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Sun on the Rocks - The Copacabana Trikini (Banana Colada)


Sun on the Rocks – The Copacabana Trikini


Shakespir Edition.


© Copyright 2017 by Somers Isle & Loveshade.

Published by Somers Isle & Loveshade at Shakespir.

U.S. Copyright Registration Number: Tx-8-138-916.

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Cover by Tatiana Vila.



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ABOUT ‘Sun on the Rocks’:

It’s a breezy, easy to peel humor read for adults, specializing in the trivial pursuit. These pleasant fictional amusements with a nonchalant overtone of humor, follow the adventures of several non competitive good looking women over twenty one years of age, as they leave Malibu and become a group of hostesses, ‘Sun on the Rocks’, on the cruise ship City of Wellington, a post-Panamax which makes short trips between Los Angeles and Acapulco in Mexico. The motley crew of women works as a group of entertaining amateurs and as friendly gophers on the ship, and is led to various places in the Caribbean and elsewhere by the incombustible twenty five year old Stevenson Garden Products Malibu teleoperator Clarity Nice, a woman of resourceful intuition, and acute observer of the laws of human mischief.

For readers of the Copacabana Trikini Banana Colada Amusement: Clarity reaches the airport of Rio, in Brazil, and is led to the prison of Catanduvas for becoming allegedly involved in the Scrub Leaks scandal of Sheik Hari Al Najib in the British Virgin Islands. Helped out by the scraggly Santana Martines, she follows Argyris gossip advisor Laia Osterova to the Copacabana Palace hotel in Rio to gather the Balboa file and rid the town of Rio of rampant corruption at the Senado Federal do Brasil, the upper House of Congress, in Brazil and the Caribbean isle of St Vincent.

You can read the backstories below to follow the amusement and become familiar with some of the characters. The summary below is probably enough to follow the amusement, without having to read other ones. A note for readers : This version of the Copacabana Trikini is a limited draft of the regular banana humor version, without any explicit adult content. It has some elements of the plot, as the author works with them, during the development phase. It allows others to create their own content, using a simple outline method described. All characters of the amusement portrayed are fictional characters over twenty one years of age. Abbreviations in parenthesis, for a richer experience with the amusement.

Previously in The Cocoanomics Gazette: Clarity Nice is arrested by Border Immigration at Miami Airport, for showing up in a list related to stolen bonds. To avoid going to a local jail, Clarity is hired by the shady Cayman figure Buddha Talk to help him get a beachhead in South Florida, using a manual called Cocoanomics, and prevent rival mobster di Laure, owner of the Mclannan’s burger franchise, from dominating the burger market.


Coming out of her recent rumpus with Sheik Hari Al-Najib in the British Virgin Islands, teleoperator Clarity Nice flies out of BVI to Florida, in order to stay in Miami, and to avoid taking another plane back to Macau. Awaiting for her there in Asia, are those who purchased the ring by Mauboussin that Clarity received in Singapore, a ring kept by videographer Plum Bailey in BVI, which shows a symbol in one of the baguettes, known as the ‘incomplete triangle’.

While in transit in Florida, she is arrested by Customs and Border Immigration at Miami International Airport, after showing up in a list of people to watch, involved with the theft of federal bonds, previously held by the shady Cayman Islands banking agent Buddha Talk. To avoid going to a local detention center, Clarity is hired by Lloyd, a representative of the shady banking agent, who tells her that his boss wants a beachhead in South Florida, in the fast food beef and burger market. The market for burgers in the region, is dominated by rivals Moe Alamy, and by her protege, Gavino di Laure, the owners of the Mclannan’s burger franchise, and of its mascot, Ollie the clown.

Clarity reaches the lavish home of Buddha Talk in the Florida Keys, Swankeye, to help him out with ‘business’. The banking agent, whose real name is Joe Mannen, has been having some problems with Cayman authorities. Inspectors Taylor and Marville are inquiring in his home in Florida, about the renewal license of Mannen’s main business in the Cayman Islands, Lofty Bank. Mannen’s reputation as a mobster has been dented with local Cappi of South Florida, by the disappearance of one million in stolen bonds, formerly held in his home in Cayman, now under Federal custody, after a whistle blower in a strip club called Milton’s, told di Laure about the stolen bonds held by Mannen’s pilot.

In a meeting involving the various mobsters who rule the meat packing, distribution, and retail segments in South Florida, Mannen is left without a share of the meat business, and with the swamped Everglades territory of Monroe as the only turf to establish any burger related business. The only real business di Laure allows for Mannen is a small pawnshop in Miami, called the Gladeview pawnshop. Mannen knows that di Laure wants him out of South Florida, without any business at all. To restablish credibility with Cappi, using a manual called Cocoanomics found in a liquidation notice listed in the Cayman Islands Gazette, Mannen sends off Clarity to learn of di Laure’s plans. She becomes a regular employee of Mclannan’s, attending the rigorous training program of Ollie Burger University at the Mclannan’s training center in Boynton, Florida. Dodging the henchman of Di Laure, Ambrosio, she will have to find a way to alter the Ollie burger of the franchise, to elicit a sale by Di Laure to Mannen of some of the locations of the profitable burger restaurants.




Buddha Talk: Corpulent, shady genius of money flows which begin and end with the same pocket, his own, scholar of sexual ecstasy, occasional Buddhist and worshipper for good Karma of a shrine honoring a lobster which pinched his ear before ending in the lobster cooking pot. Buddha Talk is banking agent and the heir apparent of Lofty Bank, a Cayman Islands banking institution with no particular regard for its clients and a lock on ownership held by a Great Dane, Lord Moorehead III, British by upbringing and inheritance granted by Lord Moorehead II, a man, old, very old, and dead now, at age ninety seven, previous British Lord, ex-owner of Lofty Bank, a man who gave all of its wealth, nobility title and bank ownership rights to his dog.

Lord Moorehead III acts as front ‘man’ for Buddha Talk, and is also the official recipient of all bank notices by the Cayman Islands monetary authority, a convenient fact for Buddha Talk, and one bark that doesn´t cease to surprise the monetary authority who casts a recurring shadow of doubt upon the legalities of having a dog act as front ‘man’ and be the official owner of a Bank doing business in the British Overseas Territory of the Cayman Islands, located in the Western Caribbean Sea, a pleasant area to live when the money and work issues are solved. Buddha Talk likes to drive or be driven in Jaguar 73, a gadget-filled car offered as gift to Buddha Talk by Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in exchange for having sold some gold and palladium for the Cuban regime, through Banco Inter Central del Caribe y Cuba, or BICCC.

Clarity and Flower, after gaining entry as investors to the bank with the help of Clark, the owner of a diamond shop in Grand Cayman, find themselves owing nearly one hundred thousand dollars to the Lofty Bank outfit for no reason, a debt they can pay by working for the bank for fifty years, as part of the bank´s flagship product, the Crashworthy Deposit, part bank deposit paying twenty percent, part investment, part insurance policy, and part working arrangement.

Lofty has ties with the underworld, and the monetary authority of the Cayman Islands stubbornly refuses to grant it a renewal of its license, something that doesn´t stop the bank from operating in the most illegal manner, advertising its products to potential investors with an air banner carried by a Gippland 200 crop duster flying low above sunny Caribbean beaches such as those of Cayman, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas and Acapulco. This is entirely documented in The Cayman Air Banner.

Boustrophedon: Large, ancient grey stone inscription filled with Greek letter symbols. In a boustrophedon, direction of the text is inverted, you have to read the inscriptions on the stone from left to right and from right to left alternatively with each line of bi-directional text. Penelope Avalon and Cassandra Scafarel believe that the Boustrophedon holds important information on ancient methods of pleasure, including comments and thoughts on the gate of pleasure, Voluptas de Naturas. The current location of the Boustrophedon that Clarity and her friend Lanai saw at Scafarel’s Hexas Style Resort in the Bahamas, is unknown to Clarity, known to:

Cassandra Scafarel: Significant other of Buddha Talk at some point, shrewd British expatriate, a businesswoman in her forties without a moral code or compass, executive head of beauty lotion outfit ‘Elony’, sold through illegal flight infomercials with the assistance of Lofty Bank. The infomercial is an excuse to sell to customers, mostly affluent women, Elony’s personal growth services, which include how to bring heaven a little closer to home, after doing away with money, in particular fifty thousand dollars that must be paid for a bottle of Elony, in order to receive a resort-pass to reach the Leisure and Pleasure Resort of Scafarel, the Hexas Style Resort in the Bahamas island of Eleuthera.

Hexas Style was partly dismantled in The Bahamas Lotion, by Al Donway and the Sensual Brigade of Central Intelligence, or Sensual Intelligence, a group of attractive women ensuring Law and Order are respected, along with their bodies. The Brigade’s most representative member is agent Money Fact, the woman who introduced Clarity to the nine hour oil-optional massage, proof that work is not a necessary part of life. Money Fact excels at action, mentoring and faulty logic. After a decidedly last minute and decisive intervention of Sensual Intelligence at Hexas Style, Scafarel manages to flee from the Bahamas resort on her private yacht, with the Boustrophedon, but without some secrets regarding pleasure, including the:

Imperial Pelican Fabergé Egg: Intricate egg, or jewel, depending on how hungry you are, eight inches high, made of varicolored gold, opalescent blue enamel and watercolor on ivory. It is known as the Xenia Imperial Pelican Fabergé egg, and belongs to the Private Collection of Maria Feodorovna, Empress Consort of Russia in 1898. The egg, commissioned by Maria Feodorovna to provide, handle and store, all of her private items of pleasure, went through the hands of Occidental Petroleum tycoon Armand Hammer, an art collector with close ties to the ex-Soviet Union, and has now fallen into the hands of Cassandra Scafarel, a woman who stops at nothing to understand how pleasure works, in particular how the pleasure of a woman works, including her own. The Pelican Fabergé egg, eight inches high, is hollow, and unfolds into eight miniatures, holding what’s known in Fabergé egg language, as the surprise inside, a time-tested item of pleasure for the woman, the Jade Egg, a small two inch in diameter jade egg that must be boiled before each intimate, feminine use. Owned by Cassandra Scafarel, requisitioned by the Sensual Brigade of Central Intelligence for examination.

Penelope Avalon: Sex Goddess and Go-Go girl from Las Vegas, dressed in a pink suit, user of the learjet ‘Pink Go-Go’ appropriately painted in pink. Penelope has had enough of living the plastic pleasure style of Las Vegas showgirls, and finds in the outfit of Cassandra Scafarel, the Bahamas Hexas Style Resort, a way out of Hotel California. Penelope likes attractive women unclothed, and would like to do Clarity, because she’s nice.

The Symbolic Decryptor: Thai alphabet gadget similar to a smartphone or Blackberry, which can be used as cell phone, useful for understanding all types of characters and symbols, made in VLE mode (Very Limited Edition, less than ten made worldwide) by the mysterious Oriental company known as Pentatone Scale Learning Systems.

The item, the gadget, looks like a Blackberry with keyboard, with 36 Thai character keys, doubled with the shift key, for a total of 72, instead of the 26 of the Western alphabet, and its keys are made of hard, white color plastic, similar to the color casing of the Kindle 2, cast against a grey background and a backlit screen. The decryptor can also be used as indicator of calligraphy symbols, as mantra tone guide and geo-locator, using the Global Positioning System to calculate the coordinates of any location worldwide.

Penelope Avalon received one of these decryptors from Lady Scafarel, after completing work on heaven, according to Scafarel’s personal growth system, and Clarity would like to keep the item as a souvenir, although Money Fact disagrees and is holding custody of the device for strategic and Intelligence reasons. Sure, she likes the nifty item, that’s all, and she likes to subtly let Clarity know that she’s the boss of Sensual Intelligence.

Book of Decadence: Book written on the topic by the unknown hedonist, a small print manifesto of deep thought with illustrations of ancient goddesses with lion bodies in bronze, and a mosaic of Byzantine nuns, used by Penelope Avalon and the Hexas Style Hedonist Resort in the Bahamas, on how to let go of the encumbrance of work, and dedicate your time, well spent, according to the book, to leisure, pleasure, et. al. The book clearly advises on the pitfalls of decadence and purportedly how to avoid them.

Telval Studios: Adult Film production unit of the Church of the Holy Flower, led by Cassandra Scafarel, including the film ‘Abu Dhabi Chic’, a remake of Andrew Blake’s ‘Paris Chic’ shown to Clarity and her friends during the unfolding of The Adult Channel at the Park Hyatt in Abu Dhabi. Telval produces adult films unlike any other, films like ‘Embroidered Air Avenue’, engaging beautiful women in sultry positions and scenes for hours, revealing an oriental connection to the films’ choreographies and to the symbolic decryptor. It including codes for women within the films to get inside the Church of the Holy Flower and other Mystery Schools. This includes a keyword of the Book of Decadence, the word Rosebud, a mysterious codeword for the Church of the Holy Flower that Clarity seeks to clarify.

The adult films are distributed in large hotel chains worldwide and come with a special remote control for the hotel’s adult channel, which makes the films interactive and allows eight digit bank transfers with Telval as beneficiary, to be done remotely. One of the remotes holds an important detail on heaven, as envisioned by Scafarel on earth, with indications provided by the eight miniatures of her Imperial Pelican Fabergé Egg.

The Air Fashion Jet of Owens & Owell: Double deck plane with four engines, a copy of the Airbus 380, refurbished with all kinds of luxuries, from a Jacuzzi to an Indian ritual area for the users of the plane, to a permanent television channel showing fashion shows happening throughout the world. The jet, built in Saudi Arabia, is used by board members and members of the Executive Committee of the conglomerate Owens & Owell, and by the two rebellious daughters of the main owners, who got married to each other during The OOL Broderie (Owens & Owell Love Broderie), Shalia Owell, twenty three, and Jenny Owens, twenty two.

Shalia Owell and Jenny Owens are two good looking college students studying human sexuality at University of Arizona. They hold Board seats on the Board of Directors of O&O, but the members of the company´s Executive Committee oppose their presence on the Board, after they give a power of attorney to Cassandra Scafarel, the woman who led them to their marriage and wants access to the money of O&O by replacing the two women on their board seat. Scafarel´s Church of the Holy Flower, includes its very own holy flower, the Rose of Levity, a real flower, one of the most expensive in the world, a gold of kina balu rose, a variation on a Mrs. Herbert Stevens Rose.

The Center for Somewhat Strategic Affairs of Medium to Low Importance: Located below the Bellagio resort in Las Vegas, the Center of Surveillance of U.S. interests is headed by Colonel Calton Brayfield and her assistant, ex-employee of facebook, Mandy Everglade. The Center´s ever present maintenance issues with the elevator leading to the Bellagio, which interferes with the fountains of the resort, are handled by repairman Morgan Afterflow, a man who knows how to swing his red, adjustable pipe wrench in any situation. His side job is to work for the Chinese government as a spy, providing any information that will pay him fifteen dollars an hour more than his current hourly pay at the center.

The center uses a supercomputer with a quite human consciousness, Evans, whose brain is built according to complex algorithms of symbolic logic, which can perform complex social data analytics on millions of people. Evans, which refuses to be used dishonestly, reveals the source of this devious use of his super computing ability in The Bellagio Wikileak.

Knowing that Bradfield and Afterflow want him thrown into the scrapyard after refusing to perform simple calculations for them or those who want to lease its computing services, the consciousness of Evans reaches a Symbolic Decryptor that Clarity takes away from the center´s equipment supplies, and becomes a permanent part of Clarity´s gadget, escaping the enslavery of the surveillance center, but becoming part of a stolen gadget belonging to the U.S. government with many features unknown to Clarity or Evans.

Mista Jack: Money changer from the British Virgin Islands, advisor to Cuban Colonel Swarez and the Cuban government in The Cuban Renegade. Mista Jack is a dwarf wearing a black Duffield hat, and was a former assistant of precious metals agent Cubandor, with connections at the Bellagio resort in Las Vegas. The short but resourceful man is responsible for stealing one million dollars worth of Federal Reserve bonds that were used on behalf of Cubandor to pay Buddha Talk, in exchange for Lady Fortuna, a minted gold bar of great value, sought by many, understood by few.

These bonds, that Clarity and Flower used to leave Cayman, have been giving Clarity a headache, because they were stolen, and Sensual Intelligence has been accusing Clarity and Flower, and also Cubandor, of stealing the bonds and paying Lady Fortuna with stolen U.S. government debt. No one knows how Mista Jack broke into the New York Fed´s vault to find the bonds. As a result of the stolen bonds, Clarity and Cubandor lost their U.S. passport, becoming citizens without a country, owning instead the passport of the Monteviena cigar plantation, a micronation in Cuba created by Cubandor, which includes Cuba´s reserve of precious metals, Fort Ebena.

Lady Fortuna: Two hundred fifty gram gold bar minted by LAMP, Lingots Artisanaux Métaux Précieux, a producer of gold bullion and rare precious metals items, depicting Lady Fortuna, roman goddess of prosperity, along with the horn of plenty, precious coins and wheel of fortune, on its obverse. The reverse of the bar shows the etched code B235336. LAMP´s assayers work in conformity with the Swiss Precious Metals Control Law, following directives issued by the Central Office for Precious Metals Control in Bern.

LAMP refines gold-based materials for their exclusive clients, and is one of three referees in charge of testing samples for the London Bullion Market Association and the Curaçao Platinum and Palladium market. The Lady Fortuna gold minted bar was received by Mista Jack on behalf of Cubandor, from Buddha Talk, in exchange for one million dollars in Treasury bonds delivered to Buddha Talk. The minted bar, coveted by many, is kept by Mista Jack, and is believed to be a token of initiation to the Eleusinian Mysteries, a variety of rituals performed in ancient Greece, which have been adapted to include rituals of sacred or divine sexuality by Elony beauty lotion orchestrator Lady Scafarel.

Officer Packwood: Puritan police officer working in the city of Malibu, in charge of nothing in particular, but with a job to protect until his retirement, his own. You can safely say that his only goal in life is to close down the only clothing optional company in Malibu and in general, Stevenson Garden Products, because it’s simply not written anywhere in the police manual that you can show up for work without any clothes. He likes to wear a constabulary custodian bowler style helmet, showing a shiny badge of the city of Malibu on the front while he goes around carrying out irrelevant duties. He attempted to derail and shut the clothing optional policy at Stevenson during The Malibu Case, without success, and he is diligently at work again in The Outdoor Shower, to prevent the use of a shower installed on the premises of Stevenson, offered to employees as amenity, and shut down its faucet. Sometimes it comes down to shutting off the faucet.

Flake: The gardener at Stevenson Garden Products, also in charge of maintenance and security of its office building premises. He is the only person holding the keys of the Stevenson building, and so Clarity, Taimi and Cynthia, often look to him to get access to the roof top pool of the company building at night, when they feel like a skinny-dip. Usually wears overalls and often looks out for an extra buck or two, always in cash, in ways which are resourceful and sometimes innovative, leaving little evidence of what took place. He is willing to do any anomalous duty without asking any questions, because it sort of adds variety to his day. He is not convinced that the clothing optional policy of Stevenson is quite for him and prefers to remain clothed, in full possession of all of his watering faculties. If he can ruin the day of officer Packwood, he will.

Following is a short description of the feminine adult icons of pleasure, leisure and ‘less work means a better world’, a short fiction biopic text substitute of the feminine lead characters of Sun on the Rocks, the non-competitive group of gophers who work at the City of Wellington, a Post-Panamax ocean liner normally docking in Los Angeles, California, which engages in cruises to Acapulco, the Mexican coast line, the Caribbean, and anywhere where the weather is nice, really. The group of ladies boards the City of Wellington when Clarity, Cynthia and Taimi get bored of working at the only clothing optional company in Malibu, Stevenson Garden Products. It includes seven good looking women who like to have fun in the sun, with or without clothes:

Clarity Nice: Teleoperator from Malibu, California, twenty five years of age, quarter century wise. A diligent employee of Malibu outfit Stevenson Garden Products, natural light brown hair pumpkin born and raised in a wood cabin of Topanga Canyon, a woman of resourceful intuition and acute observer of the Laws of Human Mischief.

Clarity likes to dye her hair cinnamon auburn at times using a shade selector. She means well and unclothes well in general, for instance on the beach. She likes lovemaking, sharing nudity with other women, and the practical matters and possibilities of sexual ecstasy, after having experienced it first hand at Cassandra Scafarel´s adult resort Hexas Style in the Bahamas. She likes to edge for periods of three or four months, touching and caressing herself for several hours, without reaching a complete orgasm. After one or two months of this, she cums abundantly, and her body responds with sensations which feel beyond pleasure, subtle waves more similar to bliss, which is maximum pleasure, or even ecstasy, which is bliss reaching its apex.

Because Clarity does everything casually, she ignores how holy she and the virtues she embodies are, but she knows that she is good, very good, in fact, the fact that she is honest is the reason why she usually doesn´t have much money.

Lanai Thomson: Twenty four year old Librarian from Malibu, originally from Hawaii, Clarity’s best friend, somewhat goofy and absent-minded, fun, usually cautious in all of her endeavors, including doing men. She enjoys reading old books with some type of hidden knowledge, specially those which talk about enjoyment or decadence, the first to learn new avenues for it, the second, books such as the book of Decadence, because she wants to know how to avoid the pitfalls of its apparent lure. We would all like to know exactly what she does when she has sex with Clarity or simply unclothes with her for a ‘naked pajama night’.

Flower Parkwood: Twenty three year old Bohemian Ethnographer found on the beach in Acapulco after the Acapulco cocktail affair. Flower has brown hair, is fresh, likes to wear platforms, and is genuinely interested in learning about cultures and the history of those cultures, as long as comfort, leisure and money are nearby. Buddha Talk has attempted to seduce her in The Cayman Air Banner, so far, without success, although they both share a liking for the ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’, the winged lady traditionally found at the top of Rolls Royce radiators. Flower ignores everything about sexual ecstasy, but she likes the idea.

Taimi Kendrick: Lifeguard by profession from Malibu, twenty two years of age, she´s one of the original four members of Sun on the Rocks, with Lanai, Cynthia, and Clarity. No nonsense, practical, fun and genuine, mischievous and also cheeky when the opportunity arises, she enjoys simple things, life without its complications, usually handled by Clarity, Flower or Lanai. She handles the entertainment routines prepared for the passengers of the City of Wellington, and when living in Malibu, she watches the rooftop pool of Stevenson Garden Products. She is a good friend of Flake, the gardener of Stevenson Garden Products. Like the rest of her friends, she is not a heavy drinker, but occasionally she particularly likes to taste the sun on the rocks cocktail drink prepared by bartender Mr. LT in the City of Wellington, a concoction made with 2oz of tequila, 1 teaspoon of sugar, 1/2 orange, and a half lemon.

Montana Sterley: Twenty one year old blond oil heiress, daughter of S Group conglomerate Colorado tycoon Carrelson Sterley, a man who likes to spend time with several women whose name starts with the name of his first wife Kelly Jane. Some of his current girlfriends include Kelly Caroline, Kelly Ann, and Kelley Shelley, the latter being a candidate for the name of a new Subway Combo sandwich. Montana comes from Fairplay, Colorado. She is outspoken, rebellious, mischievous, good looking, well educated, well traveled, and favorable to the idea of emulating the jet-setting lifestyle, versus following her father’s business footsteps, or simply being well-behaved. She enjoys adult films, her large allowance, and being naked in good hotels such as Abu Dhabi’s Park Hyatt, but her down-to-earth personality prevents her from attaining some of the more subtle knowledge that Clarity observes inside Scafarel’s Church of the Holy Flower, a spiritual outfit for the affluent woman.

Jenna Megway: Twenty three year old surfer and diver fond of the Acapulco diving spot, La Quebrada, found on the City of Wellington, before the search for The Acapulco Cocktail took place. Simple, genuine, and introvert, with long blond hair, she often does more than she says.

Cynthia Stevenson: Twenty two year old pom squad waves cheerleader from Pepperdine University, good friend of Clarity, gave Clarity her TAG-Heuer Aquaracer watch for her birthday. Cynthia is the well-to-do daughter of the owner of the Stevenson Garden Products company, established in Malibu, the first clothing optional corporate outfit worldwide, to our knowledge, a fact well deserved and established when Clarity and her friends took on officer Packwood during The Malibu Case, along with its clothing implications.

Cynthia has fun as long as everything goes well, but has difficulty overcoming difficulty, any slight adversity that is. Problems and dealing with them, are simply not part of her daily routine or among her interests. She likes to dress elegantly and swim naked on suMadamer evenings in any pool with her friends. She is a frequent guest of the Areolas clothing optional resort for adult couples and women in Palm Springs, where she likes the Egyptian linen sheets available in the om room and the complimentary cream color Keralan Mundu offered, a garment made with cotton by Creme de l’Ayeryarwady, worn around the waist in the Tulu Nadu region of Kerala and in the Maldive Islands.




Chapter One

Rio de Janeiro Airport, Brazil


Clarity stepped down the stairs of the regional Jet which had travelled from island to island in the Caribbean, to reach the Galeao airport of Rio de Janeiro. A hostess led her to the local airport transport bus, where the driver was awaiting, reading the Rio Times. After a short trip to the main terminal, Clarity reached a customs and passport check desk.

The customs official was replacing a colleague at the counter where Clarity was showing her passport to officially set foot in Brazil. Murilo Araújo looked at the passport of Singapore that Clarity showed him. The name on it actually did not seem to match any of the names on the list of passengers who came to Rio on flights which were being checked as a result of a parliamentary order coming from the Câmara dos Deputados, the legislative body of Brazil. The oficial looked at both sides of the elegant passport cover and kept looking at the paragraph explaining the diplomatic status of the tenant. He was wondering how the woman across from him had gotten a diplomatic passport from a far away place like Singapore, a place which apparently had no corruption. Brazil, on the other hand, was in such a mess, that everyone in the country was making fun of institutions, including the lower house of deputies, and its sister institution, the Senate.

“Miss Nice.”

“Yes sir.”

Clarity held on to the counter of the official, who did not wear a name tag or badge. Things were not going bad, thought Clarity. The formalities of passport clearance in Rio, looked more feasible, than those carried out in Miami, by local Customs Immigration authorities. It did not take long for her to make a sensible decision. She looked, sort of away from his eyes, and placed the simple, elegant charm, that was her natural defining trait, in her daily living, out there in front, of her imminent, and pressing need, to take a skinny dipping swim at night in the ocean, at the beach, or simply a naked bath, in a moderately good hotel.

“What is the purpose of your stay here?”

“I am a representative of Bahia Cocoa Beans, coming to visit a plantation, that belongs to the Cocoa Association of producers in Brazil.”

The officer asked Clarity for additional documentation regarding her passport. There wasn’t any. He checked another file in his computer, which he’d overlooked in his previous check.

“There is a problem Miss.” He placed the passport on the counter, in front of Clarity.

“There can’t be a problem, my passport is valid.”

“You are showing in the list of people related to Scrub Leaks.”

Knowing that anything involving Scrub Leaks would take a large amount of resources and time, the officer offered Clarity a can of Singa beer, the Thai beer produced in Brazil, by Brazilian producer Ambev Skol, through one of its subsidiaries, Cervecería Nacional Dominicana.

“You have been involved in the Scrub Leaks affair, you are showing up in the PTW list, the people to watch list. We got the list from our colleagues in Miami.”

“I was not part of the Scrub Leaks affair, Sheik Al-Najib was the person who is part of that scandal.”

“Your name surfaced. As a possible mistress of Sheik Al-Najib, and as accomplice of a legal case and investigation which is being carried out here in Brazil.”

“No, Sheik Al-Najib is not my lover, I was in BVI (British Virgin Islands) briefly, when he was there.”

“Come with me, please.”

The officer showed her to a local police car, emblazoned with the shield of the Special Guard of Brasilia, opening the door for her.

“Where are you sending me?” Asked Clarity.

“To a place where you can reflect on your role in Scrub Leaks, before you tell us.” The door of the police car closed and the window rolled down, leaving Clarity in the back seat of the car, watching Araújo looking at her across the car’s window. He showed a smile, and held the stare of Clarity.

“Have a pleasant stay here in Rio.”

After a drive which lasted about an hour, the car reached a maxium security prison for women, called Catanduvas. The prison received daily press from another prison in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Almoloya de Juarez, and was sent by courier plane, four or five days after the newspaper was given to the inmates of the Sao Paolo detention center. The warden of the prison, officer Dacosta, showed Clarity to the chair across from his desk. Along a pile of documents, Clarity noticed the bottle of Singa beer on the desk.

“You have been involved in the Scrub Leaks affair.”

“I am not, and I am not in BVI, I am unaware of the Scrub Leaks scandal.”

“We have a cell for you, there’s a camera inside, there’s also a camera where you’ll be able to watch us here at the office.”

The cell of Clarity had several vases filled with flowers, and a box of brazil produced cocoa beans, as a snack. The authorities were not certain that Clarity was a member of the Cocoa Association. She looked out the window and noticed the nice view from the prison window cell looking out into Ipanema. She reflected on how the events had led her to the prison cell, and went to sleep on her bunk bed. At one thirty in the morning, a man from the International Centre for Prison Studies walked by Clarity’s cell, checking on his pad the sleep cycle of the inmates. She closed her eyes, faking sleep, ignoring a whisper coming from the man, asking her to fill out a brief questionnaire on her sleep cycle.

At around two in the morning, a paper plane carefully made, from a page of the Belo Horizonte Prison Brief report crossed the bars of the cell, and reached the bed of Clarity. The ruffle of the paper against the bedsheet grabbed the attention of Clarity, who was awake, thinking about how to get out of the prison and the reason for her detention. She reached for the paper plane, and got up, to read the message on the piece of paper, written by hand. The message read: Could you please help me out, there is a confusion with a traffic incident which happened this morning. I was arrested and put in jail here for no reason. Clarity got up from her bed, looking out the bars of the cell. She tilted her head, left, and saw a face appear in the cell next to her. A voice from that cell came out.


“Hello, who are you?” Asked Clarity.

“My name is Santana Martines, I am a municipai guard, a member of the police force of Brazil. Can you help me out, to get out of jail?”

“Not sure,” said Clarity, “not sure whether I can get out of it , myself.”

They agreed to talk the next day, during breakfast, after a good night of rest. Clarity lied down on her bonk bed, and turned to her left side, wondering how a policeman got thrown into jail. She turned to the following thought, which was, how to leave jail herself.

Chapter Two

The next day, Clarity did a few stretching exercises, and had a light breakfast, which wasn’t bad, oatmeal, with local maple syrup from Casa Santa Lucia. Around ten in the morning, she saw the man who spoke to her through the prison bars, Santana, walk in front of her cell, following a guard, another guard following him, checking the page that was missing from the Belo Horizonte prison brief report, which had changed hands at the prison, according to the cook of the prison, a follower of Brazilian chef Alex Atala, and a specialist of traditional dishes, who got his food at Mercado de Pinheiros, a traditional food market on Sao Paolo’s west side.

The warden of the prison had come in to talk to Santana at nine in the morning, bringing a half-assed mojito, made with less than an ounce of white rum, and some lime juice. Santana did not include the rest of the ingredients, ‘cause it’s a pain to add all of them’, according to his nephew, Adailton Paesoto, a tenant of a small convenience store in Rio, vying for his license to cook hot dogs at the Copacabana beachfront. The license to operate a hot dog stand was not easy to obtain, because corrupt local police officers, wanted more than Adailton, whose official cooking license in his Morro area restaurant showed the name Salamiño, could afford.

“I’ve been released,” said Santana. “They are taking me to another prison, maybe, or to a lawyer. You may be the pawn the corrupt municipais want to be the scapegoat for a case which is not known in Brazil yet, it’s not public that is, although every normal citizen would like to know about it.”

“You mean a criminal case,” said Clarity.

“No, I mean a case that involves widespread corruption at the highest levels.”

A guard came to open her cell at eleven, saying that Dacosta wanted to see her. When she crossed the office door of the warden, she saw a young man, wearing a cap which said Brasil Treina, Ensino Profissionalizante, called Norberto Acival. Next to him, Santana was drinking a virgin colada, with no alcohol, a touch of catuaba, the local love potion of the country, first served as a herbal infusion by the Tupi indians, and a second touch, of goiaba, which he considered, a good recipe. Santana liked the good life, because it made sense to live well, to create a good mood for the economy in Brazil. It was a simple application of the Law of Attraction, but no one believed him, because not many people had read the Secret, the book by Rhonda Byrne.

Dacosta Simoes pointed to a man drinking water.

“Miss Nice, this gentleman sitting over here, is going to be in the cell of Mr. Santana, the man who was kept next to your cell yesterday. Mr. Santana is going to be with you.” Acival raised his glass of water towards Clarity.

“What then, would be my role?” Asked Clarity.

“There is a problem in Brazil, with a case, which comes from law firm Augiers Urbina. You are going to have to go into that, and solve it for local authorities here in Brazil, the Policia Civil.”

Dacosta made an offer to Clarity, to release her temporarily, from jail, if she accepted to collaborate with local police in Rio, and other cities, on solving a scandal that was creating problems for police officers in Brazil. Her task was to investigate the offices of Augiers Urbina in Brazil, and find out what exactly was meant by a message, discovered by another branch of Brazilian police, the Special Guard of Brasilia, which was part of a case known by few officers of the Special Guard, as Copacaleaks. The Special Guard had heard the name Norberto Acival, in an Audio book belonging to a taxi driver in Rio. The name pointed to a gas station clerk in Rio of Brazilian fuel retailer Ale, the group which owned 438 gas stations, which was part of the Asamar group.

Dacosta showed Clarity a map of Rio on a computer screen, zooming in, on the location of Copacabana, and of a particular building, known as the Copacabana Palace hotel.

“Mr. Santana and yourself, will have to be guests here, to seek a person, who wears a particular piece of clothing, a trikini, which has been imported by import-express, a low key importer of trikinis, brazilian tangas for women, and panty underwear.”

Clarity asked for a stipend, to pay for the stay at the hotel, but Dacosta refused to give any sum of money to her. Mr. Santana, had to pay a debt, a traffic ticket to the city, and Dacosta could not infringe the laws of the city, to give any sum of money, to anybody involved in a traffic ticket incident, so readily.

Chapter Three

Clarity and Santana, met for breakfast, at a small cafe, Antonia Casa e Cafe, in the area of Copacabana, on Rua Dias da Rocha. Santana explained that he was overseeing traffic in a crossing in Rio, when four cars crashed against one another, and created a traffic jam, unlike anything he’d ever seen, except for the one hundred eighty four hour long traffic jam which happened in Flamengo, the South area of Rio. A pedestrian witnessing the traffic jam, called the number of the police, to alert that four cars had been damaged. And soon after, Santana found himself surrounded by five police cars, and five officers looking to understand, the reason for the traffic jam. Unable to explain why four cars had crashed simultaneously, Santana was replaced by another officer from the Policia Rodoviaria Federal, the Federal Highway Police of Brazil, the group in charge of monitoring traffic of vehicles in Brazil and local highways, the Sistema de Rodovias.

“What do you think of that?”

“Not sure, I have not given it much thought.” Clarity sipped her tea and folded her napkin under the plate of toasts which had the brand jomu etched on it. She was figuring out how to bring money to pay for their stay at the Copacabana palace.

“We could work as gas station workers at a gas station where I bring my car usually,” said Santana.

Clarity nodded briefly and pondered a few seconds on why two police groups in Brazil such as the Policia Rodoviaria and the Special Guard were involved in the same case. Were they both part of a genuine institutional protective police force, or had the two groups forged an alliance to gain an undisclosed benefit. She paid the waitress and went along with the idea of Santana.

They took a taxi from the company Rivas Radio Taxi, a big rival of Uber, a company disliked in Brazil, and reached a gas station in Botafogo. Clarity got off the taxi cab and stepped towards the counter of a Braspetro gas station which offered food and drinks, like a supermarket. She began to talk with the gas station clerk, about the possibilities of working as an employee of the place, telling him that she wanted to be hired to serve gas to customers, with the assistance of Santana.

“Do you have any experience?”

“No, I am a representative of the Bahia Cocoa Beans company.”

“We need about eight million reales, because we’d like to sleep at the Copacabana hotel and see adult movies there, offered at the hotel, compliments of a company, my company, Bahia Cocoa Beans.”

“You’ll be paid twenty thousand Reais per hour, so you will have to work, more or less, eighty days, assuming you are working, five hours every day.”

“All right, deal, thank you sir.” Twenty thousand Reais amounted to about six thousand dollars, not an insignificant sum, sufficient to pay for the stay at the hotel.

The next day, Clarity and Santana showed up for work at ten in the morning, to begin their work. Eight days later, Clarity called the Copacabana hotel, to make a reservation for two, in one of the regular rooms the hotel offered. There was no problem, and the receptionist of the hotel asked for a credit card.

“I don’t have a credit card,” said Clarity.

“Then, you’ll have to come to the hotel, in order to book the room. You’ll also have to pay your stay in advance.”

“Ok, what is your name?” Asked Clarity.


“We´ll see you in about eight days, at the hotel.”

“All right, good bye.”

Chapter Four

The office of Augiers Urbina in Rio, was located at Hotel Nacional, a hotel built by a renowned architect who designed the National Congress of Brazil, and the Palacio da Alvorada. Clarity entered the reception area and asked the woman seated to call Mr. Octavio Lopes, an assistant to several partners at the office. Octavio led Clarity to an office which showed a television set displaying the law services of the firm, embodied by Maximiliano Augiers and Conrado Urbina. The two founders enjoyed purchasing expensive jewels from good shops such as Moussaief. According to Octavio, Moussaief had arranged the sale of ‘Rose Property’, the expensive ring purchased by wealthy socialite Elsie Chu in Singapore.

“You can sit here, Miss Nice. Are you interested in any of our services?”

“No, Mr. Dacosta told me to talk to you, about the scandal which is known to very few people here.” Octavio turned on a speakerphone and pressed a single button, that Clarity had seen in an elevator before, labeled Plaza Suites.

“Simply listen.”

Clarity heard a conversation between a woman and a man, talking about the fixing of an auction to be held in an undisclosed area of Brazil. Octavio pressed a button, to put the speakerphone on ‘mute’.

“The man talking is Senator D’Sousa.”

His name was officially spelled with a z for those calls which required complete privacy, those involving his ‘private affairs’ and those of his concubines, paramours, and courtesans. The phone was conical, resembling a Luoyiman touch sensor led table lamp with a small speaker pendant light, with the numbers placed on the greyish cone itself. The voice of the senator was modified, to hide the real identity of an official member of the literature academy in Brazil, the Real Academia Brazileira de Letras, a well known entry to the spheres of power in Brazil.

“Let’s meet at Rio Bianco, Laia.”

Clarity noticed a recording button labeled R. She indicated to Octavio the recording button of the phone, and Octavio pressed it, on the condition that he be allowed as member of the Rio Bianco nudist area, were the search and arrest on D’Sousa, conclusive. Acival had arranged the hidden recording of the phone conversation of D’Sousa. The woman paused and stated her preference for one of the lounge chairs in the pool, to meet Senator Norberto Goncalves and his wife Ophelia, named after another lamp model of Luoyiman, a woman renowned for her big clitoris. The call ended after a few minutes of conversation, and Clarity left the offices of Augiers Urbina with a pen drive of the recording. She headed back to the Copacabana hotel, and laid her head on the soft pillow, feeling the warmth of the nice white quilt, to take a nap, changing into a microkini tanga white orange that fit the line of her bum well.

Chapter Five

The Rio Bianco nudist paradise for adults, was located on Copacabana beach, at the Royal Tulip hotel. A pool area had been revamped and refurbished, to accommodate several white cushion loungers spread out, ten or twenty in total. The nudist area included a small pool, contiguous with a larger pool, which was clothing optional, for those who preferred to be clothed and sipping some herbal tea, rather than naked.

Clarity left her towel on a wood bench, taking her panties off, patterned with flowers, tiptoeing to the reception area. She opened the door of the locker room and walked out into the pool of the hotel. A woman came to welcome her, with a tag on her t-shirt which said Palmey Night Maid, the word The maid in one line, the words Night Maid, written below. Clarity took a token to get a towel from Pine Sugarcomb who was naked in front of her. She pointed to a client matching the description of Santana, according to what Dacosta had mentioned to him.

“Who is that man, lying on the lounge chair naked?”

“That’s Mr. D’Sousa, he is putting on a tan naked on that lounge chair. His wife is lying naked beside him. It’s the woman with the perfect breasts.” The barman served a glass of Grey Goose vodka to Clarity, and explained that D’Sousa met regularly a woman known as the lady with the copacabana trikini, a white and pink striped trikini, with a brand, known as ‘patch of copacabana’, showing the beach and grains of sand as etched logo on the fabric of the swimsuit. Clarity requested a glass of water and gave the vodka to Santana, who was stark naked and was ogling at the younger ladies, those over twenty five and less than thirty, three or four on that day. The other women were over forty, and were enjoying their breakfast or combing their, a few of them, swimming in the pleasant pool of the nudist area.

Rio Bianco was a nudist club for the wealthy elite of Rio de Janeiro which had several additional nudist clubs or resorts in Sao Paolo, and along the coast of Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, and St. Vincent, which harbored wealthy bankers openly sharing their money with their wives and the wives of other bankers. Only adults were admitted, both established singles or heirs of wealthy families, and also couples, coming from the political institutions of Brazil, and its senate, the Federal Congress. Senators from far away states of Brazil came to Rio Bianco to enjoy a nudist vacation once or twice a year, for two or three weeks, or just a few days, usually with their maid, or their wife.

Pine Sugarcomb, the naked waitress of the pool area, delivered blended pina coladas without any alcohol. Clarity approached Pine Sugarcomb and placed her lips on the rim of the large glass, offered to her by the cute employee of the terrace. The banana colada tasted wonderful and Clarity noticed the bar on wheels which allowed the maid to move around the pool area freely. She was a favorite of senators and the college students who came to Rio Bianco after meeting the senators or economists who came in during the day. Night events were private at Rio Bianco, and rarely shown or offered to regular members. Few men were admitted and sophisticated pleasant sexual games ensured that the women dressed in crochet dresses got out of the venue naked to their taxis.

The twenty three year old naked waitress offered a napkin to Clarity, who turned her back to her, to enjoy the view of the pool. She picked up her towel laid out on the floor, showing her lush vulva to the maid, who watched it. Clarity’s vulva had several folds, and her nice fleshy bum, parked her clitoris, shown to those looking at her from behind. Clarity placed the towel on a lounge chair and stepped slowly in the pool, keeping her head above water, showing her full body to those looking at her. The blondish maid picked up a towel from one of the club members and brushed her breasts along the back of Clarity, placing her hands on her waistline and bum casually. She placed the towel on the shoulder of Clarity and held her waistline with one hand. She brought her hand down the assline of Clarity, pressing her palm firmly on her bum, bringing the towel further down, brushing the breasts of Clarity. She held her hand slowly on the shoulder of Clarity, and bent forward, brushing her bum against Clarity’s own bum. The thigh of Pine Sugarcomb moved fully, touching the leg of Clarity, while her bum slid over and past the jiggling bum of Clarity.

Clarity turned around and gave the towel to the maid of the Rio Bianco nudist club.

“Do you know anyone named Laia Astarova?” Asked Clarity.

“Laia Astarova is a guest here. Senator D’Sousa pays this year for her stay at the Copacabana palace. She enjoys basking naked in the sun here, and comes to meet girls, usually between twenty two and twenty eight, to introduce them to her own uninhibited sex life with other good looking women, and take them home with her to her room at the hotel. She lives three or four months at the hotel, and she brought the information that D’Sousa was seeking, information on new and large infrastructure projects in Brazil. She was hired by Argyris to get info on Regina Holdings, which is what Dacosta is looking for, and she is the maid of the head of wealth magazine Argyris, Alfio Andreadis.”

“Where did she get paid?” Asked Clarity.

“At the Varela gas station, on Rua Fagundes Varela, 865, in Copacabana, the place famous for its nightlit logo, showing the name of the company in soft bright nightlit yellow.”

Chapter Six

Clarity stepped off the taxi with Santana, in the rear area of the Varela gas station. Following instructions from Dacosta, she entered the refueling area bathrooms, while Santana guarded the door leading to it. She entered the ladies bathroom and took off her panties, to caress her pea. After a few minutes, she left the bathroom and looked out the front door of the bathroom leading to the gas station, noticing the gas station clerk, an attractive lady, showing Acival to a vending machine placed away from the fuel pumps. She slid along the wall of the washrooms towards the gas station entrance, and walked inside the shopping and payment area of the station, lifting a panel to enter the area holding the point of sale fuel distribution software Z-chel, made by Folcom.

The software screen showed several red and blue icons displaying 98 grade fuel and 95 grade fuel. Below those, there was an area labeled Fuel Cycle, which showed a plastic square button, soft to the touch, labeled Enerbras, the name of a prominent oil company in Brazil. She pressed the green soft touch button, and an information page appeared, displaying several paragraphs of text and various sums and charts, which had been prepared for Senator De Sousa, whose name appeared on the right hand corner at the near top of the screen. The woman in charge of managing the gas station got back behind the counter, acknowledging Clarity with a nod.

“The money for De Sousa, is here, it’s coming from Enerbras.”

“What is Acival doing?”

“He is retrieving a can which has a white plastic bar code reader, that holds bank account information, where he is receiving his kickback. There is a tracker in that chip, which allows me to know where the money of De Sousa is going to go. The rumor is that he is leaving Brazil on a learjet.”

The gas station attendant touched the screen with her finger, and the realtime video of the vending machine made by Tenga Nizca appeared onscreen covering eighty eight percent of the surface. Acival tapped on the combination A88, and a can of Aquarius Toraiba rolled down to the plastic pick up area of the vending machine. The incident involving Santana was orchestrated to put in place a real incident on highway BR-40, going from Brasilia to Rio.

“When is that taking place?” Asked Clarity.

“That’s why we freed Acival, so that he tells us when and where exactly, it’s going to take place.”

“Who is paying De Sousa, I mean, at Enerbras?”

“Someone from the Board of Directors, which is also under investigation, and one of the reasons why Dacosta has brought you onboard.”

Clarity kneeled below and the pants of Sylvia, the attendant, fell off in front of her. She glanced up, and saw the lush vulva of the gas station clerk wet between its folds. A pendant was falling from her asshole. With her hand she tapped the bum of Clarity, lifting the teleoperator face to her vulva lips. Clarity began to feel pleasant sensations which she associated with her own experience in the Bahamas, a feeling of bliss which became acute. A label which said ‘take off your pants and panties’, showed in front of Clarity, and she did as she was told.

Acival entered the shopping and payment area of the gas station, and took out a wallet to pay for his vending machine purchase. The lady showed the point of sale terminal to Acival, who introduced a credit card in the slot made for it. A panel lifted behind Clarity with a buzzing noise, and the bum of Clarity and the naked silhouette of the gas station clerk showed onscreen. Acival looked at the screen for nearly a minute, and pressed an additional number that would lead him to a hotel in Brazil offering live escort services. Clarity turned her head, and was startled by the sight of her own bum and vulva showing so prominently in the gas station. She kept looking at the pendant that was brushing against her neck, sensing that a negotiation was taking place. After two brief minutes, Acival left the gas station and the clerk changed positions, her clitoris fully displayed to Clarity. Clarity was dripping, and her anus was pulsating, for the first time noticing, that sexual arousal could be softly roused in the anal area, to rid the body of the sensation called fear, or cumming pretty well. Bliss was pleasant. She slid her panties till they touched her soft vulva, and got up casually.

“Not a bad sensation, you have quite a nice pendant, your bum cheeks are well shaped, I like that.” The attendant showed her a card with her name, with the papers of a hotel which her family owned. It was one of the places offered to Rio Bianco customers as a private evening gathering, naked. The etiquette of the evening was labeled as ‘erections allowed’, for men, and ‘erections of the clitoris with clitoral gear allowed as well’. The women attending were women with light brown hair, and women with blondish hair, and also women with dark brown hair, the woman referred by dumb, incompetent men, as a brunette. The gatherings involved social games for customers, which aimed at getting rid of social cliches, such as the prevalent and dumb adage, saying that blondes were dumb.

“What is your name?”

“Modesty, Modesty Vergeles.”

Chapter Seven

Clarity followed Acival to the Hilton in Rio, and noticed that he inserted his barcode in one of the USB ports. Working behind him as a clerk for the hotel, thanks to an internship at the Hilton provided on the go by Dacosta, she was able to be an accounting clerk for a day, also gathering some information about how the reservation system of the Hilton hotel worked. The room assigned to her which had a computer screen and laptop, was facing the hotel’s internet access area, open to customers. The tinted window of the hotel, which had a view of the internet area open to customers, came from a Ford F-150 pick up truck sold by ‘mynicecleantintedwindow’. It allowed Clarity to remain unseen by Acival.

The gas station clerk, accessed a bank platform online, known and Numero26, which advertised itself as the bank that allowed people to ‘run all of their life from their garage’. It worked through cell phones operating as a mobile bank, and also used sophisticated questionnaire and poll techniques, to choose their employees and customers based on their ability to use a financial platform emulating Bloomberg, a great platform used by many analists and high ranking executives at many companies around the world. The account of Acival showed a cash balance of two point two million dollars. Using the platform’s features, he transferred one million dollars from that account to another account, which Clarity could not access, which belonged to Senator De Sousa.

Acival filled his e-wallet, at Numero26, with one point two million dollars, two hundred thousand dollars for him, and one million dollars for the insider of Augiers Urbina, to a social trading platform. Clarity followed Acival to the Copacabana hotel, where he headed for the coffee shop. Hotel personnel sat Acival in a chair opposite the bar counter. Showing a Hilton card that Dacosta had provided, a manager of the hotel led Clarity behind the bar counter, where she could see the table where Acival was seating. Dacosta had accessed the file on her on Casa Mollino, and had provided the card to her, intrigued by the film, to get access to the film, available at exclusive distributors in Rio. The manager turned on a television set, which showed the table of Acival. Hiding from view inside the coffee shop, she sat on a bench, observing Acival. After a few minutes, an attractive blond woman in her thirties, came in through the front entrance, holding a purse purchased at the Copacabana palace, looking for Acival, and sat down at the table of the ‘doleiro’, a term used in Brazil referring to those who entered into illegal money transactions.

“Transfer the money to my entropay account, one point four million dollars,” said Osterova. Acival looked closely at his smartphone screen, and used his thumb to make the transfer, as Osterova had requested.

“Who is your counterpart here at the hotel?” Asked Acival.

“Our contact works at the hotel jewelry, access is not open to new members. Did you like the girl at the gas station?” Acival nodded, referring to Clarity, as the woman kneeling behind Modesty at the counter.

“She has not decided whether to join or not.” The reference to her own name, came as a surprise to Clarity, who could not understand, how all of this was taking place in such a high profile hotel such as the Belmond Copacabana palace. She took the Hilton card out of her pocket, reassured by the solid hospitality name behind it. Thank God, there were still hotels that were honest. Clarity took two bath towels from a shelf behind the bar counter, and led both guests to a suite, so expensive that it was restricted to the holders of the Copacabana Palace viv credit card, the very impressive person enjoyable leisure card, offered to the maids showing their breasts naked to those watching them.

“Come in, this is Nieves Vergeles, the naughty sister of Arnela Vergeles, the one who is after us.” Osterova threw a glance at Clarity. “Please get the bath ready for us, miss. Get naked, we’ll be right in in about five or ten minutes.” Clarity blushed and began to feel wet, leaving the door of the washroom slightly open, to peek at the living room area while she took care of the task explained to her in comfortable terms.

Acival looked at the living room, seeing a slim woman in her twenties naked, lying on all fours, adorned with eighty two chainlets and thin crochet garments, leading to her oppulent breasts, sliding along and through her vulva, and also entering her asshole half an inch, leaving her folds visible. Laia softly tapped the bum of the woman several times, and Clarity watched the woman cumming several times. The clitoral jewelry that the girl in her twenties displayed was superb, with a gold leafed sheath covering her clitoris, something which aroused it as the item brushed it.

“She likes to be chained for several days. it turns me on to watch her, and I like to place the chainlets around her breasts and clitoris. She pulsates quite well,” said Laia. Osterova leaned on the bum of the girl, tapping her thighs and butt several times. At night, she got up once or twice from her bed, to check how cozy and bothered this girl was in the middle of the night, when a woman, a second maid hired from a wealthy businessman came to check her arousal.

“Where does she want to go?” Asked Acival.

“It’s her initiation as a new member of the Church of the Holy Flower,” said Osterova. After eighty days like this, she will get the access card to Hotel Nacional, where the maids begin their training.”

Chapter Eight

Clarity talked to the bartender of the coffee shop at the Copacabana Palace, who was familiar with the inns and outs of Laia. The Estonian woman who’d begun her career as chief gem examiner at Moussaief, threw lavish parties at the hotel, reserving several lounge areas, which offered sophisticated games for adults which included one known as ‘The front partner’, which pitched the self-conscious wealthy ladies against the more assertive ones. The game pleased the ladies in particular, who loved the naked evening and late night at eleven pm in the evening bedroom, climaxing with arousal in bed, of three or more women, the younger women in their twenties cumming as well, watching them on the bed itself. The masseuse at the spa that Ostareva used on Fridays said that Laia worked and was being paid by Argyris to expose Scrub Leaks, after being the one who leaked the scandal to the gossip publication. She was an independent agent who specialized in corporate gossip, and she was on a roster basis with other journalists and agents on the unofficial advisory staff of Argyris, doing work for the publication.

“These games of long lasting sexual arousal go on for hours. People are very satisfied by the end of the evening.” The bartender answered a call requesting approval of a Bombay Sapphire shipment of Gin to the hotel, a concoction liked by the Sheiks attending the hotel, after the carnival in february. He directed Clarity to the posh massage area of the hotel, the Kahala on the Shade massage and naked mornings spa, where she came across a former escort who headed the place as masseuse, the hotel employee who was getting paid a nice hefty two hundred dollars an hour on Wednesdays.

According to the masseuse, Laia was seeking access to a social trading platform called Lexey, to meet a former director of legal affairs at Augiers in Panama named Fourniey, who was in charge of attracting wealthy customers for the automated trading system of Lexey.

“Here is the name of the person you have to contact,” said the masseuse, “go tomorrow to a place called Lexey, the taxi driver will give you the address here in Rio. I’ll order the taxi for you.” The masseuse handed a business card to Clarity.

Laia sought a file at Lexey called the Balboa file, holding confidential information on the workings of the scandal, and also a contact list for her, to join a branch of the Church of the Holy Flower named Voga High Fashion Escorts, VHFE as the elegant group of women was known for the wealthy Brazilian socialites, or simply Voga. The place had its own Club on the Beach upscale coffee shop area, serving good food and a great view of naked women moving in front of a large white watered fountain flowing in the background, along with a stand of Bombay Sapphire, a large nine feet by five feet bottle of the well known liquor, shown as White Watered Bombay, siphoned with local mineral water, not stirred by the smooth breeze of Copacabana wavelets. Crowning below its Bombay Shade sunshade, a large cap two feet by two feet, acting as sunshade, two naked waitresses served mineral water for those customers who preferred it with their avocado offered by Garoto, an exporter of fruit to several countries outside Brazil. The cool sunshades protecting guests from the warm rays of the sun during the sun-filled days of Copacabana, also provided comfortable shelter for women kissing together on late evenings, during nice summer nights.

Chapter Nine

The offices of Lexey Bank were luxurious offices in a building similar to the Rio Branco building, on Avenida Rio Branco, leading to a modest office, indicated by the bartender the night before to Clarity.

The person in charge of the website of the bank, Fourniey, was working in an official professional activity, as platform community manager of Lexey. He’d honed his skills understanding the mechanics of a social online trading platform, his additional skill being that of a person who was knowledgeable about transfering money in all of its forms, worldwide, at the touch of a button, usually his cell phone. His smartphone was kept solely to have long conversations through whatsapp with the women who were dear to him, most of them members of an exclusive club, which allowed them to fondle in sultry rooms which were available in middle class or well-to-do residential areas, or in luxury hotels of Rio.

It was rumored that De Sousa was sending his money to the Caribbean, to Antigua or Barbuda, areas where he spent several weeks each year. According to the bartender, Fourniey was the arranger and supervisor of payments transferred to de Sousa, a senator of undisputed reputation in Brazil, lest for the Special Guard of Brazilia, and for the owner of a particular gas station in Rio, which served the cars of the women in charge of a group of samba school members, who belonged to the Royal Harem of Viraloia.

Laia had moved on from her job as gem examiner to become a hostess serving the head of Lexey in a private plane, a luxurious learjet operating with a lease, making trips from Brazil to the Caribbean, where she’d met a person from Argyris, Nora Oakleyn. The plane rarely flew to other places, when it did, it boarded customers flown in from the Marina Bay Sands casino in Macau owned by Sheldon Adelson, and pampered during the return flight from Brazil, to actual branches of the privilege club, such as the branch in Singapore or the one in Brazil. Lexey had ambitions to include its social trading platform in the pages of Argyris, in a new publication valuing platforms, online communities, and social games for adults, denominated Argyris Social Vanity, which was being launched the very next day. The new division was being considered as a new flagship company by its owner, Alfio Andreadis, as one with the potential to get rid of its competitor Goia Gold InfoTrading oil commodities publication, a publication also aimed at a niche market, funded by big oil conglomerates in Brazil.

Clarity sat down in the office of Fourniey, which was equiped with a large computer screen showing commodities price changes.

“Where is De Sousa getting paid?” Asked Clarity.

“He arranged a deal with a gas and oil distribution company in Brazil, Itapau.” Clarity showed the name of the person that the masseuse had provided. Fourniey looked at it and nodded.

“Yes, this is the person you’ll talk to at Itapau.”

Clarity had dinner at the Copacabana, watching television in the lounge of the hotel. She noticed a community news program describing a garden belonging to a well known company in Brazil, Itapau. The company was cleaning its reputation as an oil and gas distributor, by sponsoring television programs which promoted clean surroundings, such as gardens. A new advertising campaign included its own garden.

Chapter Ten

The Itapau building in a new business area of downtown Rio, had green rounded square windows designed in a seventies futuristic way, with large brick stairs laid out for walking along the side of the building. The company distributed gas in Brazil and was venturing into the gas and electricity auctions business, mediating between the suppliers of hydroelectricity and final customers in Brazil. The board of directors room had a large glass abstract sculpture, and two of its members were known to be corrupt, including one with ties to a not very well known soft drink company, the Coney Cola company, the legal counsel of the not so well known soft drink company in Brazil. Clarity struck a short conversation with the receptionist of the building, bypassing a security officer walking in front of the turnstiles. Clarity took out a piece of paper Acival had provided to meet the contact at Itapau, a marketing and distribution manager at the company.

“I have done some research on your company, I am a horticultural specialist. Can you point me to the garden area, the one that was shown on national television?”

“The garden area is private,” said the receptionist, “it is used for parties, outdoor conferences, and business meetings of our staff.”

After insisting several minutes, Clarity walked past the counter, led by the receptionist to the garden patio of the building.

The employees of Itapau included eighty percent women, hired by a woman, in a particular equal opportunity parity program, that was popular with the men hired by Itapau to boost its goodwill with customers, all of them incompetent executives, all of them fired after trouncing the bottom line to record losses at their respective previous companies, before they became employees on the payroll of Itapau. All employees were satisfied with the policy. Itapau hired these men, not because it had a flawed human resource policy, but because it had another purpose in mind.

The men working at the company were former executives and some of them were members of the Ashway Mawlison affairs and dating service, a popular service offered to sophisticated executives, both men and women. The motto of the company was have a great day by having an affair with a chief excutive, or a former chief executive, and boost your income at home and at work. The marketing manager of Itapau came out to the garden area. Clarity took out the piece of paper and the marketing manager of Itapau nodded, acknowledging the piece of paper was good.

“The person who gave me the message said you’ll have access to the events taking place at Hotel Nacional,” said Clariy.

They left the garden and walked to the marketing department on the second floor.

“I’ll check back with you in a few hours,” said the manager.

Clarity accessed the oil and gas station management software of the company. Under the label titled oil and gas purchases, Clarity found access to the balboa file, confirming that the scandal sought by Dacosta was a kickback of five million dollars to senator de sousa. The amount was kicked back out of a contract offer of one hundred million dollars, ninety five of which showed as electricity energy goods on the books of itapau, as an asset. The rest of the amount, five million dollars, showed as corporate expenses and luxury events on the income statement of the company. The official purchase price of the contract or value of it, showing on the books of Itapau, was ninety five million dollars.

This bookkeeping method made the numbers showing on the books of itapau illegal, but they were made legal by a lesser known tax accounting company which had various clerks and employees from many countries. One of the icons in the management screen of the software, showed some confidential information on Regina Holdings, the real estate company owned by Sheik Hari Al Najib, known to Clarity, part of the SRA-199 company of the Sheik, the company known as Sheik Royal Assets 199. Rumor was that de Sousa was ‘washing’ his kickback, by investing in one share of Regina Holdings to gain access to particular investment services and people.

This allowed the senator to be with his usually naked escorts at various VIP events in Rio and Abu Dhabi, and to perform his duties as hotel concierge at the Copacabana hotel, where he recruited some of his concubines labeled by their mothers and their friends, as ‘feminist creme de la creme ladies’ among them good looking college students on holiday, coming with their parents from wealthy areas of Europe and the U.S. None of his colleagues knew that he worked at the Copacabana, and he was careful in not sharing that information with anyone, but his escorts, who appreciated his transparency with them, knew of his hobby with full benefits. Clarity heard some steps approaching behind her.

“You can stay here overnight,” said the manager.

Chapter Eleven

Clarity waited in a backroom behind the library of the marketing manager of Itapau, Guilherme Da Cunha. The room was equipped with a camera, and became dimly lit after nine in the evening, looking like a curator room. Clarity watched Laia Osterova come in at eleven pm that night. The Copacabana palace resident came into the office of Da Cunha to pick up the Balboa file, with the information regarding the location of the electricity infrastructure which supplied twenty percent of all electricity in Brazil. Clarity followed Osterova out of the office into the street. Itapau was acting as data gathering agent and bank for the participants of the electricity market in Brazil.

She stopped by at a local cafe where she met a woman, Maria Gonzaia, a local representative of the Association for General Transparency in Brazil. Osterova stopped by a trendy cafe, Armazém do Cafe, and ordered a cocktail.

“How much are you asking for this information?” Asked Gonzaia.

“I want this information sent out to newspapers in Brazil, and a few other publications which I will point out to you, after the scandal is revealed here in Brazil.” Maria Gonzaia agreed.

“Where is the meeting of the auction taking place?” Asked Gonzaia.

“In one of the offices of the companies, in Belo Monte. Send in ten million dollars, transferred to an account of my choice, to a bank I will provide to you.”

“We don’t have that kind of money, Miss Osterova.”

“There are some prominent members of large companies in Brazil funding your association, do some fundraising, and get the funds.”

Gonzaia shook her head, but did not shun the comment. The foundation for the preservation of traffic jam free Rio donated three or four million dollars every year to the Association for general transparency. The fundraising account of the association had a large surplus of thirty million dollars received over the previous ten years. She made a call to the accountant of the association using her smartphone, while Osterova sipped her mojito with a straw.

“It can be arranged. There is a surplus from our activities which is available, but we would like to arrange a five year plan to fund your payment.”

“No, offer your surplus as guarantee to a bank here, and get the whole amount for me.” Gonzaia lifted a glass of Schweppes tonic water.

“We don’t work with that many banks, the banks who work with us, are not very big. It is not our specialty.”

“Otherwise there is no deal,” said Laia. Gonzaia made a call to the bank which managed most of the payments and daily transactions of the association, which counted a few hundred members in Brazil.

“All right, simply let me know your entropay instructions, I’ll send the money out tomorrow.” Osterova nodded and sent a brief Whatsapp message to Gonzaia with her banking instructions from a bank in Canouan, a small island in the caribbean archipelago of St. Vincent.

“Good, that’s going to work out well,” said Gonzaia. Osterova lifted her glass of tonic water and sipped some fresh drink.

They struck a toast to close the deal.

Chapter Twelve

The following week, the transaction was in place, and the full amount of money was transferred to the account Osterova provided in BVI. Clarity used some of the money earned at the gas station to pay for the ticket for the electricity auction meeting, in North West Brazil. Due to a lack of flight availability to Belo Monte, where the meeting for the auction was taking place, Clarity purchased a plane ticket to Itaituba airport, several hundred kilometers North West of Brasilia.

Clarity walked to a parking lot at the airport in Itaituba, near Parque Nacional da Amazonia, after flying in from Rio, thanks to Da Cunha. The clerk of the parking lot booth introduced Clarity to a group of people who had arranged a trip to Belo Monte, forty miles from the airport of Altamira, to check the hydroelectric plant there which was part of the group of plants included in the auctions pricing call arranged by De Sousa. The clerk pointed to a limousine parked outside the entrance of the parking lot.

Clarity walked out of the parking and stepped inside the limousine rented by Acival from Rio a few days earlier, that was taking five people to Belo Monte that day. Da Cunha had arranged a place for her on the trip, as a potential maid of one of the executives of Enerbras taking part in the auction, along with several members of Itapau, who were taking part in the conference call of the multimillion dollar auction which had ramifications worldwide.

They took highway BT-163 to Belo Monte, a few miles away from the location of the meeting. The highway infrastructure was improving in Brazil thanks to sustainable development carried out by the various governments which had taken the country from a developing country to a country relying on solid infrastructure. A car from the Federal Highway police, the Policia Rodoviaria Federal stopped the limousine and a jocund police officer hopped inside, asking immediately for a drink without alcohol.

“What exactly is the purpose of your trips sirs?” Officer Fagundes Dos Santos Magalhaes took a seat in the limo, as executives drunk their morning cocktail comfortably.

“We are going to Belo Monte, for a business meeting.”

“Why the limo, such an ostentatious car around here.”

“Norberto Acival arranged our trip. Here is a number you can call.”

Dos Santos Magalhaes looked at the piece of paper and took out a specially equipped smartphone half the size of the usual smartphone. The number he called was deviated to a call answering service, and the reassuring voice of a man requested to Dos Santos Magalhaes that he leave any messages there. Dos Santos Magalhaes called the number using his smartphone and listened to a message. The message said that that there was no office space available, and that additional space could be found in Sao Paolo, Manaus, Brasilia, Salvador de Bahia, or Curitiba, if you owned a share of Regina Holdings.

Chapter Thirteen

“There is an additional fee to pay if you want to continue on your trip,” said officer Dos Santos Magalhaes.

Clarity looked outside the limousine window, noticing two officers from Rodoviaria were steering traffic away from the toll booth where the limo had stopped. One of the executives took out a stack of cash, U.S. dollars in small denominations, a total of two thousand dollars in twenty dollar bills, a few of them were fifty dollar bills. The one at the top of the stack was a one hundred dollar bill. Dos Santos Magalhaes placed the stack of money in his pocket and let out one of the executives, who gave several hundred dollars, to the officers steering traffic at the booth. Dos Santos Magalhaes left a message on a new gadget, a Geemarc photo phone with answering machine, saying that the stack of bills had been given to those guarding the toll booth.

“There is a problem with communication here in Brazil,” said Dos Santos Magalhaes, “you’ll have to pay a fee. Ten million dollars for the Policia Rodoviaria, so that there are better roads in Brazil, and less corruption in Belo Horizonte, because the rest of the country is doing fine, and the Olympics went very well. A lot of tourists came and good money came to our country.” Dos Santos Magalhaes stayed in the car, to know more about the conference room where so much money was being exchanged for lucrative contracts.

Clarity entered the room of Cenerbras, Companhia Energetica de Brasil, a subsidiary of Enerbras, with Dos Santos Magalhaes ahead of her, noticing several computer screens which were monitoring electricity prices in South America, in particular in Brazil. A trader from Enerbras, Bradesco, Banrisul, Banestes, and another trader from Itapau were challenging a trader trained by the Policia Rodoviaria who had attended an electricity commodities seminar at a good bank in Brazil, Banco de Brasilia. The police officer had not revealed his identity, and was officially a member of a small microbank in Brazil, taking care of local interests, those of the local middle class, emerging and in very good standing, in increasingly wealthy areas of Brazil.

Laia observed the auction from a distance, sitting in a chair belonging to a former trader. Clarity walked past her, without being seen, looking at the large Bloomberg screen showing the auction prices that were driving the electricity market that day. The five traders took their seat to value the net worth of the auction for their respective divisions of electricity power, which was agreed to be distributed in Manaus, Brasilia, and Curitiba.

The trader from Policia Rodoviaria alerted Dos Santos Magalhaes and some of his own colleagues about the fraud taking place at the conference room. A few minutes later, a group of officers from the Special Guard of Brasilia dressed as dam repair maintenance employees entered the room.

There was a scramble by traders to send their pricing information to their respective companies, before the officers of Dacosta began to arrest them for illegal auction pricing, without fully revealing to those living in Rio and large cities in Brazil, that electricity in the country was widely available, cheap to produce, good for all of the middle class and the working class in Brazil, made expensive by companies like Enerbras, made cheaply but sold at expensive prices, by companies like Itapau, Bradesco, or Banrisul.

Hiding behind one of the trading workstations provided by Cenerbras, the trader of Banrisul obtained the best price of the auction to distribute electricity to Sao Paolo and neighboring residential areas, the lowest of all valuation bids by the various traders. He sent the result to four or five distributors of electricity in Brazil, operating in the markets of Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro municipalities. Officially, the auction had been postponed for a week, a few days, because of a different auction from the Brazil wind association Abeolica. Small energy companies were being brought up to Brazil by Bahia Cocoa Beans to clean Brazil of its corruption in the power, energy, windmill, and electricity markets.

Chapter Fourteen

Laia headed out of the trading room unseen, with a ticket in hand, and a glossy piece of paper held below, which said Wall Zero Zero night club, a place in the Caribbean known for lavish parties, its wild cavern setting, an outlandish terrace with pink marble, eighteen fountains, all of it exclusively owned by good looking women, former secretaries of low ranking executives, who enjoyed their own sunbathing, a place to lay naked taking the sun, after a nicely carried out job in Rio or Europe, at the pool of the Belmond Copacabana Palace, and of the new Belmond Gibraltar Palace, top land being surveyed by a few executives linked to Regina Holdings, who worked for Knoves Peters, and the lesser known Broam Koevan.

Clarity walked behind the back of Laia Osterova, who was watching two videos, of consumer and stock price variations, on her sleek computer, one sourced from a local magazine in Rio, Flamingo Magazine, the other belonging to a samba school, Vorabacay, with connections to the Skyline of Kuala Lumpur harem in Rio, harboring their own modest investments.

Flamingo was a magazine that harbored good looking women on its weather page, and it had solid ties to the Church of the Holy Flower. The editor was a young woman in her twenties, blondish, very feminine, one known for great appraisals of interior design sleek furniture, a woman known to offer flowers and rub a small handkerchief two point fold, made by Brioni BlackPier, with a soft fabric that nubbed slightly on the clitoris of ladies that she banged away on weekdays, to ensure the clitoris stayed erect for hours.

On Tuesdays, she delegated work to five or six good looking secretaries in her office, half naked, or scantily clad in microkinis, or inviting them to wear topless bathing suits, or clothed with simply a white embroidered panty barely covering their vulva, wetting the panty between the lips.

The Bella da Semana on the cover of Flamingo pointed Laia to a large television screen area which gave her access to the trade book of those carrying out the auction on behalf of Banrisul Banemest, the winner of the electricity power auction, a bank known for low key acquisitions, emulating its partner Calhos Gomes, a man known to be a loyal customer of the Flamingo Terrace, a luxurious hotel terrace at the top of a five star hotel, populated with very good looking escorts, and naked pole dancers from several strip clubs. The greatly proportioned ladies were sent out by the respective owners of those dance and cocktail clubs, serving the top executives, who appreciated their loving presence and kindness at the end of their day.

For them, for those executives, work did end then, when the Cielo dal Montielas, actually walked by, letting them know, that leisure, was there, for them, and that there was, another, a very laid back, way to work. Laia went back to the Copacabana Palace. Clarity entered the room to let her know of her final consideration regarding the hotel.

“I’ve decided to join the Church of the Holy Flower,” said Laia.

“I’m joining Vorabacay, looking for Lady Mulham really, not sure if you know of her,” said Clarity.

“I don’t,” said Laia.

Chapter Fifteen

The following day, Clarity received a modest check of ten thousand dollars, for her contribution to making Brazil a great place, free of a corruption scandal which had taken the nudist club membership card of de Sousa from his wallet, replacing it with a stay in the local jail of Dacosta. Dacosta offered to Clarity a pass to attend a local garden and pool fair, and the teleoperator accepted the offer. The woman with light brown hair, Clarity, followed Santana to the entrance hall of the professional fair offering all sorts of cocoa, soya, and wheat beans. The woman disrobed out of her shirt and pants, revealing her white Copacabana trikini, posing as model for the Seloia pool company, makers of elegant sundecks and wood terrace pools. Additionally, the lounge chairs they made were purchased outside Brazil, prized for their quality and craftsmanship. Clarity walked behind the stand of Seloia, coming across a salesperson from a maker of garden fences for residential areas and also for Caribbean resorts.

“What are you doing here?”

“I’d like to apply for a job as model, do you know the qualifications needed and who I should speak to sir?” Asked Clarity.

“No, but come and see me after the fair, and I’ll show you how you can work at my company, we make garden fences for Seloia.”

Clarity glanced at the name tag of the salesperson, which said Conarmay Fences, pool and garden division.

“There is a company making pools over there, you can see if they can stage a party for your employees to show the fences you make.”

Clarity posed for twenty minutes or so, and grabbed a towel to go behind the stand of Seloia. A few minutes later, a man coming from the airport of Rio walked to the stand of Seloia, asking for her. The advertising manager of Seloia pointed him to Laia Osterova, who was reading Elle seated on a comfortable chair a few feet away from Clarity, while the woman taking her trikini was placing the garment on a cover of Vogue. Clarity hid behind a partition wall dividing the changing room of the stand from the attendance area for customers and professional buyers of residential pools, contractors working for themselves, or for a real estate development company.

Osterova was talking with the person in charge of the next stand, a short man who looked like a movie producer, in this case Cocoa Beans documentaries, portraying good looking women managing a coffee franchise equipped with foreign exchange information on a large television screen made by, commending the great contribution of authentic Brazilian traders and treasury specialists, treasurers of both small and large companies, to the stability of the country. The information was similar to that found on Reuters or Bloomberg, and gave currency exchange rates to those attending the laid-back lounge area. Clarity followed them to an actual coffee shop, where the two sat down comfortably.

“The information on Regina Holdings is valuable to us, the head of the lower hemisphere has found it of interest.” The producer took off his cap, which said ‘camera one offset, there may be a camera looking at you if you look closely at the o of offset’. All of the text fit in the front part of the cap because the font on the cap was a small 10 point size bold.

“Glad that is the case. I’d like some compensation, and a few additional benefits. I’ll place my money at Banco Cambiario de Uruguay like you offered, in exchange for becoming a member of your club, the one that does not use money, but only cards to access the nicest places in South America and the Caribbean.”

The producer nodded, taking his cap off. He took off a speck of dust from his hand, looking at his own cap, ensuring all of that conversation was being recorded by the small offset camera, and was also being filmed.

“Very good, I’ll tell my supervisor, which is me. Give me a few days and I’ll let you know that you are all set to go to Montevideo.” Laia took off her shirt in front of the producer, and showed her large, firm, round breasts to him, without anyone looking at them. Then, she took off her pants and panties, and shoes, getting fully naked. The producer peeked below the table, and got closer to the hostess pussy, observing the large labia of Osterova shown to him. Laia placed her shirt back on, and the producer dove out of the table, knowing that no one had witnessed the body codeword for them to meet again in a learjet at the airport the following day.

“All right, we’re all set for tomorrow then,” said the producer.

“Good, I’ll see you at the learjet. Going to do some shopping now.” Laia got up from the table and left the coffee shop, leaving the producer sipping his coffee, while checking out a new exchange rate, the rate against the U.S. dollar and the Brazil Real, of the coffee bean plantation, of a new currency, called the Senatorial, by those trading it, the skilled workers of the plantation, and the managers of the coffee shop franchise, who each owned a share of their franchise. Laia got out of the coffee shop, and looked inside the purse at the card provided by the producer which said ‘privilege club, exclusive area for adults’. Card transferable to noone, except the owner of a shop that sells Tanqueray, Export Strength Dry Gin. Talk to Chubby Caddy for details. Laia hopped on a taxi, driven by Santana, who’d gotten the venue of Laia, from Clarity. Laia sat on the backseat of the taxi

“Hi Santana, let’s go fuck in your room.”

“Gladly Miss, my room is not that far.” The taxi drove off through the smokey street of Rio two blocks away, to the run down but well equipped apartment of Santana, well equipped with anal gear for Osterova and the other women, who came to Santana’s apartment, every week or so. Laia placed the card in her purse. The small print on the back of the card acknowledged the exclusive club. The privilege club was part of that group of people, small companies, and institutions, along with lewd bankers, who lived in large apartments of New York City.

Chapter Sixteen

Clarity spent the night in a hotel room offered by Dacosta, the four hotel Portobay hotel, on Avda Atlântica, 1500, in Copacabana. After a nice evening spent with Dacosta in bed, the two guests got up for breakfast on a terrace outside the restaurant area of the hotel. Dacosta approached the chair of Clarity, who was eating a good breakfast offered by the hotel, also offering her a plane ticket, to board a plane chartered by Helisul Taxi Aereo, owned by a shady importer of cheap items, which had flights on Thursdays, flying to Macau.

“There was a call for you, here at the police station, yesterday, right before my men offered a job to their wifes and girlfriends, at the luxury Grand Hyatt hotel, to manage the grand book shelf at the main restaurant dinner area, or attending an evening held at the Rio Bianco nudist area for beginning connoisseurs of maids. We received an invitation for you after the call, in an envelope which said Compliments of Helisul Taxi. A well known family of Macau owning shares of Regina holdings wants you there. You will be escorted by these two ladies which you see over there, to the plane.”

“Why are they looking for me?” Asked Clarity.

“They are looking for the Mauboussin ring which you brought to Macau. There is a problem with an inheritance or the purchase of a large gambling conglomerate, and they want to see you, to clarify what happened with that ring, which is fashionable for them, and means good wealth for their business ventures.”

Clarity walked past Dacosta and the cells of the traders, knowing she’d done good work for Bahia Cocoa Beans, to rid Brazil of corruption, and observed both of the great looking women, in her twenties, which stood a foot away from her. They were slightly taller, and their breasts, were fully round, their nipples softly shaping the cozy cotton sweater they wore. One took Clarity by the hand, and Clarity melted under the soft grasp of Bonnie, a calm, stable, feminine, loving, woman with long blondish hair.

Chapter Sixteen

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The Malibu Case.

Or whether corporate nudity should be part of the dress code.


The Acapulco Cocktail.

Or how a cocktail drink can turn a holiday into a traction with the Law.


The Cayman Air Banner.

Or going where your money goes to keep an eye on how it disappears.


The Bahamas Lotion.

Or discerning when the notion of a lotion is not beauty but dependence.


The Adult Channel.

Or how renting pleasure is different from owning it.


The OOL Broderie.

Or whether a wedding can be arranged as a matter of levity.


The Bellagio Wikileak.

Or relying on information before the information relies on you.


The Cuban Renegade.

Or using the service of a renegade to backup your gold,

when fiat money is backed by the cap of Castro.

The Sugar Baby.

Or whether sugar can turn to salt when someone overlooks the honey.


The Marble Toucan.

Or how those who want you to leave your place are those who should leave in the first place.


The Outdoor Shower.

Or how a shower can bring good weather to the bottom line.


The Emotion Scale.

Or looking at how you feel to let others choose how you think.


Meridian 57.

Or how the merchant of longevity

can sell a claim to live longer by monetizing wisdom.


The Vanity Ring.

Or discerning when vanity is worn in order to meddle with the lives of others.


The Shabby Sheik.

Or whether a golden cage can bring both gold and freedom when properly used.


The Copacabana Trikini.

Or how a lady gets parity of wealth

by promoting wealth to those who scammed her of it.




(R and R+ stand for rated, or liked)



ch.14 – Frisky, light-hearted, and delightful! Consistently! This should be a GRAPHIC novel (when you finally get around to publishing!) R+

ch.3 – This is so clever. Everything is “normal” except the central dilemma of (gasp) optional nudity. With nonchalant humor you are making an individual rights argument out of this. I can hear you pitching this to a TV exec: “Who could object to that?”

I think you could actually pull this off (no pun) in reality if the characters were discretely / artfully filmed! It could be great fun. These are unique characters who are “over the horizon” in leading the California trend. R

ch.13 – Fun read. That package and who got it will bring me back. R

ch.12 – I want to see the video version of this story! What a romp.

ch.12 – Quite a revealing case. Quick and playful, this story scampers right up to the edge of decency and then sticks its tongue out.

ch.12 – This plot has the sexiest curves.

ch.1 – This is deceptively breezy and fun. I. did. not. expect. THIS! Good show! R

ch.15 – Hurray! The girls won and we are all the beneficiaries of their determination. I hope that we will have further adventures about the floating spa and that the long arm of the law can’t reach them in inter national waters. R

ch.15 – Sorry I’ve been away and missed the last few installments. I’m glad to see the girls came out of this in stellar fashion. It was a fun read, and I’m looking forward to the south of the border installments. R

ch.15 – Sweet, sweet, sweet. And I think you may have set-up the next Episode in the series! Hmmm. I just noticed that others feel the same. Good! R+

ch.14 – Phew! The package picker-upper turns out to be on our side….at least for now. I guess it all comes down to the vote. Go naturism! R

ch.13 – If we Amuricans have a right to bear arms, the girls have a right to bare whatever! I vote yes. Fun read. That package and who got it will bring me back. R

ch.13 – Lots of limbs to go out on here. I’m always intrigued by the persistence of the press.

ch.12 – You just seem to strip the story to its bare essentials and cut to the chase ;).

ch.12 – Very amusing. Am I the only girl here? Is that weird?

ch.11 – It looks like the governor will have to get involved! A night under the stars, clothing optional I hope? R

ch.11 – I just wish I could have conceived this saga. So breezy and tongue-in-cheek! R+

ch.10 – You really make this sound reasonable and imminent! R+

ch.10 – If it were only that easy… hey, maybe it would be if someone only tried it! When writing, it’s recommended to stick to the bare essentials. You can’t get any bare than this subject. Still reading. R

ch.9 – Yes, these are burning questions! When is the rally? Excuse me, but I’m sticking to my leather chair here at work… R

ch.8 – “Proposition 531 has a secret.” A secret proposition, why am I not surprised? You still have me guessing for answers. Keep up the suspense. R

ch.8 – Yeah, yah, YES. Vivid, breezy, and irresistible. Can’t wait. R+

ch.7 – What a cool caper. Such tension and intrigue, and I keep reminding myself of how tongue-in-cheek the mission really is. Great satire. R

ch.7 – “I found something interesting, come here.” Now you have my curiosity aroused. This is a great series. Keep going. R

ch.7 – I enjoy the story..thank you for writing and sharing..See you here..Best regards.

ch.7 – refreshing and fun, like a more realistic Charlie’s Angels. Keep it coming. R

ch.6 – I can’t believe I’ve been missing these! I was sure I had “favorited” you! You must also link to the Fiction Weekend site when you can. Still a great script. R

ch.6 – Me, again. I just want to suggest that when you post a new installment that you go back and put in a “next” link to your previous installment. There isn’t another sexy, funny, charming story like this being done! R

ch.6 – This is funny, hip and sexy with tongue firmly in cheek. I love all the little touches like the upscale thong for example. R

ch.6 – The plot thickens! Everyone seems to be having a great time here, with the exception of our officer friend. R

ch.5 – You GO, girls! Let me gather a few things and I’ll go with you… R+

ch.5 – Do I see a road movie starting to appear? R

ch.4 – Gasp! Oh, no! My damsels are in distress! This is sooooo script-ready. ACTION! +

ch.4 – Sorry I’m late. Swimming naked, high above the city… sounds intriguing. R

ch.3 – Ok, now I’ve read all three chapters, and am up to date with the bare essentials… so to say. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes. R

ch.3 – l love it! Totally confirms what we easterners think: everyone in California has a screw loose. I think clothing optional day is a logical extension of casual friday. I am now backtracking to catch up on the earlier installments. R




ch.1 – Hurray! A new adventure. Reading each installment is like a mini-vacation….with beautiful aquanauts thrown in for good measure. R

ch.2 – Cocktails, sun….I’m hooked. R

ch.4 – Even a fish would not get caught if it kept its mouth shut! lol

ch.4 – Looks as if the girls should start learning some Spanish.

I hope they are not going loco down in Acapulco! R

ch.4 – Do they have cable in Mexican jail?

ch.4 – I knew it, I knew it. The girls cannot stay out of trouble. Could a Mexican prison be next? This is a lot of fun. R

ch.4 – Hey I want that job! It sounds like something I could do from home, while relaxing in my Lazy-Boy recliner. You have me thirsty for the next chapter. Sorry I’m late, but I was having a cold one out by the pool. R

ch.6 – another great read………supertaster?……gotta hear more…..R

ch.5 – well done again…R

ch.6 – Effortless intrigue! You put me right there. Nancy Drew for the 21st century? R+

ch.7 – This is such a breezy web, I can’t believe the weight of mystery you are able to hold! R

ch.5 – I swallowed this like a shooter. It is a strong story, and I’ll say it like always: could easily be a script! R

ch.4 – Yeah! You are raising the voltage nicely with this one. I didn’t see the “safe” coming! R+




ch.4 – Well – I love this so far and will keep reading!

ch.8 – This does hold your interest.

ch.12 – At last the fight. The bit with the elusive canapés and limping along limo was priceless. R

ch.11 – You do create a surreal environment: a little James Bond with a dash of Clouseau. R

ch.1 – Hurray, a new adventure! I’ve been away awhile. I have a lot of catching up to do. R

ch.1 – 20%! That must have been pre 2007, or else someone is going to lose their savings on a deal that sounds too good to be true. Let the action begin. R

ch.7- The interplay between Clarity and Flower is priceless. R

ch.6 – I’d hang on to my money if I was in Clarity’s bikini. R

ch.5 – Just like a banker to steal your earrings while you are sleeping. R

ch.4 – So many directions it can go. R

ch.1 – hahah..ok, waiting to see where this goes!

ch.12 – At last the fight. The bit with the elusive canapés and limping along limo was priceless. R

ch.13 – 1,500 golfers gone. Should be easier to get a tee time. Sounds like the girls are closing in for the kill. R

ch.15 – I learned a new word-scandium! “Let´s change into the tigress outfits, maybe it´ll be our turn tonight, you´re getting me in the mood.” Perfect! I can picture it!

ch.3 – A surreal, but fascinating turn of events. Gallinaceous, indeed. R

ch.16 – somehow I missed seeing your interesting series in the activity feed here—will read through all of your chapters this weekend and hope you have another series in the pipeline here!

ch.10 – Is Bernie Made-off part of this operation? The girls are going to have a hard time doping this out. R

ch.2 – Ladies, hang onto your money and bikini tops. R

ch.11 – “Buddha Talk walks his talk, and talks only when needed.” This is such a neat line!

ch.1 – Place tongue firmly in cheek and prepare for takeoff! R




ch.1 – Wow, here we go again. Great start of a new adventure. R

ch.6 – This whole story is hilarious.

ch.13 – “She stole this egg, she stole it from the temple of Wat Phodaram, Wat Pho, the temple of the reclining, glistening, mother of pearl Buddha, in Thailand, where the statues watch and protect ecstasy, and the subtle channels open your wisdom to the quiet mind and show you how the body works. “ This is a hoot!

ch.4 – “The truck, an Isuzu FTR 800 class 2 pumper imported from the Fire and Rescue Agency of New South Wales in Wagga Wagga, Australia, was beaming a blue siren, approaching the limo at high speed. Stretching above Lanai, Taimi and Cynthia were struggling atop the truck with Jenna, who was surfing the air, holding balance by grabbing the ladder.” What fabulous detail-I can create a perfect image in my mind.

Rosebud-I’m pretty sure I know what THAT reference is.

ch.12 – “Avalon was wearing an extra small ivory color Isabella thong by Myla, made of dusk silk satin, Elastene, and cotton gusset lining.” You have a way with detail! I had to look up the thong. Boy, they are expensive!

ch.12 – “That´s how I fooled the Sex Brigade at Neria B.” Immediately a Bowie song popped into my head: “Ground control to Sex Brigade, your circuits dead, there’s something wrong.” I think those lyrics are better than the original.

ch.12 – what a supremely odd universe I have landed in. I dunno what to make of this place yet, but it sure seems amorphously enticing, offering magical new technology and a supremely erotic atmosphere wherein breasts are softly offered to the table! and this: “It depends on what you view as sex,” indeed.

ch.12 – “It´s simple, we disagree over the definition of pleasure,” said Avalon, “over the meaning of it in fact. But we want to take over that resort.” Ah, yes! You go girls!

BTW, you have subtly painted quite a scene involving naked women. Very subtle, but very descriptive as well.

ch.11 – OMG-I am so far behind! Forgive me. I will catch up! “Elony´s not approved by the FDA, Lanai.”“ I love this. What kind of fun stuff IS approved by the FDA?

ch.9 – “The girl named Lanai has been sent to study the book of Decadence in more detail with other scribes.” Can I borrow that book? This is a great story.

ch.8 – “I love the service here,” said Lanai. That’s an understatement!

ch.2 – I’m pretty sure I know what the lotion is! Can’t wait to find out.

ch.5 – “Have you been thinking of tupperware sex lately?” I’m quite sure I’ve never heard that expression before!

ch.6 – “Some type of hedonist resort, there shouldn´t be that many in the Bahamas” This whole story is hilarious, but this statement is the most hilarious of them all. I HAVE been to the Bahamas, you know, mostly out islands where anything goes!

ch.7 – “Men are only in charge of security here, their presence is accessory.” I like to accessorize!

ch.16 – “She cherished that exhibitionist tendency which was part of her, part of her strength as an adult.” Ah yes!




Having spent some time in that part of the world, I’m curious to see how you envision an “adult channel” in Abu Dahbi. Should be a hoot.

ch.1 – Wow. I am saving a link to this post. Very helpful. One hot franchise!

ch.1 – A Church of pleasure, devotion to pleasure above all other notions or creeds, you could call it a devotional temple of pleasure. I’m converting!

ch.3 – “small battery operated dental fixtures that could also be used as sex toys” – Your imagination is superb!

ch.4 – “I Don´t trust the water, I drink only Nordic Mist tonic water.”


“It´s made by Coca Cola, the perfect soft drink.”

Do you get something for product placement? Funny!

ch.6 – lol “Just sexual, I mean sex, wasn´t sure about love, because I thought if you mix sex and love, you might get pregnant.”




ch.13 – Looks very amusing, and makes me want to take along to the beach for a long lingering read.




ch.4 – I loved “the Egyptian method to move stones.” There is a delightful whiff of Kafka about all this.

ch.4 – You have my attention!

ch.6 – I found this to be highly erotic.

ch.8 – “This is how we´ll use the bitcoin in this decryptor if anything goes wrong.” Ha! I have to see how this plays out.

ch.10 – “you mean using Cuban cigars as currency for Cuba.” That would give new meaning to the phrase “my savings went up in smoke”.

ch.14 – Great, as usual.




ch.9 – I love all the names!!! esp Clarity.

ch.11 – Wow!

ch.14 – Woo!

ch.15 – You have such a unique writing style that turns me on and intrigues me at the same time.




ch.1 – Bravo.

ch.2 – I was thinking of putting in an outdoor shower just the other day. Hadn’t thought of having any walls.

somers isle – I’m so bad at DIY that not sure how I’d do the shower or the walls, I’d probably have to go with the bucket of water.

somers isle, to the first reader – apparently, there is both options, not sure what is more popular, here is a couple of designs for you, http://bit.ly/29etROS

another reader – I had an outdoor shower in my previous place, which was out in the country and private. It was a garden arch with grapes growing all over it. Lovely… Also came in handy when we had our little festival…

somers isle – garden arch with grapes does sound lovely, I resonate with anything unprocessed, home out in the country sounds nice, no city noises, privacy is important.

same reader – I made another, closer to our camping area, with walls of salvaged metal gazebo pieces and blue tarp hung behind. (Living in the country for privacy, plus country dump!)

first reader , after some reflection – We live in the woods, but with neighbors nearby. I could probably get by without walls in the summer. In the winter when the leaves are gone I would be inside anyway. I haven’t really considered this enough to draw up a plan.





great the way you have this constructed, with the linx etc….






crafting each amusement for the community,

one ridiculous situation at a time.


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Sun on the Rocks - The Copacabana Trikini (Banana Colada)

Clarity reaches the airport of Rio, in Brazil, and is led to the prison of Catanduvas for becoming allegedly involved in the Scrub Leaks scandal of Sheik Hari Al Najib in the British Virgin Islands. Helped out by the scraggly Santana Martines, she follows Argyris gossip advisor Laia Osterova to the Copacabana Palace hotel in Rio to gather the Balboa file and rid the town of Rio of rampant corruption at the Senado Federal do Brasil, the upper House of Congress, in Brazil and the Caribbean isle of St Vincent.

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Sun on the Rocks - The Copacabana Trikini (Banana Colada) Sun on the Rocks - The Copacabana Trikini (Banana Colada)