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Swan Songs ~ The Magic Bonds


Swan Songs ~ The Magic Bonds


Barbara M Schwarz


I came upon a magic pond – the graceful ones swanned upon the mirror where the world belong as a steady flow, that told me now to go.


Steady sense now slow – the sunset of my flow

Steady sense now mine – to close the edge of time

Steady sense now see – dissolved my imagery


Steady sense now three: what was, what is and yet to be: earth’s own humanity.


On the front: “Swan songs ~ the magic bonds” 2017.



Swan Songs ~ The Magic Bonds


I arose at sunset dawn

Now my body had grown warm

and no longer worn away,

these final words I had to say:


“On a morn of sky so blue,

I gently approached you


and the grace that you knew

left a final hanging clue


that swanned away:


‘adieu adieu’, you say,


‘I have no need of you

and you no need of me


for we each gather

our own harmony’


and feeding gently as a dream

that moment so serene

mirrored all that I had seen


the pleasantness of eyes

the sense of ease surprise

and opened now I size


a moment good and true

to say goodbye to you


Swan songs ~ the magic bonds

those whispered little things

when morning has its freshest wings

and all the day then brings


and sings melodious and true

of freshness in the morning dew


a simple sense I see

the chosen source morality:


to see in natural world

how the truth just whirled away

and opened bright to a new day


to live to life, and then to say:


“I was happy yesterday,

when the swans had graced my way

with a moment mirrored through

the slowness of the morning new”


the morning new

the scent of dew

the sunlight that is coming through

the silence that just greets you


the life that slowly meets you unperturbed

in the wildness of the herd


of moments caught pristine

in a sense of grandest dream


when sparkled sense reflection

the pond a light direction


that sparkles quietly


as the swans decree

the final words that I set free


“It is all grace and sound

when magic life abound

on quiet morning ground”


A final sense I said

the mirror image fed


a different sort of wing

to take good flight

and then to sing


of peaceful wondering


swan songs ~

the magic bonds


earth’s natural wands

of reflection:


the sun in all direction

is our hearts’ connection


Purple Eyes Publishing


Miro Miro -

pink curtains show


a sculptured sense of flow

captured in the swans that know


how all of grace can come and go.


And I left you drying in the sun

the instant sense of journey done,


the instant hush -

the final blush,

when the world just




Swan Songs ~ The Magic Bonds

I whittled wise my day by seeing swans that move away - a graceful source to say - a simple goodbye today.

  • ISBN: 9781370687527
  • Author: [email protected]
  • Published: 2017-04-25 12:05:34
  • Words: 476
Swan Songs ~ The Magic Bonds Swan Songs ~ The Magic Bonds