer thing, free from the shackles of The Tube; and, suddenly, my inspiration will die. Just gone, yoinked like a plug. So then I'll get up, despondent, do whatever I have to do, and be left with a couple hours to kill. Over time, I've learned to recognize this as a divine cue to take in a film of some sort, and I always heed it, because I never finish the ingested movie without getting something from it (I've ripped of -- errr, come away with many writing ideas after watching these select movies).

Before I go into the pair of films I happened to stumble across, I should go into the book I was reading at the time, Mystery by Peter Straub. It was a decent read, though I’m not much of a mystery buff, but none of that matters: what does are two elements from the book, the blue rose and, much smaller within the story, the tenor sax. The blue rose is a running element in the text, a key part of the “mystery” and something that’s never fully explained, symbolically, at least; while the tenor sax is just mentioned in passing, a little one-line scrap of atmosphere thrown in arbitrarily.


Tuesday, May 4th. I woke up, ate, wrote for less than an hour, and -- poof! -- my inspiration farted out and I was left looking for a film to watch. I had no idea what I should watch, I own no movies, so I wracked my head for any possible movie that may serve my purposes, eventually settling on Lost Highway , for reasons I don't remember. I'd seen the Lynch film advertised when it came out in '97, but never watched it, even though I'd bought the soundtrack (seems like buying a leash without owning a dog, in retrospect). So I went out, rented the film, and watched it, and, having never experienced David Lynch, I was blown away, despite its incredibly disjointed and alienating narrative -- but, again, that's another post. What's important is that one of the film's main characters happened to play the tenor sax, as stated by said character near the start of the film. You may be thinking So what? but the thing is, I just happened to read the page of Mystery referencing the tenor sax barely an hour after watching Lost Highway. I can’t remember the last time I saw mentioned the words tenor sax, unless you count mondegreening better sex. Neat, huh? Well, that’s only half the story, though.

Now comes Wednesday, May 5th, yesterday, as of writing. I woke up, psyched to tear through a short story to make up for Tuesday’s non-performance … and the same thing happened, an hour of warming up then nothing. Soooo … back to the untapped Lynch library, this time for Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me . Again, the film blew me away, for its sheer bizarrity and vignette-based narrative, if not its remarkable cinematography, but I'll cut to the chase: near the start of the film, you are introduced to a loose theme that runs through the length of the flick, something never explained or elaborated on -- the blue rose.

It’s of note that I finished Mystery, a five-hundred-fifty page novel, on Tuesday afternoon.


“What’s in a Name?”

Everyone seems to have a different take on conjuring names for fictional characters. Some writers take the passive approach, using whatever functional title that comes to mind; others make a science of it, correlating popular baby-names for the time period of their fiction, researching regional trends, commencing Pagan rituals, etc., etc. Me, I’m one of the former. It’s not that I’m lazy or don’t want to enrich my character with a fitting name, I just have faith in whatever my strange mind barfs up when the time comes. I rarely get a bum name, so I’ve come to stick with this non-process.

Today was no exception. I was finishing up a short piece I’ve been working on, and I needed a name. Raymond , the erudite name-creature in my head said, so I put it down. But then I needed a last name, and the creature went suspiciously silent. I pondered this a moment, during which I resorted to feeling around Raymond's character some. He was a doctor, I knew, as required by his role in my narrative, and then it hit me that he was Jewish, so I began swishing these attributes through my mind's mouth, seeing what taste it made -- and that's when his surname came to me, Scheinlind. Very Jewish, kind of doctor -- perfect. However, I wasn't sure if I was spelling it right, so I consulted Google, entering, simply, "scheinlind".

A page of results bearing the name came up, so I knew I’d hit the nail on my head. Before I closed out my browser and went back to work, though, I noticed something about the first hit on Google’s list: it opened with an account of someone who’d “recently read a beautiful new translation of the Book of Job by Raymond Scheinlind.”

If I happen to meet Raymond Scheinlind when I’m at the post office today, I’m going to run screaming (it’s nothing personal, Mr. Scheinlind, you understand).


“I Didn’t Kill Dennis Hopper”

We’ve all seen the story/TV show/movie about the writer who magically finds that his stories come to life, with chaos ensuing. It’s a ubiquitous fantasy of the writing class, it seems. Sure, I’ve had a couple similar ideas float across my gray matter, though I can’t say I’ve ever tried to tackle the tired old plot. Not only does it break the writer-as-the-protagonist rule, but also the ridiculously-overused-scenario rule. Plus, I just don’t like it. It seems like a fifth-rate Bentley Little story, or maybe something from Tales from the Crypt. But now I’m rambling.

Anyway, I wrote a short story in the first weeks of May, one of several. Without going into detail, the story's plot involved Dennis Hopper as being our nation's next actor/President, and that he was assassinated. Don't ask me why I chose Dennis Hopper as the unfortunate victim of my antagonist's machinations, he was just the first guy my mind pulled out of its hat. So I wrote it into the story. Except I didn't -- I referenced "President Hopper" throughout the piece, but I couldn't find a way to work in that it was Dennis Hopper without being expository.

Until last night, the 30th, when I was doing the story’s final draft in preparation for submission. I wrote it in as a last-second idea, but I needed to look up a list of Mr. Hopper’s movies to do so, which led me to his Wikipedia page. As I scanned the page, however, I by chance noticed that he was, surprisingly, deceased, after which I checked the day: May 29th, 2010. The very day before I cemented his fictional demise.

Some seriously freaky stuff, right there.


“And God Said, Listen to Michael Manring”

I write, as you’ve probably inferred after reading this blog in any capacity. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to reach that Promised Land of Published Writer, and since the bills absolutely refuse to pay themselves, regardless of how much I ask, I work a part-time job cutting grass. It’s not such a bad job. Sure, I have to wade dog feces and play garbage man picking up trash, and a week of bad weather can mean food from my mouth, but there are worse occupations to be had. Furthermore, the job jibes well with my burgeoning writing career: you can get a lot of thinking done over an afternoon of murdering grass. Walking in circles for hours on end … the engine noise drowning the music of the world … jockeying the mower like a bellwether dog … the sun smiling on your toil … the endorphins kissing your gray matter …. It’s only natural that your mind retreat into itself. I’ve composed entire short stories in the space of a lawn, jotting notes like mad during my water breaks. And to think I get paid for it, with a nice chunk of exercise and a tan thrown in the bargain. Yes, I like cutting grass.

But enough about that. I only mention it as context for yesterday afternoon, when I was cutting one of my larger properties. As I sauntered over the rolling plot of grass, dodging landmines and scaring up characterization for a zombie story of mine, an odd thought occurred to me. Out of nowhere, I absently thought of a famous bass player I had just as absently read about some five or six years ago, when I still actively played the instrument. I could remember the man’s face, the basses he promoted, his reputation as a virtuoso … but I couldn’t remember his name. I wrestled with it for a couple laps, but it ultimately escaped me. I thought little of it, though, considering I’d never listened to the guy’s music, nor had any ascribable reason for thinking of him to begin with.

Fast forward to a couple hours later, after I’d finished my cutting for the day and gone to cash a paycheck that had come that day. After I got the cash, the rascally stuff proceeded to burn a hole in my pocket, and I decided to go relinquish a percentage on some new CD’s, having just that morning noticed my lack of new music. I then proceeded to my local used-music watering hole and bee-lined for the M’s, where I hoped to find a select CD. The one in question was not there, but I did find one that jumped out at me: Book of Flame by Michael Manring. I stood studying the album a moment, and it hit me that the bass virtuoso I’d thought of just hours previous was, in fact, Michael Manring.

So I bought the CD. I listened to it once today, and I found it mildly enjoyable, if a tad stale.


“David Wong Fixes His Car at the End”

I recently bought John Dies at the End , by David Wong. Don't ask me why. I normally don't buy into hype, or allow myself to be exposed to it to begin with, but somehow I got bit by the hype monster, and purchased the book. I read it rabidly at first, then halfheartedly, finding it way too TV for my tastes. In a nut, the novel was a barrage of dick- and fart jokes, punctuated by some truly great writing. A strange combination. Even so, I endured all four-hundred-odd pages of the text, to find out the devilishly clever way Mr. Wong had John die at the end -- but John didn't die. The book is concluded with John alive and well, with an afterword in which the author mentions that he had originally published the book because he needed to fix his car, a fact that I took notice of for no reason I could ascribe at the time.


That night, with the bitterly droll aftertaste of John Dies at the End on my tongue, I went to eat dinner, and found that my dad had left a newspaper article for me to read. He does this, as a favor to those he knows, tearing out articles of interest and furtively leaving them in places they’ll be found. So, I read this latest leaving as I ate my meal, and the first thing that jumped out at me was a picture of a jolly, jowly, white-haired chap, a Mr. Ken Follett, according to the caption. And then, above it, the headline: Need to fix car spurred Follett’s writing career.


“Gwen Stefani is Just a Girl”

Just this morning, I thought, offhand, that there had been a thirsty drought of synchronicity as of late (of ones that I could relate here, at least). That, however, was soon remedied.

The first ingredient came around three this afternoon, while I drank cheap coffee and loaded up my iPod knockoff with music, in preparation for cutting the day’s grass. I settled on several albums, including Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt, a classic. It had been years since I’d listened to it, long enough for it to shed its played-out status, and I looked forward to reopening the old grooves while I laid waste to the local greenery.

Ingredient number two came when I left for town and found smoke issuing from under my hood, so much a corny car commercial. My mechanic was a block away, so I zipped down there, watching my truck’s temperature gauge climb angrily. Long story short, my radiator’s cap had, mysteriously, come loose, and I only had to fill it back up. However, I had to wait an hour before doing so, for the engine to cool. As it happened, my gym shares a lot with my mechanic, so I went and worked out in the meantime, despite having no plans to do so today.

Ingredient number three came as I worked out, listening to Tragic Kingdom. By the time the album had progressed to the third track, “Just A Girl”, I was pretty high on endorphins and my thoughts were growing long, and I remembered a Gwen Stefani interview I had read when I still read such crap. In it, “Just A Girl” was brought up, along with how it perpetually received play on the radio, how people wouldn’t give it a rest, blah blah blah; and I thought, distantly, I have never heard “Just A Girl” on the radio. Then the next song came on and I forgot all about it.

The clincher came later in the afternoon. Again, I’ll paraphrase: I had to be somewhere at five, but because of my freak radiator-cap incident and its stealing an hour from my schedule, I was forced to go early and wait for approximately ten minutes, in my truck. Bored, I by chance turned on the radio, something I very rarely do, and wouldn’t have done today if not for my profaned schedule. I frequency-surfed for a while, listening to snatches of songs and skirting advertisements, and then came across a local college station that has a taste for ’90s, playing the tail-end of “Just A Girl”.


“I Tapped James Cameron’s Head and All I Got Was This Blog Post”

It started two years ago, when I wrote my first novel.

It was supposed to be so grand. After conceiving, plotting, and outlining an epic series of eight novels that would make Atlas Shrugged look like a religious tract, I finally buckled down and wrote the first one, a sci-fi extravaganza called Other. It took four months of eight-hour days, along with approximately a gallon of my blood, sweat, and tears, and then I had it in first draft. Then I got distracted with the second novel in the series … wrote 40,000 words of another, unrelated novel … and got addicted to writing short fiction, which left Other sleeping on my hard drive for nearly two years. Until last month, when I decided to dust it off and develop it.

I looked over Other, and liked what I saw. It would need to be rewritten, obviously, which would require a solid month in itself, but I figured it would be worth the investment. If nothing else, the novel contained some technological demonstrations that I thought intriguing. And unique, I thought them very, very unique.

Then, two days ago, I went and saw Avatar, and now my beloved first novel is officially trunked.

If you're one of the ten-odd people who have read my blog, you would know that I don't watch many movies. Okay, none at all, except for one every so often, when I feel "led" to. These inspired movie outings have always resulted in something positive in one way or another -- and Avatar was no different, I suppose, considering it saved me a lot of embarrassment. You see, the showpiece of Other was a technology that allowed one to, among other things, control a surrogate body via a mind-machine interface, kind of like virtual reality made flesh. Kind of like Avatar.

Here’s the knee-slapper, though: In my book, set in the year of 2195, society has become interspersed with these surrogate bodies, used primarily by the infirm and intensely agoraphobic. When I was writing the book, it took me a while to decide on a name for these robots, but eventually a really good one came to me: avatars.

Again: I wrote this two years ago, and thought it up years before that.

I considered going forward with the book anyway, in spite of it appearing as a blatant ripoff -- with a note, perhaps, at the start, explaining what I just outlined here. But ... nah.

[] 2011


“No Time”

When I am editing a piece and stop, I write “Stopping place”, so that I can search for “Stopping place” when I resume.

Tonight, as I opened a novel to edit, I for some reason thought of the Lou Reed song “There Is No Time”, namely its chorus, which goes, “There is no time.”

Several nanoseconds later, before the very slight reverb of Lou Reed’s smoke-strangled post-Transformer voice had yet to leave the confines of my brain, I CTRL+F’ed and typed Stopping place and searched. Immediately beside this particular Stopping place were the words: “No time.”


“Storm Warning”

This morning, I wrote about a woman in a gym hearing one of those eeek-y storm warnings on the radio. This afternoon, approximately two hours later, I was in the gym, and in between songs on my MP3 player, I heard an eeek-y storm warning on the radio.

I’m still quite male, last I checked, but it was close enough.


“And God Said, Listen to Linda Perry”

Last night I happened to listen to 4 Non Blondes’ one and only album, Bigger, Faster, Better, More, a classic, in my opinion. As I did so, I absently visited the 4 Non Blondes Wikipedia page, wondering what ever happened to the band. I noticed that Linda Perry, the lead singer, had moved on to a solo career.

I wouldn’t mind a Linda Perry album, I thought then, as absently as I had researched the band. I went to bed. The sun arose. I awoke.

Fast forward to this afternoon. If asked, I would’ve said there’s no way I would visit my local Goodwill today, but after a domino-line of different occurrences, I somehow ended up there.

There was a Linda Perry CD on the rack.

I bought it.


“This One Goes Out to Vincent Young”

Dear Mr. Young, I have no intention of invading your home and mutilating your wife with a beer bottle.

But let me back up.

I was yesterday compelled to visit Goodwill (which seems to feature in my synchronicities as of late), and after fighting it tooth and nail like a child does medicine, I complied, and bought The Great Gatsby for 75 cents, a book I had read in high school and retained not a word of. Coincidentally, I finished my current read on the same day. I vowed to start Gatsby the next day.

When today rolled around, as it has a habit of, I did my thing, and this morning had an odd surge of thoughts regarding a short story of mine, “Variations of Soullessness”. This is where you come in, Mr. Young, as the protagonist’s name mirrors your own, Vincent Young, chosen arbitrarily (my Vincent Young’s wife is the one mutilated with the beer bottle, by the story’s antagonist, but as I said, this in no way includes you, okay? Cool). From nowhere, the story popped into my head, for the first time since I’d last submitted it, a month prior. I felt around this some, found no reason why I should be thinking of this particular story of the dozens I’ve written, had time to wonder what the folks at Chizine thought of it, and let it go -- but not before it made a solid impression on me.

I at last got around to starting Gatsby this afternoon, approximately an hour or two since being harassed by thoughts of the Vincent Young-starring “Variations”. As I sat down and opened the book, however, I didn’t get past the first page, because behind the cover was a library stamp, a single borrower written within: Vincent Young.



First, read _ my unlikely enlightenment on the smell of patchouli oil_, namely how I was compelled, for no obvious reason, to visit my parents’ vacation property in Myrtle Beach, SC, and was synchroshocked as a result.

That was nothing compared to my last trip there.

It started ten days ago, when it came up, arbitrarily, that the two parties that had both wanted to use the vacation property for the Fourth had, for separate reasons, opted out. As I heard that, The Voice spoke up: Why don’t you go down there? it said from just left and center in my head, and I answered with the obvious: Because I have no reason, Voice, and it will cost money and take time and I will lose work and more money. But The Voice was incorrigible, and as I was still duking it out, trying to reason my way into staying home, my father said, “Hey, Aaron, why don’t you go down to the beach this weekend?”

I knew then I was going to Myrtle Beach for the Fourth of July, for reasons unknown. I buckled my mental safety-belt.

Now, my first three days there, I had neither fun nor the synchronicities I was privately hoping for. Since I, as mentioned, had nothing to do and no one to go with, I literally sat around doing nothing with no one, except for three things, all of which I felt utterly compelled to do, against my better sense:

1) My first day there, I went to a flea market filled with things I didn’t want to buy, where I happened across a Stephen King novel I hadn’t read, Thinner. The novel takes place in a Connecticut town named Fairview.

2) Also, that same day, I went out to a pawnshop I didn’t want to go to and bought several CD’s on the cheap.

3) I was, on my third day there, compelled to go visit another store I didn’t want to go to, which ended with me coming back to the vacation property and hearing “Times Like These” by the Foo Fighters on the radio (and taking note of it for no particular reason).

Keep these three factoids in mind -- Exhibits A - C, if you will -- as they turned out to be the components of a bomb.

As I mentioned, my first three days in Myrtle Beach were very unthrilling, and in fact very unpleasant, because my thyroid acted up while I was there and I ended up not only having nothing to do, but feeling miserable while I didn’t do them. So after three days there, of the planned five, I decided to return home, where I could at least be miserable while working and staying reasonably productive. On top of that, I was feeling stupid for having gone down at all, my inner skeptic getting a toehold and scolding me for following such a stupid whim. I accepted the scolding and then some, so much that I began questioning the trip.

My last thought before leaving the house was, I wish a synchronicity would happen to justify my coming down here. Within five minutes, my wish was fulfilled. By the end of the day, it was fulfilled three-fold.

Synchronicity #1:

It happened just after leaving the house, only minutes after I had yearned for the synchronicity that would justify my visit. I got in my truck and keyed the ignition, and just what happened to be on the radio but “Times Like These” by the Foo Fighters. This would’ve been insignificant had it not been playing when I turned the truck off, the night before. As I mentioned in Exhibit C up above, I had taken particular note of this song before I killed my truck and got out, it for some reason getting my attention in that specific way these things do. What are the chances I would have gotten home with the song playing, and happened to leave just when the same radio station was playing it again? (It bears mentioning that I had planned on leaving that morning, of Monday the Fourth, but a long series of events saw me leaving that afternoon, instead, just in time to hear the song …)

Synchronicity #2:

This one came about five minutes after the first. As I left the little neighborhood the vacation property sits in, contemplating the long drive to North Carolina ahead of me, I went to put on my headphones and listen to my MP3 player (on the radio, Foo Fighters had given way to music I didn’t care for). The day prior, I had preloaded the MP3 player with the CD’s I’d bought at the pawnshop, and was interested in hearing them on the drive home. Unfortunately, I never got to listen to them.

But let me back up.

On the way down to Myrtle Beach, while listening to the same MP3 player, I had come across the album American Standard by Seven Mary Three, which I had been listening to in the days preceding the trip. Upon seeing it on the playlist on the trip down, I’d thought absently, I won’t be listening to that album while at the beach; but then, immediately, The Voice had answered: Oh yes you will. I remember pausing upon thinking that and hearing The Voice’s answer, thinking in return, Oh no I won’t, there’s no way I’ll end up listening to that played-out album yet again. But the voice had repeated: Oh yes you will. It was enough to give me pause and cement the occurrence in my mind.

Well, as I was sitting along the road on the afternoon of the Fourth, I remembered that little feud with my Voice as I turned on my MP3 player and scrolled through the playlist, to the first of the new CD’s I’d loaded onto it the night before. I had time to think, Oh no I won’t be listening to American Standard again, and then selected the first of the new CD’s and pressed play. Afterward, however, there was no music, and I watched the MP3 player cycle through each of the new songs and albums, working through the playlist until it found … (drum roll) … Seven Mary Three, after which it played.

I knew at once what had happened, yet it dulled the Shock none: the new songs' format was incompatible with the MP3 player. Being forced to use my laptop instead of my desktop to copy and encode the audio files, I'd been forced to use lossless WMA format instead of FLAC, which I use for all my other audio (the Seven Mary Three album, for instance). As I know now (but didn't know when encoding the files ...), the Sansa Clip MP3 player does not play lossless WMA files, hence it skipped through them all instead of playing them -- right down to the album that The Voice had prophesied I would listen to while at the beach.

Surprisingly, I found myself in the mood to hear it again, and let it play.

But that’s not all, folks! [Billy Mays smile]

Synchronicity #3:

There are several ways to get from Myrtle Beach, SC, to western North Carolina, the fastest of which involving Highway 9 and 601, as I've learned from experience. There is another, roundabout way I've gone -- read: took a wrong turn and been forced to follow -- and while coming home on the Fourth, I made sure to avoid the wrong turn, and therefore go the fast way. Despite my best efforts, however, I indeed took that wrong turn -- again.

I could’ve swore it was the right way, really, gun-to-the-head, stack-of-Bibles swear, but I was wrong, because the next thing I knew, I was going the wrong way, and had been doing so for so long it was actually faster to just go that other, roundabout way rather than double back and get back on track.

So I stayed on, and by consequence happened across the small town of Fairview, SC.

The same as in the Stephen King novel that I’d bought from the flea market I was compelled to go to for no good reason, and ended up reading half of while at the beach.

If I’d gone the right way, which I really, really, really tried to do (really), I would’ve missed it.

It was a one-two-three punch. My inner skeptic won’t be walking right for a week.


“Metametrix, Quality Stool Analysis”

Internet searches are always interesting, the proverbial box of chocolates. You go searching for information about one thing, and it ends up leading to another, and that leads to another, etc, etc, until you have a thousand tangential Firefox windows open, miles from your original query. At least, that’s how it always goes with me.

Today was no different.

This morning, I researched a popular supplement, alpha lipoic acid. Don't ask me how, but an hour after my original search, I was looking up a possible laboratory test for mercury poisoning ("alpha lipoic acid" -> "chelation" -> "mercury poisoning" -> "mercury poisoning symptoms" -> "mercury poisoning testing" -> "mercury poisoning hair test" -- a kind of math).

And that’s how I came across a forum post advocating Metametrix laboratory testing.

Buried deep within Google's guts, the original forum post was asking a question in regard to a test for mercury poisoning, per my original search, but when I went to it, I came across a reply saying that Metametrix was a good, reliable source of hair- and stool tests for toxicity, viruses, parasites, etc. I took notice of this because my chiropractor had called about an hour before and told me to come pick up the stool test she'd ordered for me (I won't go into why I need such a thing, if you don't ask).

It crossed my mind that maybe I should reject my chiropractor’s test and get one of the Metametrix jobs, since these tests are worthless coming from a subpar lab. But, alas, the test was already in.

My worry was in vain, however: when I went and picked up the test from my chiropractor, this afternoon, it was from Metametrix. Do a Google of your own and see how many testing services are out there.


“Ask, and Ye Shall Receive”

Was in town, driving, and thinking of how I could best transport a motorcycle using a pickup truck.

Seconds later, while I was stopped at a light, a pickup truck pulled next to me, two bikes upright in the back, strapped just so.

I studied them long enough to see how they were secured, then laughed loudly.



You ever heard the word “synovial”? I hadn’t, until yesterday, in an email from a friend of mine.

Within hours, I’d heard it again, from a phone conversation overheard at random.

It’s a lubricating fluid resembling an egg. What this means, I don’t know.


“Puppet Master”

In an email from a friend of mine, she mentioned, in passing, the movie The Puppet Master. I had never seen this movie, and had heard of it maybe once, twenty-odd years ago, when I was a small child.

The next morning, while I read a book -- which I never, ever do (reading by morning, since I typically have other things to do then) -- I came across a passage which referenced the movie The Puppet Master.


“Lenticular Redounds”

I keep a ledger of interesting words to add to my vocabulary, which I read while eating, to maximize time. Today at lunch, I came across “redound” and “lenticular,” and thought of how they were, by nature, two horrible words, and also how I had only seen them used once, in the novel I gleaned them from.

This afternoon, while reading, I came across both words, within an hour of lunch.

Thanks to just seeing them and reading the definitions, I understood their meaning.


“Déjà Vu”

My mother volunteered me to help one of her friends move. Okay. So I go and pick this guy up, along with a truckload of stuff, and then he directs me to his new place. As we turn from the highway, I comment on how the only time I’ve ever been down this road was, coincidentally, another time I was helping someone move, years previous.

As we creep down the road, I begin remembering more and more about the other time I'd been there, helping with a move-out rather than an -in, also for a parental acquaintance, also during the first spurt of fall.

We creep down the road, no, not this one, keep going.

When he at last said turn, and pointed me up a sloping drive way that I found familiar, I saw what was coming, and couldn’t help but laugh, to the man’s nonplus.

Sure enough, he stopped me at the very house I had years ago helped someone move from -- the very unit, in fact.


“Bad Memory”

I went on vacation last week, and when I got home, I had two pieces of mail: a check for some work I’d done, and a piece of junk mail from Allstate Insurance.

I opened the junk mail first, though I was thinking of the check, what (I thought) would be for $336.

Thus came synchronicity #1: The letter from Allstate informed me, in a shouting headline, that I could save up to $336 on my car insurance.

Synchronicity #2 came almost simultaneously: My mother, who thought I was opening my check, asked me how much I got -- funny, because, look here, the insurance letter I just opened says $336, the amount of the check you were asking about.

When I finally opened the check, however, was the funniest part: it wasn’t for $336, but $366, thirty dollars more. And I knew this, actually, it’s just, in the seconds before I opened the insurance letter, I misremembered it as $336, the exact amount announced inside.

It evoked Johnny Carson in a big feathery hat.



Yesterday morning, before leaving home, I was struck with the distinct urge to change my pants. It was not a passing thought, but very pronounced, pressing, a do-or-die sensation. I would go so far as to call it a voice in my head, gentle and calm, but insistent. Yet, I had just changed my pants the day before.

So I didn’t change my pants.

That afternoon, however, my attention was, by chance, drawn to the crotch of my blue jeans, which had, at some point between breakfast and lunch, become split up the crotch, awarding me a vagina of sorts. They were old pants, so their splitting didn’t surprise me until later, when I remembered what had happened that morning.

Good thing I wasn’t out of state, on business, alone, in my truck, and due to an appointment. (Notice my sarcasm.)



Exhibit A:

Yesterday, I was stopped in traffic behind a '90s green Chevy truck with a matching camper top, and a distinctively rusted bumper. I noticed this truck -- Noticed it, For Some Reason (enough to cement it in my memory, in any case). The truck was nowhere near my house.

Exhibit B:

This afternoon, my father happened to give me a newspaper clipping from The Charlotte Observer, detailing how a man accidentally threw away a prized ring and then, miraculously, located it in the dump, and after 30 minutes, no less, when the dump workers had, understandably, given him “zero chance of finding it.”

Exhibit C:

While eating lunch, I read the newspaper clipping, which got me thinking about such incredibly unlikely happenings, which got me thinking about my own incredibly unlikely happenings, which got me thinking about how chance, it seems, is an illusion, since reality seems to operate on some nonlogical structure that we have yet to decipher -- a structure that seems to be intelligent, and will make itself known to those open to its possibility.

Just as I thought this, I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye: a truck, passing by my house, outside my dining-room window. I only caught a fleeting glimpse of it, but it was enough to make out a chartreuse green, and a matching camper top, and a bumper with an infection of rust. My house is very secluded, by the way.

It brought a sense of, “Did I hear my name?”



Yesterday, I read an unfamiliar word in a book I won’t name: “mandorla”. It stuck with me all day and then into the night, on my mind even as I went to bed. Mandorla, mandorla, my last thought before sleep.

This morning, I awoke and sat down to breakfast, one of my words-to-learn ledgers at wing. I opened to the page I had stopped at yesterday (which I had flipped to and bookmarked without reading), and one of the first words on it was "mandorla" -- undefined, as it were, it not being in the dictionary I had referenced after writing the word down (years ago, when I'd first started this particular ledger of new words).

I have not, to my recollection, heard this word except for when I first noted it and then yesterday, in the book I’m reading, approximately twelve hours before I would encounter it in my ledger.

And the clincher: I looked it up tonight, and was unsurprised to learn of it signifying the coincidence and interaction of opposing realities, of which I have recently been experiencing extensively.

[] 2012



Exhibit A:

The day before last, my father gave me a pair of shoes, randomly. I paid the shoes enough attention to see that they were too big, then promptly forgot them.

Exhibit B:

In my thousands of pages of writings, I have, a single time, referenced the shoe company, Birkenstock. And as it happened, I edited that reference yesterday morning, a novel of mine that is fresh from rejection (or, rather, non-reply -- is it a rejection when the publisher just ignores you?).

Closing argument:

Yesterday afternoon, after I’d finished editing my novel for the day, I happened to Notice the gifted pair of shoes that were too big for me. I felt oddly attracted to them then, especially the logo on the side of one, obscured by its positioning. The longer I looked, the more compelled I felt to see the shoe’s logo, for no good reason, or even a bad one. I simply had to see the brand-logo on that shoe, or the world would end.

Reluctantly, I went and turned the shoe, and it was a Birkenstock. I have not had experience of anything Birkenstock since the last I’d edited my novel, months ago.


“She Wore a Wimple”

I’ve mentioned word synchronicities, right? When unlikely words pop up in unlikely ways within an unlikely period of time? This was a variation of that.

I went to the market yesterday, and my cashier wore a wimple. Yes, a wimple. A pretty young woman, with bedroom eyes, and hair dyed neon-red, a crafty smile. She looked in no way deserving of a wimple, yet it worked for her. Keep wearing your wimple, miss, if you’re reading this.

So, I can now say I’ve been cashiered by a woman in a wimple. I checked it off my list of things to do before I die.

Now, this morning. While studying my ledger of words to learn, over breakfast, I came to "wimple," which caught my eye -- not so much because I'd just yesterday met the lovely, wimpled cashier, but because I'd written down the word and looked up its definition, as if I didn't know what a wimple was. Sometimes you just have to make sure, I guess. In any case, there it was, and I Just Happened to come across the entry the day after my exciting encounter with the cashier.

But that’s not all, folks.

Tonight, while editing a novel of mine, I came across it again, “wimple,” one of only maybe two or three times I’ve used the headwear in my writings.

(Another interesting point: I wasn’t initially in Ms. Wimple’s line at the grocery store, but while I was waiting, hers cleared and she waved me over. Destiny?)



Yep, “actuarial.” Ever heard this word? I have, exactly once, as to be noted and defined in my word ledger, and not much else. But this isn’t a ledger synchronicity.

It was on my mind when I awoke yesterday, very clearly and distinctly, in the space normally held by “breakfast” or “toilet.” Actuarial, actuarial, I thought, and continued doing so off and on all day, haunted by the word’s significant presence and improbable arrival. Short of remembering it had something to do with insurance, I knew nothing of the word.

However, yesterday came and went, and I had no further encounters with actuarial, despite looking all over for it as though I’d called it a name. It was this morning that I realized this, also upon waking, “no actuarial” now replacing “actuarial” and its predecessors, accompanied by a despising sense of disappointment. It might have been the name of a woman. I got out of bed, and the word wasted no time leaving my attentions.

Then, this evening, while reading a book immaterial to this occurrence, I came face to face with none other than“actuarial,” in context to something even less relevant. Regardless, it was there. There were neither fireworks nor alarm bells upon its discovery.

(It bears mentioning: the word found me only when I’d ceased expecting it. And, also, the word’s dictionary definition: “a person qualified to calculate commercial risks and probabilities involving uncertain future events” (the italics are mine).)



Ever realize something that's always been subconscious to you? Call it a revelation, a broadened awareness, eureka; whatever. Last night, I realized I like onion. Like it very much, in fact, as some people do chocolate or a choice drug. Crisp, zesty, domineering -- that's the onion.

This occurred to me over a friend’s email and a dinner salad, which had onion in it but only a minority, as to allow only a few choice bites of oniony goodness, the non-onion bites providing the contrast necessary for me to appreciate my bulbed, eye-watering ally. After several sans-onion bites, I came up with a nice, comma-shaped slice of it, and that’s when it hit me, all at once: I like onion. Love it, maybe. So count me as an onion lover, even if it one day gets something of a Star of David on my window.

The epiphany, while grand, did not interrupt the reading of my friend’s email (my friend trumps onion, it seems). And then, there it was, in the very next paragraph down: “And as a side note. I love onions.” My chewing stopped.


Now, my immediate response to this was “peripheral reading,” a syndrome I am quite familiar with. It happens all the time when I’m writing: I’ll come up with a brilliant, original, perfectly fitting word, only realize I’d used it halfway up the page, or was reading it off a web browser tab or something across the room. We do this, involuntarily and subconsciously, and, besides being exploited endlessly by advertisers and propagandists, it is a constant source for synchronistic false-positives, since the “supernatural” inspirations come from a source beyond your conscious awareness.

Except, I was eating onion before it happened. In the salad, my oniony bite, the necessary ingredient for my realization and its “chance” reiteration. Peripheral reading does not manufacture salads and put them in your mouth, oniony or otherwise.

Update, 2/16:

This one happened again, almost exactly the same: me eating dinner while catching up on email, the email written by the same friend, except this time it involved broccoli. I’d just taken a big bite of the stuff when no sooner did I read, “ I think I’ll go eat some broccoli.” There were no thoughts of admiration as I did so, but still …


“Leap Year”

My word ledgers. Past posts have described this valuable tool, which, rather than a book of words that I’ve defined so that I may broaden my vocabulary, has become more of a Tarot or I Ching.

Example, today.

Exhibit A:

Two days ago, I finished studying one such ledger and then picked up a new one, it featuring a nifty string bookmark (why don’t all books have these?). When I went to open it for the first time, I instinctively did so from this bookmark, which was set in its middle, randomly, from when I’d last gone through it.

Even though I wanted to start it from the beginning, I went with this funky middle placement. It felt very Right, in the distinct, characteristic way I’ve come to identify with these things.

Exhibit B:

Last night, I went to dictionary.com and noticed a little thing on their front page asking if you knew the word for inserting a day in a calender, which I did: “intercalate.” Everyone knows that (everyone who reads my ledger, at least).

I clicked through the question, and it led to the definition for “intercalary.” Close enough.

Exhibit C:

A maximizer, I read my ledgers over meals. This morning was no different. Halfway through my breakfast, however, I gave pause, on “intercalate.”

On February 29th.

In a 200-page ledger containing a few thousand words.

When, two days ago, I’d started the ledger and opened it halfway, at the “wrong” place.


“The Universe Recommends Kaopectate”

For the last couple months, I’ve been on a new, powerful probiotic supplement. Among other side effects, probiotics can sometimes trigger diarrhea, as a sign that they’re working. Well, today, I think mine started working.

It led me to wonder if I might need something to remedy this problem, this thought coming to me just before lunch. Then I sat down to eat, and since I study my word ledger when I eat, and today was no different, I opened my ledger.

The ledger’s first entry was “kaopectate.”


“As Long As You Follow”

I went to the grocery store this morning. This was strange, not because grocery stores are especially strange by morning, but because my mornings are typically reserved for writing, and other things that can be done while in a zombified pre-noon stupor. I'll spare you the details of how this came to be -- a story in itself, rife with unlikely things -- but the important part is that I was in the store this morning, forced there by circumstance.

While there, I was struck by the song on the in-store radio: “As Long As You Follow,” by Fleetwood Mac. I hadn’t heard the song in a while, and the groove hit me just right, sucking me in despite it coming from the radio in a grocery store. I was so enamored, in fact, that when it came time to leave and the song was only halfway through, I wanted to stay and listen to it.

Now, that was this morning. Between then and this afternoon, another long, unlikely chain of insignificant events unfolded, these culminating in my visiting a local pharmacy, some hours after my grocery shopping. When I stepped into the pharmacy, I recognized the song on its radio as the same from the grocery store that morning. Also, it was about halfway through, suspiciously close to where it had been when I last heard it, as though picking up where it left off.

(Note: My first thought on this was that both the grocery store and the pharmacy were subscribed to the same in-store-music broadcast and that this could possibly explain the song popping back up so soon in the line-up (if the broadcast was on a six-hour rotation, maybe). However, this says nothing of my uncanny timing, not only going to a separate store and hearing the same song, but hearing it seemingly where it was left off.)

(Note #2: To my recollection, I have never before heard “As Long As You Follow” on any radio, in-store or otherwise.)

(Note #3: As far as I know, there are no in-store-radio-broadcast guys conspiring against me.)


“Oh, You Clever Bees, You!”

The bees first found me some years ago. And so clever they were, enough to infiltrate a certain window in my bedroom, despite it being closed and screened-in. Every morning upon waking, I would find one of the dastardly little creatures trapped inside, smashing himself between the screen and the glass.

I invested much time in trying to explain this miracle -- searching for a nest, a hole, a teleporter -- but they were just too clever for me.

And now, after years of dormancy, the phenomenon has returned: this morning, I was alerted to the same window by the furious buzzing of its captive bee.

But I know how it happened -- I'm wise to you guys! Just last night, I wrote to a friend of mine about the mystery bees of yesteryear -- the first I related the story to anyone, as it were.

The bees have a tap on my email.

And now that they know that I know, they’ve returned.


“Thanks for the Gloves”

I cut grass. I wear gloves when I cut grass. Since March, when I started cutting grass for the season, I’ve needed new gloves. However, since I must cut the grass to get the money to get new gloves, I have been going without.

Yesterday, I got my first paycheck of the season, so I planned on buying my new gloves today.

Unfortunately, as it turned out, the place from which I buy such things closes early on Saturdays, and I would had to have made a special, early trip to town to get there on time. Needing new gloves, I almost did this, but was Compelled not to, despite it meaning a delay on said gloves. Strange, since I really, really needed some new gloves.

Today was busy. Since getting paid yesterday, I went about buying all the things that had failed to materialize magically in my cupboard or refrigerator these last couple months. After all was said and done, however, I decided to get one more thing, from a certain supermarket (I almost didn’t go, having shopped myself tired, but I felt Compelled to, as much as I’d been repelled from buying the gloves this morning). As I did my business and left this supermarket, I was alerted to something in the parking lot: a glove, lying in a gutter.

I almost ignored it. But then I thought, if there’s one glove, maybe there’s two.

When I stopped and went back, there were in fact two. As it turned out, they were the thin, tight-fitting kind used for yard work, advertising a brand of tools. They were a little dirty, from being discarded in a gutter, but were otherwise in good shape. They fit perfectly.

A pair of gloves: $15
Finding a pair of gloves on the very day I nearly bought some: Priceless


“What’s a Brevet?”

Brevet. An interesting word, perhaps the name of a freckly and rambunctious redhead boy. It means to be promoted euphemistically, sort of how flipping burgers now makes you a “Food Preparation Specialist.”


I was reading a book recently, and it brought “brevet” to mind, for No Real Reason. At the time, however, I couldn’t remember the word, nor what it meant, only that there was a word I had looked up a few months ago and that this word was now nagging me to death. For days this phantom word bugged me, making shapes from my subconscious like a cat under a quilt.

Then, after three nag-filled days, I happened to (very randomly) come across the word in my word ledger: “brevet.” I recognized it at once. Queue “Hallelujah.”

This was enough to net it a “word synchronicity” entry in my log, with my mysterious remembrance of it occurring so close to when I would happen across it in my ledger review (which I do linearly, between the several such word-definition ledgers I’ve amassed). However, it wasn’t upgraded to blog-post status until a few hours later, when “brevet” turned up in the book I was still reading, the very one that had dislodged it from my subconscious.

As it were, the only time I’d seen “brevet” used was in the novel that originally spawned the word-ledger entry, and then in the latter book, which spawned this post.



Today I saw a Krispy Kreme box, and it spawned the weirdest thought: Mr. Chihani wouldn’t serve doughnuts to his group.

I’ll explain.

Mr. Chihani is a character in a novel I’m reading right now. In the book, the man heads a reading group, to which he only serves plain, unsweetened crackers, and other Spartan foods.

That explains why I thought Mr. Chihani wouldn’t serve such blasphemous food to his reading group. But as for why I thought this in the first place …

In any case, an hour after I saw the doughnut box, I went home and read some more of the book. Not two pages in, it described how, because of special circumstances, Mr. Chihani served doughnuts to his reading group.

I stand corrected.


“Fortune Cookie”

I found a fortune-cookie fortune. It was, inexplicably, in the center console of my truck -- a mystery in itself, since I haven't patronized a Chinese restaurant for years. Yet, there it was, and found in the most unlikely of ways.

Immediately, I thought of my friend, who has often employed fortunes as a kind of tarot, much as I do my word ledgers. That very night, I relayed to her the fortune’s message: “You will always get what you want through your charm and personality,” accompanied by twin smiley faces.

Two weeks later: my friend finds, in her parents’ house, an unexpected bag of fortune cookies. She pulls one, following an urge, and it contains the precise fortune I’d unearthed in my truck.


“The Ten of Clubs”

Five days ago, while cutting grass, I picked up, as trash, a single playing card: the ten of clubs.

Today, while cutting grass at an entirely different lawn, miles away, I picked up, as trash, a single playing card: the ten of clubs. It was identical except for the backing, which was red (the first’s was blue).

I cannot recall, in nearly two decades of grass-cutting, having ever found a playing card.

What this means, I do not know.


“I Was Just Thinking That”

8/18/12: While in the grocery store, I was shopping for canned pineapple, looking specifically for the chunks. I browsed the wall of canned goods for some time, and precisely when I found a can of the chunks, a woman’s voice from nearby cried, “Chunks!”

8/19/12: While driving, I experienced a long train of thought which ended, arbitrarily, with a friend’s wife, named Mary. Almost instantaneously, I passed a real-estate sign reading “Mary.”

8/30/12: During a random conversation with my parents, I had the strangest thought: me, in a cage, up for adoption in an animal shelter. Seconds later, my father cracked a joke: that an animal shelter should put me up for adoption.

9/3/12: While absently surfing the internet, I experienced a long train of thought which ended on an obscure memory: of a mental state completely free of anxiety. Seconds later, I checked my email and my eyes fell on a Dictionary.com Word of the Day email, for “ataraxia,” which is a mental state completely free of anxiety.

9/9/12: While driving, I experienced a long train of thought which ended on termites. Within a second, I passed a sign advertising termite control. (Note: the sign had been hidden behind buildings and trees until I came directly upon it.)

9/11/12: While exercising at the gym, I went to sit down at a bench where I had weights set up; however, someone was working near it, so I was forced to move my weights to another bench. As I at last sat down on the alternative bench, the song I was listening to on my headphones said, “Sit down,” perfectly simultaneous. Had I sat at the original bench, this would not have happened. (Note: it was the first time I’d listened to this song, ever.)

9/12/12: While driving, I experienced a long train of thought which ended with the planet Saturn. In less than a second, I passed a Saturn coupe. (Note: I’d felt Compelled to drive down this road, rather than a shortcut.)


“Book Synchronicity”

Ah, the classic book synchronicity. It's a repeating phenomenon, I've learned, often involving two random books read back-to-back -- yet containing the precise same things.

The books, this time, were The New Alchemists by Dirk Hanson, and Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson, read in that order (arbitrarily, out of a pool of over a dozen recently-bought books). The formats and subject matters of these books could not have been more different, one being a clinical retrospective on the burgeoning computer industry, the other a personal memoir of drug trips, bizarre “coincidences,” and their possible implications. Yet, they contained several parallels.

1) Both detailed the life and career of Nikola Tesla, sometimes in overlap.

2) Both quoted Timothy Leary.

3) Both mentioned Thomas Edison.

4) And last, but far from least: the books both outlined RCA’s Spectra-70 computer, even mentioning, specifically, how it was discontinued. (To my knowledge, I did not know of the Spectra computer beforehand, or that RCA had ever dabbled in the trade.)

I bought the books on two separate occasions, several hundred miles apart, without prior knowledge of either’s existence. Then, I Just Happened to read them back-to-back.

(Also, as implied, this is not my first such experience, nor is it the tenth.)

(Furthermore, it bears mentioning that, just hours before reading the part of Cosmic Trigger in which the Spectra-70 was mentioned, I had the thought of, I need a significant synchronicity, since I haven’t blogged of one for so long. This, too, is not the first such time I’ve had such ask-and-ye-shall-receive.)

(And, more: In The New Alchemists , one chapter detailed how computers were, at the time, being groomed for speech recognition (the book was written in 1981). On the very same day I read this, literally hours apart, I received an old newspaper clipping from my father, completely randomly -- which detailed how computers were being groomed for speech recognition (the paper was from 1984). I had not discussed anything from the book with my father, nor has he ever given me clippings from decades-old newspapers before.)

(Did I mention that Cosmic Trigger was primarily about just such synchronicities?)



Yesterday, I started reading William Gibson’s Neuromancer. In the first few pages, it mentioned “preserved ginger.” I Noticed this, for some reason.

Minutes later, I opened a package I got in the mail. Inside it, the flap read “Ginger Jar” (it was a repurposed box, turned inside-out for shipping).

This morning, I went to a health store and bought a supplement. Right beside the supplement, was a bottle of “Ginger Wonder” (in a big wall of supplements, the two Just Happening to be side-by-side).

The clincher: a few hours later, over lunch, my mother related a story about ginger -- rather interesting in itself. She had decided to prepare a recipe containing "crystalized ginger," but had never heard of such a thing, and had no idea where to purchase it. Shortly after, however, she'd needed some chili powder, and, despite having several bottles of chili powder, she couldn't find any -- until she went to a forgotten drawer of spices, in which was chili powder ... along with a bottle of crystalized ginger. (As it turns out, my father found a box of random spices some years ago, and put them in this drawer.)

(Well, no, I guess this is the clincher: the “preserved ginger,” like that in Neuromancer, is pretty much the same thing as the “crystalized ginger” my mother fretted over. As I understand it, ginger is first “preserved,” then processed further, with sugar and such, until it’s “crystalized,” and the similarity is close enough that the two are called either “preserved” or “crystalized,” interchangeably. Like my mom, I had never before heard of either type of ginger, until now, twice within twenty-four hours.)

(Actually, wait -- here's the clincher: this ginger theme comes at a time of extreme digestive problems on my part, for which ginger is, reputedly, rather helpful. I decided to buy some ginger tea, this evening ...)


“The Brothers Karamazov”

I’m an uncommon breed of writer: one who is miserably unread. No, not that sort of unread; there are plenty of those writers (though I’m one of that kind too). I, simply, have not read a great many books, even those classics which are considered required reading for anyone who dare spin a tale. My ignorance has both pros (I am without the dogmas and conventions of my better-read compatriots) and cons (my writing is often rejected because I don’t adhere to common dogmas and conventions), as well as some in-betweens (I get to think my ideas are original, until I read them in something printed fifty years ago).

This is why I was unmet by The Brothers Karamazov.

Dostoevsky. I knew the author purely in name, and only then amongst a gaggle of other Eastern European-sounding -stoys and -ovskies and -shevs, which seem to have embedded themselves in intelligentsia like Cyrillic insects. They'd bled into one, for me, to the point of facelessness. After today, however, this -ovsky has separated himself from the pack.

It started this morning, while I was waiting for my brother’s family to arrive here for Christmas dinner. I took this time to read my current novel, David Lodge’s Thinks, in which I came across the following line: “If there is no God, all is permitted, said one of the Karamazovs.” I was unfamiliar with the quote, for the reasons stated, though I could gather that this “Karamazov” was a literary figure of some kind, well-known enough to be referenced only vaguely. Still, the passage stood out to me, for its fallacious logic if nothing else.

Some minutes later, I received a knock on my door: my brother’s family had arrived.

I promptly forgot about Thinks and this mysterious Karamazov, thanks to a rather delicious turkey dinner. Soon after, however, when the gift exchange began, I remembered rather quick: my brother had bought for me The Brothers Karamazov, the name of which I instantly recognized. My jaw dropped rather comically.

After I’d checked the quote in Thinks, then confirmed that it did in fact originate from the book I’d just been gifted, I shared with my brother how, just minutes before his arrival, I’d encountered a passage from the very book he’d bought for me, and how it had stood out to me significantly enough for recognition. We laughed, and returned to the subject throughout the afternoon, speculating on the chances.

(Sidenote: As it turned out, my brother had chosen The Brothers Karamazov based on a string of unlikely coincidences, not unlike that which its purchase produced. First he’d seen the book featured in an old movie he’d happened to watch, and then, soon after, he saw the book promoted by three separate celebrities on three separate occasions. It had made enough of an impact on him that he felt, illogically, that he must buy that specific book for me as a Christmas gift.)

[] 2013


“Ciao, America!”

My friend and I like thrift stores. We like them so much, in fact, we’ve made it ritual to visit them when we meet. Invariably, Things Happen when we visit these thrift stores.

Namely, things tend to repeat themselves.

Take, for instance, my friend’s February 4th visit. We first went to a Goodwill store, in which we both noticed a book for sale: Ciao, America! Why did we notice it? There’s no saying, but it stood out enough, for each of us, to have recorded it mentally.

Then, an hour later, we hit another Goodwill, located some twenty miles away. Interestingly, this one also had the book Ciao, America! My friend and I, both attuned to these recurrences, both noted the book being there also. We got a laugh from it.

But then, a month later, it happened again.

This time, it occurred some hundreds of miles away, in North Carolina’s Outer Banks. It was my friend’s next sequential meeting, and so we’d undertaken our usual sweep of the area’s thrift stores, starting with a non-Goodwill. Well, it had the book, Ciao, America!

Three in a row. We laughed more.

Then it happened a fourth time.

Another Goodwill, now. We went there immediately after leaving the day's first thrift store, some miles away -- and it had the book. We marveled at it. Four in a row, a month and hundreds of miles apart.

Still, neither of us bought it. The book just didn’t appeal to us.

(Note: it bears mentioning that Ciao, America! was only one of several recurring items between these and other thrift-store visits, to uncanny levels. If it was just Goodwills, I would say they got a stock of certain items and distributed them. But it’s not just Goodwills …)



“But people don’t eat plastic!”

I read this in John Berendt’s book, The City of Falling Angels. The quote was from a Venetian rat-poison manufacturer. Don’t ask.

All that matters is, I read the passage just before lunchtime.

That day, lunch was rice and frozen vegetables. Yum. I made it as I’ve made it a thousand times before, with the expert touch necessary to boil rice and steam vegetables. It was a tough job, but I somehow ended up with a bowl of rice and veggies. Phew.

Then, when I sat down to consume this culinary masterpiece, I found something in it.

A little greyish triangle, it rested amidst my bowlful of white and green, contrasting the rice like a black sheep. Carefully, I excavated it by way of fork, as one might delicate surgery. I plucked the triangle from the tines, squeezed it speculatively in my fingers, and then set it down.

Plastic. A scab-sized triangle of grey plastic. But people don’t eat plastic! I thought, in answer.

The best I can figure, I snipped it from one of my bags of vegetables while opening them, and it thereby migrated into my lunch. As it were, I've never before discovered any denomination of plastic in my food, in my twenty-nine years of eating -- and then this, not an hour after reading that prophetic statement.

Being a person, I did not eat the triangle of plastic.



You put a wallet in the jaws of a seizing person, if you didn’t know.

I, for one, was ignorant of this trick -- until last week, when I read the Chuck Palahniuk novel, Invisible Monsters. I’d heard of putting sticks or other hard objects in there, but never a wallet. Makes sense, considering not everyone keeps a stick on hand.

Immediately after finishing Invisible Monsters, I started reading a new book: One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest (because in 1962, I wasn’t alive). And, wouldn’t you know, this book also mentioned putting a wallet in the jaws of someone having a seizure.

After going twenty-nine years without knowing of this practice, I’d read of it in two sequential books, bought separately and read in random order.

But that’s not the kicker: not only did the respective books each depict a wallet in the mouth of the seizing person, they depicted sex with said seizing person. Yes, sex with a seizing person. One book had the wallet in the mouth before intercourse rather than after, but still.

Probably the world’s only two books involving sex with the seizing, and I read them back-to-back. Where’s my prize?

(Wait, hasn’t this happened before?)


“Cosmic Trigger, Part II”

First, the context: last fall, I read the book Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson. This triggered (no pun intended) several remarkable synchronicities, detailed in this post.

Now, the latest: the synchronicities involving this book did not stop there.

For starters, there turned out to be several subsequent synchronicities related somehow to Cosmic Trigger in the week after 11/15/12, when I made the original post on it. The first were some striking similarities between it and the next sequential book I read, Neuromancer, where there were various concepts shared between the two (floating space colonies, amongst others) even though the books couldn’t have been more different and were bought separately and read in completely random order. Also, there was the classic: I learned a new term in Cosmic Trigger, having never seen it before in my life, and then read the exact same term in Neuromancer (when the books were bought and read randomly, etc, etc). Similarly, I was introduced to a Zen proverb in Cosmic Trigger ("There is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is"), having never before seen it in my life, etc, etc -- and then, in the second sequential book I read after Cosmic Trigger (11/22/63 by Stephen King), it contained the precise same proverb, this happening within the space of a week.

However, as notable as these recurrences were, they were nothing compared to the latest.

This new wave started last month, when I decided to eBay a bunch of books I’d bought and didn’t see myself reading again. One of these was Cosmic Trigger. It took a month and several re-listings to sell, but sell it did, earlier this week. When I fetched the book to ship off, I looked at the cover artwork, and in doing so noticed the Sirius constellation there (because Sirius, and the author’s real-life synchronicities surrounding it, is an integral part of the book). Except, I didn’t just notice it, but Noticed it, in a loud, distinct way, as if the cover were blank but for it. I’ve come to associate this phenomenon with things I’ll soon be seeing again.

I wasn’t wrong: just an hour later, I encountered Sirius again.

It came in the form of another book, Half Asleep In Frog Pajamas by Tom Robbins. I had started reading Frog Pajamas just the evening before I went to ship off Cosmic Trigger and noticed the Sirius constellation on its cover, so I was only several pages in when I sat down to read Frog Pajamas the afternoon in question. On just the second page I read, there it was: Sirius, mentioned for the first time in the book. And, not only did Frog Pajamas refer to Sirius, but it referred to the mystery surrounding the African Bozo tribe's unexplained knowledge of Sirius -- when this was also mentioned in Cosmic Trigger. This was notable in itself, considering that 1) I read this section of Frog Pajamas just an hour after packing up Cosmic Trigger and Noticing its Sirius constellation, and 2) I’d been sitting on Cosmic Trigger for nearly five months before deciding to sell it, and, similarly, been sitting on Frog Pajamas for over a month after I bought it. Yet, these two completely unrelated occurrences coincided within the space of an hour.

Of course, these two books were bought randomly and read randomly, etc, etc. Likewise, I had no prior idea what Frog Pajamas was about, and had never heard of the book until I bought it randomly at Goodwill because it was a Tom Robbins, and the book had no external indicator of anything regarding Sirius or Cosmic Trigger. Etc, etc.

But, still, it was not over. Far from it.

As I read more of Half Asleep In Frog Pajamas , I would find that Sirius was a central theme of the book -- exactly like Cosmic Trigger, the book I packed up just an hour before I came to Frog Pajamas’ first Sirius reference. As it were, I actually sold Cosmic Trigger on the very day I started reading Frog Pajamas; I just wasn’t able to ship it that day, therefore having to wait until the next, therefore enabling me to see the Sirius constellation just before I got to Frog Pajamas’ first Sirius reference, etc, etc, E T C.

Seeing this, I thought: At this rate, the damn book’s going to mention Robert Anton Wilson [Cosmic Trigger’s author] by name.

The next day, Frog Pajamas mentioned Robert Anton Wilson by name.

I laughed madly when I saw it, feeling like a combination Nostradamus and Woody Allen. Not only did Frog Pajamas literally, explicitly name Robert Anton Wilson, it also mentioned Timothy Leary and a couple other people who were featured in Cosmic Trigger.

There’s more, actually. But do I really need to say any more?



So, I’m writing a new book.

A few days ago, I started a chapter called “Communication.” Around the same time, I started reading the book Alive, a non-fictional account of people who survived a plane crash in the Andes mountains.

Yesterday, toward the end of Alive, the book mentioned how the survivors found a flight manual which contained in it a chapter entitled “Communications.” The chapter’s number was thirty-four, mentioned specifically.

“Huh, that’s about the same name as the chapter I’m writing in my book,” I said aloud (not nearly as dorky-sounding as it reads).

Chapter thirty-four, I thought afterward. If I wasn’t mistaken, my “Communication” chapter was in the thirties. I made a mental note to check it out.

That night, I checked it out: my book’s chapter was exactly thirty-four, just like that in the flight manual mentioned in Alive -- which had the exact same title except for the addition of an 's.'

I laughed out loud.

(It bears mentioning that I am not writing one book, but three, the original having run on long enough to be split up. I had made the decision for the split while writing the “Communication” chapter, but decided to finish the chapter before going through the logistical work of splitting the text into three separate files. As it so happens, I finished the chapter last night, so this morning, on the 28th, the day after I read the aforementioned passage of Alive, I finally got around to splitting the text, so that chapter thirty-four became chapter ten of the third book. Had I read that part of Alive today, less than twelve hours later, there would be no synchronicity to speak of.)


“Say What?”

It was lunchtime. I was eating at the table while reading. People around me were talking.

Halfway through lunch, the book I was reading reached a chapter on the psychology of abusive relationships.

Meanwhile, the people around me began conversing about the psychology of abusive relationships.

I had not spoken a word about what I was reading, nor could the conversing people have read it.

As I reached the chapter’s end, which summed up why someone in an abusive relationship might choose to remain in such a relationship, one of the conversing people asked, “Why would someone stay in a situation like that?” These two coincided so perfectly, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

(Some fun facts about this incident:

1. It was by total chance I was reading this book at all. I had bought a used Kindle, and it had come to me preloaded with several books. It was one of these books I would be reading when the conversation occurred, and I had just started reading it the afternoon in question.

2. After I made it known to the conversing people that their conversation had just mirrored perfectly the text I was reading at the precise time their topic turned to abusive relationships, one of the people said, "Oh, like Patty Hearst, right?" Seconds later, on the very next page of the book, it mentioned Patty Hearst by name -- not too notable, considering this was on the same subject being discussed, but still.

3. The morning before this happened, I’d been editing a chapter of a book I’m writing, which made repeated mention of the “rose-colored glasses” phenomenon. Then, when I started reading the Kindle book at lunch that afternoon, it made mention of the “rose-colored glasses” phenomenon.)


“Robert Anton Wilson and Carl Jung”

On the morning in question, I was working on a new book. The book was about synchronicity.

When I finished writing for the morning, I ended with this sentence: “This would introduce me to the work of prominent psychologist Carl G. Jung, who coined the term “synchronicity.””

Immediately after finishing with my writing, I felt strongly Compelled to go to Twitter and make a daily tweet, even though I ritually do this only in the evening. Upon going to Twitter.com, however, I was stopped by a new tweet from @Robert_A_Wilson, on my followers list: "Carl Jung got me interested in synchronicity, or maybe synchronicity led me to Carl Jung."

Between my writing of Jung and synchronicity, then reading of them, mere minutes had elapsed. This got my attention. Then, realizing the humor inherent in the incident, I laughed.


“Independent Events”

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

We've all seen the quote, it's certainly made the rounds -- but that makes it no less true. Statistics are rascally things. They seem to prove an argument or point, when they could, in reality, harbor hidden flaws which render them invalid -- but only if you look closely. On the surface, they can appear every bit sound. And, considering the surface is where the examination of many people begins and ends, we see the potential for abuse. When I first read of the term "independent event," as used in the context of probabilities, it dug up my grievances with statistics all over again. When an event is classified as "independent," probability-wise, it means that it has no connection to any past events, as to be free from influence on its probability -- but what if there is a connection between these events, it’s just not obvious or known? Say, some hidden, unseen force which connects events with no overt connection? Then, the statistical reality will differ from actual reality, because that connection is not expressed within the probability’s calculation. This is one way in which statistics can achieve their deceit.

As it were, I was introduced to the probabilistic concept of independent events in a book: This Book Does Not Exist. Though I’d understood the concept for life or close to it, I’d never, until then, been aware of its formal term. So the book was educational for me, however I disliked the concept’s rigidity.

I read of “independent events” in the afternoon, finished This Book Does Not Exist that evening, then moved on to another book that night.

My new book was a random investment book sent to me by a friend, in the same shipment as This Book Does Not Exist. The two books are very different, one being about investing in stock-market index funds, the other being about paradoxes and other logical head-scratchers. Yet, this investment book I started contained a paragraph on none other than … independent events, used in a probabilistic context.

After being unaware of the formal concept of independent events for all my thirty years, I was exposed to it in two back-to-back books, read entirely randomly (and sent to me as randomly by my friend). A classic book-synchronicity, as has happened to me many times.

But here’s the clincher: the synchronicity demonstrates the limitation of the traditional definition of “independent events.” On the surface, the recurrence of the concept between the two books would appear every bit to be a chance coincidence, though a somewhat unlikely one. Only when the context is considered (that I’d never before known the term, and that I’ve experienced enough nearly identical “coincidences” involving random books read back-to-back to establish a distinct pattern of phenomenon) do we see the potential for some connection in the term’s recurrence, albeit an obscure, hidden, unknown connection.

The recurrence of “independent events” wasn’t an independent event, it seems. The irony.



Yet another instance of word-synchronicity, this one. It started the morning of November 29th, 2013.

I was going through some old short stories I’d had published over the last few years, is what triggered the incident. About a year ago, I pledged to assemble my published stories into collections to be self-published as eBooks, for the hell of it. Now, all these months later, I’m finally getting around to it, which meant combing my archived stories and assembling them into the said collections.

While I was doing this, one story in particular caught my eye: “Borborygmus.”

It was a goofy, lighthearted horror story I’d written on a lark and then had published in a low-key anthology some time ago. But on the morning of the 29th, as I encountered it for the first time since I’d dragged the Word file into my computer’s “published” directory, I had the thought: [_ Borborgymus -- what a clunky, obnoxious word _]. The word, which I’ll let the reader look-up at their leisure, thus impressed itself upon my mind, enough for me to absently take notice.

Also worth mentioning: it was the first I’d seen the word “borborygmus” since the anthology my story appeared in was published, years ago. And why should I see it? It’s a rigid, non-descriptive medical term probably not used outside of a Bible-thick tome of procedural jargon.

I soon finished up perusing my short stories, and then, less than a half-hour after encountering "Borborgymus," I checked my email. And there, in my inbox, I was met by this subject line: "borborygmus: Dictionary.com Word of the Day‏." The email was sent on the 28th, but I hadn't checked my inbox until the morning of the 29th -- so there's no way I could have known it would be there ahead of time. A classic, synchronistic recurrence: Within the span of minutes, I'd by chance encountered the same rare, obscure word in two different, unconnected places -- after I'd Noticed it specifically in my folder of short stories, and after I'd been putting off going through those stories for a full year. And, let's not forget, after I’d experienced dozens upon dozens of nearly identical incidents, all fitting the same pattern of distinct, precognitive-like recognition and then recurrence.

Being jaded by past experience, I just chuckled and then opened my synchronicity log to make a new entry. “Borborgymus” will be appearing in an upcoming short-story collection, I’ve decided.

[] 2014


“The Phenomenon’s Return”

For anyone unfamiliar with this blog, I have experienced a regular stream of rather unlikely coincidences -- unlikely enough to be considered "synchronicities," and coherent and numerable enough to be written about. Recently, however, the phenomenon took a breather.

Then it returned.

It was January 20th it happened, after approximately ten days of silence. Within this period, I had become accustomed to "normal," logical, non-synchronistic life -- not so much to forget the phenomenon entirely, but long enough for it to fade against the backdrop of new life experiences and demands. Certainly, this wasn't the first such drop-off of "activity," for in the years since my becoming aware of the phenomenon, I've experienced several of these weeks-long subsides. Yet, when the first new synchronicity arrived, my reaction was stronger than it would've been otherwise, the way absence makes the heart grow fonder.

The synchronicities came in rapid succession, three of them, almost identical.

The first occurred while I was driving. I pulled up to an intersection, saw that it was a red light, and thought, distinctly, of how I wanted the green light. Immediately after my thought, the song I was listening to in my truck’s CD player said “green light,” with less than a second between the two. The sheer coincidence factor was enough that the recurrence would’ve been noticed in any case, with such perfectly “synchronistic” timing that I couldn’t have coordinated it had I tried. But, considering that the coinciding occurrences fit seamlessly the pattern that’s been established in my past experiences (recurring thoughts, events, or themes in near instant succession), I took special notice.

After the wow had worn off, I was quick to make a note. Another one for the file.

Then, just minutes later, it happened again: just as I thought "fan," I overheard someone say "fan." Again, this happened with a crisply distinct spontaneity which, despite being nearly impossible to plan, again fit precisely that snap-bang format I've come to know for this particular type of synchronicity. An interesting note is that the thought which preceded "fan" pertained to my seeing something which I thought was an electric fan but, on closer examination, proved to be the mechanical top of a paper shredder -- that is to say, something which bears absolutely no semblance to a fan. Yet, I thought this, just before a nearby person, unconnected to me, said "fan" aloud (and yes, my thought was before the person said fan -- just before, less than a second, but definitely before, thus ruling out some sort of subconscious suggestion for me to see the paper shredder as a fan).

My first note was joined by an addendum reading “fan.”

Then, approximately a half-hour later, the third such synchronicity arose: this time my reading "thank you" precisely as someone behind me said "thank you." What I read was the swipe terminal at a grocery checkout, which printed "Approved - Thank You" just after I swiped my credit card -- which, coincidentally, occurred precisely as the cashier behind me said "thank you." This one, unlike the other two, is not as distinct and complicated -- and, thus, not as unlikely from a statistical perspective. However, it is lent some notability by the fact that it fit so perfectly that pattern previously established -- not just over my years of past experiences, numbering in the hundreds, but of just over the last hour. Feel one rain drop, and you might shrug it off; feel a dozen, and you’ll prepare for a rain shower.

So there I was, right back in the whirlwind of dreamlike unreality inspired by such incidents, as if I’d never left.


“Book Synchronicity 2.0”

The “book” synchronicity. It never fails at grabbing my attention. Read a new, obscure word for the first time in my life, in some random book I bought months ago, and then read the same word in my next sequential book, also bought and read randomly.

I’ve detailed several of these on this blog, and experienced many, many more. But yesterday, the phenomenon came with a twist.

V.S. Naipaul and Indira Gandhi, two Indian folks of a certain fame. Not knowing India and its figures, I’d never heard of these people until I read of them in a book, In Spite of the Gods: The Rise of Modern India , which introduced me to both of them within the course of a day's reading. Then, approximately 12 hours later, I encountered these names again, in a separate, unrelated book -- pretty unlikely. When all variables were taken into consideration (including the fact that the recurrence fit the distinct pattern I'd seen established over several years), the incident appeared to defy any reasonable chances of happening.

A classic book synchronicity, right? Wrong.

See, the second book that I encountered the names in came to me in the most remarkable of ways, different than even the accidental-on-purpose fashion which usually characterizes these incidents. Rather than the names recurring in a book I read, they arrived in a book I hadn’t read.

The book, a paperback copy of Such a Long Journey by Rohinton Mistry, was given to me some years ago in a free box of books from a family member. For whatever reason, the book didn’t interest me, and so it went on my shelf, where it would stay. I’d never opened this book, or so much as read its back cover. Maybe the cover image turned me off, I don’t know; but the point is this: I had no idea what was in or on this copy of Such a Long Journey, nor did I have any plans to find out. The book was an ornamental fixture on one of my shelves, collecting dust.

So, when I needed a book to hide some money in, this one fit the bill.

Why was I hiding money in a book? I was putting together a “go bag,” a backpack filled with clothes and other necessities, to be grabbed in the event of an emergency, whenever one might need to “go” in a hurry. One of the ingredients for a bag is some cash; another is a book, for something to do. So I put the two together, naturally. Went I went to choose a book from my bookshelf, my hand went, randomly, to Such a Long Journey. Recognizing it as one of those castoff books that I’d never read, I figured it was as good as any. So I put my emergency cash cleverly inside, then stuffed the book into my finished go bag.

Another ingredient of a good go bag: some food. This is what would instigate the synchronicity.

I regularly eat the food and water stored in my go bag, and immediately replace it, to keep it fresh. A couple weeks ago, I was overdue for this changing of the guard -- however, as it so happened, I didn't immediately eat the food. Either my menu wasn't friendly to the nuts and seeds in the go bag, or I was just too plain lazy to unpack the bag and dig out its food. Regardless, I didn't get around to it until yesterday -- the day after I read of V.S. Naipaul and Indira Gandhi for the first time in In Spite of the Gods.

When I unpacked my go bag, I had to take out my cash-filled copy of Such a Long Journey.

This time when I saw the book, it grabbed me. I don't know why: just as it had fallen flat and uninteresting on me years before, it struck me as interesting yesterday. So, as is natural when interested in a book, I turned it over and read its blurb -- which mentioned two Indian names, V.S. Naipaul and Indira Gandhi.

Had I read the book’s blurb when I first got it, there would be no synchronicity. Had I read it two weeks ago, when the emergency food was overdue for replacement and before I read In Spite of the Gods, the synchronicity would be much less notable, since reading two new names, two weeks apart, could foreseeably be chance. But by “discovering” Such a Long Journey when I did, it recurred those two, specific, new names to me within a twelve-hour time frame, upgrading the unlikeliness to synchronicity levels.

Upon recognizing the names as those I’d been introduced to just a half-day before, I laughed out loud.

And that’s not all: I got not only a new entry in my synchronicity log, but another book about India, to read when I finish In Spite of the Gods. I don’t know enough about India to be familiar with two of its figures, but after reading these two books, perhaps that will change somewhat.


“Surprise, Surprise”

A couple days ago, I experienced a classic “recurrence,” which is how I refer to your typical, run-of-the-mill incidence of synchronicity. However, I didn’t pay much attention to this particular recurrence, because the time gap between the two recurring events was nearly a week, instead of hours or days (or seconds, or simultaneous, like so many are).

My log entry for the recurrence in question:


A minor recurrence, quite possibly a coincidence. Sometime in the last week, I can’t remember just when or where (it was in a book), I read a traveling tip on how you should tag your luggage with something distinctive so you can pick it out from a baggage carousel, etc. Then today, I got an unexpected package in the mail from a friend, in which was a bright, florid luggage tag, with a note saying that it helps to have distinctive tagging on your bags so you can pick them out, etc. Definitely a recurrence, but the time window is large enough that it isn’t too notable.”

An interesting event, certainly, considering the express exactness of the theme of “distinguish your luggage so it can be recognized,” right down the same terms and wording. But it’s not outside the realm of chance to encounter it twice within a week, because, for all the valid synchronicities out there, chance coincidence does, in fact, occur.

When I shared this recurrence with my friend, however, her response lent a new dimension to the incident:

“Since I wrote the letter and put the package together a week prior to mailing it, I would guess it was more of a synchronicity [than] you think.”

I laughed.


“Repeat Numbers, Again”

I am sought out by certain numbers, it seems, often in novel ways that leave me equal parts tickled and intrigued. I’ve written of this phenomenon both on this blog and in a book I wrote on the subject, Synchronicity: One Man’s Experience. Today, however, I experienced a particularly extraordinary number-repetition.

It started yesterday, with my trusty timer.

The timer is nothing special, just a standard digital hour-timer, of the kind used to time pot roasts and casseroles the world over. But I've developed a special affinity for my timer, for no particular reason, the way we do anything we use regularly. What do I use this timer for? That's complicated, and immaterial to the subject at hand, so I'll just say that I use it daily. In this regard, yesterday was no different, except for one thing: once my timer went off, I didn't turn off its alarm. I was out of the room at the time, and I'd remembered the timed event on my own, so I just let the timer beep. I knew it would stop after a minute, and it did, so that I totally forgot about the timer -- until today, when I went to use it anew.

Of all the times I’ve employed my timer, this was the first I’d neglected to reset it afterward. Thankfully, it didn’t mind.

One interesting thing about my timer: for some reason, it counts in reverse after going off, and will continue to do so until reset. Well, since I hadn’t reset my timer, it continued counting all through yesterday afternoon and last night, as if patiently awaiting my return. As it so happened, the timer waited in this fashion for exactly seventeen hours, thirty-seven minutes, and thirty-seven seconds, hitting that thirty-seventh second at the precise moment I picked it up and looked at it this afternoon. Then, the digital display read 17:37:37.

One of the numbers I repeatedly see is 37, 1137, and variants of these (73, 137, 173, etc). In fact, in the last few weeks, these have been the most prominent repetitions, repeatedly coming to me in ways which defy reasonable chance, and psychological explanations such as selective perception and subconscious fixation.

Not only did I just happened to pick up the timer when it displayed two of "my" numbers by way of the hour- and minute columns, but I picked it up to the second for it to display a third. Quite a trick.

I stood holding the timer for some time after, searching for any possible explanation. But I came up empty. I hadn’t so much as gone near that timer all day, so there was no way I could’ve known what it had ticked to; until I went in the room and fetched the timer, I’d been at the other side of the house, and the timer was turned away from me as I approached.

It bears mentioning that, after seeing 37 and its variants so much lately (and in ways and configurations nearly as unlikely and striking as that of the timer), I had become somewhat jaded to the repetitions, so that they'd lost their wow and I'd begun ignoring them, for all the mystery they represented -- a sensory-overload of sorts. This is significant because it has happened several times in the past, and every time it does, the numbers will begin repeating in different, more coherent ways, as to regain my attention -- and, usually, to inspire more blog posts such as this one. So, not only was the event significantly unlikely in itself, but it conformed with a pattern repeated again and again over years of fundamentally identical incidents.

Seeing such a pattern, a detective would say that the incident “fits the profile.” I’m inclined to agree.


“Public Service Announcement”

This isn’t a synchronicity report. Nor is it to promote new writing. Rather, it’s a public service announcement: that the phenomenon known as synchronicity is very, very real.

Not that I wasn’t already convinced of this (many times over). It’s just that, today, I read a book, There Are No Accidents by Robert H. Hopcke, and it independently reinforced everything I’ve experienced repeatedly for years now, in no uncertain terms. But, again, this post isn’t a synchronicity report, despite the interesting and “random” means by which I came to read Mr. Hopcke’s book. Instead, I would just like to remark on the stark similarity between it and the book I myself wrote on the subject (Synchronicity: One Man’s Experience). The two describe explicitly similar phenomena, both in nature and in pattern, and even follow similar lines of reasoning in regards to what it all means. And, of course, I wrote my book last year, before ever learning that There Are No Accidents existed.

But that’s all just coincidence, right? Because experts have agreed that such fantastic phenomena as synchronicity cannot exist.

Likewise, it was just a coincidence that the two books would cite not only remarkably similar phenomena, but near-exact incidents . The first chapter of my book details how, starting some years ago, I began repeatedly seeing the number 1111 and its variants, eventually in fascinating and highly unlikely ways (and numbering in the hundreds, if not thousands). For me, a typical "sighting" would be Just Happening to glance at a clock at 11:11, with a more notable version of this involving complicated logistics (such as driving past an electronic sign at the precise moment it changed to 11:11, or being distracted by a "random" noise and having my attention drawn to an 11:11-displaying clock, etc). As I recounted in my book, the phenomenon matured with my mounting skepticism toward it, until I was encountering 1111 in configurations and frequencies that I couldn't reasonably write off as chance (such as discovering a document on my computer that was created on November 11th, 2011, at 11:11 PM, so that it's time stamp read 11/11/11 11:11 -- with my chance discovery of the document Just Happening to coincide with the peak of the repeat-number phenomenon). Also, there are fun, multidimensional ones such as this email snapshot. Now, I quote from a case report in There Are No Accidents, written years ago by someone I’ve never met or heard of:

“‘The number 11 began to surface after I began dating my ex-girlfriend in late 1992. It was then that she said to me, “I always look at the clock at 11:11” … I immediately noticed, however, that this number didn’t go away with our breakup. There were just too many strange and random encounters with 11 for me to simply label them coincidence … I once came home in the evening and sat down in front of the TV, only to glance at the VCR which was recording a program, and noticed that it displayed 11:11 P.M. on channel 11 with the recording time being 11:11:11.’”

But, I repeat: all coincidence. Just like there are, in fact, accidents, apparently there are coincidences, too, including really, really, really-really-really unlikely ones.

Okay, enough with the sarcasm. The point of this post: yes, synchronicity is real, and I have been systematically stripped of any luxury of denying that fact.

End public service announcement.


“You Asked For It, You Got It”

So it is with Toyota. So it was with the bug.

The bug greeted me at lunchtime the other day, when I went to the cupboard for a bowl. A black, beetle-ish specimen, the bug was trapped hopelessly at the bottom of the deep bowl, and had been for some time, going by the profusion of tiny feces keeping it company.

I took the little prisoner outside, to be released to the Promised Land of my back deck. As I did so, however, I was nagged by a thought: What is this bug called? I wanted to know, with an undue urgency, all through my encounter with the bug; but, having no way of knowing, I soon forgot about it. And with that, I promptly returned to lunch (using a second, clean bowl).

The answer to my question would arrive the next day.

I keep a word ledger, a book in which I write down notable words and then, later, look them up and record their definitions. Every month or so, I review some of my current word ledger, to reinforce the new words and expand my vocabulary. I say “every month or so,” but my reviewing of the ledger is rather erratic and random; usually, it only happens when I have some time to kill, or finish reading a proper book and don’t yet want to start a new one.

The day after the mystery bug, I finished reading a proper book and didn’t yet want to start a new one. I was overdue for a ledger review, so I went to it.

On one of the first pages of words I reviewed, one jumped out at me: “cockchafer.” Why, I didn’t know; but it stuck with me, looping through my mind, along with its definition: “any of certain scarab beetles …”

Scarab beetles. That bug from the bowl certainly did have a scarab-like appearance.

Later that day, I did a Google image search for cockchafer pictures, and sure enough, the black cockchafer was a dead ringer for the bug that had been so conspicuously waiting for me in the bowl the day before.

The bug that I’d had the vague-but-distinct yen to know the name of.

What a coincidence: less than a day after “asking” this question, I seemed to have received an “answer,” through a chance string of circumstances and events.

(Anyone who’s read my book on the subject of synchronicity will detect my subtle sarcasm in this last statement, since the cockchafer revelation was just the latest in a lineage of such “question-and-answer” incidents, all of which conform to an explicitly consistent pattern.)


“‘The Roots of Coincidence’ (aka Double Whammy)”

This post, while containing a synchronicity, and concerning a book about synchronicity, is not a synchronicity post. Rather, it’s about a certain type of vindication.

It all started with a book.

The original book, as it were, was of my own creation: Synchronicity: One Man’s Experience, which I wrote in the fall of 2013. As the title suggests, the book recounts my experiences with the phenomenon known, more or less accurately, as “synchronicity.” Ironically, at the time I wrote this book, I was largely unread on the subject; in fact, the only formal reading I’d done was Carl Jung’s monumental paper on the phenomenon. I did, however, have several synchronicity books noted for further reading, if and when I got the inkling to research others’ experiences.

One such book was The Roots of Coincidence, by Arthur Koestler.

I don’t remember where I first read of Koestler or his book, or why it struck me enough to take interest. Somehow, though, I ended up with a bookmark for its Amazon listing. Lazily, I ignored it for some time, and then, when I did finally follow up on the book, I found it to be far more expensive for my tastes (being an older book, out of print and without an eBook version, prices were inflated accordingly). From there, I checked eBay and Amazon from time to time, hoping to snag a reasonably priced copy, but time and again, no such cheap copies were to be had. I bid on an auction once, but lost out to someone with richer blood.

Thus, The Roots of Coincidence  stayed a perpetual presence in my file of bookmarked titles -- until last week.

One night, in a moment of idleness, I again noticed the Roots of Coincidence  bookmark, and its stubborn refusal to disappear from my list of must-read books. So I made another halfhearted browse -- and this time, lo and behold, turned up a low-priced copy on eBay. I snatched it up at once, then at last deleted the bookmark, feeling to be crossing off some difficult station from a bucket list. And it was after this, within two days, that the synchronicity occurred: I came across, in the unrelated book I was reading at the time, a quote from none other than Arthur Koestler. The quote, which was placed randomly in the book (to correspond with a loosely relevant story), involved something called "holons," something I'd never heard of before in my life.

I read the Koestler quote just two days after ordering The Roots of Coincidence, after putting it off for nearly a year. Funny, I thought, sniffing the synchronicity to come. I got fifty bucks that The Roots of Coincidence[_ will Just Happen to be the source of Koestler’s quote regarding holons._]

Sure enough, The Roots of Coincidence does indeed contain the quote I’d read in the wholly random and unconnected book I’d Just Happened to be reading two days after placing the order (that book, a collection of travel stories I’d checked out randomly from the library, bore no overt mention of Koestler or holons on its cover or blurb, the quote occupying only a small space 400 pages in). And yes, I do count this as a solid incidence of synchronicity, considering that I ordered the Roots book just two days before reading of its “holons” for the first time in my life; and, furthermore, I consider this a rather notable synchronicity, due to the fact that it fits perfectly the pattern established by the dozens upon dozens of similar incidents I’ve experienced. And yes, I rather enjoyed the irony added by the book’s subject matter, for The Roots of Coincidence is, after all, about synchronicity (though, this is not the first time I’ve experienced synchronicities surrounding a book about synchronicities, nor is it the second time). However, as interesting and enjoyable as this incident is, it is not what inspired me to write this post.

Instead, I was moved to blog about this experience due to what Koestler’s book contained.

That is to say, The Roots of Coincidence reinforced my own experiences, and in a somewhat objective, verifiable fashion. More or less, Koestler echoed what I wrote in Synchronicity: One Man’s Experience. Not only was there a general repetition of the same underlying patterns and phenomena I experienced and then described, but Koestler and his references also reached many of the same conclusions  as in my book, at times with the same wording and models of action -- all of which I was unaware of until reading The Roots of Coincidence over the last couple days, only after I’d written my account and speculated on what it might mean. Sometimes, there is no better confirmation than seeing one’s thoughts and experiences corroborated by a complete stranger, decades in the past (which goes double for subjects as speculative, mysterious, and empirical as synchronicity).

And it was this, in the end, that I enjoyed most about my purchase of The Roots of Coincidence: not the highly improbable “coincidence” it triggered, nor the laughter incurred by same, but instead the simple-but-rare vindication I experienced upon seeing the essence of my experiences recounted in a forty-year-old book I’d read only after the fact. That feeling can’t be bought, or it would cost a fortune if it could.


“‘The Roots of Coincidence,’ Part Two”

Just days ago, I composed a long-winded entry on a synchronicity involving The Roots of Coincidence, a book about synchronicity. Well, apparently I spoke too soon, for a sequel incident occurred today.

It started last week, when I read The Roots of Coincidence. Involving quantum physics to some extent, the book briefly outlined Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle, that koan-like concept which states that there exists a relationship between subject and object, so that, basically, the observer affects the observed (and vice-versa). Though I was not unmet by the Uncertainty Principle, I did have a minor revelation upon reading of it in The Roots of Coincidence : I drew a parallel between the Principle and human perception, for the first time. Because of the subjective nature of perception, no two people perceive the same object in the same way, so that, practically speaking, they are seeing two different objects, each in the respective mind's eye of the observer -- a perfect demonstration of Heisenberg's Principle, as it were. Perhaps this parallel isn't so mind-blowing to other folks, but for me, it struck me deeply, for it wedded a bizarre physics concept to real-life experience, placing it in living terms that I could understand. In any case, my little insight stuck with me, vividly so, the way any well-rounded understanding will adhere to the mind and gel into everyday thinking.

Then, just days later, the whole thing recurred.

The recurrence came knocking today, while I was reading another book: The Petting Zoo by Jim Carroll, the next sequential book I read after The Roots of Coincidence . In one scene, two characters are discussing perception and empathy, and Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle comes up in their dialogue -- synchronicity strikes! I found the incident somewhat notable: after going months (years?) without reading of the Uncertainty Principle, I read of it in two books, back to back -- books which, as it were, couldn't have been more different or random, one being a forty-year-old nonfiction head-scratcher about coincidence and synchronicity, and the other being a modern novel about an artist living in New York City. What are the chances that I would randomly pick these two wholly disparate books to read (one purchased online after I'd been putting it off for almost a year, the other an unfamiliar book bought for no logical reason from Goodwill a month prior), only to find them referencing the same physics concept? (And never mind that this fits the pattern established by dozens of prior incidents, where my choices of reading material seems to reflect each other in subject matter ...)

Unlikely? Yes. However, the recurrence of the Uncertainty Principle was only the first part of the incident. The second was a whole other ballgame.

The second part of the recurrence: not the Uncertainty Principle, but the comment, by one of the Petting Zoo characters, [_ ] that the Uncertainty Principle was just like human perception -- [_exactly what I’d thought] when reading The Roots of Coincidence. Dig it: not only did the Uncertainty Principle recur between two different books randomly read by me, but the latter echoed, in the exact same context and similar wording, the minor revelation I’d had regarding the Principle and its parallels with human perception. If the chances of the Principle’s original recurrence were somewhat low, I can’t fathom the chances of my thoughts regarding the Principle recurring.

Now, I must wonder: is this a common comparison, perhaps well-known to academia? Is it routinely pointed out by professors to their students, that Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle can be understood in terms of human perception? Perhaps it is, and I’m just ignorant of it, so that it comes as a surprise for me to see that precise sentiment echoed in a book. But even were it common, even to the point of being cliche, what are the chances that I would see it recur in this manner, in a second, random book, days later, back-to-back with that which originally led me to make the comparison for the first time in my life …?

As I’ve said many times before, I’m no mathematician. However, it seems to me the chances of this two-tier incident would be astronomically low. The first, original recurrence seems about as likely as having a bag of money fall from the sky and land at your feet; with the second part taken into consideration, however, it seems about as likely as the bag of sky-money having a note inside with your name on it.

Regardless, the incident succeeded in making me laugh.


“A Lesson in Expectation (Disguised as a Lesson in Intuition)”

Today, I received a lesson in expectation, wrapped in a lesson in intuition. Before I go into it, however, I must first relate a previous experience.

A couple years ago, I was initiated into the subtle-but-powerful force known as intuition, and how it could serve me in a practical sense. I was parallel parked alongside a narrow downtown road, and after checking my mirrors, I went to open my door to get out. However, I stopped before doing so, frozen by a distinct urge to keep the door closed. There was nothing logical to this feeling -- I had, after all, checked my mirrors and judged it safe to exit the vehicle -- yet it was oddly coherent, as well as firm in its demand that I keep my door shut. So I obeyed, without question, feeling as if I'd been shouted at.

A split second later, while I remained stunned in my driver’s seat, a bicyclist blew past on my left, going as fast as a car (I was parked at the bottom of an incline). As it were, the man had been in my mirrors’ blind spot, forced alongside the parked cars due to the narrow road. For this same reason, I found my odd, illogical urge all the more notable, since the same blind spot would’ve kept me from seeing the potential danger even subconsciously. Had I opened the car door when I’d originally gone for it, the man would’ve face-planted it, without a chance to swerve, such was the timing.

Ever since that day, I’ve learned to suspend my normal, rationalist thinking whenever an intuitive urge comes knocking. However, as I’ve already said, today’s experience was a lesson in expectation, not intuition.

That said, it all started with an intuition.

My miraculous non-accident with the bicyclist would be the first time I consciously realized the mysterious urges I've labeled intuition -- or, alternately, a "Compelling," as I've come to call them. As it were, I would encounter these Compellings again and again in the time thereafter, as to reliably recognize them and, eventually, obey them unquestioningly. Say what you will about my decision to trust these feelings, but this post isn't a review of the evidence for and against the phenomenon. Instead, I'll just say that, after my brush with the bicyclist (and several equally consequential sequels, including a recent one which spared me a head-on collision), I listen when a Compelling announces itself in my thoughts.

Such was the case earlier this week, when I ordered a first aid kit online.

It was late. I was tired. I was seconds from shutting down my PC -- when I saw an ad for a first aid kit. At once, my fatigue lifted and I took notice: I had to get one of these kits. The idea was entirely illogical, and entirely spontaneous, but, like the edict to keep my car door shut that one day, it was entirely intransigent, brooking no argument. I was getting one of these kits, that feeling said, no doubt about it -- a classic Compelling, of the kind I've come to know well.

Just a year ago, I might’ve hesitated. By this time, however, I was far beyond question. I ordered the first aid kit literally without a second thought, completing the transaction in less than a minute.

Now, fast-forward to today, when I received my intuitive lesson in expectation.

I was about to leave the house for the afternoon -- in my truck, key in ignition -- when a new Compelling befell me: check the mail. Even after everything, I almost ignored this one, since, as best I could recall, I had nothing coming in the mail (I'd entirely forgotten about the first aid kit by this time, as we do). But, of course, I ended up going with it, sparing the whole ten seconds to get out of my truck and open the nearby mailbox. Sure enough, a package was inside. It took me a moment to remember the first aid kit, but even when I did, it was an anticlimax: Okay, so the first aid kit I don’t need has arrived. I got back in my truck.

Then came a second Compelling, now to unwrap the first aid kit.

Again I obeyed -- I would've used the kit to give first aid to a tree stump, had I been Compelled to do so. Afterward, I sat with the opened kit for a moment, studying the cheap Chinese-made packaging as I waited for a third Compelling. But no such Compelling came, so I finally started up my truck and left my driveway, the denuded first aid kit in my passenger's seat. Down the road, however, I got to thinking: this was all leading up to something, I was sure. Being no stranger to these Compellings, I knew from past experience that there was a good, logical reason for all this, as always. Never once had I been Compelled for naught, especially when a succession led me in a certain direction. I was going to need this first aid kit, I knew -- somehow, in some way, and in my truck of all places, I was going to need this dinky little $6.99 (shipped!) first aid kit.

My first thought: an accident.

I knew it at once: I was going to be in an accident, or was, perhaps, going to come across one that had already happened. It all made perfect sense, and I can’t fault my logic, really: I’d been Compelled into having a first aid kit in my truck, opened and ready, and I’d never once been Compelled wrongly, so it was only natural to reason that some fashion of accident lay in my immediate future. After all, what else could it have been? First aid kit + truck + holiday-weekend drivers = accident. I didn’t make assumptions of doom about this inevitable accident, at least; I’ll give myself that. I stayed calm and cool-headed, but just went on alert for an accident of some kind, whatever that might entail. A good student of intuition, I was sure a new lesson was afoot, to further bolster my confidence in the Compellings by way of my being outfitted with the unlikely first aid kit.

That is to say, I was expecting an accident and its attendant exercise in intuition, since it was the only foreseeable outcome within my range of possibilities. And therein lies the heart of my lesson: that expectations can limit and restrict one’s thinking, as to obscure possibilities outside of one’s awareness (or imagination).

So, there I was, driving hyper-defensively, perpetually scanning for smoke or blood or crumpled car hoods. However, I arrived at my destination, a local gym, without incident, the first aid kit unused. I’ll admit: I experienced a moment of doubt. Even after my years-long romance with my intuitive Compellings, and their consistent pay-offs, I still had the thought that, this time at least, I’d been mistaken. Maybe it was all in my head; maybe I’d allowed my illogical subconscious to lead me astray, buying up a first aid kit out of some hidden fear. Nobody is perfect, after all, so why couldn’t I have been wrong to go along with my illogical urges? Everyone should be forgiven a mistake or two; I believe there should be vouchers issued for this, at birth.

As I was thinking these things, I was interrupted by yet another Compelling: now to open the first aid kit itself, and explore it.

Despite my self-doubt, I obeyed this one, also -- maybe slower, and a touch begrudgingly, but I obeyed. As I unzipped the flimsy nylon case, I distracted myself with the fact that it wasn't all such a bad idea, really, having a first aid kit in my truck -- because, after all, what if I did come upon an accident and needed to administer to an injured driver? And, likewise, it was probably best that I familiarize myself with the kit’s contents, as this last Compelling had commanded. If nothing else, these ideas provided me some consolation, lending a bit of logic to my indiscretion.

And that’s when I saw the wound on my hand.

I used my left hand to open the kit’s flip-style flap, and in doing so, I upturned my palm, which had an open wound on it. I’d had a splinter there the day before, and it had been uncooperative enough to result in a bite-sized wound upon being coaxed out with tweezers. Still, nothing much to worry about, except for its location: being smack-dab on my palm, it was a prime target for contact with germ-ridden public surfaces. For this reason, I’d made it a point to put a Band-Aid on it before leaving the house, especially since I was going for a workout at the gym, to use public equipment handled by a great many unclean hands. But, of course, I forgot the Band-Aid, just like I forgot ordering the first aid kit.

Need a Band-Aid, I thought at once, still sitting in the gym’s parking lot. Without protection of some kind, there was no way I was using the weight machines, since it would be asking for infection. I might as well have gone in there and licked the handles.

Upon having this thought, I realized that I held in my lap an open first aid kit. And there, just beneath the wounded left hand with which I’d opened the flap, was the kit’s collection of small adhesive bandages. Being in the super-cheap kit, they were knockoffs rather than proper Band-Aids, but the one I put on my hand proved of resilient quality, withstanding the stresses incurred during my workout.

In my oversight and narrow thinking, never would I have expected needing a first aid kit in this manner. But then again, isn’t this how we learn?

(A postscript: it was an interesting chance occurrence that led me to the first aid kit in the first place. I was browsing my email, and when I went to click on one, my mouse glitched and the cursor jumped, so that I instead clicked the previous sequential email -- a piece of spam mail which was chiefly advertising its ultra-cheap, $6.99-including-shipping first aid kits. My mouse does this every now and then, stuttering about erratically, God knows why. Had this chance glitch not occurred when it did, making me accidentally open a spam mailing that I never would've touched normally, I'd have never seen the kit that bore me my Band-Aid precisely at my moment of need ...)


“Sweet Premonition”

I was on the job, cutting grass at an apartment building. As I passed the property’s parking lot, a tenant appeared. She waved. I waved.

Upon waving at this person, I was struck with the most vivid, yet obscure, of thoughts: candy and a thank-you note.

I saw it distinctly in my mind’s eye, the type of sentimental gift that one might give their mailman at Christmas. Likewise, I had the thought that that tenant I’d waved at would give me one of these, though this was somewhat illogical, for I’d never, in two decades of cutting grass, received such a gift (nor expected or desired one, since it’s not customary to give them to lawn-care workers, as far as I know).

And then it happened, just as I’d foreseen.

Several minutes later, when I finished cutting grass and returned to my truck, I was stopped by something on my toolbox: a small, sachet-like bag filled with fun-size candy bars. The bag also had a note, thanking me for cutting the lawn. The bag was left anonymously, in my absence, so I can’t say it was from the tenant I’d waved at; but, really, it doesn’t change things either way: I’d thought, for the first time, of receiving such a thank-you gift, just minutes before I received one, also for the first time.

Was it a simple synchronistic recurrence like those I’ve detailed, now with a theme of “sentimental candy thank-you gift”? Or, was this a classical case of a precognitive premonition? Or, alternately, did my thought cause it to happen, acting as some minute but effective force to trigger the receipt of my first ever thank-you candy? There’s also the scenario of thought transference: did I “read” the tenant’s intention to gift me some thank-you candy, in the brief yet mildly personal contact we had when waving at one another?

Then again, perhaps it was just a very unlikely coincidence. My life is highly coincidental, as it were.


“An Emailed Link”

Food intolerance is not pleasant. To be sure, even the most mundane foods contain dozens of substances, any number of which can have bizarre, sometimes hellish, effects on the body. Over time, I've learned which substances I'm intolerant to, and, unfortunately, the quantity of my intolerances is rather high, heavily restricting my diet. So it's only natural that I sometimes lose track of how much of which substance I'm eating or not eating -- or that I get so distracted with the predominant intolerances, I lose track of the lesser ones.

One of my lesser ones involves “oxalates,” a substance found variably in vegetables. And, after a long time without an oxalate-related upset, it was only natural I forget about the prickly-sounding stuff.

You see where I'm going with this, of course, so I'll just cut to the chase: over the last few days, I overloaded on oxalates. As it were, chance saw my diet altering in just such a way that I ended up eating several high-oxalate foods in rotation. Additionally, I was taking a high-oxalate supplement at the same time. And there you have it: oxalate overload, introducing a wide range of really nasty symptoms. But, thankfully, I was keen to it all. After going over my food journal, and some self-analysis, I tracked down the culprit and then made the necessary corrections to my diet. Thus began The Wait, for my overburdened body to rid itself of the flood of oxalates, and for the agony to lift -- but that's a whole other story.

In any case, it was just yesterday that I got to the bottom of the whole mess and stopped eating the high-oxalate foodstuffs.

Then, this morning, not even a day later, I received an email from a friend. The email, bearing the subject line “Quick email,” was indeed very short, just a couple sentences, but I found it rather interesting. As it were, the email’s purpose was to send me a link to a health seminar my friend had learned of, entitled “The Oxalate Reduction Diet: Triumph Over Brain-Fog, Fatigue & Chronic Pain.”

My friend did not know of my oxalate intolerance. In fact, no one did (not very good conversation fodder, food intolerance). Yet, from out of the blue, she emailed me that link, indicating the precise food intolerance I’d been battling, within a day of my making the connection. And is it surprising that the primary symptoms I was experiencing were crippling brain fog, fatigue, and pain?

And, the clincher (if this incident really needs a clincher): the seminar in question was not local for me, and I have neither the time nor the desire nor the spare gas money nor the energy to drive out-of-state to view it. My friend knew these things … yet she still took the time to email me a link to something I would in all likelihood never attend. Had she acted logically and not sent me the link, there would’ve been no synchronicity for me to be blogging about.

How ironic.



This afternoon, it was numbers again.

Usually the “coincidences” come as events or themes, or obsessively recurrent objects; others, however, it’s repeat numbers, cropping up in the darnedest of places and in the darnedest of ways. And then there’s a third type, which combines the two into something that could only be described as magical.

This afternoon’s incident was one of the latter, and indeed, magical it felt.

It started with a flurry of 73's. I was out, driving around to do errands, when, out of the blue, 73 was everywhere I looked. Signs, prices,  odometer readout. On the license plates of passing cars (many of these pulling in front of me, or doing something else to conspicuously enter my line of vision -- inconsistent with being subconsciously sought out by me, in any case). A variation was 37, appearing equally (which didn't surprise me, since reversals are a regular pattern in these incidents). Within the space of ten minutes of driving across town, I was privy to no less than a dozen 73's/37's, perhaps more (I'd lost track).

But that was just over the drive to the store.

Only at the market did things really get notable enough to inspire this blog post. However unlikely the downpour of repetitions I saw on the way there, I didn’t pay too much attention, because coincidences sometimes really are just coincidences, and the incident thus far just lacked the precision to wow me enough to write something down (plus, those just happen so often). However, once I parked at the market and the 73/37 sightings kept up, my opinion started to change. First, when I grabbed my change from my truck’s holder, it was exactly 37 cents. Then, in the store, the number kept flying at me: UPC codes, serving sizes of foods I checked, price tags, numbers overheard on a cellphone conversation. I happened past the deli freezer and saw its thermometer at 37.5 degrees. Until then, I’d been writing off the incident as selective perception. But this was just too many repetitions, in too many diverse and unlikely places, to reasonably attribute to that old trickster of the eyes, nor most other cognitive explanations.

I knew then that I’d have to make a log entry, noting the improbable series. At that point, though, it still wasn’t compelling enough for a blog post.

That point was reached only at the checkout, which rang up as [drumroll] exactly 73 cents. But wait, think about that figure a minute, because you must realize: I had a basketful of groceries. How could one possibly check out for so little money, ever (and that was with tax, mind you)? Two things. First, I had $10 in rewards points stored up this visit, and when I used them it covered most of the cost of my stuff. Then, second, it just so happened that the market had a blowout-special day where literally everything was 20% off, store-wide. But, to really see the complexity of having my order be precisely 73 cents, we must break down the logistics here a bit further, to the prices of the individual items. There were four separate ones, for one thing, all different prices; and then, additionally, there were vagaries in these prices. There was the oddball 1.08lb lamb liver that cost $6.23 or some uncommon amount of change, same for some bagged coffee and a by-weight vegetable, and then the last item was on sale by percentage and so had a similarly irregular price.

The point is, it was really damn unlikely to have hit exactly 73 cents, in more ways than one. Were I to have consciously tried to assemble such an order, I would’ve been hard pressed, and that was assuming that the store contained any such combination of goods (it’s not too big a store, as it were).

Yet I not only hit this improbable number (perhaps my record low for a grocery order), but did so after a blatant string of sightings of just that number.

From the moment I was quoted that total, I knew a blog post lay in my future. And that was before I received the receipt, which placed my checkout time at exactly 4:37 PM.

(As soon as I left the market, I stopped seeing the number, even when I went actively looking for it.)



I was outside, reading.

At one point, I reached a page about gunshots, how some were heard but went unreported.

I wouldn’t report a gunshot, either, I thought, considering how many there are around here, from target practice and the like.

Immediately following this thought, a gunshot rang out from nearby -- the first in days, when it had previously been silent. I gave pause, smiling, and made no report.

But this incident wasn’t finished, for not a minute later, it happened again: two paragraphs down, precisely when I read “the sound of gunfire,” a second shot sounded, coinciding in perfect sync. I couldn’t have timed the two events better had I a gun rigged to a button.

Those were the first two gunshots I’d heard that day, and the only until later on, when I was past the book’s mention of gunshots.



Lately, I’ve been hunted by Subaru Bajas, those half-car non-trucks that have usurped the Brat as the vehicle for folks who just can’t make up their mind. I don’t know why the Bajas have chosen me, but everywhere I look, there they are. I’m just that attractive, perhaps.

In particular, it’s the gray Bajas that seem to seek me out. A whole pack of bleak, gray Subaru Bajas, out for blood or romance or who-knows-what. I must’ve seen a dozen just in the last week or so.

Today, I was pondering this odd situation while driving into town. It conjured a vision in my mind's eye, sugar-plum-style: the Bajas, led by their gray leaders, sniffing me out wherever I go. And it was then -- speak of the devil -- I rounded a corner and passed yet another Subaru Baja, coinciding almost exactly with my woolgathering about them.

There’s an entry for my synchronicity log, I thought.

However, this incident wasn’t yet deserving of a blog post, for a post of every such experience I have would make my blog read like a book. No, it was only a short time later that the Baja incident was upgraded to blog-worthy.

I had just entered town, on a back street behind a supermarket, when I was thinking of my passing the Baja on a blind bend a split second after thinking of Bajas. I was replaying it in my head, in order to make sure I wasn’t injecting miracle into a simple coincidence, and this led to the thought of Well, the Baja I passed wasn’t a gray one. Because it wasn’t: that Baja had been black, and at the time, I’d been thinking primarily of gray ones. So if I had yet another thought-synchronicity on my hands, then why hadn’t that last Baja been gray, huh?

No sooner had this thought crossed my mind than a car appeared on a side street, stopping to let me pass: another Subaru Baja, coinciding perfectly with my thoughts as if cued. Except, this one was gray.

(It had pulled up alongside the supermarket I was driving the length of, as to be invisible to me until it rounded the market’s corner and stopped. Just like the black one of minutes before, totally invisible to me around the bend, so that neither of my Baja-thoughts could’ve been triggered by sight of the cars, even subconsciously.)

[] 2015


“Movie Magic”

At one point in the film The Mask , Jim Carrey’s character suddenly turns to the camera and comments, “This guy’s incorrigible” -- speaking to the audience, as it were. That is, the character broke the first rule of cinema: that the film is not a film, that the audience is not there. Then, as quickly, the action resumes and Jim Carrey is back to pretending we aren't there, as if nothing had happened. It’s something like having the Devil convince the world he doesn’t exist.

Today, it occurred to me that this sort of thing happens in real life, in the form of synchronicities.

In the Land of Film, the viewer is compelled to suspend their disbelief and instead embrace the make-believe narrative presented before them. Yet, from time to time, the film betrays itself, with its players spontaneously abandoning the stage to address the audience. It’s a double-bind of sorts, in which the film reveals itself as a film, all as a mechanic of that very film. And then -- snap! -- it’s back to business as usual and the illusion regains solidity, the solipsistic narrative resumed.

Such is, I believe, the synchronicity: a rare moment in which the fabled Veil is pulled back, thus dispelling the illusionary narrative we call “reality.” Then, a hidden order is exposed, no different than the choreography of a massive film (though no less spectacular or beautiful for it). And in that moment, we are revealed to be not just an audience, but participants as well, ourselves creating whatever magnificent production is unfolding before us under the guise of life experience. It revisits the old enigma that “all is illusion.”

Of course, those magic moments will pass, returning us to the make-believe we’ve been convinced is “real”; but that changes little of what was revealed. From there, a decision befalls the enlightened “viewer”: Do we regain faith in our illusions, ignoring those secret workings in favor of “randomness” and “disorder”? Or do we choose to accept what we’ve seen, to inquire, to open ourselves to a bigger universe, one of infinite possibility …?

The choice is ours, it seems, and I can’t say if there’s a right one. And why should there be? It’s our movie, after all.



It started with butterflies, this miracle.

I’d been seeing them, as I sometimes See Things. The butterflies had been cropping up in my life, archetypal-like, whether in the flesh or just their symmetrical four-pointed image. But, everywhere I looked, butterflies.

So, when I happened across the newspaper article headlined “Butterflies and children,” it drew my attention.

Except, I don't read the newspaper. Never appealed to me, papers (or news, for that matter). But that day was different, because this particular paper cried out to me -- commanded I take it and look through. It was at the doctor's office, as it were, a two-day-old edition of the local rag -- which would explain why the paper was in the trash bin, next to the water cooler I'd patronized, in the waiting room. So, not only did the paper cry out so imperiously, but it was free, and unblemished; and, indeed, I was waiting, without occupation. There weren't even any other patients there to witness my dive into the trash to pull the paper free.

Thus, I had no excuse but to rescue the newspaper from its fate, drink my water-cooler water, and then return to my seat to wait for the doctor, now with reading material. A win-win decision, for the paper and my attentions both.

But still, I didn't see the butterfly article. No, because it was buried some pages back, in 4A territory, not warranting even a sliver of front-page coverage. I only discovered it by beginning a headlining story about some local flap, then being prompted to turn to page 3A, after which I overshot and hit its sibling -- thereby exposing me to the "Butterflies" headline. So it was pure "chance" that I happened across the miraculous little article in question. (Read some of my prior synchronicity posts, or the book I wrote about the phenomenon, and you'll understand my use of quotation marks.)

“Oh, hey, another butterfly,” I remarked internally, upon sighting the article, not without a little jolt of Jung’s classic “numinosity.” At once, I forgot page 3A and the rest of the front-page article, instead reading about the “Butterflies and children.”

Initially, the article centered on the story of the many children touched by World War II, the Nazi regime, and the Holocaust. I got through about half the article, enough to see how its title referred to a poem written by one such affected child -- "The Butterfly," it was called, naturally. At this point, the minor synchronicity's numinosity had faded, giving way to a simple interest in the plight of these children and the butterfly poem.

And that’s when my name was called. The doctor was ready to see me.

I set down the paper, but didn’t put it back in the trash; there was still half a butterfly-article to read. The doctor said I could leave it in the waiting room; but that didn’t Feel Right to me. In fact, I was Compelled to keep this newspaper with my person, in that distinct, patternistic way I’ve detailed throughout this strange blog. And so I did, taking the paper with me into the doctor’s little examination alcove.

“Where can I put these?” I asked, holding out my coat and my newly cherished paper.

The doctor pointed to a nearby chair of accommodating size.

Obediently, I went to put my things in the chair -- but froze before I could do so, for there, on the chair's fabric seat, was printed a large, unmistakable monarch butterfly.

“Oh, hey, another butterfly,” I again remarked internally, now with even more supernormality. The newspaper affair had become a certified Incident, upgraded from a mere “coincidence.” (Again, those mocking quotations.)

But that was only for starters. I hadn’t read the rest of the article.

My time with the doctor did not make me forget the article. Quite the contrary: by the time we’d finished, my obsessive attraction to the newspaper had not lessened. So, after the ritual of paying up at the front desk, I remained in the parking lot, resuming the article where I’d been interrupted. From there, that’s when I knew that this one was not only an Incident, but a Blog Post (the highest rung of my personal synchronicity hierarchy).

I’ll let the article speak for itself, regarding a schoolteacher who took interest in the Holocaust children (estimated at 1.6 million):

Eleanor Schiller, a social studies teacher at the school, had a dream one night in which she started a project to honor the children of the Holocaust. The children would be represented by butterflies.

She told the school administrators, fellow teachers and students that [the school] was going to somehow collect 1.6 million butterflies to honor the children. Of course, some thought the idea far-fetched and some new [sic] Ellie’s determination when she wanted to do something meant that the school would be flooded with butterflies.


Then one morning, we all knew it was to be.

Ellie came out of her classroom, almost ghost-white. She had just read in a magazine that the Holocaust Museum had decided to honor the 1.6 million children in a special way. They were going to use butterflies to represent the children.

She had never heard of this plan before her dream.

The article goes on to detail how, in a Disney-like twist of fate, the 1.6 million “butterflies” were supplied by way of drawings and the like donated by school children and others in a large-scale community drive. Cute, and a proud example of inventiveness and power-in-numbers; but I stayed fixated on the schoolteacher’s synchronistic dream.

The newspaper article I’d synchronistically excavated from a trash bin was, in fact, about a synchronicity.

At once, I wrote a mental note: "butterfly newspaper synchro -- BLOG POST," with the last two words underlined and italicized and in fat bold type.

  • * *

And still, there’s more to this one, parenthetically, with each detail lending substance and unlikeliness (and Jung’s “meaning”) to the newspaper incident.

First, there is the fact that I was in that doctor's office in the first place -- because it was the wrong office.

The mix-up was complicated, and the fault of neither myself nor the two doctor’s offices (the correct one, and the one I’d actually gone to at the appointed time). But, regardless, I had made an appointment at one branch of the joint office, then been given directions to another, different branch. The rest is irrelevant, for the point is that, through a series of unlikely and awkward events, I ended up at this other office, which had no record of my appointment -- but did have an insistently vocal newspaper in its waiting-room trash bin. And, of course, a chair with the appropriately themed butterfly print on the seat (a chair placed tactically to receive what I had to put on it, to boot).

(As it so happened,  I got to see a doctor there, anyway; she was between appointments, and her next was known to be chronically and dependably late, as I overheard from the two nurses at the front desk. Just another “stroke of luck,” I guess.)

The second detail was, anecdotally, an article adjacent to “Butterflies and children,” entitled “When a man finds his destiny.” Going on the headline, I had the thought that this article would, by God, be about another synchronicity, as to really upgrade this incident, in double-whammy fashion; but not quite. However, the “destiny” article did contain the following paragraphs:

[…] yet [destiny] threw itself into his path, tackled him, and when he stopped wrestling against the mighty force, he saw he was staring right smack into the eye of what God had destined for him all along. Then he gave up the fight against it, embraced it, and found true contentment and happiness. He had arrived.

For that is what destiny truly is -- the soul's satisfaction of knowing that you are where you are meant to be. That from the moment that life was breathed into your nostrils and the pulse of blood began, there was a purpose and plan. There was a destination that awaited.

In the end, that part was, for me, the most numinous of all, bypassing even the butterfly bits, for that day, I certainly felt like my destiny was to synchronistically read a newspaper article about a synchronicity, by way of the “purpose and plan” of a bungled doctor’s appointment, seeing me to the “wrong” office and its water cooler and its butterfly-imprinted chair. Then, “God” may have taken the form of an insistent newspaper in a trash bin, but it all fits in a poetic way, the same as how a dog possesses Buddha nature.

(And would you believe that there were even more synchronicities interwoven in this meta-incident, no less notable but just too subtle and subjective to convey? Yeah, definitely a BLOG POST.)


“Ask and Ye Shall Receive”

I had some checks to deposit at the bank. I deposited the checks at the bank. All was well. However, almost immediately afterward, circumstances arose that I might’ve needed to withdraw those same monies in cash.

How long would they hold those checks before clearing them for withdrawal? I thought then. I had just recently changed banks, and wasn’t familiar with the new one’s holding policies.

An hour later, I was at a healthcare clinic. The waiting room had a rack of magazines. I was waiting, so I picked through the magazines, of which there were several dozen in high stacks. Of the many choices I thumbed through, one stood out: an issue of Consumer Reports, a publication I’d heard of but never read.

I stopped there: this copy of Consumer Reports was crying out to me, demanding to be taken. I knew at once, without a doubt, that I had to comply, despite my falling outside the magazine’s targeted demographic, being neither much of a consumer nor a fancier of reports.

So I chose the magazine, and though it wasn’t the most thrilling or appropriate of reading material, it did serve as occupation. However, that soon changed, about halfway through, when I skimmed an article about mobile banking.

Mentioned offhand in this article was the fact that normal banks hold deposited checks differently than most purely mobile banks. As an example, the article quoted the hold times for one such normal bank, which held deposited checks for only one business day, the shortest of all banks, lending it a bit of a reputation.

That one quoted bank was mine, that which I’d just deposited my checks into an hour ago, then wondered about how long they would be held before clearing. As it were, my circumstances would require that I have the deposited money available for withdrawal on the next business day.

Ask and ye shall receive, said a jovial voice in my head. I agreed, then I laughed out loud.



I was on vacation at the beach, reading, in a sun room looking out on the surf. It was a good day; I was happy; good things were happening. Except, it was overcast and sullen outside; and weren’t Good Day’s at the Beach supposed to be sun-shot and picturesque?

Yearning for such weather, which would’ve been the cherry to my sundae, I went to the sun-room door and opened it up: still cloudy and dreary. Oh well. At least I still had my book.

Once I resumed reading, however, I gave pause, struck by the next line: “Soft, cloud-filtered light streamed through a pair of glass windows in the seaward wall.”

The words forced my head up, to the sun room’s seaward wall, out the door’s pair of glass windows, at the very soft, very cloud-filtered light streaming through.

After momentarily pondering how I seemed to have acted out, to the detail, the very scene depicted in the book -- just seconds before reading that line -- I laughed devilishly.

Good one. Good one …

 (My view of the sun room door)

(The seaward scene visible through said door, the Atlantic seen beyond a marsh)


“Some Definitions”

Definition #1: the “action synchronicity” (“action-synchro” for short) – defined as a personal, subjective action or event that is somehow reflected in external, objective reality, and in such an immediate or otherwise unlikely fashion that could be categorized as “synchronicistic” in the Jungian sense of the term, the two often coinciding in circumstances that discount traditional, causal explanation or a reasonable level of chance occurrence.

Today, while attending a speaking function, I experienced a textbook action-synchro. Consider this an object lesson of sorts.

It started with a note.

I kept thinking, was the thing. I was listening to the speaker, to be sure -- paying rather close attention, in fact, just not undivided attention, that which one’s schoolteachers might’ve once demanded. For were I stop thinking, I might forget the very important things I was thinking about. Thus I was forced to keep thinking, and my attention remained divided.

And that’s why I needed to write a note, to immerse myself fully in the function which I was so respectfully attending.

Having made the mistake of not bringing along my trusty notepad, I cast about for some paper and a writing utensil, any utensil -- and there, a pen in the behind-the-seat pocket of the new row up, and there, a flier for an upcoming music show, its back attractively blank. Perfecto. I blottered the paper over my knee -- Uncapped the pen -- Dimpled the paper and eeked out half a letter -- Precisely as the speaker said “make those notes.”


I smiled broadly, laughing inside as I consigned my pestersome thoughts to paper. After those, however, I stole another couple seconds to write yet another, new note: “‘make those notes’ synchro,” to remind me to log this latest in a string of action synchronicities.

  • * *

Definition #2: the “thought synchronicity”/“thought-synchro” – just like the action synchro, except with external, objective reality reflected in one’s thoughts, as to be even more jarring and surreal, sometimes to the point of catapulting the experiencer into something like a living dream.

And now, for your consideration, a case-in-point for the thought synchronicity -- which, as it were, occurred immediately after the "make-your-notes" incident quoted above. So there I am, quietly buzzing after hearing "make those notes" at the exact moment I put pen to paper for the express purpose of note-making. Then, in that wowed afterglow, I was struck with a thought: of how electrically surreal a synchronistic experience feels in the moment, that same "numinosity" that Jung and countless others have described -- or, perhaps, a transcendence.

Yes, a transcendent moment. That’s how such a good, striking synchronicity felt, I thought just after writing my note.

Right as I thought this, within the space of milliseconds, the speaker then launched into a new subject: “The transcendent moment,” she said, introducing us to the topic. As it were, it was what she’d been about to advise us to make notes about.

Upon hearing this, I only wrote a new note: “‘transcendental moment,’” with an arrow snaking up to that for “make those notes.” This one, however, I was able to do quickly, too fast for my attention to divide; I hadn’t yet put away my notepaper from before.

From there, I was at last able to devote my undivided attention to the rest of the speaker’s message, my smile widening as much as politeness allowed.


“A Series of Shocks”

The logical mind doesn’t quiet easily.

It’s a study, I’ve found. When it comes to such mental silencing, each branch of the mind is different. For me, the illogical subconscious can be shut up by a single, quick event or experience of adequate consequence, such as seeing gravity repel one’s foot from the ground instead of pulling it down. The logical, conscious mind, on the other hand, is quieted by the opposite: it takes a succession of events to penetrate the conscious mind and its calcified hedge of logic, being resistant to the individual hard-hitters that can flummox the subconscious so.

Case in point.

One afternoon, I was out driving. That day, I'd been haunted by numbers again -- 137 and its variants, namely. They were assailing me from everywhere, as I’ve documented in past posts; but, chiefly, they were arriving via the license plates of other cars.

I stopped at a light, and there it was again, on the car in front of me: a 137 on its license plate.

But that could easily be chance, my logical mind announced, in answer. If it’s not just chance, then shouldn’t the car next to that one have one of the numbers?

I looked to the next car over, and its license plate ended in 3733.

Still just coincidence, insisted Logic. Were there three, you might be on to something.

Immediately after this pronouncement, a car edged up closer to the light, thus exposing its license plate directly into my view: 3701.

My logical mind made no response, its figurative jaw left open.

And then, for good measure, I looked to a fourth car, the next one over: 1137.

Logical foot entered logical mouth.
Shocked], I thought then. My logical mind has been quieted by a good old-fashion synchroshock.

But, no, it didn’t stop there.

Precisely as this thought crossed my mind, the lyric “a series of shocks” sounded over the radio, in classical thought-synchro fashion, that so distinctly patternistic of past incidents.

A series of shocks, yes. That’s what’s necessary to quiet the logical mind, after all.

I laughed out loud.


“Numbers … Again”

The numbers were after me again.

73. 37. 1137. 317. 1703. They would vary in this manner, as if to mock me, but the underlying phenomenon always shone through. And shine it did, for on that morning when I went to the store, the numbers were repeating like crazy, appearing everywhere I looked, whether I wanted to see them or not.

Even the grocery store wasn’t beyond their reach.

In the checkout line, I stayed poker-faced when the man in front of me rung up a total of $31.17, as announced by the cashier. Yet, despite everything, there was still a voice of dissent in my head: Just a coincidence. If not, then shouldn’t your total be seventy-three-something, too?

It came my turn. I handed over my few purchases. The cashier rung them up -- and the total avoided 73 in all forms. I was neither pleased nor displeased. My total was $17.27, as it were. I produced a twenty, and took up my bag.

Then the cashier gave me my change, coins first. “Seventy-three cents,” she said, before silently handing over two dollar bills.

I held my laughter until the parking lot.



I have a fondness for roadside signs. Or they do for me. Or something. Whatever the nature of our romance, the signs and their contents tend to synchronize with my thoughts (or to music, or conversation, or other signs), as to reflect these things in conspicuous ways, coinciding as if cued. (Yes, these incidents are, really, synchronicities. Sarcasm is an addiction.)

Today, for example: as I was driving down the road with the radio playing, Quiet Riot encouraged me to "get wild!" -- right as I passed a big digital sign, precisely as it cycled to an ad that read "GET WILD!" It made me shake my head and blink, like a cartoon character who'd just been socked in the face (which I kind of was). But there's more to this -- far more. Besides the fact that even the best Broadway choreographer couldn't possibly have timed such a logistically complex coinciding of real-world events (and, the fact that today's sign-synchro wasn't the first time such a "coincidence" had occurred, nor the tenth, or the thirtieth), there are details that further substantiate this incident, devil-style. First, my having the radio on at all. Upon getting into my truck, soupy and tired after a morning-long medical treatment, I hadn't much felt like listening to music. So, naturally, I made to turn off the radio -- but didn't, being Compelled to leave it on, as if the world might end were I to click off the classic-rock station streaming into my truck. (Another common thread in these incidents, my mysterious Compelling's and Noticing's and Just Happened To's, without which no synchronicity would've taken place.)

Second, my being on that road with the sign that was so enamored with me, or any road for that matter. Also thanks to my medically induced stupor, I'd felt like stopping off at the nearest parking lot and reading the book I'd brought. In fact, I'd had every intention of doing just this (as was my habit in regards to these weekly treatments, to park and read and eat a packed lunch afterward, to rest and regroup) -- except, just like with the radio, I was Compelled to drive thirty minutes to a certain coffee shop, then park there for my dining and reading, against all logic (or any real reason at all). The world would've ended had I not done this, also, so off I went.

Yes, I did leave my radio on, and I did make the drive to the coffee shop -- soupy and overtreated and not looking at all handsome, but I was there. And so I received that eighties-sounding encouragement to get wild, and I was on the road so that I could pass that sign, and I arrived just within that infinitesimal little window of the sign’s cycling so that it could echo the radio lyric as if on a switch (and do so in big, red, screaming letters, perfectly reflective of the singer’s tone).

I laughed, of course -- and, also, I felt quite loved. The signs were still fond of me, after all.


“Numbers, Numbers, Numbers”

I see numbers. The same numbers. Over and over again. A bit unbelievable, even sci-fi? Yes. Worse, cliche? Perhaps. But it happens. Has happened many times. Will probably happen again (unless someone uncrosses the circuit in the Universe’s server room).

I see the numbers ever day, more or less. But some days, I see more of them. Today was one such day.

The number 137 was the star, this time, along with its derivatives (173/1137/7031/373, etc). The sightings started when I did: in the morning, with 137 and co flying at me from all directions. On the clock, roadsigns, timestamps on computer files, the license plates of cars that cut me off or otherwise drew my attention -- and on and on. If there was an avenue for the numbers to somehow find their way into my field of awareness (and do so in some unlikely way, as to impress me to the point of taking notice), it arrived within the course of my morning of work and errands.

And then I stopped for gas.

I hadn't planned on getting gas. I didn't even need gas, really (I feel comfortable with a half a tank). But I had a few minutes to kill before a doctor's appointment, and the gas station was literally right across the road. I treasure time, and don't waste it (nor did I want to waste my time in the waiting room at a doctor's office). So I got gas, maybe for the first time before the needle was making love to the big "E." And, the total amount I ended up getting? 11.73 gallons, exactly. And did I intentionally squeeze off just this amount, perhaps in some subconscious attempt to manufacture a "meaningful coincidence" and, hence, feel special? Nope. I'd just fed my truck the nozzle, set it on auto, then returned to my cab and let her fill (I had something to do in there; again, I don't waste time). And, let's not even get anal about the chances of such a hit; considering the circumstances of this number arising in this fashion, after I'd been literally besieged by it all morning (and for years previously), at least a couple dozen times -- just ... no. We're talking astronomical figures, here.

But, it was still morning then. The day was still young.

Next to join the 137 bandwagon: the CD player in my truck. Over the couple hours I spent at the doctor's, the numbers had stopped pestering me (even numbers need rest, you know). But this only made the forthcoming incident that much more noticeable. I was parked in my truck, eating lunch, when I decided to put my window down. So I keyed the ignition (because I'm one of the power-window elite), cracked the window, and then turned the key back as fast -- but not before the CD player blinked to life, just long enough to display the active track's time: 3:36, clicking to 3:37 precisely as I killed the power. Afterward, I sat momentarily with my hand on the turned key, in a quiet shock -- a synchroshock, that is (sorry, couldn’t resist).

And were the numbers ready to call it a day? No, they were not. Not at all.

I was next visited at the market -- twice. Or maybe it was just one single, super-sized synchronicity. Anyway, this one began with my returning a vitamin supplement. I went to a register. I told the cashier what I wanted. He tapped some buttons on the fancy computerized checkout (am I the only one still fascinated with these wonderful contraptions? I'm caught back in the days of single-line readouts and dot-matrix-printed receipts). As a matter of course, the man then reached out for my return's requisite receipt, whereupon his watch was placed squarely into my line of vision -- thus forcing me to see that it read 3:17. Again, I was struck with stunned amusement. This time, however, I didn't have the chance to smile and laugh, for a split second later, the cashier read me the total I would be receiving back from the return: $31.73. I never did smile. Instead, I accepted my money and then walked the store in a contained shock, a kind of synchronicity overload.

“Surely that was enough for one day,” you’re saying now. “No number is that tenacious!!!” Normally, you might be right, for, indeed, numbers do need their rest. But this was no normal day.

The numbers still had one little surprise for me. Recall how I’d gotten gas that morning, when I’d purchased exactly 11.73 gallons by simply letting the tank fill to capacity (after seeing that number or its cousins no less than a couple dozen times on the way there …). Well, that evening, while updating the spreadsheet of my finance books, I went to enter the new debit I’d incurred from buying gas: $26.95, which I’d paid on a credit card. The card’s preexisting balance was $46.18, and so I added these together to get my new bottom line: $73.13.

I couldn’t write this stuff, folks (and I’m a writer, for God’s sake).


(Note the 3:16 timestamp. I guess Johnny the cashier’s watch was a minute fast (or the fancy checkout computer was slow).)

 (And, because one parenthetical anecdote isn’t enough:  When I went into my records to fetch this receipt for the above photograph, I encountered two other receipts from the same market, both of which sported prominent 37’s (a 3:37 timestamp on one, and a 7337 barcode number on another, these Just Happening to enter my line of sight). If it’s not obvious, the numbers’ sense of humor is rivaled only by their tenacity.)


"Ask and Ye Shall Receive -- Yes, Really"

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

-- Matthew 7:7

  • * *

A couple months ago, I had a thought: that I would like a new scanner for my computer. What was wrong with my old one, and why didn’t I just buy a replacement? Long story, and a quite boring one, and ultimately irrelevant. Anyway, the thought was there: new scanner , vague but distinct. Not quite a request -- not an asking , for a new scanner was by no means a necessity -- but a coherent desire, nonetheless.

The very next day, as I drove past a local dumpster on the way home, I noticed something set beside it: a silver, electronic-looking gizmo. I stopped and investigated. The gizmo was a computer scanner. It worked great, and was precisely what I needed, without the flaws of my old scanner.

I had received, it seemed. I smiled and laughed.

  • * *

And then it happened again.

Same basic circumstances, different thing: a new container for my receipts and records, now. My old one was problematic (in another boring way), and I was adverse to getting a new one (for more good-but-boring reasons). Likewise, this situation, for all its pettiness, culminated in a passive-yet-distinct desire, now for some filing apparatus without the flaws of that I currently used.

And again: the very next day; the very same dumpster; a curious object set considerately beside it, the way we do quasi-trash that someone might conceivably want. A minute later, I was the proud owner of a good, sturdy plastic case with an accordion-style folder inside. For my needs, nothing could’ve been more appropriate.

Consider me a receiver, I guess.


“Page 37”

The number 37. I was seeing it everywhere, though this was nothing new. The book page, however, was new.

It happened at the beach.

I’d gone out to sun, which I did, and it was good. Then, as I started back to my truck, something odd happened: I found myself going a different way than I’d arrived. Instead of walking over the stairs and deck to the parking lot, I went alongside them, down in the sand. It struck me as illogical, since the sand was loose and difficult to walk through; but then, I’d been intuitively Compelled to go that way, and I’d long ago learned to obey my Compellings. So I went with it.

There, I found the page.

There was a lot of litter in my path, along the dune I was walking beside; yet I felt Compelled to pick up just one in particular, a small, unassuming piece of paper. I grabbed it up, and felt another Compelling, now to read the paper’s black type.

As it turned out, the litter was a single, stray page from a paperback book. In the header, the page number read “37.”

Could I have seen that page number on the paper, subconsciously, and been attracted to it? No; I’d been Compelled at distance from it, too far away to read the small, paperback type (plus, I didn’t even have my glasses on, being out on the beach). And, what about my being Compelled to walk down there in the first place, before I even had a chance to see the rogue book page at all?

This, after seeing that number no less than two dozen times in the preceding hours, and always in ways such as this, conspicuous and in-my-face and hugely unlikely (and that was just that one day …).

I laughed. Indeed, I laughed.


“Scooter For Sale”

I was in the market for a moped scooter, but not just any. I wanted a Honda Ruckus, and I wanted it locally, and I wanted it cheap.

So it was only natural that the Ruckus in question caught my eye.

I saw it while driving through a small neighborhood that played host to a sprawling apartment complex. The scooter was parked in the complex's lot, and immediately upon seeing it, I had the distinct thought that it was for sale. I had no reason to think so; the scooter had no festive Halloween-orange "for sale" sign, nor any indicator of being for purchase. Yet, illogically, I felt -- knew -- that that Ruckus was on the market, such that, had I not been pressed for time, I would've stopped off and inquired about the asking price.

I drove on, telling myself that my yen for a Honda Ruckus was putting thoughts in my head. Three days later, however, that conclusion would change.

Not having found a scooter in this time, I checked my town's Craigslist page -- and there, posted barely a half-hour earlier, was a listing for a Honda Ruckus. First came excitement, upon seeing a local Ruckus for sale (and at a reasonable price); but that soon gave way to awe, as I browsed the pictures and at once recognized the scoot as that which I'd so memorably spied while out driving the other day.

Just to be sure, I returned to the apartment complex I’d passed. The scooter was still parked there, and after I compared it to the Craigslist pictures, it was indeed one in the same, right down to the parking lot and landmarks in the background.

Once more, I laughed.

(It bears mentioning that I shouldn’t have even been driving in that neighborhood in the first place, that one day. I’d had no business there until a random man, seeing me looking at cars just down the road, directed me to his used-car lot, located just nearby, in that neighborhood where the Ruckus was parked. Interestingly, I’d felt Compelled to heed the man’s tip …)


“Worms & Coffee”

I was on the road. It was lunchtime. I wanted some good, fresh, non-convenience-store coffee to go with my meal. So I stopped off and, with my trusty smartphone, searched for “nearby coffee shops.”

Out where I was, in the coastal North Carolina countryside, only one result came up: Worms & Coffee.

My first thought was, Interesting name. My second was, Too far away, for the place was, indeed, several miles too distant to be worth the trip. So, back on the highway I went (after which I would soon find a suitable coffee shop, where I lunched and all was well). Before turning around, though, I did have a parting thought: Guess I’ll never see the Worms & Coffee coffee shop, then. It was oddly disappointing, like missing out on some rare but unimportant event.

Yes, this being a synchronicity story, you probably know where this is going: somehow, in some profoundly unlikely way, I miraculously find myself at Worms & Coffee. You aren’t wrong; but, the real wow of this incident is appreciated only in the details of my arrival.

First, I took a wrong road, when beginning the trip home. Though, this is a bit of an understatement: I took not just “the long way,” or “the scenic route,” or the road that would leave me on the wrong side of the tracks. Rather, this was the wrong road, in the sense of heading for Maine when you’re looking for Florida. Coming out of Wilmington, NC, after having visited for my first time, I’d just continued south on the road I’d ended up on after my stay. I was, after all, just heading back “south,” to Myrtle Beach nearby. South is south, I thought. The ocean was to my left and my car’s hood was pointed down, so I was bound to hit Myrtle Beach eventually, right?

Unfortunately, I was ignorant of southeastern North Carolina geography. Namely, of the Cape Fear river and its peninsula.

Going blindly “south” for miles and miles, I’d kept expecting an exit to the highway, and wondering why there weren’t any. Well, once the southerly road dead-ended at a picturesque beach (and I became enlightened in regards to the Cape Fear peninsula, again thanks to my handy smartphone), my questions were answered. There was one consolation, however: my misadventure had taken me right to a ferry port, and the next departure was in less than a half and hour. Oh well, I thought. Maybe a ferry ride will be fun.

Indeed, I did enjoy the ferry, for all the time my detour had cost me. And, at least I hadn’t had anywhere to be (oh wait, I had; thankfully, the doctor was understanding when I called and cancelled my appointment). My butt hadn’t even gotten too sore. However, my detour was just beginning.

Back on shore, across the Cape Fear river, I started home to Myrtle Beach … only to get lost again. How I got lost, I’m still not quite sure; and, besides, it doesn’t have much bearing on the synchronistic side of this whole mess (nor does the excruciating traffic jam that I became enmeshed in as a result)). But, in any case, this second navigation mistake introduced a pertinent twist in my story: it made my ill-fated journey back to Myrtle Beach that much more convoluted and roundabout, sending me even further astray into coastal southeastern NC. The same goes for the additional tangle of turns and byroads that was required to correct this latest mistake; by then, I was beyond lost, having shed all sense of direction or location, like a bloodhound with a busted nose. By the time I at last finished my wrong-turning and then got back on course, it was hours after I should’ve already been home.[_ _]

At least I kept my cool and had some fun, I thought as I drove on (with a butt that had, by then, grown very sore), as consolation for my “wasted” day. However, my adventure wasn’t quite over yet.

Right before reaching the highway I’d been desperately seeking out all afternoon, I passed a lonely little brick building, sitting on a desolate corner in the middle of nowhere. Worms & Coffee read a neon sign in the window, looking out of place in the emptiness. I’d gotten to see it, after all (really “after all,” in this case).

I didn’t have time to stop and check it out, sadly. But I did laugh. And laugh. And laugh.


“Ask and Ye Shall Receive: The Flip Side”

Indeed: _ I have asked, and I have received_. This time, however, I was on the other side of the exchange.

It centered around a chiropractic appointment.

I would call myself a “giver,” except that I didn’t really give anything. Rather, all I did is show up early for this particular appointment. And, even then, my reasons for doing so were wholly selfish: when the day came, it just worked better for me to get my adjustment at 10:00 AM instead of the appointed time of 11:00 (due to a million little unforeseen logistics, and the other things that life can throw at us on any given day). I almost called to see if I could bump up the appointment, but I had to literally pass right by the chiropractor’s after leaving my hotel; it made sense to just drop in and see if the doctor might happen to be free.

That was the extent of my “giving”: a selfish, and somewhat importunate, early arrival at my chiropractor’s. Yet, “giving” it very well proved to be.

In my chiropractor’s office, the man’s eyes lit up as soon as he saw me. And then, after I explained why I was early, a smile opened across his whole face, of the bright, beaming variety that you just can’t fake. “I love how the universe works,” he said then, and proceeded to explain that he had just been hoping that I would come in at 10:00 instead of 11:00. See, he had mistakenly double-booked the 11:00 time slot.

I laughed. He laughed. I got my adjustment at a convenient time, and my chiropractor’s scheduling dilemma was nullified in the bargain. Win-win.

If this is “giving,” I like it.


“The Cards Resume”

So, I found another playing card.

The playing cards were from _ an earlier epoch of my synchronicity adventures_. In summary, I found several, about a pinochle-hand’s worth, all in variously unlikely ways (at times remarkably so, in the way these things happen, as to demand, and keep, my attention). This long-winded incident spanned several months; then, without prelude, it suddenly stopped. At the time I received the last card, I had made no real sense of it all. When no more cards came, without yielding their meaning in a big, Hollywood-style reveal, I felt to be on the other end of a rudely clicked phone.

And then today, two years later, here comes another card.

It arrived as abruptly and unexpectedly as the originals’ arrival and departure. The card was in a parking lot, lying directly in my path as I exited my vehicle and made for a store (just like the others had been, more or less). Need I say that I’d felt absolutely Compelled to be at this shopping center on this day, despite it being far out of my way and a general pain in the butt to reach? By now, that goes without saying.

But, you might be thinking, how do you know the card wasn’t just a random piece of litter?

A good point, and not at all wrong, since I’m sure that perfectly good playing cards get thrown away every day, and for perfectly logical and unfantastic reasons. However, there are reasons why I felt my find to be notable. Besides its arriving in a similar, patternistic fashion to its similar, multiple predecessors, there is one striking fact about my finding this particular card: it bore a striking resemblance to not one, but two of its previously-found siblings. Namely, these three cards (all found randomly, separately, and in conspicuously similar ways) depicted a knight with sword, mounted on a horse.

When I first picked up this latest card, I smiled. And then, seeing the unmistakable “Knight of Swords” archetype in its image, I laughed, quite loudly. To anyone else in the parking lot, I might’ve looked to have picked up a winning lottery ticket.


“Autobiography of a Yogi”

A month or so ago, a friend of mine recommended a book, Autobiography of a Yogi. It was the first I’d heard of this book in my life.

Being a habitual heeder of random recommendations, I bought the book.

I planned to read it, really; but you know how plans go, especially when it comes to books. That is to say, I got sidetracked by other books (perhaps “seduced” is more like it). So, weeks went by, and the yogi book went unread, for all its appeal.

Until today, when I finished a long, very un-yogic how-to book. With that, I thought, decisively, that it was time to read about the yogi.

Before I could start it, however, I had to take some trash to the dump.

Yes, there is a synchronicity lurking in this story, as anyone who’s read this blog could guess: that very same day, I randomly came across a copy of none other than Autobiography of a Yogi, there at the dump, in a little area called the “Swap Shop” where folks can leave stuff that someone might want. However, there’s more to the incident than the simple coincidence of my finding a copy of the book I was intending to read.

A battery led me to it.

That battery. It had been kicking around for years, going with me through several moves, without ever being thrown away. A cheap, non-alkaline double-A, it had always escaped disposal because, like any battery, you don’t just toss it in the trash; at my local dump, the dead batteries have their own special bin, which requires its own special few steps from the dumpsters, which, therefore, required me to separate the battery from its fellow garbage. Too much to ask, it would seem. Annoyance is the best deterrent, indeed.

But I digress. Back to the book.

I decided to at last get rid of the battery, is what happened. I was going through some stuff; I happened across this ancient dead battery; I was going to the dump anyhow. And so I took it with me, despite the tremendous/miniscule effort required to do so. It brought a rush of power and accomplishment; if I could get rid of this battery, I could do anything.

Then I forgot about it.

Wrapped up in disposing of the normal trash and recyclables, I very nearly left the dump without tossing the battery. On top of being distracted with the other trash, I was also in a big rush, trying to get to a doctor’s appointment. In fact, I was in such a rush that I neglected my usual visit to the Swap Shop to see if any interesting freebies awaited me there. Only as I’d gotten back in my car and started driving away did I remember the battery; and only because it had been spared disposal for so long did I take the time to stop, get out, and march it over the bin.

As it were, the battery bin was right next to the Swap Shop. So I stopped in, after all.

And there I found the book -- the very one I had decided to begin reading that day, after weeks of neglect. And, of course, it was the second time in my life I'd come into contact with Autobiography of a Yogi in any way, just like dozens of other remarkably similar incidents

I left the Swap Shop copy of the book where it lay. Someone else could grab that one; I already had mine.


“The Pituitary Gland”

Just what exactly does the pituitary gland do?

I asked myself this yesterday, while shopping for a pituitary glandular supplement that supposedly helps one’s pituitary function. I was curious … but not enough to actually look it up.

However, in less than a day, I would be enlightened on the subject.

A couple weeks ago, I totally randomly found a totally random novel, for free, at the dump: Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Then, yesterday (the same day I’d pondered the pituitary gland), after reading several other books in the meantime, I decided to start reading my dump-novel, as randomly as I’d found the thing, from a selection of over a dozen others (other books in general, not dump-books; I’m not that lucky).

Now skip to today, when, several chapters into Relic, my eyebrows raised: it outlined exactly what the pituitary gland does, in a conversation between two characters.

I'd never before read of this gland's function, and then, after randomly deciding to read a book I've had for weeks (instead of the generous selection of other appealing books at my disposal, I might add), I Just Happened to start this one and, thus, encounter the information I sought -- answering my question, asked less than a day prior.

I call these type of incidents “question-and-answers,” for reasons obvious.

  • * *

The synchronicity didn’t stop there, however.

Remember why I was wondering about the pituitary gland in the first place? Because I was contemplating the purchase of a glandular supplement, made, unglamorously, from the raw glands of pigs and/or cows. So, it could be said that, in buying and ingesting these pills, I would, technically, be dining on the glands of said animals (which are extracted directly from their brains, as it were).

Now, the kicker: the culprit of the Relic book, as it turned out, is a creature that feeds on pituitary glands.

This, just after I’d bought a supplement which, once taken, would render me a pituitary carnivore …

When I’d never read of such a creature before, ever …

And I’d had all those other books to choose from, with this one’s cover and blurb advertising nothing of pituitary cuisine …

Just like so many other times, in identical pattern and timing and …

Etcetera. Etcetera.

There’s more to this incident, if you can believe it. But I’ll just stop here.


“Rubber-Grip Thing from Heaven”

The jar wouldn’t open.

However innocent-looking, the lid was uncooperative, sealed tight, not budging when turned. I tried harder. I used a towel. I used all my might. But no give.

One of those rubber-gripper things would come in handy right about now, I thought.

In the end, however, my jar saga had a happy ending: the lid did at last succumb (after some gentle banging on the counter). With that, I forgot about my brief battle with the jar of minced ginger. My life proceeded.

Though, I would soon remember that jar, and my silent prayer for a rubber-gripper thingamajig. Fast forward to this evening, approximately twelve hours later.

Once I'd returned home for the day, I had a package in the mail: some vitamin supplements. I opened the envelope, and there were the supplements -- along with something else. A little plastic package with a friendly green label. "Magic Gripper," it read. One of those rubber-gripper things -- except, in with my shipment of supplements.

Why? How? When I’d placed the order, there’d been no mention of a complimentary rubber-gripper. I guess it might make sense, given that supplements come in bottles and jars, with lids that might get stubborn from time to time. Though, I’ve ordered from this place dozens of times, for years, and never received any rubber-grippers …

Until today, some hours after I’d Just Happened to have needed just such a utensil (for the first time in … months? years?).

Ask and ye shall receive, I thought. Again.

(And here’s a fun little footnote: that evening, minutes after discovering my unexpected gift, I went to open another jar … and its lid wouldn’t turn. I employed my new rubber-gripper, and it worked like a charm. Afterward, I laughed madly.)


“What Are The Chances? (Answer: Worse Than Astronomical)”

So, I went to this thrift store, randomly, for the first time in a while. It was in my hometown, and I hadn’t been there for over a decade. Why not?

Though, there was more: I felt Compelled to go there, in that special, patternistic way that I’ve elaborated on in prior posts.

What did I expect to find at this thrift store that so urgently demanded my visit? I can’t say, beyond the usual hodgepodge found in thrift stores. Regardless, over the course of my browsing, I encountered two items of note: the book Battlefield Earth, and an old, vintage-looking set of tire chains in a distinctive black case. As it were, it was the first I’d seen these particular items, anywhere; but, besides that, I mention them in particular because they stood out to me, as to be Noticed, also in a patternistic fashion I’ve observed many times in recent years.

So Noticeable were they, in fact, I picked out the book and tire chains as being somehow significant, most likely to be involved in some forthcoming synchronistic incident (also patternistic, for me …).

I was not disappointed.

The next day, I went to another thrift store, at the other side of town -- also out of a Compelling, instead of any logical, overt need. And there, I came across two items of note. The first was another copy of Battlefield Earth , and though this was only the second time I'd ever encountered the famous novel in my life (and had occurred less than twenty-four hours afterward), I didn't think too much of it -- because coincidences do happen, you know? The second item, however, gave me pause: a set of tire chains, in a scuffed, black, elderly case with faded stickers from a different era of marketing and advertisement. The chains were exactly like those from the last thrift store -- an obscure, perhaps once-in-a-lifetime item, encountered twice within the course of a day. And, both in thrift stores.

What to make of this, I don’t know, even after my last magical-mystery-tour few years of such phenomenon. In any case, I laughed.


“Negative Ions”

Negative ions. They’re good for you, if you didn’t know.

These days, you hear a lot about this stuff. There are ionizer gizmos that plug into wall outlets and renew the air, and those big, pink, warmly glowing salt lamps that are seen ubiquitously in health food stores and head shops. Also, there are the “detox foot baths,” which, supposedly, work their magic by ionizing the body directly, via the feet.

Me? I’m a foot-bath guy.

Say what you will about them (and, yes, there’s plenty of controversy over the practice, like any health gadget that’s attracted miraculous claims), but I personally have found, through relatively objective personal experimentation, that these foot baths do in fact exert a real and positive effect on the body (or, at least, on mine). And, likewise, I’ve determined that this effect does seem to stem, in some way or another, from the induction of negative ions, for I’ve discovered markedly similar effects from other supposed means of ionizing oneself (salt caves, ocean air, and earthing/grounding, for instance). Consequently, I enjoy a foot bath from time to time, and am always rewarded with a general pick-me-up of some fashion.

So, that’s how I came to be sitting down to a foot bath today.

Upon putting my feet in the soak, I was struck with the thought: Negative ions. It just hit me, in every sense of the term, as if remembering the very concept after a long time. And, I guess, that was sort of true: after a year or so of my discovering the foot baths, and my subsequent research of negative ions, I hadn’t really given them much thought. Today, however, I did. For some reason.

Negative ions. The words were etched across my mind as I began my latest podiatric ingestion of the things.

Naturally, I cracked a book just after the bath began, to pass the half-hour, as is my custom for these sessions. As it were, today’s selection was The Snow Leopard, by Peter Matthieson, a first-person account of one man’s physical and spiritual journey through the Himalaya mountains in 1973. It’s one of those famous classics that, somehow, I’d just missed up until now (so many books, so little time, you know). In fact, I only learned of the book’s fame after buying it; at the time I’d stumbled upon it, The Snow Leopard was a totally random purchase, a library discharge in fact, which just announced itself to me and demanded to be bought. So, blindly, I’d paid the quarter for it and been on my way, after which it joined my towering stack of unread books (where it would remain until, just two days ago, over a month afterward, I’d felt Compelled to choose it for my next read …).

Two pages into my reading, I gave pause: “… there are recent speculations that negative ions, which seem to be positive in their effect on animals and plants …”

I did a double-take. First, because my unexpected pondering of Negative ions still lay across my mind, having occurred literally a minute or so beforehand. Second, because I'd had to turn the page to expose this passage -- that is, I couldn't possibly have subconsciously read it in my peripheral vision, thus ruling out psychological suggestion of some kind. It brought about that synchronistic sense of "echo" which characterizes these experiences, literally making me stop and blink like a cartoon character.

But then, third, there was the book itself: I wasn't reading a health journal, or even one of those duplicitous supplement advertisements disguised as such -- nothing where one might expect to encounter talk of negative ions. Instead, my book was about a pilgrim struggling through rugged country on a wildlife expedition (written nearly forty years ago, nonetheless, before the whole negative-ion craze was even a twinkle in the internet marketer's eye).

I smiled, in muted wonder: synchroshocked again.

It persisted through the rest of my foot bath, like the icing on a very surreal cake.

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Part II: My Personal Synchronicity Log

[][] 2008


I was sitting down finishing up watching a video regarding the stargate/wormhole symbolism phenomenon. After it finished, I absently turned my head to the right and looked at a book case. Something caught my eye: it was a small box with what appeared to be a couple wormhole-like pictures on it. I went over and picked up the box, and it was covered with them(7 to be exact). The box was a set of J. R. R. Tolkien Lord of the Rings books, something which had also been mentioned in the video I had just finished watching. Double whammy.


I was in my kitchen, talking to myself about an incident that had happened the day before. I had just finished telling myself how I was ready to leave at 2:15PM that day(the crux of an argument I was having), when I felt compelled to look at a clock that was next to me immediately after having the though. It read 2:15. I looked at it two seconds later and it was 2:16.


TWo days ago, the actor Paul Newman died. Today, I am reading a grammar exercise in which his name is mentioned. Had not heard the name Paul Newman in years before this.


I was reading an article about healthy grains while eating lunch today. My lunch consisted of oatmeal with cereal added to it. About halfway through the article, I started to think about the texture the cereal added to the oatmeal; the cereal contains nuts and I noticed how it gave the oatmeal a “nutty” taste. After thinking that, I went back to reading the article, and after two lines, it described how the grain in question gave food a “nutty” taste.

Later in the day, I went to work out. As I was leaving the gym, there was a man working on one of the doors, putting a decal on it. We wouldn’t have had any contact normally, but somoene was coming in the other door, and the two talked a bit, so I had to wait a minute to leave. As I left, the sign man said he was sorry, and I said no problem.

After that, I went to ship off a package. When I did, it ended up costing more then I had expected, so I had to leave the package and go get more money to ship it off. I came back to the drop location about 30 minutes later, and when I did, the sign man was there. We recognized each other and said hello. Short wave cycle?


I watched a movie, Batman: The Dark Knight. Movie contained descriptions of a bank robbery, men in breasted suits and sackcloth hoods, and a larger-than-life car chase: all things I had either already written into The Game, or was planning to. Movie also contained many themes from the as-yet unwritten Dark Path (as above, as below, two-faces, good and evil, hmm…).

[] 2009


I sold a guitar for my friend. I was about to go pick it up for him so I could ship it off, when I remembered I needed to tally up his slice of the payout. Going back to do so and knowing I would be late meeting him, I tallied it up: $1,124.00. As I got into my truck to take it over, my clock read 11:24. If I hadn't of taken the time to go back inside and tally up the figure, it wouldn't have *been* 11:24 when I got outside.


I am writing a novel set in the early ’80s. I wrote a simile lately that referred to the Ayatollah Khomeini. I had to look Khomeini up; I had seen his image and knew of the “Ayatollah” part of his title, but not his name. That was approximately a week ago. Today, I went to check the warranty on a computer part I got by chance. The checker was on the internet, and it had a security word you had to enter before it would go. The word was “keeping khomeini.” After never hearing the word in my life, what are the chances that I would look it up, then a week later see it there, as a randomly-generated security word (not the mention the fact that I was checking the warranty at all, which was completely by a big convoluted ring of chance).

Sometime in August 09

I checked out a book at complete random in the library, as in literally fingering a book and checking it out. The one I chose was Society of the Mind, by Eric L. Harry. I had never read or heard of the author. The book turned out to be about artificial intelligence, robotics, and futurism. There were several elements in the book that I had not only conceived but written about in a recent novel (I had thought my ideas unique at the time).


I checked out a book called Dolores Claiborne by Stephen King a couple weeks ago. The book involved a solar eclipse, and had this weird element about the main character hearing a girls voice that went unexplained when you finished the book. Earlier last week, I returned my earlier books and checked out two new ones, specifically one called Gerald's Game, also by Stephen King. Gerald's Game also involved an eclipse, and explained the mysterious voice the woman had heard in Dolores Claiborne -- Gerald's Game is a kind of loose sister-novel to Dolores Claiborne. I had never read a page of either when I consequetively checked them out, and had no idea they were connected. I chose them completely at random, and back to back, no less. What are the chances of that?


In the morning a line from a Skid Row song popped into my head: “It’s just spittle right off my chin.” I have no idea why it popped up, but it stayed there off and on for hours; I couldn’t keep from thinking of it.

At church, I blew my nose during the service, and after, as I was in the bathroom, I happened to rub my chin, and my hand came back with mucus on it. I’d apparently blown mucus down onto my chin, missing the napkin I blew into. It wasn’t quite spittle, but was uncannily close.

[] 2010

4-15-10 (first half posted)

I was in my truck, about to cut grass, and I went through my MP3 player looking for music. I settled on an album by Muse, but, for some reason that I only later understood, I started the playlist at the song immediately preceding the Muse album, “Super Sex,” by Morphine.

I started the song and got out to unload my mower, listening to an instrumental intro of “Super Sex.” The first word of the song is “Taxi,” spoken twice; the instant it sounded over my headphones, a van pulled into the driveway at my right. A taxi.


Also worth noting, about an hour after I met the taxi, I started having a recurring thought: “the necessary lies.” It went through my head again and again, and I had no idea where it had come from. Then, when I went home that afternoon, I got a shower and then lay down to read. I picked up where I’d left off earlier, in Mortals by Norman Rush, and not three lines down did I read a sentence regarding “the necessary lies.”

Now, Logical Me was quick to point out that I could have subconsciously skimmed the paragraph before stopping earlier, a phenomenon I'm quite familiar with. For example, while editing my fiction, I'll often use a word, then a paragraph later find I used the exact same word there. I've come to the conclusion we read into things much more than we consciously realize (both figuratively and literally -- we know much more than we know). Anyway, interesting as this was, I at first sided with Logical Me, attempting to remain objective and all ... but then I remembered: when I'd stopped reading earlier that afternoon, I had finished one page and stopped on a fresh one, and I distinctly remembered reading only the first two words on the page, quickly, since I was in a hurry, and then abruptly shutting the book. The "necessary lie" sentence was the next paragraph down, and I only had the page open less then a second before I shut it; I simply wouldn't have had time to go down that far. Interesting, interesting.


Started a new story today, “The Bachelor”. Arbitrarily named one of the main characters Red, for no reason I could ascribe. I didn’t like the name, was a touch too grizzled-cowboy for my taste, but it seemed to work, so I stayed with it. Finished reading “Light in August” yesterday, and was planning on picking up Stephen King’s new novel today, but I didn’t have time, so I swung by the library on the way home. I went discursively through the books in the way I do when I can’t find something I want, and I came across a novel called “Skin”. I found myself reading the blurb on the back, and it mentioned that the main character was named Red.

[] 2011


Had an odd thought pop into my mind: Is thirty “old”? It had never bothered me before, never been an issue, yet there it was, in the morning when I finished my reading, out of nowhere. Not an hour later, I watched the movie “200 Motels” and in it, Frank Zappa mentions how he’s thirty, and that’s “old.”


I was going to meet my parents for lunch. I had started down one way, then realized I had to go a different way, so I cut through Earthfare to get on King Street. As I turn there, an overwhelming sense of doom opened over me, like a cloud had gone over the sun, and I tell myself it's nothing, it's just because I'm going another way, but the doom lingers, and it puts my antenna up, puts me on guard. So I go to turn onto King Street, and there's a guy standing right by where I'm about to turn, looking around. My first thought is that he's trying to cross the road, but then I noticed he was by an Appal Cart sign, like, waiting for the Cart. But still, I thought I better make sure he's not crossing when I try to turn. Sure enough, when I start pulling out, he starts going. I slam on my brakes, he sees me, I wave him across. The car behind me lays on the horn -- I guess I should've kept going, hit the guy?

Anyway, the next day, I'm going down the road and it hits me, the whole deal, how I'd had that sense of presentiment and then I'd almost hit the pedestrian. I'm going through the story in my head, kind of mumbling to myself about it in the way of crazy folks, and then just when I get to the part where I almost hit the guy -- I see him. There. On the corner. Same damn guy.


Reading "The Passage" by Justin Cronin. In the book, an exclamation is "Flyers!" It stuck with me, for some reason, and I kept thinking of it -- Flyers! Flyers! Flyers! Then, the same day, I watched "The Shining" movie, in which the boy wears a jacket that says "FLYERS" on the back.


I’ve gone I don’t know how many years without hearing the term “the good doctor,” and today I heard it twice: once in the movie “Eyes Wide Shut,” which I was hesitant to watch but did anyway, and the book “The Passage.”


Was watching a basketball game and it cut to commercial. As the commercial came on, my attention was drawn outside, where I noticed two dogs terrorizing a cat of mine. Not a second after I noticed it -- really as the thought was crossing my mind, that my cat was being chased by dogs -- the commercial said, "Do dogs chase cats?"


I’d been putting off re-writing Other for the last year, finally did it. When I got to the point where Hildy wills her dream-reality to the column, it was on a day that I had at last been doing something eerily similar, visualizing and willing a reality to the Succor Punch, a quartz-crystal column.


Started reading The Great Gatsby on 6/22, the longest day. At the start of the book, Daisy mentions how she always misses the longest day, which I had been doing myself until I read that.


Had been trying to get some rechargable batteries for my zapper; ordered some, but mistakenly got the wrong kind, though the charger that came with them was what I needed. So I set out to buy some rechargables; went online, that felt wrong, so I went to Radioshack, then Walgreens, striking out at each, and then went back online, again feeling like I should get them locally. I felt drawn, for some reason, to Energizer brand, though it was of a lower capacity than others. As I was online, I by chance found that K-Mart stocked such batteries, and so I considered going there sometime soon. However, just afterward, I made a call I'd been putting off, to cut a certain lawn. I decided to cut it that day, and it would send me right past K-Mart, so I decided to stop on the way. There, there was one single rechargable 9v battery in the whole store, and reduced, from 12.49 to 1.24, over 90% off (I didn't want to spend much, since I'd already bought the wrong batteries). It happened to be an Energizer.

Also, I got around to ripping a CD I’d bought a few days ago, Eponymous by R.E.M. While going over my word definitions, I happened to come across eponymous (I had started the book that day, and had a choice between several, any of which would’ve thwarted the synchronicity).


Saw the word “attenuate” in Center of the Cyclone, and it took particular interest in it, for no particular reason. Later, while in Hotmail, saw that it was the dictionary.com word of the day.

Also, felt compelled to edit “The Briefcase” tonight. Like “Other”, it very vividly mirrors my experience with the Succor Punch.


Was compelled to edit “Intangible” this morning, and to do it up to a certain point approximately half-way through. At the very end of the segment I edited, the main character battles an internal skeptic while entering a contest to win money, and the skeptic shuts up when she wins. This is exactly what I’ve been battling lately, and have been wanting to happen (was battling it just this morning, before I started editing).


Went to watch the “Manifesting the Mind” YouTube video I’d been planning on for the last week. I had been planning on it in a day or so, after I had cleared out my resubmission queue, but I was too tired to write, so I tried to watch it early. Unfortunately, the video had been removed from YouTube, so I went and searched for “Manifesting the mind part 1,” as the video was called. I didn’t find it, but I did find another, of the exact same name, and this one in turn led to me finding a video on a quasi-invisibility technique, where you use self-hypnosis/visualization to make yourself inconspicuous to others. I had been thinking of just such a technique for the past week, off and on, and distantly wondering if anyone had conceived of anything similar. Now I know.

Question: Was it me consciously restructuring reality, or unconciously, via my higher self? I considered the purely psychological approach, that I had asked myself this and thus sprouted a subconscious seed that blossomed into my finding this, but that doesn’t work, as the video original video had been removed, and I had to search for it to find the one on invisibility.


Was compelled to buy the movie “The Lawnmower Man” today, though I really didn’t want to. Was some interesting synchronicity in it: it was about a lawnmower man who ends up with endocrine/adrenal problems and goes insane, while learning to manipulate objective reality using his thoughts. He was also a virgin, and could read people’s thoughts and didn’t like them. Also interesting was a theme of cyclones and entering its middle, which jibes with my reading “The Center of the Cyclone” and the other cyclone synchronicities as of late (the mobius coil research I did, and the man who claimed to have produced a free-energy device using this information). Also, this morning, I was drawn to the center of the bowl I put my breakfast in, which was a spiral going into its middle.

I was also compelled to get the movie “Cigarette Burns”. I wanted the movie “Event Horizon,” if I was going to watch a movie at all, but at the flea market I bought the two movies from, I couldn’t find “Even Horizon”. Interestingly, at the end of “Cigarette Burns” there is a man with his eyes gouged out and cuts all over his body, just like in “Event Horizon”.

7/24/11 and 7/25

Was thinking, earlier today, about morphogenetic fields, and how they could possibly be responsible for the creation and function of organisms, rather than strictly DNA. Ended up watching a documentary at random tonight, The Living Matrix, not knowing what it was about. Ended up having a big sequence on morphogenetic fields, and other related phenmemon. Also, a guy featured in the movie was James L. Oscherman, a scientist who contributed to a book I had just started reading.

The biggie came after the movie and today, though. The movie had mentioned Thought Field Therapy, and after it was over, I went on YouTube and looked it up, and watched a video on it. While watching the video, I noticed, in the sidebar of related videos, a video from the technique's creator, and watched it. Likewise, in *that* video's sidebar, it had a video from the same guy, on HRV, a heart phenomenon, and it for some reason caught my eye. I watched that one after, then went to bed. Today, the 25th, I read more fo the forementioned book with James L. Oscherman in it, and it had section on none other than HRV.


A couple months ago, the exhaust shaft on my lawnmower cracked, the metal arm breaking clear. It wasn’t serious, and didn’t affect the mower’s function, but I still had the urge to get it welded, simply out of principle. However, I felt a resistance to doing so, even though another part of me insisted I get it welded, multiple times. I resolved several times to do it, and always failed the deadline. At the time, I assumed it just fear or laziness, or not wanting to put out the money, or some innanity. Still, it never got welded.

Yesterday, I was out cutting grass and when I unloaded the mower, I noticed that a part of the broken arm of metal had at last come off, thereby widening the exhaust shaft. I didn’t think anything of this, at first, because this didn’t really change anything; however, when I used the mower, I found that it no longer clogged, since the exhaust shaft was slightly bigger.

It was significant because, for as long as I’d had the mower, it has clogged, notoriously and unreasonably. I’ve always wished it wouldn’t clogged so easily, but not so much as in the last couple months, when I’ve been mowing a lot more. Now, with its newly widened exhaust, it very rarely clogs, even in high grass. It bears mention, I never thought that expanding the exhaust would ease the problem, thus ruling out any subconscious motivation (actually, I had always assume that the clog occurred not at the exhaust, but in the undercarriage; if there was any influence on my part, it was entirely unconscious).

It’s an example of intuition, and its forcefulness, shaping what you need even when it makes no sense, or when you should, from a logical and moral standpoint, do otherwise. Interesting.


Was in town, driving, thinking of the best way to transport a motorcycle in a pickup truck. Seconds later, while I was stopped at a light, a pickup truck pulled next to me, two bikes in the back, strapped just so. I studied them long enough to see how they were secured, then laughed.


Had “William” accepted today, when I was just thinking of it this morning (had thought of it being accepted before, but this one was very vivid, strong, certain). This comes amidst a tornado of word synchronicities (I’ve come across maybe 20 small-scale word synchronicities over the last couple days, some of them possibly coincidental, but others not).


Word synchronicity: brassard. I went through two pages of definitions this morning, then turned the page and stopped without looking at the next. I edited the “Dreams” chapter of “Storms” afterward, which featured the word “brassard.” When I sat down for lunch, just afterward, “brassard,” was the very first word on the page.


Still having word synchronicities out the ass, has to be record. Today’s were all involving “Heaven,” including a song I heard yesterday, about heaven, that stuck in my head.

Later today: I had the passing thought, out of nowhere, to look into tarot, as I never had before. That came in the morning, and that afternoon, before I looked up tarot, I read part of “Blood Meridian,” where the circus family is wearing clothes covered with arcana. Arcana. The word stuck out to me, for some reason I couldn’t place.

That night, when I looked up tarot, I learneda bout the 78 cards -- the major and minor arcana.


Had a prominent dream about mice, last night. It involved a couple of weird mice that kept giving birth, and this for some rason bothered me; some of the birthed mice were deformed, or cannibalistic. Was a very “ugly”, “uncomfortable” dream. I woke up in the morning with an urge to look up mouse symbolism. Looked it up, and the first page I went to brought nothing. The second page, however, said that mouse symbolism involved being too logical, too intellectual, as opposed to following your intuition, and this struck a cord in me, not a pleasant one. I read a couple more interpretations, and these did not bring anything.

Anyway, throughout the day, as it would turn out, I had a lot of musings about intellect vs. intuition, and how to balance both. Was very enlightening, allowed me to set these things straight. The musings were significant, and random, enough that I found it notable enough to make a log entry.


Word synchronicities: “rocker switch,” turned up in my ledger just after I’d finished editing a piece that used it, not an hour later; “Eastern Bloc” came up also, just after “rocker switch,” though it was last night that I used it (though it was the first I’d used it in I don’t know how long); “cigarillo,” read it in “Blood Meridian” just before I left to go cut grass, and while I was out cutting, I noticed a piece of trash on the ground, didn’t pick it up at first, but encountered it later, and it was an empty wrapper for a “cigarillo,” had never seen that word used outside Cormac McCarthy’s novels before.


Word synch: used dastardly a couple times last night, and it turned up as the title of Rebecca’s email today.


Word synch: “rostrum.” Turned up in my ledger, and then it was in the chapter of “Other” that I edited that night. Hand’t seen or read “rostrum” since I don’t know when.


Word synch: “shooting gallery”, read it in ledger and took particular note of it for some reason, and then, about an hour later, in “Blood Meridian”.

Also, this morning I had opened up “The Matador” to check something for a new story I was writing (but didn’t really want to be, at the time …), and then, tonight, I got an acceptance letter for it.

Read, this afternoon, in “Blood Meridian”, a part involving a dancing bear. Then, tonight, while researching ant symbolism (another thing I was hesitant to research but felt it necessary to do so), I see an ad from the WSPA regarding bear dancing. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen bear dancing referenced once.


word synchro: “toast soldier,” came up in ledger today, when I had just, by total chance, come upon a web page that mentioned it, yesterday. I’d felt compelled to search for gluten-free breakfast foods, though I had no intention of buying any, and the toast soldiers were on the page (which was from the UK, of course).

Also, “unintelligible,” came up in ledger today, when it had come up in my editing, yesterday, and I’d taken special note of it “for no particular reason.” I need to start logging these “noted” words as they happen.


Yesterday, I by chance encountered Dad’s iodine dropper in his vitamin box, while looking for batteries (which I felt compelled to do). I took particular interest in the dropper “for no real reason.” Last night, Dad mentioned to me that he still had the dropper, and asked if I needed it.

Then, yesterday morning, I’d edited one of the “dildo” parts in “Other,” then this morning, while still in bed, I heard my mom mention something about a dildo to my dad, the first I’d ever heard her say the word.


Was reading from my little Tarot book today, and came across a sentence involving being in control. "Control" stood out to me, For Some Reason, and immediaely after I read it, I was drawn out the window, by movement, two women walking along the road, one of them with a dog on a leash. Just after I looked up, a car started past them and the dog reared up, the woman jerking on her leash and crying out, struggling to keep the dog away from the car -- a perfect illustration of control.

Later, on the way home, I was stopped at the intersection by the Daniel Boone Inn, and my attention was drawn to the church there, strongly, For Some Reason. I noted the stained glass, one in particular, a circular piece, with a circle inside it, at the center. This fascinated me, again For Some Reason, and also For Some Reason, I noted that the glass was spoked with partitions, seven of them, since I was inspired to count them, For Some Reason. As I counted the seven partitions, I remembered a Cassiopiean transcription I’d read, what I thought described that very same construction, as a representation of objective reality. I went home and, while reading the transcriptions (which I had started yesterday), I happened to read that exact same transcription I’d thought of, and it did indeed describe objective reality as a circle within a circle, spoked with seven partitions. Wow.


On 9/11/11, I went by the same church and looked over the same window -- and there are really eight partitions. I swear, when I first saw it, there was only seven. I'm not suggesting the window has changed, but it was obviously my perception, me seeing what I think I saw. This, however, makes it even more interesting, since I saw this illusion, and ended up seeing a similar reference that same day.


In church this morning, the pastor mentioned how his laptop speakers were good, and how the blind tend to have sharper senses. Just yesterday, I came up with the idea for “Dark Night of the Soul,” which mentions how the blind tend to have sharper senses, and I also, for no reason in particular, thought deeply about how my laptop’s speakers weren’t that bad (which was almost the exact wording he used, that his laptop’s speakers weren’t that bad).

Also, read today in the transcriptions a mention of “Born to Run”. While in the gym, I had to take my headphones off for a few seconds, and that song happened to be on the radio. First I’d heard it in I don’t know how long, or seen it referenced.


Word synchro:

“sibilant”; didn’t take particular note of this when I first read it, while editing “Other”, only later, when I found it in ledger (it’s interesting, though, that I would chose that particular ledger, my oldest one; I had stopped looking at it recently, because I thought I knew all the words in it, and I do, but when I went to select a new one to look at, I felt Compelled to get that one …)

“imbroglio” and “quaff”; same

“midriff”; interesting, because it only came from a change

All of these occurred within the same, lunchtime ledger session.


Last night, just before I went to bed, I was Compelled to listen to the song “Aurora” by Bjork. I had heard the song many times prior, but never given thought to what Aurora actually was, or meant. As I was listening last night, though, I had the distinct thought to look up Aurora and see what it was; however, the thought was passing and weak, and I forgot it instantly.

Today, however, while reading through the transcriptions, I came upon a section where the legend of Orion was recited, in which he is blinded but then looks upon the goddess Aurora and receives new sight. There you have it.


Over the last day, I’ve had far too many word synchronicities to list, just one after another after another, many from “Riottaba”, which I edited last night and was accepted today. Wow.


Wrote the last (or hopefully last) chapter of "Other" today, entitled "Black Hole", about a guy who dreams of himself in the form of a world of neverending black, where he is an invisible ghoul that feeds on others -- a "black hole" of a person, someone who can only take, etc. After writing it, I read a similar reference to black holes in the transcriptions this afternoon, and almost considered it a hit, but then decided against it, since it was vague enough to conceivably be a coincidence. Well, during my second reading session, later, I came across another "black hole" in the transcriptions, but this one was a dead ringer, describing someone who uses and controls others as, literally, a "black hole of a person." Wow.


Today, I thought up a story, “The Barbarian”, about a guy who goes nuts and thinks he’s a barbarian. While brainstorming, I thought I could have him go “hunting” and kill a squirrell. I ended up going a different way, but only after I wrote the squirrell thing.

A couple hours later, I was reading “Heinous”, and in it, the guy kills a squirrell, brutally, the way I’d envisioned it for “The Barbarian” (the barbarian would’ve used an axe …).

Also, earlier today, while reading “Heinous”, I came across TARDIS referenced there, and felt the keen urge to look it up, For No Particular Reason. Though, that’s not quite true: in one of Rebecca’s emails, she had referenced it, and I didn’t know what she was talking about, and felt the desire to look it up then, but didn’t. So, I looked it up that night, and gasped: it was the fictional time machine that I had seen referenced just a couple weeks ago, while watching a video from a Dr. Pete Peterson. A kind of synchronicity love-triangle.


Word synchro: “spang”, used it in a story this morning, and turned up in my ledger this afternoon; it’s interesting, because I changed it from “dead” to “spang” in the story, by chance.


While pulling into McMantis this morning, a truck almost hit me, having not slowed down when he saw me turning (the parking lot is a slow turn). The truck beeped at me, amazingly, and I remembered it because it both scared the hell out of me, and made me angry as hell, since it was the guy’s fault.

I was thinking of this when I returned later in the day, to finish up. As I pulled in, I noticed a truck waiting to pull out from the next adjacent parking lot, and, For No Particular Reason, I thought of almost getting hit that morning, the truck beeping at me. No sooner had I thought that than I heard an angry beep, and saw the truck from the adjacent parking lot pulling into traffic, apparently having forced his way in. The truck had pulled out exactly where I'd pulled *in*, the beeper beeping in the same spot the morning truck had been. History repeats itself. A very weird synchro.


Word synchro: “cowed”; came across it in “The Videotape”, a story I was, last night, compelled to de-trunk for editing this morning. I edited it this morning, and almost removed “cowed”, taking special notice of it because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to leave it in or not; then, at lunch, I came across it in the ledger.


This morning, my mom said “changing of the guard” at breakfast, and I found it notable, For No Particular Reason. Later, that morning, when I tried to right, I got a page down and it ran out, so I went online looking for something to occupy my morning. After hesitantly going through Hulu.com, the TV/movie sight, I left, not wanting to watch anything, as not to have mess with my head. But then I went back, later, feeling “drawn” to it, and I found a travel show, about Sweden, in which it mentioned “the changing of the guard”.


Spent the morning in the hole, so I didn't write. Ended up watching another "Rick Steve's Europe", this time on Copenhagen. Felt "compelled" to watch the Copenhagen episode. First synchronicity was the bikes: Copehagen is a bike city, with bike lanes, and a respect toward bikers. It's notable because I had just a couple days ago had a long discourse with myself about how a society would accept bike traffic -- not a huge synchronicity, possibly just coincidence, but interesting. Then, this afternoon, after I'd just watched the Copenhagen tour, I read in "Naked Lunch" how William S. Burroughs wrote some of the novel while living in Copenhagen -- again, not a bit hit, but interesting.


Word synchro: “unmolested”; turned up in my ledger this morning, at the top of a page, but I felt Compelled to close it up before I finished the page and moved on, so I threw my bookmark there, even though I wasn’t finished eating breakfast. Therefore, I saw it again, at lunch, and then, right after, I read some of the “Houdini Gut Punch” book that I was Compelled to start reading yesterday (had planned on reading an entirely different book, but ended up reading this one, For No Particular Reason). I open it up after lunch, and a page in, I come across “unmolested.” It was, I think, the only time I’ve seen that used apart from when I originally came across it and wrote it down, probably a couple years ago. Wow.


Reading the “Houdini Gut Punch” anthology, and came across a story by Matt Nord, who, as it turns out, is editing an anthology I am to appear in (just got an email concerning it a couple days ago, in fact). In the guy’s story, the second page mentions a sensory deprivation tank; as it turns out, the anthology story of mine he’s publishing is about a sensory deprivation tank, called “The Dep Tank” (which wasn’t its original name; had originally involved a dep tank, but I only changed the title at the last minute).


Picked up “regency period” today while reading something random, and was Compelled to write it down and get the definition for it. Looked it up, with some difficulty (wasn’t in the dictionary, directly) and ended up learning that a regency is when a state is run by a council, etc, because the king or whatever is too young. Just a couple days ago, I’d watched the Rick Steve’s travel show, an episode where he was going over the history of some country, and he mentioned a “regent”, during which I found it notable, thinking it “reagant,” and how odd that was.

A word synchro, also: “swale”; popped up today in my ledger, when I encountered the word last night, in “Additive Free”, a story I haven’t edited in over a year, and probably the only one I’ve ever used that word in …


Word synchro: “increate”; just like “swale” from yesterday, edited a story for the first time in a year, noted “increate” in particular, then came across it in the ledger this morning.

Also, while reading the Cassiopean transcriptions today, I saw the Basques mentioned, when I had just days ago been introduced to the Basques in a Rick Steve’s travel show, after never hearing of them in my life (or not noting them if I did).


Word synchro: “nonverbal”; this one was a little different. I was reading my ledger, and as I was working my way down, I was thinking of a part of “Additive Free”, in which it mentioned someone’s nonverbals. Just as I thought that, I came across the entry. This could have foreseeably been a part of that peripheral-vision-reading phenomenon I’ve read about, where I read “nonverbal” in my peripheral vision, subconsciously, and it subconsciously triggered the thoughts of “Additive Free”, though it might not have been that at all. Hard to say. Interesting, none the less.

Another: “lyrical”; this one was a more traditional hit, read “lyrical” in a story I was editing last night, then had it pop up in the ledger this morning, after not see the word for I don’t know how long.


Word synchro: “apotheosis”; read it in “The Imaginal” last night, noticed it For No Particular Reason, then had it pop up in the ledger this morning.

Another: "knowing" (noun); had it in the other half of "The Imaginal", this morning, seeing "knowing" as a noun, and then, a couple hours later, had it turn up in the transcriptions. That's pretty significant, considering. Then, later, while editing "Hoodoo", it popped up *again*. Wow.

And a third: “clicked his tongue”; showed up in ledger at lunch, on the first page, me noting it For No Particular Reason, then in “Hoodoo” tonight.


Word synchro: “staple” (basic food, necessity, etc.); saw it in ledger this morning and took special note, then it turned up in “The Gardener” that night, in the proper tense.

That night, when I went to backup my files via the FTP program, I was thinking, distantly, about how I used to overwrite so much. No sooner had the thought crossed my mind than the FTP program prompted me on whether I wanted to “overwrite” my old backup file.


Word synchro: “incunabular”; was in ledger this morning, and I noted it For No Particular Reason, then it turned up in the transcriptions. Interesting, since I really didn’t feel like continuing with the transcriptions, being so burnt on on them, and had actually planned on reading a novel instead, but I read them anyway, and the word turned up, about the only time I’ve seen it anywhere, ever.

Also, “rill”; was also in the transcriptions, woman mentioned how she’d never heard the word before, even defined it, and it turned up in “Withdrawer’s Dream”, hours after, again the first I’d heard that word in a very long time, perhaps since I learned it.


Been seeing 32, 33, 37, and, especially, 52 recently. Then, today, when reading the transcriptions, I came across a part where a question was asked for general help, and the answer was a string of numbers, 52 included, and last. The guy who’d asked the question remarked, vaguely, that he couldn’t believe 52 was included there, as if suspicious? Regardless, was a striking parallel to the numbers I’ve been getting. The other thing was, I had theorized, vaguely, and probably wishfully, that the four numbers were lottery numbers, and when the guy in the transcripts asked, he theorized that they, too, were lottery numbers. Hmmmm.


Word synchro: “hyperbolic”; turned up in ledger this afternoon, then in “Storms” tonight. Don’t see that one too often.


Word synchro: a ton, while editing “Jammed”, from both doing “Storms” earlier today, and reading 1984, and all kinds of other things. Wow.


Reading 1984, and came upon a passage near the start of the book, where it's just describing Winston's job in the Ministry of Truth. As I was reading the start -- which was at the bottom of a left page -- it triggered a big chain of thoughts about its parallels to the modern-day media, though only loosely, since it hadn't yet gone into the details of Winston's manipulating work and all; however, the chain of thoughts ended with me thinking about how the American media depends on the memory hole to control the past. Two lines down -- on the next page over, mind you -- it mentioned how one of the tubes at Winston's disposal was nicknamed the memory hole. I couldn't have subconsciously read down -- maybe in my peripheral vision, which is possible, but the fact remains: I went into the whole, almost unrelated loop of thought that ended with me thinking of the memory hole syndrome, regardless of whether I was peripheral-reading or not (which, though possible, seems unlikely to me).


Lots of word synchro today while editing “Edenborough”, both from ledger and from “1984”. “Gathered,” “Taps”, etc.


Lots of word synchro again while editing “Edenborough”, from the ledger and “1984”: “swordplay”, “pediment”, “counterpane”.

Also, Edenborough mentioned a kerosene heater, a line which I deleted but noticed For No Particular Reason. I came across “oilstove” in “1984” and when I went to look up the definition, it turned out to be a kerosene heater. I can’t remember the last I’ve had a kerosene heater mentioned.

“Sunder”, in Edenborough and The Gibbet.


Word synchro: “presiding”, in ledger this morning, then “The Phone”, in the first paragraph. Also, “interminable”, edited it out of “Edenborough” yesterday, and then turned up in “1984” today. Might have been the second time I’ve ever seen it used. Then, “synovial”, was in Rebecca’s email yesterday, the first I’d ever heard the word, and then I overheard my mom say it today. Then, finally, “epicanthic,” a trifecta, turned up in “Edenborough” and the ledger, but I didn’t bother noting it, but then it turned up in “The Kid” the next day.

Also in “1984”, it referenced a man whose dark black hair and turned white. Just an hour earlier, I had by chance overheard my dad talking about a man who’s “dark black hair” had turned white.


Word synchro: “despatch.” Was in 1984 and I looked it up, turned out to be another spelling of dispatch, but it stuck out, For No Particular Reason. Then it was in “Stranger In A Strange Land”, right at the start, the next sequential book I read. The only time I’ve ever seen that spelling of dispatch, in those two books. Interestingly, I had a whole bunch of books at once to choose from, and I ended up reading those two together.


Word synchro: “bruschetta”. A trifecta: first cropped up in an episode of Rick Steves’ Europe that I watched a couple days ago, and I took notice For No Particular Reason; then again today, on the back of a cracker box, which I again noticed FNPR. I almost noted it then, but thought, nah, it’s been a couple days, and it’s a reasonably common word. However, a few minutes later, I happened to look at the back of a container of cream cheese, and it too had “bruschetta” on it.


“Alpen stock” turned up in ledger today, after I’d seen a Rick Steves’ Europe episode last night in which he received an alpen stock from someone while scaling Mount Vesuvius (though it was not called such, I just noticed it).

Also, I thought about “Withdrawer’s Dream”, which I’d submitted to Fantastique Unfettered, today, wondering what they’d thought of it, absently, and I got the rejection notice that night.


Word synchro: “four-poster bed”; was in the ledger this afternoon, and I noticed it For No Particular Reason, and then I by chance watched another Rick Steves’ Europe, there was a four-poster bed featured in it twice, the first I’d seen such for a long time (if ever).


Word synchro: “solidarity”; turned up in ledger this afternoon, then in “The Waiting” tonight.


Last night, I By Chance noticed that I’d submitted “A Cloud Over The Sun” to Shock Totem, taking particular notice of it, and then this morning I got the rejection from it. That was interesting, since that seems to happen often, being reminded of a submission right before it’s accepted or rejected; however, when I went to drag the story out of the “submitted” folder, I noticed the one right below it, “A Sleeping Place”, and when I looked at another email I had in my inbox, it led me to a page where I’d submitted “A Sleeping Place” and had it rejected. Interesting.

Also, when I drew today’s card, “Moon”, it was the first I’d drawn it and nothing struck me about it visually, so I went to the book to see its meaning, and I noticed, for the first time, on the back of the book was a print of that very card. It happened so fast, it made me blink.

Word synchro: “phantasmagoria”; turned up in ledger this morning and I took notice For No Particular Reason, then it turned up in “The Garden” tonight, which was just rejected (I wasn’t going to do it, but did anyway, For Some Reason). “Immunized”; in ledger, then in “Stranger in a Strange Land”.


Thought of “Deadheading” yesterday evening, while cutting grass, and it came in the subtle, indescribable way that indicates that I’m about to experience an acceptance or rejection. Sure enough, I got the rejection this morning (it was sent at 1:40 AM last night).

Word synchro: “bookish”; turned up in ledger this morning, and I took special note of it, For No Particular reason. Then, at lunch, I first felt the urge not to read the ledger, then later felt the urge to pick up a catalog of my mom’s, even though it repulsed me. I was flipping through, and toward the end was a gimmicky sort of book that had a bunch of smaller books in it. I noticed it, again For No Particular Reason, and almost turned the page but didn’t, and took a second look; one of the smaller books had “bookish” in the title. Hmmm.

Also, I’ve been seeing owls a lot this last week, saw them on a number of cars (stickers, though it didn’t look to be a logo or anything, just several, simple vinyl owls), and then Rebecca mentioned them in one of her emails. I noted it then, and she replied with another thing about owls. I noted it again but still didn’t really think synchronicity, until I did a Duotrope’s search to find a receptacle for “Deadheading” and the random market thing it came up with was a magazine with an owl on the cover.

Word synchro: “chocoholic”; was in that ugly catalog I looked through at lunch, then in a Rick Steves’ Europe episode I ended up watching.

Also, I was Compelled to stop at a car lot and look at the cars there today. While there, I noticed a drink cup on one of the cars and I took it away. When I did, I Noticed a pile of french fries beside it, big, thick ones, perhaps from a restaurant -- uncommon, in any case, of which I'd seen rarely, and not for a while. Then, tonight, in the same Rick Steves' Europe, it showed a Belgium cook cooking fries, with gusto; held one up, and it was the exact same kind I saw at the lot.


Word synchro: “ersatz”; turned up in “Brian” (I was Compelled to edit it, almost didn’t, twice, but ended up doing it), and then in “Stranger in a Strange Land”, first I’d heard the word in a while; “sundry”; first in “Brian”, then ledger; then “marzipan”; was in “Stranger” when I heard it last night in the Rick Steves’ Europe. Then, “cockhorse”, in ledger at lunch, then “Plane Crash” at night.

Also, I wrote an email to Rebecca in which I said that we don’t know ourselves, and it was in reply to one in which she said her laptop’s screen was blacking out. When I read the latter, I remember thinking how I’m glad my laptop wasn’t doing that. After writing the email, I started up the Starcraft II demo, which I’d downloaded weeks before but never played. In the opening video, the first line was “We don’t know ourselves”, and when the video completed, my laptop’s screen blacked out and it shut down. Granted, it shut down because it had overheated (or so I think), but still, the screen did “black out”.


Word synchro: “atoll”; was in ledger, and then in the first page of “Stranger in a Strange Land” that I read today, minutes later. When I read it in the ledger, I took note of it For No Particular Reason. Then, later, “apparition”; I’d Noticed it in the ledger this afternoon, For No Particular reason, and it turned up in “The General”, which was released early because Weird Tales was bought out (so I shouldn’t have even been editing it). Also in “The General” was “incubus”, which I’d thought of randomly earlier today, For No Particular Reason.


Had some dog synchronicity today. Started when I was listening to Seven Mary Three in the gym; one of the songs mentions a dog, and at the precise moment it did, a dog barked in the gym, audible through my headphones, when it hadn’t barked at all since I’d been there. As I sat thinking about it, the moment I thought “dog”, “dog” repeated on the CD. Then, when I got home and went to tear the “dog synchro” note from my pad, the instant I did so, a dog barked in the distance. I’m going to look up dog symbolism in a minute.

Also, I watched the rest of “Twin Peaks” this morning. It got to a part where there’s a hideaway cabin in the woods, for indulgence, and I took Special Note of it, thinking about what such a thing would be called, etc. Then, at lunch, Dad started talking about how someone he knew would probably guy a trailer from him, to use as a “mancave”, identical to that I’d thought about just an hour before.


Word synchro: “pince nez, cloister, and emmenagogue”; all were in “Deadheading”, then in ledger today. Then, that night, “cloister” turned up again, on a website I happened to visit, after never hearing the word for I don’t know how long.


Was writing an email to Rebecca, and mentioned how a dandelion picture she sent reminded me of fractals. A minute after writing that, I went to cut down the chipmunk-tail pictures in GIMP, and when I did, while looking for the Sharpen tool, I came across the Fractal Explorer plugin.

Also, I got a reject for “5th of July” tonight, when I was very close to sending out a query about it just last night. I don’t know why I didn’t do it, it just Felt Right.


In Rebecca’s last email, she mentioned how she was drawn to a movie called The Puppet Master (mistook it for Muppet Pastor). The next morning, I tried to write but couldn’t, so I ended up reading the transcriptions, and in it one of the questions involved the movie, The Puppet Master.

Also, I saw Honeywell in the transcriptions later, after seeing it a lot lately. Not sure about this one, could just be coincidence.

Also, when I opened this log to enter these last two entires, I was drawn to one at the start, from 10/1/08, in which I mentioned how I was eating something that tasted “nutty” (which was flax seed), and then just after read about how flax tastes nutty. Well, I was just thinking earlier today about how flax tastes nutty, For No Particular Reason.


Word synchro: “spatulate”; was in Rebecca’s last email, which I replied to this morning, and then it was in the ledger just minutes later, that afternoon, in ledger. I almost replied to the email last night, and thus would’ve “missed” it in the ledger (would’ve been longer apart at least, instead of back to back), but I felt Compelled to reply to it this morning instead.

Also, when I went to the allergist’s today, while I was in the waiting room, this issue of Men’s Health kept jumping out at me. I didn’t want to read it, since I really didn’t like the magazine or reading anything in a waiting room in general, but it kept on so I grabbed it. When I opened it up, there was a detailed article about melatonin in it, when I’d just taken melatonin last night and was still feeling its effects. Yielded some interesting facts. Also, at the start of the article, it had this picture of burning match sticks, big long ones that drew my attention For No Particular Reason. When I got in the allergist’s office, there was a jar of “Nitrate Sticks” which looked identical, though that could’ve foreseeably been a coincidence.


Word synchro: “initiate” (verb); used it in planning for “The Witness”, as a verb, and then it turned up in the ledger just an hour later, in the same form. Then, “long-leaf pine”, first in ledger, then in the Bahamas book, though in a slightly different form (long-needle pine, though I assume they are the same thing).


Word synchro: “redound” and “lenticular”; both in ledger, then in Ra book. Wow. Have to be about the most uncommon words in my ledgers, and they appeared in the same day.


A wealth of synchronicities today, all occurring while moving a friend of my mother's to an apartment. First and foremost, while I was moving this man, to an apartment on Hodges Valley Road, I remarked, upon turning in, on how the one and only time I've ever been down there was to help move someone *out*, nearly ten years ago. As we went down the road and he guided me to his new apartment, however, I burst out laughing because I saw what was coming: he led me not only to the building I had helped the person, previously, to move out of, but to the very same unit.

Other synchronicities that occurred during this outing: I had, this morning, by total and improbable chance, while researching images of “portmanteau”, come across an article about Jim Carrey. I was Compelled to read it, when I never, ever read such celebrity-blurb-type columns, and afterward, I thought “All righty then.” I remember, after thinking it, how I hadn’t heard the saying in many years, maybe since I was a kid and saw Jim Carrey’s first movies. Well, while out moving the guy, my helper in this affair said, offhand, “All righty then.” Then, after the first two, while I was driving my helper and the movee around, we somehow, in a totally roundabout way, got into talking about murder, and it came up that an acquaintance of the movee had, once, said “I’m going to go home and murder my wife,” and actually went home and did so. It’s notable because I had just that morning written about a man on his way to murder his wife. The last could have, conceivably, been a coincidence, but it was interesting, anyway.

Another, which may be nothing: the helper I took to help the man move today, he mentioned to me, randomly, an herb called K2 that he smoked and got high from, which was legal. I took note of it, though I had no intention of buying the stuff, For Some Reason. When he first mentioned it to me, however (and why did he mention it at all? it was so random), my first though was of the twin towers, K2, of the 11:11 mythos. Then, tonight, Rebecca emailed me, with a picture of her fruitcake in Malaysia, before the Petronas towers.

Also, had some other, lesser synchronicity, all from more random things Curtis, the helper, said. For instance, I offered to give him a ride home from the grocery store, and he asked if I needed any food, presumably as compensation, and when I said no, he said, oddly, “Need any honey?” When he said that, my first thought was of a honeybear, like the kind my dad gets (followed by, “Why did he ask me about honey specifically?”). On the way home, after dropping him off, I saw a sign advertising “Honeybear Campgrounds”, with a honeybear on the sign (I wouldn’t have seen the sign if I hadn’t of taken him home, nor would he have mentioned honey if I hadn’t‘ve).

Also, he kept on mentioning, randomly, the number 37, which I’ve been seeing like crazy lately. It was always obscure and offhand how he would end up mentioning it, like how he was charged $37 to replace a book that he had been accused of not turning in, etc, etc.


Two interesting, spiritual synchros today. I awoke feeling generally negative and sick, very "depleted" and "compromised", either because it was Sunday and I had to repeat church, or because I cut grass for the first time in a couple weeks yesterday, or a combination of both. Regardless, I went to church and had to go through the usual rigamarole, which left me feeling even more drained and negative. Afterward, however, I had the realization that, when confronted with such invasive and manipulative forces when in my fatigued, low-energy state, I end up having to revert to clumsy, subjective defense measures, rather than just letting my positivity protect me, shieldlike, due to the lack of that energy and its systematic effects. I didn't like this, to be frank, as it left me feeling negative and selfish. I remember thinking, as I made that connection, that maybe that was one reason I had to do this again, to learn just that point. When I got home, I sat down to read some of the Ra material, and one of the first parts I read, to paraphrase, described just that process, where someone in a positive state will, when confronted with negative forces and their attempts at intrusion, will be forced to become slightly selfish and defensive, in order to not be consumed and controlled -- though, only so that they may be of further service. A good selfish, as it were. This directly addressed my experience that morning, and, if the source can be trusted as accurate, clarified just how I should perceive it, within an hour of my having made the realization of the process.

The second synchronicity came later that afternoon, after I'd been digesting the first for a few hours. After I got done cutting grass and was pushing the mower back to my truck, it hit me that selfishness may not always be avoided, and shouldn't be, if the intent is for that roundabout positivity I described. As I thought this, "balance" is the term that came to mind, that I should balance my innate selfishness with selflessness in order to be of ultimate service. No sooner had I thought this than I came upon a car in a row and was Compelled to look at one of its bumper stickers, "Walk in balance". In retrospect, as I wrote this, I was thinking that I may have seen the bumper sticker at distance and absorbed it subconsciously, but that would have been impossible, as I had the "balance" thought when I was coming up from the other side of the parking lot, out of view of the row of cars the car was -- and, also, the car was in a *row*, and small, as to be invisible until I came parallel with its trunk.


Word synchro: “dorsal”; this one is interesting. It was the word of the day from Dictionary.com, in my email, and I noticed it, and checked it even though I knew what it meant. Then, tonight, while on the computer, I kept trying to access the internet but my connection was down, as I’ve experienced the last couple nights. As a result, I ended up reading the Ra material for a while, and on just the last page as I was finishing up, it mentioned “dorsal”, for the first time I’ve seen it in I don’t know how long (except for this afternoon, just hours previous …). When the internet wasn’t available, which was strange, I kept having the feeling that there was a reason for it (I may not have read the Ra material at all tonight if not for the outage, and certainly wouldn’t have reached the point I did, where the word cropped up). Interesting.

Also, Rebecca mentioned “devil’s snuff box” in her email, and I immediately knew what it was, a mushroom that I hit today while cutting grass, and Noticed, For No Particular Reason.


Word synchro: “impetus”; this is one of those where the word came to me at the end of a very long and complex train of thought that I don’t even remember, though the word was very pronounced, very “important”. About an hour later, I came across it in the Ra material. I think I had seen this one within the last few months, but the fact that it “came to me” and then showed up in the book within an hour is notable.


When I went down for coffee this afternoon, I entered into a whole chain of thought that led to The Simpsons, and eventually to a certain part of a certain episode, where a committee is labeled "blue ribbon" and everyone murmurs in surprise. Funny. Seconds after thinking that, I had to go back to the laundry room, where a beer box I'd picked up while cutting grass caught my eye -- for Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.


Was just thinking about “Charlie’s Room” last night, and how it would probably be accepted, and I got the acceptance letter this morning.


Yesterday, I’d told my mom that I thought Panera Bread had emailed me about her rewards card, and I was sincere in this, as I could have swore I’d seen an email in my inbox from them within the last couple days. She was going there to eat yesterday afternoon, so I told her I’d check and see if there was a reward waiting for her; however, there wasn’t. My last email from them had been almost a month ago. I couldn’t figure out why I thought I’d seen an email from them, as I could’ve swore it was within just the last couple days.

Today, I checked my email and found that they’d sent an email for her (it was sent yesterday).


Had been reading the Ra material, where every session is ended with “Adonai”. I’d been meaning to look it up, and felt Compelled to, but never got around to it. Today in church, the pastor defined adonai, as lord.


Daily tarot today was The Empress, and it struck me as odd. I read some of Book 5 of the Ra material over my breakfast shake, and it mentioned how a sentence was mysteriously added to the introduction to the first book, about Jesus’ teachings originally involving reincarnation but having been removed by the Empress.


Had another Goodwill adventure today. First, while browsing CDs, I noticed that they had “Weathered” by Creed; while choosing my MP3s today for my workout, I Noticed the album in my collection, For No Particular Reason. Then, while browing the books, I found a book by Junot Diaz, which I’d heard of, for the first time, just days ago, on “Pulp Modern’s” submission guidelines; while reading it, I thought, “I’ve never read Junot Diaz”, strongly, For No Particular Reason. Then, while browsing the electronics, I noticed an LCD monitor, but didn’t want to buy it, since it wasn’t worth it; as I went down the line, I then noticed another monitor for sale, this one identical to my own, then, a couple spaces down, another LCD monitor for sale, this one good enough to buy. I’m not sure what the last signified, but I thought it unlikely that I would come across the first monitor, which made me think of my current monitor and what would be required to replace it, and then an exact replica of my current monitor, followed by one good enough to replace it. Also found a Microsoft Natural keyboard there, when I’d almost bought one weeks ago, but decided not to.


Word synchro: “communal”; was in “Non Compos Mentis”, then in the guidelines of Title Goes Here, where I was submitting it to. Haven’t seen that word for a very long time.


Word synchro: “guttural”; I used it in “Watch”, then it was in the end of “Beautiful Children”, about an hour after I used it. Can’t remember when I last heard that word.

Then, “revisionist”. It was in “Beautiful Children”, not the first time I’d heard it, but the first I’d really noticed and realized it. Then it was in “Archangel”, the book I just happened to read following “Beautiful Children”. Neat.


Earlier today, I very absently thought of an old video game, “Farcry”, spurred by some random thought. Then, tonight, I almost sat down to write, but it didn’t feel “right”, so I ended up farting around through my old documents file, Compelled to in fact. While doing so, I happened across a farcryserial.txt, the serial number from when I’d bought the game. Neat.


Yesterday, I read the end of “Archangel”, where the hero gets away in a small raft with an outboard motor. Today, I was out on the back deck at the beach trailer, when two men went by on a boat with an outboard motor.

This would not have been notable, except 1) it was so close, not even a day apart, when I hadn’t seen or read about or thought about a small raft with an outboard motor in I don’t know how long and 2) I kept seeing the men out in the marsh while I was icing my wrists, and just thought they were walking around, since the water was low and they were behind thick reeds that obscured my view, but I felt Compelled to stay out there for a while after I was done icing, and only in doing so did I see that they were on the boat and not walking, when, if I’d gone back inside as soon as I was done, I wouldn’t have seen that.

Later today, I read the book “Drown”, and it’s first couple stories were littered with word synchronicities from all kinds of sources, too many to go over (“torturer” for instance).

Also, I was Compelled to go to the flea market today -- didn't want to, at all, wanted to do anything but, but I did it. I made a perfunctory tour of it, in the process getting the movie "Jacob's Ladder" (which I'd felt Compelled to watch recently, but wasn't able to easily so I gave up -- the time was wrong?) and the book "Night Shift" by Stephen King, which I'd felt Compelled to read several times recently (even found it in my old documents file, a pirated version, and had planned on loading it onto my PDA and reading it). Most interestingly, though, was a DVD I noticed while at the kiosk I got "Jacob's Ladder" from: it didn't have a cover, but I immediately, though vaguely, recognized the man on the front, as being the star of a TV I can't even remember the name of, but had been thinking of, as vaguely, maybe a week ago. I looked inside it long enough to read the name "Andy", which I knew was part of the name, and then closed it and put it away. I had never seen this show, had only seen it advertised, many years ago, but For Some Reason just thought of it, for the first time perhaps since I had (just that one time) seen it advertised.

In retrospect, I had to wonder about something: do I have these vague thoughts of soon-to-arrive, yet seemingly unimportant, things -- precognition I guess would be the word -- because I cross into a definite reality, like the "possibility/probability" vortices described by Ra? It seems like the day that I had the vague thoughts of the TV show, it was right around the time that I decided, definitely, that I was going down to the beach, and on the day that I ended up leaving. Looking back at such past phenomenon, I have to wonder if this is the case. Interesting.


Word synchro: “desecrated”; not such an uncommon word, but I thought of it, while conversing with myself, and then read it in “Night Shift”, about ten minutes later, for the first time in I don’t know how long. Then later, “comically”, in the same story as “desecrated”, and then turned up in “The Wedding Bystander”. Then, “doth”, also in “Night Shift” and then “Wedding Bystander”; I’d Noticed It in the book, For No Particular Reason.


Starting last night, I came across three white work vans with ladders, loking almost exactly like, when I went to the grocery store last night. I noticed this, but didn’t really think much of it, but then while leaving Myrtle Beach this morning, another one, almost identical, got in front of me, making me remember.

When I got back from the beach, I had several pieces of mail, including a piece of junk mail from Allstate Insurance, and a check. As I got the two, I thought, erroneously, how my check was supposed to be for $336, and was thinking this as I opened the junk mail. The first synchronicity was the mail itself, which informed me that I could save, on average, $336 by switching to them; the second synchronicity was my mother, thinking I’d opened my check, asking me how much I’d gotten, which I thought was $336, right as I saw the $336 figure. I told her how funny it was, that she’d asked me that right as I was looking at the $336 figure on the insurance flier, the amount which (I thought) was in the yet-unopened check. Then I opened the check and saw that I was wrong: it was for $366, $30 more. I had, For Some Reason, thought it was going to be $336, thus enabling the synchronicity of first seeing that amount on the insurance flier, and then having my mother ask me about what, I thought, was the amount of the check.


Read a story today from Stephen King in “Night Shift”, and it was fraught with synchronicities about my day. I can’t remember them all, there was so many, but one stands out: first it mentioned how a guy would eat oatmeal for breakfast and then spinach for dinner, when today I’d bought oatmeal to have for breakfast tomorrow, for the first time in a couple months; I wasn’t going to have spinach for dinner tonight, but I ran out of peas and corn (thought I had enough for tonight, actually), and ended up finishing off some leftover veggies I had, which included spinach. Also, in the same story, the guy ate scrambled eggs for breakfast, when I’d bought eggs along with the oatmeal, to scramble for breakfast.


Tons of word synchronicity this morning, between my ledger, and editing “Variations of Soullessness” and “Withdrawer’s Dream”, the three going back and forth. Also, as it turns out, the book in “Variations” was released on 11/11, and I ended up editing it on 11/11 (had decided on doing “Variations” this morning, last night, felt Compelled).

Also, learned that Rebecca was going through her journals and thinking about old versions of herself at almost the exact same time I was doing the exact same thing on the trip (going through my old documents file and thinking about my old self -- questioning it, actually, trying to figure out who the hell I was then, just like Rebecca mentioned). Wow.

Was just thinking, “I wonder if UPS works today” (it’s Veteran’s Day) and not two seconds later I heard the sound of a motor outside, then look out and just catch a UPS truck trundling up the road.

Then, this afternoon, while reading “House of Leaves”, I came across a part that mentioned “Herbal Ecstasy”, when I’d just last night, for the first time in I don’t know how many years, encountered “Herbal Ecstasy” while researching yohimbe (I had been meaning to research it for days, but kept putting it off). The funny thing is, the part of the book was about synchronicity. I laughed so damn loud.

Then, tonight, I got a reply from Rebecca from my last email, and she confirmed another synchronicity: “raspberry” (verb). I’d read this in a Stephen King story three days ago, the day she sent me the original email mentioning “raspberry” as a verb. I’d never heard it before then.

Also, another word synchro: “deracinated”; this had turned up recently in a book, I can’t remember just which as it’s been a couple weeks, but I remember that the word was very misplaced. Regardless, it was the first I’ve come across it, and it’s a very unlikely, uncommon word, and it turned up in “House of Leaves” (also unlikely there).

Wow, what a day.


Word synchro: “non sequitor”. Was in ledger this morning, then “Deadheading”, an hour later.


Word synchro: “Creole”. In my ledger this morning, then in “Other”, less than an hour later, I think the only time I’ve used Creole in a piece of writing.


A gazillion word synchros today, mostly from the first Rip chapter in “Other” and “House of Leaves”, many of them indirect but too glaring to be ignored (“Other” turned up in what I read today alot, ironically).

More word synchro: “cash register tallies”; turned up in ledger (can’t remember if it was lunch or breakfast), then was in “other” tonight.


Word synchro: “veto”(verb); was in ledger this morning, and I took a distinct Notice of it, focusing on it For No Particular Reason. Then it was in “Other” this morning, about two hours later, in verb form.

Another: “deflect”; came up in ledger this morning, also, and, also, I Noticed it, For No Particular Reason, giving pause. Then turned up in “House of Leaves” this evening.

Saw "swan" three times today. First was in a picture in "House of Leaves", early this afternoon, then somewhere I can't remember -- in the market, I think, later in the afternoon (wherever, I Noticed it) -- and then tongith, in "Other".


Word synchro: "mussitate"; was in "Other" this morning, I think one of only two times I've ever used it, and then in the ledger at lunch, less than an hour later. Also, there was "do cartwheels" and "junket", which I had thought of this morning -- Thought Of, having them come into my head randomly and, seemingly, with Reason, the two popping up in the ledger almost immediately after, like within 30 minutes.


Wrote down another hypnosis question this afternoon, about whether I should change my diet in any way. Then, about an hour later, while reading the last of the transcriptions, it went into a big thing about diet, with animal protein and fats.


Word synchro: “isthmus”; an uncommon word, but was more nottable considering that I felt Compelled to stop reading my ledger at a certain point this morning, as happens, and then came across the word in “Other”, for the first time in a while, then it was one of the first words in the ledger at lunch, just after.

Also, twice tonight I Noticed “Jammed”, first in my submission log and then in my file of submitted stories, both times it Jumping Out At Me in that specific way, making me wonder if I would get a rejection notice for it soon (it had been submitted months prior). Sure enough, just before bed I checked my email and I got a rejection for it. About as close as you could get.


Tons of word synchronicity this morning, even phrase synchronicity. None was especially significant, except for its volume, and the fact that it was shared three ways, between, first, the ledger, then “The Export”, and then “Jammed”, which I hadn’t even planned on editing, but turned out to mirror “The Export” in so many ways (both referenced Turkish prison, both had many of the same turns of phrase, even some rare ones that I don’t use often, both had “thou’” for a thousand dollars, the only times I’ve used that I think). It brought up some thoughts about the possibility vortices, about how they don’t seem linear, how one doesn’t just determine the sequential, but that the sequential seems to determine the former and all those previous, and vice versa, suggesting that there is another dimension to it all, that they don’t function linearly, both instantaneously, in some way that I don’t yet have a name for, all determining one another simultaneously, past present and future, entwined. Hmm.

Word synchronicity kept up after lunch, in ledger, with "jaunty" and "dissolute" and "deadhead", all from "Jammed". Also, as it turned out, there were a whole bunch of words in my ledger from the last part of "Outer Dark", both this morning and this afternoon, and I ended up reading that part today -- that one specific part, when I started the novel days ago, By Chance, and worked through my ledger, just to those couple pages, hours beforehand, By Chance. It too suggests the whole thing about the present potentials, etc, effecting the past, or something. This is very confusing.


Word synchro: “parallax”, turned up in ledger this morning, then in “The General”, first story I edited today and the only time I’ve usd that word that I can remember. I didn’t plan on what to edit this morning, just chose the story At Random.


Word synchro: “click/klick”; turned up while researching a motorcycle this morning, then in the afternoon, in ledger, with the same meaning but different spelling.


Word synchro: “mushroomed” (verb); was in ledger this morning, then Edgar Cayce book this afternoon, in the same tense. First I’d seen it in a while. “Lichen” also, when it was in “Hunt” last night, then ledger this morning.

More word synchro: “comic relief”; was in the ledger this morning, and I Noticed it, and it turned up in Jack Cruz tonight.


Word synchro: “kapok”; was in Jack Cruz this morning, the only time I’ve ever used it in writing, and then in the ledger at lunch, just an hour later.


Word synchro: “frock”; was in ledger at lunch this afternoon, on the last page I looked at, if I remember right. Then it was in the proof for “The Delivery” tonight, when the story should’ve been published months ago. I even wasn’t planning on going over it tonight, but the email just came in and Didn’t Feel Like doing anything else. Hmmm. More possibility vortices?

“Was plague”, also, also from the ledger and “The Delivery”, in the same usage and context, heh.


This morning before leaving on the trip (to Virginia to get the bike), I had the distinct thought to change my pants. It came on very pronounced, and clear -- not in passing, in other words. It would have been unnotable had it not been so distinct. But I didn't heed it, because I had just changed my pants yesterday. Well, while at a reststop in Virginia, eating my lunch, I somehow spilled some tea in the crotch of my pants (which was itself strange, as I still can't figure out how the bottle quite could've spilled, being how it was), and thus noticed that it was ripped. It had not been ripped when I put them on, yesterday, unless I just didn't notice it, which seems unlikely but is possible. Regardless, I should've changed my pants.


Word synchro: “a hand’s reach”; was in “Control” this morning, and I Noticed it, then was in ledger at lunch, an hour later. Only time I’ve used that in a story, iirc.

Also, “as a matter of course”, in ledger this morning or afternoon, I can’t remember, but definitely today, and I Noticed this as well, then it was in “Danforth” tonight, when I felt Compelled to do Danforth.


Yesterday afternoon, I was stopped in traffic behind a green Chevy pickup truck with a matching bed cover, and a distinctly rusted bumper, and I Noticed it. Then today, my dad gave me, randomly, a newspaper clipping about a guy who found a wedding ring at the dump, improbably, after 30 minutes of looking. This spawned a conversation with my inner skeptic, with me going over the nonlogical nature of reality, about how there is no chance, and as I was doing so, I noticed a truck going down the road, out of the corner of my eye, and damned if it wasn’t the Chevy I’d Noticed yesterday, identifiable by its distinctively rusted bumper. (I had seen the truck downtown, and so it just happened to have come up by my house, when I just happened to be home, when I just happened to be downstairs and at my table and eating, by the window, so I could see it pass, and just when I so happened to be conversing with myself about the nonlogical nature of reality, how it seems to have a structure and that that structure seems to be intelligent).

Update, 2/24:

I think this was a false positive. I’ve actually seen the truck up here twice more since this happened, and there was no rust around the bumper, so I think this might be a case of bad memory (though the rest of it came together suspiciously well, as well as the two times I’ve seen this second truck since). In any case, it was not how I thought it.


Some word synchro: “twirl” and “comic”(adjective) and a couple others I can’t remember, in my ledger this afternoon and then “American Life” tonight.

Also, I was thinking, distantly, earlier today, of what it would be like to ride a motorcycle in the rain, since it was raining. I went and got my oil changed this afternoon, and read a motorcycle magazine while waiting, and within the first few pages it had an editorial about riding a motorcycle in the rain.


Word synchro: “athwart” and “magnum”; in “American Life” last night, when I felt Compelled to edit it last night, and then in the ledger this morning (I can think of two times I’ve used “athwart”, and “American Life” is one of them).

Word synchro: “whipcrack”; was in the preceding two stories I’ve edited, and I Noticed this last night but didn’t note it, but then it was in “Heaven” this morning, the third in a row, which I felt Compelled to do this morning (it was just rejected last night, btw). Also, “search-and-destroy” was in “Heaven”, when it was in the ledger this morning. “Unhinged” too. Also, “magnum”, a double-hit, since I used it last night, then saw in the ledger this morning, then had it in “Heaven”, the next sequential edit (I’m not sure, but I think the only two stories I’ve used “magnum” in, in the context of a wine magnum, are those two stories).

Got an email from Rebecca today in which she sent me a picture of a “Hulkey Pokey” toy, with the Incredible Hulk. Hulk was referenced in “Heaven”, and I ended up deleting it.


There’s a scooter parked along the route I use to go to town, and I’ve been Noticing it, yesterday thinking that it didn’t have a tarp over it. Today, it had a tarp over it (I’d been seeing it every day for weeks, and just yesterday thought about the tarp)


Word synchro: “castor”; I was reading up on castor oil packs, per a Compelling, just before lunch, and when I went down to get, one of the first ledger words was castor. The funny thing is, I had been thinking, absently, where castor oil came from, and the definition told me. Heh.


Word synchro: “incidental”; was in ledger at lunch, and I Noticed it, and then it was in “Broom of the System”. This is starting to get almost old.


Was playing Warcraft, and I thought, suddenly, if I had anything for sale on the auction house. I had formulate the “reply” that no, I didn’t, when I got two messages that something I had on there had sold, not two seconds earlier.


I was playing Warcraft, when I suddenly though of “slap”, For No Particular Reason. The first synchronicity was about two minutes later, when I accepted a quest that involved slapping people. Then, when reading “Dead City” this afternoon, there were not one, but two instances of slapping.

Then, tonight, had a word synchro: “protean”. This one was a little late, and could be a coincidence, it having been in my ledger yesterday, and then turning up in “Dead City” this afternoon, but the word is so uncommon that I found it notable (I don’t know if I’ve ever heard it used except for the novel I first heard it in, and thus inspired the ledger entry, and then in “Dead City”).

Then, was playing Warcraft and I thought, arbitrarily, “Damn you, herbs!” because I kept finding herbs; then, a few seconds later, I accepted a quest called “Damn you, xxx”.

Also, I had gotten a trinket that shoots out a rainbow, and I remember thinking that if I used it in a group, someone would say “Woah, what was that.” Well, I fell Compelled to do a certain dungeon, and sure enough, when I first used it, someone stopped and said just that.


Had an interesting one this morning. When I got up, I wasn't feeling great, so I decided I would play Warcraft again, but after breakfast, I was feeling a little better so I decided to try to edit "Everything's Connected" (I am pretty sure it was *after* breakfast I decided this). While I was eating breakfast, I was reading my ledger until my Dad starting talking to me, at which point I closed it. Then, this afternoon, when I sat down to lunch and opened the ledger, one of the first words was a synchronicity, "coronary", being in "Everything's Connected". If I remember when I decided to write instead of play Warcraft (without which there would be no synchronicity) *after* breakfast, when I'd set down my ledger and thus primed it to have "coronary" as one of the first words, that suggests that it was predetermined, though even then I can't say for sure, as the ledger stopping-place and my later decision to write may have been cemented previously, from the inertia of the possibility vortex. Not sure. Anyway, there were two more: "pap", which was also in "Everythings" and my ledger, and then "complications," which my mom had said to me this morning and then turned up in the ledger. Hmmm.

Then, tonight, “this way and that.” This is another of those three-bangers that at first don’t get my attention, because seeing them twice could be coincidence, then it comes a third time and I pay attention. First it was in “Everything’s,” then it was in “Eaters of the Dead”, but I didn’t think much of it, since it’s such a common saying. But then it was in “Ghosts” tonight, when I almost didn’t edit it, and, also, when it was the next sequential story that I edited.


Word synchro: “deathless”. Was in the ledger at lunch, and I Noticed it, then it was in “The Power of Now” after lunch, less than an hour later. A routine one, but no less remarkable.

When I was on the way to the dump today, I had a minor realization of how my negative/fear states are triggered by some traumatic thing that I am unable to, at the moment, accept, and how that “triggers” the emergence of the state, while accepting that thing derails it. About an hour later, while reading “The Power of Now”, Tolle went into his explanation of “the pain-body”, which is a close semantic of my fear/negative-state perception, and he even used the word “trigger” to explain how certain events/things can bring it about.


Some word synchronicity: “Mandelbrot”; was in ledger at lunch, then in the proof of “The Waiting” tonight. There were several other minor ones as well, though I can’t remember what they were (only when I saw Mandelbrot did I really pay attention, since it’s so uncommon).


This morning, on the way back from taking Roxanne to the airport, I thought, after a long chain of thoughts, of “as a sort of auspice or tarot”, from “The Wedding Bystander”. I can’t remember the thoughts leading up to it, but it was very distinct. Well, when I got home and checked my email for the first time that day, I found a rejection for “The Wedding Bystander”, another one of “those”. As it happened, I ended up editing “The Wedding Bystander” that night, because I felt Compelled.


Last night, I started Alejandro Jodorowsky’s tarot book, and in it was “cartouche”. I couldn’t remember the definition, but I remember, vaguely, that I’d written it down in my ledger, so I didn’t write it down, figuring I would find it eventually. This morning, I came to it in my ledger, the very next time I looked in it after reading it.

Word synchro: “the gathering dark”. Was in my leger this afternoon, and I Noticed it. Then it was in “The End of Jack Cruz” tonight, when I’d very nearly put off starting the edit until tomorrow.


Word synchro: “dowager” and “doff”, both in “The End of Jack Cruz” last night (which, again, I almost didn’t start last night), and then in the ledger this morning (was a new ledger, and I had a choice between three, and felt Compelled to read this one).


I had the distinct thought of “anger rising” during breakfast, while thinking of my family situation, and then, in “Jack Cruz”, “anger rising” turned up, not an hour later.

Word synchro: “cotter”; was in EoJC, then in ledger afterward, at lunch, less than an hour later. Also, “potlach”, was in ledger at lunch, and I Noticed it, then in EoJC tonight (was “potluck” in the novel, but whatever).


Word synchro: “knight errant” and “bric-a-brac”; knight errant was in Jack Cruz last night, then in ledger this morning, then bric-a-brac was in ledger this morning (and I Noticed it), then Jack Cruz just afterward, not 20 minutes later.

And another word synchro, after lunch: “hooted”. Was in Jack Cruz this morning, then in ledger at lunch.


A heaping load of word synchro: “cuneiform,” “mandorla”, “folio,” “tract”, “riffle”, “divine” (verb), and “kidney-shaped”; all were from EoJC within the last day or so, and then the ledger, except for “mandorla”, which stands out because it was not only in the tarot book last night, the first I’d seen it since writing it down, but I was thinking of it, For No Particular Reason, before I went to bed. Interestingly, I had no definition for it in my ledger, so I looked it up after noting the synchronicity, tonight, and it seems pertinent to my current life situation, in which multiple worlds/realities are interacting with one another and I am in the overlap, faith propelling me through.

Also, I went to walk at the park today. Before I left the house, I had the thought to pack napkins to blow my nose with, something I've forgotten before and have been trying to condition into myself. Well, my memory has been bad, and so I forgot the napkins. While I was walking, however, I came upon some litter, pieces of paper, and was Compelled to pick it up (I usually don't pick up litter while on the trail, unless I'm near a trashcan or the stuff will fit in my pockets, sometimes not even then, though I usually pick up litter everywhere else ...). I picked up the litter, and it turned out to be two napkins, unused. It didn't, at first, click with me, though, so I planned on throwing them away. However, a few minutes down the trail, my nose started to run and I immediately remembered how I'd thought to pack napkins, then forgotten them. Then I remembered the two napkins in my back pocket. Interestingly, I had been thinking, just before walking upon them, how we seem to be bound to a sort of situational principle, where we can't act purely according to principle, but are sometimes required to act as a means to an end, for learning, while others adhere to principles to determine our conduct, sometimes neither. Only after I had to use the napkins, and remembered how I'd been Compelled to pick them up (and, amazingly, forgot to pack them, even after remembering), did I see the irony here, as it demonstrated how, if someone had acted strictly on principle, then they would have picked up the napkins I'd needed to blow my nose with (and demonstrate the phenomenon I'd just been thinking about), or the person, acting on principle, wouldn't have dropped them to begin with. It seems like it was all another one of these engineered situations, in order to demonstrate to me divine will, and how it acts through the superlogic of the structure of higher reality, as well as how principle cannot be strictly adhered to if that divine will is to be carried out and manifested (also, I'd been thinking of how there are three levels of conduct -- acting mindlessly, circumstantially, depending on what is easiest or comfortable or most conducive to number one, as we are as children and young adults; and then adhering to principle, regardless of consquence, as we do as adults; and then acting through intuition and what we Know as right, even if it defies principle, in order to manifest divine will and learning, etc. -- I was thinking this just before, so I have to wonder if the whole experience was meant to be a confirmation of that, as well as the idea of acting according to the situational princple/superlogic/divine will model of conduct).


Word synchro: “marabou” (clothing); this was in Rebecca’s email last night, and I thought I knew what it was but looked it up anyway, in Google, and I left it open after I finished the email, so I saw it again before turning my computer off for the night. Was in ledger this morning.

Also, “cruciferous”, when I’d just been reading about cruciferous vegetables before lunch and then went down and it was the second word in my ledger; and “emissary”, twice; first I used it this morning, when writing notes about the next part of “School”, and then it turned up in the ledger at lunch, and then it turned up in the tarot book just after lunch.

Then, earlier today I passed the sign for the Doc & Merle Watson highway, and I Noticed Merle, it jumping out at me the way these things do. Tonight, I decided to start editing Ford, and I thought, just before doing so, how I’ll bet there’ll be a synchronicity with it, and sure enough, in the book’s prologue, it had “Merle” in it. Then, while doing “Fifty”, there was “Foster Grant’s”, which was in my ledger at lunch and I Noticed it.


Word synchro: “cried out”; was in ledger at breakfast, and I Noticed it, then it was in “Cloyed” not even an hour later.

More word synchro: “capitulated”; was in ledger at lunch, when it had been in “Cloyed” this morning (interestingly, I had edited it in, changing it from “capitulating” in a different frame, to “capitulated”; also, it was a change that definitely needed to be made); “senator”, was in ledger today after being in the notes I wrote for “School” yesterday, including it being in the general, ambiguous sense; “hubris,” from same; “gambit”, when it was in “The Accidental Prophet” last night, though this was unremarkable, perhaps coincidence.


Word synchro: “flyblown”; was in ledger within the last couple days, then “Half Dead” this morning. A lesser synchro, quite possibly a coincidence since the spacing was so great, but the word is quite uncommon, so who knows.

A whole bunch of word synchro: “bouffant” and “petit fours”; were in “Cloyed” yesterday, and then in ledger today; “click his tongue” and “indelicate” and “disparity” and “philandering” were in Half Dead yesterday, then ledger today; “cordially” was in “Additive Free” yesterday, then ledger today; “charisma” and “fiat” I had happened to think of before breakfast, while thinking absently, but very distinctly, and then they turned up in ledger.


While I was reading “The Husband”, twice the phone rang right as I read something about a phone, like the very instant I did. Once it was “the phone rang” or something similar, and then it was “phone call.”

Also, when the phone rang once, I looked at the caller ID and Noticed the caller was named Dorothy. There was no one there when I picked up, but the person later called back, and I saw the name again, Noticing it this time too. Sometime after the second call (I can’t remember how close it was, but probably no less than a half an hour after, though maybe much closer, my memory is hazy), I came upon the name Dorothy in the book I was reading. A possible coincidence, but still very notable, especially with my Noticing the name twice.


Word synchro: “fighting cocks”; I mentioned this in my email to Rebecca last night, which I was tempted to put off but felt I Had To Do, and, similarly, when I mentioned the cocks, I at first almost just put “fighting dogs,” but then later added “or cocks”, and fought off a desire to edit it out, Compelled not to. Then, when editing “Dead End” this morning, it was in there, “fighting cocks”, the first I’d seen fighting cocks mentioned in I don’t know how many years. It bears noting that I almost wouldn’t be doing “Dead End” this morning, was about to to do “See Sick” instead, but ultimately decided on it. I had logical reasons for doing so, but I still can see that Compellingness under it, in spite of having good reason to do so.

Around 12:41 PM today, the phone-call synchronicity repeated. I was editing “Dead End”, and as I read the line “The line rung, finally,” the phone rang, at that very instant. Similar phenomenon has happened like this before, but never this close together, or so obviously. Is this symbolic of something? A wake-up call coming into my life? Something or someone trying to “call” me? Hmmm.

Today, I got an email from Rebecca, and in it she sent me, at my request, something she had written in a previous email but edited out. At the end of this part of the email, she said how the beach was a “dead end”, when I had just finished working on the story “Dead End”, which was the centerpiece of a whole ton of word synchro.

The ton of word synchro in question: “Nero Wolfe” and “lush”; these two were in the ledger, but used in different contexts than in “Dead End”, “lush in the ledger referring to a drunk, that in the story being a healthy red, and “Wolfe” (Thomas Wolfe) instead of “Nero Wolfe”, but still significant because I Noticed both of those (and as it would turn out, “lush” turned up in “The Husband” later in the day, in the proper context …); “ingrate”, which was dead on, and which I had also Noticed in the story; “trolled”; “bush telegraph”; “Queen Anne’s lace” (only story I think I’ve ever used it in …); “briquette” (same).

Something I noticed today, and have noticed prior, is that most of the word synchros between the ledger and my stories seem to involve an edit, as if to make me notice it and cement it in my mind so I will make the connection. There are, however, just as many times where it’s not an edit, but I just Notice it, or neither, where I just happen to see the word and remember it, and it turns up in an unlikely way. Hmmm.

Saw “assessing” several times today, in no distinct, intelligent format, but too many times not to get my attention. Hmm.

And another, “cash register tallies”, in ledger this morning and then the tail end of “Dead End” tonight.


Word synchro: “glazier”; was in ledger yesterday (though it might have been this morning), and then in “The Imaginal” this morning. I almost didn’t do the Imaginal, almost like I didn’t do Dead End, since it’s, technically, out of order, but it was longer and I had all morning …

Another: “serviceable”; in ledger this morning, and I Noticed it, then in “The Imaginal” a couple hours later.

More word synchro: “goldenrod”; in “Dead End” last night, and ledger this morning. “jacarandu”; in “The Husband” yesterday, and ledger today. “stand of trees”; in “Dead End” last night and ledger today, as well as “skate over” (verb) and “turned out” (verb).

And more: “ululating”, “numinous”, and “invective”, all in ledger at lunch, then “The Husband” soon after.

Another: “solenoid”; in ledger today (lunch or breakfast, I can’t remember), then in “The Minutes” tonight. And again, “navigated” (this turned up earlier in two different places, and I must not have noted it).

On the way to the gym, I felt Compelled to turn on my radio -- ostensibly to stave awkwardness when riding with Tim, later, but this felt like a conscious excuse. A few minutes after, "Back On The Chain Gang" by The Pretenders was on, and I thought about how it seemed like I am being steered away from sex and women (as if it was a circumstance I should accept, it being out of my control, or so one part of me felt), and immediately as I thought that, the lyric "A circumstance beyond our control" came on the song, in that flagrantly synchronous way that I've come to identify. Assuming it wasn't in fact a crazy coincidence (do these even happen to me anymore?), I can't say if that was a commentary on my thought, or mere reflection of it, or how I was thinking of it. Regardless, it was neat.


Word synchro: “madras”; in ledger this morning at breakfast, and Noticed it, because its definition was penned wrong in the lines, and then was in “The Gardener”, just after, on the first page.

Another: “Shane”; was in “Hoodoo” last night, in the form of “Shane’s Diner”, and I Noticed it, and then it was in the ledger this morning, though in reference to a weird noun I never got the definition of. “bulimia”; was in “The Gardener” this morning, then in “Damned” after lunch, about two hours later, when I haven’t heard “bulimia” for at least a while. “cruelties”; this one is neat. It was in the ledger this morning, and I Noticed it, of course, then it was in my story “The End of Owln’s Malt” this afternoon, except the only reason I saw it was because it was published today, on Kaleidotrope’s website, and I went to check it out because there were supposed to be illustrations (or so I thought; I might be confusing that story with another). Well, there were no illustrations, but when I scrolled to the story’s bottom, I felt Compelled to read the last couple paragraphs, for no real reason, and “cruelties” was in it, I think the only time I’ve ever used it in a story (was in the precise wording and stuff too).

Also, this afternoon, I went to the market, and I not only saw my mom's car there in the same parking lot, but when I came out, we met at an intersection, and I was able to let her out. I thought it remarkable off the bat, but considering that we both left from the house at the same time, neither one of us having any idea we were going to the same market (I remember her saying she was going to a market today, but not which one), and then not only being there at the same time, but leaving at the same time, when I got there at a different time than she (she was already there and in wherever she was at the time -- which I don't think was the market, actually, but a pet place in the same complex). I started thinking about all the minutiae and such that had to result in that (this was a little over two hours before we left the house, and we both went several places before that), it was really, really, really unlikely (I had to wait a little longer at Goodwill because someone had to use different debit cards, and then wait for someone else in front of me; also, when I was pulling into Goodwill, I had to wait a little longer because of a weird traffic situation, people wanting to pull where I was pulling into, etc etc; a whole bunch of unlikely things happened, yet if not for them, I wouldn't have come out when I did, and that's just me, not counting all the little things that happened to my mom (she mentioned how she got talking to someone in wherever she was and that held her up coming out)).

Last but not least, I, by a long, convoluted series of google searches and minor realizations/ideas (starting with the relationship between the vagus nerve and benzodiazepines (and, later, vagal tone), and then progressing to 3D spiral waves), I ended up coming to a weird-joke website which, amazingly, had the compacting coiled spiral I’ve been thinking of recently, how I am beginning to perceive density and the transit of experience/awareness. I found it interesting that, after that huge, convoluted series of google searches, which had really nothing to do with spiral to begin with, I would end up coming back to it. But the kicker was that Rebecca had, earlier in the night, sent me an email with a picture of a tiny fiber-optic Christmas tree, which, as it turns out, is shaped in a single, coiled spiral of fiber-optic needles, with a star at the top (does this mean something?).

[] 2012


Word synchro: “Grecian” and “vast”; both were in “Storms” this morning, which I almost didn’t do, but did, and then in ledger at lunch. Grecian was a pretty good hit, since it was so close and I’ve used it so rarely, and “vast,” though common, was a good hit because I had Noticed it while editing the novel, and ended up deleting its phrase, as I do so many of these.

Then, while reading “Damned” this evening, there were tons of synchros, either from my ledger or “Storms”, many of them precise and unlikely, like “erudite”. Were so many, I can’t remember them.

Also, last night, just before bed, I had an idea for a google search, “sexual energy transfer”. I forgot it by morning, but, perhaps demonstrating that if I’m supposed to remember something, I will, I remembered it, improbably, after I worked out, and then looked it up tonight. Well, the second google hit brought up this great, informative, long article about sex and sexual energy, and there were tons of synchronicities in it. For example, it had a paragraph on self abuse and how it seemed to release energy tension from the skin, as well as release certain hormones (which I’ve noticed from my own experience with this, among other things), when I had just read earlier today, in Damned, a passage involve self-multilation and cutting using razor blades (also mentioned in the article). I can’t remember the last time I’ve read about this phenomenon. There were several word synchros too, like “perineum,” which was in “Storms” this morning. The coolest thing, though, was the mentioning of the “Inner Smile,” which encourages you to smile, using your third eye, at everything, which was something that I just realized this afternoon, me “smiling” at things using my third eye. I’ve been doing this off and on for years, but today it really clicked and I realized it, then I just saw it echoed (confirmed?) in this article. Neat.

And the kicker: earlier today, I talked to Tim and he mentioned, in his arbitrary way, a biblical book I’d never heard of, what I remember as “Epiphanes” or something similar. At the end of the sexual energy article I mentioned, it mentioned a gnostic text from Ephiphenes. I can’t be sure if it was the same that Tim mentioned to me, but it was damn close, and wouldn’t surprise me at all if it was. (As it turns out, it was Ephesians, as I learned today, so no synchronicity).


Word synchro: “matriculation” and “pageboy”, both in ledger at lunch. “Pageboy” was straightforward, being in “Damned” yesterday, then in the ledger this morning, the first time I’d seen the word for a long time, back to back. “Matriculation” wasn’t a word synchro, per se, but it simply corresponding to me enrolling in the motorcycle safety course last night, after I’d been putting it off for weeks, its definition corresponding to enrollment.

The next came this afternoon. This morning, while editing "Storms", I did the part where Johnny's Birkenstock sandals are mentioned, I think the one single time I've referenced Birkenstocks in my writing. Well, this afternoon, I was sitting in my dining room, and I noticed a pair of shoes my dad had brought home last night (they were too big). Well, when I saw them then, I noticed a logo on one of them, but the shoe was turned away, obscuring the logo; however, it kept nagging at me -- Nagging, you could say, like I really needed to see that logo, though I knew, consciously, I didn't -- so I went and turned the shoe and it was a Birkenstock. 1) I didn't know Birkenstock made anything but sandals. 2) I hadn't seen that name since I don't know when, maybe years outside of writing/editing storms.

Word synchro: “pirouette”, in “Damned” this afternoon when it was in “Storms” this morning, first I’d seen that word in a long while.

Then, another: there is a line in "Storms" that I ripped off from a Frank Black song -- "his heart in his throat but still it beats" in "Storms", and something similiar in the song. Well, I edited that part of "Storms" this morning, and then, while choosing my workout music this afternoon, I chose the album with that song on it. This may have been subconscious fixation, but who knows.

More word synchro: “restored” (verb) and “que sera”. Both were in ledger (que sera definitely today, but restored might have been yesterday, I can’t remember), and then in “Storms” tonight. Then, “nehru”, in “Storms”, and then an auction for a motorcycle jacket I just Happened To click on (I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen nehru).

I finished “Damned” today and so I had to select a new novel. When I got home from town, I thought about which one to pick out, since I had a lot to choose from right now, and went undecided. While I was taking a shower, I had a big chain of thought which ended up with the subject of “indignation,” very distinct, me having a sort of one-sided conversation with a part of myself that was indignant. After the shower, I chose to read “A Dark Matter” by Peter Straub, and on the very first page, it mentioned indignation. Perhaps a coincidence, but it was interesting, because my indecision about which book to read got me thinking on the nature of decisions, can I make the wrong one, etc.


Yesterday, I remember encountering a bunch of words that were all in “Everything’s Connected,” as well as some other stray thoughts that Just Happened to coincide with the story, and I remember thinking, “I bet I’ll hear back about that submission sometime soon,” as this always seems to happen, the kind of psychic bleedthrough that occurs when a story of mine is being read. Sure enough, I got the rejection today, sent at 12:03.

Word synchro: “kowtow” and “discursive”, both in ledger and then “A Dark matter”. Then, later: “dark horse” and “teeth in his breath”, both in “Storms” this morning and then ledger at lunch. Also, “myrtle,” in ledger at lunch and “A Dark Matter” later, when I’d Noticed myrtle. And, similarly, “grid iron”. Then, “curvet”, in ledger this afternoon, then “Storms” tonight.

This one is neat. Earlier this year, while editing “Storms”, I heard a storm-warning on the radio the very day I edited the part where Annie hears a storm-warning on the radio (cool because I was at the gym, listening to headphones at the time, and I heard the EEEKs in between a song change). Well, this morning I woke up to those storm-warning EEEKs (at right around the time I wanted to get up anyway, like an alarm clock), and it struck me, because I at once remembered that synchronicity from before, and then remembered how I would most likely be editing that very same part tonight, if I kept to my forecast editing schedule. Well, I edited what I needed to, and did it tonight.

Another thing which bears mentioning: two other notable synchronicities were the ones involving hearing No Doubt’s “Just A Girl” on the radio, and getting “The Great Gatsby” at Goodwill and having a name from one of my stories (which I’d been thinking about just that day) inside the front cover. Well, while I was at Goodwill today, I noticed that they had “The Great Gatsby” and that “Just a Girl” was playing on the radio. There was nothing really synchronistic about this, except that I had the storm-warning synchronicity almost repeat itself, so it was almost like a reprise of those three things (note: I had no intention of going to Goodwill today, having just been there about a week ago, but last night I thought I should go looking for some shoes and/or a motorcycle jacket.)


Had a weird word synchro, something I've been noticing recently. Came across "the join of the curtains" in the ledger this morning, the operative term being "the join of," and then, within the first few pages of editing "Storms", I came across something referencing "the join of the door." I've noticed these lately, where the synchro -- assuming it is one -- references the main, operative idea I'd noted or seen or whatever, and that translates to its corresponding element. Hmm. Then, a couple paragraphs later, a more direct hit: "walnut gunstock," in ledger and then in "Storms". (Noticed "blind alley" in my ledger while confirming this, which was in "Storms" last night, though a more common term so not as notable.)

Word synchro: “topper hat”; this one was interesting because while fixing lunch, a song came into my head, “Dope Hat” by Marilyn Manson, along with its video, which featured the lead singer in a top hat, and I identified it as one of those that come for a reason, or seem to, and just after I wondered what the reason was, I opened the ledger and on the first page came to “topper hat.” Then, “sunburst” and “corrected”, both of which were in the “Storms” part I edited this morning and then in ledger at lunch.

Also, sometime this morning, I felt Compelled to look up psychological trauma, in search of a quote for the start of “Storms”, and ended up skimming the Wikipedia page for such. Well, I didn’t find a suitable quote, but when I read “A Dark Matter” after lunch, it started with the guys going to a psychiatric hospital, where psychological trauma was discussed, including a couple of the same terms I’d read on the Wikipedia page (though these were common, such as “hysteria” and such). I don’t know what to make of this, but it was notable, all the same.

Then, when I read more of “A Dark Matter,” later this afternoon, I came across several word synchros from “Storms” and other recent sources of reading, all in there, many of them unlikely and notable, too many to list.

Another word: “compulsion”; was in “A Dark Matter” this afternoon, and I noticed it, because I’d just used “compulsed” in “Storms”, but then tonight, compulsion was in “Storms.” Heh. Later: “slouch hat”, in ledger and then “Storms”, one of two times I’ve used slouch hat in my writing, I think …


Word synchro: “Terre Haute”; was in “A Dark Matter” yesterday, then ledger today, from where I’d looked it up.

Also, on the way to work out, I Noticed a truck parked at a house I pass every day, For No Particular reason. Then, over an hour later, after leaving the gym and starting to the dump, I saw what was either the very same truck or one almost exactly like it (it was a small, blue, early-nineties Ford with a camper top), turning away from me. When I went home, the truck was gone from the house, so it very well could’ve been the same. What this means, I have no idea. (I almost didn’t mention it, didn’t write it down in fact, but felt Compelled to while writing the Terre Haute synchro.)


Word synchro: “tumbledown”, “said darkly”, and “nib”, all of which were in ledger at lunch, and then in “A Dark Matter” immediately after. Then, “chiaroscuro” and “hedgerow”, which were in ledger yesterday, then “A Dark Matter” this afternoon, close together. “slide rule”; in ledger at lunch and then in “Freakonomics” this evening.

Also, this morning, I watched a David Wilcock video, entirely By Chance, where he mentioned how time goes sideways as well as forward and back, which I’d just read in “A Dark Matter” a couple days ago, and Noticed. Then, “A Dark Matter” mentioned Bass Weejun shoes, when “Damned”, read immediately before it, had Bass Weejuns as a prominent part of the story, when it was the first I’d read (that I remember) of such shoes.

I went to Earthfare today, to buy more oatmeal, feeling Compelled (I almost put off going, even though I’d run out of oatmeal, because I feel so bad today and didn’t want to inflict myself on the cashier). When I went in, I noticed a pamphlet or picture depicting chakras, on a bench outside, and felt Compelled to pick it up. I didn’t, but when I went in the store, the thing nagged me so I decided I’d get it if it was still there when I went out. It was, and it turned out to be a card, made out to a “Susan” from a “Ruth.” The name Susan stood out to me, in the way these things do, but I didn’t really think anything of it (though I felt the card surely meant something, the way I’d found it). Well, nothing amazing happened, but I have, afterward, heard “Susan” twice since then, at the end of “A Dark Matter” (Peter Straub’s wife, him thanking her in the end note), and a woman I bought a jacket from on ebay. The jacket thing is funny, because I meant to bid on it today but forgot. I almost just let it go, but felt compelled to email the seller and see if they would be interested in selling it at the minimum-bid price, and they got back to me and did, and I bought it. When the seller replied to tell me about it, her name was Susan (if I’d remembered to have bid, I wouldn’t have seen her name). If a “Ruth” pops up in the next couple days, I’ll be shocked (well, not really …).

Here's another thing that bears mentioning. As I mentioned, I watched a David Wilcock video earlier today, out of the blue, even though I had no real desire to but just felt like I should. Well, I watched the video and agreed with a few things, but generally was struck by the video's air of programming (there were choice tones played throughout it, randomly) and its conclusions reached via obvious assumptions and/or vague evidence. It threw me off, the way these things do, and I spent the day digesting it, and eventually felt like I needed to say something about it. So, I drew up something that would thank Mr. Wilcock while warning the viewers about assumptions, etc., in a way I thought appropriate, but when I went to post this reply to the Youtube video, the weirdest thing happened. First, the video didn't start at the beginning, but partially in (which it shouldn't do -- I'd viewed the video earlier today, but regardless of if you've watched it, Youtube videos have always, for me, played right from the start, even if you just refresh the page or go back and forth). I immediately paused the video, after it'd been playing no more than a second, and I immediately noticed the indicator's position: 11 minutes, 22 seconds -- reading as 11:22, that number I've been seeing so much of over the last year.

(And, btw, this phenomenon, like the 11:11, and seeing 11, 22, 32, 33, 37, and 52, has not abated, only grown, so regularly and consistently that I’ve stopped noting it.)


Had another “I thought of a story randomly” synchro today: thought of “Cinnamon Road” earlier this morning, and then got the rejection tonight (when it’s been months since its submission).


A big chunk of synchronicities today, all occurring in the evening. First, some word synchros: “furze” (was in some book I read within the last few days, I want to say “Damned”, and I noted it in my latest ledger, the first I’d seen it, and then it was in Wheel of Darkness tonight, so close); “dharma” (in ledger this morning, and I Noticed it, then it was in “Wheel of Darkness”, in an unlikely way); “Madison” (was in “A Dark Matter” a couple days ago, all through the book, the town it was centered around, and then was featured prominently in “Freakonomics”, yesterday and today, enough that I took notice). Then, at the end of Freakonomics, it was all about why people name their children what they do, specifically girls’ names, and then, just after, in “Wheel of Darkness” (I segued right from that one to the next), the start of it had a woman asked why she was named what she was, and she gave an answer reflective of the book (because her name was popular, etc). Then, the clincher: earlier today, I was compelled to write a letter to Steven Levitt, one of the authors of Freakonomics, and while penning it out, I felt Compelled to note how his logic was “impeccable,” in that precise wording, and wrote it quickly to make sure I didn’t forget it. Then, in “Wheel of Darkness”, it had the line “the logic is impeccable.”

And another: in “Other” this morning, I mentioned “Baby Jesus,” and I Noticed it. Then, at lunch, I Just Happened to glance up to a part of the dining table, at just a certain, specific way, as to note a card of some kind of my mother’s, on which said “Baby Jesus.” This could be a coincidence, except for the way that my attention was drawn to the card, and how I noticed the words in “Other,” both of which I’ve come to associate with these things. It just doesn’t stop.

Another word: “clownish”, in ledger sometime within the last day (I want to say this morning), and then in “Other” tonight, when I don’t think I’ve used this more than a couple times.


A cool one: saw “wimple” in the ledger this morning, and this was a hit right off the bat, because I went and bought some flax seed at Earthfare (randomly …) and my cashier had a wimple on (and she wasn’t even my cashier at first; I was in another line, and she emptied and called me over). Then, while editing “Other”, it turned into a triple, when it was in there. Then, two word synchros: “incidental” (in ledger this morning, and I Noticed it, and then it was in “The Wheel of Darkness” this evening) and then “manicured finger”, in “Other” this morning, and Noticed (it was another phrase that I stopped on and edited), and then in “Wheel of Darkness” also.

Then, “postprandial,” which was first in my ledger within the last couple days, then in “Wheel of Darkness” earlier today, then “Other” tonight (almost noted in earlier today, but didn’t, until seeing it in “Other”). And another, this one neat: “amphora”. This was in the ledger this morning, except that wasn’t the synchro: the synchro was “amphorae”, plural, which I thought of when I saw amphora, though I couldn’t remember exactly where I’d used it (though I knew I had somewhere). Well, it turns out it was in “Other”, because as it would happen, I edited that very passage tonight.


Word synchro: "arcaded" (was in "Wheel of Darkness" a couple times yesterday, as well as somewhere else I can't remember -- my thoughts? another read? -- but in any case I almost noted it then, but then it was "Other" today, and then in my ledger at lunch); "sybarite" (in "Wheel of Darkness" yesterday, when I haven't seen that word used in a long time, then in ledger today); "parquet" (in ledger at lunch, then "Wheel of Darkness" after). Then, the coolest, "proscenium", in ledger at lunch, and I Noticed it, and then in "Wheel of Darkness" just after lunch, cool because it's so uncommon and I Noticed it (I chose the ledger randomly today, btw, out of three possible).

Also had a coincidence that may not have been a synchronicity, but was notable nonetheless. This morning at breakfast, I was thinking, randomly, of how people tend to equate “love” with ignoring people’s faults and reality, and telling others want they want to hear, and I thought, “That’s a kind of love.” Well, I got the rejection for “A Kind of Love” today, at lunchtime.


Word synchro: “couture”; was in ledger at lunch, and then “Wheels of Darkness”, less than an hour afterward. Then, later, “rictus”, in “Wheel of Darkness”, then “Other”, a couple hours later (it might’ve been in the ledger today, but I honestly can’t remember).


Word synchro: “spume” (was in “Wheel of Darkness” several times yesterday, and I kept Noticing it, again and again, and then it turned up ledger at lunch today); “tchotchke” (this one was kind of cool, because it was in “Other” today, the only time I’ve ever used it, and then when I went back to the ledger at lunch, I knew that the tchotchke definition was in it, and I thought about it; however, the definition wasn’t where I thought it would be, and then I remembered how the first few pages of this ledger, a simple pad, had gotten torn off and I’d put them in the rear, and sure enough, I went through all the first half of the ledger, and on the very last page I read before finishing lunch, there was tchotchke); “eponymous” (not a word synchro, per se, because last night, while helping mom and dad with the cable’s on-demand movies, I Noticed “Kripendorf’s Tribe” in the list, and it stuck with me; then, this afternoon, “eponymous” was in the ledger); “feint” (saw this twice today, in “Other” and ledger, but chalked it up to coincidence, it being so common, but then it was in “Wheel of Darkness” this evening).


A cool one: I was listening to music in the gym, and as I walked by a guy cleaning the mirrors in there, I noticed that he’d dripped water all over the floor. Immediately, like the precise moment I noticed the drips, the song I was listening to said “drip, drip, drip.” Actually, I’ve had more than one of these today, with thoughts occurring precisely with something I read or heard.

Another cool one: this morning, I went out to my truck, and thought, “Other is at last finished, after three years.” Then I got another thought, what would, in fact, be the very last detail to work into the novel, so I wrote it on my pad. Well, as soon as I got it down (finished writing the note), the pen died, and it was one I’d been using for at least 6 months, if not a year. A kind of double-synchro.

And then, then word synchros: “toddy”, “dewlap”, “carbuncle”, “pince-nez”, and “broach the subject”, all of which were in “other” anywhere from last night to his morning and then in ledger, though “broach the subject” referred to “broach” used in the novel, though broach was in the same context. Neat.


A neat one: at lunch today, my dad Just Happened to mention how, over the weekend, a boat was run into a shole of rocks and torn up, a disaster. Oddly, I’d just yesterday finished “The Wheel of Darkness”, where the plot fit that almost exactly (crazy captain running it toward a shole, but is diverted at the last minute). It wouldn’t notable if not for the fact that it is the one and only book I’ve ever read about a boat being run toward a shole of rocks, and one of the few boat-books I’ve read period, and I Just Happened to finish it on the weekend this happened, and my dad Just Happened to mention it to me.

Had a few word synchros today; most were in my letter to Rebecca today, then in Arcane, a bunch really, though I can’t remember them. “iteration” was one. “ermine” was another, and I can’t remember where I saw it before Arcane.


Word synchro: “scored”; was in ledger this morning, and I Noticed it, then was in EoJC tonight. Also, “Lord Buxton”, from the same sources. And a funny one: “ennui”; this was in the ledger and Jack Cruz, but I only saw it in JC by total chance (I was looking in the “Review” panel, when suddenly it shot down to a comment, I have no idea how, I maybe pushed a button and didn’t realize it, but the comment it went to caught my eye, and when I clicked on it and saw where it went, it went to a sentence with “ennui” (which is doubly funny, because when I saw ennui in the ledger this morning, I immediately thought of that phrase and wondered if it was stupid and juvenile, but the comment was my editor saying how funny it was).

Then, another cool one: “specious”; in the ledger this morning, and Noticed, and then it was in an article I read tonight, completely by chance, by looking up “Sangiovese” on Google, something entirely unrelated to the article (which Caught My Eye).

And a really, really cool one: While editing EoJC this morning, I changed a part about tapes into “a bone yard of tapes”, in order to harmonize it with the novel being more contemporary now, and then, tonight, Rebecca sent me, arbitrarily, a picture of a big stack of old tapes, what could very easily be called a boneyard.


Word synchro: “billet” (in ledger at lunch, then Arcane afterward), “sallow” (in EoJC this morning, then Arcane in the afternoon), “divine intervention” (same). Also, “epicure”, though this one was only the root word; read “epicure” in journal either this morning or at lunch, can’t remember, but I Noticed it, and after lunch, in Arcane, I read “epicurean,” and with the word being so rare and such (I don’t know if I’ve read it other than when I made the ledger entry), it was too close not to note.

Then, a cool one, toward evening: I was reading a story in Arcane, and it mentioned how there was a small town sustained by business from the highway. Interestingly, just last night, before going to sleep, I had a long, convoluted chain of thought which included my realizing that there were just such towns, for the first time. It was one of those deals where it's something obvious, yet easy to miss, and I had just never really realized such a mechanism. The neat thing about this and the word synchros was that I had planned on *not* reading Arcane today, because I don't like the stories in it, but I did anyway, because I felt like I was supposed to for some reason. Hmm.


A cool one: this morning, I was thinking, absently, about the lead singer of the Horrorpops, who’d I’d just read recently was named “Day”, but I couldn’t remember her first name, and I kept thinking about it for some reason. Also, I kept wanting to call her Doris Day, but I knew this wasn’t right, was just the name of someone I’d heard at some point. Well, at lunch, I was defending my meal from the kitten, and while doing so, I happened to Notice a card on the table: a member card for the Doris Day Animal Help or something or other. Interestingly, when I mentioned this to my parents, my mom mentioned how Doris Day did the “Que Sera” song, which means “what will be, will be,” and it was relevant to something I’d been wondering this morning (though the latter part is maybe just a coincidence).


Word synchro: “riffled”; Noticed it in ledger this morning, and doubly so since it was in EoJC and I Noticed it all through that while I was editing it a couple days ago, since it was a minor issue in it, its spelling. Then it was in Arcane this afternoon, spelled as so. Also, “vanguard,” and this was kind of cool, because everytime I see it in the ledger (which I did), I think of a mob in WoW, something or other Vanguard. Well, I saw the word in the ledger this afternoon, at lunch, when I’d just seen that mob that morning in WoW, for the first time in a year or so. I didn’t note it at first, but then while playing WoW tonight, there was a scripted segment where it mentioned “vanguard.” Twice in fact.


Word synchro: “hectare”; was in ledger yesterday (or maybe the day before, can’t remember; recently, in any case), and I Noticed it (it seems like I was thinking how I’d never seen it used except where I’d first read it, but I can’t be sure). Anyway, it was in “Brave New World” this afternoon.


Word synchro: “lupine”; in ledger, and I Noticed it, very distinctly, and then it was on a “random” website I went to today, rooted in the Google search of “music of the spheres,” which I’d written down a week or so ago and Just Got Around to looking up (took me to an arbitrary “Stampscape” website, eventually, where “lupine” was).

Then, at lunch, “stemwinder” was first word in ledger, when I’d just seen a stemwinder watch randomly, on the same website as “lupine,” though this could’ve been a coincidence. Then, “mime” was in ledger, and I Noticed it, distinctly, then it was in “Brave New World,” just after.

Then, while reading the novel this afternoon, I Noticed “Delta” in it, thinking absently of how I hadn’t seen that for a while. Well, I by chance went to CVS this afternoon, to get some batteries (almost didn’t do it, then almost forgot, then almost went somewhere else to get them, but Just Happened to be by CVS so I went in there), and the guy I got behind in line had on a T-shirt showing John Belushi and saying something about Delta Chi. Not a direct hit, and possibly a coincidence, but notable, all the same.


Word synchro: “flaxen”; this was in “Brave New World” yesterday and I Noticed it, distinctly, and then it was in the ledger this morning, very unlikely; “gingerly”, which was in ledger yesterday and I Noticed it, and then was in “Brave New World” today; “juniper bush,” and this one was cool, because it was in WoW this morning, me By Chance doing a quest a felt Compelled to do, which required me to gather juniper berries from bushes, which I noticed very distinctly, and then “juniper bushes” turned up in “Brave New World” today, another very unlikely one.


Several today. First, in Warcraft this morning, I went to buy some bracers that I almost had last night, but didn't, For Some Reason (consciously because I thought they were too expensive, though I renegged on this later, regretting not buying them). Well, went I bought them this morning, there was a another one on the AH, for 1000g less. Inconsequential, yes, but it demonstrated my intuition to me in a real way. Then, when I was in the gym today, I had the distinct thought, absently, that we see and hear much more than we consciously acknowledge. This was nothing new to me, of course, but then, in "Brave New World" this evening, I read about this very subject -- interesting, since it's somewhat uncommon, and I can't remember the last I'd seen or read about it anywhere. Then, the clincher: "actuarial"; yesterday, I woke up thinking, very clearly and distinctly, of this word, so much that I expected a synchronicity involving it. Well, nothing happened yesterday, then this morning I thought, "Well, nothing happened with actuarial," until this evening, when I read it in "Brave New World's" appendix -- for the second time ever, I think. It seems like I have it in a ledger, though I can't remember where I'd first read it, though I do remember it was only once.

Also worth mentioning: in "Brave New World Revisited" (its appendix), it was mentioned aspirin's proper name, which is acetyl salicylic acid -- interesting, because I'd just seen that recently while researching salicylates (seeing it for the first time, then the second time within a week, very close together, considering I'd never heard it before).

Also: last night, I was thinking, very absently, of the line of “The Crystal Vacuum Cleaner” that mentioned the barbarian’s headpiece. I thought it was diadem, since that was what I’d looked up, but that wasn’t right, though I didn’t really put any thought into this, the thought was so absent. Well, this morning I Just Happened to look down at a suitcase in my hallway (which has been there for at least a few months …) and it said “TIARA”, which is what I called the barbarian’s headpiece in my story. It got me thinking, and it seems that some of these synchronicities are less synchronicities, from an intelligent standpoint, rather than just side effects, or symptoms of the true nature of reality (I likened them to riding a certain railway that went through a big cow pasture; you’d be likely to see a lot of cows on it). While writing this, I also remembered how I almost didn’t look up diadem when I encountered it, since I had a vague idea what it was, but I felt Compelled to and so did (because I wanted to “make sure to note such words,” consciously, but there was obviously more to it). Another lesson in intuition? Maybe this one wasn’t so arbitrary after all. Hmm.


Lots of obscure synchros today, too many to list or remember. For instance, I had planned on editing "Dying City" this morning, but ended up being Compelled to do "The General," and there was a lot of stray synchronicity in it, this from that morning and yesterday, if I remember right (which I may not be; memory is horrible today). This continued all through the day, with random things I can't even remember, though I do remember one. I tidied up my bookshelf today, with the secondary objective of digging out some books to read, and I Noticed this Bahamas guidebook I bought at Goodwill a while ago on a whim. Shortly after, a coin fell down from the shelf, which I thought was a quarter, but it ended up being a foreign coin -- from the Bahamas, which had come in a bag of random stuff my dad had picked up from a yard sale a long time ago (I haven't seen the Bahamas mentioned in a while, and the two were so close, and in such an obscure, unlikely fashion, I had to take note). Then, tonight I was Compelled to edit "Greater Good," for the first time in almost a year, and it had a few obscure, random synchros, but it also had two word synchros from "The General": Hudson cars, and "'idn't," as slang for "didn't." These may not have been notable, except that I had no conscious knowledge of them having these parallels (I think they are the only stories I've mentioned Hudson cars or used that slang in ...).

Another word synchro: “a good barometer of”; in ledger sometime today, and I Noticed it, and then in “Greater Good,” maybe one of three or four times I’ve used it.


Word synchro: another “a good barometer,” as in “Greater Good” last night and then “The Briefcase” this morning, one of the few times I’ve used that, back to back (and, of course, I felt Compelled to do “The Briefcase” this morning, of all the stories I have to edit). Then: “trolled” (was in “Greater Good” last night, then ledger this morning), “elope” (I can’t remember the specifics of this, but I wrote it down); “disjointed” (was in “The Briefcase” this morning, then “The Long Walk” this evening, when it’s somewhat uncommon); and then “what-for” (“the old what-for” was in the ledger, and it seems like I Noticed it though I can’t really remember, my memory is so bad lately, and then it was in “The Long Walk,” which I only By Chance was reading today, after finding it while rearranging my bookcase yesterday). Another: “sickly,” in “The Long Walk” a couple times today, and I Noticed it, and then while editing “The Surrogate” tonight (I don’t think I’ve used that one too much …). Again, I chose the story entirely at Random, from a selection of about 10.


Word synchro: "photo op"; in ledger yesterday (or maybe day before, I can't remember -- sometime very recently, in any case), and I Noticed it, and then it was in "Dying City" today, when I'd putting off editing it for a month or more. The only time I've used "photo op," I think. Another: "write"; was in "Dying City" this morning, which I felt Compelled to do, and then "Tomorrow" tonight, similarly, when I think those are the only two times I've ever used that, maybe once more ...

Update from 2/12:

I found a note in my ledger detailing some synchros, and I think it was from the first (was on the day that I drove Tim around, in any case). First were two word synchros: “fourscore”, which I remember being in my ledger at lunch and then what I read immediately after, though I can’t remember what the book was; and then “death-wish,” which was the same, though I can’t remember entirely. The other was a synchronicity involving John Travolta. I’d Noticed his picture on a tabloid in the grocery story, when I’d felt Compelled to go in, and then I saw something about him later that day, though I can’t remember what, or what made it so unlikely. Argh. Bad memory.


Word synchro: “cinders”; in ledger today, and I Noticed it, and then in “The Long Walk” this afternoon; “caramel,” in “A Kind Of Love” this morning, and I also Noticed this one, and then ledger at lunch; “peacoat,” in “Dying City” yesterday, and I just noticed this one, non-capital, because I edited it in, but then it was in ledger this afternoon; then, this evening, “fouled,” in ledger at lunch, and I Noticed it, and then in “The Long Walk” this evening. Hmm.

Then, an uncommon one: the need for national birth-control. This was first in “Brave New World,” then in “Make Room! Make Room!,” which I Just Happened to read just after, when I had a bunch of books to choose from, and then, finally, in “The Long Walk” today, three back to back. I had noticed this after the first two, obviously, but not noted it, considering it might’ve just been chance (how naive I am), but then, after the third today, I had to note it.


An interesting day. Started with a word synchro right off the bat: “craven,” in “The Long Walk” yesterday, and I Noticed it, thinking that it’s a very uncommon word, and then it was in my ledger today (at breakfast or lunch, can’t remember). Then, “crenellated,” in “A Kind Of Love” yesterday, and then “The Long Walk” today, also pretty uncommon. Then “hemorrage” and “shockwave,” both of which were in the Deathwing dungeon in WoW this morning (felt Compelled to play this morning …), and I Noticed these, and then they popped up later. I remember that hemorrage was in “The Long Walk,” and shockwave might’ve been too, though I want to say it was in a song I was listening to at the gym today, can’t really remember. Then, another one: while reading “The Long Walk” this afternoon, I came upon a passage where someone asked what time it was and they were answered, “2:17.” Well, this was right around what should’ve been 2:17, so I looked to the clock, thinking it would be cool if it were 2:17, but it wasn’t, was 2:20. I was a little disappointed, since it was so close, but then, one page later, the same guy asked what time it was again, and this time he was answered 2:20. Heh.

Then, another: “dirigible”; was in the ledger sometime today, morning I think, and then it was in this link to a crazy song/video that Rebecca linked to me in her email (sent to me at 1:29 this afternoon, very close to the ledger entry, almost exactly if it was while I was reading it at lunch). I don’t think I Noticed dirigible, though I did notice it, uncapatilized, enough to remember it immediately upon seeing it in the song. Then, while reading Rebecca’s latest email. I was eating salad, with onion in it, and I took a bite with some onion in it and thought, man I love onion, and just afterward, I read the next line down, and Rebecca said the exact same damn thing. I would chalk this up to reading it in my peripheral vision, subconscious, because I’ve experienced this many times, while writing, when I write a word that was on the same page; except, I was eating a good chunk of onion at the time, when there wasn’t much on my plate, which blows that explanation apart.


Edited “5th of July” this morning, and it had “Is that good or bad?” in it, and I Noticed this, mainly because I see that I’ve used it so much. Well, I went looking for a place to submit it afterward, and settled on a Duotrope listing, and in its description, it said “Is that good or bad?” Heh.

A few cool ones after I left for the trip. First, while I was leaving, I was listening to the radio (for the first time in a while), 95.7, the good one, and it cut to commercial, so I went to 106.5, the new-rock station, and immediately I thought of the last time I went to the beach, when I kept thinking of the Cassiopean thing about negative frequencies being in newer, popular music, and how it had named Bush as amongst these (which I experienced synchronicities with on my previous trip to the beach, in November). Well, as I switched to 106.5 and was thinking that, I realized within seconds that the song on it was, of all bands, Bush. I turned the radio off. Of interesting note: I wouldn’t of heard this had I not forgotten my grapefruits and whey protein and had to double back and get them, feeling Compelled to do so.

Then, more starling synchro. First it was in this book, “Our Mother’s House,” which I wasn’t really keen on but felt Compelled to read. And then, within the hour, it was on the radio, or at least I’m pretty sure that was the lyric, in “White Room” by Cream. I’ll have to look that up.

Then, when I got in Charlotte, I had to find a place to pee, and was Compelled to stop at a Bojangles, though I usually don’t like to use the bathroom in a place I won’t be buying anything from. Well, when I went in I heard a song on the radio, and it turned out to be “Gypsy” by Fleetwood Mac, when I’d been hearing that song a lot lately, having just bought the album it’s on, Mirage (I had, in fact, just heard the first of it that day, while at the gym, while blindly flipping through the songs). Not a big one, and certainly a possible coincidence, but worth noting anyway.


Lots of word synchro today, from between “Discipline,” the book “Our Mother’s House,” and my thoughts. I didn’t think much of them at first, the first five or six being relatively common and possibly coincidental, but then they started getting more specific and unlikely, as well as simply a lot of them, as happens it seems, and only then did I start taking note, specifically with “sheaf,” which was in the story and the book, not the most uncommon word but the first I’d seen it for quite a while. Also, “pomegranite” again, when I saw it a few times yesterday, and “motes,” in the story and the book, same for “magnificent.”

Then, “motes” was in “The Moaning Sea” this evening, also, along with a few other repeat words I can’t remember. Also, “pearl,” which I also Noticed in the sandblasted sign in the trailer’s living room earlier today.


Word synchro: “kelp,” was in “See Sick” this morning, and I Noticed it, and then in that moon song video-thing, which I just happened to rewatch while flipping through my offline websites (and felt Compelled to).

A lot more word synchro today: “meditatively,” “obediently,” “travel light,” “coaxed,” “keyhole,” “abruptly,” “satchel,” all of these in “See Sick” this morning, then “Our Mother’s House” this afternoon. Some of the words were more uncommon than others, but the fact that they were there so close, and there were so many, was notable. Also, and more notably, there was a song mentioned in the book, “Old Black Joe,” which I had just for the first time learned off while reading my last book, “The Long Walk,” it being mentioned in there too. Not only was it the first I’ve heard of it, but in two books, back to back, both of which I read totally At Random. Really remarkable, yet I’m not surprised.

Also, was another one while reading “Our Mother’s House,” where it mentioned how there were no sounds in the house but the ticking of the clocks, which is what it’s like in the vacation trailer. This very well could have been a coincidence, as it’s not like I was thinking specifically of this at the time, but still worth mentioning.

Then, tonight I edited “The Museum,” also By Chance, having felt Compelled to go over my submission list and get out any stories that were overdue for replies, this morning. First, the character in the story is named Diane, like that in “Our Mother’s House” which I finished this afternoon, and then this too had “coaxed” in it, for a three-banger.

Then: on the way to the pawnshop today (which I’d try to go to the last two days but they were closed, too late, though I could’ve sworn they were open until 9 …), I Noticed a truck ahead of me, Public Safety written on it, and I doubled noticed it because I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Public Safety before. Well, I bought a movie at the pawnshop, Ghost in the Machine II, and in the opening sequence, it mentions Public Safety, that same spelling and context (subtitles).


Another onslaught of synchronicity today. First, word synchro: “lillies,” which I’ve seen a number of places recently, “Our Mother’s House” plus elsewhere, including Rebecca’s email, because I’d said, stupidly, in the last one, that I’d never heard of a name named after a plant (which I had, but just brainfarted it out, Coincidentally, otherwise she never would’ve given a list of the names, which included “Violet,” also in “Our Mother’s House” …) (Update on this, 2/18: realized another “lily” which came around this very same period, “Simulations of God,” by John Lily); “barbed wire” and “pursed lips” and “stupidly,” in the emails this morning, then “All The Pretty Horses”. Then, the “only sound but the ticking of the clocks” was also in “All The Pretty Horses,” after the one yesterday, making a three-banger. “Satchel” too, was in the one yesterday and then in “Pretty Horses” today. And another one: I Noticed some pepper today in the trailer’s kitchen, and I thought of a scene in one of the Cormac McCarthy books where someone buries their eggs in pepper and has it commented upon. I couldn’t remember which it was, and only thought of it absently, but then later, when I started on “All The Pretty Horses,” it was in that one. Now, I did know I was going to read the book at this point (might’ve even started it, actually), so it could foreseeably have been a subconscious thing; all I can say is that I didn’t consciously know if it. Notable in any case.


Some good word synchro: “grange” (I used this this morning in “The Sickness,” then immediately removed it, then it turned up this afternoon, in “All The Pretty Horses”); “newt,” in “Aliens” last night and then “Pretty Horses” today; “misplaced” and “austere,” and “blowsy” (now there’s a rare one, and it came to me so mysteriously, yet perfectly …) and “austere”, in “The Sickness” and then “Pretty Horses.” Also, had more thought synchro (as I think is worthy of being coined, so I seem to experience so regularly, and in the same fashion), this one while listening to “Ripple” by the “Grateful Dead.” Right as I was thinking about being seaside, the lyric said something about being at waterside, so eerily close to the thought that I had to take note. There were a few others today as well, but I can’t remember them.


Couple word synchros: "millstone", which I used in "The Sickness" yesterday, and then was in "All The Pretty Horses" today, notable considering it's a somewhat uncommon and situational word; "void," which was an interesting one, because I mistyped "voice" as "void" this morning, and I Noticed void for a moment after, and then there was a big part of it at the start of "Simulations of God." Also, "surrogate," which I said to the guy at the videostore today, and then turned up in "Jammed" tonight, which I felt Compelled to edit. And then, another "coaxed," which I've seen about 6 or 7 times over the last few days. Jeeze. "Forlorn," in "Pretty Horses" either today or yesterday, then "Jammed" tonight. "Baldly," in "The Videotape" last night and then "Jammed" tonight, when I've only been editing one story a day -- back to back, in other words. "Manchild," in "The Sickness" this morning and then "Jammed" tonight.

Then, a thought synchro: “rebozo.” This came up very distantly and absently while I was exercising, and I can’t remember what it pertained to, but I clearly remember that I ended up thinking this. Then, about an hour later, it was in “All The Pretty Horses”. Also, thought earlier today about how sometimes you have to have patience with angry people, treating them like tantrumming children, and then in “Jammed” today there was “regarding Nick with the indifference one would show a tantrumming child.”

Something I forgot: a few days ago, I was in the trailer, looking for coffee (despite my vowing off of it ...), when I was, in time, led to a little compartment where no coffee should've been but I'd looked everywhere else. When I looked through, there was an old guidebook for birds, and I picked it up and flipped through with the odd thought of, "Maybe it will have a listing for starling, since I've been seeing all the starling stuff on and off recently." Well, I flipped through, literally flipped through, just flashing the pages by, and one of them Caught My Eye, and I flipped back to it, adn it was the listing for starling. Now, I can see how this could've been another subconscious phenomenon, my having seen the starling picture and word (though I didn't know what a starling looked like, and the word passed so infinitesimally fast I wouldn't think it possible to have seen it even subconsciously ...), but the fact that I happened to *hit that page at all,* since my flipping-through was very, very fast, literally just seconds long, skipping dozens of pages at once ... I found that pretty remarkable.


Had one today, and it was a cool one: in "Our Mother's Room" the other day, I read how "ice cream" was call "ice," which it seems is an English spelling of it -- in any case, I Noticed it, and it stood out in my mind. Well today, in my German lesson, I learned the German for "ice cream," which is "eis," or "ice." The translation makes sense, obviously, but it's just neat that within days of my learning of an English term for ice cream, I would learn the German, which is almost identical.

Also, I felt Compelled to edit “Control” tonight (as well as it being the only suitably long story to edit), and in it I mentioned a big truck with duallies and chrome and aftermarket stickers. Well, I’d just cannabalized this this morning for “The Sickness,” and I thought of “Control” when I did it, but the thing is, I wasn’t thinking of this when I decided to edit it tonight, and wouldn’t have anyway, since it was the only story I could do tonight. Neat.

Lots of lesser word synchros in this, too: “migrant,” “heroic,” and a couple others, common, but notable because I used all of them in “The Sickness” this morning.

A cool one: in my journal tonight, not an hour ago, I noted how my walk has been “weird” today, due to health. When I saw that, I felt Compelled to change it to “off,” and did. Well, then, in “Control”: “Misty’s walk had been off.” Heh.


A really cool though synchro today: another starling synchro, also in the “White Room” song from Cream on the radio. With a twist, though: I had a Moment of Doubt, one of the senseless, absurd that come ever now and then, about the whole synchronicity thing, wondering if it was all in my head despite the mountain of evidence and experience in support of it. Immediately as I thought this, that starling lyric came over the radio, in that uncannily synchronistic way of thought synchro, as if it were waving at me. I laughed and laughed.

Had a couple thought synchros later, too: “timeless” and “sun,” both on the radio; timeless while I was just thinking of how time is an illusion and/or doesn’t exist, and sun as I was thinking just that.


An interesting word synchro: "primary directive"; this came after this morning, when I remembered the idea for the "Hardcore" prologue, titled "The Prime Directive," and then, this afternoon, I came across the "primary directive" in "Simulations of God." It was describing something completely different, and the spelling was slightly different, of course, though I found it notable that it would correlate so close together. (Update on this, 2/18: finished up "Simulations of God" today, and near the end of the book was a poem entitled "Prime Directive: Reproduce!" Now, given the fantasticness of this, which was there before but augmented greatly by this, I was tempted to think that I'd thought up the whole prime-directive realization as a result of reading it at the first of the book, which I had just started the afternoon prior to having the realization, if memory serves. Except, even if that were the case, I would had to have watched the "Ghost in the Shell" movie and had the seagull synchronicity and its attendant realization in order to pair *with* my reading that term. However, I re-read the first part of the book today, to see if "prime directive" was in there, but I didn't see it, so unless it was further in and I just missed it, then this isn't the case -- though, it's besides the point, really. Even if I *did* subconsciously absorb the term and then apply it to the realization, I still would had to have *had* the realization in the first place, which definitely was *not* addressed in the book.)

Another thought synchro: at the gym, I was thinking about how my hair was already hanging in my eyes and bothering me, and a second later, the Grateful Dead song I was listening to said something to the effect of “with hair hanging in your eyes.” Now, this didn’t come quite as synchronistically as others like it, was about a second after fact; however, it was still close enough to give me pause and be notable.


Last night, I had the distinct thought of “too much salt,” as a result of eating a salty meal. Then, in Rebecca’s email this morning (which was sent last night, and might’ve been written, in fact, at the precise time I was thinking this), she mentions “too much salt,” those words exactly. Maybe a coincidence, but given that it’s so close, possibly instantaneous, and that the thought was so pronounced and clear in my mind, as to remember it … maybe not.

Word synchro this morning: “malingering,” was in ledger yesterday, and I Noticed it, thinking of how I haven’t seen that word too often (if at all), and then it was in an article about conversion disorder that I Just Happened to read today, which was the result of a big, multipart search involving water contamination. (Note: the exact ledger enter was “malinger.” I don’t think that makes much difference, though.)

Another word synchro: “peculiar”; was in ledger at lunch, and then in “Simulations of God” this evening. The first time it came, I disregarded it, as it’s such a common word; but then it was used a second, and a third time, all in the part that I Just Happened to read today. So, I’m noting it. Then, “Andalusion.” This was in the ledger yesterday, as “Andalusion,” and then, today, in a Doors song, after I was Compelled to put the new Doors album I got onto my MP3 player, though I did this yesterday, only listening to it today. Not highly unlikely, but not too likely, either.

This one is less of synchronicity and more of a coincidence, though I find it notable. Today, I stopped for a truck pulled over along the road with its hazard lights on, and it turned out to be a guy out of gas, with his friend bringing more -- just like a couple weeks ago, when I pulled over for someone in the exact same situation, right down to the "my friend is bringing me more." It's not too shocking, considering the things happened two weeks apart; however, after analyzation, I see that, as far as I can remember, these are the only two times that I've pulled over for someone who was out of gas, with added unlikeliness from their "having a friend" bring them more. In other words, in the ten years that I've been driving, and in the preceding 18 in which I'd been driven, I can't remember once ever experiencing this, and then it happens twice, within the space of two weeks, not a short time, yet not a long one either, when considered in the broader context. Hmmm.


Word synchro: “pastiche,” was in ledger at lunch and I Noticed it, and then it was in the Duotrope listing for a publication, which I visted by total, total, convoluted chance (looking for a home for “The Prizefighter” and I’ve probably visited 10 different listings, if not 20).

Had a neat one at lunch: felt Compelled to take l-arginine today, though I'd taken it in the past and had a bad reaction. I fought it, but it was insistent, so I went and got the bottle from the closet. However, when I did so, I Noticed the eleuthro root just beside it, and felt Compelled to take that, though this too seemed pointless. Well, not 20 minutes later, my dad gave me something to read, a promotional book for a green-food thing, and I flipped through it, though I had zero interest in a green-food thing. Toward the end, there was the list of supplements, a big, three-page-long list of its dozens of ingredients; hwoever, my eyes fell directly to one, the 27th or 28th: eleuthro. It was even funnier because it wasn't the eleuthro which drew my eyes to it, but "ginseng," within "siberian ginseng," which is a misnomer for eleuthro -- it wasn't "eleuthro" which drew me to it, in other words. Neat, though I have no idea if this was anything but an arbitrary phenomenon (I noticed no benefit from either the arginine or eleuthro).

Another word synchro, and this one's pretty neat. I was Compelled to edit "The Prizefighter" tonight, despite having other plans, and in it, I mention "cauliflower ears," I think the only time I've ever used that. Well, I researched cauliflower tonight, its lectin content and such, but "cauliflower ear" never turned up -- until later, when I ended up researching "cauliflower rice." When I did this, Google's search suggestions brought up "cauliflower ear," as the very first one, while I was typing it.


Yesterday, “paisley” was the first ledger word of the day, and I Noticed it, doubly so, thinking that I hadn’t seen paisley for a long time, or heard the word used. This feeling, and Noticing, was so distinct, I had the thought that some paisley was in my future. Well, sure enough, today I go downstairs, and my mom has a sort of bag with a pink paisley pattern on it.

A cool one: in Rebecca's last email, she mentioned how she went outside, thinking it was snowing, but it wasn't, though just as she went outside, the first snowflake fell on her -- a mild precognition, in other words. While re-reading the email to reply to it, I couldn't thinking of anything to comment about this occurence, though I found it interesting (Noticed it, you could say). Well, that was this morning, and at lunch, I read some of "Simulations of God," and within the first paragraph of what I read was a description of how, as demonstrated by scientific experiment, we can foresee things slightly before they actually happen. Funny.

Then, word synchro: “inimical,” was in ledger this morning, and I Noticed it big time, thinking very distinctly of how I hadn’t seen that word in forever. Then, of course, it was in “Simulations of God,” this afternoon, within the first couple pages. This is getting routine …

Had a minor thought synchro while at Tim’s: “one.” I was writing him out instructions of using his computer, and I’d just written the “1” in the first step, when, immediately, someone on TV in the other room said “one,” alone, as a sentence. This could easily be a coincidence, of course, since it’s so one-dimensional, except that it happened so synchronously, in every sense of the word, like me thinking “one,” starting to draw the line, and hearing “one” all at once. Heh.


Word synchro: “pothead.” This kept recurring in my thoughts all through the day, and then it turned up in Jack Cruz. Could be a complete coincidence, but I found it interesting that I would have this distinct thought all through the day and then have it turn up anywhere. Then, later, “indemnity,” in “Simulations of God” and then Jack Cruz. Nothing special about this one, other than that it’s an uncommon word. Then, “dandled,” in ledger yesterday and then Jack Cruz tonight, probably nothing, being so common and far apart. Also, “bored,” which I encoutered three times today. The first was in “The Gibbet” this morning, and I Noticed it, for no real reason, then it was in WoW, in an unlikely way, but I still didn’t note it then, so it’s such a common word. But then it was in Jack Cruz tonight, another one of these three-bangers of common words that I don’t note until the third gets my attention. Hmm.


Got a rejection this morning, but shrugged it off pretty well. Immediatley after, I checked my other, Hotmail address, and was attracted to the “Word of the Day” email, which was pachyderm. I thought this was just an animal, but it’s first definition was: “1. A person who is not sensitive to criticism, ridicule, etc.” Also, this themed seemed to continue throughout the day, when I fended off several temptations to react negatively or selfishly or stupidly, etc., maybe six or seven times throughout the course of the day.

Now, had something today, which seemed big, at least in the sense that I've never quite had something like this happen before. Over the course of the afternoon, I encountered a huge, huge number of small, seemingly meaningless synchronicities, mostly word synchros, which all came together to, in spite of their individual commonality, be way too unlikely to be chance. The first to really get my attention were "beg to differ" and Alec Baldwin; I had thought of Alec Baldwin earlier today, randomly, about something I'd read about his sugar addiction or something, and then, while in Goodwill and browsing their CDs, noticed the album "Beg to Differ" by Prong, which I'd borrowed from my brother years ago. Within minutes after seeing the "Beg to Differ" album, I went and looked at the books, and there was a booked called "I Beg to Differ," and then, beside it a couple books down, a book by Alec Baldwin. Either in itself would've been unnotable, but together they were -- however, these were only the start of a deluge of such. "first job" (in "The Brief History of the Dead" book, which I was Compelled to buy at Goodwill today, then read even though I'd planned on reading "Koko", when I'd also Noticed a book at Goodwill about getting your first job, with "first job" in the title); "Laura" (in the "Dead" book when it was in Jack Cruz this morning); "drew in his breath," when I synchronously was breathing in a deep breath immediately as I read that, thought-synchro-style; "memento" (in the book, when I Noticed the Memento movie in Goodwill today); "walker" (in the book, when I'd Noticed Tim's book this morning, mainly his last name, very distinctly, "Walker"); virology, when I'd just edited the part in Jack Cruz where Cruz mentions he's a virologist, then a virologist was in the "Dead" book; "anagram," in the "Dead" book when I'd thought of this this morning (see below); "cordite" and "generator", in the book today when they were in Jack Cruz last night; "autobiography," in the book, when I'd Noticed an "authorized biography" in Goodwill; "shimmer", when I'd had a rejection from Shimmer this morning, and seen it somehwere else that I can't remember, and that my crap had resembled a distinct "S" and it'd made me think of Shimmer; "monument," in the book, when I'd Noticed my "Monuments" book this morning; "sandwhich shop," in the book, when I'd Noticed the Five Guys sandwhich shop that just opened, while on my way to Goodwill today, because they had guys out front dancing around with the signs; "extend," in the book, when I'd thought this distinctly enough to remember it, randomly, earlier today, like a lot of these; "inconsequential," in the book, and also another random though I had earlier today; "elephant," as seen in the "pachyderm" definition earlier today, and then in the book. Now, all of these in themselves were very, very weak, and would've been otherwise ignored -- but all of them, together, one after another, almost all within this same day, when I was Compelled to buy the "Dead" book and do the other things demanded by them ... it's just too much. The phenomenon is real, at least insofar as I can establish anything as real. If I can't believe this, there is nothing I can believe. As for why there was this huge explosion of it today, I have no idea -- a large cycle ending? some juncture or crossroads of many different realities (reality nexus?)? something I'm not even touching on? Who knows. But it's really, really cool seeing it all.

Also, I think I’ll start calling these type of synchros, where they are entirely unnotable and seemingly meaningless, with no overt, obvious message, as “undifferentiated synchro,” filing in with thought synchro and word synchro.

Other word synchro: "credenza" (in Jack Cruz last night, only time I've used in my writings, and then ledger this morning, when I felt Compelled to read the ledger), "indemnity" (forming a three-banger since I saw it twice yesterday); also, "eneagram," which is the name of the book that the hypnotist recommended to me and I still have the note to get, but just today Noticed it and pulled it into view For Some Reason, and then it turned up in "Simulations of God," not an hour later, though the book was spelled with two N's, but the latter was with one -- not too big a difference. (This is how I came to think of "anagram," thinking that was what it was referring to but then realizing it wasn't ...)

And more word synchro: a third "inconsequential" (or inconsequentiality, rather), and then "evacuate," which I saw somewhere today but I can't remember where (a Pearl Jam song, maybe?), and then encountered in Jack Cruz. Again, very weak in themselves, but huge in light of all that have come today. Another: "toy-sized," in "Dead", and I Noticed it, and then I came across it in my ledger tonight -- my latest, unfilled ledger, while looking for an adjective while editing (I actually had the thought, just before opening it up, that this would lead to a synchronicity). Jeeze. "Quest," read in both Jack Cruz and the "Dead" book and heard in a Pearl Jam song earlier, as well as in "Simulations of God," and maybe somewhere else that I can't remember. "Surreal," in "Simulations of God" (name of a poem) and then in Jack Cruz tonight. And others, too, that I won't even mention because this is getting redundantly old. One was cool, though: earlier today, I saw a Toyota SUV for sale along the road, and though, distinctly, "Toyota SUV," and why Toyota's seem to retain their value so well, and then, tonight, I got to the part in Jack Cruz where Gwen mentions her Toyota, which is an SUV. It seems that about damn near everything I thought or experienced this morning has been echoed in the last half of the day.


More cool stuff from the “The Brief History of the Dead” book. First, I had a dream last night, just before awaking, which led to me thinking of a man and woman sleeping dispassionately together, which in turn led to me thinking of an old Family Matters episode involving just that. Well, this afternoon, in the book, just hours later, it depicted just that scenario. I hadn’t thought of that happening since … have I ever thought of that? It’s such an odd, unlikely thing, and it was repeated. Also, there seem to be so many similarities between this book and Jack Cruz, which I Just Happen to be editing right now. Though, I won’t bother with these, or other minor synchros, since they are in fact minor, and possibly coincidental (though I doubt it, considering yesterday’s onslaught).


This morning during breakfast, I had the distinct thought of “get laid,” wondering how that came about. Then, in Jack Cruz about an hour later, it was there “just-got-laid face.” Maybe a coincidence, but this does fit that seemingly mechanical, Undifferentiated synchro I’d classified recently.

Then, right before I checked my email, I had this stray thought, I can’t even remember what triggered this, of playing Warcraft about a year ago and doing an instance run in that one with the boss that sends out electrical whirlwinds, and the tank had pulled when I was healing and out of mana, but we managed to kill it anyway. Well, seconds later, I checked my email for the first time today and read an email from Rebecca, in which she mentioned “an otherwise hurricanic electrical storm of a life.” Precisely like what that WoW boss did, send out a hurricane of electrical storm. It bears mentioning that this email from her was very random and just a short note that she’d sent me this morning, as she has a habit of doing; also, that when I’d thought of the WoW boss, the image it brought up was (of course) of it doing the eletrical storm attack thing. Wow.

More cool ones as the day went on. First, a couple word synchro: “cocksucker” and “taunted,” both in Jack Cruz and then the “Dead” book at lunch. Then, this evening, had a whole bunch of them: “hieroglyph,” “nomad,” and “taunting,” “cadence,” “sleigh,” all in Jack Cruz this morning (“taunting” was significant, because it was an edit by my editor, to replace “laughing”, which I thought awkward, so I Noticed it, naturally; however, the very nature of the edit was similar, because in Jack Cruz, it was in the line “you joined the other children in their taunting,” and then in the “Dead” book, it was in the context of children taunting another child); then, “delivery truck,” when I’d just seconds before been wondering when the delivery truck would get here (not quite with that whipcrack of other thought synchros, but far too close together to be coincidence). There was another “lily” and “coax” there, too.


Another big chunk of small, easily missable synchros, much like two days ago, almost all of it hinging on my starting to read “Koko.” Much of it was a recap of my morning, little, insignificant things that I didn’t even Notice, just encountered (though entirely by chance, and without expecting them). For instance, within the first few pages of Koko, it referenced a VW van (which I’d seen on the cheaprvliving.com site, which I’d felt Compelled to visit this morning, after not going there for a year or more), a man over 230 pounds (encountered while researching the alkalinity of hemp protein, which I felt Compelled to), people playing the war-veteran card for sympathy (this one was actually pretty notable, since I had noted this specifically in an email to Rebecca, though entirely By Chance), “dishwater” (was in Mari’s email to me about the discrepancy in Jack Cruz), “bourbon” (was in Rebecca’s email to me), “fret” (in my email to her), a tattooed ass (in Rebecca’s email), Coca-Cola (perhaps completely irrelevant, but Coca-Cola was a big theme in “The Brief History of the Dead” which I just finished yesterday), wasp (same), an action synchro involving reading about a burp right as I burped (burp was already working its way up before I read that, but Just Happened to come out the moment I read it, very synchronous, like a thought synchro), and “third-person” (in the new wedge of Jack Cruz I edited this morning). Now, though a couple of these were notable, most of them I would’ve brushed off and ignored, had it not been for there be so many. It wasn’t quite the onslaught of a couple days ago, but it was still enough to make me take note, especially the war-veteran-sympathy thing. One thing that bears mentioning: I had a choice between starting “Koko” or rereading “Sutree” today, and “Koko” felt right. Before I started reading it, I wondered if there would be any synchronicity. I have to wonder if this was an exercise to inspire trust in my seemingly arbitrary choices, though this is pure speculation. Hmmm.


Word synchro: "trouper." Was in ledger this morning, the first I'd read it for a few days, though I did *not* Notice it, simply remember it being there. Then it was in "The Dead Man's Phone," on the second page -- interesting, because I'd planned on editing "Everything's Connected" this morning, but felt Compelled to do this one. Also, "rumanitive," in the same story, when I'd just used "ruminate" as a late substitution in Jack Cruz yesterday, for the first time in I don't know how long (perhaps since using it in "The Phone").

More word synchro throughout the day: "James Bond" (in "The Phone" this morning and then Koko this afternoon), ketosis (I thought of this upon waking this morning, in association with an old memory of someone from the gym, and then it was in my ledger at breakfast, not an hour later, quite notable -- which seems to be a phenomenon, having these stray thoughts upon waking or soon after and then having them prove relevant to later in the day, in a precognitive sense, though sometimes not quite so). And, continuing the theme of very minor word synchros that would be unnotable if not en masse: "askance," "burke," "dispassionate," "bleach" (all in "The Phone" this morning and then ledger at lunch), "tenpin," "rumination" (in Pearl Jam songs while working out, when they were in "The Phone" this morning), "flunkie" (in Pearl Jam songs, when it was in "Koko" just before I left), "caramel" (in "The Phone" and then I saw it on a sign, probably nothing), "pinwheel" (seen this three or four times within the last few days, and then it was on a sign that I Noticed today).

Also, had one cool thing happen, not quite a synchronicity but a neat coincidence, something lending to intuition. I’d been feeling compelled to try MSM again, but felt to wait about it, ostensibly because I’m low on money, but who knows why I felt that way in reality. Well, this morning, I noticed a bag of vitamins that my dad brought back from the beach, and in it were two bottles of MSM, which he let me have. I could see how this could easily be a coincidence, but I could see how it isn’t either, especially considering that he’s never bought MSM before, usually only buying it in a combo glucosamine supplement rather than alone. In any case, notable.

“Defence,” in ledger at lunch, and I Noticed it, and then read it, spelled as such (uncommon), in a random webpage I felt Compelled to visit (seeing it for the first time in a very long while).


First word synchro of the day: “extoll,” one of my first ledger words of the morning, and then it was in “Everything’s Connected.” Rare word, haven’t seen it in a long time … Also, “harridan,” in ledger, except I Noticed this one, and then it was in the same story.

Couple more word sychros: “oneiric,” which was cool. Yesterday, I saw this when looking up the latest version of Ubuntu linux, which has “oneiric” in the name, and I Noticed it, since it’s such an uncommon word. Then, this morning, about twelve hours later, it turned up in my ledger. Also, “impassive,” in “Everything’s Connected” this morning (iirc), then in ledger at lunch, and then in “Koko” after lunch.


Word synchros: “cavorting” (was in ledger yesterday (or was it this morning …?) and I Noticed it, and then in “Discipline” this morning), and then “gunshy,” in ledger this morning and I Noticed it, then in “Discipline,” less than an hour afterward. It bears mentioning that I had absolutely no idea what I was to edit this morning.

More word synchro: "aboutface" (in "The Abyss" last night, which I've felt Compelled to watch for the last month and just finally got around to it, when it was the first I'd heard it in months, and then it was in ledger this morning, less than twelve hours later), "puka" (an indirect one; was in "Discipline" this morning, but as "pukka," which I learned *thru* "puka," which have different meanings, but then "puka" was in ledger at lunch, just hours after); "flunkie" (this was in a few different places a few days ago, and then was in ledger today; very possibly coincidence). Then, a big hit: "a wilderness of," which was in "Discipline" this morning, then "Koko" this afternoon. It's very notable because 1) it was such a specific phrase, and so close together, and 2) because I think I wrote this originally while writing "Discipline," as in, I didn't hear it elsewhere and rip it off. Not only that, but I don't believe I've used that in any other writing other than "Discipline." Also, there was "precocioius," in "Discipline" this morning and then ledger at lunch.


Might be nothing, but this morning, I Just Happened to look at my bag of apples, and noticed George Washington’s picture on it, which I found curious until I found that the apples came from Washington state. Then, later in the morning, I was watching a Rick Steve’s Europe show about London, and it showed how in a cathedral, there was a picture of George Washington in the stained glass. It’s notable since it was so unlikely that I would be watching this this morning (I slept badly and so slept late, which threw off my whole morning, and I ended up doing things weird and off schedule, culminating in my not just watching Rick Steve’s Europe (just started watching them again last night, after months of not), but watching three this morning, the London one the last.

Had another 37 sighting this morning. These have been happening lately, I've noticed: I'll be thinking of something, and what I'm thinking of will click with me, in that nonlogical, intuitional sense, and then either shortly after or synchronistically during, I'll see a 37 somewhere. For instance, it happened the other day while I was at the market, thinking of how we seem to learn that reality is illusion when it is beneficial to our learning curriculum and only then, and then I pulled up to the market and Noticed a 37 on a corralled cart. Well, it just happened again while watching Rick Steve's Europe and thinking of how my being very sick and compromised has made me very sensitive to the existence of various energies and their effect on me, and how it seems like, if I were to try to teach someone about the existence of something so subtle and obscure, then I would have to make them very sensitive to it somehow, like my being sick -- and so maybe that's all part of my learning curriculum, me being sick so that I may be sensitive to energies and learn about them. Within seconds of having this mini-realization, I saw a 37 on the Rick Steve's Europe. This is very thin, logically speaking, and could be entirely wrong, but it feels right in a nonlogical, irrational sense -- still, I only note it because it seems to be happening more and more, always with this same basic scenario: I think of something profound, that feels true, but only in an illogical, intuitional way, and then I'll see a 37 (which is the number I've begun associating with realization, as it were, based on the Tarot book, though this, too, is coming only in that inuitional sense). Perhaps this is a sort of logical confirmation of my nonlogical realizations? Very strange, and hard to say. I'll have to keep my eye out.

Had another 37 synchor later, this afternoon, though I could see how this could be a coincidence (especially now that I’ve become aware of this pattern, so now I could forseeably be subconsciously obsessing about the phenomenon and therefore seeing it when it’s not there). In any case, I was thinking about the different causes of my sugar cravings, whether they’re from me taking the MSM and, because of getting some energy, going into a kind of indulgence mode, or that maybe the sugar cravings aren’t for sugar at all, but salicylates; or a combination, or something else entirely. In any case, just after thinking this, I passed a bank and its sign blinked to the temperature, 37 degrees. Who knows.

Had a thought synchro while driving, and this one, conversely, is very definitely notable. I was driving along, and came to the realization that I really have to go on faith as far as where I go in my life, as I simply don’t have any other choice, since logic fails at a certain point, and immediately as I thought that, I passed a sign reading “faith,” and I was drawn to it, this also very “synchronous.” This explodes the subconscious obsession angle, since, even though I’d passed this sign before and could foreseeably know, subconsciously, that it was there, my thinking of faith was the result of a huge chain of thought starting from even before I got in my truck, and ending with “faith” at the very precise moment that I passed the sign reading just that. Very external, and objective.

Also, while I was working out, had another thought synchro: “think too much,” in a Stone Temple Pilots song while I was thinking just that, also very instantaneous and synchronous (I was Compelled to listen to the STP album today …).


Another lily today, but this one might have been nothing at all. It was simply in “Plane Crash,” not at all special other than the fact I’ve been seeing “lily” off an on recently.

Word synchro: "ghostlight." I came across this first this morning, on Duotrope's, the name of a magazine, and I Noticed it, since I have a submission out to them. Then it was in "Plane Crash" tonight -- notable, considering I'd Noticed it and that it's such an uncommon word (since it's a nonword). Also, "fistula," which was also notable, considering that it was in "Plane Crash," then in this entirely random website I visited seeking information about chlorophyll, though it was in "fistula" in reference to some disease.


Word synchro: "effacing" (notable, since the pastor said it yesterday at church, and I Noticed it because he mispronounced it (or pronounced it different than I do, at least), and then it was in ledger this afternoon, when I don't think I'd heard that word for a while), and "allemanding," when "allemande" was in "Plane Crash" last night (unnotable, really). Then, I had a two-part one which turned out to be really cool. I finally got around to calling Steve about the rust on my truck today, after putting it off for a week, for vague reasons I couldn't really comprehend, but I finally did it today, sitting down in my usual spot beside my cabinet with the phone. While I was on the phone with him, I Noticed my copy of "Naked Lunch," absently but distinctly, as well as my copy of "1984." Well, the first part of the syncho came just afterward, literally minutes later, when I hung up with Steve and then sat down to read "Koko," in which, just a couple pages in, there was a stray mention of William Burroughs -- the author of "Naked Lunch." Then, when I was loading up music for the day's workout, I felt rushed and picked out the first thing to catch my eye, which was "Diamond Dogs" by Bowie (though, doing this felt very Right, and I noticed this feeling ever before the synchro), and then while working out, I realized that "Diamond Dogs" has the three-part homage to 1984.

Also, over the course of the afternoon, I encountered another chunk of random, very minor synchros that I didn’t start noting until I’d amassed a few. Such as Noticing a street sign called “Laurel” on the way to Goodwill (which I sort of didn’t plan on going to today, since I had so much other stuff to do, but found myself near it and went, while thinking of “winds guide you,” ironically) and then Noticed a book in Goodwill by someone named Laurel; a book called “Triptych,” when I’d just read triptych earlier today (I want to say in “Koko,” but it might’ve been in ledger); angry eyes, plays well with others, both in relation to a bumper sticker but then corresponding to a song and then a book at Goodwill; thinking of how the Tool concert saw me to Myrtle Beach, then just minutes later stopping to let a car turn into traffic and seeing not only a South Carolina license plate, but a border reading “Myrtle Beach”; plus others I’m forgetting beccause they were so minorly insignificant. It just lent that feel of a waking dream, where thinks all correspond to one another. Don’t know what to make of it, really.


A bunch of minor, individually unnotable synchro this morning: there were several things in Rebecca’s latest email, which I can’t remember, other than in the video she sent, where, first, it was grouped with a weird foreign video that I watched long enough to see a woman that I thought Russian, then when I went back to reading the email, a couple paragraphs down there was mention of “Russian.” Also, the video was titled “Hmmm…Squishy” and within minutes after watching it, I went to submit “Eyeball Chewer” to Space Squid, whose email address was “[email protected]…”. Plus other such synchros, the only one of which I can remember was thinking of Peter Straub, and then, seconds later, opening a document in my documents archive written by “Peter Schwab.” Again, all minor, random, easily ignored stuff, but it was all grouped together.

A relaly cool one this afternoon. This morning, I felt Compelled to read my ledger at breakfast, though I didn’t really feel like it. Took out the big leather-bound one, and when I sat down to look through it, I instinctively opened it from the bookmark-string, which was set, either at random from the last time I finished it, or from being halfway through, which I doubt. In any case, I almost went back to the start, but felt Compelled to just start halfway through (I could always go through the rest and then start back into the first half, after all). After identifying all these Compellings, I suspected this would come to play in a synchronicity, and I wasn’t disappointed. While going through the ledger, I Noticed “peninsula,” doubly so, since on the page after I’d entered “isthmus,” while doing the peninsula definition. Well, when I was loading up music to workout to, I was Compelled to listen to the Jefferson Airplane album I’d gotten almost a month ago, and sure enough, on one of the songs, it says very clearly, “No man is an island. He’s a peninsula.” Also, I read “a fund of” in the ledger, at breakfast, and then this was used in “Koko” this evening, in the very same context, when I haven’t seen that in a while.


Word synchro: “strangely made,” in the ledger (which I’d open at that weird position yesterday) this morning, and I Noticed it, very very distinctly, and then saw it while editing “The Birth of Edenborough,” about a half hour later. Also, under these same circumstances, was “dragging sparks.” The quote from Edenborough wasn’t exact in this (“dragging them away in a candy-colored glow of sparks.”), but the idea was clear enough. Also, “apron,” as a small parking lot, in the same context within both sources.

Then, tonight, “salted,” when it was in the ledger at lunch, and I Noticed it, then it was in “Non Compos Mentis” tonight, which I was Compelled to edit, as a choice of about 6 different stories, and it was used the same context, as well, to add interest to something.

A really cool one, two parts. First, last night I noticed a dictionary.com thing where it asked you if you knew what a weird word for inserting a day into a calender was, and I did: "intercalate." It was in reference to the next day, February 29th, a Leap Year, today, of course. Well, this morning, "intercalate" was in my ledger -- when I'd opened it weird a couple days ago. Really cool, and incredibly unlikely. I have to wonder: was the phenomenon triggered purely by my seeing the word last night, as a mechanical, indifferent symptom, or was it in relation to this actual day, or both, or neither? Hmmm.

Another couple cool ones: “rococo,” in ledger at lunch, and I Noticed it, because I’ve been thinking about that word recently, from my reading the “Koko” book, and then, this evening, it was in “Koko.” Hah. Also, “Rambo” was in “Koko,” when it was in “Edenborough” this morning, and used in the very same context, like someone “pulling a Rambo” and fighting like some badass soldier.

These -- "seminal," "wrongheaded," "rarefaction" -- were all in ledger today, within a few pages, as well as in "Edenborough," also, except these I can remember actually adding to "Edenborough" because I noticed them in my ledger, back when I wrote it a while ago, so I can understand the clump. However, the fact that I came to the *at all,* on the very day I edited "Edenborough," for the first time in nearly six months (when I didn't even plan on doing it this morning, just did it randomly (as well as begrudgingly, since it's reasonably long), is still notable.

Also, I had a lot of that really minor, really subtle synchro this morning, with words and thoughts and various subtle themes and the like seeming to correspond in ways that I’m beginning to notice more and more. Hmm.


A couple cool thought synchros this afternoon, both while working out. The first was "three," which was three-way: I was thinking it, and reading a plate on the machine I was doing marked "130" (focusing on the three, in fact), and then it came on the Prince song I was listening to -- all at once, in that distinctly, perfectly synchronized way I've come to associate with thought synchro. Now, the first two could easily be explained by my focusing on the plate: it said 130, there's a three on it, and it drew my attention for some reason. However, once you factor in the fact that "three" came on the song, at precisely that moment that I Just Happened To focus on the 3 in 130 ... it was notable, and made me blink.

Then, “love is the master plan.” This one was especially cool. Just as the “master” part of the song played, my attention was yanked to my right, just outside my peripheral vision, to the belt on the machine I was doing at the time, which had “masters” printed on it. Again, I was tempted to explain this as a subconscious thing, me perhaps seeing the “masters” out of the corner of my eye and then, thus, noticing it when it came on the song. But this doesn’t fit, for two reasons: first, I was Attracted to the “masters” on the belt before the “master” on the song, but only an instant before, maybe a split second, if that. It was another one of those things that was so synchronous, I had to take note.

Also, had a couple other, lesser thought synchros, both related with the feng shui book I'm reading. I thought two very distinct things today, 1) that other people's things seem to bring a certain energy with them, and 2) that certain spaces seem to have certain energies and the like. Well, these things were all addressed in the book, when I wasn't even planning on reading the book today (I'd planned on reading another, but felt Compelled to start the feng shui book -- though the thoughts came *before* I'd decided this). Also, there were several other similar parallels between what I read in the book and other things I've been thinking about randomly over the last couple weeks. This is happening more and more, recently.

Not really a thought synchro, but something like it. Tonight, I was listening to a Smashing Pumpkins song while looking for information on how to change the turn signal on my motorcycle. On the instructions, it mentioned a grommet, and I wanted to make sure I knew what a grommet was, so I put it into Google image search. A grommet it is a ring, and the precise moment the images loaded up, the song said “ring.”


Some really cool ones today. First, there were two (minor) ones at the motorcycle class: someone mentioning, randomly, Ed McMahon, when I’d seen several random references to him lately, as well as discussed him with Rebecca, and had an incredibly weird dream involving him. Then, “holler,” when I’d Noticed this, very distinctly, in my ledger yesterday, and then the teacher of the motorcycle course used this word. The cool one was on the way home, though. After a hair-raising drive through Blowing Rock’s pea-soup fog, with my tank’s needle on empty (my fault, bad planning, and there were no BP or Exxon stations between Caldwell and Boone), I found myself stopping at a random gas station and buying one gallon of gas. All along the way there, I felt fearful, as well as kicked myself in the ass for neglecting to get gas before a trip, but I had this strange assurance that all would be okay, which it was, after I got my gallon of gas, safely, without falling casualty to the fog (and did I mention I was doing this on little sleep and after 4 hours in the motorcycle class, and with my thyroid going nuts?). When I came out of the gas station, my truck’s odometer caught my attention, Randomly, and I noticed that it was 173173 (1 + 7 + 3 = 11, 1111).


Several occassions within the last few days, I’ve been thinking, for no reason I can pinpint, of the movie Platoon, which I’ve never seen. While thinking of it once, I thought of how I thought it starred Charlie Sheen, but I couldn’t remember, or even think of any reason I would know this (again, never seen the movie). Well, tonight while fixing dinner, my parents had the TV on and a random commercial made mention of Charlie Sheen, who’d starred in the movie Platoon (I’d just come downstairs, too).


My second, tumultuous day of motorcycle class. Wow, what an ordeal, but the good kind, where I learned a bunch and came out alive. First, a couple minor ones. The first one involved flushing toilets. The toilets were a central fixture of the building hosting the class, as well as being right next to the classroom, so they were on my mind a good bit. Then, just before lunch on the last day, I used one of the actual toilets (not the urinal) and Noticed the flushing water, somewhat distinctly (as oppose to very distinctly; I noticed it more than simply seeing it, but not so much that it jumped out at me, the way some of these do). In any case, within 20 minutes of Noticing the flushing waters, I went and ate lunch in my truck, and read the Feng Shui book as I did so, in which I read about how, according to Feng Shui, flushing water creates a powerful energy vortex (and I only read a few pages of the book on the break). Notable that that would feature in the book when I'd just Noticed flush, and so soon. Also, it mentioned in the book, in that same section, how the first room you see upon entering a structure can shape your perception of it, including the bathroom -- when I'd just noticed this yesterday (and today both), since we started entering the building's backdoor then, right at the bathrooms, instead of the front, and I noticed this very thing, though not quite a Notice, just a very vague subtle sensation that came about as I saw the bathrooms first upon entering. Now, I can see how, foreseeably, this feeling I had had resulted from something else entirely, rather than the bathrooms impressing me with some perceptual energy; however, it's notable that I would feel that and then read about it in the book, so close together (and it makes sense, really, though I could see how this could be entirely perceptual, or a combination of perceptual/energetic, rather than some obscure, purely energetic principle). Also, just this morning I was thinking of how I'd read that having an electronic clock right by your bed can affect your sleep, very distinctly I thought this, about 3-4 this morning while trying to get back to sleep -- and then it was in the Feng Shui book with the rest of these things. A one-two-three punch.

But the cool one was when I saw a seagull. It came during the tail-end of the outdoor training, right about when I started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel that was this three-day trip (suspiciously around this time, actually). This ties in with the seagull synchro that occurred at the beach, since I came to interpret that as possibly symbolizing hope/achievement, as well as freedom, and I could see that applying to today, on multiple levels. I felt to identify this the moment I saw it (in an intuitive way I’m beginning to get a sense of, a kind of button-click which brings recognition and a smile), but as if that wasn’t enough, the seagull was right by the big electronic sign that cycled between the temperature and time, and the moment after I saw the seagull and had that button-click intuition about it, the clock flashed 1:33, which of course is a variation of the whole 11:33 theme that I see all the time, but is actually the exact time that I’ve seen a couple times lately (iirc, I saw this both three times in a row, I want to say Thursday afternoon, Thursday night, and then Friday afternoon, always conspicuous in my seeing it, such as waking up to pee at just that time Thursday night, or Just Happening to have my attention jerked toward it the other times). If I didn’t know better, I’d say that I had the minor synchros of seeing it just as a lead up to the seagull thing, as if to put its hallmark on it and wave hi and tell me that how I felt about the seagull was right as rain. It’s hard to say, of course, and could go either way, but in any case, it certainly has my attention.

Just remembered a thought synchro from the way home: was just thinking of going home and sleeping off this whole experience, when I saw a big sign reading “refresh, rejuvenate, relax.” Very synchronous, too, and I don’t think it was subconscious suggestion, either, since I was thinking it just as it rolled up the road (though I can’t be sure about this; notable in any case).


Cool word synchro today. Read "dogface" in ledger this morning, and Noticed it, and then, just before lunch, I went to Youtube by chance (after going there three times earlier) and noticed what looked like a porn video, on its front page, and went back and looked at the thumbnail -- I thought Youtube didn't show porn. In any case, the title involved "Dogface." It was a different context than the ledger entry -- the ledger was referring to a WWII infantryman, and the video was just a nickname, it seemed -- but still very cool.

After lunch, in the Feng Shui book, it mentioned “The Lion King,” and I Noticed this, for no reason. Then, I was Compelled to go to Goodwill today, looking for a clock, and while doing so, I saw a copy of the movie there. It would have been unnotable if a) I hadn’t it Noticed it in the book like I did, and b) it hadn’t been so long since I’ve seen mention of that movie (I can’t remember the last I saw it).

Also had some word synchros: “faux pas” (in “The Moany Sea” this morning, which I was Compelled to edit, and then was in Feng Shui book a few hours later, when I hadn’t seen this phrase for a long time), “Spanky” as a name (this one is quite notable, part of a three-banger; it was in “Koko” first, and then I overheard it in a conversation on Friday night, at the first motorcycle class night, I think the day after I’d finished the book or something, but I didn’t note it because it wasn’t particularly rare, and I didn’t Notice either, though I do remember a distinct sense of synchronicity upon hearing it the second time; however, today it was in the Feng Shui book, so I decided to log it); “empathetic” (I’m on the fence about this one; in the ledger at lunch, I read “empathic,” and Noticed it, and then “empathetic” was in the Feng Shui book this evening; the two have the same meaning, and it’s notable that I would see such a rare and similar word so close together, for perhaps the only time since first logging it in my ledger, but there is certainly a discrepancy).

More word synchro: “overburdened” (in “Moany Sea” this morning, and then “Ketu” tonight, which I’d just had rejected today and felt Compelled to edit tonight); “drink in” (absorb) (in ledger this morning, and I Noticed it, and then in “Ketu” tonight, in the same context)


A cool thing this morning, about the knickknack that somehow jump onto my back and the hood of my sweatshirt (I’m tired of typing, after writing Rebecca that email, so I’ll just trust myself to remember the weird thing, which culminated in me receiving the message “God’s blessings surround us all”). Anyway, when I went to take pictures of this to tell Rebecca about it, I noticed that the picture counter on the camera was at 37. So, another 37 synchro, and a very, very mild one, but I found it notable because, just before I’d seen the 37, I was thinking about how many this whole thing was a means of giving me the “God’s blessings surround us all” message, which was a sort of realization, when I’ve learned to associate 37 with realizations.

Another cool 37 synchro this morning. Just after I finished writing Rebecca, I got this PJ Harvey song in my head, “Is This Love?,” and just as I had the thought that it might be related to Rebecca (which I was, at the moment, feeling passionately towards), I noticed that the clock was 11:37. Also, the moment I noticed it, the time ticked to 11:38, as happens so many times.

Had a minor word synchro, too: “bodily,” was in my email to Rebecca this morning, then in ledger at lunch. A common word, not too notable. And a couple more: “droll” and “maroon” in ledger at lunch, then in “There’s Nothing Under the Stairs” this evening. Maroon was notable because I Noticed it; “droll,” I did not. “Bodily” turned up in “The Stairs” as well, heh.


Word synchro: “outsize,” in ledger, then in “The Museum,” probably ten minutes later. Heh.

Another lot of random, minor, otherwise unnotable synchros this morning, I can’t even think of any examples, just another big onslaught, mostly in my absent thoughts and very little things.

One more word synchro: “faced sucked inward” was in ledger at lunch today, and then it was in “The Export” tonight, in the form of “face sucked in,” when I had done this very sporadically (had planned on starting the last Jack Cruz edit tonight, but wanted to rearrange my room so I did something shorter).


Had another bunch of minor, inexplicable synchro today, so minor I can’t get a real example, yet clear enough to give me pause and demonstrate the synchro. Mostly in my absent thoughts again. Did have one word synchro, “economy,” in ledger at lunch and I Noticed it, and then in Jack Cruz tonight, in the same context. “Clownish,” too, and I Noticed this (though, in Jack Cruz, it was “clownlishly”).

One thing did happen today, and I found it eerily notable. While riding my motorcycle, I braked with the front brake while going too slow, and dumped it, right on my ankle. Though it was twisted and against some rock, it was fine, though it easily could’ve broken. Where it happened was literally just down the road from where, a couple years ago, I pulled up on a guy who’d broken his ankle after dumping his motorcycle. Also, I’d been thinking of this incident recently, since I’d been passing his place on my bike.

Had a weird three-way thing with Purple Rain. First, in the morning, I had a stray thought about Prince riding a motorcycle in the Purple Rain moving, in relation to thoughts about my own motorcycle. Then, when selecting my music for the day’s workout, I went through a whole bunch and couldn’t find the Right album, until I happened upon the Purple Rain soundtrack, which felt very Right, in the way I’ve experienced before (I hadn’t thought of it anymore since that morning). Then, in Jack Cruz tonight, I edited the part that mentioned the Purple Rain soundtrack. Hmmm.


Word synchro: “above-the-board”. Tim called at breakfast this morning, and he mentioned this randomly, and then it was in Jack Cruz this morning, less than an hour later, in the same context. “Wormhole,” also, from these same sources.

More word synchro: “stewing/stew”; this was in Jack Cruz several times this morning, and then was in ledger at lunch, notable purely by repetition alone. “Stalemate,” in Jack Cruz and then “The Summoning” book (interestingly, both of the uses pertained to a conflict between a man and a woman, the man in the stalemate), “goose bumps broke over the arms,” in Jack Cruz and then “The Summoning” also. This one is cooled: “staggered,” as an adjective. I read it in “The Summoning” first, and Noticed it, because it was the first I’d seen this used as an adjective; then it was in the DMV Motorcycle Handbook this evening, in the same context, when I’ve been meaning to study it for days and Just Happened to get around to it tonight …

“Turn a corner” (that something had changed); this was in the ledger at lunch, and then in Jack Cruz tonight.


A lot of that minor, random synchro again, a bunch of words from either the ledger or stories or thoughts repeating themselves, with a few minor, obscure thought synchros too.


A cool word synchro: “Navajo.” I went up by Howard’s Knob today, for the first time in a while, scouting to see if the road would be good practice for my motorcycle, and on the way down, I Noticed “Navajo Tr.” Then, about an hour later, while reading “The Summoning,” it mentioned Navajo, though as a language.


Another cool one. While reading “The Summoning,” this afternoon, the guy in it checked out a library book, and it brought up, arbitrarily, the time I checked out the books on Roanoke. Then, not two pages later, a character in the book mentioned Roanoke (I couldn’t have read it subconsciously; I had turned the pages since thinking about Roanoke …).

And another cool one. The last book I read was the Feng Shui book, which mentioned the “bagua,” the first I’d ever heard of this. Well, today, while reading my next sequential book, “The Summoning,” it mentioned first “fung shui,” and then the “baht gwa,” which is another word for bagua. Heh.

And yet another cool one: last night, on the way to the beach, I was listening to a radio station, 103.7, and I Noticed this, not just because of the 37 and how many 37s I’d seen that day, but simply a Notice. Well, tonight, I watched the movie 12 Monkeys, and in it, a woman turns on the radio to 103.7 (interestingly, I was going to watch Dirty Rotten Scoundrels tonight, but I’d erased it, and so I watched this one, because it felt Right, as has happened before).


Another 11:37 synchro today (though I haven’t been noting these in my log, since they’re usually so obscure and random). This one was notable because, first, it was a telemarketing call on my cellphone, which is rare, as well as illegal, from what I understand; second, it came right at 11:37, when I’ve been seeing that one so much recently.

A couple minor word synchros: “ping pong,” used in “Enfermedad” this morning and then was in “The Summoning,” about an hour or so later; then “pulp fiction,” when I’d checked out the disc of the movie to see if it was on there, just before lunch, and then was in “The Summoning,” soon after.

And a cool thought synchro: I was reading a part of "The Summoning," and by some random, arbitrary trigger, I thought about the group mind and group dynamics, which led to me thinking of the TV show Survivor, and no soon had I thought that, than I read "survivor," in that very distinct, synchronous way I've come to associate with this phenomenon. It bears mentioning that the word itself was visible to me as I was thinking the preceding thoughts, lending to the subconscious-reading explanation; however, I remember distinctly the chain of thought which led *to* my thinking it, and it started with absolutely nothing to do with the TV show, only indirectly relating to it (right when I read the word ...).


A couple cool word synchros. First, "limosine liberal," which I am 99% sure was in "The Summoning" when I first started reading it, but wherever it was, I read it recently and Noticed it, and then it was in "State of Fear" this afternoon, the next sequential book I read (just like "The Summoning" mentioned the bagua, from the Feng Shui book before it ...). Also, "monochromatic," from the same sources, though I'd read of monochromatic before "The Summoning" (though I did Notice it there, thinking that it was such a rare word, I never read it, etc., and then it pops up in "State of Fear" ...).

Word synchro: “Ginni” (name). Saw it when I went through “The Summoning” looking for “limosine liberal” today, and then it was in the “Pulp Fiction” movie tonight (first I’d heard the name was in that book, and I Noticed it, of course …).


A cool one today. Last night, while watching “Pulp Fiction,” I Noticed a UNC Santa Cruz tee shirt that a guy wore in it a few times, every time Noticing it. And then today, in “State of Fear,” it mentioned UNC Santa Cruz, when I don’t know if I’ve ever noticed mention of that before.

Also, I was thinking, absently, earlier today of how I can recognize a cat’s cry, and then, tonight, when I read Rebecca’s latest email, she mentioned something eerily, similar: “As I may have mentioned, I know my cat’s voices. It’s much like answering the phone and knowing (by voice and not caller ID) who’s calling.”


Had a lot of minor, disassociated synchro this morning, while going through my old file of documents. A couple things were more notable (one document made me think, randomly, of the song “Hurt” by Nine Inch Nails, and then of Trent Reznor’s heroin addiction and how it might have been a learning experience, and then the next I opened (Compelled to) was an old essay I’d written on just this, though the name suggested nothing of it), along with a word synchro, “deflate,” in “The Energy” this morning (and deleted, as so many of these are), and then it was in a Zip program, its extraction method, randomly.


A lot of random synchro today. Not quite one of those barrages of minor, obscure synchros, but still not quite significant enough to note individually. I edited “The Dead Man’s Phone” this morning, and I saw a lot of minor things referencing that (Sav Mart was in the story, and there were a couple Sav Marts on the drive home, along with a few other direct references I can’t remember). Also, this morning I’d thought of both Clive Barker and that racket promoting The Law of Attraction and such, and when I got home and checked my email, there was an email mentioning Clive Barker, along with an ad from that racket, both when I hadn’t seen them referenced in I don’t know how many months.

Also, the other day, Tim made a point to show me his college transcript, that he was taught by an Oppenheimer, for no reason I can say. Well, today I read about an Oppenheimer in “The Holographic Universe,” who was a teacher in the 50s, at the same university that Tim had attended.


A couple cool ones today. First, I had some diarrhea just before lunch, a lot, and I didn’t feel otherwise sick. It came and went and didn’t come back, and the only cause I can see is my probiotic, which I took about an hour previously. This has never given me diarrhea before, even when I first started taking at a much higher dose; the only reason I can think of is that I skipped yesterday (or, alternatively, maybe the bacterial colony is finally being established and taking root, hence the diarrhea). In any case, just after I got done having the diarrhea and then sat down to eat, I opened my ledger, and the first word I looked at was “kaopectate,” defined as an anti-diarrheal.

Also, the other day, I mentioned to Rebecca the fish analogy in regards to describing reality and our place in it, and she mentioned to me how she was unfamiliar with it, and I replied that I thought that, with it being such a good analogy, everyone knew it, though I had only read it once before. When writing this reply, I thought, offhand, of how I hadn’t seen it but that one time. Well, today I read the same analogy in the “Holographic Universe” book. Heh.

And another. Yesterday, when driving home, I kept seeing all those minor synchros in relation to “The Dead Man’s Phone,” and I remember thinking, I wonder when I’ll see something about Robert Smith from The Cure, since him and the band were referenced in the story. Well, today, while reading Rebecca’s email, she gave me an idea to get a magazine for Ethan’s birthmonth and year, and I went looking on ebay, and sure enough, there’s an issue of some magazine with Robert Smith on the cover, when I haven’t seen mention of him for I don’t know how many years. And it didn’t stop there: while I was cycling through all the magazines, there were covers showing five or six different people I’ve thought of very, very randomly over the course of the last week or so (Sharon Stone, Macy Grey (whose name I didn’t even know), Bill Clinton).


Had one this morning while driving home. I’d looked at the time for some reason, can’t remember why, and it was 11:07, and I Noticed this as I do, it standing out in its way. Well, maybe a half mile up the road, my attention was directed, similarly, to a house number, 1107. It was so close together, and my originally seeing the 11:07 so randomly, that I had to note it (it struck me, too, the way many of these things I Noticed do). Something similar happened this afternoon. I called Tim just after lunch, and I Noticed that the call had been two minutes and thirteen seconds (reading as 02:13 in the phone’s display), and then, about fifteen minutes later, when I checked the time while reading, it was 2:13 (02:13 according to my alarm clock).

Had a really cool one today. This morning, when I went to Ingles (Compelled), I heard a Fleetwood Mac song on the radio there, a really good one, and it stuck with me, enough that I didn’t want to leave the store so I could hear the song. Well, Tim called today, and wanted me to get him some Prilosec; at first I told him no, because I didn’t have the money, but as the day went on and I thought about it, I decided I could make a bank withdraw and hook him up. To make a long story short, it was a big, random thing that ended up seeing me to CVS this afternoon, and when I went in, that Fleetwood Mac song was playing on the radio (and if I didn’t know better, it was playing about in the song where I left it that morning, about halfway through). Now, I thought about this (the same thing happened at the beach, pretty much), and I’m thinking that maybe both places are tuned to the same radio station, something they subscribe to just for this purpose maybe; but the fact that the same song would be playing at just that time that I went into CVS, and, seemingly, right where it left off … It was striking.

Word synchro: “the work of the devil,” in my ledger at lunch and I Noticed it, and then in “The Holographic Universe” this evening.

Word synchro: “grommet,” was in ledger at lunch and I Noticed it, very distinctly, and then in the subject line of Rebecca’s email.


First of the day, a word synchro: “rebozo,” was in ledger at breakfast and then in “Enfermedad” just after (when I’d just decided to do this story on a whim, instead of the others I had lined up …). I think I’ve used “rebozo” … twice, if that? Also, less significantly, “tableau,” in ledger and then the same story, though this is a more common word. Another: “grume,” in “Enfermedad” and then in a website that I went to just before lunch, very randomly, about enzymes.

Some more word synchros this afternoon: “phantasmagoria,” in journal yesterday and I Noticed it, then in “The Holographic Universe” today, first I’d seen it used somewhere in a long time; “jaundiced” and “sheepishly,” both in “Enfermedad” this morning and then “The Holographic Universe” this afternoon.


Word synchro: “black” (verb), was in ledger this morning, and I Noticed it, thinking how I never use that, and then it was in “Coursing” a couple hours later (though as “blacking,” but same context). And another: “subaural,” this one in the ledger at lunch and “Coursing” this morning (very rare word, maybe the only time I’ve used it, and did I mention I had absolutely no plan of doing “Coursing” this morning, yet felt Compelled to?). Also, “croupier,” in “The General” this morning and then ledger at lunch, though this could be a coincidence, since the “croupier” in the story was in a different context, as a verb, as “croupiered,” while the other was a noun. Still notable.

Had a cool one toward bedtime. After writing, I had a sudden speculative, ruminative brainstorm, out of nowhere, about how a universal force seems to permeate all levels of reality, a force that seems to govern experience as well as energy and matter. Well, after thinking these things, I went upstairs and did a Google search I’d been Compelled to write down earlier that afternoon, “4d sphere/spiral,” totally unrelated to what I’d been ruminating on. This led me, indirectly, through several jumps related to the search, to a video entitled “Love and Gravity,” in which the guy said that gravity was a force that influenced “all dimensions,” very nearly what I’d been thinking, and that gravity is Love. This reminded me of various things I’ve read about gravity being just this. I think “compassion” is more accurate, but it brought about a realization, including that of how maybe gravity is what pulls us through the spiraling process. Neat.


Had another bunch of minor but noticeable synchro throughout the day, so many, mostly in the four stories I edited, words popping up again and again. Had one very notable one: in “The Holographic Universe,” I read several times today how there were accounts of higher-level beings ingesting knowledge like it was food, and then, in “School,” I’d written the line: “The point of consciousness considered this most interesting development, ingesting its wisdom as a lower being might food.” Heh.


A cool word synchro: “gloaming.” I Noticed this yesterday while submitting stories, “the gloaming” magazine, and I wondered, distinctly yet in passing, if gloaming was a real word. Then, today, in “Into Thin Air,” I saw it used, for maybe the first time outside that magazine. Funny: I’d felt Compelled to choose that book when choosing a new book today.


A cool word synchro today: “markedly,” in ledger, and I Noticed it, very distinctly as usual, and then it was in “Into Thin Air” just after lunch, maybe 30 minutes later, for the first I’ve seen that used in a while.


Had some turtle synchronicity today. Thought of it this morning while sick in bed, and then the dictionary.com word of the day was “Chelonian,” which Caugh My Eye and compelled me to look, and it meant turtle. Then, on the way to Ingles, I noticed a car stopped in front of me had a turtle bumper sticker. I felt compelled to look up the symbolism, and in the page I found it mentioned how, for some reason, it symbolizes “one day at a time,” which seemed to be the theme of my day and its trials (I’d thought this twice today, before looking up the symbolism).


A cool, if gritty, one tonight. Last I’d written Rebecca, I included a banner ad for magnesium that I found funny, about how this magnesium, being formulated not to induce diarrhea, “won’t shit you.” Well, I replied tonight, and when I got to the part about the magnesium ad, right as I started replying to it, I felt diarrhea coming on (I’d just upped my magnesium dosage about an hour before, and it was obviously too much). I don’t think this was psychosomatic, as it came on very quickly and urgently, when I wasn’t really even thinking of the magnesium (consciously, at least).


Word synchro: “pathology,” in ledger this morning and I Noticed it, and then in an email that I opened randomly this afternoon (wouldn’t be notable except that I’d felt Compelled to open the email, after Noticing the ledger entry so distinctly …).

Couple more: “alimony,” which was in the ledger this morning and Noticed, very distinctly, and then in “Dominion” this afternoon; and “Laurel,” this one on a street that I Noticed this morning while taking the trailer to the welding place, and then, a couple hours later, when looking up the phone number for the welding place, I came upon listings for people on a “Laurel” street (perhaps the same; this street was the same involved in a synchronicity a month or two ago).


Word synchro: “touched,” in ledger this morning and very distinctly Noticed, and then in “Other” a couple hours later, in a distinctive way that made me Notice it all over again. Some other, random word synchro was in it earlier, involving things from yesterday that I can’t remember.

More: “carpels,” in “Other” this morning, and Noticed because I deleted it (like so many of these), and then it was in “Dominion” this evening, when I can’t remember too many times I’ve ever seen it used like that. Then, “carnage,” on a bumper sticker I Noticed this afternoon, and then in “Dominion,” just an hour or so later (notable since I Noticed it and saw it again so soon). “Greek to him,” in “Other” this morning (though at “to her”), and then in “Dominion” this evening.

A cool one: “sandalwood.” This has turned up a few times over the last week, enough to make me take Notice but not quite coherent enough for an entry, but then I got an email from Rebecca today, in which she linked to a video in which the word could be seen in the background (I missed it when watching it the first time, but she pointed it out, because, apparently, she’s been seeing the word too …).


A cool word synchro. Started reading “Other People” this evening, after having it for weeks and reading other books when it came time. In it, a character was named Impy, and just after I finished reading and went down for dinner, my mom called one fo the cats “Impy.” Now, she had called it an imp before, but never Impy in particular; also, it was so close together, not a half-hour in between.


Some word synchro today: “seethe,” Noticed this on a webpage yesterday, then was in ledger this afternoon, only notable since I Noticed it so distinctly; “redoubtable,” I believe this in “Dominion yesterday, but can’t be sure, was in ledger this afternoon in any case, barely notable; “livestock” (gen adj), was in “Other” this morning, then in ledger this afternoon, about 1.5 hours later. Also, “symmetry,” which I want to say was in “Other” or something I read this morning, then it was in ledger at lunch, but I didn’t note it since I couldn’t be sure, but then it turned up in “Other People” just after lunch.


A cool word synchro today: “eat crow.” It started out with me, entirely at random, being Compelled to look through the “Fatigued to Fantastic” book again. The urge came this morning, out of the blue; my clothes were near the bookcase, and when I went for them, my eyes vectored onto the book and I Knew I needed to look through it (ostensibly for information about magnesium, but the urge was imprecise). Anyway, I went looking through the book, knowing there was some reason for it, and while poking haphazardly through it, I came upon “eat crow,” perhaps the second time I’ve ever seen it used, the first being when I learned of it. Well, at lunch, it was in the ledger, on the very second page I read. (Interestingly, the information I read about magnesium in the book led me to read about potassium and calcium through the morning, culminating in my ordering some supplements. It will be interesting to see if these have any benefit for me.)


Another one of those onslaughts of random, subliminal synchros. Did have some very distinct thought synchros, though: first, “feeling badly”; I’d just read “feeling bad” twice in a row in a book, and immediately after my mom said “feeling badly.” “Drink,” in a Bjork song while I was working out, when I was just thinking about drinking, and also “smell it,” the same.

Yesterday, while editing the end of “Other,” I had to change something regarding oysters and pearls, and felt Compelled to research the subject. While doing so, I thought of the phrase “the world was his oyster,” then today, at lunch, “world was his oyster” was in my ledger. Very possibly coincidence, only noted because of the way I felt so Compelled to look up the oyster thing.

Another neat throught synchro before bed: I had a Live song playing through my head as I looked at the clock, which read 11:17. I reduced the numbers, as I have habit of doing automatically now, and they reduced to 1. I thought this just as the Live song came to “one” in the lyrics, in that instantaneous, synchronistic way I’ve come to identify. Neat.


Word synchro: “cavalier.” Was sort of cool. This one was in a cartoon that my dad by chance showed to me at lunch, and I Noticed that word in particular in it, perhaps because I haven’t seen it in a while, and then, about an hour later, I started the “You Shall Never Know Security” book, and cavalier was in the first story in it. Also, “anglerfish,” was in it, picking up on a synchro I noticed yesterday but didn’t note. Yesterday, my daily tarot card was The Hermit, in my deck a woman with an anglerfish for a hand. Well, yesterday I by chance read a National Geographic, and in it was a picture of a fish similar to the anglerfish, with the anglerfish mentioned by name; then, today, in the “Security” book, it mentioned anglerfish. Hmm.

Had another one: “unconscionable,” was in ledger at morning, then the “Security” book this evening. Notable since it’s such an uncommon word.


Word synchro: “lifeline,” in ledger this morning and I Noticed it, and then in “Jammed” while editing, about an hour later.

Some interesting ones over this morning and afternoon. First, I was asked to fill out a questionnaire for “Control,” in which a male pregnancy fetish was mentioned; it stood out to me, pretty much a Notice, and then at lunch, I read a story about male pregnancy. Then, I edited “Jammed” this morning, in which the narrarator mentioned his confusing sexual signals, and I submitted it to an anthology called “Love Hurts”; as it turned out, when I went to my email to submit it, Rebecca had sent me an email, which culminated in saying that she did not feel the same about me as I do her, which could’ve been equated to “love hurts.” Also, when I replied, I found myself using the exact line about confusing sexual signals.

Then, in relation to the Oppenheimer synchro I had recently, I read a story today in which a Professor Oppenheimer was mentioned. I don’t know if it was the same one, but I found it notable, in any case.


A cool word synchro today: “baleen.” It started yesterday, when I edited “Jammed” and it was in there; then, this morning, it was in the ledger. I almost noted it then, since it’s such an uncommon word (I think I’ve only used it that one time), but didn’t. Then, however, this afternoon, just hours later, it was in the “You Shall Never Know Security” book.


Word synchro: “pall,” in ledger at breakfast and I Noticed it, and then in “Charlie’s Room,” not twenty minutes after (when I wasn’t even planning on editing it this morning, if at all).

Some more cool word synchro. Started this morning, when I Noticed “Teutonic” in the ledger, and then, this afternoon, I read it in “Suttree,” which I’ve been trying to re-read for months now, but it has never felt Right until today. There were several other words, too: “teetotaler,” and I think two others that I can’t remember. It might be that I came across the part of the ledger from when I first read the book, but even if that’s the case, it’s remarkable either way, considering just how long I’ve put it off, and that I would Notice Teutonic so distinctly.

(Note, 4/23/12: I came across the section of my ledger today with the Suttree entries; this last one was *not* in that part)


Soem cool ones today. First, while cutting grass, I thought about getting tape to fix my mower (electrician's tape, specifically), and seconds later I picked up a wad of electrician's tape from the ground. Also, while cutting grass this morning, I thought absently about how my parents are fond of the Bible verse about being shown "great and mighty things though knowest not," and how they use it to explain various things. I had heard this said several times over the course of my life, but as of today, not for a while, perhaps years; however, during lunch, just about an hour after thinking this, my parents quoted that verse, in regard to exactly what I was thinking of before. Then, I had a big thing about ending up dressed as a redneck this morning, which was topped off with my finding an empty container of Grizzly chewing tobacco and putting it in my back-left pocket, where I always do trash; later, that afternoon, I had the thought the Skoal would've been more befitting. Within an hour of thinking that, I picked up a box for Skoal chewing tobacco, trash -- not huge, but notable, in any case.


Word synchro: “abstract,” in ledger this morning and I Noticed it, and then it was in “Storms,” about 1.5 hours later. More: “drooled” (general verb); this was a three-banger, first in “Storms” last night and I had to edit it (as these so often are), and then in ledger this morning, but then in “Storms” again just afterward; “bonhomie,” in “Storms” last night and then ledger this morning; “fell into step,” which I noted in my newest ledger yesterday, thinking I’d put that in somewhere before, and sure enough, there it is in my old ledger this morning; “cloaca,” in “Suttree” yesterday (in the form of cloacal) and then in ledger this morning.


Cool one this afternoon. I got a song in my head around lunchtime, very distinctly, a Live song. I couldn’t remember exactly what it was called, or what album it was on (I wanted to call it “Prize,” one of the lyrics), but it stuck in my head, looping over and over again. Well, when I went to load my workout music for the day, I loaded Live’s album “Throwing Copper,” and as it so happened, the song (“Iris,” it turns out it’s called), was on there. Here’s the thing: I had decided to listen to this album, feeling Compelled, days ago, but I didn’t do it then because I didn’t have the energy to workout. I almost didn’t workout today either, but I had the energy when the time came so I went for it, hence listening to the song, just after I had it stuck in my head (the cart before the horse).

Some word synchros from this morning: “tar baby” (different context), “ungainly,” “millpond,” “increment” (different context), “timothy grass,” “stair riser.” All of these were in “Storms” yesterday, and then in ledger this morning. They are all generally common words, but were all together, over a couple pages, when they all featured in the chunk of “Storms” I edited yesterday.


Edited “Storms,” this morning, and the part I did mentioned the movie “Friday the 13th,” when today is a Friday the 13th. Interestingly, I would’ve done this part yesterday, but I felt Compelled to write Rebecca, and then to start “I Come To Teach” last night, forcing me to do it this morning. Then I almost went forward with “I Come To Teach” this morning, but felt Compelled to edit “Storms.” Funny.


A cool one today. As I was going down the street this afternoon, I Noticed a guy walking along the road, and I thought I recognized him as a man I’ve seen walking around town throughout my entire life, having several impersonal run-ins with. Well, I went and cut two lawns, and afterward felt Compelled to go to Food Lion, and as I came out, there was the guy, right next to me. I got a better look at him then, and sure enough, it was him. This is interesting, because soooo many things went into my, first, seeing him, then coming out of Food Lion and seeing him again, a huge chain of events spanning the last two days, involving my weedeater head and getting the wrong one and returning it and being out of money, etc, etc (not to mention the fact that I cut two lawns in between seeing him the first time and the second time).

A minor synchro tonight. Today, by total dumb “chance” (again thanks to that huge, days-long series of events involving the money/weedeater head), I went in the living room this afternoon and saw on my dad’s couch a newspaper article regarding John Grisham, which I Noticed very distinctly. Then, when I went to sign up for my Goodreads account tonight, which I’d meant to do a couple days ago, it had an ad for a John Grisham book on it, when I haven’t seen any mention of John Grisham in a while.


Word synchro: “inexplicably.” I used it in “A Good Cause” this morning, then it was in “Suttree” at lunch. Notable since it’s such an uncommon adverb.


Neat word synchro: “tabula rasa.” I thought of this yesterday, very distinctly, as happens often, and then it turned up in the ledger this morning. Despite noticing this, I didn’t note it. But then, later this morning, I went to check something at the “Not One of Us” web page, and I saw it on a table of contents there. Notable, considering it’s such a rare word, and I had that Thought.


Cool word synchro: “gramophone.” First came up in spellchecker for an unlikely word, and then was in “Suttree” this afternoon, just hours later, somewhat notable considering how uncommon it is. Then, “malice,” used in “Dirty Hands” this morning and then was in “Suttree” at lunch, probably just a coincidence, common word. Then, had a cool thought synchro: read “He cleared his throat” right as I cleared my throat. This one definitely wasn’t just a subconscious read-ahead; my throat had been scratchy and I’d cleared it several times, and a scratchiness had preceded that, causing me to clear it. Was very synchronous. Made me double-take.


Really cool one. Last week, I pulled the 2 of Stones twice, and I really felt to "resonate" with it, as if the man in the picture was me currently (dancing through infinity). Well, I resonated with it so much that I replaced my online pictures with it, as an avatar. Then, after a whole bunch of other things, I decided to replace *it* with a real picture on facebook, for professional purposes, but then I got an email from Rebecca today where she mentioned how she Just Happened to pull a tarot card, and it was the one I'd posted on Facebook (after I replaced it with a real picture, I posted it as a normal picture). Really cool.

Another one, summed up in my email to Rebecca: "Okay, this is another synchronicity-worthy "coincidence": the equivalent woman in my life, the one who went to jail? She just got out and moved back here at the middle of the month, after serving some few months on a years-long sentence. The good news, though, is that she is moving out of my dad's rental, to live with her son in Texas (permanently). I'll believe it when I see it. In any case, I find that remarkably cool. (Let's just say, for the sake of argument, that this is due to some similar "energy" in our lives, perhaps astrological, perhaps otherwise -- regardless, that this is a manifestation of some energetic "force" active in our lives. Think of all the minutiae that would have to be changed in order for this to occur, not just having the harridans in our lives return, but at almost the precise same time. More food for thought on the nature of reality.)"


Quite a few, today. First, I noticed that, in the book I just started reading, “The Talisman,” it involves someone who has to set off to California from the east coast, just when Rebecca left for California yesterday. Not huge, probably nothing, but I felt that I should note it. Then, a really cool one: I was going down the road, and thought about the frequency attacks I’d read about on the Cassiopean forum, and how I wasn’t sure if I knew what it was referring to. I thought I did, that these were like the guy who randomly came to me about the dog leash at Glory Drive and, thus, hit me with his “frequencies,” based on my reaction to him; but I couldn’t be sure. So I said to myself, in a sort of prayer, “I’d like to learn about this.” Well, I was driving at the time, and some seconds down the road, a car appeared beside me, looking to me like it wasn’t going to stop. I don’t know if it was just edging out or what, but it freaked me out, “zapping” me with fear/negativity/anger, etc., but I caught it instantly and shrugged it off. Again, I can’t say for sure if this was another of these “demonstrations,” in answer to my request, but I find it very notable, nonetheless.

Also, while I was cutting grass today, I hit a slug and it splattered me just below my lip. A half an inch higher, and I would’ve eaten it. This came when, just yesterday, Rebecca had told me to watch out for any “attacking slugs.” Again, not huge, but notable. Then, a word synchro: “transmogrification,” first in ledger this morning (though unNoticed), and then in “The Talisman” this afternoon (in the form of “transmogrified,” same root word). Interesting, since it’s such an uncommon word.


Some cool ones today. First was “pitcher plant,” in my ledger today, when just yesterday it was the theme/title of a chapter in “The Talisman,” maybe the only other time I’ve seen pitcher plant mentioned except for when I put it in the ledger (in the part that I read today, it too mentioned “pitcher plant,” in reference to the part I read yesterday). Also, “organdy,” which was in the book either yesterday or the day before, and I noted it in my newest ledger, then just today found an earlier entry in an older one. Then, “profligate,” which is very notable, because it was in my ledger at lunch (twice, a double entry close together), and I Noticed it very distinctly, and then in “The Talisman” today, one of the few times I’ve seen this relatively uncommon word.


Word synchro: “delphinium,” in ledger at lunch, then in editing “The Garden” tonight, when I felt Compelled to do so. Same for “negroid.”


Had an interesting one today. All day, I’d been thinking of how my latest shitstorm week seemed to coincide with the new moon, as all my big changes in energy/“traveling” seem to do. If I remember right, at some point in the morning I compared myself to a werewolf, changing with the moon. Well, in “The Talisman” today, I read a couple chapters that were all about just that, the main characters anticipating the changing of a werewolf’s cycle. Also, it occurred to me today that for the last few days, I’ve had the Tool song “Reflection” in my head, so much that I had to look up the lyrics. As it turns out, they also seem to describe someone falling into an illusionary mindset “in the light of the moon,” and hoping that it ends before they “pine away,” which is just how I’ve felt, hoping that this cycle doesn’t erase me and all my progress completely. Hmm.


A cool one, not quite a word or a thought synchro -- action synchro? I was editing "The Birth of Edenborough," and burped, it coming out as a whiney sound from high in my throat. Just as I did this (in that very synchronous way), I realized the next like was, "She made a whiney noise from high in her throat, but didn't awake."

Very cool one. Yesterday, I wrote to Rebecca about my experience with the bees in the windows years ago, and what I thought it meant. Then, this morning, I heard a buzzing behind my head, and there was a bee caught in that very same window, for the first time in at least a year (if not since the whole thing happened before). I looked it all over and still could find now way it couldn’t‘ve possibly gotten in or been born in there (there’s no nest, and it’s been sealed solid for weeks).

Couple more cool ones. First, this morning, I came close to hitting a guy on a bicycle who cut out across all 5 lines of traffic. I slowed down and missed him okay, but as I was waiting at an intersection down the road, I saw him again, going around a bend. I noted he had a distinctive tattoo on his leg, as well as a somewhat distinctive bike. Well, this afternoon, hours later, when going through the same intersection, damned if I didn’t see the same guy, on the same bike, same tattoo, going around the same corner he’d been rounding before. The changes boggle the mind.

Then, after I worked out and was leaving the locker room at the gym, I almost ran into a teenage boy who I've seen in there. The thing is, the last two times I've left the gym, I've almost run into him -- at the precise same juncture. Like, literally right at the same intersecting point in the locker room, always when I'm leaving. At first I thought maybe we just kept similar schedules (though it would still be notable even if we did), but here's the thing: the prior two times I worked out, I remember leaving at slightly different times (maybe 10-15 minutes, give or take). I couldn't do that if I tried.


Cool word synchro: “witchy,” in ledger this morning, then “Dr. Henry’s” just after. The only time I’ve used that adjective, I think (I felt Compelled to change ledgers a couple days ago, despite not being finished with the one I was on …).

A quasi-word one: “book,” in my ledger, just when my mom said book, synchronously soon.


A recap of the last few days: had no real synchronicity, other than a series of small, possibly nonexistent ones, even smaller than those obscure barrages that I’ve had a few days. Also, I’ve had a lot of deja vu the last couple days, very very distinct and vivid, yet short, and entirely indescribable. Merging/branching realities? Hmm. Strange that the synchros are seemingly stopping, and that I’m having the deja vu at the same time …


It begins again, or it did last night (the 5th), rather. I was in bed, almost asleep, when I heard some cat noises outside, strange enough to get my attention, so I reluctantly got out of bed to investigate. As I did so, I noticed that the clock was 11:11 (didn’t look at the block, but was rather Attracted to it). It bears noting that I’d heard the same sounds minutes earlier and almost gotten up, but put it off. Then, this morning, I saw it again, in another very conspicuous way. At some point in the morning, there was a very brief power outage, and my clock went out. About a half hour after it happened, I got up to see what time it was, to find my clock blinking. I then went to my phone to get the time to set it to, and it was 11:11. This coming at a time when I was very much confused and in doubt.

Word synchro: “cabalistic.” This is a cool one, because it’s another three-banger. First, I saw it in “The Talisman” yesterday, and Noticed it; then it was in “Intangible” this morning, when I was Compelled to begin editing it. I almost noted it then, but didn’t, until it was in “The Talisman” again this afternoon.

A couple more cool ones: This morning, I was Compelled to check my story discussion on the Forbidden Fiction page, after a long time putting it off. When I did, I by chance came upon another thread about various sex-related subjects, one of which was “ponyplay.” Being unfamiliar with this, I went and checked it out, and was led to various webpages showing people in leather/traces/bridles, etc., one of which had a woman with her nipples chained together, another of which showed people being ridden around piggyback-style. Well, both these things were in “The Talisman” over lunch, about an hour later.

Also, two more sparrow synchros, first one in “Intangible” this morning, then another in “The Talisman.” Both were mentioned in passing, but they fit the pattern I’ve been seeing the last few months.

A cool one: when replying to Rebecca, I did this entirely random Google image search which I was Compelled to do, and it turend up a picture of a Star Trek guy's head on the body of Princess Leia. I remember identifying it as a Star Trek character, but couldn't remember who. Well, about an hour later, I was reading "The Talisman" and it mentioned Captain Kirk -- and I at once recognized it as the guy in the picture, when I don't know the last time I saw anything about Captain Kirk.


And it continues. First, had another 11:11 this morning, my attention being jerked to my right while driving so I could see the clock by consequence (this has never really stopped happening since I started this log, I just haven't been logging it; only logging it now because everything stopped there for a while, and now seems to be starting up again -- perhaps because I'm starting to get back on my own "groove" again, after being out of it from the wedding/jury duty/stress, etc? Hmmm. Maybe it's been happening, I just didn't notice (there were a few minor synchros during that period, but none coherent enough to log even here)).

Word synchro: “starveling,” in “The Surrogate” this morning, then “The Talisman” at lunch, when I hadn’t seen that word in quite a while.

A cool one. This morning, while on the way to cut Sunset, I noticed this red truck with a distinctive front bumper, a big black bar. Well, after cutting Sunset and then Vilas, I saw it again, after about two hours. Not huge, but neat since I noticed it so distinctly and then just happened to see it again -- the chances aren't too high, even though we were obviously in the same area.

This one was really cool. Just as I finished cutting Hickory Lane, I had a thought of one of the property's neighbors, a man that I've encountered several times. The thought had just finished going through my head, when the guy pulled up, waving at me and telling me the grass looked great. It was so synchronously fast, the thought and then -- BAM -- the guy, as if I'd wished him into being. The very same way as the other thought synchros I've had.


Word synchro: “transitional.” This was a cool one. I used this word in a chance conversation with Rebecca last night (she saw me browsing Facebook), and then it was in the Jung collected works this morning. A very rare word.


A couple cool word synchros: “unstoppably” and “individuation.” “Unstoppably” was in “The Talisman” a few days ago, and I noted it in my ledger, and then it was in “The Virgin Suicides” this afternoon, which I started today only because I couldn’t bear to read through the Jung book; there was, of course, a gap between these, but I find it notable nonetheless. However, “individuation” is a different story. I was just introduced to this term yesterday in the Jung book, seeing it for the first time, and then it was in “The Virgin Suicides” today. Very notable.

A really cool one: cat's-eye glasses. I saw this in "The Virgin Suicides" this afternoon, and didn't know what they were, so I looked them up and found out. Then, tonight, I decided to watch "The Lair of the White Worm," after having it bookmarked for months -- feeling very Compelled, getting that attractive, Yes feeling after getting a No for so long. A few minutes into the movie, there was a scene with a woman wearing cat's-eye glasses (also worth noting is that I felt Compelled to do my definitions before watching the movie, which allowed me to know what they were/enabled this whole synchro).


A barely notable one. At lunch, I read about "flood pants" in "The Virgin Suicides" and noted it in my ledger, being unfamiliar with the word. Then, later in the day, after cutting grass, I Noticed a teenager walking along the road, specifically his pants, which were neither shorts nor pants, ending at the shin. Well, tonight, I looked up "flood pants" and saw that they were pedal pushers -- very much like the boychild I saw.

This one was an 11:11 instance, not quite a synchronicity, but really cool. I was in bed, and had a few things that I felt like I should write down as notes, but figured I'd remember, so I didn't. Well, I resisted it for a while, but it was nagging, so I eventually got up to write them down -- the first part of it, since I waited like I did, thus enabling the experience. Well, then I got up on the right side of the bed instead of the left, so I not only got up at 11:11, but was forced to pass the clock since I got up on the other side of the bed. Also, about two seconds after I saw the clock, I looked back, and it had changed to 11:12. It just fit this whole, precise nature of these things so well, first my putting off the notes so I would get up at 11:11, and then my getting off the other side of the bed so I would pass the clock, etc.


A super-cool one today, blog-worthy. I've needed new grass-cutting glove since March, but have put it off because I couldn't spare the money. Well, this week I finally got the money, and I'd planned on getting the gloves today, from Farmer's, but they closed at 12:30, before I usually go out. It crossed my mind to make a special trip, but I didn't feel like it, and it wasn't urgent anyway, so I let it go. Well, when I went to Harris Teeter today, for Listerine -- unlikely in itself, because I almost got Listerine elsewhere, but could've swore it was cheaper at Harris Teeter (which it wasn't; I have no idea why I thought that, though I kind of do, since if I had bought the Listerine elsewhere I never would've gone to Harris Teeter) -- as I was leaving, I noticed a glove on the ground. I almost just passed, since it was only one glove, but I figured that maybe the other was around somewhere, so I went back, and sure enough, it was. The gloves fit perfectly, and are of very high quality, and in great condition. Also worth noting is that I got the Listerine on sale, so even though it was the same price as elsewhere normally, I got it cheap. Also, on the way in, I saw Tate for the first time in probably a year, him just leaving where I was going in, him just catching me (I didn't even see him), when just recently I was thinking about him, wondering how he was doing. The whole thing, it just fit that same precise nature of these things, had it written all over it (especially since I'd been all over the place this afternoon, and it all came together so perfectly).


Some cool word synchros. “Manhandled,” “beacon,” “decidedly,” “Julius.” I used all these in “Addict” this morning, and then they were all in “Startship Troopers,” which I started reading this afternoon.


Word synchro: “the cram of,” in “School” this morning, when I felt Compelled to edit it, and then in leger at lunch (I think that’s the only time I’ve used that in anything). Then, “skirling,” which was really cool. It was in the ledger at lunch, and I Noticed it, because it was such an odd verb, relating to bagpipes, and then it was in “Starship Troopers” this evening, just hours later. Heh.

(Update, 5/20/12:

If I remember right, on this day, I went to Goodwill and found a Big Head Todd and the Monsters CD, just two days after I Just Happened to see Tate outside Harris Teeter and he recommended to me, arbitrarily, Big Head Todd and the Monsters.)


A cool wordy synchro: “attrition.” I’d put this in my ledger yesterday, to define, which was odd since I know what it meant, I just had a sort of brain fart and had to look it up. Well, today, I Noticed the entry in there, and then, this afternoon, I spontaneously went and got my oil change, during which I read a magazine and an article in it that mentioned attrition, using it in an unlikely way. Also, it was in “Starship Troopers” again this evening. It’s notable since 1) it’s not the most common of words, and 2) I Noticed it so, and then ended up seeing it when I, by chance, got my oil changed.

A weird one. Earlier today, I thought, very distinctly, of the book “I Am Legend,” while reading “Starship Troopers.” Then, this evening, about an hour later, I checked my email and found a spam titled I AM LEGEND, which turned out to be advertising sex pills. Possibly nothing, but the thought was so pronounced, I had to note it.


A really, really cool word synchro today: “brevet.” This one started about two days ago, while reading “Starship Troopers.” Something about it caused me to think of a word I couldn’t remember, but had something to do with being unofficially “promoted” (I think it had something to do with seeing the military ranks in the book). Anyway, I kept thinking of this word, over and over, for no reason, and this continued until this morning, when I came upon the word in my ledger: brevet. This was significant enough, since I would get to that in my ledger when I’d been mysteriously thinking of it repeatedly for days now, but then, the clincher: it turned up in “Starship Troopers” this afternoon, the second time I’ve ever seen it used. Wow.


Cool word synchro: “liberry” (colloquial “library”). Rebecca mentioned this, arbitrarily, in her last email, a couple days ago, and then it turned up in “The Sound and the Fury” today, both for the first time I’ve ever seen that slang written out.


Thought synchro while writing Rebecca (email excerpt):

““And I would almost swear to some of the lyrics I hear until I read the lyric sheet online. Wow. It usually changes the meaning of the entire song.”

Wow, this was cool. Just as I was re-reading the paragraph above that, now, to reply, I was thinking of the line of a song that I had recently read the lyrics to and found that it redefined the entire song (“this holy reality, this holy experience” rather than “this whole reality, this whole experience,” very very significant to me for other reasons I won’t even go into).”

Word synchro: “ague,” in my email to Rebecca this morning (originally had something else, then substituted ague), and then in “The Sound and the Fury” this afternoon, first I’d read it in a while.


Word synchro: “effortfully,” in ledger this morning, and I Noticed it, then in “The Hand of God,” one of the only times I’ve used it, after I’ve been off editing/finishing it for the whole month.

And the saga of the green truck continues. This morning, I Just Happened to be looking out the window when the green truck passed by (it seems like I was thinking something related to synchronicities right before I saw it, enough to give me pause after, but I can't remember what it was). When I saw it, I thought after, I wish I could've gotten a look at its bumper, to see if it was rusted through so that I'd know if it would validate the synchronicity from months ago. Well, it passed by too quick for me to see, so I didn't. However, this afternoon, while on the way to the gym, I decided to go a different way, on Blowing Rock Road instead of on 421, because traffic on 421 was backed up. Well, by the time my light changed, the traffic on 421 was moving, and I almost-almost went that way, but I felt compelled to go on Blowing Rock Road, very distinctly. Well, once I got to the intersection where I would turn to the gym, there was none other than the green truck, sitting in the turn lane I was pulling into. Unfortunately, two cars got in ahead of me, so I couldn't see its bumper while waiting for the light to change, but luckily I caught just enough of a glimpse of it when the light changed to see that the bumper was in fact rusted through, thus validating that whole synchronicity I'd questioned about. Wow (double wow -- quadruple).

Word synchro: “he leaned forward in confidence,” in ledger this morning and then “I Come To Teach” tonight, only time I’ve used it.


May be nothing, but while I was reading “Carriers” today, it mentioned a man’s anus being ripped out and him defecating his intestinal lining. Interestingly, about a week ago I felt Compelled to clean a racoon carcass from the road, just around the bend from my house, and when I did so, I noticed how its intestines had been squashed from its anal cavity, leaving a hole. Appetizing.


This is a cool one. Recently, the neighbor of one of the lawns I cut got a motorcycle, which I’ve noticed every time I cut there, because it’s a very nice, new-looking model. Then, today on the way home from church, I saw the neighbor going down the road on the motorcycle, and recognized it immediately. Well, about seven hours later, I was coming home from the high school and practicing on my motorcycle, when I saw the very same guy, on his motorcycle, in the exact same place I saw him earlier (same lane, in front of the same motel, same direction, etc, etc). Deja vu.


Cool word synchro: “colossal.” This one started a few days ago, when I read it in a book (“Carriers” I think) and thought of how I never used that, so I noted it in my ledger. Well, since then, I’ve seen it at least two more times, but I want to say three, all in random places that would have been unnotable in themselves, but it’s all like others in the past, where I don’t note it at first but then I keep seeing it so much that I’m forced to. As if something is trying to get my attention …

(5/29 update: Rebecca wrote this to me after seeing my tweet of this synchro: “Anyway, got in, got situated, flicked on the netbook….and laughed. Colossal. While at my parents, I was reading one of the stories I had written to see what had changed. In the first few paragraphs, I noted the word “colossal.” It stood out enough for me to write it on my hand.”)


Another action synchro, a burp this time. Just as I read the line, “Jesus coughed more, and burped without apology,” a burp started welling up in my throat, coming out right when I read “burped without apology,” in that distinctly synchronous way.

Tonight, I remembered to check my page for “woman in the Window,” for comments to reply to. There weren’t any, but when I went to watch a movie on Netflix, just about 30 minutes later, because I felt Compelled to do so, I went through their classic movies and there was “The woman in the Window.” Notable, since I felt so Compelled to do both.


Saw some reference to LEGO three times today (Noticed it on a poster in the videogame store, then in a book interview, and then in Rebecca’s email). Also, “Haynes,” on a license plate of a guy in front of me today, and I Noticed it, and then on a page Rebecca linked me today.


Word synchro: “middle of nowhere”; in “The Surrogate” this morning, and I noticed it since I had to edit it some, and then in “The Ivory Coast” this afternoon, a couple hours later. Notable since it was so close, and I noticed it.


A weird one: I went around to submit Jack Cruz for review to a few places, and of course this got me thinking of how, going on appearances, it’s damn near impossible to get any attention for my book. Then, almost immediately, I felt Compelled to go to Darkmarkets.com, and the first entry was a write-up about exactly what I was thinking: how hard it is to get attention/readers for a new author’s first novel. Cool, yet depressing.


In reference to the story “The Puzzle,” and Rebecca’s response to it (what I wrote back to her):

“Now, your getting the puzzle piece at the grocery store … really damn remarkable. I mean, I just have to wonder: 1) what are the chances that I would write a story about a woman getting a mysterious puzzle piece in the change at the grocery store, 2) what are the chances that I would meet a woman who had something remarkably similar happen, and 3) that I would, off-hand, mention said story to her.”

Word synchro: “uncomplicated,” in ledger this morning, then “I Come to Teach” tonight. Not very notable.


Word synchro: “enlist,” in ledger this morning and I Noticed it, and then in “Faith” a couple hours later. Came across “uncomplicated” again, too, but probably nothing. Also, “gauge” (verb), in ledger this morning and Noticed it, then in (I think) “The Ivory Coast.”


A couple weird ones today, both involving going to see "Prometheus," which I've felt Compelled to do for the last month. The first was before I went into the theater, when I went looking through my truck for a rubber band to put my hair back. I didn't find a rubber band, but I did find two quarters, stashed in my glovebox, and I have no idea how they got there, but I used them in the theater (movie cost $13.50). Probably nothing, but I just had to note it, since it was so unlikely that the 50 cents would be there at all, but then that I would find it. Then, during the previews for the movie, it showed one for "Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter," when just yesterday morning, I'd come across a novel called "Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies" -- notable, since they both involved Lincoln, and shared the same absurd nature. I don't know what to make of it.


Another thought/action synchro, as transcribed in my email to Rebecca:

“I laughed because I pictures you and your mom at 20 paces. “Answer the phone….” “No” “Answer the phone….” “No” “draw….”“

Just as I read this -- the very split second I did -- the phone rang (and yes, another telemarketer). This is another kind of synchronicity, what I've classified as "thought synchro" or "action synchro." I have a whole gaggle of them in my log. (They used to be spooky; now, I just go right to logging it.)"


This morning, I read a bike ad where they guy mentioned he was “culling the herd,” and I Noticed this. Then, not 30 minutes later, in an email from Rebecca, there it is again, “culling the herd.”

A cool one: yesterday, I started the book "Deadwood," which is set in the old west. Yesterday afternoon, I felt Compelled to watch a movie I'd Noticed on Netflix, "Dead Man," and I ended up watching it last night. The first thing that struck me was how much it resembled the book "Deadwood," but then this afternoon, when I started reading again where I'd left off, on the very next page, it described a man having a bullet ball being taken out of him with a hunting knife -- precisely what happened in "Dead Man." This is interesting, since it suggests that the synchronicity wasn't just a mechanical symptom, since I was Compelled to watch the movie, rather than doing so simply by "chance" -- though, I suppose the two could've reflected one another. Hmm. Confusing.


Cool word synchros today. “Couchant” and “disorder” (noun), both of which in the ledger this morning, and Noticed, and then in “The Kid” tonight, when I felt Compelled to edit it tonight (just pulled “The Kid” out of non-reply-submission purgatory, where it had been for over six months).

Another cool one: "Motor City." I wrote a story last night and this morning, in which I called someone, arbitrarily, the Motor City Madman, the first I've thought of "Motor City" in I don't know how long. Then, tonight, my mom wanted me to help her look for PT Cruisers to buy -- which she and my dad decided on very suddenly -- and while at the website, there was an ad mentioning "Motor City."

Not quite sure if this is a synchronicity or not, but for the last week or so I've felt compelled to buy a supplement called Seriphos, which came to me in an unlikely way. Anyway, today I finally got that "yes" feeling to go ahead and order it. I had it bookmarked on Amazon, but felt I should look around elsewhere and shop prices. Well, I went to pureformulas.com, because they ship so fast, and they had it, and then I remembered I had a sort of coupon sheet they sent with my last order, with a 10% off code. Well, when I went and looked at it, I noticed there was a back to the sheet, and sure enough, there's a coupon for 15% off Seriphos. This sight has a gazillion supplements, and I don't think Seriphos is new or anything. And consider I felt so Compelled to try pureformulas.com and look at their sheet, I find this notable enough to note.


Another blatant word synchro: “booger-sugar,” in ledger this morning, then in “The Briefcase” just after, which I’d felt Compelled to edit this morning since last night. Only time I’ve used that eloquent term.


While at the gym today, was listening to a Siouxsie and the Banshees song that said “twist,” right as I saw my dad doing bar twists, in that eerily synchronistic way that I’ve come to identify.


Today when I went to the club, a scooter was parked out front, which I’d never seen before. The moment I saw it, I thought of Bob, who used to workout there but hasn’t been there for at least a year or more. I think I thought of him because he once drove a motorcycle there, and the scooter for some reason reminded me of it. Still, the thought was very clear: that’s Bob’s scooter. I went inside, and sure enough, there’s Bob, and sure enough, it was his scooter. Hmm. Ruling out pure coincidence, I’d say this was more of an intuition than a synchronicity, but whatever.


Some cool ones today, after a week of pretty much nothing. First, while cutting grass this morning, I saw a doughnut box on the ground and though, arbitrarily, of how a character in the book I’m reading right now, “The Church of Dead Girls,” wouldn’t eat doughnuts, or give them out at the meetings he conducted. I have no idea why I thought this, but it was very distinct. Then, about an hour later, while eating lunch and reading the book, I came to a part where the guy, because of an abnormality, served doughnuts at his meeting. Wow.

Also, I recently wrote a short story, “Chesterfield Drive,” which I’d named quite randomly. Then, today while reading the “Church” book, I saw, stamped on its pages, “Chesterfield Library” (it had been a library discard). Now, the obvious answer is that this was a case of subconscious absorption, where I saw that stamp and the name popped up subconsciously when it came time for me to name the story. However, there is one more thing to consider: yesterday, I noticed the stamp for the first time, when I’d written the story days ago. Again, I can’t say that I didn’t absorb this subconsciously, even without really noticing the stamp; all the same, I find it notable.

Also, a good word synchro: “hog-tie,” first in “The Lunar Cycle” this morning, and then in the “Church” book this afternoon, when I hadn’t seen that in quite a while.


Cool word synchro: “Julius Ceasar,” in “Tricked” this morning, then in “The Church of Dead Girls” this evening. The cool thing is, this happened when I wrote the story, on 5/13 (when it was called “Addict”).


Word synchro: “superintendant,” and “affect” (verb), both of these in ledger this morning, and Noticed, and then “Asylum,” a new novel I started reading today. The funny thing is, 1) I had planned on starting a different novel today, but was Compelled to read “Asylum,” and 2) both of the words were in the first couple chapters several times. Neat.


A cool one, starting a few days ago when I had an arbitrary thought about Bill Clinton. The thought was totally random, and inspecific, though distinct enough to make me take note of it. Then, the next day or so, I went to a random webpage and saw a picture of Bill Clinton on it (though, it wasn’t of him per say, but a handshake photo of someone endorsing something). Then, a couple days later, I had a random thought of the Clintons’ marriage, also inspecific but distinct. Then, today, while at the market, I just happened to see a tabloid mentioning that the Clintons are getting divorced. Hmm.


Cool word synchro: “concierge.” This was in “The Storms of Pemberton” the day before last, and I Noticed it (was sort of misplaced where I used it), and then today, my dad told me, randomly, this story about a house in Georgia, and in it he mentioned it involved a concierge (made a big thing of it because he couldn’t remember the word at first). Also notable is that I’d been putting off editing Storms for the past month, and then reluctantly started it the day before last.

Damn cool ones: Rebecca emailed me today, and first, she found, randomly, a bag of fortune cookies, and one of the ones (though I got the idea it was the only one; I’ll have to get her to clarify) had the precise same fortune that I found, entirely randomly and in a very unlikely way, in my truck when I went to go see “Prometheus” a couple weeks ago, which I was of course Compelled to do. Incredibly unlikely she would get one, even if it was one in a series, especially since my finding it went along with that model of it so much. Second, she mentioned back patting in her email, when I’d just seconds ago sent an email to my Montag media person where I said I patted her back (felt Compelled to do this).

[Update, 7/3/12: Rebecca did, in fact, draw that precise same fortune on one draw.]


Bigtime word synchro: “acronymic,” in ledger this morning, and I Noticed it very distinctly, and then in “Storms,” about 1.5 hours later. Funny thing is, I should’ve edited this part yesterday, but was too sick to.


Word synchro: “chauvinist,” “harlequin,” “diabolical,” “Perez,” all of which were in “Storms” this morning, and then in “The Flanders Panel,” the book I started reading today. Quite remarkable. Then, later, “Windsor knot,” in a latter part of “Storms” (only time I’ve used it) when it too was in the “Flanders” book. “Fort Knox” also, and “courier.” Wow.


Word synchro: “Venetian,” which was a prominent thought I had last night, stemming from the “Venusians” I used in “School,” and then Carnival, which was in Rick Steve’s Europe last night, first I’d seen it in a while, and then “The Flanders Panel” today.


A cool one. This morning, I had the very distinct thought, quite randomly, of some sort of order of eastern holy men who live without harming a single thing, as a means of fending off karma. Then, at lunch today, in “The Infinite,” the book mentioned just this, for maybe the first I’ve ever read of it (read it first years ago). Quite striking.


A cool one today, though I’m not sure if it’s a synchronicity. This morning, I cleaned out my bookshelf in order to move it to the downstairs apartment, and in doing so I had to look at all my books, during which I Noticed both Infinite Jest and Light in August. Then, at lunch, in “Night of the Gun,” two chapter epigraphs quoted those very books I Noticed, within a couple hours after seeing them. Then, I was compelled to go to Goodwill today, and while looking at the books, three of the ones I had to move today were for sale there (“Bag of Bones,” “Assassins” (Noticed also), and “The Historian”). I’m not sure if the two are connected, but just the fact that I saw the two epigraphs today, after I’d Noticed just those two books, is quite notable.

(Note, 7/12: a continuation of this. Later in “Night of the Gun,” another quoted epigraph was one of the books I moved and Noticed: “Still Life With Woodpecker.”)


One from Rebecca: she saw a car, parked somewhere, and Noticed it’s license plate, which featured snow on it, Compelling her to take a picture of it. Then, two days later, the very same car passed her on the highway, very far away. Then, later, she came upon the same car again, at an intersection. Pretty unlikely.


A really cool one today. It started yesterday, when I Noticed a license plate starting with AFK, and then, an hour so later, Noticed a second license place, starting with AKF or something similar, me thinking, “Hmm, that’s like the acronym for AWay from Keyboard.” Also yesterday, I read in “Terminal” a reference to a Scion tC car, which I noticed, though only non proper-noun, since I had just never seen that particular car referenced before. Then, today, when I went and worked out, afterward there was a car in the parking lot with a license plate reading, plainly, “AFK.” The car was a Scion tC. Interestingly, I almost didn’t work out today, because I needed to cut grass, but I got rained out (though it cleared up later, just after I started working out).

Also, yesterday, I had a Random Thought of a man named Jeff Jackson, who I knew vaguely in childhood. Then, today, my parents give me a picture from his wedding, after not having mentioned him for I don’t know how long, perhaps years.


I’ve noticed an onslaught of minor, otherwise unnotable word synchro today. For instance, “thrice” was in “Man and Dolphin,” the book I started today, and then in “American Life” tonight, when I’d felt Compelled to edit it all day. Also, “as said by Donald Duck” (a sound), both in “American Life” and “Man and Dolphin.” Also, “sphincter,” which I Noticed in the dolphin book. And, “Jeannine.”


A weird, multipart one. It started yesterday morning, when I submitted to The Medulla Review (medulla as in brain part). Then, yesterday afternoon, Rebecca emailed me a video with Pink and The Brain doing a little musical number about the parts of the brain (including the medulla, of course). Then, in the book I’m reading, “The Stone Diaries,” both last night and today it has mentioned parts of the brain. Also, a minor word synchro, “charlatan,” in “The Emperor’s New Skin Suit” this morning, then “The Stone Diaries” at lunch.


Two word synchros today: “jalepeno,” first in an arbitrary conversation with my mom, and then in “The Stone Diaries,” maybe twenty minutes later, notable since it was so close; and “polysyllabic,” in “The Nightmare Frequency” this morning, and then at the intro to “High Fidelity” this evening, notable, again, since they were so close. Also, a neat sort of thought synchro. On the way home from Shane and Mallory’s, I was talking to myself, about how I think empty, unaware people serve a purpose, and I’d spoken a sentence that ended with “be.” Simultaneously, in that very synchronous way, I came around a bend and saw a big sign along the side of the road, saying nothing but “B.” It wasn’t otherwise notable, but the literal “synchronicity” was really cool, in that thought-synchro way.


First, a word synchro: “avocado,” turned up three places today. I can’t remember the first one, I want to say it was online while searching out something else? But then it was on a poster at Subway, which I Noticed, and then in “High Fidelity.” Only notable since it was three together.

Then, a lot of random thought synchro today. First and most notable, I had the distinct thought, this morning, of Curtis calling dad, which, as it happened, turned out to have occurred, him calling my dad this morning for the first time in weeks. In my thought, it was about him having wrecked his car, which was not what the call was about, but it was still notable. Second, I had some thoughts about "I have to uphold my reputation," this coming randomly while cutting grass, and then synchronizing with other random thoughts and things that happened while cutting grass (for instance, after Doris telling me that I did a good job on the grass, I felt the stray motivation to do a good job, even though I would have anyway -- thus tying in with this), along with a song rising from beneath my mind, which I can't remember what it was. Third, I had the distinct thought of, "You either have it or you don't," while cutting grass, and this turned up in "High Fidelity" today, which is probably the first I've heard it. Theory: all of these things were "cemented" earlier in the day, or however time actually exists, and, for whatever reason, I was just "in tune" with these things, perhaps from the slight trance I get in while cutting grass? Interesting in any case.


Word synchro: “bailiff,” in “The Terrorist’s Last Words” this morning, then “High Fidelity” at lunch, a couple hours later. Notable only because it’s a reasonably uncommon word, and they were so close together. Also, “changing gears” as a verb for someone’s attitude/expression/energy changing; in “The Terrorist’s Last Words,” I used “shifting gears,” but it amounts to the same thing, and so close together. And a cool one: toward late morning, I got the song “Total Eclipse of the Heart” in my head, for no reason I can name. It stayed there all through lunch, and then, while the chorus, which says “Turn around, Bright Eyes,” was nearing in the song in my head, I read “Bright Eyes,” that very spelling, in “High Fidelity.” It wasn’t quite a thought synchro, not with that remarkable, double-take “synchronicity,” but it was damn close, and notable in any case.


A couple neat ones. First, I was with Rebecca at a thrift store, and she had a thought synchro: “ashtray.” Right as she’d picked up a little dish, thinking it could be used as an ashtray, a woman across the room said, quite loudly, “Ashtray.” I watched her give pause, and then she explained it. Cool.

Then, a weird one. I had a new email when I got home, telling me that "Travis" was following my Goodreads reviews -- that name only, just "Travis," which I noticed, just because it was so strange. Then, less than an hour later, I got a call on my cellphone, a telemarketer (I think), asking for Travis.


Saw Rebecca’s birthday was 9/25 today, and Noticed it, then, by total chance, checked on the release date for the new Warcraft expansion, and it was 9/25. Maybe nothing.


Remarkable one today. Sunday, I’d picked up a playing card, as trash, while cutting grass at the Peddler. It was the ten of clubs, which I remember very distinctly. Then, today, while cutting McMantis, five days later and across town, I came across another playing card: the ten of clubs. Precisely the same except for the first had a blue backing, and the second was red. It spawned some interesting events at lunch today (a lesson involving self-control and acceptance), and I have to wonder if that wasn’t the point.

[Update on this one: Rebecca saw my report of finding the cards, and she went to a box of her own cards, and the one on top was the ten of clubs.]

Also, a ton of otherwise unnotable word synchro all through the day, spanning thoughts, chance actions, things I red in “Black Mass,” and a million other little things. Most notable was “necessitate,” first in “Jammed” and I Noticed it, and then in the Wikipedia page for Whitey Bulger, which I’d looked up after reading the end of “Black Mass,” curios if he’d ever gotten caught.


Cool one today. On the way to church, I Noticed a sign along the road, by the final turn, for a farm tour. Besides Noticing it some prominently, I remembered it because I’d never, until then, heard of a farm tour, so it stuck out doubly. Then, at lunch, in the book “Feed,” I read of the main character taking a farm tour.


Word synchro: “madcap,” a word I read in “Black Mass,” and then in the book I read just after it, “Feed.” Was days apart, but still remarkable that I would see that word for the first time, then see it again in the next sequential book.

Also, a really cool one. Twice in the last day (though I want to say three times), I’ve thought of “unglued.” I originally thought of it as the title of a story, but then it recurred about a day later, strongly, in a way I’ve come to identify. Then, today, when I went to load some workout music on my MP3 player, I went randomly to a spot in my MP3 folder, and landed on Stone Temple Pilots, which, within the maybe 20 songs visible, included “Unglued.” I did not, originally, associate it with this song.


Word synchro: “philharmonic,” in ledger this morning at breakfast, and I Noticed it, and then in “A Good Cause.” Interestingly, I hadn’t been reviewing my ledgers the last month, instead reading books, but I felt I should start doing it again today, and so I did. A classic word synchro.


Really cool thought synchro today: "a boy speaking his heart." This was a lyric in a U2 song I was listening to while working out. Right before it came up, like immediately before, in that distinctively synchronistic way, I'd just been thinking of how, when I used to do the breathing exercises, I could say what I feel, and that I was a man doing so -- a boy speaking his heart, you could say.

Also, a word synchro: “inquest,” in “Next” today at lunch, and then on Judy Garland’s Wikipedia page, when I felt Compelled to go to it after watching “The Wizard of Oz.”


word synchro: “grist,” another one where I first read of it in one book (“Black Mass”), and then read it again soon after, two books later, in “Next.” Notable since it was a new word, and so uncommon.


Word synchro: “endemic,” in a ledger definition and I Noticed it, at breakfast, and then, just minutes later, while editing “Not A Circus,” it turned up again. Also, “lions and tigers,” first used in “Not A Circus” this morning, then in “Next,” at lunch. Possibly nothing.


A couple vague ones today, but interesting. First, I got a bottle of MSM (on clearance at Dollar General, when I'd felt Compelled to go there, and then, once there, Compelled to go through the store, to where I found the MSM which Just Happened To Be on clearance -- in Dollar General?), when just a few nights ago, I'd been thinking of how I'd like to try some MSM pills, on a suspicion the Swanson powder was inferior (which it seems to be; I took the pills I got and I saw that same effect I associate with MSM, which I've never once gotten with the Swanson powder). Possibly nothing, but very interesting, all the same.

Also, I felt Compelled to load up a Bush album to listen to while working out today, and I remember thinking, “I wonder what synchronicity this will spawn,” just because of the way I ended up loading that particular album. It has the song on it, “Straight No Chaser,” and I Noticed this while listening to it; then, afterward, at Goodwill (which I felt Compelled to visit today), there was a CD there labeled “Straight No Chaser.” Again, possibly nothing, since it was so vague, but notable because of the Compellings and Noticings.


Interesting word synchro. Today while finishing up “Next,” I read “The New York Times Book Review,” “Gerard,” and, earlier in the book, “dewar.” I went right into “Mystic River” after finishing “Next,” and on its cover was “New York Timse Book Review,” and then, a couple pages in, “Girard” (different spelling) and “Dewar” (different tense and definition). Hmm.


Cool word synchro: “trooped” (verb). Was in the ledger this morning, when I hadn’t looked at it for a few days, and I Noticed it, very distinctly, thinking, “I haven’t seen that or used it in a long time.” Then, at lunch, a few hours later, it was in “Mystic River.” Very, very unlikely.

A neat one. At lunch, in “Mystic River,” it featured a man with a samurai sword. This evening, I felt Compelled to look at a stack of DVDs on my parents’ table, and saw a movie, “Princess Mononoke,” which I felt Compelled to watch. It had men with samurai swords in it. Perhaps nothing, but I found it notable.


This one is outright weird. In my Hotmail email, I checked out the Word of the Day, and first, upon viewing this email, it brought up an ad for Carnival cruises, only $299, so I checked it out, on a whim. Well, when I did so, I started thinking of how I’d probably just end up staying in my room the whole time, and that I wouldn’t want to go out to the public dining room. Then, after deciding I wanted nothing of a cruise, I went back and looked at the actual Word of the Day email. The word was “belletristic,” which itself was interesting, since, just this morning in my ledger, I’d come across a “bellestettic,” which has a similar meaning (I think it may either be the root of the word, or be mispelled in my ledger), and which I Noticed, very distinctly. But anyway, the email included two quotes using the word, one of which was:

“Usually what I do is spread out my notebooks and Fielding’s Guide to Worldwide Cruising 1995 and pens and various materials all over the bed, so when the Cabin Service guy appears at the door he’ll see all this belletristic material and figure I’m working really hard on something belletristic right here in the cabin and have doubtless been too busy to have hit all the public meals and am thus legitimately entitled to the indulgence of Cabin Service.

-- David Foster Wallace, A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again"

Now, first, it included the word “crusing,” so I can see how that might have triggered the Carnival ad. But the thing is, I saw the ad and thought about how I would end up staying in my room (are all cruise ship rooms cabins?), as this described. Hmm.


Some cool thought synchro, first off: “chunks.” While I was scanning the canned pineapple in the grocery store, looking specifically for the “chunks” because I like their texture, I heard a woman say something about “chunks” from my right. It was a sort of double synchro, because she said it right as I realized I was looking at a can reading “chunks,” as happens with these so often. Also, “drank some coffee,” in “Mystic River,” right as I drank some coffee.

Also, an intuition. I was in the grocery store, on my way out, and as I started down one aisle, I got that “no,” feeling, and then, as I approached the next aisle, I got a “yes,” so I went down it. I recognized this right away, so much that I knew that there was some reason I went down this aisle. Sure enough, just after thinking that, I noticed the salt display, which reminded me that I’d run out of salt and needed more. (I got to have my salt, and this was right before lunch.) Cool.


Possible thought synchro. While on the way home from church today, I thought of Bob’s wife, who’d I’d seen, very briefly, there, and simultaneously, I saw a roadside sign reading “Mary Rupp.” I could be wrong, but I believe Bob’s wife’s name is Mary. If so, it was definitely a thought synchro, as the two coincided in that special, distinctive way.

Also, a really cool one tonight. A couple months ago, I’d gotten the new Bjork album, on which was the song “Crystalline,” with the chorus “crystalline internal nebula.” Ever since buying the album, I’ve had the song in my head. Then, last month when Rebecca visited, I went to the dump and found a book there, a collection of Nebula-award-winning short stories. Well, just last night I noticed that the book’s cover has a crystal nebula above a quartz crystal (quartz was mentioned in “Crystalline,” also).


Word synchro: “mescaline,” heard first this morning, while watching “The Matrix” (had, by chance, found this in a canister of DVDs I cleaned out; could only watch ten minutes before turning it off, too much garbage), and then, at lunch, in “Opium,” on the first page I read.


Word synchro: “galley proof,” saw three times today. First, on a darkmarkets.com listing of review websites, then in “Opium,” and then on the submission guidelines for Arcane, when I haven’t seen the word in a while.


Cool one. This morning, I looked into a Hawaii vacation package, on a compelling from yesterday, and it led me to a couple Waikiki hotel deals. It was the first I can remember hearing Waikiki for some time, perhaps years. Then, at lunch, the very first page of “Opium” I read contained “Waikiki,” the second sentence maybe.


Word synchro: “balm.” Was in ledger this morning, as a verb, and I noticed it (not Noticed, though), and then, at lunch, in “Opium,” though as a noun. Perhaps nothing.

Also, while cutting next door to Glory Drive today, I found $50 Circuit City gift card. It turned out to be invalid (not surprised), but it evoked last fall, when I found the $50 bill there, in almost the exact same spot.


Word synchro: “barred,” first in “What If Our Heroes Suck” this morning, and I noticed it, since I almost took it out (like so many of these, occurring either as edits, insertions, or deletions). Then, in “Opium” at lunch, it was within the first few pages.


Day with Rebecca was loaded with synchronicity. She mentioned, randomly, all sorts of things I’d Noticed over the last day. We went to Howard’s Knob Park, and there were people there who appeared to be giving one another reflexology (just before we went back to her hotel so she could give me reflexology). Seeing more moths, too, after seeing them the last week or so. Also, when I met Rebecca in the lobby of her hotel, she was reading a book called “Blackout,” which I’d just seen within a couple days on a book review website I was looking to query (and Noticed it).


Word synchro: “squatters,” first in a random email Rebecca sent me, then in “Opium,” a couple hours later. Possibly nothing, but I haven’t seen “squatters” in quite some time.

[8/29 update: saw another “squatters” today, now on a random publisher’s website I visited.]


An intuition today. Yesterday, I forgot to get Stevia at the market, and so I went to get some this morning. All morning, I thought I would go to Food Lion and get it, since I went to Ingles yesterday, yet I found myself turning toward Ingles, Compelled. I had the thought that maybe it would be on sale, as it is there sometimes, but when I went and got the bag, it wasn’t. However, when it rung up and I gave my loyalty card, it was, in fact, on sale, saving me nearly 1/4 the price. Hmm.


This one started on the 13th, when I saw “Gerard” and then “Girard” together between books. Then, while reading “Opium” a couple days ago, I saw “Girard” again, and I got to thinking, randomly, about a webpage Rebecca linked to me recently, about the history of the Garrison name, and I thought it referenced it as “Girard.” So I looked it up, feeling Compelled to, and it turns out Garrison is linked to both “Gerard” and “Girard.” Note: Rebecca sent me that webpage right around the 13th …

Cool one this afternoon: my mom was talking about college girls adopting a kitten, and I had the strangest thought of them adopting me. Well, about 2 seconds later, my dad voiced just this, “Why don’t we get them to adopt Aaron?” Also, another “squatter,” in “Opium” this afternoon.


A couple word synchros: “minuet” and “raised on the radio,” first in “Plane Crash,” last night, and then in word ledger this morning. It would have been unnotable, except that I not only started a new ledger today, but I opened it where its bookmark was set, rather than the start, feeling Compelled to do so.


Minor word synchro: “tactically,” in ledger at breakfast and then in “The Lunar Cycle” soon after, maybe ten minutes? Same for “expedient,” which I Noticed. Also, “buffoon,” in ledger and then “Bright Shiny Morning” at lunch, and I Noticed this one too.

A neat thought synchro. I was just thinking of how a state of no-stress relaxation is so fundamentally refreshing, when I checked my Hotmail and got the word of the day, “ataraxia,” which means a state free from emotional disturbance and anxiety.


While driving dad’s truck today, I Noticed it’s little red anti-theft light blinking in the instrument panel. Then, while reading “Bright Shiny Morning” this afternoon, it mentioned cars with little red anti-theft lights blinking in their dashboards.


Minor one. While reading “The Revelation,” it mentioned CAT, the tractor company, and I Noticed it. That was over the last two days. Then, this evening, I was reading an email from Rebecca and one of the Google ads was for CAT tractor parts. Now, I’d mentioned “cat” in my last email to her, so I can see how that would have triggered it, but the thing is, we’ve had a million “cats” in our email exchanges, and I can’t remember it ever appearing before. Hmm.


Minor word synchro: “distemper,” in ledger this morning and I Noticed it, and then while editing “Jammed,” about an hour later (as “distempered,” but whatever).

Couple cool ones this morning. First, while on the way to the grocery store, I was thinking, on an entirely unrelated chain of thought, about termites (how we allow bugs, termites specifically, to do their thing unless it suites us otherwise), and just as I thought this, in that synchronistic way, I saw a sign for termite extermination. Then, after I got home, I was thinking, again on an unrelated train of thought, about donating large amounts of money to charity, and right as I thought this, I was drawn to the bottom of my Ingles receipt, which said how Ingles had contributed over $10 million dollars to charity. Also, had a lot of small, random synchronicities over the course of the morning.


“Apollo,” first when I, completely by chance, scrolled down the Dictionary.com homepage, which I never do, and saw an article about Apollo. Then, about 10 minutes later, I started reading “The Club Dumas,” and it mentioned Apollo a couple pages in, when I can’t remember the last I heard of Apollo.

Then, “outre,” first while I was cutting grass today and I had the very clear, very defined thought of “outre,” and then it was in “The Club Dumas” tonight, when I can’t remember seeing that word anywhere for years.


Thought synchro: “sit down.” It happened in the gym, while listening to a Genesis song. I was about to sit on a bench, but there was someone working next to it, so I moved to another bench, requiring an extra few seconds to get my weights and reposition, thus my sit-down synchronized perfectly with the “sit down” in the song I was listening to. Cool.

Also, I noticed that I was exposed to three 7-11s today. First, this morning, in the “Ace of Spades” song by Motorhead, which Rebecca had mentioned in her email and I felt Compelled to listen to. Then, this afternoon, when I went to Food Lion, which has a big sign on the door saying that they’re open from 7-11 (I felt Compelled to go to Food Lion instead of Ingles). Then, tonight, the phone rang, and when it did, I looked at the clock at it was 7:10. In the split second it took me to pick up the phone, I saw on the caller ID it was 7:11, and my clock had changed to that too. Hmm.

Cool one: at the end of “The Club Dumas,” it had listed “The Crossing” by Cormac McCarthy. I’d been planning on re-reading this book for months, have had it in my stack and everything, but I’d always gotten a No when going to read it. Well, today, after seeing that listing, I got a Yes, so I started reading it tonight. In the first part of the book, it is about hunting a wolf; when I’d last checked my Hotmail tonight, the latest email was about hunting wolves.


Cool thought synchro: was driving down the road, and just as a random chain of thought ended with the planet Saturn, my eyes fell on a car, after which I realized it was a Saturn. Again, it happened in that distinctly synchronistic way, when I’d been following the chain of thought for a long time before (also, I’d felt Compelled to go down King Street instead of taking the shorter way, since I had time, and otherwise I wouldn’t have passed this car).

Also, this morning in bed, I had a stray but distinctive thought of having a beehive in my head. Then, when I read Rebecca’s email a few hours later, she’d mentioned, offhand, having a hive in my head.


A couple cool ones today. First, I felt Compelled to go to Goodwill (again), and while looking through the books, I thought, very distinctly, how I would really really like to find “The Road” there (because I’d seen it there once, and passed it up). Well, it was there (on the other half of the book area, so I couldn’t have seen it subconsciously when I thought about it).

Also, a cool word synchro: “holly.” This was in the editor’s draft of “The Hand of God” this morning, mispelled “holy,” so I noticed it. Then, it was in “The Crossing” this evening. Possibly nothing, but I don’t think so, since it fits these word synchros where I’ll have to edit or delete something in a story, and the word pops up.

Also, “career” (verb), in ledger this morning (or maybe it was yesterday morning), and I Noticed it, very distinctly. Then it was in “Underbelly” tonight, same tense, I think the only time I’ve ever used it.


A cool one, or a scary one, depending on how you look at it. This morning, while writing “A Blender, A Neurotoxin,” I used a simile “as if a big truck had passed,” to describe someone’s reaction to a loud noise/cushion of wind. Well, about 1.5 hours afterward, I was cutting grass along the road when I was hit by the air cushion of a passing truck, which was quite big. This hasn’t happened in years.


A really cool one. Spent the day with Rebecca, and for lunch we went to the Coyote Kitchen. Well, when evening rolled around and it was time for dinner, we at first went to the Italian place at the mall, for gluten-free pizza, but they were closed, so we went, on a whim, to the Mellow Mushroom. Well, when we got there, Rebecca got excited at once, because she recognized a woman from the Coyote Kitchen there at the restaurant, thanks to her distinctive hair. The chances of this have to be exceedingly small, and reek of synchronicity. Also, that morning, I’d thought, randomly but distinctly, of how I’d like to get some more humor novels, preferably Tom Robbins; well, when Rebecca and I hit the thrift stores, I found a Tom Robbins novel in the Hebron colony one.

Also, while in Goodwill, I encountered two more playing cards, strewn loose on a shelf: the Ace and 3 of Clubs. Whether they were meant for me or not, like the last two, I don’t know, but I have them. [Note: Ace purportedly symbolizes a new beginning, financial gain, or general success. The Three of Clubs seems to symbolize being envied for your success, perhaps going hand-in-hand with the success hinted at from the Ace of Clubs? Hmm.]


Word synchro: “adios.” It was the KMFDM album I bought yesterday, and this morning, I Noticed the title, enough to do a double-take and see how it was spelled. Then, I felt Compelled to edit “Alcoholism and Bad Sex,” in which was written “adios,” I believe the one single time I’ve ever used that word.


This morning, I was awaken by a clicking noise from my living room. I tried to get back to sleep, but it kept bothering me, and I kept fearing that it was something bad wrong, so I got up and checked it out. It was a mouse in either the wall or the ceiling, and it stopped when it heard me arrive. Anyway, when I checked my email a couple hours later, after getting up, there was one from Marina, Montag’s transmedia lady, in which she mentioned, totally arbitrarily, that she has mice in her walls and they’re driving her nuts.

A cool one this afternoon. On the way back from Shane and Mallory’s, I entered into a long chain of thought about motorcycles and learning to ride one. As I was doing so, I noticed a big parking lot and thought, absently, that that would be a good one to learn a motorcycle on. Immediately after I thought that, in that synchronicitic way, I saw a sign at the parking lot: “Bikers Welcome.” It was a parking lot for a kind of church.

Then, while cutting the sevenplex, I found two more playing cards in the lawn: the 6 of Spades and the 9 of Hearts. Hmm.


Really cool one today. While leaving the gym, I noticed that that ’70s Honda CB360 motorcycle they’d had in the window of the auto parts place was gone, a dirt bike in its place. Then, while I was on the way home, on an indirect route, I saw a motorcycle which I think was a Honda CB of a similar vintage, but its color was different, so I knew it wasn’t the one from the store. However, just down the road, I encountered another Honda CB, and stopped beside it at a light. It was a CB360, of the same approximate year of that in the store, had the same approximate rusting, and was of the same color. If it wasn’t the bike from the store, which I’d just thought of minutes earlier, I’d be very surprised.


Very cool word synchro today: "flues." This was first in "The Briefcase" this morning, as a plural of "flu." I noticed it because of this, since I debated changing it -- perhaps even Noticed it. Then, it was in "The Road" at lunch today, on the first couple pages, in its proper term, the plural of flue (just started the book today ...). But the really cool part was that I started out reading "The House of the Scorpion" at lunch, but after a few pages, I was so turned off by the unrealistic and two-dimensional characters, and just the whole, absurd energy of the book, that I had to give up on it. When I went to get a different book, "The Road" jumped out at me.


A cool thought synchro, at lunch: “hissing.” I was having a detached conversation with my mom, about the cats, and just when I went to reply to her, about one of the cat’s hissing (I was going to say, “The cat hisses a lot,” or something to that effect), I read in “The Road” the word “hissing,” in the sentence I was just starting to read when I was readying my reply. It, too, came with that startlingly synchronistic way, and cannot be explained by subconsciously reading down the page, as my reply hinged on the long thread of conversation from my mom (who wasn’t reading the book …).

Also, soon after that, a word synchro: “mummied.” This one is so cool because I saw it coming. This morning, while editing “The General,” I saw “mummied” in it, and since it was the only time I’ve ever used it, it made me think of “The Road,” where I “borrowed” it from, and I had the stray thought that I should be coming up on where it was used in “The Road” soon. Sure enough, there it was, today at lunch, a few hours later. Really cool.

Also, a couple more minor word synchros: “retard” (in “The General” this morning and I Noticed it, and then in “The Road,” used in the same derogatory context), “dexterous” (in sermon at church today, a big talking point, and then in “The Road” later).

And another cool one. A random person, named Kelson, emailed me yesterday, randomly, praising me for my writing -- my first piece of fanmail, as it were. Anyway, he told me a story about when he'd been reading "There's Nothing Under The Stairs," where at several key parts he heard or saw precisely what was described in the story, in a way (if he hasn't embellished) that suggests synchronicity. The cool thing is that that story was posted in my blog months after it was published, and from what Mr. Kelson wrote, he didn't go back to past posts in my blog, so he wouldn't have seen it had I posted it when it had been published, and would have, hence, not experienced the synchronicity. Very cool.


Word synchro: “bard,” first in “Jitterbug Perfume” at lunch, then in “The Crystal Vacuum Cleaner” tonight, when it was just off rejection this morning. A lot of other similar, unnotable word synchros, such as “curds,” in “Jitterbug Perfume” at lunch and then on a roadside sign I Just Happened to pass, all these the first I’d heard the words in a while.


A couple cool thought synchros at lunch today. First, "scent," which I read in "Jitterbug Perfume" immediately as my mom took a doughnut out of the microwave and I was hit with its enticing smell and was thinking of it -- it all happened very synchronistically, in that way I've come to identify. Then, a little later, I was reading while thinking of how my allergies and general darkness are perhaps necessary, in order to turn the cycles, etc, so that I may learn what I need to; immediately after thinking this, I read this sentence, "If the earth needs night as well as day, wouldn't it follow that the soul requires endarkment to balance enlightenment?" Then, just after that, when I was thinking of how anxiety seems to keep me from kicking back and reconciling to his process, I read "anxious," in this same manner.


A couple cool thought synchros, both very close together while reading “Jitterbug Perfume.” First, “monks,” which I read right after thinking of monks in World of Warcraft, which terminated a long chain of thought. Likewise, “energy,” which I read just as I thought about energy, also terminating another long chain of thought.


Cool one. Was in Goodwill, after having been Compelled to go there again, and while browsing the CDs, a couple women passed me a few feet away, talking, and I overheard one say, very clearly, "Barbara Streissand." Within a second afterward, in that synchronistic way, my eyes fell on a Barbara Streissand CD (it was the next sequential one in the row I was looking at, which is to say, I did not "seek it out" after hearing it -- not that I would've had time). Afterward, I had the thought that maybe the woman had seen the CD and was referring to it, but this I doubt, since 1) they passed at length, around a gondola to my left, and at an angle that I think would've been bad for seeing the CD, and 2) I believe I was standing between them and the CD, and 3) I don't remember her saying "Barbara Streissand CD," but rather something about Barbara Streissand herself. In any case, definitely notable.


Cool one this afternoon. On the way home after church, I got behind a slow-moving convertable, and noticed it, due to its license plate, which read “Antique Car” (it was an antique car). It was the first such license-plate notarization I’d seen, so it stood out to me, that and it’s low speed. Well, about 3 hours later, on the way to the gym, I passed the very same car. Notable, since so much time had elapsed, and I would had to have gone on just such a distinct route to encounter them again (I left a bit earlier than usual today, also).

Another: yesterday, I submitted a story to 'The American Scholar,' randomly, very much because It Felt Right (the story has about 0% chance of being accepted, but I couldn't resist). I'd never heard of 'The American Scholar' until I searched on Duotrope's and it was one of the first on the list. Then, today, in "The Lost World," it mentioned 'The American Scholar.' (I'd almost read this book weeks ago, but it felt Wrong. Also, when I did start reading it, I nearly started another book instead, but got the Right feeling when I went for "The Lost World.")


Really cool word synchro. “Top knot,” was in “Deadheading with Max” this morning, which I’ve been putting off editing for nearly a month, and then it was on the random website which, after a huge and frustrating search and evaluation, I went to to order some parasite-cleaning things. Very very cool.


Word synchro: “healed over” (liquid congealing over), it was in the ledger yesterday morning, the first I’d looked at it for weeks, and I Noticed the “healed over” entry. Then, last night, it was in “A Sleeping Place,” which I edited for the first time since February, and then again this morning, in “The Garden,” also edited for the first time in a while.


Word synchro: “Muriel,” a really cool one. It was all through “Discipline” this morning, and I kept Noticing it. Then, I felt Compelled to look into if “The Dead Man’s Phone” had been published, which it had. While scanning the page it was published on, I came across a story called “Where’s Muriel?” when I don’t think I’ve seen that name for years, other than my story.

Then, this afternoon, a couple cool thought synchros, both in Goodwill while I was looking at books. First, I was thinking of how, in response to one book I’d seen, that people’s perceptions of themselves and the world is often skewed, willingfully so, and just as I thought this, I came to a book reading “kidding ourselves” (this one could’ve easily been a coincidence, except that it happened so synchronistically, in that distinctive way, and the thought archetype was certainly there). Then, “devil,” just after I’d looked at an anime book titled “Diablo” and was thinking of how, to an oriental, “Diablo” would be a cool word just like their word for “devil” would be “cool” here; in that same synchronistic way, I read “devil” in another book’s spine right as this thought occured. These were both good examples against the subconscious-reading or expectation, since they involved two entirely separate chains of thought.


Cool word synchro: “Macedonia.” I saw this here at the beach, while on the way to the market this morning, on a church’s sign, and Noticed it. Then, it was in “In An Antique Land” this afternoon, maybe 2-3 hours later. I don’t know the last I saw that word anywhere. (Had I finished reading the book yesterday, as I should’ve, the two wouldn’t have coincided.)


Cool word synchro today: John Donne, Emily Dickinson, and Jane Austen. These three authors were mentioned in “Basket Case” yesterday, and I Noticed both John Donne and Jane Austen, very distinctly (especially Donne, though; I remember thinking of how I’d never heard of him). Then, today, in “The Silence of the Lambs,” all three of those authors were mentioned (I’ve been feeling I should re-read this book for the last few months, but just finally got around to it now). Also, “Oh God,” which I used in “5th of July” this morning and has cropped up several times since (in “The General,” just afterward, and “Silence of the Lambs” and “The Disease”).


Pretty cool one. I went to buy Listerine today, and while doing so, I had the thought that my mom would probably give me a coupon for it that night, since I’d already bought some. Well, as it turned out, she did present to me a coupon that night, and though I couldn’t have used it (it was for a kind of Listerine I don’t buy), it still fit the archetype. It’s worth noting that the last time I bought Listerine was months ago, when I got it half-price basically and stocked up, and my mother had not presented me with a Listerine coupon within that time. Very, very unlikely.


Some damn cool ones today. First, in the hour or so between me snaking on some rice cakes and meeting Rebecca for lunch, I saw or heard “caramel” four times. First, I saw a bag of caramels in my parents’ pantry; second, caramel was listed in the ingredients for the junky rice cakes I ate; third, a radio ad I Just Happened to hear on the way of (I’d turned on the radio just before getting to her hotel) mentioned caramel beer; and fourth, when Rebecca ordered her pizza, she asked for “lots of caramelized onions.”

Then, one which was witnessed by Rebecca and I both. While in Goodwill, I reached for a book called “Flush,” drawn to it. The moment I pulled it out, perfectly synchronous, the bathroom just nearby flushed; Rebecca heard this as well, and we both laughed.

Then, one even cooler. We wanted to see the Brown Mountain Lights, but directions there were iffy. After some fiddling and GPSing, we found ourselves in Linville, but from there the directions got ever vaguer, until Rebecca eventually just turned onto a highway “on a whim.” We then traveled this highway, aimless, for several miles, eventually deciding that we should turn around. Well, we would have turned around, and in fact tried to several times, except there was a car right behind us, prohibitively close, and every time we’d try to turn around, it wouldn’t seem safe. Eventually the car turned off, and we approached a big empty road, suitable for turning around in. We turned in, and were met with a sign: “Wiseman’s Outlook,” precisely where we were trying to get to. Too, too cool.

And then, one that may or may not have been anything. That evening, at the hotel, there were two motorcycles parked outside the entrance, BMWs, and I Noticed them. On the way out that night, I looked them over, and they were R-Series bikes, which reminded me of how, while at the beach and looking for something in my web browser’s history, I happened upon an ad for a BMW R-Series bike I’d been looking at (I think I accidentally clicked on it while looking for the other thing). I can’t remember exactly how it came about, but I remember thinking then, “I’ll be seeing something about BMW R-Series eventually.”


An odd one. I’m doing the parasite cleanse, and have had mild diarhea because of it. While going upstairs, I farted and it felt as if it might’ve been a bit more than just gas. Just as I went inside and thought, “I wonder if I just shit myself,” I heard my mom call her cat, which had just been in the litter box, a “poopy butt.” This, too, happened in that deeply synchronistic way.


Not sure what to make of these, but they both happened when I was out with Rebecca today. First, when my truck broke down and I got towed, the driver mentioned, totally offhand (and somewhat inappropriately), how he had been a seaman on a ship; this, after reading “Snow Falling on Cedars” and “A Perfect Storm,” both books all about the sea (and mentioning Moby Dick, also, read back-to-back except for part of the Nebula story collection). I found it notable, since I seem to have a sea theme going. Then, “Juno,” mentioned by Rebecca offhand, after several Juno sightings recently.


A cool word synchro: “dead reckoning” (maritime term). First it was in “The Perfect Storm,” and I Noticed it, as well as noted it, since it gave new meaning to the term (I’d heard it before, but never known what it was). Then, it was in “Voyage to the New World” today, the next sequential book after, after never reading it before that I can remember. Very cool (especially since I just picked up the book Friday, by total “chance,” when Rebecca and I went to the Hebron Colony thrift store, which I don’t normally go to).


Thought synchro: “2:21.” During lunch, Rebecca told me the room number at her hotel was 221. Then, afterward, while turning into her hotel, I absently thought of her room number, for no real reason. Immediately, in that startlingly synchronistic way, the sign’s clock clicked to the time, 2:21, just as I thought that.


A couple minor ones. First, I ordered chicken salad at lunch today, randomly, and then, while randomly getting my dad’s car’s oil changed, I read a magazine which mentioned chicken salad. Perhaps nothing, but I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen chicken salad mentioned. More significantly, however, was that also while reading these magazines, I came across an article about how the texture of food determines attractiveness in certain ways, which I had just mentioned to Rebecca, very prominently, yesterday.


Thought synchro: “I forget,” lyric in a Deftones song while I was working out, less than a second after I thought about how forgetful I am. Have had several such thought synchros over the last couple days, though this was the only one so pronounced.


Some damn cool ones today. First, while writing “Garlic,” I wrote about how a character was a John Doe in several unsolved criminal investigations; I had to think about this, because I didn’t know if this was the technical procedure for identifying unknown suspects. Well, a few hours later, while reading the last of “The French Connection,” I read about how someone last listed as a John Doe in a criminal investigation. Not really a word synchro, a little bigger than that.

Then, when loading up music on my MP3 player, I loaded up "Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness" -- but only the second disc, because it felt right. Later on, I realized I wanted to listen to some "moon" music, and then it hit me that the physical CD of the second Melancholy disc is actually printed with a moon (the disc is entitled "From Twilight to Starlight"). This could perhaps be explained as subconscious knowledge, since I certainly knew that the disc was printed with a moon; except, it's a bit more complicated, since only *later*, *after* loading up the CD (of which I originally selected the whole album, but then, insistently, decided on only the second disc) did I think of how I felt like listening to "moon" music.

Then, today I got my contributor’s copy of the “When The Veil Drops” anthology, and before putting it away, I felt Compelled to flip to my story. In doing so, I noticed that it started on page 111 (111 being one of “my” numbers, of course, one of the most prominent). Interestingly, last week I noticed that, in my contributor’s copy of “The Savage Kick,” my story started on 111 there, too.


Thought synchro at lunch today. I was just thinking of how many people seem to be addicted to fear and the like, when, immediately after, I saw a newspaper’s front page, which read “good and scared” in big letters (there was an article on fear). Not a precise hit, but close enough to be notable.

Also, less notable, was, while at the gym, I had just looked up to see what time it was, when the guy on the radio quoted the time. It was very synchronous, in the way I’ve come to know, but may have been nothing.

Also, I’m reading yet another book which involves fishermen and such as main characters. It was not sequential with the others (there was one between them), but is close enough to be notable.


Had a thought synchro today, somewhat different, and somewhat cool. Near the end of the novel “Flush,” one of my numbers came up, 11:33, after seeing it and others several times today. It triggered a series of thoughts, regarding this phenomenon and everything related with it, and just as I was about to think of how I should just reconcile to my situation and assume a “wait and see” attitude, I read “wait and see” in the book. This was different in that I hadn’t quite thought it yet, though it was imminent that I would (yet another deal where an entirely unrelated chain of thought culminates in such a synchronicity, ruling out the subconscious-reading explanation).


The day was full of minor, though pronounced, thought synchros, none of them especially wowing, but all there, and in that same “synchronistic” fashion I’ve come to know. Hmm.

Also, while reading “The New Alchemists,” it mentioned a Charley Chaplain movie, “Modern Times.” That was two days ago; today, on a total whim, I went to Hulu.com in search of maybe watching a movie for the first time in months, and, right at the top of the “Classics” section, there was “Modern Times.” I’ve never heard of this movie previously. Also mentioned in this same passage was the movie “Metropolis,” and this too turned up while I was browsing Hulu, though it’s not as notable, as I’ve heard of that movie before.


Damn cool one this morning. It started yesterday, when, after working out, I was Compelled to go to Goodwill, as has happened many times, and in that same distinct way I've come recognize. On the way there, I got behind a distinctive red Jeep Cherokee, which I Noticed in addition to noticed, because of its distinctive red theme. I followed it almost all the way to Goodwill, getting an eyeful. Then, this morning, on the way to church, I got behind the very same Jeep. I would think it notable that I would *ever* come into contact with the same car again, out of all the thousands of cars here in town, but to meet it the very next day, at a different time, on a different road, in a different area? I find that very notable, especially with the addition of my feeling so Compelled to go to Goodwill and see it in the first place.


Cool thought synchro. While at the gym, thinking of how I should try and see from the other side of an issue with my brother, I was listening to a U2 song, which had the lyric “see from the other side” immediately as I thought this, in that eerily synchronistic way. Had several of these throughout the afternoon, but that one was the most coherent.


A couple minor ones, both occuring at a Goodwill in Lenoir that Rebecca and I went to on a whim. First, in the rack of CDs, there was Earthworm Jim, a video game that came out when I was a kid. Interestingly, I’d just been thinking of this game over the last few days, totally randomly, while reading “The New Alchemists” for some reason. Anyway, it was somewhat notable, since I haven’t seen any sort of mention of that game for years, then saw it (and at that Goodwill which I Just Happened to go to). Second, while checking out, there was a guy buying champagne crystal, when I had just written about champagne crystal that morning, in “Mrs. Claus’s Mistletoe.” Possibly nothing.


Thought synchro: “feeling sick to my stomach.” I thought this while at the gym, because I was nauseous, right as a Killers song I was listened to said this, in that very synchronistic way.

Also, when I got to the gym, I was thinking of the Killers album I was about to listen to (I’d been strangely drawn to it since buying it), and just as I was doing so, I realized the Killers were playing on the radio (though, “realized” isn’t quite right, since I’d never heard the song before, or was familiar enough with this band to identify them; I just “knew,” it seemed). This may have been nothing.


Cool one. Yesterday, my dad gave me an article from a 1984 newspaper, and I set it aside; I read it today, and it was about how computers were being developed to have voice-recognition capability. I laughed when I read it, because just yesterday, the very day I’d gotten the article, I’d read in “The New Alchemists” (from 1981) a long part about how computers were developing voice-recognition capabilities.


While reading “Cosmic Trigger” this afternoon, my mom mentioned, randomly, how Thanksgiving this year would coincide with Kennedy’s assassination, and went on to reminisce about it. Within minutes after, I came to a part in the book about the Kennedy assassination.

Also, maybe nothing, but last night, I got an email reply from a query I’d sent about “Windows to the Soul,” back in August. Then, the very next day, I got an acceptance letter for the same story (the story had been accepted previously and never published, hence the query, which went unanswered for months so I resubbed the story, back in September). It seems very unlikely that these would coincide so closely. Coincidence, or another of these mechanical synchronicities?

Also, a really cool one in the night, though it wasn't quite a synchronicity. I got up to pee at one point, and afterward, I again prayed for help with my constipation (very simply and sincerely, just one spoken request and then that was all). Minutes later (3 or so? 5 tops), I felt the urge, and went and had a good, easy BM -- spontaneously, out of nowhere, perhaps the first time in my adult life that this had happened. Interestingly, I had just thought this several times recently, how, even when I've had BMs without eating first, they've never, ever been in the night. Very cool.


Cool one this afternoon. While at Earthfare, I was thinking about something I’d read in “Cosmic Trigger” earlier today, involving a young girl named Luna. I was thinking it on the way to check out, and when I got to the lanes, I almost went into one, then another, and then noticed, very distantly, the cashier for the third, waving me in. By going to the third lane, I passed a sign reading “Luna Crew.” Very notable, since the thinking of Luna and seeing “Luna” were so close, and that I only narrowly went into the third lane, thus seeing the sign (characteristic of these things).


Blog entry:

"Ah, the classic book synchronicity. It's a repeating phenomenon, I've learned, often involving two random books read back-to-back -- yet containing the precise same things.

The books, this time, were The New Alchemists by Dirk Hanson, and Cosmic Trigger by Robert Anton Wilson, read in that order (arbitrarily, out of a pool of over a dozen recently-bought books). The formats and subject matters of these books could not have been more different, one being a clinical retrospective on the burgeoning computer industry, the other a personal memoir of drug trips, bizarre “coincidences,” and their possible implications. Yet, they contained several parallels.

1) Both detailed the life and career of Nikola Tesla, sometimes in overlap.

2) Both quoted Timothy Leary.

3) And last, but far from least: the books both outlined RCA’s Spectra-70 computer, even mentioning, specifically, how it was discontinued. (To my knowledge, I did not know of the Spectra computer beforehand, or that RCA had ever dabbled in the trade.)

I bought the books on two separate occasions, several hundred miles apart, without prior knowledge of either’s existence. Then, I Just Happened to read them back-to-back.

(Also, as implied, this is not my first such experience, nor is it the tenth.)

(Furthermore, it bears mentioning that, just hours before reading the part of Cosmic Trigger in which the Spectra-70 was mentioned, I had the thought of, I need a significant synchronicity, since I haven’t blogged of one for so long. This, too, is not the first such time I’ve had such ask-and-ye-shall-receive.)

(And, more: In The New Alchemists, one chapter detailed how computers were, at the time, being groomed for speech recognition (the book was written in 1981). On the very same day I read this, literally hours apart, I received an old newspaper clipping from my father, completely randomly -- which detailed how computers were being groomed for speech recognition (the paper was from 1984). I had not discussed anything from the book with my father, nor has he ever given me clippings from decades-old newspapers before.)

(Did I mention that Cosmic Trigger was primarily about just such synchronicities?)”

Also, a very cool addition: the two parts about Tesla provided, separately, two very valuable clues to me. In "The New Alchemists," it was said that Tesla had the revelation that we were all unwitting conduits of unknown "forces." Then, in "Cosmic Trigger," it mentioned how Tesla was fond of the Law of Octaves (yet, it failed to mention his other revelation, which I thought just as apt to the book). Cool, subjectively. Additionally, the quote from Timothy Leary in The New Alchemists -- mentioned just at the end of the book, just minutes before I sequed into "Cosmic Trigger" -- allowed me some very good insight into Leary's flawed doctrine and perceptions, as if in preparation for his extensive quoting in "Cosmic Trigger." Really, wow.


Oh, what a day for synchronicity. It started with ginger, though this began yesterday, at lunch, when I started reading “Neuromancer” (out of a dozen potential books). First, the book mentioned “preserved ginger,” which I both noticed and Noticed, since it was a new term to me. Then, just minutes later, the mail came, in it an unexpected package from Rebecca, which, when I opened it, read “Ginger Jar” (the shipping box had been turned inside-out). I noticed this, but at that point, thought it unnotable. (Also, equally unnotable: in another package, I got the new Deftones CD, which pictures them in from of a “Tokyo massage” parlor; a massage parlor was also mentioned in “Neuromancer”.)

Then, I want to say I saw ginger in some way again yesterday, but I can't be sure, or remember either way. However, this morning, when I went to get some DGL for a suspected ulcer, at Earthfare, there was a bottle of "Whole Ginger" beside the DGL, and I Noticed it, in addition to noticed. But, even then, I refused to write it down. But then, at lunch, my mom went into a story which is notable in itself: a recipe had demanded "crystalized ginger," which she'd never heard of, and was upset because she had no idea where to get it; however, the same day, she needed chili powder, but couldn't find it, despite having several bottles of it, which sent her, eventually, to a forgotten drawer of spices and such in a back room -- in which she found crystalized ginger. But here's the clincher: "crystalized ginger" is often referred to as "preserved ginger," since they are closely related (ginger has to be preserved before its crystalized). (Or, perhaps this is the clincher: this comes at a time of excessive digestive problems on my part, and ginger is indicated in helping with such. I've started drinking ginger tea as of today; it's worth a shot.)

But that’s not all! I also had a cool thought synchro: “through this pain I see things as they are,” as a lyric in a song I was listening to in the gym, immediately after I thought something nearly identical (of my illness and its processes making me see reality). Also, perhaps nothing, a word synchro: “gravity well,” in “Cosmic Trigger” two days ago, I think for the first time I’ve ever seen it, and then in “Neuromancer” today, the book I started reading immediately after.

Also, tonight, while filling out a form that requested the name on my credit card, a song I was listening to said, “A town where they don’t know your name.” It is only a loose correlation (it was a form requesting my name, not involving a town), but it did come in such a synchronous way, I have to find it notable.


Maybe nothing, but in “Neuromancer” today, it detailed a floating space colony, which sounded suspiciously like those in “Cosmic Trigger,” the last sequential book I read (it jibes with the “gravity well” synchro, too). It wouldn’t be notable, except that it fits the book-synchro mold all too well.


A ton of random, minor synchro today, mostly thought synchro, where I’d be thinking something as I’d hear or read a single word in reflection. The most coherent was while I was out walking at the park, and I did a thought experiment, where I “thought” the couple walking in front of me to go left instead of right. It didn’t happen, but then, later, I thought, “Maybe there’s a reason for them not turning left,” and, immediately after, “Maybe they’ll stop their dog, and that’ll get me by them” (I was slowly nearing on them and wanted to pass). Immediately as I thought the latter, synchronously, they curbed their dog and I passed them, so fluidly that I had to take note.


This morning, I felt Compelled to listen to “We Can’t Dance” by Gensis, for the first time. The first song’s chorus went “You’re no son of mine, you left us behind,” and this stuck in my head for much of the day. As it turned out, this theme would figure into my of my thought in the day, since, just a couple hours later, I read in “Into The Wild” several passages about how much the man in it had hurt his family by leaving them without contact. Also, some other, random synchros. All of this could have been nothing, but I found it somewhat notable.

Also, tonight, I went to the bathroom, and had the random thought of, "Maybe that's why I'm making headway on my health, to prepare myself for the 12/21/12 thing." It seemed to come from nowhere, though it did definitely come from me. Immediately after I used the bathroom, I went back to reading the website I was looking at before hand, and further down, it had a link to another part of it, where it mentioned how "we need to prepare our bodies for the 12/21/12 merging with Galactic Center," or something to that effect -- too much like what I was just thinking, almost exactly. Was this mechanical, or an actual, logical, coherent message?


So much today. First, one from my Dad: yesterday he went, randomly, to his old barn, and in it found a sealed bag of marshmallows -- not old, put there either by dogs or someone who wasn't supposed to be in the barn, or by means unknown. Well, he brought them home to my mom, who had just been deliberating on whether to buy some marshmallows or not (and, if I remember right, had beat herself up over not getting them; though this could be wrong). Then, this afternoon, two thought synchros, both very notable: first, when I went into the gym and set my water bottle down, a couple dogs came running up to me behind the counter, just as the song on the radio said "my dog," synchronously fast; then, on the way home, I was thinking, in a totally random chain of thought, of how this illogical mode of living, where I just do what I'm supposed to do, without question or investment in an outcome, is the order of reality, just as the song on my CD player said "a new kind of order" (notable not just because of the "order," but because, as I see in retrospect, I was thinking of "a new kind of order," new to me at least).


Maybe nothing, but I finally got the payment for “Innocent” today, and after the Paypal fee, it came to 33.33, this coming on 11/22 (11 + 22 = 33), and also on this day I finally, after having the book for nearly two weeks, start reading “11/22/63.” It bears mentioning that I had “Innocent” accepted two years ago, and the story published over a month ago, and I put off emailing the editor about the money for about two weeks until I finally got up with him, and he just happened to send the payment today. Again, this could be nothing, but I thought it notable.

Also, in “11/22/63,” it had that same Zen proverb that was in “Cosmic Trigger” (a week ago?), “There is a mountain, then there is not mountain, then there is.” I’d never before heard this, and then, in the space of a week, saw it twice. Not quite in two back-to-back books, but still rather notable, and cool.


Damn cool one today. After working out, at the Wendy’s intersection, I got behind a card with “GETJESUS” on its license plate, and I Noticed it, as well as noticed it. From there, I went to both Gamestop and Bare Essentials, and then went to Harris Teeter, for Listerine. There, in the parking lot, right as I went to cross the street, I had to wait for a car, which I knew at once was the GETJESUS car, despite seeing it from its front instead of its back. Sure enough, it was. Some interesting things about this: after leaving Bare Essentials, I went the wrong way to Harris Teeter, via Blowing Rock Road, without even realizing it until later. Then, in the Harris Teeter parking lot, I felt Compelled to part at the far side of the lot, away from the store I was going to; if I hadn’t‘ve, I wouldn’t have crossed paths with the GETJESUS car. Also worth nothing, both in the Harris Teeter and then Earthfare checkouts, there was some 11:11 phenomenon, first with my change coming back as 11.47 (a number I’ve been seeing so much lately, presumably because 7+4=11), and then, at Earthfare, I Just Happened to look at the register readout just as the second item was scanned, and the total as 11.11 (which changed just after I saw, as the last item was wrung up).

Also, when I got some supplements in the mail today, from iHerb, they came with a free packet of Emergen-C. I threw it away, since it appeared to have aspartame in it; however, tonight, I had the revelation that I had stopped taking seleniium right around the time that my “mercury” symptoms seem to mysteriously increase, so I went tearing through the house to find some. As it turned out, there was some in my dad’s supplement box, and while in there, I noticed two packets of Emergen-C, these complimentary from some other supplements I’d bought, maybe a year or two ago. I encountered both of these within hours of one another, totally randomly, when I hadn’t seen anything of Emergen-C for months and months, perhaps since those first free packets I’d gotten. Cool.


While reading “11/22/63” at lunch today, it mentioned communism and such several times, and I had a flash, in my mind, of Lenin’s bust and distinctive bald head (not so much Lenin himself, just the bust). Well, just afterward, I went downstairs to get ready to go, and I felt Compelled to load U2’s “Zooropa” album on my MP3 player. When I did so, the back of the CD case had a random picture of Lenin’s bust, almost exactly as I’d pictured it just a half-hour earlier.


Maybe nothing, but in “11/22/63” today, it mentioned Paris, Texas, which I’d been introduced to on a movie poster lately, then made a joke about in response to one of Rebecca’s emails a couple days ago, when I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of it before in my life.


Maybe nothing, but I had an onslaught of twelves this afternoon. First, I got home from the chiropractor at exactly 12:12, then, when I went inside and looked at the date of my next appointment, I saw that it was on 12/12/12. Again, maybe nothing, but it “felt” significant (I looked it up, and though there were several numerological “meanings” given for the number twelve, one was “a completed cycle,” which would jibe with today’s events, including the drawing of the World card).


A couple cool, and striking, thought synchros. First, at lunch, my dad said "I got good news" just as I read "I have fabulous news" in the book I was reading, in that distinctly "synchronous" way. Then, later, a really cool one. I went upstairs to get some soap and towels, and when I did, I was distracted by some clothes for me in the laundry room. As I got them, I realized that I was forgetting the soap (a second time, as it were, because I'd already forgotten it once) -- and just then I saw, in the paper hamper the clothes were on, SOAP, on one of the papers inside, which was revealed just as I took away the clothes. I'm 99% sure I thought of soap before I took the clothes away, since I didn't want to forget it, so it was a totally separate chain of thought -- and the SOAP was obscured until I took the clothes away. This too happened synchronously, the SOAP being exposed right as I was thinking of that one word.


Several today, though they were all of the same kind: largely unnotable on their own, less so after seeing all of them. First, Rebecca and I went and ate lunch at the Mellow Mushroom this afternoon, and I got a ticket for being parked too long; just yesterday, when I’d mentioned that Rebecca and I might be going to the Mellow Mushroom, my mom had mentioned how the parking there was hour-long only and how you could get a ticket since you’d want to stay and eat for perhaps longer than an hour (I totally forgot about this, or any time limit period). Perhaps nothing but a bad memory on my part. Second, when I’d seen Rebecca’s boots, I had the distinct thought that they were reminiscent of those from old times, perhaps the Civil War; then, in Walmart, a random man randomly commented on how Rebecca’s boots, saying that he was a reenactment buff and they would fit right in with that (this man just did this so randomly, out of nowhere, it was surreal). Then, a few days ago, I’d gotten an old cake of soap from upstairs to use, and I’d wondered, looking at it, if it was moldy, if soap could mold; then, today, Rebecca mentioned how someone had gifted her a basekt of things, which included some soap that had molded.


Yesterday, I had the very distinct, yet random, thought of how my brother has miraculously avoided being arrested, of how it was such a miracle. As it turned out, he got arrested that very afternoon.

12/6/12 (I think? I’m writing this days later, when I remembered this)

I was in the gym, listening to music, when I thought of how I seem to be a device of the universe, to accomplish random tasks that I’ve been trained for. Immediately as I thought this, in that same synchronistic way, the song I was listening to said, “I became your device,” or something to that end. Had another, similar thought synchro like this later that day, but I can’t remember it.


An interesting one today. This morning, I felt that I Had To send off my car-insurance money, though it isn’t due until the 19th and I didn’t feel like doing anything this morning. Anyway, when I did up the payment, I thought, extremely randomly, of how the insurance company provides a lot of jobs to people. Just that: that the company provides jobs. Well, this afternoon, I felt Compelled to start reading “Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil,” and some pages in, it mentioned how an insurance company had proposed moving to the city in the story, since it would provide a bunch of jobs. This could, conceivably, be chance, but I find it rather unlikely, especially since I felt so Compelled to both do up the insurance payment and then read that particular book (out of about a half dozen potentials). This fits other, similar synchronicities as well, where I’ll have a totally off-the-wall thought that will repeat itself soon after, in the most unlikely ways. Repetition synchro?


While reading "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" at lunch today, I was just thinking of coffee right as I read it in the book, in that distinctly synchronous way I can't readily explain away as subconscious ahead-reading. Then, shortly after, when opening a packet of ginger tea, I thought of one of its tea-tag messages right as I pulled out a tag with just that message. The last wouldn't be notable except that this, too, happened in that distinctly synchronous way, and could not at all be explained as forward reading, since I had the thought before pulling out the tag (though, to be fair, there are only a handful of messages in the tags -- but, again, it was so synchronous, I have to take note).


Two today, both involving “A Good Day In Hell,” the book I started reading today. First, the book mentioned, prominently, something regarding a car-repair garage using an old-style carbon-swipe credit card system, when just a couple days ago, I’d had the entirely random, yet very distinct, thought of Charles using such a swipe at his garage. This may be nothing, but it reeks of that repetition synchro I’ve seen so often. Then, later in the book, it mentioned a containership, which is a term I was introduced to just in the last book I read, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,” which I’d noticed enough to write down and look up the definition for. This too reeks of past synchros, where I’ll see something for the first time in one book, then see it again in the very next sequential book, despite it being entirely random, as these two were.


A pretty cool one today. On the surface, it was just a phrase: Mars is the god of war. First it was in Rebecca's last email to me, which I re-read and replied to this morning (though it was a slight variation, saying that at first she thought Mercury was the god of war, but then found it was Mars -- same archetype, in any case). Then it was in "Time's Arrow," at lunch, about two hours later. This in itself is notable, but the cool thing is that I'd not only just started the book this afternoon (again out of a potential of several, this one just Feeling Right), but also because I was starting this book because I'd put down "Hooking Up" last night, unable to read it further. Very cool.


Really cool one today, assuming it wasn't just chance. In a recent email to Rebecca, I mentioned how I failed to siphon gas from my truck before trading it in, and she responded with how she had, just prior to reading that, had two conversations involving siphoning, when she hadn't in a while. Today, when responding to *that* email, I mentioned how that seemed reminiscent of that repetition/recurrence synchro I've recently noted. Well, about an hour after writing that, I read a passage in "Stormy Weather" mentioning siphoning gas. The passage wasn't otherwise notable, and it could very well have been chance, but I found its placement so close, and its very nature so similar to other repetition synchro, I find it notable (and how cool that it seems to have demonstrated the very thing I was discussing with Rebecca).


Cool word synchro: “roadkill pizza,” first in “Stormy Weather” last night, and I Noticed it, and then in “Almost Lost” this afternoon (next sequential book). Notable since they were so close, and also since I’d never seen the term before until then.


Really, really cool one today, a Christmas present of sorts. It started this morning, when I read some of "Thinks." This was unusual, since I never read in the mornings, but I had an hour to kill before my brother's family came over for Christmas dinner, so I did it. Just before my brother got there, maybe 10-15 minutes, I read a passage in the book, "If there is no god, everything is permitted," which was attributed to "said one of the Karamazovs." I didn't know what this referred to (obviously a literary reference, though I had no idea who the Karamazovs were), but the phrase stood out to me, since I found the statement fallacious, and applicable only to someone reacting to the abolishment of religion while still within the mentality promoted by that very religion -- so I noticed it, if not Noticed. Anyway, about two hours later, I received a gift from my brother: a book, "The Brothers Karamazov." The name leapt out at me at once, and sure enough, the quote I read in "Thinks" was from that book -- once more, a case where I was totally unaware of something, then was exposed to it twice in the course of hours. But that's only the start of it.

My brother was eager to relate to me -- before I'd even told him how, just that day, I'd read a quote from that very book, and how it had stood out to me so -- how he had felt absolutely compelled (Compelled?) to buy me that very book. As it were, he'd seen it referenced, in all, four times in the last several months: first in a movie he'd watched By Chance, then referenced by three separate celebrities, as their favorite books or somesuch. So, he'd felt that he Had To get it for me. When he'd gone to the bookstore to get it, he'd had a hell of a time finding it, also, but he was determined, and so he got it, narrowly. And now I have it. Very, very cool.


First, one that may be nothing: this afternoon, just before I left for acupuncture, I read, in "Thinks," about a man going to the doctor and having his liver felt up (for lumps). Then, when I went in for acupuncture, I happend to mention to her how I wanted some liver meridians hit, and so she ended up feeling up my liver before she did so. It wasn't for lumps, obviously, but it was still rather similar, and so close together that I had to take note. Also, tonight, at the very end of "Thinks," in the acknowledgements, the author referenced an essay by Tom Wolfe, which was in the book of his I read part of on the 13th/14th -- not hugely notable, but relatively so, since I'd never before heard of that essay, then would see a reference to it so close together (also, if I remember right, I bought "Thinks" and "Hooking Up" very close to one another, though I can't quite remember this for sure).


Today was another onslaught of those very slight, subtle, otherwise unnotable word synchronicities, tons of them, too many to remember. For instance: in the book “Sharp Objects,” it mentioned Rapunzel and St. Patrick’s Day, when, this morning, I mentioned, totally by chance, St. Patrick’s Day to Rebecca, and then, tonight, I felt Compelled to eat turkey and carrots in sunflower oil, instead of the shake I was going to, and the sunflower oil was Rapunzel brand. Tons of stuff like that, enough to make me take notice, like other times.


A possible repetition synchro today. This morning, in bed, I had the distinct though random thought of a story I’d written, where a needy father is poisoning his own daughter to satisfy his emotional needs. Then, at lunch, a couple hours later, it came up in the book I was reading at the time, “Sharper Objects,” that that was what was happening in it, a needy mother poisoning her daughter to satisfy her own emotional needs. I couldn’t write this off as subconscious fixation, since 1) the thought about the story I’d written came up so randomly, from some other chain of thought completely, and 2) I didn’t see it coming in the novel, not even subconsciously (so far as I could tell). Interesting.

[] 2013


Possibly nothing, but today, while doing laundry, I was drawn to something in the paper recycling bin: an old notepad, filled out with various things (probably from one of my dad’s tenants after moving out). I flipped through it absently, and after pages of random words and numbers, I came to something headed “discovercard.com,” followed by a series of numbers, which I recognized as bank account information. It appeared that someone had gone to Discover’s website to pay off their card using a bank transfer. Well, just about a week or so ago (maybe ten days?), I’d done exactly that, making a payment on my Discover card on their website, using a bank transfer. If I had found that notepad on the same day as I made my transfer, I would find it much more significant. Still, however, to find it even within months of making my payment, when I had never even had a credit card until a couple months ago, is rather notable.


A sort of word synchro today. By chance, I'd run out of my organic teas today, and so I had to use a couple tea bags of my mom's. I was reading "Still Life With Crows" at the time, and then my mom sat down, and I thought I should tell her then about using her tea bags. Immediately after, just as I resumed reading, I came to a part in the book where the guy makes tea, and it specifically mentioned tea bags, a few paragraphs in. If it had mentioned "tea bags" specifically right after I'd mentioned tea bags, it would've been a more notable hit, but it only mentioned "tea" just afterward -- enough to be notable, still, especially since it did mention bags shortly after. Note: I distinctly remember mentioning the bags to my mom because she sat down. I am almost positive this was it, which would rule out subconscious reading-ahead as an explanation (though, I am not 100% on this). Even if it was, I would still find it notable, since I had something about tea bags to mention to her at all.


A whole bunch today, starting at lunch. I noticed a lot of small, individually unnotable synchros, such as reading a word in a book right as it was spoken in conversation, and seeing a missing note my dad was looking for right as he found it, in that distinctly synchronous way. Then, while working out, a distinct thought synchro: just as I breathed in deeply, before a set of high weight, and I was *thinking* of my breathing distinctly, the song I was listening to said "breathe with me," also in that synchronistic way I've come to identify. Also, a minor word synchro: "cohort." It was first in my research of radon, Monday, and I noted it enough to look it up, since I'd never before seen cohort used in the precise way it was (clinically, to denominate a studied group). Then, today, four days later, it was in "The Millionaire Next Door," which I felt Compelled to begin reading today, used in the precise same, clinical way. It wasn't so close together, yet, relatively, it was, considering it's such an arcane and uncommon usage of that word. Again, considering I'd never before read of it, and then saw it twice within even four weeks or months, I would find that relatively notable.

And then, another, this evening, though this may be nothing. This, also, started Monday, when I felt Compelled to go driving through a couple of upscale neighborhoods, for no logical reason I could pin (it turned out productive in itself, since I came up with "Comfort" throughout this). Then, in "The Millionaire" book this evening, it had a mini-chapter titled "High-Status Neighborhoods," in which it described the hidden debt and status-fixation lurking in such neighborhoods -- exactly what "Comfort" had been about. Again, if I'd read this, say, on Monday, it would be far more notable, but even four days apart, that's pretty close.

Theory: what if these two four-day-apart synchronicities (“cohort” and the neighborhood thing) are symptoms of the same energy cycle? As in, perhaps, with time being nonexistent and purely a product of perception, the energy cycles appear to last different lengths to us, because of our perception? This would explain why some synchronicities are “closer” together, and others further apart, since they are evident only of the same energy cycles, which do not correspond with time, at least as we measure/perceive it. The most interesting thing: just a couple days ago (within this very same cycle, presumably), I was thinking about just this. And isn’t this just how it keeps happening …?

Also, another minor word synchro tonight: “predation.” Was in warcraft first, when I finally got the DPS trinket I’d been going for (it’s proc brings up the word “Predation”), and then it was in “Comfort” tonight while I was editing it (more 4-day-cycle stuff?). Then, also, this morning, I cleared Karazhan for the hell of it, and Netherspite dropped Spiteblade, and then, tonight, I saw a paladin with a sword transmogrified to Spiteblade, when I hadn’t seen it before that.


A couple minor synchronicities already this morning, both of the same ilk: that repetition synchro, thinking something, randomly, and then having it come back around somehow a short time after. First was that the CD and card I sent Rebecca got there on the same day, despite being sent different days, when, just Monday, I’d read, randomly, how mail sent on different days can arrive on the same day. Then, yesterday (or maybe the day before last? Recently, in any case), I remember thinking, very distinctly, how odd it is that I seem to share anthologies with certain authors, again and again, so much that it seems it would defy chance. Well, this morning, I got a random Facebook message from an author who I’ve shared three anthologies with, noting just this sharing. Again, these aren’t so notable in themselves, but seeing how this happens again and again, always in the same basic way (an archetype “recurring”), I have to take note.

As the day went on, had another one of those “onslaughts” of minor repetition synchro, as I’ve noted in the past. It was no one thing, but it all fit the same theme: something that, in itself, could be explained as common or likely enough to be explained away as nothing, but, after experiencing a dozen or so of the same things recurring in the same way throughout the day, demand note. The most coherent example was Warren Buffet. This man came up in conversation at lunch with my dad, while discussing the “Millionaire Next Door” book I’m reading, and then, a few hours later, Buffet was mentioned in the book. This happened after I hadn’t heard of Warren Buffet for at least months, if not years. In any case, it wouldn’t be so notable (we were, after all, discussing a money-oriented book, and Buffet is a money-oriented name) except that it fit that whole theme of a dozen or more things recurring, like those other two noted this morning.

Another example: just yesterday, I’d been thinking of the word “filch,” and then, today, it was the dictionary.com Word of the Day.


Minor synchro onslaught continues, for the third day in the row now -- connected to the New Moon maybe? Still having one after another piece of recurrence. For instance, while I was walking at the park today, I passed someone just as they happened to mention "tat sleeves," when yesterday, at Goodwill, I Noticed an employee's tat sleeves -- again, something that's common enough to easily come up within the course of a day, except there are so many of these things. Also, had some more-pronounced thought synchro mixed in, with a very prominent one while on the way home from church. I was thinking of that dream-projection effect, and how it might mimic the very nature of reality, where one thought/consciousness is projected into many while remaining that same thought/consciousness, and that led to me wondering if those "people" I dream up are in themselves conscious, feeling, etc. Just as I thought this, in that distinctly synchronistic way, the song I was listening to on my truck's CD player said, "Who are you dreaming of?" (If I remember right, the song was not about dreams, and did not, before this lyric, mention dreams, which would discount a subconscious-fixation theory. Also, I had never before heard this song (I bought the CD yesterday, and was listening to it for the first time when this occurred), further discounting a purely psychological explanation.)


More random, unassociated, recurrence synchro, though not nearly as much as the last two days. A couple thought synchros too, but these also of a lesser nature. I note this only because of the bigger picture: I seemed to have gone through a longer “cycle” of this, this latest time, whereas in the past it’s only lasted a day or so. A truly longer cycle, or just my perception of such?


Couple cool ones today. First, on the way down to Greensboro to meet Rebecca, I had the distinct thought that I hadn’t read those last two Stephen King books, and that I was about in the mood to read him again, after the ugly residue from 11/22/63 had worn off. Then, about two hours later, Rebecca and I went to a Goodwill and I found “Skeleton Crew” there, one of the books of his I haven’t read. That’s notable in itself, but then, also, note that the reason I went to Goodwill was because I saw a truck in the area of the Mellow Mushroom where I met Rebecca, and I Noticed it (I’d had to make a turn, and could’ve made it, but felt I should be conservative, and so I waited at the intersection, and thus saw the truck). Then, on the way home, just as I was thinking “All is well, and all will be well” (for my death-letter), John Lennon said “well” on my CD player, perfectly synchronized with the last “well” in my thought. Very cool.


Read, in “Pattern Recognition,” of sipping tea, immediately after I went to sip some tea. Classic reading synchro.


First, a bit of recurrence: yen being devalued. I read of this in “Pattern Recognition” today, mentioned offhand there, when just last week, I’d read about the Japanese government devaluing the yen for various reasons, entirely randomly, while attempting to research investment news on a whim. Yes, this was days ago that I read of the devaluing yen, but considering that I had never before, that I remember, read of such a practice, or even had any concept of a government actively devaluing its currency, and then read of not just it, but the devaluing of the yen specificially, within any near timeframe, is notable.

Then, a really damn weird one, and really damn notable too. A couple days ago, I got an offer from Visa in the mail, for a credit card, and even though I really don’t need another credit card, I felt Compelled to go through with it, just as I did with the last two. I finally got around to doing the application this morning (again feeling Compelled), and, surprisingly, it was accepted online, and even more surprisingly, with a credit line of $4,500, neither of which I understand (why I’m being accepted period, much less online, and much less with these relatively obscene credit lines). Then, this evening, in “Pattern Recognition,” it mentioned how someone had a “credit line” with “Visa” for “forty-five hundred.” Now, the currency in question was in pounds, but the archetype is still there even so, and rather pronounced, especially considering that the two recurred within less than twelve hours.


Had another of those days with an onslaught of minor thought/recurrence synchro, none of which would have been notable if not for its sheer quantity. One, however, was notable. It started this morning, when I went and downloaded the video-editing software I hope to use to put together the book video. Then, at lunch, I read in "Pattern Recognition" where one of the characters gets video-editing software, though I didn't find this too notable, beyond it going along with the day's theme of minor recurrence. However, at Goodwill today, while browsing books, I was just thinking of that particular minor recurrence, when I came across a book entitled "video production," in that distinctly synchronistic way I've come to recognize, which I found rather notable. Worth mentioning is that I'm 100% positive this was not simply subconscious triggering from seeing it from the corner of my eye or something, because I can trace the very chain of thought which lead to my thinking of the minor recurrence between my getting the software and reading about such software in the book. This chain of thought started with seeing a "Peter Pan" book, which was another minor recurrence (read, randomly, of Peter Pan in "Pattern Recognition" a couple hours earlier), and this is what got me thinking of the day's minor recurrence, which led to me thinking of the video-editing thing right as I saw the video production book. Also, the Peter Pan book that triggered it was halfway up the shelf, and I'm pretty certain the video production book, which was on the very bottom of the very, would have been entirely out of my vision. This is like so many of these other thought synchros, involving a completely unrelated chain of thought culminating in my seeing something just as I'm thinking it, in that distinctly synchronistic way.


A pretty cool one today. It started some days ago (3-4? can’t say for sure), when I was playing Warcraft with someone who went between typing in standard English and the altered, Spanish English, with the special characters and such. It struck me because he went back and forth, seamlessly, and I wondered, distantly yet distinctly, how that was. Then, today, while reading the last of “Pattern Recognition,” it mentioned, offhand, how there was a switch on international keyboards to toggle between specialized characters and English characters (in the book it was Cyrillic rather than Spanish, but the same basic archetype, nonetheless). It’s notable since it was so close together, just days between my becoming aware of that for the first time and then learning how it was. Assuming it wasn’t just some crazy coincidence, I have to wonder if this was either a) a simple, mechanical recurrence of this archetype, or b) some kind of answer to my question, set in motion by me in some fashion (or is “set in motion” wrong, is that too linear?). I’m tempted to lean toward the second, but only because the phenomenon a more question-and-answer format (as in, rather than having the entire thing recurring twice, it was my thinking about one part of it, and then receiving the “answering” part to that, though this too could’ve just been mechanical or incidental, where it was just a recurrence of the archetype but it just happened to fit the question-and-answer format?).


Damn cool one today, though it wasn't so unique. It started when I was reading "Pattern Recognition" and it mentioned "Stephen King's Wang" (word-processor) as a minor plot element. I remember Noticing this, and it seems like it was so pronounced I thought that I'd be seeing this again somewhere, though I can't remember this distinctly. Anyway, that was ~5 days ago when I first read it, and then today, when I started Stephen King's "Skeleton Crew" book, in his introduction, he mentioned the word-processor he'd just gotten -- a Wang, he mentioned offhand, in quotations (the book was from 1983). Now, this is rather notable in itself, considering I read of this precise, specific thing in two random, unrelated books within less than a week, but it's even moreso considering that I almost didn't have the book to read, since I'd forgotten it in Rebecca's car after I bought it last week. I had, in fact, told her to hold onto it and just give it to me when she next visits, on the 4th, but she got impatient (so she said) and sent it anyway. Ever since I got the book back, I'd felt a yen to read it -- not quite Compelled, but close.


Had a few minor, random synchros today. For instance, I read a story in “Skeleton Crew” in which it mentioned the world going into a new dark age and various other future predictions, which mirrored those in “The Ten Faces of the Universe,” which I’d read just before this, though these could easily have been coincidence, as they were not very specific or notable. Did have a couple of thought synchros, such as my dad saying “electricity” right as I was thinking “energy,” and reading about heating in “Skeleton Crew” right as I was thinking of heat. These were a tad more notable, since they occurred in that distinctly synchronistic way I’ve come to identify, but other than that, not so much.


An odd one today, but rather notable. This afternoon, a story in “Skeleton Crew” mentioned an android who looked like a good-looking, handsome young man, and immediately I thought of a character in the “Ghost in the Machine: Individual Eleven” movie I was Compelled to watch last night. Except, I immediately ignored the thought because the character in the movie, though similar to that described in the book, wasn’t an android. However, tonight, when watching the last part of the movie, it was revealed that the character I’d thought of was, in fact, an android (it was a surprise element, that you wouldn’t be able to figure out beforehand, even subconsciously). This brings up interesting questions: assuming this wasn’t just crazy chance, was it a simple recurrence, based on the combined archetype of my connecting the handsome android in the book with this character, or was it a foreshadowing?


A cool one this afternoon, at lunch. When I sat down with my cup of hot tea in a mason jar, I Noticed the jar, specifically where it said “mason.” Then, a few minutes later, I Noticed it again, very distinct, like the jar and “mason” especially were standing out against the rest of things on the table, to the point that I felt that I would be seeing something about mason jars soon, having identified this Noticing from previous synchronicities. Then, after another couple minutes, I came across a mention of mason jars (perhaps the 1 pint kind of which I was drinking out of) in “Skeleton Crew” (it happened a page after the Noticing, requiring a page turn, so I couldn’t have been subconsciously reading ahead; also, I’d never read that story before). Perhaps a coincidence, but notable because I Noticed the “mason” and the jar so distinctly, to the point of being able to anticipate something coming.

A little while later, I had a lesser one: reading of teeth being punched out in the same book, simultaneously while my parents were talking about a friend of theirs having a tooth break off. It wasn't too notable other than the same archetype (the friend didn't have his teeth punched out) and its coinciding with the conversation, which even then could have been incidental (it was not in that distinctly synchronous way, but just more of an overlap -- still unlikely, but not distinctively unlikely in that special way).


Thought synchro while reading the end of “Skeleton Crew” today. In a paragraph, it was talking about people in the writing business, which led me to think about my writing, which led me to think about how I’d just decided to do the self-publishing thing on Amazon. Then, just a line down from that, it mentioned self-publishing. This could possibly have been subconscious reading-ahead, but I doubt it, considering I can trace, very distinctly, the train of thought that led me to think that, in addition to seeing how it was, in fact, the train of thought which led to that, not some other influence.


A minor one today, though not entirely unnotable. Today, by chance, I asked my dad if he had any aspirin, because I was hoping it might help with my suspected brain inflammation, and so I followed him to the back study to look for some. While there, I Noticed a shoebox, for Air Jordans, very distinctly, to the point where I thought I might see it recur sometime soon. Sure enough, in the book “The Birthday,” which I Just Happened to start today, it mentioned Air Jordans, about five hours after I saw the shoebox. It could have easily been a coincidence, except for my Noticing them so intensely and distinctly, in such a way that I predicted, consciously, that I would be seeing them again. It harkens back to the mason jars of a couple days ago.


Several minor synchronicities today, not quite an onslaught, but not quite enough to ignore, either. The most prominent was how, this morning, I'd confused what day it was, thinking it was Friday instead of Thursday, while talking to Tim and discussing giving him a ride. Then, this afternoon, in "The Birthday Party," I read how the author had confused an appointment for Thursday instead of Friday -- perahps completely coincidental, but I still found it notable in light of the other, random synchros. Were many minor word synchros, words I'd used in writing "The Instrument Is Tuned" this morning and then read in "The Birthday Party." All of it could conceivably be nothing, but I feel I should note it, all the same.


An odd one today. There's a man who works out at the gym around the same time I do, and recently I've seen him three times elsewhere. The first was, I think, a week ago, when I saw him at Earthfare -- not unlikely, considering that a person who works out would be more health-conscious and could, conceivably, shop at such a "healthy" store like Earthfare. However, then, yesterday, I saw him at the post office, which was completely random, and struck me as somewhat notable, considering I'd seen him at Earthfare. But then, today, while waiting for Tim outside the bank, he jogged past my truck (I am 99.9% sure it was him; if not him, it was someone who looked nearly identical, and was wearing a nearly identical hat). I find that notable, especially considering that I felt "led" to park in the parking space I did, rather than the closer one I usually park Tim in, where I wouldn't have seen him. Still, perhaps it's all just coincidence, but three, under these circumstances, are rather unlikely.


A cool thought synchro today, while at the gym. While working out, I felt the urge to laugh, but didn’t want to freak out my surrounding compatriots, so I held it in and forced the smile off my face. Immediately, in that perfectly synchronistic way, the song I was listening to on my headphones said “hiding my emotions.” Now, this song I had listened to several times previously, which allows for the possibility of cryptomnesia, but once again, the swallowed laughter, and its very swallowing, both arose from entirely seperate chains of thought, pretty much ruling out this angle so far as I can tell. Very cool.


Maybe nothing, but this morning, while checking my email, I happened to look down at the clock just as I did so, seeing the time was 11:07. Then, when I opened my first new email, it was a rejection for a story, so I went into my submissions file and found the story, and it was submitted on 11-7-12. Who knows.


A day of a lot of notable recurrance synchro, most of it in some way involving Rebecca and seeming to recur from her visit on the December 4th. The first started after I picked her up and left her hotel, being youngish red-haired men with moderate beards. When we were pulling out into the road, there was a man crossing the street, and I Noticed his red hair and beard; then, a minute later, on the sidewalk downtown, I saw another man with such features, and Noticed him too. After identifying this pattern from past experience, I then remarked to Rebecca that we’d probably be seeing another such man, and, sure enough, after we ate and then went to Goodwill, we saw a third red-haired youngish man with a moderate red beard, loading a child into his car (note: I parked in a weird place there, instead of where I usually park, between Goodwill and Bare Essentials, since we were going to both; had I parked at either of the stores, we wouldn’t have seen the man). There wasn’t anything more to it than that, but I find it notable since 1) it was pretty unlikely we would see three nearly identical-featured men within the space of a couple hours, and 2) I identified that Noticing feeling and predicted the third sighting.

Next, there were some notable parallels between our Goodwill visits (both the Goodwills Rebecca and I visited on this day, as well as one we'd visited in Greensboro on January 16th). First, and most notable, is that, at the Goodwill in Boone today, they had a paperback copy of Stephen King's "Skeleton Crew," when, at the last Goodwill Rebecca and I had gone to in Greensboro on January 16th, they'd had a paperback copy of "Skeleton Crew" (which I'd bought) -- pretty unlikely, though certainly not impossible. Then, at the second Goodwill (in Lenoir) we went to today, there was a video camera there, a handheld job; this was significant only to me, and perhaps not significant at all (I'd gone down to this Goodwill some two weeks ago, feeling absolutely Compelled to do so, seeking a video camera (which turned out not to be there), which I envisioned as just such a camera -- it came, only two weeks late). Then, a CD titled "Kidz Bop," which was at both sequential Goodwills we visited this afternoon -- pretty unlikely, but again not impossible (they may have even been the same numbered CDs; I remember the second one was #10, and I'm pretty sure the first one as too, which would lower the odds pretty significantly). Then, on a lesser note, while at the second Goodwill today (in Lenoir), I saw a movie "The Sum of All Fears" and Noticed it, shortly after which I saw a "Sum of All Fears" CD (I'm not sure if it was a video game or a soundtrack or something), and then, in the book section, the "Sum of All Fears" book, all in the same Goodwill -- again, not too likely but not too highly unlikely, except that I did Notice the first one. Then, a bit more notable, is that, like that Goodwill in Greensboro on January 16th with the "Skeleton Crew," this Goodwill in Lenoir today had VHS copies of Terminator 1 and 2, side by side -- again, unlikely but not impossible. Then, on a much lesser note, there was a paperback copy of the book "Stormy Weather" at the Goodwill in Lenoir, when, on January 16th in Lenoir (but at another, non-Goodwill thriftstore), I'd bought a paperback copy of that book -- not at all notable in itself, except that, in the context of the rest of the day and the Rebecca-Goodwill recurrence theme, it seemed to add to that. Then, finally, while browsing books in that last Goodwill, I'd Noticed one called "Caio, America," and then, later, Rebecca told me how she'd Noticed it at the first Goodwill we'd visited that day and then saw it at the second.


Really cool one today, both involving the book “Mason and Dixon.” Now, I’d gotten this book a couple weeks ago, during that trip to the Lenoir Goodwill that I was Compelled to take, ostensibly in search of a video camera. There was no video camera, but I did get this book, and since I felt so Compelled to make that trip, I sensed there might be some future synchronicity in store from it, based on past experience with such Compellings. Well, I’d been meaning to read the book twice, but both times I felt Compelled to read other books, until today, when I felt Compelled, distinctly, to choose this one out of about the dozen I have queued up. It didn’t take long for a synchronicity to ensue: I started reading it at lunch, and just when I started reading a line about a cat looking for food, my mom was talking about how one of our cats was looking for food, in that distinctly synchronistic fashion (the cat had come to the dining table). It bears mentioning that, when I sat down to eat lunch, I didn’t immediately start reading the book, instead reading several articles my dad had given me to read; if I had started reading the book as soon as I sat down to eat, like I normally would, I wouldn’t have read that line about the cat right when my mom spoke it. Cool.

Also, equally notable, is that, while reading the same book this evening, I read about the “Ides of March,” when I just yesterday heard that term for the very first time (that I can recall, at least), during my time with Rebecca. This is doubly interesting since it almost didn’t happen: it was dinner time, and I was about to stop reading, but I felt absolutely Compelled to read another two pages, and the “Ides of March” was on the very last page I read, at the very end of it. Wow.


An inordinate number today. It started this morning, when, after my chiropracting/acupuncture, I encountered two on the way home. The first was a grey Chevy Surburban that I’d seen parked at Lowes Foods yesterday, with the distinctive license plate of ONTHECLOK, which I Noticed, distinctly (though not distinctly enough for me to predict seeing it again); this I saw, today, parked at a pawn shop across town, less than twenty-four hours later, Just Happening to pass it. I would consider this notable due to the unlikliness alone (car I’ve never seen before, sighted twice in short timeframe in different places), but, considering how I’d Noticed it, it ups the notability. Then, while going up the hill, I encountered a pedestrian: another redhaired man with a beard, the same beard as those three I encountered Monday.

The next occurred at lunchtime, when my dad said, while discussing weather, “at high elevations like us,” just as I looked down at an open paper and saw an ad reading LIKE US in its heading, in that instantaneous, distinctly synchronous way. It bears mentioning that the two “like us’s” were used in different contexts (my dad’s was in the “similar to” context, while the ad’s was involving a verb, to like them on Facebook), but still, I find it notable, due to that distinct synchronous correlation.

The next one is complicated, and somewhat unique, but still fitting of this underlying recurrence trend. It started when, after finding myself unable to tolerate the book “Mason & Dixon,” I began reading a new novel, “Shutter Island,” feeling distinctly Compelled to pick this one out of the several at my choosing. I read through forty-some pages of it at lunch today, but when I was about to stop, I felt Compelled to read until the 50th page (it might’ve just been the symmetry of ending on an even page, but that could have just been an overt thing, because I did seem to feel Compelled to read to that page). On the 50th page, it started with a centered section, a code left by one of the characters in the book, and I read this before closing the book. The middle part of the code read YOU ARE 3, though I didn’t really notice this at the time. The second part of the synchronicity involves my choice of music for the day’s workout. I spent a few minutes shuffling through my collection, and nothing felt “right” until I settled on “Gish” by Smashing Pumpkins, which felt Right for no reason I can name, in that special way, just as “Shutter Island” felt right. As it turns out, the first lyrics on the album are “I am one as you are three.” Still, I didn’t correlate it with the book until later on, after the workout, when I had the song playing through my head (about an hour after I’d first listened to it, since I played that album immediately upon starting my workout). As it looped through my thoughts, I thought I remembered how that code in the book contained YOU ARE 3, but I wasn’t sure until I went home and checked. I find this notable, since 1) I was so Compelled to both start that book today and then read to the 50th page, that which contained YOU ARE 3, and 2) because I was so Compelled to listen to “Gish” today, out of however many thousands of songs in my music collection. One explanation I can think of for this was some sort of weird subconscious fixation, first when I read the YOU ARE 3, and then when choosing the “Gish” album (I have, in fact, listened to that album many times). Though, on the other hand, considering both the context of this and the fact that this fits the profile of so many other Compellings and their mechanics, I find the subconscious explanation highly unlikely (it certainly wasn’t a conscious fixation, I can say that much).

Then, to top it all off, on the way home from the gym, I passed yet another redhaired man with a beard of the same shade, texture, length, and consistency as the other four I’ve seen within the last three days.


Another redhaired man with a beard, today at the meat counter at Earthfare (I’d gotten a coupon there for a free 1/2lb of ground beef with $5 purchase, and it worked out that I needed flaxseed, so I bought it there and got the freebie). This one’s hair was of a lighter tint of those previous, and his beard a bit thinner, but still, another redhaired bearded man. I can’t remember the last time I saw a redhaired bearded man before Monday, when this trend started.


Minor thought synchro today, might have been nothing. While at the gym, I was standing and looking at a couch there, thinking of the coiled springs in it and how they might be conducting EMF radiation, and then, as a matter of course, the pillow, and how I wished a couch could just have the pillow. Immediately as I thought that, the song I was listening to on my MP3 player said “pillow,” in that distinctly synchronistic way. Without that, it could’ve easily been a coincidence, but with it, I found it notable.


After a week, they seem to be starting back up, though I can see how both these might’ve been coincidence. First was at lunch, when I set down the book I was reading and then got up to start the water for another cup of tea. As I did so, I noticed it was 2:29. Then, when I sat back down, the next line of the book mentioned that it was 2:29. Note: it was a couple minutes after checking the clock that I read this; it was far from synchronous. However, I still found it notable, considering that on the very line I stopped at, it mentioned the time as the exact same as when it was.

Then, at the gym, a thought synchro. While I was thinking of reasons for why I shouldn’t get mad about something or other, and found myself scrambling to “find” those reasons, just after, the song I was listening to said “Startled at the reasons that I just can’t find.” This, too, might have been nothing, but it was so close to what I had just been thinking, and synchronous-like, that I had to take note.


Some minor synchronicities today, all of them perhaps nothing at all. First, a word synchro, "recant," which was the Dictionary Word of the Day, and I Noticed it somewhat, and then, in "Vernon God Little," it appeared about a page in -- unnotable except that I Noticed it in the Word of the Day. Then, a little more notable, was that, in the same book, it mentioned shower cubicles, something which I had been unmet by until less than a week ago, when I discovered them while looking at the website of a no-EMF community in France -- somewhat notable, considering it fit that rubric of never having known of something, then seeing it mentioned twice in a short period of them. Then, another Ides of March mention, in "Vernon God Little" -- this again perhaps nothing. I really only note it in case there are more mentions.

Also, a pretty cool one while I was in my truck, waiting for Curis. After going to Ram’s Rack, he’d gotten a paper somewhere, and left it facedown in the passenger’s-seat floorwell. As he was loading up his groceries, I was looking at this paper and the ad on the back of it, entirely absently, with the radio on. I seem to remember it like this: suddenly my attention focused, and I Noticed the “$0 Down” on the ad (it was for cars, Nissans), just before the radio said “$0 Down.” This got my attention, and then I realized that the ad playing on the radio was a car ad for Nissans, though from a different dealership as the ad. I can’t be certain if this is how it happened, whether I became aware of the “$0 Down” just before or just after it played on the radio; but, regardless, I was Just Happened to be looking at “$0 Down” right as it played on the radio. Notable, both because of it’s distinct synchronicity, as well as the fact that they were both Nissan ads.


A couple, both at that Lenoir Goodwill. I visited there on the way down the to beach today. The first might have been nothing: they had that Ace of Base CD here again, when I'd just bought the exact same CD at the exact same Goodwill a few months ago, during one of Rebecca's visits. Perhaps nothing, but I think it would be pretty unlikely to find that exact same CD at the exact same location within a few months (even within a few years seems unlikely). Then, the second one was perhaps a bit more notable. While I was browsing the books, I came across a Robin Cook novel, and I immediately thought of the book "Outbreak" -- which is something I've been doing for months, my having this weird idea that Robin Cook wrote this book, and my thinking of it every time I see a book of his. Well, a few seconds later, on the next shelf over, I came to the book Outbreak -- not by Robin Cook (though it was in fact the same one I've always been thinking of, that based on the movie). It was notable not just because of how soon I saw the book after thinking of it distinctly, but the fact that there's no way it could've been subconscious fixation from the corner of my eye, since 1) the shelves were wide enough that the one with the Robin Cook novel encompassed my whole vision, with the Robin Cook novel at the near-bottom shelf and the Outbreak book on an upper-shelf of the next shelf down, 2) I was going down the row, right-to-left, without having crossed it first (so I couldn't have seen it subconsciously while passing it), and 3) I can distinctly pinpoint where the thought of Outbreak came from in the first place: the Robin Cook novel, not anything else. Very notable, in my opinion.

Also, there was some minor recurrence on the way down. They both involved my last trip to the beach, when two things happened on my way through Charlotte: I saw a biker amidst the heavy, multilane traffic, in the dark; and I stopped at a Taco Bell to use the bathroom and open up the meal bars I was having for dinner (so I wouldn't have to fumble them open while driving). Interestingly, these things both happened this trip through: 1) I saw a biker (not the same one, of course) in heavy, multilane traffic, after dark, in the very same stretch of Independence Boulevard as that last time, and 2) I ended up stopping at that same Taco Bell, to do the same things. Now, the biker could easily be explained as coincidence, and the Taco Bell as any number of things, subconscious fixation not the least of them, except there's this: I left for this beach trip and that last one at two very different times. The last time, I ate lunch at the usual time and worked out in the afternoon, which means I left for the beach a couple hours later than I did this time, when I ate inentionally early and skipped working out so that I may get to the beach earlier. Yet, I ended up coming by the outskirts of Charlotte at the same approximate time, as to just be ready to eat dinner and use the bathroom when I approached that Taco Bell. Traffic was bad, but then, traffic was bad the last time too (this time, there was some backup earlier on, due to some police activity, but it shouldn't have made me more than 20-30 minutes late). This, with sighting that biker in the same traffic conditions and on the exact same stretch of highway (I don't believe I've ever seen anyone biking in that particular stretch of road, it being six lanes and very busy -- dangerous), makes me take note of it, especially since it reeks of that weird, offhand, minor recurrence I seem to see so much.


The first half of the day had a whole bunch of those minor, obscure, otherwise unnotable synchros, including one-word thought synchros and other vague things that could easily be explain away, if not for their sheer number (for instance, last night, while looking for a wifi spot to email Rebecca, I passed a hotel called "Tidewater," and then today, in "Absalom, Absalom," it mentioned a town or something called Tidewater). Then, however, while at the pawnshop this evening, while browsing CDs, I heard a little girl cry "Mommy!" immediately as my eyes fell over a CD entitled, "Vera - Mommie." This could be explained as me hearing the word and then subconsciously seeking out the title, except that it all happened so fast, my eyes already moving up to this particular CD just before the girl cried out, making it coincide so perfectly -- that distinctly synchronous way I've become so familiar with.


First, had a moderate amount of that same minor, individually unnotable synchro like yesterday, mostly involving minor word recurrence that could easily be coincidence (for instance, I used "excommunicate" while editing "Deja Vu" this morning, and then, a few hours later, came across in it "Absalom! Absalom!," when I haven't seen the word in a while -- several like that). Then, however, when I finished reading the book, I was met by a notable recurrence: "Disturbia." It started last night, when I felt compelled to go to the pawn shop down here at Myrtle Beach (not quite Compelled, just that it Felt Right). While there, I browsed their DVDs, and noticed one called Disturbia (not quite Noticed, to the point where I could predict that I would be seeing it again, as with the men with red beards recently; but, it did stand out from the others, however slightly). Then, at the back of the Absalom book, there was a handwritten note (the book itself had lots of writing in it, marginalia I couldn't even read). The note gave a time and date, the word "music," then read "Lord Disturbia." Notable, considering this was less than a day later.


Yet more random, scattered, minor synchronicity, like the last couple days. For instance, there was a clump when I went out on the back deck and sunbathed for an hour, listening to "Sea Change" by Beck (I was wondering how much of my sickness is mental programming, when the first song I listened to was "It's All In Your Mind"; I was thinking of the sun hitting my face and tanning it, since it was turned that way, and shortly after the song I was listening to said something about tanning your face, or so it sounded like (don't have internet access to check lyrics); one of the songs was titled "Sunday Sun," when it was Sunday and I was lying in the sun for the first time since probably last summer). There wasn't even a lot of these minor synchros, but just enough to "feel" like the last couple days, with that subtle sense of unreality (or is *this* reality?).


Really damn cool ones. First, that book Ciao America, which was at both the Boone and Lenior Goodwills when Rebecca came up on February 4th and we both Noticed them -- it happened again, not once, but twice, at two consecutive thrift stores in Nags Head, NC, hundreds of miles away (one of them a Goodwill, the other a generic "thrift store"). I find that highly notable in itself, but there were also a bunch of other books that have been recurring in my life, in these two thrift stores (one, "Wild at Heart," I've encountered no less than five times recently, as well as having seen regularly at the Boone Goodwill whenever I visit for months now). Also at the Nags Head Goodwill was an Ace of Base CD, the same as mentioned recently.

Also, at lunch with Rebecca today, at a restaurant some distance from our hotel, she got “hit” by a woman’s patchouli perfume, hard enough to comment when this woman came into the restaurant and went past us. Then, that night, hours later and miles away, in our hotel, Rebecca by chance had to go down to her car to get something. When she got on the elevator, there was the patchouli woman.


Weird one today, more intuitive than synchronicity. I went to open my closet door, which required me to step on the ethernet cable and push it down so it would slide under the door. While thinking this, I had the stray thought that doing this would eventually destroy the cable and/or the modem and laptop it was connected to. I've pushed down the cable many times without thinking this. Then, tonight, when I got on my laptop and went to go online, it wasn't connected. Long story short, it looked like the port had been bent on my laptop -- just as I'd thought. But, here's the weird thing: a few hours later, after screwing around with the cable and finding it to be definitely busted, I tried it again, on a whim, and it worked. Presently, it's still working -- though it was definitely busted before. Very strange. In any case, I find it notable that I would think this so clearly and distinctly, then have it come to pass, albeit temporarily.


Cool one today. Last night, I decided to purchase a lightbox, hopefully to help with SAD. While researching these boxes, I came across reference to “full-spectrum light,” which is artificial light which reproduces that of natural sunlight. This was new to me; I can’t remember ever hearing of this before. I came across mention of this again today, while researching the lightbox more. Then, this afternoon, while driving Tim across town, it came up in our conversation, entirely randomly, how he’d just bought a full-spectrum light. Very notable, imo.

Also, earlier today, I had the stray but distinct thought of where I’d had “Not Insane” accepted to. Then, tonight, I got an email that the new ‘Used Gravitrons’ issue is out, which of course contains “Not Insane.” This could be coincidence, of course, except that it fits so well that random-thought recurrence synchro I’ve noted so so many times (very often involving which story was accepted where, as it were).


A minor one this morning, perhaps nothing. Lately, I’ve been encountering a disproportionately large amount of my special numbers (1111 and its variants, 47, 37, 33, 22, 44, etc) on cars I get behind, usually their license plates. At a stoplight this morning, on the way to church, I pulled behind a car with a license plate with 57 on it, and I thought, absently, “Well, if I’m encountering all these numbers, why wasn’t that 47?” Then, before I looked away, I noticed the car’s model number, which included 47. I would ignore this, since it’s easily coincidence, except that it was so synchronistic in that distinct way, me seeing the 47 right after I’d thought specifically of 47 and it testing my theory.

A pretty cool one this afternoon. This morning, on the way to church, I had the random but very distinct thought of making my tithe via check, for no real reason I can name. I’ve never made it in anything but cash, and never had the thought to do otherwise. Then, this afternoon, my dad came to me and, totally out of the blue, suggested I start making my tithe via check, for tax purposes. Very notable. Classic recurrence.

Also, had a minor reading synchro while eating lunch. Right as I read “happy,” my mom used “happy” in a sentence, the two coinciding in that distinctly synchronous way. Perhaps nothing, but who knows.


Minor one today, but somewhat notable. Yesterday, the Dictionary Word of the Day was “rialto,” and I looked at the definition, since I’d heard the word before but never knew the definition. Well, this afternoon I started reading “The City of Falling Angels,” which, as it turns out, is set in Venice, Italy. In the first few pages, it mentioned the Rialto theatre. Cool. Note: I didn’t Notice the rialto Word of the Day in any specific capacity, just simply opened the email and saw it, as I have many of these Word of the Day emails, with no synchronicity resulting. Still, notable since they were so close together.


Cool one this evening. Just after writing “very end” on a piece of paper, the pen I was using died, after I’ve been using the pen for months. Something nearly identical happened not too long ago, another longtime pen running out of ink just after writing something about “the end.”


A couple cool ones today. First, when reading the end of "The City of Falling Angels" this morning, there was a part where a guy mentioned how rats were now eating plastic in some parts of the world, which was strange because, according to this man, rats mimick what people eat. "And people don't eat plastic!" Well, at lunch, about a half-hour later, I went to take a bite of my rice and veggies and I found a little white sliver in it -- plastic. The best I can figure out is that it came from one of the bags my frozen vegetables were in, from where I cut it open -- a mundane enough explanation there. But, for it to coincide with reading about people eating plastic, I had to find that notable, especially since, if I've ever found plastic in my food in any form, it has been a very long time ago. I laughed.

Then, in “The Given Day,” there was another Tidewater reference, harkening back to that minor synchro back at the beach, when I’d parked at the Tidewater Resort in an effort to get wifi internet, then read of Tidewater something or other in “Absalom, Absalom” soon after. Not notable in itself. Though, it’s interesting that this was the Tidewater hotel, when the Tidewater resort I’d been by was a hotel.


A couple minor ones today. Last night, when realizing that I have parasites again, I thought, distantly but distinctly, of how turpentine on sugar cubes is supposed to be an anti-parasitic, thinking this for the first time since I read about it about 5-6 months ago. Then, at lunch today, I read in "The Given Day" how people put turpentine on sugar cubes to cure various things. Also at lunch and while reading "The Given Day," I took a sip of tea and immediately after went back to reading. My eyes fell, randomly, to "teacup" as I did so -- not searching it out, but just falling directly to that, despite it being on the page opposite the one I was reading. It was a little more notable consider that it happened in that distinctly synchronous fashion, me seeing the word before I'd even put my cup of tea back down.


A repeat of the "teacup" synchro today, at lunch again, except this time it was "he lifted his teacup," right as I was lifting mine. I read this just a split second *after* I'd started going for the teacup. I could explain this as subconscious reading ahead, because the words were on the same page I'd been reading just before I went for my teacup; though, it could just as easily be explained as a synchronicity, especially considering it coincided so synchronously with my reaching for my cup of tea. I laughed, in any case.


Minor thought synchro this afternoon. I was driving down the road, thinking a long, convoluted chain of thought that ended with my father. Immediately after, I came up upon his sign shop, which his truck was parked at. Right as I approached, the truck started off and I passed it. This could have been nothing at all and I wouldn’t have noted it, except that the thought of my father and seeing his truck coincided so well, when the chain of thought which led to him went so far back, long before I even approached the sign shop. Also, the fact that he was in the truck and it started off to the curb right as I passed was somewhat notable timing.


Follow-up to the full-spectrum-light thing. I'd mentioned it to Rebecca when it first happened, and she came back with how she had one for her keyboard music. Upon reading that, I had the thought of why such a light would be useful for reading music, but I didn't ask. Then, this morning at church, I noticed a light on the keyboardist's music -- a full-spectrum light, very very bright, apt for contrasting with the white paper of the music. May be nothing, but I just thought it notable that I seemed to get my question answered.


An unexpected one today. I got an email that I have a new follower on Twitter, Daniel P. Coughlin, a complete stranger to me. In the current book I’m reading, “The Given Day,” the main character is named Danny Coughlin. Hmm.


Lots of random, less notable synchronicity today -- another of those days. Most of it was "those numbers," the 33's and 11's and 47's and 37's and 22's, etc. I wrote off the first few, but after the twentieth or so, I just surrendered to it: they were simply everywhere, and every time I would try and write them off, another would pop up (the funniest was when I was thinking this, then immediately looked up to a sign for Highway 11, with one sign pointing left and one pointing right for North and South -- creating yet another 1111). Also, when Rebecca and I went to our one Goodwill of the day, I counted a grand total over 17 of the same books I'd listed for sale on ebay just the day before, and I didn't even look too in-depth at all the books (it was a Goodwill "bookstore," with too many books to look at entirely).


A really damn cool one. While listening to a Smashing Pumpkins album Monday night, I’d thought, randomly, about how, as a child, I’d mistaken Billy Corgan’s name as Billy Coogan. Then, today, I read in “The Given Day” where there was a minor character named Billy Coogan, that spelling exactly.


This morning, on the way home from grocery shopping, I thought, randomly but distinctly, about how some people are unable to value abstract art for various reasons, due to perception and the like. “Value,” I specifically thought of it in that term. Then, several hours later while walking at the park, I passed a couple people conversing, and the man said something along the lines of, “…there’s just some that’s so abstract I can’t value it.” I didn’t specifically hear him say whether it was art or not, but it was way too easy to see it referring to just that. This harkens back to other, nearly identical recurrences I’ve experienced.

Also, a similar one happened at lunch today, while reading a Richard Matheson short story about mental energy and the way it can be exchanged between people, in a psychic sense. Just yesterday and this morning, I'd thought of exactly this phenomenon. Furthermore, I'd been *questioning* it, thinking of how, even though I seem to have experienced it myself, I had the illogical feeling that it didn't exist, simply because others didn't believe in it or acknowledge it if they did -- typical mercury thinking. Anyway, when I read that short story today, just hours after last thinking about the subject, it not only recurred the subject but seemed to say, "Yes, there are others who believe in this." Still, it could have been nothing; I only logged it after the abstract-art thing above, because the two were very similar in their recurrence-like nature.


First, a pronounced thought synchro while working out and listening to music. Just as I took in a deep breath in preparation of lifting heavy weights, the song said “take a breath in,” with that distinctly synchronistic timing, the two coinciding so perfectly I couldn’t have planned it. But, here’s the kicker: I didn’t need to do that deep-breathing prep for that exercise, because I wasn’t yet tired enough (I reserve it for when I get fatigued and need to lift heavy, since it seems to lose effectiveness with repetition). I even knew this, yet I went ahead and breathed deep, For No Real Reason.

Then, afterward, I felt Compelled to go to Goodwill again, as I have so many times. While there, looking at books, I found two notable ones, both of which had been at the very last Goodwill I’d visited, in Dublin, VA, earlier this week. One was “Hand of Fate,” a book I’d seen two copies of at the last Goodwill and Noticed both of them, so very distinctly. The other was “The Box,” which I’d bought at the last Goodwill, and had never known to exist previously, much less see it at a Goodwill. Yet, there they both were, two visits in a row in stores about 150 miles apart.

Then, another one, this one simple recurrence of an archetype of “sedated monkey.” It startedt his morning, when I went to a random webpage of funny pictures Rebecca linked to me, in which there was a picture of a dozing monkey with a subtitle saying that the monkey was sedated. Then, this evening, about eight hours later, I read in the book “Congo,” which I’d been Compelled to start reading yesterday, where a monkey was sedated. This could’ve been chance, of course, but I find it notable since it’s such a distinct and uncommon archetype repeated within the course of less than twelve hours.


Really cool one today. Yesterday in traffic, I Noticed this bumper sticker on a car, seeing only that it had UNIQUE amidst some smaller text. It stood out to me with a definite, capitalized Notice. Then, on the way to the gym this afternoon, I pulled up on a stoplight with one car at it. The light changed seconds before I approached, but the car there didn't move right away, unlike what I was expecting, so I had to brake hard, coming close to their bumper. Because I got so close, I was able to see the exact same UNIQUE bumper sticker from yesterday. I want to say it was the same car, but I can't be 100% on the memory from yesterday, since I only Noticed the bumper sticker rather than the car (it was in the exact same place on the bumper, though, the very left corner). Regardless, it was certainly notable, since I don't think I've seen that bumper sticker elsewhere. The logistics of this one are the coolest, since 1) the car was noticeably late moving through the stoplight after it had turned green, longer than one would expect, and 2) I wouldn't normally have come so close to them, since I normally, as a rule, avoid expecting behavior of other drivers and just adapt to whatever they do, except that my dad was with me and I was distract -- which is to say, any other time I would've stopped a safe distance back, too far to see read the UNIQUE bumper sticker. Without either the car's late start or my late braking, I may not have seen the bumper sticker.

Then, a minor one tonight. When I’d gone to submit “Comfort” tonight, I eventually settled on a magazine titled ‘Strange Horizons,’ my first time submitting there. Then, about two hours later, I felt Compelled to look up books about the Mothman Prophecies, and on the first one I looked at, it quoted a review from ‘Strange Horizons.’


Another one of those days with lots of random, otherwise unnotable synchro. Lots of things repeating themselves, such as stray words and themes from Rebecca’s last email, which I answered this morning. One was that I responded to how she didn’t know there was a North Myrtle Beach and Myrtle Beach, and then, immediately after I closed the email, I printed out the day’s book orders to fill, and two of the addresses were from such cities (South San Franscisco and some North Florida city). Then, at lunch, I mentioned to my mom how I wanted Neosporin for my cut mouth, and she gave me some off-brand stuff that we weren’t sure was the equivalent, which forced me to look up the ingredients and see that the off-brand had zinc in it. Then, a couple hours later while reading “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest,” it mentioned zinc ointment. Lots of little things like this today.


A minor one today. While waiting for a stoplight to change, a line of three schoolbuses passed in front of me. As the second one came into view, I had a strong yet illogical feeling that the numbers on it and the next one were meaningful. The numbers on the first were 29, and the second were 50. 5029, it had no meaning to me, so I just ignored the feeling and chalked it up to subconscious projection and the like. Then, however, a few seconds later the light changed, and as I turned left, a car pulled in front of me. It’s license plate read “5029.” I would easily rule this out as coincidence except that a) the two coincided so closely together, within less than a minute, and 2) I had felt so strongly that the schoolbus numbers were “meaningful.”

Then, a really cool on tonight. Recently, I’d thought about getting a paper shredder to shred all my credit card statements and the like before recycling them. I knew there was one around here somewhere but I couldn’t find it, and eventually I forgot. But then, tonight, when I had some credit card receipts to throw away, I remembered, and wrote a note. Just before bed, as I was carrying the credit card receipts up my basement stairs to put them in the recycling bin, the receipts again reminded me of the shredder. Instantaneously, I found the shredder, sitting on the basement steps, hidden under a pile of things. The discover and thoughts of the shredder coincided in that perfectly simultaneous, “synchronous” way. My first thought was that maybe I’d seen the shredder out of the corner of my eye and had that trigger the simultaneous thoughts of it, but, looking back, I saw that wasn’t the case, because I could trace the thoughts of the shredder to the receipts I was carrying, and how I wanted to shred them up. Very notable.


A very bizzare, yet very notable one tonight. It started earlier this week, when I read the book 'Invisible Monsters,' in which it involved a scene in which a man having a seizure has a wallet put in his mouth -- the first I've ever heard of the practice (I've heard of putting a pencil or other hard object in the mouth of someone seizing, but never a wallet). Then, in the book I read immediately after, 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest,' it too involved a scene in which someone seizing had a wallet put in their mouth. That was notable enough, since I'd never heard of the practice prior and then read of it in two sequentially read books, but also, both the scenes in the book involved sex with the seizing person in some capacity. There were differences in the sex (one was heterosexual, one was homosexual, as well as one person faking a seizure and the other actually having one), but the archetype was still definitely there: sex with someone having a seizure who gets a wallet put in their mouth.


Word synchro: “Navaho.” This was in ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’ a couple times, and I’d never seen it spelled this way, always having seen it spelled with a ‘j’ before. Then, today, it was in ‘A Dirty Job,’ same spelling. Notable, though not hugely so. Also, on a lesser note, ‘brown mustard.’ This was in the ‘UV’ book I read in a couple sittings today, mentioned offhand in an example if I remember right, and I Noticed it slightly. Then, less than an hour later, it was the subject of a small scene in ‘A Dirty Job.’ Maybe nothing, but I did Notice it originally, and I can’t remember the last I’d read specifically about brown mustard.


Another day of those random, minor synchros which would be unnotable if there weren’t so damn many of them. The two most coherent ones were thought synchros, where a completely independent chain of thought coincided with reading or hearing the exact word I was thinking of (for instance, my thinking of things being “orchestrated,” just as someone said “orchestrated,” and me thinking of getting my eBay final-value credit back on something, immediately before I read “credit” in ‘A Dirty Job’).


Cool word synchro today, or something like a word synchro. In the book ‘A Dirty Job,’ a chapter was titled “The Gogs of War,” which made me think of the dogs of war, which in turn made me think of the movie Mad Max II, in which one of the characters mentioned the dogs of war (the most recent time I’d heard this used, as it were). Then, a couple paragraphs down, there was a reference to Thunderdome, which is a reference to the Mad Max movies (the third in the series, if I remember right). Pretty notable, especially since 1) I can trace my random thought of it to the “Gogs of War” thing, which would rule it out being just subconsciously reading down to “Thunderdome,” and 2) the “Gogs of War” thing wasn’t even a direct reference to Mad Max, but just an indirect one.


First, a reading/thought synchro, at lunch, when I read "Bob" right as my dad said "Bob," perfectly synchronous. This was notable not just because of its blatant synchronicity, but because it couldn't possibly be explained any other way, considering it was a word spoken by another person entirely, who couldn't see the book I was reading. Nor could it be explained as me picking up on it after the fact, the two were just so synchronous. Also, on a lesser note, a recurrence involving chorizo sausage. I'd seen "chorizo" mentioned, ambiguously, in 'A Dirty Job,' either yesterday or the day before, I can't remember. In any case, I Noticed this "chorizo," very distinctly as usual, almost enough to note in my ledger but not quite (the way it was in the book, it was clear it was food of some kind, so I didn't waste the entry). Then, while in Walmart today with Tim, he got me to help him look for hot sausages, forcing me to look at the display, and next to the hot sausages were chorizo sausages. I may have encountered chorizo in the past -- it seems like I have, actually -- but I find it notable that 1) I would encounter it twice so close together, and in the most indirect of ways, and 2) that I Noticed it so distinctly in the book, which is exactly how these things have happened so many times in the past.

Then a neat one tonight. Days ago, I'd come across, entirely randomly, a mention of Faust, and it stuck distinctly in my mind since then, for no logical reason. I knew of the character, but only vaguely. So, at lunch today, I finally wrote a note to research Faust, and then looked it up tonight, which led me to a 1926 movie about the legend. I felt Compelled to watch this movie, and right away I was struck by two things: first, it started with a part in which it said that man could choose good or evil, and, second, that there were several German words I recognized in the various texts -- both of which were much like those in the book 'Into the Darkness,' which I started this afternoon. The book started with a quote that said man could choose between good and evil, and a couple of the German words quoted in it (such as "Frau") were in the movie. The parallels weren't hugely notable -- both could easily be coincidence -- except that 1) I wrote the note to research Faust just *before* I started the book this afternoon (I've had the book for months now), and 2) though the German words were common ones, it has been a long time since I've seen any German quoted, much less those words. Between that and my being so Compelled to look up Faust, I find it notable.


First, a pretty cool one this afternoon, just after I met Rebecca and we went to the Mellow Mushroom to eat, in Burlington. I went into the bathroom, and as I was washing my hands, I noticed that I looked really spacey and strung-out -- from the two-hour drive there, which always leaves me rather strung-out. Some seconds later, the lyrics from the song on the radio said, "I walked into this restaurant, strung-out from the road." I was in a restaurant, strung-out from the road. Now, this didn't come on immediately after I thought that -- *not* in that distinctly synchronistic way -- yet it came just seconds later, close enough (and accurate enough) that I found it pretty notable.

Then, while going to thrift stores after lunch, I discovered yet another Ace of Base 'The Sign' CD for sale -- this one at a thrift store that we didn't plan to go to, but just saw along the way to the store we'd planned. This is somewhat notable in itself, considering how many times I've seen this particular CD at thrift stores spread out all over the place, now (also, because this thrift store had maybe 10 total CDs for sale, rather than dozens), but it was doubly notable since, when we finally got to the original thrift store we'd been on the way to, the song 'The Sign' from that album came on the radio, just seconds after we went inside. We laughed.

Then, a blatant thought/speech synchro, or whatever these should be called. On the way back from that last thrift store, I was reading “cereal” on a passing billboard, randomly, when Rebecca mentioned “cereal bars,” these two coinciding in that perfectly synchronous way, and also under circumstances that I don’t think could be explained with any subconscious fixation or the like (the sign I read was advertising Post cereal for sale, and Rebecca’s mentioning the cereal bars was in reference to some she’d brought me as a present, plus I don’t think she was even looking at the sign in the first place (I had to point it out to her)). Interestingly, the “cereal bars” in question weren’t really cereal bars, but fruit-and-nut bars.


A recurrence synchro this afternoon. It started this morning, when I had the thought, randomly but distinctly, of how unneutered cats tend to wander off. Then, at lunch, my mom, in the midst of a big story, mentioned how unneutered cats tend to wander off. This could easily be written off for coincidence, except that it fits the rubric of so many other, more notable recurrences I’ve experience, where I’ll have one of these random but distinct thoughts that turn up again sometime in the near future.


Really cool one this afternoon -- though/recurrence/number synchro? I don't know what to call it. It started after my walk at the park, when I got back in my truck, turned it on, and saw that it was 5:11 -- but only for a second, because immediately as I saw it was 5:11, the clock ticked to 5:12, showing 5:11 for only a split second. For some reason, I Noticed this, feeling it significant, though I had no reason to do so (other than the fact that 5:11 -- and all x11's -- seem to crop up in daily life, in addition to the fact that I've many times looked at a clock just before it ticked to :12). Then, as I started home, I decided to get gas, and I felt Compelled to stop at a station right by the park, despite it being different than the one I usually stop at, as well as busier and in a place harder to get in and out of. I got gas there, and then, when I got back in the truck and turned it on, I looked at the clock -- and was shocked to see it reading 5:11, then immediately ticking to :12 again, exactly as before, showing 5:11 just a split second. I was momentarily puzzled, then I realized that this 5:11 had been not the time, but the track time on the CD I had in the in-dash CD player (the CD player reads out the track time momentarily before switching to the time time). However, this only made it that more notable, since there were so many logistics that had to come together for me to see, within the space of minutes, that 5:11 ticking to :12 the exact same way. For instance, the song on the CD: first it had to be one that was at least 5 minutes 12 seconds long, then I would had to have stopped my truck at the park at just the right time, before driving to the gas station and stopping *there* at just the right time. It made me go back over the preceding events, all of which were necessary to pull off this synchronicity: first, I had to chose that particular CD to listen to today, from a rack of dozens (which I felt Compelled to do), and then, when I first got to the park where I walked, there were no parking spaces, and I had to wait a few seconds to turn around, but then, conveniently, someone came over from the park and left, so I was able to get their space; then, of course, there was my being Compelled to stop at the inconvenient gas station, without which I wouldn't have stopped and started my truck until miles down the road. After looking over it, I felt like something was saying, "Look what I can do!"

Then, had a series of minor, otherwise unnotable ones centered around a book I read today, "When Zachary Beaver Came to Town." The first was very minor: the book involved ladybugs, and, after walking at the park today, I found a ladybug in my truck -- easily a coincidence, except that it was somewhat notable that, after not having read of or seen a ladybug since last summer at least, I would do both on the same day. Then, a little more notable but not much, at lunch today, my mom mentioned, out of the blue, that she'd read an entire book in one day recently, when today I read the entire "Zachary Beaver" book in one day (it was short) -- also easily a coincidence, but notable considering I don't read books in one day too often, nor has my mom ever mentioned such an obscure topic. Then, as minor, at the park today I saw an obese man walking with a woman, and it made me think of how sometimes women will be attracted to obese men for whatever reason. Then, in the book tonight, it hinted at a girl being attracted to an obese boy. Then, maybe a little more notable, is that recently (it may have been just this morning, in fact) I thought of the movie 'Paris, Texas,' very randomly, and then the book today mentioned Paris, Texas. I'd noticed all these separately through the day, and initially ignored them, but after seing them all together, I find them notable, the way these little onslaughts of minor, easily explainable synchros to be.


Pretty cool recurrence today. It started this morning, when I went to Food Lion to get some things. While standing in the checkout line there, I noticed these Starbucks cold coffee drinks in a cold case right beside me -- Noticed them, the Frapuccino drinks especially (I've seen these drinks many times over the years, but had never Noticed them in that distinct way -- until then). Then, at lunch, my dad told me about some marked-down chicken livers at Ingles, so I decided to go there after I worked out. While checking out *there*, I overheard the cashier and the bag boy talking about Monster energy drinks and coffee drinks, during which the bagboy said he didn't like "those cold-coffee and Frapuccino drinks." I found this notable in itself, not so much because of the recurrence but because I had Noticed the ones at Food Lion so distinctly and *then* had the recurrence. However, on the way home, I realized I'd forgotten to get rice at Ingles, so I went by Lowe's on the way home. There, I went for the self-checkouts, like usual, but they were all in use, so I went into a traditional checkout -- which had a cold case of those same drinks, forcing me to see them yet again. The last could, of course, easily be coincidence, but, in the context of the first two, I found it notable.

Also, a neat one tonight, a recurrence from a book I read and Rebecca's last email. My reply to her: "Remember that National Book Award-winning novel I bought at the Salvation Army in Burlington? Well, I read it a couple days ago (all in one day -- short book), and it mentioned, twice, someone being buried in a piano box (the book had obese characters in it). Reading that, I thought I'd seen it somewhere recently, but I'd thought it was just from earlier in the same book -- but no, it was your email, sent two days before I read the book (when I can't remember ever hearing of burying someone in a piano box before that)."


Had a minor one at lunch today. When I went into Starbucks and used Rebecca's gift certificate, I ended up spending more than the $10 it was for -- $2.20 more. When I saw the number, I instantly noticed it, but this was because of the 22, which is one of the recurring numbers I see all the time, so I didn't think much of it. However, for some reason, that particular sequence -- 2.20 -- kept bugging me afterward as I sat in the parking lot and ate the food and coffee I'd bought, so much that I checked the receipt twice. Then, after lunch, I went to check what time it was, by turning on my truck's radio, and the time was 2:20. Easily a coincidence, and perhaps even then explainable as subconscious knowledge (though, I will say this: I was expecting it to be later than 2:20), but still, I thought I would note it because of how that particular 2.20 sequence kept popping up in my mind.

Then, another minor one this afternoon. I started reading 'Angels Don't Play This HAARP' today, and within the first few pages the book mentioned Arecibo, Puerto Rico, where the radio telescope is. The thing is, yesterday, Tim had called me down with a computer problem, which ended up being him trying to print out a map of Puerto Rico and having it get cut off. I fixed the problem and printed him out a map, and while doing so I noticed Arecibo on the map -- not a Notice, but a distinct notice of it amongst all the different towns (though, this might just have been because it was the only Puerto Rican town I know). In any case, I find it mildly notable that I would see references to Arecibo two days in a row when I can't remember the last I heard it referenced (maybe years).


Minor recurrence today. At lunch, I started re-reading “Cities of the Plain,” in which the main characters have a bird (an owl) fly into their windshield and die. Then, about two hours later, my mom mentioned, randomly, how she once had a couple birds (not owls) fly into her windshield and die. Possibly a coincidence, though I find the timing notable. Also, there’s the fact that I felt Compelled to re-read ‘Cities of the Plain’ a few days ago, and then Compelled again to go and get it from the library yesterday rather than putting it off (I have a lot of other books to read, right now). Considering how this follows that same pattern I see so much, I find this one even more notable.


At lunch today, when I resumed reading ‘Cities of the Plain,’ the first page detailed a scene involving hound dogs. Simultaneously as I read it, my mom began talking about a hound. I had said nothing to her about my reading about hound dogs; her mentioning the hound was entirely unprovoked.

Also, through the day, had more of that onslaught of minor, otherwise unnotable synchro. Many, many repeat words and themes, a couple of which involved "Last Dance," which I finished writing this morning (just hours after, I caught a snatch of a song that mentioned death-lovers or something around a fountain, both of which "Last Dance" involved, and then, in 'Cities of the Plain,' there was a funeral procession with a trumpet player, which "Last Dance" involved). This included a couple minor thought synchros I can't remember, also. Also, a bit more notable, was "Mason," which I saw on the Mason jar I drank my tea from this evening and Noticed, very distinctly, exactly like that other time I Noticed the "Mason" on a mason jar and had it recur shortly after. Well, this time it was "Mason County" in the Mothman book I started about two hours later -- otherwise unnotable except that I Noticed that "Mason" on the jar so distinctly, to where I knew, consciously, it would soon recur in some way. But, toward the end of the night, there was another one a bit more notable. I read the Mothman book tonight, and in it there was mentioned a woman who saw the Mothman and had it chase her around and make noises above her house and such, leaving her extremely freaked out. I Noticed this, too, thinking of how she must have felt, to feel so violated and "haunted," how it must have completely altered her perceptions. Just minutes after I finished reading this book, I experienced this state myself, because I was sure someone had broken into my apartment and left, while I was upstairs -- which turned out to be a really strange, unlikely, and convincing illusion caused by other things, but I didn't realize this until the next morning. I spent the night very freaked out, feeling that someone had violated my space and "haunted" me (because it seemed that the supposed person had sat outside my window for hours waiting for me to leave the apartment so they could come inside -- which didn't happen, but felt like it did). In any case, I found it actually pretty remarkable that I would end up experiencing a state nearly identical to that of the woman in the book, just minutes after reading it (the thing with my door being left open, as if someone had intruded, has never happened in the 8 months I've been living in this apartment (it was caused by the jamb warming up and warping a certain way, and my cabinets banging a certain note when I closed my other door)).


Cool recurrence at lunch today. About three days ago, I read the ‘Angels Don’t Play This HAARP’ book, in which, amongst other things, I learned two radio terms: OTH (over-the-horizon) radio, and the “woodpecker” signal. Then, today, I started reading the ‘SAS Fighting Techniques Handbook,’ and, to my surprise, it contained descriptions of both OTH radio and the woodpecker signal. I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of these two terms before, and then, in a matter of days, I read two separate books containing them. Yet, the coolest part is how I came to read the SAS handbook. I started cutting grass today and I couldn’t find my work gloves. I looked all over, and, despearte, I ended up thinking maybe I’d put them in the upstairs closet for some reason. So I went up there, and that’s where I found the SAS book, from where I’d put it years ago without ever reading it. When I first saw it, I Noticed it, and felt attracted to it in that special way, and eventually I found myself going for it, even though I’d planned on starting a different book today. This one-ups previous such book-recurrence synchros: not only did I read these things close together in two totally separate, randomly purchased books read in as random an order, but the SAS book was one I didn’t even know I had until, by complete dumb chance, I ended up led to my closet today (the gloves weren’t in the closet, as it were).

Also, had a reading synchro tonight. While listening to a random Beck song, it said “missing” right as I read “missing” (when researching that Naipe Mate 11/11 Knight of Coins tarot card I found while cutting grass today).


Notable word synchro: “trinitrotoluene (TNT).” I read it in three separate, randomly read books within this last week. I can’t remember what the first was (I want to say the HAARP book), but the last two were the Mothman book and the SAS Fighting Handbook, back to back. Not only did I read it three times in a week, but I don’t believe I’ve ever come across the actual, non-acronym of TNT until I read it in that first book (if I have, it’s been a while).


A straight-up word/thought synchro: "turn." I was thinking about something and muttering half-aloud, and right as I said "in turn," the word "turn" scrolled up on an electronic sign I was looking at. It happened in that distinctly synchronistic fashion, the two coinciding perfectly. Some notes: First, there's no way this could've been any sort of subconscious repetition, since 1) the "in turn" I spoke aloud was on its own chain of thought, and 2) the electronic sign was a small square in which the words scrolled up one at a time, and "turn" appeared only as I was actually speakikng the "turn" of "in turn" -- the sign's "turn" was not displayed beforehand, in other words. Second, this one seemed to involve just the basic word itself, considering the context and meaning of the two "turns" were entirely different, my spoken one being part of someone doing something "in turn," and the one on the sign used in a different context (I only caught the sign saying "turn," followed by "Sat" (Saturday), so I don't know exactly what context it was being used in, only that it wasn't the one I was using it in).

Also, tonight, I finally broke down and watched some of ‘Apocalypse Now,’ after feeling Compelled to for the last couple days, and there were several notable synchros in it, along with a bunch of little random ones. It started when, about three-four days ago, I felt Compelled to watch it, out of nowhere, but declined, feeling unable to suffer such a long movie. Then, yesterday, that SAS Handbook mentioned the movie, a bit of a synchronicity in itself, considering that when I first felt Compelled to watch it, I hadn’t even remembered the book and it was still in my closet upstairs. But then, amongst the random synchro between the movie and the book (most of which could be explained as coincidence, considering they’re both about war), there were two pretty obvious ones: 1) that the movie has Laurence Fishburn in it, which I didn’t know, when, literally just before I watched the movie, I encountered a picture of the Matrix Laurence Fishburn, completely randomly, during a Google image search for “multidimensional matrix”; then, 2) the movie mentioned the Silver Star, something I don’t think I’ve ever heard of, when just at lunch today the SAS Handbook mentioned the Silver Star.


Notable thought synchro this afternoon, in the classic format. While reading the SAS Handbook, I read something about soldiers being promoted for different accomplishments, and that triggered the random thought of the part of the ‘Apocalypse Now’ movie where the main character mentions how completing his mission will see him promoted to major. Immediately as I thought that, I read a sentence that ended with “sergeant-major.” At first I thought it might have been a read-ahead deal, since the “sergeant-major” was on the same page as when I’d thought of the movie reference, but that doesn’t fit, because I can directly trace the thought about the movie to the reference to promotion that I’d read above.


First, a weird one that might be nothing. First, this morning, I had a dream of going shopping for antique furniture and finding it to be very expensive, during which I had the distinct thought of, “Antique furniture is worth a lot more than I’d thought,” or something to that end. Then, at lunch, my dad mentioned to me how some of the furniture around the house was antique and worth a lot more than you’d think. He said this to me out of the clear blue, when he’d never mentioned anything like this in my entire life. I find it notable because of that, and the timing of it, as well as the correlation in archetypes (expensive antique furniture).

Then, while reading “Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas” at lunch today, a word synchro: “anthropoid.” I read this in the SAS Fighting Handbook a couple days ago, in regards to an “Operation Anthropoid.” If I’d seen that word before, it’s been a while. But then it was in the “Frog Pajamas” book, which I started today and read sequentially after the Handbook, after having it for over a month now. Notable in itself, but doubly so considering that it fits that rubric of back-to-back book synchros that I’ve had so many of.


Some pretty cool recurrence today. First, this morning, when I went to pack up 'Cosmic Trigger' to ship off, I Noticed the destination city, Deluth, MN (in fact, if I remember right, I Noticed it last night, when the book sold and I logged the shipping address). Then, at lunch, about an hour later, my dad, out of the clear blue, mentioned how Deluth, MN, is getting a bunch of nasty weather -- not huge, but mildly notable, considering that 1) I Noticed it in that special way, 2) I haven't encountered Deluth in any way in perhaps years, and 3) the two were so close together. Then, while reading 'Half Asleep In Frog Pajamas,' also at lunch, one of the characters said, "Do you accept Visa?" I had just asked this exact phrase about 1.5 hours earlier, while buying the blower at Farmer's (interestingly, I knew they accepted Visa but it just sort of jumped out from me while I was there). Then, also when I went to pack up 'Cosmic Trigger' this morning, I Noticed the cover and its depiction of the Sirius formation, enough to make me think, distinctly, of Sirius (it figures prominently in that book). Then, also in 'Half Asleep' at lunch today, about 1.5 hours later, it mentioned Sirius (it featured in the whole part of the book I read today). (Also, interestingly, in 'Cosmic Trigger' Sirius was involved in a bunch of real-life recurrence synchronicities noted by the author.) The three recurrences were moderately notable in themselves, but taken together, I find it upgrades the notability a bit.


Ye gads, a bunch of cool ones today! The first was just before lunch, a unique thought synchro. It started when I thought of the "mountain and the valley" analogy for life's cycles and how they teach you, this thought arriving to me from out of the clear blue (it started with thinking of a song by Live, as equally random, and then turned to the analogy). I had thought of the mountain half of it, and just as I was about to think "valley," I realized that the empty potato bag I was holding read "valley" -- but I only picked up the bag *after* I had started the thought. Additionally, it was on the *back* of the bag that read "valley," not the front, which had been visible. Then, even cooler (though perhaps not related), was the fact that the bag's "valley" was the end of a sentence: "Fresh ideas from the valley." This is notable because it factors into the very mountain-and-valley analogy, where you learn from going both onto the mountain and into the valley as well as the whole process -- another way of saying you "get ideas" from them.

Then, at lunch, I laughed my ass off as I read 'Half Asleep In Frog Pajamas.' Yesterday, upon seeing that the book concerns the tarot, I was subconsciously expecting it to mention the Five of Pentacles, which was the tarot card I'd drawn for that day. The book mentioned maybe four or five of the cards within the fifty-odd pages I read, but the Five of Pentacles was not one of them. I felt mildly disappointed. Today, however, on the second page I read, it mentioned the Five of Pentacles -- in addition to the Lovers, which was the card I'd drawn today (in a roundabout way, it even referred to the card being upside-down, when I had drawn the Lovers card upside-down today, though this reference may not have been anything). Then, a notable word synchro: "riverine," which I was first introduced to in the very last book I'd read, the SAS Handbook. Not only was this a classic word synchro, where I learn a word for the first time and then come across it in the next sequential (though randomly read) book, I had also Noticed "riverine" upon reading it in the SAS Handbook, very distinctly.

But these pale in comparison to the last. It builds on yesterday's synchros between 'Cosmic Trigger' and 'Half Asleep In Frog Pajamas.' Struck by those, I'd had the thought that 'Half Asleep' would, if things kept going this way, directly reference Robert Anton Wilson, 'Cosmic Trigger's' author -- and damned if it wasn't in there today. Note: there is nothing in 'Half Asleep' to suggest either the Sirius references or Robert Anton Wilson. I'd never heard of the book until I saw it in Goodwill nearly two months ago and bought it, nor did I read any of the blurbs on the first few pages or the back cover. Really damn cool.


Some word synchro: “ships in the night.” It started while I was editing “Dying City,” in which one of the vignettes was entitled “Ships in the Night.” When I saw this, I thought of the ‘Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas’ book, because it had kept mentioning the song “Strangers in the Night,” which had made me think of the saying “ships in the night” and, in turn, the vignette in “Dying City.” Well, soon after editing and resubmitting “Dying City,” I read the rest of ‘Half Asleep,’ and in it it happened to mention “ships in the night.” Notable, considering the circumstances and how soon after it was that I’d edited “Dying City” (also of note: I’ve had that story ready to be edited and resubmitted for over a week now).


Not sure what to classify this one as -- recurrence? About a week ago, I bought something off eBay and it came with a business card from the seller. The card stood out to me because it was so sappy, showing an American flag as if trying to associate the business with patriotism. Then, today, entirely randomly and without plan, I clicked on an ad offering free business cards, and while going through the various designs, I saw the very one that I'd gotten with that package, with the American flag and everything. Perhaps nothing, but I find it notable that I would end up encountering that very card again, when, until just now, I never expected to get free business cards.

Then, a really cool one at lunch. I started reading 'The Inner World' today, and within the first few pages it mentioned how myths can be interpreted any number of ways and by any number of modalities -- which directly addressed something I read in 'Half Asleep In Frog Pajamas' yesterday. In that book, a character had discounted multiple ways of interpreting myths, and I distinctly replied to it, aloud, with something along the lines of, "You can interpret myths in any number of ways." I found this highly notable, not just because it directly addressed what I'd come across in 'Half Asleep' yesterday (and was somewhat troubled by, considering how narrow a judgment it was), but because 1) I'd bought the 'Inner World' book months ago and kept putting it off, again and again, until today, and 2) I'd originally planned on reading a different book today but was unable to for a freak reason (it's on my new tablet PC, an ebook, the first I was to read, but when I went to power up my tablet, the battery wasn't charged, because it turns out you have to charge it in a weird way -- so it wasn't ready when I wanted to read, so I ended up having to read a traditional book, which ended up being 'The Inner World'). Very cool.


This could quite possibly be nothing, but today, I got feedback on eBay for the book ‘Neuromancer,’ even though it’s been weeks since I sold and shipped it. This happened just after last night when I wrote the blog post about the synchronicities between ‘Cosmic Trigger’ and ‘Half Asleep,’ which included several references to ‘Neuromancer.’ It just seems like a minor, albeit notable, recurrence. Also of note: I’d been meaning to write that blog post for a few days, but just finally got around to it last night.

Also, when I went to Goodwill this afternoon, I found a book from Robert Anton Wilson, author of ‘Cosmic Trigger.’ It was in a foreign language (I think German) so I didn’t buy it, but it’s just like the ‘Neuromancer’ feedback: something from that whole knot of ‘Cosmic Trigger’ recurring after that blog post last night.


No really notable synchronicities for myself today (other than the usual, pervading “small” ones that are too many to note). However, at lunch, my parents shared with me two pretty notable ones, assuming that they are as they told them. One invovled hearing something on the radio (or hearing it said elsewhere, I can’t remember) and then looking up to find exactly that phrase (“Anything is possible”) on the back of a truck. The other was reading an ad for the Wild Wing Cafe immediately as an ad for this restaurant came on TV. Not noting these so much for the synchros themselves, since I didn’t personally experience them, but because it suggests that this phenomenon is 1) happening to other people, and 2) happening in ways distinctly like those I am noting. This is far from the first I’ve had other people share synchroncities with me (unbidden as it were), but I found it notable that my parents told me these things randomly, when I hadn’t brought up the subject. (Rebecca has shared with me many notable synchronicities, but I talk to her about them all the time, so for all I know I’m putting ideas in her head, though I have no reason to believe she is so suggestible.)


Two pretty cool ones today. Yesterday, while cutting grass, I distinctly thought about killing a young plant before it could grow. The thought started when I did just that, knocking down thorn bushes before they could grow. Then, while out with Tim today, I heard the Bob Marley song (Eric Clapton version) “I Shot The Sheriff,” in which one of the lyrics mentions killing things before they can grow. This in itself isn’t very notable, except for two things: 1) I had actually turned off my truck, and therefore the radio, before this lyric came on. I only heard it because I had to turn it back on briefly (several seconds) in order to put up one of the (power) windows, and in that tiny little window, the lyric was playing on the radio. And, 2) because I had actually planned to be out with Tim later today, but I was able to pick him up earlier; if I hadn’t have changed my plans like this, I wouldn’t have heard the lyric. Besides that, it was mildly notable as a recurrence, but the background of it upgrades it a bit.

Then, almost as cool: while getting ready to go today, I thought of how I’ve never given Tim my cellphone number, after having it for years. I thought this distinctly. Then, not two hours later, while taking him on errands, he asked me, out of the blue, why I didn’t have a cellphone, to which I answered that I did, to which he promptly asked me for my number. Besides being pretty notable in itself, it fits that sort of preconception synchro I’ve had in the past.


A cool one today. Last night, I read part of the Ra material, in which it mentioned "distortions" of thinking and perception. This stayed with me for some reason, even though it was nothing new to me. All last night and this morning, I kept thinking of "distortions of thought" in various ways and contexts. Then, around lunchtime, I went to the library to get a new book. I'd planned on getting one novel, but when I went to the row it was on, it was blocked by someone, forcing me to go down the adjacent row and enter from the other end. When I did this, I was Compelled to look at the B's, even though I wanted the L's. There, 'A Clockwork Orange' jumped out at me. I took it out, and was equally Compelled to look at its back cover and read the blurbs (which I never do, by principle). The first blurb: "A brilliant novel ... a savage satire on teh distortions of the single and collective mind." Notable since it mentions, specifically, a distortion of the *mind,* in the exact same context I'd been thinking of it the last day (when I don't think I've ever heard it used in that context outside of the Ra material). Doubly interesting is that in the book's introduction, it mentions 3 x 7 and 21, continuing that ongoing recurrence, whatever the hell it means.


Another one of those days with a lot of minor, otherwise unnotable recurrence and the like, just enough to make me recognize it. I guess the most coherent would be that, in Rebecca’s email this morning, she mentioned traps, and then, in ‘The Orchard Keeper’ this evening, the book mentioned traps.


A weird one today. While reading ‘The Orchard Keeper,’ I thought, randomly, of raising a barn, like Amish do. A few sentences down, I then read, “Were you raised in a barn?” At first I thought it was just subconscious reading ahead, but then I ruled it out, for two reasons: 1) I could trace the source of the barn-raising thought, to a line in the book which involved a frame house (in a barn-raising, they raise the frames), and 2) the part with “Were you raised in a barn?” was on the next page over, though it was just a couple sentences after I read about the frame house and thought of raising a barn. The weirdness is how it was a totally different archetype, but the same words, like how some of these are. I find it notable, since this happened within the space of seconds and I could trace the thought and rule out subconscious reading-ahead.


Not quite sure of this is synchronicity, but it's really cool. While shuffling the tarot cards this morning for daily one-card reading, I Noticed that Ace of Clubs I found conspicuously last year, seeing it very distinctly from in the same drawer I keep the tarot deck. I actually had the distinct thought that I'd get the Ace of Stones, thinking that the Ace of Clubs was its tarot counterpart -- and I did draw the Ace of Stones. But, here's the cool part: I went online and double-checked, and its the Ace of *Wands* which is the Ace of Clubs' tarot counterpart -- but I'd thought it was the Ace of Stones, which I drew. And no, it is impossible I knew subconsciously where the Ace of Stones was in the deck. The card isn't bent or with any other distinguishing characteristics.


A cool, though lewd, one today. While fixing lunch today, I had the completely random thought of how Zakk Wylde, at a Black Label Society concert I attended, once talked about how he planned on putting his tongue up his woman’s asshole. I think it stemmed from my hearing in my head an Ozzy Osbourne song I listened to last night, on which Zakk Wylde played. Anyway, at lunch, less than an hour later, I read in ‘The Fugitive Game’ book about Kevin Mitnick how someone used the term “ass tonguer” as code for something or other.


Cool recurrence today. Last night, in Rebecca’s email, she mentioned the French Foreign Legion, and it was either the first I’ve seen it in a while or the first I’ve heard of it period. In any case, today, in ‘The Fugitive Game’ book, it mentioned the French Foreign Legion.


Some cool recurrence at lunch. While at the Mellow Mushroom with Rebecca, I Noticed a heading on the menu titled “Avocados.” I don’t know what it referred to, but it stood out to me very distinctly, in that way I’ve come to identify. Then, minutes after, I remembered I had to get something out of my truck, so I walked to it outside, which forced me to pass the next car up. There, in the car’s back seat, right up against the window, were two large avocados, which I had to pass to get to my truck. It wouldn’t be so notable if 1) the menu heading hadn’t stood out to me so distinctly, and in that way I’ve come to recognize, and 2) if it hadn’t have happened so close together and in just that specific way.

Also, on the way in to Goodwill, Rebecca and I were talking, offhand, about breathing exercises. Then, just as I finished talking on the subject, we went to the DVD/CD rack, and the first thing on the first rack I looked at was a movie called "The Air I Breathe" -- easily nothing, but it was very "synchronistic." Then, while looking at the books, a song came on the radio, "Second Hand News" by Fleetwood Mac. Immediately, in that perfectly synchronistic way, my book-browsing came to a book titled 'Rumors' just as the song came on, coinciding as if cued. "Second Hand News" is the first track on the album 'Rumours.'


Really cool one today. Very similar to the one on 5:11, when I turned on my truck, saw the time was 5:11 just before it flipped to 5:12, and then had it repeat a few minutes later, when I turned on my truck again after getting gas and saw my stereo’s display flip from 5:11 to 5:12, now from the CD I had in. Today, I turned on my truck and wanted to know what time it was, saw 4:04 from the CD’s track timer, and then, a couple seconds later when it changed to the time, the time was 4:04. It’s especially cool considering that 44 or 404 is one of the repeat numbers I’ve been seeing like crazy lately. It also bears mentioning that I haven’t been listening to CDs in my truck for weeks now, but then just felt Compelled to listen to one today.


First, had some minor recurrence this afternoon, when reading the book ‘The Body Electric.’ In it, the first chunk of the book was about regeneration and salamanders and research into this general subject, along with the regeneration of plants. The first thing that struck me was that I’ve been having these random thoughts of regeneration for the last couple days, and also, in this morning’s email from Rebecca, she mentioned weeds regenerating. This could be absolutely nothing, but the timing of it all just makes it somewhat notable in my mind.

Then, two pretty cool ones tonight, both centering around the movie 'The Neverending Story' (lately, I thought distinctly but randomly of this movie, for the first time in maybe a decade, and then it turned up at Ram's Rack when I went there with Rebecca the other day, maybe a couple days after I had the thought; felt Compelled to buy it). The first was that, just before I decided to finally get around to watching this movie tonight (I've been planning to watch it for days, but kept having other things come up), I went and researched celery juice and inflammation. The first and only website I read about it on featured an ad (which I've never seen before) for some vitamin company, featuring a mock-up picture of a woman eating a rock, with the caption "Are your vitamins rocks?" or something to that effect. Then, maybe 5 minutes later in 'The Neverending Story' movie, it showed a creature which ate rocks, the "rockbiter." Not only was the archetype there, but the way in which the creature actually ate the rock, and the shape of the rock in question, was almost identical to the woman in the ad. Very notable. Then, late on while watching the movie, I had some random chain of thought which ended with me doubting myself on something or other -- and then, immediately after I'd doubted myself, the boy in the movie was yelled at, "Don't doubt yourself!" This was so perfectly synchronous, occurring right after I distinctly doubted myself, that I find it highly, highly notable. It was one of those "living-dream" moments.


While at Earthfare, I was thinking of juicing my celery when I got home -- when, immediately as I thought that, in that distinctly synchronistic way, I noticed that I was standing beside a display of juicing machines. My immediate thought was subconscious triggering, but I rejected that as fast, because I could trace back my thoughts of juicing celery to before I'd even walked into the store (I was in the store to buy celery for juicing, and it was the first stop I made). Notable, considering that I could discount subconscious triggering and that the thought of the act of juicing coincided perfectly with seeing the juicers.


Some recurrence. Recently, maybe 3-4 days ago, I went through a chain of Wikipedia articles which led me to that on semantics and how they seem to have a certain brain-wave signature in some people (I can’t even remember what the initial subject of research was). Then, today, in ‘The Body Electric,’ it mentioned that exact same thing, when I’d never before known this. The interesting thing is that the book had absolutely nothing to do with psychology, but was instead about the body’s electromagnetic properties.


A repeat of the other day when I was thinking distinctly of the Ace of Clubs and drew the Ace of Stones from the deck, when I was (mistakenly) believing that the Ace of Clubs was the tarot’s Stones equivalent. Today while shuffling the cards, I was looking at that Spanish Knight of Stones equivalent tarot card I’d found mysteriously at one of my lawns, and I drew the Knight of Stones, for the first time since January. Also, I drew it upside down, which was the way the Spanish tarot card was sitting in the drawer.

A somewhat incredible one happened at lunch. It started with a very intense, very complicated, and very emotionally "sickening" dream that I had last night. When I awoke from it and analyzed it, I had the distinct thought of, "If there were otherworldly creatures who wanted to try and get a negative emotional response from me for fun, that dream would've been it" (the dream involved personal elements from childhood experiences seemingly "woven" together in order to rouse me emotionally, in just the right way). Then, at lunch today, in the book 'Operators and Things,' it depicted *exactly that*: a woman who, while psychotic, claims to have had otherworldly beings play a game with her mind, in which the objective was to rouse her emotionally and get a reaction. The kicker: the book is non-fiction.


A couple minor recurrences today. This morning, I wrote some notes on the Personality chapter of the book, including how the subconscious mind is compartmentalized, and also I compared the mind to a car/motor in these notes. Then, less than an hour later, I read in ‘Operators and Things’ both mention of how the subconscious is compartmentalized and a passage comparing the mind to a car/motor. There were several other, less notable recurrences between these notes and the book as well. Not a huge hit, but still pretty cool, considering I had no idea what the book was about to go into (and how my starting this chapter and the book would coincide).


Some pretty cool recurrences today. It started at lunch with my parents, when two topics came up completely randomly and out of the blue: how veins can become inflamed, and marble countertops. The veins was kind of vague, but significant, because I’d just within the last couple days realized that I’ve had a “cool” feeling in my veins for some reason (after taking a certain supplement, I think), which would suggest that my veins were previously inflamed (I didn’t know that veins could become inflamed). Then, the marble countertops factored into my starting to read ‘The Bourne Identity’ today, in which marble countertops were mentioned, along with mental projection (when I’d just this morning realized that I needed to write a chapter about projection in the book, and noted it), and, most notably, “Caesar’s taxes.” Maybe fifteen minutes before I’d read of the taxes, I’d had the most random thought of “Render to Caesar what is Caesar’s,” the New Testament verse which referred to taxes. This thought was so specific that I even said it aloud, I can’t even remember exactly why (it was a vague offshoot from some equally vague thought).


A damn cool thought synchro today. Just as I was sitting down for lunch, I saw my book sitting beside my food and I thought of how I always read while I eat lunch. Then, immediately after, I noticed the cover of a newspaper on the table, which read “eat Reads.” I found that notable enough, but the cool part was that the newspaper really read “Great Reads,” but the “Gr” was covered up by a piece of paper on top of it, so that it read “eat Reads” perfectly.


Thought synchro. While cutting grass today, I got the song “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” in my head. It was still looping through my head when I finished one part of the lawn and went to the next, and just as the “papa was a rolling stone” part came up, I came across a Rolling Rock beercan, these coinciding in that perfectly synchronistic way. Notable, I think, since I can definitely say the thought wasn’t triggered by the can.


A minor one, after a virtual drought. Yesterday, I had to look in the HAARP book in regards to a concept I’d read in there, what I thought would apply to my book. I didn’t find the concept, but while flipping through it, I did see two things: first, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” which has been a recurring theme for me lately, starting when I felt Compelled to watch Fantasia, and in maybe 3-4 different places since. Then, second, “cyclotron,” which I Noticed, then it turned up in ‘The Cuckoo’s Egg’ today, when I felt Compelled to start reading it. Mildly notable, considering how I Just Happened to look in the HAARP book and Notice “cyclotron,” then felt so Compelled to start reading the other book today.

Also, a pretty notable recurrence. This afternoon, I thought very distinctly of how, in ‘Operators and Things,’ the author wrote about how abandonment is a woman’s primary fear. This then migrated to me thinking, randomly, if Rebecca feared abandonment, just as a matter of course since she’s a woman. Then, in her latest email which I read tonight, she expressly said that: that she fears abandonment. I don’t believe she’s ever mentioned that before. And, also cool, is that she sent the email yesterday but I haven’t had time to read it until tonight, just hours after I had the thought about her fear of abandonment.

[6/9 update on the second: as it turned out, Rebecca *had* mentioned to me a fear of abandonment previously, on 1/13/13, approximately 5 months before I had this thought. So, it's quite possible that my thinking of the woman's comment in 'Operators and Things' subconsciously touched on this memory (though, at the time, I had zero conscious awareness of it if it did). But, the synchronicity would still remain, now just as a simple, but notable, recurrence.]


Very minor recurrence: Oakland, CA. This featured in the first part of ‘Cuckoo’s Egg’ that I read yesterday, and then, today, when tracking the battery I ordered a couple days ago, I saw that it passed through Oakland, CA on its last stop. I wouldn’t note this except that I can’t remember the last I’ve seen Oakland, CA reference (if ever?), and then I see it twice in 24 hours, like so many of these.


Cool recurrence: another “sorcerer’s apprentice,” now at the very end of ‘The Cuckoo’s Egg.’ Doubly notable since it was in the HAARP book I Just Happened to look through just before starting ‘Cuckoo’s Egg,’ in which the two had cyclotron, and the HAARP book had the next-to-last “sorcerer’s apprentice.” Sort of a delayed recurrence.


A cool little recurrence involving Goodwill. I went there this morning for a new chair, which I got. Before leaving I Noticed a shelf of cleaning bottles for sale, which turned out to be "Adhesive Remover." Then, about 30 minutes later, upon getting home, I went to take the tape off my new chair. As it turned out, the tape left adhesive goo on the chair, that which would've been taken off with adhesive remover. It was the first I've seen adhesive remover for years, since maybe before the sign shop moved; but, it was the first I've ever *needed* adhesive remover myself.


A cool recurrence, occurring within the space of minutes. While writing an email to Rebecca this evening, I somehow mentioned the movie character Clark Griswald, with triggered a thought of the "Brief Grislys" anthology I have a story in (Griswald, Grislys, straight-up memory association). Well, a few minutes later, I noticed I had another email come in, so I checked it -- and it was the announcement that Brief Grislys has been published. Cool.


Cool thought synchros this morning. Both were while listening to music and driving. First was hearing “I got nasty habits,” coinciding perfectly with my thinking, in a totally unconnected chain of thought, about nasty mental habits of certain people. Then, when I got home and parked, I parked in one place, then figured I should move up to the next space, as to make it easier for my dad to park behind me when I got home. Immediately as I was thought this, the song said “a space in my parking lot.”


some really got recurrences today. Both involved completely random, yet distinct, thoughts I had this morning, as has happened many times with this phenomenon. The first thought was how hard it is to program a VCR (or, rather how hard people used to think it, as was popular), and how I once put black tape over a readout to cover the blinking 12:00; I can't remember what train of thought led to this, or if there even was one. Then, similarly, I thought distinctly of Andy Warhol, and the song of this title by David Bowie. I'm not sure what, but something about the latter made me think, distinctly, "I am going to see this again sometime soon, somehow." I have no logical reason why I thought this; it was just some quality about the Andy Warhol thought that reminded me of past such intuitive predictions, much like that time I predicted seeing young men with red beards. Well, approximately an hour after the Andy Warhol thought and my thinking so strongly that I would see it again, Andy Warhol was mentioned in the 'Motley Fool's Rule Breakers, Rule Makers' book I'm reading, which is highly notable in itself, considering how I identified that "recurrence" feeling and predicted this, and that the recurrenced happened so soon after, but there's also the fact that this is a *stock investing* book, and would be about the last place you'd expect to read about Andy Warhol. Yet, there it was, and not just a passing mention either, but several pages concerning how he made a brand of himself in the business sense. And, soon after that, it mentioned how difficult it is to program a VCR, also, when I don't remember the last I'd heard of that old idea, not surprising considering that VCRs have about died off (though, I didn't get that distinct "recurrence" feeling about the VCR thought). Also, there were two other somewhat notable word synchros, both in this book: "conference room," which I wrote about in the book this morning, when I needed an example for something (I came up with the stuff involving the conference room completely randomly and unplanned, and, also, I wasn't even sure if there was such a thing as a "conference room," and I remember distinctly thinking this after I'd written it); and then, "gravitational pull," which I also wrote of this morning, then read it several hours later. The "gravitational pull" one was doubly interesting because I felt Compelled to put it in the book in regards to how crowds and groups can "suck you in"; it first occurred to me yesterday but I forgot it, and then it occurred to me last night, and then finally it occurred to me again while writing the group influence part of the book this morning. Overall, some damn cool ones.


A couple thought synchros. The first was minor: thinking of a cellphone immediately prior to Rebecca's cellphone ringing. Another was bit more notable, however: my thinking of a dyed, neon-blue beard, immediately before Rebecca mentioned exactly that, with nothing that would suggest that -- it was completely random, both on my thinking it and Rebecca saying it. And no, I didn't voice this to her (not that I had time). Pretty cool.


A couple word synchros today: “lost in the shuffle” and “masochism,” both written in the book this morning and then in the ‘Rule Makers, Rule Breakers’ book at lunchtime, maybe three hours later. Not too notable except that 1) they aren’t the most common of words, especially masochism (can’t remember the last I thought or read of masochism), 2) they recurred pretty quickly, and 3) I’ve been seeing a higher than average number of these lately, many of them abiding by this same formula of being in the book I’m writing this morning, then the book I’m reading at lunch or evening.


Another word synchro like those I've been having lately: "back office." I thought of this, entirely randomly, last night, in the form of the Microsoft Back Office software, I can't even remember what from. I distinctly remember it because afterward I had the thought, "What exactly is a back office? Is that an actual thing, or just some arbitrary software name?" Then, today, when starting the 'Big Secret for the Small Investor' book (which I was Compelled to read, in favor of the other book I'd planned on, out of nowhere), it mentioned a business's back office in the first few pages. Notable considering the circumstances and timing, but also because it seemed to answer that question I'd had of whether a back office actually existed. Also, equally notable, was that this book mentioned Shakespeare and Hamlet, when, just last night, the end of the 'Rule Breakers, Rule Makers' book mentioned Shakespeare and Hamlet. Not only is this a word synchro/recurrence, but is additionally notable considering that it involves two stock/business books mentioning Shakespeare and Hamlet in particular -- very unlikely, I would think.


Cool thought synchro. While working out, just as I hit the 10th rep of an exercise, someone on the radio said “ten, eleven,” just as I counted “ten” in my head, and then went on the 11th rep, as to coincide perfectly, in that distinctly synchronistic way. Also of note is that the only reason I heard the radio was because my MP3 player’s battery died a few minutes earlier.

[6/29 update: Rebecca sent me this email, in regards to the tweet of this synchro: “[Saw] your tweet a minute ago, got up to take a glass to the kitchen, looked at the clock. 10:11 I had to laugh.”]


Oh, so many today. First, I had tons of minor, random synchros all through the day, more than I can list -- another one of "these days." But there were also several pretty notable and coherent ones. First, a thought synchro: I thought distinctly of pulling into a driveway and parking, immediately before the song I was listening to said "pulling into your driveway." I'd listened to this CD before, so I could foreseeably have subconsciously predicted this lyric; however, I can distinctly retrace the chain of thought which led to my thinking of pulling in the driveway (it was about feeding the pig at the Vilas house), ruling this out. Also of note, the song I was listening to was called "Read Your Mind." I laughed my ass off. Then, later on, I thought of the numbers 9 and 11 a split second before I came up upon a sign reading "9" below "11." And, just like the last one, I can distinctly retrace my thought of 9 and 11 to a completely unrelated chain of though (the spiritual experience thing I read a long time ago). Then, just when I was about to cut the sign shop, a man came out from it and started toward a car parked in the lawn I needed to cut. This was excellent timing to start with, since I would prefer that the car had been moved, but also, the man, from out of nowhere, engaged me in conversation on my Honda mower (I'd never met this man before in my life). This was notable from the get-go, because he is the third stranger in the last couple months to out of nowhere engage me on Honda mowers and praise how great they are (the first was the day manager at the dump, who usually ignores me completely, and the other was the real-estate guy about a week ago). However, it gained notability when the guy mentioned, as randomly, how Hondas can run on no oil and not suffer damage -- when, just 3 days ago I'd put oil in this mower, concerned that it might be getting low (after adding it, the mower seems to run quieter, suggesting that it did in fact need oil; though, I can't really be sure if this is just in my head or not). Regardless of whether my mower actually needed oil or not, there still remains the archetype of "Honda mower and oil" (and, if you count my being concerned over whether it needed oil or not, "Honda's running on little to no oil"). Overall, a really cool day, with so many synchros it had that magical, living-dream feel to it.


A bit of recurrence between yesterday and today: a Daihatsu Rocky car, sighted three times within the last day. It started yesterday when, randomly and in a very unlikely way, I drove over by the old jail (in search of a flea market and a new mower which, when I found it, was closed). Then I saw another one (or perhaps it was the same one) on the way to cut grass this morning, then saw another (or the same) parked on the way home. In any case, reasonably unlikely on all three accounts, and also somewhat notable because a Daihatsu Rocky of that approximate year and its exact color was my first car (for all I know, it *was* my first car, since it was sold locally). Reminds me of the horoscope I saw upon turning 18 and getting the car (which may just have coincided with Jupiter arriving in Cancer).

Also, a damn cool recurrence. Today in the ‘Alive’ book, it mentioned how there was a flight manual in which chapter 34 was titled “Communications.” I noticed this because I’m just today finishing up the “Communication” chapter in the book. This set me to wondering what chapter number mine was, because the numbering’s gotten screwed up since having decided to split the book into three. So I went and manually counted the chapter numbers, and damned if my “Communication” chapter is the 34th, as the book is currently structured. Wow … just, wow.


A couple more thought synchros this morning, just like those I’ve been experiencing lately where I’m driving around and some song lyric corresponds with a distinct thought I’m having at just that same moment, this originating from an entirely unrelated chain of thought, etc. Today it was “standing alone on the steps” or something to that effect, perfectly coinciding with a stray thought of me standing alone on the steps of that house I’m thinking of buying. The other was “did the best I could,” which wasn’t as exact but did apply very much to what I was thinking at the time.


Some cool thought synchros today. First, this morning I was thinking, randomly but distinctly, of the veil phenomenon. I can't remember what led to it, but the important fact is that I thought of it before church. Then, during church, I all the sudden thought of it again -- just seconds before the pastor went into a discourse on the veil (different concepts, but still). It was one of those perfectly synchronous coincidings, but it was close enough to be highly notable. Also, the pastor's mention came out of nowhere; beforehand, he wasn't saying anything related to a veil -- nothing that would make me think of it again, in any case.

Then, when going to Aidan’s birthday party at the park, a classic thought synchro, just like those I’ve been having lately where I’ll hearing a song lyric coinciding with either a thought or an actual event. This time it was “never parked in anyone’s space” coinciding perfectly with my parking in the park’s parking lot.

Then, while replying to Rebecca's email tonight, I mentioned how I've learned to very carefully toe around when I'm walking in the dark, as not to step on cats. Then, maybe an hour later, I read in the SAS tracking book about the "ghost walk," which is a means of walking very quietly, which requires you to toe around with your feet when taking each step -- precisely how I'd described it to Rebecca.


Another day of a bunch of small, individually unnotable recurrences. Such as, while taking around Tim, I Noticed some briar pipes for sale, and then, by chance, I listened to a Doors album later on which mentioned a briar pipe. Lots of little things like that, all easily coincidences on their own, but just enough for me to recognize it as another one of these “unnotable-onslaught” days.


A really cool one this evening. I sat down and felt Compelled to open up this random guide to rewards for my mom's credit card. I obeyed, and on the third or fourth page, I read "Charitable donation." Immediately, coinciding perfectly with this, my mom said, from the other room, "I'm going to donate this chair to Goodwill," or something along those lines -- a charitable donation, in any case. She said this totally randomly, after not saying anything at all for a while. There's no way I could have possibly coordinated this subconsciously. A genuine synchronicity.

Also, my mom told me one that happened to her recently. Last week, she started reading a book called ‘Smoke Jumper,’ about elite firefighters who drop into forest fires and the like. The book involved such firefighters jumping into a fire and dying. Shortly afterward (I believe she said 2-3 days), there came over the news that a group of elite firefighters, exactly like those in the book, died in a forest fire. Then, additionally, in the book it detailed a maneuver in which one wraps themselves in a fireproof material in order to live through a fire, and, shortly after she read this, she turned on the TV and saw just this technique being demonstrated. Really cool if it happened as she described. This is all secondhand so I can’t really say the specifics, but I see no obvious reason why she would lie about it.


A bunch today. The first was at lunch, when at the end of the SAS Tracking book, it had a chapter on the human gait, which included a diagram of the human foot, showing how pressure is focused on the ball of the foot. Just two days ago, I'd Noticed how, in my main grass-cutting shoes, there was an area of wear right at that point on the ball (there's a big hole in the shoe is the only way I saw this), and then, just yesterday, I was thinking, distinctly, of how that must mean that that's where pressure accumulates. A mildly notable recurrence, in any case. Then, a more notable, pretty cool recurrence: while driving to the chiropractor's this morning, I Noticed, very distinctly, on the way a paving or landscaping project, I don't know which, being held up with wood, creating a retaining embankment -- which, just a couple hours later, I would learn is called a "bund," because the SAS Tracking book had several pages devoted to how to lay such an embankment when setting a plaster cast of a print. Very notable.

Then, this afternoon while driving around Tim, he bought a new dog chain for his dog -- an expensive, heavy one, the heaviest they had. Just some days ago, I'd thought, randomly but distinctly, about his dog and how it's tied up around back, with a distinct emphasis on how good a chain the dog has (because it's a biter, and I have to cut around it, making it lunge at me and be held back only by its chain). I remember wondering if the dog had ever got loose, and today after buying the chain, Tim told me how he was buying it because twice the chain had broken and the dog had gotten loose. Holy crap.

Then, while working out in the gym, had a thought synchro I can’t remember precisely, but it was yet another instance of thinking something, in a totally unrelated chain of thought, then having it recur instantly in the music I was listening to, in that perfectly synchronistic way.

Also, had a ton of minor, less coherent synchro mixed in with all these, including a lot of number synchro (saw 37 and its variants a million times today). Overall, a highly synchornistic day.


I’m not sure if this was a synchronicity, or just some irony, but today I got a notice from the DMV that I owed $50.00 for my two-day insurance lapse. In the same bunch of mail, I got a $50.00 gift card that was a rebate for my new phone. Also, another bit of coincidence: the gift card was a Visa, and I got a new Visa credit card in the mail today also.

Also, one from my dad: he was meeting someone about a rental, a father and daughter in a parking lot in a certain type and color of truck. He pulled up, and there was a truck with a man and young woman in it, the same make, model, and color as described, there at the same appointed time. My dad went up and asked them if they were looking for "a place," and they answered yes. My dad then said to follow him (to the rental), but when he left they never moved. He was just turning around to go back, when he got a phone call -- from the people looking for the rental, wanting to know where he was. He went back to the parking lot, and there beside the truck with the man and young woman he'd gone to was another truck the same make, model, and color, with another man and young woman in it, these the real people looking for the rental. Now, if this happened the way he said it did, I would find it highly notable. But I didn't experience it personally so I can't verify it.

Then, tonight, a minor one which may be nothing. A couple weeks ago, I had a strange dream in which me and my brother’s girlfriend were running from a giant worm that was chasing us through a desert area. My brother’s girlfriend is named Jessica. Two days ago, Tim mentioned the movie ‘Dune,’ and I instantly felt Compelled to watch it. Tonight I did so, and in it was a scene in which a man and a woman are running from a giant worm almost identical to that in my dream, in a desert area. The woman’s name was Jessica. However, despite those similarities, it could still easily be a coincidence. Still, notable because of the woman’s name being Jessica and the worm and locale being so similar to those in my dream.


Classic thought synchro this afternoon. Just after lunch, I was looking at a plastic bag on the counter, and had the distinct, yet totally random, thought that I could put my coffee in it and tie it up -- very distinctly was the "tying it up" part, as to be central to the thought (the bag in question was long, very tie-up-able). Immediately as I thought this, my dad said, from the other room, "You going to tie up that bag?" (in reference to a bag of garbage). It happened in that perfectly synchronistic way, and there's no way I could have subconsciously anticipated my dad saying what he did, nor when (he'd been silent until then -- no ongoing conversation, in other words).


Some damn cool ones, all at lunch today, and all involving the used Kindle I felt so Compelled to buy. I got the Kindle Monday, and as it happened, it came preloaded with several books, all of which jumped out at me and I felt Compelled to read. I started today at lunch, and the first synchro was a word: "rose-colored glasses." This one was notable, both because I had just this morning edited the chapter of my book in which I used it (meant to edit that part last night, but was too tired), and because of the way this came about: not only was it on the Kindle I just got, but in the book I had no intention of reading until I got the Kindle and saw it on there (hadn't even known existed until then). Then, the next one is a combo of thought/word/and subject synchro? As I was reading this book on the Kindle, it came to a chapter on Stockholm Syndrome and how people can enter into a skewed line of thinking from it, to the point that someone may perceive their abusive captor as "good" and defend them/stick with them/etc. The whole time I'm reading this chapter, my parents were having a conversation at the table around me. Eventually, their conversation got around to someone who was in an abusive relationship and kept going back to this person, which culminated in my dad asking, "Just why would someone *do* that?" Right as he asked this, I read in the Kindle book the end of the chapter on Stockholm Syndrome, in which it was describing how people in abusive relationships can continue them under their own will -- the exact answer to the question my dad has just asked. It was notable enough in itself, considering the subject reflected that of my parents' conversation (which occurred in that distinctly synchronistic way), but then doubly so since the book seemed to "answer" my dad's question. (I hadn't mentioned anything about was I was reading to my parents, hadn't so much as said a word to them -- they reached the subject entirely on their own.) After this happened, I *did* mention it to my parents, telling them about how my book had seemed to answer my dad and about Stockholm Syndrome and such, and upon my doing so, my mom said, "Oh, like Patty Hearst?" Then, on the very next page I read, it mentioned Patty Hearst by name. The last wasn't too notable, considering that Patty Hearst was logically related to the subject of Stockholm Syndrome, but I thought I would mention it in any case.

Also, like the word synchro, the book I was reading mentioned psychological role-playing, which had also been in the chapter of my book which I was editing this morning (in fact, the whole book thus far has, more or less, touched on the subject of the chapter I'm editing -- when I didn't even start reading the book until *after* I'd edited the chapter. Additionally, there's nothing in the book's title, which is 'How To Protect Yourself From Conmen' or something along those lines, to suggest this -- not that I could've known anyway, since I Just Happened to come to be editing this sequential chapter in my book this morning.)


Pretty cool synchro at lunch, again with the Kindle book on sociopaths and con men. This morning, I edited the "Projection" chapter of the book, and when I sat down to lunch, about two hours afterward, the second page of the conman book started into a section on projection -- very, very notable. Besides the fact that my editing and this book converged, there was no way I could have subconsciously synchronized them if I'd wanted to, since the conman book hadn't mentioned projection before that section (or gave any indication that the subject would be included in the book).


Had several random thought synchros today -- ones which would have, at one time, been highly notable, but now feel routine, just like with the number synchro and the like. For instance, I started re-reading the Ra transcriptions today, and while doing so I finally learned how to read it effectively, by suspending reaction/mind etc. Then, on the very next page after I thought that, the transcription described exactly what I was thinking, how you have to silence your mind, etc, in order to receive. Lots of those like that today, but that one was the most coherent.


Pretty cool recurrence. It started just before lunch, when I had a few minutes to kill and felt Compelled to rip the Blood, Sweat, and Tears CD I just got onto my computer. While it copied, I looked through the CD’s booklet and Noticed, very distinctly, a picture of a man in one of those floppy, ornamented hats popular in the 60s. Then, not 30 minutes later, I went downstairs and my mom takes out nothing other than one of those hats. Strangely, she’d found it while cleaning out the hallway, where it was filled with old records, being used as a folder of sorts.


Pretty notable recurrence. Last night while starting editing on the second Learn Yourself book, I hinted how mental “armor” could be thought of as energy armor. Then, in the Ra material at lunch today, it mentioned how chakra energy can create energetic “armor,” using this term exactly.


Cool one after I worked out today. When I was about to back from my parking space, I looked right, down the parking lot, toward the Auto Nut, where I noticed my parents' blue Hyundai Santa Fe (I want to say I Noticed it, but this might just have been because I recognized it as my parents' car). That was when I looked right; when I looked left, a split-second after, a blue Hyundai Santa Fe whipped past on the highway nearby. This is notable for three reasons: first, the timing was absolutely impeccable, coinciding in that perfectly synchronistic way I've come to recognize; second, where I was parked, there was only a small portion of the highway visible (the gap between the two buildings I was parked between), so it wasn't like I could look down the road and see the other Santa Fe -- the window for it to be visible was very, very small, and I Just Happened to look then; and three, because the Santa Fe was the exact same color and the same approximate year as that of my parents', so that the two appeared identical. Really cool, even for me.


A notable word synchro: “votive,” first in the Ra material at lunch, and then in the proof for “Comforting Mrs. Madigan” this evening. Pretty notable, since 1) it’s a pretty uncommon word and I hadn’t heard it for months (perhaps years), and 2) I’d been putting off doing this proof for the last two days.


Had some of that "precognition"-type synchro I've noted in the past, where I'll think of something a split second before it happens. It started yesterday, actually, when I walked out of Food Lion and past a parked car. I felt strongly that it was about to back up, but its reverse lights were off and I could see no reason why it should back up, so I didn't think much of it -- but then it did back up, right after I thought that. The same happened this morning, when I went down to the first stop sign down the road and thought distinctly of a guy who runs in that area and how I should check for him coming up my blindside -- and, right after I turned, there he was, just as I'd "envisioned" him (I couldn't have seen him because of the curve). Then, as I was passing him, I thought of how I needed to get back in my lane to avoid getting hit by a car coming around the curve, and just after I thought that, a card did just that (though this could've easily been coincidence, other than the timing). Then, when cutting the motel today, I noticed a motorcycle and thought of how its owner, who owns a red truck, wasn't there -- a split second before he pulled up. All these could be nothing; I only find them notable because they fit past experiences.


A mild one this afternoon. When I started up my truck, I looked at the radio readout to see the time. First, however, it showed the track time of the CD in the radio, which was “0:21” at startup. As it so happened, the song was called “Twenty-One.”


A couple mild but notable recurrences. This morning, while editing the companion book, I finished the chapter on body awareness, in which I mentioned the means of mentally ignoring pain; also, I read an email from Rebecca in which she mentioned another of her EM-flux incidents in which she screwed with a computer. Then, at lunch, maybe an hour after, I read in the Ra material about both of these things, albeit indirectly. The ignoring-pain stuff was only hinted at, but I’m pretty sure it was exactly what I was referring to. Also, it mentioned how the woman who channeled Ra was prone to anomalous EM conditions which screwed with a tape recorder.


A really cool one this morning. The day started off with a cluster of minor thought synchros, such as my thinking about how I felt to be in an “expansive” stage just as the Steely Dan song I was listening to mentioned “the expanding man,” and then the pastor’s sermon at church had one after another thought synchro, where there were things mentioned in passing that were almost exactly what I was thinking of in an entirely unrelated chain of thought. However, the cool one came after lunch, on the way home.

It started on the route I chose. Normally, I always go a certain route home from church, but today I felt very strongly and distinctly Compelled to go a different way. Then, soon after, I was behind someone who blatantly blew a red light, never slowing down, so much that I nearly followed them (the light was behind a tree branch and I didn't see it was red until I was on top of it). Upon seeing this happen, it triggered a chain of thought which led to me thinking of the Archetypical Mind and the Logos as described in the Ra material -- immediately before I looked up and saw a sign reading "Logos," in that perfectly synchronistic way. Really cool.


A whole day of random, minor synchros (or, minor now at least). But, one stood out: two days ago, I had that feeling that I was part of an "organization" again -- very strong. Then, yesterday, I felt Compelled to look up Wanderers in the Cassiopaen transcripts. When I did this, totally by chance (in the middle of the day, when I'm not even usually on my computer), I went through a great big search, branching off in all kinds of directions, until I randomly came to the book 'Bringers of the Dawn.' Today, halfway through this book, it stated, literally, that certain people (of which I seem to fit the criteria) are part of an "organization" of sorts. Maybe nothing, but the highly unlikely way that it came about yesterday (fitting that same MO of "arranged" things) and my just distinctly feeling like part of an "organization" just two days ago, makes it notable.


Had a lot of minor, otherwise unnotable thought synchros today. Mostly, I kept on seeing what I was just thinking, while reading (usually single words, etc). For instance, I had just drawn the 4 of Swords tarot card, which has on it a sleeping person, then immediately afterward got up to put on my router. Upon getting up, my eyes were drawn involuntarily to the “Snooze” button on my alarm clock. Little ones like that, all day.


Some cool ones this afternoon. First, while reading 'God's Pocket,' I somehow ended up thinking of how Rebecca told me randomly just two days ago that she was a biter (I can't remember if something in the book triggered this, or if it came up randomly -- I want to say randomly). Then, on the very next page, the book had, "And she was a biter," used in the same sexual context. Also, two synchros much like the "Snooze" from yesterday. First, I was thinking of how I wasn't going to take anymore vitamin E, on a totally separate chain of thought that started before I went in my bathroom to get ready to go, and right as the chain finished and I thought "no more vitamin E," I realized I was looking at "Vitamin E" on my bag of shaving razors in the medicine cabinet I'd just opened (being exposed to that and my thinking of vitamin E coincided in that perfectly synchronistic way). Then, a second later, I realized that I'd lain a reminder note reading "cheese" on top of the CD I'd just picked out to listen to this afternoon, 'Sailing the Seas of Cheese.' This last one was notable because I'd felt so Compelled to listen to it, to where it had jumped out at me from the rack (though, only its spine; I had no conscious thought of connecting it to my "cheese" note). Maybe nothing, but who knows.


Neat one at lunch today. I stopped reading the ‘Successful Investor’ briefly, to talk to my dad. Randomly, my dad started into how the town has changed so much since his coming here and how all the people he’d known had left. The last comment made me think, very distinctly, of how those people leaving would bring in a new group of people. Right after I thought this, I picked back up in the book and the first words were “The fresh faces,” used in the context of referring to new people replacing old. There’s no way this could’ve been subconscious reading ahead or whatever, because my dad’s conversation was what had triggered my thinking about new people replacing old. Cool.


Had the usual minor thought synchros, etc, today, those that have become so abundant I’ve stopped noting them unless there’s a lot. What stood out today, however, were the numbers: I saw 37 at least a couple dozen times, one after another, intermixed with the usual 33’s and other of “my” numbers. Most abundant was on license plates, and in ways that stood out. For instance, if I saw two or three 37’s in a row on license plates and then started subconscious looking at them and seeking it out, I’d stop seeing them. Then, as soon as I’d stop looking, they’d start popping up, and in ways I couldn’t ignore, such as cars turning in front of me, or passing billboards in special ways, etc. Another example was when I went to the phone book to look upt he closing attorney’s number. Not only did I flip directly to page 37, but it was in the “Attorneys” section of the yellow pages, and was the page with the number I needed (the flip was totally, completely random). I’ve never seen so many 37s as today.


Damn cool one this morning. Yesterday, I finally wrote a note to check on how to replace my weed eater's air filter, and then I did a couple Google searches this morning. The first synchro came just after that, when I did a search for "weed eater stalls air filter," and the very first hit involved a Stihl FS90 (my trimmer) -- maybe nothing. But then, in my last search, I was led to a page which talked about a "Troybuilt trimmer." Immediately after doing this business with the weedeater, I typed up my mom's letter to the editor, which mentioned name a couldn't quite read. I thought it was "Remmington Reliner," and when I Googled this to check, one of the first hits referenced "Remington shavers relin troybuilt trimmer."

Then, at lunch, a cool word/reading synchro: “fish.” I read it in the “Rule #1” book, and it coincided perfectly with my mom saying “fish,” from the other room. It was so perfectly coincidental, I had to ask her what she’d just said. (An adjunct to this was that I Noticed the fish keychain for dad’s car, which I used randomly, out of nowhere, to go to the chiropractor’s today. This Noticing took place maybe an hour before the “fish” synchro.)


Had another one of those reading/speaking synchros, exactly like yesterday except different words: “up there.” I was reading the ‘Rule #1’ book again, and again I read the words precisely when my mom spoke them, when she was in the other room and we hadn’t been talking to each other. Just like yesterday, there is zero chance this was any kind of a subconscious reading-ahead deal, or any kind of logical, rational situation (plus, considering this happened almost exactly the same two days in a row, coincidence becomes that much more unlikely).


Some cool ones today. This morning, while editing the second book, I had the distinct thought that I'd prefer a different Track Changes color than red, because it makes the misspelled words harder to see. But, I don't know how to change the color, and I didn't bother trying to find out. However, while I was editing Rebecca's notes, maybe a half hour after I thought I'd like a different color, the color changed from red to blue, just as I'd wanted. I think it had something to do with having Rebecca's version of it open at the same time, or having her edit mine -- hers had something to do with it, in any case. Then, the same sort of thing happened about an hour later: I was in bed, resting, and I wanted to know what time it was, but honestly didn't feel like getting up and checking. Maybe a minute later, someone called and left a message, and I could hear it from my bedroom, and the guy said, "It's about 11:40," so I got the time after all -- again, I thought about something I wanted, and it happened.

Also, on the way home, a pretty decent thought synchro. At the end of a long chain of thought about the stock market, I ended up thinking of the market’s auction system. Immediately as I thought this, perfectly coinciding, I passed a sign along the road reading “auction.”

Also, a minor one that may be nothing: this morning, I learned that there's a difference between "dependent" and "dependant," thanks to one of Rebecca's edits on the second book. It was a bit of a thing, because I'd used "dependant" in the wrong tense about five different times in the book. Then, this afternoon, a few hours later, "dependent" was in the 'Financial Planning' book I started -- used in the wrong tense, exactly like I'd been.


Maybe nothing, but a loose recurrence seems to be in progress. In 2004, just after I moved to this house, Marmalade the cat died, days after I moved, of old age. Now, just as I’m about to move again, Fuzzy the cat appears to be dying, also of old age. I doubt Fuzzy will last until I get up to the new house, but it’s still close enough that I can’t help but notice (the only other cat that’s died between 2004 and now is a cat that got hit by a car, none being put down because of old age).


Some minor word synchros: “a runner,” “hard-hitting,” a person who’s a “work in progress,” “the Ram” (nickname). Notable because of the way they appeared, mainly being in stuff I read or edited yesterday, then in a book I got at the library today, completely randomly, having never even heard of it until I was strangely Compelled to get it (‘Brain on Fire’). Also, interestingly, the woman who wrote the book said that one of her first symptoms was a general numbness, when I’ve just in the last few days been experiencing a mysterious numbness, in addition to many similar symptoms of her brain inflammation.

(9/16/13 update: got this follow-up from Rebecca today, from when she was skimming through this log in the book’s rough draft:

“Ok. Take this as you will, but I’ll send it along. I was scanning through the last draft you sent. Not “reading” it, just wandering through to see if anything would catch my eye. Well, something did.

“having never even heard of it until I was strangely Compelled to get it (‘Brain on Fire’).” Ok. This one is striking to me. I downloaded this as an audio book for my MP3 Player from the library. I checked to see when I did it and found that I’d gotten in in earlyish July (screen capture). It’s still on there. I’d never heard of it either. But not until sometime around the time you checked it out did I get around to listening to it. I had misplaced my MP3 player and forgotten I’d even put it on there.”)


Some mildly notable word synchros: “pernicious” and “clusterfuck,” both in ‘Brain on Fire’ and then ‘Bailout,’ the two library books I felt Compelled to get and then read back to back. “Clusterfuck” could easily have been a coincidence; however, I Noticed “pernicious” when I first read it in ‘Brain on Fire,’ and then read it again in ‘Bailout’ just hours later.


A mildly notable one this morning. While at the chiropractor’s, I was browsing through a book in the waiting room when my acupuncturist walked past. Immediately as I looked back to the book, in a random spot (I wasn’t really reading the book), my eyes settled right on acupunturist. Potentially just coincidence; however, I had felt Compelled to read that book, and it did coincide in that particularly synchronistic way.

I haven't been noting the overwhelming number synchro experienced the last couple years, but the last couple days have been an exception: I'm seeing 37 out the ass, or 137 or 1137 or 307 or different combinations of those. 37 is a regular one, but the last couple days there have been several remarkable recurrences. Besides sheer volume (I think I've seen it no less than two or three dozen times per day), there was, for instance, when I went to buy those USB extenders yesterday, the page (which I ended up on totally randomly, it being different than the one I'd originally intended to buy), had the cable on sale for 37% off, the company's feedback started with "11373," it would ship the same day if I ordered within 7 hours and 31 minutes, and I think one or two other 37s in there. There were several like this, but then last night, I put my grass cutting shoes in the dryer. After a few minutes, I noticed the dryer had turned off, so I went and checked, and it was open, with 37 blinking on the readout. I guess my shoes knocked open the door somehow (but how?!?), just at that time.


Two cool word synchros: “payable on death” and “living will.” The second was in the end of the ‘Bailout’ book at lunch today, and I had the distinct thought of, “Now what was a living will again?” because I’d just learned the term recently but then forgotten what it meantt. Then, this afternoon, I went to the library and, because the book I wanted wasn’t there, went browsing, during which a “how to” book on wills jumped out at me. While reading it this evening, I found the definition for “living will.” The same went for “payable on death,” which I was thinking of this afternoon at the gym, when a song from the band POD was playing on the radio and I caught a snatch of it in between songs on my headphones, just enough for me to have the distinct thought of “POD” and its meaning, which occupied my mind for some seconds. Of course, “payable on death” was defined in the “how to” book tonight. These are notable for two reasons: 1) I had such distinct thoughts of both of them in the hours before I would read the book, and 2) I had zero plan to read a will book today, yet I would feel so Compelled to check out that one from the library.


Cool thought synchro on the way home from cutting grass today. I thought, randomly but distinctly, of how my headlights were on, immediately before the song I was listening to said “headlights,” the two coinciding perfectly, in that distinctive way. The perfect coincidence makes it notable to start with, but also I could trace back my thought of “headlights” directly to a long, random chain of thought related to some people gathered at the property I’d just left.


Another one of those “reading two books back-to-back” synchros, now between ‘Bailout’ and “Superfreakonomics.’ I noticed parallels immediately, such as both of them discussing the 2009 subprime-mortage bust and the resulting financial crisis (the ‘Bailout’ book was centered on this, but the other one has nothing to do with the situation, ostensibly, it being a general economics book). There were lots of little parallels like this, at first enough to make me take notice but not take note, until this afternoon, when the ‘Freakonomics’ book used “game” as a verb, when it had been used prominently in ‘Bailout,’ in a context that was the first I’d seen it (as “to capitalize upon’).


Really cool, and really ironic, one this morning. While in traffic, I was thinking of the first chapter of the synchronicity book, which starts with the 11:11 recurrences. While I was planning the chapter, with thoughts of it at the forefront of my mind, I saw a license plate ending in “1111,” as revealed by a car pulling away just as I was thinking of the chapter. Cool.


Pretty cool and pretty notable word synchro today: "star stuff." This morning, I'd thought of "star stuff" randomly. I can't remember exactly what spawned it, but I remember it being the end of a long, complicated chain of thought, which finished with (I think) the Milky Way galaxy and how Carl Sagan referred to how "we're all made of star stuff" -- I'm not 100% on this, but in any case, I did, in fact, think distinctly of "star stuff" this morning. Then, that night, in 'The Secret Doctrine,' it mentioned how everything is made of "star-stuff." Notable in itself, but doubly so considering the circumstances of my reading 'The Secret Doctrine' tonight: I had no other books to read. I'd started this one last month, read 70 or so pages of it, then moved on to something else (it's a long-ass book). But, today, I had nothing to read (because the books I've ordered are both mysteriuosly arriving late), and I felt Compelled to read 'The Secret Doctrine,' even though I didn't really want to. In fact, I even had a feeling of "There's something in there for you." Cool for all these reasons, but then even more notable considering it fits this same format of so many other similar word/thought synchros.


Really cool one. Just after I finished the first part of the synchronicity book’s second chapter, I went to Twitter to tweet. On my list of followed tweets, there was a quote from Robert Anton Wilson:

“Carl Jung got me interested in synchronicity, or maybe synchronicity led me to Carl Jung”

Here are the last couple paragraphs I wrote in my book, just minutes earlier:

“Like any good tracker, I did my homework on the elusive quarry I was tracking. That is, I researched similar phenomenon, moving beyond just superficial web-browsing. This would introduce me to the work of prominent psychologist Carl G. Jung, who coined the term “synchronicity.”

I’ll now provide a synopsis of Jung’s work in this area, as a pretext to the rest of the book.

As it were, my 1111-sightings both did and didn’t satisfy Jung’s definition of a synchronicity.”

It also bears noting that it’s been months (if not a year or more) since I’ve read and external reference to Jung and synchronicity.

Also, a couple neat thought synchros this afternoon. First, at the gym, I had the distant thought (more of an observation) that I couldn’t stop shaking (hyperthyroid), immediately before the song I was listening said “I can’t stop shaking,” in that perfectly synchronistic way. Then, on the way home, I blew my nose while driving, breaking my own rule, and so I immediately thought of how I’d just taken a chance. Just after, the song I was listening to said “Every chance I take is on the road.” Both mildly notable in themselves, but moreso because of that distinctly synchronistic nature.


Cool recurrence. I’d been meaning to scan the forms from the will book, but putting it off. Then, at lunch yesterday, I felt like it was time to do it, suddenly. So, just after lunch, around 2PM, I went on my desktop (I had to set it up, which was the reason I kept putting it off, I think, because it entailed some effort) and then scanned the pages from the will book. Then, today, I checked my email and found that Rebecca had emailed me at 12:23PM yesterday, with the scans of a yoga book she’d mentioned to me. Here’s her email:

“The bottom of the first got cut off, but all it says is “times. Loosen up.” I had to do it twice since I don’t scan often and forget how between times. And the book fell apart making it easier to scan. Also, I had a HUGE feeling of deja vu while scanning. I’ve been here before, I just don’t know when. And I’ve copied the pages for people before, but I’ve never scanned them or emailed them. The feeling involved the computer and the pages and the general all around familiarty of it. (And I’m on the computer I rarely use, so it’s even more interesting to me.)”

This reveals even more parallels: not only was she doing the book-scanning just hours before I did mine, but she did it at a computer she "rarely used," just like with me and my desktop (I use my desktop maybe once a month, if that?). Also, she noted deja vu during it, which I find interesting -- maybe some sort of crossed-circuit-type deal, she experiencing what I would or something? I don't remember any deja vu while doing my scanning, in any case.

Rebecca’s reply to this:

“This makes me laugh on a million levels. One of which is I wasn’t going to bother scanning them since I’d gotten the book, but I’d said I would and I hate saying I’ll do something then backing out. I was upstairs and about to go down and I just stopped and said….Nope….I’m scanning them now. There was no precursor thought to that. It was just like I was dragged back into the room to scan the pages.”

Another cool recurrence this afternoon. While reading the 'Disconnected' book, I read a quote from someone with the first name of Ram, which I noticed -- not quite a Notice, because I'd just never seen that first name before and I think that's why I noticed it. In any case, about two hours later I was in Goodwill and while browsing the books, I came across one whose author's first name was Ram. Maybe nothing, but I thought it somewhat notable, since I don't remember ever being exposed to that name before.


Pretty cool one today. It started this morning when I did my daily tarot draw and I Just Happened to draw two cards, as somehow happens: the King of Spears and The Tower. Later in the morning, I was turning these things around in my mind, and I thought of how the King of Spears would correspond with "fire" energy, so that the "message" in the double draw could have been "fire tower" (the King of Spears was first in the draw). I forgot about this mostly, but then, as I pulled out of the driveway to go cut grass, I remembered the "fire tower" musing I'd had this morning -- right as I passed a sign for Fire Tower Road. I would propose a subconscious reading-ahead, but that couldn't have happened, because I can trace my train of thought to just before I saw the sign, while I was turning around and looking *away,* for oncoming traffic, in the other direction. As for what this means, I have no clue -- just a mechanical recurrence of the "fire tower" archetype, or something more? Very notable in any case, because it coincided so perfectly with the thought of "fire tower" arising in my mind, in that special way.

Also, there’s a third recurrence of this: in the ‘Codes and Cryptography’ book I started this evening, it mentioned how, in ancient times, “fire towers” were used to relay coded signals. This could easily have been a coincidence, since it wasn’t at all explicit; however, it is worth noting that I felt Compelled to start the book today, rather than reading it when I checked it out from the library a couple days ago.


Neat recurrence today. It started sometime in the last week, when I thought randomly but distinctly of how one way to conceal a message would to have it tattooed onto your head and then have hair grow back over it. I don’t know what gave way to this thought, or exactly what day I had it. Then, today, in the ‘Codes and Ciphers’ book, it mentioned just that, complete with a picture of someone with a message tattooed on their head. Notable for the sheer uniqueness of the thought, as well as the sheer randomness of my finding it in this book, since I checked it out completely at random (only after thinking of the tattooing technique beforehand, however).


Minor thought synchro. On the way to get the house key copied, I thought distinctly of it on its ring -- just as I noticed a truck with a key on a keyring painted on its back panel. However, this could easily have been subconscious suggestion, because I think I was in view of the truck the whole time (though, I was a block from where I was getting the key made, so it would make sense that I would be thinking of it indepedently of the truck).

Also, the day after writing about the playing cards in the synchronicity book, in which I said that there’d been no new cards found since the one in April, I found one at the motel today, a Magic card. Not only is it a playing card, but it has a knight on a horse on it, just like the tarot card I found last. Interesting.


Weird thought synchro. Was reading a paragraph in the 'Purple Cow' book listing various corporations, one of which was MTV. Upon seeing "MTV," I thought, distinctly but randomly, of how I'd been introduced to MTV as a kid, when I saw a commercial for it on Nickledeon (and the commercial said "damn," which forever branded it as memorable in my mind). Then, two lines down in the paragraph, the book explicitly said how MTV doesn't advertise itself on any other TV channel. This was either a cool thought synchronicity, or a profound case of subconscious reading-ahead -- notable either way because my memory contradicts what the book stated. Neat.


Some minor recurrence. On the 3rd, I felt Compelled to checkout a how-to book on starting a retail store. Part of it was curiosity on the logistics of such a venture, but there was also that distinct, intuitional Compelling at play, so I got the book. Since then, my father has made a deal to sell his sign shop -- but only the business (the building is being sold to someone else). Interestingly, the retail store book not only addresses business mergers and takeovers and the logistics and processes involved, but I read the chapter on the very same evening that the deal for a merger was made. I would say that the initial talks were a subconscious motivation in my checking out the book in the first place, except that I got it *before* the deal was made. Additionally, the book is about *starting a retail store,* not about business mergers (it doesn't say anything on the book or in its blurb about mergers, or anything even related -- I never would have associated such a subject with starting a retail store). The book's title is, literally, "The Everything Guide to Starting and Running a Retail Store." Were it, say, "How to Start a Retail Store, Merge Stores, or Takeover a Store," I might cite subconscious influence of some kind, but it wasn't like this at all. There were lots of smaller recurrences along these lines, too, such as a "limited liability company" coming up in conversation while I was talking to my father about the deal, and then, the next day, my reading of an LLC and its advantages in the book. Neat.


A clump of minor recurrences today, only notable collectively. For instance, I opened an email from Chase this morning, then got a piece of physical mail from them this afternoon, then opened my bank statement and noticed a withdraw from Chase -- easily chance in itself, but I experienced so many like this. A more notable one was AT&T internet. The other day, I happened to see an ad for 14.99 internet lying around the house, and I Noticed it -- this coming just before I closed on the house and realized I'd need to start hunting out the best internet deal. Then, today, when I finally got around to checking up on it online, a piece of physical mail came in today's mail, advertising AT&T high-speed internet. I could see these being coincidence, even collectively. Hard to say.


Neat recurrence. Tonight, my dad had me type up the contract for the sign shop merger, one part of which was a brief promissory note. Not an hour later, I read in the last of the ‘Start your own retail business’ book about how you need a promissory note when selling a business or doing a merger. Notable in itself, due to exactness and timing, but also because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a promissory note mentioned in a book before (I only learned what it was when I got my house and the mortgage).


A couple neat repeat numbers today, in ways that stand out from the dozen or so minor recurrences that come every day. It was 11:37 both times, that number which has been haunting me so predominently the last year or so but especially these last few months. The first instance was this morning, when my mom asked me what time it was and I checked the clock at 11:37. Perhaps chance, but it's like so many 11:11s and the like. Bu then tonight, I went on ebay and browsed for cheap desktops, and when I went to an auction that was about to close, I went to the page right as its auction counter ticked from 11 minutes, 38 seconds to 11 minutes, 37 seconds, creating another 11:37, showing up in that perfectly synchronistic way, the precise instant I landed on the page -- all from a totally random auction. Fits the pattern of so many of those clock-tick instances.


A couple cool thought synchros, almost identical in nature. First, while I was reading the ‘Enron’ book, I was distantly thinking how I need to clean off the back deck in my house, because I could see it through the door in my reading room. This triggered a whole chain of thought about the leaves and stuff on the deck and how I didn’t feel like getting out my leaf blower, etc, but it culminated in the thought of “I need to clean off my deck.” Precisely as I thought that, in that distinctly synchronistic way, I read “cleaning off the decks” in the book and though the book’s usage was different (figurative rather than literal), it was too distinctly timed to be notable. Then, about the same thing happened that night, when I thought of “blueberries” right as I passed a tray of some kind of blueberry-bread dessert of my parents’, the two coinciding so perfectly to make me stop and back up to look at what I’d passed. I can also trace the train of thought that ended with “blueberries” back before I was even in the same room with the dessert, and I had no idea that dessert was there (never seen it before).


Over the last couple days, I’ve noted many small, individually unnotable word synchros between the Enron book and while editing my synchronicity book. Some are common, others less so, often by context (such as “question-and-answer”). Mildly notable in itself, but, interestingly, just a couple days ago I was thinking, after editing the ledger part in the book, of how the word synchros seem to have wound down some, to where I don’t encounter so many any more. It’s almost as if something said, “Oh yeah?” Another “question-and-answer” example, as it were.


This morning, while editing the synchronicity book, I went over the following paragraph:

“But, I can say this: without these experiences, I would never have known (or believed) that anything so far-out was possible – and nor would you, for then you would never have read this nonexistent book.”

When I read “nonexistent book,” I thought of a book Rebecca bought a while ago, ‘This book does not exist,’ and how I’d like to read that book. Then, around lunchtime today, I got a package in the mail: books, from Rebecca because she wasn’t coming down here this month, including ‘This book does not exist.’ She’d mentioned to me she was sending some books, but not that one. Also, there are two interesting facts about this which up its notability beyond the recurrence-value: 1) I almost didn’t edit that paragraph in the book this morning; I only did so as an afterthought, while going through my file of notes on the book, and 2) the ‘This book does not exist’ not only covered the very subjects from the chapters of the synchronicity book I edited this morning, it provided me some support facts and correlations to be mentioned in the book. This follows that same pattern I’ve noticed in the past, where I seem to get books or other information when I need them.


Reasonably cool one. This morning while working on the synchronicity book, I had a word on the tip of my tongue but I just couldn't get it, even after looking in the dictionary/thesaurus -- the second time this has happened recently, actually, with the same word. Frustrating. Then, in the 'This Book Does Not Exist' book this afternoon, just about an hour later, it mentioned the word: "dichotomy." Easily a coincidence, but made a little more notable by the fact that I so distinctly couldn't come up with it, then had it pop up so soon after.

Also, while I was reading 'This Book Does Not Exist' and writing notes about probabilities it inspired, I tried to think of how to express two different concepts, thinking one to be practical impossibility and the other something else, with a name to differentiate the two. A couple pages later in the book, it addressed just this: "practical impossibility" and its opposite, "innate impossibility" -- the very two concepts I'd been trying to fit into words. As it were, I don't think I've ever in my life faced needing words to describe those two concepts, or even realizing them -- then, just minutes after the first time, I would see those concepts addressed and described. There is the fact that the subject I was writing notes on and that I was reading of in the book were loosely related, so this may have had bearing on it. But notable in any case.

Also, a rather hilarious recurrence. In 'This Book Does Not Exist,' it introduced me to the term "indepedent event," used in a probabilities context. Upon reading this, it stirred me up a little because it's such a rigid concept, only taking into account *obvious* connections so that events connected by hidden, covert connections are erroneously judged as "independent." Well, a classic book synchro arose: I finished that book, then this evening started some random investment book Rebecca sent me -- in which it mentioned independent events, under the same context and with the same rigidity, after I'd never before (that I can remember) been exposed to this term in my life. Two books in a row. Except, here's the irony: the synchronicity would, under the rigid definition of "independent events," be chalked up to being mere independent events without a connection, when the reality is that they appear to have a hidden connection.


I’ve had another of those “trifecta”-type of word synchros, where I keep seeing a certain word over and over again in very mundane but mildly unlikely ways, as if it refuses to be ignored. This time it’s “clout,” seen may 4-5 times over the last few days, from a wide enough variety of mundane-but-unconnected sources that I’ve taken notice. So, I’m noting it now. If it’s like past instances, the word will now stop chasing me down.

Also, had a weird one, but one that was damn cool. This afternoon, I had the distinct but inexplicable thought of a sound card I'd used in my desktop computer for years but had stopped using a couple years ago when I switched to using a laptop -- or so I thought (I'd stopped using it). I actually had the weird urge to *use* that soundcard, in that illogical way we sometimes want to do things. Then, tonight I finally got around to setting up the sound/speakers for my present desktop (which I recently switched back to after deciding to sell my laptop). I couldn't get sound out of it, however, and after messing around with it in confusion, I realized why no sound: I had the speakers plugged into the desktop's onboard sound, when I had, to my surprise, another soundcard in the computer -- that one I'd thought of so distinctly and had the weird urge to use. I must have put it in the desktop to keep it from sitting around in a box (I rarely used the desktop until using it in place of my laptop just recently, and I never used the sound on it, so it's odd that I would have this sound card in there). Anyway, as it were, after having that vague but compelling thought of using that soundcard, I did (I plugged the speakers into it, and the sound worked great). Neat.


A really cool recurrence today. It started when my dad told me an ongoing story that I found notable in itself: over the last four days, he's almost been involved in an accident with the same, anonymous woman. The first time, she pulled directly in front of him, making him notice her and her car. The second time, he was driving through a parking lot when he noticed that same car and then, immediately after, the woman who was driving it, walking. Upon seeing her and recognizing her and remembering what had happened, he slowed down, thinking she might walk out in front of him -- which she did. Then, today, he saw this very same woman again, and, recognizing her, slowed down in anticipation of erratic driving, which happened: just after my dad slowed down, she cut in front of him as if he wasn't there. I find this notable, because if it all happened the way my dad says it did, with him recognizing her and then ancitipating danger in such a way that it prevented accidents, it has that air of cohesiveness and logic I've come to identify. It's notable enough considering he would see the very same woman three times in three days.

But, this incident, however secondhand, is notable for a second reason: just a couple days ago, I’d almost gotten hit in the exact same place, in the exact same way, as my dad did on the third incident with the woman, when she cut in front of him. It was at the exact same intersection, going the same way, with my dad in the same lane and spot I’d been in, and the woman cutting him off the same way I’d been cut off. This is interesting for several reasons: 1) for the sheer recurrence value of it, being how my dad almost got in a nearly identical accident as I did just days ago (when, for me at least, I’d never had any such thing happen in my life), 2) that my dad would bring this up in conversation at all (I hadn’t mentioned my near-accident at all, ever; he mentioned this entirely on his own accord, with no way of knowing I’d almost been in that accident), and 3) because after my near-accident, I’d spent the rest of the day pondering how the person could have not seen me and been able to cut me off (without their being totally blind or unfit to drive). In regards to the latter point, it just so happened that my dad was able to provide some insight on why this might happen: because of a unique quality of the road on the other side of the intersection, which could foreseeably make someone cut off the person in the other lane (this based on his observation of several nearly identical accidents in the same spot, according to him). This last point is so notable because it fits the question-and-answer format of so many recurrences: I’d “questioned” why this would happen, then been “answered” by way of this complex string of “chance” events.

Also, a weird recurrence that may be nothing. Over the last few days, I’ve suspected that a B complex supplement I was taking was having negative effects, making me restless and such. So last night I decided to stop taking it. This morning, when doing my supplements, I had to remember how I’m to stop taking it today. Then, soon after, when I checked my email a little before noon, I got an email with the subject “STOP Taking That Old B-Complex!” The email was advertising a B complex supplement.


Classic book synchro. In ‘The Tracker,’ I read about wild dog packs in the woods, and how they would often chase people up trees. This stood out to me, because, for whatever reason, I’d never known about how wild dog packs could inhabit the woods, nor the possibility of them treeing people. Then, today, in ‘The Evil Men Do,’ which I checked out completely randomly from the library, never having heard of the book before today, it mentioned someone being treed in the woods by a pack of wild dogs. Not a huge recurrence, but certainly notable, and certainly displaying the classic book-synchro pattern.


Minor recurrence. Since last night, after reading the ‘Evil That Men Do’ book, I’ve been having vague thoughts of securing my house against break-in, etc, including several thoughts of security systems/sensors and the like. I had these thoughts again today when I read more of the book. Then, when I went and checked my mail this afternoon, there was an unsolicited mailing from ADT security, advertising a security system with “15 free motion sensors.” Could be nothing, but I find it somewhat notable due to 1) the timing, and 2) the fact that I’ve never received a mailing for any security system, from anyone, ever, until the very day I would for the first time be thinking of getting one, however vaguely.


A book synchro of sorts today. Started the 'Den of Thieves' library book that I checked out with 'The Evil Men Do,' and I was surprised to find that the leaf of the book's first few pages was loose and free -- just like that of the 'Evil Men Do' book, in almost the exact same spot (the very front of the book). It could easily be nothing, but I just find it cute that I would check out two totally random books and have them each sport a loose first few pages.


A weird question-and-answer one today. I cut the Peddler for the last time of the season today, and afterward I wondered absently if the boss was there, which would be indicated by his truck. I wanted to see the truck so that I could go in and get paid, but it wasn't there. However, within the next couple hours, I saw this man's truck twice, totally randomly, first in the parking lot at the supermarket I went to on the way home, then again at an intersection about an hour after that -- pretty unlikely. And, come to think of it, when I'd thought of how I'd wanted to see the boss, I'd thought of wanting to see *his truck,* which would indicate him being in. So that would fall in line with this theme of "I want to see his truck," literally, and then I saw not the man but the truck, twice, totally randomly and in different parts of town.


Cool book synchro, now between 'Coincidance' and 'The Art of War.' So far, there are only three words that have recurred between the two, both starting in 'Coincidance' yesterday afternoon and then recurring in 'The Art of War' a couple hours later -- "Draconian," "Plutarch," and the reading of yarrow stalks in Oriental fashion -- but 1) I Noticed "Draconian" distinctly when it first showed up, noticing especially its capitalized spelling, which I don't think I've ever seen before (it was capitalized in both books), and then 2) Plutarch was, I think, also the first I'd been exposed to this name, and 3) the reading of yarrow stalks couldn't be at all anticipated when considering the subject matter of the two books, which was markedly different. Also, there's the fact that I bought both books completely randomly, then read them as randomly ('The Art of War' was even more random, coming from a chance Goodwill visit that didn't even make sense, since I'll be going there with Rebecca tomorrow). Reasonably notable.


A couple minor, though notable, word synchros, between the books ‘Coincidance’ and ‘All The Money In The World.’ The first was “Esperanto,” which I learned from ‘Coincidance’ (I think; it might have been from the book before). In any case, I learned it from some book in the last week or so, then saw it again in the library just days later, and then it was mentioned at the end of ‘All The Money In The World,’ when that and ‘Coincidance’ (or whatever book I learned it from) couldn’t have been more different in subject matter. Then, last night I by chance was Compelled to read the latest Cassiopaen transcript after not visiting the sight for months, in which it mentioned Sarin nerve gas. Then, at the end of ‘All The Money In The World’ today, it mentioned Sarin nerve gas, when I don’t think I’ve seen that mentioned for probably years (decades?). These could be chance, but they fit that classic word-synchro mold pretty well.


Another back-to-back book synchro, now for the Mosaic web browser, mentioned in the 'All The Money In The World' book yesterday (odd, since the book was about money and rich people), and then today in the 'How To Find Anybody' book -- very different subject matters, yet they both mentioned that obscure, old web browser.

Also, there was a bit of a question-and-answer thing with the 'How to Find Anyone' book. About a week ago, I'd checked my credit and found that, somehow, my house was now present on my credit sheet, when I hadn't notified anyone of this nor gotten a traditional loan on it. This got me wondering where such information would come from, and theorizing that there must be some general database in which such things are entered. Sure enough, in the 'How To Find Anyone' book, it mentioned the NCI database, used by creditors during a credit lookup -- thus answering my question, in the most unlikely way. I'd checked this book from the library on a total whim, and had absolutely no inkling it may touch upon such credit databases (I'd checked it out, consciously, thinking of how I'd just like to know how private investigators work).


A reasonable notable recurrence today. Wrote about double-binds this morning, in relation to religious influence, and not only did I read of double-binds in the 'Cosmic Trigger II' book I started this afternoon (felt Compelled to start this one then, btw, despite having it for a couple weeks now), but it mentioned them in regards to religious influence -- not just the exact same word (which I hadn't seen or used in I don't know how many months), and not just in the same context, but in regard to the exact same thing. Pretty unlikely, I'd think.


Classic word synchro and book synchro both today. First, when writing this morning, I used the Orwellian "War is peace," and then, at lunch, I read this in the 'Cosmic Trigger II' book, used in that exact same context. Then, after finishing up on the 'Cosmic Trigger' book, I started the 'Dark Cosmos' book, and it turned out to overlap many of the themes contained in the tail-end of 'Cosmic Trigger II' that I read today -- despite my having no idea what the 'Dark Cosmos' book was about (I bought it randomly, with no dust cover), and the book being vastly different than 'Cosmic Trigger' ('Dark cosmos' is an academic book on dark matter, 'Cosmic Trigger' is a collection of essays and political commentaries). The two books both referenced many of the same subjects, mostly particle physics and the like, and both mentioned specifically Bell's Theorem and some of its implications on the nature of reality. Cool.


Cool number question-and-answer. On the drive home from the beach, saw a lot of 311s and its variants, as to construct a theme. Then, when I just happened to look at my clock at 3:11, I thought, "Well, if there were really a theme, then I'd see another 311 again really soon." Immediately after, a car came up alongside me right as I had that thought, in that perfectly synchronous way, and I knew its license plate would have a 311 or some such -- but there was none. My inner skeptic thought, "See, no theme" -- then I saw a gas station sign reading 3.11 for regular, also perfectly synchronously after thinking "See, no theme." The gas sign was to my left, same as the car with the non-311 license plate I'd looked at. Had I not looked at the car, I wouldn't have seen the gas sign. Potentially coincidence, but if fit that "question-and-answer" format so well, besides being perfectly synchronous, etc.


Minor word synchro: “pinion.” I got back from vacation today and checked my email, and “pinion” was the Dictionary.com Word of the Day from a few days ago, and I Noticed it distinctly enough to read it (rarely read those). Then, when I went to another email about a story I’d had published, maybe 30 minutes later, there was a sidebar advertising a book called ‘Pinion.’ Maybe nothing, but I found the timing and rarity of the word to be notable (can’t remember the last time I’d encountered “pinion”).


Minor one today, could have been nothing. On the way to the gym, I got behind a motorcyclist, whom I Noticed for no reason I can name. Then, after leaving the gym, damned if I didn’t get behind the exact same motorcyclist when I pulled out. It was on the same road, which could’ve added to the unlikliness or detracted from it. But, in any case, it was over an hour between my going to and leaving the gym, and the motorcyclist passed me just as I was pulling out, with perfect timing.


This morning, had a number synchro that might have been nothing. When finishing editing the book this morning, I looked at the page count I finished on: 80/111, which made me think of how I had thirty pages left. Just afterward, I looked at the clock: 11:31 -- 31 repeating instantly. Then I realized that 11:31 and 111 pages both meant three ones. Just after I noticed the three-ones thing, I went to backup the revised book file, and its new file size was 1.11MB. All these coming back to back. I could see how they were more 311 stuff; I could see how they were nothing.

Then, at lunch, had a mildly notable 37/73 pop-up. From nowhere, my dad gave me a video game system he found in one of his rental places. When he presented it to me, he gave it to me upside down for some reason, which showed the system's underbelly -- on which was written "AARON'S 1761337392." I've been seeing 373 a lot lately, and this one jumped right out at me, and it even quoted my first name, all coming to me in the most unlikely and random of ways. Yet, this wasn't coherent enough to be a sure hit.

Equally ambiguous, had a minor recurrence this afternoo when I went to see Adam’s new baby. Just before visiting the hospital, I’d started rereading ‘No Country For Old Men,’ after checking the library for it on and off for the last couple months. In the few pages I read before going to the hospital, it mentioned both a sheriff being called because a cat had been in a tree a couple days, and a breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast. At the hospital, Jessica mentioned offhand that her mother’s neighbor had called the sheriff because one of the family cats had been in a tree for two days, then soon after mentioned how her breakfast after giving birth had been bacon, eggs, and toast. This could have easily been coincidence, except for the timing (within an hour between my reading the book and having the conversation with Jessica in the hospital), the randomness, and the fact that this all fits that pattern I’ve seen so many times.


Interesting, vague one today. This morning, I finished up editing on the last book, and the part I edited covered the subject of escalating social problems and what could be done about it. Then, this afternoon, when I read the rest of ‘No Country For Old Men,’ it discussed just this subject, along with a lot of other vague recurrences between it and the book I edited this morning. There was another synchro here too: yesterday, my dad gave me some shoes to try on, some of those old Converse hightops with the plastic on the ends. I indicated the plastic to him but didn’t know the word for it. Well, in ‘No Country For Old Men’ today, it described these as “toecaps.” This one, though easily a coincidence, does fit in with that recurrence pattern that’s so common, and the timing was pretty close too.


Minor but notable recurrence. This afternoon, I happened to notice a piece of mail on my parents' coffee table: an insurance policy on my brother. This in turn made me think of something I read in a book a while ago, a guy ranting about how people shouldn't have insurance policies on their children, with no reasons except for vague shaming that it was somehow disgraceful to profit from a child's death. As I thought about that, it occurred to me that I see no real reason why it's disgraceful unless you take it out with the idea of killing the child, and, more importantly, there are things like burial costs, etc, which the insurance would be ideal for, which I why I imagine my father has an insurance policy on my brother. Well, tonight, in the 'Serpent on The Rock' book, it mentioned how the first Prudential insurance policy ever paid on was a fifteen-year-old boy who'd gotten hit by a train, after which his parents wrote to the company saying how they used the money to pay for his funeral expenses. I could see this being a chance coincidence, but it's more notable considering the timing (I don't think I've thought of taking out insurance policies on children since I read the book with the rant about it, months ago). Also, I did start reading the 'Serpent on the Rock' book the day before I thought of my brother's policy, and that book is about the Prudential insurance company, but then the part I read yesterday hadn't even touched on insurance yet, instead involving other companies and their investments -- it wasn't subconscious suggestion, in other words, especially considering that I can trace my thinking of the child's insurance policy to something entirely independent (the policy slip left on my parents' coffee table).


A neat book synchro-ish one today, or one that involved a book at least. Yesterday, I was waiting in line at the bank drive-in to cash a check for an abnormally long time, and during this wait, my mind wandered to check fraud and how I might protect myself from it. So last night I did some research, which led me to learning of several forms of check fraud, including "check kiting," a term I'd heard before but never really knew what it meant. Then, today, I started reading the book 'Clean Sweep,' and damned if it didn't start out with a detailed description of a con man's check-kiting scheme. This was reasonably notable, since I don't know when I'd last read about check kiting, and it was so near to the research last night and so entirely random that I would even be doing that research in the first place -- all of which fits the classic recurrence pattern perfectly. But also, there was a lot of random, minor synchro preceeding the check-kiting one, all involving the book and random things that have happened or I've thought of in the last day, enough to make me take notice.


Minor recurrence today: “nectar.” It started this morning, when I encountered the first part of ‘Other’ which referenced the “nectar,” a future beer substitute which gives alcohol’s effect without stressing the liver and causing a hangover. Then, this evening, while at the Mellow Mushroom, I happened to notice a beer for sale, called Nectar. Maybe nothing, but the timing and relevance (same context, involving beer) were mildly notable.


An interesting kind of recurrence today. Lately, I'd been thinking, randomly and distantly, about Japan, including strange, specific thoughts of how one might go there and get "lost" in the country, to disappear. Then today, I went to the library for a new book, and I was led directly to a certain case and shelf and book -- a book which happened to be about someone going to Japan and disappearing (a true story, reportedly). I saw only the book's spine before picking it out, and there was nothing in its name ('People Who Eat Darkness') to even begin to suggest Japan or anything related. Neat.


Minor word synchro today: “recalcitrant.” It was first in the ‘Other’ book while editing it today, in the “Recalcitrant Heart” part of it (the only section of that sub-thread in which I used “recalcitrant” outside of the title, interestingly). Then it was in the book on Japan this evening, some hours later. Notable for both the timing, the uncommonness of the word, and the other, subtler qualities here.


A classic thought synchro. While working out, I realized I was staring into a bright light on the ceiling and that it was burning my eyes. A split second after, the song I was listening to said "the light was burning my eyes" -- again in that perfectly synchronoous way.

Also, lots of minor word synchronicities, now between the last leg of ‘Other,’ which I edited this morning, and the first few pages of the ‘A Rose for Her Grave’ book that I started reading at lunch. They were all really minor, with the most notable being “the new had worn off,” but there were enough that I had to take note, the way these minor-word-synchro onslaughts often do.


Minor word synchro: “apropos.” Read it in the ‘People Who Eat Darkness’ book last night, and I noticed it passingly, because it was the first I’d read it in a while. Then, the next morning, while editing “The Imaginal,” (also for the first time in a while, over a year) there was “apropos.” Maybe nothing, but they were pretty close together, and in that usual pattern. Then, a little later, the same with “rapproachment.” And “hothouse” …

Then, this afternoon, I read a book of weird laws/statutes etc, and there were a lot of minor, otherwise unnotable synchronicities in it, mainly of words. There was one, however, that was a little more distinct and notable: in one of the stories I edited this morning, “The Minutes,” a bus’s brakes go out and it collides with a car, and then, in the laws book, it quoted in part of it an incident in which a bus’s brakes had gone out and it collided with a car. Out of context of the rest of it, I wouldn’t think much of it, even with the timing and the correlation, just because it’s not hugely uncommon; however, in the context of the rest of it, I find it somewhat notable.

Also, a recurrence: I started reading the book 'Spook Country' this evening, and in it it featured augmented reality -- which is something featured in my book 'Other,' which I just self-published not a week ago, after having written it over three years ago. Furthermore, the 'Spook Country' part mentioned how augmented reality would someday be internalized, using a neural interface, when that's exactly what my depiction of it in 'Other' was like. Notable, because it's such a reasonably uncommon subject and because of the timing. Also, another involving 'Spook Country': it mentioned, randomly, how you can release tension by opening your jaw wide in a certain way, when I just so happened to have done this just last night, when I was in intense pain and I found myself opening my jaw wide in that exact same way and noting, distinctly, that exact same effect. Neat.


Minor recurrence: Hydrox cookies. I’d never been aware of these cookies in my life until I read that Wacky Laws book a few days ago, in which it mentioned a lawsuit between the makers of the these cookies and with Pillsbury, over their mascots. Then today, in the ‘Everything Will Be Great’ book, it too mentioned Hydrox cookies. Not hugely notable, but notable because of how relatively close together these two mentions, and because of their fitting the usual recurrence pattern, etc.


Classic book synchro, two words: “ficus tree” and “kangaroo court.” I read both of these in two recent books, for the first time, one of which was ‘Spook Country’ and the other I can’t remember which, but both occurred in the last week. Then, tonight, I read both those words in the book ‘Bangkok 8.’ The timing wasn’t too close, but still close enough to be notable, and it fits the pattern, etc.


A neat word synchro this morning: “borborygmus.” I first saw it when I was going through a bunch of my old short stories earlier, to prepare a collection (the stories were years old, and I’d been planning on doing this for about six months but just now got to it). One of the stories was titled “Borborygmus.” Then, about thirty minutes after I came across the “Borborygmus” story, I checked my email and found that “borborygmus” was the Dictionary.com Word of the Day. Very notable, both because of the timing and the exquisite rarity of the word.


A couple word/book synchros today. First, “hundredweight,” which was in ‘The Long Walk’ a few times over the last couple days, and I noticed it, either because it was the first I’ve seen it used or the first I’ve seen it in a long time. Then, today, it was in ‘The Kings of Cocaine’ book, the very next sequential book I read after ‘The Long Walk.’ Also, “prelate,” which was in the story I edited today, “Plane Crash,” the only time I’ve ever used that word, and then it turned up in ‘The Kings of Cocaine’ just after I sat down to read after finishing editing the story, less than a half-hour later. Notable, considering the word’s rarity and the express timing.


Minor word synchro: “penultimate.” I encountered it in a story I was editing either this morning or last night, I can’t remember; in any case, I first Noticed it, because it was the first I’d seen it in a while but also in that distinct, illogical way, and then, second, I edited it out, like so many of these little word synchros. Then, this afternoon in the ‘Kings of Cocaine’ book, the word was used. Easily a coincdidence, but the deletion/Noticing pattern and the timing make it mildly notable. Also, another one from these same sources and also with the deletion in editing: “expropriated.”


The last few days has been another onslaught of small, individually unnotable synchronicities, mostly of the word- variety, all of them amassing until I had to take note of them today. Most notable were "Toqueville," which I was introduced to in the 'Popes and Bankers' book and then read again, for the second time ever, in the next sequential book I read, 'Under the Banner of Heaven.' Then, "nee," which I saw in "Jammed" while editing it this morning, for the first time in quite a while, and then was in 'Under the Banner of Heaven' this evening, some hours later. Also, another "penultimate," which was also in "Jammed" and I Noticed it very distinctly, which made me think back to the recent recurrence of it and think, I bet I'll be seeing that again soon -- and sure enough, it too was in 'Under' a few hours later. Notable, since it's a relatively rare word. Though, there's been an endless string of minor word recurrences like this, between the books I've been reading and what I've been writing or editing or even vaguer things, as well as the usual mix of minor thought synchros, etc.


Minor word synchro: “dyad.” This turned up in “Holy War” this morning, in a part I ended up having to edit a little, and then, a couple hours later, was in the ‘Small Giants’ book. Mildly notable for two reasons: 1) it’s not a wholly common word, and 2) the timing was reasonably close. Also, it’s been a while since I’ve last seen it used. It’s also worth mentioning that I originally wasn’t going to put “Holy War” into the humor collection, but I felt Compelled and outright nagged to do it, for days now, until I finally capitulated this morning; had I not edited that story, I wouldn’t have seen it.

Also, a classic thought synchro: “prizefighter.” It came at the end of a short, random chain of thought about the order of the stories in the humor collection, which ended with “The Prizefighter.” A split second later, I read “prizefighter” in the ‘Small Giants’ book. Though the first one did arise as a result of a seemingly independent thought process, I can’t say for sure that it wasn’t triggered by subconscious reading ahead. In any case, worth mentioning.


Cool recurrence today. This morning, I went to Kobo to see if the latest book had been published yet, but their publishing website wasn’t working again, so I went to their main page and did a search for “A.A. Garrison” to see if my book was up. It wasn’t, but the search brought up all kinds of other books, and one in particular stood out, a distinct Noticing: a book by an author named Garrison Keillor, who I’d never seen before. I Noticed this book strongly enough to give pause, for no logical reason. Then, about three hours later, while in Goodwill, I went to the books section and the very first book my eyes fell on was from Garrison Keillor. Notable for several reasons: the timing, the fact that I’d never seen this author before and then was exposed to him twice within the course of hours (would be more notable if this author is obscure and not well-known, but I don’t know how well-known he is), and also because of the classic factor that I didn’t plan on going to Goodwill today, it being just a spur-of-the-moment thing. There’s also the randomness and obscurity of my Just Happening to do that Kobo search today so that I could see the initial reference (I’ve searched for my pseudonym on Kobo.com before and it has not turned up anything from Garrison Keillor).


A cool word synchro today: "indented," as an adjective. I encountered this while editing "Chinked" this morning, and it stood out because it was somewhat awkward as an adjective, not really functioning to describe the object in question; like so many of these recurring words, I ended up deleting it during my edit. Also, it stood out because I don't think I've ever seen or used "indented" as an adjective except for in that one story. Then, just several hours later, this afternoon, I came across the word in 'Thank You and OK!,' used in that exact same context and tense, as an adjective (and just as awkward and dysfunctional). Really cool and notable, but also cooler is that I'm editing "Chinked" to be republished in a short story collection of mine, so it's been sitting in my "accepted" folder for the past couple years, since it was published in an anthology -- and I Just Happened to edit it today.

Also, an inordinate amount of repeat numbers today, mainly 37, 137, etc, and their variants -- tons, enough to take note, and always in the most subtle and unexpected of ways, as well as in objective fashion. For instance, while watching a basketball game with my parents, I checked the game clock and I thought it read 37 seconds, but then looked harder and saw that it was 57 seconds. Then, a second later, my mom said, "What's that clock say, 37 seconds?" Heh.


Had another "Toqueville" recurrence, now in 'American Nomads.' I read a couple books between it and the 'Under the Banner of Heaven' book it last recurred it, but I still find this trifecta pretty highly notable, since the first two *were* back-to-back, after never seeing it before in my life, and then this last was, though not sequential, was still close, as well as being soon after (it's been about about ten days since I finished the 'Banner of Heaven' book). Cool.


A couple cool word synchros: first, Yosemite park. It was in the ‘American Nomads’ book yesterday, and then in the ‘Interpreter’s Handbook’ today. I only found this notable 1) because of the timing (mildly), and then 2) because this “interpreter’s” handbook, I thought, should have had no mention of Yosemite park, except that the “interpretation” it referred to was in regard to being a park ranger or tour guide (I bought the book thinking it referred to a language interpreter, not knowing otherwise until I started reading it yesterday evening). Even then, not really too notable. However, the other word, “anti-venin,” I did find somewhat notable, because I’d just learned this a few days ago when reading that first-aid book, the second sequential book before the interpreter’s book, so it was notable timing-wise, but also because I could have had no way of knowing that the interpreter’s book (which I thought to regard language) would ever mention something like anti-venin.


Some pretty cool ones today. First, a weird, three-way synchro involving the archetype of "putting a car's bucket seat all the way back." It started Friday, when I listened to that other Porno For Pyro's album, in which one of the song's lyrics mentioned "putting the bucket seat all the way back," which I Noticed distinctly, in the usual way. Then, it's second recurrence came yesterday, when I read in the 'Big Machine' book where one of the character's puts his bucket seat all the way back. I noticed this recurrence, but didn't really think it notable then, but then this afternoon, while waiting for my food to digest before working out, I parked outside the gym to read. I couldn't get comfortable, so I put the truck's bucket seat all the way back, which helped -- which I don't think I've ever done before, or not for a long time at least. Still, maybe nothing, but I had to take notice after the three-way recurrence.

Then, a classic book synchro: "social contract," which is a term I don't think I've ever read until it was in the 'American Nomads' book two days ago. Then, today, it recurred in 'Big Machine,' the next sequential book after 'American Nomads' -- once again fitting that theme of a new or uncommon word appearing in one randomly read book of one subject, then again in an equally randomly read book, of a totally different subject matter. I bought the 'American Nomads' book, which is a non-fiction about of American nomadism and the writer's travels, randomly at Goodwill last week, then bought 'Big Machine,' a novel, as randomly a couple days ago (even more randomly, actually, because the book just jumped out at me, distinctly, even though I had no idea what it was about).

Then, a cool, classic, literal synchronicity: right as I read “My guts groaned” in ‘Big Machine,’ my guts groaned, digesting food (they’d been silent until just that precise moment). This, too, happened in that distinctly synchronistic fashion, the two occurring simultaneously, before I could process either individually. Neat.


Not sure whether to call this one an intuition or a recurrence of sorts. Earlier today, around 1, I had the distinct thought of whether someone I know is growing pot or not. It may have come up because I would be seeing that person shortly, but other than that, this thought seemed totally random and absent, yet I still had the vague desire to know, even though it wouldn’t mean much. Well, when I got a Christmas gift from this person, I saw that it came in a box for a “Hilux Gro” light, the kind specifically used for growing plants, including pot. Maybe this person just happened to find a box for this type of bulb, then used it to put a Christmas gift in, I don’t know, but I found that to be a huge coincidence that I would just be wondering, distinctly, whether this person was growing pot or not just hours prior and then Just Happen to get this box, which appears every bit to be a thinly veiled “yes.”


Pretty cool word synchro today: "engineer's cap." This was first in "William" this morning, and I distinctly Noticed it, enough to make me think I'd be seeing it again soon, despite its relative rarity -- and, sure enough, I did, just a few hours later, in 'Doctor Sleep.' Notable not just for the rarity, my distinct Noticing of it enough to absently predict a recurrence, and the timing, but also because I just received the 'Doctor Sleep' book from my brother yesterday, as a Christmas gift.


A couple minor word-type synchros today, involving ‘Of Mice and Men’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ I wrote of ‘Mice and Men’ in the story notes for the second shining horrific book last night, and ‘Romeo and Juliet’ was mentioned in “William” when I edited it yesterday morning, and I Noticed both these, in that distinct way that suggested I’d be seeing them again soon, enough to make me absently start looking for them. Sure enough, they both turned up in ‘Doctor Sleep’ today, when there’s no way I could’ve known they’d be in there (first time reading the book). Not hugely notable, but with the timing, the Noticing, and their coinciding together, I think it’s worth an entry.


Cool, classic synchronicity at lunch today: my dad saying “hot,” in an unrelated conversation, precisely as I read “hot” in a book, in that distinctly synchronistic way I’ve come to identify. Also, the same thing happened with “Raindrops fell” (might not have been the exact words, I can’t remember) this evening, when I read that precisely when the first few drops of rain fell. Neat.

Also, a mild-but-notable recurrence tonight. While waiting for dinner to cook, I read a AAA travel magazine that came in the mail today, in which it mentioned how Williamsburg is a tourist destination, which I knew but hadn’t seen advertised/mentioned in maybe years. Then, less than an hour later, I came across a random Google ad advertising Williamsburg as a travel destination.

Also, a 1111 crop-up that bears mentioning. Rebecca mailed me a package, and it was delivered today at 11:11am according to the delivery confirmation -- neat in itself, but doubly so because my mail man has never once, that I know of, come anytime before 12 in the months I've lived up here.


An interesting one today. Edited "The Birth of Edenborough" for the novellas collection this afternoon and then again this evening, in which it featured a part where the people hear distant booms and cracks and gunshots, etc, from in town. The whole time I was editing the story, there were distant booms and cracks and gunshot-sounding noises from town -- people setting off fireworks for New Year's apparently (do people always set off fireworks for New Year's? It doesn't seem like I can remember that happening). I found this notable both because of its marked, distinct similarity to the events, but also the timing, in several ways. First, I never, ever edit in the afternoon like I did the first half of "Edenborough" today; I only did it because I was sick in bed all morning (and if I hadn't of done this, it wouldn't have coincided with the start of the fireworks). Also, it was the first time in a solid year I've edited this story, and it was sheer chance I was editing it at all, since the idea for a novellas collection came to me out of nowhere just a couple days ago (not to mention that I had for novellas to choose from to edit on this day, and I happened to choose "Edenborough"). Pretty notable.

[] 2014


Interesting recurrence today: the theme of "being forced to save." It came about starting with this morning, when I got a life insurance circular in my mail, which reminded me to ask my dad about the whole-term insurance policy he has on me, which I've been meaning to do for weeks (months?). That was the first part, the second part came when I went to my parents' for lunch and found waiting for me a "25 Ways to Make Your Money Work Better For You" brochure-type thing that my dad has set aside for me. #1 on the list was "Trick yourself into saving," which I noted because it was such an awkward tip, encouraging you to play headgames with yourself in order to save, rather than just laying out and plan and saving. Well, shortly after that I asked my Dad about the whole-term life insurance policy and if he might want to cash out the investment portion of it in order to reinvest it and get a better interest rate (that was the whole point of me bringing it up to him). His answer to this was no, he didn't want to do that, because the policy was his way of "forcing himself to save." He didn't say "tricking" himself to save, but the underlying archetype was precisely the same as that I'd read in the money guide just minutes earlier: a way to play headgames with yourself in order to save, rather than just doing it. Rather notable since 1) I'd been reminded by the insurance mailer to ask my dad about the policy *before* I saw the "25 Ways" brochure thing, 2) because I'd been meaning to bring the life insurance investment subject up for at least weeks, then Just Happened to finally do it today, and 3) that that brochure would have Just Happened to be sent my way on this very day, so that its #1 tip of playing headgames with yourself to save could be repeated by my father's reply. Neat/


A classic book synchro today. I recently read the 'American Nomads' book which mentioned how beaver hats became a fad due to fur trapping in the American West, which in turn gave way to silk hats becoming popular. It was the first I'd ever heard of this story. Then, I read of it today, and in the most unexpected place: a novel called 'Last of the Breed.' Notable not just because I read it so close to the book in which I originally learned of this story, after going my whole life without doing so (again, the same old pattern), but also because the two books are on completely different subjects and are of different natures -- so I couldn't have just subconsciously picked two books of a similar subject matter. Additionally, there's the way I came into the 'Last of the Breed' book: my dad gave it to me, randomly, after finding it in a rental of his, around the time I was reading the 'American Nomads' book. In a way, this is more notable than if the two books had been read back-to-back.


A minor but funny general recurrence today. The day's tarot card draw was The Hermit, which depicts a man holding up a lantern. As it so happened, my pipes froze in a freak windstorm last night, and I had to go down to my basement and check them several times today, which required a light -- and the best light I have is my Brooklyn lantern, which is powered by batteries but is styled exactly like the lantern depicted in the Hermit card, with me carrying it around the same way -- I was even wearing a long blue bathrobe which bore a striking resemblance to the robe on the card (I only started wearing this in the last couple days, after remembering it in a closet), as well as a grey hooded sweatshirt with the hood up! I only picked up on this after the fact. I was only lacking a staff and a beard.

Also, there’s the fact that the Hermit card described other events of the day perfectly, in the traditional fashion I’ve come to associate with these daily single-card tarot draws (I was very introspective and cut off today).


Really cool reading synchro today. It was just like previous ones I've had, fitting that pattern of reading something just as a separate, real-life thing correlated with it perfectly, in that distinctively synchronous way, however with a twist. This time, rather than having the real-life event and the read passage synchronize just as I was reading along normally, it happened right when I resumed reading the book after being interrupted -- twice, actually, close together and in the exact same way. The first happened when I was reading normally, got interrupted, and then picked up the book and resumed reading ('Last of the Breed'), with "He heard the roar of a starting engine" precisely when my dad started up his truck outside, in that perfectly synchronous way, and with perfect description (not just "the roar of an engine," but a *starting* engine, which was what I heard, and not just "a starting engine," but a *roaring* one, which is distinctive of my dad's truck). Also worth noting about this is that my dad originally planned to take his car, but the battery was dead; otherwise, he not only would not have started up the truck, but would have started the car's engine before I read the correlating passage.

But it didn't stop there, because then it happened again. After I'd noted this synchronicity on a piece of paper and settled down (it was rather jarring, even after so many of these, because of how perfectly it corresponded to my resuming the book after being interrupted), I finally picked up my book and found where I'd left off, the paragraph after that containing the roaring motor sentence, which started with "A door creaked open" -- and damned if a door didn't creak open right as I read that, also in that perfectly synchronous way, but also with a distinctive creak (this door in particular makes a distinctive creaking noise). After adding an addendum to the first synchronicity's note, I laughed genuinely. As unlikely as the first one was to be chance, having two back to back was just incredible.


Notable recurrence today: the Nez Perces Indian tribe. I first read of this in the 'American Nomads' book recently, for I think the first time ever. And then it was in that 'Last of the Breed' novel, improbable enough considering the subject matters of the two books and the randomness with which I read them. But then it recurred a third time, today, in the next sequential book after the novel, in a historical book about the 1914-1932 period of American history -- one with even less in common than the other two, and read as randomly (I bought this book on a whim in Goodwill over a month ago). Rather notable, for multiple reasons, I think.


Today was another one of those days of an onslaught of individually unnotable synchro. Today, it was mostly themes rather than words or events. For instance, I read in the ‘Farm City’ book I started today both of someone at a local, high-brow market talking to vendors about where their meat came from and what it was fed on and of someone note being “punk enough,” and then today encountered both of those things, in the most random, unlikely of ways (went to Earthfare and overheard someone having the conversation about meat and where it came from/what it was fed on, when I had no plans to go there today until I got a coupon in my email and decided to take advantage of it; then, when I went to make an Amazon order I’d been putting off for weeks, I decided I needed another new CD, and after a blindly random search, I came to a Rancid CD in which the description described them as being “not punk enough”). There were maybe five or six coherent themes like this, which I can’t now remember because they weren’t too notable in themselves, but they came alongside a ton of lesser, incoherent ones. In any case, it fits that pattern of the individually unnotable onslaught.


Two cool recurrences today: "trustafarian" and "Lucky the cat," both originating in the 'Farm City' book. "Trustafarian" was a term I'd been introduced to in the 'American Nomads' book recently, and had written in my word ledger to look up but didn't actually look it up until a couple days ago. Notable, not only because I'd read it for the first time and then soon after (in another randomly bought book on a totally unrelated subject matter, no less), but also because of the timing of how soon I'd seen it again after finally looking it up. Then "Lucky the cat," mentioned offhand in the 'Farm City' book, was even more notable, because it just so happens that today I edited my story "Lucky," which stars Lucky the cat. It's notable on the surface, due to the obvious recurrence (is Lucky a common name for a cat?), but it's more notable when taken into consideration that the story I edited today was the latest sequential story for the short story collection I'm presently putting together, after having put together several such collections of the last couple months, with this specific one and this specific story Just Happening to fall on the very day I Just Happened to read of a Lucky the cat in a randomly bought book, etc -- very unlikely, for several reasons.


Somewhat notable recurrence today. Yesterday in the ‘Farm City’ book, I learned of something called Slow Food, which appears to be some kind of food-enthusiast or farmers’ community, which I don’t believe I’ve ever once heard of before. Then today I saw a bumper sticker for Slow Food on a car. Maybe it was just me noticing it because of just having read it, but, as best I could tell, it was a classic case of never having been exposed to the existence of this thing until yesterday, then being exposed to it a second time within the course of 24 hours.


Some really cool, classic synchronicities today, after a pronounced drought recently. All three were of the same basic nature, the coinciding of two things. The first was my thinking "green light," as a pulled up to a red intersection, immediately before the song I was listening to said "green light," in that perfectly synchronous way. Then, just minutes later, the same basic thing happened again, with my thinking "fan" immediately before some person near me, completely unconnected to me, said "fan" (interestingly, I'd thought "fan" because I saw something which I thought was a fan, but turned out to be part of a paper shredder -- something which, in retrospect, really looked nothing like a fan, yet I'd thought it did, and without any sort of cue or suggestion, since it was *before* the man had said "fan," or anything related to fans). Then, less than an hour later, while checking out at a grocery store, I read "thank you" on the credit card reader just as someone behind me said "thank you," again in that perfectly synchronous way. I find these interestingly individually, but more so collectively, considering I've had no significant synchronicities for over a week (and even very few insignificant ones), and then -- bam! -- three distinct, nearly identical ones within the course of an hour. Why? (I note that, for the last week or so, I've been extremely sick, depressed, and out of my head, but today I came out of it a little; it seems like times in the past I've had this same thing happen: when I get really ill, the synchronicities stop, and I don't think it's just because I stop noticing them -- and then, once I come out of it, they'll restart.)

Then, a minor recurrence: just before dinner, I finished reading ‘This Side of Paradise,’ in which a McAdoo (politician) was mentioned. I Noticed this, very distinctly, and then, minutes later, on some random webpage, a McAdoo was mentioned, when I don’t think I’ve ever seen that surname used beyond the politician (and only him just within the last couple weeks). Possibly nothing, since it’s not too distinct or unlikely.


A cool recurrence today, fitting the vague-thought rubric. Last night, I thought, very randomly yet very distinctly, of a "massive amount of data," specifically computer data, like that maintained by some massive, enterprise-class computer system. From what I remember, this thought had no traceable origins, just seeming to come from "nowhere." Well, today at lunch, my dad gave me an article he'd clipped out, about some entrepreneur who'd started a company; on the back of this article, however, was an add for a data-storage company, bragging about the 50 trillion bytes of particle-collidor data it successfully stored -- a "massive amount of data," as it were, of the type almost precisely like I'd thought about so vaguely but distinctly yesterday, For No Real Reason. I could see this just being a mildly unlikely coincidence, except that, again, it fits the whole vague-thought-synchro pattern I've come to know so well, in addition to the timing between the recurrences, being less than a day.

Also, a classic though/reading synchro tonight: I was reading a paragraph on a webpage, and I entered into an absent chain of thought which ended with me thinking of how I had to eat a teaspoon of special honey tonight before I go to bed -- and a split-second later, I read "and add a large dash of honey, too." Now, were I unable to trace the chain of thought which led to my thinking of honey, and trace it so distinctly, I would write this one off as a textbook case of subconscious reading ahead -- but I *can* trace the chain of thought. So, I find it notable.


Had a ton of numbers today: 37/137, 44, 1212/212, and all their variants. I've been having all these daily for months now, but today stood out, just in sheer volume, especially 37/73/etc -- another "onslaught" of random, individually unnotable recurrences. However, toward evening there was one that was reasonably coherent and notable: I wanted to know what time it was -- genuinely, because I hadn't checked in over an hour -- and when I first looked, the clock was 7:30 -- and then, a split second after, it clicked to 7:31, 137 backwards. This fit that old pattern, both in having a clock tick to or away from a repeat number just after I look, as well as it happening during an onslaught, when I've been seeing so many numbers that I'll tend to ignore them unless they are somehow distinct in terms of timing, etc -- like that. But what really set this one apart is that, upon looking at the clock, I remembered that I hadn't reset the hour-timer I'd had on, so I picked it up to clear it and turn it off -- and when I picked it up, the timer ticked down to 2:12, hitting it precisely as I looked. It and the clock came back to back, in a one-two punch that I couldn't ignore -- also fitting that pattern of a more-distinct recurrence coming when I might've otherwise ignored the recurrence, just like with the clock ticking to 7:31 a split second after I Just Happened to look.

Then, this evening, a minor recurrence: Delphi. First it was in the book I was reading, ‘The Postman,’ and I Noticed it, very distinctly, though this might just have been because it was the first I’d seen it mentioned in maybe years and so I had to remember exactly what it was. Then, less than two hours later, I checked my email and felt distinctly Compelled to look at an email, even though the subject line told me it was just a useless spam selling some random thing I didn’t want. But I obeyed my illogical urge, and in the email it mentioned Delphi (same context, etc, as in the Greek site/town). Maybe nothing, it being common enough, but I found it notable since 1) the timing, with me seeing it for the first time in years and then again within not just the same day, but under two hours later, 2) this incident fitting that same, classic recurrence pattern, of some random but distinct theme or subject or thing recurring within a relatively close timeframe.


First, a reasonably notable recurrence today: “object lesson.” I just read about this in a book recently, within the last week (I think it was ‘The Beautiful and the Damned’), and, not knowing what it meant, I noted it in my ledger. Then, last night, I finally got around to catching up on my ledger definitions, one of which was “object lesson,” thereby informing me on it. Then today it was in ‘The Postman,’ the second time ever, less than 24 hours after I looked up the definition. Still possibly a coincidence, but it does fit the book-synchro rubric perfectly.

Then, an even more minor word synchronicity: “hoedown,” which I caught on the radio today while waiting at the chiropractor’s (a song title), and then was in ‘The Postman,’ about two hours later (though in its literal context, not as a song title). Not very notable, maybe nothing.

But then, an extremely cool one. While reading 'The Postman' this evening, I tried, experimentally, to do breathing exercises while simultaneously reading, which was a success. I did this for close to an hour while reading, breathing heavily and deeply and intentionally, and at that point, still breathing like this, my mind spun off onto a chain of thoughts related to the breathing, which ended on how it seemed that this sort of breathing was transforming me and potentially making me a kind of "superman" (because the increased oxygenation is killing off my viral infection, or so I hope). Well, the first synchronicity occurred as I reached a part of the book where one of the characters, out of the blue, started breathing deeply and intentionally -- just as I was presently (for the first time while reading, as it were). I found this cute rather than a synchronicity, but then, several paragraphs on, the deep-breathing character started changing and transforming from his deep breathing -- into a superman, as it were. Not only did it correlate perfectly my chain of thoughts to this end, but that chain of thoughts (which was rather long, spanning several pages of my reading) concluded, on the "my breathing is making me a superman" thought, just seconds before the book revealed the character breathing himself into a superman, etc. Highly notable, both from the timing and the highly complex theme and correlation, all the logistics, etc.


A damn cool recurrence today, involving the Indians V.S. Naipaul and Indira Ghandi. Just yesterday, while reading the book 'In Spite of the Gods: The Rise of Modern India,' I learned of these two figures, never having heard the names before in my life. Then, today, I saw them recur, and in the most unlikely of ways: on the back-cover blurb of a book I Just Happened to run across. The book was in my survival bag, used to hide its store of emergency-money; I chose this one in particular because it was a book that someone gave to me years ago and I never read, so it was valueless enough to me to use in this fashion. The way I encountered the book and its blurb was that I had to unload my survival bag and take out its store of emergency food, because I was going to eat it and replace it with something else as to keep it fresh. I'd been meaning to do this for upwards of a week, but my meal schedule always ended up working out so that I ate other stuff, but today was the day I ended up needing to eat the emergency food, and so I unloaded the bag and encountered this book. Upon taking out the book, I had the thought that maybe I should read it, after having it all these years, so I picked it up and looked it over to see what it was about -- and damned if the back cover didn't specifically cite V.S. Naipaul and Indira Ghandi, those two names I'd just learned less than 24 hours ago after never seeing them in my life. A classic book synchro, very cool, especially considering all the logistics and such which went into it (my choosing that book in particular to hide the money in, out of a selection of dozens, and then my putting off getting the emergency food out of my survival bag for the last week, as to bring me into contact with those names not just within a week, but within a day).


Classic thought synchro today. Right as I thought "1:14" (time), I realized I was looking at a piece of paper with the numbers "1144" written on it, realizing this in that distinctly synchronistic way. I would write this off psychologically, where I subconsciously knew I was looking at the number 1144 and that made me think of its first three digits, 114. Except, I can trace back why I thought of the number 114: I had to check and see when the rice I had cooking was done, which required me to look at the clock and go forward 20 minutes (the time it takes to cook). I looked at the clock, saw the time was 12:54, and then turned back, with the number 1:14 on my mind -- and where I turned just happened to be directly in line of sight of the piece of paper with 1144 written on it. Still, I could write it off as coincidence, as it's not too highly unlikely even then, and the paper did read "1144" instead of "114"; then again, it fits the pattern of such thought synchronicities to a T.


Classic book/word synchro today: “auto-suggestion.” I first read this in the ‘Occult Science’ book last night, and I Noticed it, because it was the first I’ve ever heard of hypnotic suggestion referred to that. Then, of course, in the ‘Yoga’ book I read today, it too mentioned auto-suggestion. The ‘Occult Science’ book: I downloaded this randomly for free off Amazon a few days ago, while searching for a completely different book. The ‘Yoga’ book: I’ve had this for months now (4? 6?), given to me by Rebecca randomly. And after all this time of having the Yoga book and then reading it on the spur of the moment today, it Just Happened to have that word I’d Noticed.

Also, a recurrence that might be nothing. Today I started, after months of putting it off, yoga stretches, and about an hour later I started a new book, ‘Hold the Enlightenment,’ in which the very first story was about a man doing yoga for the first time. I had no idea what the book was about before I chose it to read (randomly, from a pool of about 6 other books), after having this book, also, for months after buying it.

And one I remembered today, though it actually happened a couple days ago. Outside Earthfare, I found a debit card on the sidewalk. I remember reading the first name as "Brittany," but I can't remember the rest. The name is significant because about 1.5 years ago I found another debit card belonging to a "Brittany," in a parking lot. That's reasonably notable in itself, with the theme of "Brittany's debit card" recurring, albeit over 1.5 years (though a mitigating factor would be that I've only found two debit cards ever, and they both belonged to a Brittany). But there's another neat part: if I remember correctly, the first debit card I found belonged not to a Brittany, but a Britany, with one T, which I remember stood out to me at the time (the name was spelled differently than I'm accustomed somehow, either having two N's or one T -- something distinctive, in any case). If I'm not mistaken, the card I found a couple days ago also had "Britany" spelled in that way; however, I can't be sure of this, and I turned in the card almost immediately after I found it, so there's no way of verifying it one way or another (plus I could see how I could be projecting the memory of that first card's distinctive spelling of "Britany" onto this second one). Even if the names weren't spelled the same, still pretty notable, and befitting the classic recurrence pattern.


A classic thought synchro while working out and listening to music. Right at the end of a long chain of thought that ended in me thinking of respect, the song I was listening to said “respect,” the thought and the word coinciding with perfect precision, in that distinctly synchronistic way. The song was one that I’d listened to many times, and knew the lyrics to, so I could’ve possibly had some subconscious following-along going on, except that, once again, I can trace the chain of thought which ended in “respect,” and it had no parallels to the song I was listening to.

Then, this evening, some recurrence/word synchro: "Putumayo" and "Piedras." Over the last couple days, I had these distinct-yet-random thoughts, those which I've long ago recognized as those preceding some type of vague-thought recurrence. The first was "Putumayo," which I had heard on a Seinfeld episode years ago and, just a couple days ago, thought of in that vague-thought-synchro fashion, for no reason I knew, and the thought just stayed with me, until I started wondering if I'd see it again. And the same for "Piedras," which I'd heard in a Pixies song and popped up in my mind the same way, making me note it. Sure enough, I read both of those words in the 'Hold the Enlightenment' book. It bears mentioning that they were not in the same context as those I'd thought of them (one was in reference to the actual Putumayo place in Colombia, the other was the name of a river, I think), though they were in fact the same words. The timing was also longer this time, with 2-3 days between the original thoughts and my reading them in the book -- still short enough to be notable, but much longer than others like this.


A couple thought/reading synchros today. First, at the gym, the song I was listening to said “take a breath,” immediately after I thought of taking a breath, in that very same psychological language. Once again, my thought was the end of a long, unrelated chain of thoughts that in no way corresponded with the song. And, again, the synchronicity was perfectly precise, in that distinctive way.

Then tonight, while editing a story, I absently chewed my bottom lip just before reading “Peter chewed his bottom lip.” This could’ve been subconscious reading-ahead suggestion, but then again, I have a habit of chewing my bottom lip. It did happen in that perfectly synchronistic way, though.


Another classic thought/reading-type synchro. Right as my dad said “glasses,” I read a piece of paper reading “glasses,” the two coinciding in that perfectly synchronistic way. Also, the two coincided too well for any kind of subconscious correlation; I hadn’t been looking at the piece of paper until the precise instant before he said “glasses,” so it wasn’t like him saying it just made me notice it or something.


Minor recurrence this evening. My friend sent me an email entitled “Happy Random Act of Kindness Day,” and just after I read it, maybe two minutes later, I checked another email address and received an email from Lulu that advertised “Random Act of Kindness: Free Shipping.” Nothing distinguishing beyond the exact words and the fast timing of the recurrence, so it’s possible it’s a coincidence.


A classic recurrence. A couple weeks ago, in the ‘In Spite of the Gods’ book, I read an aphorism: “Success has a thousand fathers. Failure is an orphan.” It was the first I’d read this, then today it was repeated in the ‘Imperial Life in the Emerald City’ book. The timing was pretty distant, almost long enough for me to ignore it as coincidence; however, considering how I’d gone my whole life without knowing that aphorism, then reading it twice even within the span of a couple weeks is pretty significant, especially since it follows the classic book-synchro model, albeit a drawn-out one.


Another classic word synchro: "hagiographical." This was in the book 'The Man Who Loved China' just this evening, and then, about two hours later, I went to catch up on the definitions of words in my word ledger -- and the very first word was hagiographical. When I put it in my ledger, maybe a couple weeks ago, it was the first I'd ever read of the word, and after putting off looking up the definition, I Just Happened to do it within a couple hours of reading that word for the second time. This one is just like another recently, where the recurrence was between my looking up for word for the ledger and another source, rather than the original source and a second source.


Cool, classic word synchro today: “manufactures” (noun). I read it this afternoon in ‘The Man Who Loved China’ book, and I Noticed it distinctly, since it was the first time I’ve ever seen that word used as a noun, though I guess it makes sense. Then, not an hour later, I started reading the ‘Kim’ book, and within the first few pages it had “manufactures” used in that same context. And, of course, these two books were bought and read extremely randomly, with my having downloaded the ‘Kim’ book about a month ago, on a whim, and bought the ‘China’ book from Goodwill weeks later, Just Happening to read the two, with their “manufactures,” back to back.


A big, weird, cool one, which I don't know how to classify. It started about a week ago, when I read the GAPS Diet book (randomly, of course, after feeling Compelled to read it), and it mentioned sprouting seeds before eating them, a concept which was new to me and got my attention enough to look into it -- the first I'd heard of this practice, in any case. Then, the second part was last weekend, when, completely out of nowhere, I ordered a pound of coconut flour; I saw it on Amazon (on a completely unrelated search for something else, I have no idea why coconut flour came up) and felt Compelled to buy some. Then, the third part was around the same time, when I went to order the betaine HCL supplement (on advice of the GAPS Diet book) and while I was at it, figured I should order some digestive enzymes to boot, since maybe they would help.

Well, last night I had a revelation-like research expedition in which I learned that I've been eating tons of phytic acid in seeds, and that this stuff blocks absorption of/leeches out vital minerals (which came about completely randomly, stemming from a totally unrelated search about tomato juice). I knew of phytic acid, but not that it was in nuts or seeds, nor in the high amounts it purportedly is. Which means that I've been eating tons of this stuff every day -- which would explain something weird that happened with dosing supplemental lithium. I tried this again recently, and it went largely without effect -- except for one day a couple weeks ago, when I got great effects from the lithium, but which never repeated itself. I'd been scratching my head about what could've caused it to take such noticeable effect that one day, then do nothing every other day. I've been asking myself ever since, aloud a couple times, why this was. so after reading about phytic acid and how I'm eating so much of it in all the nuts and seeds I eat -- blocking/leeching minerals, of which lithium is a mineral -- I decided to go back in my journal and see what I ate that one day it took such good effect -- and I in fact did not eat any nuts or seeds that day, or anything with phytic acid in it, a rare occassion. Which demonstrates to me that what I'd read about phytic acid appears to be true: there is a bad amount in the nuts and seeds I've been eating, and it does in fact block minerals, unless the lithium thing was just a fluke.

This knowledge made me do two things: 1) search for a way to deal with the phytic acid in nuts and seeds, and 2) search out a suitable food without phytic acid. As it were, my search for the first solution was already known: sprouting seeds, which removes phytic acid, which I'd Just Happened to read about for the first time not a week ago in that randomly read GAPS Diet book. So there's the first puzzle piece falling into place, suspiciously coincidental. Additionally, the other way to deal with phytic acid is an enzyme, phytase, so I went looking for a supplement with this in it, only to turn up empty-handed, the one time I've been unable to find a suitable supplement with what I needed in it -- except, as it turns out, the two enzymes supplements I'd bought last weekend *have phytase in them.* I already had the stuff I need, when that stuff is relatively obscure and uncommon -- bought randomly and for unrelated reasons nearly a week before I had any idea I was eating phytic acid or what phytase was or that I would need it. And then, as for finding foods without phytic acid in them, it turned out that once such food is *coconut flour,* that which I'd bought as randomly and as long before I knew I would need it.

Had I not already bought the coconut flour and those two enzyme supplements, I would’ve ended up buying them anyway, after learning what I did (learning which was aided by my total chance experimenting with supplemental lithium a couple weeks ago). But I already had the stuff ordered, with some of it (the supplements) already here and available, and the coconut flour being delivered the very day after I read the stuff, so that I didn’t even have to eat a single high-phytic-acid meal. The variables and logistics necessary for all these things just blows my mind, even now. Is this a synchronicity or just precognition, or a combination of both?

Also, a cool vague-thought word synchro this afternoon: “Shaitan,” the Eastern name for Satan. I thought of this around lunchtime, completely randomly, I can’t even remember the chain of thought that led to it, but it was very prominent, enough for me to take note of it in the usual way. And not an hour later did I read it in ‘Kim,’ which was the first I’d encountered that word since I first read it, ever. Pretty notable.


A neat little recurrence today. Sometime within the last two or three days, I had the specific, yet totally vague and random, thought (like so many of these lately) of a guy with a tattooed face who approached me outside Earthfare about a year ago, asking for spare change. I have no idea why I thought of this person, and it was the first I've thought of him since giving him some change so long ago. Well, today I saw him again, walking along the road. That was notable in itself, but doubly so considering 1) he was in front of Earthfare, approximately where I'd seen him before (but on the sidewalk rather than by the store's doors), and 2) I had actually planned to go to Earthfare later in the day, but I absently turned toward it after leaving him, making a wrong turn, so I figured I'd go then -- thus taking me past the guy I'd thought of randomly.


Cool thought/action/word synchro. Right as I read the word “brackish” in a book, I bit into an especially salt bite of my lunch. It’s worth noting that 1) I’d already taken the bite a split second before reading the word, 2) there was no way to distinguish the salty from the normal portions of the meal (it was a mix of coconut, chia seed, and apples, uniform and consistent, but apparently with a pocket of salt interspersed here and there where it didn’t mix all the way), so there’s no way I could’ve subconsciously read the “brackish” ahead of time and then chose a salty bite. It’s also worth mentioning that there were only about two bites like this in the whole bowl, out of maybe … several dozens bites? And of course the reading of the word and tasting the salty bite coincided in that distinctive, perfectly synchronistic fashion. Very notable.


A cool, classic recurrence today. In church this morning, the pastor mentioned during the sermon how some animals will, when trapped, bite off a limb to free themselves. It was the first I’d heard of this fact in several years at least. Then, approximately two hours later, while reading the ‘SAS Survival Book’ at lunch, it mentioned this very same fact, with almost the exact wording even. Very notable, both due to the precision of the recurrence and the timing (also, I’d had that survival book on my to-read stack for about 2-3 months now, and Just Happened to begin reading it yesterday).


Really cool recurrence today, a kind of trifecta, and after a longish drought no less (been having scattered synchronicities these last ten days, but only vague ones that don't translate to text). It started two days ago, with an indirect but coherent thought synchronicity: "door opener." I read this just as, simultaneously in a separate chain of thought that was *not* related to what I was reading, I thought of how my uncle opened the door for me at church recently. This was a notable synchronicity in itself, since 1) it happened in that distinctly synchronistic way, and 2) I could once more trace the chain of thought that ended with thinking of my uncle opening the door for me, and it couldn't be explained as subconscious reading-ahead in this instance.

But there's another dimension to this one. For some reason I still can't pin, I didn't note this original synchronicity like I usually do, even though it was blatant and coherent. Maybe I was just out of the habit after ten days without any notable ones, I don't know, but I didn't get around to noting it until today, two days after. Well, right as I went to write a Post-It note with "door opener synchro," I thought of another door opener: now for my father, who was coming in the door with his hands full. Simultaneously while writing the note, I again had the separate but completely relevant thought of, "Should I open the door for my father?" at the precise instant I went to write down "door opener synchro." I had the thought that maybe my writing "door opener" just subconsciously cued me to think of opening the door for my father, except that *he had to be coming in the door with his hands full to begin with,* thus needing to have the door opened for him, and at that very instant no less -- an outside, objective circumstance I had no control over, as it were. Very notable, and very cool.


A neat recurrence today, though I could see it being just an unlikely coincidence. At the library, four days ago, I was browsing books and came across a book that I thought might interest me, but when I read its blurb, I decided against getting it. Then, three days later, my dad asked me to look up a book for him online, to buy. When I went to do so, I immediately recognized the book's cover as that which I had looked at at the library just days before. It's certainly unlikely, for I looked at that book in particular out of a whole shelf (and however many thousands of books are at the library in total, really), and had never heard of the book beforehand prior to then, just days before it would recur in a very distinct way -- like so many other synchronicities fitting this pattern. But, other than that, there's nothing that puts this one up to the stratospherically unlikely realm of bona-fide synchronicities.


A recurrence/thought-synchro today, one which is potentially very cool. It started a couple days ago, when I had a minor realization: that certain thought/cognitive patterns can act as "channels" into one's mind, as to govern behavior and state of consciousness. Furthermore, I thought of how these mental channels could be exploited by one with the appropriate knowledge, to control and manipulate someone, or penetrate their psychology in one way or another. Then, about a day later, I read in the 'Such a Long Journey' book of exactly this concept: in the book, a woman is trying to rid her son of a magic spell by transferring the spell to another person, and the magically knowledgeable person helping the woman tells her what to do to open the victim's "channels" -- the exact same term, used in the exact same context that I was thinking of just a day before (this concept, nor anything like it, had been mentioned previously in the book; it is otherwise rather mundane in subject matter, involving middle-class Indian city dwellers).

That was the first part, and it was notable enough in itself, but then today, the book mentioned the "channels" again, now in regards to how, just after the full and new moons, one's channels are the most open to influence. This is interesting for two reasons: 1) when I had my conceptualization regarding mental channels, it was the day after the full moon, and 2) I can't be sure, but it seems like the whole reason I had my realization about channels *was because I'd become very emotional and "open" during that full moon,* leading me to visualize that "opening" as a channel of influence. Now, I want to say the second was true, but I can't remember clearly enough to say for sure, and it could very well be wrong. Were that part true, this would be highly notable, but, again, even on its own I find the first, verifiable party pretty notable.


Several notable ones today, all while reading the 'Such A Long Journey' book. First was a reading/action synchro, "churned his guts," just as some gas churned my guts, the two coinciding in that perfectly synchronous way. Then two word synchros: "threnody" and "lustily." "Threnody" was a vague-thought synchro, starting last night when I thought of the word, extremely distinctly, just before bedtime, so strongly and obliquely that I noted it as a possible recurrence -- which it did, in the book today, less than 24 hours later. And not only did I flag it ahead of time, but it's a reasonably rare word, and the first I've read it in many months or longer -- notable. Then, "lustily," which was neat, because it first occurred when I misread "justly" (or some other, similar word, I can't remember which) as "lustily," making me do a double-take and, hence, have "lustily" stand out in my mind. Then, two pages later in the book, "lustily" was used -- also a reasonably uncommon word, though not so much as "threnody." Still, pretty notable considering how I misread it just two pages prior.


A minor recurrence, quite possibly a coincidence. Sometime in the last week, I can’t remember just when or where (it was in a book), I read a traveling tip on how you should tag your luggage with something distinctive so you can pick it out from a baggage carousel, etc. Then today, I got an unexpected package in the mail from a friend, in which was a bright, florid luggage tag, with a note saying that it helps to have distinctive tagging on your bags so you can pick them out, etc. Definitely a recurrence, but the time window is large enough that it isn’t too notable.

[3/24/14 update: After I told my friend about the minor synchronicity she inspired, she replied with this: “Since I wrote the letter and put the package together a week prior to mailing it, I would guess it was more of a synchronicity [than] you think.”]


Cool vague-thought synchro. Last night, I had the distinct thought that in the 'Way of the Essenes' book, it never referred to energies/consciousness/concepts as thought-forms, as in the Ra material. Then, within the first couple pages of what I read at lunch today, it distinctly mentioned thought-forms, and in the exact same context (strangely, it had an asterisk denoting the term as another, similar term used previously in the book -- why not just use that one again, rather than using "thought-form" in this one rare instance?). Very notable, considering the distinctness of my vague thought regarding thought-forms and that book particularly, as well as the timing between the recurrence (less than twelve hours).


Another blatant book synchro, now involving the books 'Ghost Plane' and 'McMafia,' these read back to back, as usual for these events. The first recurrence I noted was that both of these books quoted a man named Jon Winer, Clinton's drugs-and-thugs czar, which is interesting because, once more following the book-synchro pattern, the two books were on different subject matter (torture and CIA rendition flights vs. organized crime -- not entirely separate subjects, but disparate enough that it would be notable to have them both quoting the same man). I found that notable, but even more so was that both books mentioned 'The Trial' by Kafka and compared various events to the book -- which *was* very notable, considering that these references were completely arbitrary in both books, having no real relation to the subject matter in either. And, of course, I'd never known of this 'Trial' book until I read of it in 'Ghost Plane.'

Additionally, there have been a lot of those vague, individually unnotable word synchros between the 'Divide' book I'm editing and the 'McMafia' book, such as my using "bacchanalia" in my book this morning, a few hours before reading it in the 'McMafia' book -- unnotable in itself, but there have been approximately a dozen like this, also befitting that pattern thatt hese vague-onslaught/minor-word-synchro recurrences seem to follow.

Then, last, a blatant thought/event synchro. While at the gym today listening to music, the song said "trip on a wire," precisely when I was thinking of how I'd just moments before tripped on the electrical cord of a vacuum cleaner. Once again, the two coincided in that perfectly synchronistic way, wham-bam, and I can distinctly trace my train of thought leading up to the thought of tripping on the "wire" cord -- namely, because it had just happened seconds before (notable enough in itself, but it was even more so considering my thought of the event coincided not seconds earlier, but perfectly with the lyric of the song). Very cool, even after experiencing so many dozens of these.


Really cool number repetition today, distinct enough to be considered more of a synchronicity than a repeat. Last night when I did the castor oil pack, I got up a couple minutes before the hour was complete, and did so without resetting the timer (which I almost always do, by habit), and so while I was cleaning up from the pack, the timer went off and I was messing with the castor oil so I couldn't go turn it off, after which I promptly forgot about it because it eventually went off on its own. For whatever reason, the timer runs in reverse when it's not reset, and because I never reset it after it quieted, it was still going like this today when I went to use it, so that there was a positive readout ticking up on it -- 17 hours, 37 minutes, and, right when I picked it up, it ticked to 37 seconds, as to read 17:37:37, a triple set of 37-derivatives, all coinciding so that I would see it right when I went to use it today. I would've found this pretty notable had it just been to the minute, but to the *second* ... that was just huge. It bears mentioning that 1) I've been seeing 37/1137/etc like crazy the last couple weeks, but then 2) it fits that pattern where, when I see a number so much and so often that I seem to become jaded to it and begin writing it off, it will repeat in such a distinct, coherent fashion that I cannot ignore it, and this one fit the bill perfectly. Very cool.

Plus a cool one just before bed. I was talking to my mom on the phone and she asked me with help on a crossword she was doing, a computer term that was “USB port.” As she was asking me this, I was looking directly at a USB port with a cable set on it, on the desk in front of me. Cool.


Really notable word synchro today: “hajj.” It started about two weeks ago, when I read this word in some book, I can’t remember what, for the first time, learning it. Then, four days ago on Saturday my mom was doing a crossword puzzle and was asking my help, and one of the words she asked for help with ended up being “hajj.” I noticed this at once, but didn’t find it too notable, considering the time gap between my learning it and her asking me about it (mildly notable considering the relatively short gap of my never having heard it before in my life and then hearing it even within a few weeks, but not enough to persuade me to log it). Then I read this word a third time, two days after my mom’s crossword, and though I found this a little more notable, I still didn’t log it, because I figured it was just a common word (is it?). Today, however, I read it a fourth time, and not only was the timeframe much more notable (three times in four days, from three different sources), but the fact that the book this recurrence came from was 1) a book that I got totally random at the library just today (and felt completely Compelled to get, in that special way I’ve come to recognize), and 2) the book has absolutely nothing to do with Islam or the Middle East, or anything that might allude to the hajj/Muslim pilgrimmage (the book is called ‘Psychic Warrior’ and is about supposed black-op government programs). All very notable for many reasons, however the bigggest is that this one fits that “trifecta” pattern I’ve come to identify distinctly, where I’ll ignore minor recurrences of a word until they amass into a compound synchronicity that I can’t ignore.


Pretty unique and cool repeat-number synchro, much like that involving 17:37:37 on the timer the other day. It started when I went to the market and got exactly $7.37 worth of groceries. Though this got my attention, it could've easily been chance (even though, it bears noting, what I got was all produce, including a head of cabbage, which I went through three separate ones weighing them in order to find one just the right weight so I could get exactly $5 worth of grocers and, hence, qualify for a coupon, so it's neat that it would've come to exactly that amount to reflect that number I've not only seen many times, but seen many times especially lately). The next part came when I realized that I'd been overcharged for the cabbage; this lent a little notability, since without being overcharged (like trying to find just the right cabbage), I wouldn't have had that $7.37 total. Even then, could've been chance, but I found it notable. But then, lending just enough notability to tip my scales and qualify for a log entry, when I got into the truck after going back in and getting the partial refund for my overcharged cabbage, the clock read exactly 3:37, a variation of 737, etc. I almost didn't go back in and get my ~$1.00 refund on the overcharged cabbage, but I felt Compelled, and had I not, I would've gotten in a trouble a couple minutes before 3:37. Between all these little, "chance" elements, I found this incident notable enough for an entry.

As an anecdote, when I started home after leaving the supermarket, the first vehicle I got behind had the license plate "xxx-1731" -- another variation of the 37/1137 repeat that's been chasing me down so much over the last few weeks.


Have had another onslaught of minor word synchros and other recurrences spanning the last two days, spread mostly between the Divide book I’m editing, reading my word ledger, and the ‘Book of Lies’ I was reading. I’ve noticed probably a dozen or so in all, and they started out in that same inconsequential/potential coincidental way, with a few exceptions, such as “Pendleton shirt” (in my ledger, which I Just Happened to begin reviewing again yesterday after months of being out of the habit, feeling Compelled, and then reading it today in ’8 Ball Chicks,’ which I Just Happened to start today, both of those times being the first time in a long time I’ve seen any reference to a Pendleton shirt), and “high water mark” (in my ledger yesterday, first I’ve seen it in a long time, and then it was in a random banner ad on the internet last night, about an hour later). Once such recurrence was the ficus tree, which I first came across while on a whim researching air-cleansing plants, then saw soon after in my word ledger, and then encountered a third time when it was mentioned in the sermon at church. All sorts of things like this, to various degrees of notability in themselves, but once more fitting the pattern of the small/minor-synchro onslaught.


A minor vague-thought synchro which couldn't been coincidence today. It started this morning, when I had the distinct thought of "recce," in regards to the military term for a rendezvous (if I remember correctly). The thought came again and again, in that distinct way I've come to associate with vague-thought synchros, and so I flagged it, seeing if it would recur. Then, this afternoon, I went to the market and went looking for canned olives. I looked all over the place, but couldn't find the olives anywhere. I did, however, find the artichoke hearts, which I've felt Compelled to try for weeks now, never having eaten them before for whatever reason. When I went to grab some, the only brand the market carried was "Reese" -- which could very well be pronounced the same as "recce" (ree-see). Perhaps I just mistook the earlier vague-thought I'd had? Hard to say, and either way not too notable.


Classic thought/music synchro. I was at the gym and thinking of how the sweat baths I'm doing are making me sweat this particularly thick, slimy sweat, and then a split second later the song was I listening to said "sweating bullets," in that distinctly synchronistic way. And, once again, I could distinctly trace the chain of thought as being separate and distinct, extending back to the sweat baths, then, before that, to thoughts of getting an infrared sauna, and then to the mercury detox, etc, etc, -- anything but an anticipation of the song saying "sweating bullets," which was perfectly descriptive of both the sweat and the type of sweat.


Not sure what to classify this one as, a synchronicity or just plain precognition (or a damn big coincidence). I was going down Blowing Rock Road to my brother's to help him move, and I had the distinct, extremely clear thought to take a different route than that I was planning, one which would have taken longer and had more turns, etc. As clearly, I thought no, I won't go that way, despite feeling very compelled to go that way -- almost Compelled, but not quite, not enough to make me actually ignore reason and logic and take the longer way, as I've done in times past after similar Compellings. Well, as I went past the intersection that I would've had to turn at were I to have gone the long way as I felt compelled to, a car blew through the intersection going the other way, in the middle turn lane, thus passing into the *other* turn lane -- the very lane I would've turned left into were I to have obeyed that illogical urge. That is, the oncoming car would've been on a direct collision course for me, head-on. Perhaps I could've evaded it, but then, the last thing I would've been looking for is a car to cross the intersection in the middle lane, an extremely dangerous and reckless maneuver. This bears all the fingerprints of a vague-thought synchro, except to a (devilishly) coherent new level.


Yet another onslaught of minor synchronicities, mostly of words. The most notable and coherent was mention of the Potomac river, which was at the very end of the ‘Kingdom’ book I read at lunch (and I Noticed it, though not clearly enough to foresee a recurrence), and then at the very start of a Civil War book I chose at random today from the library and started reading. Reasonably notable given that it follows the classic book-synchro pattern, but not hugely so. Still, I find the greater onslaught synchro notable, as it too fits that same pattern of those I’ve seen in the past.


Classic reading synchro today at lunch. Just after the washing machine kicked into the spin cycle and went rocking violently back and forth, creating a ruckus nearby, I read “it was rocking back and forth” in the Civil War book, the two coinciding in that perfect way.


Another book synchro, with slight variation from the classic pattern. They were both in the book ‘There Are No Accidents’ (about synchronicity, ironically), with two subjects: the hyper-inflation of Weimar, Germany, and then the phrase “all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.” I read both of these things in other books lately, for the first time. The Germany thing was in the book before last, ‘Kingdom,’ about 3-4 days ago, which was mildly notable but not huge; I encountered this one in the ‘Accidents’ book first, but didn’t note it, thinking it not quite distinct enough to qualify for an entry. Then, toward the end of the ‘Accidents’ book, I encountered the “all is for the best” quote, and that was notable for two reasons: first because I had just read it in another book lately, I can’t remember which, sometime within the last week or ten days; and second, more notably, that it’s just like the reference to hyper-inflation in Weimar, both these recurrences being vague, not hugely unlikely, and not in back-to-back books, but still reasonably unlikely considering my random choosing of the containing books and the fact that both references were first-time introductions. Reasonably notable, I think.


Cool one today, after a slight drought. I was driving down the road and I waved at my neighbor at roadside. A split second afterward, in that distinctly synchronistic way, the song I was listening to said “people see you waving.” This one had another dimension to it, however, because in the split second after I waved at my neighbor, I was thinking that she might not have seen me waving, because she was turning around as I did so, and in conversation with another pedestrian. That is, I could see the synchronicity of the song lyric applying to both my actually waving, and my wondering if my neighbor “saw me waving.” Heh.


Minor recurrnce/vague-thought synchro today, perhaps nothing. This morning, I had the distinct, yet vague and random, though of the movie ’2001: A Space Odyssey,’ the first I’ve thought of or seen any sort of reference to that movie in … years? Then, about two hours later, the movie was mentioned in the ‘Middlesex’ book I’m reading. I would’ve disregarded it, except for the small time gap, and the fact that it fits the vague-thought pattern perfectly.


Another one of those onslaughts of minor synchronicity, today. Mostly they revolved around several subjects that I’ve encountered within the last day. Namely: the smell of chlorine in water, which I encountered hugely randomly this morning while researching ozonated water (and then recurred in the ‘Middlesex’ book several hours later); having long hair cut and an awkward encounter with the barber while doing so, an idea which I’ve been thinking about this last day (and then was, again, in the book, complete with the barber awkwardness); an Epsom salt foot bath, which my dad has been doing the last week or so and I thought distinctly of over the last day, considering doing them myself (and then was in the book); and also a word synchro, “tasseled,” which was first in “A Good Work” when I edited it yesterday, and then in the ‘Middlesex’ book today (it bears noting that 1) this is a mildly rare word, and 2) I had it spelled wrong in my story, forcing me to notice it and remember it, which is another common pattern of so many of these word recurrences).

And, another: DHT, the hormone involved in male baldness. This was mentioned in 'Middlesex' today also, either the first I'd ever heard of this stuff or the first time in years, and then it Just Happened to be mentioned in a Youtube lecture I watched tonight (which was on detoxing the body via niacin, exercise, and saunas -- nothing overtly to do with DHT or baldness or any hormones at all, in other words). It bears noting that I'd bookmarked this video days ago and just got around to looking at it tonight.


Funny recurrence today. Last night, I took a bowl out of my cupboard and was surprised to find a black beetle-ish bug in it, which I released outside. Upon seeing the bug, I was struck with the distinct desire to know what the bug was called. Then, today, I was in between books so I went back and reviewed my word ledger, for the first time in a month or so. Within the ~20 pages of words I went over, there was "cockchafer," which was defined as a small beetle. At once I thought of the bug I'd found in the bowl yesterday. So I went and Googled "cockchafer," and though the first few pictures showed a bug different than that I'd found in the bowl, I eventually found one that was a precise match: the *blackheaded* cockchafer, rather than the run-of-the-mill cockchafer (which is reddish). Very notable, I think, both from the timing and "randomness" of my encountering the bug and then coming across the entry in my journal, and also from the distinct cohesiveness and logic of it, my explicitly wondering what type of bug it was and then being "answered" by the ledger entry (fitting the pattern of so many of these).

Also, had another small “onslaught” of minor word recurrences between the ledger and the book I started reading this evening, including just enough rare/Noticed words to make me take note (such as “brevet”).


Classic thought/action synchro. I went to blow my nose after cutting grass, and naturally looked in the mirror afterward, to make sure I didn’t get snot on my face. Coinciding perfectly with my look into the mirror, the song I was listening to said “your face is a mess,” once again in the perfectly synchronistic way. Mind, my face wasn’t a mess, but that’s what I was thinking: that my face might have been, had my nose-blow gone askew. I chuckled.


A weird recurrence today -- or, rather, a recurrence of a recurrence. About a couple weeks ago, I can't remember quite when, I had a very minor recurrence when I by chance read of John Wesley in some random way, for the first time in a long time, and then, the next day, my mom happened to mention John Wesley. I noticed it at the time, but thought nothing of it, because it wasn't otherwise notable. However, today the exact same thing happened again: yesterday, John Wesley was mentioned by a public speaker I overheard, and then today he was mentioned in the book I'm reading. Still, it could be nothing, but it does seem to harken to the same underlying archetype of John Wesley repetition from two random, otherwise unconnected sources a day apart.


Another “onslaught” of minor, individually unnotable recurrences. Almost all of them were phrases and sayings repeated from the book I’ve been reading on the history behind phrases and sayings and the like, recurring in stuff like the CD I randomly listened to this afternoon, and the book I chose to start reading this afternoon, etc. They were all common words and phrases (“barking up the wrong tree,” “blackball,” “shot in the arm,”) but repeated closely enough, and also in that patternistic way, that I found it mildly notable.


A recurrence and an action/parallel-reality synchro this afternoon, both centered around Blue Oyster Cult songs I was listening to while working out. The first was a lyric mentioning the "Four Winds bar" in one song, which corresponded with the "Four Winds Rehabilitation Center" I'd just read about a couple hours earlier in the 'Witch' book. In one way, this was only very mildly notable, on the "Four Winds" front -- not a wholly common term, but far from an uncommon one. However, considering that both had to do with alcohol in some fashion, albeit on two opposing sides of it, I found somewhat substantiating, and a bit curious and unique, if it is indeed not a coincidence. Then, a more clear-cut one: within seconds after the song "Burnin' For You" started up on my MP3 player, I felt a niacin flush start up, which brings a pronounced burning effect. I'd taken the supplement over an hour beforehand, and though it didn't correspond with the song's play in that instantaneously synchronistic way (there was a few seconds lag), it was close enough, and similar enough, that I found it pretty notable, as well as funny.


A cool book-synchro recurrence today. The first was the origin of the word “serendipity” and the story behind it. I had just read this in the ‘Why You Say It’ book 3-4 days ago, for the first time in my life, and then today, the same story was mentioned in the ‘Professor and the Madman’ book. Like so many other of these book synchros, I not only read this same thing a short time after learning of it for the first time, but the two books were checked out from the library on the same day, totally randomly. I literally went in there, having no idea what I wanted, and walked out with three very different books, two of which Just Happened to contain the story behind the word “serendipity.” Then, similarly, there was mention of the Potomac river in the ‘Professor and the Madman’ book today, which is the fourth book in a row I’ve read that mentioned it, all of these read randomly, etc. Also, “brevet” was in the ‘Professor’ book today, which is the third time recently I’ve read of this one within the last week (reminds me of the first “brevet” synchro …). The last isn’t too notable, but the first is very much so, with the second just about as notable.


Funny, classic synchronicity today. I was reading the ‘Professor and the Madman’ book, when my prostate suddenly became inflamed, as has been happening lately. I thought very distinctly, “prostate, wonder what’s wrong with it,” and then, seconds later, on the next page of the book, the next paragraph I read was headed with a line about how a guy had developed prostate cancer. I would’ve found this mildly notable in any case, since I could distinctly trace my thought of “prostate” to my prostate inflaming (ie, not reading ahead, etc), but the timing of it was pretty notable as well, not quite instantaneous, but just seconds apart.

Also, there’s a weird-ass recurrence I keep seeing: whenever I buy yellow squash, its cost includes some variant of 37/1137/etc. Today, for instance, the total of my squash purchase was 3.07, and the last couple times it was 1.37 or 1.73 or something along those lines, going back maybe … the last 4-5 times I’ve bought yellow squash? And it’s never the butternut squash I buy as often; only the yellow. At first I ignored it, even though 37 is my most prominent repeat number at the moment, but after thinking about all the random variables involved, it seems rather unlikely that 37 would turn up in the totals so much, because of the randomness of the weights, how many squashes I’m buying, the regularly fluctating prices, etc. Also, I’m not buying squashes at the same place, or even the same kind (sometimes organic, sometimes non), or the same sizes (yellow squashes seem to vary wildly in size from week to week, from tiny little things to big thick hearty ones). Also, there was even one time when I got a prepackaged thing of squashes without looking at the price and it had some variant of 37 in it. Really weird, though potentially just a coincidence I suppose.


Funny thought synchro today. While eating lunch, I had some trouble eating some sunflower seeds that I'd fixed up in an overly watery sort of sauce, which suspended the seeds and made them hard to spoon up. So I drank off some of the sauce, which solved the problem. Immediately after taking a good, easy spoonful, I went back to reading a book, thinking absently about how lowering the water's level worked -- when I read "shallow water." The words and my thought about lowering the water's level in the bowl of sunflower seeds (which was very much "shallow water") coincided in that instaneous, perfectly synchronistic way. And, once again, I can retrace the exact train of thought which culminated in my thinking about the "shallow water" in my bowl of seeds, ruling out subconscious reading ahead, etc. Notable.


A funny sort of recurrence this morning, though it might just be some cute irony. When I went to submit “Feeding the Beast” after editing it, the first page I went to was for ’69 Flavors of Paranoia,’ both because it was near the top of my list and was, from my recollection, befitting the story, but also because it Just Felt Right. To get to their submissions page, you had to click a link entitled “Feed the Beast,” which led to their submissions form (which also had a graphic reading “Feed the Beast”). I found it funny naturally, but after considering how it was the first and only publisher I visited to submit it to, and how I’d felt that vague but distinct “yes” upon thinking of doing so, I find it notable enough to be at least a potential synchronicity.


A quick recurrence that might have been nothing, this afternoon at lunch. I paused the book I was reading to do a bentonite clay footbath, which required me to take a half cup of the bentonite powder and put it into the tray of water. When doing so, I noted, absently but distinctly, how gray and powdery the clay was, like ash (though I didn't draw this parallel at the time). Then, when I went back to reading the book, two pages later it mentioned "a half a cup of fine gray ash." Though the timing wasn't instantaneous -- there was maybe 1 minute between my pouring the clay powder and reading that passage -- it was still reasonably fast, and the recurrence was pretty precise and distinct, not just a gray and powdery powder (which I had just noticed so distinctly), but a half cup of it. Still, I could see this one being a coincidence, albeit a mildly unlikely one.


This afternoon while on the way to my parents’, I got behind a blue Toyota Celica, and I Noticed it distinctly, for no reason I knew. It just stood out to me in that special way, so that I made special note of “blue Toyota Celica.” Then, on the way home, I got behind the exact same car. I found it notable since 1) I came home hours later, 2) I followed a completely different route than I’d come before, and 3) I’d distinctly Noticed the Celica. Also, there’s the fact that this follows that pattern established so many times in the past, where I’ll Notice some random thing and then see it again soon after in an unlikely way (a couple times even the exact same scenario, getting behind the same car twice, though I think it was once a motorcycle).

Also, dad gave me a secondhand one I found notable today. He says he was thinking about needing some flashing for one of his trailers, and just afterward he went to a dumpster, which contained the exact flashing he was just thinking that he needed (when you aren’t even supposed to throw away that kind of thing in dumpsters). If it happened the way he told it, I find it pretty notable, since 1) his finding it occurred seconds after he was thinking of needing it, in question-and-answer format, and 2) it follows that logical, coherent pattern I’ve experienced so many times.


A neat recurrence. This evening, I reached a point in the 'Oracle' book where it was identified just what gas the oracle had been inhaling, which turned out to be ethylene, a chemical I'd never heard of before, that I remember. Then, about two hours after I read this, I went to read an article I'd bookmarked several days before and had been putting off reading. As it turned out, this article mentioned ethylene, for the second time ever -- a classic recurrence. I found it notable not just because of the short time gap, but also because I'd had the article bookmarked for days and Just Happened to read it after reading of ethylene in the oracle book, and also because the artcile had nothing overtly to do with ethylene, gases, or hydrocarbons, etc (the article was about infrared saunas and their health benefits, and it only mentioned ethylene offhand, it being a toxin that accumulates in the body and is removed by saunas).


A damn cool one today, and rather unique. It started when I felt Compelled to once again go to Goodwill. I almost didn’t do it, but then I remembered that I had an errand to do in that area, so I went. On the way inside, I noticed a crumpled up piece of paper on the ground in the parking space by my truck, which I felt Compelled to pick up and throw away. Similarly, I felt Compelled to open it up and read it, upon which I saw it was a receipt for a Targus laptop case. upon seeing it, I thought distinctly of what sort of story lay behind that receipt and the laptop case’s purchase, as mundane as it was; reading it, I had gotten a distinct sense of wonder and curiosity of who had bought the case, thrown away the receipt, etc. I even took a mild pleasure in it.

The next part came about an hour later, when I went to the library. I went in as usual, without any idea of what kind of book to check out, and I eventually found two to my liking. I started to leave at that point, but then on the way out, a book jumped out at me from the shelf, and I felt Compelled to look it over despite my already having two books (and having bought three other books at Goodwill, no less). The book was called 'Found,' and though I looked it over and flipped through it and didn't really have an idea of what it was about (it was a non-traditional book), I felt Compelled to check it out, so I did. Likewise, I felt Compelled to start reading it tonight, even though I don't usually read in the evening. As it turned out, the 'Found' book was all about interesting stuff people had randomly found -- chiefly, crumpled up notes and papers on the street and the like, exactly like the receipt I'd found. The receipt itself wasn't really notable, of course, but the effect it had on me, of peering into another's life and story, was identical to the entire theme of the 'Found' book, which I'd checked out entirely randomly just an hour after the experience with the receipt, even though I didn't really grasp the book's content. The whole incident has a question-and-answer feel to it, except I didn't really ask. It's like something saw my odd enjoyment of the receipt I'd found (which was the first time I've ever felt that upon picking up a piece of trash of any kind, as it were), and said, "Oh, you like that? Well here's more." Damn cool.


Funny little repeat-number deal today. When I went to pour water for my coffee, I saw the time read 1:36 on the clock. The kettle water wasn't quite boiling, so I had the stand there for a second, and I had the thought, I'll bet that clock will change to 1:37 right after I get my coffee poured (137, variant of the 37 repeat I've been seeing heavily for so long). Sure enough, right after the water boiled, I poured my coffee, refilled the kettle, put it back on the hot burner, then turned to leave the kitchen, the stove's clock ticked to 1:37, at the last possible second before it left my vision, just as has happened so many times in the past. Then, later on, just before I left for the afternoon, the same clock read 3:06, and I had that very same thought, that it would change to 3:07 just as I was leaving the room -- and it did, identically, also after I'd done various things (that I couldn't have coordinated with the timing if I'd wanted to). It bears mentioning that there's no second-timer on the stove clock, and I hadn't been watching when it had changed to 1:36 and 3:06 (I was out of the kitchen and had come in there only briefly, so I couldn't have seen it tick to the minute before and then subconsciously begun counting down/coordinating/etc). If nothing else, it was funny.


A double-whammy thought synchro this evening. Once more, I was reading while having a second, random chain of thought going behind my reading. Just as this train of thought hit on "I'm going to have dinner at 7:30," I came to "dinner at 7:30" in what I was reading. Now, this could've foreseeably been a case of subconscious reading-ahead, since the "dinner at 7:30" was in view of what I was reading while I had the seemingly random thoughts about wanting to have dinner at 7:30, except for the kicker: I looked at the time just after this happened, and it was exactly 7:30 -- an element totally independent of my thoughts (I hadn't been looking at the clock) and what I was reading (which only "aligned" with my reaching "dinner at 7:30" at exactly 7:30). It also bears mentioning that it really wasn't 7:30, but the clock in my reading room only read 7:30 because it's a few minutes behind and I've been putting off synchronizing it for days now. Heh.


A minor recurrence, maybe nothing. 2-3 days ago, I saw in the ‘Found’ book a note with a picture of a cat with its eyes pulled out and the legend of “I pull out cats’ eyes” or something to that effect. Then, today, in the ‘Maggot’ book, it mentioned the exact same thing, pulling out cats’ eyes (this in reference to combat practice, to train oneself for poking men in the eyes). It wasn’t precise any further than that, but I found it notable due to the fast recurrence and the sheer oddity/rarity of such an idea as pulling out cats’ eyes (I don’t believe I’ve ever before been introduced to that practice exactly).


Several minor recurrences today, all possibly nothing. The first was the word "sponge," used as a slang verb referring to one person leeching off another. I first read it in the 'Found' book 3-4 days ago, and took note of it because it was the first I've ever heard it used in that context, though I suppose this might be common. Then, today, the pastor at church used it during his sermon, in the very same context -- notable despite the days in between, since it was in the exact same context and the recurrence came just after I'd heard it for the first time ever, following that classic pattern. Then, two lesser ones. I was driving along when the song on the CD I was listening to said "soldier," at the exact same moment I noticed a man walking alongside the road, some distance away. At the time, I couldn't make out anything on the man in order to see if he in any way resembled a soldier (I was looking for something because it "felt right" that it was a synchronicity when I heard "soldier" and saw him at the same time, in that distinctly synchronistic way). When I got near to him, the man did indeed have one soldier-like characteristic: he was wearing a camouflage vest. Still, it was just notable, nothing really precise beyond that. Then an even less-notable one: the word "soft touch." I thought of this term vaguely but distinctly this morning, on some random chain of thought, and then it turned up a couple hours later in the 'Maggot' book. I wouldn't note this one at all, being not too rare a term, except for the timing, and the fact that it was the first I'd thought or heard that term used in quite a while, then would see it recur in such short a time period. And, of course, there's the vague-thought pattern. But who knows.


Maybe nothing, but I saw the “soldier” guy again. I wouldn’t have noted this, except that I saw him walking along the road at an entire different location than the last time, at an entirely different time of day. He again had on his camouflage vest.


Several today, of varying notability. The most notable was the song I was listening on my truck’s CD player saying “sitting by the side of the road” at the precise time I noticed a group of three vagrant-looking men standing conspicuously alongside the road nearby, this occurring in that distinctly synchronistic fashion I’ve come to know so well. Then, of much lesser notability, there was an odd correlation between a phone call I received today from the cable company telling me that on April 8th my service had been upgraded, when, several minutes later, I came across a journal-type entry for April 8th in the book I was interrupted from reading by the phone call. Fully possible it was just coincidence, this one, though I found the timing and precision notable. Then, an equally minor vague-thought synchro. This morning, from nowhere, I had the vague but distinct thought about how my neighbors pay me a check twice a year to use my well, the first I’ve thought of this since 6 months ago when I got my last check from them. Then, about 1-2 hours later, I got a call from said neighbors telling me that the next check was waiting for me in my mailbox (when it wasn’t due until a month from now). Then, a little more notable, while listening to the same CD as earlier I heard it say “Southern man” right as I passed a truck with a Confederate-flag decorate license plate on its front. And, least notable of all, I edited a story this morning with a Kumar in it, and then read of a Kumar this afternoon in the ‘Travel Writing’ book. Only notable because I haven’t encountered any Kumars lately, then encountered the name twice within hours and in rather roundabout ways, but not at all notable other than that.


A minor question-and-answer one today that might be nothing. Yesterday, I had the vague but distinct thought of what the word was for when the tide hits the beach or something. Then, today, I read that word in the ‘Travel Writing’ book, perhaps for the firs time ever: “shorebreak.” Reasonably notable, especially given its fitting the q-and-a format, but possibly just coincidence.


A couple minor word synchros today. The first was "Inuit," which I read about 3 days ago in the 'Travel Writing' book, for either the first time ever or the first time in a while. Then, today, my mom was asking for my help with a crossword puzzle, and "Inuit" ended up being one of the words. Not sure how notable this is -- how common a word is "Inuit"? If rare, I would say it's reasonably notable, even though the 3-day time gap isn't hugely short. Then, second: "Sai Baba." Yesterday, I had the random but vague though of this person, and I couldn't remember his name. Then, today, I read it in the 'Travel Writing' book.

Mom relayed an interesting, albeit secondhand, one to me, also involving a crossword. The clue for a word was Mohammad Ali’s daughter’s name, and my mom had no idea what it was, never having heard of the man’s daughter. Then, the very next day, she saw a random commercial on TV which not only featured Mohammad Ali’s daughter but had her name spelled out, exactly how Mom needed it for the crossword. I found this notable for the obvious reasons, but also because it fits that question-and-answer pattern I’ve experienced so many times. Also, the way she told it, she Just Happened to look up at the commercial in question, from out of nowhere, when she’d been reading a book and not paying attention to the TV (and had the volume turned down).


First, a classic reading/thought synchro. While reading the ‘Zero History’ book, I read that word “tattoo,” which made me think of a tattooed woman I saw at a restaurant today while I was walking around the dining room looking for someone I was meeting there. Then, the very next line down, I read “He was meeting someone there.” I would chaulk this up to subconscious reading-ahead, except that I can, once again, trace the exact source of the thought I’d had of meeting someone in the restaurant, to the “tattoo” and it making me think of the tattooed woman, etc. Very notable.

Second, there was another of those minor-synchro onslaughts today, all of them weaving between the 'Travel Writing' book I finished reading this morning, the 'Divide' book that I started editing this morning, the 'Zero History' book I started reading this afternoon, along with just the day's general themes -- maybe a couple dozen or so in all. The more coherent ones were "Savile Row" being in first the Divide book, then the 'Zero History,' when I haven't read of Savile Row in forever, etc; same for "self-fulfilling prophecy"; and Bohemia/bohemian being central to the last of the 'Travel Writing' book, then it being central to a scene in 'Zero History'; Icelandic women being mentioned in 'Zero History,' when the last story I read in 'Travel Writing' was set in Iceland and specifically mentioned Icelandic-looking women; same for eating food served inside the stomach of an animal, when I have read of this practice only once or twice in my life. Etc, etc. Pretty cool.


A couple classic reading/thought-type synchros this afternoon. First, I had the random but distinct thought of wanting to wipe down my face with a towel, as has become a daily practice for me since doing the saunas and constantly having an oily face. This thought was triggered by my rubbing my nose and finding it oily. Then, when I went back to the book I was reading (I was interrupted to rub my nose), the very next line was “He wiped his face using a towel.” Once again, I would be quick to peg this one as subconscious reading-ahead, since the line was on the page I was reading just before I was interrupted (not out of sight, in other words), except that I can so distinctly trace my thought of wanting to wipe my face with a towel, back to the separate, real-world occurrence of my rubbing my nose and finding it oily. Rather notable, I think.

Then, a similar one with the line “a large vehicle groaned past in the street,” me reading this line precisely when a big diesel truck very much “groaned” past in the street outside, these two events corresponding in that perfectly synchronistic way.


First, a thought/action synchro of sorts. While I was at Roxanne's, cleaning her bedroom, I Noticed a picture on her dresser, of a teenage boy, and I had the absent but distinct thought of whether that was Roxanne's son. Immediately after, Roxanne spoke up from the other room to tell me that today was her son's birthday -- totally out of the blue, when we hadn't even been conversing, much less about her son. As it turns out, the picture wasn't even of her son, but that of someone who is staying with Roxanne, which might lend a clue to this incident, if indeed an incident it is: perhaps it was my thought of "Roxanne's son" recurring in her randomly mentioning her son's birthday? or maybe a classical ESP-type incident, our minds/thoughts cross-linking?

Then, a couple hours later, something that I'm not sure is a proper synchronicity or what. Yesterday or the day before, I can't remember which, I'd had the thought that I needed to read a book or something on the lymphatic system, to get a better idea of its workings since mine seems to integral to my health condition presently. However, I'd forgotten this idea immediately after, failing to write a note. Today at the library, however, while I was looking for a new book (totally randomly, as usual, with zero idea of what I was looking for), I came across a book on the lymphatic system -- sitting conspicuously in the "just read" trolley, directly in front, where I couldn't miss it. I wouldn't note this except that 1) I'd just had the distinct thought of needing to read a detailed book on the lymphatic system, within the last 1-2 days (I want to say it was just yesterday), and 2) the book's placement was so conspicuous, as if it were on a pedestal with a spotlight on it.


Yet another reading/thought synchro (why so many of these lately?). At lunch today, I took a bite full of garlic and coconut oil, and I had the thought, "These are supposedly good against parasites." Then, a split second later, I read the next line in the book I was reading, which mentioned parasitology -- not the most precise of hits, but the underlying concept was definitely there, and the timing was once again that distinct, synchronistic way.

Then, a mildly less notable one. In the last book I read, about two days ago, it mentioned Venn diagrams, and though I was 99% sure of what they were, I noted it to look up, just to be sure. Then, today, in the 'Internet Searchers' book, it showed a Venn diagram for something, and mentioned it specifically as this by name. Though this could easily be a coincidence, it did have that question-and-answer feel to it, and there's also the fact that it's been years (perhaps over a decade) since I've seen Venn diagrams mentioned, and then I saw it twice within two days (and in back-to-back books, nonetheless).


Minor word synchro/recurrence today: "roll-aboard." This one was interesting because it was again a word that I'd learned recently, then logged in my word ledger to look up, and then had recur the very next day after I'd at last looked it up. I first read it in the 'Zero History' book about 4-5 days ago, but then finally got around to looking it up just last night -- and then it was in the 'A Road Within' book today, the second time I've ever read it. It fits the pattern of other such ledger-lookups.


Really cool recurrence today. This morning, I went and edited an essay I’d written and then forgotten some months ago, entitled “Help.” It made me think of the Beatles song, and I had it in my head all day and into the night. It was the first I’d thought of that song for months or years, and it was rather by chance, since I hadn’t even known I had that essay until a big long chain of “chance” events led to me remembering it and, thus, editing it and remembering the song. Then, tonight, the ‘Road Within’ book mentioned the song and its chorus (that which I’d had in my head all day). This recurrence was mildly notable in itself; however, the real notability came in the circumstances, first in how I’d Just Happened to randomly edit the essay/get the song in my head, but also because the relevant line in the book was the very last I read of the night. In fact, I’d been telling myself as I read, “Just this last story in the book, then I’m going to bed,” and it was the very last line in the story where the song and its chorus were mentioned. It added a really neat spin to the whole thing.


Minor word synchro today: “archetypal.” It first occurred last night, while I was writing the “New Science” essay, the first I’d used or read that word in months or years. Then, this afternoon, it was in the ‘Road Within’ book. The recurrence itself is mildly notable, considering the relative rarity of the word and the brief time between the recurrence, however it gains some notability when considered that it fits perfectly the pattern of many past such word-synchro recurrences involving my reading and writing, where I’ll have to work with one word in particular, as to make it stand out in some way, and that will end up being the one that recurs (which was, of course, the case with “archetypal,” in this case me going back and forth a couple times on whether to use it or “archetypical,” which is, as it were, what I’ve always preferred in the past, but, For Some Reason, opted to use “archetypal” last night, for the first time, I believe …).

Also, a minor thought/reading synchro. I was in my email, checking the status of a package that’s overdue, and just after seeing that it was still mysteriously stalled in shipment, I saw a news headline on the ad bar beside the email, subtitled ‘Inexcusable delays.’ It could’ve been just subconscious/peripheral-vision trickery, or just a true coincidence, but it did fit the classic model of that distinctly synchronistic recurrence I’ve experienced so much.


Cool recurrence today: Arthur Koestler and his “holons.” I saw this one coming, actually. I read of Koestler’s “holons” in the ‘Road Within’ book (quoted randomly in there), for the first time ever, and as soon as I saw it, I knew that it would be in the ‘Roots of Coincidence’ book, which I had just ordered a day or so before. I got the book a couple days ago, and then, while finishing it today, sure enough it mentioned the holons quoted in the ‘Road Within’ book. This is notable, in the first place, as a book/word synchro, because of the simple recurrence between them within the few days’ time, when I’d never heard of the holons before in my life. But also, there is the fact that I’d been meaning to get the ‘Roots of Coincidence’ book for nearly a year now, but couldn’t find it reasonably priced until just last week (a day or two before reading of the quote in the ‘Road Within’ book, as it were). So, not only was there the recurrence of “Koestler” and “holon,” and not only did I Just Happen to order the book just before reading the ‘Road Within’ quote, but I placed the order after putting it off for nearly a year. When the added dimension of that added in, the timing here is just so highly notable, it’s off the scale. Pretty cool.


Cool thought synchro today. I was thinking, distinctly and not at all vaguely, about how I'd reacted to some news I'd unexpectedly received earlier in the afternoon, wondering if I'd stayed cool and maintained a poker face or not, when, a split second later, this thought was echoed, in not so many words, by the song I was listening to ("Play it safe, play it cool, if you ever emote -- you're playing the fool"). The "staying cool" part was a direct, literal hit, while the "emote" part was, though using different words, expressing the same thought in the same context. It bears mentioning that this was the first time I'd ever heard this song (I had, in fact, just received the CD in the mail that day).

Then, a notable secondhand one from my mom. A couple days ago, she had the absent but distinct thought of how to spell “capybara.” Then, the next day, she went to get my brother’s mail, in which was a “Discovery Kids” magazine, which she thought she would look through while she had it. Inside was an article on the capybara. Despite its secondhand nature, I found this notable because 1) the time between the original thought and the recurrence was short, 2) it fits perfectly the vague-thought pattern I’ve experienced so much, and 3) it fits, also, the question-and-answer patterns I’ve seen so much. Notable, in my opinion.


Minor recurrence today. Last week, I learned of a place called Seacaucus, NJ, because a package was shipped from there and it showed up as such when I tracked it (and I took particular notice of Seacaucus, because this package was mysteriously late and delayed, so I saw “Seacaucus” again and again when I tracked it through the days). Then, in the book ‘The Petting Zoo’ today, it mentioned Seacaucus. Perhaps Seacaucus is famous or well-known, I don’t know, but I find it somewhat notable that it would recur within a week’s time and from such wholly random sources, plus it fits the usual patterns, etc. Though, possible it’s just a coincidence, especially with the relatively long time gap (or is it a relatively short gap, given that I’d gone 30 years without knowing of Seacaucus, then have it “seek me out” twice within a week’s time?).


A number of interesting recurrences today, all centered on the book 'The Petting Zoo.' The first was the phrase "things just seem to happen," which I'd used yesterday when writing the "Blurring the Line" essay. The notability wasn't so much in the phrase, but in the fact that it was used in the precise same context in which I'd used it (in regards to how, in myth and fiction, details aren't explained, and so things just seem to happen, illogically and miraculously). In this same passage of the book, it even mentioned "blurring the lines," also in the same context of the title to my essay -- reasonably notable, given the exact same context and the short time between recurrence.

Then, a more complicated recurrence. For the last week or so, I've had enough conspicuous encounters with crows to where I felt they might be symbolic of something occurring in my life, etc, as has happened in the past, and so I kept thinking I needed to look up crow symbolism again, but I kept forgetting -- until this morning, when I finally remembered and looked up crow symbolism, after days of forgetting it. Well, in the 'The Petting Zoo' book this afternoon, pretty much everything I read in the symbolism research recurred, when the book introduced a talking raven character, which went into a brief history of raven symbolism, which is, of course, largely shared by that of the crow. In fact, I had at first confused crows and ravens, such that I ended up researching both crow and raven symbolism this morning, and the 'Petting Zoo' book even made direct note of this, as well as a direct note of how the crow/raven is a "trickster," the same term I'd encountered in the symbolism research. I find these recurrences reasonably notable to begin with, being so precise, but I find it even more notable considering the timing, just a couple hours apart -- and, of course, that it fits with the classic pattern of me putting something off/being prevented from doing something for a long period of time, and then, when I finally do it or whatever, it will recur soon after, when the recurrence would've been much less notable (and noticeable) had I done the thing when originally planned. It evokes the perfection-in-imperfection concept.


First, a really cool recurrence, one which is in a category of its own. It started last week, when I read, in 'The Roots of Coincidence,' about Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, in which there is a direct relationship between observer and observed, the two changing one another and the like. Upon reading this, I had the distinct and clear thought, for the first time, of how the Uncertainty Principle relates perfectly and directly to mental perception, since no two people ever perceive the same thing in the same way, so that they are really observing two different things, in some small way. It was a miniature revelation for me, wedding an obscure physics concept to real-life experience, and so, naturally, I remembered it very vividly. As it were, the first part of the synchronicity was that in the very next book I read, 'The Petting Zoo,' it mentioned Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle. This is itself was notable, since 'The Roots of Coincidence' and 'The Petting Zoo' are such drastically different books (one a forty-year-old non-fiction about synchronicity, the other a 2010 novel about an artist living in NYC), and, secondly, that I bought and read them entirely randomly, complexly so (the 'Roots' book had been on my list to get for over a year, and I'd just last week ordered it finally, and the 'Petting Zoo' book was a purely random purchase from Goodwill about a month ago, when I'd never heard of it or its author and got it on a vague whim). So it's notable in the first place, but the real notability is the fact that, not only did the Uncertainty Principle recur in 'The Petting Zoo,' but my insight into the parallels between it and perception did also, in the exact same context and the exact same terms. In the book, the Uncertainty Principle comes up in the dialogue between two characters, and one mentions, offhand, that that seems to be awfully like perception, where observer and observed affect one another, etc -- the exact same observation I'd made. Really cool, and way notable, considering this additional, extremely specific quality to the recurrence.

Also today, a minor vague-thought synchro that might be nothing. While cutting grass, I had the vague, absent thought of how my mom is out driving Tim around today, it being the first of the month. Then, about 45 minutes later, I was driving down the road and I saw none other than my mom and Tim. It was reasonably unlikely I would’ve seen them in any case, and due to the short time between my thought and the recurrence, I find it additionally notable. But also there is the fact that, where I passed them at, they shouldn’t have even been, since Tim goes only a select few places on his first-of-the-month errands, and they were going opposite that direction.


Pretty cool one today. While my dad was working on a sink in my bathroom, his phone rang, so I answered it for him to save him the trouble of standing from under the sink, etc. When I said hello, the person on the other end sounded surprised -- because, as it were, they were trying to reach me. Unable to contact me directly, the person was planning on sending a message to me through my dad; but, of course, he didn't have to because I'd picked up the phone. It was the first time I've answered my dad's phone in ... at least a year, if not two or three? I think I've only answered my dad's phone a couple times ever. Pretty notable, I think, given the chances and the circumstances.

And to top that one off, while I was talking on the phone with this person and receiving their message for me, a synchronicity resulted from that. The phone was set on my bookcase beside some books (on speakerphone) and while I was talking my eyes slid down to a book titled ‘The Case of the Midwife Toad,’ specifically on the word “midwife,” which, due to being partially covered by another book, read “wife.” Right as I realized this and registered the truncated “wife,” the guy on the phone said I should get a wife, this recurring in that perfectly synchronistic way. It bears mentioning that the suggestion that I get a wife came wholly random; the person on the phone, being mentally ill, often says random things in the middle of conversation, and this was one of them (his message for me involved his getting a new computer, with the wife message spliced in the middle of it, right when I Just Happened to read the “wife” of “midwife” …).


Really cool one today -- not really a recurrence, more a classic, literal synchronicity. Blog post:

“7/3/14 – A Lesson in Expectation (Disguised as a Lesson in Intuition)

Today, I received a lesson in expectation, wrapped in a lesson in intuition. Before I go into it, however, I must first relate a previous experience.

A couple years ago, I was initiated into the subtle-but-powerful force known as intuition, and how it could serve me in a practical sense. I was parallel parked alongside a narrow downtown road, and after checking my mirrors, I went to open my door to get out. However, I stopped before doing so, frozen by a distinct urge to keep the door closed. There was nothing logical to this feeling -- I had, after all, checked my mirrors and judged it safe to exit the vehicle -- yet it was oddly coherent, as well as firm in its demand that I keep my door shut. So I obeyed, without question, feeling as if I'd been shouted at.

A split second later, while I remained stunned in my driver’s seat, a bicyclist blew past on my left, going as fast as a car (I was parked at the bottom of an incline). As it were, the man had been in my mirrors’ blind spot, forced alongside the parked cars due to the narrow road. For this same reason, I found my odd, illogical urge all the more notable, since the same blind spot would’ve kept me from seeing the potential danger even subconsciously. Had I opened the car door when I’d originally gone for it, the man would’ve face-planted it, without a chance to swerve, such was the timing.

Ever since that day, I’ve learned to suspend my normal, rationalist thinking whenever an intuitive urge comes knocking. However, as I’ve already said, today’s experience was a lesson in expectation, not intuition.

That said, it all started with an intuition.

My miraculous non-accident with the bicyclist would be the first time I consciously realized the mysterious urges I've labeled intuition -- or, alternately, a "Compelling," as I've come to call them. As it were, I would encounter these Compellings again and again in the time thereafter, as to reliably recognize them and, eventually, obey them unquestioningly. Say what you will about my decision to trust these feelings, but this post isn't a review of the evidence for and against the phenomenon. Instead, I'll just say that, after my brush with the bicyclist (and several equally consequential sequels, including a recent one which spared me a head-on collision), I listen when a Compelling announces itself in my thoughts.

Such was the case earlier this week, when I ordered a first aid kit online.

It was late. I was tired. I was seconds from shutting down my PC -- when I saw an ad for a first aid kit. At once, my fatigue lifted and I took notice: I had to get one of these kits. The idea was entirely illogical, and entirely spontaneous, but, like the edict to keep my car door shut that one day, it was entirely intransigent, brooking no argument. I was getting one of these kits, that feeling said, no doubt about it -- a classic Compelling, of the kind I've come to know well.

Just a year ago, I might’ve hesitated. By this time, however, I was far beyond question. I ordered the first aid kit literally without a second thought, completing the transaction in less than a minute.

Now, fast-forward to today, when I received my intuitive lesson in expectation.

I was about to leave the house for the afternoon -- in my truck, key in ignition -- when a new Compelling befell me: check the mail. Even after everything, I almost ignored this one, since, as best I could recall, I had nothing coming in the mail (I'd entirely forgotten about the first aid kit by this time, as we do). But, of course, I ended up going with it, sparing the whole ten seconds to get out of my truck and open the nearby mailbox. Sure enough, a package was inside. It took me a moment to remember the first aid kit, but even when I did, it was an anticlimax: Okay, so the first aid kit I don't need has arrived. I got back in my truck.

Then came a second Compelling, now to unwrap the first aid kit.

Again I obeyed -- I would've used the kit to give first aid to a tree stump, had I been Compelled to do so. Afterward, I sat with the opened kit for a moment, studying the cheap Chinese-made packaging as I waited for a third Compelling. But no such Compelling came, so I finally started up my truck and left my driveway, the denuded first aid kit in my passenger's seat. Down the road, however, I got to thinking: this was all leading up to something, I was sure. Being no stranger to these Compellings, I knew from past experience that there was a good, logical reason for all this, as always. Never once had I been Compelled for naught, especially when a succession led me in a certain direction. I was going to need this first aid kit, I knew -- somehow, in some way, and in my truck of all places, I was going to need this dinky little $6.99 (shipped!) first aid kit.

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