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Sunday's Cupcake


E.E. Evans
Shakespir Edition
Copyright 2017 E.E. Evans

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Sunday Morning, the smell of something sweet cooking was the only thing it could be a smell in the whole block. In a little tea shop right in a corner of the main street. A girl with magic fingers and a passion for cooking was waiting patiently for the baked good to be ready.

“Arabella, are the cupcakes done?” ask only the baker, he knew only she could touch the sweetness, nobody touched them since they knew that she was a professional with them.

“5 more minutes’ irony, the timer will be telling you” she replied from the cash register. The tea shop was mostly empty it was 3:30 in the afternoon, save from a couple of ladies and a couple of girls laughing in a corner. The big rush would be at 4 till 5:30 almost. Considering it was Sunday it was rare that that was the time a rush would invade the tea shop.

Arabella worked in a tea shop for the last 5 years, she lived above it an apartment with her dad, who was the tea shop owner. Every day after school she would go put her book bag in a locker behind the kitchen and made her way to the baker’s side to help him. It was the best thing after the so much hated school. After some time, it was routine to her. Every day she would bake the cupcakes for the afternoon rush.

They had the same menu since they opened and the customers love that they could taste the sweets of so much hard work all day. Saturdays and Sundays she tends the counter and her dad would get the days free. She loved Sundays the best that was the day she made her special red velvet cupcakes. Her mom taught her when she was little and she remember that her dad said it was the best he had. So after her mom passes away she was the one who baked the sweet delights.

“I swear those things are going to make me diabetic,” said Ronny the head baker coming out of the kitchen and sitting on a stool by the counter.

“Please, you been eating them for god knows when and still lean and healthy as a horse,” she said laughing. And looking up at the register.

“yeah, a healthy horse of 50 something years old,” said the man, that even at that age still only had a few wrinkles and some gray hairs that could be counted on one hand. The timer went off and Arabella went to get the cupcakes, she got out with them and put then on the counter in their tray and not 15 minutes had gone by when people started to enter the shop like they knew the heavenly sweets were already done. Almost every one of the cupcakes was gone and so were the people. The shop was to close at 6:00 until Monday morning at 8:00 am

The bell in the shop rang signaling a customer, she looked up and a guy about her own age enter the shop with dark glasses and looking kind of lost. She looked around and nobody took notice. He stood in the middle of the shop and not saying anything. She walk around the counter and approached him slowly.

“Hi, are you looking for someone,” she asks politely. And looked at the wall clock signal only 15 minutes to closed. He jump at the sudden voice and looked her way but not directly at her. She looked at her and seeing nobody looked at him and he was still at the same position, she realizes he was blind. she composed and ask again” hello, my name is Arabella, are you looking for someone or want something.”

He smile and said “I’m Cameron, I was just passing by and suddenly a smell so good got to me and I had to follow it. I enter here and I guess here’s where the smells come from. Are they like pastry or something? It smells amazing.” “She tried to hide the laughter, he sure had a nose. “Actually yeah, you are in my dad tea shop and what you smell are red velvet cupcakes”

He laughed and the tension they had created suddenly disappeared.

“I hate to be rude but the shop closes in 5 minutes. So you know” she said trying to get him to buy something or leave she was alone by now and Ronny was sure cleaning the kitchen to go too.

“Oh, yeah sure. Can I get some of those, please?”

“Ok. How many? I have 4 left.” she said taking a small box to put in two when he replied

“Yeah, give the 4, I think that with that smell one is not going to make the trick with me,” he said laughing and walking to the sound of her voice. She change the box and gave it to him saying the amount and he paid for them. She was going to tell him thanks when she said it to her first. She blushed and thank god he couldn’t see her. It would be so embarrassed.

She looked outside and she gasps it was full on raining. “Oh my,” she said he turn to faced her and him asked what happened.

“Is raining like really full force. I don’t think you can leave in that kind of weather.” ‘don’t worry I lived just a couple of building down from here I move last week, today was the first time exploring, you know since I am a bit blind” he said laughing, she didn’t and just reply

“I can’t let you go and get sick, give me a minute.” She went to Ronny and told him about the guy and told him she was going to let him stay in the shop until the rain stop so that he could stay a bit longer and keep an eye on her.

She closed the front door and told him to sit down until the rain pass and went to clean and organize the shop for Monday. They kept talking and while she clean he made the cupcakes disappeared. Only one was left and he was saving it for her sister that was coming Monday and she had to try them. They continued and at 7 the rain had stopped and they were saying goodbye at the front door he started to walk down the street and her to tell Ronny he could leave. She went up the stair to her apartment.

Arabella was in the tea shop working on her online degree in management to take over the shop when her dad retired, it was her dream to once run it like her mom and dad did. She was in love with the tea shop and it was her most precious possession. She didn’t have many friends and her only friend was Ronny the fifty-something old man. Yeah, she didn’t have friends.

The bell to the shop broke the sound silence in the shop. Monday morning, 10:14 she saw on the clock, soon enough the crew would be here. She didn’t hear anyone on the counter and her like the front door to see the same guy from the night before. He was at the same spot doing exactly the same. Nothing. Just staring at nothing really since he was blind. She felt amuse and slowly when to him. Before she could say something he spoke.

“Arabella, is that you?”

And she surprises that he remember her and surprise he knew it was him ask him.

“How did you know it was me? I haven’t even say a word.”

“It’s your smell, sorry that was kind of creepy but I recognize people by the smell. When a person as me, blind, the other senses get much sharper and we have to rely on them to get by. Your smell is sweet but not the kind of sweet as the others here, is like the cupcakes I ate last night only that yours is stronger here.”

I was speechless he was something alright. He got all that from a couple of hours with me. I was smiling now.

“So how you been, want anything?”

He was turning the counter but still in place

“Do you by any chance have some of those cupcakes I had yesterday, I kind of become addicted I had the last one, and I feel guilty since I had said it was for my sister, but when I got home it was torture so I ate it. Now I have nothing to her. I really need to control myself.” He was laughing out loud and do was I.

“You ate 4 cupcakes really, wow, and you want more?”

He was a sweet guy and he really felt guilty for eating them.

“Yeah, they were like the best I ever had. So do you mind?!”

“Sorry, to disappoint you but they only are made on Sundays. They are the Sunday cupcakes,”

He deflated and looked really disappointed.

“So I have to wait for Sunday to have those heavenly cupcakes, well that’s a bummer. I was really sure to eat me some sweets.”

I felt sorry for him.

“I have some other flavors you might like to want to try them, I’m sure you would love them too,” I said trying to cheer him up.

“Ok, but don’t think I will forget I will be here Sunday first thing to have my fix.”

He laughed and I clean up my books and computer and join him in the counter. For a blind guy, he sure made his way around really well. That Monday after so much talk and cupcakes from Cameron, Arabella for the first time felt like she had a friend.

They soon became great friends and every day for the next week he would get before the shop closed to get his fix on cupcakes and see Arabella. They were both studying online courses and were both now the best of friends. Arabella and Cameron became two people that need it each other and that was the best feeling anyone can have. Finding a friend that accepts you just how you are, they were not perfect but either one complement the other and after all that are friends if not to make life a much better place.

The lonely girl in the coffee shop and the blind boy with an addition to red velvet cupcakes. Two people who were alone now were the best of friends. They found that a couple of cupcakes could make the best friendship anyone could imagine. Is a bit funny how one can find in the most uncommon place a friend, one real and true friend? Life gives people surprises and when we least expect it, making it happen with a cupcake.

Sunday's Cupcake

When a bakery is famous for their red velvet cupcakes, not a single person can pass by without trying the goodies. And even they can make way for more that a great sweet.

  • ISBN: 9781370303656
  • Author: E.E. Evans
  • Published: 2017-06-13 10:27:25
  • Words: 1885
Sunday's Cupcake Sunday's Cupcake