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Superfoods Inc


Superfoods Inc.

Justine Crowley

Copyright 2017 by Justine Crowley

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Table of Contents

Introduction – Why a book on super foods?

Chapter 1: Acai

Chapter 2: Almonds

Chapter 3: Aloe Vera Juice

Chapter 4: Apple Cider Vinegar

Chapter 5: Apples

Chapter 6: Avocado

Chapter 7: Bananas

Chapter 8: Basil

Chapter 9: Beans

Chapter 10: Beetroot

Chapter 11: Blackberries

Chapter 12: Blueberries

Chapter 13: Bok Choy

Chapter 14: Broccoli

Chapter 15: Brown Rice

Chapter 16: Brussels Sprouts

Chapter 17: Carrots

Chapter 18: Cauliflower

Chapter 19: Chamomile Tea

Chapter 20: Chia Seeds

Chapter 21: Chlorophyll

Chapter 22: Coconut Oil

Chapter 23: Collard Greens

Chapter 24: Dandelion Tea

Chapter 25: Dark Chocolate

Chapter 26: Edamame

Chapter 27: Eggs

Chapter 28: Flaxseeds

Chapter 29: Garlic

Chapter 30: Ginger

Chapter 31: Goji Berries

Chapter 32: Kale

Chapter 33: Kimchi

Chapter 34: Kiwifruit

Chapter 35: Kombucha

Chapter 36: Leeks

Chapter 37: Lemons

Chapter 38: Lentils

Chapter 39: Mandarins

Chapter 40: Matcha

Chapter 41: Oats

Chapter 42: Olives

Chapter 43: Oysters

Chapter 44: Pistachios

Chapter 45: Pumpkin

Chapter 46: Pumpkin Seeds

Chapter 47: Quinoa

Chapter 48: Raw Cacao

Chapter 49: Seaweed

Chapter 50: Spinach

Chapter 51: Spirulina

Chapter 52: Strawberries

Chapter 53: Sunflower Seeds

Chapter 54: Turmeric

Chapter 55: Walnuts

Chapter 56: Water

Chapter 57: Watermelon

Chapter 58: Wild Salmon

Chapter 59: Yogurt

Chapter 60: Zucchini

Conclusion – eat those super foods

Introduction – why a book on super foods?

Not too long ago, my goal was to simply write one book. Seeming as though I was on track to write my 10th book, I decided to write a book on super foods. Often people think that super foods are a scam, a con of some sorts. I have to admit, I thought that the term “super foods” was a nutritional gimmick and marketing fad until I actually decided to follow up my psychology doctorate with a diploma course in nutrition; a course where I was actually learning about nutrition and the science behind eating well from a medical doctor who was initially a GP for a long time, and then went on to be a nutritional medical doctor for over 25 years now. I wanted to learn from the best, and from one of the best I could find, I learnt so much about nutrition at the Cert IV level in only three short months on a part-time basis, that there was no need to continue on with the diploma.


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Superfoods Inc

A follow on companion from the authors book called That Clean Eating Book; Superfoods Inc covers 60 nutrient rich super foods, from Kale to Matcha to Turmeric. The health and wellbeing benefits are covered for each and every super food, as well as what vitamins and minerals are present in such. A few side effects of overindulging in some of these 60 super foods is also covered, from what the author knows based on her nutrition studies. You will also discover why super foods kill off many excuses that people have for not eating well, as they give you more bang for your buck in the nutritional sense.

  • Author: Justine Crowley
  • Published: 2017-02-17 01:50:11
  • Words: 16172
Superfoods Inc Superfoods Inc