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Suitable Diaries



Suitable Diaries


A short story by: Josh B.

Chapter 1


I once heard the stories of children as they described a man living underneath their bed telling them about how much fun it was underneath their bed and asking them to join him, it caused me great terror as I remember the days of me being a child, living with my single mother. I had a good childhood just my mom and me. She would often do things with me, if it wasn’t going to a movie it was taking me to baseball games. Now I don’t know how much she liked doing these things, but I can assure you I loved every second of it. However everything changed one night as my mother was brutally murdered in front of me as we were walking to the car after a late screening of a movie, I don’t remember what the movie was but I know who murdered my mother. His face was so vivid as it lit up with blood and hollowed out laughter as I went into the fetal position giving up faith in God knowing he didn’t care for me nor my mother. He had lifeless eyes and an insane smile as he continually stabbed my mother in the chest and stomach. However he left early as he heard the wailing siren of a cop car. I yelled for help and they actually heard me. When they came to the scene of the crime they were horrified as they came across the scene of my mutilated mother as she soaked in her own blood and stared into the night skies with the same lifeless eyes her killer had. The police did not ask me anything as they took me to an orphanage where I hadn’t spoken for a month. I guess I wasn’t very helpful to the media nor the police as I was unwilling to speak. After two years of being beaten and bullied at the orphanage I was finally adopted by a young couple who I forgot the names of after I ran away from the home after witnessing a man brandishing a steel knife asking me to join him.

Chapter 2


I should probably give backstory to what happened while I lived with my parents who had adopted me. The couple had lived far away in the woods in a two story house. I questioned why they lived out here a nd they simply said they liked it. In my first night at the house I was in my room I heard a strange noise coming from under my bed. It was a man brandishing a steel knife telling me to join him. I screamed so loud that night, I heard my parents coming from their room down the hall, however it was mostly masked from the man screaming “YOU LITTLE PIECE OF SHIT!” and he proceeded to stab me in the leg once. When my parents came in they found a little 9 year old lying on the floor all alone with a knife in his hand and a blood soaked leg. Granted I don’t know how the knife got in my hand but logically the couple blamed me. They got incredibly scared and proceeded to remove everything in my room except my bed and locked me inside, only opening the door when I needed to eat and drink, and even then I was not allowed forks or knifes and was only allowed to eat on paper plates, I was however allowed to use spoons on some occasions. In my time their I suffered from sensory deprivation as mostly everything in my room was the same color.

Chapter 3


I had spent two months in that hell hole, I wasn’t even allowed to go to school because they thought I might commit suicide. So I decided to break out, when they came to give me food I pushed them to the floor and ran out of the house and when I made it outside I didn’t stop running, for a few minutes. When I couldn’t see the house anymore I collapsed onto the ground clutching y wounded leg as pain surged through it. I then heard a sound, I turned around and just saw a common squirrel, however when I turned around I saw the same man that had stabbed me, he then proceeded to pick me up and shake me violently for what seemed like forever before throwing me into a rock and stabbing me in the same leg over and over until I passed out. I then woke up to my mother and at that moment I knew God was real.

Suitable Diaries

  • Author: Josh Buloushi
  • Published: 2016-06-26 22:50:06
  • Words: 784
Suitable Diaries Suitable Diaries