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Superhero 9


Superhero 9



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I’d like to thank the dedicated individuals at my 501©3 nonprofit organization who have worked with me to advance our mission to support children and education. I’d also like to thank the youth participants of our nonprofit programs who inspire me every day.


























Imagine having a superpower. Most people think of flying, super speed, super strength, reading minds or the mind power to move objects. We dream of having an ability that is beyond what we have in our real life.

When high school students asked Bill and Melinda Gates what one superpower they would pick, they chose more time and more energy. Why time and energy? Because with these resources, one can accomplish much more.

A superpower is, by definition, the extraordinary ability to do or accomplish something; and the superhero is the hero who possesses such a superior power. While the superheroes in this book have magical powers, what is most significant is the fact that they also possess qualities each and every one of us can as well.

The Gardener, a wise elderly man who hails from the Far East, dedicated his life to putting this league of superheroes together. He searched far and wide to find this all-star group with an all-inclusive combination of key strengths and capabilities. In Part 1, you’ll follow him through the Movie Script Excerpt as he introduces the heroes on the MI9 Team. In Part 2, learn more about each superhero (and supervillain) and the unique qualities that define each of them, and ourselves.






A GARDENER, dressed in all gray with a long beard, clips a Bonsai tree carefully. His face is obscured by branches and leaves. We can only clearly make out his hands as he removes branches. He is surrounded by beautiful plants, trees, and flowers.




Hello my friends and welcome. I am the Gardener, and I live here in this beautiful land.



The GARDENER walks to the other side of the tree, his face still covered.




When I am not tending to my garden, I spend my days leading and training the MI9 Team. You ever heard of us?



A beat. The GARDENER waits.




Well, it’s simple really. The MI9 Team exists to improve the world and spread good vibes. Our goal is to help people reach their full potential and empower individuals to make a difference.



The GARDENER turns and overlooks beautiful, majestic mountains. The sky above is bright with blue skies. The viewer sees only the GARDENER’s back as he speaks.




The world can be a dark, tough place sometimes, but the MI9 Team’s duty is to combat those evil forces and make the world a better, brighter place.






The GARDENER observes a pond. The viewer only sees his profile, his face covered by a shadow from his hat. The audience follows his POV over to the pond. He waves his hand gently across the surface, creating ripples. As this occurs, the nine MI9 Team members appear in the water, fading in and out with the moving water. The GARDENER introduces them one by one and saying their names.




SPHINX stands for leadership. REGGIE stands for teamwork and cooperation. ECO represents initiative, while YANG represents purpose and YIN uses her key character trait of kindness to bring about change. PIERRE stands for empathy, ATHENA for determination, KOA for tenacity, and last but not least, BU BEAR represents understanding.



A beat. The GARDENER moves his fingers across the surface again.




These incredible individuals make up my MI9 Team. Each superhero uses their special skills, powers, and talents to help others and instill a better quality of life for us all. In other words, they protect us and inspire us!



A KOI FISH swims through the fading image of the MI9 Team in the water, and they vanish in dissipating ripples.




I know this is a lot to take in, and that these superheroes and their specific traits may not mean much to you now, but they will. In order to truly understand the MI9 Team and all we stand for, I think it’s best to go back in time and explore their pasts, and how they got to where they are now. Are you ready for the journey? Let’s go!






A young SPHINX is outside working in a field. She wipes her forehead, exhausted and anxious for a break.




Sphinx spent her childhood working and helping her family. She lived in extreme poverty and had to do everything she could to help her family survive.






SPHINX and her sister ALEXANDRIA dress-up with rags as costumes in front of a large mirror.




With no chance to go to school, Sphinx felt unfulfilled. She spent her days with her sister, wishing and pretending to be somewhere else.






SPHINX sits in a wagon; packed bags sit at her side. Her parents wave to her with tears in their eyes. ALEXANDRIA watches from nearby.




Sphinx received an opportunity to go to school and learn. She succeeded wonderfully, despite dealing with mean-spirited classmates and the separation from her family.






An older SPHINX puts the Lion’s Crown atop her head.




Sphinx’s capabilities only grew. She rose to the top of her class, and along the way nurtured her skills. She was an expert at solving riddles, which helped her to claim the Lion’s Crown, a near impossible feat. This transformed Sphinx and provided her with the magical powers of teleportation and more.






SPHINX trains with the GARDENER, using her Lion’s Crown to open a portal.




Sphinx has found her home on the MI9 Team. She uses her leadership skills to help others. Not only by leading the MI9 Team, but she also established a school for disadvantaged girls and providing them with an education to lead better lives.


A beat.



But not all MI9 Team members excelled in school, and in life, so quickly. Some had to take a different road to tap into their potential.






A young REGGIE sits behind a desk in class. He takes notes while also trying to listen to the TEACHER’s lesson. He falls behind, his brow furrowing in frustration and confusion.




Reggie struggled in school and with ADHD. It made concentrating and learning very difficult, and Reggie received poor grades because of it. He tried his best, but felt that it was never enough. The only thing that kept him going was his love of sports.






REGGIE passes a soccer ball to a teammate, a smile on his face.




Eventually, his grades suffered so much that Reggie was kicked off of his school’s athletic teams. Reggie felt alone and without purpose. To make matters worse, his family did not understand his struggles.






REGGIE lay in bed, defeated with tears in his eyes.



Reggie tried to shut the world out. He kept to himself and barely left his room.






REGGIE walks down a boardwalk, the sun shining pleasantly.




Then, one day, Reggie was walking along the beach and heard a musician playing a lovely song. Reggie watches the performance, completely immersed in the music. Before leaving, the musician gives Reggie a boombox with magical powers activated by just him.






REGGIE sits at his desk, writing music and strumming on a guitar.




The music awakened Reggie. He learned how to have fun again and be passionate. He learned how to play instruments and even wrote his own music. Music also helped him concentrate, which improved Reggie’s grades and enabled him to play sports again.



A beat.




Such musical skill and positive energy is what makes Reggie special…and a key member of the MI9 Team.






REGGIE stands at the front of the classroom, playing his boombox as the students dance and sing to the music happily.




Nowadays, Reggie teaches music at the MI9 school. Additionally, Reggie possesses the wonderful gift of teamwork and cooperation, which enables him to unite people together and uplift all those around him.






ECO, a beautiful fairy, is surrounded by friends and family as she moves quickly through a beautiful, lush forest.




While Reggie’s struggles started early in school, other MI9 Team members came across their obstacles later in life.



ECO is laughing as she starts to run and leaps up to fly.




In many ways, Eco’s life appeared ideal. She had a loving family, good friends, and spent her days exploring and traveling.






An older ECO sits by a beautiful river, the water flowing quickly. She rests her head in her hands.




When Eco grew up, she became clairvoyant. Her days were filled with visions and premonitions, and she was not ready to understand them yet. One vision in particular haunted her: it was the vision of her home burning, but she didn’t know what to do.






ECO flies through a desert, tired and hot.



Eco traveled far and wide to find someone who could help her understand her visions.






ECO returns to a destroyed, burnt forest, her eyes filled with tears.




Then, tragedy struck. When Eco returned home from her trip, her village had been destroyed beyond repair. To her horror, her vision had come true. Eco vowed then and there to never let this happen again. She wanted to not only keep people safe, but save the environment, too.






ECO plants food in a small garden.




Nowadays, Eco trains with the MI9 Team and teaches at our school, reminding others of the importance of a healthy environment and our delicate ecosystem. Eco’s initiative and sensitivity makes her irreplaceable, as well as her ability to see into the future. She uses these valuable attributes to help others and prevent bad things from happening, which is a skill that stands unmatched.



A beat.



But Eco isn’t the only member who is able to see into the future.

Yang, an equally important part of the team, also has this skill – but in a different way. He too struggled greatly before he was able to achieve his abilities.





YANG, with a group of friends, stands in the hall as classes change. They look around mischievously, and then run down the hallway and out the school doors. They laugh down the street as they cut class.




Yang grew up with a lot of pressure. He wanted to fit in and belong, so this caused him to make a lot of poor decisions.






YANG and his friends drink alcohol from cans and bottles.




Yang developed dangerous addictions and thought he was invincible. He ignored his parents and his sister, Yin, instead focusing on his shallow, detrimental friendships. But then, something horrific happened. One of Yang’s friends died in a car accident when he was driving drunk.






YANG sits on a rocky ledge as the sun sets.




Yang left home. The only person he was sad to leave was his sister, but over the years they drifted apart, and so he knew he had to find his own way and better himself. He spent his days writing and exploring and getting to know himself -- who he really was without any outside influences. As a result, Yang grew and found purpose in his life, away from all of the expectations and finally overcoming his addictions.






YANG sits and meditates; a large bowl filled with water sits in front of him.




Yang is now an integral part of the MI9 team. Armed with his purpose, Yang helps others find theirs. Additionally, Yang can see select visions of the future in water, which enables him to foresee possible destinies of an individual and also see into the core of a person and discover who they really are. Yang is devoted to helping others find their true meaning and purpose in life.


A beat.




While Yang helped people see their future, Yin helped others by remembering the past and more.






YIN sits alone on the front porch of her home. She looks off in the distance. Her face is strained and unmistakably sad.




Yin kept to herself often. The only person she ever truly bonded with was her brother Yang, but with him gone she had no one.






YIN sits by herself at a large table in a crowded cafeteria.




Throughout her life, Yin struggled as the outsider in her school. She had no friends, and her Asperger’s Syndrome made it hard to connect with anyone. Instead, she suffered from loneliness and isolation for much of her life. That is, until one day, she made a friend.






YIN sits with some friends, happy and talkative.




It only took one act of kindness to change Yin’s life. After making one friend, she made more and more. Yin learned to come out of her shell and wished to spread that love and care to others. Yin’s kindness, coupled with her magical origami, is used to bring people happiness. Her origami can come to life, and create a window to the past. We are lucky to have her on our side.



A beat.




And just as Yin struggled with loneliness, so did Pierre…






PIERRE sleeps under a bridge. He is disheveled and shivers.




Pierre never had much support from his family. He was seen as a failure because the rest of his family was so successful.



PIERRE wakes up and stares into the night sky.




Pierre did poorly in school because of his struggles with dyslexia. Everything was more difficult for Pierre, and it weighed on him more and more until one day, he ran away from home.






PIERRE sits at a small table alone.




After wandering the streets, going hungry, and sleeping under bridges for far too long, Pierre found a homeless shelter to stay in for a while. It was here that Pierre met his friend Michael.



MICHAEL sits down with PIERRE at the table. MICHAEL takes out some painting supplies.





Michael taught Pierre to nurture his passions and go for his dreams. Pierre had a profound love of painting, so Gerrard taught him all he knew. Pierre was a natural. His newfound talent helped him gain confidence and purpose.






PIERRE paints on canvas with ease and complete focus.




Eventually, Pierre found a permanent home with us at the MI9 Team. He is a unique part of our team not just because of his artistic skill, but because of his empathetic nature and sensitivity to those around him.



PIERRE flicks his paintbrush and the colors begin to move on the canvas.




Oh! I almost forgot to mention Pierre’s special skill! Pierre, using his magical paintbrush, can open up portals and transport himself and others through it. Talk about losing yourself in your art, right?


A beat.



Today, Pierre teaches art classes at the MI9 school and inspires countless students with his impressive talent and helps them to develop their skills.





ATHENA sits in a small chair next to a hospital bed. Her

MOTHER rests in the bed, her breath slow and labored.




While Pierre struggled in school, Athena was driven to rise to the top of her class after the death of her mother.



ATHENA rests her head in her hands, clearly upset.




Athena had a happy childhood and was extremely close with her parents, but that all changed when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. After that, it was endless trips to the hospital and never- ending care, which drained the young girl.






ATHENA sits at the front of her classroom, a look of sheer determination lighting her face. She raises her hand to answer a question.




After her mother’s death, Athena was crushed. However, she threw herself into school, intent on one day finding a cure for cancer and helping others. Armed with her sheer determination, Athena never gave up. She succeeded beautifully in school, and became an expert in the STEM field.






ATHENA stands at the front of a classroom, this time teaching. An OWL is perched on her shoulder.




Athena’s special powers come from her magical owl, which comes alive whenever she needs it to, morphing from a tattoo in a living form. The owl provides healing powers and helps to lead Athena to possible cures for illnesses. This, coupled with Athena’s unwavering drive, makes her a key member to the MI9 Team. She not only makes huge strides in the world of medical science, but she also motivates others, in particular young girls, to do their best and work hard.



A beat.




Athena’s smarts in the STEM field would prove to be most crucial in helping another member of the MI9 Team; she designed and built Hoku’s state-of- the-art prosthetics! But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s go back a bit.





HOKU, along with her friend LANI, stand in a crowded hallway.




By all accounts, Hoku had a normal childhood. She was happy and positive, had a great family life, and a true friend in Lani.



A BULLY walks by and pushes HOKU.




The only downside was that Hoku was bullied badly in school. Eventually, the bullying got so bad for Hoku and Lani that Lani tried to commit suicide.






HOKU sits outside of the school, alone and devastated.




Lani survived, but her parents decided to transfer her to a new school, and Hoku lost her only friend. Hoku was now alone, struggling to understand her friend’s pain while also dealing with the shock. To make matters worse, Hoku was bullied more than ever before and was left to fend for herself.






HOKU, now older, is practicing martial arts.




But Hoku not only survived, she thrived. She began working out and became much more active, which helped her increase her mental and physical strength. She even stood up to her bully!






HOKU, even older, hides behind a sand dune. Suddenly, there is a horrific explosion, which blasts all around HOKU.




Hoku eventually made the ultimate sacrifice: she left home to fight in the war. But it would come at a steep price.






HOKU begins her therapy, struggling to improve after such trauma. She walks slowly across a small room, pain all over her face.




Hoku lost an arm during the war. Hoku was in for a long rehabilitation journey, but she never let the pain get the best of her. Her inner and outer strength made it possible for her to overcome her challenging obstacles. She received a prosthetic limb and, with time, became stronger than ever before.





HOKU works out, striking a punching bag with force and expertise.




Hoku’s tenacity makes her special. She has faith in herself and in others, which motivates her to get things done and overcome anything that stands in her way. This positive attitude, along with her multi-functional prosthetics that give her super strength, make her a powerful force to be reckoned with. Additionally, Hoku’s near death experience resulted in her developing an ability to communicate with the supernatural. Most importantly, however, Hoku uses her special skills to help others, which is the mark of a true superhero.



A beat.




Hoku can communicate with the supernatural, and Bu Bear also has the ability to communicate -- with anyone in the universe, as he is the master of understanding. He may be the last member of the MI9 Team I’ll discuss, but he is no less important.






BU BEAR, a giant panda bear, plays happily with other BEARS in a forest.




Bu Bear had a very comfortable and happy childhood. His foster parents gave him a life filled with love. However, Bu Bear struggled with the fact that his real parents gave him up.






BU BEAR walks with purpose, crossing a river and continuing on. He moves quickly, then starts to run.



Bu Bear had question after question. Eventually, he went on a quest to find his birth parents, only to discover that they had already passed away. Bu Bear also discovered, with the help of an old friend of his parents, that they gave him up in the hopes that he would have a better chance at life. They wanted him to be taken care of and provided for.






BU BEAR sits with his FOSTER PARENTS. They hug.




Bu Bear finally understood his parents’ decision.






BU BEAR, armed with his bamboo staff, surveys the garden.




Bu Bear’s adventurous and intuitive spirit makes him a crucial part of our group. His magical bamboo staff is also very crucial, as it opens up key secrets to the universe and provides him with the capacity to understand all living beings and cultures. This has inspired Bu Bear to enlighten and help others all around the world!






The GARDENER, hidden behind tall flowers and a row of bushes, plants a flower. All we can see, once again, is a bit of his beard and his hands.




It took me a long, long time to put the MI9 Team together. They were always special, but had trouble overcoming some tough obstacles. I found them at their weakest points and helped them to realize their amazing potential.



The GARDENER waters the flower.




All of the MI9 Team members have a specific purpose and something very important to offer. They work together to make the world a better place and leave a positive, lasting impact. They also use their crucial skills to fight the villains of the world who go around spreading negativity. It is our job to stop it!







The GARDENER walks to his meditation sandbox. The viewer follows his gaze down into the sand. The GARDENER swipes his hand along the sand. Suddenly, the grains of sand begin moving and shifting into the shapes of the villains. The GARDENER says their names one by one.




Sandstorm, the leader of the villains, represents fear and manipulation. Alexandria, sister of Sphinx, stands for deception. Angeles personifies narcissism, while Avarus is greed, Jade is envy, and Berlin represents anger and rage.



The GARDENER swipes their faces away in one fluid movement.




Without us, these villains could destroy the world – but we’re ready for them, and we will never give up and make whatever necessary sacrifices for others.






The GARDENER sits at a small, circular table and sips tea. Only one side of his face is seen, as the setting sun casts shadows over the majority of his face.




The MI9 Team will use their positivity, determination, and super powers to combat the evil forces that exist; we will stand in direct opposition to the negativity brought on by the super villains. Because of this promise, we will improve the world and make it a better place.



The GARDENER takes another sip of tea.




Well, I think that explains just about everything. Almost.



The GARDENER gets up and stares out over his balcony, his back to the viewer/audience. Stars begin to appear out over the night sky.




Remember that the MI9 Team guides us to our potential, purpose, and true happiness. Never stop fighting for what is right, and always remember how valuable you are. The MI9 superheroes live to inspire you to make your mark on the world…and who knows, maybe one day I’ll need you as part of my team. We all can make a difference.



With that, the GARDENER looks up at the night sky.












Several years ago, I started developing the MI9 Team to help the youth recognize and find the inner hero that is within each one of them.


In an ever changing and complex world filled with so many social, economic and political issues, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless. But within each individual lies so much potential to make a difference and give back.


Learning more about the qualities that define each MI9 Team superhero has guided many youth to realize their full potential to become leaders which is much needed with the many obstacles and challenges that we all face every day.


The MI9 Team has inspired many young people to use their unique skills, special talents and passions to make a positive impact in their community. I hope you join them in making a difference.











The MI9 Team is a group of nine superheroes who have joined forces to achieve social change. These heroes possess impressive skills and superpowers that help to spread positivity throughout the world.


Like many of us, the members of this team have pasts filled with hardship and tough struggles. After these dedicated individuals found ways to overcome their obstacles, they took their pasts and transformed into extraordinary individuals—superheroes, and began to combat the evil forces of the world and improve the quality of life for us all.


We all know that superheroes have special magical powers to bring about positive change to a world in desperate need. But the MI9 Team represents something more in their strengths and abilities… something we all have, including you!


Each member of the team represents one of the nine multiple intelligences (hence the name of the team: MI9).



Now, you may be wondering, how are there nine intelligences? Many people think of intelligence as something you have or don’t have. We may label someone as smart or not.


Well, there are nine types of intelligence that each reflect different ways of thinking, solving problems and learning, and we are all a combination of these nine intelligences.


These nine intelligences were identified by Dr. Howard Gardner, a professor at Harvard University. No, this isn’t the same man as The Gardener I mentioned previously (the wise old man from the Far East). He’s a fictional character who brought a team of superheroes together. Dr. Gardner is a real person who developed the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, which recognized the following:




Verbal-Linguistic Intelligence:

Using words in reading, writing and speaking; the ability to analyze and produce information through written and oral language.




Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Thinking logically and solving abstract problems; the ability to develop equations and make calculations.




Visual-Spatial Intelligence

Ability to visualize images and recognize patterns, comprehend maps and other kinds of graphic information.




Musical-Rhythmic Intelligence

Recognizing, producing and making meaning of different types of sounds and rhythm.




Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

Using the whole body, or parts of the body to solve problems, create products or as an expression of one’s self.




Naturalistic Intelligence

The ability to identify and distinguish among plants, animals and weather formations found in the natural world.




Interpersonal Intelligence

The ability to understand and relate to other people.




Intrapersonal Intelligence

The ability to recognize and assess one’s own feelings and motivations.




Existential Intelligence

Conceptualizing fundamental ideas about existence.




Each member of the MI9 Team symbolizes one of the multiple intelligences, whether it is an area that came naturally to them or something they had to work extra hard to excel in, and they use this strength along with their superpowers to shows us that we are all capable of making the world a better, happier place.












The multiple intelligences isn’t all that these superheroes represent. Each MI9 Team member also stands for a specific character trait: leadership, determination, initiative, tenacity, teamwork, empathy, kindness, purpose and understanding.


The Gardener himself embodies wisdom and helps to guide each of them to reach their full potential as they grow, flourish and progress in their special skills and unique talents. Some are understanding and thoughtful, while others are strong and tenacious – but each have a special part to play in bettering the world.


However, they have their work cut out for them. The MI9 Team must constantly defend themselves and protect others as they battle against a band of six supervillains, who characterize some very negative character traits, and are dead set on destroying anything in their paths.


Ruled by fear and manipulation, and filled with deception, narcissism, greed, envy and anger, this gang of supervillains will stop at nothing to bring down the MI9 Team and others!











Just as each MI9 Team member symbolizes one of the multiple intelligences and a positive character trait, they are each also very passionate about a particular social cause.


There are many problems that need positive change in this world. Many people choose to commit their time and support to one or several social issues, as each individual can only do so much— even superheroes.


There are many factors that influence a person’s decision on which social issue to help. Sometimes it may be because of personal experiences that have impacted them or someone they know.


The MI9 Team members have all struggled to overcome various obstacles in their lives, including: discrimination, death, homelessness, bullying, disabilities, depression, lacking a sense of belonging and more.


Despite their troubled pasts, they dedicate their lives to the greater good. And many on the team work to create change in the same social issue that affected them in their youth.










The MI9 Team superheroes come from all over the world, but their paths have all led them to unite together in the land of Concordia. Concordia means “harmony”. It was once a good and appropriate name for this country — a long time ago. But not so much now. Sadly, over the years Concordia fell into a dismal state of discrimination and inequality, with most of its residents living in poverty.


Meet the superheroes of the MI9 Team. You may recognize parts of yourself in these characters, for we’re all a combination of the multiple intelligences, character traits which make up our unique personalities, and social causes that we’re passionate about.










Intelligent (represents verbal-linguistic intelligence), dignified, incredibly strong, honest, hardworking, and special. Sphinx is different from others and is extremely loyal, understanding, determined, and talented. She possesses a gift for riddles and critical thinking and is naturally powerful. She grew up in Concordia and in extreme poverty. She faced major disadvantages, but was given an opportunity to learn and go to school. While she was picked on by the boys at school, she studied and applied herself, ultimately becoming majorly successful in her school career and beyond. Her family was loving and she shared an extreme closeness with her sister, Alexandria. In fact, they were best friends growing up. She also has a mom, dad, and brother.


Sphinx dreams of changing the world and believes fully in “paying it forward.” Later in life, she opens as school for girls to pass on the gift of education. Sphinx represents “good,” even in the midst of a complicated and imperfect life. She always tries to do the right thing.





Multiple Intelligence: Verbal-Linguistic


Verbal-linguistic intelligence is using words in reading, writing and speaking; the ability to analyze and produce information through written and oral language.


People with verbal-linguistic intelligence are great with words and have a knack for strong communication whether they are writing or speaking. They are also good listeners, too.



Character Trait: Leadership


It is true that leadership is the act of directing a person or group of people. However, leadership goes deeper than that, and there are many ways to describe true leadership. Perhaps most fittingly is leadership when it is described as having a vision or idea that one never gives up on; this inspires others to stand for something and to not only follow, but to support the leader in order to succeed in reaching a common goal. Selfless leadership is an important step in making necessary changes and increasing the quality of life for all. In order to truly lead, one must be patient, aware, focused, kind, intelligent, thoughtful, and fair. In fact, studies have shown that leaders must possess a positive disposition and high self-esteem, which constructively impacts the communities around them. This inspires people to work together and create a less destructive, divided environment.



Social Cause: Gender Equality


Sphinx established a girls’ school in Concordia, which she leads along with the MI9 Team superheroes.



Superpower: Lion’s Crown, Teleport, Riddles


Her Lion’s Crown can open portals and the mind’s third eye. Always talented with riddles, her skill rises to magical levels.







Athena is a superhero who represents logical-mathematical intelligence. She is a woman who spent her life in a “man’s world” as most women do not choose a career path in the STEM field.


When she was younger, Athena’s mother got sick and died of cancer. Athena decided to devote her life to figuring out a cure. She went to college and furthered her dream of eventually finding a remedy. Her trusty sidekick Hoot is a magical owl. Hoot has been by her side for years and is her closest friend. Hoot helps “guide” Athena to heal others, but ultimately it is up to Athena to figure out a way to cure cancer and other illnesses.


Incredibly smart, accomplished, driven, and eloquent, Athena is an impressive woman with admirable goals. She is driven by her mind as well as her heart, and always remembers her mother in what she does.




Multiple Intelligence: Logical-Mathematical


Logical-mathematical intelligence is thinking logically and solving abstract problems; the ability to develop equations and make calculations.


Logical thinkers are people who are great with numbers and formulas. They have the gift of problem solving, and love to think critically. Think of your math and science teachers, they are definitely logical-mathematical kinds of people!



Character Trait: Determination


Determination is, in a simple word, willpower. It is our ability to remain strong in the face of unthinkable obstacles. Even when things get hard, our determination and our firm belief in our goals keeps us going. Determination often leads to advanced discoveries, necessary answers, important information, and verification. Without determination, there would be little to no worthwhile achievements, as nothing great ever comes easily. In fact, studies show that when individuals are met with opposition and challenge, they learn better and accomplish more. Further, this helps us set up goals and make a plan, not only for the good of our own lives, but for the betterment of those around us. Motivation and determination provides us with the drive we need to discover greatness, and with that greatness, we can help others in ways that were not possible before. Those who possess strong determination are often times also resilient, resolute, critical, profound, fiercely intelligent, and independent.



Social Cause: Health and Disease


Athena studied hard to become a scientist and help those suffering from illnesses.


Superpower: Magical Owl “Hoot”, Healing Powers


Her trusty owl, Hoot, can magically transform into a tattoo on Athena’s back, and back into to real life. Hoot helps Athena nurture her healing powers.






Hoku is another superhero on the MI9 Team. She stands for bodily-kinesthetic intelligence.

As a kid, Hoku was bullied a lot. Her good friend, Lani, was similarly bullied relentlessly. After Lani attempted suicide, Hoku found herself alone, but changed. Lani’s parents moved her away, so Hoku was left to deal with the bullies on her own. This helped Hoku snap into action. She began studying and practicing martial arts and training at the gym, becoming stronger mentally and physically. This hugely helped her overall health and increased her confidence. Eventually, she stood up to the bullies, showing true bravery.

Unfortunately, this was not Hoku’s only struggle. Later in life, she joined the military and served several tours overseas. On her last tour, she lost a limb. Hoku had to learn how to find strength again—mentally and physically. She got a prosthetic arm and continued life with her new restrictions. In time, Hoku learned to live her life fully and grew stronger than ever before. She learned her “restrictions” were not really restrictions at all, unless she allowed them to be. Her confidence and positivity inspires others around her to do their best no matter what and, most importantly, to love and accept themselves. In addition, Hoku possesses magical abilities. Due to her near-death experiences, she can communicate and connect with the supernatural. Her prosthetic limbs are also multifunctional with high-tech tools, giving her super-powered abilities that help her in and out of many situations on her missions for the MI9 Team.

In short, Hoku is motivating, hardworking, positive, strong (inwardly and outwardly), driven, quick, and sympathetic and loving to those around her.

Multiple Intelligence: Bodily-Kinesthetic


Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence is using the whole body, or parts of the body to solve problems, create products or as an expression of one’s self.


Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence means you are physically and mentally quick and in control of your body. Athletes demonstrate great bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, helping them to excel in sports.



Character Trait: Tenacity


Tenacity means to steadfastly understand something—and believe in it wholeheartedly. Tenacity also encompasses strength and power, as well as raw, unwavering determination and the ability to persevere in the face of hardships. Tenacity, or being tenacious, is an effective way to accomplish goals, stay motivated, and never give up. People who are tenacious are not only mindful, but often confident and tireless in their pursuits, which may be intimidating. It is easy to misconstrue tenacity as stubbornness, but what must be understood is that tenacity is wholly positive and allows us to thrive and reach our goals. Tenacity is not only inspiring for obvious reasons, but it aids us in learning and discovering our passions. In fact, studies show that tenacity encourages long-term education, learning, and achievement.



Social Cause: Bullying & Disabilities


Hoku inspires others with disabilities to overcome their challenges, and live an active, healthy and fulfilling life. She protects those who are bullied and helps them to stand up for themselves.


Superpower: Psychic Abilities & Super Strength


Her high-tech multi-functioning prosthetics give her super strength. From her near death experience, she also gained the ability to connect and communicate with the deceased and supernatural.





Eco is a superhero on the MI9 Team who represents naturalistic intelligence. She grew up in the Amazon rainforest, but her home was destroyed when a factory exploded. She has the gift of “seeing” things in the future, commonly referred to as premonitions.

She is intent on making sure horrific situations like the destruction of her home never happen again. She has a love for the world, the environment, and for nature, and wants to do what she can to protect it. She is loving, thoughtful, wise, and motivated to make the world a better place.

Multiple Intelligence: Naturalistic


Naturalistic intelligence is the ability to identify and distinguish among plants, animals and weather formations found in the natural world.


Those who have naturalistic intelligence are sensitive to the world around them and cherish nature. Often times, they use their environment to improve the quality of life for others, like with farming and food production.



Character Trait: Initiative


Having initiative means one possesses the strength, ability, and confidence to take the first step toward executing a certain idea or goal. People who have initiative recognize the possibilities and believe in improvement. So, initiative is an especially invaluable characteristic to have. Initiative people go for it! They acknowledge the chances they have and do something about it, often times to help others or better the world around them. While there will certainly be obstacles along the way, proactive people find ways to make it through and accomplish what needs to be accomplished. They are not easily discouraged, dissuaded, or intimidated. Instead, they are lively, brave, motivated, and strong-willed. Instead of finding reasons to quit, having initiative helps us to keep going.

Social Cause: Environment

Eco devotes her life to protecting the environment and educating others to be ecologically responsible, and doing whatever she can to prevent future tragedies from occurring like the one that destroyed her home.


Superpower: Clairvoyance


It took the tragic destruction of her home for Eco to realize that her visions were actually showing her the future. Now Eco applies her clairvoyant ability to help save the environment. Of course, in addition to her clairvoyance, Eco is also a fairy who can fly, which is quite magical in itself.








Reggie is a superhero on the MI9 Team who represents music and rhythm. He is laid-back, happy, and positive, always wanting to bring joy to those around him.

Growing up, Reggie was not without his share of problems. He grew up with ADHD which led to him getting poor grades in school. He used to love sports and played them often, but because of his low marks in school, he was forced to give it up. That is when he discovered music and its power. He was given a magic boombox, which helped him focus and concentrate. This ultimately improved his grades and enabled him to move on from his struggles. He wants to share the love of music and its “magic” with those around him.

Multiple Intelligence: Musical-Rhythmic


Musical-rhythmic intelligence is recognizing, producing and making meaning of different types of sounds and rhythm.


Musical-rhythmic intelligence is present in people with a high appreciation and understanding of sound and rhythm. Think of some of your favorite musicians—they have impressive musical-rhythmic skill!



Character Trait: Teamwork


Teamwork is the ability to work together and play as part of a larger group or “team.” Teamwork is not only something that exists on court or during a sporting event, however. Teamwork can exist anywhere and everywhere, every single day. Teamwork shows a patience and understanding of others; it also shows consideration and cooperation in dealing with other people. Most importantly, teamwork represents the idea that no man is an island; working together builds strength, character, and provides a better, happier existence for all involved. Teamwork is imperative when discussing relationships, as we all can benefit from working collectively and being on the same team.



Social Cause: Learning Disabilities


Reggie struggled in school because of his ADHD. He was able to overcome his difficulties due to his learning disability, and now pays it forward to help others.



Superpower: Magical Boombox


Activated by his fingertips, Reggie’s boombox has magical properties to dispel anger and conflict to unite people together, increase positivity, and restore balance and peace.







Pierre is the MI9 Team superhero representing visual-spatial intelligence. He is a painter armed with his magical paintbrush, which enables him to paint beautiful, life-like paintings. Additionally, his color palette can open portals.

Pierre had to overcome some obstacles before his artistic ability was realized. For much of his young life, Pierre suffered from dyslexia. Because of this, he had trouble in school and struggled to connect, causing depression. To make matters worse, he had no real support from family or friends.

The pressure proved to be too much, so Pierre ran away. Eventually, after being homeless for some time, he ended up in a homeless shelter and met a youth leader named Michael who listened to him and helped talk him through his issues. Also, Michael introduced Pierre to art. With his help, Pierre went back to school and made it through. Because of all the good his friend brought to his life, Pierre now works with at-risk youth and teaches art classes.

Pierre is artistic, particular, hardworking, motivated, sensitive, and understanding of disadvantage and the struggles that youth go through.

Multiple Intelligence: Visual-Spatial


Visual-spatial intelligence is the ability to visualize images and recognize patterns, comprehend maps and other kinds of graphic information.


Artists have great visual-spatial intelligence, and so do engineers and architects. Visual-spatial intelligence means you can visualize images and pictures before they even exist. You can think and dream up ideas, and make them a reality!



Character Trait: Empathy


Empathy has to do with the ability to truly sense and understand the feelings of other people. Empathy inspires many other positive emotions, like compassion and sympathy. This is extraordinarily useful when dealing and working with others. To mesh effectively in a team environment or even in a one to one scenario, having empathy enables one to really see what another individual needs, which helps increase the chances of a successful (and helpful) outcome. Empathy is valuable particularly because it urges one to be present and pay attention to others, which leads to better relations and an all-around stronger environment, whether on a small or large scale. Studies have shown that those who are most empathetic will help others even when it requires personal sacrifice. A community that recognizes and values empathy tends to experience less bullying, racism, or other forms of discrimination.


Social Cause: Mental Disorders and At-Risk Youth


Pierre’s experience with depression led him to help raise awareness for mental disorders. He also mentors and works with at-risk youth, teaching art.



Superpower: Teleportation


Pierre can paint and open up portals with his magical paintbrush and palette.







Yin, another member of the MI9 superhero team, stands for interpersonal intelligence, focusing on the ability to connect and understand other people.


Yin did not always easily relate to others. For much of her life, Yin was lonely and without friends. This led to isolating feelings and extremely low self-esteem. She was a complete outsider. Additionally, she suffered from Asperger Syndrome.


When her brother (Yang) left for the mountains, Yin’s loneliness only grew, sending her deeper into her separation from others and her depression. Now, she truly had no one to talk to. Her shyness escalated, and she continued to suffer. Then, she met Maria. Maria helped to bring Yin out of her shell and talk more, making Yin’s loneliness and anxiety fade away. Finally, she had a friend. From there, it became easier for Yin to make other friends until she had a great, solid, supportive group of friends. This lead to Yin’s ability to reach out to others and bring them out of their dark places and inspire friendships.


Yin’s magical ability lies in her origami. The shapes she makes can come alive, and open up windows to the past. This brings happiness and positivity into the lives of others.


Yin is quiet, but warm, friendly, inviting, and inspiring.




Multiple Intelligence: Interpersonal


Interpersonal intelligence is the ability to understand and relate to other people.


It involves a different kind of sensitivity. Those who are interpersonal are great at noticing people and their moods, goals and attitudes. This helps to build strong relationships and finds the best way to work together.



Character Trait: Kindness


Kindness, by definition, means possessing a certain gentleness, concern and care. Almost always, kindness is used interchangeably with words like friendly or warm. This is wholly accurate, but kindness is more than that. Braver. Kindness is fierce in its ability to pose as a direct threat to hate, violence, and ignorance. Kindness urges us to find a better way to deal with the dark, and to always strive to be helpful and affectionate toward others. Luckily, kindness is contagious. One act of kindness can trigger many more acts of generosity, improving the world one, small step at a time. Because of this, kindness is not only inspiring, but powerful and capable of changing the world.



Social Cause: Developmental Disorders


After Yin learned to overcome the challenges of having Asperger Syndrome, she started reaching out to help other people in need.


Superpower: Magical Origami


Yin’s magical origami comes to “life” and can also show people the past to remind them of their true happiness.







Another superhero of the MI9 Team, Yang represents intrapersonal intelligence, or the ability to connect, contemplate and self-reflect.


Yang’s past was troubled, like all of the members of the MI9 Team. For a long time, Yang battled with his substance abuse and peer pressure from his “friends.” His sister, Yin, tried to help him, but he pushed her away and their relationship strained. His closest friend, Chris, never judged him for his poor behavior, instantly making Yang feel more accepted and okay with his bad decisions.


Then, one night, Chris—who was under the influence—got in a car wreck and died, also killing two other innocent people in the wreck. This woke Yang up. He traveled to the mountains and kicked his substance abuse habit, hiking and taking in the scenic views instead while also really, really thinking about himself and his life. He began writing and making goals for himself. Because of this, Yang finally grasped who he truly was deep down inside, away from outside influences.


Yang’s superpower is the ability to see into the potential futures of a person when gazing upon their reflections in the surface of water. More specifically, he is able to foresee the many possible courses of one’s life, which will vary greatly depending on how true one stays to their beliefs and principles in life (or, the truest version of themselves).


Yang is reflective, thoughtful, intuitive, and honest.

Multiple Intelligence: Intrapersonal


Intrapersonal intelligence is the ability to recognize and assess one’s own feelings and motivations.


Intrapersonal individuals are motivated, self-aware, active, and hold their values and beliefs close. They are very reflective and inspiring. Often times, they bring up important issues and ask for change in the world. Think of a leader or role model you really like, they probably have high intrapersonal intelligence!



Character Trait: Purpose


Purpose is the reason we are here; it is our plan. A good purpose motivates people to make the world better and to follow their heart and accomplish their dreams. We all have a purpose inside of us, and it is different from person to person but no less important. For Yang, his purpose is to help others find their reason for living and life’s plan. He uses his superpower to show others their purpose and how to improve their lives and make better decisions to live a life of fulfillment and happiness.



Social Cause: Substance Abuse & Addiction


Yang’s friend died and cost innocent bystanders their lives because of substance abuse. A life ruled by addiction is a life without purpose. Yang broke free from his addiction and found his purpose in life—to help others on their own paths to self-discovery.



Superpower: Ability to See and Show the Future


Yang has the ability to show people different versions of their possible futures in the reflection of water surfaces, so they see what will happen if they let outside influences sway them from their true selves. This helps people be in tune with who they truly are deep down inside.





Another superhero on the MI9 Team, Bu Bear is a huge panda bear who represents existential intelligence. Because of this, Bu Bear does not shy away from life’s big, scary questions the way the rest of us might. He knows himself and his place; he possesses confidence and spirituality because of his intelligence and faith in the world.

Bu Bear was an orphan who was taken in and raised by foster parents. Never knowing his biological parents and frustrated by that fact, Bu Bear searched for them only to find out that they passed away years ago. But he did learn that his parents had given him up so he could have a better and more promising life. Armed with the knowledge that his parents were brave and fought courageously for a good cause, Bu Bear continued on his journey of self-discovery and inner peace. Eventually, this lead Bu Bear to his rightful path and empowered him to help others find peace and harmony within themselves and their lives. In addition, Bu Bear’s magic lies in his bamboo staff which opens up secrets of the universe.

Bu Bear is thoughtful, influencing, smart, patient, kind, profound, trusting, peaceful, and intuitive.

Multiple Intelligence: Existential


Existential intelligence is conceptualizing fundamental ideas about existence.


This type of intelligence can be found in deep, critical thinkers. They want to answer life’s biggest, most complicated questions and are super sensitive to the world around them. Why are we here? What is our purpose? These are questions that people with existential intelligence like to think about.



Character Trait: Understanding


Understanding is the act of comprehending. It is also the ability to be aware, or “tuned in” to other people’s feelings and needs. This inspires compassion, love, acceptance, and tolerance. Understanding is a useful, key tool to strengthening relationships, whether it is between two people, or two countries. Understanding enables us to open our eyes and notice each other, while also keeping an open mind and comprehension of our differences. Instead of letting these differences separate us, they draw us closer together. Bu Bear uses his gift of understanding to see inside himself and strive to be better while also accepting others and helping them to be on their “right path.” To understand is to know and learn, and Bu Bear spends his life improving not only himself, but the world around him, too.



Social Cause: Adoption


Raised by foster parents, Bu Bear pays it forward to help all children have a home and family.



Superpower: Magic Bamboo Stick


Bu Bear’s magic bamboo stick can open secrets of the universe; and he has the ability to understand all languages and cultures, as well as communicate with all living things! Such valuable communication enables Bu Bear to use his powers to also strengthen and enlighten others, which helps people discover the true meaning of their existence and understand the people and world around them.








The Gardener is the ultimate good guy who assembled the MI9 Team together.

Hailing from the East, he has a calm, kind, patient, wise, strong, and careful disposition. He loves his garden and enjoys planting new life and watching it grow, as well as cutting and shaping his bonsai trees. He is always willing to help and motivate his team, and believes fully in destiny.

Additionally, the Gardener is a bit of a mystery—not everything is known about him, his past, etc. His daughter died young and never got the chance to have an education, so he wishes to pass that gift on to others.

The Gardener is especially interested in Sphinx and her potential, as she is the leader of the MI9 Team. In addition, he must play close attention the “Prophecy”, which he takes extremely seriously. When he is not in Concordia, the Gardener also travels around the world to help and guide members of the MI9 Team.

He is a direct threat to Sandstorm, leader of the supervillains.

Character Trait: Wisdom


Wisdom is when one has a wealth of knowledge and intelligence, experience, and a fair and wise disposition. To be wise is to have a great moral compass and an understanding of right and wrong in all things. A wise person does not act on anger or fear, and never uses manipulation to gain control. They lead by example. Wisdom also blossoms from patience and tranquility, as well as from an honest and kind heart. The Gardener represents all of this. He is present and mindful which leads him to help others see the world in a positive, helpful, and prudent way; this also leads his followers down the right path to become the best person they can be while also wanting to help others. This inspires a cycle of love and courage, even in the face of evil. The Gardener uses his wisdom to influence others and urges them to appreciate the world in all its beauty. This stresses the importance of life and progress, cementing the understanding that we all have the potential to make the world a better place.







Skilled and talented, there was once a lot of potential in each of these supervillains (and there may still be in some). But instead of using their strengths as a force for good, they caved in to their fears and turned down a dark path, choosing to use their powers for evil.





Tall with dark hair and similarly dark eyes, Sandstorm is the leader of the bad guys and legion of supervillains.

Dark, evil, ominous, manipulative, and charismatic, Sandstorm finds easily impressionable, hurt “followers” to aid him in his tasks. Coming from a less-than-perfect background himself (he was bullied, abused, etc.), he channeled that pain into negativity. In fact, he thrives on negativity, fear, and doubt. The more negative people are and the more scared they are, the stronger he becomes. When those around him fear him less, he loses control. He is powerful and possesses magical powers and the ability to shape-shift and transform into grains of sand to create sand tornadoes where he vanishes into portals.

A mysterious villain, he lives in a large palace and uses his trusty crystal ball used for spying. He had a daughter but she died years before. Underneath it all Sandstorm is resentful, sad, and grief-stricken. He does not know how to deal with the bad in a good, healthy way.

Character Trait: Fear


Fear is an emotion brought about by feelings of threat and danger. While it is a very normal and natural emotion, fear can also be debilitating and keep us from reaching for our goals and dreams, and also from being the best version of ourselves, which is never a good thing. To overcome fear, we must be brave and try our absolute best, while also staying true to ourselves. Sandstorm clouds this insight and uses fear and manipulation to make others weak, frightened, and dependent on his influence. He continuously cuts others down, making them feel worthless and pathetic without his “help.” This fuels self-doubt and low self-esteem, which keeps his team in a perpetually volatile and antagonistic state which thrives on pain and negativity. The more fear that exists, the more unstoppable Sandstorm becomes.



Superpower: Teleportation and Transformational Powers; Magic Crystal Ball


Sandstorm is able to transform himself into grains of sand that move quickly and with force. This sand can form back together into his body, and also separate and disintegrate just as fast.



Alexandria is intelligent, but never got the opportunity to go to school like her younger sister Sphinx. Because of this, she is very street smart rather than book smart. She also grew up in poverty and to disadvantages, but never got the chance to better her life the way Sphinx did. To escape her unhappiness, low self-esteem, and loneliness, Alexandria ran away from home and her parents.

She resented Sphinx and her future, and also felt left behind. The sadness from missed opportunities and societal obligations proved too great. From there, Alexandria fell into the wrong hands and was taken in by a manipulative villain named Sandstorm. While she gained “power” in one aspect (her ability to shape-shift), she also became weaker and “darker.”

Calculating, deceptive, powerful, unfulfilled, and headstrong, Alexandria has the tendency to be stubborn, bitter, and angry. She has always dreamed of being someone else and somewhere else. She has a lifelong attachment to the chameleon, intrigued by its ability to change.

Underneath it all she is good, loving, and sensitive. However, years of jealousy, neglect, and resentment have led her to become hardened.



Character Trait: Deception


Deception is fraud. It is the act of knowingly deceiving another person or group of people. A purely negative trait, deception is meant to harm, control, and manipulate. Deception hides the truth, and thus, hides the ways to actively and positively find a resolution or fix a problem. Deception is also cowardly and not real; instead, deception thrives on lies and distractions. Those who use deception to get ahead are not concerned with the common good, nor do they wish to work together, which is horrible for social order. Alexandria uses this negative character trait to confuse and hurt her enemies. This harms not only those specific individuals, but communities and society as a whole. Hiding the truth and demanding control is never healthy or helpful to any way of life. Deception causes pain and anguish, all the while masking the good things that can make life a better place and save us all. With deception present, we cannot work together, prosper, or communicate openly and honestly with one another. The more negativity that exists, the easier it will pass on from one person to the next. If this occurs, we will only be exposed to darkness and lies, which will always keep us chained and stuck in a dysfunctional, selfish, and deceptive world.



Superpower: Shape-Shifter


Manipulated by Sandstorm, Alexandria became a master of deception, able to shape-shift and transform into whoever she wants to be. She uses her abilities to deceive people, which only leads to conflict and pain. Eventually, Alexandria and her powers will pose as a direct threat to Sphinx and all she stands for.






Angeles is blonde, bright-eyed, beautiful, and one of the supervillains on Sandstorm’s team. She is gorgeous by model standards, however her beauty is shallow and fake. She represents narcissism and vanity. Her hair is always perfect, her makeup impeccably done, and her clothes are the latest and greatest fashions. Usually, Angeles opts for extravagant, glittering dresses.

Even though she possesses such fierce beauty, Angeles is from humble beginnings. She grew up in a tiny mining town, but always wanted to break free of those constraints and move to the city where life was bigger. Of course, Sandstorm manipulated her and promised to take her away and make her a famous star.

Angeles also has black wings tattooed on her back. Magically, these wings can become real and enable her to fly. Angeles has a tendency to follow and spy on her enemies and even her fellow comrades. She can also alter people’s appearances in a mirror. With a swipe of her hand, the mirror changes, ripples dancing across the surface. She uses this manipulation to deceive her victims and influence them.

Angeles is superficial, selfish, egotistic, smart, fordable, manipulative, uncaring, wounded, and surprisingly insecure under all of her glitz and glamor.

Character Trait: Narcissism


Narcissism is excessive, obsessed interest in yourself and your physical appearance. This is unhealthy and distracting, since it morphs into how one decides their “worth” and usefulness, even though beauty truly means much more than how you look. This trait is a wholly negative trait that causes people to be overly critical and unrealistically hard on themselves, which totally diminishes their confidence and self-love. Those who are narcissistic do not understand that beauty is primarily internal. Instead, narcissism breeds shallow, selfish, harsh, and empty ideas of attractiveness. Angeles uses her narcissism and influence to inflict this negative outlook onto others. Instead of bringing out honest and true beauty, inside and out, Angeles shows others what needs to be bettered or changed, making those around her feel inadequate and worthless. Once Angeles cuts them down to their weakened state, she uses her well-seasoned powers of manipulation to keep them down and insecure. While she makes them appear more “glamorous”, it is all fake and superficial. So, this insecurity spreads, and those who are tricked into believing they should be better will keep obsessing about their appearance and project it onto others. Their appearance will never be good enough.



Superpower: Ability to Alter Reflections; Tattoos Morph into Wings


Angeles is able to use any item with a reflective surface (mirrors, lenses, glass, metal, or even water), swipe her hand across it, and change a person’s appearance right before their eyes. This creates a false, fake sense of worth and confidence in people, which turns out to be empty and shallow. This makes it easier for Angeles to control them; she manipulates them by showing people how they could be, thus leading them down a self-obsessed and narcissistic spiral. Over the years, Angeles got black wings tattooed on her back. Sandstorm used his powers to give Angles the ability to transform her tattoo into real wings and fly, making spying and her devious deeds even easier.







Avarus is handsome, sharply dressed, and another one of the supervillains. Representing greed and excess, Avarus is extremely superfluous, pseudo-successful, manipulative, and shallow. He presents himself as a charismatic businessman with great charm. He is confident which only helps his influence of those around him.

His favorite item is his briefcase. Inside, Avarus’ briefcase is filled with desire. Whatever people want most in their life (money, jewelry, etc.), Avarus can make it appear and tempt them. However, nothing in his suitcase is truly real.

Avarus is cunning, intelligent, sharp, smooth, self-loving, dishonest, misleading, alluring, and powerful.

Character Trait: Greed


Greed is the excessive and unreasonable desire to have wealth and other material goods. At its core, greed is empty and void of what life is truly about. Instead, it is a selfish and shallow emotion that leads to nothing of any depth or substance at the end of the day. Instead of focusing on what one needs, greed is all about what one wants. Avarus uses his greed to influence, tempt, and control others, making them feel devalued and less successful just because they do not have all of the glitz and the glamor. He shows impressive, desirable items in his briefcase and makes people feel like they need things to prove their worth, thus making them weak, unhealthily idealistic, and ill-natured. Additionally, this makes his victims lose sight of the important things in life, and instead sends them on a downward spiral of emptiness and pain, because nobody can ever truly have everything.



Superpower: Briefcase of Tricks & Illusions


Ever the charmer, Avarus uses his smooth, playboy type presence to control those around him. He carries a briefcase filled with illusions. In his briefcase, he possesses the power to show his victims what material things they most desire in their lives and makes sure to show them everything they want to see. However, this briefcase is truly nothing more than a trick and a mirage. None of it is real or of any substance. Avarus is superfluous and shallow, his success and confidence nothing more than a mask for his spoiled past.









Also one of the supervillains, Berlin stands for hatred, anger, rage, and even violence. He is ruthless and intimidating, always opting for devastation and termination.

Berlin can transfer his evil to others. When he passes or brushes up against someone, he can spread his anger like a virus infection that spreads from person to person. The “infected” person, unable to control this rage, then commits violent acts.

Berlin wishes to ruin the world and the people in it. Simply, he wants to cause destruction in all things whether it is the environment or people in general. The more blame, hurt, and tragedy in the world, the better.

Berlin is furious, rash, reckless, inconsiderate, hurt, diabolical, strong, daunting, negative, and terrifying.


Character Trait: Anger


We have all felt anger and its powerful effects. Anger is a negative emotion that often occurs because of something that feels deliberately done to hurt us, and we often feel the need to respond with hate and retaliation. Anger can also spiral out of control when we feel taken advantage of, bullied, or violated in some way. While anger can sometimes be a good thing when used to vent or get over past experiences, it can just as easily lead to horrific consequences. Berlin does not use his anger constructively, but to hurt others the way he has been hurt. This only leads to more pain and suffering. You cannot fight anger with more anger or hate with more hate and expect a positive outcome. Berlin, conversely, chooses to antagonize rage with more rage and violence with violence to bring about harmful results. This spreads anger from person to person and, if left alone, into society as a whole. Berlin’s powers make it extremely easy for negativity and rage to spread with no end in sight.



Superpower: Spreads Anger like a Virus


As an indispensable member of the supervillain squad, Berlin uses his anger and violence to spread negativity wherever he goes. When angry, his eyes glow red and if he passes or brushes up against someone, he can spread his anger onto them. Like a virus, this anger is an infection that passes from person to person. From this, the newly infected person, unable to control this rage, goes on to commit violent, damaging acts.








Jade is a supervillain sorceress who typifies envy and jealousy.


She has the power to “see” people’s weaknesses (just by looking into their eyes) which helps her find the best way to attack them internally. Jade uses her abilities to hypnotize and mesmerize her victims. Once they are under her spell, she plants seeds of discouragement and jealousy inside of them, knowing the best way to manipulate them. With such a powerful influence, Jade manipulates her targets and easily persuades them to follow her orders.


Jade is crafty, conniving, scheming, clever, compelling, pessimistic, harmful, damaged, and bitter.



Character Trait: Envy


Envy is a negative feeling of resentful longing for someone else’s belongings, luck, and attributes. This leads to dangerous feelings of wanting things that are not yours to have. Envy makes us forget that we are all special individuals with our own unique qualities. Instead, envy puts pressure on us to be like others and obtain material goods, as if that will somehow solve our problems. Jade uses her history of pain, jealousy, and envy to lead others down that dangerous path. She sees their insecurities and makes them even worse by using their greatest fears to remind them of how much they lack in their own lives. Jade makes people focus on how much “better” others are doing and how much more successful they are, which in turn leaves them hurt, envious, and debilitated, which leads them to be empty, easily-manipulated versions of their former selves.



Superpower: Hypnosis and Mind-Reader


Jade is a sorceress with impressive magical powers. She uses her powers to see inside people’s minds and pinpoint their weaknesses. From here, Jade also hypnotizes her victims, making it even easier to fill them with jealousy and envy to keep them continuously weak and filled with self-doubt and, thus, making it easy to control them to her advantage.













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A Tale of Two Sisters follows the paths of Sphinx and Alexandria, two sisters separated as children. One rises to become leader of the MI9 Team of superheroes, while the other joins a band of supervillains. What happens when your best friend becomes your enemy?








Superhero 9

“Superhero 9” introduces you to the mi9 Team, a group of nine superheroes who joined forces to achieve social change. Each superhero represents one of the nine multiple intelligences (hence the name of the team: mi9), a character trait and social cause. The mi9 Team members possess impressive skills and superpowers that help to spread positivity throughout the world. Like many of us, the members of this team have pasts filled with hardship and tough struggles. However, these dedicated individuals found ways to overcome their obstacles. They took their pasts and transformed into extraordinary individuals—superheroes, and began to combat the evil forces of the world and improve the quality of life for us all. We all know that superheroes have special magical powers to bring about positive change to a world in desperate need. But the mi9 Team represents something more in their strengths and abilities… something we all have, including you!

  • Author: Amy Mintz
  • Published: 2017-03-20 22:35:30
  • Words: 12478
Superhero 9 Superhero 9