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Summer Serenade The Golden Path Spring Laid


Summer Serenade The Golden Path Spring Laid


© 2016 Barbara M Schwarz


Purple Eyes Publishing (PEP)

The Value of Knowing


Published by PEP at Shakespir

ISBN: 978-1-910774-57-1


Please respect the author’s copyright and the artist’s creations.


On the front cover: “My harnessed dream on a golden screen” 2016.


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For those who breathe the air for free, welcome magnanimity.


Summer Serenade The Path Spring Laid


inky inky slow, summer time now breathe to flow…


Summer serenade the path that Springtime laid

and in amongst the rubble,

the runes were no trouble

unheeded and

unbeaded, a chain now conceded

of embracing the sun

p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. the start of work

p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. the start of fun

with everyone


p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. such camaraderie in the everyday

of inventory and

shooted from the roots

Springtime hangs her lutes

upon on every bough

(it’s nearly summer now)


a factory that become

a tall order sum

and when we’re done, we’ll laugh

(with everyone? – only if you join the fun!)


sow and reap – no time to weep

sow and reap – no time to sleep

sow and reap, and there, just keep

the glorious moment true

(when the sun beat down on you

and embraced you too)


each twinkle shiny quarters

are growing memory quarters

of what we now just do

to resurrect to life anew


And good within my soul

And good I keep my message whole

‘we worship in the dirt

when we give life (with water) a squirt -

we worship in our midst,

for this sweet gardener bliss

to ever ever move and

coax each journey smooth


lovely flowers of our age

lovely life writ on one page

are we ever sage

when we to life assuage


p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. the glowing of sun -

the calling of work to be done

the incessant trill of birds

an endless stream of words

and herds upon herds of ideas


resurrect what we say

resurrect what we do

for this the season bids you to:

remain in the sun and

worship life’s own sweet run


once again and yet no more

p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. a mackerel sky now implore:

bring the last out through your door

of what you wished to explore


and summer serenade in icy path

where spring had laid

a bounty and a feast

for summer brought the yeast

of one strong final piece


a sense of resurrection

a sense of slow perfection

that everything would come through

as I had wished and hoped it to

and resurrect to life anew

(that abundance reigns in you)


An icy stretch now cold

in amongst the bold

unravel what I once had told

no more I wished unfold

but what the runes told:


a scattered sense of life

p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. a scattered meaning rife with age

chanced upon architectural sage

to know with every meaning

the significance of what we’re gleaning


p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. we cast among the dirt

the former battles’ hurt

but with a little squirt of water

life becomes a flowing quarter

where rivers come alive

and valleys start to thrive


a thousand feathered suns

to banish all null-sums

and see me in whispered campaign

breathe to earth yet once again

to triumph over all terrains


p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. wish me luck

p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. help me pluck


for I am growing pains

I am life’s renewed campaigns

a tingle in my veins

I feel the heat and sense the rains


I am summer sweetest reign

come to heal with joy again


Summer serenade the sweetest path

that Spring had laid


and a tinkle blue bell

breathed at last the final spell


and I coated you in white -

I want the sun to be so bright

bounced in reflected light

the heat could sheer alight

a sumptuous finished sight

of energy delight

in its final flight


p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. what more should I peruse

and look for former clues?

But the runes just lay there

waiting for an ‘if and where’


a different singular air

discover what is really there


I relished all the tweeting birds

the herds of words now flew

as vast and vibrant summer clue

and I was part of the crew


so much to do to make

it through an autumn’s harvest

hid in you


and summer now your golden

trances with the past now necromances

in the glances of the dirt,

the runes twinkle and assert

a final afterglow


the curiousness I always know

when things are not as they appear so

nothing settled dust to dust

p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. all of life seek to lust

and in the great sun

we become as one


summer serenade the path

that springtime played.


and I danced with you

in the cold cold blue

as Spring had wished me to

and the roll of the sea

whispered ‘it is Serendipity’


countermanding all that once held

to commanding and in my choice of words

the jumbled herds declare

‘Summer, you are almost there!’


and breath so vast within my lungs

and all around the cold that hums

and numbs all former understanding

for now the growing time is landing,

uphanding former sloth


‘Welcome to this season’s growth”

and a former oath to show a journey’s

plane reared in me again


architectural design welcome to the start of prime

and as the old you realign

Welcome to your summertime.


And in a moment’s clue, I knew the scraps

I’d left for you were just a little inkling of what

summer now is thinking


you tinkled with my bell – the fairy knew

the gentle spell of Springtime’s holy well

how opened to accord

Summer now its just reward


and so I took a moment to

savour all the cold cold blue

the birds that tweeted to

how the sun was coming through


‘we all know how in Spring

the Summer grow’ and in a music flow

I knew a sense my dream would show

of golden age to know and love a life

that is just so as the sun should glow


Summer serenade the sweetest accolade

the choices that you made

all help now just to aid

the abundance that you prayed

in winter’s depth of peace

and now in fresh air release

here your strongest piece:


“It is Summer’s feast!”


I took a moment to proclaim

a sift to runes once again

but my heart was not the same

when to growth my soul beat plain


oh words of wisdom spoken true

oh words that come to haunt right you

oh words that sheer excite you

oh words that never fright’ you

oh words you never can declare

whispered in the freshest air


I turned once more to you

inky inky blue – a thousand troubled

few memories that spew

but I knew, I had no hold of you

and rivers raced right through

what you had once held on to


the fertile plain

life wax not wane

in amongst the time

Summer rose to dine


and all the runes scattered

fair laughed at once in fresh fresh air

‘why would we ever despair

when we hear growth everywhere?’


and summer drew her breath

and whispered silently

‘see my harvest dream,

a golden flowing stream’


the final length of prose for now

the garden grows, interior shows

meld to flows (released to long ago’s)


I am summer come to see

what has left menagerie

and in the fleeing moment

a life of joy atonement:

what could be further fun

than lapping up the very sun


the flow of energy

the strength of heart and memory

the sense of recompense

the journey’s fence

the final cause

to jump to life in great applause


the elemental born -

love’s embrace is warm!


Bask as towers:

psyche, venus, cupid powers


the hours of our flowers -

love showers

suspended animation

p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. life’s great creation


my love’s embrace

p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. your sacred face

(it is the sun that I now trace)


Architecturally: waves of reality

The Artist and Poet Revelatory:


Design Painting Poetry

The source and mystery

of life’s ancient history


A source of no-confusion

a source of life profusion

a source of withering free

a grander sort of destiny -

the air that blew so free

on all that once spoke memory

and in the grander telling, the truth

that I am spelling

p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. the safest harbour dwelling


Architecturally -

waves flood fast

and waves flood free -

the love you gave to me

is as a humming bee -

echoing endlessly


a coffee bean -

barista scene

and when I make

a perfect brew

the aroma flood

right through


vert de gris

and a bird flew free

released eternally


vert de gris

now the silver shore for me


for do you see what I see?

the runes whisper endlessly

of all their energy

of their own sweet memory

when baked in the sun

the full journey they had run


and summer now become

the confidant of everyone


vert de gris -

behold Psyche

a simple kiss to hear

a heart beat now so clear

swept seasons in the air

a chortle laugh to share


and from the grey I see

the green that rise magnificently

upon a sunbeam gleam

in a kinder silver stream


a spring wheel sensation

behold the hub of all creation

is in a simple kiss

to mirror image bliss


And in the glitz and glamour

I struck a mighty hammer

And in amongst the clamour

I heard the wistful stammer

“In amongst the city drone

You are vibrant flesh and bone

And from your space you own

Soul home and heart’s desire”

Now all wings catch fire

You are rising dawn

Welcome to a brand new morn”


Elemental blue

The colour now renew

(The racing horse in you)


The best of three – ever after happily


The shining city

(industry enriches)


The sunlight helps me see (what’s) right in front of me

“Work is worship”

And in the V & A – the tiled roof display: the work we enjoy,

good to our soul alloy


For …


At the start of whitest flow – the full journey

I shall know (reflected in the sun’s glow)


Holding hands – the truth that love understands


The start of things to come

The faintest motion thumb

Released to former scales

All delicate details


Golden screen – the summer dream

has risen like a Queen


I am waking -

Creating – heaven and earth now shaking !


I stopped short of the greatness that I sought :

a life not sold or bought, but joyful as it ought

opened up to me heaven’s entirety and in the

silver grey, a blue streak (I) splay


The charcoal grey – Grisaille

Reveil en fait

The manner of my making

I am waking -

I am waking


I am waking and creating

all of life making shaking – flaking away

what was cause of yesterday


A sweep of sea (the sky in me)


A sweep of sea

across the sky in front of me

Sculptured reality

Life’s actuality


Design Painting Poetry

p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. The Quintessential that I see

comes back to welcome me


Summer’s liberty to grow so fresh

and grow so free – all things in their entirety


Sudden and striking realisation -

a thought and word creation – the apex sensation

p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. eclipse the mystery – a final history


and runes in the sand are not mine to countermand

they were made from other hand far below

my time and land


A lilting tongue – a journey won


A lilting tongue – a journey won

When all around the earth had spun

I asked once more of everyone

A season done


A season done in joy

The energy that I employ

A season done through pain

To feel good earth regain


A simple sense to see

Here life can welcome me

A knocking on my door

“What are you waiting for?!”


A sense to be alive

The monument to thrive

That we erect to lives

Breathed free in fresh air dives


A lilting tongue – the journey won

When all around the earth had spun

The laughter, joy of everyone

Oh may we become

One with the sun

A season done

(Let’s have some fun)

While we are young

We know to hum

When we are old

Let us be bold

And sing with all our hearts can hold


The joy and ache and life’s despair

And streams of freshest sunshine air


A lilting tongue can be a balm of softest sea

A lilting tongue can know the grace to enter live flow

A lilting tongue can see how we embrace life gently


Padua, der Lenz ist da -

das Licht erscheint nun wunderbar – Padua, es

ist wahr – Alles doch hautnah und klar – das Leben

ist wie es geschah – immer wieder da – hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!


‘Forget-me-not when I am gone for I shall sing a joyful song’

and the garden moved along

but soul tree was gone


in every living sign, it is movement that define

what is divine


designer artist – shake your wrist – a final poetry twist


what is my story?

what is my flow?


where are my rivers to

what ocean now flow

what I had

whispered so

long ago?


immortality -

a sheen of life’s reality

(glistening actuality – beyond

all banality)



and to sculpture

I connect

what my art could perfect!


Eccelesiates 5: 18

There is nothing better for a man than that he should eat and drink and that he should make his soul enjoy good in his labour.”


The meeting of the rivers -

the confluence of givers

(and shivers down my spine

declare it is time to leap to

water cold and enjoy the

streams of gold)


Basavanna 820 excerpt

“Listen o Lord of the meeting rivers… things standing shall fall, but the moving shall ever stay.”


Miro – my outside studio is good to go

the colour of rain – hope reborn again


Fire tree – beltane mystery

A requiem to a friend (for here soul tree end)

the universal sign – to always design – summertime


Goodbye my soul tree -

the life in front of me

had lived completely


p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. you speak such energy but we

both see a final solitary salutary

(thank you for helping me to see

just in front of me – the blossom

from your tree moved my heart



And a touch of Hockney (the Northerner in me)


In my garden I can see a paradise (stretched out)

in front of me


moonlight serenade

the whispered luck that

brought to aid all

the fears now allayed


a treasured journey


to what once

whispered prayed

the stars to come

to aid.


dreams that rose

victorious in the

garden glorious


the garden show -

how the jasmine blow.


oh such reminisces

of long ago!


La Serenissima

Psyche & Cupid -

the embrace

(I know my redeemer liveth)


I arose from the sea

and my love came

with me (psyche)


Cathedrals from waste

see each has their place

a grace of space

to open face


Basilica – the wonder

of where you are

Cathedrals from waste

openly embrace

and in the runes trace what

once had form and lust

and grace – a simple face

to see the glorious sun

shine down on me


Basilika – Der Lenz ist da

(wie alles doch geschah

Fruejahr ist doch wunderbar)

2 sided reality :

glazed actuality,

cathedral plurality


A balance between man and divinity

Can you define infinity?


Basilika – Der Lenz ist da

für wahr, für wahr, für wahr!


Basilica – the wonder of where you

(reminisces of Padua)


Basilica – to worship life

where you are (near and far)

An image of Padua


translucent fish

p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. a final dish

(goodbye to all of this… )



in every angle a lovely corner of heaven”

in the manner of Blake, our lives with beauty

now equate


why else deliberate when

to rhyme, I divine

the light and phase of time,

I remembered days I worked

amongst the haze, for


it is summer, I now praise


Goodbye soul tree

and how swift

the goldfinch knew

how much I loved you

and all the ways helped

me release a soul in peace

whilst golden colours flew

around the garden green

and blue, the sky above

a whispered fortitude of love


farewell my friend we met to end

such sorrow and despair

in summer’s atmosphere


farewell my companion desire

and time and strength and

seasons’ ire could not transpire

what I had done for you

when you called beyond the blue

to worship bright the sun in you


A lilting tongue – the journey done

a poet like the living sun

revolve around everyone


the ancient creed of ways

and all our ‘nows’ -

our ‘todays’

perfect moments’

displays the sun’s bright arrays


The final glaze and buried

just beneath, when time like

a thief recover former lust and grief

and let just twinkle there

runes in freshest sunshine air


there share a memory

of sunshine’s energy

in eternal summer’s glory

p<{color:#000;background:transparent;}. the final most profound story


… oh what was good for me?


The humming of a bee that moved so swiftly

to ‘where next I want to be’


where next I want to be – I see such thought and

energy that alight anew – the roundness of the

garden knew: the seasons that come through

hail a breeze that delight you -


the stormy source of nature’s course

the fresh wind blew so free:

“I awaken summer’s memory”


a music that refrain in a heart so plain

and free – it lifts to musicality – and I

wondered now, my friend, shall the music

ever end when flying fresh and free, the

garden broke in symphony


an orchestral wing with which to sing and sing

bird on a wing – summer now shall bring


a vibrant living hymn of each and everything


Summer serenade the truth that Spring displayed


music tree, music tree,

shook its roots so vibrantly

for hidden in its soul

the summer rang and toll

a seasons’ full fruit bowl


Cameo – a caesar’s whole

to see in just one part

the distinctive dart

of where our ways now start

flowing in the sun

with the heat of journeys done


golden light to thought ignite

desirably – summer start to see

a cacophony of magicality

in the shape of each tree

that worships now the sun they see


a whittled sense of me

spread out easily

(life’s golden harmony)


Garden symphony a holy matrimony

in summer’s ecstasy bids me now be

free in joyful golden energy


And Summer serenade the truth that

Spring had not delayed that all our seasons

true, run golden rivers right in you


Summer serenade the path Spring laid

and the glistening runes displayed

each golden accolade

of every life well played.


Afterglow – the more I speak

the less I know

a summer now begin so slow

to numb the senses that I know

and lull me deep to sleep

a goldenness to keep.


For love consummated

such endless joy created.


Fond remembrance, I see

and all worlds closed to me

as a busy bee, the hive I always

flee to bring the nectar free

closer back to me


simplicity, my friend – is

work’s holy end.


And flexibly I see

I laid to rest my poetry

beneath a warming sun,

for there my journey

life had won.


The kneaded knife

the runes of life

the yeast that put to test

all of summer’s best.


(and I possessed such



A golden allegory true,

and from her lips, sweet flowers flew

vast memories of you


An epitaph :


“The Sun did Laugh with Summer as her Golden Staff and Spring’s Serenade Golden Displayed each Rune’s Accolade.”



Purple Eyes Publishing the Value of Knowing


A final thought and after glowing – whatever you are showing, may you ever see life flood open free beyond finality.


Thank you for reading through until the end: may it forever enrich you, my friend.


Humming bird, humming bird – summer’s whispered on the word – where

all of life concurred and to the sun referred.





Summer Serenade The Golden Path Spring Laid

In the chillest breeze, life gives heart a squeeze for now the sun that tease awakens spring's great trapeze to flow as on the go, golden hours soon to show, when the sun at heightened powers releases summer's finest flowers. Golden path now strewn with summer's merry tune: a simple serenade as if to spring to aid.

  • ISBN: 9781910774571
  • Author: PEP (Purple Eyes Publishing)
  • Published: 2016-04-18 13:20:08
  • Words: 3375
Summer Serenade The Golden Path Spring Laid Summer Serenade The Golden Path Spring Laid