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Sure Shot: The Hystericals Series Six

Sure Shot

Copyright © 2016 by Wolfen Saunderson

Hyena Press

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I hastily swallowed down the pretty decent sized burrito bowl I’d ordered over at the Mexican joint about a block or so from the intended target over on Seabreeze Road and made my way with Wolfen and Donna practically glued to my side; out through the front door of the establishment where my phone instantly began to vibrate and sound off. Jessica’s usual sassy and equally acerbic tone oozed over the speaker and into my eardrum. “If you’re finally ready to think with your head this time and for once not your stomach, I believe we’re finally golden to get this shit jumping right out of the frying pan.” “You definitely bet your sweet ass on that.” I replied affirmatively. “See ya over at the main gate. Oh, and you’re certainly one to talk.” Jessica let out a sigh of mock indignation at my last little burn and I moved forward past Jenni’s borrowed bike and my own car parked at the edge of the damn near deserted late night street, and found the large chain link with barbed wire fence at the cusp of the small clearing just up ahead. Jessica stood by a pretty convenient hyena and cougar sized hole cut smack dab in the center; with the bloody bodies of two Siberian tiger gulag mobsters dressed in mock up port authority security attire lying limply at her feet. Discreetly, she nabbed what looked like a small key card off the front pocket of one the guards’ shirts and gracefully peeled back the chain link on the broken fence with a sardonic grin. “After you.” She said chivalrously, motioning with a hand. I playfully slapped it down and quietly crawled through with Wolfen and Donna loafing along behind, not knowing for a second the massive shit show we would soon face just around the bend of the next corner.

Sure Shot: The Hystericals Series Six

  • Author: Wolfen Saunderson
  • Published: 2016-05-05 22:50:06
  • Words: 330
Sure Shot: The Hystericals Series Six Sure Shot: The Hystericals Series Six