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Sungura got Bunduki

Sungura got bunduki

Copyright © 2016 by Jenni Gisselbrecht Hyena

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Hyaenidae NationTM

Jennifer “Wholesome” Gisselbrecht

Tensions rise, and blood boils to Krakatoa tempered levels when earlier today, Officer Betty Hopper of the local Charlotte Metropolitan Police Department, fired upon a group of local and known African Lives Matter protestors and other minority species civil rights activists, and according to various witnesses on the scene, was also seen hurling a cement brick through one of the ground floor windows of the Queen street residence. The details are still sketchy right now at this moment, but replacement chief, Kovo Hunter should be appearing shortly on set to shed at least a bit more lit on the subject with a local press conference to the local public soon. MacCallum, back over to you.” “There that bitch go right there!” I observed, pointing my finger at the purple eyed rabbit on the screen who had looked like she’d just had the hard end of a straw broomstick stuck so far up her asshole it’s no wonder her tricky ass tried to turncoat us and put our own asses right on full on blast. “Eh, you know what? I know that fool.” Nikki piped up, ecstatically jumping to her feet. “She used to work alongside me as a Narc in the same detective unit I used to put in work for at this very same department before her dumbass got demoted right back down to meter maid when I caught her goin’ dirty trying to make off with nearly forty grand from some rich Jaguar family who were quote unquote, ‘supposedly cool with El Chapo over in their little Bond style estate down south. Turns out, they were only just friendly weed stoners just looking for a few good niggas to crash with.” “Shit. And ya’ll see what I been sayin’ all along?” Emma cut in. “North American grey wolf, my ass. I ain’t America in no fuckin’ sense of the word. Moja Kwa Wote for life and all the way, my niggas.” “Damn right.” I answered, dapping her up. “So, what’s the plan you got for hittin’ up that mothafucka?” “Donna here and I have this little friend of ours who still happens to work within the ranks of the department; who we gone pay a little visit to tomorrow and go see.” Emma replied. “He’s a little loco, but I guess sitting behind a desk damn near all fucking day with nuttin’ to nibble on with a few Krispy Kreams and such will do that to just about any fellow animal being, am I right?”

Sungura got Bunduki

  • ISBN: 9781370206926
  • Author: Jenni Gisselbrecht Hyena
  • Published: 2016-09-28 06:05:08
  • Words: 475
Sungura got Bunduki Sungura got Bunduki